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amaya-writes · 12 hours
I have a request hehe.
So about your 'faking it' post. Could you maybe elaborate on Belphie 👀
Notes: ask and you shall receive (even if it's like a month later)
Warnings: NSFW, MDNI! smut, fingering, overstimulation, teasing, raw sex, slight BDSM, slight impact play
Characters involved: Belphegor
Female reader, you/yours
His name fell from your lips like a warning. One that he chose to ignore as Belphegor tugged you close to him by the tail wrapped around you.
"Oh come on, baby, you were so confident a second ago-"
His tail wound tighter around your waist, almost enough for it to hurt. Yet even then Belphie's malicious glare didn't let up, not until you were on his lap with your hands carefully .
"Tell me how unsatisfied you are again."
You knew it was a trap, but that didn't stop you from stubbornly giving in to your pride and biting back with a response that had his purple eyes darkening in disdain.
"I've been faking it recently. You're just as good as you used to be."
Belphegor was more than amused at your defiance, but he concealed it well. All he wanted to do was lean forward and smash his lips against yours as he drowned out every single complaint you could muster.
But what would be the fun in that?
"Is that so?"
This time, it was his actions rather than his words that cut you off, for he had decided to flip you onto your hands and knees with his tail while Belphie moved to situate himself behind you.
The sudden change made you shiver with excitement. But your intrigue quickly turned to surprise the second you felt his lips on your neck and hands quickly discarding your clothes.
At first, you had somehow tricked yourself into thinking you had won. That you had pushed Belphie far enough for him to set his ego aside as he gave in and pleasured you to your heart's contents.
But then the fingers curling perfectly inside you and lips whispering scandalised tales of lust began to get a little too overwhelming after two rounds of cumming all over his hand.
"Belphie, that's enough- I- I see your point."
You couldn't mask the groans and whines of pleasure that left your lips even if you tried. Especially not when his fingers still remained tangled in your slick and scissored you open with no end in sight.
"Oh, but that's the thing love, I have not. I still need to make you stop faking it, don't I?"
You had fucked up.
You were just too blinded by the prospect to admit it.
But even now, as you felt him wriggle out of his sweatpants and drag his length across your ass, you couldn't help but feel that thrill of excitement.
Perhaps it was because you knew no matter what would happen that night, Belphie would never truly hurt you.
It was why even when you felt him coil his tail back to whip you across your butt, you still felt your back arch in pleasure from the sharp sting.
"You can lie all you want, doll, but your body says otherwise."
You could tell by the way his hold on you got needier that Belphie too yearned for the release he had been ignoring for so long. But with your hands preoccupied trying to hold your body up, you couldn't do anything but whine for his touch and hope Belphegor would finally gave in.
"Please, Belphie, I'm sorry."
He didn't say anything. But he didn't have to. The way his length almost immediately slid into you spoke for him.
Neither of you could hold back the salacious moans that escaped your lips at finally being able to feel one another.
But for once, you couldn't care about the scandalised noises no doubt echoing across the House of Lamentation as Belphegor set a pace so unforgiving you could do nothing but cling to the sheets.
It didn't matter if your legs shook with the need to relax and your whole body ached because of his rough treatment.
The only thing that mattered, the only thing you could allow yourself to pay attention to, was the familiar knot coiling in your stomach as your pain was replaced with a yearning for release.
Calls of his name echoed around the two of you as you felt your toes curl and back arch in anticipation for that high you had been chasing all day.
And for once, Belphegor had no qualms with letting you cum without being subjected to a round of teasing. If anything, he seemed more than happy to drive you over that edge as he whispered commands straight into your ears.
"Cum for me, darling, come on, show me just how good I make you feel."
His words were all the encouragement you needed to give in and finally come undone on his cock, with Belphie following suit not long after.
For a second you feared he would still continue his torturous touches well into the end of the night.
But thankfully, Belphegor's sin seemed to take ahold of him as he gently swayed behind you and shifted to collapse on the sheets with a loud groan, his grip on your waist never once letting up even as he pulled you down with him.
"Don't say shit like that again."
With the way he had treated you that day, it would have been easy for anyone to mistake Belphegor's intentions for anger or spite, but you had stayed with him long enough to understand the meaning behind his lingering touches and soft pecks.
Belphegor was just as easily affected by your words as the next demon. But unlike the rest, he wasn't afraid to put you in your place when you got a little too cocky.
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belphies-cowgirl · 5 months
Tumblr media
obey me headcanons pt. 2
word count: 900+
Lucifer tries to pick you a single red rose from the garden at the demon lord's castle each time he visits (sometimes Barbatos catches him, and Lucifer plays it off as him just leaning down to tie his shoes) the roses are hung along the ceiling trims in your room, adorned with a white ribbon to hold the stems together.
"here MC, let me help you hang those up, I told you to stop standing on chairs like that, what if you fall?"
"Luci, don't you know that red roses symbolize love and admiration?"
Mammon will NEVER admit this to ANYONE, but he has a secret savings account solely for buying you gifts. he claims he had the money to buy you something from the extra shifts he worked.
"Mams what's this? it's so lovely!"
"gah! here t-take it, it's for you, and don't go blabbing off to my brothers about this!"
Levi will purposely lose at games sometimes just so he can see the way your face lights up in excitement when you win. he absolutely adores the little lines on your face when you smile and the way you grab onto him in excitement.
"oh my gosh, Levi look I did it! aren't you proud of me?"
"y-yeah MC, good job, but let me s-show you some tricks on how to beat your previous score. t-that is if you can b-beat me again next round!"
Satan once asked Solomon to help him visit the human world so he could look for books that you loved before you came down to the Devildom. shortly after his return, he summoned you to his room and pushed the stack of books into your arms with rosy cheeks.
"here you might like these, I found them lying around while I was organizing my books."
"woah, I used to read these books all the time back in the human world. I didn't think I'd be able to read them again, thank you so much Satan!"
Asmo handmade you and him matching rose gold and silky-textured pj sets, and he expects you to wear it when you and him have sleepovers. he can't help but run his hands all over the soft fabric, his fingers leaving trail marks in the velvet as he runs them along your curves.
"oh MC! you're so cute!! I could just cuddle you to death~"
"Asmo please you're gonna squish me!"
Beel likes to make late-night snacks in the shape of little stars, as well as suns and moons (if he can manage not to eat them all before bringing them to your room to share with you)
"awh, Beel these are so cute! I guess I'm the stars, you're the suns, and Belphie is the moons!"
*munch* "yeah MC, that's right, i'm glad you like them. whenever Belphie and I look at the stars together, we always think about you." *munch*
Belphie will without a doubt take a nap on your lap or your shoulder, no matter the place. if you're lounging in the common room with his brothers, he will curl up in your lap and wrap his tail around your leg and link one of his fingers with yours.
*yawn* "MC, uncross your legs please, I'm so sleepy."
"okay, but don't drool on me this time."
Diavolo likes when you organize his stationery. he likes that you make sure everything is in its place, so when he's so immersed in paperwork he doesn't have to stop to search for what he needs (you once gave him a sticky note that says "I'm proud of you for working so hard <3" and he has it taped on his desk)
"MC, i've finished my paperwork, so how about we go out for dinner? I haven't seen you all week, and i've missed you."
"we see each other every morning, silly, but yes I would love to have dinner with you."
Barbatos once got so worried that you wouldn't want to be with him anymore due to him being so busy, that it started to distract him from his daily tasks. so he asked Diavolo if once a week he could have a longer break than usual so that he could spend time with you and remind you how much he loves and cherishes you.
"MC, I think about you all the time. when I am not busy, I would like to spend and cherish every minute with you."
"oh Barb, i'm so happy you feel that way! I was so worried that you didn't want to be with me anymore."
Simeon keeps a private journal so that he can spill his heart out for you onto the pages. he gifts it to you once every page is inked with words of his eternal love for you.
"MC, I hope you will love this as much as I love you."
"Simeon, this is beautiful, I didn't know you felt this way about me, I love you so much!"
Solomon gifted you a charmed locket that allowed you to feel his heartbeat, he wants you to know that his heart will never stop beating for you whether the two of you are together or apart.
"nice try MC, but you won't be able to fluster me that easily."
"if that's the case, then why is your heart beating so fast?"
Luke will run to you and hug you whenever he's being teased, he'll turn his head to the side and stick his tongue out at Lucifer and his brothers.
*sob* "MC, they won't stop teasing me!"
"guys stop being so mean to my sweet little angel!"
✄ ——————————————————————
feel free to comment, shoot me a message, or an ask <3
please do not use my work as your own!
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sukunaslut · 4 months
Tumblr media
cw. f!reader, c. somno, pussyjob, creampie
Tumblr media
belphie can already feel his cock throbbing under his pants when he finds you napping in his bed.
you're all curled up on yourself, his t-shirt you're wearing is lifted over your ass leaving a good glimpse of your panties.
he couldn't help himself. he had been thinking all morning about your nice tight pussy and now that you are serving it to him directly on his bed he can't help but take advantage of it.
his boxers fall at his feet quickly. he didn't like the thought of waking you up, he wanted to let you rest but the need to slide inside you was too strong.
his cock throbs as he presses it against your covered cunt and rubs it back and forth. his eyes roll back as a soft moan escapes from your lips.
his lips cling to your neck. belphie sucks your soft skin from behind your ear to your shoulders, hoping this will help stifle his desperate moans.
belphie's hand runs from your side to your breast. he gropes it firmly and squeezes his index and thumb over your nipple, "you're so good," he whispers in your ear.
your bud hardens in his fingers and a few moans escape your lips making his cock throb.
your panties begin to dampen. his pre cum glistens on the tip of your cock with each desperate thrust.
belphegor just needs to feel you harder. he moves your panties to the side before grazing your wet folds, "you're gonna make me feel good,mh " he coos, replacing his fingers with his long shaft.
his thick head presses on your clit making you moan, eyes still closed as he rocks back and forth.
your neck is covered with his saliva and light purple marks, "i'm close ... so close," he moans slipping into your tight hole.
his cries get louder each time his balls slam into you. your smooth walls wrap around him tightly as belphegor gets closer and closer to his release.
"fuck ... your pussy, so tight... i'm gonna cum," he mumbles, pressing his forehead to your shoulders and moving his hand from your breasts to your crotch.
his fingers circle your puffy clit, his hips stutter against you making you moan in your sleep. "just mh... i've got this, love."
the veins in his arm swell as he works your clit between his fingers, rubbing it while pounding his cock into your cunt.
when belphie feels your walls flutter around his shaft he finally manages to release his load.
"i'm cumming ... fuck," he coos, moving his hips sloppily against you to ride his high. his warm seed overflows from your cunt and coats his cock and the inside of your panties.
his eyes roll back as he tries to catch his breath. your clit still throbs between his fingers, and when he lifts his face from your shoulders he meets your sleepy eyes.
"feeling better?" you ask. his cock is still throbbing half inside your hole while he struggles for words. he swallows dryly, pulling away.
you have a smirk on your lips as you place your finger on his lips and slide his cock completely inside your cunt, "i wanna feel it from the beginning, go ahead please" you breath bringing his fingers back to your bud and rolling your hips against his.
Tumblr media
rbs are appreciated <3 | m.list
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b-achiras · 4 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐲 𝐦𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐧𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐯𝐢𝐝𝐬
𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐬: mammon + leviathan + asmodeus + belphegor
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: smut (minors + ageless blogs dni!! you’ll be blocked)
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: receiving nudes, masterbation on video, sending nudes back, slight roleplay(?), lingerie, sex toys, dirty talk, mentions of throat fucking
tokyo revengers edition {pt.1} {pt.2}
Tumblr media
mammon’s intention in sending you nudes was to try and fluster you. maybe he did but not as much as you managed to fluster him back. your reaction to him sending you an after shower nude was you asking for a video. if only you could see the blush that formed on his cheeks. at first he tells you no because he’s too embarrassed but when you offer to send something in return, mammon changes his tune. he’s too greedy not to agree. the next thing you receive is a video of him jerking himself off in the mirror. he wouldn’t have sent it with sound if you hadn’t warned mammon on the consequences. so you get an earful of breathy moans and desperate calls of your name as he strikes himself.
levi would have NEVER dreamed of sending you nudes. the idea of that is way too embarrassing. he’s terrible at taking pictures of himself. the idea of trying to take a selfie naked makes him want to die of humiliation. the only reason he does so is because you ask for them. levi can’t say no to you no matter how much he wants to. he sends you videos simply out of convenience because they don’t necessarily need to be aesthetically pleasing. the video you get is of a whiny levi, filming himself pumping his cock in his gaming chair. “i-is this what you wanted?” he asks you through his high pitched moans. he may even send you a vid of him masturbating in one of his cosplays if you ask nicely.
the absolute best at taking nudes. asmo isn’t afraid nor ashamed about getting creative. he’ll go as far as to dress in some nice lacy lingerie and set up the perfect lighting before taking pics of himself and is pretty cock. you think when it comes to taking lewd videos of himself asmo might get a little clumsy but he really doesn’t. he’s a certified expert who will even incorporate toys into the vids he sends to you. without even having to ask you’ll randomly get texts of asmo with videos attached of him pressing a vibrator to his cock. meanwhile his sweet moans are echoing in the background. seriously, he’s spoiling you so you better repay him somehow.
belphie is definitely lazier about the way he goes about sending you videos but i promise that they’re just as good. he does prefer vids to regular nudes because he lives to tease you. just the thought of how flustered you probably get from seeing him stroke his cock spurs belphie on. usually you get post-nap videos. when belphie wakes up to a bit of morning wood he’s immediately grabbing his phone and filming himself fucking his fist. his voice his gruff from sleep as he says the dirtiest things to you. “i’m imagining my hand is your throat” belphie groans. “it’s not as wet and warm though. maybe you should come to my room and fix that”.
Tumblr media
2022 © httphaitani — do not repost or translate my work. likes, reblogs, and comments are welcome
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ange1princess · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary❕Watching p0rn with the demon brothers and what you'd watch.
Characters❕ Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Satan, Beelzebub, Belphegor
CW❕ Mutual masturbation, general NSFW, blowjobs, mentions of afab genitalia but no pronouns used, the word daddy used like once, thigh riding, blowjobs, male masturbation, semi-public sex (fucking at a party in a bathroom), tbh more suggestive than anything because i got so tired with this piece T_T probably grammar and spelling mistakes, let me know if i missed anything.
A/N ❕ This has taken almost a Month to write GOD ITS FINALLY DONE update ! It took over a month jfc T_T
Masterlist ❕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🧷 Age gap porn kinda guy, dilf shit, and thigh riding
❝ He pretends that it isn't his idea, tries to pass it off as yours so that it's less embarassing for him, with a sighs he says "Well if you really want to try it out." Gets the idea from asmo because they were talking one day and he said something along the lines of "It'll add spice in your life~" and Lucifer hopes that's true.
❝ The two of you sit down at his desk, even when he wants a break he can't get one. He has you sitting on his lap as he tries to sign papers, telling you to give him just another minute and how this is the "last" document. You're bored so you go ahead and set up your phone, going to your chats and clicking on one of the many links he's sent you for your special night.
❝ That seems to get his attention as you prop it up against the pile of papers he's been looking over. Soft moans and whispers of "daddy please" and "more" mixed with muffled sobs make you wetter than they should.
❝ Without realising it, you start grinding down on his thigh, as much as he tries to continue working he can't once he sees your face contorted in pleasure as you try to get some relief, clutching onto Lucifers shirt in your balled up fists.
❝ He guides your hips against his thigh, ocassionally moving it to match the rhythm you've set. His eyes are full of lust, focused on the movement of your hips as he leans back on his chair, palming himself through his slacks, a guttural moan escaping his lips.
❝ The videos been long over now, and the only sound is of Lucifer calling you a good human and asking you to please him for the rest of the night.
🧷 POV blowjob vids and dry humping <3
❝ Suggests it while stuttering and blushing, ssaying that it's an honour for you that the great mammon wants to share such an intimate thing with you, but secretly he just wants to make you more comfortable with sharing your interests with him in the process.
❝ When you agree to it, he just asks you if you're free by texting you and if you say yes, he's there barging right in with his DDD in hand and a pillow for some bizarre reason (he's going to spend the night 100%).
❝ He sets up the device against a stack of pillows and gets comfortable, inching closer to you till there's no space left, swinging an arm around your waist as he mindlessly draws circles on the soft skin of your waist. The videos start and although you don't feel too aroused especially at the start, when you see mammon squirm and try to adjust himself "discreetly" you start shifting in your seat, a warmth blooming in the pit of your stomach.
❝ As the people on screen grind against each other fully clothed and you see mammon strain against his jeans, he tries to hide his little pants and sighs, but you being the observant one, you notice.
❝ You take the chance and straddle his lap, doing just as you saw in the video as he straightens his back to help you move your hips as the layers of clothes between you two only add to the friction as you speed up chasing your high, mammon telling you to go faster, his head thrown back and his hair a mess as you grab at it pushing his head to your chest.
❝ He helps you take off your top and leaves marks on your chest as he sucks on your nipples making you cry out in pleasure. It's not long before the both of you are cumming hard and you fall against his chest trying to catch your breath as you hear him say, "Fuck, well that sure made me feel younger."
🧷 Ik people want me to say some cosplay stuff, but i truly wholeheartedly believe it's student x teacher roleplay and temperature play for some reason
❝ OKAY SO HEAR ME OUT, initially you'll walk in on him trying to roleplay with an AI bot or a brand new game he purchased from Akuzon, while the p0rn would be playing in the background. He'd just be sitting there, dick out, not even realising that you've been standing there for at least 3 minutes now before you clear your throat, causing him to fall off his chair and scramble to cover himself up.
❝ He'd be convinced that you hate him now, that you think he's gross and pervy, and wouldn't want to be around him anymore, he might cry a little ngl. But before he knows it, you're texting him, asking him to come to your room with whatever device he was watching the videos on and he's more than happy to oblige, almost falls off of his chair but saves himself this time.
❝ When he enters your room, you ask if you can watch with him and he almost passes out because of how red he gets but he agrees almost too enthusiastically. The two of you sit there watching as you move your hand up his thigh and feel him stiffen under you, you turn to him giving him a seductive gaze and he gets where you're going with this, flipping you on your back, towering over you.
❝ He'd look bigger like this, towering over you now, not slouching anymore as he slowly kisses down your jaw, leaving marks down the side of your neck as he asks you to call him "professor" or the likes. He'd want to take control here, his desire as a demon overpowering his shy nature.
❝ He'd be quick to rid himself if his clothes as you underess yourself, bending you over the edge of your bed and asking you why you've been "naughty in his class", the next time he'll remember to bring some candles and ice for the two of you to try~
❝ You cannot tell me that he doesn't come up to you asking you seductively if it would be okay to film the two of you the next time you have sex, he'd promise it's not for anyone but the two of you and he's able to convince you.
❝ Suggests the two of you watch home videos or amateur ones together to get a "how to" (he just wants to watch them with you, and he'd say it but this is easier and faster).
❝ When he plays the videos initially, the intimacy and passion, the closeness of the people on screen makes you look away. It feels as if you're interrupting or watching something that's not meant for you, but asmo brings you back, his fingers gently guiding your eyes back to the screen as he whispers in your ear to, "watch and learn".
❝ Shows you solo vids too, and you can recognise instantly that one of them is asmo, as he plays with himself, moving his fist along his length at an excruciatingly slow pace, letting out his pretty moans as he keeps edging himself, bringing himself to the precipice of pleasure but not letting himself orgasm.
❝ You turn to him, asking him if the two of you can try to recreate something like that right now and he's more than happy to oblige.
🧷 Pet play, and sex toys
❝ He loves calling you kitten or puppy (it's rare but it happens) and you know he has a thing for pet play even if he doesn't tell you, secretly bought a collar for you with his name on it and is too shy to give it to you, so his next best idea is to suggest the two of you watch some of his favourite p0rn together!
❝ Probably says that he read an article that says it increases intimacy and just wants to try it out with his beloved kitten, and so you agree, not that it takes a lot of convincing.
❝ It starts out with someone on their knees in a cage, as the person on the other side of the camera unlocks it's door, allowing them to crawl out. You hear coos of "good kitty" and "such a good pet" being uttered and it makes your palms sweaty with anticipation.
❝ Satan has a pillow on his lap, a feeble attempt to hide the imprint of his dick that's hard against his pants as he shifts around to try and get more comfortable as the scenes on the screen change and when you look back, you're greeted with the sight of a person tied to the bed with a vibrator against their clit as they try to struggle out of the binds.
❝ Turns to you and asks you how you're feeling, and all you can do is take his hand in yours and move them between your legs as he feels you getting wet, he runs his fingers up and down the soaked patch on your panties as you try to pull away, embarassed.
❝ He turns away for a moment, ruffling through something's in his bedside drawer and pulls out a collar with his name on it, dangling it in front of you, as your eyes widen and you life move closer to him, signalling him to collar you and he does.
❝ He gives it an experimental tug as a whimper tumbles out of you, heat rises to his cheeks but he chuckles nonetheless, you look so sweet like this, he thinks to himself as he leans forward, his fingers sliding your underwear aside, playing with you as he kisses your pretty lips with fervor.
🧷 Loves oral vids obviously, but also a big fan of wall sex vids, mirror sex and exhibitionism
❝ The both of you have extremely open conversations, Beel never keeps anything from you in terms of his desires and you do the same, the trust the both of you have in each other is what helps him grow bolder with his advances as time goes on.
❝ Comes up to you and tells you he wants to try something out, and you nod without even knowing what it is because of your faith in beel, he'd never do anything that would hurt you and would stop the second you want to.
❝ The two of you enter your room as he sits on the bed with you in his lap, holding his phone for the two of you to watch the video he puts on as both his arms are wrapped around you.
❝ But before you can go further as the guy in the video tries to muffle their partners moan, so that they don't attract any attention in the tiny bathroom stall, a quick knock at the door startled the two of you, causing the both of you two cover yourselves up, keeping the phone aside, faces hot and palms sweaty.
❝ After that little interruption, the both of you got caught up in helping with the preparation of another one of Diavolos balls. It had been 2 weeks since then and you still thought about it, wanting to touch beel and wanting him to show you stars.
❝ You couldn't help but gawk and him as he descended the stairs in his suit, looking like he came right out of a romcom. You waited with baited breath as he whispered, "You look beautiful as always," addressing you, before you linked your arm with his, wanting the night to end so that you can finally have some alone time with your love.
❝ Turns out, for someone extremely patient, Beel was starting to get jittery seeing you in your revealing outfit, he kept stealing glances, letting his hands linger on your waist, pulling you closer everytime someone asked you to dance with them.
❝ Before long, the both of you snuck out to one of Diavolos lavish bathrooms as he bent you over the marbel platform in front of the mirror. The loud music penetrated through the unlocked door, but the thrill of anyone finding you (even though you knew that you were in a more secluded part of the castle), made a shiver run down your spine.
❝ It didn't take long before your clothes were pulled aside as beel kissed you with a ferocity you'd rarely seen before, his hands hot on your skin as he slowly entered you making you squeal, only for your loud moans being swallowed by his lips that danced against yours.
❝ It wouldn't have been your first choice to continue the evening with cum leaking out of you, but fuck was it worth it.
🧷 ik everyone will say somnophilia ! So i will not, mutual masturbation, cockwarming and heavy degradation
❝ Man started watching porn in bed next to you when he thought you're asleep, but you weren't as you peeked over his shoulder, his cock in his hand as a low sigh escaped his red lips to the filthy words being muttered on screen.
❝ "You're such a fucking slut for me aren't you?" He said to nobody in particular, but you knew it was you in his mind. You cleared your throat, breaking him out of his trance, but he didn't care enough to cover up , instead letting out a humorless chuckle.
❝ "Aren't you naughty? If you wanted watch, you could've asked sweetheart~", he said, turning over, giving you a better view as your lips watered, you were about to bend over, moving your lips to his head, wanting to lick at the precum coating it but he tutted.
❝ "No touching whore," he said before instructing you to sit back, "It's a bit unfair how you get to see me hot and bothered, but I don't, isn't it? Maybe you can help me out here and play with your pretty self," he suggested and you could no longer ignore the wetness between your thighs as you peeled off your panties.
❝ He let out a moan at the sight, his hand moving faster as you started touching yourself too. It didn't take long before both of you came, trying to chase your own high, you didn't notice when he came mere inches from your face, kissing you gently, pushing your body back onto the bed.
❝ "I need to be inside you right now," he said, his breathing still heavy as you nodded, letting him, it didn't take him long to slip into you, your wetness being enough to let him in without much restriction. The two of you sighed in unison, as he held you close to him, just wanting to go back to bed with the feeling of you around him.
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved to ange1princess. Do not repost or take credit for any of my writings.
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rae-writes · 5 months
om brothers x poly!reader (+ solomon)
wc : 1.k
warnings : nsfw
synopsis : you finally lose your patience with the brothers and decide a nice punishment is in order
a/n : no one talk to me about how ridiculously long this took to finish
Part 2
Tumblr media
You stared down at your soggy homework with a blank face. Every single page, pages you spent countless sleepless nights completing, were now ruined; sopping wet, illegible, and falling apart. Your eyes slowly peered up at the seven demons responsible.
Lucifer shifted uncomfortably under your gaze. Mammon’s face went pale. Levi seemed like he was about to cry. Satan gulped loudly, feeling your silent rage rising. Asmo was sweating bullets. Beel looked like a kicked puppy. Belphie appeared disinterested but his hands were visibly trembling. 
“W-we’ll r-redo it for ya, Mc! P-promise! Right guys?!” Mammon gave a wobbly smile when the rest of his brothers agreed.
Giving a wry smile back, you stood from your crouched position. “Yes. You will. But I don’t think that’s enough for me.” Your head tilted in mock thought, “You’ve all been ridiculously rowdy as of late, and this was my last straw. The seven of you need to be punished and I-”
Chills ran down their spines; they didn’t like your excited tone. 
“-have the perfect idea.” You smiled cheerfully, taking out your D.D.D. “Lucifer, make sure they all stay put, I need to make a quick call.”
“Of course. I can trust in you not to disobey me, yes?”
Lucifer stiffened, “We will all be here when you get back.” 
“Good.” Spinning around, you skipped to the entrance hall, far enough so the brothers couldn’t listen in. You tapped on your phone, clicking the call button. 
“Hi Solomon! I have a bit of a…crude favor to ask. Are you free right now?”
As Lucifer said, they were all right where you left them. They looked up, ready to start begging for forgiveness, when their mouths dropped. “SOLOMON?!”
The sorcerer smiled, “Hello. I hear you’ve made Mc very upset.” His eyes gleamed when your arms wrapped around his waist. “I’m here to help with their delightfully thought out punishment.” 
“Go sit over there, boys. Beel, Lucifer, and Satan on the couch. Mammon, Levi, Belphie, and Asmo on the floor in front.” Your eyes followed them like a predator as they did what you said, even without the pacts. “Thank you. Now…stay there.”
They gasped, feeling their bodies obey. All of them were practically glued to where they sat- they couldn't get up if they tried. Most of them were actually curious and excited as to where this was going. Not that they’d admit it, of course.
Though the hint of excitement dulled as they watched you settle yourself on Solomon’s lap, eyeing the way your hands trailed over the sorcerer’s chest and shoulders. This was fine. This was totally fine- they could handle this, right? 
Almost like you could hear their thoughts, your hips began to rock back and forth, lips parting in moans and whimpers that made the brothers struggle against their pacts. They spat out quiet curses while you continued to ride Solomon’s thigh, uncaring of the 7 demons in the room.
“Don’t avert your eyes. Mc would be offended if you didn’t watch our show.”
Lucifer is fucking livid, but he’s silent about it. No one hears a peep out of him the entire time. His red hues are trained on the way your back arches, lips pulling into a snarl because your face is hidden in Solomon’s neck. So help him, when he gets released from your order, Lucifer is going to destroy you in a way you won’t even remember any name but his. His temper rises every second- he’s mad about what’s happening in front of him just out of reach and he’s mad about getting mad because he should have more composure than this, goddamnit! But he throws all those thoughts out of the window when you tilt your head to the side and stare him directly in the eyes because fuck you’re cumming but you’re cumming on someone who isn’t fucking him and fuck he’s releasing the most primal growl he’s ever made when you have the audacity to grin at him afterwards
Mammon is having a fucking conniption and an aneurysm at the same time; he’s yellin and screamin and cursin, but if you listen close enough, you can hear him whinin. This is so unfair! He’s your first man! What the fuck are you doing on Solomon’s lap?! He said he was sorry! Isn’t he your favorite? Wouldn’t ya rather be on his lap? He swears he can make you feel so fucking good- please? Mammon quiets down when you scold him, blue eyes shinin because your attention is finally on him. He’s a noddin and agreein to everything you say happily, almost like a dog, but when you cum, he watches your eyes flit over to Lucifer- away from him- and now he’s cryin out, babbling angrily while he thrashes in his seat, eager to be released so he can get a hold of you and mark ya as his again
Levi is sobbing— short breathed cries and stuttered words slurring together as he pleads. He swears he had nothing to do with your ruined homework, it was all Mammon’s fault! His tail is thumping on the floor urgently, begging for your attention, and he nearly combusts when you finally focus your lidded eyes on him. Levi fucking keens at your soft words as you begin reassuring him that he’s a good boy and he’ll be rewarded if he just waits out the punishments patiently. Now he’s just writhing around, trying his best to keep the envy laced complaints to himself because he’s your good boy- he is!- but fuck he can’t help but whine when you cum without a single ounce of attention on him
Satan is rather composed; straight faced with an unwavering tone. His sharp gaze scanned over every inch of your body meticulously— for a second it seemed like he’d be- ironically- the only calm one of the seven. That is, until you fleetingly mentioned him behaving like a certain someone. Then he was snarling and growling and spitting out empty threats. So help him when he gets out of this fucking pact- Satan’s mouth snaps shut when you let out a teasing mewl, cheeks blistering red as his rage boils down to a simmer. It only lasted for a moment, though, before he was lashing out with his tail when you flitted your eyes over to Lucifer as you came
Asmo is torn between wanting to moan alongside you at seeing one of his fantasies coming to life or to cry at being left out on something he’d suggested. The fifth born is so conflicted it hurts! His hips are bucking up into nothing and his eyes are lidded- Asmo won’t close them, though, especially not when Solomon starts to moan too. He can feel the mascara dripping down his cheeks that flush red when you coo at him. It feels like his body is on fire when you start to sweetly degrade him, eyes rolling white when you suggest he joins the two of you; your pact hasn’t been released, so when he stupidly tries to crawl towards you, he sobs prettily at the restraint and misses out on watching you cum
Beel is quiet, like usual. It’s not like Lucifer or Satan’s angry kind of quiet; the sixth born is just observing. Darkened purple eyes trailing from place to place— eyeing the way your mouth parts, the way your hips start to stutter, the way your hands shake ever so slightly. Beel’s voice comes out as a deep rumble; soft, rich, and inquisitive. He’ll ask if it feels good, if you like riding your friend’s thigh, if you get off on making them suffer and watch. His eyes will flash when you send him a smirk and his stomach will rumble when you loll your tongue out just for him; he’s not hungry for food, though. He’s hungry to taste the orgasm that rips through you, so hungry in fact, he’s letting out a growl in displeasure when Solomon gets to feel your legs tremble instead
Belphie is throwing a temper tantrum the second your hips start moving over Solomon’s thigh. He’s snarling and growling and cursing louder than even Mammon. You are fucking his and you should be on his fucking lap- not that stupid sorcerer’s! He already has to share with his brothers, he is not about to share with Solomon. Belphie’s eyes nearly narrowed into slits when you moan out his name teasingly, body thrashing against the invisible restraints keeping him on the floor. Unlike Lucifer, he’s audibly warning you that if you don’t get the fuck off of Solomon’s lap right now, you better hope that you can run fast because as soon as he’s released from this fucking bind, he’ll make sure you can’t walk after he’s done with you. Right before you cum, Belphie lets out a menacing ‘don’t you fucking dare’ but ends up whining because you looked at Lucifer when you came and not him
A trail of kisses are placed down the expanse of your neck, hands moving from your hips to your waist, “So pretty, Mc. You look like an angel when you cum~” Solomon’s grin is nothing short of wicked as his eyes bore into the brothers’ from over your shoulder. 
It makes you giggle and turn your head so you can glance over each demon. Humming, you make a show of pretending to think, before you shakily get up from Sol’s thigh and face them, “Have you learnt your lesson? The looks on your faces tell me you did.”
Lucifer is glowering in a way that if looks could kill, you’d be six feet under. Mammon is still straining against the pact but his eyes are wild as they scan over you. Levi is whimpering and nodding, begging for you to release his binds, and keening when you coo at him. Satan appears calm but you can see the raging fire in his eyes as he bares his teeth. Asmo is a hot mess with his mascara running down his face, pleading to be released. Beel looks indifferent as he whines for food, but you know he’s actually whining for you. Belphie is also thrashing against his pact as he whines and cries, trying to play the ‘youngest’ card to get released first. 
You mirror Solomon’s sly smile, “Don’t do it again.”
The brothers feel the pact command release, sending a few of them tumbling forward. All seven of them are rushing to their feet, but when they look up, both you and the sorcerer are gone and the only thing they can do is follow your laughter throughout the house until they finally catch you.
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cutiesgaloree · 5 months
Tumblr media
obey me! brothers x f!reader
context: fem reader teases the seven brothers by showing some cleavage!
warnings: mdni, suggestive, dubcon, some parts are shorter than others :')
reblogs are appreciated!
tags: @stygianoir
you sauntered into the eldest brother's bedroom, wearing shorts and a low v-cut shirt, your outfit hugging you in all the right spots
lucifer was at his desk, doing paperwork that the demon prince had once again pushed onto him
you leaned on his desk, laying yourself over his paperwork, breaking his focus
"luci, won't you take a break? you've been working so hard after all.."
lucifer merely raised an amused eyebrow, glancing at your chest threatening to expose itself and back up at you
he could see right through you
"i've got quite the amount of paperwork to get through. putting it off will be of no benefit," he said nonchalantly, waiting for your next move
shrugging, you got off his desk and skipped around it, plopping yourself on his lap facing towards him
he put his pen down and immediately held your hips, keeping you in place on his lap
"true, but such ambition should be rewarded, don't you think?" you replied, smiling mischievously
lucifer gave you those eyes (yk what i'm talking about) ;)
the hooded ones that screamed ‘ i'm gonna fuck you into tomorrow ’
"is that so?" he said, hands inching up your body, "and what might this reward entail?"
you continued smiling at him, "you'll see~"
"CASINO NIGHHTTTT~" mammon cheered, bursting into your room
you knew it was time for you and mammon to go to the casino and have fun
hence why you were changing
and he just walked in on you...
he stared for a couple seconds before you reminded him he was staring
"h-huh?! me? staring?! a-at you? psh, yeah right!" he says, blushing furiously before slamming the door
you decided to go for formal attire
and i mean really formal
you were dressed in a tight fancy suit, the top buttons of your dress shirt unbuttoned
creating a perfect boob window 😍👍
mammon looked beet red when he laid eyes on you after you left your room
"o-oi! where do ya think you're goin' with t-that!" he yelled, pushing you back into the room
"why? does it look bad on me?" you sighed theatrically, glancing down in feigned disappointment
"no! you look too hot n i don't want anyone but me seeing you like that!" mammon blurted out before slapping a hand over his mouth and clearing his throat
"what i meant was, y-you look horrible! yeah, that's right! the suit looks down right.. u-ugly! so change into something else!" he barked, crossing his arms and huffing
"okay," you said, smirking and beginning to take off your clothes
right in front of him 😁
"woah woah woah! what're ya doing?!" he panicked, eyes wide as saucers and his cheeks redder than an apple
"well, you told me to change right?" you said smugly, "i'm simply following order from my first~ ah-!"
you squeaked in surprise upon being thrown into your bed by mammon, his face hidden in your neck, hands gripping your waist
"grr, ya shouldn't tease a demon-- unless you're ready for the consequences..."
it was game night for you and levi, but you'd been in the mood for something.. different.
and so you wore a short skirt and a hoodie
knocking on the door and entering after answering levi's code, the poor boy became flustered at how short your skirt was
"h-hey... you- what- why're you-?" he started, not being able to get out a sentence
you merely feigned innocence, tilting your head in mock confusion
"yes, levi?"
"uh, nevermind! it's nothing..! ugh, let's just start playing," he sighed, dropping the subject
as you two gamed, you began teasing him subtly
first, you scoot right next to him
the second he stops tensing, you lean your head on his shoulder
finally you draped your exposed legs over his lap and got comfortable, leaving him red
every touch had him jumping and tensing, but that last move made him slam the pause button
you spared him a confused glance despite knowing exactly why he stopped the game
"levi, why'd you stop the game? is something wrong?"
"n-no..! just thought we should take a break..." he trailed off
you smiled mischievously before nodding and stretching, your legs on display
now, in your new position, leviathan got first row tickets to seeing up your skirt
he gaped and whipped his head around
"h-hey! you can't just--!"
"can't just what, levi?"
turning back to look at you, his eyes widened in realization as he noticed your smirk
you had planned this all along
before you knew it, he had you pinned to the floor, eyes narrowing at you
"oh, yeah? so you think you can just walk in here and tease me?
well guess what? two can play at that game."
you and satan had been planning to have a reading session together in his room
but, of course, you'd been curious
to see what he'd look like if you just sorta...
pushed him off the edge >:)
and not in a pissed off way~
so, you wore a strapless shirt that exposed a lot of skin and cute pants that hugged your body beautifully
you knocked on his door, and upon his approval you entered
he was sitting on a small couch, reading calmly
"hello, (name)," he greeted, "i went ahead and began reading, but feel free to-- *chokes on spit*"
in case you didn't know, he did a double take after seeing how stunning you looked
"satan, are you okay?" you hurried over, bending right in front of him, giving him a great view of your chest
his eyes widened and he quickly glanced away, coughing a couple more times before clearing his throat
"ahem. y-yes, i'm fine... as i was saying, feel free to make yourself comfortable and start on your book."
you nodded and sat yourself next to him, situating yourself in a way that would be very.. comprising
he glanced at you often, a blush dusting his cheeks
"so..." he finally started after a while, "is there something special going on? i mean, you look.. particularly beautiful today, and--"
you hummed, setting your book aside before gently taking his book out of his hands and setting it aside as well
"what are you-- oi!"
satan yelped in surprise as you pulled him on top of you, laying down on the couch yourself
he gripped the sides of the couch in realization as he hovered over you
you smirked up at him and winked
that's all he needed to know before smashing his lips onto yours
you pulled him in and wrapped your arms around his neck
you two were breathless by the time he pulled away
only for him to pull you back in for another kiss
"i'll wipe that smirk off your face," he growled
lmao what won't tease this man is the real question
you two were going to a party
and you decided to tease him ;)
by wearing a tight and skimpy dress <33
of course, as soon as he saw you he practically moaned
and at the party?
you were strutting your stuff, making the most of your drop-dead gorgeous dress
this man could not for the life of him take his eyes off you
a the dent in his pants became just a little more obvious
he soon dragged you into a private room
and the second he closed the door he corned you, littering your jaw and neck with kisses
"oh darling, you look absolutely hot in that dress," he said, "you wouldn't mind if i took it off of you, would you?"
you had a workout session with beel soon
and you wanted to.. motivate him 😇
so you wore the most revealing athletic clothes you had and set out for the gym
beel was already waiting at the entrance when you got there
he was oblivious to your attire and you two began spotting for each other
or at least
you had thought he was oblivious
but you noticed how he had become a lot touchier with you during exercises, correcting your form even if it was fine...
his hands lingering on you more than they should...
and whenever he spoke to you, it was husky whispers in your ear that sent shivers down your spine...
yeah, he definitely noticed.
when you two finally finished, you two went to get some protein shakes at a nearby cafe before going home
of course, beel was still hungry, so you two went to the kitchen
you cooled down from your workout while he continued eating everything in the fridge (again)
feeling a rumble in your stomach yourself, you went over to the fridge
spotting something to eat, you had a devious idea
you bent over seductively in front of him as you reached down to get the food
before you knew it, beel slammed you on the counter
"hey, (name)... are you tempting me?"
you decided to pretend you were innocent
"what do you mean?" you said as sweetly as you could
"since we started our workout session, i noticed your outfit, y'know.. and then the way you bent over, you never do that," he said, eyes trained on yours
"whatever do you mean, beel?" you drawled your words, batting your eyes at him. beel groaned
"see? you're doing it again. whatever," he said, lowering himself between your legs
"now i'm hungry for something else. care to indulge me, (name)?"
you and belphie were gonna have a sleepover
which basically consisted of napping the entire time lmao
but today you were feeling devious
and so, you wore your most suggestive pajama set
you skipped happily over to his room and launched yourself onto the bed, hearing a muffled "oomf" under the mountain of blankets and pillows
chuckling an apology, you waited for him to surface and gave an innocent smile as he scanned your outfit, eyebrows raised in amusement
"so.. you want a last-minute change of plans for the sleepover," he said groggily
damn, he saw straight through you
"well sure," he continued, "but i don't know if this will be considered a sleepover if i keep you up all night~"
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thewritetofreespeech · 5 months
Touch your Tail - Obey me
“Can I touch your tail?”
“W-W-W-What?????” Levi stammered out, turning to you with a shocked expression. Followed by the quintessential de-powering sound of a video game player death. “Oh no Yumi!”
“Geez. Sorry I asked.”
You didn’t think asking to touch Levi’s tail would be this much of a drama. But, then again, you weren’t really surprised. The otaku demon almost always spazzed out over any kind of physical interaction; from holding hands to even sitting close to each other. You just never thought he’d freak out enough to lose focus in his video game. That was certainly new.
“W-W…Why do you want to touch it?”
“I don’t know. I just sort of realized I never had, and wanted to.” This was far as your plan went, and you hadn’t thought it would take this long to get through it.
“B-B-But! It’s private!” Levi sputtered out. The tips of his ears bright red. “Why would you want to touch a crumby otaku tail like mine anyway?”
“Because I think it’s cool.” You reply with a shrug.
“Levi, if you keep overacting and getting flustered to the point of stammering all the time, we’re never going to get anywhere.”
The demon, who’s face had turned pink now, whined a little down in his chest before he set his shoulders, closed his eyes tight, and shifted into his demon form. His tail coiling out behind him as his horns poked out from his purple hair.
His tail is a lot bigger than you realized, now that you were up close. Usually you were standing a few feet away from him. Not crisscross-applesauce on the floor of Levi’s room in his gaming nook. Perhaps that played a factor as well.
You reach out and brush his tail with your fingertips. The cool scales glisten under your touch. Like those holographic picture books that you had as a kid. They feel very snake like, and you suddenly wonder if his beloved Henry 1 felt the same way if you touched him.
“O-Ok! That’s enough!”
You look up at Levi’s muffled declaration. His hands covering his nose and mouth, while his face was as red as a tomato. “I can’t take it anymore! I yield!”
Pulling back with a snicker, you stop touching Levi’s tail and hand him a box of tissues. “I you really going anime trope #187 on me right now?”
“N-N-No!” He insisted, but took the tissues and turned around quickly so you couldn’t see.
“Can I touch your tail?”
The question seemed to catch Satan so off guard he nearly fell off the library ladder he was standing on. “Excuse me?”
“Can I touch your tail?” You repeated, although not sure why you had to. Satan was a clever man. He should have understood what you were asking, as it was a simple request made with simple words.
The blonde’s delicate brow knitted and he put the book in his hand away before grabbing another one, seemingly at random. “No.”
“Aww…why not?”
“Because,” he replied as he stepped down, “it’s….inappropriate.”
Satan walked off, but you were quick in toe. “Is it a kinky demon thing?”
“Is like touching things behind a velvet rope inappropriate?”
“Then how is it inappropriate?”
“It just is ok?!” Satan snapped at you as he wiped around to shout the words at you. “How would you feel if I touched something private of yours?”
You look at Satan for a moment before you wiggle your eyebrows at him. Causing Satan to blush. “Why do you want to touch it anyway?”
Honestly, you didn’t have a good answer. So you just shrug. “I don’t know. I realized I never had before. Then I thought, cats sometimes like it when you pet their tails. Maybe Satan would like that too.” It was a dirty trick to use Satan’s one weakness against him.
But it seemed to work as the demon stiffened for a moment, huffed through his nose, and then shifted into his demon form. “Quick. Before someone comes back here looking for some obscure Amaltian literacy text.”
There was a quick quip on your tongue about how the only one in the library that would be looking for obscure Amaltian text, or anything in this back portion of the library, was Satan, but you choose to let it go since you were getting your way.
His tail was a lot more spiney than you thought it would be. Like a skeleton tail. All the vertebra nearly stacked one after the other like on a Halloween skeleton you’d seen once. The tail a bright, ominous green to stay away.
“Ouch!” You yip as you ran your fingers over a section, and a sharp spot nicked your skin.
“Damnit!” Satan hissed. Instantly shifting out of his demon form and taking your hands in his. “Let me see.” He examined your finger carefully, then sighed in relief as he saw no injury. “This is why I didn’t want you to touch it. I’m the Demon of Wrath. My tail, and everything about me, is meant for violence. I knew you’d get hurt if you insisted on this.”
Your face, and mood, fell. You felt silly and stupid for pressuring him into this, and not taking the hint when offered. “I’m sorry. I just…thought it would help us get closer.” You look up at Satan and stare into his bright green eyes. “And, for the record: I don’t think everything about you is meant for violence.”
The corner of Satan’s mouth jutted up and he muttered, “silly human.” Before he kissed the pad of your ‘wounded’ finger and walked hand and hand with you out of the library.
“Can I touch your tail?”
Belphie looked up from his pillow. He even brushed his hair out of his face to look at you. “Hentai.”
Your face turned immediately red, and you move to jump up from the bed and sprint out of there. You’d Deviltube how the movie ended.
Before you could get too far, Belphie caught your hand gently to keep you there. “I’m sorry. I was teasing. What brought this on?”
“I-I don’t know….” You felt rather embarrassed now and didn’t want to tell him that it looked soft the last time you saw it. “I just though….it was something new….”
The youngest demon brother smiled listlessly, and shifted effortlessly into his demon form. “Go ahead.” He replied, curling around his pillow as he unfurled his tail. “But then I get to touch something of yours.”
You choose not to dignify that with a response, but also too prideful to back out now.
His tail was long and thick. Thicker than you had imagined. Perhaps you thought it would be narrower like a cat or some kind of mouse, but it actually took your whole hand to wrap around it. It also wasn’t as soft as you thought.
It was soft, enough, but the fur on his tail was a little courser. Like velvet in a way. The hair at the tip of his tail was very soft though, and also very fine.
“Is there a twig stuck in your tail?” You ask, coming around the small piece of wood trapped in the fine hair nest you had been admiring. “How could you have a twig in here? You’re like…never in your demon form. How long has it been here? Do you ever brush it out? Belphie I…..”
You trail off as you realized Belphie was asleep. Apparently lulled there by your soft pets (or perhaps because he hadn’t had a nap in an hour). “Well, guess I’m off the hook.” You mutter to yourself as you let his tail go and let him sleep.
“Can I touch your tail?”
Barbatos continued to pour the tea, as if he completely missed what you had asked him. “I don’t think that would be wise.”
“Why?” You asked as he handed you your cup. “Is it poisonous?”
The demon chuckled. “No. It’s not poisonous. It’s just not something that I think you’d like to touch. It has a rather unappealing texture, for some people.”
You pout as you bite your tongue to not ask who else had touched Barbatos tail. “The RAD News said that your tail had a wet texture, but it wasn’t slimy.”
“Don’t believe everything you read in print.” He cautioned, before taking a sip of his own tea. After a moment, and long pause, Barbatos sat his cup on the saucer and sat the set down. “You’re not going to let this go, are you?”
You want to say yes. That you could be a grown up and let this go, but apparently your silence was enough of an answer for Barbatos and he shifted into demon form. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
His tail coiled out from behind him and reached out towards you, while you did the same with your hand. The paper had been right; it did feel wet, but not slimy. Sort of like how snakes & lizards always felt kind of damp even if they weren’t. His tail was pretty though. The bright blues winkled and sparkled back at you at your touch. It really was fascinating.
Your fingers continued to touch over the scales, when suddenly one of the dual tips in your hand broke off and you were suddenly holding a big chunk of Barbatos’s tail in your hand while the rest of it slithered away. “Oh dear…..”
You broke out in a scream. Dropping the tail on the ground and nearly climbing over the top of your chair to get away if Barbatos hadn’t stopped you. “[Y/N], [Y/N]! Calm down.”
“Calm down?!” You shriek back.
“Yes. Calm down.” The demon repeated, and showed you his tail. Already two pronged again at the end. “It’s a bad, unsightly habit my tail does when it’s touched for too long. It thinks someone is trying to get a hold of it, so it’s a defense mechanism.”
“You didn’t think to warn me about that?!”
“I honestly forgot.” ‘Forgot??’ You want to yell at him. “It’s been an exceedingly long time since anyone has touched my tail. I genuinely didn’t think about it. Or perhaps thought that it would behave if it was you.”
You hear Barbatos’s apology and slowly climb down back into your seat; and back into your skin. “A million possibilities of reality, and you didn’t think that this could be one?”
The demon chuckled at your remark about his powers. “Whenever you’re around there are just too many possibilities to count.” He told you. “But, I do apologize. Lets finish our tea and, hopefully by then, I’ll have come up with some possibility to make it up to you.”
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meowthon · 16 days
What about the Obey Me! Brothers reacting to a reader who's like, so sick that the brothers think they're gonna die, but the reader's like "lmao it's just a really bad flu",,,,,,,,basically brothers taking care of a violently ill MC, I'm talking gross, sweaty, trash-can-by-the-bed, can barely keep water down sick. (I had COVID when it was first SUPER bad and I was bed ridden for like, 3 weeks and by god, did I wish I had 7 hot boys worried about me)
whoever sent this ask i fucking love you.
The brothers helping a super sick mc!
he’s worried asf but he’s not showing it at all. hes very calm and collected but on the inside panicking. he has intrusive thoughts galore but he’s thinking you’re already sick and the last thing you need is him causing you more stress and making it worse. he’s trying his very hardest to stay composed.
he would call barb and Solomon to see if they have any herbal remedies or spells that might help you. i’m fact he keeps solomon close to ask questions since he knows more about being human.
he’s obvi not letting you out of his sight so you’re staying in his bed and anything thing you need he will get or do for you.
he’s actually so preoccupied with you that mammon and the others and slacking off because they know they can get away with it right now.
i’ll dare say he carrie’s you to the bath and washes your body for you if you’ll allow that. otherwise he’s knocking on the door every 10 mins to make sure you’re okay.
he will literally get behind you in bed, have you lay back and get close to his chest so he can spoon feed you and hold you up at the same time. if you tell anyone about it you’re dead though.
he’s not sleeping at all because he’s just so worried about you. he has to check on you at least every five minutes and then every hour or so he will get new wash rags to put on your head to help keep the fever down.
he gets the food delivered right to his door. probably forces mammon to make it or bring it or makes one of them watch you while he prepares food for you.
not at all composed he’s panicking and it shows. he’s running back and forth your room and yelling loudly about how you’re gonna die and he needs to do something and mumbling about how fragile humans are.
eventually he takes a few deep breaths and maybe a slap in the face by one of the boys and is back to his whole im your number one and it’s my duty to make sure you’re okay and says he’s gonna nurse you back to health.
the thing with that though is he has no idea what to do. he knows that soup is something people often have when they’re sick so he decided to whip some up for you.
needless to say it ends up a disaster. it’s taking too long. what if youve coughed up a lung while he’s gone? he’s pacing up and down the kitchen waiting for this soup to finish.
once it’s finally done he grabs oven mitts and a lid and RUNS back to your room. he’s down the hall now screaming about how amazing he is and that the soup is going to be the most amazing soup you’ve ever had but trips and spills it everywhere in the hallway. now he has to go and make more and it’s stressing even more because now he has to be away from you longer.
he’s definitely not offering to bathe and wash you. if you reallllyyyy needed him to you’re going to have to ask and the whole time he’s going to be degrading you saying “geez you’re so helpless you can’t even wash yourself” but you know he’s just embarrassed bc his face is bright red and he’s doing his best not to look at anything too long.
he lets you wear any and all of his clothes. you want any of yours? too bad. why would you need them if he’s got plenty? it’s really just a ploy to make his brothers jealous seeing you in them.
he sleeps on the couch while you sleep in his bed but he jumps up at every cough, sneeze, puke or breath. he’s always looking up to make sure you’re good.
once he knows you’re really asleep he’ll sit on the edge of the bed. he stares at you and whispers about how you can’t die and you have to pull through because he doesn’t know what he’ll do if he loses you. he might even shed a few tears he’s so worried about you.
brushes your hair for you without you asking. he doesn’t want it to get knotted up and gross since you can’t take care of yourself.
i feel like he would gag anytime you throw up but would also try to hold back your hair if it’s long enough to get in the way.
he’s fully stocked with the medicine, food, heating pads or cooling gels/ blankets and movies to keep you entertained while you’re sick.
he doesn’t game at ALL while you’re sick. he wants to be alert for any signs of something dangerous or serious.
tries his best to encourage you with words of affirmation. he’s terrible at it but he’s trying.
asks about your symptoms constantly to see if anything’s changed and congratulated any small change.
talks about how in one of his animes or books the hero took care of the love interest just like this but then panicks and is like “not that i’m saying you’re my love interest or anything hahaha LMFAO” out loud.
he will talk to henry about all his concerns and how he’s afraid you’re gonna die and he’s going to be alone again like you can’t hear him (when you’re literally right there)
he performs dances and karaoke to try and keep your spirits up and he’ll cosplay to do scenes from shows for you.
i think he’d be the most calm out of all of them. he reads enough that i think he’s have a good idea of how the human bodies works and how to help what you’re dealing with.
he will get scared when your symptoms aren’t getting any better and that’s when he starts freaking out a little.
cliche but he would read to you a lot. read you to sleep, read to you when you were bored.
he would compliment you a lot throughout the process because he wants you to know that even though you look a mess and you feel like death you’re still very attractive and wonderful.
“would you like help with eating your food?”
“would you like me to draw you a bath?”
“would you like me to give you a massage?”
he will give the BEST massages you’ve ever had. it makes him happy to know he’s relieving some of your pain. makes him feel superior to the others.
doesn’t let anyone get near you. especially mammon. he tells them all to leave you alone so you have the space you need to heal but really he’s enjoying the quality time with you even if you’re not doing much.
he’s got self care down and he’s going to use his knowledge to spoil you back to health.
he’s going to lather you in essential oils, face masks and body scrubs.
he’s going to dress you in all his pretty robes or nightgowns, brush your hair and put it up nicely if he’s able, feed you yogurts and berries.
any time you get SLIGHTLY sweaty he’s rushing you off to the bath.
don’t puke near him i think he would die. he’s gonna tell you that you better do that in the bathroom and away from him or his beautiful face/clothes. (but with love)
he thinks his presence will cure you. how could it not when he’s so lovely?
wants you to feel better already so you guys can cuddle again and talks about all the things he wants to do to you once you’re able. he can’t help it because even when sick you’re irresistible.
he offers every single snack he gets to you before he eats it. he’s also gonna make health smoothies for you and help you drink them.
he’d sit by your bedside the entire time and stroke your hair or arms.
he’s extremely worried. he’d never voice it to you but it’s all over his face. those puppy dog eyes don’t lie.
asks you to stay strong for him. tells you all the reasons he thinks you’re amazing and how meeting you has benefited his life (and belphies) in so many ways and he’s so thankful for it.
talks about all the restaurants you guys will go to once you’re better.
he’d hit your back while you cough or like in an attempt to help but it probably just makes it hurt more. he’s trying.
if you have the shivers he will gently lay his jacket on top of you to keep you warm.
if you’d let him/offer it he’d take a bath with you and fill it with bubbles all the way to the top. don’t forget snacks! he has some ready incase either of you want them.
he would give a bunch of little kisses all over. mentally he thinks they heal you just a little bit.
he has no idea what to do. so clueless.
you’re in his room. he puts a trash can on either side of the bed and then crawls into bed with you.
he cuddles you until you get better. he tries his hardest to stay awake in case something happens.
he will even let you use his pillow (just don’t throw up or sweat on it)
tells beel to come lay with you guys.
would 100% use this to get out of everything. like sorry lucifer i can’t do whatever it is you want because they need me to take care of them.
he would talk to you about lilith and how she got like this one time too and he was so worried. you better pull through like she did he says.
he would be holding you, spoon position, while you sleep and silently cry because he’s so worried you’re not going to make it. he knows you said it’s not that serious and you’ll be okay but he can’t help but fear the worst.
he’d stay by your side the entire time. wouldn’t even go to the bathroom. he wants to be there the entire time.
forgive me if these aren’t the best i haven’t done this in forever.
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dilfteracy · 1 month
‣   when your year is over, you hear a faint knock on your door. when you open, you find yourself in front of one of the brothers with a flower in his hands but, what is the meaning behind said flower?
‣   this is based on the victorian floriography book. i will take its book meanings as well as other considerations.
Tumblr media
LUCIFER  |  red amaryllis
Tumblr media
They symbolize the pride that Lucifer carries with him everywhere. All that you are and all that he has taught you. Like the long stem that adorns the plant, the way it culminates in a radiant red flower reflects the way Lucifer keeps his figure upright and carries his head high, that sin of his rooting himself more and more in his own being. As an extension of himself, he gives you a single flower, capable of surviving the wind, tide and drought of your world, due to its too prideful nature that does not allow it to perish in the face of the conditions that your world makes it face, surviving by your side so that every time you see that radiant red, it reminds you of him. The flower is strong like your bond and abundant in wealth and love like his feelings towards you, which little by little but with great success managed to make the oldest of the brothers feel attracted to you.
MAMMON  |  dahlias
Tumblr media
They symbolize commitment and eternal love. Usually called "the queen of autumn", Mammon knows very well that this season is not marked in the wolrd he lives in, but you flourished and you looked for a place in his heart that has remained with him for the rest of the season and the ones who came after, making you the one who rules his heart. Used at weddings, Mammon has practiced in front of the mirror many times to try to be able to look cool while he abruptly handed you the flowers, great nervousness despite the hours he has spent practicing his speech. However, Mammon knows very well that you, whatever happens and no matter how far you go, your love will last.
LEVI  |  forget me nots
Tumblr media
Symbolizing the love that goes away and the lasting memories, Leviathan will miss all the moments you lived together. From the moments when you just sat down to play with him, to the marathons that lasted hours or days, laughing and commenting while collaborating together to beat the bosses or, failing as well as winning against his brothers. Feeling it slipping away through his fingers, Leviathan grows possessive the closer your departure date draws. However, it is again his escape that gives him the solution. With a hand on the back of his neck scratching the skin self-consciously, Levi hands you the bouquet, before turning around and telling you one last time not to forget about him.
BEEL  |  pansy
Tumblr media
Its origin is in the French language, deriving from the word penseé which means thought. In a RAD course, while his mind wandered due to his hunger, he managed to hear something about the literature of your world; Ophelia and Hamlet, from Hamlet by Shakespeare. Trying to remember the story well, he only managed to capture one sentence that he can't remeber entirely yet. In front of your door, Beel tries to silence his stomach that roars for the nth time of the day. However, you only drop an innocent giggle, grabbing the flowers in your hands and thanking him before smelling them. Smiling from ear to ear, you thank him deeply for the flowers, saying that they are beautiful to which he simply replies “They're pansies, that's for thoughts” with the hope that even in your world, you always have the time to think about him as much as he thinks about you.
BELPHIE  |  oak
Tumblr media
He is not a traditionalist and there is something about flower delivery that does not sit well with him. however, he enjoys the walks he takes with you around. Being a tree revered through the years, with its splendor in ancient times, its meaning goes back to the bravery of man. The tree of life and a sacred symbol, every time belphie ran into one, he couldn't help but remember how you sacrificed your life and opposed all adversity to bring him freedom. Your bravery is rewarded for all the walks and naps you have taken. In front of your door, Belphie smiles carefreely and deposits the branch with it’s seeds. He knows that you will see each other again because he knows that your promises are not empty, unlike those of his older brother.
SATAN  |  larkspur
Tumblr media
Deriving its name from the way its leaves resemble a lark, the meaning is levity. Like the song of those birds, the flower rises to the skies with great spirits. Satan has always admired your ability to disagree with his anger, as you always turn his problems into simple solutions with a pinch of happiness. It is always you who he goes to to deal with his problems, but it is also you who finds out and helps him when he notices he is deep in trouble. Always laughing and smiling together, the situation can’t be helped but be bitter as you meet  in front of your bedroom door, no laughter or jokes are shared, hearts out and sincerity on the table. Giving you the bouquet, Satan reminds you that better days are coming and to never stop smiling, your aura being what kept him alive all this time in the devildom
Tumblr media
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treysimp · 2 months
Sleepy? (TWST X OBEY ME)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
GN!Reader/Leona Kingscholar (Twisted Wonderland) | VERSUS | GN!Reader/Belphegor (Shall We Date? Obey Me!)
Rating: T (Language)
Tags: Crossover, petty jealousy, love at first sight, Leona can never spit it out because he’s a tsundere, GN!Reader, reader’s body is not described nor are pronouns used, this is mostly silly and I just wanted to see the boys being bratty haha
Words: 1.5k
Want more TWST? Here’s my masterlist!
Tumblr media
This fucking guy.
Leona was irritated. Of course he was. How could he not be?
This guy, this dumbass, sleepy, blue-haired asshole, was getting his demon smell all over the herbivore.
That job is already taken, buddy.
How did his day even end up like this?
He knew he should have said something the second this guy sauntered his way into his business, but he just assumed that a demon wouldn’t care about something as trivial as a human.
That was a mistake. Clearly.
Earlier that afternoon, Belphie was trying to reconcile the pain of the less-than-literal hell of his time on the Night Raven exchange trip with his enjoyment of visiting somewhere new.
As excited as he was to get the chance to explore, he also had barely gotten any sleep. He felt like he might pass out at any moment, and while taking a nap was easy, finding somewhere comfortable is not.
Wandering aimlessly on campus looking for somewhere comfortable to waste a few hours, Belphegor found himself quite taken by the large and elegant greenhouse that lurked on the outskirts of campus. It reminded him of the Devildom Botanical Garden, which was a perfect place to relax. Hopefully it was just as comfortable. With a shrug, he wandered inside, trying to spot a nice bench or a patch of grass to occupy.
As soon as he passed into the barrier, Belphie was overcome with a lovely herbal smell. Like chamomile tea and moss after the rain. Following the smell, he saw something unexpected.
While Belphegor wasn’t the quickest to warm up to humans, he had gotten better at being at least civil to them. He was not the type to pay much attention to humans around him (especially in a place like this, with enough wizards to feel like there were hundreds of excitable little Solomon’s running around) but something about you was different.
Something about you was intoxicating.
He watched you from afar, listening to you quietly speaking to the small plant that you gently brushed with your fingertips. You had a book in your hand, and seemed to be reading it to the plant from it.
From what he could hear, it sounded like you were reading out care instructions and then asking the plant if they were correct. It was mindless chatter, clearly the habit of someone who liked to talk themselves through their thoughts. Cute.
While Belphie had been rather set on having a nap, you seemed far more interesting at the moment.
Having an idea, Belphie approached you, putting on his most innocent look as he shyly tucked his hands into the pockets of his pants.
“Hey, I’m lost. You’re a student, right? Can you help me?”
Your eyes raise to meet him and Belphie feels like his heart could fall out of his chest when you smile up at him.
“Ah… that uniform. You’re from the Devildom?” You asked. Belphie nodded excitedly at your question.
That saved him an explanation. Cute and clever. You were just getting better and better by the minute.
“Sure, where do you need to go?” You were seemingly prepared for the question, giving off the impression of being someone that is used to answering similar inquiries.
Straightening yourself to your feet from a crouch and brushing the dirt off of your knees, Belphie felt his mouth getting dry. This was too much for a first meeting, but everything in him was begging him to touch you.
You had donned a lab coat and some goggles, over your uniform. The oversized goofiness of your outfit only making you look all the more charming with the dichotomy. He could now see that the book you were holding was named ‘Plants Care Laid Bare: Making Potions On the Cheap’.
There was certainly something here he wouldn’t mind seeing bare.
“It’s embarrassing, but I was trying to find a place to take a nap. I don’t have a dorm assignment yet and I’m dead on my feet. Are there any good places around here?” He asked sweetly, keeping his tone friendly and sheepish in order to get closer and encroach on your physical bubble just a bit. Unsurprisingly, you were even cuter up close.
You giggled, which caused your nose to wrinkle just so. Oh man, he hadn’t fallen this fast since he… okay, we aren’t going to think about that actually.
“I have it on good authority that over there is actually the preferred nap spot of a friend of mine.” You say helpfully, pointing over to a cove comprised of flowering bushes.
Belphie looked over to where you were indicating, noticing what looked to be a… rope of some kind peeking out. Huh.
“Unfortunately it’s currently in use.” You say with a wink, reading the questioning lilt of his expression.
“There’s a patch of clover near the flower garden though, which is my personal favorite spot.”
“Oh, really? Will you show me there?”
And that started your flirtatious friendship with Belphie. You spent time sitting in the clover talking for hours that day, getting surprisingly deep. You talked about your school, your friends, your likes and dislikes. Time went by both slow and fast, causing both of you to drift into a comfortable nap under the sun.
By the time you woke up, Belphie had nestled into your side and you felt a small trail of drool coming from the side of your mouth. Ew. Thankfully Belphie was asleep.
You felt a light kicking at your ribs and heard an irritated sigh.
“Hey. Herbivore. Wake up damnit.”
And here’s the reason you woke up in the first place.
“Hey Leona. What brings you here?”
Leona’s lovely face was knit with irritation. His emerald eyes were narrowed and strangely intense with an expression that you weren’t familiar with. His hair slipped gracefully over his shoulders as he leaned over you, blocking the sun and giving him a halo in the light that peeled around the edges of his silhouette. It was exhausting how pretty he was sometimes, you thought.
Belphie stirred from his place on your chest from the sound, hazarding an eye open to see a man with animal ears and a tail glaring down at him.
Putting two and two together, he looked at the newcomers expression of irritation and the playful smile you gave in response.
And from your earlier comment… that wasn’t a rope earlier, he thought. It was this guys’ furry widdle tail.
Looking at the appendage that was swinging in irritation in front of him, a smirk crossed Belphie’s lips. Did he have competition here?
“The hell you think you’re doing cuddlin’ up to a stranger in the middle of the day?” Leona groused.
And why wasn’t it him?
“Belphie and I were talking and accidentally fell asleep. I’m sure the king of naps himself can relate?” You say with a raised brow.
Okay, yeah you had a point. Even Leona had to agree with that one.
“Whatever. It’s dinner time anyway. Don’t be late or your annoying friends will come and bother me about where you are again.” Leona huffed, flipping his hair over his shoulder and planting a hand on his hip.
Belphie had to resist a giggle fit. If his competition was this guy, then he had nothing to worry about. This kind of smug, ruggedly-pretty boy would rather choke than show a real emotion. Easy pickings.
Belphie murmured your name softly as he put his hand over yours. He met your surprised gaze with a sweet smile.
Leona felt his eye twitch from seeing this grimy demon put his mitts on his precious friend. Did this little cud-chewing brat really think he could just waltz in here and steal your attention?
“Can you show me to the cafeteria? I should probably find my brothers.” He said, giving you a positively infectious smile.
You nodded and stood up, offering your hand to help Belphie stand up. Taking your extended arm and using it to get to his feet, with a ‘thanks’, Belphie conspicuously refused to let your hand go once he’s finished getting up.
You can feel the tips of your ears burning slightly.
Leona can feel a vein in his forehead about to burst.
“See you at dinner, Leona! Text me if you want me to grab you anything.” You say habitually, waving goodbye to your sourpuss of a buddy. What’s his problem today?
You and Belphie walked out towards the exit, and before you make it out the door, Belphie spared a glance to see the hilarious seething expression of his haughty rival.
Feeling smug, Belphie made eye contact, wiggled a brow, and made a lewd motion that is best left to the imagination.
Leona returned the lascivious farewell with a one-finger salute and stalked off, wanting to throw something at that little jackass.
If that little calf thought he could just waltz into the lion's den and steal what wasn’t his, he was going to have another thing coming to him.
Tumblr media
Belphie is such a troublemaker I just wanted to see what he would do to get under Leona’s skin. So cute. 🥰
I hope y’all didn’t mind the crossover but I’m dying at all the possibilities hehehe
Let me know what you thought, love you reader!
Requested Tags:
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Mc: How do you keep an idiot waiting?
Belphie: I don't know, how?
Mc: I'll tell you later.
Belphie: Okay...
[30 mins later]
Belphie: Wait a damn second...
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belphies-cowgirl · 5 months
Tumblr media
obey me headcanons
word count: 500+
Lucifer has this one specific record that he plays solely when he's missing Lilith. and his brothers know when he does miss her because they'll all sit outside his room and listen to it with him.
Mammon secretly collects keychains he thinks you'll like but has them all hidden away in a box because he's too much of tsundere to give them to you.
Levi has a separate wishlist on Akuzon just for you, so when he buys you things you like/want, he quickly hands them to you and runs away before you can even say thank you (he doesn't want you to see how red his face is)
Satan designs bookmarks for you and slips them into any books you are currently reading. he won't admit it, but it makes his heart skip a beat when you immediately smile upon finding the bookmarks.
Asmo makes sure to pay attention to which color nail polish or facemasks you like best so he can buy some extras for your little self-care basket he keeps on his bathroom counter for you.
Beel has a mental list of all your comfort foods and drinks that he buys for you. he even has Satan put a spell on them so he won't accidentally eat them (they are emergency feel-better snacks just for you because he doesn't like it when you feel you upset)
Belphie taught himself how to knit so he could make you a big soft blanket that was covered in his scent for you to sleep with (he's currently teaching himself how to sew a pillowcase for you covered in tiny sleepy sheep)
Diavolo always makes sure to have the first dance of the night with you at any event that he holds in his castle. he lowkey finds it amusing to watch Lucifer and his brothers get all antsy about not being able to fight over who gets to dance with you first.
Barbatos always has your favorite teas stocked up in a separate section of the cupboard right next to a teacup he had custom-made for you and only you to drink out of.
Simeon always texts you to come over whenever he's finished writing something, you're the only one who gets to read his rough drafts and make little annotations for him (let's not forget about the little hearts you add at the bottom of each page to signal that it's been fully annotated)
Solomon takes time out of his weekends to sit down and teach you spells, hexes, and potions so that you'll do better in class. he also makes sure to make notebooks for each topic with reminders and notes so that you'll have a quick reference guide for when he's not with you (and it's an excuse for him to spend time with you)
Luke always sets aside a serving for you of whatever he has baked so that you can try it before Beel inhales everything (as if he'd do the same for the brothers! besides Simeon, you're his favorite person) 
✄ ——————————————————————
feel free to comment, shoot me a message, or an ask <3
please do not use my work as your own!
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yujajacha · 3 months
this has been sitting in my drafts… have some pervert belphie content..
cw: nsfw/mdni, fem!reader, sub!reader; pervert!belphie, dubcon
pervert!belphie who’s so touchy and clingy with you, you assume that it’s his normal. the lingering touches, the way he always has to keep his hands on you whether or not you guys are in public. he does it not only because he loves touching you, but also it’s a way to assert to others his claim over you. he always leans into your warmth. plus, the fact that you’re always so flustered with him is just his fuel! he loves the way you averted your eyes when he becomes too clingy.
when all the brothers eat meals together, he always makes sure to sit besides you. he leans into you at times, purposely making you embarrassed. he obviously loves whispering dirty words into your ears with that grin of his on his face.
he just casually puts his hand on your thigh under the table, caressing it gently. he does it so nonchalantly, none one would ever guess where it’s wandering to.
pervert!belphie who just can’t help it. even if everyone is in the living room together, he just wants you to cuddle and sit with him. he can’t help but getting hard when you’re so close to him. he’ll make you sit on his raging boner while covering you both in blankets.
pervert!belphie who’s obsessed with your panties. he definitely steals them. he just loves the cute colours and patterns that are on them, they suit you so well he thinks.
whenever you wear skirts, he’s mesmerized, he needs to take a glance. it always turns into a long stare. the way they hug your ass and cunt is mouthwatering.
he also likes your panties just by themselves, even better when they’re used! your scent lingering on them smells so good. he made it a habit to sniff them and lick the wet patch the underwear he finds in your laundry basket. when he gets really horny he faps into one pair of panties, while sniffing another. when he comes all over them, he puts them in the basket, but he’s considered showing them to you. he’s hoped you’ve noticed by now.
the day you catch him doesn’t bother him at all. he just smirks at you. the way you look at him all flustered is just so cute. he can’t help but wanting to tease you, can you really blame him? your reactions just fuel his needs even more, even though he is already hard and leaking. he’ll pin you to the wall, bring his free hand and caress your pretty face.
“Heh, you’re so cute like this MC. Won’t you help me clean this mess?”
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b-achiras · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝟎𝟎𝟓. 𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐩𝐡𝐢𝐞 + 𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐠𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐞
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: belphegor x afab!reader
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: omegaverse au, a/b/o, alpha!belphie, omega!reader, reader’s in heat, feral! belphie, dom!belphie, sub!reader, rough sex, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, slight exhibitionism, biting, slight dubcon, overstimulation/implied multiple orgasms
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 0.6k+
𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫: @sailorstrawberi
✧ 𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐖𝐄𝐑𝐄 𝐌𝐀𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐈𝐓 𝐃𝐈𝐅𝐅𝐈𝐂𝐔𝐋𝐓 𝐅𝐎𝐑 𝐇𝐈𝐌 𝐓𝐎 𝐒𝐋𝐄𝐄𝐏. it wasn’t just the little whimpers that slipped past your lips while you dreamed or the fact that you were clinging so tightly to him that kept belphie awake. no, no, it was that damn scent that was floating off your body. it was driving him mad.
most of the time people had a hard time believing that he was an alpha. belphegor didn’t seem to have a lot of the characteristics that were expected with such a title. it was when he was with you that his alpha side really shone through. this is especially true now.
everyone one of his instincts were telling him to mate with you. if those instincts weren’t competing with his love of sleep then belphie may have woken you up a long time ago. eventually even his adoration for rest can’t overpower the hormones.
at some point you feel him shake you awake. you blink a few times before turning to face your alpha. “belphie, what is it?” you murmur tiredly. it would have been cute how you didn’t even realize the effect you were having on him if it wasn’t making him crazy.
“you’re in heat. your scent is keeping me awake” he nearly growls. he doesn’t mean to snap but he’s grumpy and now finds himself craving you. there’s really no blaming him for going a little feral.
your face feels hot when you realize you weren’t doing as well at hiding it as you hoped. truthfully you’ve been needy since the two of you slipped into bed. you knew how much belphie valued his sleep so you tried to drift off despite your urges. unfortunately your plan was a failure.
before you can apologize, despite this just being your nature, belphie climbs over you until he’s pinning you to the mattress. “if my little omega needs me that bad let me fuck you until i put us both to sleep” a low groan bubbles in his throat as belphie pulls your pyjama bottoms down.
there isn’t much need for him to prepare you. you’re already so wet for him. so belphie just releases his aching cock from his boxers and slides it into your warmth in one go. you weren’t ready to be so full so suddenly. a loud whine echoes from your lips when he bottoms out, making belphie slap a hand over your mouth.
“just because you woke me up doesn’t mean you need to wake the entire house” he glares, pulling out just to shove himself back in at full force.
it’s a little ironic that he scolded you for being loud at first because belphie starts pounding into you so hard that there’s no way no one else is aware of what’s going on. the mattress is creaking and the headboard is slamming against the wall. your alpha really isn’t holding back.
you tried biting your hand to contain your noises but eventually that doesn’t even do anything to help. belphie's showing you no mercy and bringing you to your end much quicker than you'd ever like to admit. “you’re so tight” belphie says through gritted teeth. “you gonna cum, little mouse?”.
already you’re so fucked out. your mind feels fuzzy but you’re still coherent enough to nod back. belphie hums in satisfaction at this. leaning down, he licks a strip along your neck before sinking his teeth into your sweet spot. feeling his fangs pierce your delicate skin causes you to cry out.
with a few more harsh snaps of his hips the knot in your stomach breaks. your body shakes as you cream all over his length. you thought belphie would slow down a little but he doesn’t. you’re sobbing from sensitivity, pushing his chest but belphie keeps at it.
“don’t you remember what i said?” your alpha looks down at you with dark eyes as his cock continues to fuck your spent pussy. “i’m going to fuck you until we both pass out. neither of us are asleep yet. 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 𝐌𝐄𝐀𝐍𝐒 𝐈’𝐌 𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐃𝐎𝐍𝐄 𝐖𝐈𝐓𝐇 𝐌𝐘 𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐓𝐓𝐘 𝐎𝐌𝐄𝐆𝐀 𝐘𝐄𝐓”.
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amaya-writes · 2 months
Obey Me Brothers Reacting To You Kissing Them/Their Neck When They're On A Call Pt 2
Part One: Lucifer, Mammon, Levi
Notes: y'all know the drill, i saw a tiktok prank and decided to do this for OM so here's pt 2
Warnings: n/a
Characters involved: Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor
Gender-neutral reader, you/yours
Just like Lucifer, Satan is probably on an important call when you do this. Which is why your little prank can go one of two ways.
Either he's in a playful mood and keeps you by his side while continuing the call and occasionally planting a peck or two on your lips while the other person speaks, or he gets annoyed and shakes his head at you to indicate he's actually busy.
No one would be stupid enough to actually persist after the second result, but if you do, be ready for a genuinely annoyed Satan who chastises you quite a bit.
For Satan, the line between endearment and annoyance is one that's very thin which is why you really need to read the room before you make a move.
Regardless of what he thinks, Satan will definitely be flustered and even try to get you back for your little prank, so don't be surprised if you're walking around the house on a call and suddenly get pulled into a long drawn out kiss.
He's kind enough to not say anything and let the person on the other side of your phone know what happened, but the way Satan winks and softly pecks you again before leaving is probably worse as it does nothing to quell the sudden storm of butterflies holding your stomach hostage.
Thinks you want to do something dirty.
He's the avatar of lust, what did you even expect? Of course his first thought goes to some unexplored voyeurism-esque kink of yours that you want to explore.
But Asmo is quick to realise the sly little smile on your lips is more innocent and playful than lustful, which is why he simply tugs you to his side and casually continues the call while occasionally kissing you through it.
Even if he was having a serious discussion Asmo doesn't really care, after all, he's done worse things while on a call. (no I will not explain this).
If you still persist and try to distract or annoy him with affection, it really just backfires since Asmodeus is quick to flip the situation and try and make you flustered.
"You can do whatever you want, love, but don't blame me if my editors hear you scream for me."
He might come off as smooth, but it's very easy to flip the situation. After all, Asmo's always willing to have you on top of him.
The only way he'd actually get mad is if he was doing a serious call and saying something important and you kissed him, but even then he just sends you a glare and keeps you by his side so that he can ensure you don't try anything till he's done with the call.
Overall, Asmo's probably the only one who would receive your prank well regardless of the circumstance.
This oblivious baby-
Beel really doesn't think much about your prank, he just presumes you wanted a little affection which is why you decided to kiss him.
At first, it seems like he's unaffected but once Beel's done with his call he'll turn to you with a small smile and ask if you wanted affection and offer to cuddle.
He doesn't really get that it's a prank, since Beel tends to just randomly kiss or hug you whenever he feels like it so he thinks you're doing the same thing.
If you do mention it was supposed to be a prank/you wanted to see how he would react then he's just genuinely confused because why would he ever be angry if you kissed him?
Beelzebub is honestly just too understanding and sweet to really get annoyed over such things.
If somehow you do decide to do this prank during the off occasion that something serious is going on, which probably just means one of his brothers was injured/Belphie got caught up in a fight, then Beel finds your action more comforting than annoying.
Belphie doesn't really do calls, so you best expect that if you ever catch him on the phone something is either terribly wrong or Lucifer decided to annoy him inform him of something that is in dire need of his attention.
If the situation is the former, then Belphegor's menacing aura will be enough to scare you off and swap out your playfulness for concern.
But if it's the latter, then Belphie will be happy to have you distract him from his brother's droning complaints.
When you first joined him on the bed to plant a quick but passionate kiss on his lips you had expected at least a bit of visible annoyance if not a pillow thrown in your face.
However, what you hadn't anticipated was the sly smirk that tugged on his lips as Belphie pulled you down in his lap and all but made out with you.
He doesn't even bother moving the phone away because he wants Lucifer to hear the small whine you let out as he kisses you like his life depends on it.
"Sorry Lucifer, my baby was being needy."
Doesn't even care that Lucifer called the two of you to his office and gave you an earful of what is and isn't appropriate behaviour when on the call. In fact, that only heightens his smugness.
You can't even say anything because Belphie is quick to throw you under the bus and say he was simply satisfying your needs.
It's safe to say you never think of pulling such pranks on Belphegor. Unless, of course, you are needy.
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