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Just my two cents about the Ned Fulmer situation
By the time you will be reading this some new development may have been made that could possibly change the outcome of what I currently know, but as of September 29, 2022 and the recent things that have been posted on tumblr in general I feel like I want to say a few things (and yes I know I broke my don't go to tumblr rule but learning the news from youtube, a platform notorious for clickbait titles I feel like tumblr was the platform to verify it while there was no mainstream news media outlet covering it).
Some background before you read this: I've been a Try guys fan since their Buzzfeed days and it was actually through Keith, Zach and Becky's eclipse video where they stay overnight in a fan's house that was allegedly haunted, that I discovered Shane and Ryan who I am now following for their Ghost files content as well as their Puppet History show. My bias among the Try guys was Keith because of our interests in musical theater, feeling like the one who has to find things other than our physical appearances to make up for it, and I just vibe with him a lot more (and our favorite color is blue). That's not to say I didn't like the other Try guys I also had moments wherein I vibed with them as well because I didn't like how the fandom's favorite moments was about Keith screaming during without a recipe for his loss. And having said that the member I least vibed with was with Ned, I probably only vibed with him because I've never tried mary jane before in my entire life but I have drank a lot of alcohol before. I also enjoyed it when he was more in actor mode, and was genuinely funny sometimes.
As with many things I consume on youtube, I tend to view youtubers as both performers and people. To messily quote Cristine from Simplynailogical "A balance of being authentic enough to be yourself but not too much because it's also a performance and you need to protect yourself from what you are outside of being a youtuber." Or something along those lines. I'm bringing this up because while I do have a parasocial relationship as a Try guys fan, I tend to not really care what they do outside of those videos because they are people too and they also deserve the privacy to actually live life and deal with issues in private. The only thing I really follow is their main youtube content, while occassionally watching some of YB's videos and those on the Second Try. And because we live in a capitalist system as of the moment, the Try Guys are in the business of producing content.
When I first watched the three recent videos, I'll be honest it wasn't until the most recent one "Try guys try stand up comedy" that I began to feel and notice Ned's absence. Unlike other people who follow them, I only exclusively follow them on Youtube, so when the new intro came without Ned, I thought it's because he was doing a side project or something else since I remember Eugene was absent for a long while before.
So I among many others who follow them was incredibly shocked to learn that a.) Ned cheated on Ariel; b.) He cheated on Ariel with Alex from the Food Babies; and c.) It happened at the start of this month (of September) and the recent videos were highly edited to remove them from it.
Do I feel shocked? Yes. Betrayed? Not as much as others because again I knowingly consume their content knowing that this is only what they've allowed to share about themselves and it's not their entire selves. As an example from the Try guys documentary, and in some of their more personal videos, Zach's persona of being the man child of the group is just that, a persona. His talents really shine when he's behind the camera and his film school education really shows and has brought some of my favorite videos on their channel. But even those are just some slices as to who he is as a person, it's not entirely who he is, and I'm okay with not knowing him in the same level that Maggie and their other friends know him as.
Does this mean I condone what Ned and Alex have done? NO. We don't live in a time of arranged marriages anymore (or at least the vast majority of us, I'm not sure about some parts of the earth) and if you marry for love as you claim to have done so, then there shouldn't be a reason for you to cheat from your spouse. Did the Try guys know before we knew of it and was their actions justified? From the perspective of a business (because again they are a business), yes their actions were justified in first keeping it to themselves to plan how to deal with the issue (including when the issue may come out to the public), do what needs to be done to prepare for what was to come and what their stance is based on their actions. Also you need to remember that Ned being fired from the company must have a grace period of some kind for them to be able to move forward without Ned who was part owner of the company and was essentially Alexandria's boss. No matter how friendly we see them on camera, the main Try guys are the bosses of their staff and there is a power imbalance there that has the potential for abuse, and opens them up for a potential sexual misconduct lawsuit. I don't know the laws in the U.S.A., but from what I have gleaned an employer - employee sexual relationship has so much room for abuse no matter how consensual Ned alleges it to be. This doesn't remove Alex from liability but no matter how you spin it, he is still the one controlling her means of livelihood. And if (BIG EMPHASIS ON IF) it turns out Alex was the one who initiated it, not only did she know that Ned was a very married man but because again since he controls her paycheck, she could abuse that relationship by potentially getting more than her fair share if not through the paycheck then by other benefits that may set a bad precedent for the rest of the staff. If it seems I'm analyzing this from the perspective of a lawyer, well guess what I'm a law student, I'm in training to do this.
Speaking of firing, people have rightly pointed out that the Try Guys have no legal ground to terminate Alex and I'm not sure if they plan on giving her a huge amount of money to leave as a settlement (I dont think their company is big enough to do that but then again I don't know the ins and outs of the company), or if she will be resigning soon because essentially all of the Try Staff we as the audience have seen have unfollowed her and Ned. But if you are going to base on firing her just because of the cheating incident, then that could open the company to a lawsuit for termination for something not work related. If you think this is a bullshit legal provision, then imagine this: Would you want to be fired if you were essentially coerced into doing something wrong but you can't because refusing could lead to dire consequences that are wrong but not illegal such as being assigned to do a job you don't like? This is what we're potentially dealing with here because of the power imbalance that is present.
I want to now tackle the worrying trend that I've observed from tumblr posts and maybe the internet community in general (I can only really speak from what I've seen on tumblr because I'm the most active here). Ariel has already issued a statement that they want to resolve their marital issues in private and we should respect that. As someone else has pointed out, she is still a.) A human being; b.) Uses the internet; and c.) Is one of the victims of this whole scandal. Roast Ned and Alex for what they've done, but don't add salt to a gaping wound by promoting posts from employees from Buzzfeed or ex- Buzzfeed employees who have taken this opportunity to simply smugly say "I knew he was trouble." When they were working with him. It's clear they are just using this scandal to chase clout and I've lost my respect for each one who has taken this opportunity to do so. If you knew he was trouble then why didn't you say anything to Ariel back when they were in Buzzfeed? You know the time before they had children. The most likely answer is that it was none of their business, or they brought it up with HR then nothing must have happened, or they didn't know who Ariel was or didn't take the initiative to go the extra mile to find her and inform her of her spouse being shady (this list is not exclusive). If they want to air their grievances then do it in your private chatrooms. Do it in a place wherein you 100% know Ariel is not going to be on. She's on twitter, she's going to see it, and in all honesty, if any dirt goes out about any one of them, I would support Ariel rubbing salt on their wound but from what I know she's too nice about it (Becky Habersberger will probably do it on her behalf).
As of this writing, there has been an update that the Trypod will be on October 6 addressing what we have learnt in these past 2 days. I'm hoping the best for Keith, Eugene, Zach, and the rest of the Try family. Ned and Alex have broken up so many precious relationships. The silver lining in this to repeat a quote frequently repeated by fellow fans is that the Triceratop has three horns and they are going to be fine. They just need to weather the storm, and I forgot who posted this but I agree with someone saying that these three have all distinct traits that make them stand out as individuals and as a part of a group. No matter what Ariel decides to do moving forward from this to protect their children, she'll have this fan's support.
P.S. If they should hire anyone so that they could have a four person group again, it should be filled in by Kylie Burke. She brings the right amount of being anxious yet eager to try in Ned's last video "Try guys try high diving." I don't vibe well with Kwesi since I sense he has an air of him making fun of the things to try rather than giving it an actual try.
Okay now back to my study hiatus.
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Fred Weasley- Amortentia
[Takes places in the OOTP era: You're a year younger than the Twins ( You and Katie are in your sixth year, the Twins and Angelina in their 7th), friends to strangers to lovers, fluffy, first-person POV. Using she/her pronouns.
Y/N has been best friends with the Weasley twins since her sorting ceremony, but when feelings begin to bubble up around one of the twins, she pulls away. Tension has been building all summer between the two as they danced around conversations about everything but their feelings. Potions class finally reveals true intentions.]
Listened to while writing: Haley’s Comet-Billie Eilish, Achilles Heel- J.Maya, Lover-Taylor Swift.
(Gryffindor Female! Reader X Fred Weasley)
A/N: First imagine I've posted on Tumblr in a very long time, hope y’all like it! But 4.4k words of goodness here for you to enjoy and read! ❤️-Shi
Tumblr media
Potions killed me, I sometimes wondered how I managed to just recently figured it out. It was so similar to baking as Fred had shown me. Baking was easy for me to understand, my mum owned a bakery, I could read a baking recipe easily. I could finally understand the class but Snape still made it incredibly boring and hard to get through. I was dragging my feet beside George and Angie as they escorted me to class. I was dreading going to class hoping I could avoid it just a little longer.
“Come on, if you’re late you’ll get stuck with Sam.” Angie teased.
Sam Nott, the second eldest Nott boy in my year, had begun fancying me shortly after our third year. He never did much until recently. Fred and I used to be really close friends but things had gotten complicated when I felt myself falling for him. That’s not to mention this past summer and everything I had to deal with from being stuck at Grimmauld Place with the rest of the Weasley family. The flirtation from Fred had never been unusual and everyone honestly expected it.
I picked up my feet, forcing myself to work normally. Angie and George shared a chuckle at my expense. They both waved me goodbye before I made my way down the stairs to Potions. Katie Bell sat at the table we normally shared with her head slumped on her book.
Katie sat up as I sulked beside her taking my regular seat. She stretched her arms out with a yawn.
“How’s it going in the Weasley department?” She asked with a small grin.
Some best friend she had been, laughing at my expense, I glared at her with a pointed look, “Katie, I’m going to pretend you didn’t just ask me that,” I rolled my eyes.
The door of the classroom slammed shut with a heavy thud. Snape cascades by with his face curled up.
“Turn your books to page 104.” His voice broke out silencing the conversations in the room.
I knew what Amortentia was. I remembered when Angie had learned about it last year, and I read from the textbook that it took the smell of whatever attracted you most, it was different for everyone. That’s how she really knew that George was the man for her, and not Fred after they’d gone to the Yule Ball together.
I had a few theories as to what I was going to smell. I could feel my palms get sweaty. Just please don’t make us share out loud. I’d never live it down if I did. I was a terrible liar, and I’d have to think of something quick.
After listening to the drawn-out explanation of the potion, we all got settled and Snape started brewing the potion. My hands gripped my book watching Snape cut up ingredients for the potion. I stood in between Katie and Willa, a Slytherin girl in our year, almost using them as blockers from Sam’s gaze.
Professor Snape swirled the potion around in its bottle before placing it on the table in front of him.
“Who wants to smell it first?” Professor Snape stepped back, crossing his arm behind himself.
Willa excitedly raised her hand. Snape rolled his eyes at her enthusiasm and stepped back, inviting her to step up.
She held her curls out of her face as she leaned over the potion bottle. Taking a deep breath in, she stood back with a wider smile on her lips, as she fought a blush on her cheeks.
“I smell Lemon Bars, burning wood and something… masculine, almost like pine maybe.” She finished with a small smile, stepping back to her seat at our table.
Katie stepped forward, she took an awkward glance around the room, “Do I have to share what I smell?” She spoke softly.
“I’d recommend it but you seem to be one to do as they please.” Professor Snape shrugged with a sneer.
She bent down and took a quick whiff, not spending much time picking up the details of the aroma.
“It smells like oranges, buttered Croissants, and Floral perfume.” She spoke quietly. From the back of the room I heard someone chuckle.
“It’s because she likes girls.” His voice chortled in laughter.
I whipped my head around in his direction, to meet the eyes of Sam who wore a smirk as I glared at him.
“I’d watch it if I were you, Nott. You’d be lucky if someone was attracted to you enough to smell anything other than your disgusting body odor.” I warned him. A few students chuckled and began teasing Sam. His cheeks turned pink and turned back around to meet the daggers Snape had bored into my head.
“Miss Y/L/N, perhaps you could share with us what you get from yours?” He had a way of making me feel so small.
I stepped forward, Katie gave me a small smile as she passed me returning to her place. I leaned forward and taking in the smell, I instantly felt sick. The rich smell of fireworks filled my nose, mixed with swirls of sugar and cinnamon, and the cologne I knew only one person had. It was Fred’s cologne. Fuck.
I brought my head up trying to get fresh air in my lungs and force away the smell of the Amortentia.
“I got…” I trailed gulping down the lump in my throat, I had to lie and think of something else, “Soap, parchment, and fresh wood, I think.” I mumbled.
I fudged together the smells from around the common room and something as different from what I really smelled as I could think of. I covered my nose hoping to get the scent out of my nose but it lingered. I stepped away from the taunting bottle before he could dismiss me. All I could smell was Fred down my throat, and it made my stomach twist and flip.
“I need to see Madam Pomfrey, I’m just feeling a bit I’ll,” I announced awkwardly before disappearing into the hall without another word or much permission.
I rushed down the hall and felt my legs carry as far as they could away from that classroom. I couldn’t lie to myself, he had gotten underneath my skin. All the flirting and fluttering touches were all getting to me. My heart had been placed in the middle of a quidditch game and he was being the amazing beater he was. I settled on a bench and sank my head into my hands.
“Y/N/N?” I lift my head to find a smirking Fred walking towards me. “What’s got you out here?”
“I’m not really in the mood, Fred.” I stood again ready to leave. I could not be near him right now. That potion only made everything between us worse. I had to keep my distance or I was going to fuck this up between us.
“You just look like you’re not doing well. Steal one of our fever fudges to get out of potions?” He joked.
I shook my head, “No, it was just what we were brewing today I guess,” I explained weakly, “There was just something too strong smelling.”
“Amortentia?” He asked, his grin slightly dropped, “It’d make sense, it can get pretty overwhelming.”
I raised my eyes to see him already watching me, “Yeah. It was just a lot stronger than I was expecting.” I sat back down, folding my hands in my lap.
“Mind if I ask what you smelled?.” He smirked while sitting beside me, “Not like it was meant for me right? You’ve been avoiding me for months anyways,” He forced a little laugh like he was trying to play it off like it didn’t bother him.
“I smelled soap, parchment, and fresh wood,” I repeat the same lie as before, getting much quieter, worried I’d give myself away.
He let out a frustrated huff. He stood at his feet again, “Good to know, whoever he is will be extremely lucky to have you.” He admitted. He crossed his arms over his chest. He stared off out the window above my head.
“When you smelled it last year, what did you smell?” I found myself asking.
“Cinnamon and sugar, strawberries, vanilla...” He admitted glancing down at me. His face was blank, hiding any emotion. He was hard to read but it was obvious, “And your perfume.” He mumbled quietly.
I could smell my own strawberry shampoo strong in the hair that rested on my shoulder. My perfume was thick on my sweater, and I felt like I was drowning in my own scent. I stood to my feet, maneuvering around Fred, who still stood in front of me.
“I should just try to get to the infirmary quickly before I get detention from Umbridge. I’ve probably already lost house points for walking out on Snape’s class.” I muttered, the cord between us pulling tighter.
The tension returned as our eyes remained trained in each other again, “Did you really smell all that?” He questioned.
I forced myself to nod, we were pulling tighter as I felt him get closer, “You still use that same strawberry shampoo as before don’t you?” He asked.
I nodded again, “You’re still wearing those earrings too.” His finger brushed the front of the stone attached to the earrings that he had given me last Christmas.
“Just because we’re not as close anymore doesn’t mean I’m going to get rid of them. They were one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. You and George did a good job,” My throat caught onto the scent of his cologne, “We were best friends before I got busy with school and everything, we just got busy this summer. It’s not like I would just throw them away. I still care about you.” I replied.
There was a silence that fell between us as I felt Fred’s hand drop near mine. I still felt myself wanting to reach out but I’d already avoided him without explaining and now this would’ve just pushed us back further. Who cared, he just admitted that he was attracted to me point blank and I was lying.
“I noticed you’re still using the cologne I bought you.” I pointed out feeling a bit more confident.
My eyes noticed his tie was loosened unevenly, the cord forming between us got tighter as I found myself adjusting his tie like I used to all the times before. He used to help me feel protected and I would make sure he was taken care of as well. He caught my hand as I brought it back down.
“Did you know that you get really quiet after you lie because your voice gives you away?” His lips broke out in a smirk as he stared down at me.
Heat flooded my cheeks, and my stomach rippled. His calloused thumb rubbed the back of my hand as he held it against his chest. “What do you mean?” I quickly asked.
“I know you’re lying about what you smelled in that love potion and I think you’re avoiding telling me,” Fred quipped.
“Fred, I-.” My voice cracked, I could never hold my ground with him like I could everyone else. I could feel his heart beating roughly against my palm as he held my hand close to his chest.
Even after all the times, I let him get away with being clueless about how I felt. After he knew what he was doing to me, I felt weak. I was putty in his hand without anyone to help pull me back. I watched him take one of our best friends to the Yule Ball while I went with someone I had no interest in.
“Tell me the truth then, that’s all I want and then I’ll leave you alone, and never ask you again.” He almost pleaded, “I know that’s not what you smelled in that potion, Y/N,” He quipped.
I looked at our joined hands and at the way, his feet were placed around mine protectively. He fiddled with the sleeve of his sweater in his other hand.
“I can’t do this right now.” I pulled my hand away, forcing myself away.
I broke the tether between us, “That’s not what I smelt you’re right but I don’t owe you the truth anymore, we’re not those kinds of friends.” I felt my heart breaking.
“You’re the worst liar on Earth!” Katie laughed as she plopped onto her bed. She propped her feet on the foot of her bed.
“I wasn’t going to admit what it really was.” I peeled out of my uniform.
I’d hid out in the infirmary faking a stomach ache until dinner, claiming that I must be hungry. As soon as dinner ended I ran up to my dorm to hide some more until morning.
“Why? Don’t want word going ‘round you’ve got an attraction to the Weasley everyone else has a hard-on for?” Katie laughed as she kicked her shoes to the floor.
Angelina reached away swatting at Katie, hushing her. Alicia stifled her own laughter beside her.
“I don’t owe anyone the truth. We shouldn’t have had to go up there like that anyways.” I argue, “Just like Fred didn’t have to even tell me what he really smelled.” I brushed through my hair sitting on my bed, “He could’ve just lied about my perfume.” I muttered.
“What do you mean?” She sat up in surprise.
“You can’t just drop that little bit in and then brush your hair like it’s nothing. Spill right now.” She demanded.
“If you want to know so badly, you can ask him.” I shrugged, continuing with my brush down the length of my hair, “He’ll change his story when you ask like he always does,”
“But as my best friend you should just tell me, you know Fred and I aren’t close like that,” Katie argued, “So you’re right he will probably lie to me, meaning you should tell me,”
“Why’s it matter anyway, Y/N already said she wasn’t interested in him anymore,” Angelina pointed out.
“Exactly!” I quickly agreed, “No matter what I smelled today, or what he did last year, Fred and I are ancient history now. I was the one who pulled out of the friendship along with the potential of us ever being together. I doubt he would ever even like me in that way anyways. There are dozens of women in the world who use the same brand of strawberry shampoo that I do.”
“But you’re the only girl in the entire school that probably uses it.” Katie argued, “Plus you said he said your perfume.”
“I’m not going to just assume that’s still true, and I’ve gone this long avoiding him.” I shrugged,
Katie stood to her feet, only in a large t-shirt and a pair of pajama shorts. She slipped her feet into a pair of lion slippers her mother had given her for her birthday.
“Suit yourself, I'll go now and just ask him myself.” She smirked. She was always to challenge me and call me on my bluff, “You’re both hiding something and I’m going to find out what before you both screw this up for yourselves. I’ve just so happened to stash a little bit from class today so we can just test it out.”
“You wouldn’t do that. Besides, how do you expect to get to the boys’ tower without getting caught?” I raised a brow.
“I have my ways.” She shrugged with a grin.
Angelina and Alicia were sitting at the foot of my bed remaining silent as they watched Katie and I bantered. It was common for us, we were the youngest pair out of our friends so we spent more time together than we did with the rest of them. Being roommates and classmates, she and I found ourselves feeling like sisters with how often we argued and borrowed the other’s things without asking.
Katie left our room with intent towards the boys’ tower, I couldn’t stop myself from following behind her. Alicia shook her head quickly picking up behind me. Angelina groaned, pushing herself up from my bed, closing the door behind her.
“Katie, I don’t understand why it’s so important,” I questioned as she squeezed past a pair of seventh-year boys as they walked towards the boy’s tower.
“Because it’s better for everyone when you two are on better speaking terms, more than just a sentence or two to the other before you run away. I sadly miss how things used to be.” She shrugged, pausing at the bottom of the boy’s tower.
“She’s not wrong, you and Fred do make it hard to be around everyone at once. I know you’ve kind of got a lot of pride to admit it but you were all he talked about that night,” Angelina reminded.
I told her to go with him, I knew he was going to ask her well before she had. I insisted Angelina go with him, then I saw them together, and I realized I liked him. I was fully ready to completely bail until I was forced into my summer at Grimmauld Place. Fred noticed and he was quick about it, he wasn’t going to really give me the chance to avoid him. Classes had become my only escape. I’d make up excuses to study in my room every time he came around, I’d do anything to make up an excuse to avoid him.
“Why’s it so hard for you to swallow your pride for once and just admit you like him?” Alicia questioned honestly.
“Because if I fall completely in love with him and he does not reciprocate it back, I may have to throw myself from the astronomy tower,” I finally admitted with a whisper pulling the three closer.
“Oh shit,” Katie stuttered, “I’d recommend you haul your arse up those steps yourself right now and kick the other two bozos down here and figure it out,” She suggested with a pat on my shoulder.
“How am I gonna do that?” I questioned.
“You can just head right up, there’s nothing that actually happens when girls try to walk up there, I’m not sure why. George said the girl’s dorms are boobytrapped though,” Angelina admitted nonchalantly.
Katie, Alicia, and I shared a look before turning to Angie, who shrugged, “What? I go up there all the time to study with George.” She replied casually.
Katie shook her head turning back to me, “Well, get a move on then.” She urged, shoving me up the stairs.
Even if I attempted to turn around they blocked the way. I forced my feet up the steps, ignoring as other Gryffindor boys wolf-whistled as I made my way up the steps. I didn’t know what dorm was theirs but I hoped for something that screamed out troublemaking twins living here, beware they bite.
Lucky for me they had their quidditch numbers posted on the outside of their dorm along with a paper cut-out lion head. How cute. I’d never been to their dorms before, their bedroom at the burrow was different and their room at Grimmauld Place was even familiar to me.
I carefully knocked on the door, doing as Katie suggested, and swallowed my pride.
“It’s probably Ang, just grab the door!” I heard George call out, except it was me on the other side.
I took a deep breath as I noticed the knob turn, perhaps I’d get lucky and have it be Lee.
As I was met with brown eyes and red hair, the signal went off, Unlucky it is!
“Oh, it’s you, everything okay?” Fred questioned.
I nodded, “Yeah, I’ve just got to talk to you about something that’s been on my mind.”
Fred glanced behind him as George walked up noticing me at the door, “Hey, do you think you guys could go down to the common room for a bit? Y/N said there’s something Katie, Angelina, and Alicia need from you guys,” He questioned George.
George glanced down at me giving a knowing look, fucking Angie had to have said something.
“Sure, Mate,” George turned to his brother patting his shoulder, Fred pulled the door wider revealing their room.
George smacked at Lee’s shoulder, “Come on, Lee. The girls need your entertainment expertise!” He encouraged Lee, dragging him past us in the doorway.
Lee stood up taller, puffing his chest ready to thrill. George cheered him on down the hall to the common room.
“You can come in if you want,” Fred invited, pointing towards what I assumed was his bed.
I sat down at the foot, holding myself up stiffly, trying to figure out what I was going to say. My fingers began playing at a loose thread on his duvet.
“You seem kind of nervous or something, still not feeling good?” Fred joked as he closed the door walking towards his bed.
“I guess so,” I sighed. His cologne was thickly threaded into the sheets, he must’ve liked it.
“What’s so important for you to talk to me that it couldn't wait until morning?” He asked.
“You were right about me lying, that’s not what I smelled earlier today,” I spilled quietly.
“And what did you smell then?” He asked, sitting beside me.
“Fireworks, cinnamon, and sugar…” I listed, “And your cologne.” I swallowed the lump in my throat.
It fell silent, aside from the pounding of my own heart in my ears. A million beats a minute waiting for him to say something. I knew this was stupid. Fred’s fingers stopped mine as I twisted the thread around my finger making it turn red.
His hands grazed my cheeks, “Can I show you something?” He questioned hesitantly.
I gave him a subtle nod. Fred leaned across his bed grabbing a small vial from his nightstand.
“You know how George and I want a joke shop, right?” He asked.
I nod, “Well I’ve been working on a ton of different things and I kind of accidentally made this,” He passed the vial over to me.
The liquid inside was bright sickly pink, similar to the potion I’d been forced to brew earlier today, “What is it?” I looked down at it.
“It’s almost like Amortentia but it’s not as strong. It’s more like a fragrance you wear, like perfume or cologne. But it can take the smell of whatever attracts you most. I kept thinking I messed it up because all it ever smelled like was strawberries, and it had the same notes as your perfume. But when I’d finally had George smell it, I knew that I'd made it perfectly, whatever you can call it, I guess.” He explained like it was no big he tinkered with a potion enough to make something like this.
I was in shock, uncorking the vial without hesitation, “How many people have tested it?” I asked.
“So far George, Lee, and I have been it so far. I have to warn you, I’m not liable for anything that might happen to you,”
He took it back, holding it under his nose, “Still smells like fruit salad,” He teased.
I put my hand out, holding it carefully under my nose, I inhaled.
He’d definitely been right about what I smelled would attract me but I couldn’t smell anything aside from the same things I had earlier.
I exhaled, looking back up to Fred, “Works pretty good, I’d say,” I smiled.
“Good to know I can say it works for 4/4 testers,” He joked awkwardly.
Who were either of us kidding anymore, we needed to do something. It was obvious there was attraction past friendship on both sides, and I was fed up playing this game. My thoughts were nagging me to say something.
“Are we going to keep pretending we don’t like each other?” I questioned quickly before I could stop it from slipping past my lips.
Fred popped the cork back on the vial in a swift movement, his hands taking my cheeks as soon as they were free. I slid onto his lap, leaning in to kiss his lips. He didn’t hesitate to close the distance anymore, his lips crashing into mine. My fingers laced themselves into his red hair holding onto him closer, his hands moving to hold my waist as our lips moved hungrily against the others.
I pulled away first, taking a heavy breath looking down at Fred’s brown eyes, “Is this because of your little potions?” I asked.
“I hope not, because I’ve never wanted to do anything more,” He sighed, a hand reaching my cheek again. He pulled me back down to his lips again, “Godric, I really hope not,” He mumbled against my lips.
“Right now I don’t really care,” I admitted.
Without another word, Fred flipped us, my back hit his duvet cover and he stared down at me. He pushed the hair from my face before peppering kisses over my cheeks.
“I wish I’d done this a year ago,” He mumbled, kissing my collarbone.
“So do I.”
Fred laughed, bending down to kiss my lips again, “I don’t know if I’m ever gonna stop now,”
“I hope you don’t.” I smiled, capturing them again.
There was a single knock before the door squeaked open.
I sat up on my elbows looking past Fred’s arm to see George covering his eyes as he blindly stepped in, “Are you decent?” His hand was out in front of him so he didn’t run into anything.
Fred sighed, dropping on the bed beside me, “Yes, we’re decent.”
“Good,” George dropped his hand from his eyes, “Everyone wants to know if you want to come with us all down to the kitchen for a midnight snack?” He asked.
Fred glanced over at me, “Are we going as friends or…”
“Or what? Your tongue was down my throat, you figure it out.” I shook my head.
“Well, do you want to be my girlfriend?” He asked.
“Yes, you idiot,” I pushed him away, removing myself from his side, joining George at the door.
“Was it always gonna be this easy?” Fred grinned, rushing to get a hold of my hand, lacing his fingers between mine.
“It was always this easy,” I rolled my eyes, pressing a kiss to his cheek.
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run2yourgrl · 2 months ago
i'll send you a request babe i gotchu. how bout an eddie x fem!reader where the reader has a little three year old cousin and she has to watch her and eddie insists on coming over and she's a lil nervous that he's gonna freak her cousin out bc even tho she knows he's a sweetheart he still has a slightly intimidating appearance but it turns out eddie's actually amazing with kids and the reader's cousin absolutely adores him and it's just really cute and fluffy
ilysm my lovely vic <333
𝐛𝐚𝐛𝐲𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 | 𝐞𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐞 𝐦𝐮𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
word count: 1.4k
summary: your boyfriend eddie can seem pretty daunting. but when he offers to come over and help babysit, you might as well give him a chance. maybe he's actually good with kids..?
a/n: i really really REALLY hope yall like this cuz i spent a lot of time on it 😭 ive written eddie before just never posted it 'n i really wanna get better at writing him so tips, likes, reblogs and comments would be so lovely! thank you! x
disclaimer: pure fluff, mentions of satanism (as a joke), three-year-old cousin, eddie being adorable, fem!reader
"Maggie, put the spoon down!" your patience is only shrinking as you yell across the room to your three-year-old cousin, who you'd promised to watch today. Aunt Elise said she'll pay you ten an hour, so you gratefully accepted---plus, Maggie is your favorite little cousin. Why not spend some time with her, you'd thought...
But Maggie had been dropped off only thirty minutes ago and she's already managed to spill her soup all over your dining-room tile. You hastily scramble for a rag and wipe it up from the floor.
"Oops! Sorry, oops." she giggles in your direction. You huff.
Maggie toys with the spoon in her hand, sitting above you in her chair, watching you scrub. You'd made her the soup recipe your aunt gave you, sopa de pollo (an Ecuadorian recipe) since it's believed to be Maggie's favorite. Though after the spill, you might not want to ever serve her a liquid again.
You flick away sweat with the back of your wrist, now standing to wipe the soup splattered on her table, but the phone ringing sends you rapidly across the room.
You pick it up and hold it between your cheek and your shoulder while you wipe off your dress.
"Hey, babe, what's going on? You wanna come over tonight? I got this new amp, and uh---"
"Oh, hey Eddie," you cut him off, out of breath. He pauses.
"You okay?"
"Yeah, no, I'm sorry. I'm with my cousin, Magdalena, you know, the little one. 'M getting paid, so I thought I'd watch over her for the night and---"
"You need some help?"
You laugh to yourself. "Really? You? Come on, Eddie, I don't think Maggie would really kill to be around a satanic cult leader like you," you joke, though still unsure. Eddie is definitely a sweetheart, and you've always known that, but you're not so confident about how Maggie will take his ripped jeans and ratty hair. You breathe out a huff, until he speaks up.
"Listen, I can tell you're having a hard time over there. I insist, I'll come over and show you what I've got. You know, most kids love me!" he offers once again. You sigh, turning back to Maggie who is now consumed in a spontaneous whining fit.
"Keyword: most. And most being Dustin, I assume," you scoff. "But yeah, alright, Eddie. Thank you."
"Of course, babe. See you soon."
In about ten minutes, you hear a knock. You hastily smooth out the folds in your dress and blow a frizzy piece of hair out of your face before running to the door and swinging it open.
"Hey, sweetheart," he greets, his guitar in its gig case strapped across his back, amp in hand. His hair's been tied into a quick pony-tail and he's wearing a faded Black Sabbath shirt with inky jeans. He takes you in, your purest form---messy hair, wrinkled dress, sweaty forehead---your sweet scent infiltrating his nose as he stares at your shining face.
You let out a sigh of contentment with his gentle appearance (at least more gentle than usual) and usher him inside.
"Thought the kid would like some tunes," he says, walking into the living room and setting his amp up. You watch him, a smile growing on your mouth from admiration. You float to him and spread your hand across his back, feeling the creases in his shirt where his shoulders meet his side. He's still hunched, toying with the knobs across his amp.
"So you're gonna play some Metallica for the kiddo, eh?" you tease. He rustles the guitar out if it's a gig case, then quickly screws his head around to peck a brisk kiss onto your lips. 
"No. Only church songs, of course," a mutters, starting to tune his guitar. The rumble of footsteps catches your attention. You twirl to find Maggie running out of the kitchen and straight towards Eddie.
"There she is!" he beams, letting go of his guitar to embrace her. "You're adorable, aren't you? You want to hang out with uncle Eddie?"
You laugh at his absurdity, uncle Eddie. 
"I'm pretty sure it's cousin. Like, step-cousin." 
"Same principals," he says mindlessly.
Going to take a seat beside him, you watch Maggie climb into his lap and start poking his face, a smile growing on her lips. She's sputtering noises of nonsense which causes a chuckle from the both of you.
"Is this a guitar? Mommy has a guitar, I know what a guitar looks like." she gestures to his guitar which leans against the wall next to him.
"Yes! Yeah, she's my baby, my guitar. She's an electric one. You ever hear what an electric guitar sounds like? You like music?"
"I like music," she says, lifting herself up from his lap and strumming her hand against the strings. She seems slightly startled at the loud noise. 
"See that? It's called an amp," he points at his amplifier, distortion turned off, thankfully. "It's what makes the sound loud enough for you to hear. But don't touch it, you don't want to make it too loud," he whispers to her. She looks from him to the guitar, strumming it again and then crouching down to take a closer look.
"Mommy doesn't use the amp," she murmurs, staring intensely at the features of the guitar. "Her guitar is brown."
"Does she play for you?" Eddie asks, interested in your aunt's use of guitar. She shakes her head.
"You wanna hear me play mine?" he asks, retrieving the pic from his pocket and steadily grabbing the guitar in his hands.
She nods, "Twinkle Twinkle! Will you play Twinkle Twinkle?"
"I can play Twinkle Twinkle," he says, looking down at the fretboard, tongue sliding across his upper lip in concentration.
He plays the beginning riff of Twinkle Twinkle. Maggie smiles brightly. 
"Can you play Monkeys Jumping on the Bed?" she asks, fixated on the sound of his amp. He obliges, starting to play that while singing along. You join in, and so does Maggie, so you're all singing Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.
After the tune, he reaches out and gently tickles Maggie. "You want to learn how to play?" 
She erupts with laughter, nodding and clambering into his lap. You sit and watch, him mumbling to her and showing her how to hold the guitar. She's tiny compared to it; the massive fretboard not even thin enough for her to sprawl her hand across. Though he moves her fingers across the high E string and plays the basic melody of Twinkle Twinkle. She seems entirely amused.
"Good thinking on bringing your guitar, babe," you say quietly, causing him to peer up at you through his lashes.
"Mm," he agrees, continuing to show Maggie the music. A melody full of giggles, a short song full of laughter. Maggie turns her head up and pokes his cheek.
"What'cha doin' that for, missy?" he laughs, as she continues poking him.
"Can we go to the park?" another poke. He pretends to contemplate it, then goes in for a tickle attack, "Yeah! To the park we go!"
You hoist yourself up, watching him lift her up in the air as high as he can and then setting her down, making her laugh even more than before.
"Jesus, she really likes you, doesn't she?" you say, nearly envious of how much she adores him. It's nothing like you'd expected... way, better, that's for sure.
"I told you, honey. Good with kids. Don't know how, don't know why, but uh, I guess I just am. Maybe the shitty dad experience kinda affected it, don't know," he says, watching Maggie look for her shoes. "I think I just want the kids around me to feel like they have someone, you know? Like the person that's taking care of them isn't just taking care of them. Like, actually being there for them. As a friend. Or, I don't know, a step-cousin. Like me."
"You sure are a great step-cousin," you say. He looks at you whole-heartedly and softly kisses your lips. You lean into it.
"You know," he pulls away, "you're a great cousin too. Not a step-cousin. A real cousin. Better than I could ever be," he scoffs to himself. 
You settle a hand on his shoulder. A reassuring glance is all he needs. "You're part of the family, Eddie."
He smiles and squeezes you in a hug.
"To the park we go," you squeak.
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m-jelly · 9 months ago
I want to request post war levi x reader. One where gabi and falco notice how lonely Levi is and they talk to onyankopon about trying to set him up with someone. Onyankopon introduces reader to Levi. Levi is not so sure about starting a relationship with reader because of his injuries and he believes reader deserves better. However reader tells him that he shouldn’t think like that and that she likes him just the way he is. Thank you!
So cute! Yes! I'm happy to do this <3 Post-war Levi deserves to be showered in love.
Tumblr media
I love the man that you are.
Pairing: Levi x Reader
Genre and tags: romance, falling in love, emotional hurt, learning to be loved, dating, the reader is a sweetheart, post-war Levi, cannon world.
Concept: Since life has settled down after the war, the weight of it all weighs on everyone. Gabi and Falco take care of Levi when they can and begin to notice he is very lonely. Both reach out to Onyankopon for help and he has just the woman in mind to love Levi for who he is. You were a baker in Paradis, but you moved to Marley and launched a new bakery. While launching it, you made fast friends with Onyankopon. You meet Levi, who you'd always had a little crush on. You treat him sweetly, but he doesn't think he can be with you because he thinks you deserve better. However, you talk to him and prove to him that you find him wonderful just the way he is.
Gabi stared at Levi as Falco talked to him. To most Levi seemed fine, but Gabi was starting to notice that he was lonely. She wanted to do something for Levi because he protected her near the end of the war. Levi had taken both under his wing and looked after them. She knew there was only one person who could help.
Gabi stood up, then said her goodbyes to Levi and left with Falco. "Falco, we need to see Onyankopon."
Flaco smiled. "Okay. Why's that?"
"I think Levi's lonely. We're just kids and he needs an adult around, maybe a girlfriend?"
Flaco nodded and smiled softly. "Let's ask Onyankopon."
Gabi walked through the streets and spotted Onyankopon at a bakery. "Onyankopon!"
Onyankopon turned to see the two kids. "Hey, Gabi and Falco. Have you just come back from Levi's?"
Gabi nodded. "Yeah. I want to talk to you about him. I think Levi's lonely."
"Lonely huh?"
You walked over with a basket of baked things. "Here you go Onyankopon. All fresh."
He took them from you and smirked at you. "You're the best."
Gabi took you all in. She thought you were a pretty woman with a full figure. She liked your dress and the cute apron you wore over the top. "They look good."
You smiled at her. "Thanks. A lot of it is Paradis recipes, but I've been mixing it up since moving to Marley. I think I've improved."
Onyankopon broke one of the sweet bread into pieces, then handed it over to Gabi and Falco. He said your name and smiled. "You're single, right?"
You sat down at the table. "I am. Why?"
He popped some bread into his mouth. "Ever heard of Levi Ackerman?"
You flushed bright red as you remembered the Captain. "I have. Everyone knew about him on Paradis. What about him?"
"We should go meet him. Bring some nice baked things and that special tea you have."
You nodded. "Sure. I'll be right back." You ran into the back of your bakery past your workers and checked your hair. You cleaned off the flour and baked things stuck to your apron, then gathered your best-baked treats and high-class tea. You placed it all in a cute basket, then covered it over with a blanket. "Perfect."
Onyankopon smiled when you hurried back over. "Ready?"
You gulped hard, then smiled and walked with him. "Kind of nervous."
"He scare you?"
You laughed a little. "No, no. I had a little crush on him. He came to my bakery once back in Paradis and acted like I made him nervous. He kind of left and I saw him near my bakery a few times, but he never came in again." You sighed. "Then the war over here happened."
Onyankopon smiled at you. "Well, this might be a nice surprise for him. I wonder if he'll remember you."
You shook your head. "Highly doubt it."
Onyankopon hummed, then opened Levi's front door and wandered it. "Levi!" He closed the door behind you, then walked into Levi's conservatory-like space in the back to see him looking out the window at the birds and flowers. "Levi."
Levi looked over at his friend. "Afternoon. What are you doing here?"
"Thought I'd pay you a visit." He walked over to Levi and smiled. "I brought a friend with me."
Levi looked over to you and blushed. He remembered you from a nice bakery back home. He thought you were a pretty thing, which is why he started to worry because pretty didn't mix with him. "Hi."
You walked over with a sweet smile. You offered your hand and said your name. "Nice to meet you."
Levi hesitated for a moment, then shook your hand with his right hand allowing you to see he was missing two fingers. He expected you to pull away and be disgusted, but you reassuringly squeezed his hand. "You too."
Onyankopon smiled. "I'm not staying. I'm just here to introduce you both. I thought you could do with a new friend who has nothing to do with the military. Plus, she's a great baker and makes a wonderful tea." He walked to Levi's door. "I'll see you soon Levi! I have work to do."
You gripped the basket handle tightly as you watched Onyankopon leave, then you looked to Levi after. You smiled at him and marvelled at how handsome he looked. "Are you hungry?"
Levi nodded shyly. "A little."
You walked over and stood opposite him, then you placed the basket on his lap. "Well, I've brought a lot."
Levi pulled the blanket away and stared at the tin of tea and all the baked goods. "Tch, damn brat this is a lot."
You laughed and blushed a little. "Sorry."
Levi looked up and admired your blush. He looked back at the basket as soon as you looked at him. "Good job I'm hungry."
You grabbed the basket. "Can I borrow your kitchen?"
Levi nodded. "Sure."
Levi watched you in his kitchen and thought you looked nice in his home. He shared small talk with you as you kept busy, then the conversations became more comfortable and relaxed. You both talked until night came. Levi didn't want you to leave because he was worried about your safety, but you reassured him. Levi gave you his spare key to his place and asked you to visit again.
You would visit Levi every single day due to his request. You both got to know each other and really connected. Gabi, Falco and Onyankopon noticed Levi seemed lighter. Levi was smiling more and laughing too. The atmosphere in Levi's house was bright and full of life, compared to how cold and empty it was before. Levi was even getting out of his wheelchair and attempting to walk short distances around his home. You made him have hope.
You entered his home and smiled to see him limping with a cane towards you. "Well, well Levi, look at you!"
Levi stopped in front of you with a light blush. "I thought I'd greet you at the door this time."
You closed the door behind you. "I'm impressed."
Levi cleared his throat. "Could I get a hug as a reward?"
You nodded, then wrapped your arms around Levi and squeezed him. You noticed he was wearing cologne and his clothes looked almost new. "Proud of you." You pulled back and smiled. "You smell really nice. That new cologne?"
Levi nodded as he blushed. "Yes. Onyankopon got it for me."
"He chose well." You walked past him, then stopped and looked back. "Are you okay?"
Levi limped after you. "I can manage."
You put your bag down on his table, then opened it. "So, I have an idea, but I want to run it by you."
"I'm listening."
You perched on his table and smiled as he got closer. "Well, you love watching the birds, right?"
He stopped right in front of you. "I do."
You reached over and adjusted the collar on his shirt. "Well, how about we fix up your bird feeder area? I know a shop where there are lots of things for them. We can make a whole little area for the birds. What do you think?"
Levi nodded and placed his hand on yours. "Yeah. I'd like that."
You jumped up and down. "Great! So, do you want your chair?"
Levi looked down at his knee, then back at you. "Well, I guess I should have it." He sighed and his shoulders dropped.
You smiled softly at him and cupped the side of his face with one hand. "Hey, it's okay to use it, okay? We all have good days and bad." You leaned over and kissed his cheek, then you walked past and grabbed his chair. "We can pop into the shop and see if they have new tea. I bet you'd be a great tea shop owner." You pushed his chair over and saw Levi was blushing and looked a little upset. "Levi?"
Levi looked at you and felt mixed inside. He really liked you and wanted to be with you. He didn't think there was a future or life worth living after the war, but you brought new life and hope into him. Levi saw a future with you. Levi saw marriage and children with you, but he didn't think he deserved you. Levi thought you deserved so much better.
You walked over to him. "Levi?"
He limped to his chair, then sat down. "I'm okay, don't worry."
You stood behind him, then wrapped your arms around him and squeezed. "Of course, I worry. I worry about you all the time."
He placed his hand on yours. "Why?"
You kissed the side of his head. "Why do you think? You're important to me." You stood up. "Now! Let's get our shopping done."
Levi sat in his chair as you pushed him around and talked to him. He chatted back with you and held onto the things you were going to buy. Levi picked a few things as well that he thought would be nice. When you went to the shop, he selected some nice teas and thought you had a point about him running a tea shop. He enjoyed this shopping trip with you, but he was also worried about how you felt about him. Levi was thinking that maybe he needed to confront you about everything.
He waited for you to take him home, then he accepted a nice tea from you. "Thanks."
You opened up the door and went outside. "You know, I've been thinking Levi."
He blushed a little. "Oh yeah?"
You set up a hanging feeder and smiled. You then looked over to Levi. "So, I have space at my bakery for tea to be sold. So, do you want to set up a space there? I have some good connections with tea suppliers."
Levi got up from his chair, then walked out to you using his cane for support. "You'd let me do that?"
You nodded and fixed up the birdbath. "Yeah, of course."
He watched you, then gripped his cane tightly. "I don't deserve this."
You turned to Levi. "Deserve what?"
He looked at you with pain in his eyes. "You being so nice to me. I don't deserve it and I don't deserve you." He shook on the spot as he fought his emotions. "I'm a broken man. I'm scarred, my knees fucked and my one eye is a fucked up milky mess. You deserve some handsome strong prince of a man, not me."
You folded your arms and shrugged. "Says who?"
He looked at you. "What?"
You let out a long sigh. "I want to know what asshole said that. Who thinks I shouldn't be with you?"
Levi blushed, then pointed at himself. "Me?"
You walked up to him, then slapped your hands on his cheeks making him jump. "Levi Ackerman, you listen to me. You are an incredible man. You are so handsome, strong, smart, funny and cute. I adore all of you. I've stayed around you because I have feelings for you. It's not a matter of deserving, okay? It's all about feelings and I have feelings for you." You wrapped your arms around him. "Please don't think such terrible things about yourself, okay?" You smiled and squeezed him. "I guess if you do say horrible things about yourself, then I'll have to say all the wonderful things I think and feel about you."
Levi dropped his cane on the floor, then wrapped his arms around you and held you. He buried his face in the crook of your neck and inhaled deeply. He said your name softly. "I care about you deeply. I've fallen in love with you and it's been killing me. I wanted to be with you, but I thought that the man I am shouldn't be with someone as wonderful as you. I swear to you I will do everything in my power to care for you, love you and make you happy."
You pulled back a little and smiled at him. "You are truly a wonderful man, Levi Ackerman. You've stolen my heart." You hummed a laugh, then kissed him making him blush. "Huh, the scar feels rather nice against my lips." You kissed him again and felt the little bump of scar tissue on his top and bottom lip. You smiled and hummed. "I like it."
Levi gripped your back. "W-Well, I like you kissing me."
You kissed him over and over until you felt him wobble a little. "Mm, you should sit in your chair."
Levi flopped down into his wheelchair and sighed. "What the hell am I going to do? I have to go to my wheelchair just from kissing you, so who knows how I'm to be when we have-." He inhaled sharply and looked at you with a blush. "Sorry."
You sat on his lap, then hugged him. "We'll take it slow in the bedroom. It'll all be at your pace." You kissed his cheek and kicked your legs. "I'm not going anywhere. I love you, so you're stuck with me."
Levi hugged you. "Good." He massaged your thigh and hummed in thought. "I hope the kids will be okay with me being in a wheelchair." He blushed when he realised he'd spoken his inner thoughts out loud. "Oh, I umm."
You smiled at him. "You want kids?"
He shyly nodded. "Yes, but only with you."
You kissed his cheek and smiled. "I'd love that. Kids, marriage and growing old together sounds damn perfect with you."
Levi smiled. "Yeah. I want it all." He cleared his throat. "You should finish the umm bird stuff."
You cupped his opposite cheek to you. "One moment, I just need to cover your handsome face in kisses first."
Levi hummed a laugh when you showered his face in loving kisses. Levi couldn't believe it took him so long to confess his love, but the wait was worth it. You were his everything and he swore to himself that he was going to hold onto you for the rest of his life.
Part 2
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tom-eldorio · 5 months ago
I’m sure you’ve been asked this. But what is your height and current weight? What did you weigh when you first started getting fat? What was your fastest weight gain since you started to gain and do you remember hope you did you accomplish that? I want to see hope much I can gain in 10 days for fun, using your Boost/heavy cream gainer shake recipe. Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted! Thank you so much!
Tumblr media
Started in the low 200s. Grew to the 320s. About 6 feet tall.
Most I've gained in a month is about 20 lbs. That's while drinking the 2k calorie gainer shake pre-bedtime each night.
Good luck with the gains!
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daddyplasmius · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So, you wanna know about Flying Over the Pit of Death, aka Magpie AU
Hi, it's me, Plasma, also known as fuckinart & daddyplasmius, here to introduce a little project I've been working on since 2020 (but the AU of which has been haunting me since 2016) called Flying Over the Pit of Death, or as I call it, FOtPoD, the Magpie AU.
On top of the panic, the anxiety, the disbelief, Danny thinks idly to himself that he has always wanted to fly. After an accident with his parents’ Portal, Danny Fenton finds himself no longer human in more ways than one.
I would like to say first that Magpie AU is 100% a crack AU that I accidentally started taking way too seriously, because I find identity shenanigans & losing your sense of self & humanity to be the perfect recipe for angst. The original idea that inspired Magpie AU was something called Bird AU by @rest-in-peachs & you can find the original Bird AU post here, though I used almost nothing from the original & added a whole lot more, hence the renaming to Magpie AU.
The fic itself is called Flying Over the Pit of Death, which is based on the quote, "We go down into the pit of death and feel the waters of annihilation close above our heads and wake thinking to find ourself in the presence of angels." by Virginia Woolf (which I now see is the incomplete version)
So, what actually is FOtPoD? Well, there's 3 main things you need to know about Magpie AU first:
Danny goes through the Portal Accident aloneーSam & Tuck aren't there. This is a No One Knows AU.
Danny's arm & leg are damaged from the Accident & he is held back by this in human form. He has chronic pain & limited mobility. And,
The whole reason for, well, everything, Danny's ghost form is a (ghostly) magpie. He can't shapeshift any more than he can in canon, he's just a magpie when he goes ghost now. There is no real reason for this.
So, again, what is FOtPoD? I explained the AU, but this doesn't really say anything about the fic itself, & the description is pretty vague.
To put it simply, FOtPoD is a pseudo-rewrite, with each part based on actual canon episodes. It focuses a lot on Danny's struggles with how humanーor inhumanーhe is post Accident, his degrading mental health, & his straining relationship with his friends & family while attempting to keep his hoard of secrets from them. Also, because I can't make Danny entirely alone here, he gets some crow friends, hence the art of him surrounded by crows.
If you haven't caught on already, this is heavily inspired by Animorphs since that's what I was reading when I gave in & began writing FOtPoD, as well as the Alex Rider book series which inspired the more current version & really helped me figure out how to write that particular mental health downward spiral.
So, what's to be expected? I've already planned & mapped out 12 parts, 60 chapters in whole, as well as a mini comic thing based on one of the later chapters which was actually one of the first chapters I'd planned & wrote.
Currently, I'm deep into editing & rewriting FOtPoD to better fit my plans & the themes for the third time, so posting it is looking a lot like
Tumblr media
in the meantime, I'm going over my older fic, Phantom, for reasons, which be will updated regularly for the next 10-ish weeks on Wednesdays/Thursdays, & uh, expect more FOtPoD (& generally DP) art I guess xD
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hanjizung · 9 months ago
♡ Engaged for Christmas ♡
Lee Minho x Reader
Word count:  10.3K
♡ Warnings ♡: Fake dating AU! Drama, jealousy, strong language (swearing), a lot of overthinking, O.C. (Y/N's mother.) & smut content; fingering, breeding kink, overstimulation, creampie, praising kink, slight possession kink.
A/n: Hellooooo! Happy belated Christmas and New Years Eve my loves. I am here to finally post this holiday themed fic that i had saved in the wips for some time ago, i hope you enjoy reading this as much as i liked writing it, if anyone has any comments about this id love to hear, my ask box is always open, and finally, i wish a merry 2022 to all of you. ♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh, the holidays.
The dates when people spent a lot of time with their families and shared what they went through during the year; their ups and downs, their achievements and the challenges they had to face to get just where they were.
A lot of loving memories were created during these cold months of the year, and it was beautiful. A certain beauty that couldn’t really be explained, it was a time to indulge in the luxuries that life had to offer, also adding fancy parties, expensive clothes and delicious food to the mix. A perfect recipe to share happiness and good news with the rest of the family.
Yeah, you always reunited with your family for the holidays, but something clicked inside your mind making your brain explode that day back in November when your mother announced that she would, in fact, be visiting you to spend the holidays with you like every year.
You panicked horribly when you remembered the lie you had told her and the way she misunderstood you, choking on your coffee during brunch with a few of your friends who looked at you alarmed. Quickly, one of them patted your back to help you while your mother asked you if something was wrong with her stay at your house from the other line.
"Sorry, mom, I've got to go, something happened at work but I promise I'll call you later" you said in a rush, hanging up without giving her a chance to say anything else, a little panic still running through your veins.
"Everything okay, Y/N?" your freckled friend asked, his face contorted with worry, eyes furrowed and sitting straight. Him and the other blond were waiting for you to say something that could explain why you just had spat out your favorite drink after hearing the confirmation of the annual visit.
"My mom is coming for the holidays…" you answered. They remained quiet, waiting for you to continue with what you seemed to have an issue with.
"I told her I had been dating someone and she believed me, she was so happy to know I had someone so I couldn't tell her that was fake… but that was like eight months ago! the last time we talked about it she mistook my breakup as a proposal so she… She thinks I'm engaged" you finished, face on your hands not wanting to look at the faces of your best friends.
You were done. You knew you had to tell her the truth since your initial plan of meeting someone and having something serious where they could help you out and pretend that your words were true had failed, and failed by far just seeing how close you were getting to the holiday season again, but more precisely, to your mother visiting you for 2 whole weeks.
To put it simply, you were fucked.
“But why don’t you tell her you broke up with Chan? Certainly, she wouldn’t mind if you told her that” Felix asked, taking a sip of his strawberry milkshake. You smiled at him, knowing he was trying hard to understand your frustration.
“My mom thinks I’m at the right moment to find someone I can be stable with, she just wants the best for me since my dad died. I don’t- I know that lying is bad, but I don’t have the heart to tell her the truth.” Both men in front of you nodded, looking at nowhere and staying silent again, probably thinking on what to tell you.
"Now I understand your frustration. That's a big problem, Y/N. If you want my opinion, I´d say that you're pretty much fucked… Unless…" Hyunjin said, getting your attention. You knew that tone, he had an idea, but knowing him it would probably end up badly.
"I mean, there could be a solution for that, right? You can hire someone to be your fake fiancé while your mom is here!" Felix said, hand holding his chin while he talked. He was improvising what he was saying, obviously, because that plan made no sense.
"I think I know…" Hyunjin started talking, but took his drink and stopped abruptly.
You shared a puzzled look with Felix, but Hyunjin's explanation died when a hand on your shoulder let you know that the last one of your friends had reunited with you.
"Hey, all of you arrived earlier. Luckily I haven't missed much, right?" That familiar voice came from behind you, making you roll your eyes and turn around to greet your beloved friend and favorite cat owner.
“Nah, Y/N was just telling us about a problem she had, involving her mother,” Felix explained, smiling and scooting on his seat to make space for Minho to sit down next to him. You ate a bite of your food, letting Felix explain what you had told him and Hyunjin just seconds before Minho walked in.
“Maybe you could help her...” Hyunjin suggested, shrugging when you threw him daggers with your eyes at him for saying that, like you needed Minho to pick up something from the highest shelves for you.
“What do you need me for, stinky?” Minho asked nonchalantly. Felix and Hyunjin’s attention focused on you to see if you would actually tell him to help you or not and intervene themselves to propose the crazy idea to their older friend.
“You to pretend that you’re my fiancé while my mom is visiting” you answered, voice low and looking at your plate already hearing in your head how he would laugh and tell you no, but the melodious sound of his laugh never came, and curiosity won over you and when you looked at him, he seemed to be actually thinking about it.
“What’s in it for me if I help you out?” he asked, relaxing in his seat and raising a brow.
“The satisfaction of helping a friend…?” This time, he did laugh at your answer, Hyunjin and Felix cracking a smile of their own at your silly answer. Minho rolled his eyes, jokingly annoyed at your response.
"Just that?" he asked, trying to convince you to pay him better for what you (encouraged by Felix and Hyunjin) had just asked him to do.
"I'll pay for your food today, is that better?" he made a face indicating that he was half pleased with what you said, making you stare at nowhere while you thought of something else. "Hmm, I guess that if you help me you can have dinner at my house on Christmas."
"That's already obvious, Y/N. If we're engaged I would have to be there anyway. Do you have anything else to offer? Your promises… aren't tempting for me to help you out," this time, you rolled your eyes while he called for a waitress and ordered what he usually ate during brunch with the three of you.
"Hyunjin, what would you ask for if you had to play pretend in a situation like this?" Felix asked, getting everyone's attention. The mentioned shrugged, placing his elbows on the table and humming while he thought of something to say, much like you who was still thinking on what to offer.
"I dunno, I think I would ask for a skin treatment. There's one that I really want and it's kind of expensive. What would you want to help someone like this, Lix?" the youngest shook his head, giving no answer right when the waitress brought the last order.
"Their prices aren't too high, Y/N. Why didn't you ask them for help? Do you really wanna kiss me that badly under the mistletoe in front of your mom?" Minho laughed, taking a bite of his food when he stopped smiling.
"Because she already knows them, Hyunjin from college and Felix… well, we've known each other since we were babies, almost," you paused, looking at Felix with a fond smile. He returned the gesture, and you continued. "She has asked me if I like Hyunjin before, but I made sure to tell her that I don't want anything with him, besides a friendship, and honestly I would never ask Felix to do this because he's like a brother to me. You're the only option I have left, with your attitude, I could kiss you and I just know that nothing would be awkward after," he hummed, agreeing along with Hyunjin who was silently nodding his head at your side, the chill music of the restaurant you were in danced through the silence that reigned your table.
“Watch my favorite movie with me and I'll help you," Minho broke the silence. You wanted to groan, tell him 'not that stupid cats movie' but you really had no choice, it was either pay that price by watching that awful movie (and paying for his food today, too), or interview a lot of strangers in a row to find a fake fiancé, which was a last resort and you didn't want to use that last resort.
Biting your lip and with your eyes closed tightly, you finally let out a sigh. "Fine, but we must make some rules, got it? I'm free this weekend, you can stop by my house and we can talk more about it," you spoke, everyone's eyes on you. "Felix, Hyunjin, the two of you are witnesses to the determinate payment, alright?" Both of them nodded, and that was the last point of this new agreement.
Brunch proceeded as normally, Felix excitedly told you about how the kids at his taekwondo were so skilled, and Hyunjin also shared pictures of the last paintings he had done.
Minho, on the other hand, was more quiet than usual. The blonds hadn't noticed, he still answered and joked around, but you knew there was something up with him, you only hoped that he wasn't thinking of stepping back and leaving you alone.
The rest of the week passed by almost as fast as that weekly brunch with them. It was almost dinner time when the bell rang and when you opened the door, a smiling Minho holding a pizza appeared. He greeted you like he always did, and then the two of you sat on the couch, like a normal movie night, except that your other friends weren't there.
"So," he started. You chewed your piece of pizza, waiting for him to continue. "Fiancé, huh? What does that title include?"
"See, this is why you were the best option! Going straight to the point," you laughed, pretending to be hurt when he playfully kicked you softly from across the couch.
"Well, first you're gonna have to move him temporarily, then we'll have to get a ring, and when you're with my mother I suppose that we could hug and kiss, you know? To sell the whole act, of course. Are you against anything?" you asked, waiting for him to say something. He shook his head from side to side, finishing the resting pizza on his hand.
"Nah, I'm cool with all of that. I'm sure your mother will love me, she'll tell you how happy she is that you're marrying me for sure," he smirked, making you roll your eyes. You wanted to believe that he was right about your mom loving him, and also wishing that she would buy the act.
"When does she arrive?" his voice brought you back to reality, brain suddenly stopping the countless possible scenarios that this 'engagement' could develop, blinking two times before finally focusing on him, who was looking a little concerned about you disassociating for a bit.
"On the 20th, she's leaving the 3rd. You aren't working during those days, right?"
"No, I'm free from the 18th until the 5th, I could bring some things during the day after work, just leave me a pair of keys in case you aren't here," he shrugged, returning his attention to whatever movie it was that you stopped the channels to watch. Something Christmassy, judging by the snowy and cold looking scenario the gorgeous blonde was situated in.
"I'll give them to you next brunch, I'd give them to you right now but I don't have a spare key, sorry," he hummed that it was okay, and the conversation about the topic died right there, talking instead of whatever wandered in your head. It was something you really liked about Minho's company, being able to talk about all and nothing at the same time.
His presence became normal to you after Tuesday, when you did give him the keys he had asked of you. Minho walked into your little house everyday after 7 pm carrying bags with his stuff inside them, he would stick around for a bit until he yawned and then you would tell him to go home and rest. "Save your energy so you can act better when my mom is here," you would tell him with a laugh.
Eventually, he stopped going to work, spending time in the comfort of his own home until the 20th, the day where it all would begin for the little act you had compromised to.
He arrived way earlier than usual, opening the door to find you in the middle of brushing your hair. When you asked him what he was doing there, he answered "I forgot what time you told me your mom was arriving," he said, sitting on the couch and turning on the TV like it was his own house.
Well, technically, it was his house too. Temporarily, but still, it counted. You had no right to complain.
Hours later, he was driving past a drive thru with three hot beverages, you arrived just in time for your mother's flight landing, looking at all the passengers passing by with their suitcases with Minho by your side; anxiety filled your body, making you fidget with your hands.
You guessed that your 'fiancé' got tired of you doing that, because he took your hand unexpectedly, looking you in the eyes with his relaxing ones. There was no need to speak more words, an exchange of unspoken thoughts between the two of you calming you down, and then he wrapped his arms around you, gently.
It was a quick, warm hug. Not too long, but enough for it to make you smile. He did as well, assuring you that everything would go alright, and the mere moment you separated from him, hand still on his, the figure of your mother appeared.
"Y/N! My darling, there you are," she called, announcing herself before you and Minho. She had a large suitcase behind her, next to her a strange man wearing the airport's uniform with an equally large suitcase in his hand, the same color as your mother's.
"Hi, mom. How was your flight?" you politely asked, hugging her while Minho took care of the suitcase the stranger was carrying.
"It was normal, all good, my love. I'm happy to see you," she smiled at you, the emotion clear in her eyes. Then, Minho stood next to you, and he seemed to grab your mother's attention.
"Oh, you must be Chan, right? I'm Y/N's mom, I'm so glad to finally meet you," she hugged him, squeezing Minho in her arms. His expression made you bite your lip to hold the giggles that her mistake caused.
"Mom, this is Minho. Bang Chan and I broke up… some time ago. He helped me through those dark times, along with Felix and Hyunjin, and well, he's my fiancé," you explained, showing her the (cheap) engagement ring you and he went looking for. It was surprisingly pretty, for how cheap it cost you.
Your mother's wrinkly hand took yours, examining the ring while she let out a surprised gasp. "Oh, at least you are engaged, my love. I'd love to see you get married some day, especially if your husband will be as handsome as him!"
At this point, you were a little embarrassed from standing at the same spot there in the airport, so you took her hand and started walking to the parking lot, Minho carrying both suitcases and walking behind you while you told your mom the story that both you and him had taken the time to make up from a tiny bit of truth.
"We've known each other from my first job some years ago, and we stayed in contact after I left it, then I started dating Chan and stayed distant from friends for a while until I broke up with him and suddenly, my happiness was being near Minho, he made everything better. My days became brighter after he confessed, and… Well, we trust and know each other, so we got engaged right away," you explained the whole story, holding Minho's arm for dramatic effect as you finally arrived at the parking lot. Your mother's expression was very… pintoresc, to call it something.
She opened her mouth to say something, but closed it, then tried a second time but she only looked like a fish, blinking with her eyes wide open and simply murmuring a very honest wow, and Minho moved to kiss your cheek, leaving your side to put the luggage in the trunk.
"Oh, well, life… is complex. Congratulations, my darling, I have yet to give you my engagement gift," you heard her say, hugging you quickly and then hopping in the back seat.
"Come on mother, let's go home. You should rest a little after such a long flight," you said, getting in the co-pilot's seat and waiting for your fake fiancé to start the car.
The fright of the first day of your mother staying at your place –along with Minho, who had never stayed to sleep besides stating for very long– disappeared when she commented on how natural it felt for the two of you to be together. That went according to plan, and just like you had reasoned with him beforehand, 'we don't have to act differently, just some kisses and hugs, maybe even hand holding,' and he agreed to those terms with a quick nod. The whole act wasn't entirely a lie, it was true that you liked his company, and that he didn't mind yours at all. You almost felt bad that she believed you, but also happy because at least she thought that you were happy with Minho.
"Darling, I'm going to sleep. We can decorate the tree tomorrow, have a good night you two," she announced, standing up from the couch with the book she was reading in hand, making her way to the guest room, and finally, it was just you and him.
"Do you wanna go to bed too?" you shook a leg that was resting on Minho's lap to get his attention. His body visibly tensed for a second, but he was sure to play it cool for you to not say anything. You wondered what it was that made him anxious.
"It's pretty late, that would be a good idea," he answered, watching you remove the blanket from your legs and stand up, doing the same and following you to your room.
"Are we sharing a bed, or are you making me sleep on the floor?" he asked, observing the large bed in the middle of the room. You laughed in response.
"Don't be silly, Minho! You'll be sleeping on bedspreads, not the floor, I'm not a monster," you joked, finding his disgusted expression funny. "We're sharing the bed, stupid. Now, hurry and put on your pajamas and join me so I can turn the light off, or stay in the living room if you wanna be illuminated, I'm surprisingly tired."
He laughed, but he followed your first instructions and put on more comfortable clothes.
You usually slept right in the middle of the bed. It was more freeing, taking up as much space as you wanted because it was only you and no one else in your little cozy home, but now that you had to share, it wasn't uncomfortable at all. It was Minho who was at your side, and not some random man you met at a random bar at questionable hours, nor was it your ex, who had done unspeakable and such sinful things to you in this same bed. No, it was just Minho, and knowing that you would share one of your favorite places with him, it felt intimate.
Like when you're a teen and it's the first time you're sleeping with the one you love, or when you're a kid and having a first sleepover. It was a different kind of affection, a unique one.
The next morning Minho was the first one to wake up, weirded out from the surroundings his eye caught until he remembered his whole name, who you were and where he was. Your body rested next to his, hair everywhere as you breathed soundly, dreaming of God knows what and looking oh so peaceful. He spent some time looking at you like an idiot, heart shrinking when he realized that maybe he wouldn't be strong enough to drown the feelings he started developing for you a while ago.
The only thing out of the normal you had done yet was hold hands and sleep together and he was already falling extra harder for you. He was sure that the moment your lips touched his own he would be singing victory in his head for days.
'Get it together, man' was what he thought to himself before walking to the bathroom and washing his face to help as a reminder that it was all fake, and that you weren't a real couple.
He made his way to the kitchen, exploring the cabinets full of food he grew familiar with when he visited to drop his belongings after work, and pulled out everything to prepare breakfast, more than to gain points with your mother because he needed the distraction, turning on the stove and the TV to work as background noise and not pay attention to the voice in his head.
At some point, your mother walked into the kitchen greeting Minho, offering to help prepare coffee and hot chocolate, to which he had to agree because she insisted on doing something for the breakfast.
When you walked into the kitchen, messy hair and unfixed clothes, you got scared at first with the noise from a movie and the chattering between your mother and your friend, expression changing when you remembered what he was there for, thanks to your mother greeting you with her cheery voice.
"Good morning, honey. I made pancakes, serve yourself," Minho greeted you, the sudden pet name coming from him repeating itself in your head. It didn't make you uncomfortable, but it took you unprepared to hear him say it. You would never have expected him to be so… nice, to his partners.
"Thank you, Min," you answered, automatically grabbing a plate and sitting with your mom, the three of you enjoying a delicious breakfast while discussing the plans for the day, agreeing on showing your mother around the city. She was delighted to hear that.
The following day went the same; Minho woke up earlier than you, he regretted his life choices, proceeded to wash his face to try and give himself reasonable thoughts, deciding to keep the act because he would not break the deal you two agreed on, and then distract himself cooking. Then, your mother would walk into the kitchen and they would talk for a bit.
Minho discovered that she loved to talk about you, even running to her temporary room to take the family album to accompany the stories she retelled with pictures, it was very sweet, and to be honest Minho wa more than glad to listen to her, learning new details about you that he wouldn't be able to hear from you ever. Your mother's laugh along with Minho's was something you got used to hearing when you walked into the kitchen to see them having breakfast. Just like he had predicted, your mother was loving him.
"Love, I will be going out today, do we need something for tomorrow's dinner? I can bring it later," he said later that day, already dressed and almost fully ready to go out. You remembered that he had told you about visiting a few friends before Christmas, saying that it could help you and your mom have private time to talk.
"I don't think so, honey, but if I remember something I'll let you know. Mom and I will probably go out later as well, alright? I'll text you, have fun with your friends," you responded, walking up to him and kissing his cheek dangerously close to the lips.
"Okay, darling, I'll be leaving. Have fun you two, see you later," he rushiedly said, taking his coat and walking out like he was being chased,making your mother giggle and saying that the two of you looked like a married couple already, your cheeks heating up and stuttering trying to change the topic of conversation.
Hours laters you were sitting in a coffee shop with your mom, bags in your hands and smiles on your faces, you had already ordered and were enjoying the moment, when suddenly your mother got your attention.
"You know, sweetheart, Minho is a very nice guy, I can truly feel that he likes you, and that you have a healthy relationship. Back in my day, your father and I had to wait until we got married to live together, but I see you and him and it makes me happy that you're together, baby. I noticed the way he looks at you, and how when you move, he's waiting for you to do something. That's the definition of head over heels, if I've ever seen one," she laughed, taking a pause when your drinks were finally delivered.
"There's no doubt that your marriage will be successful, and even if I know that you don't need it, you have my blessing. I'm so happy for you, my love, that you found him," and with a sip to her coffee, she finished her train of thought about Minho.
You were at loss or words, completely oblivious to everything she had told you, after all, you and him were only friends, right?
You thanked her, as she seemed to be genuinely honest about her thoughts and observations. Maybe you would start being more precautious about his behavior around you, after all, maybe your mother had that innate instinct like all the other mothers have about their children's relationships.
That conversation left you thinking. What game exactly was he playing? Maybe faking this was like a free trial to see what a relationship with you was all about in the case that he actually liked you, and was in love with you. Maybe you were asking too much of him, maybe it would be good to try for a real relationship with him, after all, you chose him as fake fiance, so why not give it a chance, and start being more affectionate, give him a taste of what he wants, show him your true colors when you're in love.
When you arrived home, Minho was already there, apron on and preparing dinner to be served.
"Hey, honey, we're home! How did it go today, how is Jisung?" you greeted, throwing your bags onto the couch and hugging him, grabbing his face and kissing him sweetly in the noise, leaving a blushing Minho stuttering as he answered.
Your mother, still on the door, saw the whole scene and laughed, announcing that she was going to change to get more comfortable, taking some of the bags to her room with her.
"I had a nice day with him, he's alright. He asked how you were too, actually, and wanted to know how I was doing. We caught up with a lot of things. How was your evening today? Did something interesting happen?" he asked, shimmying away from your hold and occupying himself making food. You enjoyed seeing him so flustered.
"We can start decorating the tree after dinner, how does that sound?" you asked, taking a peak to whatever it was he was cooking. He agreed, and soon your mother joined you, asking you to get the family ornaments to have them ready to decorate.
Time flew and a couple hours later, the three of you were all staring at the big tree with tiny lights that danced when they turned on and off rhythmically, you sitting in the middle between your mom and fake lover. You looked at your mother with a fond smile, proud of what you had done in a few hours, and then placed a hand on Minho's thigh, excitedly grinning in content for the holiday spirit, him returning an honest smile as well.
"Alright, lovebirds, I will be leaving to sleep. I need to get up early to prepare the grand dinner. Have a good night you two, see you tomorrow," your mom announced, breaking the little moment between you and him, both turning to look at her a little embarrassed but telling her goodbye at the same time, being left alone after the sound of her door closing.
"We should be going to sleep too," you suggested, standing up and stretching a little bit. Minho nodded and copied you, allowing you to enter your own room before he picked up his pajamas and went to the bathroom, while you changed there.
While putting on your own comfy sweatpants, you wondered how different it would be when he left. The new routine the two of you invented made you feel closer to him, even if much time hadn't passed yet, you liked knowing that he was there for you, next to you in the large bed that no longer felt too empty for you.
Smiling tiredly at you from the bathroom door, Minho made his way to the other side and sat down, waiting for you to give him the signal to turn off the light, and when you did give it to him and he got comfy under the blankets, you shimmied closer to him, hugging his torso and rubbing your cold nose in his chest, a clueless Minho staying still and completely surprised. "W-what are you doing?"
"Shhh, I'm cold and you're warm. Good night," you replied, eyes closed but dangerously anxious to open and see how he was looking at you.
Much to your surprise, he sighed, but pushed the two of you to the middle of the bed and cuddled you properly, now making it your turn to get flustered and a little shy, but saying nothing and letting him move you as he preferred.
"Are you comfy like this?" he quietly asked after he stopped shifting in the bed. You hummed, not trusting yourself to speak a word. "Good night, wifey," he said in a yawn, then silence governed your dark room and in that moment everything felt right to you. Then, you fell deeply asleep with a sensation of fullness in your heart.
When the first sun rays entered through your curtains, the spot in the bed where Minho slept was unoccupied, like almost every morning. You sat in the bed, looking for him, and you did find him looking out the window, his back facing you, shoulders tense and with a focused face, like he was thinking too hard.
"Good morning, Min" you whispered, standing up and passing your arms around his waist, hugging him. He placed his hands above yours, corresponding to your gesture.
"Happy Christmas eve, Y/N," he finally said.
"Happy Christmas eve," you repeated, kissing a spot near his neck, then you let him go to walk out of the room, telling him that you would be helping your mom, who was listening to carols in the kitchen.
He saw you walk away from him, the mention of your mother waking him up from the little perfect fantasy he built in his head. "Right, you should help her," he said before you walked out. "After all, we're only doing this for her," he sighed in disappointment, bitter because none of the things you were doing were really true, and it was affecting him more than he would've liked to admit.
Eventually, he walked into the kitchen as well, ready to help prepare dinner. You started very early, getting ready to take pictures in the evening and finishing the night with a Christmas movie marathon, not paying too much attention to the movie and instead looking at your mother who was telling Minho every detail of your childhood whenever something showing on the screen reminded her of you; you apologized to him with a look, but he laughed it off saying that he was always happy to listen to your mom, even asking her more things in the middle of his stories, saying that he 'knew something like this would happen' and that 'the more I know about Y/N, the more I love her', making your mom smile with hearts in her eyes, his laugh getting louder the moment you punched his shoulder in annoyance of him encouraging your mother.
The bell rang at midnight, letting all of you know that Christmas had officially started, followed by the three of you standing up to share a big, tight hug and then your mother running to get the gifts she brought, Minho and you looking at each other in silence, sitting down with a shy smile on your faces while you waited for her to come back with said presents.
"This one is for Y/N, and Minho, you get the purple one," she announce, handing each of you a box; yours was small in size, wrapped in a red paper with Santa hats everywhere and Minho's was slightly bigger, reindeers decorating the purple background of the purple wrapping paper.
Deciding to open yours first (encouraged by both your mother and fake fiancé) inside the box there was a gold necklace, earring accompanied the delicate jewelry, blue gems shining in the middle of the box. You gasped in surprise, hugging your mom as Minho took a picture with your phone of the sweet moment.
Next, it was his turn to open the gift your mom got. You were genuinely curious to what it could be, as she had acquired it without you knowing or even having a clue to what she bought when you went shopping the other day, losing her when you went to the coffee shop to order your drinks.
Peeking curiously over Minho's shoulder, he tore the paper meticulously and then opened the box, looking at the content with a smile and a little laugh when he saw what his 'mother-in-law' had gotten him, and then, placing the box in his lap and showing it; they were three pair of socks with cats on them, each pair a different design and color, and judging by the amazed expression on his face, he loved the gesture.
"I don't really know you much, but from what we've talked you really like cats, and the moment I saw these I knew I had to buy them from you," your mother explained while Minho stood up next to her, looking at her with thankfulness in his eyes.
Something in your chest ignited when you saw the two of them hug, honest affection clear and evident in the way they quickly embraced each other. Minho wasn't like Felix, who had been your friend since childhood, or Hyunjin, who you met at college and had been in contact with after graduating, no. He was something else, making himself important in your life somehow and even getting to know your other friends… but the moment he agreed to help you with this whole act, and since your mom slept the first night in your house, making you share your bed with him suddenly the way you viewed him started to change.
Oddly enough, you hadn't noticed if he had changed anything about him to make your mother like him more, but when she mentioned the way he looked at you… the butterflies in your stomach that you thought were dead after Chan broke your heart came back to life, and your mind decided that maybe you should indulge yourself in the little lie you and him made up for your mother. You hoped that he wished it was all true as well.
The night continued after opening all the presents, your yawning at 2 am being the first warning that you all should go to bed, not leaving without the reminder that the Kim's party would take place at 7, so you could wake up later than usual and reheat the delicious food before starting to get ready for it.
"Who are the Kim's, anyway?" Minho asked you from the bathroom once you were putting on your sleepwear.
"They're, uhm… family friends, I guess? My mom and Mrs. Kim are friends, along with Felix's mom. That's how we know each other, and that's partly why mom flew back here after visiting my aunt. They have a son who is the same age as Felix, but he's kinda rude and I don't get along with him too much, he's a smartass," you giggled after you explained all that, taking your place in bed while the bathroom door closed and Minho sat on his side.
He hummed that it was interesting, and that he would let you pick his clothes for tomorrow (which you knew wouldn't be too hard, because he owned a black suit that was very elegant and white button up that he looked very handsome in when he wore it) and then, you cuddled with him, who didn't say anything this time and simply passed his arm around you, unexpectedly holding you even closer to him, and then the two of you drifted to sleep.
The following day went just like you thought it would; waking up, breakfast at almost noon, the tree of you spending time doing whatever until 5, when you left to take a shower and start getting ready.
As promised, Minho allowed you to look through everything he brought so you could pick his clothes, and you chose an elegant blue dress to go with his black suit, your mother coming out of her room with an emerald green one that made her look like royalty. All of you looked very beautiful, Minho, who was waiting for you and your mom sitting on the couch playing on his phone raising his eyes and getting breathless the mere moment you came out of your room all dressed and saying that you were all ready to go, then complimenting your mother as well when she walked out of her room, and at 6:30, you were in the car ready to assist the annual Christmas party.
The place was big since the Kim's liked renting a party saloon to host these parties since their they were very social and had many friends, tables located in the area near the food and pretty scenery, then the other half of the ballroom empty, huge speakers blasting music making the whole place vibrate with the music they were emitting.
"Come on, we should find Mrs. Kim," your mother said, a cheery tone showing how excited she was to actually be there.
Hugging Minho's arm and almost practically dragging him with you, the two of you walked behind her, him looking everywhere, probably looking for any familiar faces.
Your mom stopped walking when she reached the opposite spot of where the entrance was, but instead of finding a woman her age, a more familiar face greeted you.
"Ah, Y/N, good to see you, I thought your mom came alone. How are you, how have you been?" he asked, eyes totally not missing the way you tugged Minho's sleeve to get his attention, a grin on his face as if he could smell something was wrong.
"Hey, Seungmin, it's been a long time since we saw each other, like a year or so? I've been good," you faked a smile, then breathed in to continue talking. "This is Minho, my fiancé, by the way, and Minho, meet Seungmin, a childhood friend of Felix and I."
"Ah, so he's the asshole… makes sense," you heard Minho whisper under his breath. Luckily, Seungmin was too far to hear any word of the ones Minho just spoke.
"Congratulations on the engagement," he put his hands together, still analyzing how you were behaving together. You tried to distract him by asking something to your mom, but she was nowhere near to be seen, or to hear you, probably, so you were stuck with these men who had an awkward vibe going on between them.
"Nice to meet you, Minho," Seungmin greeted, trying to take his hand. Minho didn't move to take it, hostile eyes looking at your 'friend', then his arm moving around your waist to pull you closer to him protectively while his sharp gaze still rested on the younger.
"U-uhm, hey Minnie, do you know if Felix is here? He didn't tell me if he was attending," you changed topics, following Seungmin's eyes to a table near the corner of the ballroom where a blond head you knew too well was moving.
Thanking him quickly, you and Minho made your way to that table, curiosity taking the best of you and making you ask him what had just happened back there.
"I know that guy, we work together. We don't really get along, he's just… annoying. Something about him makes me want to piss him off, I'm sure he doesn't like me either," he explained, rolling his eyes after looking back to where the mentioned man was sitting. You couldn't ask anything else, because when he was done explaining you were too close to Felix's table.
"Felix! It's good to see you here, hello Mr. And Mrs. Lee, how have you been?" you cheerily asked, standing close to your friend and placing your hands on his shoulders while you looked at the people you considered and loved like close family.
"Hey, sweetheart, merry Christmas. Come sit with us, I'm sure your mother won't mind," Mrs. Lee said, you taking the invitation happily and Minho helping you sit down, him taking the space next to you.
"Oh, who might this handsome young man be?" Felix's mother asked, her attention completely focused on your fake husband-to-be.
"Good evening, ma'am. My name's Lee Minho, I'm Y/N's fiancé, and also one of Felix's friends, it's good to meet you," he politely introduced himself, a charming smile working its magic and making the lady in front of you start to blush, proving once again that he was perfect husband material.
You were about to ask something else when a familiar voice greeted you, Felix's older sister hugging you quickly and then telling you about how she was so happy to see you and that she invited her new boyfriend to the party, being completely excited to show her family the man that stole her heart recently, but he wasn't with her, no, because said man said he would be grabbing two drinks and let her find the table, but when she realized that she would have to go looking for him, she giggled and turned on her heels, looking for him everywhere.
Felix, Minho and you were in a conversation about where to go eating the upcoming year for brunch, also asking if anyone knew anything about Hyunjin and how they would all spend their new years eve, but the familiar voice (and accent) of a man talking to your friend's sister made you freeze, your almost cousin sat down next to Minho and the mysterious man took the seat next to her, stopping mid laugh when he saw you sitting there as well, no one else noticing the tension between you and him.
"Mom, dad, this is Bang Chan, we have been dating for a few months," the girl dreamily sighed, taking his hand and playing with it in his lap.
At the mere mention of his name, you felt Minho tense up, shoulders stiff and then a comforting hand rested on your thigh, squeezing you once as a silent way to demonstrate he was there for you. You placed yours on top of his, thankful that he didn't say anything, Minho instead exchanging a look with Felix almost like they were communicating through telepathy.
"Nice to meet you, and you too, Felix, your sister has told me a lot about you, I hope we can be friends," your ex awkwardly laughed, trying to look everywhere but in your direction.
"Hmm, yeah. I don't think we'll get along too much," your friend responded, making his mother gasp, incredulous of what her polite and correct son had just said and expecting him to apologize, to which he said nothing. You cleared your throat, everyone's attention focusing on you after that.
"It's good to see you again, Chan. I see that you've been good?" you bitterly spoke, everyone but Minho and Felix looked at you in surprise.
"You know him?" Chan's new girlfriend asked.
"Yeah, we used to date. He kisses really well, doesn't he?" you said, slowly pushing your chair backwards and starting to get up, ready to walk away from him before something worse happened.
It was exactly what you did at the end, a voice you couldn't quite distinguish said something that you didn't quite hear, anger warming up your body and red blurring your vision, so you did what you thought would be a good option, and you walked out the place, someone grabbed your arm to stop you when you were almost at the parking lot. You didn't know who it was, but when your face was against his body and his arms were around yours trying to comfort you, that was all you knew. It helped you relax a little, inhaling in his cologne and letting yourself relax in the warmth of his arms.
"Hey, you have me. I'm your fake fiancé, no need to think about him anymore," he sweetly whispered in your ear, making you smile.
"Thank you, for coming after me, Minho. You're the best fiancé I could ever–"
Minho and you froze, separating from each other and turning your head to look at the source of the question, a curious Chan standing there with his eyes wide open.
"Yes, you heard it right. Fiancé. We'll be getting married someday next year, because even if you and I dated for a while, he was the one petting my hair and cleaning my tears, cooking for and looking after me after you broke my heart, Bang Chan, and maybe I was too stupid to realize at first but now I know that he's the best option for me and I love him, maybe more than what I got to feel for you. So thank you for breaking up with me, because if you hadn't left me feeling worthless after I called you crying and begging to come back, I wouldn't know how it feels to have your love correctly corresponded" you spat, Minho's hand holding yours while you walked closer to the cause of your discomfort.
"I just wanted to apolog–"
"Don't. I don't need your pity, I am happy with him, and even if it pissed me off to see you tonight, I hope you can be happy with her. Just don't break her heart like you broke mine. Felix knows taekwondo and even if I hate to admit it, your face is too pretty to get desconfigurated," and after saying that, you walked away to your original destination; your car.
You sat on the driving seat, Minho hurries to open the co pilot's door and put on his security belt, and right then when he was about to ask you a question, you grabbed his face and finally kissed him, an explosion of happiness going off inside you like fireworks, the butterflies in your stomach dancing as well when he corresponded your kiss until the moment you separated, gasping for air.
"I wanted to ask where you were going to drive us, but after that I'm sure we're going to heaven," he smirked, making you blush and start the car, finally going to the comfort of your home.
"What about your mom?" The question broke the comfortable silence that the two of you were in, but you didn't hesitate to answer.
"I'm sure she and Mrs. Kim have a lot to catch up with, she told me earlier that wasn't coming home with us, don't worry about her" you reassured him, smiling gently because he was worried about her. They had taken a liking to each other.
"That means… we have the house all to ourselves…" he whispered again after a while, shifting in his seat when you were parking the car. You thought that maybe, finally he had picked up the obvious clues you left every now and then through the days after realizing the true feelings you tried to ignore before.
"Yes, we'll be able to make all the noise we want," you winked at him, opening your door and walking inside your familiar living room.
Sitting on the couch, still in your beautiful fancy dress you indicated for him to sit next to you, hands holding his and eyes attentive to his reactions.
"I hope that you know I really mean everything I said before, to Chan. I… regret not realizing sooner that I like– that I love you, and I'm very thankful that you decided to help me," you paused, licking your lips and smiling gently at him.
"You don't have to tell me that you like me back, hell, you don't have to say anything but I understand if you want to go back to your life after my mom leaves," and he was simply looking at you, expressionless as if he thought you were lecturing him or something, but in reality the gears inside his head were running trying to comprehend and repeat every single word that came out of your lips.
You meant what you said? Wow. You liked him back? Double wow. You weren't sure if he liked you back? Oh, holy shit…
"Y/N," he called your name in the sweetest of ways, "I've been dying to kiss you. These days we've spent together have been really amazing, but you telling me that you don't know how I feel about yourself makes me feel like I'm the best actor in the world. I'm crazy for you, I love you too, I've loved you for a while act–"
You interrupted his babbling, pressing your lips to his once again, moving yourself to sit on his lap and throw your arms around his neck, him placing his hands on your thighs and waist to hold you while you allowed him to explore your mouth in an obvious heated and fiery kiss that had the capability of turning you on.
The hands on his neck tried to push him impossibly closer to you while you kissed, until the moment that he broke the kiss to take a breath, your lips attaching to his neck and him moving his head to allow you more access to himself, a low groan involuntarily leaving his throat and he decided to suggest to move things to the bedroom, to which you nodded and stood up from him, eager to go there and start undressing yourself for him.
He saw you struggling with the zipper in your back, that same zipper that you asked him is he could help you with earlier, allowing him to see that you wore nothing underneath the beautiful beaded and decorated fabric, and he quietly took your hands, whispering a "please, allow me to undress you" with a tone so seductive that you thought that you would melt if he said something like that again. He truly was like a gentleman.
Minho silently undid your zipper, his hands helped you get out of the clothing and admiring how it fell to the ground to then pay proper attention to your almost completely naked body, his eyes shined and his formal pants grew tighter at the crotch. You turned, taking the navy blue tie and pulling him towards the bed, pushing him so he would sit down and sitting on top of him, hands roaming around his still clothed figure and lips leaving a wet trail everywhere they touched meanwhile he started undressing himself, helping you take off his buttoned shirt. You pulled it to unstuck it, your hands leaving his chest to undo his belt, quickly paling his growing erection with your hand.
"Shit, you're so hard," you groaned, looking at him through your lashes, continuing to squeeze him, then getting off of him and standing up so he could take off the remaining clothes while you did the same, telling you 'that's just the effect you have on me, honey.'
When you and him were completely naked, he sat down on his side of the bed like he did every night and you took the chance to admire the hidden beauty that he was under his normal clothes; beautiful wide shoulders and a strong, firm chest accompanied by a six pack that could have any woman drooling for him if they saw him shirtless, then his strong, thick thighs were opened to make space for you, and leaving the best for the last, his hard cock resting on his stomach as he waited for you to get in place. It was a sight that you were sure to never forget, the first time you looked at your naked lover felt like a divine encounter. He seemed like a God, so angelic and perfect, yet inciting you to commit these sinful acts…
Pulling you by the arm to sit where he wanted you, Minho accommodated you to sit between his legs, your back against his chest, his cock hitting your lower back and his legs helping him to spread yours, and the feeling of strange hands on your body sending delicious shivers down your spine. One of his arms snaked through your stomach and held one of your breasts, the other traveling down and feeling the wetness he caused on you.
Touching you gently, he felt you shake when his fingertips teased your clit, your hole throbbing when he collected your essence before he finally started properly playing with you, touching you like you used to do when you were alone and needed to de-stress, his name coming from your lips as a whimper multiple times and letting him know that you were enjoying this.
He inserted two fingers inside you, making you gasp, one of your hands squeezing his thigh and the other still resting above the one that was playing with your nipple, the pace of his fingers increasing when your breathing started becoming irregular, and soon you were trying to close your legs to stop the overwhelming sensation of an orgasm approaching. Your hand that was resting on his had to move to take the wrist of the one wrist that was fingerling you, and his that was playing with your nipple tried to hold you in place until you finally came, chanting his name and closing your eyes tightly, stars appearing when you allowed your body to hug the pleasure that your climax brought you.
"Fuck, I'm so ready to take you, I need you inside me," you demanded, turning your neck to look at him, who was licking his fingers, you moved your body so you could be facing him and you decided to ride him. He looked so relaxed like that, with his back against the head of the bed, too comfortable and sexy…
Stroking his length, you aligned him with your entrance and started lowering yourself on him, his hands on your hips and yours on his chest. The comparison between having his fingers and his cock was no joke, moaning once you had him entirely inside you, your face going forward and kissing his chest trying to leave little marks while he helped you move up and down on himself.
"Baby, you feel so tight… Fuck, you're unreal," Minho growled, his grip too strong in your skin but your mind too far gone to care if he left his fingers printed on you or not. You had already came on his fingers, but you still desired to make him cum as well.
"Y–you feel so fucking good, too" you manages to say, continuing your job of bouncing on him until your legs started to give up. Minho decided to help you, stopping your attempts to continue moving on him and holding you by hugging you with his arm, switching the positions in a swift movement and having you under him, cock still inside you.
With one hand, he guided your leg to rest on his shoulder, letting the other hug his waist and your hands traveling his chest and flat stomach. He buried his face between your boobs, playfully biting you and then continuing to thrust into you, restarting with a slow pace that had you whining, except that in this new position he was able to go deeper making your eyes go blank from the pleasure you felt every time he was inside you.
"Are you enjoying this, honey? Tell me who's making you feel so good, let me hear you" he ordered between each thrust, making you babble something that sounded like his name. "Can you repeat that? I can't quite hear you, darling."
"You, Minho, you're making me feel so good! Fuck, you're so big, youre fucking me so well," you cried out, trying to make him go harder. It was after you answered that his thumb passed over your clit and made you moan louder, and you discovered that maybe praising him could get you to achieve your second climax sooner, so you showered him with compliments, you didn't limit your moans, you became so vocal that, if you still cared, maybe you'd feel ashamed that your neighbors could hear you, but you didn't, you were freely screaming the name of the man that you had just recently discovered that you loved, and then without thinking too much about it, you were gasping for air again, a consequence of your second climax hitting you, warming your body like a wildfire.
"Shit, I'm about to cum, where do–"
"Do it inside, you know I'm on the pill," you responded, the clenching of your walls becoming too much for him to keep his cool and second layer after you finally recovered, he came inside you, filling you up with his warm fluid, body crushing hours when he couldn't support his weight any longer, both of you trying to regulate your fast beating hearts.
He pulled out, rolling to your side of the bed and pulling you towards him to cuddle like you did first some nights ago, the familiarity of the act making you smile tiredly.
"That was amazing," you breathed out, now able to make coherent phrases again. "Can you kiss me?" you shyly asked, looking at him. He didn't nod, but moved his face towards you and pressed a sweet kiss to your sweaty forehead. "I meant a kiss on the lips, but that's okay too," you sighed, defeated.
"You didn't specify," he responded.
"Well, we're a couple now, since now we know we like each other, and aren't couples supposed to kiss each other's lips?" you elaborated now, hearing how he hummed before answering you.
"A couple, couple? Like, a real couple?"
"Yeah, unless you don't want to, but I think you do."
"Okay, you're right. You have my permission to kiss me, then," he said, placing a hand on your cheek and lowering his head to capture your lips in a sweet kiss. The two of you stayed in silence after that, enjoying the company of the other and the comfort of your arms around each other.
"Hey," he quietly said, "are we… hmm, ofi–officially engaged now?" he asked, and you were left thinking. He didn't complain about being officially yours, but did he love you to the extremes of marrying you?
"I don't know. Is that a marriage proposition?" you laughed, separating from him to look at his gorgeous eyes. "I mean, we already chose a ring, but it was for a fake wedding that would never happen. What if we give it more time, and you ask me again when you know that you wanna marry me? We can tell my mom that we are finding it hard to choose a date later on if she asks, I don't think we'll have to worry much about her,"you explained, a hand caressing his cheek tenderly while you spoke.
"Alright, I'm on board with all of that. You're such a genius, did you know that?" he took your hand and kissed the back of it, making you blush as if he hadn't just fucked you to the point of screaming.
"Of course I know, but you can say it again, I never get tired of hearing that," you teased, making him roll his eyes.
"You heard me the first time, what I want to remind you as well as thank you for making this Christmas the best one so far. You have no idea how memorable this Christmas is going to be, I love you, stinky," he smiled, reaching to kiss the tip of your nose.
"Merry Christmas, Min, honey. I love you too."
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mrssunasimpowo · 7 months ago
Haikyuu dad's dealing with sick child
Tumblr media
A/N: I am back again! istg i just pop up randomly to post something when an idea hits my head, plus i'm like craving hq dad rn. them being all cute with their child. also sorry if everything various characters bcs i've been really busy lately with semester two starting and tests and projects pilling up.
Warning: Horrible spelling/ phrasing.
Various characters x Reader
Tumblr media
- Best father of the year award goes to...
they already know what to do there here like ''dw babe..i got this'' there here making sure the child stays in bed, blows their nose, even goes as far as cooking soup for them and giving them a warm bath. they might be dealing the situation better then you would... 👀
-KITA ( would make a soup recipe he learned from his grandmother 100%), Daichi, ARAN (ik this man has to be good with kids since he had to deal with the miya twins), SUGAWARA, osamu, iwaizumi
-Relies on google 😍
His like trying to prove to you that his very capable of taking care of his sick child and tells you to just sit and watch. but in reality his search history is mostly '' what to do if your child's throat hurt'' or ''what to do to clear a 5 year old childs nose''. but later on you had to take charge bcs there was no way google was gonna help your child go through a cold.
-BOKUTO, yamaguchi, hinata, kageyama, MATSUKAWA, hanamaki, SUNA
-Boogers babez ✨ 🤪
He is disgusted...like he loves his child...but the cherry on top was the dried snot on there nose while a new form of snot is running done to their lips..and to make it worse they they lick there snot of their lips. his mortified. I MEAN he still takes care of the child but only when the poor childs nose isnt dried and runny. istg y/n, babez...you gonna need to teach them how to get there hands dirty once in a while 🙄 their lucky to have you around.
SAKUSA, Tsukishima, atsamu (idk i low key feel like he'd be disgusted). oikawa.
-okay...now what..
-Look, they really wanna be there for the child since their sick AND help you take care of the child. But once you give them instructions 10 seconds later they'll come to you and be like ''now what babe? i put them to sleep. whats next?'' and your here like 🤨 ''idk....rest maybe??''
bokuto, matsukawa, oikawa, yamaguchi, hinata,
-your on quarantine luv <3
AHA, ya um he would like your child to stay in their room and under no circumstances get out until the fever is gone. When he has to enter the room to make sure their Childs doing fine he comes in with masks, gloves and that little thing that checks temperatures thats built like a gun ( i rlly dont know what its called 😭)
sakusa (just bcs lol)
Tumblr media
A/N: AHH finally done ty for reading sorry if it sucks <3
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up-to-some-good · 5 months ago
I'm probably late already, but @impishtubist 's Sirius and Harry Saturday has given me inspiration for the first time in weeks, so I had to post this, even if it is late.
There were two weeks left in the summer and things were finally settling down. Harry had finally gotten used to Remus's presence, no longer stumbling over greeting his former professor; Sirius and Remus had sorted out their relationship after twelve years apart. Overall, the residents of Grimmauld Place had settled into a kind of peace as a new family, despite their gloomy surroundings.
Of course, it couldn't last.
The summer had been characterised by games between Harry and his godfather while Remus read, slow processing of years of trauma and separation, and small adventures into Muggle London, as well as inquiries about Harry's summer work from his new guardians which were always met with vague answers of "I'll do it next week" or "I guess I've started some of the reading". The homework had not been anyone's top priority, despite the adults' obvious concern, but Harry was running out of excuses a bit too quickly for his liking.
Fortunately, or unfortunately, for him, the real issue revealed itself that Saturday evening before dinner, with what should have been an innocuous question.
"Harry, could you tell me what the recipe says I need to do next?"
Sirius was standing at the stove, carefully and continously stirring the sauce. They were attempting to make lasagne from Hope Lupin's recipe in an attempt to cheer Remus up from a particularly rough full moon. Everything had been fine up until that point: Sirius giving instructions and obsessing over the fine details of the recipe, while Harry happily chopped vegetables and chatted about the upcoming school year.
The fourteen year old looked up from his chopping board, barely registering his godfather's words.
"Can you read me the next step, kid?"
"I'll bring the recipe over to you," he offered quickly.
Sirius frowned as Harry practically sprinted across the kitchen to get the piece of parchment.
"That's alright, too," he said in confusion. "But I don't won't to spill anything on it, so I'd rather leave it on that side of the kitchen. Will you tell me what it says?"
"Well... um... I don't know what step we're on," Harry stuttered. "So, I'll take over the stirring and you can come read it."
"Haz, you've been here the whole time. Surely, you can figure out where we are?"
"Well, I could... um..."
Sirius slowly turned to his godson, removing the pot from the heat before stepping across the kitchen to halt Harry's shaking hands. He carefully guided Harry to sit down at the kitchen table, dinner momentarily forgotten.
He looked up from the parchment, meeting his godfather with red eyes.
"What's going on, kid?"
Harry opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. He seemed to curl in on himself, fixing his glasses hurriedly and sniffling. After a long pause, he mumbled something to the floor.
"Can you say that a bit louder, Haz?"
"I can't see the words!" he finally burst out, before burying his head in his hands. "They're too blurry."
Sirius wrapped an arm over Harry's shoulder while he took a moment to think. In retrospect, he realised Harry had avoided reading as far as he possibly could, passing any books over to one of the adults and answering vaguely about his homework. He hadn't even read his letters around his guardians, choosing to take them into his room and closing the door behind him.
"How long has this been an issue?" he asked gently.
"Since last summer," Harry admitted, uncovering his face to lean on his godfather. "It was fine at school, because Hermione mostly reads everything for me and I could write as long as I squinted and moved close to the parchment, but it's different here because it's pretty dark, so I've just tried to avoid it."
"Why didn't you tell us?"
"I didn't want to bother you. It doesn't really matter. I've been managing fine."
Sirius took a deep breath, gathering his thoughts and trying to maintain his composure.
"You will never be a bother to us, Harry," he said quietly. "You probably need to see an optometrist and get a new pair of glasses. We can make an appointment for this week and have you sorted before the end of summer."
Harry blushed and cuddled closer to Sirius.
"I just worried," he muttered. "Because I know how expensive and inconvenient it is. I had to get these glasses when I was six and started school, and Uncle Vernon complained for like two weeks before we could even get an appointment and then the glasses were so expensive, so he gave me one of his old pairs to use instead."
At that, Sirius had to close his eyes and take a few deep breaths, remembering his own childhood and his own parents refusing to get his eyes tested because it was inconvenient. He got his first pair of glasses when he was sixteen, after running away from home and landing safely at the Potters. He was amazed when he discovered the world wasn't blurry for everyone.
"Harry," he started carefully. "I hope you'll forgive me for saying your uncle is a terrible man, and a worse guardian."
Harry chuckled quietly at that.
"You should have your own glasses, with your prescription, and a check up every year to make sure they're still the right pair," he continued. "I'll make an appointment tomorrow, okay? We'll get you a new pair as soon as we can."
Harry nodded against Sirius's shirt and let out a sigh of relief.
"Can you promise me something, for future reference, kid?"
He felt another nod against his chest.
"Will you come to me or Moony if you have any problems, no matter how small they seem? I promise, we won't ever be mad. We just want to help you in any way we can."
"I promise," Harry mumbled. "Thank you."
"Any time, kid."
Sirius pressed a kiss to his messy hair and pulled him into a tighter hug.
"Any time."
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sweetdreamsbuck · 2 months ago
Hey i have a question about lumby. Was he nervous about their first date. Or like their first time, assuming its been a while since he has had sex. I imagine lumby calling his ma and talking about bunny, asking for her recipes and him just being so in love with bunny. And like asking steve or sam for advice about ya know. I know you wrote an entire fic for the beginning of their relationship. But i keep rereading enraptured AND I WANNA KNOW MOREEE
(I bet sam totally made fun of bucky the entire time but lumby just wants everything to be perfect)
this ask made me stupidly emotional 🥺🥺
so i had made a post a month ago saying i'm thinking of no longer being a writer on here. it just feels like i'm screaming into the void and wasting time trying to perfect format and sharing my heart with a big wall. i'm tired nonnie and really discouraged🥺 but this?? holy hell my silly little clusterfuck of words made you think this deeply and send the sweetest ask ever?? i love you and i hope you enjoy lumby's love :
🪵🐇he was SO nervous. jitters and shaky breaths, changing the pants he had on about 5 times before realizing it was the shirt and shoe combo all along– don't get me started about his favorite belt breaking at the seam where the buckle meets leather. he almost had a full on meltdown at that... if the universe was trying to send him a sign pointing towards all things involving you and this date going wrong– it did a damn good job.
sam of course was called and hurriedly made his way over to Bucky's cabin to calm down an overwhelmed and insecure lumby. sam gets it– bucky really was torn apart by his last relationship, it is terrifying to allow yourself to be so vulnerable again. especially to someone like you who after meeting only once, is the only thing Bucky can fucking think about. but that didn't mean every time after this Sam wasn't gonna bust his balls, lovingly, of course. sam and steve absolutely had a field day giving bucky the talk. he didn't find it as amusing as they did, though.
obviously I've discussed their first time, but fuck was he scared out of his mind. don't get it twisted– Bucky's game is outrageously and infuriatingly perfect; all his nerves and insecurities aside; and his stroke game is only as sincere as his gigantic perfect mushy heart (aka really fucking otherworldly)– but this is you we're talking about. he's a flustered mess around you and that goddamn smile– one he wishes his ma also got to fall in love with. unfortunately she's passed on, he does keep a wooden box of all her old recipes tucked safely in the cabinet above his stove. the box has an inscription reading "ma's treasures". it's his most prized possession and he can only hope you come to love it the way he does🥺
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queenofloci · 2 months ago
EDIT: The usual applies - not medical advice. I must also stress I was on steroids at the time, for treatment of the inflammation. I used that time to apply myself to a new task, and not before. I do not advise trying to do this while inflamed and untreated.
I'm also going to add: if anyone thinks I'm going to write a recipe of what herbs I used online for some waisecu company to patent, forget it. I've seen enough to know how that goes. I will be telling healers this wisdom, and no one else. @luc3 @msgraveyarddirt @graveyarddirt y'all know where to find me. I've notes if you want them.
This is just a layman academic's personal experience, but I want to document it here, as I feel it's important.
Post-covid, mid-move, I had the worst inflammation flare I've ever had. Bad enough I needed steroids...and the steroids took a month to get to me. So I clung, literally, to life, as no hospital would admit me.
Inflammation can have brain involvement; and my hypothesis (since proven correct) is covid permeates the blood/brain barrier, and therefore my brain was inflamed. I was probably the most...unbalanced...I've ever been. Post-covid psychosis is a new phenomenon, and I've seen many people in the medical field describe it as they've also personally endured it. But there was no one to give me any advice or help, so I had to try and dig up what knowledge I had.
I've had my lupus/RA/mystery disease for decades. Since medicine hasn't known how to treat it, I've had to learn to become a specialist in my own condition. When I'm flaring, most of the time I know how to treat it. It's why I became a herbalist; to keep myself alive. So, I have more than average knowledge here.
My hypothesis was if I could keep my brain busy and active, by giving it something new to learn, I could help it heal. This is something done with patients with dementia or Parkinsons; it's the inactivity (resultant of existing in a culture that treats its elderly like an invisible burden, rather than putting them at the centre of culture and wisdom). Keep the brain active, and the disease can be controlled and even reduced.
So, I chose Destiny 2 - because I like games, but I had never played a shooter before. What I didn't know was how un-newbie friendly that game was, and I can hand on heart say, that wouldn't be the one I'd go with if I tried that route again. But the story was the most engaging I'd ever seen, and deserves its own post. The point was I needed something to keep me engaged, because I knew I was going to struggle badly and want to quit.
Wow, did I want to quit...so many times. I can't describe it. It was like recovering from a stroke. Maybe I was; and so I also had many herbal allies to call upon, creating my own blood thinners and anti-inflammatories. We coated our windows with UV-safe film so I would walk around without being burned; I still have a scar on my hand from the light of the front window where I stood for 20 minutes, one hand on the telescope.
I fought through, because the hypothesis proved correct. At first, I could only play the game for five minutes. The first time a well meaning group of kids tried to take me through a raid. I had to beg off halfway in, and I was bedridden for three days, feverish and shivering. It was too much effort. I had to see the game for what it was - physiotherapy. Small doses, applied carefully, but nevertheless applied. Physio isn't jazzercize - it's supposed to suck.
So, I told a small handful of people what was going on, and these people now are my fastest of friends. They guided me gently through the content, taught me what to do, where to jump. If I had to stop, they stopped. If I couldn't game that day, they understood. But they were always there to see if I wanted to try another game that day. This is why I game, after all - I have friends here.
And my health improved. My brain is still not fully recovered - every time I flare, I lose something. That's been true for decades, and it's no less true now. But considering I was left in that hell with next to no healthcare (and, let's face it, if I had gone to a hospital, I think they would have let me die), the steps I was able to apply were right here in my home.
I did my first raid last week. I got no gear. I didn't care. My friends, who sherpa hundreds of people a week, said it was the most fun they'd had in a while, as we were being goofballs, laughing at my utter failure to jump (it's legendary), and the last phase I was so exhausted I was no longer able to recognise how to damage anything, my panic at holding the shield and not knowing the block button had them in hysterics, I died DISGRACEFULLY and it was brilliant. I'd been working up to it for months.
If you were/are at all affected with this kind of 'brain fever' I advise/recommend you be gentle, but find something to challenge yourself ever so slightly. Let that hobby you haven't had time to do have some moments of your day. Work on something that might puzzle you, but challenge you. You are going to be frightened at how hard it is at first - I see you. It will improve with time. Find support, be gentle, do not give up.
Survival is a triumph. Claim it.
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romanoffsbish · 6 months ago
Chapter 33: Atomic Reunions
Chapter 32 | Masterlist | Chapter 34 | Words: 4,149
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Four months. It has been four freaking months since I got hurt, and have been benched from missions. I'm slowly losing my mind! I'm fully healed, and have been for ages. Nat's currently away on a mission with Wands, Vis, Buck and Steve right now.
She reluctantly left me alone at the apartment, as Yelena's off doing whatever it is she does... Strucker being gone doesn't mean she's completely comfortable with 'abandoning' me. Barton's currently out of town with his family, so all I really had was to be alone—well alone with Gus-Gus...
Bruce and Tony are still MIA, and Thor's gone home to help his people on Asgard.
Even though I'm not allowed in the field for another two months, I am allowed to train. So, to distract myself from the fear rising inside of me, I decide to head to the compound to utilize the gym. I desperately needed to regain some of the strength I've lost spending most of my days cuddled up with Nat, and testing out Wanda's recipes.
I jogged from our apartment to the compound, taking the thirty minute scenic route, while listening to my workout playlist with the airpods Nat had gotten me for Christmas.
As I enter, it feels like I'm not alone, and then I remember that SHIELD posts security here when it's expected to be empty.
Tony's POV
It's been four months since I had disappeared, and I had never intended to stay away for this long. I had time to process my life up to this point, and the longer I stared in the mirror, the more I realized I've done more harm than good. I've come back today, after finding that Y/N's virtually alone, so I could finally face her.
To apologize for every misstep I have ever made, and to tell her some important news I have.
I've been staying in an off grid cabin of mine with Pepper. When I first flew off, I went straight to the Stark Industries location she ran in Malibu. I told her everything, from start to finish. To how I had multiple chances to be a better brother, to save her, and how I cowardly walked away. 
She had immediately set me straight, as she always does, reminding me that to be the best father to our child on the way, I'd have to remedy the strain.
So, this morning, I had stared down at my three month old, Morgan Y/M/N Stark, smiling at her sleeping form. Admiring her as she was just the perfect blend of features. She had Pepper's lips, the cutest button nose from our mom, she fortunately had my hair and ears, and she had the same beautiful eyes as Y/N.
She's my greatest kept secret, but I think I'm ready to share her...
I had to make things right, because my daughter deserves to know her family, and Y/N deserves the chance at peace. I'm going into this, well aware that she could want nothing to do with me. That the assassin and witch might actually kill me for even returning, but it's a risk worth taking. On the slight chance that she's able to forgive me, I'll take it.
I had instructed Friday ages ago to tell me when Y/N was alone at the compound. Just my luck, after a week she's finally there today, so I'm flying there right now.
"She's currently working out in the gym sir, she has earphones in, so approach cautiously."
I enter the compound, easily avoiding being seen by the security, not that it should matter since this is my building... However, I didn't leave this place on good terms, so the less obstacles the better. I slip into the gym, to see Y/N faced away from me, doing pull ups, and singing along to whatever's playing on her phone.
"Friday, put the gym on lockdown." I instruct the AI, making sure to override the new protections they've seemed to put in place.
Trying to lock me out of my own system? As if!
I can feel someone staring, and I didn't really care until I noticed the gym was being placed into lockdown. I take a deep breath, preparing to see one of two people—the green giant, or the pompous asshole who shares my last name. Judging by the cologne, I know it's definitely Tony.
I drop from the bar, continuing to face away from him, not letting him know that I am aware yet. Deciding between seeing what he wants first, and just going invisible to protect myself. I'm sure his suit has heatwave vision though, so talking it is.
"To what do I owe the pleasure of a visit after your many months of silence? Wouldn't have to do with the fact that this is the first time I'm actually alone is it?" I immediately move to question my brother, forgoing a formal greeting, as I move to the bench for some water.
"Look, I come in search of peace." He states ambiguously, dropping his sunglasses slightly to lock eyes with me.
"You're an arms dealer, how can one gather peace from that?" I take a jab at him for following in our father's footsteps.
"Well, that's simply not true... Stark Industries stopped manufacturing weapons years ago, now we focus on things like security."
"I see that's working out for you then." I deadpan, as I take in the barricaded compound gym.
"Yeah... Look, can we talk?"
"It's not like you've given me much of a choice Tony, so as long as you don't try to pull anything then fine, the floors all yours."
He solemnly stares at me, attempting to take a step towards me, but I instinctively scoot back. His gaze drops, seemingly hurt, but I'm not even sure if I can trust him just yet. He chooses to sit down at the opposite end of the bench I'm on, so now we're face to face.
"I'm not sure where to start, but let me first say that I'm sorry.."
Hearing the simple apology makes my heart slightly twinge with hope, but I also hope he wasn't expecting that to just get me to open my heart up to him. A few months ago and I'd already be putty in his hands, but after sometime I've decided he'd have to work for my forgiveness.
"Go on..." I instruct him, letting him know I'm willing to hear him out.
"Well, Y/N/N, I know I can't take any of it back, but I really want to find a way to make amends... I know that I've failed you repeatedly and I've come to regret every choice I've made thus far. You were never at fault for anything, it was cowardly of me to ever put any blame on you to begin with..."
I stare back at him blankly, barely maintaining my composure, as this is honestly all I've ever wanted to hear. To know that even if he had pettily blamed me all these years, that he now knows he was wrong. It's bittersweet hearing it now though, after the years of captivity, the many months of passive—aggressive interactions, then the radio silence after nearly dying because he turned everyone against me.
"Look, nugget—."
"Yeah, you really did, you failed me astronomically, and now I assume you just want to start fresh? What gives you the right?" I cut him off, scoffing at the use of the nickname, completely shocked at his sudden boldness.
"I just wanted the opportunity to apologize,
Y/N/N—truthfully, anything else that follows is an added bonus..." He quietly replies, looking incredibly small as he does so.
"I just, I can't seem to understand why you're actually here. There has to be an ulterior motive here. As if my nearly dying four months ago wasn't in some part your doing? As if you couldn't have saved me over a decade ago? What's changed Tony? What the hell has happened to make you suddenly apologetic?" I shout, as the anger rises within me...
“New Year, New Me?” He jokingly questions, but it falls on deaf ears as I glare in his direction.
"I just, I only wanted you to go away, not die! The last thing I ever wanted was for you to be hurt on that mission... I realize now that what I wanted didn't exactly match my words, because I made you out to be a traitor. Having you here was a reminder of everything I had lost. I never got to have our dad, and it had always upset me that you did. Mom, she was everything to me! Then I lost her at the hands of Hydra, and I made that out to be your problem, because they seemed to have wanted you. How stupid right? You were barely five, no more than a victim, but I twisted the blame your way.”
"What about me, huh? What you fucking lost? You had mom for 18 years, meanwhile I barely got five! You fucking pitied yourself, and left me to fend for myself… I was five when my world came crashing down, I spent more years of my life in captivity than I have out. You got to live this lavish life, becoming the superhero kids look up to, while I got punished for the sins of our father…
The anger inside me begins to slowly fizzle out, as my chest starts to begin to feel heavy with the immense pain of it all. I continue to stare at the man, the one who used to be the center of my world, but who's now become nothing more than a stranger.
His face is contorted in embarrassment, and his eyes are swimming with obvious guilt.
“Y/N… I..” He stutters, and I can hear the sadness in his voice.
“I know, you’re sorry… Also, that's not entirely true Tony, you might think it is, but it isn't... Some twisted part of you wanted me to end up hurt, you literally choked me out, and denounced me as a Stark." I sigh out, cutting off his pathetic ramblings.
"No! I lost my shit when I first saw you—I will admit that, but that's when everything came flooding back all at once. Seeing you again hurt, I had never thought I'd have to face you. Having to be faced with my biggest mistake, it brought out the worst in me. Leaving you in their hands is honestly the worst thing I've ever done. Instead of facing you like a man, a man who had repeatedly hurt you, I continued to cowardly shun you. There's no excuse for my behavior here, even if I try to rationalize it with my thoughts, I know I'm nothing but wrong. However, the absolute last thing I wanted was to see you on the verge of death.."
"You didn't see anything." I bitterly chuckle out.
"That's also not true, I hacked shield's security on the daily, checking your recovery and making sure you were okay..."
"Well, let's backtrack shall we?" I deflect, not really wanting to acknowledge his admissions of guilt just yet.
"I didn't get a dad, I got a man trying to catch up to his sins, do you even know why Hydra wanted me?"
"No..." He admits, raising his head to meet my gaze.
"Well, it’s quite a long story, but I’ll do my best to simplify it. Dear old dad didn’t properly read through his contracts, and in a twist of fate he had signed my life over to Hydra. In an attempt to take Hydra down, he had been exchanging his weapons for information. Inadvertently giving his enemies direct access to his weapons, as they were actually just undercover Hydra. Turns out when I was two, they were checking in with him on their property’s well-being, which happened to be me. For the next three years he had stepped up, while keeping the twisted truth to himself. One night, they’d started arguing, and I now know it was because he waited until they were ready to collect to finally fill mom in. So, his brilliant plan was to run, which only got us so far, before our car was spun out. Then, I watched as their soldier brutally bashed our fathers head into the asphalt, then strangled the life out of our mother, before drugging me and sealing my fate.”
“Soldier? As in…” He starts to do the mental gymnastics, and connects the dots.
“Glad to see you still only focus on what you want to hear.” I reply, as I aggressively roll my eyes.
“I’m just trying to process everything you said… I’m well aware that our fathers a dick, so everything you said seems to match up.” He honestly replies.
“Well, like father like son, am I right?” I quip back, as he sadly chuckles in acknowledgment.
“So, you’re telling me I’ve been working with the man that murdered my parents for the last few years?” He angrily spits out, as he begins to pace the room.
“No, you’ve been working with Bucky Barnes. The Winter Soldier killed our parents.” I calmly state.
“He was the winter soldier!”
“Lower your voice with me Tony, and get your emotions back in check.”
“How are you so okay with this information?” He asks, calmer than before.
“Well, I know exactly what it’s like to be a pawn in their system. Bucky is not who they made him out to be! He’s a good man, who’s repented for his forced upon sins. Nothing he did as the soldier was by choice, it was simply just his body. Everyone of you on this team has ended up killing innocent people, but he’s one of the few of you who was psychologically manipulated into it. The rest of you either lost your tempers, drew aliens to the city or created homicidal robots.”
He instantly deflates, and I almost feel bad for bringing up Ultron, but he clearly needed a reality check.
“Also, a wise woman once said: ‘Holding grudges is the greatest disservice to mankind.’ and I couldn’t agree with her more. If I held grudges, you’d be dead, don’t you think? That day when you had choked me, I could’ve easily reversed our situation. Instead, I allowed you your little tantrum, having wanted nothing more than to let you blow off steam in the hopes that you’d eventually come around.”
“You know, you’re practically mom’s mini me… Not a bitter bone in your body, even when the world’s done you incredibly wrong… I’m grateful to see that you kept your grasp on her, I clearly lost touch…”
“Well, I had nothing but time in there Tony, I clung to my memories of her, and all her teachings...”
“I, um… I have something for you..” He blurts out, as he reaches into his pocket, and advances towards me.
I stand up, and make sure to maintain enough distance between us. I stare at him inquisitively, waiting for him to show me.
“Well, when I had to identify mom, and dad, they allowed me to collect their belongings.” He shakily gets out, and I almost reach out to comfort him, but I’m not exactly ready for that.
“So, I’ve been watching, and I’m aware of your budding romance with Romanoff…” He randomly adds on, slightly confusing me.
“Where’s this going Tones?” I question him, as the nickname seems to just slip out.
“Here.” He nervously mumbles, and holds his hand out, and I extend my hand out.
I look down into my hand to find my mother’s wedding ring, and I immediately burst into tears at the sight. I slip it onto my ring finger, smiling widely as I see that it fits perfectly.
“I thought you’d maybe want it, you know, for if you ever want to ask her to marry you…” He awkwardly states, while scratching at his neck.
“Th-thank you.” I croak out, hardly able to contain my mix of emotions at the gesture.
“Please, there’s literally no need to thank me, it’s rightfully yours. Listen, Y/N, I know it’s going to take time for us to get to a place where you can trust me. I completely understand that, but if there’s any chance we can reconcile, I’d love to. I understand if you’re not interested, but I just want you to know that I love you.”
“I’m not sure how we go about doing this, because my chosen family kind of hates you..” I waterly chuckle out.
“Well, I can put up with being thrown around by them a bit, if it means you’ll be in our lives.”
“Oh, yeah, well you’ve already met my wife, Pepper, in passing… She’s been pushing me to face my fears, and that’s what finally got me to come here. Anywho… I’d love for you to meet your niece, my best kept secret..” He says, completely dropping the news on me.
“I have a niece??”
“Yeah, her name is Morgan Y/M/N Stark.” He beams, as he pulls his phone out to show me a handful of photos.
She’s absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t stop staring at her perfect little features.
“Oh gosh, she’s beautiful… She looks so much like mom… Wait! Did you give her my middle name?” I whimper out at the discovery, and a tear slips passed my eyes as I see the worn down teddy bear in her arms.
“Yeah, she does… Also, yes, we did. She has your eyes, if you didn’t notice.” He says, pointing out the similarities between us.
“Is that Mr. Hugs a lot?”
“Oh, yeah… He was in the car…” Tony replies solemnly, as his head drops…
I leap forward, wrapping my arms around him, and feeling as he immediately reciprocates the affection. I feel his tears as they fall off his face and onto my shirt, but before we could even speak, he was ripped from my arms.
I look up to see the gym was no longer on lockdown, then I heard Tony groaning, as I watched my redheads advancing towards him.
“What the hell are you doing here?” Natasha barks out.
“Who do you think you are?” Wanda shouts as well.
I am stunned, standing still as I watch them all interacting.
Bucky moves to stand by my side, while Steve advances towards Tony as well.
“Stark, you’re not welcome here!” He commands, as if he has a leg to stand on.
“Hey doll, are you okay?” Bucky whispers to me, I simply nod, as I keep my gaze focused their way.
“Last I checked Rogers, this is my tower!” He snarks back, as he pushes his chest to activate his suit.
“It actually falls under government property, belonging to SHIELD, and you’re not exactly on good terms with them.” Natasha states bitterly, with her fists hanging at her sides.
“Listen, I’m here to make amends with my sister, but if you’re looking for a fight, then I’m willing.”
“You don’t deserve her forgiveness!” Wanda seethes, as her hands become surrounded with red tendrils.
“I promised I’d never let you hurt her again!” Natasha growls out.
“Well, I have no intentions of hurting her further Romanoff… As for forgiveness, only she can decide that Witchy..” He condescends to the women.
“If it wasn’t for you, we’d all be a well oiled team, but you went and ruined everything.” Steve puts in his crusty two scents.
“Oh just shut up, Rogers! The teams always been one mishap from falling apart, this is on everyone! You are your own man, who had choices to make, and you chose to leave her in the building. My influence or not, you didn’t follow proper mission protocol and that’s on you Captain dipshit..”
“Romanoff, Maximoff, I owe the two of you nothing! I’ve made my peace these last few months, while realizing just how badly I’ve fucked up my sisters life. I’m here to fix what I can, and you’ll just have to learn to deal with that.” He states in a steady tone.
Natasha’s reaching her breaking point, I can see it by the way her jaw clenches.
Wanda too, as her magic is only spreading further around her fists.
Natasha moves quickly, as she punches Tony square in the jaw. Wanda follows through as she throws him across the gymnasium. Tony jumps up, and goes to raise his suit blasters towards my girls, but Cap throws his shield deflecting the blast towards Bucky and I.
“Shit.. Sorry, Y/N are you okay?” Cap questions, as Tony takes this moment to blast at them once more.
As soon as I catch my bearings after the close call, I immediately focus my energy, tapping into my telekinesis, lifting all of them into the air, and restricting their movements.
“ENOUGH!” I shout, sick and tired of the petty fighting taking place, as they all turn to look at me.
“What about me, huh? Why not ask what I want?”
“Steve! I’ll be placing you down now, and you’ll be leaving with Bucky. You have absolutely no right to involve yourself here anymore.” I assert, as I gently bring him towards Bucky.
“Now, Wands, I can feel you fighting against me, so I’m going to need you to stop throwing people, and then I’ll agree to put you down.”
She sheepishly nods, so I then swiftly bring her down and towards me.
“Natasha, my darling, you’re going to need to calm down for me.” I gently coo, as I set her down, and she runs over to me.
“Tony, don’t even think of shooting at Natasha or Wanda ever again! That’s no start to rekindling anything with me. You’ll have to remember that these women have been my safety net. They nursed me back to health, and have been my main sources of happiness and love since I got here. You hurt them just as much as you did me, if not more than… My initial forgiveness, doesn’t equal theirs, and this was the wrong way to go about it. You do in fact owe them both apologies, genuine ones, so maybe think about that.”
“Nugget, I’m sorry..” He sighs,
“Yeah, I hear that, maybe show it instead.”
“Reach back out once you’re ready to apologize to them as well, I’m feeling extremely overwhelmed by all of this so this is goodbye for now.” I conclude, dragging the women at my sides out the doors, and letting him down as we exit.
“Detka, I’m so sorry… It’s just when I saw him touching you it took me back to the last time. I just saw red, and I didn’t even consider anything positive could’ve come from him being there.” She whispers against my neck, as she pulls me closer to her.
I roll over in our bed to face her, nuzzling my face into her neck, and placing gentle kisses atop her collarbones.
“No need to apologize moya lyubov’, you’re actually really hot when you’re in protective mode…”
She swiftly rolls me to my back, moving to straddle my hips, as she smirks down at me.
“Yeah? Well, you speaking Russian’s equally as hot.” She groans, as she leans down to place a needy kiss to my lips.
“Hey! It seems you’ve both forgotten that I’m here for movie night” Wanda shrieks in disgust, as we look to see her lying across the end of our bed.
“Sorry Wands.” I giggle out.
“I’m not!” Natasha deadpans, and I simply pull her down into my chest to stifle her ability to speak.
“I’m sorry too Y/N/N, I just can’t forgive him just yet, but I can try for you.” Wanda sincerely states, as she rolls over to face me.
Natasha chooses to take this moment of peaceful silence, and completely ruins it, as she playfully motorboats me.
“Alright, I’m out of here!” Wanda gags out, standing abruptly, and moves to leave the room. Not before she throws Natasha to the ground with her powers though.
“That’s it, I’m evicting her..” Natasha growls as she climbs back on top of me, and cuddles close.
“No, you’re not… You started it.” I giggle out, while pulling her incredibly close.
“Yeah, and I’ll finish it tomorrow.” She lightly threatens, as I can hear her succumbing to her exhaustion.
“I love you, Natty.” I whisper, while kissing the crown of her head, and pulling the blanket onto us.
“I love you too, detka. So very much..” She tiredly mumbles.
I lie there, watching as her lips remain parted as her breaths even out. I fall asleep shortly after, feeling a lot lighter after the events of today. It seems like everything is starting to fall into place.
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eustasssimp · 9 months ago
Christmas Light Viewing
I greatly enjoy driving around looking at xmas lights this time of year so *gestures wildly* here's that but op style
I've been working on this for days and decided to break up some of the smut I've been posting with some goddamn fluff
Sanji, Kid, Franky, Luffy, Marco, Thatch x GN reader (separate) SFW (modern AU, alcohol mention in Kids) Prompt: Driving around and looking at christmas lights wc: 2.4k (wow i went ham)
Tumblr media
- This man would be elated to act as your chauffeur and drive you both around, looking at the lights in the night.
- I can see the chef enjoying holidays because of all of the opportunities to cook that would arise, and this would be no exception.
- With a swift kiss after he got out of bed, the man would be in the kitchen all day preparing for the dinner you two would share as you toured the houses.
- As for other preparations, he would let you plan the route, no neighborhood or light show too far for this man to drive to. For you, he would drive around the world twice to make you happy.
- He decided a soup would be the best for dinner, something to warm your belly just as much you warm his heart. He secretly spent hours and hours perfecting a new recipe just for that night (it would soon become your favorite soup, and one that’s often brought out for special occasions)
- When you bring him your itinerary, he’s over the moon! It’s actually happening!
“Oh, Y/N-chan it’s perfect!” He would envelope you in a hug, twirling you around and unable to contain his glee. “It’ll be such a lovely evening.”
- After doting on you and singing your praises for a while, it would be back to soup for Chef Sanji.
- The actual car ride would be just wonderful. Sanji would be attentive to every reaction you have, slowing down to a stop whenever you come across lights that makes your smile widen even the tiniest bit more.
- You pull over to a stop when you get to one of those houses with a light show (like this). I could see him wanting to move to the back seat so he can hold you, since he can’t have you comfortably sit in his lap in the car, but it would be your choice whether you do or not.
- During the show, his eyes would be on you. Watching every reaction with such a tender adoration that you can feel his love just radiating towards you. He would watch every taste of soup you take, ask you how you like it. Was it too creamy? Not enough salt? He wanted to know how he could make it absolutely beyond perfect for you.
- Expect a lovesick, cuddly Sanji (hc here!) by the time you get home. He’d have his head in your lap, whining about how far you were from him the whole time, even though you sat literally a foot away from him in the passenger seat.
Tumblr media
- He would agree to go, only to brag about how he could make a better light set up than them. Like, this man would deadass bring a fucking note book to keep track of houses and set ups that he would have to out do next year
- He doesn’t like Christmas, but he DOES like competing with people in the neighbor hood to have the best decorated yard (in his mind you two win every year because he makes all of your things. Seriously, don’t you DARE bring home store bought decorations.)
- When you bring up the idea to look at lights together, he jumps on it instantly.
“FUCK yeah, let’s go see what shitty lights people got up this year.” Kid grabs your arm, dragging you to the door the second you bring up Christmas lights.
“Eustass, it’s 2pm, no one will have their lights on.”
“Yeah, cause they’re WEAK” like baby no the sun is out
- he would be one of those people to deck their car out too, like absolutely cover it in Christmas lights so he can be a constant show off.
- No hot cocoa for you two, but he’s a big fan of spiked eggnog. Emphasis on the SPIKED
“Kid, don’t drink and drive.”
“What, I can’t have fuckin’ eggnog?”
“There’s at least four shots of spiced rum in that and you know it.” He’d shut you up by leaning over, grabbing your jaw, and kissing the daylights out of you.
“See you’re not complaining about dangerous driving when I do that.” he will smirk the entire time after, especially seeing the lipstick he smeared on his lips.
- If you asked him to paint your nails red before, you know for the *Holidays*, he’d grumble and complain about it, but sure enough you wouldn’t sit your ass in the car until you had perfectly manicured nails. If you teased him about it in the car, he’d make something up about how he didn’t want you making a fuss the whole time, and it was just to get you to shut up, but secretly he loves it when you ask him to paint your nails.
- Might even do holiday makeup on you too
“Kid, we aren’t going to get out of the car, no one is even gonna see-“
Kid shushed you abruptly, his hand on your jaw tightening a bit while he concentrated on winging your eyeliner. “If we’re doing this then we’re going to let people know that we’re the best AND the hottest people in this damn neighborhood. We’ve got them beat and we got to crush them in every goddamn way we can.”
“There’s that Christmas spirit everyone talks about…”
- over all, it would be chaotic, it would be crazy, be he’d be damned if he didn’t make sure you had a good time.
Tumblr media
- He thinks it’s a suuuperrrr idea!!!!
- as soon as you entertained the idea of going and looking at Christmas lights together, he would have found away to line the rim of his car with lights of their own. He wants to be a light show just as much as he wants to look at light shows with you.
- Would should you all the cool features in his car on the way to the best neighborhoods
- hidden cup holders, hidden snack cubbies, headed seats, he fixed his car to have the works. Anything you need, he has and is MORE than excited to show you.
- as soon as you offhandedly mentioned it, he would spring into action, modifying his car to be the Ultimate Christmas Vehicle.
- He would be similar to Kid, but with actual christmas spirit. He'd wear a santa coat, maybe a hat, and would make gifts for everyone in the neighborhood.
- Franky would definitely make up his own funky Christmas tunes that he'd sing, and he'd teach you the words so you could sing along too
- He likes going and touring the neighborhood lights partly because he helps everyone put their lights up. He'd tell you stories while you drive, christmas music softly playing as he tells his tales about all the families he helped.
"Oi, oi see that roof?" Franky slows the car down, his hand patting your thigh gently, "That's where that older couple lives, the old man was gonna go on the roof!" He laughs, shaking his head at the thought. "Imagine, a man that old gettin' on a roof that high?"
- He'd chuckle to himself again before moving on to the next house and onto the next story, his hand squeezing your thigh whenever he gets to a part that he's particularly excited about
Tumblr media
- like Kid, he would run out the door the second you bring up the idea.
“Luffy it’s 10am I obviously meant TONIGHT”
- You would drive, the poor guy would be too entranced with the lights to keep his eyes on the road. For all parties involved, it would be best if you drove.
- He wouldn’t want a plan, is a little too okay just driving off into the night to see what houses you could find. Luckily for the both of you, you would make a mental map of good places to go.
- He would make it hard to stick to your map, though.
“Y/N GO DOWN THERE!” Luffy would yell it so last minute that you could barely make the turn.
“Did you see a house?” He said that he did, and although it wouldn’t be a lie (it's a neighborhood of course there are houses), he’d want to go down there bc he could smell a roast ham or something from one of the houses
- you should probably eat before, because even though he would bring plenty of snacks for the trip, there wouldn’t be many for you to eat. He would try to share, he really would, but we all know how Luffy is with food.
- He would point out all the cool lights, the inflatables, be as entranced as a kid in a candy store with the whole thing. Would probably want to go more than once in the season to see if any houses add any lights as the month goes on.
Tumblr media
-It would take a little convincing to get him to agree, he wouldn't quite understand why you want to go just for a drive.
- But, seeing you deflate ever so slightly when he didn't mimic the same excitement you had quickly turned him around on the idea. He loves seeing you happy, and if that was would make you happy, he'd more than want to do it.
- He would be the best, sweetest chauffeur with you. Would go through planning a route with you, making honest suggestions about what neighborhoods he thinks would have the best lights.
"Oh, how about here, yoi?" Marco taps his finger on your phone screen, showing you a neighborhood you'd never been to before. "I've some house calls there, there would definitely be some nice lights."
- Poor old sap wouldn't be able to help but lovingly kiss your forehead when your eyes light up from the excitement you felt because of his participation.
- He would ask Thatch if he could prepare some food for the way, or plan a nice dinner at home for before you two embark. Thatch would tease him about driving to look for christmas lights when he has so much work to do.
"Doctor stuff going so bad that you've got freetime?" Thatch laughs at his own jab, nudging his friend.
"Hm," Marco hums, taking the joke Thatch made a little too seriously, "If you'd seen the look on their face when they asked me yoi, you wouldn't have able to say no either." (The chef would get shut up over how cute Marco's subtle way of doting over you was and immediately start planning the most romantic dinner he could think of)
- Marco would insist on driving so you could keep all of your focus on the pretty lights, but would make you promise to point out the best houses to him. He wasn't super into the idea at first, but it grows on him as the day goes on and by the time the evening comes, he is excited to see the lights too.
- While you guys are driving around, soft Christmas music playing in the background, his hand would find its home on your thigh, squeezing or rubbing it every so often
Tumblr media
- When you offered up the idea to Thatch, he'd hit you with a *wink* and say "I'll do ya one better, sugar."
- Your curiosity would be peaked the next couple of days, wondering what the chef had in mind. You'd catch him on his laptop, only for him to quickly shut the lid so you wouldn't spoil the surprise.
"Hey now love," Thatch tuts from his seat at the desk, closing his laptop as you walk over to him, "Isn't promising you'll see all the lights you could ever want and more enough?"
"But Thaatch," You drag his name out longer than needed, swinging your legs over his to straddle his lap, "It was my idea in the first place, don't I get a clue?"
He'd chuckle, running his big hands over arms and wrapping them around your waist, smiling even more when you wrap your arms around his neck, "I see what you're doing, sweet pea, but it ain't gonna work." Pressing a kiss to your nose, he lets you stay on his lap for a while, "I promise you'll have a grand time, sweetheart."
- Although you'd get close, he wouldn't spoil the surprise early because he was too eager to see your reaction to his plan.
- It turns out, he found the cutest winter wonderland famers market combination not too far from where you both lived.
- He would make sure you dressed warmly enough, bringing his signature homemade hot cocoa to help keep you warm while you both wandered through the stalls, looking at all the cute homemade knickknacks and holiday trinkets people were selling.
- Thatch would love watching you look through everything, and when he saw your eyes linger on some handmade glass flowers, he would make sure to buy you one when you weren't looking
- Might get a little side tracked asking for recipes or talking food with the vendors, but he doesn't let go of your hand the whole time and you like seeing him so passionate and friendly with everyone
- if he sees you getting cold, he'll wrap his scarf around your neck, stopping in the middle of everyone to make sure you're bundled up properly.
Thatch glances down towards you when he feels you shiver against him. "Cold, sugar?" Not giving a chance to answer (he knows you'd deny it), he pulls his scarf off from around his neck, taking a step in front of you. "Hold still love, this'll warm you up for sure."
- He'd make the cutest face as he concentrated on making sure the scarf was tied just right. People would stare as they walked by, but his eyes were only on fixing that scarf you
- Just as you started to wonder if he forgot that you wanted to see christmas lights, Thatch would guide you over to a little gazebo, where there was already candles, a table setting, and box that was no doubt full of food he had prepared earlier.
"Merry Christmas, darling." Thatch only let go of your hand when you reached the table, pulling out your chair and gesturing you to sit.
- Soft christmas music would be playing all during dinner, and the two chat it up like it was your first date all over again.
- When dinner was over, Thatch would ask you to stay seated, a smirk on his face. His surprise? He designed and arranged for your own private viewing of a Christmas light show and tree lighting ceremony.
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troubled-tums · 4 months ago
Hi! I've read your post about a reserved person who tries to hide the tummy troubles, and it is definitely what has happened to me once.
I had to rent an apartment with 3 my colleges in Prague. Of course we decided to eat out and stufed ourselves with very tasty but fatty meat and dark beer.
I understood it was too much for me long before we came back to our apartment. My stomach felt very uncomfortable and bloated. Firstly, I tried to pass some gasses to ease the tension in my bowels, but it did't work out. Luckily, we were already close to our district, when my tummy started cramping. I wanted to take off my belt and unbutton my trousers so that I could rub my belly, but we were in a taxi together, so I decided to wait.
When we finally came to the apartment, the stomachache was unbearable, so I almost run into the bathroom to spend about 15 minutes there, having an unstoppable diarrhea. At least I had enough time to put my arms around my belly to ease the pain.
However, it didn't fully subside, and I had to act as if everything is ok untill the end of the evening, when my colleges had fallen asleep, so that I could comfortably go to the toilet again.
Hiding a stomach pain really sucks. have you been through such situations?
Wow, what a story! I really enjoyed reading that. Feel free to submit/ask things anytime - it was a good tale! The moment I saw fatty meat and dark beer, I knew what was coming. Grease and beer is a recipe for the shits, for sure. You poor thing.
I’ve been in a similar situation. Yesterday, I started getting stomach cramps while I was in a meeting. It was a Zoom meeting, but I was at the office. When the cramps started, I couldn’t tell whether it was going to be diarrhea or not since I hadn’t eaten anything bad that day. I curled my toes super tightly and continued, because I couldn’t leave the meeting. There was no way I could rub or even hold my belly either without others knowing. I had to wait until the break, then I ran to the toilet. It was definitely diarrhea. The moment I sat down, I kind of let go and everything just poured out. Guess my belly was upset due to the spicy food I’d had the previous day. The worst part was that it was still cramping, so I had to spend a few more minutes sitting and pushing while rubbing my upset belly to get some relief.
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wombtotombx · 5 months ago
Can you please do a one shot about Tony noticing Riff’s feelings towards Allie?
I've gotten a couple of requests like this one so I'll write separate one-shots for them!Also, it's only been two days since Chapter 12 was posted. I'm trying to fill the gaps between chapters with a one-shot about halfway through, so you can probably do the math on when Chapter 13 might be posted (aiming for Friday night!)
Thanks for all the kind words on everything so far, and hope you guys enjoy this one! If you're interested in being on the HC and one-shot tag list or the chapter tag list, please let me know (I'm keeping them separated for now)!
“How many potatoes do ya think we actually need?”
Riff scratched his head as he watched his best friend hold up two large, brown potatoes, one in each hand.
“I dunno, how many does Allie usually get? There’s lotsa butter and cream and stuff right?”
“We shoulda asked her for the recipe before we got here,” Tony remarked, frowning at the various potatoes in front of him. “Is everyone comin’?”
Riff counted in his head for a moment. “I think so. All the guys, and girlfriends and Allie, so…close to twenty?”
Tony held up one out to Riff, his palm fully encircled around the produce. “Eight should be enough, right? They’re pretty big.” 
“Yeah that sounds right.”
The Jets were celebrating a birthday tomorrow night, and while they normally treated the birthday boy to some stolen booze and cigarettes - maybe a hamburger or two - the girls had insisted that they do a proper celebration as Diesel turned eighteen. 
They had organized a potluck dinner of sorts to be held at the Wyzek apartment - the girls insisted they’d do all the cooking for it as long as the boys stayed out of their way while they made the food. It was nice, having a wholesome gathering of sorts for all the gang to look forward to, and it helped ease some of the brewing tensions with the Bishops. Not to mention, most of the girls were pretty damn good cooks.
Allie, being her typical overachieving self, had volunteered to make a number of dishes for the event. She had a soft spot for Diesel, given that Mamie was one of her closest friends, and she and Riff had originally set up the pair. She’d jumped at the opportunity to make her late mother’s famous mashed potatoes, and had also volunteered to bake a cake and whip up some strawberry lemonade that Riff and Tony certainly planned on spiking as soon as it was served.
It was all-in-all a great idea that Riff was most definitely looking forward to, with one exception - Tony had told Allie she could go out for the night, leaving the boys the responsibility of purchasing the igredients she needed. Grocery shopping had always been Allie’s responsibility since her mother had passed away, and needless to say, the two boys were absolutely clueless as they navigated the small market that evening.
“We shoulda just let Allie do it,” Riff commented as he watched Tony carefully pick out the largest potatoes from the pile.
Tony shrugged, tossing one to Riff to place in a small mesh grocery bag. “Yeah, but I figured she could do with a night off.”
“Ya think so?” Riff replied, careful to keep the bitterness from peeking through.
“I feel kinda bad about it all, makin’ fun o’ her boyfriend and stuff all the time in front of her, ya know? Figured I’d loosen the leash a lil bit.”
“I just can’t believe yer okay with her bein’ alone with him,” Riff remarked, placing the last of the potatoes in the bag. “Especially with the Bishops and all.”
Things had been heating up with the rival gang, and it’d only been a week since Riff had stumbled upon Allie being harassed by two of them. He’d promised her that he wouldn’t tell Tony - and he’d kept his word - in exchange that she do her best to keep out of harm’s way, and allow Riff to escort her to and from her jobs at the precinct and at Doc’s. 
Although she’d initially been reluctant to give up her perceived freedoms, she seemed to have warmed up to the idea, and Riff couldn’t deny that their regular walks were the highlights of his day. He always looked forward to their various conversations, and he’d caught himself multiple times trying to reach for her hand - luckily, he’d stopped himself just in time.
“I made sure it was a double date. Plus, no Bishop in their right mind is gonna attack a councilman’s kid. She’ll be safe ‘round him.”
“I dunno what she sees in him,” Riff muttered to himself as the two of them walked towards the dairy section, his voice echoing a little more loudly than he’d intended.
He noticed Tony crook his head to the side as he eyed the butter options.
“Ya not tellin’ me somethin’?”
Riff froze as he turned to face his best friend. “Whaddya mean?”
Tony narrowed his eyes, before picking up a few sticks of butter and tossing them to him. Riff tried his best to keep a neutral expression as he placed them in the bag, with just a hint of confusion to maintain his innocence.
“Yer gettin’ awfully worked up about Allie’s boyfriend.”
“Last time I checked, ya didn’t like him either, Tones.”
“I’m her brother, I’m allowed to be protective. And I just think she’s too young to be movin’ too fast, I don’t got any issues wit’ James as a person now. Other than that he seems borin’ as hell.”
“Right, ‘cuz I haven’t known and lived with her basically my whole life,” Riff replied sarcastically. “I obviously wouldn’t have an opinion on who she’d be datin’.”
Tony’s eyes seemed to soften as he realized what he’d unintentionally implied. “Ya know I didn’t mean it like that.”
Riff shrugged. At least this lline of questioning seemed to be over. 
“It’s just, well, Grazi’s said some things.”
Or maybe not.
“Grazi said some things?”
Tony laughed dismissively as he ran a hand through his hair. “She’s just mentioned a couple times that she thinks ya might have feelings for Al, is all.”
Riff stiffened. “Grazi don’t know shit. Just makin’ up some stupid girl shit again.”
“I mean, she’s usually pretty observant.”
“She’s also often full’a bullshit.”
“Oh, c’mon. She made a couple points, ‘bout how yer always makin’ sure Allie’s okay, checkin’ on her before the other girls. Pissed ‘bout her boyfriend.”
Damn it, Grazi.
“Didn’t realize that was a crime.”
“She ain’t sayin’ it is, she just thought maybe there was somethin’ more drivin’ it.”
“Maybe Grazi’s jealous she ain’t gettin’ enough attention,” Riff quipped.
Tony ignored his last statement. “But yer right, she’s probably just makin’ stuff up. And that’s what I told her, that Allie’s like a baby sister to ya. Of course she’s gonna be more important to ya than the other girls. And there ain’t no way in hell yer interested in all her annoyin’ crap.”
“I can barely make it listenin’ to her when I walk her to Doc’s.”
Tony paused for a moment before looking at Riff curiously. 
Riff’s chest tightened as he’d realized he’d said too much in his attempt to refute the truth, caught in a web he’d accidentally spun. “I walk her to Doc’s sometimes and stuff,” he managed out, keeping the context vague.
“For what?” Tony’s voice was more curious than suspicious, but Riff couldn’t help but feel like there was a spotlight on him.
“Well, she doesn’t feel safe with everythin’ goin’ on with the Bishops,” Riff lied. “So I’ve been walkin’ her back and forth from her jobs so she’s got a Jet with her.”
“I could’ve walked her.”
Riff picked up a carton of heavy cream. “She prolly assumed you were busy walkin’ Graziella. And she knows I don’t really got a schedule.”
Tony nodded. He believed Riff - he couldn’t imagine his rowdy, troublemaking best friend having feelings for Allie, of all people. Not only was she his little sister, which he’d made explicitly clear made her off limits to all Jets, she was like Riff’s complete opposite. The two of them had never seen eye-to-eye for as long as they’d known each other, and Riff was about as far as one could be from her current boyfriend. She wasn’t anything like the girls he’d pursued, either.
Still, when Graziella had placed the thought in his head, that maybe there was something going on between the two of them, he hadn’t been able to deny it one-hundred-percent. Tony and Allie’s parents had been opposites, after all.
His best attempt to make sense of the situation was to think back to when they were young, when Allie had so clearly had a crush on Riff. She’d followed him and Tony around like a puppy, even when the two of them had told her to get lost. Maybe that crush had continued longer than anyone had originally thought, and Riff was just being the same as he’d been back then - too nice to reject her, willing to go along with her annoying demands if that was what made her happy.
Yeah. That made more sense.
“If she’s worried ‘bout the Bishops, I wish she woulda just have talked to me ‘bout it,” Tony remarked.
“Ya know Allie, she don’t wanna admit she’s scared,” Riff chuckled, thankful that the conversation had finally taken a turn. “Besides…yer the one who’s her brother.”
As it turned out, eight potatoes was certainly not enough to make mashed potatoes for some twenty teenagers. 
“You guys are absolute idiots,” Allie chastised as she kicked her heels off by the front door, frowning at the boys. They were holding up the groceries they’d picked up earlier that evening, displaying them with pride to show that they had in fact gone grocery shopping on their own.
“Eight? You thought eight potatoes was going to be enough to feed twenty people?”
“Ya shoulda given us a recipe, then,” Tony huffed, dropping the potatoes onto the kitchen counter. “How were we supposed ta know?”
“Use your damn eyes! Diesel could put down four potatoes on his own in a matter of minutes!”
“That’s what we thought the butter and cream was for!”
Riff couldn’t stop himself from laughing. In hindsight, there was no way a few sticks of butter, some cream, and eight potatoes was going to be enough for the entire gang. 
Allie sighed in exasperation. “I’ll have to go shopping again tomorrow morning.”
“Well, I ain’t goin’ wit’ ya,” Tony commented, clearly annoyed with the situation, as he headed back towards his room.
Riff watched as Allie walked over closer to where he was standing by the counter, scanning the remainder of the items. They’d at least remembered to pick up some flour for the cake she was baking, but they weren’t sure how much she needed, so they went with the bigger sized container. By the scrunch of Allie’s nose, they’d clearly picked the wrong one. And they’d completely neglected to buy strawberries - it’d just be regular lemonade now.
“You guys are ridiculous,” Allie giggled, the familiar hum of her voice warming the room.
“We’ll try ta do better next time, teacher.”
“Absolutely hopeless.”
Riff smirked. “Well, sorry ya gotta go back to the market. We tried our best, I swear.”
Allie giggled again. “To be honest, I had figured I probably have to as soon as Tony offered to go shopping for me.”
Riff chuckled as he headed down towards the hallway to Tony’s room. He truly did feel a little bad that they hadn’t succeeded in the one thing they’d promised they’d do for her as she enjoyed a night out.
He turned back around before he got to Tony’s door. “Do ya need an escort for tomorrow? If yer goin’ shoppin’ again.”
“I don’t know if I ever needed one, that was your call,” Allie pointed out.
Riff stopped himself from saying something snarky. Deep down, he knew Allie still hated the fact that he insisted on walking her, even if he’d convinced himself over the last week that she enjoyed the walks as much as he did. 
The hesitation caught in his throat disappeared, however, as Allie made eye contact with him, flashing a sweet smile, a twinkle in her eyes.
“But yeah, I’d like that.”
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katelyn-danger · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Been a while since I cooked anything properly, but this is a cake recipe I'm working on. Sour cream birthday cake with a strawberry reduction buttercream frosting.
The crumb is amazing, but I need to make more batter, and maybe add more leavener. The original recipe called for buttermilk, which i swapped for sour cream so it's denser.
Once I've worked out the kinks, I'll post the recipe for y'all
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hoofae · 3 months ago
Hi, Hoof! ❤️
Can I bother you for some of your favorite hcs? Maybe some relating to Port's relationship with the other luso nations? Anything really ❤️
Hi cakes <3
Sorry for replying so late! This topic is not something I've explored a lot. So it gave me some thinking to do. It’s not incredibly organized but hey \o/
I like to think his relationship with luso nations is mostly positive nowadays. But of course it wasn't always so. Port may have had severe attachment issues despite trying to play it cool every time one of them decided to "storm out the door". Because that's what it felt like to him. 'Oh so you're leaving, then. Fine.'🙄  When in reality we all know he felt like shit for a while. He tried to keep his kids close to the very end of the 20th century (1999 with Macau!) always believing he was in the right. Think a little, Port. ;;;; I know living under a past glorifying dictatorship for so long did not help. Fortunately I think his mind started to clear near the 60s and since then he's been trying his utmost best to undo his wrongs even if he knows it’s not totally possible and that he'll never be 100% forgiven. He accepts this and moves on.
On a lighter note, he loves all of the luso nations equally but he likes to say Macau is his favourite because it makes Brazil pout melodramatically. You don't see any of the others have this reaction. He's just messing with you Lu. He's going to squeeze your cheeks next! I think he's one of those dads... he trolls too much and thinks his dad humour is incredible and understandable by everyone. What's a generational gap? If you don't think it's funny then he's happy to laugh at his own jokes.
Yes he messes with them but he's also very proud of their growth. I don't buy him being insecure about their achievements in comparison to his. He knows he's old and it's their time to shine now. He's very supportive! And very caring. He keeps in touch often.
He has a lot of respect for Angola. She has centuries of knowledge and life experience on him (he knows she can deck him without breaking a sweat 🙃) Tbh I'd love to hear these two chatting about whatever topic because they're both so wise. Port is also happy to be schooled.
They ALL make fun of his accent. He replies by showing them a different one every time it happens or just laughs it off. One time he changed to Brazilian Portuguese mid sentence (he's very good with accents and languages in general) and it was so seamless that everyone just. 🧍 
Luci still said it was terrible. Actually so cringe. 🤢
If there is one topic that everyone can agree on is that the food is amazing at any of their places. Not a single bad cook in this family. They pass recipes around all the time.
I want to read fic where Port and Cape Verde go surfing together. Or sailing. Or fishing. I know this seems so very specific but. 🥺 They both love the sea so much. I think it'd be adorable. I also think it's one of his favourite vacation spots.
And speaking of Portugal and Cape Verde, I want to believe Fado and Morna are connected in some way. Not sure how. They're both eerily similar in their melancholy. (I had a boyfriend that was Cape Verdean and I remember theorizing about this topic aaa) This video explains it pretty well. It’s in portuguese, though. Maybe they can sing sad songs together. ;v;
Mozambique is used to Port just straight up showing up unannounced and it's because he wants to see the elephants. He won't even say hi first noooo. He's so eager to get trampled first thing in the morning. His obsession with the animals is weird ok. Old man found half dead at the Gorongosa national park. Squashed by a baby elephant and its angry mom. /SIGH which hospital is he at this time. I thought it was Cape Verde's turn to have him this year.
...AAAND I want to talk about all the other luso nations too but I’ll have to try and remember more headcanons so I think maybe I'll keep adding to this post overtime! Thanks for the ask I love answering questions about Port (and the nations that he cares about the most <3)
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