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Dick: You know that voice in your head that tells you that you're doing something wrong?
Bruce: You mean the one that sounds like Alfred?
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Soothing Darkness - Azriel X reader fanfic
Chapter 10
Tumblr media
Summary: the day after Starfall Azriel is called away on business but when he returns Y/N ends up helping him.
Warnings: violence, swearing and angst!! Please only ready if you are 18+
AN: things are starting to heat up!! Thank you all for your support so far on this fanfic! Please please let me know what you think because I love reading your comments! Enjoy ❤️
Chapter 1
You arrived at the training rings the morning after Starfall with a surprisingly clear head. Gwyn, Emerie and a couple of the other priestesses were already waiting as you arrived. The spring sun was warm as the rays of sunlight fell on the mountain. If the heat was anything to go by, you would definitely not be needing your leather jacket.
“How was your Starfall?” Gwyn greeted you. “Wasn’t it just beautiful?” she gleamed.
“It was” you smiled at her, thinking of what had happened last night. Azriel would arrive at the training rings any minute and you felt like your chest was going to burst. You hadn’t slept much, thinking about the male who’s room was just opposite yours. It crossed your mind a couple of times to go and knock on his door but you weren’t able to build up the confidence. The two of you weren’t able to talk about the kiss you shared after being interrupted by Cassian. You hoped that you might get the chance today. “How was your date?” you turned to Emerie who was surprisingly quiet.
“It was….pleasant” she fought for the right word to say and you cringed.
“That good?” you laughed as your friend began blushing.
“Lets just say I would have rather joined you last night” she rolled her eyes.
Cassian and Nesta arrived together. Nesta kept rubbing her temples with her fingers as she joined the group. She may have had a bit too much to drink last night. You seemed to always catch her topping up her wine glass with Mor. You were glad it wasn’t you this time because last time you trained with a hangover, you felt like you were going to die.
“Don’t say a word” she scowled at you as you bit your lip to stop from laughing.
“Good morning ladies” Cassian stood in front of the group. “We are going to practise one on one combat today. So, lets warm up and then pair off” he clapped his hands together and everyone followed his instruction.
You were all halfway through your warm up exercises when Azriel finally arrived. His hazel eyes scanned the training ring until they found yours. Your heart momentarily stopped, holding your stretch for a bit longer than necessary whilst you gauged his reaction to you. His face was unreadable but then the corner of his mouth twitch upwards into a knowing smile. You smiled back, taking in the breath you didn’t realise you had been holding and releasing your stretch.
“Now that my punching bag has arrived” Cassian gained the groups attention by slapping Azriel on his back, earning a scowl from him. “We are going to demonstrate one to one combat. I think Az here needs to get it out of his system and I always love knocking him on his ass” Cassian teased.
“Keep talking a big game Cass and you’ll embarrass yourself even more when you find it’s you in the dirt” Azriel’s face had turned dark. Cassian barked a laugh as the sun beamed down on him. He undid the first couple of buttons on his shirt before pulling it off. You had to stop yourself from gawking at the Illyrian’s physique, especially when his mate was stood right next to you.
“Lets go then” Cassian growled. Azriel looked him up and down before smirking, following his friend by slowly taking off his own shirt. Heat flushed your cheeks and you had to swallow hard. His torso was perfectly muscled from his chest to all of his abs. His Illyrian tattoos ran over his pectorals right down his big strong arms to his wrist. He took your breath away.
The two Illyrians circled around one another, wings tucked tightly behind their toned backs. They each waited for the other to make the first move. “They do this every so often” Nesta sighed as the rest of the group watched intently. “It’s like they have this build up of emotions that they have to let out by fighting each other, Rhys too” she rolled her eyes.
“They haven’t done anything yet” Gwyn remarked just as Cassian lunged at Azriel. The group gasped as Azriel dodged Cassians attack, landing a punch to his ribs. Cassian grunted and spun. Suddenly it had gone from a game of patients to attack and defence. Both Illyrians blocked, kicked and punched. There wings spreading and tightening behind them to keep their balance.
Cassian landed a rather hard hit to Azriel’s jaw, causing him to stumble backwards. Azriel rubbed at his already bruised skin. “Finished already Az?” Cassian smirked and then whispered something under his breath. Azriel looked up, his face stared like cold death at his Illyrian brother. A deep growl reminted from his chest. As he lunged forward, shadows curling around his neck and arms.
Cassian blocked each strike, but Azriel was like a male possessed with rage. Blow after blow was struck. Azriel’s muscles taught with each punch. He slowed momentarily, allowing Cassian to believe he had tired. Cassian lowered his arms only slightly to watch his opponent. That’s when Azriel struck one more time, landing not one but two punches. The first hit Cassian in the stomach, winding him. The second connected to his jaw. Cassian fell backwards to the floor.
Azriel stood over the top of him. Sweat gleaming over his brow and torso. “I hate to say it” Azriel smirked as he stood over Cassian, now rubbing his own jaw.
“Then don’t” Cassian growled. Azriel offered his brother his hand to help him up which Cassian took begrudgingly.
“I told you so” Azriel clapped him on the back hard. Cassian scowled at him before turning to the group.
“Right pair off ladies and play nicely, unlike this one” Cassian rolled his eyes. Azriel had a victorious smile on his face as he crossed his arms over his chest.
“Y/N, you’re with me” you heard Nesta say from next to you. Although you found it very difficult to tear your sights away from the topless Illyrian, you followed her across the ring. “Idiots. Both of them” she scowled.
“Who usually wins?” you asked timidly.
“It really depends” she shrugged her shoulder. “Azriel clearly had some pent-up emotion today but they are all as good as each other. I think Cassian won the last one. When Rhys is involved it’s usually one of the Illyrians just because he’s out of shape”.
You and Nesta worked for the whole session together. The both of you didn’t go quite as far as the demonstration but Nesta knocked you on your ass more times than you could count. You managed to knock her over once, thanks to Cassian distracting her as he walked by. He laughed earning a scowl and a rude gesture from Nesta in return.
Even though Nesta was hungover she still managed to best you every time. After an hour of being knocked over, you both called it quits. Taking a much deserved drinking break, the two of you sat watching as the rest of the group continued. “My sister has invited us all to a family dinner at the end of this week. She asked if you would want to join” Nesta said whilst catching her breath.
“That’s kind of her” you smiled. You were torn. Of course you would love to go but you weren’t part of there family and didn’t want you to intrude.
“I said you would come. I thought being in the house by yourself would be boring and you could just meet us after you finish at the bakery” she instructed.
“Are you two going to get of your ass’ and do something?” Cassian stood over the both of you, distracting you from your convocation.
“Oh shove off, we’ve done enough” Nesta rolled her eyes.
“Nesta has already killed me more times than I can count” you agreed.
“Then pair off with someone else” Cassian tilted his head disapprovingly. The two of you just stared up at him, unmoving, until he sighed and walked back off to circle the rest of the group. The two of you laughed at his feeble attempt.
The two of you watched the rest of the session from the side of the training rings. Just before the session was due to finish Mor arrived. Her face was pale and clammy as she strode across the training rings. She marched straight over to Azriel and handed him a note. You watched as he read it carefully, his eyes turning dark as he read. Cassian joined them and read the note afterwards.
The three of them looked between each other and then Azriel marched from the training rings. He strode straight by you and Nesta who had now stood up from the ground. “What’s going on?” Nesta shouted out to him as he passed. His shoulders tightened as he paused to face the two of you.
“Koschei” his deep voice was cold as ice as he uttered the name. His hazel eyes met yours “I need to go” you nodded in understanding as he turned from you both and was gone.
“Who’s Koschei?” you quietly asked Nesta who had tensed at the name.
“No one you need to worry about” she patted your arm. “I’ll catch up with you later” she left you at the side of the ring as training ended and the priestesses dispersed. Cassian, Mor and Nesta now stood at the very far side discussing as you glanced over your shoulder one last time before heading to your room.
Azriel had been gone for three days. Cassian even cancelled training on one day because he had to go join him. You still dragged yourself up to the training rings each morning, to your surprise so did a couple of the others. The six of you trained together for an hour before returning back to your days. During lunch and dinner Nesta didn’t mention Koschei or who they were. You decided it would probably be better if you didn’t know. Not that she would tell you anyway.
You sat in bed after a long day. The bakery was just as quiet as usual, giving you time to overthink. You thought about the kiss and how you haven’t been able to talk to Azriel about it. Azriel, who could be mother knows where. He could be hurt for all you knew. Whenever you felt your mind wondering to far you practised mind-stilling but it only worked for so long.
You began to settle, reading one of the books that Emerie had recommended. A mug of hot chocolate appeared on your bed side table as you pulled the bed covers as high as they would go. “Thank you” you whispered to the house. As you were reaching a steady flow of reading, footsteps from outside your door grasped your attention. You watched as the shadows from the light underneath the door flickered indicating where the figure was.
“Az?” you heard Cassian’s voice whisper. “Your back. You look like you’ve had better days”. Your chest eased slightly. He was back and he was safe.
“I just need sleep” Azriel’s deep voice sounded like quiet thunder. “I’ll report to Rhys tomorrow”. There were a few scuffled footsteps and then the sound of doors opening and closing. Then quiet. You put your book down on the table and the faelight went out. Now that you knew he was safe you could sleep.
Fear. You were jolted awake by pure fear. It shook you to your bones, you could feel the cold sweat running down your brow as you sat bolt upright. You don’t remember having a nightmare but you could feel the deathly edge of fear crawling down your spine. It was still pitch black outside as you turned your attention to the clock in the room. 2:20am.
You felt like you needed to get up, like something was calling you. You needed to leave the room and follow this pull but you forced yourself to stay under the covers. That’s when you heard it. The noise shook you to the bone, a noise you would never be able to forget. Your heart felt like it had stopped altogether as your blood ran ice cold. Azriel was screaming.
Before you could register what was happening you flung the covers from your body, leaving you in just your nightgown. You didn’t think about what could be waiting for you as you ran from your room and into the hallway. His screams were getting louder. The pain he must be enduring was excruciating to listen too. To your surprise Cassian wasn’t already there but you had no time to wait. Azriel’s door was right in front of you.
You threw the door open. Shadows filled the room in swirling darkness as the door closed behind you. You allowed your eyes to adjust slightly before stepping further inside. The shadows curled around you, in a more frantic caress then before. You moved quickly, finding Azriel in his bed. His skin was glistening with sweat as he tossed from side to side. The screams were still filling your head, but his lips were unmoving. He was having a nightmare.
You moved to the edge of the bed. His bare torso was covered in sweat as he writhed around, kicking the covers from his body. You had to help him, had to wake him up somehow. Gently you bent over him and used both hands on his shoulders to gently shake him.
“Azriel” you whispered soothingly. “Azriel, you need to wake up. Everything is alright”. His fists balled up, his knuckled turning white. His black hair stuck to his wet forehead. You had never seen him so pale. “Azriel” you tried again shaking him harder.
Quicker than a lightning bolt flashing across the sky. Azriel’s hand whipped up and grabbed your throat, flipping you over to pin you onto the bed. A dagger held in his other hand, ready to make a fatal swipe.
“Azriel, it’s me” you breathed as the wind got knocked out of you. His eyes were glazed over in a panicked haze. It was as if he was looking but not seeing. He seemed to pause, heaving breaths as he assessed the situation. “It’s me” you stared into his hazel eyes as they came into focus.
“Y/N?” he whispered, eyebrows furrowing as he came back to reality. His shadows curled back into him leaving one caressing his neck. He stared down realising that he still held a dagger to you and was pinning you by your throat. He pulled both hands away from you, like he had been burnt and you heaved a breath. Azriel was knelt over you on his bed, staring at the scared hands that were just threatening you.
“Azriel, are you alright?” you sat up to kneel in front of him. You reached up slowly, to not frighten him, and placed both your hands in his. His eyes widened at your touch as you brought his hands down from his face. Hazel eyes met yours, then he scanned your neck.
“Are you alright? Did I hurt you?” his voice was mixture of pain and panic as one of his hands moved to gently assess your neck.
“No Az, I’m fine” you shook your head. It was true, although he had pinned you down, his eyes dark as they bore into you. He hadn’t harmed you. Although your heart was still racing in your chest as everything happened so quickly.
“What happened?” his hand still softly placed on your neck, making sure you looked at him in his eyes. His head shook in confusion of why you might be there.
“I heard you scream so I came to see if you were alright. I think you were having a nightmare” you shuddered at the memory of his scream still ringing in your ears. You had never experienced such fear. “I tried to wake you but I don’t think that was the best idea” you half smiled.
“You’re sure I screamed?” Azriel’s brow furrowed. His bare chest still heaving as he took deep breaths to calm himself.
“I heard you, but I thought Cassian would be here by now” you looked towards the closed, empty doorway. There was no sign of Cassian or Nesta, surely they couldn’t have slept through that. The scream was so loud, half of Velaris could have heard it.
“Thank you” Azriel’s eyes softened. You suddenly became very aware of the situation. You were both in Azriel’s room alone. Azriel was in nothing but his boxer shorts and you were only in a small nightgown. The two of you knelt before each other, his hand in yours as the other still placed lightly on the nape of your neck. Heat flushed to your cheeks.
“I should go” you breathed. You began to move from the bed when Azriel’s grip tightened slightly on your hand. His hazel eyes looked pleadingly at you. He opened and closed his mouth as if he was about to say something. His throat bobbed slightly before he released his grip on you. You paused before you asked. “Do you want me to stay?”.
You are not sure where you got the confidence from to ask but his hazel eyes met yours in slight surprise. The corner of his mouth turned upwards as he nodded. He moved over to give you room as you sat back down on the bed, pulling the covers over you. The bed was huge, allowing extra room for his membranous wings. He laid back down on one side of the bed whilst you settled into the space beside him.
You took as shaky breath as you stared up at the ceiling. A couple moments passed in tense silence as you tried to control your breathing. Azriel breathed a small, quiet laugh. You were just about to turn over and ask what was so funny when one of his strong arms snaked under you. His other arm wrapped around you and pulled you closer to him. He positioned your back into his chest as his wings cocooned around you.
You found it hard to suppress the smile that threatened your lips. His arms wrapped round you and pulled you closer to him in a warm embrace. You backed up into him, feeling is muscled body pressed against your spine. His hard arousal against your ass made your breath hitch. You moved your hips back against him, a low growl emanating from his chest at your movement.
“Y/N” Azriel’s deep voice whispered into your ear. His breath hot on your neck, sending shivers down your spine. “You need sleep. I’d rather not see Nesta knock you on your pretty little ass again” you could feel his smile on your skin as he kissed the nape of your neck. You fought to hold the moan sitting in your throat as you swallowed hard.
Fine. You thought. Two can play that game.
You moved your hips forward slightly. All the pressure between your ass and his hardness was filled with an empty space. Azriel sighed deeply, tightening his grip around your body. “Goodnight then” you smirked, knowing exactly what you had done to him.
You opened your eyes slowly, not realising where you were. You were surrounded by a membranous cover. Then you felt the relaxed grip around your body and the press of Azriel’s muscled frame against your back. You bit your lower lip lightly as you smiled, feeling the warmth from his body pressed tightly against you.
“Morning” his deeper almost croaked voice breathed against your neck.
“Morning” you returned as he tightened his grip slightly on you. “How did you sleep?” you asked shyly.
“A lot better, thank you” he nuzzled into your neck.
“You kissed me on Starfall” you whispered. You couldn’t think of the next opportunity you would get to talk about it. He hummed in response. “Do you regret it?” you cringed as he went still. You decided you would rather know now if all this was just spur of the moment things or if they meant anything more. If it was just a spur of the moment, then you could stop it and spare your feelings that seemed to grow each day.
He took in a deep breath. The silence growing louder by the second. Suddenly, he flipped you around to meet him face to face. Chest to chest. His hazel eyes met yours, his lips barely an inch away as he pulled you in tighter.
His hair was slightly messy from sleep and his eyes were relaxed. “Y/N” he sighed in slight amusement. “You are in my bed”.
“You didn’t ask me to be here” you let the words slip out.
“But I wanted you to stay” he smirked leaning his brow against yours. “Do you think I would have done that if I regretted kissing you? If Cassian hadn’t of interrupted us, I would have said ‘you have no idea how long I had waited to do that’. Why, do you regret it?” his eyes widened slightly.
“No, not at all” the words came out in a rush. He smiled as he moved a loose strand of hair that fell across your face, behind your ear. His lips then softly met yours. He kissed you lightly at first, then you opened your mouth granting his tongue access to explore you. One of his arms was still snaked under you, pulling you closer to him while the other was tracing circles onto your bare thigh.
You wrapped one of your arms over his shoulder and round his neck whilst the other hand lay flat on his chisel chest. Feeling his heartbeat quicken under your fingertips. His grip found the back of your knee, pulling you over him to straddle his hips. Azriel sat upright with you over him, hands placed around your waist to pull you even closer. Deepening the kiss as your nightgown hitched up around your hips.
You could feel the heat rising in between your legs as Azriel began trailing hot kisses down your jawline and neck. You tilted your head to the side, granting him more access as you held onto his shoulders, feeling his strong muscles as he gripped you. He had barely touched you but your body was already in pure ecstasy as he reattached his lips to yours. You could feel his hard arousal between your legs as you pushed your hips down.
“Az” Cassian shouted through the door. The two of you stopped kissing as Azriel growled.
“What?” he snapped.
“Training is in ten minutes”. Azriel tipped his head back and sighed but he didn’t loosen his grip on you. You bit your lip and placed one of your hands over your mouth to stop from making any sort of noise.
“I’ll be right out” Azriel sneered. You both stayed silent as you listened to Cassian’s footsteps as they slowly disappeared down the hall. “I could kill him” Azriel placed a soft kiss to your lips.
“I’ll help” you smirked. “I better go get ready” just as you went to move from his grip, Azriel flipped you both over. He hovered over you as your back laid softly in the bed. His body still between your legs as he groaned.
“I want you back here” he kissed your collarbone lightly. “Where we will continue, uninterrupted” his voice was deep and predatory as he emphasised the last word. You shivered as the thought tremored through you.
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vigil-antes · 3 days
Tim totally has an inordinate amount of ear piercings.
He gets the first pair when he's thirteen (totally not bc that's when he first meets superboy and thinks his earrings are super cool or anything) but because he has to take them out every night for patrol to ensure they dont snag or get infected they end up healing over in a few days.
After that, he doesnt think about it for the next few years, but when he has to stop being robin for some time because of his father he decideds he might as well use his time off for something. By the time he can get back to patrolling, he already has two rounds of piercing done and healed over.
After that, every time he gets majorly injured and is put on bed rest, he gets another piercing or two. on the occasion where the injuries make him unable to go and get them done professionally, he tries to bribe Jason into piercing his ears for him, because a real gun and a piercing one cant be that different, right? (Alfred catches them just before Jason can permanently mutilate Tim's ear, and scolds the both of them into next month, but he does help Tim with his piercings)
During patrol, he doesnt wear anything, both because he could get hurt in many ways and because the earrings could be potentially identifying, but during the day he goes fucking ham with them.
On casual days he wears simple black studs or pendant swords, or small silver hoops. When going in to work at Wayne Ent, he wears elegant silver pendants, every day a different pair. If he wears some type of gem or crystal, he makes sure to match them to his tie and pocket square.
At galas, he goes above and beyond, sporting anything and everything extravagant, from golden pointed elf-ear cuffs with dangling drops of rubies to chandelier style pendants of platinum and sapphires. Obviously, they always match his suits, that get more complex and eye catching as the years pass.
Bruce is particularly supportive of this quirk of his, and on Tim's eighteenth birthday he gifts him two pairs of piercings: one is two small bats, and the other is a couple of long chain of silver to which are attached several small diamonds in a multitude of shades of blue, in what Tim thinks look like miniature waterfalls. Tim cries every time he puts them on.
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dc-and-damirae · 9 hours
tim: If it’s a concussion you have to keep him conscious okay, ask him questions.
jason to dick: What exactly is your sexuality?
tim: Stuff he knows!!
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rebelbluerobin · 3 days
Having multiple ships for the same character is honestly so cool to me because it means that a character is inherently so complex that other people look at them and have a completely different interpretation than me—that shit’s so cool!! Look at us loving the same lil’ dude in different ways!! Yes!! Let’s be friends!!
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you know who i think would get along get along great?
Jason Todd and Deadpool.
I mean just think about it. They have similar ideologies, and Jason would LOVE Wade’s jokes. I bet they’d take down some bad guys and then go out for a beer and chimichangas and spend the whole night talking and cracking jokes. They would be best friends.
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stag-nite · 3 days
Tumblr media
Timber coloured sketch
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yeats-nana · 2 months
Jason: Alright baby bro it's time for bed [throws 3 y.o Damian over his shoulder to the bed but in slow motion while making sounds like a plane is crashing]
Damian: [giggling]
Jason: [stops mid-throw] Wait wait, just to be safe [pulls out a toy grenade from his pocket] incase if there's any monsters down there [throws the grenade under the bed]
Tim: AAAAAHH WHAT THE FU- [frantically trying to crawl out]
Damian: [shrieks happly]
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nanamis-username · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
nightwing + his brothers 🐣🐣🐣
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Imagine Batman accidentally repeating the shit his kids say in front of the Justice League.
*Steph goes up from behind and kicks Riddler’s ass.*
Nightwing on patrol: Slay, that.
Jason in the comms: He might be trying to bomb Gotham PD, but that custom green suit is literally so rad.
Tim: Yeah, he’s deadass serving cunt.
Bruce: Can we handle this fir—— DICK, on your left!
——Later that week @ the Watch Tower——
Clark: Have you seen Wally’s new suit?
Bruce: Yeah, it serves so much cunt.
*All heads turn*
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theartsycanary · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Big fan of this post
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incorrectbatfam · 2 days
[first time bonding]
Dick, to Jason: This is fun. I like this. Do you wanna hang out for a while and insult each other?
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youseeingthis · 19 hours
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webbgtm · 1 month
Tumblr media
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roxineedstosleep · 1 month
Situation I think happens between Dick and Jason.
Dick: Yeah, look, I'd really love to go to your sister's 6th wedding, I really would. But I can't, I have to pick up my little brother from his boxing competition that day. After that I promised him that we would go for ice cream! I can't let him down!
X: Aw, I understand, will you send me pictures after the competition? I want to know if he won anything!
Dick: Sure!!! I'll show you as soon as it's over.
_____ the next day_____
Dick, excitedly showing his colleague a picture of Jason, who is bigger than him and completely sweaty and bruised, proudly clutching his heavyweight championship trophy: Isn't he adorable?
X: What the fuck did they feed that kid?
Dick: Yeah, he's always asking for doubles.
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dc-and-damirae · 13 days
jason, (rolling down the car window): What seems to be the problem, officer?
dick: Get the FUCK out of my car
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the-djarin-clan · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
BatDad doesn't know words like peace and tranquility. Batman: Wayne family adventures - Episode 34: Recovery
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