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I've seen your scars and kissed your crime.
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Dadriel #11: Fear is Not My Future
Tumblr media
Azriel reminisces fondly about the past as he simultaneously dreads what the future holds.
Read it on Ao3 here
I haven't posted anything in a while and needed to get this out of my head. Mostly fluff with a little side of emotional hurt/comfort. Enjoy!
Remember this, the shadows used to hum as Azriel held the entire world in his hand. 
Not that he needed their heeding. After all, how could he forget how impeccably both Llyr's and little Catrin's heads fit wholly cupped in the heart of his palm? 
A heartwarming, idyllic match. So miraculously perfect. 
Almost as if the Mother herself had measured his hand's span. Both of the two wriggling babes a wonderfully complicated compliment into his life—just like their mother. 
He'd never forget his first time like this. Seeing them nestled in his hold, was against a background of fuzzy snow-white whirls. The backdrop of a blanket between them.
For a while, he had been nervous to hold them like that soft to marred skin. Worried how the roughness of him would feel against such tender flesh and featherlight wisps of hair. So when he'd often hold them at night when they were newborns, he would with a blanket between them.
And it wasn't until Gwyn had caught him one night, finally realizing what he was doing, that she calmly, gently told him, Remove the barrier, my love. 
Barrier. The word tolled through him like a clear bell of challenge. 
Barrier. It had been years since he'd allowed any between himself and his beloved mate, his friends—or around his hands. He loved the feeling of Gwyn's palm and fingers, now strong and roughened from years of training, against his own. He found comfort and clarity in her touch. Renewed vitality and strength.
And wouldn't his children gain the same?
Fear, uncertainty, were the ultimate hurdle. But eventually, with deep breaths and the shadows and Gwyn's loving support and gentle coaxing, he had held them. One at a time, their tiny, precious heads in his palm, the weight of them in his arms a joy he still couldn't comprehend.
Gods, they had been soft. They'd been so wondrously soft. Like his shadows whispering over him. Like fate and love and magic given form.
The sweet image of their small heads nestled in the center of his palm as he cradled them was imprinted on his soul, imparted with a promise. 
A promise he thought about every time he glanced at his hand. 
While Gwyn fretted and assessed the twins' lives in reaching milestones, Azriel measured the passing of time by his hand.
The once perfect fit was long gone, Llyr and Catrin not even needing the extra support of it anymore, each of them able to hold themselves, sit on their own. Their inquisitive son was even starting to pull himself up on furniture. 
Catrin was getting there, but she seemed content to allow her brother and others to bring things to her. Which still worried Gwyn, though their family did their best to allay her ruminating.
Don't worry, Berdara. My father often said how late I was at walking—until I saw something I wanted. Catrin is just willfully stubborn, just like her mother. Gwyn had stuck her tongue out at Nesta for that. But, her Valkyrie-sister continued, when she finally sees something she really wants, that little Valkyrie is going to run, not walk. And then you will beg the Mother for her to sit still again. 
And Azriel had little doubt about Nesta's claim. 
Even now in sleep, her ever-growing wings splayed beneath her, spread out as wide as her arms, her forehead was puckered as if she was scheming. Her small rosebud lips with the perfect bow were parted on soft puffed breaths, little snores that reminded him so much of watching Gwyn sleep. Though with her onyx hair, he could only imagine she was the spitting image of her namesake. Apart from her wings and the wavy ringlets in her hair, the little girl was most definitely a Berdara. 
He peered over at the other crib. His son, even with his porcelain skin and copper coloring, was Azriel through and through. A quiet boy, always content to assess a situation before trying. And Azriel swore Llyr was paying close attention to the shadows more now than ever, enough to make the Shadowsinger wonder.
Catrin's pitiful whimper called his attention.
It was a nightly ritual now whenever he was home—when nightmares dragged him from the little sleep his body called for—to check on his family as they slept. 
Safe, Singer. 
Safe. All of them were safe. No demons from his past or enemies of his present were here.
And that had been that promise the first time he'd held them with no barrier between them.
His children would never know the true reality of cold. Never know the bite of shackles on their wrists or ankles. They'd never long for comfort. 
They'd never question if they were loved.
Their safety would always be assured.
Safe to sleep. Safe to dream. Safe to love.
They'd have everything he didn't have. And he'd make sure of it with his last breath.
That was his promise.
And yet…
His knuckle gently smoothed over Catrin's forehead, over her chubby cheek. 
Every day, he compared their heads to his hand. Every day it sunk in that they were bigger, no longer fitting to the dimension. They were growing up. Every day was another day closer to—
Arms circled him from behind, and he stretched his wings aside as a pointy chin rested on his bare left shoulder. He sighed into her, loving to be surrounded by her softness and her scent.
"You all right?" Gwyn asked.
"Yes." He swallowed thickly. "Couldn't sleep. And you?"
"Nightmare," she sighed. His arm encircled her as he kissed her temple. Her soft chuckle caught him off guard. "Just look at them. They're getting so big." 
His throat bobbed, his fingertips and shadows grazing over the peach fuzz of the babe's cheek again. "They are. It seems they are doing new things each day. It's truly remarkable."
"It is. And yet…it worries me."
"Gwyneth Berdara, worried? No. I can't believe such a thing," he teased, earning a little playful nip to his shoulder.
"The more they move, the farther they go, the more dangers await. Cauldron, the House of Wind is built on top of a godsdamn mountain. It suddenly feels like a death trap. I shouldn't even dare blink when they're awake."
"The House won't let anything happen to them, love. Neither will we."
"Still, I'd feel better if we need to take precautions. Be proactive. Cover corners, secure doors and knobs. Gates around the stairs and fencing off the training ring." She eyed him. "How would you feel about covering the tips of your wings?"
Azriel snorted. "Gwyn, I love you and your creative mind, but there's no way in hell. Illyrians have had babies forever and I haven't read one single instance of eyes getting poked out by wing tips."
"If you insist." She exhaled, her eyes taking in the dozing girl in the crib. The shadowsinger tightened his hold on his mate. "Does it…does it make you a little sad, too?"
His lips twitched. His clever copper-headed wife always saw straight through to the heart of the matter. "It does."
"I don't know what I'm going to do when they leave to be on their own one day," she confided, her mouth trembling slightly against his collar. "Though I guess it's silly to think about right now, one day they'll be starting their own lives. It'll be up to them. They won't need us."
He kissed her again, tugging her ever closer to him, glancing between their sleeping children. "We'll always be there for them. And it's not silly in the slightest. I am, too. I think perhaps it's the nature of parenthood. The blessing of children comes with the curse of constant worry about what they will face, what the future holds. The perils. The heartache. I just…I don't want them to feel a moment of pain."
And he wouldn't be able to bear it. Because that was the risk of letting down barriers of the heart and soul—it left one vulnerable to the worst heartbreak, the greatest pain imaginable. 
The tactile fear of losing it all after he'd finally allowed himself to feel, to accept.
A panic he used to solely place on Gwyn and now…
"I wish I could relieve your fears and mine, Shadowsinger. But…it's not practical." He peered down at his lovely beauty, falling immediately into the teal orbs staring up through heavy lashes. "Some pain is simply a part of life. The elation and happiness of first loves, families and friendships can't be had without risk. Without having faith. Because you go in knowing that things could end with heartache and loss. I don't imagine the fear will ever abate. But it's worth it to experience love, is it not?"
He didn't take his eyes off of Gwyn, remembering all the times he almost lost her, had seen and felt her pain and dread. How he'd witnessed her drift away from him after the birth of their children. Hell, forget about battle; he'd been more terrified of losing her on the birthing bed—and their twins. 
Yet she was here. Now. They all were.
And he would relive his haunted past over again if it meant he'd end up right here.
Arm still wound around Gwyn, his fingertips left his daughter's brow to tip up his mate's freckled face. He'd memorized it long ago, each freckle as familiar as his own scars. And as he stared down, felt the touch of her skin against his own, without linen or fear between them, he dipped his face down and pressed a tender kiss to her lips.
Every kiss was a blessing. 
Every touch was a miracle. 
Every fear was worth living. 
The love for his family was worth everything. A love he would hold forever in his heart and carried in the palm of his hand.
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Day 30 of NaNoWriMo and I'm celebrating reaching that finish line with another little teaser. If you missed the first teaser, you can find it here. And if you want to know more about when I'll start posting this story, check out this post.
Tumblr media
“You two are trying to make Summers notice Gwyn right? Show that she’s into jocks and not some wilting wallflower or something.” A bit of a mixed metaphor, but Gwyn wasn’t about to split hairs over it. She waited for Azriel to answer Cassian, but he kept quiet. Rhys seemed to want to stay out of it as well. He had fished his phone from his pocket and was texting. But apparently Cassian didn’t need confirmation from Azriel, because he continued talking. “If you bring her home now, all it's gonna do is make people think you are friends. You need to go out. Be seen. Get people talking.”
“This scheme is only one day old. I’ve got it under control.”
Cassian’s gaze flicked to Gwyn. “All it would take is ten minutes at a party with me and everyone would definitely notice you.” 
“No.” Azriel’s voice was low, cold, and deadly. 
“Ah, come on, I didn’t even tell her the plan.” 
“No,” he repeated. “I’m not letting you take her to some party and make out with her to prove a point.��
Gwyn balked at the idea. Oh god, a kiss? Was that part of the plan to get Tarquin’s attention? She didn’t think she could do it. Show up at a party: fine. Flirt with Azriel a little: acceptable. But kiss?
“You and Gwyn have like zero chemistry. I mean look at how you’re standing right now.” He gestured at them. Gwyn looked at Azriel. There was a respectful distance between them, sure. And maybe Az looked wound tight enough to snap. But that didn’t mean they were unbelievable as a couple right? The girls in the coffee shop the other day certainly seemed to think there had been something between them, if those murderous looks were to be believed. “Rhys, back me up here.”
Rhys looked up from his phone. “Please do not involve me in this.”
“Now, me on the other hand…” Cassian straightened up from the door frame and strutted into the room like a preening peacock. “I’ve got chemistry with just about everyone. I ooze charisma.” 
Azriel looked to Rhys. “Please tell me you didn’t let him drink tonight?” 
“Unfortunately this is Cassian stone cold sober.” Rhys nodded in the direction of Cassian’s hand. “That’s the only one he’s had all night.”
Cassian didn’t pay any attention to his brothers’ side conversation. Instead, he kept his focus solely on Gwyn. She cleared her throat and said in a firm voice, “I’m not going to kiss you, Cassian.” 
“See,” Az said, cutting in before Cassian could reply. “Problem solved. Now, if you’ll excuse us, I’ve got to get Gwyn home.” 
“Kiss Az, then.” Cassian’s challenge hung heavy in the room. No one asked for him to elaborate, but he did anyway. “Show me I’m wrong. Show me you two have some chemistry.”
“We don’t have to prove anything to you.” Azriel spoke up before she could. 
“Maybe not. But you will to the rest of campus.” Now it was Gwyn’s turn to freeze, her body going rigid like she had been struck. Cassian addressed his next words to her alone. “Everyone is going to be watching you. Girls are going to want to know why he’s with you, and the guys are going to want to know what he’s doing with you. If you walk into that party looking like his sister, that’s all Summers is going to see you as.” 
He certainly didn’t pull any punches. Gwyn knew every word he said was true. Part of her had hoped… well, it didn’t really matter what she had hoped because she was now faced with the harsh reality Cassian had brought to light. She turned to Az only to find that he was already looking at her. Or more specifically at her lips. And fuck, that shouldn’t have been so appealing. She tried to convince herself that the flutters in her stomach were just the result of the adrenaline coursing through her veins. Nothing more. 
But even so she found herself saying, “He has a point.” 
There was a smug sounding snort from Cassian that drew her attention away from Az for a beat. Even as her eyes flicked away, she could feel that Azriel’s stayed on her. She could feel the intensity of his gaze like a brand upon her skin. And when she looked back at him, she was surprised to find that somehow the color of his eyes had deepened. Gone were the warm honey-amber hazel tones she had come to know, and in their place were pools of molten gold.  
“You don’t have to.” Azriel pitched his voice low, so the words were for her ears only. But even as he gave her an out, Gwyn could help but notice that he was looking at her like he wanted to kiss her. No, not wanted. Needed. He looked like he needed to kiss her; like he needed it more than his next breath. 
How was it that he was looking at her like that? How had they gone from standing respectfully apart to this? It was all an act right? It had to be. There was no other logical explanation for the way he was looking at her right then. He was putting on a show for Cassian; trying to make it seem genuine. Like they were two people at a party simply drawn together by the magic of the music. 
God damn her, she wanted it to be real. Just for one second. To let go of everything else and get lost in the moment. And so she found herself making a decision. 
“I know.” Her response to him was just as quiet. 
Azriel took one step toward her, as though drawn to her some inescapable force. Gwyn took a half-step into him. They repeated the process, this time in unison, until they were face to face. Azriel put one hand on her hip, whether to keep her close or to steady himself she didn’t know. And didn’t care. And then his other hand was by her face, cupping her jaw, sliding back into her hair, angling her head up to him. His breath ghosted across her skin and Gwyn’s eyes fluttered shut.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
HOT couple alert ! (art by itswibell_art on IG)
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A Court of Scars and Shadows | Official Artwork
Warning: NSFW
To celebrate ACOSAS hitting 20,000 reads on Ao3, I have commissioned a piece of spicy Gwynriel art from artist @kri_stasss_ inspired by Chapter 25: The Night and His Star. 
*No reposts allowed, please respect and adhere to this decision.* 
Tumblr media
Read the chapter this artwork was inspired by here on Ao3
I cannot speak highly enough of @kri_stasss_ the incredible artist behind this work, who has put so much detail and love into every inch of this commission. She is a true talent and I can’t wait to commission more from her. 
The uncensored version of this image, is now available via my linktree. 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gwyn and Azriel by jemlin_c
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morning sex in the kitchen with Az ? like you're in the kitchen preparing breakfast for your partner then he comes up behind you is your breakfast plan changes 🫣 morning sex is Canon by Az
Azriel can’t keep is eyes off you in the morning. Especially when you’re making him breakfast, swaying slightly as you stir the eggs in the pan, your hair a mess and a sweet smile on your lips. Clad only in his own shirt. This is probably Azriel’s favourite version of you, the side that shares these soft moments with him and only him. He delights in this time with you, wants to make the most of it before you’re both shoved back into reality.
He smiles, hearing your hum of content as he hugs you from behind. Azriel leans down, nuzzling his face in your neck. He inhales your scent and tastes your skin. You sigh, relaxing against him, “G’morning, my love.” Your voice is raspy, still laced with sleep. It’s music to Azriel’s ears. He says nothing, unable to tear his lips away from your neck. You laugh when he squeezes you, hands wandering across your tummy, along your sides, grazing beneath your breasts. Even with the smell of cooking in the air, Azriel doesn’t miss the sweet smell of your arousal building from a few simple touches. He nips at your neck and you whine his name. “Yes?” His hand drops to the hem on your - his - shirt, sneaking beneath to trail along your thigh. “I’m making breaking,” You tell him, attempting to keep your breath steady as Azriel’s free hand palms your tits. “I can see that,” Azriel chuckles, feeling the warmth from your cunt as his fingers draw closer. “You’re distracting me…” Your body betrays you, pushing back against him.
Azriel’s fingers dance through the slick between your folds, he kisses your neck, tongue brushing over your skin. He whispers, “Do you want me to stop?” He circles your clit slowly and he feels you shudder in his arms. You shake your head, “No, I don’t want you to stop.”
And that’s how Azriel now has you sprawled beneath him on the kitchen floor. Breakfast discarded and burning away in the pan. The tile is cold against your back, a nice contrast to the heat coursing through your body. Your shirt is bunched up, exposing your breasts, allowing Azriel to lick and suckle on your nipples. He has your legs tight around his waist as he ruts his hips slow yet rough grinds. His cock is deep within your sopping cunt, each drag against your squeezing walls pulling groans from his throat. You’re so tight and warm, Azriel wishes he could stay buried within you all day long. Your fingers are tangled in his hair, tugging and pulling, needing something to hold on to. With each thrust, a loud, pleasured cry passes your lips. Turning into pathetic sobs as he continues to fuck you on the kitchen floor.
Azriel shifts so he’s looking down at your face. His hands slide up your body to cradle your head and he lowers to rest his forehead against yours. “I’m here, bunny. I’ve got you. Are you okay?” He watches you blink up at him, eyebrows creasing as the pleasure overtakes you. “Yeah, yeah,” you nod frantically, “It’s so good, you’re so good. Please, please don’t stop.” You clutch onto him tighter, as if scared he’s going to leave you here wet and wanting. Azriel kisses you softly, his tongue working into your mouth. You moan in response, letting his tongue guide yours. “I’m won’t. I’m not stopping until you’re cumming around my cock, okay?” He pants into your mouth. You whine, kissing him again and sucking on his bottom lip.
Azriel can feel his stomach flexing, cock throbbing and balls tightening. He’s close to climaxing. He wants you to fall over the edge alongside him. Azriel angles his hips to hit that spot inside you with each rut of his hips. Your eyes roll back almost instantly, whispered praises tumbling from your lips. “There. There. Gods, Azriel. You feel so good, you make me feel so good.” He curses, the words and noises you release spurring him closer and closer. The clenching of your cunt becomes more frequent, your moans rising in pitch. “Look at me, bunny. I want you to look at me when we cum.”
With a soft sob, you do as he says. Eyes flickering back to gaze into his own. “That’s it, good. You gonna cum with me, bunny?” He asks, barely able to hold his climax at bay. You nod, mumbling incoherently. “Let go then, little bunny. Cum with me.”
The tight squeezing of your cunt finally throws Azriel over the edge. He trembles above you, his release spurting against your walls. Your eyes never leave the others’, staring so deeply, baring your souls to one another. Your lips are parted in a silent cry, he’s sure you’ve forgotten how to breathe. Azriel has. No air meets his lungs as he rides out his climax, hips sloppily grinding into yours. He’s overstimulated, your walls clenching rhythmically around his cock, keeping him deep inside you.
Azriel is unsure of long you both lay there. Staring into each others eyes and panting into each others mouths. He’s examining your face closely. Azriel knows you’re beautiful, gods he reminds you every day. But he now knows beautiful is an understatement. You’re an angel. And how you ended up with him, he doesn’t know. “I love you,” Azriel breaks the silence, whispering even though you are the only ones here. Your smile makes his heart thud. “I know,” you sigh, brushing the sweat slicked hair from his forehead before pushing yourself up to press a kiss there.
The loud sputtering of eggs burning in the pan fills the room. And Azriel can’t help but laugh with you. “How would you care for some burnt breakfast?”
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Tumblr media
@booknerd87 decided not to post this here for personal reasons, but she wanted you to enjoy this Gwynriel forehead kiss as much as we did, so she asked me to post it here too. Please do not repost.
Art by @lucielart and commissioned by @booknerd87.
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Nyx: Son of a bitch.
Cassian, fake gasping: You better watch that mouth little guy.
Nyx: But it's not a bad word. It's an expression.
Azriel: Who told you that?
Nyx: Auntie Nesta and Auntie Gwyn. 
Azriel, under his breath: God dammit. 
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Little Valkyrie (Azriel x reader)
summary: You’ve wanted Azriel forever. So how do you respond when he accidentally walks in on you in the bath reading a smutty romance novel?
warnings: smut!
After sparring for hours on the roof of the House of Wind with Cassian and Azriel, the only thing in the world I wanted was a melt-your-skin-off steaming bath with a glass of wine and the newest smutty novel Nesta gave me to borrow this morning. Sighing, I stripped my leathers off as quickly as possible. My muscles ached. I lit a few candles and poured some jasmine-scented soap into the bath as the water roared, bubbles creating a plush layer over the borderline boiling water.
Stepping in one foot at a time, I nearly moaned in relief as I sank deeper, bubbles almost to my chin. The water loosened my tense muscles as I leaned back in the huge clawfoot tub, letting my hair drape over the lip of the ceramic basin. I lifted the book, turning to the chapter I left off on. I had started the book today before sparring, stopping before what I knew was a particularly spicy chapter. I didn’t want to go into sparring all riled up, but would much rather read it alone where I could take care of myself when those feelings overwhelmed my senses. Or else I couldn’t promise I wouldn’t jump Azriel’s bones right in the middle of a training session.
My cheeks heated just at the thought of the spymaster. He had no clue I had such a huge crush on him. I hoped. At least I told myself that to ease some of the embarrassment of being so utterly captivated by someone so unattainable. I was one of the Valkyrie, yes, but most certainly not close enough to Azriel to assume he’d ever pay me any mind. He had other more important things to worry about, I was sure.
I hummed as I read the next chapter, the scene heating in a way that made my blood pump faster. My skin felt like it was tightening as I began to squirm, the scene overtly erotic. I pretended not to pay mind to the fact that the male I was picturing in the story just so happened to be a certain towering shadow-ridden Illyrian. I pressed my thighs together at the thought of him, his weight pressing down on me, his mouth exploring my body.
A fierce and quick knock at my door sounded before it was opening and I panicked, sitting up quickly sending a wave of water and bubbles splashing onto the marble flooring as I attempted to keep my book as dry as physically possible, horrified by the idea of ruining the pages. A tall, slender figure walked into my room, head swiveling at the sound of my clamoring. My room in the House of Wind had an open floor plan that had an archway that opened to the grand bathroom, cursed with no bathroom door. Usually, I am delighted by this feature, but right now not so much.
Hazel eyes met mine and I let out a small yelp. Oh so incredibly slowly, the corner of his full mouth curved upwards in a feline smirk. I wanted to disappear. Gods, this couldn’t be happening. No way was this real. I slipped in the tub and hit my head or something, surely.
“Azriel???” I shrieked out, trying to cover myself from his eyes, my cheeks so hot my body felt like it was on fire. But I didn’t tell him to get out.
He paused for a long moment, eyes set aflame with delicious deviance. Then he began to grin. His eyes caught on the smutty novel clutched in my hands.
“What are you reading there, little Valkyrie?” He purrs, taking one step closer to me with languid swiftness. A sudden roiling filled my gut as I realized he could probably smell how turned on I was. And how much more intense it got with his proximity.
“Battle tactics,” I say, tucking the book on the side of the tub opposite him so he couldn’t see the erotic romance cover. But then of course he’d probably already taken note of it much before I had.
“Is that so?” He grinned at me like the devil, poised to strike a dark bargain. And my god, did I want to shake his hand and seal my fate. “I had come to bring you the water bottle you left up at the House, but now I’m invested in these battle tactics. Care to share?”
I swallowed hard, my mouth opening but no sound came out. I scrambled to find the words for a witty response. Azriel prowled closer to me, eyes never leaving mine. Butterflies swarmed in my stomach as my heart pounded. He was at the side of the tub much too quickly and I was so distracted by his nearness that I didn’t anticipate his plan as he quickly swiped the book from my hands.
“HEY-” I yelled out, moving to stand up to grab it back, but quickly noticed just how naked I was. He chuckled, knowing I could only steal the book back from him if I exposed my naked body to him as well. Which I was not ready to do. He made me so nervous. He moved to the vanity, swiftly hopping up to perch on the sink, legs hanging off. He opened to the bookmarked page, his face triumphant.
His eyebrows shot up, eyes flicking over to me as he devoured the words on the page. I chewed my nails, feeling so embarrassed I was close to tears. But I was also thrilled at his closeness and attention.
“Battle tactics, indeed, little Valkyrie.” He purred, continuing to read. And I swear, something shifted about his scent. A thrill ran up my spine at the thought. “Definitely much to take notes on.”
“I’ve found I learn best by demonstration,” I say, unsure of where the sudden burst of confidence came from. But I decided then that I wanted him, and he was so clearly dangling himself in front of me like bait. So I decided I like to bite.
The shock is evident on his face but is quickly replaced with a wicked smile, full of the worst intentions. “As do I.” He sat the book behind himself, slowly lowering his body off the countertop as he surveyed me, waiting for silent permission to pounce, to devour his prey whole.
“I could use the practice,” I whisper, goosebumps racing across the surface of my skin, my senses heightened. A confirmation that I, too, wanted this.
His eyes darkened and his smile dropped as he quickly strode forward, plunging his arms into the bath, wrapping one around my back and the other underneath my bent knees. I screeched as he lifted me out of the water, flooding the floor and soaking himself as he pressed my naked body against his, bridal style.
He walked us to the bed, water and bubbles covering the both of us now. Before I could protest, he laid me back onto my bed, the water seeping into my blankets and sheets. But looking up at his gorgeous face, I couldn’t bring myself to care. He stood a step back, eyes raking and roaming over every inch of my body as if he wanted to memorize me.
“How long have you wanted me, sweet girl?” He asked. I almost scoff until I realize that he’s serious.
“Since I met you,” I admit, deciding not to play games. I was already so vulnerable underneath his erotic visual caresses.
“Was it me you were imagining? Reading in the bath, thinking about me doing all of those… dirty things to you?” He says, voice low and dark.
I nod slightly, blush blooming in my full cheeks. His hand lifts to caress the side of my face. He runs his thumb along my bottom lip, looking at me like I’m his last meal. My body feels like a livewire, skin buzzing and receptive to his touch.
“I’ve thought about it too,” he says breathily. “Though my thoughts may prove even dirtier.”
Before I can ask what he means, he leans forward, hands wrapping around the small of my waist as he lowers his lips to press a gentle kiss above my belly button, looking up at me as his lips touch my skin. My breath hitches, watching him in anticipation. Lifting his head again, he positions himself directly over me, hips pressing against me, my legs parted around his strong frame.
He stares into my eyes for a long moment as if trying to decipher me by looking inside them. His thumb strokes my cheek gently as I resist the urge to push my head into his hand and purr like a kitten. He will be my undoing. Every touch, every word, every look sets my very being on fire. Why did he have such a grip on me?
His hands roamed my body, my skin like clay under his touch, and he was the sculptor. My breathing quickened, my heart becoming a pounding hammer in my chest. His calloused and scarred hands starkly contrasted my soft and feminine surface. But he was much, much too clothed.
“I want to feel your skin against mine,” I whisper, hands running up his chest and down his leathered arms. He bends down to plant a slow and erotic kiss on my neck and moves to stand. My knees bent and legs hanging off the bed, I propped myself up on my elbows as I watched him reveal himself to me, bit by bit.
He shrugs his pants off, briefs going with them as he frees himself. My mouth goes dry. Cauldron boil me alive. He was huge. I wanted him so badly. He lowers himself to his knees, eyes in line with my knees, and gently wraps his hands around the underside of my calf, raising it so my leg was straight. He presses a deeply intimate and soft kiss to the side of my ankle.
“Aphrodite could not even sit at your table, my love,” He murmurs into my skin, slowly dropping my leg and standing between my knees, spread open for him.
I am practically panting with anticipation as his eyes lock with mine. I lift both my hands to reach for him as his hands find mine, both sets intertwining, fingers interlocking. He presses his weight slightly onto our conjoined hands, moving to lay on top of me again, knee pressing between my legs. The pressure makes me writhe, breathing heavier.
He lowers his perfect pink lips to mine, the feeling of them like velvet. He bites my lower lip, slowly dragging his teeth across it. My mouth opens for him and his tongue slides against mine, as he moans softly into my mouth, the sound almost a whimper. My back arches, pushing my chest closer to him, his nearness like a drug.
“What do you want?” He asks me, trying to drag words out of me.
“All of you,” I whine, wrapping my hands around his back to pull him closer to me, still not being near enough despite touching him. He groans in delicious approval.
"Ask me what I want."
"What do you want, Azriel?"
“I want to taste you,” he said, words breathy and needy. That sent a jolt right to the sensitive areas between my thighs.
“Please,” I begged, brows furrowed with want.
His response was to resume his attack on my neck with his mouth, pressing his hips down between mine harder, rocking against me slightly, and creating such wonderful friction had me throwing my head back, eyes rolling and a breathy moan falling from my lips. He hummed in response, the vibrations of his mouth against my skin sending goosebumps crawling across my skin. He continued his kisses, sliding down my body but being damn sure to take his time doing it. The anticipation was killing me, but gods his affection was glorious. He quite literally worshiped my body with his hands, tongue, and mouth. He reached the edge of the bed, planting one last slow kiss on my lower abdomen before he stood.
He gripped my hips and yanked me to the edge of the bed, a helpless yelp coming from me as he moves my body with such ease that it makes me lightheaded. He reaches forward and grips my neck underneath my jaw, gently pulling at me so I would sit up. The pout on my face is evident as his hand falls away from my neck. He chuckles at me, giving me a quick kiss before dropping down to his knees in front of me once more. Gods, the sight of him knelt before me sent a delicious chill up my spine. He was so unreasonably pretty. His hazel eyes dance as he looks up at me from under his thick lashes. He plants a kiss on both of my knees before pushing them apart, baring me to him. He let out a quiet groan at the sight of me, hand finding his painfully hard cock and providing some friction to ease the intense need that filled him. He gripped my throat again, pulling me down to meet his mouth. He kissed me intensely and sensually. Who was this male? Where had he been all my life?
He breaks away from our kiss, head twisting as he pulls one of my nipples into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around them, moaning as he continued to slowly pump himself. The sound had me arching for him, which had him chuckling again. He bites down softly on my nipple and I whimper, my pussy throbbing and desperate for him.
He switches to the other nipple, sucking and biting at it, raking incredibly explicit noises from me. Finally, he pulls back, his hair mussed from me lacing my fingers through it as I ground myself against him as much as I was able to. He pushes my knees apart further, putting a hand on the small of my back to pull me to the very edge of the bed. He lifted my feet one by one, placing them on the rails of the bed and leaving me entirely exposed to him. I moved to lay back but he bit my thigh. I cried out, looking at him incredulously.
“Keep looking at me.” It was a command, not a request. He was such a thrill. I obeyed, propping myself back up on my hands so I had a clear view of him. I gasped as he ran two fingers up my slit, gathering my wetness. And gods, was I wet for him. He lifted his fingers to his mouth, swirling his tongue around them, collecting all of me and letting out a deep moan at the taste of me. I felt myself growing continually wetter, my core aching for him.
“Azriel, please. I need you. Please touch me,” I whimpered, and I swear his eyes rolled back in his head at the sound. He turned his head and kissed my inner thigh before grinning back up at me. He leaned forward, eyes not leaving mine as he dragged the flat of his tongue all the way up my core, the feel of him such a relief I felt myself throbbing in anticipation of him.
He gave one more long lick before he went to work, suckling and swirling his warm and wet tongue against my clit as he eased one finger into me slowly. The glide of me had him desperate for any friction. He squeezed his cock with his free hand, begging himself to calm down so that this would last as long as possible. I bit my lip at the sight of him suckling at me, pleasuring himself to the taste and feel of me. I pressed my hips forward slightly, pressing his mouth harder into me. His eyes re-found mine in an instant and he hummed his approval as the hand that was on his cock moved to grip my hips, encouraging me to grind myself against him.
I was going to pass out. He was so sexy and I wanted him so badly and his tongue was quite literally cauldron-blessed. He added another finger then, pumping into me harder, dragging obscene moans from me. With every one of my moans, he hummed in return, sending vibrations to my clit and making me see stars. My head was swimming, sweat forming on my skin as he rode me to my high, my hands buried in his raven black hair and riding his face with fervor.
I came with a loud cry, my core squeezing around his fingers as he continued to pump into me, still sucking at my clit until it became painfully sensitive and I was squirming beneath him, and then he released me. He kissed the insides of both of my thighs, rising back up to his feet.
He placed the two fingers he had been pumping into me at my lips, pressing on my bottom lip so my mouth would open for him.
“Taste how well you did for me, little Valkyrie. You taste better than I ever dreamed,” he purred, pushing his fingers inside my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his fingers, his knees almost buckling as he groaned.
“I bet you taste even better,” I say, a devilish grin filling my face as I reach down for him. I grab his hip and pull him closer to me as I reach up to kiss him. Our tongues caress each other, exploring and devouring each other. I guide the tip of his cock through my folds. He glided against me with such ease he shuddered in reply with a string of murmured curse words.
“As tempting as having that pretty mouth wrapped around me sounds, I want you to ride me,” he panted, arms pressing into the bed on either side of me as I had a hand between us, rubbing him against myself. “Please.”
I wrapped myself around him, legs wrapping around his back. He lifted me, turning us and scooting back until he lay back on the bed with me on top of him. I leaned forward and sucked on his neck, his nails scraping down my back. I pushed my tongue in his mouth as I reached between us to line up his huge length with my entrance. I slowly sank down on him, a deep reverberating moan echoing through us both. He pulled me down onto his chest and kissed me slowly as he sat inside me not moving. Slowly, he pulled out and then rammed back into me. I whimpered into his mouth which earned a groan of approval from him. His mouth latched onto my nipple, swirling it on his tongue around me while I bounced on him. His hands roamed and praised my body with gripping and passionate touches.
He began to thrust up into me, meeting my own and creating a filthy, wet sound as we fucked each other with reckless abandon.
“You feel… so fucking good… FUCK…” He panted, hips still driving up to meet mine. I threw my head back in ecstasy, his hands rising to grip my breasts in his hands, squeezing roughly and kneading them between his huge hands.
“I could fuck you forever,” I gasp out.
“I’d beg on my knees for it,” he breathed, eyes shutting in pleasure, mouth open as he panted, nearing his climax as we continued with intense effort, both of us desperate to please the other. His thumb began to rub my clit as I slid up and down on his cock, making me throb around him, which sent him over his edge at the same time that I tumbled into mine.
We sang out in intense satisfaction, both coming together. He twitched inside me, cum dripping out of me from around his cock. I scooted downwards then, pulling him into my mouth and licking him clean as he groaned, hands laced in my hair.
“My filthy girl,” he purred to me, thumb rubbing across my bottom lip. I lifted my head, sitting up to look down at him. “You are dangerous. Now that I’ve had you, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop wanting you.”
“Good.” I grinned down at him, planting a kiss on his abs as I climbed off the bed. He whined in protest.
I reached my hands out to him, and he sat up to grip them in his own. “You’re invited, don’t worry.”
A sly grin covered his face at my words. I walked over to my shower, opened the glass door, and flicked the shower on, allowing it to heat. When it was a good enough temperature, I dragged the shadowsinger in after me, giggling as the door closed behind him and he began to kiss me again. His hands slid down to my thighs, lifting me with alarming ease as my legs wrapped around his center. I felt him harden against me again, his head buried in my neck as he started to laugh.
“I warned you.”
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ACOTAR Fanfic MasterList
I read an ALARMING amount of Fanfiction, and this is the easiest way for me to catalog some of my favorite Fanfiction. I love AO3 but I wish I could put things in categories and separate folders like GoodReads. I will be updating this list periodically and they are in no particular order. However, I will star some of my favorites!
Please note that most of these have smut! These are also all long fics, no one shots in here.
These will just be my AO3 favorite fanfics, I will make another master post for the Tumblr specific fics.
Here is a link to my subscription list on AO3 that is the most up to date.
Color Key:
*= Favorite, ***************= I have a borderline obsession
Finished Fics:
Call Me home (@propagandaprincess) (gives telenovella vibes)
A Court of Whisper and Song (@mystical-blaise) *
A Mythical Thing (@separatist-apologist) *
A Court of Light and Melody (@daevastanner) *
Trial of the Valkyrie (@daevastanner) *
On My Radar (@vikingmagic33)
Hands On (@headcanonheadcase)
Delectable (@hlizr50, @violet-shadows, @thehaemanthus)
The Capri-Sun Girl (@headcanonheadcase, @hlizr50, @ofduskanddreams)
The Raven and the Songbird (@hlizr50)
These Scars Paint the Map that Led Me to You (@hlizr50)
A Court of Song and Shadow (@justawhore)
Intimacy: A Gwynriel Smut Collection (@tealnymph24)
A Court of Smoke and Shadow (@daevastanner)
Nothing Can Break Us (@thewordnerd)
The Dream (@lady-riel)
Drunk in the Wrong Bedroom (@lady-riel)
Ballad of Shadows (@jennierubyjaner)
Sword and Shield (@synopsis)
Wrapped in His Shadows (@95wolfpanda)
Voices in the Shadows (@mercurianbisous)
On the Nature of Hearts (@daevastanner)
Shadowsinger (@emilia3546)
Snap (@headcanonheadcase)
Stealth (@vikingmagic33)
Your Truly (@cosmic_justice_is_us)
Wonderland (@separatist-apologist) *
Dismantle. Repair. (@separatist-apologist)
You Look Like Bad News (@the-lonelybarricade)
Foxy (@azrielshadowssing)
Haves and Have Nots (@the-lonelybarricade, @thehaemanthus, @hlizr50) *
The King Under the Mountain (@SweetVillianDarlingGod)
What Dreams May Come (Anonymous)
A Court of War and Starlight (sv_you_know_who_I_am)
I made you a Promise (@nomattertheoceans)
ACOMAF from Rhys's POV (@illyriantremors)
No Reason to Stay (@xelly)
Autumn In Velaris (@talkfantasytome)
Ongoing Fics:
We Never Go Out of Style (@separatist-apologist) *************
Things You Can't Have (@damedechance) ***************
Wanting (More Than You Can Have) (@damedechance)
House of Shadow and Song (@headcanonheadcase) (Spoilers for HOSAB) ********
Sleep, Sleep Beauty Bright (@headcanonheadcase) *********
A Court of Shadows (@aldbooks) *
His Sleeping Vixen (@eeereee) ************
A Court of Ribbon and Shadows (@thebluenickel)
Synchronicity (@ofduskanddreams) **************
Gwynriel Drabbles (@moodymelanist)
Gwynriel One-Shots (@ladyofcloudedskies)
Three Strings, One Bracelet (ArcturuStarlight) *************
Daevastanner Gwynriel TikTok Fics (@daevastanner)
Gwynriel One-Shots (@daevastanner)
Surprise (@celiamoonbeam)
Sworn His Shadows Sang (@lady-riel)
Dadriel (@mystical-blaise)
Gwynriel Fanfictions (@meher-sumedha)
Gwynriel Fics (@mercurianbisous)
Gwynriel One-Shots (@ladyofcloudedskies)
Never Enough (@loewenanni)
Of Darkness and Light (@lovestoryfanatic)
Shadow Songs (@xcinsationalx)
Symphony of Shadows (@gwynrielstan)
A Court of Light (@aldbooks) *
I was Enchanted to Meet You (@separatist-apologist)
There You Are (@SweetVillianDarlingGod) (Note: chapter 18 may be some of my favorite literature of ALL TIME. I laugh EVERY. SINGLE. TIME)
A Court of Faded Dreams (@the-lonelybarricade) *************
Nessian Drabbles (@moodymelanist)
Valkyrie Tales (@seacheck4)
Sext and the City (@vikingmagic33, @headcanonheadcase)
Velaris Tattoo Parlor (@talkfantasytome)
Velaris State Chronicles (@talkfantasytome)

I would love some more Nessian, Feysand, and Elucien fics! As well as any longer gwynriel fics that I may have missed!!!
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lunainfortuna · 10 hours
“You know them better than I do. But I will say that Lucien is loyal—fiercely so.”
“So is Azriel.”
“Azriel,” Rhys said, “has been preoccupied with the same female for the past five hundred years.”
Rhys was like: feyre darling, please. elriel is a sinking ship!
And I second every word.
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Cassian: Gwyn has green eyes right?
Azriel: Gwyn’s eyes are blue with a hint of light blue when the light hits just right.
Cassian: And when was the last time she smiled?
Azriel: Last night at 12:03 am.
Cassian: Right, and when’s my birthday?
Cassian: When’s my birthday, Az?
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trashforazriel · 8 months
Tumblr media
My newest #gwynriel commission from @talitasami on instagram. Please reblog, do not repost on tumblr. Support the artist through their Commisson work 🎨.
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booknerd87 · 4 months
All right Guys double treat for my fellow Gwynriels..... so Taylor, @amandapearls and I collaborated on commissioning this masterpiece by artist @phantomrin ...
This is a really special piece ... I absolutely loved working with Tay , Amanda and working with Phantomrin has been a dream come true 🙂🙂
Repost not allowed. Reblogging allowed.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ofduskanddreams · 5 months
Tumblr media
She's not gonna stand for it Shadowsinger.
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