kimjun · 1 month
Bruce, at Jason and yn's wedding
Bruce looking at y / N.
Bruce: You set me free. This monster is yours now.
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godblessthespanish · 23 days
Flash at a Justice league meeting: I mean yeah I’d probably let Bruce Wayne hit. Gotta get that sugar daddy money.
Batman trying to hold back laughter and failing
Flash: what bats? You think I’m joking?
Batman: no no, I’ve just…met the guy😂
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adcfan · 1 year
Damian: *Points at Jason* My life is better with you
Jason: *blinks*...
Damian: But it will be ‘much better’ without you
Jason: There’s the demon spawn I adore so much 
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darknightgirls · 1 month
Tumblr media
@frenchmelle . . . #BATMAN #batfan #batgirl #girlslovebatman #GOTHAM #batlife #batbabe #photooftheday #gothamgirls #darknightgirls #LOVE #batmanuniverse #SUPERHERO #hero #dccomics #instagood #teambatman #BecauseImBatman #batshirt #BATSUIT #justiceleague #lovebatman #batmaniac #phworthy #femmelog #darknightgirls #BATMACITA https://www.instagram.com/p/CkCr1KtDbyI/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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theodorbauer · 1 month
Tumblr media
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hotzesits · 11 months
Tumblr media
like/reblog if you save.
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batshitferalquotes · 1 year
Jason, gently shaking Bruce: Bruce, wake up.
Bruce, looks at his phone: Why are you waking me up at 3 in the morning?
Jason: ...
Bruce: Everything is on fire, isn't it?
Jason: ...yes
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Tumblr media
She is vengeance
She is the night
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ch3rry · 1 month
ok not sure if the fic got deleted but it’s about the batfam not realizing tim’s been missing for a while and they only find out after Renee Montoya lets them know that they were working a case together and he stopped reporting back to her. I think he gets sick and this girl and her grandmother find him, with Pru finding them later too.i forgot the name and author but even if it got deleted i just wanna know it existed or if i made it up. pls drop the name if y’all know
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kimjun · 2 months
y / n: Guess what?
Jason: What?
y / n: I'm getting married!
Jason, getting furious: WHO IS THE BASTARD! WHO IS -?
y / n, hitting a marriage certificate: It's you, sign here.
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godblessthespanish · 1 month
I think at some point someone brings up the fact that Bruce Wayne and Batman have never been seen in the same room so just to be extra careful, Bruce stages an incident where Bruce Wayne has to be “saved” by Batman who is just Dick in his suit.
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adcfan · 1 year
Stay Dead
Damian: What part of ‘Stay Dead’ don’t you understand? The ‘Stay’ or the ‘Dead’?
Jason: Demon spawn, you can’t seriously think that I would just die and ‘rest in peace’ in a coffin that isn’t royal red? Now, can you? 
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darknightgirls · 3 months
Tumblr media
@theangiegriffin . . . #BATMAN #batfan #batgirl #girlslovebatman #GOTHAM #batlife #batbabe #photooftheday #gothamgirls #darknightgirls #LOVE #batmanuniverse #SUPERHERO #hero #dccomics #instagood #teambatman #BecauseImBatman #batshirt #BATSUIT #justiceleague #lovebatman #batmaniac #phworthy #femmelog #darknightgirls #BATMACITA (at Gotham) https://www.instagram.com/p/CiY3hC7DeVG/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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robin-27 · 2 years
Roy, tearing up - Come on JayBird please don’t!
Jason, holding back tears - I’m sorry Roy!
Roy, sobbing - We’re like brothers bro, please!
Jason, crying - I’m sorry bro *places down +4* Uno *both cry*
Artemis, sighing - I hate game night
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strawbreejam · 4 months
Tumblr media
steph birthday sketch 🎉
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rick-rayson · 2 years
Y/N literally just trying to breathe: H- oh, oh no.
Klarion and icicle Jr: I want you, I need you. You cut me and I bleed you! You're like some kind of sonnet and all I want to do is read you, and I love you!
Y/N: I know-
Icicle Jr: I mean I love you!
Y/N: [Kicks him out] Yes, thanks-
Klarion: I said I love you!
Y/N: [Throws batarang at him] YOU DID-
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