honeydisiacc 2 days
AAAAA i love ur bdubs and etho designs, could you draw them together please? :)
hi anon ! take them
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kratergate 1 day
your newest god!bdubs picture is giving huge early 2000s dreamworks vibes???
like he looks like he could be another god from the Sinbad movies or he especially looks like he went to El Dorado and is scamming people by pretending to be a god. I鈥檓 seriously in love with it 馃挄馃挄
thank you so much!! i'm glad you like him, that's high praise<3
bonus false god!bdubs for you !
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galaxygermdraws 2 days
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Break from the holiday art to bring a silly little meme art. Now the context behind this is one of those Paper Mario but poorly translated hacks/mods. There鈥檚 one question that translates to what I have included in this image. I saw it and immediately went聽鈥渋 need to draw this with Is That Sheep Looking At Me鈥 and here it is.
(reblogs with tags/comments are appreciated. Gonna drop the og quote + the translation under the cut. Thankyu)
Original Question:
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snooziest-phantom 23 hours
eefoobs in celebration of the cozy season :]
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their outfits look incredibly snuggable
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cr1mson-echo 3 days
decorating for christmas :)
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viky-somebody 2 days
i love how bdubs is kinda associated w the moon, like he was crushed by it in season 8. he sleeps through every night as soon as it starts to show up, also his shop in season 7, yet he declared himself the sun god on empires. and then theres pearl, who literally has "moon" in her name, but is also the farming queen, who over the years became the saint and goddess of harvest, sunflowers and the sun. gods of the sun and the moon but their aesthetics are the opposites of their titles. idk its just kinda fun
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anon-scotch 3 days
Please can i request a sleepy ethubs drabble?
well. this is certainly not the length of a drabble, oops. got carried away. but hey under 1k? thats an achievement for me.
Aroma gen/fluff, 896 words
Typically, Bdubs wouldn't find himself in this situation. He always slept, so of course he wasn't often tired- but sometimes things just slip when you're focused. So much so that he pushed past sleeping the night away if someone else was online to do it. He'd stop and stretch, give himself a moment, then move right back on to building. It was exciting enough he barely realized how exhausted he was getting after all these hours. Bdubs eyes were sore each time he blinked, and that mossy cloak was feeling more and more like a comfortable blanket anytime his mind drifted for a little too long.
But as the sun started to set once more and night crept in, the sun failed to rise with the convenience of someone filling his role. Just another block or two, is what he was thinking. Still, someone noticed...
<docm77>: can someone sleep
<Etho>: bdubs?
The faint whine of a rocket could be heard not far off, but in Bdubs' daze he didn't catch it until Etho's feet hit the ground not far from the expansive build he'd been working on. Bdubs was slow to turn though, processing his friends' presence a few seconds later.
鈥...Bdubs? What're you up to?鈥 It wasn't a huge deal Bdubs looked busy but, not sleeping was... a surprise.
Bdubs still took a moment before stopping, supplies in hand. 鈥淲hat does it look like?鈥 There was some kind of jest to his tone, but it was dragged down by his exhaustion.
[ continued under cut ]
鈥淲ell you know its night time, right?鈥 Etho stepped up a little closer, looking up at Bdubs who knelt on the wall he was building.
鈥淵eah- yeah, I just- I'm busy.鈥 He quickly looked back to his work. 鈥淕o ahead 'n sleep for me, will ya?鈥
Etho was quiet for a moment, tilting his head as he watched Bdubs start up again. In the darkening world, he spotted little sprouts of white flowers blooming on that dark mossy cape.
鈥淯m, I think maybe you should sleep instead. You've been going at this for a while...鈥 Etho starts, 鈥淵ou can stop, you know.鈥
Bdubs inhaled and exhaled with a sigh- the urge to close his eyes growing worse as the sweet smell of the flowers over his shoulders lured him closer to sleeping. The small blooms of jasmine did nothing to help him on his trek to finish this build in one sitting.
He had to hold himself up with quite some force in order to avoid falling forward. 鈥淥h don't worry 'bout me. I'm almost done here.鈥 Bdubs waved, leaning over the walls as he looked at Etho.
There was a slight cringe as Etho watched his friend sit so unevenly up there, clearly on the edge of dozing off- and falling off. 鈥淏dubs, you're going to die up there first before you even finish if you don't sleep.鈥
It was a bit too much to argue at this point, as every moment to think about it made Bdubs space out as he grappled with the tiredness that gripped him. Each breath in relaxed him further, breathing in the aroma of the flowers growing from the moss on his back.
鈥淚'm fine- I'll just rest up here if i need to...鈥 Bdubs trailed off as he sat there up on the wall, holding in a yawn. He was leaning on his hand as he looked down at Etho, eyes half lidded and doing nothing to stop himself from looking so tired. His eyes were definitely closing.
Etho rubbed the back of his head. Bdubs was certainly not going to sleep up there. He'd fall flat on his face. By the time Etho stepped up some makeshift dirt stairs, Bdubs was only moments away from fully giving in. The flowers upon his cape crawled onto the ruins he worked on now too, roots trying to dig into the cracks right before Etho's eyes.
鈥淥kay- you need to lay down. Not up here though.鈥 With that, Etho scooped him up.
鈥淗ey- hey.. I- I don't need you to carry me.鈥 Bdubs muttered out quickly, but had no strength to struggle out of his grasp. He was determined to not fall asleep in Etho's arms, even if each waking moment made it harder to do.
When Etho was a few steps away from the walls, Bdubs shifted.
鈥淥kay, you got me down so just... put set me down here, alright?鈥 He rubbed his face with his hands, already leaning away from Etho with what energy he had left. 鈥淛us'... right here, I gotta get back to building...鈥
鈥淵our tower isn't far, I'll just take you-鈥 Etho started, but was interrupted by Bdubs pushing away again.
鈥淣o, no, no- I'm sleeping right here- I'll be fine.鈥 Bdubs' tiredly patted Etho on the cheek, voice becoming more lazy as tiredness took over. 鈥淒on't worry 'bout me cutiepie... if there's one thing I'm good at, it's sleeping.鈥
Etho rolled his eyes. He couldn't really stop him, and leaned down to let Bdubs crawl out of his grasp. Etho sat down next to the other, watching Bdubs become a lump under his mossy cloak when he pulled it closer. It only took a moment for him to be completely out, leaving Etho to sit and watch while the sun slowly rose, and the flowers on his cloak waved with the breeze.
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daily-vintagebeef 10 hours
Oh. I want to give. pat pats.
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Don't worry, he's getting pat pats!
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astronomical-bagel 8 months
damn girl there is something very wrong with you! I am captivated and intrigued by your distressing aura and your rabid charm.
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bean-there-done-that 4 months
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he found us 0_0
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chipaleepa 28 days
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i sadly do not remember the origins of the pic but if you know pls let me know <:D funny silly guys!!!!!!!
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honeydisiacc 1 day
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ur honor, where are they
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paddysol 9 days
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the sound of several jesters jingling miserably rings clear in the distance
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1captainjordan4 1 month
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What happend in Grumbot Prime's season...
A Comic where i scramble every lose thing together- ive connected the dots
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hoolyelina 1 month
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lets create!
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kelbyl 29 days
the way they all scream at the same time and tango's laughter is something that i enjoy so much...
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