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A letter from Baji spoilers, Ryusei better not fucking die and Toman needs to hurry up and appear.
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Lil Baji brought a gift for Lil Emma! 馃槶
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Original artist on Twitter - 銇欍仩銇揁12/18A15b (@sudako0120)
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Baji is so fucking cute y'all!! I just can't!! 馃槶馃挅
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pfpanimes 1 day
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鈱 tokyo revengers - baji moodboard.
like or reblog if you save/use.
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Credit: @truegrner on twitter
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tyshuu 5 months
岽涐磸岽嬍忈磸 蕗岽囜礌 蕶岽徥応湵 岽∈溼磭纱 蕪岽忈礈 岽♂磭岽蕗 岽浭溼磭瑟蕗 散岽纱散 岽溕瓷湴岽徥岽!
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Request from:@arawas6518
he walks over to you,slowly,his hollow eyes following yours,it sent chills down your spine and you wondered if maybe you shouldn鈥檛 have been wearing his jacket.You closed your eyes,scared of what would come next.However,he just stares at you blankly,before swiflty wrapping his arms around your waist and hugging you.his soft breath hitting your ear as he softly whispers聽鈥淣ever leave me.鈥
He walks over to you,and he chuckles at the sight of you struggling to zip up his red coat.鈥滺ere,let me help you.鈥滺e says,bending down so he can zip the coat up all the way to the top.He helps you flatten out the crimson material so it fits right onto your body.鈥漎ou look good.鈥滺e hums softly,before kissing your forehead.He runs his fingers through your hair and smiles.鈥滻 love you.鈥
He slowly strolls over to you,trying not to laugh at how the large jacket barely fit you because of his tall size.Patting your head,he smiles at you and you wrap your arms around him,grinning widely.It took Draken by surprise,though he didn鈥檛 pull away from your embrace,he鈥檇 never admit it,but he wishes you would do it more.He murmurs softly,鈥滸od,what did I do to have someone like you?鈥
Baji looks at you,his fangs showing from his confused frown.鈥漌hat are you doing with my jacket?鈥滱ssuming that means he wants you to give it back to him,you start unbuttoning the gold buttons delicately sewn onto the dark material.鈥滺ey,I didn鈥檛 mean take it off,dumbass,you look good in it.鈥滺e spoke,taking you by surprise,though he was your boyfriend,he never seemed to act like it so this was probably the closest you鈥檒l get to him acting like one.
鈥淗ah,what鈥檚 this聽鈾? A lazy grin sat upon his face.鈥漎ou look cute,but you鈥檇 look even cuter with no clothes on though-鈥澛犫淪hut the fuck up.鈥漎ou cut him off before he could finish his sentence.He chuckles,鈥漌hatever you say,it鈥檚 still true~鈥淵ou sigh,turning to walk away from him,before you can,he grabs your shoulder and turns your head towards him.He kisses you before saying聽鈥淚f we鈥檙e not gonna fuck at least let me kiss you.鈥
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Y/N: I'm tired of your bullshit!
KISAKI: I'm tired of your bullshit
Y/N: Then fucking leave then!?
KISAKI: I'll fucking leave, tf is wrong with you?
KISAKI: I'll beat everybody tf up in here-
MIKEY: Who? Beat who up? *Puts dorayaki down*
KISAKI: Oh, no- Not you bruh...
DRAKEN: Hah? Then WHO??
CHIFUYU: Aye bruh, who tf is you gon beat up bro. who?
BAJI: Yeah, that's what im tryna figure out, who you finna beat up?
ANGRY: That's what tf we tryna figure out
SMILEY: Who tf he gon beat up??
MITSUYA: Bro, who is you talking bout?
KISAKI: No... no, I-I wasn't talking bout none of yall
IZANA: Man i heard you said you was gon beat up everybody ass in here, who bitch?
KISAKI: No no, not you Izana-
SOUTH: THEN WHO? You said everybody in here, you aint talking bout me.
KISAKI: Yo chill-
RINDOU: Ain't no chill bro who tf is you talking bout?
RAN: Awh wait, this bitch said he gon beat up everybody in here? BITCH WHO?
TAKEMICHI: AYO, yall figure out who he gon beat tf up? who? WHO BITCH?
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og timeline baji....
Tumblr media
but at what cost..? he didnt meet ryusei or chifuyu馃檭 and he wasnt as kind and nice as our keisuke.. idk whos this person actually馃
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nyc-looks 7 months
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鈥淚'm wearing my own creations as I am Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) tailor: traditional pattern Jeogori (top) and Baji (pants) in modern fabrics with traditional Korean shoes, tassels and ornaments called Norigae and Goreum and a modern version of the traditional Korean hat called a Ga. My outfit is inspired by 1840s European fashion pattern mixing.鈥
Apr聽9,聽2022 鈭 Chelsea
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a/n: I wanted to write something short and sooo here鈥檚 this
Hope you enjoy <3
reader is gender neutral!
characters: mikey, baji, chifuyu, kazutora, ran, and hanma
tw: cursing, obviously making out, hand-on stuff, etc.
Tumblr media
Mikey has two ways he鈥檒l make out with you. The first would be a sloppy, clumsy make out where he鈥檚 half-asleep and just wants to kiss you. He鈥檒l gently cradle your face and slowly, but surely sloppily make out with you. In the moment, you always giggle because you can feel his breath on your face, and you can see he鈥檚 practically asleep. It鈥檚 more of a sweet make out that anybody would love. The second way would be a more serious make out. He does these when he鈥檚 either really happy to see you or when he鈥檚 getting ready to go into a fight. He鈥檒l pull you close and put all his feelings into one make out session. You can always tell what he鈥檚 feeling in these situations, and you always wrap your arms around him in return. Sometimes he nibbles on you lip, other times, he just stares into your eyes, sad to be leaving you. It really just depends on the day. Either way, it鈥檚 a nice feeling鈥攎aking out with Mikey is. Then again, all Mikey-make outs are amazing.
聽Baji is surprisingly shy when it comes to making out with you. Honestly, he鈥檚 afraid of making you uncomfortable, so for the first while, you鈥檒l have to initiate. It may be awkward at first because you鈥檒l both be stiff but once you get into the flow, everything鈥檚 alright. 聽He鈥檒l happily pull you closer, and passionately kiss you. He always pours his feeling into it, especially because 聽this is one of the only ways he can get his feelings across when he doesn鈥檛 how else to communicate. I think in general, Baji would just love kissing you. He loves the passion, the connection you make when you kiss, and especially when you make out. He always pulls you as close as he can, and grip on the shirt you鈥檙e wearing. He usually gently nips against your lips because he loves how you squirm when he does it. Sometimes he鈥檒l run his finger through your hair, very gently though. A lot of the time, Baji is just really gentle with you. After all, he doesn鈥檛 want to hurt you! Overall, Baji can be a little shy, but once he gets into it, making out with him is amazing. And trust me, he loves making out with you as much as you love making out with him!
聽Chifuyu always super sweetly makes out with you. It鈥檒l always start off with a conversation and mid-way through he鈥檒l get distracted. He鈥檒l just stares at you and your lips, so in love. Then he鈥檒l go in for a make out, but he always ask permission first鈥攁lways. The last thing he wants to do is make you uncomfortable, so he always asks you first. If you say, then he鈥檒l gently pull you close and start off with a sweet kiss to the lips. He鈥檒l almost always smile before he pulls back in for another. It鈥檒l slowly get more intense and soon enough, you鈥檒l be making out! He鈥檚 always so gentle, so sweet with you. But trust me, he鈥檚 not shy about letting a giggle or moan out against your lips. Sometimes he lets his hands wander or he lets his tongue slip into your mouth, but only when he knows you鈥檙e comfortable with it. He鈥檚 always so sweet and gentle with everything. He really is such a sweet guy, isn鈥檛 he?
聽Kazutora is like Chifuyu, and he鈥檚 super gently and sweet everything. With him, everything comes on so naturally. Making out just sort鈥檝e happens when it feels right. Of course, Kazutora always asks your permission first to make sure you鈥檙e comfortable. If you say yes, things will just naturally happen from there. He鈥檒l pull you close and kiss you with an incomparable passion. He puts all his emotions into one kiss, as do you. And he鈥檒l just moan against your lips. You always run your fingers through his hair, sometimes tugging at it because you know he loves it so much. He鈥檒l let his hands wander, though he鈥檚 always gently about it. Everything he does is so gentle and passionate. It鈥檚 always so full of love. Kazutora just loves you so much and he loves showing it to you. And what better way to do it that make out with you?
聽Ran being the smooth-talking bastard he is, has made out with a lot of people. But out of everyone, you鈥檙e his favorite. He loves everything about you, from voice to your touch. And trust me, he loves kissing you more than anything. He鈥檚 the type to tease you and take things slow on you, but trust me, he鈥檚 just as eager as you are. He just loves to see your reaction when he teases you. When he finally does give in and kiss you, he鈥檒l be super passionate. He鈥檒l pull you as close as he can and kiss you with so much emotion you know exactly how he feels. Sometimes, he gets a little rough with you and he鈥檒l grab your ass and bring you as close as he can. He鈥檒l slip his tongue in your mouth and happily moan. Other times, he just wants to casually, almost sleepily make out with you. It really just depends on his mood! Of course, if you鈥檙e rough, he鈥檒l have no problem with switching from a casual make out to a serious make out. After all, he loves it when you鈥檙e rough. Overall, Ran can be a bit of an asshole, but he really is good at making out with you. After all, he knows exactly what you love!
聽Hanma loves making out with you. And I mean LOVES. He鈥檚 the type to make out with you anytime, anywhere. He鈥檒l happily run his hands all over your body and smirk against your lips. He always makes sure you know how much he loves being with you and kissing you. He鈥檒l pull you into his lap and just bring you as close to him as possible. He鈥檚 really not shy. Of course, he always makes sure you鈥檙e comfortable. After all, all he wants to do is make you happy! He really just loves pleasing you. He loves hearing you giggly or moan because of something he does. Maybe it鈥檚 reassurance or his love for you, but he really does love making you feel good. Of course, if you just want a casual make out, that鈥檚 fine with him too. As lone as he gets to kiss you, he鈥檚 happy! After all, who wouldn鈥檛 want to kiss you?
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masterlist || reblogs are very appreciated <33
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Tokyo Revengers who? After this latest chapter, I only know
Tumblr media
(watermarked with my Instagram handle)
I'm still processing the absolute bomb drop in Chapter 268 (seriously, WHAT???) and had to whip my rusty editing skills out of the closet to cope with this information. All I know is next Tuesday can't come quick enough.
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Tokyo Revengers x Sanrio characters 鈾
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It doesn't let me post all the pictures so, this is the thread I've made on Twitter with all of them
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bajitora 馃惐馃惐
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Baji & Sanzu: Pretty boys with long hair
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Original artist on Twitter - 銇倧鍫12/18 A23b (@niwaba_288)
Original artist on Pixiv - 銇倧鍫
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Also Sanzu's obsession with Baji's hair -
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demeto-anima 5 months
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a poem by e.h. 鈰.喑冟繑*
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l-tora-l 3 days
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Credit: @NANDA__6 on twitter
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your instagram while dating chifuyu
here is chifuyu's one, like that we have the pet shop trio, i'm gonna do the one you guys requested to me tomorrow (shinichiro, rindou, the kawata twins not all of them in one day though) <3 love you guys and thank you for the support
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y/n: the books has him more than me :(
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matsunooo: that's not even true babe!!!!
鈹 y/n: yes it is 馃槥
鈹 matsunooo: NO IT ISN鈥橳
bajiikeii: why is he on the flor when theres a bench next to him
鈹 y/n: idk he鈥檚 dumb
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y/n: 馃憗馃憛馃憗
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HINAHINA: he鈥檚 so cute
鈹 y/n: he鈥檚 my son
鈹 matsunooo: he鈥檚 MY son
sano_em: anwww
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y/n: he鈥檚 a simp
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kazu.t0ra: what is he doing?
鈹 y/n: art.
bajiikeii: thats why he鈥檚 not answering
takemichioff: is he writing 芦聽yours聽禄
鈹 matsunooo: SHUT UP
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y/n: imagine coming to see your gf and not even bringing her a drink too 馃槖
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鈹 y/n: RIGHT
sano_em: you should break up y/n鈥
鈹 matsunooo: STOP
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y/n: he said聽芦聽look through your window, kazu and i are going to fight聽禄
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bajiikeii: WITHOUT ME?
ryu_draken: nerds
MIKEYYYYY: it seems fun, why wasn鈥檛 i invited :(
h4nma__: i want to play too
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