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chibishae34 · 8 hours ago
HQ Men in Crop Tops
Tumblr media
characters - bokuto koutaro, miya atsumu, & oikawa tooru
genre - fluff. crack. Slight suggestive (mentions of abs & pectoral lmao)
note - I love seeing men in crop tops! I think it's chef's kiss, and it should be normalized for men to wear them other than kpop idols. yes, this was inspired by seeing so many kpop idols rocking crop tops! search up wonho in a crop top you will thank me later bc I have a brain rot over men in crop tops, and I always daydream about hq men wearing them!
Tumblr media
✫彡 Bokuto
It was a blessing you were greeted with when you came home in the evening. Unlocking the door to your apartment, you hear muffled whines from your bedroom, curiosity, and concern that something could be wrong with your boyfriend. “Ko, are you okay?” Stepping into your shared bedroom, you see a pouting Bokuto tangled in your vacuum cord. The first thing that caught your eye was your favorite crop top hoodie on your boyfriend—his toned abs and chest puffing out in perfect view. You were about to pass out how good he looked in your hoodie, and however, it was smaller on him. 
“Ko, are you wearing my favorite hoodie?” 
“Yeah, all my hoodies were in the dirty laundry pile, and I couldn’t find anything else and found one of your hoodies. Is that okay with you?” 
“It’s more than okay! You look hot in my hoodie! Can I take pictures of you modeling my hoodie?” 
“Thanks, love but first, can you help me out first? I’ve been stuck for a good ten minutes.” 
“Oh yeah, sorry, Ko.” 
After freeing your boyfriend, you had a whole photoshoot of your handsome boyfriend in your hoodie. You posted your favorite photos of him on your Instagram, and your phone became flooded with notifications. Ignoring your phone blowing up as you cuddled your boyfriend the rest of the night. 
Tumblr media
✫彡 Atsumu
You weren’t prepared to walk in on your boyfriend in your favorite crop top hoodie. Atsumu was posing in front of the mirror, admiring how good he looked in your hoodie as you stared at him dumbfounded behind him. “Damn! I look hot!” Seeing a figure behind him jumping. “Ahh! Y/n! I didn’t see you there!” 
Eyeing him up and down, seeing his underboob, “That’s my hoodie! Why are you wearing it?” 
“I wasn’t expecting you to come home so soon. I saw your hoodie and got curious, and I was going to put it back. I swear!” Atsumu, feeling embarrassed you caught him red-handed. 
You take a picture of him, “Did you take a picture of me?!” 
“No..bye!” As you bolt out of the bedroom, trying to send the picture in the group chat with all your friends in it. 
You hear his footsteps chasing after you, “Babe! Don’t ya dare send it to Sunarin!” Giggling and running away from your boyfriend.
Tumblr media
✫彡 Oikawa
You were excited to see your boyfriend waiting patiently in the living room for your boyfriend to come out of the bedroom. Along with you, his best friends were on face time with you.  All you hear is your boyfriend making a ruckus. “I’m ready for my close-up!”
Oikawa started doing the catwalk into your living room wearing your crop top hoodie. Your friends are laughing and howling through the phone. The whole point was for Oikawa to fulfill his dare of losing a bet with his friends. Makki thought it would be funny seeing Oikawa wear his significant other’s clothes and embarrass him, but it proved them wrong. Oikawa was feeling himself and was very confident in your hoodie.
“I think I will wear more of your clothes, y/n-chan. I look good in them!” 
Iwaizumi comments, “Please don’t. No wants to see it, asskawa.”
You speak up, “I think he looks good.” Even though the hoodie was tight on his muscular body.
“Y/n, don’t encourage him. He already has a big head, and we don’t want it to get any bigger,” Mattsun said. Makki was enjoying this and taking pictures, hoping he could make a profit off Oikawa.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
©chibishae34 2022 All rights reserved. Do not repost and plagiarise.
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swooxzi · a month ago
husband!atsumu who unplugs cords, tightens jars, and places items around the house just out of your reach so you're forced to ask him for help when the two of you are arguing. whose heart swells ten sizes when you begrudgingly walk up to him in the living room holding a glass jar with an impossibly tight lid that, coincidentally, only an athlete could open. who tests the waters of your temper with small talk, asking things like "i'm in the mood to make some onigiri tonight, got anythin' ya want me to pick up from the store when i head out?" and "i bet ya we finally have enough room for a pup, wanna go through the shelter website with me?". who files down your sharp little edges, placing a soft kiss on your forehead when the lid finally pops open. who can't help but smile when he hears you call for him in that voice just as he's beginning to walk away, turning with a smirk as you sheepishly ask him to get the mug from the top shelf before he leaves. who ends up making 45-second microwave brownies with you instead of heading to the store, and becoming your own personal superman when the two of you settle on the couch and the TV refuses to turn on. who puffs his chest out proudly when you cheer for him as the light returns to the big screen, gushing about how smart he is as he crawls back under the throw blanket with you. who tucks your hair behind your ear when you fall asleep on his lap halfway through your movie marathon, refusing to move or disturb your slumber because this is the closest you've been to him all day since that senseless argument earlier that morning, and he's missed you so, so, so much.
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tooruhearts · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
they’re in love!! (with you)
→ feat. atsumu miya, oikawa tooru, hinata shoyo, sakusa kiyoomi || genres: fluff
Tumblr media
KIYOOMI is late to work. and it's not his fault. no, he didn't sleep in. he didn't forget to turn off the stove. he didn't forget his keys. in fact, he woke up at seven am like he always does. but kiyoomi is late to work and it's because of you.
"baby, one more kiss? the last one," you say, lips already chasing after his.
but kiyoomi puts a hand over your mouth. "you said that twenty kisses ago."
"last one, i promise, please?"
and now you're holding onto his necktie, eyes blinking at him, waiting for him to say yes. but kiyoomi is already ten minutes late to work and he knows that if he caves into you he will be even later. so he opens his mouth, about to say no, but then you kiss his cheek and whisper in his ear.
god. he can't say no to you.
kiyoomi kisses you, sighing into the kiss. he can feel your smile against his lips. what a little devil, he thinks. but that doesn't matter right now, because your lips feel like heaven and kiyoomi thinks this is paradise. and kiyoomi kisses you again and again and again until you're both breathless.
maybe he should call in sick today.
Tumblr media
ATSUMU sometimes gets this overwhelming warm feeling in his chest, a feeling that makes him want to almost cry. and it is times like these, as he’s laying in bed sick with a wet towel on his forehead, as you are holding his hand, that he realizes how grateful he is that you chose him. that you wanted to stay with him.
“babe, i love ya, will leave all my fortune to ya."
“tsumu, stop acting like you're dying. it’s just a cold.”
he snorts at your reply, but the warmth of your fingertips on his palms doesn't stop the tears from appearing in his eyes. he can feel his lips quivering, his face growing red (and not from the fever). so he pulls you closer to him, until your face is pressed into the crook of his neck.
“ya know i love ya, right? i love ya so much,” he whispers in your ear.
"i know tsumu, i love you too."
"even when you make me burnt porridge, i love ya a whole lot."
"yes, yes, you big baby," you giggle, lightly smacking his arm, "my big baby."
the night ends with you kissing atsumu's face over and over again until he stops crying (he stops when he falls asleep).
Tumblr media
TOORU knows all good things come to an end eventually. that forever is not a word that lasts, it's not a word that makes sense to him. that one day he will have to let go. but when his arms are tightly wrapped around you as you bask in the afternoon sun, your hair tickling his cheek, he thinks it might make sense after all.
forever is a word that tooru can finally picture and it takes shape in the form of you.
"you smell like me," he says, kissing the top of your head.
"you noticed? i used your shampoo."
"you're also wearing my jersey," he teases, "you like me that much?"
"tooru, you're literally my boyfriend."
he laughs. tooru can't help but tighten his arms around you, still laughing, your face pressed against his. you whine, saying he's crushing you. but tooru keeps you secure in his embrace, kissing your cheeks, your ears, your neck. kissing your lips. and yes, oikawa tooru is your boyfriend. he's yours, forever and more.
"you're soo clingy," you say.
"only for you," he replies.
tooru doesn't think forever is a word that lasts, but if it's with you, he will try. he will try to make it last until his last breath. only for you.
Tumblr media
SHOYO thinks you look stunningly beautiful. even now, as your clothes are soaked and you look terribly pissed off because the weather forecast didn't announce it would rain. even now, as your hair clings to your forehead and you're squeezing his hand a tad bit too hard.
"our picnic is ruined.”
"it's fine, we could always go tomorrow! and now we can go home and cuddle."
but that doesn't take away the look of disappointment on your face, or how your body slumps, or how smaller than usual you look. so shoyo pulls you towards him, making you drop the picnic basket, his face a mere inches away from yours.
"dance with me?"
and shoyo doesn't even wait for you to answer before he's twirling you around. hands around your waist, pulling your body each time closer to his, until all he can feel is your warmth instead of the rain soaking his clothes. until all he can feel is your heartbeat.
"shoyo, stop, this is embarrassing!" you say, but you're laughing and laughing with each twirl, with each step.
shoyo thinks you look stunningly beautiful. even now, as your hair clings to your forehead and your clothes are drenched. even now, as the rain pours over both of you and you two are dancing and laughing like mad.
Tumblr media
a/n: tooru’s is inspired by the song forever by lee junhyung!!
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basilly · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
|| ➼ where they react to you playing with their hair
characters: atsumu, oikawa, suna, bokuto, & sakusa
warnings: none! pure fluff
a/n: it might be a little ooc but this is how i knda envisioned them
Tumblr media
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ atsumu would immediately beg for kisses to accompany the comfort of your finertips massaging your scalp. he just wants to soak up all the love. closing his eyes, he attempts to ingrain this in his memory forever. he almost sighs wistfully as soon as it stops, already eagerly waiting for the next time.
atsumu constantly wants affection- he thinks he's funny when he mentions he had to share affection with osamu growing up so he needs some all to himself now. he's tapping his lips for a kiss, not before insisting he needs at least a thousand to be content.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ oikawa takes this chance and fiddles with your fingers of the other hand. resting it ontop of his chest, the two of you share all about your days under the sunlight. as you run your fingers through his brunette locks, hes tracing patterns on your palm- noticeably hearts and i love you's.
as much as he likes talking about himself, he always makes sure to prioritize what you have to say. he's an earnest listener- picking up on all the miniscule details. when you're talking, all of his attention is on you.
he also takes this moment to take some cute videos of the moment- he loves to replay them, just as much as his volleyball recordings.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ suna relaxes so much, he didn't even notice he was drifting off to sleep. he also swears you have some sort of magic touch due to it being the best nap of his life. from the recent late nights he endured, he slept like a rock.
when he meekly blinks in attempt to wake himself up, you were still mindlessly untangling his dark strands. gently, he would take your hand in his, before bringing to his lips, leaving a small kiss as a thanks.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ bokuto tries to cuddle into you even further. even though you were already skin to skin- his head was in your lap AND you were messing with his soft, white locks, he wanted to be as close to you as possible. he wraps his arm around your waist, relishing the familarity of your presence.
after a long game or training, bokuto would often fall into your lap, ready to relax. you happily oblige, as volleyball took up a lot of his schedule. you also gently touch his eyelashes, amazed at the length. he just takes it all in, heart overflowing with content.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ sakusa was nervous at first, tensing before relaxing. you curl your fingers in his dark coils before uncurling once again. lightly massaging your scalp, sakusa finds himself enjoying it more and more by the second.
his eyes laid shut long enough for you to think that he was asleep. cautiously, you untangled your fingers from his hair. you were promptly stopped- sakusa had grabbed your wrist. he had only softly muttered, "please don't stop."
Tumblr media
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tahdashi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
✫ ft. akaashi, atsumu, iwaizumi, and suna x mom!reader
✫ a/n: the kids are ages 1-3 (can stand, walk, talk in sentences). the babies aren’t really “jealous” in some of these. they just want some love and affection, too !!!
✫ warnings: usage of “mom” and “mama” to refer to reader
Tumblr media
✫ AKAASHI leans into your touch after coming home from the office, his tie loosened and his hair a bit messier than usual. you two are splayed on the couch, his head resting peacefully on your chest as he updates you on bokuto’s recent msby game. and just minutes later, you feel your son pull on your leg. an eruption of babbles leave his lips as he whines and tugs. “mmm, it’s my turn with mom,” keiji whines into your collarbones. you can't help but laugh at your husband's child-like behavior. "keiji, get off, you're gonna make him upset." and as keiji nuzzles his face in the crook of your neck, your baby breaks out into a sob, "mama! mama!" filling the small living room. keiji gets up from his place on your chest and picks your son up, mumbling "i'm sorry, bud" into his equally messy hair. "mama's all yours," he kisses the top of his head and allows him to crawl happily into your arms. "you're as whiny as your mo-" "keiji." he can't even be upset at his limited time with you — the image of you holding his entire world makes up for it.
✫ ATSUMU lingers in the kitchen after tucking your daughter in to bed just about every night. he puts dishes in the cabinets, wipes down the counter, and traps you between his arms for a moment of intimacy. "mind if i kiss ya, babe?" he asks, knowing you'll let him anyway. "you'll do it no matter what i say," you turn your head to the side, creating distance between his lips and yours. "no! i'm a gentleman! that's why ya married me, isn't it?" a laugh leaves your lips and you're stepping up onto your toes to reach his. his hands wrap around your waist, pulling you close against himself. it's been hard to find time for yourselves — your daughter was at the age where she'd walk (stumble, really) away if you took your eyes off of her for even a second. and as you pull away from the kiss, breathless and all, you hear the pitter patter of her tiny feet approaching you two. "baby, why are ya awake? can't sleep?" atsumu bends down to her level, pushing her hair back from her eyes. she rubs at them and then wraps her tiny arms around his neck to kiss his cheeks. "i want a g'night kiss too!" she whines. "alrighty, baby, ya can get as many as ya want! make sure ya give mama a kiss too," he tells her before peppering her cheeks with loving kisses.
✫ IWAIZUMI used to wake up early every morning, getting ready for the day at a slow and relaxing pace, but he finds it harder and harder to do so when you cling onto him, asking for five more minutes of peace, five minutes of calmness before the storm (the storm being your daughter, of course). she's gotten clingier with every step she could take. she wakes up with the sun and makes her way to your bed, struggling to climb up with her tiny legs. the sight of her dad's arm around your waist brings a pout to her lips, her cheeks puffing out as she whispers a "daddy?" and of course, he's awake (he's been awake for the past 15 minutes). "wanna come up?" he asks her before unwrapping his arms from your body and lifting her onto his broad chest. she immediately crawls over him, kicking his face with her feet in the process, to place herself between you two. her little arms and legs wrap around your torso like a koala, and she looks up at you with a toothy smile. "my turn,” she says, nuzzling her head into you. you hear iwa mumble under his breath (something about waking the team up with kicks to the face).
✫ SUNA always searches for you and the twins in the crowd. his team had just won a game that he's been training especially hard for, and it's the first time in a while that you've seen his dimply smile on his face. he runs up to you and the twins with nothing but joy in his eyes. grabbing ahold of your waist, he presses a kiss to your lips — his teeth clash against yours and he's laughing into the kiss out of sheer happiness, but you don't mind it one bit. your sons pull at your clothes as they try to get your attention. suna catches a glimpse of their raised arms and pulls away from you to lift his boys into his own arms, one on each side of his body. they're cheering for their dad, clapping and yelling, “you did it!" suna's never been an affectionate guy, opting to show his love in more subtle ways, but he feels the urge to pull you and the boys in for a tight hug (one where you can feel the rapid beating in his chest). he kisses the top of your head before pressing one on each of the twins' cheeks. "let's go celebrate, yeah?" suna grins. he’d do anything to hold you three like that again after each win — his prized possessions in his arms.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated, as always!
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izurou-archive · 3 months ago
“we’re gonna have to breakup after this, aren’t we?”
atsumu is meeting your parents for the first time in about five minutes, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d think he’d just stepped off the court with the amount of sweat he was producing.
his palms leave the faintest little wet prints on the steering wheel as he clutches it, side eyeing you nervously as if he’s waiting for you to confirm his crazy thoughts.
“of course not. they’re going to love you, relax,” you assure. he shifts his gaze to the small mirror in his sun visor, running a shaky hand through his tousled locks. he swats at the stray hairs, begging for them to cooperate.
“do i smell bad? be honest, i don’t need anyone passing out over lunch,” he blurts out, muttering the last part under his breath. he pinches the fabric of his cream coloured sweatshirt, bringing it to his nose before holding it out towards yours.
“stop it, you don’t smell,” you insist, pushing him back and smoothing out the tiny wrinkle he just created. with the amount of cologne he put on before you left, it was humanly impossible for him to smell like anything other than bergamot and amberwood.
a few more affirmations from you finally give him the confidence to leave the car. he opens the passenger side door for you before fetching the flowers from the back seat—the ones he picked out himself to give to your mother.
“i still can’t believe you wouldn’t tell me what her favourites are, you’re setting me up for failure here,” he pouts, and you laugh—like music to his ears—reassuring him that the act itself would put himself miles ahead of any other guy you’ve dated before.
you offer him one last kiss for encouragement, and he sighs in content against your lips. as much as he’d like to stand in the parking lot like this and disappear into your arms—he forces himself into the restaurant, with you not far behind.
an hour and a half later, and atsumu feels like he’s on top of the world. it went great, perfect even.
“she said that i can call her by her first name, and she liked the flowers! right baby? did you see how happy she was?” he smiles down at you, swinging your hands back and forth as you walk back to the car.
“yeah, i think she likes you better than me now,” you respond, turning into his chest and wrapping your arms around him tighter than ever before.
you want to shower him with all the thoughts that are running through your mind, tell him how glad you are that everything played out the way it did. your family got to meet atsumu—not the arrogant professional athlete that you see in the media, but the guy who shook everyone’s hand before he sat down, who knocked over your water as he tried to collect everyone’s plates for the waiter, and then offered to pay for the whole meal as an apology. you want to tell him that you’re so glad they got to meet him, the atsumu that would one day be a part of your precious little family. and so you tell him, but it comes out a little differently.
“i’m so in love with you, atsumu.”
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shoyotime · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
FT. kenma, atsumu, bokuto, ushijima
W. none
AN. repost.
Tumblr media
blinks blankly. he was grabbing some snacks from the kitchen when you randomly popped up with a goofy smile and a questionable stance in front of him. "is this supposed to be a new trend?" he waits for your response, only for you to shrug lightly before your smile grew wider. kenma places the packet of chips on kitchen counter before making his way towards you. "tell me if i'm doing something wrong?" and he inches closer, placing a soft kiss on your cheeks that leaves you flustered. he retracts slowly, gazing into your eyes as an obvious attempt at teasing you— which certainly worked, might you add. "was that right?" you sigh, averting your eyes to a stray corner. "you were supposed to hug me but i don't mind a kiss or two either."
this man has no clue. he was on his way to the bedroom after spending his afternoon watching match replays, only for you to greet him with a grin plastered on your face as you stood in front of him with your arms wide open. you stare at him, anticipating an answer, while he standing frozen with a perplexed face, brows creased in a way as if he's thinking of a potential response. a few seconds pass, and all he does is spread his arms in front of you, mirroring your actions. "are we t-posing?" — "tsumu, gosh, you're suppsosed to hug me!" a soft 'oh' escape his lips as he pulls you into an embrace, planting a soft kiss on your temple as you wrap your arms around his torso. "you're so dumb," you mumble, a chuckle rolls off his tongue. "at least you get to hug me." and he plops over the bed with your in his arms, pulling you impossibly closer. no, he's not getting off you anytime soon
you were lying idly on your bed when this impressive idea managed to slide inside your brain and within no time, you're on your way to your boyfriend who is busy doing whatever in his study. his brain went blank when he spot you standing with your arms wide open in the hallway, a smile climbing up his face before he sprints towards you, engulfing you in his arms ( or more like crashing into you ) as if you're going to disappear the next second. "kou what—" he pulls back, a bright smile waltzing on his lips. "what? i thought you were going to catch me." you pause, brows furrowed in confusion before you break into beads of laughter. "we're not playing that but sure, let's do it again." and he smiles, stepping away before standing with with his arms open in front of you. "your turn, sweets."
stares blankly part two, but gets the message quickly. he expects you to pull tricks on him every now and then, what he didn't expect was from you was you standing in front of him with arms wide open at eight in the morning. while you expected him to ask a few questions, ushijima pulls you into his arms without wasting another second. "did you miss me?" you didn't expect that question. well of course, he arrived late last night; late enough for you to be fast asleep. your lips curl into a smile as you pull away, hands still wrapped around his torso while his' are snaked around yours. "today's a day off so let's go on a date." now, who are you to refuse.
Tumblr media
taglists in the rbs.
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missmeinyourbones · 23 days ago
haikyuu boys as icks
because my favorite thing is humbling men and fictional men are no exception | aot version & jjk version
does that thing where he "forgets to know your name" so he doesn't look obsessed with you, but in reality he just looks like a douchebag LOL he's comes up to you all nonchalant like "y/n, right?" as if he doesn't follow you on ig and like all of ur pics....and he thinks it makes him look so cool and popular and mysterious and then u look him dead in the eye and ur like "yeah, you're osamu, right?" he's humbled very quickly
when he’s really tired or clingy, he talks in a baby voice :/ sometimes even refers to himself in the third person :/ just typing this rn is making me frown with disappointment. like yeah atsumu may be the more dramatic twin, but thats only bc he’s shameless in public. behind closed doors, osamu is right there w/ him. you find him pouting on the couch after a long day like “osamu wants cuddles >:(” or “can we make dinner together i’m hungwy >:(” big offender of the “sowwy” and “pwease” agenda. arrest him
is the embodiment of that one trend where you tell guys they look like they can’t swim and they get so unnecessarily defensive about it LOL. you say he “gives off a vibe that he can’t swim that well” and hes DISTRAUGHT...immediately whipping out all of his cards to prove you wrong like “obviously i can swim, wtf let’s go find a public pool rn and i’ll show you how good i can swim” also gets you back in such a ruthless way like “okay, but i can. and you look like you don’t know how to read.” feelings end up hurt on both ends :/
whenever you guys go to the store, he holds up the line because he’s like “oh, i have a coupon for that!!! :)” but it's never convenient at all. it could be for the most minuscule or absurd products too, like toilet paper or ballpoint pens, and he’s digging through his wallet once you guys reach the register. like baby AREN’T YOU A PRO ATHLETE???? i think you can afford the extra $1.42 for granola bars. you bring up the idea of him having the coupon ready before he gets in line and he’s like “idk i don't wanna hold it for that long 🥱”
LEAVES HIS BEARD HAIR IN THE SINK AFTER SHAVING. oh my god, i am making myself angry rn. you rinse it out every single time and when you ask him if he knows what happens to all of his little trimmings, he’s just like “idk....i guess they just evaporate or slide down over time” when you literally clean up after him like a maid :I he makes me sick (inspired by that one tiktok of the oblivious husband and knowing wife)
doesnt understand politics so he just labels himself as “non-political” which comes across as him just being douchey :/ it makes him look so ignorant when he first tells you :/ like a man who thinks he’s too good to be socially and politically aware bc it doesn't affect him / when in reality, politics just really isn't his forte academically and he’s never learned the basics of it :/ because he is really smart ok i stand by this!!!! he’s a scholar and a college grad...he just only focuses on his areas of interest. take a gov course baby expand ur horizons
if you ask him those silly hypothetical relationship questions (the ones where you just want him to say something sweet, something that proves he loves you) he is not having it in the slightest. you ask him “would you still love me if i was a worm?” and he’s deadly serious like “no? one, that's not even possible. two, if i’m ever attracted to a worm then i need to be constrained and arrested. three, i think that’s really wrong for you to expect me to seamlessly deal with that big of a transition in our relationship--” and you have to be like OH MY GODDD OKAYYYYY IT WAS A TEST!!!  AND YOU FAILED!!!
millennial core LOLLLLLLL im sorry. he posts a pic of him after he gets his hair cut and captions it “just did a thing! :P” EWWWW my toes are curling rn. he takes his selfies from the highest mom facebook angle and does the signature middle aged white man smirk. if he ever films a video of himself it’s so cringy bc he does the millennial zoom in and talks as if he’s a movie protagonist. attends a single work meeting and claims he’s “adulting 😂” at the ripe age of 27
when he really likes you, he does that thing where he's like "you're just not like other girls/people!!!! you're so different!!!!!!" you do basic human things like don't constantly wear makeup or eat whatever you please and he's like "i love how you can be so real around me, you're so quirky <3" you shave your legs or do your hair and he’s like “baby you don’t have to do all of this for me!!!!” he’s never touched a woman in his life. self unaware king 
swears that period cramps are not that bad and that people who get periods over-exaggerate to make men (or people who don’t get periods in general) feel guilty about not dealing with them. believes with his entire chest that “getting kicked in the balls” is equivalent to the pain of childbirth. one day you jokingly buy one of those period cramp simulator machines and hook him up to it. he's all “i’m gonna be fine babe” and “it probably just feels like a stomach ache”.... he doesnt get past the 3rd setting and is holding back tears when you finally turn it off 
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asunflowerana · a month ago
Tumblr media
𝐆𝐢𝐫𝐥 𝐈𝐬 𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐞
Tumblr media
summary: There’s someone else attracted to you, and now, they need to think fast to deal with the new competition.
characters: Atsumu, Osamu, Aran, and Suna (Inarizaki's boys)
note: remastered work, and this one still makes me giggle all over hehe. Wish I could have studied at Inarizaki in high school.
Tumblr media
ATSUMU MIYA: the show off.
Atsumu doesn't like to admit it, but sometimes he's insecure with himself. He knows that he’s handsome, talented, someway funny, smoothly charming, and every girl loves that in a guy. Heck, he has a fan club, and he's not even finished with school.
But none of it is enough to make Kai, one of your classmates, back away from hitting on you. That guy is stupidly self-confident, getting in Tsumu's way and blowing his chances by stealing you from him whenever he can. Who needs help solving a simple algebra question? What a surprise, dumb Kai needs it.
Atsumu’s determined to convince you that he’d be the perfect boyfriend for you. And he'll use all of his qualities in order to do that.
Praising you, carrying your book in the hallway, treating you with sweets and snacks, even joining you in the library for a study session; also, since he’s much more athletic than Kai, he tries to impress you with his physique, either by carrying something heavy, or simply flexing his biceps “unintentionally”.
But when you watch volleyball practice, he shines with overconfidence, making the court a stage for him. Everyone already noticed the way their setter winks at you during games, sending you some of his ravishing grins at some moves:
"Ya like that?" He asks you, standing close to the bleachers during break time. "Keep watching, angel. My next point will be for ya."
Tumblr media
OSAMU MIYA: the competitive.
Osamu's very confident in himself, but when he realizes that someone wanted what he wants, he becomes seriously competitive.
To prove that he's the best option, he decides to challenge his opponent. It could be anything, he'd even let Kai decide, but the rules remain the same: no cheating, and whoever loses, gives up on you right away.
Isn't Samu afraid of losing? The answer is simple:
He won’t lose. He’ll make sure of that.
“Kai.” Osamu calls out to the long-haired boy who was reading while walking down the hall. Kai looks at him with frustration, but lets him say what he wants. Samu moves until he’s face to face with him, like two boxers before a match. Their glare it’s unwavering. “I know what yer trying with ______.”
Kai rolls his eyes, crossing his arms on the way. “And what do you have to do with it? I’m not afraid of you, Miya.”
“Really?” Osamu wonders, sizing him. He presses his index finger onto the boy’s chest. “You and me, on the court after class. Let’s see if you can handle a match.” He smirks when he notices the boy getting tense. “You’re not afraid of that, are you?”
Tumblr media
OJIRO ARAN: the intimidator.
Aran is a lovely boy. Seriously, he’s so kind and friendly with others, that sometimes you wonder if he really exists. A big, teddy bear, that’s what he is.
He noticed though, that many guys get intimidated by him, due to his size, posture, and even his voice. It was weird for him in the beginning, but he grew into like the respect he gets for that, which increased even more after he became the ace of the school's team.
So when he realized that Kai was trying to win you over, he thought: why not use that in his favor?
Don’t misunderstand, Aran doesn’t like bullying at all, and he would never hurt the boy if it wasn’t necessary. But maybe, you know, a simple warning might convince Kai to give up. It doesn’t hurt trying.
“Hey, Kai!” Aran finds the boy eating at a table in the cafeteria, and without waiting for an invitation, he sits down next to him, placing his chair near Kai’s. “How ya doing man? Good? Great, listen up.” The boy didn't actually have time to answer, but it's not like Ojiro was interested anyway.
Aran places his right big hand on the boy’s back, and offers him a too friendly smile. Tone low and clear, he warns. “I like _____. And I saw ya trying to ask her out yesterday after class. Ya see, it’s really hard to date a girl if someone else’s on the way, you know? So, could ya do me a favor, and stay away?”
Tumblr media
SUNA RINTARO: the clever.
Suna's very smart. He knows exactly how to turn a situation in his favor, like, for example, winning you over. He can't predict how long it will take but believe me when I say that everything he does is meant to make you fall in love with him, little by little.
If a stone called Kai gets in his way, well, he'll figure out how to handle it.
No man is perfect, so all he needs to do is find a flaw in his opponent. It doesn't really matter how silly it is: if it can help him make Kai fall, it's a jewel in Rintaro’s hands.
And after a few days of watching, Suna found out his precious diamond: Kai's a womanizer.
Heck, the guy's not even decent, trying to woo another girl during lunch. Rin uses the boy's indiscretion, recording everything in good sound and detail. And having all the evidence, Suna makes his master move, revealing the whole truth to your beautiful eyes:
“It’s okay, ______.” He gently caresses your hair while embracing you, trying to bring you comfort after seeing the video. “There’s a lot of guys like that here. But I’ll make sure to not let any of them come in yer way.” He swears, a smirk growing when he hears you thanking him. “Yer welcome, my dear. I’ll always be there for ya.”
Tumblr media
reblogs and comments are very much appreciated. 💕
© asunflowerana 2022 — all rights reserved.
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youta · a month ago
the clock hit three in the morning a few minutes prior to atsumu entering your shared apartment as quietly as possible to not wake you up. you only expected to see him the next day, but he decided to drive back from a city hours away after the last match this season and short celebrations.
the past few weeks you haven’t really had time for each other; work had you swamped and tsumu had match season, meaning multiple days and nights away from you. he wanted to sleep next to you without having to worry waking up on time and only coming home late at night after practice.
as he steps into your bedroom, his lips tug into a warm smile noticing your sleeping figure. you are wrapped up in a blanket, the tv still playing in the background– you must have knocked out while watching your favorite show. he realizes just how terribly he missed everything about you, even a glance of you made him feel better.
carefully to not wake you up, he quickly washed up and changed out of his clothes and turned off the forgotten tv. slipping in the bed beside you, the feeling of being home finally hits him. you could be anywhere and he still would feel the same way– you are his home.
unconsciously, you snuggle up to his warm body and his arms immediately wrap around you, holding you close. atsumu presses a kiss on your temple, his way of wishing you good night.
he hasn't slept this good in probably weeks, and neither have you without even knowing he was there. in the morning, you are already awake when he opens his eyes.
"hey," you smile at him and press a kiss on the corner of his lips. "didn't expect you to be here."
"wanted to surprise you," atsumu chuckles, his voice still raspy from just waking up.
"nice surprise," you admit with a smile, letting him pull you closer to him. his arm is around your hips now, his finger drawing soft circles on your skin under your shirt.
"i missed you." he whispers and kisses you softly. atsumu wishes his schedule wasn't as hectic, but you would never let him quit his career before it was time to, you always knew what you would commit to. he admires your patience and love for him so much, it's a gentle reminder that lets him know you feel the same way he does. you are each other's homes and will always be.
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euphoricimagination · 5 months ago
𝑻𝒉𝒆𝒎 𝒑𝒓𝒐𝒕𝒆𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒚𝒐𝒖
Feat. Atsumu and Kuroo
Warnings: Mentions of being followed
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Walking alone at night wasn't the best idea, but you didn't have many options considering your shift today. A few minutes after walking towards your house you started to feel a presence behind you, and when you sneakily looked back you noticed a someone following you.
At first you thought you were overreacting, he could easily just be going in your same direction, but just to make sure you decided to do a detour. You enter to a convenience store, went to buy a coffee, and yet he was still there, right behind you. That's when you started to panic.
Deciding to enter the most populated area, you notice 4 tall men walking towards a restaurant, the Black Jackals. In your state of panic you completely forgot about their popularity, so you started walking towards the blonde setter since he was the one near you. Did you know him? Not personally, you only seen him in the court. But right now, you didn’t care.
“Oh, Miya-san? Hi! Do you remember me?” you say moving to hug him quickly, without giving him time to react.
He was taken aback, logically after a stranger just hug him out of nowhere calling his name. Who were you? Were you a fan? How come you just hug him? He could see his teammates faces, all with the same confusion on. But the initial shock quickly left when he heard you whisper “Please help me, a dude is following me. I'm Yn”
And just like that Miya Atsumu became the best actor ever.
“Yn-chan? Haven't see ya since high school! How are ya?” says hugging you back tightly. He feels you relax in his arms while answering his question, you were probably happy that he followed your little act. “See? I told ya I'd become a pro. Now I'm even stronger than before!”
“I can see that” you smile at him when you moved away, eyes flickering to the dude who suddenly looks nervous “It's nice to see you again Miya-san”
“Cmon, call me Tsumu. Why don't you join us for dinner? I'll present you my team”. Putting an arm through your shoulders, he walks you to where the rest of his team are, all of them greeting you and welcoming you excitedly.
After a few minutes you look back only to notice that the dude was gone. Letting a sigh full lf relief out, you quickly turn to Atsumu “Thank you for helping me, Miya-san. I started to panic and didn't know what else to do”
“It's alright pretty, and I told you to call me Tsumu”. He squeezes your shoulder slightly, still not letting you go.
The rest of the Jackals frown in confusion, Bokuto being the first to ask “Wait, didn't you know each other?”, making you shake your head. You explain the situation to them and their reaction instantly warms your heart, as Bokuto and Hinata come to hug you and Sakusa mutters some insults to that guy.
“However, my proposal still stands pretty” says Atsumu pulling you a bit closer to his body “I'm not letting you go yet when the creep may come back. I want to be 100% sure that you are safe”
“Thanks, but are you sure? I don't want to interrupt”. As soon as you said that you heard a chorus of ‘It's okay!’ Or ‘You’re not interrupting!’ from the two excited men; even Sakusa did a little nod.
“Don't worry pretty, dinner it’s on me”. With that the three start walking towards the restaurant once again while Atsumu looks at you with that famous smile of his, taking your hand delicately “I would love to get to know you now, pretty”
Tumblr media
Being one of Kuroo's closest friends meant having constant meetups with him. He always insisted on hanging out at least once at week, and although he can get really annoying about it, you were more than happy if it meant to spend more time with him.
So that's why you're here, sitting outside of his college, waiting for him to finish his classes so you can go to his apartment to watch a movie. Focusing on your phone, you don't even notice when someone sits beside you; but then again, it was a university, more than one person would want to sit there too.
It was when you felt a small rub against your knee that you look up to the person beside you, a young dude that had a little smirk on. Now, if there wasn't a lot of space available you wouldn't have thought much about it, everyone could make accidents; but you two were the only ones in that bench, and he was unnecessarily close to you. Saying that you were uncomfortable was a understatement.
When the dude notices your eyes on him, his smirk becomes bigger “Hi there, what are you doing here alone?”
“I'm waiting for my... boyfriend, actually”. You can see that he doesn't fully believe you, raising an eyebrow.
“Boyfriend? You don't sound too convince about that” says passing his arm over your shoulder. You immediately shook him off, trying to stand up
“Don't touch me, thank you”, you were a mix of annoyed and angry. The dude didn't seem like a threat, if anything it look like he was just trying to flirt, but he was doing a terrible job at it.
“C'mon, I just want to get to know you. And you clearly don't have a boyfriend so why not?”
“Who says she doesn't?” a familiar voice reach your ears and making you look up to Kuroo, who just arrived and could clearly see your uncomfortable state. Thankfully playing volleyball for so many years not only help him to gain a strong physique, but also help him to learn how to be intimidating. Straighten himself to look even taller, he looks at the dude with annoyance “She’s MY girlfriend; and even if she wasn't you shouldn't pressure her into talking to you. C'mon baby, let's go to our house"
You immediately take his hand when you stand up, walking away from the bench. You feel your cheeks blush when Kuroo intertwine your hands together giving them a soft squeeze, even when you already were far from the dude “Thanks Tetsu, it was so awkward”
“Of course, sunshine, my mom taught me good morals” he jokes, you catch a prominent blush in his ears when he looked away “Maybe I should be your boyfriend for real, you know, so the creeps stay far away from you”
Blushing even harder, you smile looking at the floor “That sounds nice”
Tumblr media
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rinphoria · 6 months ago
boyfriend activity !
alternatively; things they do as your boyfriend
✸ ft. suna, atsumu, matsukawa, & oikawa
✸ info + warnings: fluff, some suggestive parts
Tumblr media
✸ SUNA always locks the passenger door of his car whenever he sees you approaching to get in. call it childish or immature, but to rin, it never gets old to see you pull on the handle hoping the door will open only to find out he’s still up to his antics. when you glare at him through the glass, he can’t help but laugh. and it’s never just a short chuckle or a discreet snicker, no, they’re always full out cackles that leave him clutching his stomach. he’ll roll down the window just a bit so he can hear your voice, but not so much that you’d be able to stick your arm in and reach the lock. all your pleading and futile attempts to open the still locked door are met with the same taunting phrase; “what’s the magic word?” no matter where you need to be or when you need to get there, he’s not letting you in until you say please. it can’t be an exasperated and groaned one either; he’s not hitting that unlock button until you say it like you mean it.
✸ ATSUMU lays his head in your lap, expectantly waiting for you to run your fingers through his hair. the only thing on atsumu’s mind early in the morning before he’s forced to start his day or later at night after exhausting workouts is the thought of getting comfortable in your lap. he lazily crawls across the mattress or cushions of the couch, his head easily making a home on your thighs. he lets out a content sigh when he feels your fingers carding though blonde strands of hair. it’s not long before he’s whining about having the leave you or complaining about how tough practice was. his yammering comes to an abrupt halt and wide honey-colored eyes peer up at you when your fingers stop gently scratching at his scalp. if you don’t get the message that he’s waiting for you to continue with the relaxing gesture, he’ll pout, moving your hand with his own so that you pick it up again.
✸ MATSUKAWA leans down to whisper in your ear whenever you’re out in public. issei is an observer, always watching and taking in the actions of others. he can’t help but want to share the sights he takes in, bending down and cupping your ear to tell you to look at the guy wearing a hoodie way too tight for him or the couple that seemingly forgot that they were in a public. you always slap his shoulder to reprimand him for not minding his business, but he doesn’t miss the way you struggle to stifle a laugh at his nosy commentary. though, sometimes the utterances are more teasing. whenever he gets bored, issei wastes no time whispering about how there are plenty of better ways you could be enjoying yourself if the two of left and went home. he knows it’s rare for you to give in, but your flushed state is entertainment enough that he can’t be too upset about your refusal to play hooky with him.
✸ OIKAWA sends you voice memos or calls you instead of texting you. he finds that texts don’t do a good job of relaying his tone, so he’s much more likely to video call you when it’s possible. but that’s not the number one reason he’d rather facetime over text; he likes being able to see you, even if it’s only through a screen. the way you smile when you’re talking about something that excites you or roll your eyes when he makes a lame joke never fails to warm his heart. he misses a lot of aspects of when your relationship wasn’t long distance, but the thing he can confidently say he misses the most is your voice. he never realized how much hearing that familiar laugh and your voice raise an octave whenever you got worked up would remind him of home. so even when texting is more convenient for him, he still races to hold down the button on his screen to record a quick message to send off to you in hopes that you’ll reply with one of your own. 
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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basilly · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
|| ➼ in which you ask them for a hug
characters: oikawa, kuroo, atsumu, kita, & kageyama
warning: no pronouns, fluff!
Tumblr media
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ oikawa quickly grins before hiding it with a pout. he loves his physical contact but sometimes it's inconvienent for you. he complains you were "rejecting his affection" but how are you supposed to type with two hands and hold hands with him??
he tries to resist, leaving his arms crossed. "oh so NOW you don't want affection??" after a longgg hug from you and a couple feather light kisses all over his face, he's giddly smiling and returning all the affection and more.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ kuroo raises his eyes in surprise- he's a little cocky about it. "oh?? a hug?" he teases you a bit before giving in. "i need to remember this moment forever." he even makes a mental reminder to tell kenma about this- not that kenma would even listen.
he loves to tuck you against his tall nature, his head rested on yours. you especially love when his jacket ends up wrapping around your shoulders in the process, providing you warmth, and lightly scented as your boyfriend.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ atsumu has a little smirk on his face. "sorry i didn't hear you- you want a what now?" he uses this to his advantage to get as many kisses as he wants. "i need ya to give me a kiss for that hug." taps his cheek for a peck with the biggest smile on his face.
not that it's an issue for you though, you'd give him a million kisses to sink within his warmth. the years of volleyball did him well, his toned arms wrapping around your frame. he tucks his face into your neck, pressing kisses in the area.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ kita accepts gratefully. even though he feels bad that he's sweaty from working all day in the heat, he wouldn't let you wait. he immediately relaxes within you arms, dropping his head on your shoulder.
he gently fiddles with your hair, swaying the two of back and forth. you're rubbing circles into his back, eventually the two of you begin dancing to silence in the kitchen. this was all he's imagined going home to in his dreams.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ kageyama doesn't know how to take it. he freezes up and blsuhes before awkwardly wrapping one arm around you and patting your head with the other. you can only giggle and kiss him on the corner of his lips, making him blush even harder.
after a couple seconds he relaxes, getting more comfortable and snuggly. when you attempt to let go, you find yourself struggling. "tobio??" "one.. one more minute." it definitely wasn't but you didn't mind.
Tumblr media
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hanmas · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: miya atsumu, suna rintaro, bokuto koutaro, sakusa kiyoomi
notes: repost from my old blog again <3
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 yawns sleepily, head on your chest as you scratched his scalp while you watched your show. kissing his forehead, you turn to him with a soft smile, staring down at him sweetly.
“baby, you should sleep, you’ve had a long practice,” you whisper. he pouts, glancing back at the episode running on your laptop, looking back at you and shaking his head stubbornly.
“no, i gotta know what happens in the episode,” he mumbles, cutting himself off with another yawn. chuckling, you kiss his forehead again as his eyes droop shut slowly despite his claims.
“you can barely finish your own sentence, tsumu,” you tease. he whines softly, digging his head into you and hugging you tighter, sighing contentedly when your fingers return to threading through his hair.
“leave me alone.”
after a few moments, his body grows a bit more limp, breath evening out as his mouth parts slightly while he dozes off. admiring him for a bit, you trace over his features, finger gliding up the slant of his nose, the curve of his brow, the slopes of his cheeks, taking him in as he looks younger in his sleep.
“you’re my favorite boy, tsumie,” you whisper to yourself. “i love you.” he smiles in his sleep, snoring softly as he clutches onto your shirt.
“m yer favorite,” he mumbles incoherently, leaning just a tad bit closer to you.
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐀 glares at his lap with his arms crossed, angrily shaking his head to himself. giggling, you sit down beside him on the couch, leaning on his shoulder as you rub his chest.
“rin-rin,” you drawl sweetly, making him grumble.
“no,” he says firmly. “we’re never letting him back here ever again,” he mutters, making you giggle as you reach up and pinch his cheek.
“aww, rinnie, don’t be jealous baby. i’m sure he was just messing with you,” you say gently, taking his hand in yours. lacing the fingers together, you offer him a soft squeeze. he takes a deep breath, closing his eyes before squeezing back.
“no, he was getting too comfortable with you,” he mumbles. “never inviting my team over again,” suna huffs, glaring up at the ceiling. “you’re mine.” smiling to yourself, you turn to him, leaning up and kissing his jaw, making him melt ever so slightly.
“‘course i am. and stop worrying about him,” you insist, climbing onto his lap. instantly, his hands find their way onto your waist, squeezing slightly and holding you firmly in place. you press your forehead to his, looking him in the eye with a tender smile. “you’re my favorite boy, you know. i love you,” you whisper like it’s a secret, and he inhales sharply. looking away with a blush, he pulls you to his chest so you can’t see his flustered expression.
“yeah, whatever. i should be, i’m your boyfriend.” it’s silent for a few moments before he quietly mumbles “i love you too,” as he rubs your back.
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐁𝐎𝐊𝐔𝐓𝐎 grins widely when you kiss all over his face, laying on top of him with your upper body propped up so you could look at him directly. grinning, you poke the tip of his nose, making him lean up and press a kiss to the pad of your finger.
“i’m glad you’re back, kou,” you breathe. eyes softening, he rubs your back with one hand, the other cupping your cheek.
“me too baby, i missed you during this game! couldn’t wait for the flight back.” looking out the window, he watches as the rain outside only gets heavier, making his face drop and lips droop into a pout. “but now i can’t take you out like i wanted! the rain had to ruin it,” he mumbles sadly, only to be stopped by your hand smooshing his cheeks together gently.
“hey, that’s okay,” you whisper. “means we get to stay in and cuddle and be lazy. i get to just lay around with my favorite boy and—” your cut off by a happy gasp.
“i’m your favorite? you’re my favorite too,” he grins, spread wide across his face. you roll your eyes, shaking your head as you gently kiss his cheek.
“well i’d hope so,” you pout playfully. “who else would be?” bringing you down to lay on his chest, he kisses the crown of your head, making you sigh to yourself as you listen to his heartbeat.
“you’re always my favorite,” he whispers.
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 stops folding his laundry when you walk up to him, making grabby hands to be hugged. chuckling, he puts his clothes down, holding an arm out for you to fall into as he pecks your forehead sweetly.
“hey, love,” he murmurs.
“hiya, omi. stop doing the laundry and do something with me, i’m bored,” you insist, propping your chin on his shoulder. his hand rubs over the small of your back in circles, head leaning onto yours.
“or, i could finish folding first and then do something with you.”
“or, you could do something with me now, you have too many clothes,” you whine. huffing, he rolls his eyes, pulling away before flicking your forehead.
“fine, whatever.” cheering, you kiss his jaw, making his eyes soften as they look at you.
“that’s why you’re my favorite boy, you know,” you smile, making blush spread across his cheeks as he bashfully looks away, pouting at your words.
“favori—first of all, i’m a man,” he corrects indignantly, “and second of all, what do you mean favorite? i should be the only.” squishing his cheeks together, you grin, kissing his puckered lips from your squeezing.
“i think you’re more a baby, but you are my only,” you promise, leaning into him as his arms pull you flush against his chest.
Tumblr media
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miyasins · a month ago
miya atsumu would proudly walk out on court on national television sporting an obvious boner after dry humping you in the locker room as a ‘good luck charm’ even though he promised that it would only be a tiny kiss. send tweet
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granddecoffee · 8 months ago
public displays of affection
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❥ with atsumu, sakusa, kuroo, and iwaizumi
❥ note: i had a fun time writing this one!! i’m a fan of pda in all its forms :3
Tumblr media
atsumu — shy is the last word anyone would use to describe miya atsumu. he’s never been shy about himself, and he sure as hell isn’t shy about the fact that he’s with you. so, as long as you’re comfortable with it, he takes every opportunity to prove that you’re his. whether it’s casually keeping an arm around you when you’re with friends or pulling you in for a kiss on the street, the world could be watching for all he cares. 
sakusa — sakusa is just as possessive as atsumu, if not more. however, he prefers his affection to be far more discreet. when you sit side by side at dinner, he’ll keep a hand on your thigh under the table. at parties he’ll stand next to you, a hand on your lower back. the warmth of his hand seeping through your clothes is comforting, a subtle but sure reminder to you and everyone watching that you’re his. 
kuroo — the first thing kuroo does when he sees you is wrap his arms around you, his chest against your back. he rests his chin on the top of your head, leaning all his weight on your shoulders—a perk of being six foot one. sitting or standing, he’ll never pass up hugging you like an overgrown koala. and if it gives him easy access to kiss you (on the neck especially), that’s his business. 
iwaizumi — he would never admit it out loud, but iwaizumi loves pda. he’ll never initiate it, but when you press a kiss to his cheek or put his arm around your waist, his stomach fills with butterflies. he’ll grumble about it, maybe roll his eyes, but there’s no denying the flush creeping onto his cheeks, or the urge to brush aside your hair and kiss your temple. 
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heartsuna · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
IWAIZUMI. was a little grumpy for whatever reason; mumbling curses under his breath every few minutes. sighing, you walked over to where your boyfriend was sitting in his chair and squished his cheeks together. “what’s wrong, haji?” “haji?” “yeah, do you not like it?” he finally lets himself relax and leans into your touch. “no, i like it.”
ATSUMU. “you’re so cute, tsum.” feels everything around him stop and he swears his chest might burst from how giddy he feels. tries to play it off, but it’s too late; there’s a boyish grin spreading across his face accompanied by a rosy color on his cheeks. 
SAKUSA. “hi, omi.” completely malfunctions: his eyes widen and a furious red spreads across his pale skin. you can see him holding back a smile as he shyly mutters back a hi.
SUNA. has your phone between his fingers keeping it as far away from you as he can, and no matter how much you try you can’t seem to get it back. “give it back!” “ask nicely and i just might.” “please, rin.” you can see him falter a bit before he finally gives in. “fine, only cause you asked nicely.”
BOKUTO. had fallen asleep on your chest during a movie. feeling some movement, you look down to see bokuto, who’s eyes are filled with sleep. “hi, bo.” smiles softly at your new nickname for him before pulling you closer. “hi baby.”
Tumblr media
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