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Tsireya and Lo'ak are definitely falling in love :)
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dreaming-in-cryo 24 days
Quaritch's redemption arc incoming 馃憖
"The Na'vi way starts to become his way. He begins to move much more like a Na'vi, and he begins to adopt their weapons and their mode of travel. From his point of view, he's adjusting his methods to fight the enemy, but what you find on Pandora is the planet operates on you. Eywa will have its way. That's very true of Quaritch, but he still thinks he's the master of the situation."
- Stephen Lang (Colonel Quaritch) in an interview with Slashfilm
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dragonofpandora 7 months
So, as I mentioned once before, I have this theory that the Metkayina are a different species of Na鈥檝i from the Omatikaya (and the other clans we鈥檝e seen), and honestly now that we鈥檝e seen more of the Metkayina I am calling that my official opinion on the subject.
Not only do they have altered tails and forearms, which are dramatic enough to warrant this theory in the first place, but their facial features are also notably different - larger eyes, smaller and flatter-to-the-skull ears. There鈥檚 not really any shots in the trailer where we can easily compare side-by-side, but I wouldn鈥檛 be surprised if they鈥檙e significantly shorter than the Omatikaya Na鈥檝i. These are marked enough physiological differences that I would consider them to be different species of Na鈥檝i, and I would be surprised if canon/word of god actively contradicted that at some point, honestly - those are pretty wildly drastic differences to be part of the same species.
Which is really, really cool!聽Many of us have wondered at some point what the world would be like if the other species of humans we used to live alongside hadn鈥檛 died out - the Na鈥檝i are living that reality, with at least two different species of Na鈥檝i coexisting in the same world at the same time. And yet they clearly recognize each other as more similar than different, and I for one will be fascinated聽to see how much emphasis is placed on the differences vs similarities between the Metkayina and the Omatikaya.
It also begs the question whether more than those two species of Na鈥檝i might exist on Pandora...
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Avatar 2 Theory
I'm not sure if anyone else has posted about this, but I haven't seen anyone else voice this theory, so here we go.
Ok, so this has been floating around in my head for a while, since the official trailer was released.
At first I thought that Kiri (Jake and Neytiri's adopted daughter) might have been Grace Augustine reborn from Eywa. Kind of like Pandoran Jesus or Anakin Skywalker. The fact that she's voiced by Sigourney Weaver was the main reason why I thought this.
Tumblr media
Maybe Eywa was just in a silly goofy mood and was like, "Nah, I'll just save you for later". And I've seen some people do an overlay of a younger Sigourney Weaver's face over Kiri's and they do look the same, if not very similar.
Tumblr media
But, then the other day, I remembered that I had read something somewhere about Grace having a Na'vi boyfriend. And when I remembered this, that's when the lightbulb went off.
Kiri isn't Grace Augustine reborn. She's Grace's daughter. Grace's avatar body was pregnant before she died. And this would explain why Kiri has avatar features (five fingers and eyebrows), why Jake and Neytiri adopted her (they loved Grace) and why she would have a strong connection to Eywa (because Grace still lives within Eywa).
There are also some promotional pictures that were released that show Kiri watching a recording of Grace in what looks to be an old human bunker/science facility.
Tumblr media
If she is Grace's daughter, I'm going to assume that Jake and Neytiri haven't made it a secret as to who her mother is and she's curious about what kind of person Grace was.
I'm also going to assume that Grace's avatar body was put back into one of those growth tubes where they initially grow the avatars so that Kiri could be carried to term and delivered. I think I saw a picture of Kiri looking into one of those tubes, with a body inside and people online were speculating that it was Grace's body. Which didn't make sense to me at the time, because why would they have preserved Grace's body if Grace was dead and no one else could drive the avatar. But it would make sense if it was discovered that the body had been pregnant, so they kept the body alive for the baby's sake.
I'm gonna call it now: Kiri is Grace's daughter, born from her avatar body and that's why Sigourney Weaver came back to voice her.
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dornishsphinx 5 years
@verecunda tagged me in this a while back, and it completely slipped my mind until I saw it half-done in my notes, oops鈥攕orry it took so long! Also, this got wordier than intended, probably because that always happens when I鈥檓 avoiding doing actual work. Oh well.
If any of you feel like ranting about your fave female characters, here鈥檚 an excuse to do so--though no pressure, of course. Tagging @zonesthesia, @bioticplaneswalker, @joyseeker6,聽@moonhairedgirl, @yousef-the-uber-driver,聽@northernpansy,聽@tresjoly,聽@xxchimericalxx,聽@arthoure,聽@mrmissmrsrandom, @gascon-en-exil, @amorremanet and anyone else reading this who feels like it!
Rules:聽 Rules: Write your ten favourite female characters from ten different fandoms and tag ten different people.
1. Fire Emblem鈥擲onya
This ended up being a close tie between Sonya and Jill, but I gave this one to Sonya since I鈥檝e actually finished her game. Sonya is amazing. A non-lord character with a connection to the villains always brings them up a notch in my estimation and it鈥檚 a damn shame she never got more than one boss conversation with her father鈥攁nd none with her sisters! Her ending was initially aggravating, but I like to go with the common theory that since Duma is no longer around, talk of her becoming a witch was just hearsay. Her support with Genny is brilliant. She manages to be confident and alluring without turning into a caricature, unlike certain other unfortunate characters throughout the鈥攎ostly recent鈥攇ames. And since she鈥檚 from a less popular game, she鈥檚 hardly as likely to get completely flanderised in spinoffs. Why on Earth would you ever pick Deen?
Honourable mentions: Celica (FE2/15), Lyn (FE7), Jill Fizzart (FE9/10). This isn鈥檛 counting games I鈥檝e not actively played, though there are certain FE4 and FE10 characters who might have ended up in the mentions if I had, given what I know about them.
2. Persona鈥擸ukino Mayuzumi
I actually wasn鈥檛 expecting to put Yukino here when I was first trying to figure out who my favourite female character from Persona was. I knew it would likely be a P2 character, since that is my favourite game in the series thus far, but then I realised how much I鈥檝e been missing Yukino in particular while playing Eternal Punishment. The Empress arcana really does fit her: she鈥檚 a combination of tough-as-nails and motherly, and a cool older figure for the team to look up to. I especially love how she transfers the chance Saeko gave her to reform during her yank墨 days to Anna, years later. And that鈥檚 not even going into the revelations from her Shadow: she鈥檚 torn between two career paths, not feeling good enough to achieve either. And she gives up her Persona for Jun! That takes some serious selflessness.
Honourable mentions: Maki Sonomura (P1/2), Maya Amano (P2), Naoto Shirogane (P4), Labrys (Arena)
3. Ace Attorney鈥擡ma Skye
This came closer than any other entry on the list, both Mia and Franziska initially taking this spot before I eventually settled on Ema. She was an interesting enough character as a kid, her peppiness and the science-obsession gimmick quickly giving way to a more complex characterisation, especially once her full involvement in SL-9 was revealed. However, the science-gimmick paid off wonderfully in AJ:AA when we see how she鈥檚 transformed into a jaded, bitter detective, her dreams of becoming a scientist crushed because she didn鈥檛 pass the exams she needed to get a career in forensics. When SOJ rolled around and she鈥檇 actually managed to get into the field, it felt earned, way more than if we鈥檇 met her SOJ self in AJ:AA.
Honourable mentions: Franziska von Karma, Mia Fey
4. Zero Escape鈥擫otus
Of all the characters who didn鈥檛 make it into the sequels which followed on from the original game, Lotus鈥攁long with Santa, who I鈥檒l admit has more story-based reasons to return鈥攊s the one I miss most. She loves her daughters, fiercely enough to relentlessly investigate their kidnapping by herself for years when the police were of no use, and on top of all that, she鈥檚 a genius programmer. The moment I actively started loving Lotus was when she, clearly scared but putting on a brave face, volunteered to go in the electric chair in the torture chamber. It made you realise she genuinely is utilitarian, rather than just being out for her own survival; she鈥檚 clearly self-interested, but not completely selfish. I鈥檓 just gonna quote Uchikoshi himself: 鈥淪he may seem selfish and cold, but she鈥檚 actually the most rational and sensible out of all of them. She has the intellectual ability to make very logical decisions.鈥 She鈥檚 just the best.
Honourable mentions: Akane Kurashiki, Diana
5. Avatar鈥擜zula
I know there are people who follow me still watching Avatar, so I鈥檒l try and keep this as spoiler-free as I can in case they end up skimming some of this accidentally. (Though I鈥檇 definitely not recommend anyone who wants to remain completely unspoiled reads this entry on the list.)
But anyway鈥斺淒o the tides command this ship?鈥
The Fire Nation royal family just provides all the best characters in the series. Zuko is definitely my male fave, while his sister takes the female spot. Source of both the vast majority of best lines in the show, as well as the most Machiavellian of villainy, Azula is just awesome to watch in action, whether it be in the political, martial or personal sphere. The odd dynamic she has with Zuko is my favourite in the series, managing to be outright antagonistic, while at some moments offering the glimmer of a genuine, if warped almost beyond recognition, sibling bond. There are even more poignant moments where we鈥檙e reminded of her actual age and how her family circumstances have shaped her into what she is. She鈥檚 a complex villain, one of the best this, or any other series, has to offer.
Honourable mentions: Kuvira, Katara, Toph Beifong
6. A Song of Ice and Fire鈥擲arella Sand
Okay, if we鈥檙e doing a female character list, I kinda have to give the original Dornish Sphinx herself a spot on the list. Not much page space has been devoted to her as of the current date, considering our only consistent POV character in Oldtown just arrived. I鈥檓 looking forward to what she and Archmaester Marwyn get up to once GRRM finishes TWOW. The least war-hungry of the Sand Snakes, she鈥檚 not even been introduced on page as herself yet. Instead, we know her as 鈥淎lleras鈥, a pleasant young Dornishman of sharp intellect studying at the Citadel.聽
Honourable mentions: Asha Greyjoy, Sansa Stark, Arianne Martell
7. DCU鈥擲elina Kyle
Is there any Bat-work, canon or fanon, that isn鈥檛 instantly made a dozen times better by Selina swooping in? (Okay, there are a couple of duds, but usually she鈥檚 a delightful presence.) One of DC鈥檚 best anti-hero/anti-villains.聽
Honourable mentions: Ren茅e Montoya, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown
8. Danganronpa鈥擪y艒ko Kirigiri
The original Ultimate Detective herself. Cool, poised and collected, she certainly makes for a more convincing detective character than certain other later characters from the series, though Shuichi does try his best.聽
Honourable mentions: Kaede Akamatsu, Junko Enoshima, Chiaki Nanami
9. Doctor Who鈥擬artha Jones
I鈥檓 scraping the barrel a little for fandoms, considering I don鈥檛 even watch the show anymore, but Martha is my favourite of all companions. I never wanted her to get with the Doctor, of course, but I appreciated how her unrequited feelings for him didn鈥檛 swallow up her entire character. She鈥檚 courageous, smart and leaves the TARDIS on her own accord, which is refreshing.
10. Arthuriana鈥擬organ le Fay
This is a tricky one, since Arthuriana is more a literary tradition than a fandom per se. The characters which belong to it don鈥檛 technically ever stick to one characterisation, personality or role鈥攅veryone has their own interpretation, or even several different ones. That said鈥攜es, my favourite is Morgan, how original of me, I know. Viviane runs her competition, but since she鈥檚 all over the place鈥攓uite literally, becoming or amalgamating several different characters at once鈥擬organ wins. There鈥檚 a reason she鈥檚 overused in modern adaptions, though, and it鈥檚 because she鈥檚 amazing. I mean, she even got a geographical phenomenon named after her and in some traditions, she lives in a goddamn volcano. She鈥檚 at her best as Queen of Rheged, though, casually trying to murder her husband, or Guinevere, or teaching a lesson to whichever knight of the week volunteers for her obvious trap. Just never mention that modern book she鈥檚 most known for around me unless you want me to angry-cry. Also, she鈥檚 not Morgause. Let Morgause be her own character, modern media, please.
Honourable mentions: Viviane, Lynette, Ragnell
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poorquentyn 5 years
About Jon earning his kinghood, I have a theory and I'd love your opinion: I believe Lady Stoneheart will give her own life to resurrect Jon during the Battle of Winterfell. Jon's body will be carried to Winterfell by the wildlings, as they go there to try and save Mance. Meanwhile, LS will join the battle with the BwB, on her quest for revenge. At this point, she will resurrect Jon and he will make the difference in the battle and also be the legal heir. Thoughts?
I think you鈥檙e mixing book and show canon there. In the former, the Brotherhood (or at least, Stoneheart鈥檚 crew) isn鈥檛 headed north. They鈥檙e still in the Riverlands, growing increasingly bold with their targets; we learn in Jaime鈥檚 AFFC chapters that they鈥檝e set watch fires around Riverrun and that Stoneheart has sent Tom o鈥 Sevens into the castle as a spy. As such, I鈥檓 on board with @racefortheironthrone鈥嬧檚 Second Red Wedding theory, in which the Brotherhood massacres the guests at Daven鈥檚 wedding to an as-yet-unnamed Frey. That, not the battle against the Boltons at Winterfell, will be the culmination of Stoneheart鈥檚 quest for revenge, which fits emotionally as well as logistically because Catelyn died at the first Red Wedding and because Riverrun was always nearer and dearer to her heart than Winterfell, as we see in our very first moments in her head:
Catelyn had never liked this godswood.
She had been born a Tully, at Riverrun far to the south, on the Red Fork of the Trident. The godswood there was a garden, bright and airy, where tall redwoods spread dappled shadows across tinkling streams, birds sang from hidden nests, and the air was spicy with the scent of flowers.
The gods of Winterfell kept a different sort of wood. It was a dark, primal place, three acres of old forest untouched for ten thousand years as the gloomy castle rose around it. It smelled of moist earth and decay. No redwoods grew here. This was a wood of stubborn sentinel trees armored in grey-green needles, of mighty oaks, of ironwoods as old as the realm itself. Here thick black trunks crowded close together while twisted branches wove a dense canopy overhead and misshapen roots wrestled beneath the soil. This was a place of deep silence and brooding shadows, and the gods who lived here had no names.
I don鈥檛 think the timing works either. The Brotherhood are faaaar away from Winterfell as it stands, and winter has come; as we saw with Stannis in ADWD, GRRM鈥檚 not brushing past the difficulties of traveling in such conditions. I also don鈥檛 see why Stoneheart, the avatar of revenge, would resurrect a person she so deeply resented as Catelyn. So, no, I think Mel (who鈥檚 right there, unlike the Brotherhood) is bringing Jon back, and that he won鈥檛 take part in the battle against the Boltons; Stannis has that under control, as Theon鈥檚 released TWOW chapter demonstrates.聽
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godsofterror 5 years
Sam of the Horn
If you look at the background of the Tarly family, and their castle, Horn Hill, it turns out that there are some very unique features.
The Progenitors
The female progenitor of the Tarlys was a woods witch. She is never named & she would fuck two Tarly brothers every full moon. These two brothers were very different. One, Harlon the Hunter was a hunter. The other, Herndon, was not - he was called "Herdon of the Horn".
The Tarlys Today
Samwell Tarly is the descendant of two twin brothers with two very different skill sets, plus a magical woman (or COTF?). Somehow, the Tarlys have a Valyrian steel sword, the greatsword Heartsbane. This is an important, almost mythical Reach family.
Randyll Tarly clearly takes after his ancestor Harlon the Hunter. First, he is a hunter, one of renown, & a great general.
Sam's younger brother Dickon would also appear to follow his ancestor Harlon. Like his father, and like Harlon, he is a Hunter.
Sam, however, seems to be cut from different cloth. Randall is deeply disappointed in his lack of martial prowess. But he is strong in his own ways, as we see throughout the books. It may be that he just inherited another side of the Tarly family - perhaps Sam is "of the Horn"?.
Tarly Sigil
It's clear even from the Tarly sigil that the hunter side of the family is dominant, but, if you look closely at the Tarly sigil, you'll see that the hunter has a horn at the ready.
The horn side of the family, from Herndon of the Horn, while overlooked, is very important. It's called HORN Hill after all.
Three Horns
In the story there are 3 important horns: Dragonbinder, Mance's horn burned by Mel, & the Horn of Joramun (or Horn of Winter). Of the three, the most important is the Horn of Joramun (HOJ). Blowing the horn "woke the giants from the earth." Damn!
So the HOJ is damn powerful. It may even bring down the wall. So, Mel wants to destroy it. And she thinks she did, but I don't.
Most readers don't, I'd say. The consensus opinion (FWIW) is that the Horn of Joramun is a broken horn found by Jon and Ghost.
Jon and Ghost found the HOJ north of the wall near the Fist of the First Men. Eventually-importantly-it was given to Samwell Tarly.
When Sam is sent south to Oldtown (100 leagues from Horn Hill; which is close in ASOIAF), he still has the broken horn.
Sam's role
Samwell is "of the Horn". He is not a hunter, clearly, so he does not follow Harlon. He is of Herndon.
A descendant of a magical family, with two distinct sides/natures, one of which is "of the Horn", now has a magical horn. Huh.
Even more interesting, Sam has been sent to Oldtown, an extremely interesting location with a lot of mystery and myth surrounding it. It sure looks to be a big part of TWOW and ADOS and the upcoming wars.
Now, if you subscribe to @PoorQuentyn 's Eldritch Apocalypse, you suspect that Euron will be attacking Oldtown. I agree with him there. And, the theory continues, while there, Euron might grab the Horn of Joramun and use it to bring down the wall. Well, I question that part.
If you read this Tumblr, you know I'm focused on the inspiration for the Gods of Terros. It's mostly Lovecraftian. I recently published a theory which posits that Euron is an avatar of Nyarlathotep What does this mean?
Well, it means that there is little need for Euron to bring down the Wall. He is going to summon the Lion of Night - Nyarlathotep again - to begin a new Long Night.
So why have Samwell of the Horn carry a magic horn from the Wall to Oldtown, if Euron won't use it? Who would use it then?
What character is directly associated with horns? What sort of magical person could weld the horn? And where would they use it?
To me, the answer is clear. It's Samwell Tarly -- Sam of the Horn -- that will use the Horn of Winter to wake giants from the Earth.
And the place where he blows the horn? What better place to blow the Horn of Winter than Horn Hill?
This combines the role of Sam, the supposed weakling who killed an Other, with his ancestral nature: Sam of the Horn.
Why does Samwell of the Horn blow the Horn of Joramun? Let's explore that quickly.
Sam's one special power is that he is a voracious reader. And now he is in the place with the most books in the world - the Citadel.
Once he tells Sarella and others about the Others, they will begin to research them in the libraries of the Citadel. Any scrape of forgotten knowledge that does not exist at the Wall will exist in the ancient books of the Citadel.
What if Sam finds out that the Others are a deeper mystery than first expected? What if he finds out truths about the Wall that turn everything about the mission of the Night's Watch around?
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josru 5 months
Does anyone else think Tsi'reya and Lo'ak might have a romance or something based just on these two clips?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It seems like their parents don't want them to be together, because of the argumentative look jake is giving Lo'ak, and how Lo'ak seems to unwilling to listen, his back is turned, etc.
Also it looks like Tsireya is next to Lo'ak in the full image, maybe they're being talked to about how their romance isn't allowed, like how Neytiri was meant to mate with Tsu'tey and instead mated with Jake. Tsireya is most likely supposed to be a future leader like her mother, and mate with someone from her tribe chosen for her. It would be a classic star crossed lovers thing.
You can also get the same vibe from this conversation between Tsireya and Ronal here:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ronal isn't taking no for an answer based on that side glance, while Tsireya looks at her in disbelief.
ofc this is just based off the teaser and I have no idea what the plot actually is going to be about, especially since everything is super vague and there was only one line of spoken dialogue. Just based on me rewatching way too many times LOL (watch this not be true at all)
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dreaming-in-cryo 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Idk why but these two shots have me worried. Like what if Neytiri sacrifices herself or something :/
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dreaming-in-cryo 26 days
Tumblr media
This new image (potentially showing us Grace's Avatar in a tank) reminded me of a scene in the Project 880 script (first Avatar script from the 90s).
Tumblr media
Josh = Jake
N'deh = Grace's Na'vi bf (not in the final movie)
In this version the Avatars themselves are at least somewhat conscious without a driver. Also Grace survives the soul transfer.
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dreaming-in-cryo 3 months
Tumblr media
I keep reading the "Kiri is Grace's daughter" thing. Has that actually been confirmed?
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dreaming-in-cryo 7 months
Tumblr media
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