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supahpure · 4 months
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Zukoo!! <3
my favorite character :3
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josru · 1 month
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Tsireya and Lo'ak are definitely falling in love :)
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ava-doo · 11 months
You’re My Hero
Pairing: Sokka x Reader
Summary: Sokka’s feeling insecure, but lucky Y/N is there to be his rock.
Warnings: None really, mostly fluff. A teeny bit of angst.
A/N: I should note that Y/N is a former prisoner of the Boiling Rock that Sokka rescued. Alsooo I have COVID rn :( but I guess this gives me more time to write! I hope you guys are staying safe out there and taking care of yourselves! 💛
Tumblr media
To say this was unusual was an understatement. The tent that Y/N shared with Sokka was usually full of laughter and chitchat. So much so, it would warrant Toph yelling: “Go to sleep, already!” Which would only cause Sokka and Y/N to laugh even harder. Tonight however, your shared tent was deafeningly silent.
Sokka had been behaving out of character all day. He was quiet, distracted, and short tempered. Y/N was beginning to worry. Had she done something to make him upset?
Sokka rested on his back next to her. She presumed he was asleep, until he let out an exasperated sigh. She took this as her cue to snake an arm around him. “Sokka, are you okay?” She questioned gently. “Just dandy.” He sighed sarcastically.
“Sokka, please?” Sokka heard the pain in her voice and gave in. He turned on his side to face her. They looked into each other’s eyes while Y/N caressed his smooth skin. She could see in his ocean blue eyes, something was eating at him.
“Sokka,” Y/N began. “Did I-” “No, Y/N. You didn’t do anything.” Sokka spoke in a reassuring voice, tucking a piece of stray hair behind her ear. “It’s just- It’s just me, okay?” Y/N furrowed her brows. “What’s bothering you?” Sokka sat up, running his hands through his untied hair.
“I’m sorry, Sokka. I’m not trying to be nosey. I just want to help. You haven’t been yourself today and I’m worried.” Y/N couldn’t stop her eyes from welling up. “I love you so much, Sokka. I-”
She was silenced by Sokka pressing his lips to hers. Their lips moved in sync before Sokka brought her head to his chest. He was remorseful as he spoke.
“I love you more, Y/N. I’m so sorry for how cold I’ve been lately. I didn’t realize how much it was hurting you.” He peppered kissed atop her head. “I’m sorry I made you worry.”
Y/N looked up to see that’s Sokka’s cheeks were now stained with tears. She wiped one away with her thumb. “It’s okay, Sokka. I promise.” They sat quietly, enjoying each other’s embrace. “Do you wanna tell me now?” Y/N asked. Sokka nodded.
Y/N pulled back, ready to listen intently. Sokka let out a sigh, running his fingers through Y/N’s hair as he spoke. “I know you tell me all the time how amazing you think I am, and how much you love me. But I still sometimes feel inadequate. I feel like I’m horrible at making you feel protected.”
Y/N listened with wide, teary eyes. It broke her heart to hear Sokka speak so poorly of himself. “All your life, you’ve had people mistreat you. I want you to feel safe with me.” Sokka hung his head, letting his hair fall around his face.
“Oh Sokka,” Y/N took his hands into her own. “Look at me.” Sokka turned his head up to look into her loving gaze.
“Who rescued me from the Boiling Rock?” “Well, I did.” Sokka stated. “Who holds me at night when I have nightmares?” “ I do.” Sokka retorted. “Who always makes sure I eat before he does? That I’ve had enough water to drink during the day? That I’m feeling okay? And if I’m not okay, who tells me how much he loves me until I smile?”
Sokka gave a small smile. “Me.” “Sokka I wouldn’t even be here without you.” She cupped his face and looked into his eyes. “You’re my hero, Sokka.” Sokka looked at her lovingly. “Spirits, I love you.” “I love you more.” She replied.
Sokka pulled Y/N close for a passionate kiss. Her fingers intertwined in his hair. She pulled away after some time. “Feeling any better?” She asked. “Much. I’m feeling amazing actually.” Sokka blushed. Y/N smiled from ear to ear, and gave him a kiss on his forehead. “I’m glad, my love.”
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kyzrael-reita · 1 year
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Firelord Zuko. Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005)
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tamerlan-pahlavi · 6 months
Why the antis NEED Azula to be a psychopath
I personally think it has a lot to do with the misconception that you're only allowed to hate someone if there's absolutely NOTHING good or even human about them. That's why every single one of her words and actions NEEDS to be a reflection of pure evil and why even the POSSIBILITY of her becoming a better person is anathema.
Ever heard of people loving other people despite their flaws? It's also perfectly ok to hate someone despite their virtues too. It's not necessary to make someone a saint to love them nor make someone a demon to hate them.
But I guess human nature is just too uncomfortable a concept for a lot of people.
This all might sound aggressive but I feel it needs to be said.
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ay-arte · 2 months
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I rewatched Avatar and man, I really love that show.
I’m back hehe, srry for the hiatus
Process on Instagram!
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yolkydolky · 2 years
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Dragon Dance! Hope you like it :D
Prints are available here if you are interested:
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kaeleeart · 11 months
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Modern Sokka
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yancriilu · 1 year
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meet the players
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melstrindade · 3 months
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my Yue fanart
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skxawngonearth · 9 days
Avatar came out 10th December 2009. Avatar: The Way of Water will release on 14th December 2022. As far as we know, Avatar 3,4 & 5 will also be droped in December.
In conclusion, Avatar can be watched as a christmas movie.
Thanks for coming to my TED talk 
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sunfloowerlatte-art · 2 years
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baby, you’re my forever girl!
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crypticcatalys · 7 months
Theory Time With New Teaser Content
I think way Quaritch and Lyle were able to come back as avatars is that they had their conscienceness copied right before the final battle or sometime beforehand as a failsafe.
If the technology in the world of Avatar can push the conciseness of a person into another non-human body miles away, what's stopping them from figuring out how to copy a brain and permanently download it into a artificialy made body?
And if this just thought of theory is right, how many copies can be made and stored at once? Or can the copied 'soul' be almost indestructible without a 'original body' to go back to and just sit in a computer somewhere until it has a new avatar made for it? Or does it get destroyed if its new host body dies as well?
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fandom-official · 5 months
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James Cameron says 'it’s okay to get up and go pee' during Avatar: The Way of Water ⏱
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llsnart · 1 year
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This is a draw I made for a friend. Katara and Aang from Avatar The Last Airbender❤️
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lilisouless · 3 months
I think creators should star normalizing giving brown eyes to their characters of color (and main characters, not just the background ones) so when their work gets into an adaptation, people don't star trowing hissy fits about brown people not having natural blue eyes, black people not having grey/golden eyes, east asians not having (GASP) golden eyes or demanding EACH ONE of the poc actors to use contacts or cgi their eyes
(but of course let white boys keep their natural blue eyes)
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