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Please... Take care... 333
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The time has come, for the reason of this world to change.
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hollowangell · 6 months ago
Manga: berserk
Cr: Gvdriid on inst
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sapientsucculent · a year ago
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The news hurt my heart so much.
Rest In Peace Kentaro Miura, you were one of my biggest inspirations. And your works will continue to inspire us for many years to come.
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imvriix · 2 months ago
could I get guts, griffith, and casca hcs for them with an autistic reader? stuff they do include avoiding eye contact frequently, SO MUCH info dumping, seeming blunt/rude without meaning to, buffering/standing still for a few minutes sometimes, reliance on rules, pacing/walking aimlessly a lot, mimicking others behaviors to seem ‘normal’, being very sympathetic towards animals/people, no sense of direction, and bringing up the most random things during any situation? also maybe even something about swords being their special interest ɷ◡ɷ berserk is set in European medieval times I think so perhaps they would be considered an oddball or weird.
" 𝔦𝔣 𝔦𝔱 𝔥𝔢𝔩𝔭𝔰 . . . "
contains + featuring ;; — griffith, guts, casca x autistic! gn! reader [ seperate, golden age arc ]
a/n ;; — took me ages to start this since im in a bad authors block atm, sorry. hope the actual headcannons make up for it though.
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    ⋆*・゚:     :✧*⋆   ・゚
guts —
i think he'd just sit, very very confused, as you ramble on about different things that caught your eye during the day.
he kind of nods along but he really can't process anything, hes mostly all big muscle man rather than brains but he lets you go on about the ' exact angle he should polish his sword from ' because it seems to make you happy somehow.
" if it helps, you should probably tilt the sword by holding the hilt like this, and then you start polishing from this end to this, but in this direction instead. "
" .. yeah, okay. "
he tries to keep up, he really does, but he just can't.
if you get flustered due to making eye contact, i think he'd feel so much proud about causing that and being the reason.
i also think he'd find it so funny when you outright insult corkus without even knowing you had, he'd probably even mock him about it afterwards.
but if it was towards him he'd just sigh and ruffle your hair.
he'd find it weird if you dose off and just stand in one position in dead silence and stillness right after pacing around, he'd probably try snap you out of it and bring you back to the real world.
although he doesn't even bother asking what it was about because he'd know he wouldn't understand either way.
he'd try and keep you happy as well as he can, but he will beat the ass of anyone that calls you weird. i don't think anyone would really even dare to when they see he has a particular liking for you, but if they did, they'd have dug their own grave.
casca —
she'd be happy to listen to whatever you say, she'd just be glad you were able to talk to her so freely about whatevers on your mind.
she'd be so proud about it too, thinking about little things you seem to enjoy or do by habit.
if you ever locked eyes with her just to quickly look away, she wouldn't say anything about it but she'd smile warmly as if to tell you that you could trust her.
she'd always lecture you about not getting lost, she'd be so worried about you not being there and she'd look around for you the entire day.
it gets to the point that she makes you hold her hand so you dont wander off as easily.
athough it was partly so that she'd get to hold your hand, but she left that out.
she'd find it adorable how you seem to be fond of and care for animals. she doesn't get why you like them as much as you do, but she'd much rather you like them than be cruel towards them.
she also listens to your recommendations about using her sword and the types of weapons, as she always aims to become stronger due to her leaving womanhood behind.
she also likes it when you put your hands on hers while she clutches the hilt of her sword so you can try help with how she's holding it.
griffith —
loves loves loves when you ramble on about your interests.
he properly discusses whatever your talking about with you, he just loves learning more and more about you and memorising every little detail you provide.
he just doesn't get bored talking to you, and its so much more different compared to many others talking to him with jealousy and fake superiority.
lots of the time, he already knows everything about what your conversation topic is, but he still lets you talk to him about it because there's no bigger reward than seeing you all happy and excited.
" hey, griffith? did you know dolphins sleep with one eye open? "
he probably did because he read it somewhere, but he stills smiles and says no as you begin to talk, visibly giddy.
we all know griffith seems to like being in charge and listened to, so he'd be happy with you relying on whatever he tells you to do.
he'd also find your interest in swords really interesting, and it wouldn't hurt to take note of the things you tell him about the different fighting techniques you could use with them either.
he gets to improve his skills and listen to you talk to him, two birds with one stone.
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ifupaa · a month ago
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gwagwa · a year ago
shoutout to the griffith stare gotta be one of my favorite genders
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apoostrophe · 5 months ago
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amegafutteimasu · a year ago
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No matter how much blood i shed
No matter how many tears i shed
No matter how much our hearts are separated
No matter how much time passes
No matter how much feelings are hidden
No matter how sad i've become, I wanted to be his dream
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lucylied · a year ago
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♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥I LOVE HER♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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shingerion · 2 months ago
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diegowife · 9 months ago
“Protect You”
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Yandere Guts
Warning : Manga Spoilers
FEM and BLIND reader :)
Read at your own risk, you have been warn <3
Tumblr media
Guts is not the type of yandere who would hurt or punish you. Sure, he might be a scumbag sometimes, but he's too good for doing such cruel things to you. He would never do that and never will.
He is usually the type who do violence towards the others who tried to hurt you.
But sometimes he would get irritated at you if you did something that he doesn't like. You're always get lost whenever walking with him, yet it's because you're blind, Guts knows about it and that's the thing he doesn't like about it.
He and his cute little elf named Puck will go search for you if you lost. If you're not coming back it would make Guts even more worried, he hopes nothing tragic would happen to you.
Puck is the one who guides you throughout the journey, you can hear his squeaking noise and do what he says. Such as,
“Y/n, go to the left! No! Not there! Oops, you just tripped! C'mon do what I say or Guts will leave us!”
In the end, if he and his little elf found you, he would see you lying under the tree, sleeping in peace. What confused him the most is how you would be able to survive with no harm, because a blind woman like you wandering all alone in this world will get no chance to live, unless you're strong and was able to defeat the enemy.
Guts first met you when he saw you staring at the wind as crazy people would do. He's not far from you, only about 1 meter away, but he was still bewildered by how you would not be able to realize a huge man that blocking the view of the sun in front of you.
Looking closely, both of your eyes are white, and that makes Guts realize that you're just a blind person. He wouldn't have to bother you, maybe you were lost or separated from your family.
“Who in their right mind let their daughter walk around alone in the woods? Do they realize that leaving someone alone is very dangerous?!”
He saw you turned to where his voice was headed, there was someone who talks to you. You follow the sound of his breath and tried to reach out to hold his hand. His hand was big, the smell was full of metallic, rust, and fresh blood is surrounding his hands.
You tell him about you and surprisingly you are the daughter of the heretics. Your parents were burning at the stake for being one, but you managed to escape and run away non-stop until you find the safest place.
In Guts mind, you're just like him, losing someone you love and will forever be haunted by it, but you, having no one by your side, living alone in the woods, and a blind person, was still able to curve a smile to someone that you just met.
Guts thought you were just some another apostle that pretends to be a human, but you're just a woman who can't see clearly, just like his other eyes. He wonders what does it feel like to have both blind eyes, did they see complete darkness within it, or a slight vision of sparks flashing everywhere?
He had no choice but to keep you safe, he wonders if one day he could find the answer to what was the purpose to keep a blind person like you?
To him, you're also very much attractive, he's too nervous to admit it, all he can do is just to keep it himself. It would be very dumb for him if he confessed to a blind woman that doesn't even know him or have seen his face.
Days have passed, he questioned to himself, is he falling in love with you? He always staring at you every time you do almost anything. Even Puck like to tease him for it.
“Oooo~ Is the madman has a feeling for Y/nn~~? You have to confess to her Guts... I'm sure she'll like you back!”
Guts has no plan to confess to you. He's just a black swordsman who slayed his foe and thought all about killing, why would he make his way to fall in love with an unknown woman?
After his experience in the eclipse, he got no willing to protect anyone anymore. He lost his treasure, his friends, and everything. He's also scared of losing you, but why does he choose to protect you more than anything?
Guts tried his best to protect you with his own hands, along with his prosthetic hand. If you mostly get attacked or sexually assaulted by a perverted human or an apostle, he will immediately slay them with his huge sword without mercy.
“Tch, those weaks are nothing but trash, I will not let them touch you”
If you're injured, he would fix your wounds with any ripped fabric or bring you to the nearby villages that know how to treat your injuries.
“I don't care if the whole world is against us, I'll stand by if anything happens to you, because the day you came into my life, I knew what my purpose was. From now on, I'll do anything, to protect you..”
Tumblr media
If you love One Piece, Jojo Bizarre Adventure and Tokyo Revengers, please read my Yandere Manipulative Law here, Yandere Pucci here, and Baji mini oneshot here. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas !
I'm sorry if the ending does not satisfies you, I got no idea left in my mind what to write anymore, but thank you for reading! :)
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the-bloody-sadist · 10 months ago
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Weeeeooooooo did a bit of doodlin today, haven’t seen Berserk but a boyo showed me this precious angel and I couldn’t stop myself…
He needed some ropes and some scars :D anyways, here’s Griffith!
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fr0fection · 2 months ago
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r.i.p kentaro miura
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