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truly the maknae ♡ wanteez ep 8
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woojoong ♡ wanteez ep8
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eternal oneus member mingi ♡
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just between friends (s.mg + j.yh) ~ kinktober week one
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summary: meeting up with someone from a kink app is definitely safe, but it's also scary and nerve wracking. mingi and yunho offer to help you find out what you like within the safe bounds of your friendship.
note: 18+ content, minors DNI. please read under the cut for a few additional nsfw notes.
warnings: non idol!yunho, non idol!mingi, fem!reader, established best friends relationship, mmf, praise, degredation, impact play, suggestive language, oral (f receiveing), discussion of choking, consent conversations, color system, mention of rape play but it's not in the fic, risk play / pregnancy risk play, light CNC, rough sex, size kink and use of tiny, bdsm discussion, reference to cuffs and other restraints, yunho and mingi physically restraining reader, edging and overstimulation, teasing, aftercare, lots of oral mingi is basically pussy drunk, yunho discovers he likes spanking a lot, sub!reader exploring fantasies with her besties. please let me know if i missed any.
pairings: mingi x yunho x reader
genre: nothing but smut here
word count: 15.8K
my masterlist || read it on AO3!
additional note: i just want to make something super clear, because i don't want anything misinterpreted. at several points during this fic mingi and yunho express concern over the reader being unsafe. to be clear, they are not and i am not judging her or implying that it's unsafe to meet someone on a kink app / unsafe to meet up with someone for sex in general / any of the sex acts in this fic themselves are unsafe. of course meeting anyone from online has risks in any scenario, but i don't mean to imply that there's anything unsafe inherently about bdsm or 'harder' kinks. yunho and mingi aren't judging either, they're just being nervous best friends who want to make sure reader is safe, and they're low key in love with her anyways so add that all up. thank you for reading, and i hope you enjoy this kick off to kinktober!!
“You’re not really going, are you?” Mingi’s worried voice brings you back to reality. You were lost a bit in your own nervous daydream, your stomach in knots as you tried to put on your heels. 
“Mingi,” You sigh, turning back towards him, “I told you, I’ve made up my mind.” 
“This is dangerous.” He pulls himself up off the couch and takes a few steps forwards, his expression serious. 
“It’s not,” You shake your head, even though you know it’s not completely without risk, “people do this all the time.” 
“What people?” He gapes. 
“You and Yunho!” You insist, “Don’t lie to my face and tell me you’ve never hooked up with some girl off Tindr.” 
“That’s different!”
“How?” You toss your purse back down on the bench by the door. You don’t even know why you told him where you were going, you could have just lied and said it was a date. He still would have grilled you about it, but he wouldn’t be throwing this level of a tantrum. 
“Well,” Mingi gestures towards you, as if that’s going to sum it up. 
“Don’t you dare say it’s because I’m a girl, Mingi.” You narrow your eyes. 
“It’s not that,” He shakes his head, “it’s… I just want you to be safe. You don’t know this guy,” 
“The app verifies people,” You tell him, “everyone has to produce a government issued ID. It does background checks. I’m not going to meet some fake person off Twitter, I’m being safe already.” 
“I don’t like it,” He crosses his arms. 
“You don’t like that I’m going or you don’t like what I’m doing,” Your jaw tightens, “because I really didn’t think my best friend was going to judge me.”
His expression softens immediately, “I never would,” he reaches for you, opening his hand for you to take, “there’s not even a little bit of me that’s judging you. All I’m doing is making sure you’ve thought it through. That I’m not going to see your name on the news later.” 
You take his hand and let him pull you into his chest, “You’re being really dramatic about a thing that’s extremely normal,” 
“Getting tied up by strangers isn’t an everyday thing,” He presses. 
“It absolutely is,” You roll your eyes, “I never thought you’d be such a prude.” 
“I am not,” He insists, “but when my best friend tells me she’s off to meet up with ‘some guy’ from ‘some app’ so he can tie her up all night… I’m going to ask questions.” 
“I swear to God,” You sigh into his sweater. 
“Why did you even tell me?” He rubs a hand up and down your back, dropping his chin against the top of your head despite the aching curve it must put in his spine. 
“I’m being safe,” You tell him, “I’m not a complete idiot. I know meeting anyone online has its risks.” 
“You’re really doing this, then?” He squeezes you. 
“Yeah, I really am.” 
“Fuck,” He sighs, unwrapping himself from around you, “fine. But you have to text me when you get there, and send me his address. Tell him you have a big, giant best friend who knows where he lives if he harms a hair on your head.” 
“Over protective, much?” You laugh. 
“Two, two giant best friends!” He corrects, thinking of Yunho, “And we’re not afraid of committing a few felonies for you.” 
Mingi smiles and shrugs, a little sheepish, “You like how much we love you, I know you do,” 
“Yeah, yeah,” You roll your eyes, playfully now and pat his chest. 
“And… text me after,” He adds, his hand flying up to grasp yours against his chest, “and when you’re on your way home, and when you get home.” 
“Mingi,” You squeeze his fingers, “I promise I’ll let you know I’m safe, but you do not need to stay up worrying. I might stay over, I might not. I’ll see where it goes, okay? If I don’t feel safe with him or if I don’t like him, I’ll leave. I’ll come right back here.” 
“You have your key?” He asks, even though he knows you do. 
“Mhm,” You assure him, “I always do.” 
He’s about to sigh and say goodbye, to watch you walk out the door without any more of a fight, but then you hear a key in the deadbolt of the apartment door. 
“Go,” Mingi sighs, “I won’t say anything until after you leave. Just… please, please be careful.” 
It’s moments like this that remind you why you love him more than any friend you’ve ever had. “Thank you,” You murmur and then as the door opens, you separate from Mingi so you can grab your purse and your coat. 
“Hey!” Yunho says brightly when he sees you, “Damn, you look fancy.” 
“Oh,” You wave him off, “thanks,” 
“Big date?” He closes the door behind him, dropping his gym bag by the door and pulling off his black cap. 
“Uh,” You start to figure out what to say but Mingi jumps in. 
“Big date,” Mingi confirms, “but I already told her to come back here if it’s a bust,” 
“Definitely,” Yunho nods, “I’ll order something extra for you just in case,” 
“You don’t have to,” You shake your head. 
“I want to,” He shrugs, “plus you know I’ll eat it if you don’t come back. It won’t go to waste,” 
“Okay,” You sigh, the tension leaving you now that Mingi hasn’t continued to dig his heels in. You pull your coat around you a little more securely and turn back towards Mingi, “thanks,” 
“Remember to text me,” He adds as you start to shift around Yunho to go for the door, “and if it’s too much, call me and I’ll pick you up. I won’t drink tonight.” 
“Mingi,” Your hand is on the doorknob but you level him with a look. 
“She’s gone on dates before,” Yunho laughs and shakes his head at his friend. 
You’re an inch from leaving, and you twist the handle, but then you hear the little puff of air from between Mingi’s lips, the wordless implication that no, this is not a normal date. 
“Gi,” You hear Yunho’s confused tone, “what is wrong with you?” 
“Nothing, it’s nothing.” 
“Why would she need to get picked up?” Yunho asks, and you know Mingi can never lie to his best friend, not when he’s asked directly. Mingi’s quiet, and Yunho turns to you, “Is everything okay, y/n?” 
“It’s absolutely fine,” You assure him, but you can see the trepidation on his face. 
“Do we know the guy?” Yunho narrows his eyes, “You’re not going out with Wooyoung again, are you? He’s an ass,” 
“He is not an ass,” You groan, rolling your eyes again and turning towards him, “he’s a flirt. But no, I’m not,” 
“Okay…” Yunho looks between the two of you, trying to figure out what in the world would be making Mingi react like this and for you to be so cagey, “I’m confused.” 
“Fuck,” You sigh, running a hand through your hair, “okay, I’ll tell you but do not freak out about this, I just talked Mingi down for like fifteen minutes.” 
“More confused now,” He adds. 
“I’m meeting up with this guy,” You lean back against the door. 
“I got that part,” He nods. 
“I met him off of an app,” You glance at Mingi who’s just staring at Yunho waiting for the penny to drop, “and the app is for people who want to meet up with other like-minded individuals to explore specific things together,” At this point, you deserve a degree in marketing. 
“Specific things?” He’s immediately confused. 
“Kinks, Yunho,” You throw up your hands, “it’s to meet up with the right fit in that… area,” You wish you sounded more sure about the whole thing, but the truth of it is, you’ve never done this before. After the breakup of your last relationship, in which the sex was mediocre at best, you had run through a string of one night stands with varying degrees of success, but nothing was exactly fulfilling this need.
His ears run red instantly, and his eyes widen, “Oh,” 
“I’m already nervous, okay,” You exhale slowly, “I don’t need you two freaking me out about this.” 
“I knew you were nervous,” Mingi smiles. 
“Mingi, shut up, please,” Your stomach stays knotting up, Yunho’s face not helping in the least. 
“Who,” Yunho clears his throat, clearly trying to figure out the right thing to say, “sorry, I guess you don’t have to tell me, but, who is this guy?” 
With a heavy sigh you pull your phone from your pocket and take a few steps towards them, “I guess it’s better if someone knows who I’m meeting anyways, and it might as well be you both.” 
Mingi straightens up, stepping shoulder to shoulder with Yunho and waiting patiently. 
“Alright,” You open his profile and then tuck the phone to your chest, “please don’t say what I think you’re going to say. I’ve been talking to him for a week or so now, and he’s nice. He’s a lawyer, and has his life together I think, and he’s taking me to dinner first anyways.” 
“Come on,” Mingi prompts, but Yunho stays a little quiet, blush still reddening his features. 
“Here,” You drop your phone into Yunho’s large hand and take an immediate step back, not sure where to look. 
“He looks like a real person,” Yunho offers. 
“He’s good looking,” Mingi chews the inside of his lip, begrudgingly admitting it. 
“Right?” You sigh, “He looks pretty nice and normal. He seems safe for the first time I’m doing this,” 
You watch Yunho’s throat as he swallows hard and he flicks down on your date’s profile. You reach for the phone immediately, but Yunho holds it higher and out of your reach so he can finish reading the bottom section of his profile that includes his kink list and a description of his ideal partner. 
“y/n,” Yunho passes your phone to Mingi so he can catch up, “I don’t know about this,” 
“You just said he looked like a real person,” Your mouth drops, “and you’re not my dad.” 
Yunho shakes his head, frustrated, “I can’t make you do anything,” he takes a couple steps away, “I’m just saying I get why he’s worried. I’m worried.” 
“I’m getting really tired of you guys acting like I’m an idiot or something,” You can feel the hot pin pricks of tears behind your eyes and you snap the phone back from Mingi’s hands. “I was trying to tell my friends about something that’s important to me, and be honest, and be safe about it, and you guys are acting like this is…”
“Hey,” Yunho shakes his head, “slow down.” 
“I don’t want to be scared tonight, I want to have fun.” You sweep your fingers under your eyes quickly and take a deep breath, “You’re kind of ruining this.” 
“I told you,” Mingi takes your arms in his hands, holding you steadily in front of him, “I’m not judging you. Neither is Yunho.” 
“Of course I’m not,” Yunho groans, things clicking into place for why you’ve been so defensive, “but if you think I’m not going to be worried about you tonight, you’re crazy,” 
“It’s safe,” You assure him. 
“I’m sure the app is safe,” Yunho sighs heavily, “but if you want someone to do those things to you, to be that submissive, it takes a lot of trust.” 
Mingi’s head snaps to the side to look at Yunho. 
“Wait,” You blink, “you?” 
“No,” Yunho shakes his head, “I’ve never really done any of that, but, you know I’m online, I read stuff.” 
“I know it takes trust,” You nod, “but I’m not sure what my other options are. Wait to get deep into another relationship and then hope he’s willing to try things? I tried that already,” 
Yunho winces at the mention of your ex, “This is that important to you?” 
“Yeah,” He holds your gaze for a moment, indecision all over his face until he exhales. 
“Okay,” Yunho nods, “then you go, you be safe. If a single thing makes you uncomfortable and you want to come home, call us. We’ll be up.” 
“This feels like I’m asking a lot,” You tuck your phone into your pocket, “but it would make me feel a lot better knowing you’re around.” 
“You’re not asking,” Yunho shrugs. 
“Thank you,” You launch yourself at him, hugging him tight around the middle for a second before you start to step away. 
When Mingi finally chimes back in, everything shifts, and you can barely believe the words as they just hang in the room around you. “What if we helped you instead?” 
Yunho reacts first, turning towards Mingi with a confused look, and you step around Yunho’s tall frame to see Mingi’s face, “What?” 
Mingi shrugs, a familiar false bravado in his actions, “What if we helped you. You know us, we’re safe. You could trust us,” 
“That’s insane,” You shake your head.
“Why?” Mingi presses, “We’re friends, it doesn’t have to be weird.” 
“I don’t even know where to start,” You run a hand through your hair, “and it’s actually beyond sweet of you to care so much, but we can’t do that.” 
Mingi opens his mouth to protest, another argument forming on his tongue, but Yunho gets there first. “Why can’t we?” 
“Not you too,” You take a step back. 
“Think about it,” Yunho reasons. “You need someone you can trust. You’ve never done this before, so who’s to say in the middle of things you want out but you can’t talk? Or you’re with someone who’s too rough with you. We could try, and scale things up slowly.” 
“Neither of you have experience with this,” You shake your head, “arguably a partner who knows what they’re doing is safer.” 
“Then we’ll talk about it all,” He counters. You almost forgot how good Yunho is at getting something he wants, “we’ll make sure every single thing we do is something you want, and that we’re comfortable doing for you.” 
“This goes way past the favors friends do for each other,” Your head is spinning at the idea. 
“I really don’t give a fuck,” Yunho shrugs, “but I way prefer this to worrying about you all night.” 
It makes absolutely no sense. You’ve done weeks of research into this, ironing out exactly what you want and how to get it, and nothing about your two best friends should fulfill this fantasy or this need, but with the way they’re looking at you now, the fear that was buried deep in your belly about the unknown is gone. 
“Have the two of you ever,” You gesture between them. 
“Not so far,” Yunho shakes his head. 
“First time for everything, I guess,” Mingi tacks on. 
Hysterical laughter bubbles up and you clap a hand over your lips, “I can’t believe this,” 
“It’s an option is all,” Yunho glances at Mingi. 
“If we feel safer to you,” Mingi says, “for your first time.” 
“I need a minute,” You can’t really think with the two of them looking at you. You grab your purse and head for the door. 
“Wait,” Yunho jumps forward, “fuck, don’t go,” 
“I’ll call you,” You have to get out, and you slip through the door easily, making it down their front steps and onto the street in a quick dash. 
Your phone rings in your pocket, again and again, but you ignore it. You need a second, just a single second to figure out what you want in all of this. You duck under the awning of a restaurant a block from their apartment and open your phone, swiping away the messages and phone calls without reading them. You open up the profile for the man you’re supposed to meet. He does look nice, kind, even. He looks like he would listen, and he’s been on the app long enough that you can’t imagine he’s actually a creep. 
You’re sure that if you meet him you’ll have a great dinner. You’ll have good sex, you’ll try things you’ve been dying to try for a while. You’re sure that he’ll take good care of you. You’re sure. 
It takes about a minute to tap out a message to your date and let him know you’re not coming and another minute for you to make it back to their front door. If you were about to go out on a limb like this, emotionally and physically, you want it to be with them. You’ve done almost everything with the two of them since you were teens, and you’re not about to draw the line now if everyone is comfortable and consenting. 
When you open the door to their apartment, the living room is empty, but you can hear Yunho’s raised voice from the kitchen. 
“We’re not going after her!” He sounds exasperated, like it’s not the first time he’s said it, “She’s going to be fine. She’ll call us if she needs us, I know she will.” 
“But she’s upset,” Mingi counters, “you upset her.” 
“I am not the one who suggested we have a threesome just to keep her from going on a date.” 
“But you agreed!” Mingi groans. 
“I’m not saying it’s not a good idea,” Yunho sighs, “I’m saying we clearly scared her off.” 
They bicker for another moment before you finally shut the door, and the sound of the heavy click of the door shutting and the latch turning over cuts off the sound of their voices. 
“Hey,” You call out into the apartment. 
Mingi rounds the corner first, “Jesus,” he sighs, yanking you up into his arms and folding you into a crushing hug. 
“Once again,” You chuckle, “very dramatic for an extremely normal thing,” 
“I thought we were fighting,” He huffs into your shoulder, “I don’t care about the sex,” 
You snuggle into him a little, your fingers softly carding through the shaggy hair at the nape of his neck. “Not fighting,” you assure him. 
“Are you staying?” Yunho asks from over Mingi’s shoulder and you pop your head up to find his eyes. 
“Are we going to do this?” He asks bluntly. 
“If we talk and we all still agree at the end,” You say, “then yes.” 
“Okay,” He lets out a heavy exhale, and you can see his nervous energy, “maybe we should sit down?” 
“Yeah,” You let Mingi drop you back to your feet and then slide off your heels again to place them by the door, “Though I guess I’m feeling overdressed now,” 
“You want to change?” Yunho gestures towards his room, “I’ve got sweats and stuff,” 
“You don’t mind?” You check.
“Have I ever minded before?” He shakes his head, “Go on, we’ll be here.” 
The idea of changing out of the tightest dress in the world and into something familiar already has things feeling better. They were both wearing casual clothes, and sitting in front of them in a dress and fancy jewelry would make this all feel so much more strange. 
You peel off your dress, opting for a pair of Yunho’s sweats you know you’ll be swimming in and one of his black t-shirts. You tug on a pair of socks and push your hair back into a loose bun, finally feeling a lot more like yourself. You couldn’t do much about your extremely lacy black bra and panties set, but since you were all goign to have sex anyways, you figure it’s fine. 
In the living room, they’re waiting together, on opposite sides of the couch and nervously quiet. 
“Okay,” You flop down in the center, “I guess let’s talk this out and not make it the weirdest experience of our lives?” 
“Good idea,” Mingi nods, and then turns towards you, hitching his legs up onto the couch, one bent at the knees and the other stretched out over your lap. 
Yunho turns towards you too, but keeps his feet planted on the floor. 
“I think,” Yunho chews his lip for a second, “we should see your profile on the app.” 
“Oh,” You’re suddenly nervous - there’s photos of you there that are suggestive to say the least, and a full list of your kinks. You’re not sure why the idea of them reading that is more stressful than actually having sex with them but it feels exposing. 
“The point is to help you, right?” Yunho sees your hesitation, “We can’t do that if you don’t tell us what you want.”
“Good point,” You manage, reaching under Mingi’s thigh to dig into your pocket and find your phone, “just… I guess don’t read too much into it, I was just trying to cover all my bases,” 
“I don’t even know what that means,” Yunho laughs as he takes your phone. 
Mingi squeezes your arm lightly and draws your attention, “Just relax, it’s going to be fun, I’m sure,” 
At Yunho’s sharp exhale of breath you nearly grimace and turn towards him, “What?” 
He clears his throat, “Okay, so let’s talk each of them through? We can make sure we know what you’re looking for and if we’re okay to do that.” 
“God,” You swallow hard, “I need a drink,” 
“Let’s not,” Mingi shakes his head, “not tonight.” 
“No, no,” You rub his leg where it lays across your lap, “I agree, but still.” 
“Yunho,” Mingi says, catching his friend’s eye, “let’s just take it easy. This is fun right? Let’s just talk about them and what’s sexy about them, we don’t have to…”
“It doesn’t have to be clinical,” You sum up for him. 
“Exactly,” Mingi nods. 
That seems to relax Yunho the right amount, and he smiles, shifting onto the couch more comfortably and drawing one knee up onto the cushions so he’s facing you both. “That makes sense,” 
“What’s first?” Mingi prompts. 
You can see the words of your profile perfectly in your mind, something you carefully poured over and selected and you try your best to stay calm. 
“Restraints,” Yunho starts with, “and ‘general’ bondage,” 
“Right,” You know you’re blushing, but the words sound good in his mouth and you know suddenly that this night is probably going to go well. 
“What kind?” He asks, “General seems… general?” 
“Mm,” You nod, “I guess I don’t know yet? I like the idea of cuffs but also I’m not sure if they’d hurt a lot,” You rub your wrist unconsciously, “silks and ropes seem good too, but I’d have to try it,” 
“So it’s not necessarily pain?” Mingi asks, “You like more that you can’t move?” 
“Yeah,” You find comfort in Mingi’s curiosity, opening up a bit more, “I think being stuck, unable to get away, I like that.” 
Yunho hums next to you, “I mean,” he says, a little hesitant, “are we talking about rape play, because I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I could do that to you.” 
“No,” You shake your head, adamant, “definitely not.” 
He looks relieved, and you continue, “it’s more that my partner can do or not do anything to me, and I just have to…” You try to find the right words, “I’d have to accept it, and I wouldn’t know what was coming next,” 
“Oh,” He nods, “okay, I get that.” 
“Mhm,” He smiles, “You want to be teased,” 
“Yes,” You grin, so pleased at the way he’s hearing you. 
“Do you want to be edged?” Mingi pipes in. 
“That’s in here,” Yunho shakes the phone, looking back down the list, “edging and overstimulation.” 
“Hot,” Mingi comments. 
“I think so,” You shrug, laughing. 
“Right,” Yunho nods, “so someone keeping you pinned while they tease you like that, it’s orgasm denial right? Isn’t it supposed to make coming really intense when you finally do?” 
The way he’s talking so openly all of a sudden has heat rushing through you. The weight of Mingi’s body against yours, Yunho’s gaze, his words, the broad cut of their shoulders, and you nod, “Yeah,” 
“That seems fun,” Yunho quirks an eyebrow. 
“Seriously?” You glance between them. 
“I mean,” Mingi shrugs, nonchalant, “I normally like to see how many times I can make a girl come, but if you want me to just tease you until you can’t think, I could do that,” 
“What?” He looks at you, waiting for a response. 
“I mean,” You shake your head, “I just didn’t know you were interested like that.” 
“In making women come?” He narrows his eyes, “What are you talking about?” 
“I mean,” You shrug, “Youngjae wasn’t very interested. It’s part of why it didn’t work out,” 
“So he’s more of an idiot than I thought,” Mingi says simply, a little self satisfied since he never liked your ex that much to begin with. 
“Yeah,” Yunho jumps back in, “I’m sorry he sucked and you were having bad sex for years, but I’m with Mingi. There’s pretty much nothing hotter than your partner getting off.” 
“Okay,” You chew your lip, “so yes to the edging then? It’s not too much?” 
“Yes for me,” Yunho nudges you with his knee, smiling. 
“Double yes,” Mingi adds. 
“Okay, next,” Yunho taps your phone to light the screen back up, “impact play?” 
“Um,” You nod. 
“Spanking,” Yunho clarifies for Mingi, who looks decidedly confused, before checking with you, “right?” 
“That’s hot,” Mingi offers. 
“I’m starting to think you think everything’s hot,” You smirk at him. 
“Hey,” He nudges you with his leg playfully, “whatever gets you off.” 
“What do you like about it?” Yunho brings the conversation back to being productive, “And have you done it before?” 
“I haven’t,” You shake your head, “not really. Like a little during rough sex but I don’t really count that,” 
“Why?” He asks. 
“I’m interested in something more than that,” Everything’s coming more easily now, with the comfortable way you’re all sharing, and the way they’re meeting you not with judgment but with eager interest.
“Like punishment?” Yunho asks. 
“Yeah,” You nod. 
“What do you picture?” Mingi asks, and you can tell you’ve finally found a kink he’s not sure how to approach. 
“What do you mean?” 
“Like, how are you being spanked? What’s the scenario if it’s not during sex?” Mingi asks, curious. 
“Oh,” You shift a little in your seat, resting your hands on Mingi’s shin, “I guess this one is more of a fantasy. Maybe I should explain what this guy and I discussed?” 
“Sure,” Mingi nods. 
You think back, trying to phrase things correctly, “We discussed him putting me over his knee, and holding me down. He was going to tease me a while, spank me and make me count, and if I messed up he would start over.”
Yunho shifts next to you, and you catch the subtle tenting of his sweats out of the corner of your eye as he readjusts. Mingi licks his lip, “I wouldn’t want to hurt you,” 
“I mean,” You meet his eyes, “a little would be good,” 
“We can try,” He nods, “but I don’t know, I want to be careful with that.” 
“Careful is good,” You start to say, but Yunho cuts you off. 
“I can do that,” Yunho offers, clearing his throat when he hears how hoarse he sounds, “if you’re comfortable with me, I can do that.” 
“Yeah,” You breathe, and the tension in the room is suddenly so thick you could cut it. 
“What else is on the list?” Mingi finally asks. 
“Um,” Yunho tears his eyes from yours to look back down, “just a few more,” 
Internally your stomach clenches. 
“And?” Mingi prompts. 
“There’s exhibitionsim, breath play, and risk play,” He pauses on the last one, something he’s unfamiliar with. 
“Exhibitionsim we’ve got covered,” Mingi jokes, “with all three of us there,” 
“Right,” Yunho hasn’t lifted his eyes from the phone, trying to work out the rest of your list. 
“Breath play is choking, right?” Mingi asks and you turn towards him. 
“Yes,” You confirm. 
“I’ve never done that,” He admits, “is it safe?” 
“It can be,” You nod, “it’s actually more about restricting blood flow than actually restricting air,” 
“How do you do that?” He asks. 
“Um,” You think of the best way to explain, but things fall short, “give me your hand,” 
He offers you his palm immediately, no question, and you shift on the couch to face him head on. Taking his hand you turn it over, slotting it up against your throat, and you watch Mingi swallow nervously. “Okay,” You position his fingers where they should be and press down with yours to show him where, “Feel the way you’re squeezing a little on the sides? Not the front?” 
“Yeah,” He shifts his hand and tightens just a bit. 
You take a thinner inhale and his hand releases, his eyes on yours and nervous. You smile, shaking your head, “You’re not that strong,” 
“I’m just checking,” He rests his hand on the junction between your neck and right shoulder, “you’re a lot smaller than me.” 
“I’m good,” You assure him, “but did you feel the way you left the front of my windpipe alone and just pressed over the soft sides? Where the blood flow is?” 
“Yeah,” He nods, his thumb stroking your neck softly. 
“That’s doing it safely,” You tell him, “it would just make me dizzy, maybe give me a head rush. As long as you don’t go too hard, I wouldn’t want to pass out. But if you press at the front you could hurt my windpipe, and that’s not what we want,” 
He’s listening, but he looks nervous still and he shakes his head, “I can’t do this one,” 
“Okay,” You assure him, resting your hands on his arm, “okay, that’s fine, you don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.” 
“I’m sorry,” He says, looking apologetic, “I’m so afraid I’d really hurt you,” 
“Then we won’t do that,” You ease him, “it’s no problem,” 
Mingi’s eyes flick over your shoulder, “Yunho, how about you?” 
When you turn you can tell he was clearly studying the demo you gave Mingi, and he flexes his hand experimentally, “Can you show me too?” 
“Yeah,” You twist on the couch to face him, Mingi’s leg falling away from your lap. 
Yunho offers his hand, and you draw it up to your neck just like you did with Mingi. Settling your fingers over his, you press just the same, “Feel that?” You ask. 
“Mhm,” Yunho drops your phone and uses his free hand to rest on your shoulder to keep you steady, “Like this?” He tightens, more than Mingi did. 
You can’t help the flutter that runs through you, a sudden throb in your core, and your eyes flutter shut, “Yeah, like that,” 
His hand releases and your eyes snap open. His eyes are blown wide, lips parted and skin lightly flushed. He likes it. You can see it. 
“You okay?” You check. 
“Yeah,” He nods, removing his hands from you entirely, “I think I like that, but can we keep it off the table tonight?” 
“Oh,” Your eyes widen, “sure, whatever you want.” 
“I just want to look into it,” He admits, “make sure I do it right.” 
The promise of a second time already has you a little dizzy, “Sure,” 
“I don’t want to hurt you either,” He smiles, catching Mingi’s gaze too, “and Mingi’s right, you’re a lot smaller than us. I don’t want to do something that’s too much for you and not know it,” 
“Okay, I’m good with that,” You smile. 
“So,” Mingi starts to say, and you latch on to his sentence, hoping Yunho is going to let your phone stay locked and the question you saw in his eyes lie.
But your luck isn’t that good. Yunho taps your thigh, “What’s risk play?” 
“Just like,” You keep your eyes off him, “risky scenarios, nothing specific,” 
“That doesn’t tell me anything,” Yunho laughs. 
“I mean,” You shrug, trying to keep it casual, “It’s not really a thing,” 
“It’s in your list, though?” He adds. 
“Yeah,” You tap Mingi’s leg to get him to move off and you stand up, heading for the kitchen for a break in the conversation and a bottle of water. You take the second to breathe as you root through the fridge. Everything else on your list is, in your mind at least, fairly vanilla forms of bdsm. You aren’t trying to get really hurt or put in uncomfortable positions, you mostly just want someone to take over, maybe test those waters for now. Risk play is a little undefined in your mind, but feels deeper,  like a thing you would normally keep to yourself, a deeper fantasy. 
You take a long sip of water, and then walk back out to the main room. 
“I googled it,” Yunho and Mingi are sitting close together now, Mingi looking over his shoulder at his phone as they read through whatever they’ve found. 
“Great,” You sigh, “well, it’s honestly fine, you don’t have to worry about it.” 
“There’s a lot here,” Mingi says. 
“It’s an umbrella term,” You offer. 
“Unprotected sex with random people is more than risky,” Yunho glances up at you, “I mean, people lie. You could get sick,” 
“I’m asking partners to get tested,” You tell him, “I wouldn’t want that,” 
“Where’s the risk then?” He leans his phone on his knee, “is it just the fact that you’re meeting strangers?” 
“No, I mean,” You’re babbling a little as you start to try and divert. 
Mingi’s eyes stay fixed on Yunho’s phone, and he flicks his finger across the screen to scroll further, his eyes studying the words on the web article quickly before he makes a noise, comprehension flooding his face, “Ah! It’s pregnancy risk,” 
Heat floods your cheeks, and you watch as Mingi looks up to you and Yunho’s head snaps to look down at the phone, reading the paragraph on the page over. 
“Well,” You shift, “yeah,” 
“Wait, wait,” Yunho finishes reading and meets your eyes, “are you seriously being that unsafe? I mean… I trust you, but now I’m officially worried.” 
“I’m on birth control,” You immediately clarify, “I’m not actually trying to risk that, absolutely not,” 
“You are right, you’re being safe?” 
It occurs to you that he’s suddenly running through the string of your recent partners and you can see him getting nervous. “I have an IUD,” You explain, “there’s no real chance I’m actually going to get pregnant.” 
“Okay,” He sighs, “fuck, for a second I thought,” 
“I know,” You shake your head, “I’m not doing that, I wouldn’t,” 
“So what does this mean, then?” Mingi nods his head toward the phone, reaching out a hand for you. 
You move back to the couch, taking his hand and letting him pull you into his side, “I guess it means that the thought of it is hot, but I’m not actually doing it,”
“Roleplay,” Yunho adds. 
“Yeah,” You nod, “I don’t know why, I just… it works for me,” 
“I thought you didn’t want kids?” Mingi asks. 
“Exactly,” You nod. 
“Oh,” He thinks for a moment, “oh, I get it.” 
“Do you?” Yunho still seems a little slow on the uptake. 
“Like playing with fire,” Mingi smiles, “you don’t want it, but something about playing with the possibility turns you on.” 
“I definitely get this,” Mingi doubles down, “I’m in,” 
You’re stunned silent, and your eyes flick to Yunho to see where he’s at with this. He worries the inside of his cheek with his teeth and you watch him read back over your profile. “All of this,” he finally says, “all of it is a total loss of control,” 
You nod, waiting for him to say more. 
“You want someone to take what they want from you,” He finally locks eyes with you, “and do what they want to you.” 
“Um,” Your breath quickens, “yes,” 
“Okay,” He says, “then let’s do it.” 
“Just like that?” You swallow tightly. 
“What about you two?” You ask finally, “Do you really want to do this or is this too far? You don’t have to help if it’s too much, not judging me is enough. I can meet up with someone else off the app, I can,” 
Mingi’s hand lands on your thigh, giving you a squeeze, “Don’t do that.” 
“For tonight,” Yunho says, “you can let us be in control, and you can relax. You can trust us.” 
“As far as your list,” Yunho clears his throat, “I think choking is out for the night, but everything else we’re good with. We don’t really have any props, any safe way to restrain you…” 
Your chest floods with heat, your body trembling already at the prospect of it, and you can’t stop watching his mouth as he speaks, the words rolling off his tongue so confidently. 
“Would you be comfortable with that?” Yunho’s voice shocks you back when he asks you a question and you realize you missed his words. 
A small smile quirks on Yunho’s lip, “I said, would you be comfortable with me holding you down, in lieu of proper restraints. That’s probably the safest thing,” 
You nod, a little too quickly, and he smiles in earnest now. 
“We’re sure this isn’t going to be weird?” You look between them, “We can call it here,” 
“I’m good,” Yunho confirms. 
“Same here,” Mingi nods. 
They’re both buzzing with anticipation, nervous and full of hesitation, but the good kind. You laugh and smile, “Oh my god, I can’t believe we’re about to have sex,” 
“I can,” Mingi snorts. 
“You were bound to fall in love with one of us at some point,” Yunho diffuses the nerves in an instant, cheeky as ever. 
“I love you both already, you idiots,” You shove Mingi’s arm since he’s closest, but he wraps it around you immediately. 
“I’m more nervous about you seeing me naked now,” You tuck into Mingi’s side. 
“Please,” Yunho rolls his eyes, “you’re so hot it’s ridiculous, I still can’t believe you dated Youngjae for two years. He was definitely punching up,” 
“What he said,” Mingi nods. 
“And we can keep this casual, right? We’ll be okay?” You reach across, grabbing Yunho’s hand. 
“We’ve been friends for ten years,” Yunho says, “and we know everything about each other. Especially now. If it’s too much, we’ll say so, but I wouldn’t risk our friendship.” 
“We can do this,” Mingi nods. 
“Okay,” you breathe, the nerves dissipating a bit, “where do we start?” 
“Well, I need a shower,” Yunho picks up the front of his tank top, his shirt still sweaty from the studio, “so let me do that, and if you guys want to move to the bedroom and I don’t know… get started?” 
Mingi smiles and you slap his chest, “Stop looking so proud of yourself,” 
“I can’t help it,” He shrugs, “this night is turning out way better than I expected.” 
Yunho gets up and then starts back towards the bedrooms, yanking off his tanktop as he does. “Who’s room?” He calls out from over his shoulder. 
“Yours,” Mingi calls to him. 
“Meet you there then,” Yunho calls back, and you hear the bathroom door shut. 
“Okay,” Mingi pats your thigh and jumps up, reaching a hand down to you, “let’s go cutie,” 
You let him pull you up, and you roll your eyes, “You’re loving this,” 
“Mhm,” He tugs you down the hall, “I would be insane not to.” 
In Yunho’s bedroom, Mingi drops your hand. He slides onto Yunho’s bed easily, sitting up against the pillows and the headboard and gestures you over, “Come here,” 
You feel frozen, the reality of the fact that you’re about to have your best friend kissing you, touching you, fucking you. 
“Don’t be nervous,” He reaches out to you again, “let’s just cuddle a little, no pressure yet,” 
“Right,” You make it to the side of the bed, and then Mingi taps his lap. It’s time to let go of any caution. If you were going to let a stranger touch you like this, you could let them. You ease up onto the edge of the bed, throwing a leg over him so that you’re straddling him, and you sit back on his thighs before resting your hands on his chest and waiting for the next move. 
“Okay,” He smiles, “see this is good,” His hands coast up your thighs, his long fingers dipping under the edge of Yunho’s shirt to find more of your skin, he strokes softly, “you feel nice.” 
“So do you,” You shuffle forwards a little, locking yourselves a little closer together. 
His hands run over your body to soothe you, and he finally murmurs, “Can I kiss you?” 
“Mhm,” You can feel the way you’re trembling. 
Mingi draws you down to him slowly, checking every little thing with you down to the placement of his hands. It should be awkward, but it isn’t. His lips finally brush yours, soft and full, tentative at first. His hand on your back slips lower, and you press forwards to kiss him more deeply. 
“Mm,” You sigh, “this is nice,” 
“Mhm,” He catches your mouth again, this time probing your mouth with his tongue, dragging along yours and exhaling warm against you. 
You wrap your arms around his neck, and he sits up a little straighter, drawing your bodies more closely together. As your hips shift forwards, you feel the telltale hardness brushing between your legs and shudder against him, your hips rolling on their own to catch the feeling again. 
His hands lock over your hips, dragging you up and back again, and he releases a tight groan into your mouth, “God,” he sighs, “you feel so good,” 
“I know,” You gasp as he kisses across your cheek, finding your ear and nipping the lobe between his teeth, “I can’t believe it,” 
“Ouch,” He chuckles, kissing down the length of your neck, letting your head drop back into his palm. 
“I didn’t mean,” You start to say, but he drags your hips again and you moan, sharp and broken. 
“Pretty,” Mingi sucks on your pulsepoint. 
You don’t even hear the shower turning off in the background or Yunho entering the room, but you feel it when the bed shifts under you and your eyes flutter back open. 
“Hey,” He watches Mingi continue kissing your neck, and brushes his fingers down your back, “good so far?” 
“Yeah,” You sigh, breathless, “come over here,” 
He crosses to the other side of the bed, redressed in sweats and a white tank top, his hair damp and mussed like he had just rubbed a towel through it. 
“Mingi,” You shudder, pushing him back a little, “easy,” 
“Sorry,” He smiles, dipping forward to kiss you quickly before dropping back to the headboard. When he does, his full erection is painfully obvious beneath the thin fabric of his shorts, and where it presses into your mound despite the fabric separating you skin to skin. 
“Yunho,” You reach for him, “kiss me?” 
His tongue darts out to wet his lips, and he leans over into your space, brushing his finger along your bottom lip. He’s smiling, easy and warm, and when you press your lips to his you see stars. 
Mingi’s hips jump a little beneath you, his cock brushing up against your clit and you moan softly against Yunho’s mouth. You can feel that they’re both restraining themselves a little, everyone getting more and more comfortable every kiss and touch of your bodies together. 
“Let’s take this off,” Yunho tugs at your shirt. 
“Let’s all do it,” Mingi suggests, and you break from Yunho’s mouth. You’re all gathered close now, close to the center of the bed and all brushing against each other in some way. Yunho and Mingi both reach for the bottom of their tops, and you follow suit. Once your shirt is tossed onto the floor alongside theirs you finally look back up. 
“You look so good,” Mingi groans, his eyes locked on your breasts where the black lace and mesh bra pushes them up and together. 
You’ve seen them both shirtless before, but never in this context, and you’re suddenly aware of the taut planes of their abdomens, their shoulders, defined pecs, muscular arms. Yunho brushes his fingers along your exposed back and smiles, “You’re so turned on right now, aren’t you?” 
You nod, breathless. 
His fingers coast up, dancing over your neck, “Can I take your hair down?”
“Sure,” You murmur, and he moves closer on his knees to gently remove the tie from your hair. 
“Mm,” Mingi reaches for you, his thumb brushing over your clothed nipple, “you are,” 
You gasp softly, your hips shifting, and Yunho drops his hand to your other breast, kneading it in his broad hand before pressing gently over your hardened nipple, “Feel good?” 
“Uh-huh,” You nod, and Yunho drops his lips to your shoulder. 
“Do these match?” Mingi pulls the hem of your sweatpants down, revealing the top of your black panties and sighs pleasantly, “Of fucking course they do,” 
“I was trying to get laid,” You smile. 
“You’re getting laid,” Yunho comments. 
“Mingi, can I take her?” Yunho’s hands spread over your thighs, his lips still shifting over your shoulder. 
“Yeah,” Mingi nods, his mouth hanging open as he watches Yunho touch you. 
Yunho shifts back, and secures you in his hands, lifting you off Mingi’s lap and dragging you closer. “Come right here, baby,” 
The pet name is so unexpected you make a soft noise, letting him move your body how he wants you. In a moment he has you shifted, your body over his lap and a hand between your shoulder blades pressing your front down flat against the mattress. 
“Oh fuck,” You squirm a little but he holds you steady, “Yunho,” 
He rests a wide palm over one ass cheek, unmoving, just resting there with the promise of what was to come. “Before we start,” He murmurs, “please just keep talking to me, tell me what’s good or if it’s too much,” 
“Wait,” You shift, “let me up a second,” 
Yunho’s hands are off you in a moment, and you pull yourself off his lap. “Both of you, come here,” 
Yunho and Mingi shift close, and you nod, “Do you know the color system?” 
“I’ve heard of it,” Mingi notes. 
“Same, but,” Yunho gestures for you to explain. 
“Okay,” You smile, “It’s an easy way to check in during, without having to totally pause things and double check. If you ask me color, I need to answer. Green is good, yellow is slow down, and red is hard stop. If I don’t answer, stop, make sure I’m okay.” 
“Got it,” Yunho nods, “that seems good.” 
“Make sure I’m verbal,” You squeeze both their hands, “and if I need you to stop immediately out of the blue I’ll use a safeword. I’ll say treasure, okay?” 
“Treasure,” Mingi repeats. 
“Are we good?” You check with them both. 
“Mhm,” Yunho reaches for you and smooths his hand down your back, slipping down to cup your ass, “are you good to start?” 
“Yeah,” You murmur, “is here good?” You ease yourself back down over his thighs, resting your cheek on the cool comforter and trying to find a good place for your hands. 
Yunho’s hands settle over you slowly, caressing you, “Yeah,” his voice is deeper, low and almost pitchy and beneath your stomach you feel his cock start to harden again. 
Yunho’s left hand splays out on your back again, pressing down to keep you pinned to the mattress, and with his right he tugs down the back of your sweatpants, cool air from the room making you shiver. 
He palms one cheek, caressing it and kneading it to get used to the feeling of your body under him, “Stay still for me,” he murmurs, and your stomach clenches. You’re pretty sure he has no idea what his words or his tone are doing to you, but you sigh and let your eyes drift shut. 
His hand lifts away, and you hold your breath. His hand comes down sharp, but not too firm, a slight sting and you make a small, pleased noise, but you can feel he’s taking it easy on you. You exhale slowly and he cranes over to see your face, relieved that you still look calm and relaxed. 
“I think you can go harder,” Mingi offers, and when you open your eyes you see him sitting by your head, watching over the scene. 
“Mhm,” Yunho coasts his hand down your ass again, and then tries again. This time he does strike you more firmly, and the sudden sting makes your body jolt, a tight gasp on your lips. 
“Okay?” Yunho massages the spot he struck. 
“Yes,” You nod, “that’s really good,” 
“More?” He asks. 
“Definitely,” You confirm, your back arching a bit to angle your ass up. 
“Alright,” he sighs, “here we go,” 
It’s sweet how careful he’s being, slowly increasing his pace and making sure you’re feeling good, but you can feel he’s nervous, despite his increasing hard on pressing into your belly. Yunho’s hand on your back tenses, and the drop of his hand against your ass this time breaks a sharp moan from your lips, your body jerking, fingers tight in the comforter beneath you. 
“Color?” Yunho asks, his voice a little hesitant as he massages your backside. 
“Green,” You sigh, “so fucking green,” 
Mingi chuckles, “Damn,” 
“One more,” Yunho murmurs, and you wonder if he even knows how much of a natural he is at this. 
The measured spank jolts you forward and you hiss pleasantly, your muscles clenching and fluttering. Mingi’s hand slides over Yunho’s, taking over the spot on your ass and the heat from his hand against your tingling skin has you moaning softly. 
“Can I try?” Mingi squeezes you, “Would that be okay, babe?” 
You smile, eyes opening again to find his face. You’ve always loved the way Mingi gives you pet names, but ‘babe’ in this context makes you feel nothing but overwhelming comfort and fluttering anticipation. “Please, Mingi,” You sigh. 
Yunho holds your hip, and Mingi delivers a punishing spank, harder than Yunho and sharper, and a cry bubbles from your lips, your body curling so you can hide your face in the sheets. 
“Did I hurt you?” He coasts a hand up your spine. 
“God, no,” You sigh, your voice a little strained whine, “I need more,” 
Mingi’s hand brushes through your hair affectionately, and you feel Yunho shift under you before he says, “I’m taking these off you, okay?” His fingers tug at the top of your panties. 
“Yeah,” You nod, “okay,” 
Yunho pulls down, sliding your panties down along with your sweatpants. “y/n,” He sighs, stroking your skin from the back of your exposed thighs to your ass, tracing over your skin, “you have a perfect ass,” 
“Oh, shut up,” You sigh, smiling wide. 
“I can’t,” He teases you, “I don’t lie to you, you know that. Mingi, don’t you agree?” 
Something is shifting in Yunho’s tone, and you feel his cock twitch against you once again. Mingi runs his own hand over your ass and squeezes, almost a pinch, “Completely perfect,” 
“Can I ruin it, baby?” Yunho squeezes hard and you gasp, “Are you ready to start?” 
You nod, almost frantic, “Please, please,” 
“You sound so pretty like that,” Yunho murmurs, “can you count for me?” 
“Mhm,” You nod against the comforter. 
Yunho massages one of your ass cheeks and when you feel his hand leave again, you find yourself holding your breath once more, the anticipation leaving you buzzing. It’s the hardest he’s hit you yet, and you choke out a moan, your hips rolling on their own. 
“One,” You sigh. 
He lifts his hand and drops it again, the same intensity as before and you moan again, jerking out your hand and gripping down hard on Mingi’s thigh where he rests by your head, watching. “Two,” You manage. 
After two more, you’re shaking and Mingi rubs his hand across your back, “You’re doing so good, babe,” 
You don’t expect the way his words will make you feel, but his easy warmth and praise pulls a whimper from your lips and your hips jerk under Yunho’s massaging hand. 
“Did you like that?” Mingi brushes your hair back, “You like to know how well you’re taking your punishment?” 
Your fingers tighten on his thigh and your breath shortens, you can feel your body trembling and in their hands, “Say it again,” You sigh, your knees widening on the bed and effectively propping your hips up more. 
Mingi murmurs above you and you can’t make it out, but Yunho’s hand cracks down perfectly and you gasp out, “Five,” 
“So good,” Mingi drops down a kiss on your shoulder and brushes your back, “you’re so good for us.” 
Yunho massages your cheek again, but you feel him pause and then he sighs, “You’re so wet,” 
He’s still for a minute, and you twist back to look at him over your shoulder, “Am I?” 
“You really like this,” He smiles, his hand sliding between your legs, his fingertips extremely gently coasting up the length of your slit, gathering evidence of your arousal on his fingers before lifting his hands and showing you. His fingers glisten, and as he draws his middle and index fingers apart, a perfect clear string of slick wet stretches between his fingers. 
“Oh fuck,” Mingi breathes lowly. 
“This feels good, then?” Yunho rests his hand on your thigh. 
“So good,” You smile, a little dazed at the buzzing sensation of your skin and the way his fingers just casually swept a line through your folds, “you’re really good at this,” 
“I’ll get better with some practice,” he smiles, “but I feel like I know how you like it now,” 
“With practice?” You smirk at him. 
“Listen,” He laughs, massaging your cheek again and caressing your hip, “anytime you want to let me touch you, I’ll take it.” 
“Noted,” You chuckle. 
“Do you want more?” He asks, his voice a little softer. 
“I want Mingi,” You look up to him, “I want you to touch me,” 
“God,” Mingi groans, “I thought you’d never ask,” 
“Here,” Yunho reaches under you and helps lift you off his lap. Standing, you push your sweats and panties all the way off, pulling your socks off too as you do, and reach behind you to unclasp your bra. 
“Somebody better get naked with me,” You unhook and let the straps fall off your shoulders. 
“I got you,” Mingi stands, dropping his shorts and boxers in one smooth motion. 
“Oh,” You breathe, catching sight of his erection. He’s so much bigger than anyone you’ve ever slept with, thick and lengthy, and you had an inkling that might be true but seeing him now sends a throb straight to your core. 
Yunho smirks at your reaction, clearly not surprised by Mingi’s size, so you assume they’ve seen each other naked before. He tugs off his sweatpants, smiling at the wet spot on his thigh from where your core was pressing down on him during the spanking. When you see Yunho, you’re equally as surprised. If you were measuring, you think Mingi might be a little bigger, but you’d be splitting hairs. Between the two of them, you’ve never felt smaller. 
“What?” Yunho smiles, aware of your reaction to both of them. 
“You’re both…” You swallow tightly, gesturing towards them. 
“I think she’s impressed,” Mingi grins. 
“Oh my god,” You roll your eyes, “I mean, yes, but also please take it easy with me later. You’re a lot more than I’m used to,” 
“I think that’s a compliment,” Yunho quirks an eyebrow. 
“Are you going to join us?” Mingi asks, nodding towards your bra that you still are cupping to your chest. 
“Oh,” You nod, laughing, “yeah, well here goes nothing,” 
You cast the bra aside, watching it hit the floor, and then look back up to both of your best friends. Mingi sits on the edge of the bed, eyes studying your body, and he bites his lip, “Come here,” 
Yunho takes a seat next to him, and you shiver as you stand in front of them, finally fully naked and feeling more exposed than ever. Yunho brushes the back of his knuckles up your stomach, dragging his thumb along the curvature of your breast, “You’re so beautiful,” 
Mingi shifts forward, holding the small of your back in one wide palm and drawing you forward another step until your knees bump the edge of the bed in the few inches of space between them. “We’re so lucky,” Mingi breathes, dipping forwards and placing tender kisses along your chest, slipping down your breastbone. 
“Mm,” Yunho rubs a hand up your thigh, keeping his eyes on you, “I can’t believe we almost let you fuck someone else,” 
Your stomach tightens, breath short on your lips. 
“Can’t believe we’ve never done this before,” Mingi nuzzles your skin, and then nips his way across your breast to latch his mouth on one of your pebbled nipples. 
“Oh fuck me,” You breathe, holding onto his shoulder for support. 
“We plan to, baby,” Yunho’s hand shifts to your hip to hold you, before dipping forward alongside Mingi and taking your other nipple into his mouth. 
You moan, melting into their touch, savoring the way their tongues seem to sync up with steady flicks and sucks. Yunho leans on Mingi to get closer to you, and reaches around to keep massaging where he spanked you, soothing some of the lingering soreness here. 
“Please,” Your hand threads into Yunho’s hair, holding him to your chest, and he hums a little laugh, exhaling warm air across your skin. 
Mingi’s mouth disconnects from your nipple and you whine softly, but shiver as he continues kissing down your body, trading little licks and bites all the way down your stomach until he slips off the edge of the bed, dropping between your legs and tugging your body down to meet his mouth. 
“Oh!” You jerk when Mingi’s tongue first connects with your clit, and Yunho disconnects from your breast to look down and watch, growing harder still at the sight of you rocking your hips on Mingi’s face.
“Perfect,” Yunho cups your cheek, “is Mingi making you feel good, baby?” 
Nothing but a whine leaves you and Mingi’s broad hands pull you down further so he can devour you, the sound of him working your sopping core nothing but a mix of lewd wet sounds and his pleasant little moans. 
“I got you,” Yunho catches you as you start to fall forwards, pleasure spiking up your body. He reaches around you again, palming your ass and dipping his head again to catch your nipple between his teeth and you pant out a moan. 
You don’t expect him to spank you again, but when his palm comes down fast and sharp against your cheek again, you could swear your legs stop working. The sound that leaves you is desperate and keening, and you grip onto any part of Yunho that you can. 
“You want to come?” Yunho slaps you again and your nails dig into his shoulder. 
“Yes, yes,” You rock your hips again, Mingi’s nose bumping your clit perfectly as he shifts against you. 
“You want to come all over Mingi’s face?” Yunho drags you up so he can murmur in your ear. 
“Oh, fuck,” You drop a hand to Mingi, lacing  your fingers into his sandy hair. 
Yunho spanks you again, harsh and punishing and you jerk against Mingi’s tongue, sparking hot pleasure through your core. “Listen to you begging,” He kisses your cheek, breathing hot in your ear. 
Your belly fills with thick knots, pressure dropping inside you, “Fuck, fuck,” You can’t help yourself now, your hips rolling against Mingi’s tongue as he sucks your clit, “I’m so close,” 
Yunho drops one more spank, and you fall further onto his chest, groaning and your legs starting to tremble. “My baby wants to come?” 
Your words fall incoherent, and you’re gasping, sure that you’re close, reaching for the edge of your orgasm, and then it all fades. Mingi disconnects his mouth, sliding out from under you, and Yunho gathers you into his arms to keep you from dropping. 
“What are you doing,” Your brain spins. 
“Edging you,” Yunho chuckles against your hair, “don’t you remember?” 
“Here,” Mingi’s hands coast up your waist, “lay her down for me,” 
Yunho lifts you, sliding you into the center of the bed, “Here?” 
“Perfect,” Mingi drops down to lay between your legs immediately, spreading them wide and hooking your legs over his shoulders before he lazily starts sucking on the flesh of your inner thighs. 
“Mingi,” Your hips buckle, “touch me again,” 
“Mm,” He shakes his head, licking some of your wet arousal off your inner thighs, “not yet,” 
Yunho cuddles up above you, drawing your arms up away from your sides and coasting his hands up and down them, “How do you feel?” 
“Perfect,” You sigh. 
“I’m going to keep you right here, okay?” You almost forgot this was part of the arrangement, but when Yunho drops his weight over your arms that are canted by your head, you gasp, “I’ll make sure Mingi can give you everything you need.” 
He nuzzles the side of your face, kissing along your neck and collarbones, and letting more of his weight drop on your arms. “How’s this? I’m not hurting you, am I?” 
“No,” You assure him, the pleasant weight of him heavy but not unbearable. 
You’re watching Yunho’s face when you feel Mingi press a close lipped kiss to the top of your mound, just above your swollen clit, and you gasp, pulling slightly against Yunho’s arms as you twist to look down between your legs. Mingi is looking up at you with an easy sated gaze, his chin wet and his hair an absolute haystack, blush across his cheeks. 
“Fuck, you’re hot,” You exhale, almost to yourself, and Yunho chuckles in your ear. 
“Should I touch you again?” Mingi strokes the edge of your slit with the tip of his finger and you jerk. 
“Jesus,” Your hips roll, seeking more of his touch, “please, come on, please,” 
“I have never heard you sound like that,” Yunho kisses your neck again, focusing his efforts on keeping you blushy from his gentle touches alone. 
Mingi sinks a finger into you, pressing deep until his knuckles are flush with your opening and you shudder, moaning tight and trying to work your hips. 
“Mingi,” Yunho interrupts just as Mingi starts to pump his hand, “hold her open, use your mouth again,” 
He doesn’t need to be told twice, and before you know it Mingi has you tipped back and open wide, his hands on the backs of your thighs folding you open and anchoring you down to the bed. He shuffles up to his knees, and dives forwards like you’re a meal. 
The feeling of his tongue flicking along either side of your clit has you jerking in their grasp, struggling against their weight but making not an inch of difference. 
Yunho brushes the hair back from your sweat slick forehead and nuzzles your cheek with his nose, his voice dropping low, “Where are you trying to go, baby?” 
All you can manage is a strained whine, Mingi delivering a pointed suck to your nub. 
“We’ll give you what you need,” Yunho pushes your head to the side with a push of his face against yours and starts to kiss down your jaw again, “you’ll be so ruined for anyone else,” 
“Oh, fuck,” You shudder under their hands. 
“You think you can take us, y/n?” You never knew Yunho could be quite like this. 
“Yes, yes,” You clamp your eyes shut, focusing solely on the feeling of them pinning you, and Mingi’s mouth taking you apart. 
Yunho’s arm shifts, and his hand spreads wide over your stomach, but still effectively pinning your arm down with his shoulder and elbow. “I haven’t even touched you yet,” He sucks on your throat. 
“Yunho!” Your body locks but you can’t curl into yourself, you’re just stuck under their heavy weight. 
“That’s right,” He pets your skin, “say my name if you want me to make you come, baby,” 
“Ah!” Your head twists back, your hands grasping for anything but finding nothing but air, and Mingi pushes the hot length of his tongue inside you, “Mingi, baby, fuck, fuck,” 
Yunho groans, “Beg him,” 
“Mingi, please,” You pant, your body vibrating with pleasure and so close to snapping, “please let me come,” 
“Are you coming baby?” Yunho presses down your stomach with his hand, long fingers resting just above your mound. 
“I’m,” You’re quivering, “I’m, yes, I’m,”
“Stop,” Yunho says and Mingi’s mouth lifts away from you once more. 
Hot tears bubble up in your eyes, your hips rocking on their own trying to feel anything. You cry out, desperately aching, throbbing and sore, needing release so badly now that you could scream. 
Mingi’s hands release your legs and he crawls above you a bit, “Color, babe?” 
You swallow, trying to come back into your body. 
“Hey,” Yunho nudges you slightly, “Can you say a color for us or should we stop?” 
You sigh heavily, “Green,” 
“Good,” Mingi cups your breast while he watches you recovering, fingers idly toying with your nipple. 
You shudder under his hands, “I can’t,”
“Can’t what?” Yunho can’t seem to stop kissing you, addicted to his lips and tongue on your skin, “can’t come?” 
“I can’t take any more,” You shake your head. 
“Are you sure?” He murmurs, and his fingers slip over the curve of your cunt and land tightly on either side of your clit. 
You shake your head, frantic, “No, no,” 
“No?” He loosens his touch, but doesn’t stop exploring you, running his finger up and down your sensitive bud, “You feel like you need it to me,” 
“I don’t, I’m,” You mutter, not even sure where you’re going with your sentence, distracted fully by the feeling of his warm finger dipping in and out of your wetness. 
“Mingi,” Yunho murmurs, looking up to his friend, “can you help me hold her open?” 
“Uh-huh,” He hikes your legs back again, folding you and opening you, presenting your glistening folds to both of them. 
“It’s time to come,” Yunho says, husky in your ear, “you’ve been so good and so patient,” 
You jerk under him, his fingers pushing harder suddenly and picking up the pace. If they weren’t holding you, you’re sure you’d be twisted up into a ball, fighting the overstimulated feeling of his hot fingers working you so quickly. 
“Ah,” You arch futility, “Yunho, Yunho,” 
“I can’t hear you,” He kisses your mouth hard, before delivering a quick slap to your clit. It’s nothing like spanking, much more like a pointed pat, but given how close you’ve been all night and how raw you feel, you cry out with a sob. 
“Yunho!” You choke, just a little louder. 
“That’s right,” He croons, moving his fingers more quickly now. 
You nearly scream when Mingi gets back involved, slipping two fingers deeply inside you and working them in and out of you to match Yunho’s fast pace. 
You’re raw, the bubble that’s been threatening to burst all night building in intensity, blood rushes in your ears, and you can feel them touching you, holding you down and open, begging you to come, and then you do. Your orgasm hits hard, locking every part of you up, and leaving your legs shaking underneath their hands.
“Oh fuck,” Mingi kisses your hip as he watches you come, “just like that, yes, babe,” 
You might black out, that’s the sudden thought that overtakes your brain as you crack open, “Stop, stop, god, please,” 
Yunho lifts his fingers, pushes Mingi’s hand out of your heat, and shifts up off your arms to take the pressure off you. Mingi drops your legs, and everything is hazy, but you feel them shifting, moving to lay on either side of you and stroke your slick skin. 
“You okay in there?” Yunho chuckles, kissing your hair. 
You manage a nod, but let your eyes stay closed, your body feeling incredibly soft and disconnected, your heart that was pounding a moment ago slowing to a flutter. 
Mingi huffs a laugh and lays his hand across your stomach, “She’s still shaking,” 
“Mhm,” Yunho murmurs. 
“I’m guessing it was good,” Mingi kisses your shoulder. 
When you don’t respond you can hear them chuckling together and Yunho sidles closer, “Just relax,” he kisses your hair again, “rest a second,” 
In a warm haze, you drift. 
“I thought this might be weirder than it is,” Yunho says, and it’s the first thing you hear as your brain starts to reconnect. You’re still caught in a fog, like you’re underwater after a particularly hard nap, but sensation starts to return. Their voices, the shift of the bed, the sound of the fan. 
“With me, you mean?” Mingi asks. 
“All of it,” Yunho says, his voice still low and quiet, “but yeah, with you.” 
“I don’t know,” Mingi says and you can almost see him shrugging, “I’ve seen your dick before, it’s not that weird.”
Yunho laughs a little and you realize they’re not touching you, but their voices are close, “I guess that’s true,” he says, “but you’ve got to admit, this is a little more than that.” 
“Not bad though,” Yunho adds. 
“It’s kind of hot,” Mingi admits. 
“Mm,” He softly agrees. 
“The way you talked to her,” Mingi clears his throat lightly, “that was something else,” 
“She seemed into it,” Yunho murmurs, “and I don’t know, it was hotter watching you take care of her than I expected,” 
Mingi laughs softly and you feel the mattress shift, “God,” he sighs, “I always thought she was beautiful, but, damn,” 
“I know,” You feel Yunho’s gentle touch stroking up your spine. 
Mingi shifts again and you hear him groan softly, “Fuck, the minute she touches me, I’m not going to last,” 
“Same,” Yunho sighs, “I’m dying over here,” 
Your body is starting to wake up, stiff in your current position on your side, and you stretch an arm up, a light sigh on your lips. 
“Hey,” Yunho murmurs, stretching on his side to come close, and you feel his warmth radiating against your back, the weight of his cock dropping on your thigh. 
You sigh, murmuring something, stretching and trying to make it up to the surface. Mingi snuggles closer to your front, his fingertips tracing down your cheek, “Babe,” he murmurs low, “it’s time to get up,” 
“Hmm?” You stretch again, your hand connecting with Mingi’s chest, and you suddenly feel how close you are to both of them. 
Yunho’s hand on your hip slips lower, cupping your belly as he rocks his hips, dragging the hot length of his cock over your ass, “We need you, baby,” 
Mingi palms your breast, rolling your nipple and you stutter out a soft moan as your eyes start to open. “Fuck,” Mingi breathes, tweaking your nipple again to elicit the same sound. 
When your brain finally surfaces, everything becomes clear and actualized, and you realize your best friend is kissing you, his hot tongue in your mouth and his hands running across your body, and your other best friend is pressed flush against your naked back, just barely thrusting to drag his cock over your skin. 
Panic lances through you and you pull back, straight into Yunho’s chest. 
“Babe?” Mingi’s brow furrows. 
“Oh my god,” You reach back and feel Yunho’s naked body behind you, “not a dream,” 
Mingi laughs silently, dropping his head down to the comforter as if what you’ve said is the funniest joke he’s ever heard. 
“I must be insane,” You breathe, dropping onto your stomach and hiding your face in the sheets, letting the curtain of your hair hide you, “I can’t believe I asked you to do those things to me,” 
“Why?” Mingi asks, sobering. 
“I wasn’t thinking straight,” You groan into the mattress. 
Yunho kisses your shoulder and you tense, but his hands massage down your back and try to ease your tension, “You’re allowed to want to experiment, you know,” he kisses your skin again, “and you’re allowed to want us too, don’t be embarrassed now,” 
“You were amazing,” Mingi murmurs, “so sexy, and so perfect, don’t be shy,” 
With a shaky sigh you ease out of your hiding place, letting them draw you up to turn over again on your back, “I’m just having a moment of post orgasm clarity, I think,”
“Are you realizing that we just gave you the best orgasm of your life, or?” Mingi teases, running his fingers along your chest. 
“Mingi,” You elbow him, but not too hard, and he grins at you. 
“Was it what you wanted?” Yunho asks, cupping your face and bringing your gaze to his. 
You nod against his palm, “I knew it would feel good, but that,” 
“So you liked it?” Mingi smiles. 
“A lot,” You squeeze his hand. 
Yunho bites his lip, eyes flicking over you, “You know,” he murmurs, “there’s still more on your list.” 
You twitch under him, “Yeah,” 
“I just think,” Yunho shifts up, widening your legs and easing himself down on top of you, hovering there, “you need to come some more,” 
“She does,” Mingi nods and pushes your hair back from your forehead, “coming one time isn’t very overstimulated, is it babe?” 
“Oh,” You look between them. 
“But,” Yunho murmurs, his voice dropping lower again, “I need something too,” 
“Tell me,” Your eyes lock on his as he lowers down further, holding your gaze as he shifts his hips down, and you feel his hard cock settle between your legs, notching between your folds, “do you want us to fuck you? Or just help you come?” 
You open your mouth to answer, but he rocks his hips, dragging his cock along your wet center and still aching clit, and you moan, breathy and tight. 
“You don’t know?” Yunho rocks again, “because I think you want me inside you.” 
“Fuck, Yunho,” You grip onto him, “yes, yes,” 
“You might be too tiny for me,” He pauses, looking down at where your bodies are connected, “I don’t know if you can take me,” 
“I think she should try,” Mingi jumps back in, reaching between you to softly brush his fingertips over your nipples. 
“I want it,” You nod, “please, I want you both,” 
“Eager,” Mingi nips your shoulder with his teeth. 
“Don’t make me wait,” You roll your hips and grind yourself up, moaning at the contact. 
“Stay right here for me,” Yunho dips to kiss you once, hard, and then rolls away and gets off the bed, digging through his nightstand. 
“What are you doing?” You push up on your elbows. 
“Looking for,” He trails off, still searching until he finds a clear bottle, “this,” 
“Let’s just make this part as easy as we can,” Yunho kneels on the bed, shuffling back towards you and pops open the cap. He spreads a moderate amount of lubricant over his shaft, sighing as his hand works over his red and tender cock. 
You turn towards Mingi as Yunho starts to move back over you, “Come up here,” 
He follows your hand movement, and settles on his knees by your head, hissing when your hand closes around his stiff cock. “Babe,” He groans, “fuck,” 
“I want you too,” You tell him, “but you deserve some attention now,” 
“Baby,” Yunho murmurs as he settles, “open up,” 
You spread your legs wider, angling up for him and he leans in to give you a warm kiss before holding you steady and dipping low. He presses inside you painfully slowly, cognizant of his size and your earlier apprehension. The feeling of him is all encompassing, striking a spike of pleasure up your body. 
“How’s that feel?” He murmurs, pressing further but not yet flush with your hips. 
“Really fucking good,” You sigh, your hand still lazily working Mingi as you adjust to the sensation. 
“You’re so tight,” He groans, trying to keep himself in check from just losing himself and thrusting into you fully. 
His movements turn into slow rocking thrusts, each shift getting him deeper and deeper inside you, but he pauses. You’re already getting back to breathless, but you look up, “What’s wrong?” 
“Can you shift up?” He reaches under you and cups your ass, drawing your body in the direction he needs. 
You push up with your core, trying to meet him, “Like that?” 
He thrusts again, experimental and controlled, and nods, his eyes slipping closed for a moment. He resumes his pace, but he’s stretching you wide and his cock starts to almost uncomfortably bump the wrong spots inside you. 
“Yunho, stop,” Your hand finds his hip and he stutters to a stop. 
“You okay?” 
“Yeah,” Your hand leaves Mingi’s cock as you try to shift under Yunho but you shake your head, “can we try a different position?” 
“Am I hurting you?” He pulls out completely, rocking back on his knees and reaching for your hands. 
“No,” You assure him, “it just doesn’t feel right,” 
“Try you on top,” Mingi suggests, taking your hand and letting you use him as an anchor to pull yourself up, “trust me.” 
Yunho smirks and drops down onto his back, “No complaints here,” 
You pinch his side and move to straddle him, “You just want me doing all the work,” 
“Oh no,” Yunho grins, “I just want to see you better,” 
A nervous thrill flutters up your body and you start to lift yourself up, bracing with both hands on his chest as you line his cockhead up with your entrance and start to descend. Your body accepts him easily now that you’re not twisted up in a tight position, and you sink down fully until you're pressed flush together. 
Yunho’s mouth drops open, his hands tightening on your thighs and he groans, “Fuck, don’t move,” 
“That good?” You tease him lightly. 
“If you move I’ll come,” He sighs, “hold on,” 
His eyes are locked closed and you love the look on his face, desperately concentrating, so you decide to test the waters. With a small shift, you lift up just a bit and sink back down, watching as Yunho grits his teeth and shakes his head. “Yeah?” You tease him, moving upwards again. 
Mingi catches you in his arms and you make a small noise of surprise, you had almost forgotten he was right next to you both, only now he’s holding you completely still. Yunho’s eyes open, watching as Mingi slides behind you, his hands locked on your hips. 
He straddles Yunho’s thighs, sitting up high so that your back is flush with his chest, his own hard erection trapped between his abdomen and your ass. He reaches down, pulling your hands up off Yunho’s chest so that you can sit up tall with him, and he closes your arms tight to your chest, wrapping his arms around you so that you’re fully controlled, unable to move out of his grip or shift higher or lower on Yunho’s cock. 
“Don’t tease him,” Mingi kisses your temple, “none of us want this to be over too quickly,” 
You’re struck by how true it is. You have no idea how much time has passed since you walked back in the door of their apartment, but you don’t care. You don’t want to move, you just want them. 
“Hold her,” Yunho says, “okay?” 
“I’ve got her,” Mingi squeezes your arms and drops a kiss on the top of your head, “she’s not going anywhere.” 
“Fuck,” You sigh, “please, move, I’m begging you,” 
Yunho’s hands slide from your thighs up to your hips, and you feel him shifting beneath you. He thrusts up, hard and steady, and a shaky whine rips from your lips. The feeling you were chasing lighting up your spine, and you jerk in Mingi’s grasp but he keeps you still. 
“You’re going to come on my cock,” Yunho thrusts again, setting his pace, “and then Mingi’s going to use you too, tiny,” 
“Please,” Your head drops back on Mingi’s chest and you sigh, feeling pulled apart in every direction. 
“Mingi,” Yunho groans, “tell her what we’re going to do,” 
“You want to know, babe?” He slides his arms to fit you against him more snuggly, one hand dropping over your belly. 
“Mm,” You moan, struggling to speak, nothing in your mind but the steady drum beat of Yunho’s cock opening you wide.
“You’re gonna sit right here and take it,” Mingi drops his head to kiss your shoulder, tracing up towards your neck, “no matter what you say,” 
“Mingi!” You shudder in his hold. 
Your eyes fly wide when you suddenly feel Yunho’s fingers dipping between you, his thumb finding your clit and massaging quick circles as he pants and keeps up his pace. 
“Fuck, you’re so tight,” Yunho groans again as your muscles clamp down on him, “I want to feel you come,” 
“Baby,” You whine, your head lolling onto Mingi’s forearm where it wraps around your front, biting down on him softly. 
“Shit,” He stammers out, his hand tight on your upper arm, and he bucks his hips up to drag his cock over your ass, desperate for some friction of his own. 
Everything inside you starts to draw tight, a cord being stretched between them, taut like a wire and your body starts to tremble. 
“I’m close,” You hear Yunho groan. 
Your brain starts firing, and you jerk in Mingi’s arms but he holds you down. Yunho moans and rubs you faster, and from the way he’s panting beneath you, you know he’s a second away. 
“Take his come,” Mingi says with his lips to your ear, “be good,” His hand over your abdomen presses down, and between that and his words, you feel your walls start to spasm. 
Yunho’s fingers on your clit falter, and he pumps his hips twice more before groaning, locking his hips up inside you as he spills his release, his head rocking back against the pillows as he rides it out, his body grinding up into yours for just a little bit more. 
“No- ah!” You’re about to say more but Mingi takes over, working your clit hard and fast until your orgasm crashes into you - the hot feeling of Yunho’s come inside you, Mingi’s words, the feeling of being caught between them. You’re a mess, jerking your hips into Mingi’s hand and Yunho hisses, pulling out of you fast and collapsing down beneath the two of you as Mingi brings you through the haze of your orgasm. 
You spasm and jerk, muttering and moaning, Yunho’s release dripping out of your abused core. 
“I need you,” Mingi finally snaps, capturing your mouth as best he can before he shuffles back off Yunho and drags you along with him. 
You make a stunned noise, dizzy as Mingi forces you down onto your stomach, flattening you out and pushing your legs open. 
“Oh!” You twist in the sheets, looking back for him and catching Yunho’s gaze. 
“Shh, shh,” Mingi reaches across for the bottle of lube and you hear the cap open and then snap shut. 
He presses into you quickly, thrusting down with one smooth motion and the combination of being worked open by Yunho, and the mix of lubricant and slick fluids inside you make it easy. 
He lays himself down over you, his lips peppering over your shoulders as he starts to thrust, and he finds your hands again to pin your wrists down flat to the mattress. “My turn,” He sighs. 
“Mingi,” You stammer, moaning out a plea, but for what you don’t know. 
“I’m right here,” His kisses are fast and wet, desperate across your back, frantic across the side of your face he can get to, “I’m right here, can’t you feel it?” 
You can’t manage anything but a stifled moan. 
He’s shaking above you, and he collapses down more, his weight bearing down into you in the most perfect way - you feel everything now, every huff of breath, every shift of his hips, and you can hear yourself begging him. 
He leans his head hard against yours and moans, “My perfect, tight, little pussy,” 
“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” His words make you scramble, your body tensing beneath him. 
“I’m gonna fill you up,” He kisses you hard, his hand sinking into your hair now to hold your head steady, “I know you want it,” 
“Please,” You shudder under him, “don’t.” The promise of it gets you closer, faster, the build up inside you undeniable now. 
He locks his hips down, the word on your lips making him pause his chest heaving against your back and sweat dripping across his brow. 
You can’t see him, but Yunho’s voice cuts through crystal clear, “Color, baby?” 
“Green!” You push your hips back into Mingi’s, begging him to keep going. 
He picks up his pace again and shifts forwards above you just a little, the angle change puts his cockhead in the perfect position to press again and again into your g-spot and you curl under him, a wet moaning mess of yourself. 
“Don’t what?” He dips back into the scene, “don’t give you what you need?” 
“M-Mingi,” You stammer, and his left hand that is closed over your forearm slides up to enclose your hand, twining your fingers together, “you can’t,” 
“Mmhm,” He nips at your skin, kisses you hard, finds your shoulder again and bites down, frantic and anamalistic in how much need he’s pouring into you, “I’ll fuck you full,” He promises, “I know what you need.” 
The orgasm that hits you now is fully unexpected, no telltale pressure or warm fluttering, just a sudden clap of pleasure and he holds you through it, adjusting his position to fuck you faster and prolong it, dropping his mouth so close to your ear you can feel his breath and the ghost of his lips on your skin. He makes you a pretty promise, “Take my baby, beautiful, for me, do it for me,” 
Everything falls apart.
Mingi moans against your hair, pressing deep inside you as he comes, shaking and murmuring softly. When the whiteout of your brain finally starts to fade, Mingi is still clinging onto you, but he’s pulled out and dropped off onto his side. He has you gathered close, spooning you against his chest with his arms wrapped around you like you might fade away. 
As you blink your eyes open, Yunho smiles warmly and slides closer, finding your lips so he can kiss you tenderly, soft and sweet now. 
“How are you feeling?” He nuzzles you gently, shifting even closer and pinning Mingi’s arms between you. 
“I don’t even know,” You sigh, “perfect, maybe?” 
“I know what you mean,” He kisses you again, stroking your cheek. 
Mingi pulls his arm free and reaches further, slipping around Yunho now so he can tug him forwards and sandwich you all together fully, body to body and legs tangled up below you. Yunho, ever the cuddler, wraps his arm around Mingi too. 
“Is it weird to say that this feels really right?” You murmur, letting your lips rest on Yunho’s chest. 
“No,” Mingi answers first, “it does,” 
“Is that crazy?” You ask softly. 
“It probably should be,” Yunho drops a kiss on your hair, “but it’s not.” Yunho shifts a little, enough so that he can look down and see your face, brushing his fingers through your hair, “Is it stupid to say it feels like we were always supposed to end up here?” 
“No,” You shake your head, “it’s not.”
“I’ve never been this close with anyone,” Mingi murmurs, “never in my whole life.” 
“Me either,” Yunho looks up at him. 
“Yeah,” You nod in agreement, leaning back into Mingi a bit, “I’m so glad I stayed.” 
Mingi nuzzles into you, “We can keep trying things,” he says, “if you liked it, we can keep going.” 
“Did you?” You ask them, finding Yunho’s hand so you can interlock your fingers and kissing Mingi’s arm where it wraps over you. 
“More than I thought,” Yunho confesses, “a lot more.” 
“Me too,” Mingi offers. 
You relax completely at that, the warm knowledge that it wasn’t just for you or for show, they wanted you the way you wanted them. “Let’s not stop then, we can keep it casual,” 
“Mhm,” Mingi kisses you again, “just sex between very hot best friends.” 
“Exactly,” You chuckle. 
Yunho sighs heavily and smiles, “I’ll be honest,” he says, “I love that I won’t have to worry about you meeting up with some guy,” 
“I might some day,” You nudge him. 
“Right,” He nods, “but at least then you’ll know what you want and what your limits are.” 
“I don’t want to share,” Mingi interrupts, scooping you up closer, “you know how I am, I can be very possessive.” 
“Mhm,” You laugh, “but you’ll share me with Yunho?” 
“That’s different,” He says, his voice almost a bit of a pout in it. 
“Well don’t worry,” You murmur, “I’m not looking to hook up with anyone else right now, not anymore.”
“Good,” Yunho cups your cheek, fingers sinking into your hair, “I don’t really like to share either, I was just putting on a brave face.” 
You slap his chest softly and roll your eyes, “Sure, sure,” 
Yunho dips forward to kiss you again, tongue along your bottom lip, then coasting against yours, full of tender affection and comforting familiarity. When he breaks the kiss he smiles, “I’m going to go get us something to eat, I’m starving.” 
“Same,” Mingi groans. 
“Okay,” You murmur, watching as he rolls away, throwing on his boxers and stretching long and lean, throwing you a smile before padding out of the room. 
Mingi lets you turn in his arms and helps tug a blanket up over your bodies. He kisses you, slowly and incredibly gently, “You’re really okay with everything we did, right?” 
“Yeah?” Your eyebrows knit together in confusion, “Aren’t you?” 
“I said some things to you,” He murmurs quietly, “and you said ‘don’t’ and I thought we were fulfilling one of your fantasies, but now… I’m not,” 
You press your fingers over his lips, shaking your head, “You did just what I wanted,” 
Relief clears his face, “Yeah?” 
“Mhm,” You assure him, “and I said ‘green’,”
“You liked it, then?” He says softly, “You didn’t want to stop?” 
“I didn’t want to stop,” You say clearly for him, knowing his hesitation from earlier in the night must be creeping back in, his anxiety growing. 
“I’m just checking,” He kisses your fingertips and draws you in against his chest, “you know I’d never, ever hurt you.” 
“I know,” You let your eyes close, fading into the steady thump of his heart and his radiating warmth that envelopes you. You know he would do anything for you, over ten years of friendship he’s proven that over and over again still. Always careful with you, and loving with you, even before the thought of sex ever crossed either of your minds. You were, and are, lucky to have him even though you suspect he doesn’t realize just how special he is to you and Yunho both. 
You rest here until Yunho comes back, bright and full of energy again, sporting a tray of cut fruit and a bowl of strawberries. No one seems quite ready to get up, content to rest in bed for a little while longer. You relax together, laugh together, toss a piece of honeydew straight for Yunho’s chest when he makes a joke laden with innuendo. He feeds you a strawberry right back and tickles your ribs. After a while, the only options left are sleep or shower, and you’re about to suggest a shower when Mingi starts to press kisses down your skin once again. 
He’s been resting with his head in your lap, your fingers stroking through his hair, when you realize he’s been maneuvering the blankets back down. He hums softly as he kisses your bare legs, pushing one open so he can lick a stripe up your inner thigh with a pleasant sigh. 
“Mingi,” You murmur, “baby, what are you doing?” 
“I just want you one more time,” He sighs. 
You’re leaning back against Yunho’s chest, but you sit up a bit when he says it, “Mingi, I don’t think I can again,” You’re a little sore from having taken both of them, and the idea of doing it a third time makes you a little nervous. 
“Not me,” Mingi shakes his head, never lifting his lips, “I just want to taste you one more time,” 
You run a hand through his hair, smiling down, “You don’t have to do that,” 
“What if I want to?” He opens your legs wider, kissing closer and closer to your mound. 
“Come here,” Yunho tugs you back to rest on his chest in the crook of his arm, “just relax,” 
“Mhm,” Mingi blows a cool stream of air over your clit and you jump under him, “let me take care of you,” 
“Mingi,” You breathe, carding your fingers through his hair again. 
His tongue parts your folds slowly, and he groans as he tastes you again, licking lazy stripes up your slit. Yunho cuddles you closer, getting you into a comfortable reclined position and kissing your hair, softly running his fingertips over your nipples once again. 
They take their time with you, slow and patient. You rest weightless between them as they bring you up through a slow rolling orgasm, whispered words of tender praise on their lips. You all slip into tangled and exhausted sleep in Yunho’s bed. In the morning, you do it all over again. This time it’s Yunho’s tongue dipping deep inside you and Mingi’s cock sliding through your lips. They fuck you soft, and every time you think you’re going to make it out of bed they pull you back in. And you let them, again and again. 
end note: this is the first of four kinktober fics! every tuesday in october a new one will be posted.
💌 taglist - @x0cherrytattoo0x @just-here-to-read-01 @simeonswhore @rielleluvs @ourbabies-bts @mingkiyoo @belletiny @moonseonghwa @jwying @treasure-jackpot @thirstiny @whatudowhennooneseesyou @seonghwaxtoothless @matzstars @lenireads @parkthothwa8 @halotopicecream @s10an @8tinytings @kiwibaekie @sunasleftball @tannie13 @camilacastro @phoenix-karma @atinymonbebestay @kpopslittles1ut @lucentchan @seobtak @billboard-singer @jlm92 @side-angel @createyour0wnworld @mywooyo @halesandy @enchantingbrowneyedgirl @sophxom @lydiairl @seokjins-condoms @yoongimingyuchan @y2keigo @kpoplover718 @heart-coiored @blckbianxious @oippang @atinytease @minkysmilk
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[221003] Twitter Update “WANTEEZ EP.8 MBTI Friendship Mission Photos”
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Tumblr media
Day Two : Sexting w/ Seonghwa
✭ Word Count : 1070
✭ Warnings : Sexting, Mentions of oral, Mentions of sex, Insinuated car sex, Y/N’s dad is a prick, Semi-public (?), Teasing/Touching.
✭ A/N : Under 16’s DNI. Thank you @shingisimp for proofreading !!
✭ Network : @cacaokpop-fics
© 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝟏𝟏𝟏𝟕-𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐬. Do not steal, plagiarise, translate, repost or use my work in any way, shape or form.
When your phone hummed to life as you sat at the dinner table, you quickly fished it out of your pocket, eyebrows furrowing when you saw the name displayed on the screen. You looked across the table to your boyfriend, giving him a questioning gaze but complying nonetheless when he mouthed ‘open it’ to you. You opened WhatsApp, eyes widening as you stayed frozen, dumbly reading and rereading the simple six words Seonghwa had sent you.
Hwa Star 🌟: wanna fuck you so bad rn
Just as you were about to send him a colourful response, your father coughed from your other side, and you quickly scurried to put your phone away. He gave you an unamused glance as he stared at you for a second, and "you sent a prayer of gratitude to the gods that you’d kept your phone on low brightness like always.
“Something important, Y/N?”
You quickly shook your head and picked up your fork, giving Seonghwa a side-eye before speaking.
“No, just an annoyance, Dad. Friend stressing out over stupid boy stuff.”
Your father hummed as if he didn’t believe you but dropped it despite his suspicions, picking up his own fork and swallowing a mouthful before speaking.
“So Seonghwa, what exactly is it you do for a living?”
Seonghwa smiled so calmly that it was almost impossible to believe he’d sent you that message mere minutes ago. His soft tone of voice yet confidence gave nothing away.
“I work at my father’s company, Sir.”
Tutting, your father sipped at his drink before commenting, his voice practically dripping with sarcasm.
“Right, so a silver spoon.”
He then turned to you, looking you up and down as you shifted nervously in your seat.
“Is that why you’re in such a rush to move this relationship along? A prenup is still a thing, darling.”
Avoiding eye contact, you just shook your head, cheeks heating from the unexpected insult. When you didn’t speak up however, Seonghwa intervened, voice still level but his tone more icy than previously.
“She didn’t know about my financial stability until about a month ago, Sir.”
Glancing over at you, Seonghwa gave you a warm smile as he continued.
“I wanted to make sure I found true love, Sir, not one bought through monetary gain.”
You gave Seonghwa a grateful smile at this, taking a shaky sip from your drink while your father simply chuckled humourlessly, gesturing vaguely to you with his knife.
“Well, if you can love her, that’s a real feat, son. That’s real love alright.”
Seeing that Seonghwa was becoming worked up at your father’s belittling, you grabbed his knee under the table, pleading at him with your eyes to not react. Luckily, you were saved by your mother intervening, her voice nervous as she spoke.
“Now honey… let’s let the kids eat, Hm? We don’t want their food getting cold.”
You mouthed a quick ‘thank you’ to her when your father scoffed and quietened down, to which you received a wink from her as she gestured her head towards Seonghwa. It seemed she knew of your under-the-table conversation, but not so much about it’s vulgar nature. Soon after everyone settled into an uncomfortable silence, you felt the vibration of another text, immediately looking up at Seonghwa as his gaze was fixed on you. Despite knowing the filth it would contain, you opened the message, gritting your jaw as a hot flash travelled up your spine.
Hwa Star 🌟 : fuck the food I want you instead
You could feel Seonghwa’s gaze boring into you, yet you didn’t dare to lift your head, instead gulping and crossing your legs under the table. They trembled as you huffed and took another long sip of your drink, painfully aware of the fluttering between your legs. Before you could even think of making eye contact, another three messages lit up your screen, and regardless of your embarrassment, you opened them too.
Hwa Star 🌟 : Y/Nnnnn I want youuuu
Hwa Star 🌟 : Let’s get out of here
Hwa Star 🌟 : Feeling sick?
Knowing what the male was getting at, you didn’t hesitate to hold your stomach, making a small groan of pain. You turned to your mother and spoke lowly, your voice sounding drained.
“Momma, I don’t feel so good.”
Humming softly, she held your hand and helped you stand up, walking you away from the table swiftly. As she walked you to the bathroom, her voice had a slightly teasing tone to it as she replied.
“I’d be sick to my stomach too if my dad was that embarrassing.”
You smiled at her, holding a giggle until you reached the bathroom, standing upright and laughing with her for a second. After collecting herself, she grabbed a few tissues and wiped away your lipstick, smearing a bit on the corner of your mouth, piping up when you looked at her curiously.
“You threw up, ruined your makeup and need Seonghwa to take you home. Go and have fun, my love.”
Nodding with a wide smile, you kissed her before making a pained expression, eyes teary. She just rolled her eyes and shook her head.
“More tired, you’re lethargic after throwing up.”
When you got the go-ahead from her, you left the bathroom, movements slow as you came to Seonghwa and your father sitting in a tense silence. Your mother spoke for you as Seonghwa stood up, feigning concern while she turned to your father.
“Y/N’s not well, we should let her go and rest up.”
Seemingly unconcerned, your father just grunted and continued eating, leaving your mother to hug you and Seonghwa before ushering you out of the restaurant. As soon as you were past the doors and out of eyesight, the two of you laughed and shared a passionate kiss, making your way to the car. However, when Seonghwa opened the backseat door with a twinkle in his eye, you let your hand graze his crotch before you stepped into the car, hitching up the skirt of your dress with a smirk.
“I hope your a man of your word, Park Seonghwa, ‘cause I’m definitely in need of some stress relief after all of that.”
Not missing a beat, Seonghwa joined you in the back and closed the door, hovering over you with a lustful gaze.
“Trust me baby, you won’t even remember your name by the time I’m done with you.”
————————— ׂׂૢ་༘࿐ [Sintober 2022]
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Kinktober Day 3 - Phone Sex
Pairing: Jeong Yunho x Reader
Genre: Smut
Word Count: 1281
Summary: Yunho’s been away on tour for a few weeks while you’ve been sat at home alone desperate for his touch. At this point you’ll take whatever you can get. 
Prompt List               MasterList         Kintktober 2022        Buy me a Coffee
Tumblr media
Arriving home to an empty apartment is something you don’t think you’ll ever get used to, you knew it was part of Yunho’s job to be away for weeks on end either filming something or going on tour, but you hated the empty feeling that came with it. The apartment is too quiet without him, usually it’s filled with his laughter and even frustrated shouts as he plays video games and it’s times like these where you feel you take even the small things like that for granted. You missed coming home to Yunho wrapping you up in his arms and showering your face with kisses before you even fully make your way through the door, you missed your long late night chats about nothing, you missed the comfortable silence you shared when you were both occupied with something else. But right now in this moment you missed the way he’d touch you, the soft glide of his fingers against your skin as he traced shapes, the way he’d squeeze and grip your thighs any chance he got, the way he’d hold the back of your neck tightly as he deepened an already heated kiss and the way he knew how and where to touch you to send electricity shooting through your entire body. You got flustered thinking back to the last time he had you like that, it’s only been three weeks but to you it felt like years.
You tried for so long to push the thoughts aside, the longer you thought about it the needier you became and he was nowhere to be seen. You filled the next few hours with small tasks ranging from cleaning the whole apartment to re-organising your bookcase, but all to no avail, you found yourself pressing your thighs together every now and again trying to feign off your arousal. You couldn’t take it anymore you needed some relief, even if it meant you had to do it without Yunho.
You run off to your bedroom, settling on the bed ridding yourself of the clothing on the lower half of your body. Your fingers trailed down to your soaked core as you scrolled through the various photos and videos Yunho had sent you last time he was away. Circling your clit as you watched his videos over and over you felt a great deal of pleasure but it wasn’t anywhere near enough to get you to finish. You needed to hear his voice, now. Closing the videos and hitting call on his number you continued to work your clit as the dull sound of the dial tone rang through your ears.
When Yunho saw your call screen light up on his phone his face lit up along with it. He missed you so much and that fact you were phoning him told him you missed him just as much. He quickly stepped to the other side of the hotel room away from the rest of the guys to answer. “Hi Baby, I...” His words were stopped in their tracks as he heard an all to familiar noise come from your end of the phone, his eyes widening as soon as it registered with him. “Guys I’m just gonna step out for a sec.” He calls back over to his bandmates as he heads out the door to go back to his own room. Keeping the phone firmly pressed to his ear so he could hear your sweet sounds as he walks his way to privacy. 
“Miss me that much huh baby?” His tone was low, you could tell he was already turned on and the sound of his voice made heat pool at your core even more. “I miss you so much.” You manage to whimper between moans. Finally settled in his room alone he wastes no time laying on the bed freeing his cock from the confinements of his jeans. “I miss you too baby, I wish I was with you right now, I wish I was the one making those pretty sounds come out of that pretty mouth of yours.” You feel your walls clench around nothing as you imagine your hand to be Yunho’s, his large hands working you in a way only he could. Too lost in the feeling of your fingers you couldn’t find the words to answer him again, letting your breathy moans speak for themselves. Yunho didn’t need your words to fuel him on, hearing your whimpers and cries loud and clear in his ear was enough to have him wrap his hand around his cock and pumping himself to the rhythm of your breathing. “I wish I was there with you, your legs wrapped around my head as I suck your clit just the way you like it before flicking it with my tongue.” He grunts fucking into his hand imagining it was you, Your breath hitches at his words, a loud moan falling from you uncontrollably. “Y...Yunho.” You breath making his cock twitch in response as he hisses. “Yes baby?” 
“Tell me more.” Your pace picking up as you desperately try to cum to the sound of his voice. A low chuckle rings in your ears from Yunho liking how eager and needy you’ve become all of a sudden. “Is the thought of my tongue inside you making you feel that good baby?” He asks bucking his hips into his hand faster chasing his high as he hears your long string of cries in response. “I want nothing more than to be deep inside that tight hole of yours baby, feeling how well you take me.” You cry out his name as you dip two fingers into your hole trying to re-enact what he was saying. “I miss hearing you moan my name as I fuck into you.” Pumping your fingers faster his name spills out in chants as the knot in your stomach starts to build. “F...Feels so good Yunho.” You try to say, mind going hazy from the pleasure of your fingers mixed with his breathy grunts down the phone. “Keep going baby, keep using those pretty fingers.” 
You take in a sharp breath as you feel your orgasm quickly approaching, needing only a little more to topple you over the edge. “So...Close.” Your whines turn into small squeaks as you feel your walls clench around your fingers as your arousal drips down your hand. “Can I cum...Please?” Closing his eyes he could just picture your fucked out face as you beg him to let you cum, his cock twitching at the thought bringing him to his edge. “I want you to cum with me baby, I’m close, just hold on a little longer.” You could feel tears prick at the corners of your eyes as you try so hard to hold back your orgasm but the sound of his pants and moans down the phone were making it almost impossible for you to hold on. “Please...I can’t hold it anymore.” You cry out slowing down your movements ever so slightly in an attempt to hold off your climax. He didn’t answer your please as he concentrated on chasing his orgasm being so close to the edge. With a few more thrusts into his hand he could feel his climax dangerously close. “Baby?” His voice was reduced to a breathy whisper at this point. You hum in response trying to will away an early climax. “Cum.” His command was all you needed to send you into an overwhelming wave of pleasure. You cry out his name as your high washes over you only for your cries to be followed by the low long grunts and heavy breathing you knew all to well. 
Tumblr media
Tag list:   @kpopcrossworlds @kpopjust4u  @whatudowhennooneseesyou​  @8tinytings  @jenotation​ @grim-adventures58​ ​ ​  @owjohny​  @ker1​  @hellomingi  @ate-ez @steponmesannie  @azeret98​ ​ @queenwiinks​  @wubbster​​ @eternalhongshine​
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Yunho ✧ Guerrilla ✧ EyeContact Ver
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Day 3: Fingering - Yunho
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yunho X Female Reader
Genre: Smut
Word Count: 684
Warnings: Fingering, dirty talk
Starts off spicy
You didn’t really have an explanation for the position you were in right now. One minute you were celebrating your birthday with all your close friends, and the next, the handsome guest that your friend had invited was knuckle deep inside you.
“Fuck!” You moaned when you felt two of his long slender fingers slowly insert themselves inside you. You had your arms around his neck as you were sitting down on top of the table. Everyone had left your little get-together, and now you were alone with Yunho. You’d been waiting all night for this ever since your friend told you about him.
Yunho was very cute, but he also knew how to turn off the cute when he needed to. The way he held himself, the way he talked to you; those were all things that made you want him. What a nice birthday gift to have a man as gorgeous as him pleasing you like this.
He moved his fingers at a slow pace, savoring the sounds of your moans and the view he had in front of him. You were wearing the cutest little lingerie set. Of course, you wore it for yourself since you wanted to feel cute for your birthday, but you were also hoping he would see you in it. And he sure did, in the best possible way. Your panties were thrown somewhere, but you still had your bra on that made your tits look amazing.
His lips were on your neck leaving sloppy kisses and nipping at your skin. His fingers were starting to move faster in you and your breathing was getting heavier. Having his lips on you and his fingers buried deep inside you was better than anything you could’ve ever wanted. Sure you had a great party with your friends, but this was secretly what you wished for when you blew out your candles.
His thumb was on your clit as he curled his fingers and you screamed. “Oh god, Yunho!” The extra stimulation was making your head spin. Your fingers had reached up into his soft black hair and you tugged slightly when you felt his fingertips hit your spot.
You clenched around his fingers and you felt him smirk on your skin. “Found it,” He teased before he kissed your lips. He tasted sweet, better than any birthday treat you had. You had one leg around his waist, pulling him closer to you. Your kiss was hot, heavy, and just what you needed. His fingers were doing unspeakable things to your core and all you could think about was him. He made sure you were having the best final moments of your birthday.
The pleasure was soon becoming too much for you, and Yunho knew by the way you were getting tighter around his fingers. “I-I-” you could barely speak as he repeatedly hit your spot. His thumb still rubbing circles on your clit. His other hand was holding you in place so you wouldn’t fall down on the table. His strength was turning you on even more.
“Come on, baby. Come for me,” He said as your moans became even louder. His lips were at your ear, nibbling on the lobe.
Your legs started to shake and you felt your orgasm take over your body. The fact that Yunho could have you completely crumble like this with just his fingers was making this whole experience even more intense. It made you wonder what he could do with this dick.
He slowed down his movements, but he still rubbed your clit. The overstimulation had overwhelmed you. “Y-Yunho..” you stumbled out his name as your body started to calm down. Your orgasm subsides and your body is spent, you were practically in shock from what he had done to you.
He kissed you softly as he removed his fingers. “Happy birthday, beautiful. Think you can handle more?” He asked, his soft eyes full of lust and adoration. You nodded, unable to speak. “That’s what I thought.” Then he carried you into your bedroom where he made all your wishes come true.
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beautifulmon · 3 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
mingi ✶ kcon saudi arabia (cr.)
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yunshoto · a day ago
baby's daddy
word count: 10.7k
genre: fluff, smut, a little bit of angst
mingi x reader x yeosang
summary: hooking up with your coworker gives you pleasure and satisfaction, but he can't afford what you need. you want someone who could fuck the life out of you, but what if it's your boss, not your coworker?
today is the day you've waited to come. yes, you're going to have a job. finally, right. you never felt so happy, especially since you got this job you wanted as a high schooler. be it as an intern, you finally got a job as a fashion stylist intern.
you want to be an analyst to know what to expect from the next trend. you want to know what people need and like, what they want in their life. you're working as a fashion stylist in a vintage boutique called eglantine, which means a briar rose or sweetbrier.
the boutique is inspired by the movie of aurora when she fell asleep with a rose in her hands; a rose in her hands called the briar rose. it symbolizes that you're wounded. wounded by this harsh world felt like a small cut from a rose's thorns but hurt like misery. 
eglantine will be your safe place from the world. where's there nothing wrong with wearing clothes that you like as long as it makes you happy? people seek many things in fashion, such as a new you, a unique appearance, trying to seduce one of your crushes, or having nice clothes that make you happy and boost your confidence.
you can't wait to come to the boutique and start your first day. you have prepared your new hairpin and cute chunky ankle boots. you'll be wearing soft and fuzzy purple cardigans. you squealed in a gleeful mood and went to bed early. you don't want to be late on the first day. 
the next day
"okay, you can do this, (y/n), " you said in the mirror. you prepped everything, styled your hair, and put some of the cute lip tints. "look at you; you've come so far. good luck, love, " you said to boost yourself.
you went out of the bedroom and grabbed your purse and your phone. you took a deep breath and opened your apartment door. you can do this; you must. you walked down the street, passing two street lamps, just two blocks away from your apartment; you were, arriving at the boutique.
you entered the boutique and met with a pair of eyes. no one came this early except you. "oh, we haven't opened, miss, " he said. you shook your head slightly, "no, i'm an intern here, " you replied. he hummed lightly and smiled at you. "i see. could you help me choose something here? you're the fashion stylist, right? " he asked. 
you nodded and came closer to him, "is it for a
preschooler? or an elementary schooler? " you asked. "she's still a preschooler, but she'll graduate tomorrow to enter elementary school, " he said. "okay, she might like this pink dress with these lacy socks and these cute flat shoes with flower petals on their straps, " you suggested.
he chuckled, "i think my kid will like this, thank you, " he said. he went to the cashier and paid for the clothes and tipped you a dollar. "oh, no, please, " you refused the tip. "nah, it's okay, thank you anyway, " he replied and left the boutique.
right before he left, a fashion stylist team leader bowed to him, and you could hear a subtle whisper saying they're sorry for my action, and you heard him reply slightly, saying he's okay with it and you did an excellent job. he waved at your coworker and left.
"you're the intern. please don't do anything stupid when the boss is here, " she, the fashion stylist team leader, said. you gasped, "i'm sorry. i should've known any better, " you confessed. you thought he would fire you because of this, and you're only on the first day on the verge of crying.
"don't worry much; i think he's not that bothered or dislikes you; ignore her, " someone whispered from behind. you looked back and read his nametag, "yeosang, " you unconsciously said. "yes, hi, my name is yeosang, and i'm a junior stylist, " he giggled softly. "h-hi, i'm (y/n), an intern, " you replied. he grinned at you softly, "just ignore her; she's always that mean with someone new, " he added.
he guided you to the nearest table display, "you're going to be here, stationed here, but you should back everyone up if they need any assistance, " he gently said. you smiled at him and nodded your head. "thank you, " you added with a smile.
there's a flickering motion inside you. something faint, but you know it was there. it was a brief moment, but it felt like a span of your life had passed. he's attentive; that's what you can assure as one of his personalities. the way he didn't hesitate to pick the best of all for his daughter.
you admired him; you do. it's a shame when you know that he had a child; probably, he had a wife too. you don't resent him or anything; you feel you're late for something. it would be best if you weren't mad about this; you hardly know him. right? 
but, no, you felt somehow defeated. "(y/n), there's a customer, " yeosang signed you. you snapped from your daydream. "well, this way, miss, " you gestured. yeosang came with you to help you out. 
you're still recalling your boss. his deep husky voice was tender and kind, soft, and it didn't even match his buffed figure. you could imagine his toned abs, slender waist, and broad chest. you snapped again; you shouldn't be doing this. it would be best if you focused on building your career path.
it was almost 5 pm, time to close, but someone came in a hurry looking for an outfit for a date. she requested something elegant and poise; it could be a dress but a dress that shaped her figure well. while trying the clothes on, you remember that there's a dress and simply one left. 
you're picking smaller-sized clothes for your customer in the stockroom. you heard a faint of someone nagging on the phone. "you fuck off; you're not going to see her anytime soon; you didn't even care for her. you ran away with your motherfucking bastard, " he shrieked. 
you gasped and bumped into one of the shelves behind you. immediately after that, the one on the phone came for the source of the sound. trim to your knowledge; it was your boss. "i'm sorry, i didn't mean to bother you, " you quickly picked up the dress and ran out.
he pulled your hand and whispered to your ear, "keep it shut, or else, " he gruffed. he walked away first, and you stared blankly at him. you're taken aback by his attitude from this morning and just a few minutes ago. 
you went out with the dress and a pair of smiles on your lips. well, the customer was satisfied, and she put a tip in the tip jar. "(y/n), could you help me tidy up this table? " yeosang asked. "sure, " you said. after a couple of minutes, you heard a tumbling sound outside the boutique.
"so much on the first day, " you whined lowly and barely heard by anyone. yeosang chuckled, "everyone's first day always has something awful, " he said. you giggled, "maybe i'm just being unlucky, that's all, " you tried to convince yourself. yeosang looked at you softly, "i think you are, " he laughed teasingly. 
"i think i'm going to stay here until the rain subsides, " you sighed. "you didn't bring any umbrella? " yeosang asked. "sadly, no, " you retorted. he pouted, and he pitied you. "i'm sorry, but i can't accompany you. someone already picked me up, " he pointed at the front door. 
"no, it's okay. is it your date? " you asked. "maybe? something like that, " he chuckled. "you could finish the rest, right? " he asked. you nodded slowly and smiled at him. "okay then, see you tomorrow, (y/n), " he waved at you.
you sighed and packed your things up. you locked the boutique door and sat on the bench in front of the boutique, waiting for the rain to stop. you pull out your notebook and sketch what's in front of you. a pleasant view of a once shining city turned into a gloomy one merely by rain. 
there's a patisserie in front of the boutique. you saw someone serving a croissant and the other eating a baguette. you're wondering if one day you could eat your lunch there. 
*blink blink*
someone dimmed the light at you; you looked at them slowly because of the blinding light. "i'm sorry for earlier; i think i left my house key inside. could you open the door for me? " it's your boss. you huffed lowly and opened the door. he quickly ran inside, and after a second, he was back.
"thank you, " he said. "no worry, " you replied. "do you need any ride home? it would take a while for the rain to stop, " he added. you shyly admit that his voice is something. it calmed you down. "no, it's okay. i don't want to bother you, " you replied.
"where did you live? " he asked. "somewhere two blocks from here, " you answered. "well, we're going in the same direction. are you sure you didn't need any ride home? " he added. you shook your head and gestured for him to enter the car. "i insisted, you know, " your boss is trying to repent from how harshly he talked to you earlier. 
you thought about it for a while, "o-okay, " you stuttered. "but keep it quiet; my daughter is in there sleeping, " he added. you motioned your hand to lock your mouth with an invisible key. now, you have sealed your mouth. you sat in the front seat, and his daughter was in the backseat hugging her doll named selkie. 
it's fun knowing you're on a ride with him, but you don't recall he mentioned his name to you. you knew the director's name was mr. song, but what song? you don't have the guts to ask him. your eyes roamed his face, "what? " he asked. "nothing, " you lied. "you're the only one who heard about that call, you know, " he recalled. 
"what do you mean? " you asked. "well, i have divorced sibyl's mom. she, " he hesitated. "she left us because she never wanted any baby and had an affair with one of his college friends, " he added. you nodded and hummed quietly. you don't want to be rude by overstepping his boundaries.
"please don't tell anyone, people know i'm married and have a child, but they didn't know we divorced, " he extended. "i won't tell anyone, " you whispered. "i can trust you, " he chuckled. "papa, are we home yet? " sibyl rubbed her eyes. 
"not yet, sweetie, " he said. "who's the one next to you, papa? is it my new babysitter? " she asked. "no, honey. she's papa's colleague, " he added. sibyl pouted and let out a huff. "i guess my only friend is selkie, " she mumbled.
you giggled silently. "okay, mr. song, here's my stop right after the second red light, " you said. the car stopped in front of your apartment entrance. "thank you, mr. song, " "no, please, mingi. we're not that many years apart,  " he added. "okay, thank you, mingi, " you smiled. he smiled back at you while you left the car.
it was pretty bad for the first day, but you managed to pass through another tough one. you took a shower and a warm bath with some lavender bath bombs to reward yourself. your boss's name is mingi. he's tall, has a tiny waist, and has broad shoulders. it's attractive.
knowing he doesn't have any wife makes your sick mind what to be his. it's not wrong when he's single, right? it's terrible when he's someone's husband. he seems friendly and attentive, and a family person, that's something important that you shouldn't miss.
you didn't have a chance to see his daughter's face, but from her voice, she sounded soft and lovely. you bet she's tender, like her father. your phone chimed twice. it woke you up from your thoughts. you wrapped yourself in a bathrobe, picked up your phone, and saw someone had invited you to a group. it turns out it's a group for fashion stylists workers only, fashion stylists with the team leader, and a group for all the workers in the boutique.
two of the groups only talked about work the first time and went quiet after. but in the other group, people were talking about the company outing. you were reading about where it will take place. they were expecting it like it was a high school field trip.
yeosang messaged you; he asked if he could sit next to you during the trip, and you answered with a simple yes. the outing will be for four days; it's on friday. you're excited enough because you know it's only your first day, and you're going on a company outing.
you walked to eglantine earlier than yesterday. you want to set up the place before anyone arrives. well, you want to impress your team leader, of course. you unlocked the door, set up the display, cleaned the table, counted the money in the cashier, and sprayed some air freshener.
you had finished all the tasks above, and right after that, yeosang came with two cups of latte in his hands. "good morning, (y/n), " he said. you looked at him coyly, "good morning, yeosang, " you replied. 
"here's a latte for you; i'm sorry for leaving you early yesterday, " he said. he handed over the latte, and you thanked him. "no worry, i'm not mad, " you claimed. you smiled at him subtly. his cheeks blushed for no reason. "so, how's your date yesterday? " you bluntly asked. 
the date is what you assumed, but the truth is, it's just a confirmation for him to end everything with his ex. people may ask why he broke up with her; well, it's because of her toxic traits. she manipulated him to do all the things he wanted. he's fed up and has already been asking for a breakup for months, only ending it officially yesterday when she asked him to return all the things she bought for him. petty, isn't it?
yeosang is hesitant to answer, but his smiles explain it all. "oh, no, i'm sorry. i didn't mean to be rude, " you clarified. "no, it's okay. i'm through with her, " he added. "well, i want to try this patisserie in front of our boutique. do you want to eat it with me? " you offered. "sure, " he smiled at you. 
mingi came to the boutique and went straight to his office. his expression shows something has annoyed him. you didn't want to be a pushover, so you allowed that to happen. yeosang nudged your hand, "look, there's a vip customer, " he muttered. you looked at the entrance; a lady wore a soft beige coat to cover her pink pastel mini dress and ankle black heels. 
she looked stunning, that's what you thought. she smirked at you and went straight to mingi's office. you finally noticed that it was his ex-wife. you could hear mingi sobbing, and the lady was yelling. "when she's here, better do anything she said; if not, you're going to be fired, " yeosang mumbled.
you looked at him confused, "why so? " you asked. "besides the part of being mingi's ex-wife, she's one of our connections to get us private customers or anyone who wants to invest in this boutique, " yeosang added. "the thing is, this boutique was opened and built by mingi. she didn't do anything except fund it, " he explained. 
yeosang explains for further knowledge, they didn't want to end anything about this boutique. first, she gained profit from this as a substitute for spousal support. second, mingi makes his own money with a steady job in his safe bubble to provide her with spousal support. third, mingi can keep his daughter with him. 
you nod in as a confirmation you understood what he just explained. yeosang glanced at you all smiley; you have that kind of aura that attracts people; well, you draw him in. he took your hands in him, "(y/n) your hands are cold, " he said. he tried to snap away from his mind thinking about dating you after breaking up. 
sick mind thinking about dating after breaking up, not even for a month. yeosang sighed, "i wonder if the air conditioner was too cold, " he asked. you giggled lightly, "no, maybe i'm nervous, " you said. "still frightened coming to work? " he asked. 
you shook your head, "no, it's not like that, " you pouted. "i just thought if i didn't make any mistake like yesterday, probably they'll offer me a full-time job here, " you added. "you know, being full-time here was not that difficult. people make mistakes once or twice, and you'll still be able to work here. it's okay, chill, " yeosang chuckled.
a tiny smile appears in your mouth. mingi's ex-wife ran out of the office, a tense meeting with her fierce eyes. you exhale gradually, relieved that she had left, but mingi called you in. you don't know why, but yeosang ushered you in.
you walked inside the office slowly and took a tiny step. your thoughts ran wild, thinking mingi would vent to you. closing the door slowly, "may i help you? " you asked. "you see, my daughter's graduation is today, not yesterday, but i can't come for personal reasons, of course. could you come instead of me? " he asked.
you looked at him with a big question mark appearing on your forehead. "yes? " you questioned. "please? " mingi begged, "i'll pay back everything she asks you, " mingi pleaded. you looked at him, reluctant, because why did he tell you to do so? but for the sake of the money.
you waited in front of sibyl's pre-school; her teacher was outside holding her hand. you walked over slowly, "hi, mingi, send me to pick her up, " you replied. "are you my new nanny? " sibyl asked. you gasped and shook your head. you gave her a bouquet of hand-sized flowers, "congratulations on your graduation, princess, " you smiled. 
she giggled and coyly played with her feet, "thank you, " she blushed. "thank you, miss, " you said to her teacher and took her hands in yours. you hummed lowly, "what do you want for your graduation present? " you asked.
you looked at her deeply; she had her mother's features. her nose, but you know, her eyes are probably mingi's. slanted and filled with warm feelings, her voices are middle range, but she's exceptionally soft-spoken.
"i think i want to eat some cake, " she exclaimed. well, it's 2 pm at noon, so one cake as lunch dessert won't hurt. you abruptly remembered your promise to treat yeosang to lunch. you texted him; you told him that maybe you'd treat him to dinner. 
you walked to the nearest cake shop and ordered some vanilla cheesecake and two drinks for both of you. you cut the cake into smaller pieces. you fed it to sibyl's mouth, and she did her tiny dance. you giggled, looking at her in her most excellent mood. 
"nanny, who are you? " suddenly she asked. you looked at her confused but finally understood. "oh, i'm your papa's worker at his boutique. i'm (y/n), " you added. "can i call you nana instead of nanny? " she asked. "i don't want to call you my nanny because you're not my nanny, " she added. "i didn't look like a nanny? why so? " you asked.
"nanny would nag me if i ask for a cake, and nana looks too pretty to be a nanny, " she pouted. you cackled lowly, "sure, sibyl, " you smiled. never in a million nights had you imagined someone saying you're pretty. "nana, you reminded me of cinderella's godmother, " sibyl claimed. 
you looked confused, tilting your head to the side, and there you saw cake crumbs near her cheeks. "why did you think so? " you asked. "because nana looks so magical, " she shyly winked at you. you choked on your saliva. "thank you, sibyl, but i think you're the most beautiful here. do you know why? " you asked.
sibyl shook her head, "just like this delicate cake, you're just as sweet, " you pinched her cheek lightly. she shyly smiled at you and twirled her fingers. she has this strained cute type, tsundere type. mingi chimed your phone, telling you to take her back to the office. 
"looks like your papa misses you, " you took and toted her in your arms. the walk was a tad far, but it didn't feel something like that. it's fun because sibyl told a story about their camping trip last month. "fun camping with papa, but papa had to leave early because of work, " sibyl pouted. 
you knocked on the door to mingi's office, "you may come in, " mingi yelled. "papa, " sibyl exclaimed with much contentment inside her. "ah, my little princess, " mingi stood up while sibyl ran into him; he hugged her and pecked her cheek. "papa is so proud of our sibyl, " he claimed. "yes, yes, papa, i'm an elementary now, " she excitedly said.
"yes, i know, you grew up so fast, " mingi pouted. "it feels like just yesterday i changed your diapers, " he added. you silently walked out and marched to yeosang's counter, which was next to yours. "hi, i'm sorry, " you silently tapped his shoulder. "nah, you shouldn't; you could buy me something else during the trip, " yeosang giggled.
"you're not coming for dinner? " you asked hurriedly because deep down in your mind, you wanted him to come. "i'm coming, but i don't think there's any diner open for tonight, " he explained. "oh, why? " you asked. "you didn't watch the news? " he tilted his head with one frowned eyebrow. "no, why? " you asked again.
"there's this local gathering for every shop owner here in town. i think they want to discuss catching some shoplifters that people hadn't seen and about some fake reviewers putting on some hair or any disgusting thing to get a refund or free food, " yeosang explained.
"that's horrible, " you claimed. well, yes, it is. that's why it's a common thing to have a gathering between shop owners to talk about these issues. it usually takes place once at the end of a month, but this month, they decided to have it in the middle of it. of course, mingi is going to be there. 
"that's why we can't have dinner today, " yeosang chuckled. "well, we can if you cook me some, " he added. you nervously laughed, "i can't cook anything besides curry fried rice, " you pouted. "i happened to be fond of curry, " he excused. you giggled and shook your head, "well, okay, you can come to my house, " you approved.
you finished the job and had a small talk on the way to your home. you opened your apartment and let yeosang in. you led him to the kitchen stool and told him to sit there. "wait here; if you want to pee, the bathroom is over there. i'm going to change first, " you said.
you entered your room, locked the door, and changed into a purple shirt and matching shorts. you walked out, "okay, do you like your curry spicy, mild, or normal? " you asked. "uh, i like it spicy, very spicy, " he giggled. you nodded and pulled the premade seasoning and spices. you were cooking just fine. 
yeosang was watching you behind the kitchen bar, hands on top of the bar, and tried to constraint his hip to the stool. it's in his wild ways of thinking. he saw your shorts barely covering your ass to your thigh. he tried his best not to make his male testosterone deal with some unwanted acts. 
his hands were sweaty, but he managed to let them down. you had this small talk again with yeosang; it felt comfortable talking to him. like you have known him for a long time. you sound so lewd to him, like you were asking him for something to be done here and then. 
he stood up and walked to you. he trapped you between his body on your kitchen counter beside the stove with his arms. you gasped, and you felt something hard brushing your ass. "don't, " he said. you inhaled and held your breath. his breath wafted over your ears and neck; it was there brushing your skin.
"i'm just curious about this curry we're going to eat. i just want to take a look, " he said. "i think the view itself is delicious, and i can't wait to eat it, " he replied. you could feel his knees pressing down on your ass near your entrance. you tried to contain this within you; maybe, he's just messing with you. 
"it's delicious, " he said while his lips were skimming your ear. you didn't know what he implied it to be. finally, he went back to the stool, and he smiled at you while you glanced back at him. you have these cold sweats running from your temple. you managed to finish the food quickly. 
maybe it's a wrong idea to bring him here, but it's not bad because your womanhood may want some too. no one ever touched you with a lustful mind. you handed him his curry fried rice, and you ate yours, "enjoy the food, " you said. "i will, " he said gleefully.
with your hands on the table, while mixing your food on your plate, he saw. he saw how your boobs were clutching the table. he let out a breathy air, "it's tiny, cute, " he mumbled while distracting his eyes. you didn't notice how your boobs clutched, impacting one of your nipples slipped out. 
it's visible to him how tiny it is, like a choco-chip on top of an ice cream cone. there was a thunder thumping outside your apartment room, "i think it's going to rain any time soon, " you said. yeosang nodded his head, "did you bring your umbrella? " you asked. he shook his head, "can i stay until the rain stops? " yeosang said.
you nodded and shrugged your shoulders, "i mean, yeah, you didn't bring any umbrella, so, " you said. the curry spilled all over your shirt, and you went right away to the sink to clean it. you heard the thumping of the thunder again, and it made your body jolt out, causing some water to squirt on your shirt. 
"are you okay? " yeosang asked. "yeah, it's fine, " you lied. you pulled your clothes so they wouldn't stick to your bra and made them visible to yeosang. "i'm sorry, but i need to change again, " you chuckled. you walked towards your room before yeosang pulled you back. "no, you don't, i don't mind, " he said. 
you saw his eyes filled with something passionate; it pulled you closer to him. "if you want this to stop, say it, " he licked his lips. he pulled himself tighter to you, his hand tapping your lower stomach and pulling your shorts and snapping them to your softer abdomen skin. of course, it hurts. you moaned uncharacteristically.
he traveled down his hands toward your thighs, caressed them softly, and squeezed them like it was the most springy thigh he had ever touched. it was fluttering, and you squirmed your thighs in his touch. he pulled one of your legs to his hip and trailed his finger closer to your vagina, which hid behind your shorts and panty.
he rubbed them with his fingers, twirled his thumb, and pushed a finger in to tease your opening. "yeosang, " you moaned. he licked your lips and bit them harshly. "i could do more if you want to, " he said. you bit your lower lip, closed your eyes, and held your breath while his finger twirled to enter your vagina, only to be stopped by your shorts. 
"yeosang, i want it, " you whispered. "i can't hear you, you know, " he replied. "i want more, yeosang, " you whimpered. yeosang smirked at you; he pulled his tie, "if you want it, you don't have to see it, " he grinned. he closed your eyes with his tie and pulled your other leg to his hip. he kneaded your ass, and he told you to hop onto him. 
he pressed your body against the wall, kissed your lips, and played with your tongue. on some occasions, he bit your lips and licked your neck. he peppered your neck with more biting, kissing, and hickeys. it was red, and it looked like someone had tried to eat you alive. you don't know what you're into, but you enjoy this pleasure like ecstasy running to your pulse. 
"yeosang, " you moaned. "yes, princess, " he gruffly said between eating your neck. "i want you, " you pressed your chest to him with, of course, your slipped nipple still out because of your obliviousness, who didn't even try to slide it back into your bra. his core was reacting to that. 
with your eyes blindfolded, he carried you to the sofa while kissing your jaw and licking it. he plopped you down and cupped your cheek. "(y/n), i can't hold myself back. i don't know if you're really up for this because i'm not that vanilla when it comes to this, " he said. 
"yeosang, i can handle this, please, " you argued. your body whipped against him, and you tugged his shirt to pull him closer to you. yeosang let out a breathy sigh, "tell me if you're hurting or uncomfortable with it, " he whispered. you nodded, and he sat you up to undress you. he pulled over your shirt, revealing your cute bra with one slipped nipple. 
he came closer to you and started kissing your neck. he bit them slowly and marked them. he didn't come to play; he came to eat you. he licked that slipped nipple before unclasping your bra and throwing them under the table. he switched, so he sat on the sofa while you sat on top of him, straining your hands on your back.
you straddled on top of his lap while he left lots of kiss marks on your chest, and it was there; it had a purplish color that you needed to cover the next day. you grind your ass while he sucks your nipple and pinches the others with his other hand. he twisted your nipples with his hand and his tongue. 
he squeezed it hard like a toy he should grope. his tongue played your nipple like your breast was ready to be milked out by his mouth. you held on to his shoulder and grasped them. you don't know where you hold anymore. "yeosang, " you moaned. he gruffed his breath and pushed you to the ground. 
he pulled out his twitching cock that was on your ass a few seconds ago, and he pulled your hair towards it. "open your mouth, princess, " he ordered. you opened your mouth slowly, and you could feel something was entering your mouth. something hard, and it's big enough to make you choke.
you had noticed that it was his cock, "imagine this as your favorite juice pops, " he said. you nodded and started to shove his cock in your mouth. he pulled your hair and bucked his hip into your mouth. you placed your hand on his balls and squeezed them lightly, and your other hands helped you to suck his cock.
he moaned all you needed to hear to make your pussy go crazy. yes, you are wet. you already felt it dripping from your pussy to your thigh. you bobbed your head to swallow his cock and deepen it into your throat. his cock was twitching while you curled your tongue over them.
"shit, (y/n), " he groaned. he pushed you off and slammed your body to the couch. you bit your lips with some disappointment hanging over your mouth. you were this close to tasting his cum, swallowing them, and of course, devouring them. 
yeosang pressed his fingers against your pussy, "well, look who's wet down here, " he smirked. "i haven't done anything, yet your pussy already has this desire for me to relieve its needs, " he added. you clenched your couch handrest because you were squirming under his touch. he pulled your shorts and panty down, revealing your wet pussy was in a distressed mess.
"tell me if you want it to stop, " he said. you nodded, "yes, yes, yes, now, please, " you whined. he smirked and pulled his head closer to your pussy. he licked your clitoris while his finger was teasing it. he sucked it lightly at first because he noticed that your pussy was soft to ease the pain of his finger entering your pussy. 
you moaned while your pussy twitched at the same time. yeosang smiled while still licking your clit. he twirled his finger inside you after his second and third fingers snuck in your pussy. you bucked your hips against his mouth, and you were trembling. he knew you were about to come, and that's why he pulled away ever so quickly.
"nuh-uh, not now, princess, " he grinned. you bit your lips, "please, let me, " you whined. "you can't come until i say so, " he replied. you have noticed that this is his habit. he has this sick kink of edging. he didn't even bother to deny it. 
he pecked your neck and kissed your lips. he fought your tongue and toyed with them. he squeezed and kneaded your ass one more time before he thrust his cock slowly but steadily inside you. "yeosang, " you called out his name.
"remember to tell me, (y/n), " yeosang reminded you again. you nodded, and he thrust his cock deeper. you moaned; he hit your spot. he begins to move faster while holding onto your hips. you, on the other hand, were grasping his back and leaving minor yet visible scratches on it. 
he thrust into you harder, making your body quiver. your legs have given up on you, and now you're just holding onto him. he kissed you again, but his thrust was getting sloppy. he's about to come. you helped him by bucking your hips to him and fastening the pace. after a few thrusts, "yeosang, please, " you begged because you knew you were about to come. 
with some thrust in, "yes, you may, princess, " he allowed you to come. you moaned loudly when your cum spread over his cock, and he pulled out his cock off your pussy. "do you want to taste some of this? " he lewdly asked. you nodded, "open your mouth, " he said. you opened your mouth, and he thrust his cock inside it. 
his cock twitched inside your mouth; he came inside your mouth. you were never the type to spit because you're a nasty bitch; of course, you swallowed them. he was surprised by his concern. he laid down on the floor for a minute, then went to the kitchen to grab some paper towels. he came back and cleaned your pussy and your mouth. 
he carried you to your bedroom while you were still in your hazy state. you have dazed because lust has taken over your body. yeosang plopped you down on your bed. you tugged his hand, "stay, " you said. he chuckled, "i want to pee, " he said. you giggled and hushed him. he went back after he peed and laid down next to you. 
you crawled into his hug and curled up against his chest. he wrapped his arms around you, cuddled you, and caressed your hair. your sweat glistened on your temple, and he pecked them away. you fell asleep next to his chest, like his heartbeat was a lullaby, and he slept an hour later after he hummed you a song to soothe you from the pleasure.
the next day came so fast; you got up first. you had noticed yeosang was still sleeping soundly. you covered your body with your bathrobe and went to the kitchen with untouched curry fried rice. sure, you guys didn't bother to eat that. you threw them away and made a toast instead. you took a shower first, and you went back to your bedroom to wake yeosang up. 
"hey, i think we should head back to work, " you patted his hand slowly. he rubbed his eyes, "already? " he questioned. you hummed while nodding at him, "breakfast at the counter, okay, " you said. he got up and took a shower, and he dressed up in yesterday's outfit.
"you're not going to change your clothes? " you asked him while walking to the boutique. "nah, it'll take too long, and we're going to be late then, " he chuckled. you giggled, "true, " you replied. he opened the door for you, and you chuckled while you entered the boutique. "thank you, " you said. "no worry, " he replied.
it has been a few days since the intercourse. you and yeosang would glance at each other and make out once in the storage room. when you're with him, pleasure is all that you want. you're not sure you like him or want him the other way around. however, he wanted you, but he wanted you as an escape from his ex.
as that feeling resurfaces, you need some affirmation about this feeling until yeosang talks about it first. on the day you made out with him, you had this talk with him at your apartment. "(y/n), " he called. "yeah, " you answered. "promise me that you won't be mad for this, " he begged.
"sure, what is it all about? " you asked. "i just want to make sure about this. i'm still figuring out about my ex and stuff. it would be sickening to start something new while i'm still weeping at my ex, " yeosang explained. weirdly, you're not sad when you hear him say that. "it's okay; it's not that we're having this as a relationship, " you chuckled.
"i mean, you gave me a pleasurable night once. it doesn't mean we're dating, boohoo, " you said. "yeah, true, " he admitted. "how about this, you come when i need someone to ease the pain, and i'll come when you need it too, " you suggested. "as a fuck buddy, you mean? " he asked. "yeah, something like that, " you coyly confessed. "hmm, sure, " yeosang said.
mingi was jealous when he accidentally saw you in the storage room. he wanted to check the new collection for eglantine, but instead, he saw you make out with yeosang. he felt a crack in his heart, but little did he know. you have loved him since the day you first met him.
he didn't know that even though you had fun with yeosang, it was only for fun, that was for contentment. sadly enough, mingi won't notice this any earlier. 
the day of the outing finally came. mingi brought his daughter and her nanny because he couldn't just leave his princess alone. he and sibyl sat in front of the bus while you and yeosang sat a few seats back. yeosang sneakily trailed his hands to your thigh. he squeezed it lightly. you moaned quietly at his touch. 
"yeosang, " you whined. "hmm, " he smirked. he grabbed your hand and pecked your palm. you giggled, and he placed his head on your shoulder. "hey, not in here; people will notice, " you claimed. "so what? " he snickered. "no, but, " you groped his crotch and squeezed them slowly.
you heard yeosang groan against his breath, but it did nothing to stop you. you chuckled when you felt his cock harden. "now, let's have a quiet ride, " you giggled. he smirked, "you might want to stop this if you don't want any punishment, " he said. "we're not going to be there, " you giggled. you flirted with yeosang, and he did the same. 
it wasn't that far until you guys reached the destination. it was near the countryside, a remote village. you had arrived at noon, and you could feel how tranquil it was. you logged into your lodge, one worker per room. it's not that big but suits one person.
the lodging was adequate. it was like two housings merged into one. there's a garden path connecting the two. it could fit all eglantine workers, but honestly, the workers weren't that many. more like 50 people or less. on the first day, they planned to have a barbecue party. 
you decided to wear something cute, wearing a mini dress with a loose string on your shoulder. mingi was setting up the grill, and sibyl was sleeping in her nanny's room. you haven't seen yeosang ever since you parted to unpack. everything in this barbecue party probably included drinks, lots, and lots of liquor. well, head on, you're the best at it. 
"let's make a toast for eglantine, " mingi said. you cheered, "i'm sorry, i'm late, " yeosang came from behind you and grasped your waist. "hey, " you sipped down your drink. mingi was watching you two exchanging words to words. there was a sinking feeling inside of him. 
you saw mingi staring at you, and you winked at him. you whispered something to yeosang, and he giggled with you. you tried to tempt mingi by pulling yourself against yeosang closer and grinding your body towards him. "you know, you're striving to seduce someone, aren't you, " yeosang asked. 
you jumped out, "it's mingi, right? " yeosang chuckled. "shut up, " you bit your lips. yeosang grasped your pussy lightly. you moaned silently, "stop, " you whined. "you know, you could come to me if he didn't satisfy any of your needs, " yeosang whispered. you stood up, and yeosang squeezed your ass before you walked toward mingi.
you grabbed the bottle of wine in front of mingi and poured some into your glass. "i think i like my drink sweet, thank you, boss," you were chugging from your glass. mingi strained the pent-up need in his pants. you giggled and went back to yeosang, and he pulled you into his lap. 
mingi snickered, and he scoffed at you. he had this evil, conniving plan. mingi's grin convinced yeosang that he was the sign that he was ready to fuck you up. the night was getting late, and the fireworks were shooting up in the skies, lighting the sky. there's when people are too distracted by it. 
mingi grabbed your hand and pulled you into his arms. he carried you on his shoulder to the garden behind the lodging. he pushed you to the wall and skimmed your body with his hand through your dress's material. you could feel his breath fanning over your skin, and you tried to hold out your whimper. 
you knew from the smell of his breath he was drunk. you don't want to take advantage of this even though it satisfies you. you need him to crave for you when he's sane and in his right mind. you caressed his cheek, "i think you're drunk, " you whispered. "you know, we could do this another time when you genuinely want me, " you said. 
you pushed him over and walked back to the lodging, only to meet yeosang returning from the party. "leaving so early, " he smirked at you. "oh, shut it, " you giggled. "anyway, i'm going to sleep; i don't want my face to be bloated, " you jokingly said. "as you wish, princess, " he pulled your arms and led you to his room. "i mean in my room, " you said before entering. 
"no, your room is too far and on the second floor, " he said. "i'm drunk and don't want to carry you there; the stairs are way too much, " he said. "fair point, " you hummed. you walked into his room, and you took in the view in it. it was tidy and clean, but you had no choice but to be trapped in this room until the following day. 
yeosang pushed you to his bed, "you should be careful, you know, " he warned. "i had to jerk myself off because of what you did on the bus, " he added. you gulped down your saliva, "oh, so you're scared now? " he scoffed. "sure, you are; let this be your lesson not to tempt me, " yeosang pulled down your panty, "i'm going to make sure you won't be able to walk tomorrow, " he pecked your pussy. 
he ate you up to the point you could feel you're dried, and your legs were trembling. your lewd moan makes him turn into some beast that devours their prey to their very last bone. this session lasted for an hour, him eating your pussy. it's true; the next day, you wake early to return to your room. yeosang laughed and helped you out. some coworkers asked, but you said you and yeosang were jogging too far.
yeosang plopped you down on your bed and pecked your temple, "i'm sorry about last night, but it was tasty, " he said. you hummed, "i think there's a sense of relief down there, " you chuckled. "hmm, it sure does, " he said. "well, get ready or something because there's something we could do in the noon, " yeosang added.
reasonably, the noon was great. yeosang took you to a lovely eatery to have brunch and returned to your room because he couldn't hold himself up. series of your cum and his cum mixed on the bed sheets. he never did come inside you; disappointing, isn't it? but you know, he couldn't make you feel full even if his cock was inside you. he can't make you scream and beg for more than your ability to handle. 
he is skilled, but he's not something you craved. he's not something you want to devour like it was your last dessert. the engulfing feeling of something was not there to appear, but hey, it was nice to have someone to let the relief out. he wiped your pussy neatly and plopped down beside you. you two cuddled up until both of you fell asleep.
mingi was busy playing with sibyl, but he did notice that he hadn't seen the two of you since brunch. he was a bit confused from last night because he partially remembered some of the things. he did remember pulling you to the garden, but he didn't remember anything after that. he tried to, but he couldn't remember what came after he teased you. nevertheless, it's his homework to do fast before he loses his chance.
the following day was the last day of the outing. you were too tired, yes tired, because yeosang didn't even leave a second to rest. he dried the fuck out of you. so you decided to sleep on the bus on the way back home. this outing was nasty; you thought inside your mind that it consumed your dreams. all the things you did with yeosang played in your dreams but with mingi.
this outing made you want to know what mingi would taste, though you really can't do this at the boutique. you were sure that mingi had kept checking tabs on you ever since the outing. he often called you to his office and held you there without saying anything while he did the paperwork. you were allowed to leave the office if he signed his paperwork.
while you kept up at your counter, he would come by and smirk at you. because he knew, behind those counters, yeosang was squeezing your butt. no one would know this because you and yeosang are on the same counter. mingi might be jealous, but that was yeosang's idea to help you. in that case, mingi wants you more than he could imagine.
he kept jerking his cock off once in a while in his office or imagining you railed him. nasty thought but needed. he planned a throughout idea so that he could fuck the out of you when his house is empty. he wanted you to taste his toys. he wanted you to know that you made his mind go crazy. he schemed that the nanny would take sibyl to a camp with her friends.
this plan took a month to perfect, but he knew it was worth it. 
mingi asked you to come to his house because he wanted your opinion about redecorating sibyl's room. "oh my, i would be honored to do such a job, " you excitedly claimed. you almost jumped but in tiny. mingi hummed because he finally got you. he didn't want to waste any time. "great, see you on saturday, " he said.
mingi promised to pick you up from your house at 9 am. you woke up at 7 am and got ready until 8:55 am. you wore some short pleated skirts with a baggy shirt with its ends tucked into your skirts. you saw mingi's car from afar; well, you noticed because you've been there once. 
"hi, " he greeted you from his car window. "hi, " you replied while pulling his car door to sit on the passenger seat next to him. "you look nice today, " he said. you blushed and shyly thanked him. you told him that he looked nice too. how could you not? when he dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt buttoned. not fully buttoned, much to your dismay, because you need to hold yourself together.
you can't peek through the unbuttoned, but mingi made this challenging. he kept stirring the wheel while changing the gear, making that shirt disarray. you could see his skin and his chest. you have this figured. from his body line, you could see how buffed that body is, sturdy chest and plump lap. you could ride him in a comfortable thigh of his. the veins on his hands made you wonder if he'll be able to choke you with those.
"(y/n), staring is rude, " he chuckled. you averted his glanced and looked out the view from the window. you missed the way mingi stared back at your neck. he vividly remembered when you came to work with yeosang; he saw a purplish mark on your skin. he knew someone must've eaten you up. he wanted to have a glimpse of you if he could be the other one to eat you out.
he wanted to see what your body, something you hide from the clothing you wore. still, he wanted to know if you're up doing something kinky with him. never mind, it wasn't something he should be bothered about when he invited to come and redecorate his daughter's room. he didn't mean anything else to happen; he swore.
you had arrived at mingi's house. it's spacious, and you could see the garden he had. he's old money. "come in, (y/n), " he said. you entered his house, "hello, " you greeted. he giggled, "no one's home, (y/n), " he said. you looked confused, "huh? " you questioned. "yeah, sibyl had this camp with her nanny. the only people here were the maid and nanny, me, and sibyl, for now, " he added.
he led you to sibyl's room. it was nice and looked cozy. you hummed, "well, this room needs some lighting; it's a tad darker than usual, " you said. "true, maybe that's why she's always sleepy when playing in her room, " mingi added. you added some other remarks about the room while mingi noted it down. "you know, your taste was not bad, " he said. you chuckled, "nah, it's a girls' thing, " you jokingly said. 
"okay, " he giggled. his charming smile and gentle gesture made you ponder; he must be this perfect, or he had one of the sinister alter egos. the talk about the room continued until it was suddenly late evening. "i'm sorry to keep you this long, " mingi said. "no, it's okay. she's a princess, must get her the best, " you replied. "well, wanna eat something for dinner? " he asked. "no, it's okay. i'm going back anyway, "
"what a drag. come on, it's my treat to you for helping me out, " mingi pouted. he persuasively asks you to stay until dinner, and he convinces you. somehow, you're not surprised. because if you were him, you would've noticed how hard it was to contain the tension. a slight of brushed hands with each other, and accidentally grind your ass against the door rail when you bent down to pick up the pen mingi dropped on purpose, unaware that you were stepping on his foot. did you turn him on unwillingly or willingly? no one knows. but mingi pent those up inside of him.
while having dinner with him, you talked about the office and how grateful you are to be accepted there. you're not trying to lick his ass so he could promote you, but you're genuinely thankful. he watched you rambling things while his nasty mind imagined your voice as you moaned against his ear. how lewd and erratic you sounded when you whined, "i think sibyl is going to like the room, " you said. he snapped from it, and an awkward smile appeared on his face.
the weather wasn't that hot, and it was supposed to be cold and icy autumn. you didn't know what to do or expect from this desirable form of mingi seated beside you during dinner. you know his pants tented up. you know his mind probably has these racing thoughts of nasty things. you had finished your food and were going to wash your hands but turned the wrong side of the water. 
heated water splashed around your hand, and it was hot, but rather than a scream, you, unaware, moaned lowly to your breath. mingi pretended not to hear any of that, but he was sure that any given chance he had, he'd eat you. "are you okay? " he asked. "oh, yeah, yeah, i'm okay, " you replied. you didn't know the impact of your moan to him, erected him.
mingi grabbed the ice from the refrigerator to cool down your hands while you were still washing your hands with normal water. you turned around and bumped into mingi's chest. mingi looked down at you with a dark gaze lingering in your eyes. his breath is gliding over your face. he placed your hand on the counter with his, "look, it's not okay, " he scoffed. 
you huffed a breathy air making your chest pump, and he could feel it brush against his. he bit the ice cubes from the bowl he had held his ice on. he pulled himself closer to you; he clenched your jaw to open your mouth with force. he placed the ice between your teeth and pushed it deeper with his tongue. you felt the ice sending some sensual tingle in your body.
he exhaled against you, and he slowly came closer to lick the ice while his knees were toying with your thigh to spread it open. your pussy was starting to wet, and you were ready to push him, but you wanted to explore everything about him. "tell me you want more; that'll do the job, " he whispered. your breath was uncontrollably ragged.
"i, " you stuttered. "i, what? " "i want more, " you quickly mumbled.
he scoffed, and he kissed you with the ice to spice it up. he took your lips in his, tonguing your mouth, and rubbed his knee towards your pussy. as the kiss went deeper, his knee pressed harder on your pussy. he bit your tongue and licked your lips. you moaned his name while he rubbed your pussy with his knee vigorously. your whimpering was evident to him.
one thing you learn from yeosang, he won't let you come until he allows you to. so, maybe, you need to tell, mingi before you came, "mingi, i think i'm going to come, " your pussy twitched on his knee. "oh, did yeosang teach you this? " he asked. your whimpering was getting shakier, "m-mhm, " you replied. mingi's smile was getting more sinister. he rubbed your pussy faster until you couldn't handle it. you bit your lips and tried to hold your breath, but all that effort won't stop you from coming. 
your shaky leg, uncharacteristically breathing, and twitching inside your pussy was the sign you were close. "mingi, please, i'm close, " you begged. he shook his head, "so? " he smirked. "do you think i would let you? fuck, no, " he snapped, but he continued rubbing your pussy. well, you came without his permission. "oh, you dare? yeosang must've gone too soft with you, " he sneered.
your spine chilled when you heard mingi says that. "you can have that with yeosang, but not with me. i'm not your soft something you had your dream on, " he said. "look at you, i haven't done anything besides rubbing your pussy, " he added. you know it's the truth, but you want something to fill you in. you want something to hit your spot hard and make you tremble, begging him to stop. "i want more, please, " you pleaded.
he smirked and pulled your hands into his playroom. toys you haven't even tried even once in your life were filling his playroom. "just tell me if you want it to stop, " he muttered. "yes, master, " you said. "hmm, someone smart teaches you well, i suggest, " he said. you gasped at how quickly you adapted to it. well, it's in you, you know. you looked up about that. you wanted that, and you craved that, and how your experience with yeosang was a clear sign that you needed this. how yeosang treated you with aftercare, you are pleased.
mingi told you to strip down your clothes and call him when you have finished. you did, and he returned to tie your hair into a ponytail. he pulled you to a standing mirror at the corner of the room, "you need to know how you look when you're high, " he grinned. he picked the ice cube from the bowl on his nightstand. he stood behind you and trailed down the ice from your neck to your nipple and ended up on your pussy. "hold it there; don't drop it, " he mumbled to your ear. 
"master, " you moaned because it was making your pussy clench. he nibbled your earlobe while licking it with ice in his mouth. he saw your mouth agape, mouthing a silent moan. his hand circled your nipples, squeezed your boobs, and pinched the tip of the nipple firmly. his low voice turns you on and on. your wet pussy was seeping through the ice. "master, please, " you moaned. 
he shook his head, "not yet, baby girl, " he smirked. you hazily want to close your eyes because the pleasure from the ice on your pussy is spinning your head. before you could even do that, mingi smacked your ass, causing your body to jolt. your legs were trembling, and luckily, the hot heat around your pussy melted down the ice. 
mingi noticed that, and he plopped the ice from his mouth to yours. he bent down to toy your clit with his finger, and he sleds over your legs to face you while he sat down on the floor, and you're there standing with legs that are ready to give up on you. he bit your clit lightly and sucked them while twirling your clit with his tongue. you wanted to touch your hardened nipples, but you're hanging onto mingi's hair because you can't stand it anymore.
he ate you, "master, i'm close, " you said. he's good with his tongue and making you come twice in only 30 minutes. "you can come, cupcake, " he said, and there you come. there, in his mouth. this liquid exchange couldn't be nastier, but it could. he kept your cum in his mouth, only to make a way to your mouth and alter your cum into your mouth while he kissed you and fought your tongue for dominance. "you should know how savory you are, so swallow it, " he demanded. 
you swallowed your cum and went for his lips to kiss him, but he crashed your first. he bit your lips and went for your jaw. you weren't closing your eyes because watching this particularly erotic scene made your pussy twitch. he marked your neck, leaving purplish hickeys throughout your body. he ate you. he wanted to engulf you like the demon devours every human soul.
he pushed you down to his cock, "try mine, " he said. without any hesitation, you spat on your hand and started to knead his balls, and licked his cock. you sucked his tip, slowly pushing his cock down to your throat. you bobbed your head while he pressed your head so his cock could penetrate your throat. you looked at his eyes coyly while giving him a blow job, almost choked, but you enjoyed it. you loved how big, thick, and quickly twitched his cock was. 
"(y/n), " he groaned. you pulled your mouth off his dick and gave him the most incredible hand job possible. "it's okay, master, come in my mouth, " you sucked his tip to tease him. not long after, he came inside your mouth. a mouthful cum filled your mouth. you swallowed them without him asking. you licked his balls before he held your hand and led them to his shoulder. you gripped his shoulder firmly. 
he placed both of your legs on his hip; his fingers were playing with your clit while his other hand put his cock slowly to your entering. you pushed your vagina deeper into his cock, "master, " you felt his big cock inside your core. he thrust in slowly into you. he groaned and supported your hip to move faster. his dick was about to come again until he pulled them off. he grabbed the leather belt and tied your hand to a pole. 
he bent you down, and you knew, "master, please spread your cum inside me, " you begged. "you gotta work for it, babe, " he replied. he pushed his cock again inside your pussy from the back. this time, the thrusts were getting faster and harsher. your pussy was witching hard, so you decided to move your hip along with his.
you managed to catch up with his rhyme. "master, " you moaned. he knew you were about to come, "it's okay, baby girl, you can come, " and your cum spread over his cock. he thrust harder, "i'm close too, " he said. "come inside me, master. fill me up with your juices, " you whined. 
there, you felt something warm filling your vagina and making you whole. mingi untied the belt, "are you up for another session? " he asked. "hmm, master, i'm ready, " you said. right after, he handcuffed you with his favorite leather handcuff to his bed frame. he crawled onto the bed and pulled your pussy closer to his face. he sucked your pussy and bit your clit softly. you didn't count how many times you came, but he did that to ensure you couldn't walk the next day. 
you huffed an airy breath, and he did the same while lying beside you. "i'm sorry, i went too hard, " he said. you looked at him, "no, you're not. it was great, " you shyly claimed. "well, if you want to have another one, we could do that if you uncuffed my hand, " you giggled. he gasped, "sorry, baby, " he chuckled. he unlocked the handcuff and pulled you closer to him. "we need to clean you up, " he claimed. 
he carried you to the bathroom and put you in the bathtub. he filled the bathtub with water while he picked the shampoo and soap. well, after that uncountable session you did, your body was full of sweat and sticky. he cleaned you up, brushed your back, and washed your hair. he dressed you in his clothes and pants, of course, no underwear. who would want to wear their wet underwear dirty? no one.
it was 3 in the morning, and you noticed how long your sessions took with him. he cuddled you up in his arms, "mingi, " you mumbled. he pecked your temple and kneaded your breast. "let's talk about it tomorrow, hm, " he said. he pulled your shirt up and started to suck your nipples. "i wanted to milk you out until you're left powerless, " he whispered. "no, i just want to say i love this, " you chuckled. he bit your nipple firmly, "i do, too, " he smiled. you squirmed into his arms and nestled into his hug—what a great night!
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yoongiseesawmp3 · 20 hours ago
oh he’s good - san (m)
part of the church boy series.
summary: san, a non-believer, has one of the best voices in the church choir, and maybe one of the best voices in the world. fresh off a break up, you’re not looking for anything serious, and he isn’t either... but someone definitely falls faster and harder than they should.
word count: 11.4k (i am so sorry)
warnings: smut!!! some talk abt god n stuff. alcohol use. swearing? 
your relationship with church is...complicated, to say the least. you’re one of those kids that grew up going and never had the chance to make the decision yourself if you actually “believed” or not, so here you are as an adult, still going to church...just because? 
because it’s comfortable and familiar, maybe, and that might be why you find yourself at church this sunday after the worst breakup of your life. you weren’t ready for forever with your ex, but it wasn’t off the table on your end. they had other plans, though, and after a few rocky months you came home the other day to an empty apartment. great way to start the summer, huh? 
anyway, you came to church thinking you could surprise your family with the unannounced visit, but the one day you’re sitting in the usual pew is the one day your family decides to sleep in. at least you’ve got the whole pew to yourself, so you can doodle and no one will elbow you to stop or give you a side eye for not paying full attention to the service. 
the organ music starts and you’ve got your bulletin in your lap, skimming through to see what’s been happening since you’ve been gone. the choir starts to file in, and you watch the swoosh of purple robes as they make their way to the choir loft. there’s a lot more people in the choir than you remember, so many that they have to walk doubled up down the aisle instead of single file. that has the robes dangerously close to swiping the lip gloss right off your mouth, and one clumsy singer trips ever so slightly at the pew behind yours. they grab onto the back of your pew to balance themselves, pulling your hair in the process, and you yelp in surprise. a hushed “shit, sorry, so sorry!” meets your ears, and you look up to find the sharpest features staring back at you. the man above you has stilled slightly, holding up the line, but his eyes are reading concerned and he mouths “you ok?” to which you nod. he gives you a quick once over before he nods back and continues the procession down the aisle, but you don’t miss the way he turns to make sure you’re still watching him as he walks away. 
you try to make it less obvious that, yes, you are staring straight at him, but the way his eyes have been locked on yours since he sat down makes that difficult. you can’t even play it off like you’re looking at the pastor because the hair puller is over near the piano and nowhere near the pulpit. speaking of the pastor, as he greets everyone, your mystery man nods in his direction, as if to say “you should pay attention to this.” you just smile to yourself as you take another moment to stare into his shining eyes, and then your attention is where it needs to be.
except, you know that feeling of somebody definitely watching you? that lingers as you try to listen to the announcements the pastor is sharing, and you can’t help but feel the warmth of someone’s eyes committing your face to memory. your eyes flit back over to mr. sly smile, and he outright grins when you catch him locked in on you and you only. now it’s your turn to point your head in the direction of the big man (er, the big man’s mouthpiece, technically, sorry god) and your choir boy has the audacity to laugh! in church! at something other than a lame joke made by a parishioner! how dare he. 
you would keep this inner monologue going in your head but the pastor motioning for the choir snaps you out of it, mostly because your target suddenly isn’t where he was a second ago. instead he’s walking down to the lectern, music book in hand, and smiling a million dollar smile at the congregation. the music slowly begins as he settles at the lectern, and you watch intently as he places his book down and adjusts the mic for what must be his upcoming solo. the song starts with the makeshift orchestra tucked away in the choir loft, and choir boy takes a deep breath before he begins to sing in the most honey-coated voice you’ve ever heard. there are no words except beautiful, warm and welcoming for his voice, and you’re sad when his solo is over too soon for your liking. you snap out of the trance his voice put you in and notice he’s, yep, still staring right at you. 
the next part of the service goes about the same, cute church boy staring into your sinner’s soul as you doodle and try to ignore him until you can’t take it anymore and risk a glance up at his fierce gaze. you know this is some form of weird church flirting, but you have to remind yourself not to get too excited about it. you’re still healing from your breakup and don’t need a crush, so you do your best to snap out of it before the pastor prays you out and everyone leaves. hopefully you can slip out unnoticed by anybody and be on your merry little way to annoy your family for not coming to church today.
unfortunately for you, you forgot that in the last service the choir gets to either leave after the offering (since they’ve been there all morning) or they can join their loved ones in the pews. and guess who’s sitting in the only completely empty row in the entire sanctuary? you. and guess who decides that this is the perfect spot to spread out and glance your way from a way shorter distance? choir boy. so now you have to sit through an entire sermon with his eyes glancing dangerously up and down your body. you grip tighter on the nub of a pencil you found in the attendance pad, and continue sketching the best possible flower meadow you can muster.
as a kid, you would get these little activity books each sunday that tied into what the sermon was about so that your baby brain could comprehend what the adults were talking about while you sat there, and you think that’s what started your habit of doodling during the message. you’d always rush through the activities as a kid so you could spend the rest of your time coloring to your heart’s content, so now you use the limited skills and resources at your disposal to sketch out a flower meadow that the pastor is using as part of his big metaphor. you don’t notice choir boy beside you leaning over for a sneaky glance at the paper in your lap, and he smiles when he sees you so focused on your little doodles. it inspires him to grab a paper of his own and scratch out a note, which he passes to you. you look up at him and he smiles softly, a little spark of a joke that you’re not in on yet shining in his eyes. he looks down at the note, encouraging you to take it, and your fingertips brush as you pull the note from him. 
“whatcha doin?” it reads, and you scoff quietly. 
“drawing,” you whisper back. “it helps me focus.”
you’re met with silence in response, and a quick look at your new friend shows him stooped over another scrap, writing another note that he passes to you when he’s done. 
“no talking in church!!!!!!!” he warns, with about twenty messy exclamation points. you laugh quietly and see that he’s handing you another note, which reads “i’m san, btw :) what’s your name?”
you take the note from him once again, and write back “y/n” before you hold it up for san to see. he nods after reading it and leans in as he whispers “pretty name. nice to meet you, y/n.”
“no talking in church!!” you whisper back, and you add a harsh, quick “sh!” for good measure. san laughs at you and nods in understanding, pointing his attention back to the front of the sanctuary. but he doesn’t stop glancing your way, watching as you capture your tongue between your lips in concentration as you add a tree to your small meadow scene. san smiles and shakes his head, almost so he can shake away the same thoughts you were just having. he’s still in a weird situationship with his ex/sometimes gf, so he doesn’t need to flirt with you or string you along. something about you, though...he’s hooked, and he knows it. 
the service lets out and you get a text from your mom that she is in fact at church, but she went to the early service and then joined her friend’s sunday school class since she thought no one else from the family was coming today. since you’ve been living on your own for a few months now, you decide to wait for your mom to finish her class so you can say hi before you leave. while you wait you exchange pleasantries with church members you haven’t seen in a while, and you quickly get tired of explaining that no, that nice boy who came to christmas eve services last year is not with you and no, he probably won’t be coming back again. 
after maybe the sixth person rubs salt in your wound, you feel a tap on your shoulder, which is strange considering your mom would most likely just pull you into a hug. you turn expecting to see someone else and you’re met with san, who smiles and waves like he didn’t just get your attention on purpose. he’s lost the purple choir robe and now you can see how buff he is, which is entirely too distracting. he’s wearing a nice white button up (lord help those buttons, they’re struggling) and some dark linen pants, and he looks delectable. you smile at him in return as you try to shut your mind off and keep your eyes from staring at his broad shoulders and tiny waist.
“so, y/n,” he begins. “do you have lunch plans?”
“i’m gonna stop you right there, buckaroo,” you say, placing a hand up for emphasis.
“buckaroo?” san scoffs with a grin. “didn’t know this was a wild west film.”
“i’m being serious,” you warn him. “as much fun as it was not paying attention to the sermon with you, i’m not looking for anything serious, so i’m afraid i can’t be your lunch date.”
“who said anything about being my date?” he asks incredulously. “i was just making small talk. i’m already spoken for, sweet cheeks.”
“how charming,” you say with a roll of your eyes. “does your sweetheart know you flirt with other people when they’re not around?”
“it’s complicated,” san says with a tense smile. “anyway. it was nice to formally meet you, y/n. can’t wait to annoy you another day.”
what did he mean by ‘it’s complicated’ and how complicated could it be if he felt comfortable enough flirting with someone else without a hint of remorse? san might not be the kind of guy you need to get mixed up with, especially not right now, but...it’s tempting. thankfully, you hear the sound of your mom’s laughter from down the hall and you know a welcome distraction is on the way. you can think more about san and his mischievous eyes later.
during the week, you have the luxury of picking when you want to go into the office. the other days, you can work from home, or more often than not, you go to the coffeeshop by your new house. it’s quick, it’s convenient, and it’s cheap. it’s also an easy way for you to focus and get a bunch of work done so you usually come here when you want to condense a long day’s work into just a couple hours. 
you’re about three hours deep into work mode when you realize you need another coffee, so you get up from your seat and take your empty mug back up to the front. it’s just about lunch time, so the afternoon rush is slowly starting, and you take a place a few people back in line. you notice what appears to be a couple arguing at the counter (over what, you don’t know) and that’s slowing the line down. they’re definitely fighting though, and you look down at your phone to make it less obvious you’re trying to eavesdrop. finally they get their drinks and the guy turns to leave in such a rush that he grazes your side, almost spilling coffee all over you. you look up, ready to cuss someone out, when you hear a familiar “shit, sorry, i’m sorry” and that’s when you notice it’s none other than san. he makes eye contact with you briefly as the girl next to him tugs on his arm and complains that he “always takes too long,” and you give him a shy wave before focusing back on the line ahead of you. 
the following monday, you find yourself back at your favorite table, working away. today should be a short day for you, so you’ve invited a friend to join you and you’re currently gossiping over his coworker that claims he went on vacation to greece but it was actually a lie to make him look cool.
“yeah, so when i went into his office, right,” your friend yeosang begins. “he told me he had gifts for everybody, so i went to look at what he brought, and first of all, he had a jar of olives on his desk that i KNOW is from whole foods, and THEN he tried to tell us that the ‘pita bread’ he brought back must have been smushed in his suitcase but actually i think they were just tortillas.”
“why would he do that?” you laugh, taking a sip of your quickly cooling coffee. the only bad thing about inviting yeosang is that you tend to get too wrapped up in the conversation and you always let your coffee go cold. as you take another sip you notice another couple talking animatedly about something, just a few tables behind you. yeosang hears it too and you both stop your conversation to listen in. 
“i don’t know why you keep trying to control me,” a woman’s voice begins. “it’s not like you’re fully committed to this relationship either.”
“yeah, but i don’t hang all over other girls and embarrass you in front of everyone you know,” the guy responds, and your ears perk up at the sound. “he’s one of my best friends and you almost ruined his relationship too!”
“oh so i ruin relationships now? that’s what this is?” she asks. “san, i never knew when this turned into a relationship. i thought this was something fun, something casual, but you’re the one making it into something it’s not.”
san. she said san, didn’t she? you try to peek around yeosang, but he just turns with you to glance at the poor couple fighting loud enough for the whole cafe to hear. 
“c’mon, don’t be like that,” he says, and now that you’re listening for his voice it definitely sounds like the san you met last weekend. you see the girl stand up, lean over the table, and tell him something you can’t hear, and then she storms away. poor san is left by himself for a moment before he jolts up and follows her, clumsily knocking into yeosang’s chair as he passes by. he starts to apologize when he catches your eye, and you just watch quietly as he leaves without a word. 
the week after you attended church alone, you purposefully made plans so you wouldn’t have to go that following sunday. but you slipped up talking to your mom and now she expects you to be there this coming weekend, and after what you saw at the coffeehouse you almost want to go just to see how san’s doing.
not in a check in on him type of way, though. you mostly wanna go to see what kind of train wreck has been left in the aftermath. i mean, if you got broken up with publicly? you’d probably crawl into a hole and start the hibernation process. but no, as you accompany your mom into church the next sunday, you see san’s shock of black hair towering above the old ladies of the choir and he seems just fine. you avert your eyes before he can turn and meet your gaze, and you follow your mom quickly to your seats. 
the service goes along as usual, only this time no cute choir boy accidentally pulls your hair or decides to sit right next to you in your still (surprisingly) empty pew. he does, however, stare at you every chance he gets. once he sits down, he stares. he stands up to sing (no solo this week) and instead of looking at his music book, he’s staring right at you. again, it’s the last service of the day so the choir gets to sit in the congregation or leave, and san holds eye contact with you the entire time he walks down the main aisle. you don’t turn to see where he goes though, because that would put your mom on your tail, so you just settle back into your seat and prepare for a long winded sermon. 
after the service, you think you’re in the clear because you didn’t spot san in the sanctuary, but as soon as you and your mom enter the narthex you feel a tap on your shoulder, eerily similar to the one you felt just a couple weeks ago. you turn, and sure enough, there’s san standing and smiling at you once again. 
“hi san,” you say with fake cheer. “choir sounded great today.”
“oh, yes, it did!” your mom coos, suddenly interested in this conversation rather than the one where she was gossiping with her friend about the pastor’s wife. “san, is it?”
“yes ma’am,” he nods politely. “and thank you, y/n. i appreciate that.”
“how do you two know each other?” your mom prys, and you open your mouth to speak but san beats you to it. 
“actually, i scouted y/n a couple weeks ago,” he begins. “we’ve been trying to start up a young adult ministry for a while now, but there’s never enough people interested.” then he turns fully to you. “so i was wondering if you’d be up for a bible study? with other people our age. we’d meet outside the church, at a restaurant or someone’s house, whatever we feel like that week. it should be fun.”
“a bible study?” you repeat, and he simply nods, blinking back at you as if to convey a message in morse code. 
“that would be wonderful!” your mom replies. “i’ve been trying to get y/n into a study for years, this would be perfect.”
“great!” san says happily, matching your mom’s energy. “what do you think, y/n? we meet on thursdays, i can send you the details and you can decide later on if you want to come.”
“that’s fine,” you agree, and your mom, proud, walks off to go tell her friend you’re finally coming back to jesus. now that you’re alone though, san continues. 
“so i’ll need your number to send you the details,” he says with a suggestive smirk, and you groan. 
“i knew you were up to something,” you sigh. “i don’t even wanna go, i hate bible studies.”
“trust me, you’ll like this one,” he says, holding his hand out. “now fork it over, sweetcheeks. let me put my number in.”
“fine,” you gripe. “don’t waste your time naming yourself something special, i’ll just change it to choi san when you’re done.” 
“what’s the fun in that?” he asks, passing your phone back to you. the contact card is still up, and he’s named himself “the golden voice of god.”
“humble, aren’t we?” you tease, and he smiles.
“i’ll see you on thursday,” he replies, but you protest weakly as he walks away. “i can even pick you up, if you want!” and then he’s gone. 
so. it’s thursday night. you weren’t planning on going to the bible study, but san has been bugging you all day with texts trying to convince you to come. and when his initial tactic of “well i’m gonna be there, why don’t you wanna be there?” didn’t work, then he started luring you with food. whoever is hosting tonight is apparently rich, and they got one of your favorite restaurants to cater the freaking bible study. who does that?? so that’s the only reason you’re considering it. seriously. no other reason. at all.
now, if you were to ask why is san picking you up, well, that answer is more simple. because you wanted him to. despite your desire to stay away from anyone who could further break your heart, you’re intrigued by this man. a small part of you wants to get to know him, and that part of you won tonight. 
so that’s how you ended up texting san at the last minute that you want to come, and he responds almost immediately with “great :) what’s ur address?”
a little while later, san pulls up in the most mom car you’ve ever seen. it’s better suited for a family of six, not a single dude in his 20s. you almost want to laugh when he gets out to open your door, and not just because the door sticks and he makes cute noises while he tries to yank it open. it makes you wanna laugh because this insight into his life is why you’re here. he doesn’t seem real to you, but this car and its ugliness is very real. his smile and the way it lights up for you seems real. whatever is pulling you toward him even though you should go the opposite direction, that’s also very real. so here you are, in his front seat, going to bible study for some good food and hopefully some answers. 
except, you pull up and it doesn’t look like bible study at all. there’s a shit ton of cars in the driveway and wrapped around the house, and as san parks you hear music coming out of the slightly open front door. 
“ok, a few questions,” you say after letting san get your door once again. “first of all, i thought we were going to bible study. second of all, i thought you said there weren’t enough young adults to start a ministry. this house has enough cars to pack the sanctuary on easter sunday.’
“neither of those were questions,” san astutely points out. “you wanna try again?”
“yeah, what the hell are we doing here?” 
“ooo, baby used the h word at bible study,” he gasps, and you whine “but this is obviously not bible study!” to which san responds, “you’re right, it’s not. well, not technically. see, the group of young ‘leaders’ they asked to coordinate this group is actually myself and a few other non-believers who just so happen to be the best actors of the century, so everyone falls for it when we act all holy, but in reality, me and the other ‘leaders’ couldn’t give a rat’s ass about bible study or hymns or all that.”
before san’s rant, he started walking you toward the party house in front of you. and the more he revealed, the slower your steps became. when he finished, you were completely stopped, mouth agape and eyes in disbelief. san turns to find out why you’ve stopped, and he lets out a full chested laugh when he sees you in such shock.
“what, did you fall for it too?”
“YES?” you reply. “oh my god? so you’re telling me you started a bible study as a front for throwing parties, and you’re also an atheist? why do you sing in the choir then?!”
“i need the practice,” he says with a shrug. “i still want to be a singer, deep down. and it makes me feel good to get my little choir bonus because it makes me feel like i’m getting paid to sing, which is what i’ve always wanted. church is just the only place i can do that with pretty low effort. plus it makes my parents happy.”
“i’m sorry, i’m still having a hard time processing all of this,” you say. “golden boy san isn’t as golden as he seems? who knew.”
“right?” he smiles. “i’m just full of surprises. now, shall we go in?”
yeah, this absolutely is not a bible study. but san wasn’t lying when he said the mysterious owner of this house was getting food catered. you walk inside and instantly you’re met with the smell of your favorite greek restaurant, noticing all of the food piled onto the dining room table, tucked away from all of the mischief happening in the rest of the house. you start picking at the pita and hummus when san appears next to you, honestly you forgot he was still nearby. 
“so obviously,” he begins, “food’s in here, drinks are in the kitchen, party is in the living room and upstairs-” this is said with a suggestive wink, “and then if it gets to be too much for you, there’s a bonfire going outside.”
“who said this would be too much for me?” you ask, sucking an olive into your mouth with a pop. san laughs and shakes his head. 
“i’m gonna go get a drink, what do you want?”
“i’ll come with you,” you reply, following him like a lost puppy. you’re now realizing you don’t know many people here, so whether you like it or not, you might be spending a lot of time with san tonight. 
he shows you all the alcohol options (this is still so shocking, these are all church kids?) and you ask him to make you something with vodka. he makes you some concoction that he swears is delicious, and when you take a sip it’s so strong it makes your nose hairs feel like they’re burning away.
“you trying to get me wasted, san?” you jokingly ask, and his eyes go wide.
“no, oh my god, sorry,” he replies, reaching for your drink but you swat him away. “what? i’ll make you a new one and take that one, i’m so sorry.”
“no, you still have to drive later, mr. mini van,” you tease. “i was just messing with you. i can handle this atomic sludge that you decided to serve me, but don’t judge if i make a face or two after each sip.”
“oh i will if they make you look funny,” he quips back and you can’t help but laugh at the glee in his voice. 
“noted,” you mumble as you take another sip, and you wince when the drink burns going down. you risk a glance back at san and he just smiles and mimics taking a photo, and you realize that being around him might make this a long night. 
after san makes himself a less toxic drink, you go back to the food and start to  make a plate, but trying to balance your drink and get food is a struggle. san notices and politely takes you drink so you can fix your plate, but he’s giving his commentary over your shoulder the whole time.
“i don’t like olives, why are you getting so many?” he whines. “and put more chicken, that’s not enough for both of us.”
“who said this was for us?” you ask incredulously. “get your own plate.”
“i’m a little busy babe,” he says, holding up both drinks. “so add more chicken for me?” he says with a pout. “pretty please?”
“ugh, fine,” you sigh. “tell me when to stop.” you add another scoop, and look to san but his eyes tell you to keep going. you go for another, and he continues watching expectantly. “do you want me to just make you a plate?”
“no, i want us to share,” he pouts again. “just a little more though.”
“did you not eat today or something,” you mumble as you add as much food as the plate will handle.
“no actually,” he replies. “it was a busy one so i didn’t really have time.”
“san, you can’t do that!” you scold him. “you need to take care of yourself.”
“what if i want you to do it for me?” he asks with a teasing lilt in his voice. you groan in response and confirm that you have enough food before you shoulder your way through some partygoers in search of a place to sit and eat. san follows behind you and looks around, noticing the same time as you that there’s no open space inside. so he leans down to whisper in your ear “maybe we could sit outside?” but his proximity and the way his lips so barely grazed your ear have your heart racing. you watch as san takes the lead now, looking over his shoulder to make sure you’re following, and you hope in the dim light he doesn’t notice your blush. but of course he does, because he turns back around with the smuggest smile on his face. 
you finally make it outside and find plenty of open space, but san insists on the swinging bench by the fire, so you carefully sit and balance the plate between the two of you. the light from the fire illuminates san’s sharp features, and you catch yourself staring as he offers your drink back to you. he quirks his head, almost wanting to ask if you were staring, but instead he just comments on how nice it feels outside, and you quietly agree.
“here,” you say, offering him the plate. “eat your chicken, protein monster.”
“you’re not gonna feed it to me?” he whines, and you have to audibly groan.
“you’re so..”
“what? charming, lovable?” he tries, and you shake your head.
“insufferable,” you finish, and he laughs before taking the plate from you and trying the food. “is it good?”
“yeah, here,” he says, holding a forkful of chicken out to you. now it’s your turn to laugh, because he’s making airplane noises trying to get you to take the food he’s offering. 
“stop it!” you finally manage to say. “nobody’s feeding anybody else! eat like a normal person or i’m taking the plate back. this is really my food, after all.”
“fine with me,” he says after scooping another bite of chicken. “eat your gross olives.” you sit in silence as you make a little pita, hummus, olive taco and san picks at the chicken a little more. after another quiet moment you start to speak.
“do you mind me asking why you didn’t eat today?” san just shrugs and reminds you he was busy. “but still. we got here almost at 8pm, that’s a long time to not eat. did you work today or something?”
“yeah,” san begins to explain. “i’ve been jumping around jobs lately, trying to make more time to take singing seriously, so i’m just in a funk right now i think. i don’t have a set schedule so it’s hard to keep up with everything. been a rough week.”
your mind flashes back to the blow up you watched in the cafe last week, and you wonder if san remembers seeing you there. you wonder if he knows you heard every word of his break up, and you also wonder if it would be wrong to let yourself feel something for him if you’re both so freshly out of relationships. but that’s a problem for another day.
“i know you saw me,” he continues, his eyes flicking up to meet yours. “at the cafe? sorry you had to hear that.”
“i’m sorry you had to go through that,” you counter. “break ups are never pretty, especially...like that.”
“yeah, that was a dick move on my part. i knew i wanted to break up with her so i shouldn’t have asked to meet there, but as her parting gift to me she had to do it first and make a scene,” he tries laughing it off. “but i’m fine, in that regard at least. i’m better off without her.”
“cheers to that,” you say, lifting your cup to tap san’s. you gag slightly at the sharp drop in taste from the delicious food to the shitty drink, and san chuckles.
“i didn’t realize i made it that bad.”
“yeah, maybe stick to singing, sweetcheeks.”
“what about you?” he asks, eyes still glued on you. “how’d yours happen?”
“it was easy,” you say with a shrug. “he didn’t love me anymore. years together just over in a couple minutes when i came home and saw him packing his things. not much you can say to stop that.”
“damn,” san whistles. “and i thought i was a dick.”
“you’re not a dick,” you assure him. “neither is my ex, and that’s the hard part. i want him to be a villain, but he’s just some dude trying to live his life now. nothing i can do about that.”
“you could start dating someone super cool and cute and hot and make him jealous though,” san offers, wiggling his eyebrows at you.
“nope, if i’m gonna come to bible study every week then you need to keep the flirting to a minimum. we’re both going through shit-”
“we could go through it together-”
“and i think, sweet sweet san, it would be good for us to be on our own for a little while,” you say, patting his shoulder. “just not the right time.”
“wait, go back,” he says, just processing. “you said you’ll come to bible study every week?”
“why not,” you shrug. “this is the first time i’ve enjoyed myself in the name of the lord. plus free food.”
“thanks be to god,” san says, tapping his cup with yours once more. 
the next few weeks you find yourself falling into a pattern with san. he picks you up for “bible study” in his mom-mobile, you grab as many snacks and drinks as you can carry, and you go sit outside by the fire. it’s nice, actually, spending time with him like this. he’s mellowed out, still flirting here and there, but you can tell you’re genuinely becoming friends as the weeks go on. you’re getting more comfortable with him, something you notice suddenly when you got a little too drunk too fast and started nodding off as san was explaining why his current part time job was busting his balls. it was also getting colder as the night went on, so you were slowly curling in on yourself to keep the cold out. san notices and grumbles something before he’s clearing the discarded food barrier between you two, and without giving you a chance to protest, he’s pulling you into his side. once he’s settled, you realize it’s not weird or awkward, it’s just...comfortable. and he’s so warm, which you didn’t realize you had mumbled that out to him.
“what’d you say?” he asks with a smile, looking down at your fluttering eyelashes as you nuzzle closer to him to fight the chill.
“said you’re really warm,” you repeat, your face smushed against his shoulder. your eyes are closed, so you don’t see the sweet look san gives you as he speaks next. 
“want me to take you home baby?”
“no,” you shake your head. “’m comfy. don’t move yet.”
“got it,” san laughs, twirling a piece of your hair as he waits for your current situation to click in your mind. it already has, because you stopped yourself from getting caught up in san’s scent a few minutes ago, but you decided to let yourself enjoy this moment. but san’s searing gaze is starting to get to you, and you crack an eye open to glare at him.
“stop looking at me like that,” you warn him.
“like what?” he counters. “your eyes were closed! how could you tell i was looking at you?”
“just knew,” you shrugged. “and you’re defensive, so i was right.”
“what, a friend can’t appreciate another friend’s beauty?” 
“no, we can’t,” you respond. “and stop playing with my hair, i’m really gonna fall asleep if you do that.”
“sorry,” he says, stopping immediately. “but can i still look at you?”
“depends on the look,” you say warily.
“alright, you tell me then,” he says quietly, glancing from your eyes down to your lips. “is this ok?” you nod, and he scoots closer, placing a hand on your thigh. “how about this?”
“that’s ok,” you agree, voice suddenly hiding from you. you clear your throat before you say again, “that’s fine, yeah.”
“but this would be too much, right?” san asks, cupping your cheek next. you shake your head no, and he quirks an eyebrow in questioning.
“it’s not too much,” you assure him, his thumb stroking your cheek as you speak. “feels nice cause i’m still cold.”
“maybe we should warm you up then?” he asks, another question in his eyes. you know what he wants to ask and you simply nod then lean in to meet his lips. 
let’s say you haven’t kissed a lot of people, but you’ve kissed enough to definitely know what it feels like. or so you thought. this kiss with san is like nothing else. when people say they feel a spark between them and someone else, this kiss is your proof that those sparks are real. suddenly the crisp fall air around you is forgotten, your body slowly warming from your head to your toes. the sparks collect and move from your lips to your waist where san has a steady grip on you. then the sparks move to your neck as san mumbles something about going home, and you quickly pull him back to your lips, wanting to stay in this moment longer. he tries pulling away once more and you finally let him go, whimpering when your lips disconnect. the sound just about breaks san’s heart, but his internal clock told him it was time to go. he needed to be up in a couple hours for work, and he’s afraid he wouldn’t sleep at all if he didn’t take you back to your apartment right now. he explains all this to you, and you just nod, cheeks still warm and getting ever warmer as he helps you up, arm wrapping around you as you walk together back to his car with san leaving a kiss on the top of your head before you separate. 
you know you shouldn’t be falling for choi san, but you sure as hell like being around him. you like kissing him too, which is something you both do frequently now without really discussing the consequences. that’s what you’re doing now, actually. san came by to take you to bible study like usual and instead of just texting that he was here, he came to your door and asked if he could come inside. he claims he needed to throw away some old coffee cups so you wouldn’t think he’s a gross pig, but in reality he just wanted to see your space. picture you in someplace other than the church or outside by the fire when his mind wanders and daydreams about you at work, or worse, when he’s singing. he’s caught himself humming love songs lately, and he’s scared and excited by the fact that each one reminds him of you.
you let him in warily, telling him you wanna get drunk tonight and he’s killing the vibe, but he just takes his time noticing all the little details of your home. noticing you. he notes the type of coffee on the counter and tucks that away for another time, and he notes that you have a bowl piled high with peaches and there’s about ten other peach scented things scattered around. that explains why you always smell so sweet. speaking of sweet, your voice as sweet as honey pulls him from his thoughts.
“san, cmon, let’s go,” you whine. “someone’s gonna take our spot.”
“oh baby,” he starts off, pulling his eyes away from the stack of books on your coffee table. “haven’t you been outside today? it’s freezing. party’s inside today.”
“ugh,” you groan. “that means more people. y’know, i think you’re the only person i like there.”
“then we’ll just have to find another way to end up by ourselves,” he says, suddenly very close to you. your back bumps into the kitchen counter and you brace yourself as san’s arms drape around you. “or maybe we could have a party of our own, here?” his thumb finds your chin, turning your face up to meet his eyes. he leans in to give you a tentative kiss. then you’re pulling him closer, making sure he can’t leave your grip. you stay like that, kissing slowly, and then san tugs your chin to get your attention. “what do you think, love? here, or bible study?” 
“b-bible study,” you stutter out, heart racing. you need a distraction from the man in front of you and his knowing smirks, his gleaming eyes that make you feel like the only person in the world. you need to get your mind off of him before you do something you shouldn’t. just kissing is fine, right? that’s not crossing too many lines. but what you wanted to do if you had continued making out definitely would’ve crossed a line. and you’re not ready to do that. or are you?
you’re not sure if it’s the fact that no one is sitting outside tonight, or maybe you’re just not used to being inside during these parties, but there’s a lot of people here. it’s crowded, it’s loud, and you can’t stop thinking about san, so these people are really just background noise to you. san is dragging you through the house, pointing out friends here and there. you meet his friend seonghwa and his girlfriend, who also go to your church. they seem nice, and you wished san would’ve just sat down with them, but he’s pulling you on to another part of the house in search of booze. your little rendezvous at your house made you late, and it looks like all the good stuff is gone. 
“damn,” san mumbles, looking over the sad collection of bottles. “all that’s left is everclear, some fireball, and tequila.”
“god, the tequila, please,” you urge. “if you make me drink fireball we’re never talking again.”
“bad experience with it or just don’t like the taste?” san questions, and you respond, “both.” he nods and laughs, grabbing the unopened bottle of tequila before an idea sparks in his eyes. “you know what we should do?”
“what?” you ask warily, not a fan of the excitement in his voice or the fire in his eyes.
“oh don’t sound so scared,” he teases, grabbing a few more things off the counter. he holds them up to you with a shit-eating grin. “we should take shots the right way.”
he’s showing off a salt shaker and a bowlful of lime wedges, and the joy on san’s face is telling you there’s no way out of this. 
“i wouldn’t say that’s the right way to take shots...”
“cmon y/n, it’ll be fun,” he says, and you listen only because he used your name. usually he calls you some kind of pet name, but this proves how badly he wants to do this. you follow him like a lost puppy as he goes back out to the party, and before you know it you’re following him upstairs. he checks that you’re still behind him, and you quirk your eyebrow at his choice of location.
“less people,” he shrugs. “want you to myself for a minute.”
having you to himself means occupying the only empty room, what looks like an office turned guest room based on the desk shoved in the corner and the small twin bed across from it. doesn’t leave many options for you to sit, so you take up the head of the bed while san situates himself at the foot. he balances everything for the shots carefully on the mattress before checking in with you.
“you good, babe?” 
“why wouldn’t i be?” you reply, and san shrugs. 
“you up for something interesting?” he asks, and suddenly you’re nervous. you’d been trying to repress whatever you’ve been feeling for san lately, but your game plan of going to bible study has led you into one of his easily laid traps. he wants to get you to crack tonight, you can tell. and you’re afraid you might let him, even if you shouldn’t.
“interesting how?” you counter, and san just holds the bottle up with a quirked eyebrow. 
“body shots?”
“you’re joking.”
“only a little.”
“san, no,” you say firmly. “i feel like that would require us taking clothes off, and that’s not very in the name of the holy ghost.”
“i pray to god the holy ghost isn’t in here right now,” san mumbles as he struggles to open the tequila. you grab the single cup he managed to grab and start rimming it with a slice of lime before dashing a bit of salt on top of that. you offer the cup to san so he can pour a shot, which he does with a very heavy hand. “yours or mine?”
“are you driving or am i?” 
“i have a feeling we’ll be here a while, so it may not matter,” he says as he takes the cup from you. he takes it like a champ, only wincing slightly at the end when you pass him a lime wedge. “bleh. still can’t decide if i like these or not.”
“well i do, so gimme the bottle,” you say, but san stops you.
“let me pour it,” he says, starting the shot the same way you did by salting the rim. he pours another heavy shot, passing the drink to you. in the time it takes you to tip your head back and swallow, san has hidden the bowl of limes and he’s very proud of himself for it. he’s got one of his signature smirks on his ridiculously handsome face, and you can tell the bowl of limes is precariously hidden behind his back. 
“c’mon san, lemme chase it,” you whine, and he shakes his head, mumbling something without opening his mouth. “what? use your words, big boy.”
san waits a moment, smile threatening to break across his face, while you’re peeved off sitting across from him. slowly he smiles, revealing the lime held firmly in his mouth. he wiggles his eyebrows at you, waiting for your response.
“you’re joking,” you laugh, leaning forward to grasp at the bowl. “gimme a clean lime!”
“mm-mm!” san grunts, nudging you back in your place. you lose your balance and fall back on the pillows, giving san a chance to box you in below him. he’s hovering over you, lime still taunting you from between his lips, and he tries again. “eh? donchawanit?”
there’s a nanosecond between his poorly enunciated question and the mini-monologue in your head. you try to talk yourself out of it, say this is just a rebound, you shouldn’t dive head first into this when you’re still healing from your breakup, but san keeps moving closer and your eyes flutter at the scent of him and your cheeks warm at the feeling of his hands on your hips. he’s got you wrapped around his finger, so you might as well take the dive. 
you let your lips meet his and your teeth sink into the lime just enough to rid your mouth of the cheap tequila taste. you swoop the lime from san’s mouth and spit it out, not sure where it’ll land, but you don’t care. san has reconnected your lips, ready to kiss you until you can’t feel them anymore. his hands slide under your shirt to caress your skin, and while this isn’t the first time you’ve found yourselves in a position like this (you might have spent too much time in his car last week before going into the party) this time is decidedly different for some reason. somehow, without speaking about it, you both know this is going somewhere tonight. you’ve fought it for so long, and san has held back for so long, that if you don’t stop soon the floodgates will open and there will be no going back. when san’s hands move from rubbing the bare skin around your hips to dipping below the waistband of your pants, you know those gates are going to come crashing down any second now. 
“tell me to stop,” san says breathlessly, barely pulling away from you. you muffle a “what?” into his mouth and he tries again. “if you don’t want this, say so right now. because i need you so bad, y/n. i’m ready if you are.” 
“i am, yeah,” you reply, just as breathless. you pull away so you can meet his gaze when you speak so san knows you mean it. “i want you, san. i’m scared to admit how badly i want you, but i do. i just want you to be careful with me.”
“oh baby, i’ll treat you better than anyone else ever has,” he says, his eyes glistening in the dim light. despite being fully indoors, his gaze reminds you of the way the bonfire would reflect in his eyes as you fell for him week after week. it took you long enough but you’re able to see things clearly now: you’re falling for san, and that might not be a bad thing. 
“then show me,” you challenge him, and he smirks before connecting your lips again. he carefully pulls your pants down and gives your hips a reassuring squeeze before he runs his fingertips ever so lightly over the outline of your panties. his touch moves back up your body, sliding your shirt up with his hands. he helps you take your shirt off, smiling brightly when you lay back down and your hair cascades around you in a halo. 
“i haven’t said this enough, but you are so beautiful,” he whispers, and suddenly you feel shy under his gaze. you try to turn away but he grips your chin lightly and gives you a quick kiss. “don’t try to hide from me, baby.”
“ok,” you whisper back, but the way he’s looking at you still is so..serious. like there’s more he wants to say but he’s not, so you tug on his shirt to keep going. he gets the hint and slides it over his head, and your hands fly to his chest and trace the muscles there. “hey, you’re not too bad yourself, choir boy.”
“oh come on, choir boy?” he laughs. 
“what? you don’t like it?” you pout, and he chuckles again.
“there’s just so many better things to call me, love.”
“hmm, like what, sir?” you tease, and san quirks an eyebrow at you. “oh you’re joking. eat shit, choi, i’m not calling you sir.”
“not tonight, but some other time maybe?” he asks, and he doesn’t give you time to reply before his hand dips back down to your panties. he starts tracing the fabric where it meets your skin again and asks politely, “can i?” before pulling them to the side to trace your folds instead. he groans at how wet you are, and your hips buck involuntarily at his touch. “you’re so wet, baby, you sure you didn’t like calling me sir?” 
“just touch me, please,” you beg, and he nods. 
“in a minute. trying to appreciate you first. never seen such a pretty pussy, baby.”
the way san focuses on your core, his fingers tracing up and down to spread your wetness around, it has you breathless and he’s barely done anything. you whine and lift your hips, signaling you want more, and san gets the hint. he slides your panties down your legs, and then lays down on his stomach, breath hitting your parted lips. you shiver, and he latches his thumb on your clit, sending a jolt from your core up your spine. he rubs slow circles there while his other hand spreads you open enough for him to dip his tongue in your entrance, and you let out your first moan. it’s louder than you meant to be, because you are still in a semi-public place, but san won’t have that.
“need you louder than that, y/n,” he warns. “want everyone to hear how good i make you feel.” and he dips back down, thumb still rubbing your clit, but the way san is teasing your cunt with his tongue has you needier than you’d like to be. the sight of him between your legs is enough to get you flustered, but the expert way he’s dipping his tongue in and then running it through your folds has your legs quivering already. when he brings a finger down to join his tongue at your entrance, you jolt and let out a little scream, which he shows his appreciation for with a groan. a certain flick of his finger inside you brings you closer to the edge, and you tug on his hair to get his attention.
“what’s wrong?” he asks, words slurred by your cunt that he hasn’t fully pulled away from yet.
“stop, san,” you beg, and he pauses immediately, head looking up to meet your eyes. “don’t wanna come yet. i wanna make you feel good.”
“jesus, baby, you scared me,” he said, crawling back over you. “thought i did something wrong.”
“well your technique could be improved,” you tease, and san slaps your pussy in response, pulling a mix between a moan and a yelp from your lips.
“hey, i was doing some of my best work down there,” he said. “guess you’ll just have to teach me how to get better, yeah?”
“stop talking,” you tell him, feeling your arousal dripping from you at the thought of doing this again with him. “want you on the bed.”
“anything for you,” he says with too much fondness in his voice, and you can’t meet his eyes as you switch places. you’re straddling his lap, hovering just above the tent in his jeans, hoping you don’t ruin his pants with how wet you are. your awkward pause has san nervous again, so he checks in. “what are you thinking about?”
“i wanna suck you off,” you reply, pouting. “can i take your pants off?”
“god, yes, please,” he replies, squeezing your hips for assurance again. “i’m all yours, baby.”
you shimmy down far enough to undo his jeans, and you look back up to san before you pull them down. he nods again, brushing hair out of your face as you place one gentle kiss to the bulge in front of you, and he whines. actually whines. 
“baby, please, i said you could take them off,” he says breathlessly, and you laugh at how easy it is to rile him up. you get a hold of his pants and boxers and pull them both down, his length bouncing up at its release. you hate to admit it, but you’ve never seen a more beautiful cock. it’s like everything about san was carefully crafted by a god, and you’re just lucky to be the one who gets to appreciate it. 
you pull his pants down a little more and then wrap your hand around his base, squeezing slightly to tease him, and he bucks into your fist with a groan. you kiss his tip next, giving it a few light touches before glancing up to san’s face, and you feel your pussy clench at the way he’s staring at you with his lip between his teeth and his hooded eyes. he’s trying his best to be quiet, which isn’t fair, because he wanted you to be loud, so why does he get to be quiet? you switch quickly from kissing his tip to swallowing as much as you can take, ripping a moan from deep within san’s chest. you swallow around him once, twice, before pulling all the way off with a deep breath. you suck on the tip, twisting your hand around the base, before you go down on him again, bobbing up and down quickly to keep san’s needy grunts coming. he pulls you from your focus though, grabbing you on both sides of your face to push you away gently. you start to protest, but he cuts you off quickly.
“i’m gonna come, wanna fuck you now,” he says in one breath. “can you pull my pants back up?”
“what?” you laugh. “how’s that gonna help us fuck?” 
“need a condom, babe,” he replies, and you fall silent.
“sorry for laughing.”
“it’s ok,” he says as you rummage around in his pockets for his wallet. you hand it to him and he finds a foil packet, which he passes back to you. “to make up for it you gotta put it on.”
“yes sir,” you grumble, and now it’s san’s turn to laugh. you tear the packet open and successfully roll it over his rock hard length, but you spit on it a few times to get it wet, and san swears he could bust at that alone, but what comes out of your mouth next has him at a loss for words. “can i ride you?”
“mhm,” san nods, and he looks fucked out already just at the thought. he watches, entranced, as you climb on top of his lap and line his cock up at your entrance. he keeps his eyes locked on your movements as you sink down, and you let out the most beautiful moan when he’s fully sheathed inside you. the way you’re clenching around him should be a sin, and the way he’s stretching you and making you feel so full is unfair because you know you’ll never find anyone else who fits you like he does. you sit still for another beat, and while you’re still, san reaches up to unclasp your bra, watching with stars in his eyes as it falls down your arms. you toss it aside and lean forward to place your hands on san’s chest, holding his gaze as you slide back up his cock and lower yourself down slowly. you do this a few times, taking the time to try to read the expression in san’s eyes. you’ve seen it once before, and you know that it’s love. it may be unspoken, but it’s there, and the realization has you clenching at the thought. 
“you feel so good san,” you tell him, reaching up to tweak one of your nipples as you start to bounce on his cock. he knocks your hand away and watches you for a moment before his hands are on your chest, massaging your tits in the most delicious way. you gasp when he pinches your nipples, and you buck against him in a way that grinds your clit against him, and the slight pressure brings you back to the edge. “i’m so close, love. just a little more.” san gets the hint and moves one hand down to rub your clit again, his mouth open in a silent moan as you tighten around him. you keep bouncing, trying to reach your high, and the gasp that san lets out tells you he’s just come, so he frantically rubs your clit to get you there too. 
“come on baby,” he says. “show me how pretty you are when you come. let me see you lose yourself in this, in us.” and you’re over the edge, moaning his name as he bucks into you to help ride your high. you slow down on top of him, and he pulls you down to lay on his chest, his cock softening inside you as he buries his head in your neck. “good girl, did so good for me. i lo-um, uh...you did good baby.” you take a few moments to catch your breath before you speak.
“san,” you say seriously, balancing your chin on his chest as you look up. “are we gonna unpack any of that?” 
“any of what?” he asks with a smile. “i had a great time.”
“i know you did,” you groan. 
“didn’t you?” he asks, a little disappointment evident in his voice. 
“yeah, i did-”
“then there’s nothing to unpack, baby,” he says, gently shoving your head back onto his chest. “just rest for a minute and then i’ll get us cleaned up.”
the following sunday, you find yourself at church, alone again. no family this week, but you’re in your usual pew and san is in the choir loft. he smiles at you when he sees you, and you tentatively smile back. you’ve come to church today to break things off with him, so you’re not exactly in a smiling mood. 
it’s nothing against him. he’s great. he’s too great, actually. you’re just too scared to get into something that will hurt you again, and after the way san looked at you and the way he treated you with so much care and love...you feel yourself going to a place you don’t need to be in. you try not to look at him much throughout the service, because you don’t want to play his little games. and you also know that he could give you a single look and break all your resolve in a second. 
immediately after the sermon, you sneak out to the lobby, hoping to find san before the next service starts. you see the purple robes coming out of the sanctuary and take a deep breath. but one of the sweet choir ladies interrupts your thoughts.
“oh, y/n, are you the young lady sannie has been talking about lately?” she asks. “he was telling us last week he started seeing one of the girls from the congregation, i just never thought it’d be you! oh dear i’m so thrilled. you make that boy very happy, you know?” 
“i know,” you smile with a nod. “thank you ma’am.” 
“what was that about?” san asks, walking up just as the lady leaves. 
“uh, she was just asking me how my mom is,” you lie, smiling to san. “good singing today, choir boy.”
“why’d you leave the service early?” he asks, looking at you like he knows there’s more you want to say but won’t. 
“i gotta leave soon, meeting friends for lunch?” you say, and he nods. “and i thought we’d get our weekly scheduled flirting out of the way before i go.”
“well i gotta say you’ve caught me on an off day, sweets,” he says. “don’t have much to say on my end. except thank you.”
“for what?”
“for the other night,” he smiles kindly. “it was nice.”
“yeah,” you nod, lips tight. “shame you don’t wanna flirt with me though.”
“maybe i’ll think of something good and call you later?” he offers, and you nod again.
“hm, yeah, maybe,” you say. then, awkwardly, you tell him you have to go, and he nods back. you walk away, leaving san...confused? that was weird, right? you were off somehow. san didn’t have much time to read into it though because the service finally let out, and the sound of church members drowns out his thoughts. he just goes back to the choir room, contemplating what might be wrong and worrying the whole time that he’s gonna lose you before you’re even fully his to lose. 
that week, you text san and tell him you can’t come to bible study on thursday. his response is normal enough, if not a little formal for him, but you don’t read much into it. you just go about your week, and when thursday night rolls around, you’ve completely forgotten about bible study. and then you hear a knock at your door. you check the time and immediately know it must be san, maybe he just forgot you said you weren’t coming? so you groan to yourself and crack the door open just slightly to see a tired san standing on the other side of the door. 
“hey, i’m not going tonight, remember? i’ve gotta clean before my family visits tomorrow,” you tell him, and he nods.
“yeah, i remember,” he replies simply. “i uh, i wanted to know if we could talk?”
“about?” you ask, and he smiles shyly at you.
“i think it’s time for us to unpack some things, baby.”
“san, please, not tonight,” you start, and he just shakes his head.
“no can do, sweets,” he says, holding something up. “i brought your favorite, so you at least have to let me in so we can share.”
“from that greek place?” you ask, and he nods with a smile. you step aside and let him in, and he heads to the kitchen.
“want me to make your plate?” he asks, setting everything on the counter.
“sure,” you nod. “use what’s in the dishwasher. should be clean.”
“ok,” he says simply, and he gets to work serving dinner. he eventually brings over two plates, joining you on the couch. “this one’s yours.”
you eat in silence for a few minutes, you making your little greek tacos like normal and san stealing your chicken every other bite. it’s comfortable even though the situation is awkward, and you don’t want to ruin the nice moment. but you owe it to san to at least explain why you’ve been acting off, so here goes nothing.
“so,” you begin.
“i know i’ve kinda blown you off the past few days,” you say, and san hums in agreement. “i just...don’t think it was good for me, spending so much time with you, so soon. and i’m sorry i didn’t tell you that i needed space.”
“that’s alright,” san says, holding your gaze before he leans forward to take another bite from your plate. “and i should have told you sooner that you’ve got me wrapped around your finger.”
“oh i could tell.”
“really?” san laughs. “and i thought i was doing so well. guess i didn’t hide my feelings as much as i thought.”
“no you didn’t, sweetcheeks,” you say, and he smiles at the nickname. “flirting with me so much made it pretty clear. and you always get this sappy look in your eyes when you look at me, so. i knew it was coming. i just don’t think i’m ready for something like that right now.”
“and why is that?” san asks. he’s staring at you with that look you were just talking about, which is distracting, so it takes a second for you to reply. 
“i just...feel like you’re looking for something more than i can give,” you explain. “i don’t want anything permanent right now.”
“who said i wanted something permanent? i just want you.”
“and that’s the problem,” you whine. “i like you san, i really do. but i’m not. i don’t think i can get into something with you without one of us getting hurt. because you’re wonderful, really. i love spending time with you, and i’m attracted to you more than i can admit, so it’s hard for me to be around you and not want something more than flirty comments or a fuck here and there.”
“then let’s just take it slow,” he says, grabbing your hand. “like you always wanted from the beginning. let’s start dating, but super casual. no expectations, just whatever feels right. and whenever you need space, just tell me, ok?” he squeezes your hand and you mutter out a shy “ok” in response. “but i need to warn you about something, sweets.”
“and what is that?” you ask, stomach dropping at the thought of something bad.
“unfortunately,” he sighs, “i’m only going to get more wonderful.”
“oh shut up,” you laugh, nudging his shoulder. “be serious.”
“i am, baby!”
“well, baby, why don’t you start being wonderful and help me put away the clean dishes?” 
“only if you keep calling me that instead of choir boy.”
“we’ll see how it goes,” you tease, and he pecks your lips before he stands and takes your plates. 
“so are you gonna tell me where everything goes, or?”
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shingisimp · a day ago
Hii ! could I request choi san as boyfriend headcanon, please?
hello my love! sorry this took me so long <3
• san would wake you up every morning with forehead kisses. or if he couldn't be with you first thing, he'd have to text you or call.
• "g'morning baby, how'd you sleep?" you smile at his gruff voice, heavy with the weight of sleep.
• ah butterflies 🦋
• his morning voice 🥺
• but he would expect some kisses and affection back (or at the bare minimum he'd want you to play with his hair and call him handsome), which isn't hard as the satisfied hums that would surface as a result are music to your ears.
• san is a cuddler first thing in the morning, and he will hold you against him in a vice grip until he is ready to start the day.
• would hold your hand until he'd made his first cup of coffee.
• "your hands are warm," he'd mumble, humming happily into the crook of your neck as his coffee brewed.
• basically just a soft babie.
• he'd be the type to send you morning selfies, videos, audio messages with his sleepy eyes, fluffy hair and deep voice, heavy with the burden of waking.
• he'd send you photos of himself picking up his coffee if he woke up late, posing with his pout against the cup's straw.
• "miss you baby, text me when you're awake"
• basically always keeping you up to date with his day with photos and texts.
• clingy in an adorable manner!!
• this man would be so enamoured with you 🥺
• he'd leap when you send him a message back, smiling at the screen.
• when san loves, he loves deep. he throws his whole heart and soul into loving you. it's beautiful, intense, overwhelming love.
• when he'd come back from a long day of dance practice and comeback prep, he'd wrap you tight in a lazy hug.
• "san!" you cheer, watching his figure lunge towards you and his arms wrap you in a hug. "mhm, baby, I missed you," he mumbles, pressing his face into the side of your neck and inhaling your sweet scent. he remembers your perfume like the back of his hand, and it never fails to relax him.
• you are his energy.
• he'd pepper lingering kisses down your neck, and you'd melt in his hold.
• naturally his hands would... wander.
• his favourite part of you to hold would be your ass.
• he'd pull you against his body, hands spread over your ass, or slid into the back pockets of your jeans.
• "hey, sannie, hands," you scold, but he simply pulls his face from your skin and sends you a cheeky smirk. "what about them, baby? they're having the time of their lives right now,"
• speaking of you in jeans 🤩
• he'd love it when you'd wear his favourite pair that accentuate your... assets.
• kisses would always turn into make-out sessions
• and make-out sessions would 9 times out of 10 lead to sex.
• but with san it was always enjoyable.
• if he was tired, you'd ride him as he'd gently hold your hips to guide you.
• he'd be super vocal 😵
• "fuck, baby, feels s-so good," he stutters, burying his face in your chest to muffle his moans before clashing your lips together in a messy kiss.
• whiny-ish if he's tired.
• but if he's awake,,
• oh my goodness.
• san wouldn't be satisfied until you were.
• his pleasure is your pleasure, always prioritises you.
• he'd love to eat you out.
• like a lot.
• like a lot a lot.
• "you taste delightful, baby," san groans against your skin, hands spreading your thighs apart wider.
• it fills him with pride.
• and then he'd fuck you dumb on his cock.
• and he'd make sure you know whose cock is fucking you dumb.
• definitely would like to be called 'daddy' (daddy issues hello)
• "good girl, taking daddy's cock like a good little slut"
• 😵
• aftercare with san would be a lot of cuddles, soft kisses, praise, body worship etc.
• "you're perfection, baby,"
• he'd be so honoured that you share your body with him, and no matter how kinky you two would get, he'd always always make sure you know how grateful he is for you.
• he'd be the perfect boyfriend.
• he'd protect you from everything, making sure you don't burn out or keep things bottled up.
• san <3
• as his name suggests, he is a mountain to his competition, but a warm, comforting hill to the ones he loves.
• it would be super important to give him the love you receive.
• and he'd tell you he loves you a lot.
• love language would be physical, and I imagine he'd find a lot of meaning in sex (even the super kinky stuff, maybe that even more so due to the amount of trust you give in those moments).
• he'd love to take photos with you and save them as his lock/home screen of his phone to show off to the guys
• you would be his number one!!!
• that big heart has even more love to give <3
• matching outfits, matching jewellery, matching colours and styles.
• match with san and he'd melt 😍
• and wear his clothes!!
• in fact he'd insist upon it to watch your figure swim in his shirts and joggers.
• "perfect," he'd smile, pressing a kiss to your lips after smoothing the fabric of his t-shirt you wore. "now everyone knows you're mine, wearing my t-shirt,"
• possessive!!!
• he wouldn't be cute about it either...
• he'd kiss you deeply in front of anyone who stares at you for too long, or leave marks on your neck (where he loves to bury his face) to show you're claimed.
he just hates the thought of losing you
• I also imagine he'd get you a promise ring/bracelet/necklace, something to signify his promise of forever love and care to you 🥺
• to conclude, choi san is both the perfect person and boyfriend 💖
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sanchelinz · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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woosansang · 11 hours ago
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yeosang ✦ guerrilla (eye contact ver.) ✦ 1theKILLPO
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atzupdates · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
S 🪐 [221005] Twitter Update “Miss Byeol who wants to see her oppa (older brother) ❤️”
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Tumblr media
Day Three : Dirty Talk w/ Hongjoong
✭ Word Count : 519
✭ Warnings : Dirty talk, Fingering, Public sex, Degradation, Teasing.
✭ A/N : Under 16’s DNI. Creds to editor-in-chief of the archives, @m4rsluv for helping me edit this as per usual
✭ Network : @cacaokpop-fics
© 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝟏𝟏𝟏𝟕-𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐬. Do not steal, plagiarise, translate, repost or use my work in any way, shape or form.
“Shit, you’re so fucking wet.”
All you could do was shake your head in response to Hongjoong’s words, gripping his shirt as his fingers pumped in and out of you at a blinding pace. The other hand - that you’d clamped over your mouth as soon as the first wave of pleasure hit - shook as Hongjoong chuckled, a proud smirk on his face. His fingertips curled expertly, hitting spots within you that you didn’t even know about prior to dating him. You gave him a menacing glare before moving your hand slightly, voice hushed.
“Joong, s-shut up.”
Scoffing, the male curled his fingers, prodding your g-spot as you scrambled to cover your mouth again. A little whimper slipped out despite your attempts, and the shit-eating grin Hongjoong gave you made you shrivel up, a lamb cowering underneath him, a merciless wolf. He kept his hand nestled there as he spoke, conscious of your hips shaking around his hand unbeknownst to you. You were too focused on being quiet.
“What, you scared everyone’s gonna hear you? I bet they’d think you’re such a fucking whore, your pussy sucking in my fingers in public.”
Hongjoong then leaned in, his breath warm on your neck as he spoke quietly into your ear, relishing in the way you shivered.
“You know, they’re right, Y/N. You’re a dirty fucking whore, so cock-hungry that you’ll take my fingers right here just to get off a little.”
He chuckled darkly into your ear, drawing that impossible inch closer so he could whisper into it.
“And you’ll be begging for my cock soon anyways, won’t you?”
Hongjoong didn’t give you time to answer, instead thrusting his fingers once again, pulling your hand away from your face so he could press a messy kiss to your lips. You couldn’t help but occupy your hands with tugging on Hongjoong’s hair as he settled into a pace once again, your sounds muffled by his needy kisses.
After a few minutes of fighting for dominance, Hongjoong inevitably won, sucking a visible hickey onto your neck as you clamped your legs shut around his hand, your high drawing close. He separated from you to grip your chin, knowing you wouldn’t dare raise your hand again if he had you like this.
“Shit, you gonna come, baby? You gonna come all over my hands, just like the dirty slut you are?”
Too far gone to fight any longer, you whined quietly as you nodded, still wanting to salvage some of your dignity. This wasn’t satisfactory in Hongjoong’s eyes however, as his grip on your chin only tightened.
Your voice had a bit of bite to it as he slowed down slightly, resisting the urge to fuck yourself helplessly on his hand.
“W-what, talking?”
He couldn’t help but roll his eyes at this, fingers curling again and forcing a choked cry out of you.
“No, moan louder.”
When you looked at him in shock, Hongjoong’s smirk only grew wider as he continued, his hand now going faster than ever.
“If you wanna be a lil’ cumslut, make sure everyone can hear you.”
————————— ׂׂૢ་༘࿐ [Sintober 2022]
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