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miya atsumu.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
w : female reader, mentions of pregnancy, somewhat emotional idk, tsum makes his entry at the end but we still talk ab him throughout this helppp
Tumblr media
faint aroma of the thyme tea resting in front of you keeps you from getting bored while waiting for atsumu. it's not that he has left you somewhere alone, in fact you're at his mother's place, but you still wish he would come home a bit early, especially since the weather is getting cold as the sunset caves in.
a part of you wants to discard the tea.
"are you nervous?" atsumu's mother— your mother-in-law, of course, interjects just when you were about to get up from the chair.
"sort of," your fingers dance around the hem of your dress, a lazy smile fluttering on your lips; amidst the cold winds, you find comfort within the warmth provided by the minimal sunlight offered by the setting sun. "i wonder if i'll be a good mother,"
it's the fifth time you're visiting your mother-in-law throughout your seven month long pregnancy, though you wished you could just stay at her place for the rest of the time left. something about her presence makes you forget all of your worries, even if it's just for a few minutes. she resembles a mentor, despite being your husband's mom, while on other days, you see glimpses of your mother in her eyes.
"how was it, raising 'tsum and osamu?" the question slips off your tongue before you even know it. you've been thinking of asking her for a while now, thinking, nothing more, before the words decide to escape on their own, knowing you would never voice them out.
"i don't know," it's an indifferent reply, you think. perhaps, you anticipated something more, something that would give you an insight into motherhood, but she doesn't spare you a glance, continuing to arrange the photo albums and frames. "i had them when i was quite young, and was scared i would do something wrong, that i wouldn't know when they are hungry. i was scared of all the worst scenarios i had in my head but, when i held them in my arms for the first time, i was relieved. i didn't know how i'll do it, but i knew it would be fine,"
there's a photo frame on the corner table with a picture of the twins in her arms. you've seen it a lot of times, often pointing out how different atsumu looked back then, even if it's only reasonable, while admiring them the other times. you've imagined yourself in her place— with your twins in your arms and atsumu by your side. looking through the photo album earlier, you had pictured yourself with your kids, thinking about all the things you would do to give them a memorable childhood.
all the concerns and plans you had, without a doubt, made you nervous.
"i thought, i wouldn't do things right," she continues, hands busy with cleaning all the frames that had captured atsumu and osamu's childhood together. "but, one look at them and i'd know what they need. it was like a miracle, to wake up from sleep exactly when they were hungry, or needed me to change their diapers. i think it's something you get after becoming a mother,"
and most of the people have told you the same, even your own mom. you're scared, but behind your fear, you imagine atsumu with his twins, doing everything that him and osamu did as children. you picture your kids wearing matching pajamas like any other siblings. at some point in future, you image them cooking with their father, perhaps an outdoor barbeque, since atsumu loves it.
you image atsumu teaching them volleyball and playing with them every evening. you already know he would be on cloud nine the moment they start praising him for being such an amazing volleyball player. you image going to little picnic dates with your family, or maybe, to the beach during the summers, making sand castles and playing by the shore. you image atsumu sleeping on the couch with your kids at noon after a tiring day at morning practice.
you imagine your kids holding onto atsumu's fingers while trying to walk, ultimately taking their first steps that make him burst into tears. you imagine him taking them to grocery stores and buy them every candy they lay their eyes upon— which is a little too much but the atsumu you know would do that. he would do anything for the two mini him-and-you running around the house, and you would too, without any compromises.
"was it hard raising them?" you ask again, this time with more interest in hearing her experience as a mother, or maybe, you simply wanted to hear about things atsumu and osamu did that kids.
"a little, but again, it's not easy to handle kids," her lips curl into a smile before they morph into a slight frown, "but atsumu gave me a hard time,"
"he would start crying the moment i took my eyes off him, always being able to find chocolates no matter where i hid them. you might not believe, but atsumu was somewhat of a shy kid to begin with. while osamu would make friends at the playground, he would hide behind his father,"
osamu once told you how in middle school, atsumu had the hardest time making friends because the two of them were assigned different classes. other times, osamu would introduce atsumu to his friends, but middle school taught him to depend on himself rather than having someone else to lean upon all the time, and made him into who he is right now.
it was hard to believe that the atsumu you know, miya atsumu, the one who has such a bit mouth, was once introverted. he's someone who announced it in the whole school when you became his girlfriend in middle school, the one who announced his marriage to you on twitter account before even talking to PR team and got scolded about it, the one who threw a party when he found out he was going to become a dad.
"gosh, i feel sad now," her words pull you out of your thoughts as a slight wave of guilt dwelled upon your shoulders for not focusing on her words and being lost in your own world.
you shift a little closer to her, "mom, did something happen?"
and silence is all you receive as a response. you notice the dull grimace masking her face, one that makes her someone so unknown because no matter the situation, she has always been the person to smile the brightest amidst a crowd.
"time flies by so quickly," she chuckles softly, "it feels like yesterday, he was a kid toddling around me all the time, and now, he's about to become a dad,"
between silence and fleeting steps of nostalgia in the room, you hear the door click, and the next thing you know is atsumu has returned from his little gathering with highschool friends. the room doesn't feel lonely anymore, and maybe it's because of his presence that's loud in itself, or the way he crouches in front of you, smiling at your belly and telling his kids how much he has missed them, and that he wouldn't leave them alone with you for hours ever again in case they grow more liking to you.
you could hear distance city noises as the night caved in, and by the time osamu came back, you had been planning to depart. although, a part of you wishes you could stay with them a little longer, you know atsumu shouldn't miss his practice since he's already planning to take a long leave once the twins are born; and there's no way he's leaving you at his mother's place all alone.
"so, what did you and mom talk about?" he asks, breaking the comforting silence that has been accompanying you through the car ride.
"not much," you slide your phone inside your purse, "just tales about how much of a trouble you were to your mom," atsumu laughs bitterly, and it's just a show because by this time, he knows that leaving you alone with his mom would result in discussions about his childhood. stories will be shared and secrets will be spilled, and atsumu would rather watch a soap opera than have his own mother tell you the embarrassing stuff he did as a kid.
you steal a glance at him. both osamu and atsumu are splitting images of their father, from tip to toe, but atsumu has his mother's eyes. perhaps, it's too late for you to notice this now, and maybe, he would be salty that you never noticed this, because he has always taken pride in resembling his mother, even if it's in just one feature.
"remember when you asked me if you would be a good father?" you slide your hands in atsumu's, wiping off all the doubts that have been seeping through his fingers, "our kids can't have a better dad, tsum,"
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Tumblr media
𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐝𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲 || 𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮 𝐦𝐢𝐲𝐚
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: you find another way to pay back your cute delivery boy
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: delivery boy!atsumu miya x afab!reader
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: smut (minors + ageless blogs dni!! you’ll be blocked)
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: dom!atsumu, semi rough sex, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, cervix fucking, praise, petnames “darling”
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 1k+
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐓 𝐃𝐀𝐌𝐍 𝐁𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐃 𝐎𝐒𝐀𝐌𝐔. how could he use his own twin like this? with volleyball season over, atsumu had a lot of extra time on his hands. that’s when osamu decided to put him to work at the restaurant.
recently onigiri miya had implemented a delivery service. the only problem was that they didn’t have a delivery driver. that’s where atsumu came in. he outright refused at first but when osamu offered him free food and the opportunity to keep every tip he earned, atsumu caved.
atsumu’s been running around all day bringing people their meals. now this was his last stop of the day. swiping his sweaty blonde hair out of his face, atsumu knocks on your door. he waits for a few minutes on your front step before you open up.
the moment he sees you standing there atsumu blinks in surprise. the first thing he notices is that you’re in nothing but a bathrobe. this was certainly a first. it certainly takes him off guard but he clears his throat, trying to ignore it.
“hi, i’m here with yer order from onigiri miya” he greets, earning a smile from you in return.
“oh great, i’m starving” you smile back at him. “i’m sorry. i just got out of the shower. do you mind bringing it inside while i go grab my wallet?”.
bring it inside. usually atsumu just handed over the food, took his money, and left. walking into customers houses wasn’t something he typically did… but for whatever reason he complied. you disappear further into your house as atsumu sets down the plastic bag on your dining room table.
he waits there awkwardly, examining the room around him until you finally return. “shit” you curse under your breath. “i’m short” you furrow your eyebrows as you dig through your wallet. “i could have sworn i have enough cash”.
just when he was starting to think this couldn’t be any less routine. atsumu has never encountered this problem before. should he take back the food? no, he’d feel too guilty doing that. so what exactly was he supposed to do next?
before he can come up with a viable solution, your hand lands on atsumu’s chest. “i’ll have to pay you some other way” the casual smile you’ve worn this whole time turns into one that’s a little more sly. “i’m sure if we work together we can come up with a fair arrangement, don’t you think?” you bat your eyes lashes.
everything was a blur from that moment on. atsumu couldn’t remember agreeing to use your body for payment but one way or another he ended up pulling your bath robe off of you. with you now naked before his very eyes he laid you down on your sofa.
in an instant he’s shedding himself of his delivery uniform. he observed how attractive you were when he first met you at your door but now he was seeing all of you, he knew there was no turning back. your skin was still damp from your shower, making it shine as he hovered over you.
“fuck yer so sexy” atsumu groans once he’s got all his clothes off. he dives down to suck on the sensitive skin of your neck as his callused fingers slip down to rub your clit. “we’re gonna have to make this quick. wouldn’t want the boss man wonderin’ wear i am”.
“‘course atsumu” you purr, knowing his name from the name tag on his uniform. “so let’s skip the foreplay, huh? fuck me” you say, reaching for his cock to give it a few pumps.
moaning, atsumu’s quick to replace your hand with his even if it feels so good when you touch him. with full control over his dick, atsumu aims his tip at your quivering entrance. without much prep it’s a tight squeeze when he pushes himself inside but he’s eventually able to bottom out.
“s-shit” atsumu curses in your ear in a low voice. “feel like heaven, darlin’. yer really earnin’ yer meal”.
still a gentleman despite the circumstances, atsumu lets you adjust to his size. as soon as you start begging for more he’s pulling out and snapping his hips. your head sinks into the couch cushion as his girth stretches your cunt out more and more with each stroke.
“so good” you slur as his tip rams against your cervix. “ah! kiss me”.
atsumu happily obliges. slamming his lips against yours, his tongue slips into your mouth in an out of place act of intimacy. with your wet muscle sliding against his own, atsumu’s pace increases. now he’s fucking you stupid. who knew a delivery guy would fuck you better than you had been fucked in ages.
grunting and groaning into your mouth, atsumu feels himself get closer by the second. although this is his reward, the man is absolutely determined to feel you cum around him first. that’s when his fingers return to your bundle of nerves. he’s circling and pinching your clit until you’re squealing underneath him.
evidence of your orgasm is left around the base of his cock. a thick white creamy ring decorated his cock when he pulled out. seeing that alone is enough to break atsumu. removing his cock from your hole, he quickly runs his hand up and down his shaft until he’s shooting his load all over your stomach.
“that felt fuckin’ great” atsumu pants as he looks down at the mess he made. “i’d say we’re even, darlin’”.
smiling, you sit up. unbothered by his seed slipping down your tummy, you reply. “hmm, i’m definitely really hungry after that workout” you giggle. atsumu chuckles along with you as he goes to get himself dressed. he still hasn’t thought about what he’s going to tell osamu when he notices that his brother came back to the shop short on cash.
“i’ll make sure to have money for you next time i place an order” you promise, winking as atsumu walks toward the exit. “𝐁𝐔𝐓 𝐈𝐅 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐖𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐃 𝐀 𝐒𝐖𝐄𝐄𝐓 𝐓𝐈𝐏 𝐈 𝐖𝐎𝐔𝐋𝐃𝐍’𝐓 𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐃 𝐃𝐎𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐀𝐆𝐀𝐈𝐍”.
Tumblr media
2022 © b-achiras — do not repost or translate my work. likes, reblogs, and comments are welcome
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*proceeds to make every couple meme about sakuatsu*: a compilation lol
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Repost of atsumu
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My chibi designs for some Haikyuu characters!
(They have been all turned in keychains already, so if you are interested in buying them, just reach out for me and get more info🤗)
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Tumblr media
doing this for my own enjoyment depending on the attention of this ill post it soon if anyone wants a tag lmk ^^
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sweetener. - Ch 10
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Atsumu Miya x fem!reader
Word Count: 7284
Warnings: Swearing, teenage boys, finally some romantic tension, all characters are 18+
Series masterlist + ao3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The boys are feral when you finally arrive at the beach. Absolutely feral. 
Genuinely, you don’t think you’ve ever seen anything more primitive in your entire life. Almost as soon as the bus stops in the beach parking lot, they’re all on the door, whooping and shrieking like a troop of fucking baboons. And as soon as the door opens, they stream out and run screaming toward the sand, seemingly with no regard for the fact that they all look absolutely insane to anyone else watching. 
You eye them silently from outside the bus, standing beside Coach Kurosu as he and the club advisor gather together the cooler boxes full of sacks and drinks that have been brought along for the trip. You raise your hand to shield your eyes, when the boys get far enough away, and then wince a little when you witness Riseki trip in the sand and topple onto Atsumu, who then grabs Osamu and pulls him down with them as the all fall together.  Then you turn around to look up at Coach Kurosu. 
“Kurosu-sensei, are they always-?”
“Always this bad?” the older man finishes for you before letting out a sigh of defeat. “Yes. Last year, Kita-kun did quite a good job of controlling them, but they don’t have him now.” He waves a hand over his shoulder he turns his back of the view of the team and goes to grab another cooler bag. “Don’t mind them, they’ll come back eventually.” 
You rush to take the cooler bag from him before he can hook the strap over his shoulder. “Here, let me get that,” you offer, and smile when he thanks you. Then you turn to look at the team, who by now have reached the waterline and seem to be kicking splashes at each other. “They’re like toddlers.” 
Coach Kurosu snorts aloud. “They always are.” 
You laugh along as the pair of you, as well as the club advisor, get the last of the bags and then lock up the bus. You walk down towards the sand with them. “That’s true.” 
“Not that it’s my place to say,” the club advisor says to you, leaning in a little. “But I don’t know how you put up with them. Any of them.” 
You laugh along because he’s right. “I don’t know either, Omi-san,” you ensure him. “I suppose my taste in men is just really bad.” 
“Don’t let them hear you say that,” Coach Kurosu says. You shake your head immediately. 
You continue chatting idly with Coach Kurosu and the club advisor as the three of you make your own way down to the beach. Then you walk along the sand for a little while, searching for a nice spot that’s not directly in sight of the parking lot, and, when you find it, you set all the things down. At first, you go to help Coach Kurosu with organising the little camp. But he politely pushes you away, saying, “I’ll get those hooligans to sort everything out properly once they get back. You’ve done enough.” 
You are grateful to him for that because it means you can plonk your own stuff down as little way off to the side, spread out your towel as you choose before the boys arrive to take up all the space, and then pull your camera from your bag and take a few experimental shots of the view you have of the team shrieking and jumping around in the water like a bunch of five year olds. 
You take the time to remove the top that you’re wearing to revel the top of the swimsuit you have on underneath; it’s pretty, sleek, a rich dark blue with halter straps that tie behind your neck and cut out panels along the sides. You keep your pants on and, once you're settled crossed-legged on your towel with your hat and sunglasses on, you get to smoothing some sunscreen along your arms and neck. You’re not entirely sure if you're going to swim just yet; it’s a little intimating with no other girls around and you're also kind of scared that the volleyball boys might trample you into the ocean floor. For now, you're content with just relaxing back into the sand, enjoying the feeling of the warm sun on your skin and hiding your smirk at the fact that all your classmates are probably stuck in a physics lecture right about now. 
That is, until the ground starts to thunder with the pounding of feet and you're forced to open one eye to see that the herd has returned, sprinting their way back up from the water, some still with their shirts on and some without. 
Feral, you think to yourself as you close your eyes again, ignoring them. Feral menaces . 
Coach Kurosu seems to agree with you because before allowing any of the boys to lay their own towels out, he gives them a thorough chewing out. Your name comes up at some point - “You left her to carry all of your things when she is supposed to be a guest on this trip” - and then you have to stifle a snort when they’re all forced to turn and bow to you in apology. You accept it graciously however, before settling back into your spot, head tilted upwards as you wonder briefly if you could fall asleep like that. 
Then someone kicks sand across your midriff. 
You sit up immediately and turn around to glare at whoever it is who is going to die today. Only to find Atsumu grinning down at you, his towel in one hand and his shirt in the other. 
“Hey, princess.”
“Do that again,” you tell him coldly as you brush the sand off, “and I will drown you.” 
Atsumu only snorts and lays his towel down beside yours. You decide then and there that it is huge mistake for him to not take your threat seriously. 
“You look nice,” Atsumu comments as he flops down onto his own towel. His legs splay out, one of them stretching onto the fabric of your towel, and you're about to kick it away when he wriggles his eyebrows in your direction. 
“You have nice shoulders.” 
You turn to give him a very long look, your mouth slightly open. “I… what?”
“You have nice shoulders,” he repeats, smiling sweetly. You purse your lips. 
“Atsumu, have you ever complimented someone in your entire life?”
His face morphs into that puppy-dog pout and he fixes you with sad eyes. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“You have nice shoulders?” you echo back to him. Then you can’t help it - you burst out laughing. “In what world is that a compliment? Sheesh, that does that even mean?” 
Atsumu continues to pout at you. “Alright, I take it back then. Yer shoulders aren’t nice.” 
Immediately your laughter dissolves and you turn to look at him with an open mouth. “Hey!” 
“What?” he asks innocently. “Ya said yerself it’s not a compliment.” 
You can’t help but pout as something within you deflates. So he… doesn’t like your shoulders? Almost instinctively, your body seems to curl in on itself. “No, but…” 
And then Atsumu is laughing. He reaches a hand towards you and for a second you honestly think he’s going to cup your face. But instead, he slips his fingers beneath your hat so he can ruffle up your hair. “Yer so cute.”
“Shut up!” You almost throw sand right in his face. But he’s turning away before you can even gather up enough to make an impact. 
“Speakin’ of shoulders,” Atsumu says, turning around for a second as he reaches over to grab something off his towel. Then he’s looking back at you, holding up a white plastic bottle. “Can ya put sunscreen on mine? And my back?”
“Go ask Osamu,” you start to grumble but Atsumu has moved himself, plonking his body down on your towel in front of you, and you're very suddenly faced by the golden skin of his bare back. You eyes widen and your sentence trails off when you realise what you’re looking at. 
Oh fuck me. 
It’s not fair. It’s really not. He’s, what, eighteen? And already he looks like some kind of fucking Greek god. Even under the direct sun, angled right down so no shadows are cast, his back is contoured. Powerful deltoids which flow down into rippling lats along with a clear line that runs down the length of his spine. You almost want to cry as you stare at it because in what world do people like this actually exist? And he’s right in front of you too, and he wants you to touch all of that? Is he serious trying to kill you?
“I can feel ya starin’.”
“What?” you snap immediately, dropping your gaze and fighting back the flush that's threatening to rise up your face. “I’m not staring.” 
“I can feel yer eyeballs on me.”
“That’s weird.” You flick the back of his neck before holding out your hand for the suncream. He drops it in your palm without a word and you make an effort to grumble the entire time as you open it to pour a dollop onto your hand. When you reach out to begin rubbing it across the tops of his shoulders, you have to forcibly wrangle your face into a suitable expression; which turns out to be a slightly strained frown. 
Atsumu squirms a little when you move your hand down his spine, and complains loudly about how cold it it. You consider drowning him once again, and just to prove your point, you reach around to wipe some of the excess suncream on your hand over his face. He splutters a little, obviously not expecting it, and you can’t help but laugh aloud. 
Only for it to dissolve when you realise you can feel a pair of eyes burning into the side of your head. 
You glance to your left and… well, of course it’s Suna that’s glaring. He’s sitting on his own towel, separate from yours by Atsumu’s towel and then Kosaku's and Ginjima's. But it’s still clear he’s watching, his eyes cold and his jaw clenched. You can’t tell if he’s looking at you or Atsumu with more hatred and it sends a cold shiver down your spine. For a brief moment, something inside you sinks, a deep sadness taking hold. But then you remember… 
“He said yer probably making your way through the whole volleyball team before graduation.” 
That thing inside you, the sadness, ices up immediately. And you duck your head quickly as a flash of anger churns through your gut. That’s right , you think to yourself as you continue to rub suncream into Aysumu’s skin. Watch. Hate me. Hate him. Bastard.  
Atsumu continues to joke around a little and you answer him again and again, but your words are a little half-hearted. It’s only once you pat his shoulder once and announce that you’re done, and he turns around to catch your gaze, that your attention returns entirely to him. 
“Is it all rubbed… in…”
Atsumu’s words trail off when his eyes find yours. And suddenly it’s like a shock has passed between the pair of you. You stare back at him, your lips slightly parted as your whole body freezes up. He’s… well you don’t really know but there’s something about him, something deep in his amber eyes as he stares back at you, looking a little shocked himself. You can’t look away. You can't even think properly. 
What is this feeling?
Atsumu, a little voice in the back of your mind whispers and when the word itself comes to your lips on instinct, your almost speak it, almost whisper his name right then as for a brief moment you feel like the entire world around the pair of you has melted away. 
Atsumu, I -
And just like that, it’s over and you’re thudding back down to earth. You start slightly when you realise, your body unfreezing. And immediately embarrassment overcomes you, your cheeks flushing as you pull away from him a little. 
“Yes, it’s rubbed in,” you mumble out, dropping his gaze quickly. Inside your chest, your heart is pounding. “All done.” 
“T-thanks,” Atsumu says and his voice… it sounds like how you feel. A little scared, a little shocked, a little confused. 
What just happened? 
You don’t know what to do. You feel like you’ve just been caught in something, likes he’s found out one of your darkest secrets. Only you don’t understand why . You don't understand… 
A shout of your name snaps both you and Atsumu away from each other and you look up to see Kosaku making his way over towards you. He’s got his own bottle of sunscreen in his hands. 
“Hey!” he says when he comes to a stop beside your towel. “Could you maybe put sunscreen on my back too? I’ve would ask the others but I’m kind of scared they’ll just five star me…”
“O-oh.” You swallow, forcing back whatever this weird feeling is. Then you smile up at Kosaku. “Yes, of course. Atsumu, move.” 
Atsumu looks from you to Kosaku and then back again. Then his face contorts. “No.”
“No?” you ask, raising an eyebrow. Atsumu turns to glare up at Kosaku. 
“Screw off,” he tells the other boy, frowning. “Why is everyone tryna steal my girlfriend today?”
Kosaku looks mortified. “Oh no, I wasn’t-!” he squeaks, at the same time that you reach over to shove Atsumu’s head. He falls back a little, sprawling over your towel, and you take the opportunity to stand up. Holding out your hand to Kosaku, you give him an encouraging smile. 
“Don’t listen to him. Of course, I’ll help you.” 
“O-okay,” Kosaku says, a little nervously. He gives you the sunscreen though and then turns around, giving you room to work. Something in your gut does a funny little twist. 
Kosaku’s back looks similar to Atsumu’s. And yet you find that you don’t care at all as you begin to rub suncream over his skin. 
From somewhere on the floor, you can hear Atsumu complaining loudly. 
“Heyyyy. Why do ya do this to me? S’not fairrr-” 
“Oh hush,” you shoot in his direction, turning your own head so you can give him an exasperated look. He’s still lying back on your towel, pouting up at you like a kicked puppy. “You're such a baby.” 
“I am not,’ Atsumu pleads. “Yer just mean. Yer touchin’ all the other guys in front of me! It’s not fair!” 
You kick some sand in his direction and roll your eyes. Pathetic, you think to yourself. Pathetic stupid big baby dummy.  
Atsumu whines again and makes a show of wiping away some faux tears from his eyes. You rub the last of the sunscreen down Kosaku’s back before patting his arm. “There, you’re done.” Then you turn to look down at Atsumu, hands on your hips. Kosaku thanks you quietly before heading back over towards his own towel. 
“Okay, what do I need to do to cheer you up?” you ask your (fake) boyfriend with a huff. He pouts at you. 
“Buy me a curry bun?” 
“I’m already getting you a curry bun,” you tell him tiredly. Atsumu makes a face at you. 
“Buy me another curry bun?”
He whimpers your name but you only kick more sand over his chest. 
“Fine then,”Atsumu mumbles, looking put out. “If you won’t get me a curry bun… then you gotta give me a kiss.”
You cross your arms. “A kiss?”
“Yes, as an apology,” Atsumu tells you sincerely. You huff exaggeratedly. 
“Jesus- fine .” 
Atsumu perks up then and you suddenly get the feeling that he wasn't expecting you to agree to that. It makes your cheeks burn a little. 
“Wait, really?”
“Yes. If you’ll stop whining.” 
“Of course,” he tells you, smiling sweetly. You flop back down onto your towel in front of him, still glowering. “You're so annoying.” 
“You love me,” he replies teasingly and, as much as you want to slap him upside the head, something in your chest squeezes. 
Yes . 
“Just come here,” you mumble, embarrassed, before reaching for him. Atsumu leans in, still smiling, and you have half a mind to bite him purely out of spite. But then you feel the soft brush of his breath over the skin of your lips and you forget all about it. 
The kiss is soft and sweet, just as it should be. It’s warm, both your and Atsumu’s skin already baking in the hot sun, and smells of salt and suncream. It's not like the other one, the one from before in the locker room but it’s still nice. And you can’t help the soft smile that turns the corners of your mouth upwards when you pull back. 
“You happy now?” you mumble to Atsumu, tilting your head a little forward so you forehead can rest against his. His nose brushes yours when he smiles at you. 
Someone whistles at the pair of you then - probably Ginjima, you think - and it makes you pull away from Atsumu. But the warmth and comfort remains and you continue to smile even when Atsumu gets up with the rest of the boys to go play beach volleyball. 
Tumblr media
You spend the rest of the day alternating between sunbathing and watching the team mess around. You make sure to take regular photos, every time they find something new to entertain themselves with, and it’s a conscious effort made on your part to focus equally on all the members of the team, not just Atsumu. You get some really good shots of them playing beach volleyball - there’s one in particular of Osamu that you think the photography club will be very happy with - and then when their game devolves into just playing hot potato with the ball, you make sure to get a few nice group pictures. 
You don’t go in the water all morning. The boys spend most of their time in and out of the sea and, as fun as it looks, you conclude that you're happy to just stay on your towel. It's only a few hours later, somewhere between two and three pm, when you're sitting comfortably, in the midst of going through your pictures, that you get invited into the water at all. 
You’re right in the middle of staring at one of the few photos you’d taken of Atsumu - a shot of him in the midst of a run, looking back over his shoulder with a wide grin on his face - when you hear a shout of your name. It makes you jump since you aren’t expecting it, and hastily you stuff your camera back in it’s bag. When you do look up, it's in time to see Riseki running in your direction, Atsumu and Osamu hot on his heels. All of them are dripping wet after being in the ocean. 
Riseki calls your names again. He stumbles a little in the sand and then all but falls to his knees when he reaches the side of your towel. “Come swim with us!” 
You look from Riseki to Osamu and Atsumu behind him. Osamu looks indifferent but Atsumu jerks his own head in the direction of the sea, a few drops of water flicking from his wet hair as he does so. 
You look back at the water and then make a face. “I don’t think that's a good idea.” 
“Aw please,” Riseki whines at the same time that Atsumu gives you a pleading face. “It’s no fun without you.” 
“Yeah, c’mon princess,” Atsumu adds on. “Come swim.” 
You look him up and down with disdain before relaxing back against your towel. “I’m fine.” 
There’s a moment of silence as you close your eyes, prepared to continue your sunbathing. Then you hear the thuds of feet against the sand and suddenly there are arms around you, hauling your up from your towel. Your hat flutters off as you let out a squeak of surprise, and then suddenly you're moving. Atsumu’s carrying you - not over his shoulder now but bridle style. And you can see his wide, cheeky smirk and sparkling eyes. 
“Atsumu, put me down!” 
“I don’t think so,” he chuckles as he moves closer and closer towards the sea. You squeal and squirm in his grip. 
“No, Atsumu, I swear if you-” 
“I promise it’ll be fun!” Atsumu assures you. You can hear the water splashing at his heels now as he wades his way through the surf. “Trust me, okay?”
You almost do. You almost give in and actually trust him. Maybe it will be fine, maybe you’ll have a great old time splashing around in the water with the volleyball team. 
Unfortunately, you aren’t really given enough time to properly consider it before Atsumu throws you head first right into an oncoming wave. 
It overwhelms you entirely, thundering in your ears as water fills your mouth and your nose. You tumble for a moment with the force of the water before finding your feet again and standing up. Your hair is in your face, covering one eye, and yet you can see Atsumu’s face visibly fall when you meet his gaze with your furious glare. 
“Hey, princess,” he starts out, raises his hands a little in defence. “Hey, shhh, it’s okay, that wasn’t meant ta-” 
You don’t let him finish when you leap at him with a battle cry, tackling him right down into the water. He overbalances and splashes down, coughing when you aim a splash of salty water at his face. Then you take the opportunity to grab him, clinging to his back like a goddamn koala bear so that even when he finds his feet again and stands, you’ve still got him. Atsumu shrieks as you knuckle his head in the most violent noogie you can muster, your nails digging into his skin as you cling to him. 
“You - are - fucking - dead,” you grit out over the sounds of his own screaming. “I’m going to drown you!” 
You hear a number of cheers then, along with splashing footsteps, and then out of your peripheral vision you see Osamu, Riseki, Kosaku and Ginjima all running up to watch. Atsumu squeals and begs for the help of his brother and his friends but they just ward him off, smiling smugly as you continue to enact your vengeance. 
There’s another wave coming, you can see it too out of the corner of your eye, and, as Atsumu begins to stumble in its direction, you have a feeling about what he’s trying to do. It compels you to strengthen your grip on your (fake) boyfriend, tightening your legs around his waist, so that when he inevitably does try to throw you off into the wave, you take him with you. The pair of you topple over into the water and for a moment your world in submerged again, your eyes squeezed tight shut against the swirling sand and salt. 
Then you're up again though, Atsumu’s arms around you once more, and he’s raising you from the sea as you shriek with laughter. You curl into yourself when you feel Atsumu’s fingers digging into your ribs, tickling you, and you can’t help but kick out at him. He dodges, also laughing loudly, and only tickles you more. You can hear more laughter, happy laughter, boyish laughter, and it makes your insides fizz. You’re happy you realise then. You're so happy to be here, in the arms of Atsumu, surrounding by his - by your - friends. 
You turn yourself then, wiggling in Atsumu’s grip into you can see his face. He’s smiling, there’s a shine in his eyes, and you feel his fingers squeeze around you comfortingly for a moment. He’s still so warm against you, despite the cool of the ocean water, and you lean into it, into him . Without even thinking, you lean up to kiss his cheek. There’s another whistle from one of the boys, whoops all around you, and then everyone is laughing again, including you. 
You’re happy. You're so so happy. And it’s all because of -
It’s all because of Atsumu. 
You cling to him for the next few hours. You remain by his side. You're on his team when you all start splashing each other, you cheer him on when he and Osamu end up racing off further out towards a rock that peeks from the water, you let him hoist you up onto his shoulders when you all descend into deeper waters to play a game of chicken. You let him kiss you when you win, the smile on your lips not false at all. For the first time, you feel like a real girlfriend to him. 
And you like it. 
At some point, you find yourself looking over towards the beach. And you see Suna sitting alone on his towel, staring out at the rest of you. You expect to feel something, maybe longing or sadness, or maybe that same icy hatred from before. But you don’t. All you feel is Atsumu’s arms around you and the vibration of the laughter in his chest as it presses to your side. You realise you don’t want Suna anymore, not like you did. You don’t need him. 
Then you turn to look up at Atsumu, and you do feel something.
You can’t help but smile as it rises in your chest. 
Tumblr media
The day ends up being a very long one. You and the team only leave the beach once the sky has begin to turn golden with the sunset. The boys help pack up this time; RIseki even takes one of the cooler bags from you when you go to hook it over your shoulder, smiling at you shyly. Atsumu offers you his arm when everyone is ready and you take it, shaking you head all the while when he guides you back towards where the bus is parked. You stand and talk to Osamu briefly while everything is loaded back in and then Atsumu tugs you back up onto the bus and into the same seats the pair of you had taken before. You don’t complain this time; you just set you bags down on the floor in front of you and then snuggle down into the seat, finally feeling the exhaustion of the day beginning to hit you. 
When the engine of the bus purrs into life and the familiar vibrations begin to run through your body as you finally all set off back home, you allow your eyes to slip closed. You're not sure what it is about the beach and the sun but it has you absolutely drained and you have a feeling you’ll be falling asleep at some point on the drive home. 
You feel Atsumu shift a little beside you, and then you hear his low voice in your ear. “You tired?”
You only nod in reply, keeping your eyes closed. Atsumu lets out a low chuckle. 
“Sleep,” he says simply. “I’ll wake ya up when we get back.”
“Thanks,” you mumble, your voice already thick with fatigue. Atsumu only hums in response.
There’s a moment of silence then, as you feel yourself truly start to drift away. You can hear other soft voices from the rest of the team but they're low and slow, and you know everyone is probably just as tired as you are. It’s relaxing, really, driving with them all as the sun sets outside the bus windows, and you can’t help but feel satisfied with the day you’ve had. Right before you really drop off, however, you feel a gentle hand slipping along your neck and then going round to the back of your had. Your eyelids flutter as Atsumu maneuvers you until your cheek is resting on his shoulder and then his hand drops away again once you’ve settle comfortably against him. You breathe in softly before opening your mouth to murmur,”What you doing?”
“You’ll be more comfortable like this,” he tells you softly. You feel it when he rests his own head against the top of yours, a mirror image of the position the pair of you had held on the drive to the beach this morning. “Just sleep, ‘kay?”
“Kay,” you slur out, relaxing again. And you do; the curling fingers of sleep grab you and drag you under, and it’s only vaguely that you register Atsumu’s hand slipping into yours, his fingers curling over your own in a grip thats warm and comforting, before you drop off completely. 
True to his word, Atsumu gently rouses you when the bus is pulling back through the gates of Inarizaki High School. It’s dark by now and when you raise your head from his shoulder, blinking rapidly, it takes you a couple of seconds to get your bearings again. The first thing you register is the fact that you’re really snuggled up against Atsumu; like, the entire side of your body is pressed to his and your arm has slipped across your own body so your fingers can curl into the material of his button up shirt. Your other hand is also still in his, fingers locked together tightly. 
If you had been the you from just a week ago, you’d probably have pulled right away from him immediately. But you're not and, while your eyes to widen a little in embarrassment when you realise just how close the pair of you are, you don't shove him away. You don’t even move back until the bus has completely stopped moving - you just stay like that, curled up into Atsumu’s side. You can smell him, you realise blearily. The scent of the beach is still clinging to him; the tanginess of salt and sand and suncream. But you can also smell him , his familiar warm scent. It runs like an undercurrent beneath the beachy smell and you can’t help but want to be closer to it. It's so comforting and the realisation that you want to smell it all the time hits you like a truck then. 
“C’mon,” Atsumu murmurs into your hair once the bus has stopped completely and the door has been opened. “Let’s get ya home.” 
You mumble something unintelligible but let him gently pull you up onto your feet anyway. The pair of you pause for a moment so you can fumble with the straps of your bags, hooking them securely over your shoulder, before Atsumu leads you down the short aisle between the bus seats and then down the steps at the door. His hand remains in yours, warm and solid, and you appreciate it as he uses his grip to steady you when you make the jump from the last step of the bus to the ground. 
Around you, the rest of the team are just as quiet as you feel, just as subdued. As you look around, you see many exhausted faces looking back at you and it makes a warm feeling flood your chest. You’ve had a really good day, you realise happily. And it was all because of them. After raising your hand to rub at yours eyes and rid yourself of some of the haze of sleep, you offer everyone around you a smile. 
“Thanks for letting me join you guys today,” you tell them happily. “I got a lot of great photos.” 
Ginjima smiles back at you from where he’s standing beside Atsumu. “Of course,” he says happily. “Thanks for coming. It was really fun to have you here. Right guys?”
“Right!” the rest of the team chorus together, which has you giggling a little. 
“I’m glad.” 
“Will you come again next year, senpai?” one of the first years pipes up, looking pleading. You turn to him, giving him a warm look. 
“I won't be here next year,” you tell him, as you reach out to ruffle to his hair affectionately. “I’m graduating in the spring.”
“We can make an exception for you!” Riseki says then. He turns to look at Coach Kurosu. “Right? She can come next year even if she has graduated?” 
Coach Kurosu just shrugs. “That's her decision.” 
Riseki turns to look back at you, his wide eyes pleading. “Please come next year!”
You open your mouth, planning to tell him that you'd love to but you're not sure if it will be possible. However, Atsumu tugs you back a little by the hand that's still clasped in yours, pulling your back to his chest as he can glower at Riseki over your shoulder. 
“What about the rest of yer upperclassmen, huh? Shouldn't we be invited too?” 
Riseki immediately looks terrified. “O-of course, I didn’t mean-” 
Osamu cuts him off by snoring loudly, looking mockingly over in Atsumu’s direction. “I though ya were plannin’ to take yer volleyball career seriously next year? You can't be hangin’ round with a bunch of high schoolers if ya do that. Lame.”
Atsumu rounds on his brother. “Shut yer trap! I’m just pointin’ out the principle!”
“Yeah, whatever.” 
You quickly shuffle between then, using your own body as a physical barrier to prevent Atsumu from diving at his twin, because you really don’t have the energy to deal with their bickering right now. In order to dissipate the situation, you flash a smile in Riseki’s direction. “I’m sure that whoever is available would love to join you guys next year,” you say quickly, elbowing Atsumu in the ribs when he looks like he’s going to say something. “Thank you for asking us.” 
Then you turn to give Atsumu a pointed look. “For now, I think it’s time we went home and got some sleep, yeah?” 
Ginjima lets out a noise of agreement. After having the team thank Coach Kurosu and the club advisor for taking them, he then calls for everyone to go home and get to bed. And with that, the volleyball team starts to dissipate. 
You and Atsumu fall into step beside each other without even having to speak. Briefly, you turn to look round at Osamu, calling to him to ask if he wanted to walk home with the pair of you. He shakes his head though, jerking his head in the direction of Suna instead, and you nod in understanding. And then you and Atsumu are left to take the familiar path back to your house alone. You only realise once you’re out of the school gates that you’re still holding his hand. 
“So,” Atsumu starts once the pair of you have the school to your back. “Did ya have fun today?”
You can’t even pretend as you turn to give him a soft smile. “I did.” 
“That’s good,” Atsumu says. Then he shrugs his shoulder. “Although, it was kinda a given. Seein’ that you were hangin’ out with me and everythin'.” 
“You’re such a jackass.” It doesn’t even sound like an insult with how warmly you say it. Atsumu just flashes you a smile. 
“Of course.”
The pair of you fall into silence once again, and you entertain yourself by swinging your joined hands back and forth with each step you take. Atsumu’s grip on you is familiar as this point, it fits nicely, and despite the fact that there’s no longer anyone around to see, you don’t want to let him go. 
It makes you think back to earlier on the beach, when you’d caught Atsumu’s eyes after putting suncream on his back. That feeling, the one that had sprung up in your chest, is still there simmering somewhere inside you. You think you recognise it but you're not entirely sure where from. Only, you also have a feeling that once you're alone it might all hit you. 
Atsumu, I think I -
“It was nice havin’ ya around today,” Atsumu says then. He joins you in swinging your hands back and forth. “'Was more fun that usual.” 
You scoff. “I’m sure that’s not true. I barely did anything with you guys.” 
“That doesn't matter,” Atsumu tells you honestly. His voice is soft and warm. “Just havin’ you there, knowin’ you were watchin’... it was nice.” 
That thing bubbles inside you. You look up at Atsumu, almost shyly. “Really?”
“Yeah,” Atsumu nods. He raises his head, tilts it back so he can stare up at the night sky. His eyes seem to search the stars for a moment before he looks back down at you, smirking. “Plus, I’m sure ya got loads of amazing pictures of me.”
You roll your eyes. “Actually no. I got lots of Osamu though.” 
He whines your name and you duck away giggle when he tries to grab at you, probably wanting to tickle you som more. “I’m kidding,” you laugh out then, raising your hand to bat away the attack he’s trying to land. “I got lots of pictures of everyone .”
“But especially me, right?” 
“You know, self obsession is not a very attractive trait.” 
Atsumu pouts at you angrily and you just reach up to pinch his cheek lovingly. “Don’t worry,” you tell him. “Yours are gonna be the first I sell to the school newspaper. I’m sure they’ll pay a fortune for them.” 
“I feel used ,” Atsumu grumbles out. “Exploited. Abused. Taken advantage of!”
“Oh hush,” you tell him. “I’ll use my profits to buy you that curry bun that I still owe you.” 
Atsumu only pouts harder, which makes you laugh. 
The pair of you keep chatting as you walk, your conversation easy and cheery as you make your way back towards your house. It’s only once you come in sight of the familiar gate that the words begin to slow and your mood dips slightly, releasing you're going to have to say goodbye now. 
As if Atsumu knows what you're thinking, he gives your hand a soft squeeze. You look up at him when he opens the gate for you and he responds with a soft smile. 
“I’ll text ya tomorrow, don’t worry.” 
“I wasn’t worried,” you sniff as you step forward through the gate. He laughs as he follows you, letting the gate swing shut as the pair of you walk towards your front door. 
“Course not.” 
You step up onto the porch before you  turn to look at him again. You open your mouth, probably going to say something about how you'd had fun, again . Only Atsumu cuts you off before you can, stepping forward to wrap you up in a long hug. 
It surprises you a little at first, feeling the way his arms slide around your back and his presence seems to totally engulf your own. You can feel his soft breathes against the skin of your neck where his nose is pressed and once again, you can smell him. You reciprocate quickly, though because you can’t not . You want to be close to him, so badly that you actually have to hold yourself back when you slide your own arms around his neck and press your face into his collarbone. You almost think you feel a shiver moving up his spine when one of your hands moves against the skin of the back of his neck. 
“Thank you,” he murmurs out then, his voice a little muffled in your shoulder. 
“For what?” you can only breathe back. His grip on your tightens a little. 
“For coming with us today.” 
Atsumu shifts a little and you find yourself having to rise up into your tip-toes as he pulls you in closer. Your eyes squeeze shut and you can't help but sink into his warmth further. 
“It was nice,” Atsumu continues. “I liked… Just having you there made me happy.” 
“Yeah,” Atsumu murmurs. Then he pulls away a little, removing his head from the crook of your neck so he can look down at you. His face is close, his nose only a couple of millimetres away from bumping against your own, and just like that the feeling from earlier is rising again. His amber eyes are practically golden in the light of the lamp that’s mounting above your front door and you can't help but stare at him. Watch the way his eyes flicker between each of yours, the way his lips part slightly before his tongue flicks out to lick at them. He looks like he wants to say something, or do something, as he looks down at you. And you can’t help but think, even though you have no idea what that something is, that you want it. You want him to say or do whatever he wants. You want him to-
You want him . 
Atsumu, I think iIm in lo-
“I…” Atsumu whispers and you recognise the look in his eyes, recognize it because it’s that same feeing that's burning through you. “Hey, I…”
He’s leaning closer. Maybe. Maybe he’s not, maybe you are. Whatever it is, you're closer to him, your heart beating in your throat as you eyes dart to his lips. 
Kiss me . The thought jumps to the forefront of you mind before you really even know what's going on. And as he draws slowly closer, you actually think he will. You nose brushes against his -
And just like that, it’s over. The pair of you seem to snap back to reality and quickly, you both pull back. Atsumu looks like he's blushing in the lamp light and you too have to duck your head as heat flames in your face. Quickly, you unwind your arm from around him and drop back down to stand flat footed before him. 
“I… I should probably get inside.” 
“Yeah,” Atsumu murmurs in a soft voice. 
“Thanks for today,” you tell him then. “I had a lot of fun and… I’m glad I came with.” Awkwardly, you find yourself hugging your own arms around your body. “So I guess… I’ll see you on Monday.” 
“Yeah," Atsumu says again. He almost looks… sad? “Good night.” 
“'Night,” you mutter out, looking down at the floor. You get to watch as Atsumu’s shoes turn and begin to head back towards the road, crunching against the path when he jumps from the porch. Then without thinking, you look up again and call his name. 
“Hey, Atsumu?”
“Yes?” he turns round immediately, looking back at you. You purse your lips, embarrassed again. 
“T-text me,” you mumble out then. “When you get home.” 
Atsumu looks at you for  moment, his face blank. Then he breaks out into a smile, his eyes shining even in the darkness of the evening. “Will do, princess,” he tells you teasingly, winking. “G’night!”
“Bye, Atsumu.” 
You turn away then, because you have a feeling that if you stay here you’ll keep finding excuse not to let him leave. You don’t look back as you open your front door and step inside, you don’t let yourself. You don't really let yourself acknowledge anything , until you've made you way up to your bedroom, dropped your bags on your bed, pulled your clothes off and stepped into the shower to wash yourself of the the salt and sand from the beach. It’s only there, when you're totally alone under the spray of steaming water, that the feeling starts to well up. Something flips in your stomach and then… butterflies. Your insides are filled with butterflies. Your eyes widen a little and without event thinking you find yourself leaning back until your head hits the tiled wall of the shower. The realisation, when it finally comes, is enough to have your knees weakening. 
Oh my god. I’m in love with Atsumu. 
And just like that, you're royally fucked. 
Tumblr media
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meleth03 · a day ago
Komori: So, what’s your sexual orientation exactly?
Kiyoomi: Miya Atsumu?
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weebaboobs · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’m tipsy, and @quaranweeb told me today’s their birthday, so here’s a nugget of Atsumu fluff to warm your souls 🥰🖤🤍
Tumblr media
“Happy birthday gorgeous…”
Atsumu nudges your jaw with his nose, his soft blonde hair falling into your face and tickling you awake. You barely hear his words - lost in a pleasant dream you can’t even remember as your senses slowly come back to you - but you do feel his warm breath sweep over your skin.
He chuckles right in your ear, low and groggy, like he had just woken up as well. “Did’ja hear me, baby?” His lips press soft kisses below your ear and all the way down to the crook of your neck. “I said, Happy Birthday.”
And that’s when you feel his hand: one arm under your head as he spoons you from behind, the other gradually making its way over every inch of your skin. His palm flattens over your stomach, already slipped beneath your tank top so his thumb can caress your soft belly. “‘M so happy I get to spend it with you.”
His kisses continue, so light and gentle. Just innocently pecking along your pulse and across your shoulder, making you wake with a smile on your lips, even if your eyes still haven’t opened yet.
You roll over in his arms, face pressed to his chest as you whine at how early it is, the sun shining through the backs of your eye lids and making you want to hide in his arms even more. “Tsumuuu,” you rub your face against his skin and inhale that deep, warm musk of his, “s early, babe…”
He wraps his arms around you even tighter, laughing under his breath as he kisses the top of your head. “But you’re so cute when you’re sleepy, babygirl.” He slides one hand up your neck and to the side of your head, gently tilting your jaw so he can nuzzle his face against yours.
Your noses touch, each of you subtly lifting your chins to feel your lips brush as well. “I love you, Y/N.” He whispers as his lips slot perfectly between yours, giving you the first tender kiss of the morning and your first birthday present of the day.
You smile into the kiss, already feeling like it’ll be the best birthday ever as long as he’s here with you. “I love you too, Tsumu.”
Tumblr media
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Just thinking about him coincidentally fucking you when it’s raining heavily . Him realising he can’t hear you clearly and fucks you even harder , bullying his cock in your pussy and hitting your sweet spot with every thrust. His hand snaking down to your puffy clit and fiddling with it . Pulling moans , whimpers and screams louder than the rain pitter pattering on the window
sakusa , SUNARINNN, miya twins , meian, HIRUGAMI , bokuto , hinata, komori , tsukishima
A/n : it is indeed raining here 😭 CANT WAIT TO HAVE A HOT SHOWER EHHEHEHE
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Tumblr media
See you there
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You were mad at him. For something.
What, Atsumu didn’t know. Honest! You’d quickly snapped him out of his habit of leaving the toilet seat up, you’d taught him countless times to sort the laundry, he’s learned extremely quickly to not leave your child in the cart at the grocery store alone- you’d been particularly ruthless with that lesson.
But for the past two days, you’ve been absolutely exhausting. Petulant, and he genuinely questions if that’s how he acts when he’s upset, and if it is, good god he’s sorry to anyone he’s ever come in contact with him.
You’re huffing in annoyance, denying him any closeness and affection, cooing at Hisako that apparently she’s the only Miya that loves you, and Atsumu truly is at a loss of what happened. Two days ago you were fawning over him with all the love you could muster, and yesterday morning it was like you couldn’t stand the sight of him.
More than anything, you look sad. You’re sad in his presence, your eyes glimmering with a certain disappointment and discomfort. You’re hurt, by something he did, it’s something Atsumu never thought he’d witness, and now that he has, he wants to make sure he never does again. Whatever it is.
He just has to get you alone first.
“Hisako’s down for her nap,” you mutter, causing the blonde on the couch to finally turn up at you. “I have to go get some sugar, keep an ear out for her while I’m gone-“
“Want me to come with?” He asks, hopeful. You furrow your brows and cross your arms, waiting for him to realize what he said.
“Did you seriously just ask if I wanted you to come, after I just said I put our infant down for a nap?” You scoff, and he deflates like you’ve kicked him. “It’s good to know you’ve reached the point of ignoring me, too-“
“Why are you so mad at me?” He asks, getting up on his feet and tossing his phone to the side. “What did I do?”
You tense up at his words, hurt spreading over your face and arms tightening protectively across your chest. You chew at your bottom lip to stop it from wobbling, and Atsumu is sure he’s got you now.
“I’m not mad at you.”
“And you lie like a rug,” he says immediately, crossing his arms and quirking a brow. “You can’t fool me, we’ve been together for waaaaay too many years for you to think you can lie to me.”
You send him a glare, and he looks at you expectantly. Your jaw tightens, and he’s ready to listen to your worries and stressors, and be a better man from it, and-
“Just forget it,” you mutter, carrying yourself into the kitchen. “It doesn’t matter.”
“Clearly it does!” He protests, following behind you. You visibly jump at the loud whine of his voice, and he does feel bad about it, but he’s got a point to make, and he can’t let it go.
“God, would you just drop it!” You hiss.
Frustration takes over Atsumu’s body, and he cards a massive paw through his hair, gripping it at the root, “you know I can’t!”
“Well then that’s on you! Not my problem if you can’t play detective and figure out why your wife is feeling a certain way.”
“Baby please for the love of the gods tell me what I did wrong because if you’re waiting for me to figure it out, we both know how long that could take!”
You pause again, and he raises his brows expectantly. “Fuck, fine- it’s…” your bottom lip wobbles as you sniffle, “it’s… it’s… fucking asshole, it’s because you didn’t look!”
Instantly, Atsumu’s brows shoot up to his hairline, any frustration dissolving into surprise; he watches you fiddle with the drawstrings of your hoodie, and he reaches out to cup your hands in his. “I didn’t look?”
“In the bathroom, yesterday,” you murmur, eyes wetting with humiliated tears; from the circumstances, or from crying in of itself, atsumu doesn’t know. “You… You were coming in to pee, and I was in my towel drying off, and I told you not to look. And you didn’t.”
“Baby,” he sighs in relief. “I thought you really just didn’t want me to look and-“
“But you always used to!” You wail. “Always, before I got pregnant! And-And-And I would watch you peek around your fingers or look in the mirror and giggle when you looked, and I’d swat you with my towel and you’d pull it off of me with your stupid smirk, and you’d give me this insane kiss, and…” you pause your rambling to take a few deep breaths. “And you didn’t…” you wipe your eyes on your hoodie, “do you even find me sexy anymore?”
“Honey, that’s not what that meant,” he husks, trying to pull you in for a hug and frowning when you reeled back. He shakes his head, “there are times I can barely keep my paws offa you, you know that.”
“Then why didn’t you look!”
“Because Hisako was waking up,” he explains quickly, once again trying to reach for you. This time, you let him, and he feels himself relax simply from the contact. “And she doesn’t do well on her own, and I thought I heard her cry, so I hurried and peed and quickly ran out to check on her… I’m sorry I didn’t look, baby, I just… dad instincts kicked in, and I wanted to check on her so you could keep doing your morning routine in peace…”
You wipe your cheek and nod sadly, “I’m… ‘m glad your dad instincts are strong… and I appreciate the thought…”
“Believe me, momma,” he mumbles; a slow smirk splays over his face and he picks you up to set you on the counter, smiling as a shy one eases over your cheeks. “We still got the hots for each other, good god, I’ve got the hots for ya…” he grabs your hands to kiss your knuckles. “But we’ve got so much more now, too. We’ve got a family. And I got you and ‘Sako, and that’s more than I ever deserved. Let alone the sexiest woman who deals with my ass every day… we’ve got something good. I’ve got something good.”
Blinded by his affectionate words, you nod and lean forwards to rest your head on his chest, and he quickly wraps his arms around you to hold you close. “I love you, ‘Tsumu…”
“I love you more, momma,” he murmurs into your hair, and he feels all his broken pieces snap together at the feeling of you in his arms.
Then you stiffen again. He furrows his brows.
“Did… did you wash your hands after you peed? Before you checked on our infant?”
At his silence, you start to fight his grip again to start your outrage once more, but he instantly tightens his arms around you with soft “no, no, no,”’s falling from his lips.
“God, honey, please, one battle at a time.”
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wonder-kya · 18 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Haikyuu!! Illustrations
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heich0e · 7 months ago
"Baby, don't be mad at me."
You hate it when Atsumu says that to you--and he says it often.
First of all, because it always precedes the admission of something that you have every right to be upset with him about.
And second, because you could never be mad at him--not really, anyway--no matter how egregious the offence.
You sigh, looking to the doorway where your boyfriend's voice originated from, only to find him standing, hunched forward and dripping wet from the rain that's been falling for the better part of the day outside.
"Not even a 'welcome home' before you start a fight, Tsumu?" you joke, quirking a brow at him as you shift under the plush throw blanket tucked over your lap as you sit on the couch. You set aside the book you'd been reading, your attention just on him.
Water drips from the ends of his bleached hair onto the floor at his feet, and he meets your gaze, sheepish and hopeful.
He shifts, straightening his posture ever so slightly, and your eyes drop down to his hands, clasped over his tummy.
Your breath hitches.
"I couldn't leave him out there in the rain."
Atsumu's jacket is unzipped to his sternum, but peeking out from beneath the sanctuary of his MSBY windbreaker a little white kitten is nestled against him--sopping wet and trembling from the cold.
"Oh," you breathe, stumbling to your feet and crossing the room towards them both.
The kitten is so impossibly small, just a baby, and clearly in need of a home.
You feel tears well in your eyes as you take in the way it huddles into the warm cotton of Tsumu's t-shirt, the way your boyfriend's hands cradle it like it's something precious.
"Can we keep him?" Tsumu asks, his voice cracking on the request, desperate for your approval.
"Of course we can," you say, your tone equally watery, as you reach out to run your finger tip softly across the bridge of the kitten's tiny pink nose.
You and Atsumu spend the rest of the evening cleaning the kitten up, scheduling a visit to the nearby vet, and sending Atsumu out into the storm again to get the essentials to tie you over until you can make it to an actual pet store--some wet food, some kitty litter, a cat-toy shaped like taiyaki that's almost bigger than the kitten itself (a necessity, Tsumu reasons with you later as he unpacks his purchases).
When Tsumu comes home again, he finds you on the couch again, a little ball of freshly bathed fluff curled up atop the throw blanket over your lap.
He drops his grocery bags at the door and beelines right to you.
"How's the baby?" he asks, crouching down beside the couch to admire the kitten while he snoozes.
"He's good, he stopped shaking a little while ago," you hum, watching how tenderly Atsumu grazes the little cat resting on your legs.
"He's gonna need a name ya know," Atsumu whispers, like he's scared to speak any louder and risk disturbing the peace of the little prince.
"Got any ideas?" you ask, reaching out to run your fingers through Atsumu's rain dampened hair. "You found him, it's only right for you to do the honours."
He leans in to your touch and smiles.
And that's how Miya Tofu came home.
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hankuo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
this is a date.
you feel stupid for not realizing it before—for not knowing that atsumu asking you to get coffee with him must mean more than just getting coffee with him—but you didn't; not until he pulled out his wallet and paid for your drink.
and normally, you wouldn't think anything of that. you've been out with people who've paid for your things before, but with him, it's different, incredibly so.
he has this look on his face: the signature yes i am miya atsumu and yes i am actually doing this right now, isn't that so cool? look that you, really, truly, cannot stand—and yet, you find yourself feeling a little pleased.
"i can pay for myself, y'know." atsumu turns his head towards you, a little smile crawling across his lips.
"i know," he says, grinning. "i was doing that out of the kindness of my own heart."
you groan, "you are the actual worst, 'tsumu—just give that to me."
you reach for your coffee, but he swats it out of your reach.
"woah, woah, you think i'm kind, right? generous maybe?"
part of you feels like mentally correcting yourself a little. of course, this isn't a date! it's a way to fuel his little ego! how could you be so blind! another part of you holds out a little hope. you're not sure which of the two you hate more.
"no." you reach your arm out again, but he holds the drink above your head. you feel a little like a dog. "i think you're a dick."
"oh my god. it's worse than i thought." this can't be good. "you're in love with me," he says.
and you nearly choke, "excuse me?"
"you're in love with me," he repeats, "according to the thing i read online, you have to be."
now, there are a few things you consider in this moment:
walking out of the café completely. no harm no foul—pretend this never happened.
tell him that what he just said might possibly be one of the dumbest things you have ever heard. while you really, really do love telling atsumu when he's being dumb, this one seems a little mean, even for you.
inquiring further. this is the one you probably enjoy the idea of the least, and yet, curiosity gets the best of you.
"the what?" you tilt your head a little, giving him a moment to maybe realize how odd this sounds. you should know better.
"i saw this social experiment thing online the other day and it said if you take a girl you like to a coffee shop and pay for her drink and she gets mad, she's in love with you too."
you must be losing your mind.
"in love with you too?" you try to hold back the little smile growing across your cheeks, but you're pretty sure you're failing. "you're in love with me 'tsumu?"
he grins again, "'course i am. isn't that obvious?"
you have truly, genuinely, never met someone you had more disdain for in your entire life, and yet, there's something in you that has never wanted anyone to love you more. he's clumsy and foul-mouthed and a little dense at times, but atsumu is also treats you so well that it makes your heart ache a little.
he makes you laugh when you're crying and he tells you that you look pretty on the days you feel your worst and, as corny as that all sounds, you love him, you do. in the awful, sickening kind of way that makes everything hurt sometimes.
"i think you could have made it a little clearer," you say, and he laughs a bit.
"really?" he holds your coffee out towards you, letting you pull it out of his hand this time. "okay, i'm in love with you."
you laugh and he smiles—shiny white teeth peeking out from behind his lips.
"i'm in love with you too, idiot."
Tumblr media
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hayawaki · a month ago
taking off your bra ✰ atsumu x reader. smut-ish, atsumu calls you baby + pretty.
Tumblr media
you don’t see it but ATSUMU’S face reddens as your shirt slowly rises up, exposing the fabric of your bra. he’s seen you change into and out of shirts more times than he can count, but asking him for help was completely different on it’s own.
“y-yeah, baby, i got it.”
it’s a minuscule task, nothing that’s out of the ordinary when he thinks about it, however the moment his fingers slightly graze along your skin, the softest gasp escapes past your lips.
atsumu’s cold fingers are welcoming to the heat of your skin, sending goosebumps up and down your spine, until your body is littered with them. he feels almost dirty— naughty for letting such an innocent task seem more than what it is.
his nervousness kicks in as he fiddles with the strap, cursing at himself for having butterfingers. “yer bra is a pain the ass, ya know that?”
the corners of your mouth turn into a smile. “need help, ‘tsumu?”
“no,” he breathes, quickly licking hips while his mouth hovers on the sensitive curve of where your spine begins. “just need ya outta this damn thing. ‘wan touch ya, my baby, pretty baby.”
“yeah?” you whisper, moving your hands back to grab atsumu’s, carefully helping him unstrap the frantic off your skin. he’s shaking, you realize, his breaths growing shallow and fast.
there’s a moment of silence as the pads of his fingers lightly roll your sensitive nipples, his chin resting on top of your shoulder, watching as your body naturally reacts to his touches. it’s intoxicating, the way his name rolls off your tongue, like a sinful prayer.
“sensitive, aren’t you?”
all you can do is nod your head, eyes lolling back as atsumu begins to nip and suck at your neck, leaving hues of purple and blue. turning your body around as you become putty into his hands.
lust blown eyes glance down to gold orbs, catching atsumu lick your perked nipple agonizingly slow, watching you let out a sharp gasp as he blows onto the sensitive bud.
“maybe i should take your bra off more often.”
Tumblr media
━━━ & note ,
omgomgomg im so nervous posting this hi um if you’ve read this far thank u <3 feedback is appreciated!
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