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c3e36 - vox machina and the lady of whitestone
in this week's meta, we break down the appearances of FOUR (four!!!) members of vox machina in campaign 3, five if you count trinket, and what makes them all so different, and how this episode was, in a great, beautiful way, a love letter to vex'ahlia.
now, originally, i think we all probably thought that keyleth would be at the center of all of this, as she naturally has the best connection with bell's hells and orym. i anticipated her being a strong advocate for laudna because of her perspective and relationship with orym- and didn't really see her pushing the "we owe her because of the sun tree" angle as hard as other vm characters would have.
but also, it makes so much sense for matt to call keyleth away. this stops her from becoming too much of bell's hells' advocate and benefactor than she already is, as orym's leader.
not to mention the fact that whitestone is, ultimately, vex's and percy's and pike's, and playing keyleth in a space that really isn't hers and not her authority is an awkward power balance for sure. and it's hard enough playing multiple de rolos and pike in the same episode.
though i did love the beautiful nods to her, that we did get- her cloak trailing beauty everywhere she walked was such a great touch. and her rambling awkwardness while spouting all of the things she was dealing with? perfection.
that being said: 1. i think keyleth the most difficult impersonation. 2. our lady pike trickfoot is just such a light every time she appears. plus, it was nice to see her again, and see how comfortable matt was playing her.
i think pike was a necessary appearance. you need a little bit of a brighter character (in the happiness sense) to balance out just how Edgy both of the de Rolo parents can be, and without keyleth, pike is the perfect balance to them.
that being said.
at the end of all this, the most beautiful part of the storytelling in this episode was vex.
was it also amazing to see percy? yes, but, to quote my friend, "i forgot vox machina are condescending assholes," and percy is no different [lovingly].
his reactions, while completely justified given his history and the future he's built for himself and his people, was also just that.
but vex?
this was so much a love letter to her, and her journey with grief, and her journey with everything that happened in campaign 1.
laudna died for her. she died and was mutilated to look like her. and watching bell's hells grieve for this woman, and despite the danger doing everything in her power to help them? going against percy, spending thousands of gold and diamonds?
how could she not.
in the end, it was never a debate, was it? what vex's perspective would be?
if she could spend all the money in the world to get her brother back, don't you think she would? don't you think that she sees herself in bell's hells, in the grief written all over their faces?
fix him, she can remember grog shouting. and sobbing over her husband's body. and waking up cold and shivering on the floor of the raven queen's temple.
and after all that, how could she say no?
and what makes her different form percy? there's the obvious, that laudna was her representation on the sun tree. but at the core- her heart is so good.
all her money tendencies was because she worried that she couldn't care for everyone in her life. all of her standoffishness was because she couldn't bear feeling like she was losing her brother to keyleth.
and she has lost so much. she lost the person who was her world (percy has lost people, too, but there's something still so visceral about her loss that still sticks with me even now).
she is so perceptive.
how could she not see the desperation on their faces? the heavy burden on imogen's shoulders?
the feathers in her hair are black.
not teal.
and i think that was all the clues that we needed to know that vex would never let whitestone abandon laudna.
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Experiment gone wrong
They/them, GN-reader, not proofread, sfw, reader has electro vision and is from Inazuma. Tiny bit of angst (kaeya), established relationship, kaeya gets turned into a kid by albedo on accident, no weird stuff happens I promise! I have recycled this from my wattpad genshin book bc i use that app to write down my ideas quickly lmao, I’m ranting again, pls enjoy this kaeya fluff!
'Oh...I don't think this was suppose to happen...' the Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius rubs his chin as he looks down on the result of his latest experiment.
'M-Mister Albedo....what happened to Sir Kaeya?' Sucrose, his assistant, asks surprised and anxious at the same time.
'Please take him to Klee's room for a bit and put him on the bed. I will have to contact...his now caregiver...'
'And he volunteered?'
'And you didn't think this would have had any consequences?'
'Well...I mean...every experiment has it's consequence-'
'It was a rhetorical question.' Y/n signs as they pinche the bridge of their nose. Instead of having a nice day off, their idiot of a boyfriend gave himself as a lab rat and now he has turned into a literal child! This feels illegal...
'I hope you're positive about being able to develop a cure for this within a day...'
'Of course, please make sure he stays safe until we have created a cure for him.' Albedo nods and he leaves the room with Sucrose, leaving them alone with the sleeping child. Perhaps they should ask Diluc if he still has the children clothes he and Kaeya used to wear. Fingers crossed he didn't throw them away.
'Kaeya...?' They kneel down beside the bed and carefully shakes the boy's arm to wake him up.
'Kaeya....?' They repeat and they sees his eyelid move, before it opens to reveal the beautiful deep blue iris with the starry pupil.
'Hey darling....' They greet him softly as he hums sleepily, blinking slowly and rubbing his eyes, before pushing himself up to sit.
'Where am I? Who are you?'
'You're in a room from the Knights of Favonius of Mondstadt. I'm Y/n, I always take care of you.'
'A-Are you my nanny...' they can tell he is a little nervous, yet oh so polite. He wasn't wrong when he told them people loved him as a kid, because he was so well-mannered.
'Please, just call me Y/n. No need to be formal with me, I'm not that old yet. And yes, I'm your nanny.' They chuckle and sit down beside him.
'Do you remember anything?'
'Not really...all I know is that I have...a brother and my dad.'
'Do you remember what he looks like?' They ask, trying to find out if he remembers his biological or adoptive father.
'He has long red hair and is very tall, he owns the Dawn Winery...so that would mean, that's my home!'
Oh Archons...
At least there is nothing wrong with his memory.
'I see...I'm happy your memory is still okay. Your dad asked me to take care of you since your brother is uhm...' this will be risky. But they can't tell him the truth or it will mess him up badly.
'Your brother went to Fontaine, as he needs to learn how to become a good knight in the future. Therefore he needs to know what's good and what's bad. And your father is busy with the tavern, but we could pay him a visit? We need to tell him you're okay after you hit your head when you were playing around Windrise, you scared me when you passed out. Luckily the healer told me you won't have any aftereffects.'
That's so evil...but they would love to see how Diluc is with kids as he is usually a very...stoic man.
'O-okay, but...can I hold your hand?'
'I'll carry you, it's not that far...but..' they grab a small cloak Albedo left them and hand it to little Kaeya.
'You have to wear this. Your dad doesn't want to risk people recognizing you. Otherwise they will touch you without permission and that is forbidden.'
'They're not bad people...' they kneel before him, putting the cloak over his shoulders, before pulling the hood over his head.
'You are just too beautiful for people to believe that you're real.'
It's not a lie, but they can't risk people seeing him in this form, it will send him into confusion, but they don’t want him to have a panic attack as well.
'I-is it okay if I sleep on the way?' Kaeya asks as they have hoisted him on their back.
'Of course, if you're tired, you should always sleep. After all, a kid like you needs to sleep lots to be able to grow well.' They make sure he has the hood pulled over far enough, before leaving the headquarters as quietly as possible.
As soon as they’ve opened the tavern door, they are met by the winery owner, putting back some bottle and glasses.
'We're closed.'
'I have a problem.'
'What is it?' He asks and they nod towards the sleeping child on their back.
'He doesn't know about your dad...' they whisper and Diluc pulls the hood off to reveal a sleeping child Kaeya.
'The hell did you do to him?' He asks as he carefully takes the boy off their back to put him on an old couch.
'It was Albedo, he volunteered to be a lab rat and well...'
'The knights again.....'
'Just come here and I'll tell you what you need to do.'
They gesture for him to come to the bar and lean forward to whisper in his ear, telling him everything and anything they made up to avoid panic and confusion.
'Listen, he thinks you're your dad. He doesn't know anything. He has the memories of his twelve year old self, way before all of it happened. So please, don't make him panic...'
Diluc signs, shaking his head as he curses at the Knights for being so reckless and idiotic. But seeing little Kaeya reminds him of how close they were when they were younger. Glued to the hip, playing, sleeping, learning and exploring together. They were inseparable...until that one night...
'Listen, I-'
'Dad?' Kaeya's small voice interrupts Diluc and the red head looks down to see the kid has woken up again.
'You're awake, how are you feeling?'
'A little better...are you done with work?'
From a small distance, Y/n sees how Diluc's eyes have softened at the sight of little Kaeya and they have a small smile as they watches them interact.
'Dad? Since when did you shave?' Y/n almost chokes at the sudden question and covers their mouth to stop themselves from laughing.
'I shaved it when you were still asleep. Remember, I always leave at dawn.'
'Oh right...dad, when will Diluc come back?'
'Within a few weeks, Fontaine is quite far after all.'
'If you're done with work, we can go home, right?' Diluc looks from Y/n to Kaeya and back, making them just nod, telling him to just say yes and take him home.
'Why don't you go ahead with Y/n? I will finish cleaning and you can ask the maids to make your favorite food.' At that moment, Kaeya's stomach growls, making the boy smile sheepishly.
'I will dad, don't worry. I'll see you later.'
As Kaeya is getting ready to go to the Dawn Winery, Diluc leans over to Y/n who offers him her ear to listen.
'I'll send out a falcon to deliver a message to the staff so they're aware and won't spill anything. In the mean time, make sure you take your time getting there, stall him a little if you can.'
'I can't promise you anything, but I'll try to...' they mutter. Shortly after, they leave Mondstadt to walk to the winery and on their way, Y/n tries to get little Kaeya to trust them a little more as he is incredibly quiet. He has told them how he used to be such a shy person until he received his vision. Quite the turn of events...but perhaps becoming more confident meant protecting himself from noisy people. Because even though they've been together for a couple of years, he is still a mystery to them.
'M(x) Y/n, you have a vision right?'
'Yeah, I do. Why do you ask?' Kaeya suddenly stops walking and they stop as well to turn around with a questioning look.
'Because...Diluc also got his vision...but do you think I will get one too?' Oh no...
'Do you know what they say in Inazuma about visions?' They ask and kneel before him as he shakes his head.
'One's vision represents one's ambition. What they mean by that is, people with an ambition that appeals the gods will be granted a vision. The vision is suppose to be an aid for pursuing the said ambition.'
'But...how do you know your ambition? How do you find it?' They chuckle lightly and they take his hand to start walking again while Kaeya gives them a confused look.
'There are many ways you can discover your ambition. Your vision depends on your ambition. Let's say, an anemo vision. The god of anemo, Barbatos, is the god of freedom. To have a chance to obtain an anemo vision, your ambition must be to Barbatos' liking.'
'So how did you get your vision?'
'Me? I'm not sure. The Raiden Shogun is the god of eternity. But I'm not sure in what way my ambitions have anything to do with her desires. One day I was preparing to board the Crux Fleet to travel to Liyue. I was one of the Captain's Fleet protectors. I was simply enjoying the view at sea. When I was about to grab my food from my backpack, I found the electro vision.'
'Then what are your ambitions?'
They chuckle at his curiosity and they secretly wish his adult self would have maintained that curiosity. But sadly, nothing really impresses Kaeya that easily anymore. Even if he says it impressed him, his tone doesn't match his words.
'My ambitions...I just don't want to be lonely...but I like to be alone at the same time. The people I care about fall under my protection and I would do anything to prevent them from getting harmed.' As they spoke those words they have reached the Dawn Winery where they get greeted by the maids.
'M(x) Y/n, Young Master Kaeya, pleased to see you have returned in good health, we have already prepared Young Master Kaeya's favorite dish for dinner.'
'Fruity Skewers?! Woah, I haven't eaten those in a long time!'
'Well, how about you go and eat-'
'I'm back.' A heavy voice interrupts and both turn their heads to see Diluc entering the mansion as well.
'You're fast.'
'I was almost finished when you came in, so it was only a matter of time.'
'Dad, look! They made my favorite food!'
'I see, how about we go eat, hmm?' Something about Diluc acting like a dad makes him look more soft-spoken and happier. He is usually so stiff and...emotionless...
'I also received a letter addressed to you.' He hands Y/n a letter and they nod quietly as the takes it from him.
'You guys can start dinner, I'll be outside for a little while...taking care of some other stuff...'
Leaving the two to have some proper family time, they close the big door behind then and sit down on the stone fence to open up the letter, which is sealed with the Favonius symbol.
'They're quick...' they mumble as they read. Albedo has managed to make an antidote and it should be ready by tomorrow. So he is asking them to come to the headquarters so they can give it to Kaeya and get him back to his present self. As much as they love to see happy-go-lucky kid Kaeya and the way Diluc is treating him so warmly, it's not fair for kid Kaeya. At some point he'll have to find out everything, so it's best to go back to how things were and just hope that maybe, some day, the brothers will make up and become as close as they were once before.
They feed the falcon as a reward and rip a paper from their journal to write back a reply to the alchemist, stating that they will be there tomorrow around nine.
After sending the falcon back, they go inside again to join Diluc and Kaeya for dinner. Kid Kaeya is so different from his adult self. He did tell them what he was like as a kid, but seeing it with their own eyes makes them feel sad. If only he was still so bright and full of life as an adult as he was as a kid. To this day, all they know is that he turned to drinking to sooth his pain.
'So tomorrow he'll be back to normal again?' Y/n turns their head to see Diluc walk up to them as they are watching in de doorway over a sleeping Kaeya.
'You're not happy?'
'I am...it's just sad to see him go back into hiding behind this mask...in the two years we've been together, not once did he show me real enthusiasm or any other emotion that wasn't related to him being confident and prideful....'
'Maybe talk to him about it?' They scoff at his suggestion. Since when did The Diluc Ragnvindr think talking was a good idea? He himself doesn't even like to talk!
'I will talk to him about it...if you start trusting people a little more.'
'I don't nee-'
'Yes, you do. Open up little by little. I saw the look on your face when you saw Kaeya being a kid....I know you want to find answers about your dad, but that doesn't mean you should close yourself off and assume every single person you meet will leave you.'
'But I don't...I don't find anyone interesting...'
'Yeah, Jean.' Diluc looks stupidly confused, almost making them laugh at his dumbfounded face. They have never seen anyone looking that lost. Let alone Mondstadt's most desired bachelor.
'You two would look pretty cute...'
'Shut up.'
'I'm just say-'
'You will not speak of whatever happened today, or I will personally throw you into one of Natlan's volcanos.'
'I would like to see you try.' He simply huffs in response, before leaving to do his usual Dark Knight Hero stuff and right before they are about to close the door, they hear sniffing from the bed and Kaeya's small voice.
'M(x) Y/n...?'
'Did I wake you?'
'No...I was just having a bad dream...'
'Do you want some water?' A moment of silence, before Kaeya responds shyly with a request.
'W-will you stay with me...?'
'If you want me to...are you scared?'
'Yes...Diluc used to always sleep next to me so the bad dreams wouldn't come. But now that he is away, they keep coming back...'
They sit down on the floor next to his bed to softly run their fingers through his hair, hoping for him to calm down and go back to sleep again.
'You're safe here, Kaeya. I promise.' So it appears he's been having these nightmares since childhood...
The way he asked for them to stay hasn't changed either...they remember, before they were dating, Kaeya would sneak into their room through the window to find comfort. They always ended up cuddling him to sleep. And whenever they were over at his place, he always asked them to sleep over so he could cling himself onto them, face buried in their neck. Apparently the perfume they always wear is calming to him.
'Y/n~' a voice sing songs playfully as someone is poking their finger against their cheek. They moan tiredly and peek carefully to see who is waking them.
'Why were you sleeping on the floor, love?' instead of a little kid, they see a grown Kaeya looking at them in amusement, knelt down beside then on the floor.
Upon realizing, they immediately pull him into a tight embrace, making him let out a laugh as he hugs them back just as tight.
'You idiot, what were you thinking, offering yourself to be Albedo's test subject?!'
'I thought it would be fun...but what happened? Why are we at the winery?'
'I'll tell you...once we get home..'
'What about Diluc, he's not back yet?'
'I am.' Both turn their heads to the door to see the red head having his arms crossed, looking like his usual cold self.
'Don't you guys have to be at the Favonius headquarters?' The second to last word spewed out like it was poison.
'Oh, right, we have to tell Albedo.'
'And here I thought I could have a nice breakfast-'
'We can get that at Good Hunter, now let's go you dumbass.' Y/n drags their boyfriend out of the winery, yelling a thank you to Diluc and when the door closes, the ex-cavalry captain has a small smile om his lips. At least Kaeya found someone who makes him happy and comforts him. Something he failed to do...
'M(x) Y/n and sir Kaeya...'
'He turned back to his old self over night! He seems fine so I don't think the cure is needed.'
'That's a relief. At least we have an antidote in case something similar happens again.' They then turn to Kaeya with their hands on their hips, giving him a heavily displeased glare. He isn't scared of many things and his partner is normally their usual confident, smart , cute — and in the back of his mind, pretty damn sexy — self. But the glare he is receiving now is giving him goosebumps in fear.
'And you...' they begin, their eyes now turning purple. 'You get three seconds to run, before I hunt you down and throw you into the Cider Lake off Mondstadt's highest point.'
'I gotta go!'
'I swear it won't-'
The two zoom out of the lab, leaving both Albedo and Sucrose a little perplexed.
'Is that how relationships work?' The Chalk Prince asks curiously at which his assistant quickly shakes her head, cheeks tinted pink.
'No, no, this is only how sir Kaeya and m(x) Y/n's relationship works. Not every couple is like that!'
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Jojo I don't mean to be weird or off putting but I think your judgement is generally solid which is more than I can say for most people I know... At risk of bringing up a very unpleasant topic, and knowing you are only slightly older than me... How do you deal with your parents getting old? Mine don't have health issues yet (they're not even retired lmao) but they have started talking about death and dementia more frequently and it's been giving me mad anxiety tbh. Any tips? Sorry and I love you
oh i so relate to this. it's hard. my parents had me old and they've both had big health scares. my dad has had stage 4 cancer twice and my mom wasn't expected to live past 2020. naturally, i've thought about it a lot and i think this is how i've gotten to a good place about it:
no regrets. i worked out my issues with them years ago. we're fast to apologize to each other and there are no hurts between us. i talk to them daily and see them often. i'm honest with them about how much i love them and the things i'm grateful they taught me. i try to find something fun to text them each every few days. i try to ask them about their lives and remember what they tell me because one day i won't have a chance to ask anymore. i would do whatever you can, if you haven't already, to create a relationship that's mutually supportive in the coming years.
be prepared. it sounds like if your parents are talking about it, they might have a good mindset. they might be willing to discuss hard stuff like the moment something happens, who are you going to call? where's the paperwork? what do they want you to do? usually these conversations make me cry but it's removing some element of pain that future me will be grateful for on the hardest day of her life.
stop digging graves for the living. i tell myself this all the time. so my dog is getting old—so what? he's not sad about it. it doesn't honor him to be sad about something that hasn't happened. same for my parents. they're living now, so i don't mourn them now. death is, blessedly, both binary and usually a process. unless something happens suddenly, you will have time to come to terms with it. every day you'll grow a little as it comes and it'll be unbelievably hard but most every human in existence before you has been through the same thing. you're not alone, in that way, and you will find a way through it.
set boundary conditions. i do this to get past anxiety. what's the worst that can happen? i will be heartbroken when they die. and if i am truly that heartbroken, if life isn't worth living without these two people around, they would probably prefer i live anyway. i don't want their love for me to be wasted in my sorrow. i'll be the last bit of them that still exists in the world, and i'll want to honor that. i think in some ways the fact i'll mourn at all is privilege. it means i was really loved, and loved in return. so i know i'll handle it and i'll be happy again and i'll think of them all the time and fondly. my boundary condition is that i can be as sad as i want about it after they're gone, but i have to live through it.
all love to you anon ♥️ it's such a big fear. all i can say is don't fight it. let yourself think about it and find your own path through it as you need to. it's no sin to be axious about loss.
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rachel ze*ger: *bashes Disney's Snow White as a dated portrayal of women without substance and says her Snow White will actually have to learn lessons throughout the film, unlike the original*
actual quotes from the original film that depict some of the lessons Snow White both learns and teaches during her narrative, identifying her value to past and future audiences:
"I really feel quite happy now. I'm sure I'll get along somehow. Everything's going to be all right." The power of positivity and optimism and how it yields resilience in the face of adversity. Snow White was almost murdered and had to run away from the only home she'd ever known. She had a panic attack and allowed herself to process her emotions in a healthy way, and once she acknowledged her feelings, she instantly felt much better and began to make plans on how to rebuild her life. You can't become a product of the things that have happened to you- you have to continue moving through life. So yes- acknowledge what's happening, process your emotions, but also don't let circumstances outside of your control destroy you. Get back up and keep going, even when it seems impossible. You're capable of so much more than you realize.
"Please don't run away. I won't hurt you. I'm awfully sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you. But you don't know what I've been through. And all because I was afraid. I'm so ashamed of the fuss I've made." Despite what you're currently going through, you can't let that bleed through to how you affect and treat other people. Always be mindful of the impact you have on others and never allow yourself to become a victim of your own misfortune. While it's important to allow yourself to fully experience the weight of your own emotions, sometimes getting too stuck in your own circumstances can make a situation worse and create additional barriers for you to conquer. Keep everything in perspective and keep your eyes open to the communities around you.
"And as you sweep the room, imagine that the broom, is someone that you love and soon you'll find you're dancing to the tune." Always infuse even the most mundane things about you with love and suddenly your work, no matter how seemingly inconsequential it may be, will feel meaningful.
"When hearts are high the time will fly so whistle while you work." Doing something with lifted spirits and in a state of happiness makes a job ten times easier than setting about to accomplish something in a miserable mood. Nine times out of time, working on something when you're in a good disposition will also provide better results and findings.
"I know! We'll clean the house and surprise them. Then maybe they'll let me stay." Never expect anything from anyone. While Snow White assumed that the cottage belonged to orphans, making it an orphanage- and she, herself, is an orphan and she'd then have a rightful place there if, indeed, it was an orphanage- she didn't expect free room and board. She looked about her and noticed that there were gaps to be filled- namely in cleaning and cooking- went about fulfilling those tasks and hoped to leverage to bargain shelter for herself.
"Now you wash up the dishes. You tidy up the room. You clean the fireplace. And I'll use the broom!" Divide and conquer! Snow White delegated the various tasks of cleaning to the different animals and accomplished what would've individually taken her all day in a single afternoon. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of those around you, and work together as a collective to bring yourselves closer to a shared goal.
"You think their mother would- maybe they have no mother. Then they're orphans. That's too bad." Never assume anything about other people because you don't know the path of life they walk down and their situation. Never judge someone by what they're wearing or what they look like or the house they live in because you're never going to be fully aware of their circumstances and you'll come across as ignorant. Lead with compassion, always.
"If you let me stay, I'll keep house for you. I'll wash and sew and sweep and cook..." To avoid being kicked out of the haven she'd found, Snow White needed to pitch her values to the future landlords. As mentioned above, Snow White noticed the gaps that were needed to be filled in the house and pitched her services accordingly to tempt the dwarfs into letting her stay. It's hard to argue in the face of facts. Snow White knew the value she could bring to the Dwarf's cottage and wasn't shy about presenting it to them in a plea to allow her refuge.
"Oh, [you've washed] recently? Let me see your hands!" Never take anything anyone says at face value. If you're doubting them, call them on their bluff and ask for proof- and never be afraid to voice your doubt.
"March straight outside and wash or you'll not have a bite to eat!" Despite the fact that the Dwarfs nearly kicked her out before agreeing to letting her stay, Snow White had ownership of the tasks related to cooking and cleaning and she wouldn't budge until the Dwarfs behaved accordingly to the standards she set in place. She treated them as equals which, in turn, made them treat her as an equal. Sometimes, people are too afraid to come off as bossy or intimidating, or to throw their weight around, but there are moments you'll need to assert yourself and if you play second fiddle to someone, they'll treat you as just that.
"Bless the seven little men who have been so kind to me." Before wishing for anything for herself, or allowing herself to fall into a line of self despair over the tragic events of what happened to her earlier in the day, Snow White is grateful among all else. She thanks the Seven Dwarfs for their generosity toward her and asks for God to bless them. With a grateful heart, you can accomplish anything, and if you're thankful for the good things in your life and don't take anything for granted, your fortune will only multiply.
"Well, aren't you going to wash? What's the matter[, Grumpy]- cat got your tongue?" Snow White wasn't afraid to match Grumpy's energy in the moments he exhibited hatred toward her, but she always kept it playful and never meanspirited. If we encounter hatred in the workplace or at home, sometimes it behooves us to stick up for ourselves or comment on the apparent behavior others are exhibiting toward us. Always be mindful of limitations and how to express this in a safe way though- Snow White never pokes a hornet's nest or says anything toward Grumpy that would threaten the home she'd made for herself in the cottage. She knows exactly how close to walk up to the line.
more lessons we can observe from snow white in the 1937 film from her body language and different plot points:
Leave a situation that's dangerous and frightening to you. The minute the Huntsman tells Snow White of the Queen's motives, Snow White flees into the forest for refuge. She didn't try to sympathize with the Queen or reason her way out of it. Snow White recognized the potential danger she was in and she worked quickly to remove herself from it. A girl I worked with once said Snow White was dense for this- after all, why wouldn't she work with the Huntsman to ensure he'd bring her food and water while she was in the forest or assist in finding her a place of shelter? But the fact of the matter is, Snow White trusted the Huntsman once and that resulted in him nearly killing her. Cutting ties with him was the most conducive way to a safe future. Even if he didn't want to hurt her, if Snow White's whereabouts were known to him, there's no telling what the Queen would do to him to retrieve that information or to force him into using that knowledge to put Snow White in a place of danger, once again. More on this in the incredible post my friend made.
Make your intentions known! Snow White, in many ways, is a product of manifestation. Her mother wished for a child as white as snow, as black as the ebony on her window-frame, and as red as blood, and she received just that from the universe. Likewise, Snow White didn't shy away from making her wishes known to the wishing well- the wish of love after years of neglect and isolation and abuse- and her love came to her by the end of the song. Later, during the scene with the apple, she again voices her wish to be reunited with her lost love- and sure enough, it comes true!
Trust your instincts! So many people overlook this lesson that Snow White teaches, but she was visibly uncomfortable by the hag during their shared scenes. Her body language depicts her consistently shrinking away from the other woman, and generally behaving in an uneasy demeanor with tense facial expressions and a disturbed energy. She even openly says, "I feel strange" after consuming the apple. The hag applied to Snow White's compassion, identifying it as a "weak spot", because she could tell Snow White was growing increasingly vague and guarded.
Don't judge a book by its cover. Snow White wasn't frightened by the hag because of her unconventional appearance, but the frightening energy with which she interacted with Snow White. However, Snow White never judged the hag's appearance and when the hag feigned a heart attack, Snow White's compassion motivated her to nurse the old woman back to health and give her a drink of water. Juxtapose this with the Beast from Beauty and the Beast who couldn't see past the hag's outer appearance and refused to offer her shelter for the night. In turn, he was cursed until he learned the lesson that Snow White had already known.
Never expect anything from anyone or rely on a title. Snow White is the Princess of the land the Seven Dwarfs dwell in, yet she never once relied on her title or power in her interactions with them. She easily could've pulled rank and pointed out that since their property fell on the land of her rule and her former parents' rule, they should be more than willing to accommodate her. Instead of relying on these false barometers of social standing, Snow White interacted with them on a human level and offered to work in exchange for her room and board. This led to the Dwarfs interacting with her as an equal in return and they had so much more love for her than they would've if she pulled a "do you know who I am" card, leading them to rush to the cottage that much more quickly when they sensed she was in danger and surrounding her coffin in eternal vigil prior to the ending of the film.
Be open to different ways of thought and to the world around you. We live in a nuanced, vibrant world with so many different ways of thought and methods of approaching a conflict. One of the top attributes employers look for in future hires is a teachable spirit. There are many times throughout the film where Snow White askes those around her for ideas and is open to advice. "What do you do when things go wrong?" "Maybe you know where I can stay- in the woods, somewhere? You do? Will you take me there?" Snow White is always open to experiencing the world around her and never discounts the opinions and thoughts and values of those around her. In turn, she leads a very full life and this resourcefulness serves her in moments in dire need- like when she's homeless in the woods with no future prospects or connections.
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tinandabin · a day ago
Hellooo I saw your request are open my eyes literally sparkled! Anyway. can I request a Yandere Kokushibo X fem reader where the reader escaped Kokushibo after months of being caged from his grasp,( this is where the timeskip go). Two or three years later Kokushibo managed to find her again not until he noticed a child who looks human but has demon powers (Half Demon) you can continue the rest THANK YOU I LOVE YOUR WRITING 🥰
TYYY AND IM VERY SORRY FOR THE WAIT!! I hope u enjoy this. <333
Thank Muzan for the first time ever because he has sent Kokushibo on a long mission. A LONG ONE. NO JOKE.
You would fucking kiss Muzan's feet without hesitation if you see him. For once he is a saviour.
And of course no one likes to be trapped like a caged bird, like bro, you are tired of eating raw fucking carrots everyday because that is all that shitty Kokushibo can manage. He can barely get you clean water and he says that he would bring the stars for you /j.
Of course, you will take this golden opportunity. No more being scared. KOKUSHIBO ISN'T YOUR FUCKING MOM. MAN UP.
And so you started using your brain, higher than Einstein could, to break the fucking complex shitty lock-system that rat-assed hair man left.
I swear your brain hasn't brained so much in like, 7 hours 37 minutes 28 seconds.
What you didn't realize were the horrors that awaited you in the future. Not now though, you were busy eating flowers.
Skip to Kokushibo finds you escaped, rage-quits, goes through the 5 stages of grief and searches the whole milky galaxy for you but somehow doesn't search one small village. Typical Kokushibo to forget to search one village!
5 months later, your belly has popped, like really popped, like a balloon.
I don't know how to describe pregnancy forgive me.
Fast forward to you giving birth in horror to that half-demon child who literally tried to chomp your leg but whew, thank God and not that dumb fucking Kokushibo that the child, or newborn, didn't have teeth at the moment.
You raised the cutie, very dangerous, has killed multiple rats 👍. Villagers always come screaming to you like, "[NAME] THERE ARE RATS IN MY HOUSE HELP MEEEEEE" and your child darts out like Sonic and somehow murders all of them and eats them and no blood is left. You are known as the 'Rat-Killer Lady.' When it is actually your child.
Okay, I have bullshitted enough. Someone stop my hands from typing this much bullshit.
Anyways, Muzan, Your Saviour, decided he didn't want to be your saviour anymore and sent Kokushibo to that one small particular village where you resided.
And we all know what happens next.
Can we get applause for me getting here.
Thank you.
Kokushibo, being Upper Moon 1, obviously sensed the half-demon child. How could he not, when he could smell his own blood in it? And yours too.
Of course, you couldn't smell him like he could smell you. ( my goodness, what the fuck. )
So it took Kokushibo no time to sweep you off your feet once again, this time with a kid.
The end.
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magniloquent-raven · 20 hours ago
okay but what if it takes billy literally being chased down by callahan and powell to tell steve he loves him? something he’s gonna do some jail time for. assaulting jason? selling drugs to a minor? whatever. but like. the last time he was with steve, they fought hard and billy doesn’t wanna leave things on bad terms. because this could BE SOMETHING. maybe. so he hightails it to loch nora intent on letting steve know exactly how he feels.
oh my god he would. he so would. just be so stubborn and refuse to admit he has (god forbid) feelings. until the very last minute. he's still got blood on his knuckles from the fight and he has no idea what state he left the guy in because the second he caught sight of flashing lights he got the fuck out of there.
he doesnt even realize he's going to loch nora until he's standing on steve's porch, his hand on the doorknob, hesitating for the first time in a long time.
but steve would be so pissed. like, billy kinda knows the circumstances arent ideal, but he has these things weighing on him and he's panicking, he needs to air this out. only the second the words are actually out of his mouth, the first thing steve says is "are you fucking kidding me." and he really should have seen that coming.
he gets yelled at. and kissed (didnt see that coming either). and yelled at a little more. steve promises to get billy a good lawyer and billy reminds him that he can't actually do that. not without tipping off daddy dearest, and under no circumstances would steve be able to explain away funding his delinquent boyfriend's legal case.
steve promised so angrily that billy finishes explaining all the reasons why he can't before he realizes why steve would even think to do that.
"you care about me?" he shouldnt be as stunned as he is.
"i'm still angry at you."
"yeah that's not what i asked."
"you're gonna get yourself killed. fucking. shanked in prison or something."
"i mean...yeah, maybe, but—"
"no, see, that's not what you're supposed to say to that. you're not supposed to run off after one stupid fight and put yourself in danger because you're upset! you're not supposed to throw your future away over something so—"
"steve." he makes an aborted gesture, itching to touch. but he doesnt think it would be welcome right now. instead he speaks, haltingly, "i'm here because. because i do care about my future. okay? about. you being in it."
steve twitches. "you'd have to be alive and preferably not in prison for this to work, billy. you, fucking. asshole. do you have any idea how much i'd hate someone who hurt you as much as you hurt yourself? but because it's you i just—" he gestures helplessly, frustrated.
"obviously i love you too, alright. i do..." his eyes fall shut and he deflates, finally running out of steam. he looks tired. "but you don't make it easy, you know."
"i'm sorry." billy's voice is small. he doesnt know what else to say. it was stupid to come here. but he's been stupid about steve from the moment he saw him. a tiny, selfish part of him hoards away the sound of steve's voice, the little break at the end, the way his lips wrap around an i love you. the memory will hurt him, but all his good ones do.
his sentence is relatively short, in the end. he feels stupid for being so panicked about it. but it still drags on for an age. steve visits him a couples times. more than he expected. less than he'd like.
he doesnt hear those words from steve again for another year and a half. but he does hear them again.
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fangirlmoony · 2 days ago
Headcannons : Cioccolata x Class Topper S/O
Tumblr media
A/N : Totally not writing this because I'm studying more and self-indulgence jfnsivuHAXNCXJSKG
Warnings : Mentions of gore (nothing graphic I promise, ya'll just know how he is).
We should start off with the obvious : Whether you're in the medical field or not, he likes you a whole lot. I HC that as someone who's highly educated, he understands the value of it.
Add a bit of elitism/high self regard to it and it's not hard to see why he'd enjoy an academic's company more than most.
He thinks you're gorgeous when you look all focused and determined when you study. Secretly keeps a sneaked pic to admire whenever he's on missions.
P R A I S E S LEFT AND RIGHT : "That's my darling, so intelligent and bright! Italy will be in great hands if this is the future generation!".
Depending on who's around, he'll show off : "That brilliant L/N lass/lad? Word has it they're taken and happy with a man of their caliber. Us intellectual folk keep to ourselves you know."
Ofc, he's a mafia man, so he won't give that away to the non-mafia sphere. He wouldn't screw you over like that.
If you're in the medical field, whoop he just fell further. He sees a little of his younger self in you for the better or worse.
You'll probably be even more advanced than your profs with him. His... controversial investigations led him to loads of new information he'll gladly pass on to you.
It's pretty great in terms of progress, just some advice : Don't show it too much in class, lest you get asked how you know all this "Ah yes, I have a boyfriend who used his position to torture people"
Hear me out : Tutor Cioccolata. You just mention how you need a bit of help with a certain medical topic and he'll clear out his schedule faster than you can say "please?".
Suprisingly good at explaining things. Perhaps you being his lover has something to do with it, but he's so patient and concise, never makes you feel stupid when asking questions, and don't get me started on the calmer timbre he adopts for you. You can't help but wonder if he gave lectures before.
Only, he'll always propose a more hands-on way of learning. Not one session goes by without that suggestion.
"Don't be so queasy, Y/N! It's important for your preparation in this field to be well acquainted with the human body!"
With his insistence, you'd probably have "helped" him out at least once before you graduate. Whether you came out of it scarred, enlightened or even both is up to your character.
If you're not in the medical field (say, humanities), he'll challenge you by asking lots. It's not his specialty, but as a former member of high society, he's well versed.
"How interesting, dear! Tell me more, what do you think of this banning of contents that mirrors raw human nature?".
He's on the lookout for anything you publish. As soon as it's out, you know who that first 1 view is.
You won't know this at first, but he lowkey makes an event out of it. Makes sure he won't be disturbed and just... Absorbs every word of yours. Like he's gotta relish in his bae's genius. Also makes note of interesting passages to further discuss them with you.
It makes him feel important, like only he has ready access to such an intelligent person. I'll be frank, there's a fierce pride factor in your relationship.
When it comes to stress, he's understanding. He was there before, so he can tell the signs of burnout before it hits you.
While he's not the very plush type of lover, he will try, such as bringing you a cup of tea while gently pushing away your study stuff : "Now, now, you don't need to damage your eyesight so quickly! Come on, let's spend some time together.".
During exam (or really any high stress) period, he'll make sure you have a good environment. Meaning if anyone gets a little too loud...
"How inconsiderate are you?! Y/N is trying to focus so stop making such a ruckus or else!!" The only one he'll kindly ask is Secco obv.
Can't pass by you without pecking your head, with the occasional "you've got this", or even "make me proud".
Sometimes, he playfully offers to use Secco's ability to help you cheat.
Btw, your classmates' post-exam celebrations will have nothing on yours.
When it's over, you best believe he's treating you to the finest dinner date anyone could have in Napoli. I'm talking new luxury fit, 5 star Michelin, your favorite wine, and lots of excitement regarding your promising avenue.
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lightgamble · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Stranger Things | 4.09
You’ve always been there.
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wrecking · 2 months ago
genuinely just want to lay in bed and cry all the time as of late but you know i can’t just like Do that so i need to find some form of outlet for this
edit: i did not expect the tags to be this long, sorry for that
#d#haven't felt this consistently bad in a long time#idk what it is specifically like if it's the college thing or the injury thing or the Me Suffering Mentally thing or all 3#as time has gone on since i finished high school i've always kinda struggled imagining .  any sort of future for myself at all#i feel like i'm coming to the realization that i'm not really ever going to be not codependent just because i'm so Like This#and like that's fine in my head but i know everyone else is going to hate it all the time and also hate me for it#and it just makes me so.  why can't i have been born into a family that actually listens to me or respects me#why can't i get out either.  at least without tearing this whole family apart#not like it matters much to me cuz i've always felt like a stranger but i know it'd destroy them#but also all of this ^^^ shouldn't even fucking MATTER right now because i'm struggling enough with college prep and trying to cope#esp with the 15000000 doctor's visits and health scares and everyone insisting i have to uproot every aspect of my current routine#for whatever god damn reason (some valid some not) so i'm just constantly uneasy and uncomfortable and i feel like i'm getting more unstable#it's frustrating watching my parents seem cordially concerned about my health or my college status or something#but anytime it's not what they want to hear or i disagree with them about something it's immediately back to them treating me horribly#and also the fact i can't like.  add onto this at all cuz to my parents i'm so.  clueless that if i reveal any of this-#i will spend the next 100000 years fighting for anything i say to be seen legitimately regarding anything at all.#like i can't change anything without fighting like hell but i also can't stay the same so it feels like i'm losing all my agency#and being forced into things i'm either not ready for or don't want#but i can't oppose or speak out or ask for anything else because either i'm ungrateful or too naive to be involved in the conversation#i feel like i'm being excluded from the conversation if you will about my entire life.  everything about me i find out after everyone else#god sorry i ranted in the tags tonight.  gonna just post this and delete it in a few hours :zany:
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naamahdarling · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
"My friend's mom" "5 or more disabled people" Jesus fucking Christ I hope you hear yourself. This is a disgusting thing to drop in someone's inbox, and I think you know it, because you went anon, without even the courage to put an account behind your little turd of a remark.
The SSI rules unfairly penalize married couples to the point that many disabled people literally cannot afford to marry unless their partner is wealthy enough to support them both. I am currently one of these people. I am carrying that pain with me every day and it is agonizing on a level I don't think you are capable of understanding.
I guarantee I know more about this than you do. I have more invested in it than you will ever comprehend. Get the fuck out.
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nhasablogg · 3 months ago
Lee Eddie and ler Steve with some good ole tummy raspberries 🥰
I'm gonna be real with you. If this is a prompt it really doesn't strike my fancy because I'm not a fan of raspberries (I could MAYBE write raspberries to the neck) but I can also just not picture them doing that lmao? I'm sorry, it's a cute image tho!
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presidentstalkeyes · 9 months ago
Stalkeyes’ Esoteric Gravity Falls Headcanons
I know this seems like an odd post for Xmas times, but this is something I’ve wanted to write for a while. I noticed a lot of my headcanons are kinda at-odds with what is often assumed in other people’s writing - sometimes by design, other times not - so I’mma just list a bunch. (And some of these might not be that uncommon, but we shall see) :V
Dipper & Pacifica break off their relationship in their teens after realizing it lacks the same spark it used to, and their ambitions are too different. Dip & Paz are amicable exes. She moves on to Wendy later.
Soos & Melody don’t get married until years after the show.
Mabel is aroace. She never gets married or has kids. Her love-crazy phase in the show was mostly brought on by her outside perception of romance, as seen in age-inappropriate romance novels and 80s animated high school flicks.
As an adult, Mabel is taller than basically everyone except Wendy, and is also built like a brick house (and quite chubby, to boot). Dipper is certainly no stringbean, either. ‘Skinny’ and ‘slender’ do not exist in the Pines family.
Dip & Mabs’ Pines parent is their mother, not their father.
On that note, their parents are just as weird as the rest of the Pineses, they just tend not to show it in public. Their kids and their college friends are the only ones who know the true extent of their weird side. They’re a bit more open about it after the show, though.
Dipper used up all his puberty on his voice, which means it barely changes when he gets older. I mean, it is pretty close to Jason Ritter’s natural voice, I would say.
Wendy is trans. When she was barely old enough to talk, she told her parents ‘I wanna be a girl!’ and then her mom was like ‘okay then!’ and from that day forward she was a girl. She dreaded going out to the logging camp because it was in a less-tolerant part of the state.
As an adult, Dipper introduces himself as ‘Mason’ when meeting new people; only after they’ve known him for a while do they earn the privilege to call him ‘Dipper’. Or ‘Diprivileges’ as Mabel calls them.
Both Filbrick Pines and Preston Northwest aren’t as tough as they like to appear. Filbrick was easily annoyed by basically anything, in direct opposition to his stoic image, yet was intimidated by his wife’s family. Caryn and Shermie both made it their mission to stop him from getting himself beat up or killed later in life by saying/doing something stupid. As for Preston, his wealth and influence were on the decline years before Weirdmageddon thanks to a string of bad investments, and he avoids his fellow rich people because they make fun of him. He regularly has breakdowns about how ‘destitute’ the Northwests are now because they can only afford one luxury yacht, and were recently disqualified from being part of 1%. Still in the 2%, though.
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stuckinakillingjar · a month ago
if the hq movies end up being ass and not covering everything i will finally read the manga i promise
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abrushwithdeath · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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non-binharry · a year ago
How is this Louis festival any different from H’s tour plans? Yet I see many people who pretty much ’cancelled’ Harry a week ago, being all excited and going ’well it’s outdoors and free etc etc’ now. I’m sorry but really?
you know, i'm actually going to take this moment to break this down because i feel like people really don't understand the double standard:
the two situations are not comparable. we can acknowledge and admit that. louis is doing a one day festival vs harry doing a two month tour across the US. those are obviously not the same thing at all. but we see time and time again how people perceive the motivation behind harry and louis' actions are completely different.
people were begging for updates on tour and saying over and over "harry is for sure postponing tour, there's no way he's going on tour rn with the delta variant spreading" and then when we find out that plans were different, it was super spreader this, harry is greedy that, as though changing plans for a world tour are a decision that happens overnight and not something that takes time and careful consideration, especially in the middle of a pandemic.
there's no performing at half capacity for shows that have been sold out for over a year. y'all want him to make a two month tour go for four? there's no outdoor venues for places where venues are booked or few and far between. the idea that, if harry were to do something different to accommodate for an ever changing pandemic when just two months ago things were drastically improving in the US, people wouldn't still behave exactly as they have or be satisfied enough by his efforts is just not working for me.
like y'all just need to be transparent. i see y'all reblogging gifs and videos and photos of megan the stallion performing at lives shows (where mfs got sick) and not acknowledging a damn thing because you only choose to make a problem out of something when you want to.
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laviedavantgarde · 11 months ago
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howdydowdy · a year ago
some of y’all seem awful sure of things that seem like massive gray areas to me. sounds nice and i envy your conviction but i have to wonder if you’ve thought of some way to resolve these internal contradictions and inconsistencies that i haven’t thought of or if you’ve just never taken your arguments all the way to their logical conclusions.
#joke's on me for expecting to find anything approaching logic on some random social media site#anyway please share if you have resolved those internal contradictions because i would also love to resolve them#i'd love to feel sure about something someday. wouldn't you like to help me get there? lol#like the way people talk about things is like they're already self-evident when they super are not#which i understand! sometimes you're just talking to people who already agree with you and you don't want to have to sell your POV#every time you talk about it#makes sense! i do that too! and i resent the idea that by talking about things in the way that i want to talk about them#without constantly having to craft my message so that it's not super off-putting to people who don't already agree with me#(not necessarily people who definitely disagree but people who are undecided)#is going to end up alienating lots of people and making it less likely for them to be willing to listen in the future#but...that is kind of how it works on the internet unfortunately#like idk i think people forget that this is more or less a public forum? or they just don't care#i don't know. i mean i probably do all this too. it's just more obvious to me when other people do it with things i don't already agree with#part of the problem is that i've lost the ability to give people the benefit of the doubt of believing that they have actually thought#about things themselves and not just heard someone say something and taken it as gospel truth#i've been burned too many times#i mean that's part of the culture of this site#circulating screenshots of headlines without a link to the article#constantly taking things wildly out of context#piss poor reading comprehension lol#just generally never citing/linking anything that could allow people to look into it themselves#i'm vagueing in this post because i'm not actually trying to stir shit up i'm just tired and frustrated#and venting a lil bit#gonna go take a shower and listen to pop music from my childhood until i feel better lol
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