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hello-nichya-here · a day ago
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I feel seen.
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ly0nstea · 3 months ago
When Zuko isn't able to have a normal conversation on a date in season 2 it's "cute" and he's "such an awkward turtleduck awh oh my god."
When Azula has the exact problem verbatim in The Beach she's "a psychopath" and "a monster"
What, because azula made reference to the military and ruling the world she's a psychopath? What was she meant to do? Huh? You expect Azula to be able to compare their relationship to literally anything else? It isn't like she has a good basis to go off with her own parents.
It's a disgusting double standard
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being-somewhere-else · a month ago
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Azula (with dragon)- ATLA fanart
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mrs-schoenheit · 14 days ago
Yuu: Okay Yuu you got this just— JUST BE LOWKEY OKAY?!? *deep breaths*
*Azul walks in*: Prefect are you he—
Yuu: I am inlove with you
Azul: …what..?
Yuu: I mean what’s up?
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azulasbluefire1236 · a month ago
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GOD!!! She’s just so finee we all can agree that✊🏻✊🏻❤️‍🔥
Cr on the art❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
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unfortunately-rosie · 8 months ago
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It’s a tyzula doodle type of day <3
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echonopsia · 2 months ago
She could strike me with lightning and i would gladly take it
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zeke-best · 4 months ago
This artwork by the artist for the first five comics is canon I don't care what anyone says Azula redeemed herself and she and Zuko reconciled and are both happy and loved
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assadita · a month ago
Redraw of the scene that made me feel for Azula… I adore her despite everything.
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Also here’s an alt version lol
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blinday · 14 days ago
Fanon Azula vs Canon Azula
Azula: Well, I'm intrigued. What is this about after all-
Fanon crazy!Azula: *shoots lightning next to Canon!Azula while mannicly laughing* Haha! I almost got you, mother!
Azula: excuse you?
Erhaz's canadian!Azula: Oh, sorry about this. Gosh, this is so embarassing. She's not okay, sorry about this. *turns to crazy!azula* now come here, it's okay! It's okay, mother isn't here see? She's not here!
Yang's Azula: *wrapped up in asylum clothes and in a wheelchair humming some creepy version of children's songs*
Fanon Evil!Azula: This is so pathetic. I would pity you if I had any actual feeling. Did you see Zuzu, that insufferable pig whom I hate with all my non existent heart?
Azula: ...I choose not to be offended by this.
Fanon powerlust!Azula: Didn't see him, but if I had, would've tried to kill him again. He stole that throne from me, the bastard!
Azula: Now that's just unrealistic. I've never on my right mind purposefuly tried to actually assassinate him. Only as a prank when we were kids. Isn't there any version of me with a somewhat okay relationship with my brother?
Zucest Azula: I'm here. Zuzu and I are good.
Azula: Oh thank spirits-
Zucest Azula: We're in very, very good terms, actually... excelent terms I'd say...
Azula: okay that's enough for me bye.
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balanceoflightanddark · 2 months ago
Alright, something I noticed about the comics that kinda...well everything disgusts me, but this shows how much the writers failed at making the heroes likable.
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Azula here is protesting at being treated like an animal and being humiliated. Ty Lee humiliates her further by assaulting her for mo damn reason, but neither she nor Suki get anything worse than a stern talking while Azula is portrayed as evil and deserving it.
Remember the greatest redemption arc ever when Patrick used the Tickle Belt (AS SEEN IN EPISODE #17!) on Man-Ray the one time despite not having done anything to deserve it?
Tumblr media
He at the very least had the excuse that Man-Ray did beat the crap out of him earlier, the punishment was not as harsh as chi-blocking, but most importantly-
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SpongeBob called him out on it and tried to forcibly take the remote away from him.
You know, for a comic series that's supposed to be smart and have a good message, an unabashed kids' show managed to outdo them in terms of morality! HOW DO YOU SCREW UP THAT MUCH?!?!
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mytoesfelloff · 3 months ago
I don’t like how fans make Azula out to be this over-sexualized, femme fatale, master seductress like did y’all not see the way sis was STRUGGLING to talk to Chan? I wanna read posts and fanfics of her being the social awkward teenager that she is. Also, I wanna read some Dangerous Ladies content that’s not just “big bad Azula is torturing poor Mai and Ty Lee and they hate her”. Positive Dangerous ladies content (AU or not) where they’re the center of the story and their friendship is the focus in a positive light? Top tier. Positive dangerous ladies content where they’re all lowkey assholes, don’t be fooled by Ty Lee the girl’s a dick at times, but still manage to be lovable is immaculate. Positive dangerous ladies content where they’re all lovable and lowkey assholes AND Azula is socially awkward AND they show affection for each other in their own ways? ✨Exquisite✨ I love to see it.
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ly0nstea · 4 months ago
"azula was born lucky" my brother in christ then why was she born into that abusive household too???
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raewritez · a year ago
bby azula eating mochi appreciation
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azulas-badjokes · 9 months ago
Found this gem on Pinterest
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impatentpending · 5 months ago
Your New Favorite Fanfiction
if you:
are a burnt out gifted kid
are in your villain era
had a crush on Suki from Avatar: the Last Airbender when you were younger because you're Gay
think writing mysterious letters is a love language
think Azula deserved a redemption arc that didn't woobify her or take away from the tragedy of her character and consequences of her actions
want a slow burn enemies to friends to lovers arc
need badass sapphics sparring as a way of flirting
then you need to read Worship the Ashes!
This post-canon fic follows Azula, disgraced and imprisoned after Ozai's defeat, and her slow path to recovery – through therapy, through mending her relationship with her brother, and through a mysterious pen pal. But while she's struggling with who she was and who she wants to become – while dealing with her annoyingly beautiful personal guard Suki – the Fire Nation faces a threat unlike anything it's ever seen.
This is a 66k+ fic about losing your identity, finding yourself again, and healing with the power of found family (and cute girls). And the best part? The final chapter drops TONIGHT!
So why wait? Check out the sapphic Azula redemption story that has left readers screaming:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
see you before the final chapter drops tonight <3 (link in reblog)
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unfortunately-rosie · 3 months ago
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Back on my Azula shit <33333 I still love her so much I just haven’t had the time to draw her between work, commissions, and university but she’s still my special little guy
(Also I had originally gone into this with the intent of doing a happy azula drawing… rip my sketch of smiley azula 😭)
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