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mhisadj · a month ago
Andrew Tuttle - New Breakfast Habit
Off of Fleeting Adventure.
I’d probably sell my soul to hear pedal-steel guitar in my ears for the rest of my days. It’s such a cosmic, haunting, perfect sound. And on this album, matched with the banjo, we’re talking sublime.
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doomandgloomfromthetomb · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
JPW - Something Happening / Always Happening
Not only is Jason P. Woodbury a great writer/editor/podcaster/dude (you know his work on Aquarium Drunkard / Transmissions / Wastoids, etc.) , it seems that he's also a great musician/songwriter. Go figure! Jason's debut under the JPW moniker is a start-to-finish beauty, like Cass McCombs and JJ Cale meeting up in the Sonoran Desert at sunset for some hazy, sunbaked jams. Drum machines tick, guitars glisten, vocals drift, time stops. Very happening!
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chongoblog · 2 months ago
In case you missed the big album premiere, I ended the album with a big ol’ medley of Mad Rat Dead songs. It sounded a lil something like this (because this was it)
List of songs in order under the cut
Distorted Graffiti 
Dancing Wind
Cottage House
Call Me Jack
plash, plop, gurgle
Cheddar Chaser
Breath of Forest
Nightmare Road
One Day At Laboratory
Dark Fear
Passion In Blue
Gloucester Carousel
Underground Hug
Heart’s Beat
Bowing Steps
Sprinting Night
Emmental Catalepsy
Ghost of Culvert
Cheesy Trap
Sweet Trip
Bad Feeling
Yellow Invitation
Heartless Being
Kind Of Hope
If We Could Be Friends
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andmaybegayer · a month ago
Last Monday of the Week 2022-08-29
Living life on desert time
Listening: due to the fact that I wouldn't really be using my phone while in another country with an incompatible cell network, it served as my music player while reading, which means I was constrained to whatever I had haphazardly slapped on my SD card two years ago. Reading music provided by Darren Korb and Ersatz Waterfall, among others, so here's Spike in a Rail and the 8-bit version of Northern Mire
Watching: My mother is absolutely enthralled by The IT Crowd which I also haven't ever watched. I did really enjoy Father Ted so it's no surprise that I find it funny and easy to watch. Anytime they're in the office my brain is running a stupid comparison between the set dressing of the Big Bang Theory set and this, which notably includes a wealth of open source propaganda posters and several EFF flyers. Someone did their homework!
Reading: Most of the way through The Diamond Age, I am not immune to Stephenson no matter how hard he seems to try.
Stephenson's obsession with. cleverness? handiness? as a concept is always interesting to read through, it's easy to see how you get there and it's something that both swells the egos of smart people and has some sort of basis in how we think of people, especially in communities that Make Things there is the implicit understanding that it is better to Make Things than not to Make Things and that Making Things requires cleverness, depicted most obviously in the Victorians but also in many other places with the Matter Compiler fully allowing Making to be a thing that only Makers do.
Playing: Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, the Arcadey jet combat game. Demanding and tricky without requiring me to care about actual flight shit, which is a nice change from KSP. The jets handle like jets in the hands of skilled pilots even if you aren't, which is exactly what the Arcade bit means. Most of my deaths were the result of making aggressive low altitude manoeuvres before they taught me how to do high-G turns.
There's apparently Deep Fucking Lore in this game and I'm sure I'll understand it eventually, I never played Metal Gear so ultra-high-concept cutscene exposition is a pleasant novelty.
Making: Unsuccessfully poking around the Rockbox source code but only because I was interrupted by Desert Time, the iPod is a truly delightful bit of hardware, the lock switch is hooked up to a GPIO and I assumed that meant it was disabling the scroll wheel in software, but no, it cuts the power to the wheel assembly. Bizarre, I love it but not what I want, so I'm rewriting some of that.
Also more quilting, getting into the less forgiving parts where there are many convoluted meetings of patches.
Tools and Equipment: I put my desktop back to Arch but I the process I lost track of my encryption key for my storage drive. Nothing of value permanently lost, but here's a reminder to back up your keys somewhere, anywhere really. Double check that they work sometimes, especially before you do anything stupid.
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shinpurumedia · 8 months ago
Gallina - Westside Gunn
Coming February 5 to BandCamp and YouTube.
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marxsound · a year ago
progress on monday
i have 14 tracks for “from the ruins” and some idea of the order of it all... hope to have it posted to markmcmahan.bandcamp.com by next monday. happy monday
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kamiamaya · a year ago
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dykeferatu · a month ago
but i won, so you lose
guess it always comes down to
alright, it's okay
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Tumblr media
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mhisadj · a month ago
Allison Russell & Brandi Carlile - You’re Not Alone
Together again, these two gorgeous voices blending and merging once more. Excellent. And it’s for a good cause as well:
Proceeds from “You’re Not Alone” with Brandi Carlile on Bandcamp will go to benefit the Looking Out Foundation’s Every Town For Gun Safety Support Fund and The Fight For Reproductive Justice Campaign
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dagnegorham · 2 months ago
SURPRISE! I just released my new single “James” on Bandcamp (it will be available on streaming sites soon)! This is the lead single from my upcoming debut album (more details to follow). Écoute! :)
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andmaybegayer · 2 months ago
Last Monday of the Week 2022-08-01
Sometimes you gotta just touch grass and/or cotton
Listening: Running through the discography of a local band, The Narrow, because I'm going to their show soon. Here's "You don't get to quit", one of their better known songs.
Another song because I do not control the stupid obscure music that gets jammed in my head, "Heaven is the place in your heart" by a professional backing track band called EVE out of Japan. Written for an extremely fascinating HD Laserdisc demo that is perhaps one of the earliest examples of HD recorded video. Extremely bright and colourful demo disc that is so, so, SO 90's. Check the comments for a video engineer who worked on the original video who has Lore.
Reading: Bad. Not much. Random blog posts.
Watching: The Man Who Fell To Earth, 2022 series which is a sequel to the 1970's movie. Pretty funny, put off a little by how little effort went into the sci part of sci-fi but not enough to really care. Alien has to learn everything about being human and simultaneously use his alien technology to run a... tech startup? Only a few episodes in.
Playing: Checking out Minecraft 1.19, it's almost identical to 1.18 until you start really digging. Thus far I'm still setting up a base of operations. 1.18's changes to ore scarcity and world generation are really interesting, and it's always fun to look at what the designers of stock Minecraft think progression and exploration should look like.
Making: Penrose quilt! Started in on the first non-practice patches. Tricky to get Y-seams exactly right but it's working out so far. Need to press this to get a proper sense for how it'll lay out but this is a good start.
Tumblr media
Also a good deal more macro stuff, I'm trying to come up with mechanisms to encourage me to go out and look for bugs more. It's winter which doesn't help, but spring is around the corner.
Tools and Equipment: pitch for iNaturalist, one part of the aforementioned mechanisms and also just a good place, it's great to have savants with usernames like DipteraJane and WaspLuvr show up and nail the exact species of a random fly you put up fifteen minutes ago.
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shinpurumedia · 8 months ago
Gallina - Westside Gunn - Single
Coming February 5th to BandCamp and YouTube.
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acousticmrsimple · 3 months ago
Listen/purchase: This we will see. by Andy Hay
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kamiamaya · a year ago
2021 just started and I’ve bought new music already! Nice.
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inthewindtunnel · 3 months ago
The Quilz
Peace Of Mind
Heart Of Glass
(Blondie cover)
Blue Monday
(New Order cover)
Robot Love
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music-concrete · 7 months ago
Institute For Alien Research
then knowing only the stability properties of the constant
coefficient linear systems of ordinary differential equation
including ; Charlie Monk , Pendro , Christophe Petchanatz , Olivar Premier , Thomas Stephenson , Pacific 231 , Shaun Robert , Radboud Mens , {AN} EeL , Ayis Kelpekis , målgrupp , Extreme Volume Pop , Flavour , Invisible Dimensions , PPFPESSco
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