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littleredstrawbery · 1 month
How do you sleep at night?
Just my headcanons on the demon brother’s sleeping habits <3 enjoyyyy
When he’s sleeping on his own, he sleeps in the very centre of the bed, on his back. He goes to bed in that position and wakes up in that position.
I partially say that because I think it’s funny, and partially because he has trouble sleeping, and he lays awake for hours sometimes before he goes to bed, and as he lies awake he stares at the ceiling of his bedroom. He definitely finds it difficult to turn his brain off, and he can’t stop stressing about his brothers and his work :(
He finds it much easier to sleep with MC in the bed. Somehow they calm him down and it allows him to relax :)
He sticks to one side of the bed and still lies on his back (psychopath) but he likes it when MC lies next to him and he’ll sometimes put an arm around them and pull them into his side.
He understands having your own space though, so some nights it’s just a goodnight kiss, lights off, and sticking to your own sides all night. He doesn’t mind either way though.
He moves around a lot in his sleep. Quite often he wakes up to see his duvets on the floor, which is annoying because he doesn’t like having to make his bed.
He snores AND he talks in his sleep; once Levi and Asmo hid a phone with a sleep talk recorder app by his bed and they listened back to it in absolute hysterics.
Most of it was snoring, the occasional fart, and then the rest of it was him incoherently muttering and mumbling about a variety of topics. Some of it was about money (they heard ‘Goldie’ quite a bit) of course lots of it was about MC (they did not hesitate to tease him about this) and then there were also a couple mentions of his brothers.
He would be annoying af to sleep in the same bed as. He’s SUPER clingy, like you go to bed and he’s wrapped around you like a koala (it’s kinda cute tbf) but then you wake up at 3am and he’s snoring obnoxiously loudly into your ear. You can’t get him off though, so you’ll just have to deal with it lol.
You don’t mind it too much though, because somehow he helps you sleep better than you ever have. Somehow you both slept in until 13PM once (Lucifer was not happy) but it’s because his bed is so comfy (and so is he)
This man sleeps in a bathtub.
He has back issues - serious back issues like he is a gamer AND he sleeps in a bathtub (sorry I’m not getting over that) so that gives him something else to complain about at breakfast
Other than the bathtub thing, he sleeps pretty normally. He does go to bed pretty late though, and his sleep schedule is a bit all over the place. Somehow it doesn’t affect him that much though (he lives off of sugary energy drinks- doesn’t like coffee that much)
He doesn’t really like sharing the bed with people, as he prefers his own space (clearly- bathtub???) but he doesn’t mind sharing with MC.
He does stick to his side of the bed and if you want any physical intimacy you’d have to initiate it yourself, because he’s never sure whether he should or not. Overall he’s nice to sleep with if you like personal space.
Again, terrible sleeping schedule. He reads, what do you expect? He does sleep pretty normally though, apart from sleep talking occasionally.
However he is the type to keep books at the end of his bed, piling them up and up until one day he pulls his duvet over him a little sharply, and he hears a loud crashing sound as all of the books go tumbling to the floor (yes I am basing this off of my own experiences)
He is almost ideal to share a bed with. He has no annoying sleeping habits and is happy to keep to himself or spoon, whatever you prefer.
However, he still stays up reading even when you want to go to bed; like it’s 12AM and you’re tired, but when you ask him to turn the lamp off and put his book away, it’s ‘Yeah, just let me finish the chapter, okay? and then 30 minutes later he’s still reading.
He also refuses to move the books at the end of the bed, even at your request. ‘I want to know which ones I’m reading though!’ ‘Write a list or something!’ ‘This way is easier though.’ He was pretty annoyed when you put them all away on his shelves, but he forgave you pretty quickly after you took him to a cat cafe.
He has a long skin-care, hair-care, everything-care night routine- but he is a normal sleeper. Mostly.
He takes his beauty sleep very seriously, and always gets 10 hours of sleep. This is hard to maintain with his party habits, but he manages somehow.
He prefers sleeping with someone else than on his own (of course) especially if that someone is MC.
He is extremely clingy, like next level. It gets annoying sometimes, but he says that he can’t help it when he’s asleep!
Even when you go to sleep on separate sides of the bed, for example if you’ve had a fight, you’ll wake up to him tucked into your side, arms wrapped around you. It’s so cute you almost forgive him for using up the extra expensive shampoo you had just bought (for yourself!) all in one go.
His bed is filled with crumbs and stuff because he eats in his bed all the time, so that’s a bit gross.
Other than that he sleeps relatively normally. He gets up in the middle of the night quite often, as he gets really hungry and has to get a snack from the kitchen. Sometimes he even does this while sleepwalking, and he wakes up in front of the fridge so confused, poor boy :(
When sleeping with MC, he finds that he can ignore his hunger and he stops sleepwalking and waking up in the middle of the night :)
He doesn’t move around in his sleep a whole bunch, so he’s nice to hug as you fall asleep. Like a big teddy bear or smth
His whole personality is already sleeping what else is there to say
Jokes aside, he sleeps anywhere and everywhere, he doesn’t snore or sleep talk and is generally silent when he sleeps (creepy)
When he’s sleeping with MC he is extra clingy, literally he latched onto your side or arm or whatever and you can’t shake him off once he’s fallen asleep.
He’s a nightmare to get out of bed in the morning though, and you often have to literally pull him out of bed to wake him up.
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malleusfucker · 4 months
baking with beel
Tumblr media
warnings: smut/nsfw, beel being greedy, unprotected sex on the kitchen counter, size kink, belly bulge, creampie, reader is afab but no gender or pronouns are explicitly specified
yeah ngl this shit ended up being so fun to write like i wanted it to be short but i got carried away 😭 this is what happens when you’re horny over beel
words: 1.8k
(also this pic bruh... nah he gotta be pregnant)
~ baking with beel is always fun … said no one ever. 
whether it’s his careless actions that result in him accidentally breaking an entire bowl from how hard he whisked the cake mixture, or if it’s him just straight up devouring the raw ingredients before you even get a chance to heat them up! it’s all fun 👍
“what do you mean i can’t eat a raw egg? i heard it's good for you. oh it’s for the cake? oh.”
reality is … baking with beel is a goddamn nightmare, and especially for you, since you are usually always the one who has to deal with the consequences. and dear god there are many.
those particular consequences leave you sore and limp, sticky and in a complete mess. 
it always starts off playful and light - how baking should often be - with beel trying his utmost hardest to get the measurements right as his mind always tends to go to “bigger quantity = better”, being the avatar of gluttony, of course that’s expected. his hands shake as he carefully tries to pour a tablespoon of vanilla extract in the bowl, trying so hard to fight the urge to tip the entire bottle instead. bless him, he tries his best and even when he fails- it’s the thought that counts.
but when he does fail … sigh. better hope that all the brothers are out and that the door is shut because, the times that beel eventually feeds into his gluttonous side are the times you always think to yourself “why the fuck did i agree to bake with beel”
the tart was almost complete - burnt all the way through thanks to gordon ramsay not knowing he turned the heat to the maximum setting - but hey, it was edible. all that was left was the whipped cream and with the way beel’s mouth was drooling onto the counter, he was feeling more than peckish.
trying to get cream out of the bottle was always a pain in the ass - your knuckles whitening as you tried desperately to shake and squeeze some out of it, but to no avail. beel thought it would be a great time to step in and help you but knowing how damn greedy he is, not only would all the whipped cream be gone, but it would go along with the bottle due to how much his hunger was increasing. 
“hey let me get that-”
“no it’s fine, i’ve got it.”
“you look like you’re struggling, just let me-”
your back and forth bickering and snatching of the bottle would only result in what you could call an unfortunate fate, when all of a sudden-
cream right all over your face and neck.
“shit.” is what comes to your mind first as soon as you see the demon’s face towering above you. licking his lips, he steps towards you with eyes that could rival asmo's in their lust and hunger, along with giant hands that seem to be gravitating to your body. “beel… just let me wipe it off-” not even a sentence is able to be drawn out of your mouth before the demon is engulfing you, his long wet tongue licking stripes up your face, feeling the sweetness suddenly hit him as if it was ecstasy.
and that’s all it takes for his mind to vanish. his demeanour suddenly shifting to something even more insatiable than before, which to you, was fucking terrifying.
you trip and stumble as he presses his weight onto you with your back hitting the edge of the counter. feeling nothing but the sensation of his lips and tongue smothering you only made your head feel hot and dizzy.
it’s already way too much, and the fire hasn’t even been lit yet.
you want to push him away, you want to tell him to stop - but you physically can’t. his eager tongue finally found its way to yours, sloppily kissing and licking your lips with drool running down your chin and onto your neck.
god he’s always so messy.
he grips your thighs, pushing you up onto the counter as his kisses continue to drown you, his tongue overlapping with yours in such a greedy manner it almost makes you choke. 
“beel…someone’s gonna see us…” you muttered heavy breaths between kisses, his mouth soon being deterred from yours and finding your neck where he started to lap up the remainder of the cream like a new-born kitten. “mmm…don’t care.” he let out a low grunt, his hot breath fanning over your neck as his fingers slowly crept up your thighs, massaging the flesh.
unfortunately, beel doesn’t take things in moderation. meaning that once he feels that “hunger” in his gut, it’s going to take an army to try and reel him back in. and those scales have been more than tipped at that point. 
his impatient fingers found their way underneath your shorts; clawing and plucking at your underwear, feeling the bulge in his pants press against the counter as he continued to lean into you. as much as your mind insisted on pushing him away, your body thought otherwise - caving in as you felt your arousal drip inches from where beel’s fingers were. but any sane person would know that you can’t hide anything from the avatar of gluttony; his eyes widening and nose twitching as he felt the scent of your excitement blast his senses.
that hand that was sensibly nipping at your underwear had now ripped the entire thing off your body, along with your shorts, breathing heavily as he continued to assault your face and neck with his tongue. you gasped as a result of the cool air suddenly wafting over your bareness, hearing beel’s grunts get louder and more frequent only made you twitch and feel nervous. it seemed that beel would then mimic the instincts to that of an animal in heat, instantly pulling his sweatpants down to reveal his thick, aching cock - it practically begged for your attention with how flushed and hard it had gotten.
beel’s size was no joke. the way it pulsated and throbbed as he started to stroke it, seeing pre-cum drip and leak out of the fat tip made you gulp. he muttered inaudible apologies into your neck as he had already aligned himself against your entrance, licking and kissing your skin between words as if to make up for the agonising pain he was about to inflict upon you. and that pain was soon to become a reality. even knowing that there was no preparation beforehand, beel’s lust outweighed his guilt as he slowly slid his thick cock into you, drawing cries and pleads out of your lips as your body tensed up from the pain. he wanted desperately to kiss you, to praise and tell you how much he loved you - he would never in a million years think of ever hurting you, but it seemed like his mind was clouded by the sensation of you tightening and clenching around him as he started to sway his hips. you immediately wrapped your arms and legs around him, muffling your whines of pain as you cried into his neck. 
it hurt. badly.
you felt shockwaves fizz up your spine as he continued to pound you on the counter, lewd squelching sounds that could soon be heard as he started to grunt and growl, biting and drooling over your neck. 
beel was a demon after all. any humanity that continued to linger was soon out of the window as he sped up his pace, his giant cock poking and prodding at your cervix; it slightly bulging out of your stomach with each thrust.
it seemed as if it was a lightbulb moment for him as his violet eyes lit up, seeing the outline of his cock protruding from your tummy made those gnawing feelings of shame almost evaporate. 
he couldn’t take it. watching your small frame quiver and tremble against his, the way your hole continued to squeeze and milk him even as you felt yourself start to loosen up from the pleasure - it was all far too much for him. he slowly pressed his thumb onto the bulge in your stomach, mewling against your mouth as his face leaned in to kiss you. “haah, you’re so… tiny…” his words in combination with his thrusts made your stomach turn. that splitting pain that stung you so intensely to begin with started to fade, feeling it gradually being replaced with waves of pleasure as he continued to hit and pound every spot.
you arched your back in return to the pleasure that was beginning to flood over you as his hand slowly made its way down your body, lazily rubbing and massaging your clit in small circles. with his other hand tightening its grip on your thigh, he sank his claws into the flesh as he started to feel his climax rise - his thrusts getting sloppier and more erratic by the second. “fuck, beel…’gonna kill me-”
and it seemed like beel really was an animal in heat - being that if he was a dog, his tail would be pathetically wagging behind him as he was rutting desperately inside you, his tongue lolling out as he panted and heaved. “it feels too good…’can’t stop…” he felt his balls tighten as he carried on smacking his hips against yours, your moans being those of pleasure rather than of pain as you too felt your orgasm rapidly approach. he slid his hand under your thigh, propping your legs up even further up his waist so that could hit even deeper into you - not that he wasn’t already, feeling yourself practically get winded every time his huge cock slammed into you. 
drool and spit dribbled out of his open mouth, placing hot, wet kisses on your lips messily. “mmhh…fuck. ‘m close…can i cum inside you? please let me cum inside you...” his desperate and aching pleas made you melt onto the counter beneath you, burying your face into his, you muffled your moans with a kiss as you felt yourself cum suddenly around his cock. it seemed that just a final kiss was enough for him to completely burst; grunting as he unleashed and pumped copious loads of white cum into you, causing you to whimper as you felt him completely fill you up. your eyes rolled back with body twitching, feeling the way his cum oozed and dripped out of you as he frantically sought to ride out his high. 
he looked so cute. pathetic and quiet whimpers escaping his lips as he gently kissed your forehead, caressing your trembling thighs with his thumb as he eased his leaking cock out of you. “god beel… you made such a mess.” he pouted and carefully lifted your body off of the counter, preparing to shamefully carry you around for the remainder of the day as your legs were too weak to even stand. 
you exhaled and gave a soft kiss to his collarbones as he gently walked you towards his room while holding you in his strong arms.
and this is why baking with beel is always a terrible idea.
(and yes, he did go back and eat the tart.)
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imatomatodealwithit · 18 days
Tumblr media
I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long!
Some lil cuties
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Having a relationship with Beelzebub would include:
(Some of these are NSFW. Minors don't interact)
Forehead kisses
Size difference™️ Unless you're over 6'4 he's much taller than you
Wearing his shirts/hoodies for sleeping
Always trying out new exotic foods together, and visiting new restaurants
Cuddling against his chest. He also likes to be the big spoon. The Devildom can get rather cold, and he's your perfect personal heater.
Working out together
Cheering for him when he has Fangol games and hanging out with takeout after
He's big, so lube. Lots of lube. And lots of foreplay
We all know he likes using his mouth 👀 sometimes he likes to add flavored lube 👀👀
He gives the best hugs 🧡
Watching cooking shows. You always try to recreate the dishes but fail either bc Beel eats all the ingredients or you get distracted and end up making out
If you're feeling down, he wraps you around your favorite blanket, brings you snacks, and cuddles you until you feel like talking about what's bothering you
Author's note: felt like doing sweet relationship HCs. Why Beel first? Cause' I felt like it and he's one of my faves 🧡(also, not enough content for my babe). Doing the rest later
| Lucifer | Mammon | Leviathan | Satan | Masterlist
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Beel: Why would anyone want to punch Belphie?
Mc: Maybe they talked to him for longer than ten seconds.
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fanficsat12am · 3 months
telling the brothers they would look pretty with a ring I Beelzebub & Belphegor
Request: Hi, may i ask for a request where mc tells the demon brothers that they would look pretty with a ring? AN: IM BACK!! UGHHHHH I'm so sorry for the long wait, school is an absolute mess. I missed writing here so much y'all. I swear I'll try to post as much headcanons and dialogues as much as I can BUT I PROMISE YOU, NO MATTER HOW QUIET I MAY BE, IM STILL ALIVE❤️❤️
📜 𝙼𝙰𝚂𝚃𝙴𝚁𝙻𝙸𝚂𝚃!! 📜 Lucifer & Mammon Leviathan, Satan & Asmodeus
Now hear him out. He’s willing to eat literally anything. You’ve seen him eat things you had never imagined being eaten by a person—not that it was edible in the first place, but he’s done it.
He had just gotten finished with his monthly nail painting schedule with Asmo, and his hands looked absolutely fresh and pampered. You never really took notice of how strong yet delicate his hands looked. They were usually slathered in sauce for you to notice.
“Honey, have you ever tried a ring on before? Your hands are gorgeous”
Beel felt his heart flutter—a dumb smile forming on his face. He loved the idea of keeping something that made him feel like he was connected to you. Despite that, you both knew a ring with a gem on top would just look like a bedazzled onion ring to him.
Because of this, he decided to practice with some ring pops. Not even a whole day had passed, he had already eaten 6 pieces. The poor guy was really trying though. He wanted to have a legitimate matching ring with you that could last long, so he did.
This baby had practiced for so long that once he got the hang of not eating something for once, he immediately went out to buy some for the both of you.
You were in the kitchen preparing some food for Beel when he suddenly burst through the entrance wearing a huge smile on his face. He excitedly plopped down on one of the stools and extended his hand. On it laid a small box with a little bow on top. You opened it to find a ring in the shape of a spatula, kinda like SpongeBob’s. You were obviously confused and he said he wanted something he can remember you by, lifting his hand to show you his.
“I know it’s hard for me not to eat something like this, but I’ll really try! I want you to know that no matter what I eat, you’ll always be my one and only little chef <3.”
He made sure never to try and eat his despite it being so tempting. When he’s had a rough day, he’ll look at his ring and start getting back to his happy ol self—knowing he’ll get to see and hold you at the end of the day.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The both of you decided to have a picnic date underneath the stars in the planetarium. Despite his usual sleepy demeanor, he was excitedly pointing at each constellation he could find. He spoke about how each constellation had a story to tell, not of those you and other humans know from mythology and instead about how they told the story of the three realms. This obviously sparked your interest and asked plenty of questions…for the first part.
It’s not that you got bored or anything, it’s just that his finger looked so soft and supple. He continued, failing to notice your silence and just rationalizing it as you appreciating the stories. He was about to tell you more until you wordlessly took his hand in yours and admired it? He couldn’t really tell.
“Ya know, we should try putting a ring on this. Your finger would look great with one, Baby”
A small tint of pink would dust his cheeks with his signature grin. He looked at you with fondness while his mind spun with the different rings that could express his undying love for you. After a few hours, you both decided to call it a night and get back to your rooms before you get caught by Lucifer.
On your next date though, you were surprised to see Belphie pulling a box out of his pocket. You felt as if your heart was about to beat out of your chest, thinking he was about to propose or something. He noticed your panicked face and reassured you it wasn’t the case. He opened it to reveal a beautiful Little Dipper ring with tiny gemstones connecting to form the constellation. He placed it on your finger and it slipped in perfectly.
“You might not know this, but the Big Dipper and Little Dipper are said to represent how vast and endless one’s love and connection are. We were separated by two worlds but I know that no matter what lifetime or form we take, you are the one for me, my Little Dipper.”
”Does this mean I can call you Big D.”
He makes sure to always wear his, even when he goes to sleep at night. Whenever he’s out and the stars are nowhere to be seen, he looks down at his finger and knows that there’s always one star that shines through the dark and empty sky.
Tumblr media
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belphego-or · 2 months
Hi!! Can i get a belphegor and Beelzebub x thicc reader? SFW please, thank you for actually being able to write Beelzebub 🐏🐏🕊️🕊️🕊️🦅🦇🐙🐌🦋🐞🐝🪱🐛👐😭
sfw no gender is mentioned (they/them pronouns used) but reader is wearing a skirt/thigh highs sorry it's kinda short im writing this at 5am before college ;w; if its not what u want plz feel free to request again!
BELPHEGOR tugs at the socks that sit tight at the top of your thighs. He furrows his brows and his hand drops, letting out a sigh. "Why do you have to wear stuff like that to RAD?" he mumbles, frowning. "I don't want anyone else to see you like that."
"Does it look bad?" you question, tugging at your uniform skirt. All your tights and pants were in the wash, and Belphie was on laundry duty this week... You were sure Lucifer was going to make you pick up his slack during the week.
"Hmm? I think you look good," BEELZEBUB chimes in, a cupcake in hand. He sits at the edge of the bed, patiently waiting as you get dressed for school. Belphie is skipping, as always. Lucifer won't be too happy about that.
"You do look good," Belphie emphasises his words, "too good, though."
Beelzebub looks you over once more and furrows his brows. "I think Levi will go crazy."
"Mhm." The younger twin nods.
You blink. Once, twice. "Should I change or...?"
Beel presses his lips into a flat line. "No. You look great. Don't listen to Belphie."
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If you're not sexualizing the horrors of the world what's the point, really
- MC (obey me!) probably
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ci3n · 9 months
Tumblr media
characters: lucifer, mammon, beelzebub and belphegor
warnings: not proofread
a/n: this was such a cute request, will do a pt. two w the rest!
requested by anon | obey me masterlist
Tumblr media
you wanna put what on his hair?
you wanna put butterfly clips on his hair?
“please luci, you’ll look adorable”
will say no at first but after a little convincing he will eventually give in
loves it when you run your hands through his hair while doing it
“ok i’m done, you wanna see how it looks?”
“i’d rather no-” too late you’re already holding a mirror in front of his face
“c’mon lucifer, stop being such a grouch, you look so cute~” you giggle, pinching his cheeks, earning a glare from him.
he doesn’t necessarily like it but he also doesn’t wanna take them off cause you put them in his hair
will yell at his brothers if he hears any of them giggle
you wanna put… butterfly clips…on his hair?
there’s no way you’re putting butterfly clips on the great mammon’s hair
but he can’t say no to you especially when you look at him like that
so now he’s sitting there waiting patiently for you to put little clips on his hair
“ouch! what are ya doing, that hurts!”
“i told you not to move”
“i didn’t move!” he grumbles
“okay, I'm done, you look adorable!” you grin, pecking his cheeks.
“sh-shut up!”
he ends up keeping them on and telling everyone how his human put them on his hair and glaring at anyone who dares to laugh
the witches can’t take him seriously when he’s trying to haggle with little butterfly clips on his hair
he was eating when you came in and started running your hands through his hair
he let out a satisfied sigh, leaning into your touch
beel loved it when you played with his hair
“can i put these clips on your hair, please?” you hold out the colourful butterfly clips you found while on a shopping spree with asmo.
“sure” he smiles going back to his eating his snacks.
he ends up really liking them
he thinks they’re cute but more importantly you looked so happy after you put them on his hair and beel’s happy if you’re happy
another one who doesn’t take them off
kinda forgets about them until he’s getting ready to go to bed and hears belphie cackling at him
what do you think you’re doing?
good luck putting them on his hair
he says they’re stupid but then notices the pout on your face and gives in
“fine, if that’s what it takes for you to leave me alone”
that’s what he says but he’ll do anything to make you happy even if it means putting butterfly clips on his hair
falls asleep while you’re styling his hair with the clips
you end up taking a few pictures of him because he looked adorable
wakes up and forgets about them until he hears levi laughing at him which earns him a glare
beel compliments him on them
“thank you, mc put them on my hair, they’re not that bad i guess”
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated !!
Tumblr media
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nyx-after-hours · 3 months
Oh man how come I've never written car sex?
Beel x gn reader
Tw: car sex, semi-public, penetration (could be considered anal or vaginal), biting (as always), creampie,
After one of Beel's away games he's riled up and he doesn't want to go back home where his nosy brothers will butt in. It's so rare he gets you alone like this... He can't help it. He was watching how sexy you were in the stands cheering for him, he was thinking about you the whole game. When he scored that winning goal, that was for you, you know.
He leans over to kiss you and you meet him half way thinking it'll just be the usual chaste kisses. He pulls you in, his tongue between your lips before you could process. The soft sigh of surprise as you parted your teeth invites him to continue.
It was only minutes before he adjusted the driver's seat as far back as it would go, pulling you onto his lap. He kneads your body in all the right places, car windows fogging as the hot panting between kisses fills the air. You're both so desperate for each other.
You buck your hips against his hard cock, layers of fabric now feeling too restrictive. He helps you remove your top and you return the favor. Your bare back rises and falls as he nips at your skin, palming your sex through your pants. You urgently roll back to the passenger seat to remove them while he does the same.
The second you're naked, he pulls you back on top of him, his large cock throbbing with anticipation. He can't keep his lips off of you, your lips, your neck, your nipples all getting his attention while his hands stroke and prep you for his girth. You feel his cock tease your hole sending shivers up your spine.
When you're ready, he slowly inserts himself. Every ounce of his patience going to this moment, eager to fuck you senseless after a couple of gentle thrusts. It's not long before the car is bouncing at his pace. You have to brace yourself against the roof of the car to keep yourself from hitting your head.
Surely anyone passing by can figure out what's happening, although the parking lot was nearly empty last time you checked. Not that it matters- your brain is a jumble of pleasure, mewling for the Avatar of Gluttony as he rams into your hole. Each thrust hits your g-spot, bringing you closer to your orgasm too.
He chases his high as his lust takes over, something almost feral about the way his teeth sinks into your skin. Not enough to draw blood, just enough to tell you he's close. You're close too, his pace alone nearly sending you over the edge.
"Fill me up, Beel..." You whisper into his ear. He moans. It was almost as if you'd invoked the pact with how quickly you made him cum. His moans, his sweet orgasm was all you needed to push you over the edge too, sighing in relief as pleasure washed over you.
The two of you pant, looking at each other with adoration. There was a silence only lovers could share as you caught your breath.
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ranpohandholder · 4 months
“Where are you going?”
Obey Me Brothers (except Belphie) Angst
Warnings : Implied Drinking, Eating, neglect, just angst
Your words echo through the hallway, as he stood down there. His back was shielding himself from your eyes. The eyes that were begging him to not leave you alone another night, the eyes that seem to well up with tears that were threatening to spill over. The moon peeked through the windows, shining down on the both of you, but you guys were in completely different worlds. The night was not going to change, and it was going to let you be alone like any other.
“Leave me alone. I have to work on paper work again.” The voice was cold and harsh. But Lucifer couldn’t help it, his stacks of paperwork were building constantly. Mammon causing trouble was not helping to get the work done either. But he did not have time to warm the bed with you, to simply wrap his arms around you. As much as he would appreciate the warmth of your body, he had to work for it. He’ll just surprise you another night and maybe then he’ll be there. But not tonight, his footsteps continue onwards to the office that separates you and him again.
“Me? I’m goin’ to the casino to win!” The voice trumpets with determination. Mammon knew that it wasn’t right to leave you alone again. He knew but he can make it up later with the money he’ll get from the casino. He could take you both out again on a shopping spree, or a nice date. He could see the tears well up, but all he could do was wave and run out of the house. But it didn’t matter now because he’ll just cheer you up later, he’ll apologize and make it up with a new brand watch that sparkled back. As if it would fill the hole of loneliness that he swore not to cause.
“I’m going to play games again.” The voice was excited and cheery. Leviathan didn’t mean to leave you alone again, he just wanted to play games like he always did. He wanted to finish the game he just got since he’s been waiting months to get his hands on it. If you want you could of course watch him. But he was not going to acknowledge him, you knew that. When he was focusing on a game that’s all his mind was filled with. He was already in the room, door closed as he holes himself away again. He’ll be there tomorrow at school, catch you up on the details that you had missed though, maybe then you won’t feel bad.
“I’m going to study, there’s an exam coming up.” The same reply that his voice rings out for the last two weeks. Satan was usually like this when a test or exam was coming up, determined to make top marks. But now his time was occupied again with studying, only breaks he had was for meals. Even then his notebook and textbooks never left, it only put a barrier up around him. His eyes would never glance up at you, after the exam he’ll spend time with you but right now, he needs to focus on the exam. But it only hurt more, you knew he didn’t mean to prioritize his studies but it was his natural habit that was hard to break.
“I’m going clubbing again, don’t worry I won’t sleep with anyone else ♡~” The voice babbles, as he glances in the mirror to check his make up. Asmo just couldn’t give up the party life, it wasn’t going to be easy. It’s not that he didn’t care about you, it’s just he wanted to have a night out like he has been for a few nights before this. He can use his words to soothe you later, but when you find him later outside your room he is completely wasted. You would have to take care of him, but he won’t use his sweet words then. He’ll be sleeping leaving you feeling even more alone with him by your side.
“I’m going to get some snacks, I’ll be back.” The voice was innocent, but he didn’t even know that he left you alone. Beel’s stomach growls again, which causes him to go into the kitchen. It was routine and you knew it, he could never fill the void in his stomach. He would snack on anything he was able to lay his eyes upon. But it was hard to tell him anything, since you knew that he has his own issues. He was always hungry no matter how much he ate, it wasn’t even his fault. But it just seems impossible to reach out to him when he was so close but yet so far.
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littleredstrawbery · 1 month
“You’re my favourite person <3”
Self explanatory…? OM brothers when you tell them “You’re my favourite person”
(We sorta have this in game already so I’m basing this off of that)
He knows he’s your favourite. Though it doesn’t please him any less when you tell him it outright.
It’s obvious though, you’re more comfortable with him than any of his other brothers. Although you may be around his other brothers more, you always drop whatever you’re doing with them when he calls you, or asks you to dinner.
He won’t tell you that you’re his favourite though, that would hurt his pride too much. You know you are though.
“Why thank you MC.” … “Sorry, were you you expecting something else as well?”
He is absolutely delighted.
He needs confirmation at all times that he’s your no.1 man, and he just got it!
Makes you say it all the time.
When you ask him if you’re his favourite person, he reluctantly gets it out, cheeks almost burning away as he mumbles:
“Fine! You’re my… ugh! You’remyfavourite. Now was that good enough! Shoulda been obvious anyway.”
Goes into shock and denial straight away.
Thinks he misheard you, because who would like a ‘gross yucky otaku’ (levi pls stfu we all watch anime cmon)
It’s honestly annoying, so you grab his hands and make eye contact with him, slowly repeating yourself so that he doesn’t ‘mishear you’ again
Now you’ve broken him and you are locked out of his room! Come back in 2-3 working days, he might be fixed by then.
Just like his father! He knows he’s your favourite and isn’t surprised at all. He really is just a self confident cocky bastard! (I love him rlly)
However, unlike Lucifer, Satan straight away tells you that you’re his favourite. He has no issue with it. He doesn’t even have to lie!
“Thank you MC. You know you’re my favourite too. Come sit down, I want to show you this book I’m reading—’
Ok and?
He’s happy that you told him but it didn’t do much for him. He is the most attractive demon in existence (according to some) and his personality is great too; how could you like anyone more than him?
But Asmo would be lying if he said that he didn’t feel quite special after hearing you say that. He knows he’s important, but being important to you feels better than anything else.
“Awwww MC! You’re my favourite as well!”
“Favourite… favourite what?”
He’s not stupid, he just doesn’t really get why you’re telling him. Of course his favourite person has always been Belphie, but you’re his favourite for… different reasons.
He wants to tell you you’re his favourite as well, but he’s afraid of hurting Belphie’s feelings (plus we all know Beel’s trauma around choosing between people…)
“Do you want to know my favourite foods instead?”
He’s a bit confused to be honest. To be fair you told him just as he had woken up from a nap, so that explains the drowsy confusion in his speech.
He can see why he’s your favourite. He is the youngest, so he’s always been the babied youngest brother, favoured by everyone (even if his brothers deny this)
But it still seems strange to him that you’re his favourite person (think back to lesson 16…) He’s not going to complain though, instead he pulls you back down onto the pillow with him, ready to go back to sleep.
Before he drifts off to sleep he mumbles quietly “You’re my favourite person too… tied with Beel I guess.”
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malleusfucker · 5 months
Beelzebub Kinks and HCs
warnings: smut/nsfw, mentions of breeding kink/belly bulge, size kink, food kink, oral sex, threesome w/ belphie, reader is afab but no gender or pronouns are explicitly specified
words: 1.8k
definitely gonna write about my obey me favs now that i’ve done this (diavolo, belphie, simeon and solomon i’m looking at you 👁👁)
Tumblr media
this one is self explanatory so lemme just get this one out of the way 😐 beel’s breeding kink 100% stems from pure intentions, this man just wants a family really bad. he just thrives in the thought of you carrying his children and wants nothing else but to pamper and take care of you whilst doing so.
however, those “pure intentions” start to wane every time he’s inside you, he never realised and thought about it in the beginning, but the first time he saw you completely filled with his cum - his mind was racing to say the least and swore he never got so hard until he saw the outline of his cock in your stomach
he was a changed man after that and ever since, his mind has just been clouded with thoughts of you being filled with his semen, resulting in you having his children 
food kink 😟
bet no one saw this coming. this goes without saying that he absolutely loves seeing you covered in shit like whipped cream, honey - fuck it, any sort of sweet stuff that he can lick off you. and best believe he says shit like “there's still some stuff on you that i haven’t licked off!” just so he has an excuse to lick you more 👍
man just loves food and being intimate with you and if it means that he can combine both, hey, he’ll take it. he loves to just nibble on you softly, licking everywhere until he’s certain that no part of your body has gone untouched.
but beware, because beel is literally called “the avatar of gluttony” don’t think that he’s going to be any different with you; if anything, he’s gonna be worse
light licking and nibbling will turn to biting and soon enough, you’re going to be completely covered in hickeys and bruises just from how “hungry” he is and stopping him will be more than difficult - (we’ve all seen the man when he’s hungry 😟😟😟)
absolute GOD when it comes to oral 
this is not an exaggeration when i say beel would literally be in between your legs for days on end if you didn’t tell him to stop. his love for giving oral is definitely rooted in his food kink, all this man wants to do is taste you on his tongue and bare in mind, this is a literal fucking demon we’re talking about and a BIG ONE, so his tongue is inhumanly long. therefore you will be crying and screaming just from how good he is at giving oral. beel actually enjoys oral sex more than anything else just from how satisfying it is on both ends - not only are you the one being pleasured (big emphasis on “pleasured”) but he cannot get enough of how you taste and the way you moan in response and shower him in praise only fuels him even more. beel would get in between your legs any chance he gets so if you smell or look a certain way he’s gonna be in your pants immediately
wants to be gentle with you but ends up being very rough
beel is the definition of a gentle giant (kinda). because he’s so big, in literally every sense, he tends to start off being very gentle with you. stroking your face with his thumb, asking you every second if you’re okay or comfortable but sigh… once he gets in the zone, yeah you’re fucking dead. 
very aggressive but not in the sense that he’s rude or purposely tries to hurt you, he just gets so excited and loves you so much that he can’t hold back. he will fucking destroy your insides and then afterwards realises what he’s done and will just be like “oh. my. god. i am so sorry.” expect a lot of kisses and sweets as a form of an apology because he feels so bad :(
he’s very big on his policy of not hurting you during sex and so if he does, it is 100% by accident and he didn’t mean it. he believes sex and any form of intimacy with you should just be about feeling good with your partner so hurting you in any way is off the list for him.
generally vanilla but you wouldn't think it with the way he POUNDS YOU
i don’t imagine him having any intense or insane kinks but yeah, sex with him is NEVER boring and especially for you because he will put all his attention on YOU. and you only. he prioritises your pleasure above anything else and will definitely make sure you’re satisfied (which you most likely are) (you will be crying by the end of it)
but as said above, this man gets very excited. he just feels like a kid in candy shop when he’s with you and those feelings of eagerness he tries so desperately to hide will soon just aggressively spill out onto you - meaning that he starts off relatively slow, and whilst you may be in pain to start off with just because he’s THAT big, he wants to slowly ease his way into things. until that all completely disappears and next thing you know, he’s thrusting into you at a speed which makes your eyes go into the back of your head and will have your legs shaking for the entire week. it’s an extremely dangerous combination of being both a gym junkie and also gluttonous so once he gets started, it’s going to take a very long time for him to stop. 
beel is big even on demon terms so seeing a little human like you definitely does things to him. it’s only fair that he would end up having some sort of kink relating to how big he is and how small you are. he’ll always have his hands on you, seeing how big they are compared to your body - seeing how small you are to him always makes him want to completely smother you until he’s just got his entire body wrapped around you.
praise kink - likes to be called “good boy” n all that shit *gags*
because of all the attention and love he gives you, he wants you to tell him how great he is at pleasing you. beel has a MASSIVE praise kink and never gets tired of hearing you compliment him on how well he’s doing.
he loves reassurance and just making sure he’s doing the right thing, especially with how insecure he is with his size and the possibility of hurting you so tell him he’s doing an amazing job and he’ll be like putty in your hands
very touchy-feely, doesn't like restraints 
one thing beel really ISN’T into is being tied up, or vice versa, like at all. one of his favourite things to do during sex is to just be able to touch and feel you, it’s such a key act of intimacy for him and if he’s restrained somehow he won’t be happy about it. if you were to tie him up as an act of some sort of punishment, he may let it slide just so it would make you happy and that he could make it up to you but either way he feels pretty miserable when his hands are bound because he ADORES skin-to-skin contact and just feeling your warmth. everything down to hugging or even just holding hands, he wants it and CRAVES it. it might take a while but soon enough he’ll show a more vulnerable side to him which is needy and wants your touch 24/7. 
doggy style/mating press ALL THE TIME
yeah come on, this man is a fucking animal in bed 😐 just cuz he looks sweet doesn’t mean he won’t literally destroy you from behind. this will always be his favourite position (along with the mating press) because there’s something just so primal and animalistic about it that makes him go wild. when you get in this position don’t expect him to be all sappy and sensual, he’s gonna go all out and straight up break your back (lovingly)
and his other go-to position is the mating press, as expected from someone who would supposedly have a breeding kink 🙄🙄 this man is just very greedy when it comes to this position, having your legs up over his shoulders as he ruthlessly just pounds you into the mattress. as previously mentioned, he gets excited and with this position he becomes just that - with it literally being called the “mating press” yeah he’s gonna go CRAZY.
will fuck you in the kitchen, doesn’t care if any of his brothers walk in on you
along with his two favourite positions, this is probably his favourite place to fuck you in. the kitchen is just his happy place, it’s his space with him being in it most of the time, so it ends up becoming common with him “accidentally” bending you over the counter-top and fucking you.
fortunately or unfortunately for you because the kitchen basically belongs to him, his mind instantly goes to food and will become HUNGRY. and seeing you there will only unleash a monster that will make him go even harder and faster (if that's possible). beel becomes absolutely shameless when he fucks you in the kitchen to the point where he ultimately couldn’t care less if one of his brothers ends up walking in on you two. he won’t stop nor try to hide you and whichever brother that ends up walking in will just be greeted by the sight of you getting literally obliterated over the counter.
he will share you with belphie and belphie ONLY.
on the topic of brothers, beel is pretty possessive over you… except if it ends up being belphie. being that belphie is his twin and that they’re the closest to each other, beel would definitely not mind sharing you with him from time to time. if anything, it makes beel really happy seeing you with belphie as he’s glad that you see what kind of person he is, and that they both really care about you ALOT. belphie is alot rougher with you, often being almost rude to you and very demanding which just makes beels touch even more soft when you compare the two. being with the twins is always exhilarating as you have a contrast between beel’s gentle attitude against a very sadistic belphie.
- also i have this headcanon that when they both get intimate with you at the same time they get INCREDIBLY horny - with their whole “telepathy” thing of feeling each others feelings - i would just like to imagine that if one of them gets horny, the other does the same. therefore them both feeling horny and fucking you will just create A MESS - them just panting and going crazy from what they’re feeling and not being able to stop fucking you until one of them is worn out (it’s usually belphie).
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imatomatodealwithit · 2 months
Tumblr media
Idk what I’m doing anymore
I need to be stopped
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uwubraun · 2 months
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐥𝐝𝐨𝐦 𝐚𝐥𝐩𝐡𝐚𝐛𝐞𝐭;
Tumblr media
𝒃 𝐢𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫:
╰┈➤ ❝ 𝒃𝒊𝒈! ❞
Tumblr media
➸ beelzebub x f!reader
➸ smut/suggestive themes, size kink, belly bulge, unprotected sex
➸ the devildom alphabet ✧.* c is for cat
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sometimes, you found yourself forgetting that you lived in a borderline castle filled with demons.
sometimes, their strength slipped your mind -- when you'd be quietly reading with satan, or perhaps playing games with leviathan -- because the brothers, for all intents and purposes, tried to be gentle with you; their human, their most treasured house guest.
other times, it was hard to ignore the differences between you and your closest, fiendish friends.
"so tiny..." the groan from above you sends you spiraling, tumbling and falling, despite being held so snuggly in a pair of hulking arms. a little whine escapes your lips and you try to clench your legs together.
large hands pry your plump thighs apart, stretching you open, now pinning you down against the couch. beelzebub inches his cock further between your folds. every twitch of his hips, every warm gust of breath against your tingling skin, you feel him work his way closer. closer, closer, until your body refuses to take any more -- his dick is only half-way sheathed inside of you. beel groans again, laying a palm over the bulge in your lower belly -- he presses down, nearly stroking himself through you. "feels good?" he mumbles, pulling a muddled, violet gaze up to assess your face. "i don't wanna hurt you."
you gnawed on your lip. the stretch was intense, still burning and tingling in your core, but with beel hovering over you, stroking your sensitive body and muttering those soft, deep praises, you've never felt better.
"s'good, beel," tumbles out of your lips, slick with a mixture of your spit. "you're just... really big..."
and he chuckles, though a light flush dusts his face, his neck. you could tell he's holding back, going devastatingly slow as he works your tight muscles around his cock. it was gentlemanly, it was kind; you know beelzebub would rather starve and shrivel away than hurt you intentionally. but you can also tell by the clench of his jaw that your cunt wraps around him so perfectly, it's driving him insane.
"it'll feel better, i promise," he twitches, nosing another inch or so into your drooling cunt, "gonna make you ready f'me, all of me, honey."
Tumblr media
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mammss · 3 months
obey me random headcanons
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
<3 not an anniversary post but when I first started writing on here my first posts were mammon headcanons!!! its only fair after 2 years I include all the brothers 
<3 gn!mc x brothers little bit of diavolo and barbatos 
<3 sfw, crack, fluff
Tumblr media
levi 100% has mutuals that he's met online in other games or chatrooms but he met a group of people playing the same game as him and they all clicked so he got added to their group of friends and now they talk 24/7 and they all go to conventions together ofc they’re doing a group cosplay 
when mammon had finally admitted to himself that he had feelings for mc the first thing he did was look up ways to flirt with a human and during his deep dive came across alpha, beta, sigma male videos and now flirts with mc only that way its canon I'm one of the developers 
when lucifer, diavolo, and barbatos get together they talk about the good ol days before the devildom changed like bunch of old people
asmo uses aave but not in a correct way more like how white teens on tiktok use it
lucifer has chuckled at those cringy mom wine quotes and his favorite one is “I was normal three kids ago” 
the brothers were shook to travel back to the human world during the 21st century the last time they all went it was defiantly during the beginning of civilization 
since it’s like kinda canon the devildom takes trends and inspiration from the human world when mc came down they were definitely ahead of the trends
if mc where to ever pick up a side hustle i feel like they could sell old clothes on the devildom version of depop and like imagine mammon is looking on there one day and sees mc selling old clothes 100% mammon buys mc’s clothes why? because he can and loves how they found a way to earn cash responsibly he just overall wants to support them
ok i might make a story out of this headcanon but like imagine it’s pride month and mc is telling lucifer happy pride month and giving him rainbow themed gifts the entire day and he really doesn’t understand until mc takes luci to a pride parade and everything clicks
asmo and y2k aesthetic that’s all i’m gonna say
levi definitely has some favorite human world kpop groups i feel like he’d like the big three (twice, blackpink, red velvet) maybe 4th gen gg 
people always say satan had and emo/rebellious phase but belphie 100% got satan into the emo scene which escalated into a rebellious phase, during this era they bonded so much and creating the anti Lucifer league kinda brought back memories
beel definitely played youth fangol or like youth sports in the celestial realm so when he fell to the devildom and started playing fangol here no way he doesn't coach little demons like they all love him and takes them to team dinners and stuff LIKE IMAGINE OMGGGGG
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