#at least on tumblr it doesnt feel like when ppl are tagging my posts its directed at me if yknow what i mean
shoezuki a year ago
adding onto that last anons message, tumblr also just doesnt let that happen ya know? like people on twitter give the negative people a platform
Y E A H honestly like. On here when ppl try n talk shit or Start Something in mcytblr we just. Block them. Maybe say some posts so people Know. The closest we've had to givin shitheads a platform was when i called out enderbees which lead to others making blocklists which is like. The Opposite of what id a been tryin to do but atill. That died in a day or two.
Honestly i feel tumblr in general like. On one hand its Built in a way thats. Easier to hide or ignore bullshit? Like even Me complaining on here doesnt go noticed outside of my followers. Maybe a bit stretched out if ppl rb. But i wont tag shit into main tags cuz i dont Want that shit spread all the time. Plus compared to twitter how blocking works is. Imo better?
But moreso i feel. We're all Tired. From what i seen the mcytblr ppl here tend to be Older or at least have been on tumblr a long while. And this shit site has had its fair share of bullshit. Most a us have had enough. Blocking people isnt seen as Horrible and its pretty common courtesy to tag such things for ppl who have it blacklisted
On twitter ive noticed like. Its almost Expected to directly respond to bullshit. Or to talk about it So Much that it may get trending. Like if i see a shit post on here ill make fun of it on my Own post and wont rb that person directly because. It feels rude tbh. But on twitter? Quote retweets and replies are fucking mess.
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vampares 5 months ago
everyday i wake up. i find a mutual in law whos blocked me. like whyyy i dont even do anything on this website. some ex muts too like what. i feel like i have very little internet presence outside of talking to specific internet friends on like. discord like what do i do on TUMBLR that makes ppl want to hardblock me. i swear i was blocked less by mutual in laws on my old account where home.stuck was one of my top tags (im an ex hs fan for context i do not support it and actively hate it) like ??? i KNOW im overthinking this its literally tumblr who cares and i laugh abt it a lot but idk it bothers me like im not fixated on it pleeease dont think im that terminally online or anything i think im just mental illness 馃憤
like idk idk i put a huge amount of energy into how im perceived bc it matters a lot to me that people around me like me ..like irl i will buy food for people i despise bc i want ppl to have positive associations with me soo bad . this isnt like an "ohhh im such a nice person how dare u not like me im so nice" thing bc i absolutely can and will be an asshole and im constantly walking the line between "im overly self confident for fun" and "i genuinely think im better than everyone and will say it" and like a bunch of other stuff i dont have to list all my flaws to make a point (<- almost did but decided againist it)
anyways idk idk!! im so likeable irl which again sounds very egotistical but is literally true like im not afraid of confrontation or anything but im friendly and honest and ppl generally enjoy me being around which is something ive worked sooooo hard to make true and like. idk mutual in laws are people i see around and i like having little friends in my phone ! mils feel like classmates u see around but dont talk to much and the idea of that like. category (is that the right word..) of people not liking me is genuinely upsetting i literally dont have anyone in my entire school who doesnt like me or like. feels more negative abt me than positive or neutral (to my knowledge at least..)
like idk i feel like im going in circles and i genuinely am not super invested in this it isnt consuming my every waking thought or whatever its just frustrating and im a bit paranoid people are talking shit about me and like........ i am fine confronting issues people have with me like if theres a genuine issue pleeeeease talk to me abt it i would rather be confronted with an issue of mine out of nowhere then be blocked but most of the people who have me blocked probably have for things that arent objectively bad but annoy them like spam rbing or whatever (i dont think i spam the dash or mass rb from ppl but idk i might to some ppl) but i dont knowwww and its driving me off the walls <- will literally stop caring abt this in 5 minutes and it just thinking about it really hard rn and making my self feel worse by overthinking but also feeling better by talking it out instead of letting it fester
anyways sorry for the lack of read more im on mobile :( but like yeah im just talking it out ill feel better and more normal when i post this bc i just need to tell people things even if they dont matter just to have them out there and feel real or smn idk. i dont really get why it works but it does so yay ^-^
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j0succ a year ago
many many anons under the cut bc i didn鈥檛 want anyone to feel like i was ignoring them and i wanted to respond to u all! warning for small text too, it was so long i wanted to make it look smaller fgbnjkgkjn
Anonymous asked: NAT... you can write WHATEVER you want! It's your blog, and I hope that rude anons can learn to respect that. I used to be on your blog just for jjba content too, so when you started getting into jjk I was indifferent but eventually you dragged me into jjk so hard!! I already like bnha, so seeing you write for it only made me happier! I hope that you continue to write whatever make YOU happy:) 鉂nd yes, longer fics certainly doesnt mean it's better, quality over quantity
ahh i鈥檓 happy that you are here for all three!! i always feel so accomplished when someone is like聽鈥榶our constant screaming made me think about jjk <3鈥. all three of the fandoms are fairly popular and i tag everything v carefully so i hope people who do use the filtering find that useful!!!聽
Anonymous asked: Goodness gracious. People really be out there thinking they're entitled to dictating what kind of content you should be making
i think part of it might be that i do take requests so people feel like they have like . . . a certain right to certain kinds of my content? i take requests mostly bc they keep me motivated, i like making content for ppl who cant find what they want bc i鈥檝e Been There, but maybe people think i am a pushover? idk i am just trying to have a good time!!!
Anonymous asked: Hi. I only started following you a few days ago but please ignore that rude anon. People are so fucking entitled towards writers it's insane. I recently had someone throw a fit for "spoiling" something in my fanfic, even though the fic was about a manga-exclusive character, so what did they expect?? Overall I've really enjoyed your writing so random assholes coming to guilt you is just a shitty thing that happens. Keep going with what you wanna do.
ah gosh anon i鈥檓 sorry about that :(. i鈥檓 always super careful tagging spoilers and stuff but like, if someone clicks on a fic about say, naoya or the steel ball run boys and is mad that i spoil something they havent found out yet . . . yeah thats on them fgbnkjgfkjn
Anonymous asked: That...that anon had the nerve to say "we". The fuck?! No no no anon, YOU'RE the only one talking and you're just talking for yourself, don't you dare try and lump us other anons/followers up with you to make yourself look like you're right. We love you nat and we appreciate you. It's your blog, you're allowed to write about whoever and whatever. This brain dead anon just needs to either go read someone else if they're that salty or write their own stuff if they're that impatient.
gosh i WISH some of my mad anons would just write their own stuff honestly. idk if this anon thought they were talking for everybody but i guess they expected anons to agree with them and not be mad at them. i appreciate u anon ;_;
Anonymous asked: Just want to say that ily and you鈥檙e one of the best jojo fanfic writers in my opinion 馃挆 I don鈥檛 think you鈥檙e half assing jojo fics and there鈥檚 absolutely nothing wrong with you being multi fandom. A lot of jojo blogs have started posting about jjk so it鈥檚 not as if you鈥檙e the only one. I鈥檓 not sure why you get hate like this but I think it鈥檚 just because you鈥檙e one of the popular writers and that makes people bitter for whatever reason. Keep being you and posting about the things that make you happy 馃挄
honestly after so long writing for jojo - i鈥檝e written well over 200 jojo reader insert fics - sometimes it feels like i鈥檓 retreading stuff, and that鈥檚 when i take a break bc i dont wanna half-ass stuff!!! i love all of my fellow jojo friends who are posting about jjk too, i appreciate them <3.聽
Anonymous asked: Hey my dude, ur writing has really grown since the jojo days and its better and awesome seeing u become happier to branch off and write in different fandoms 馃馃 those stupid anons are just boring farts that couldnt be bothered making their own content 馃槫馃槫 is it possible to block them to ease ur mind?
hello anon!! i run a statcounter for IPs but it doesnt always work for ppl who access through the tumblr app, i don鈥檛 think; a lot of the anon hate i get i just use the聽鈥榖lock鈥 option, but last night got to me because i鈥檝e been getting that kind of writer a lot which is . . . a bad look for the jojo fandom who are, as a whole from the ones i鈥檝e interacted with, lovely!!! <3
Anonymous asked: People often forget, the person behind art or writing, is just another regular fan. You deserve to be happy with what you create and we should be thankful you share your talent with us. You also have right to change your main interests, and it's very normal thing. Jojo is one of the MANY things that you write for and all you get from that is a like or share. Its not your job. It's your fun thing to do, in spare time. You haven't betrayed anybody. That person was just rude, selfish and bored.
i am just a person doing my best!!! anime fanfic is one of many interests i have and i already devote a lot of time to it honestly, i love when people tell me they鈥檝e enjoyed something i made bc it makes it feel worthwhile but equally it gets to me a lot when people are rude because i am usually trying my hardest.聽
Anonymous asked: Bro that jjba anon... the entitlement馃ぎ Fam, you write whatever you want to write馃槫 -Saturday
dfnjbkjnkgf i find most fic readers are NOT entitled at all and are just grateful but when they are . . . oof.聽
Anonymous asked: It's funny how people throw "we got you popular" and they think you start apologize and cry. Your writing and passion made you gain few numbers on a follow counter, nothing more. I think I'm too old for stuff like this, we are nothing more, but +1 on a number scale. You ow us nothing, we ow you nothing. Popular... Funny word. You just write for fun of it, fake scenarios about someone's manga characters. It's not that deep. Have fun and don't listen to people like this. I knew it's not that easy, but they are really not that important as they think they are.
extremely fun fact for people who think聽鈥榩opularity鈥 is important to me: i would 100% rather have 10 people who regularly comment, reblog my fics with tags and interact with me than 100 people who read my fic and either leave a like or simply move on. i think this is true for the VAST MAJORITY of writers tbh. i鈥檓 glad that people think i am a聽鈥榩opular鈥 blog (i am not in the grand scheme of things, one of my ex-best friends used to run a kpop reader insert blog with like 30,000 followers) bc it gives me an ego boost lmao, but i really just want people to read and enjoy the stuff i write!!!聽
Anonymous asked: I followed you a while ago for jojo and when my friends started getting into jjk i was like...eh sounds like work...but now that I see you writing for it I feel really motivated to get into it!!! I really enjoy your writing and I want to be able to read the new stuff too!
ah anon i really hope you like it!!! it鈥檚 only one season rn if u wanna watch the anime and there isn鈥檛 too much of the manga to catch up on either but it is a lot of fun and it鈥檚 nice to be in a fandom that鈥檚 like, excited about a new chapter and new plot developments every week!
Anonymous asked: Pls dont reply if u dont want to! <3 I'm not sure if this will be of any help to you or not but this is the kind of thing that often helps me and is the only way I know to try comfort others so I wanted to give it a go~
Now im not gonna say 'dont feel bad pls' bc I know that's not really useful but what I do think is useful is just discussing why that anon and many others feel the need to respond that way. As someone who follows a lot of writing blogs myself and have done for a long time, i've seen my handful of favourite writers come and go for different reasons, lose motivation for a while, gain motivation for a while, go from multi to single fandom, or single fandom to multi. Often times as a reader it can be upsetting when things change but it's also important as a reader to understand that some things aren't in anyone's control, I can't control what my favourite writers become a fan of or lose interest of, I can't control things in their personal lives that may motivate or demotivate them to write, but what I can do is support them as long as they're active, and if they move on to do things i'm no longer interested in or i'm the one that changed interests, rather than being upset that they're evolving to do other things or that they're not evolving with me, I think it's important that I still feel thankful for the works that I enjoyed while we were still on the same page and this is how I personally deal with those negative feelings. I think the anons that lash out at you probably just dont know what to do with themselves, maybe they got attached to your works while you were still only a jjba blog and now that you're evolving they're upset, while I understand how they feel, they're going the completely wrong way about it. I've learned to take these things and turn them into something positive for myself or at least something bittersweet that I can move on from but the anons that lash out at you for whatever reason probably haven't learned this yet. Maybe it's because i've moved on and changed interests a lot myself that I know how these things go for both writers and readers but those anons maybe haven't experienced this as much so they dont know what to do with themselves other than complain that you've changed and throw insults at you in an attempt to get you to revert back. None of this is because of the quality of your writing like they want you to believe, it's literally just because you've evolved and while some of your old followers might not like the new content for no reason other than it not being their cup of tea, it's definitely not regressed at all. You are pumping out a lot of content right now but every single thing i've read has just been better than the last. Things that really stand out to me is how well you get characterisation down to a T and all of your dialogue is just on point and from the pov of a reader I think those things seem the hardest to get right so I am such a huge fan of your stuff at the moment and I can tell you're really putting so much thought and care into each and every fic no matter how fast you're producing it, I think the fact that you're also proud of what you're writing at the moment really shines through as well and I just adore the passion that radiates from every completed request as well as in the responses for the subsequent thirsts resulting from these works that appear in your ask box later (I know i've sent quite a few by now~)
Just to be clear i'm not defending those anons in any way, while I can understand what they might be feeling/why they're reacting in the way they are I still believe it's just so immature to be hateful online point blank. Even during a time where I still got upset with writers if they started doing something else I still never targeted that negativity directly to the writer and sending rude or hateful comments whether on anon or not never something i'd stooped low enough to do even when I still had an immature way of thinking, however, I hope that it might make it a little easier to brush them off if we try and understand what they're really upset about, and that they're just putting the blame for their negative feelings onto the wrong thing rather than coming to terms with change themselves.
hello anon!! i appreciate the long message. i do feel bad for people who have no interest in what i鈥檓 currently producing and i get that they feel upset about it; i鈥檝e watched a lot of fellow jojo writers move on completely or just stop posting, honestly. this kind of thing is why i was so intense about asking people if it would be better if i made a separate blog but the resounding answer seemed to be聽鈥榠鈥檓 just vibing with whatever happens and i鈥檒l block tags as needed鈥.聽
i often return to works by my favourite reader-insert writers who no longer write for the fandoms i like (and i read stuff bc it sounds interesting or i trust the person who writes it), but change can be difficult and i guess at this point i鈥檝e - whether u like me or not lmao - been a fixture in jojo reader-insert tumblr for a While so it鈥檚 probably kind of jarring.聽
anyway i really appreciate you and the nice words! <3聽
Anonymous asked: hi nat! I just wanted to pop in and say that regardless of what fandom you write for, the love and care you pour into your writing and into interacting with followers who care about your work as well is really obvious. you're doing this for FREE and people should appreciate what you've given us so far, since ultimately this blog should be for you, whatever that means to you at any point in time. it's ok to jump fandoms! the important thing is that you feel good about what you're producing and that it makes you happy. everyone else is just a bonus - but, seeing you on my dash certainly makes me happy : ) I hope you feel better soon!
thank you anon! i鈥檓 feeling much better and happier today. birthdays are very difficult for me (i did not think i鈥檇 be alive at eighteen, much less 25!) so this event is definitely kind of a way for me to concentrate on something else, and i鈥檓 a little bit extra sensitive atm. i appreciate you so much, thank you for the kind words!!! <3
Anonymous asked: Hello! I just wanted to say, write what YOU want and make YOUR writings as long as you'd like. 馃挅 To the anon who is like "We mAdE yOu FaMoUs dOnt HalF asS iT" stfu, let people do what they wanna do. If you think they half do it, write something better and longer you asshat.
this is an open invitiation to that anon to send me a link to their writing blog and i鈥檒l hype them up i promise <3聽
Anonymous asked: nat i'm so so sorry about that ask please know that your older followers don't share the same opinion :( sometimes people forget about the living, breathing person behind the screen smh. you are not a machine. you absolutely should not restrict yourself to posting about one fandom forever. yes, we're first pulled in by your amazing content, but we stay for your wonderful personality and work ethic. please just keep being you, taking up projects you feel comfy with! <333 bless u
ahh thank u anon! unfortunately i actually am a writing robot, i鈥檓 sorry u had to find out this way. my jojo chip has been removed, please send it back so i can continue to not half-ass my jojo work. fgnjkbgjkfn thank you so much angel!!! i appreciate you ;_;.
Anonymous asked: i don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 fair for other people to say shit about what you choose to write about because on tumblr and other writing platforms, writers are constantly developing how they write and the fandoms that they write for. it鈥檚 not fair for someone to criticize that 鈥測ou don鈥檛 care about jjba blah blah blah鈥 because you can enjoy new shows/manga. and like you said you鈥檝e grown so much!! proud of you nat and im glad that ive been able to read your works (sincerely other nat)
i am STILL waiting for you to come and fight me other nat fgnjkbnf. it鈥檚 nice to be enjoying different things! i am constantly learning new things and reading new works and making new friends and improving and i think that鈥檚 important. i do care about jjba - a lot! but i can care about other things too! <3聽
Anonymous asked: I may not be one of your oldest followers, but i've been here for almost 3 years. Yes, i started following u for ur jojo content, but let me tell u, ur newfound motivation and enthusiam for other fandoms was honestly contagiuos for me. And i say this as a person who finds very difficult to move from one interest to another. Jojo is great, but so are other fandoms. Please don't let some faceless scum rob u that motivation. This is ur blog and u r always free to write whatever u want.
honestly, i have been there! i am autistic and i have special interests and watching other people move on to stuff i鈥檓 not vibing with has made me sad in the past, but i want people to be happy more than anything and sometimes that means new things and change! <3聽
Anonymous asked: Hi Nat! I saw that rude anon message & I just wanted to pop in & say that they're wrong. You're not betraying anyone & you should write whatever it is you want to write. I followed you for jojo & I'm not familiar with the other fandoms that you write for, but personally it makes me SO happy to see you enjoying new things! It's always good to find joy wherever you can, so keep writing what you're interested in. There a lot of ppl who want to see you happy and healthy <3
honestly the idea of it being a GRAND BETRAYAL is so funny, i am just writing anime fanfic here and thriving!!! tysm anon! <3
Anonymous asked: Those anons can piss off! They have no right to judge how long or how short your writing is. If they want longer content write it their damn selves. I think your writing has improved wonderfully and I originally followed for Jojo and I'm enjoying all the content period. I don't even watch jujutsu ( not my cup of tea personally) but I love seeing the creativity and the interactions. You write what makes you happy Nat and that's on that! You don't owe anybody anything! I know how hard writing is and when your consuming new content it's hard to make content for something else. That doesn't mean you don't like it any more your just doing something different for a while. Love you and your content and I'm enjoying the love your putting into your content whether long or short. 鈾モ櫏馃挄 Sending love your way!
honestly my idea of聽鈥榮hort content鈥 is still over 1k words, i鈥檓 not good at reeling myself in! i guess it鈥檚 bc they see like, 1.5k jojo fic versus 5k jjk fic but it鈥檚 not that i didn鈥檛 enjoy the first fic, just that the point and the story came a lot quicker and so did the natural end! thank you anon, i appreciate you ;_;聽
Anonymous asked: Hello! Just wanted to let your know that I think your writing is awesome, and that you should write for whoever and for whatever you want to! You dont have to stay loyal to one fandom or anything, and your followers shouldn't expect that from you! It's not like they are paying you to write, you are doing this for free, and because you enjoy it and it makes you happy! If they dont like your stuff, they dont have to follow you, they can go to other blogs that cater to their taste, and they definitely don't need to be sending you such hurtful comments, and they dont get to make you feel sad about your writing! Just because they followed you during your earlier stages of writing, doesn't mean you owe them some type of loyalty or compensation! You can write literally whatever you want as long as it makes you happy! That's what your hobby and your blog are for! I hope you know that alot of your followers love your work and think that you are an amazing writer and are down to support the work that makes you happiest! 馃挅馃挅
ahh thank you so much anon!!! i am always so bowled over by how many people are nice to me when something like this happens, i am sending you my love <3
Anonymous asked: don鈥檛 listen to them!! we love you as a writer no matter what you write, because you鈥檙e a good person and a talented writer!! you shouldn鈥檛 have to change what you write to please a bitter person, and if they only want jjba, they can go to another blog instead of bringing you down. you鈥檙e doing amazing and they should be thankful you grace us with your talents!!
to be totally honest, if i was half-assing or not vibing with content i was making i just. wouldn鈥檛 post it. like you鈥檇 be able to TELL when i was half-assing stuff just to get words out (source: i have re-read my own nanowrimo works). there are lots of great jjba blogs who could do with more followers n interaction!!! i hope they do find them and i hope they鈥檙e nice to them :(.聽
Anonymous asked: Please don鈥檛 pay attention to that anon. People only have that confidence when they have anon turned on. Them looking through your blog despite feeling that way is peak fan behavior and speaks to how addicting your writing is. Naturally, you can鈥檛 please everyone and there will be people who are irrational and feel entitled to tell you what to do or what to write no matter what. Trust me when I say they鈥檙e a small minority and are more likely probably passing viewers rather than regulars. I check your blog about three or more times a day because I love reading not just your fics but also your takes, banter with other anons, or even random updates. Brainrot posts? LOVE TO SEE IT!!! Desk update? AMAZING!!! With that being said, don鈥檛 feel pressured to continue pushing out content for others. Write what makes you happy! You鈥檝e been writing for JJBA for 4 years and it鈥檚 completely normal + healthy to get into new media. I鈥檓 not sure if it would mean much, but your love for JJK has gotten me excited to start it too!!
anon i really hope you enjoy it!!! sometimes these anons remember stuff i鈥檝e posted and said better than i do tbh, i am living in their heads rent free i guess!聽
Anonymous asked: I've been following you for a couple of years and honestly it would always be a joy to see when you posted. Your writing has improved and I'm very happy you're enjoying yourself ! I know it hurts hearing and seeing stuff like that but I'm happy you're here. I'm honestly blessed everytime you post. Your writing is phenomenal. I love reading it even if its characters that I dont care for. You capture their essences so well and weave an amazing tale within the prompts and whatnot. You're amazing nat!
wehh thank you so much!!! re: the improvement, i really don鈥檛 feel like it has and then i re-read something i wrote when i first started and i鈥檓 like oh my god maybe it has. did i really write about jotaro acting like that.聽
Anonymous asked: Hi Nat. I recently became a follower of yours and I'm really saddened to see you get hate. You seem like a genuinely sweet person with amazing talent! I'm a writer myself and, unfortunately, get the same kind of comments. And when you get those comments, it doesn't leave you feeling motivated. People need to understand that people can and will, at times, grow out of fandoms. (1 Not just that but you're doing all of this for free. Again, I'm sorry you got such a comment. But please know that I'm proud of how far you've come. I'm proud that you're living a life that makes you happy. And no matter what fandom you may find yourself in next, I will always enjoy your writing. Take care of yourself. (2 end
HELLO NEW FOLLOWER I LOVE YOU (i get a lot more a day now than i used to and i feel guilty about not being able to look through so many blogs but i do try and follow back other writers for my fandoms!! ;_;). i鈥檓 sorry you get the same kind of comments! i鈥檓 always just happy to see people i like enjoying new things, even if i have no interest in it (hello to all of my mutuals who write for hunter x hunter and haikyuu, not interested but i鈥檓 sure you鈥檙e having a great time and i support you!!!).聽
Anonymous asked: I'm sure you're getting a barrage of supportive messages now (at least I hope so) but I figured I'd add my voice, because I'm a longtime follower. Your writing is, and always has been, wonderful. I've been so happy to see you and Haz get to a place that works for you both. Idk if it's obvious for everyone, but you seem like you're emotionally in a pretty good place most of the time these days, and it makes me really happy to see that. I followed years ago for JJBA content, but I stayed because regardless of what content you put out, I find your wit delightful. And I'll stick around even if you move fandoms entirely, because whatever content or editorializing you produce is going to be worth reading, regardless of what it's for.
ahh, anon!! thank you for sticking around so long, sorry if you鈥檙e old enough to have been around the vore and jorts and spider rohan fiascos! <3 i am definitely a lot more stable than i have been and - barring the Pandemic Related Mental Health Issues - happier! i鈥檓 glad that it鈥檚 noticeable! <3
Anonymous asked: It actually makes me mad how entitled some people are. Nat, you're not a content creating machine and those who expect you to be are not worth wasting a thought on. Your love for something is not measured in word counts and for you to write every day without getting burned out in the slightest you really must have a burning passion and huge dedication to your craft. If others decide to send hate then allow me to send admiration because I can feel your love and hard work in each post you make!
i try and write every day bc it鈥檚 super good for my little ocd/autistic brain to have routines and distract itself, so i鈥檓 glad other people can enjoy them because that makes me motivated to carry on! like, i write for myself mostly bc the content i want i sometimes get find, but filling requests and writing for other people also leaves me with happy warm fuzzies too! i appreciate you!! <3聽
Anonymous asked: If people only care about your writing for the jojo porn that鈥檚 on THEM, not you. Your writing was amazing when I followed about a year ago, and it鈥檚 only gotten better and will continue to get better! I think it really comes through when you enjoy what you鈥檙e writing and it adds a whole other layer of worth to it, because not only are you making free content but you LIKE that content and we can all gush about it together!!! More than just fans, I think you鈥檝e created a community here and we don鈥檛 just stick around to read smut, I promise you that. -Reronon
i do miss having a discord community bc it was nice to talk to everyone in real time but it was hard work, i am glad that people feel like they can just come into my askbox and gush! i鈥檓 not very friendly in real life and people tend to think i am cold and stuck up so i work very hard to try and seem friendly and approachable online, which is much easier for me because i get to think and re-draft before i type! <3聽
Anonymous asked: Hi Nat! I鈥檓 sure you鈥檙e getting a lot of messages like this right now but I just wanted to say for what it鈥檚 worth that, as a person who originally followed you for jjba content and hasn鈥檛 watched/read any of the other series you鈥檙e currently writing for, I鈥檓 honestly still along for the ride. This is your blog and you鈥檙e allowed to do what you want with it and put out what content you feel like writing. Sometimes??? People acquire new interests??????? Shocking! I know absolutely nothing about jjk or bnha but out of curiosity still read some of your posts about them and even though I might not Get It, I still enjoy them because I think you鈥檙e a very talented writer! Honestly, as long as you鈥檙e still writing, I鈥檓 still down to clown, and whenever you take breaks (which are important!) I鈥檒l still be waiting for your return or supporting and respecting your decision to stay away longer. Don鈥檛 let the entitled assholes get you down. Utilize YOUR blog and YOUR space however YOU choose. Your talent and kindness speak for themselves. Love you!!! 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
anon i care about you and i am so appreciative of you and everyone for sending me such nice messages! i am running out of ways to say it but it鈥檚 true, it really does mean a lot to me ;_; <3
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dzzystrs a year ago
30 questions !
tagged by @bayheart鈥嬄! just bored n thought it sounded fun ;;
Name: stars!
Gender: genderfluid / nonbinary ! i bounce between which term i feel more comfy using ;;
Star Sign: aries !! and it suits me very well
Height: 5鈥2鈥 or 5鈥3鈥 somewhere in tht general range sjdfjg its been a while since ive checked but. yknow short ! i like being short
Time: 4:47pm
Birthday: april 16th
Favorite Bands: AJJ !!!! and also glass animals and mother mother and of monsters & men ;w;
Favorite Solo Artists: uhgg . idk !
Song Stuck In My Head: undertale ost bc i鈥檓 watching ranboo鈥檚 stream :pensive:
Last Movie: blinks. hm.... i think avengers endgame? not all the way thru, mom put it on and i watched a bit of it, i need to rewatch it completely ;;
Last Show: oh lord i dont watch tv shows tht often anymore so... probably mlp:fim?
When Did I Create This Blog:聽oh god. sometime in 2015? [checks] yeah october of 2015 ! thats at least when i started posting ;w;
What Do I Post: on this blog, just. usually rbs of whatever the Hell I Want, but i make the occasional funny or vent post sometime lol
Last Thing I Googled: carls jr. bc . im thinking abt getting carls jr tonight despite not having had it in YEARS
Other Blogs: my art blog, sigh-fur, a secret vent blog (mostly for rbs), my blog for my tf original cont, transformers-unity,聽
Do I Get Asks: nnnnot usually! i am not. popular nor liked. i wouldnt mind getting more tho i like to talk :3
Why I Chose This URL: my name is stars, ive always liked dizzy stars as a concept, seemed like a Fun Username, but dizzystars is taken so. dzzystrs it is :pensive: id kill a man for dizzystars
Following: oh god not tht many, im not good at following ppl and im picky about whats on my dash. tumblr says 126 but maybe only 10 or so actively post
Followers: HUH. 466. REALLY DOESNT FEEL LIKE THT MANY. theyre probably mostly. inactive ive had this blog for a long time now
Average Hours Of Sleep: usually its been like. 10-12. bc im very depressed.
Lucky Number: 4 !!!
Instruments: none :( i wish i was smart enough to learn an instrument lol
What I鈥檓 Wearing: gray hoodie tht probably needs to be washed, uhh. fuzzy christmas/winter pajama pants. valentines day socks. im home all day so im not presentable
Dream Job: god. no job ideally. being any kind of content creator would be cool, working on a comic or cartoon especially ;;聽
Dream Trip: hgnghg. i have no clue. honestly just wanna go back to eureka springs, i use to go every october but i havent been in a few years i miss tht lil town
Favorite Food: i have an ed <3
Nationality: american </3
Favorite Song: anything by ajj lol
Last Book I Read: do i look like i read. thats a lie i read graystripe鈥檚 vow when it came out
Top Three Fictional Universes I鈥檇 Like To Live In: gravity falls, transformers animated, or mtmte.
uhh as for tagging folks. ig anyone who sees this and wants to do it !
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chemicataclysm 2 years ago
here, my about and faq in a text post, under the cut, thats that on that.
Tumblr media
Hey! My name is Scott/Chem and dis iz mah blog! I鈥檓 18, autisitc, bi, trans, and white. I use he/him pronouns, and I have ptsd. This is my art blog!! I post art that i make here, and lately its been a lot of original content bcoz thas what makes me happppy! :D I dont fuck with terfs/transmeds soo dont touch my blog if ur one of dem! (same goes 4 any other gross ppl)
I love life and i love my friends and i love love loooove making friends! feel free to message me/send asks if u wanna talk (esp if we鈥檙e mutuals!), im not 2 good at keeping convos going or remembering 2 reply but i try my best ^w^;; I really do love talking 2 ppl tho! Sorry if my tone comes across as rude at times im bad at portraying things da way i meant them in my head? if that makes sense?
N e way, I love code red mountain dew, hot tea, fuzzy blankets, and stuffed animals!! Musicals r also cool, and i love love LOVE bright colors!! Sonic and danganronpa r my big spins rn, but i also love invader zim, animal crossing, and care bearz! I collect clowns and im a scene kid too >:)
Sorry in advance for how I type!!!! I have a lot of trouble expressing myself with 鈥渃orrect鈥 grammar and shit so I鈥檝e just kinda. yknow. (鈥: decided I will just type in a way that feels right and yes its kinda cringey but thats ok鈥 my autism makes it hard to phrase things properly when I play by other鈥檚 rules!! so I made my own!! x3 (but when things get serious I try my best to type in a more serious manner)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me if I accidentally say/do something ~problematic~ sometimes things I do don鈥檛 come across the way I want them too and :( it always sucks when ppl get mad at me without telling me why!! And PLEASE dont be passive agressive either i can pick up on passive agression but i have trouble picking up on what ur mad about so all it does is make us both pissy
Also, if you鈥檙e here from that one callout鈥 I鈥檝e apologized for everything and amends have been made! Plz don鈥檛 harass me, just block and unfollow if my past actions make u uncomfortabl,, u have every right 2!!
Tumblr media
I came here from your picrew!! Can I use it as an icon on tumblr /discord /twitter /insta / youtube/ etc? Yep!! Just credit me in your bio (and on discord just link ppl to my blog if they ask)
Can you add (x) thing to the picrew? No, sorry. I鈥檓 done with my picrew,,
Can I make small edits to what I made in your picrew? Yes, just don鈥檛 make anything racist/homophobic/terfy/etc. and keep my sig in
Is there anyway I can support you? Yep!! Reblogging my art always helps because it gives me more exposure, but I also do commissions and I have a ko-fi and patreon you can donate to!!! the links to.. all that stuff鈥. are on my links page at /linkz.. if u cant support me monetarily thas ok, but consider telling ur friemds
Can you tag (x) thing on your blog? Yes of course! Just shoot me an ask and I鈥檒l start tagging it so you can blacklist it
How the fuck am I supposed to MAGICALLY know what does and doesn鈥檛 make you uncomfortable? How am I supposed to know your boundaries? They r鈥 common sense! Don鈥檛 send me, a stranger, weird sexual jokes about my characters. Don鈥檛 act like we鈥檙e best friends if I鈥檝e never met you before. Treat me like a normal adult human person. No idolization, no infantilization.
But I still don鈥檛 know what I can and can鈥檛 say to you!!! Here鈥檚 my advice:
Tumblr media
How come you get mad at nsfw jokes sent by strangers but draw urself so sexy and respond to flirting on your main? Well idk its the trauma i guess I feel the need to be hot and very sexy sexual at all times I want ppl to be attracted to me im an attention whore ;P I usually tag things like that tho... plus, the way i draw myself doesnt change the fact that im uncomfy with unpromped nsfw jokes about my ocs KLJHG
What do you use to draw? For my digital art I use a ugee 1910b tablet and Paint Tool SAI 2, and for traditional art I use basically everything that isn鈥檛 pencils
What are your brush settings? These:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
How do you make bright colors work in your art? I dont鈥! I have no clue what I鈥檓 doing and I don鈥檛 know shit about color theory or picking a palette, sorry!!! There are def people out there who can explain what they r doing but I,, just pick colors i like and hope it works tbh
How long have you been drawing? For as long as I can remember. WHich might not be that long bcuz i have memory issues and also trauma and i dont remember much from before I was 13 so鈥 at least 4 years?
Are you self taught? Currently! I鈥檓 gonna go to art school in ~a year tho >:3
Any tips for beginner artists? No.
Favorite color? All of tem!!! ESPECIALLY if they鈥檙e rlly bright
Will you draw (insert thing here) for me?? Yess just pay me :D comms r open UWU (unless its like鈥 disgusting shit)
Can we draw your ocs/sona? YES YES YES!!! YES PLS!!!! IF YOU DO PLEase show me!!1! that shit makes me all happy and jumpy and Just Super Fucking :D
Fandoms? I am in the Kokichi fandom and I鈥檓 the only one here because some days I feel like I鈥檓 the only bitch who understands him. Im the CEO of kokichi
Why don鈥檛 you like Saiouma? Is it problematic? I just don鈥檛 like it lol nuthingz wrong with it. If you ship it, go ahead, feel free. it just鈥 idk annoys me.
Ok so if you don鈥檛 ship saiouma what v3 ships do u ship? I love Oumota #OumotaGang, but I also like Saimota, Saimatsu, Tenkaede, Whatever Tenko and Maki鈥檚 ship name is, and Oumami
Why is everything gay/trans/autistic here? My blog my rules.
Why do you type so weird? I explained it in my about but also. My blog my rules.
Are you self diagnosed? Nope! Wuz diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and autism when I was 14 (15? 16?? Im not sure how old i was鈥 memory issues are wild :c) and my therapist assigned me ptsd in January 2018
Are you in a relationship? YEs!! and i LOVE MY BOYFRIEND VERY MUCH!!!!!1! (and pls鈥 dont send him weird messages. some of y'all have and, like, why man,鈥 we鈥檙e in love)
Are you polyam? Yes, I am, I鈥檝e talked about this.
Who is David?? Why is he on your blog talking??? He is my boyfriend!!! I just let him answer asks sometimes. as a treat,
Are you a system? Noooo i do not hav DID srry if u were under the impression that I did!
Do you think ace people are lgbt? How do you feel about truscum? Etc.? Ace people are lgbt鈥. truscum make me uncomfortable and a lot of what they say triggers my dysphoria鈥︹. this isn鈥檛 a discourse blog tho so if you give me shit for this I am just gonna block you
Do you have dyphoria? Well yeah but does it matter鈥?
If you鈥檙e dysphoric why do you draw yourself so femininely? Why do you care, huh? Think about that. Contemplate why you care so much about my vibes.
Tell me about your trauma? (I shit you not people have asked this) YOU!! ARE NOT!! ENTITLED TO MY TRAUMA!!!! I will not go into detail about it here!! Just know that I am a csa victim and a victim of emotional/verbal abuse .. it really fucked me up in the past but I鈥檓 getting better and my trauma does not define me!! Other than that >:( know that you have no right to know the details about what happened to me.
Can I repost your art? (Cocks gun)
Are you aware of how cringey and dumb you are? YEah lol (Cocks gun x2)
Do you really think smoking/stealing/drinking/all the shit you do is cool? Nah Im just an attention whore i never shut up
Why don鈥檛 you disable anon since you get so many freaks? I鈥檓 an ATTENTION WHORE
Why do you get mad so often? Well there鈥檚 two reasons. 1.) I have anger issues an 2.) you guys are constantly dehumaizing me and then getting mad when I act human so it just sets my nerves off and then I snap and then you get mad at me again and so I calm down and start letting yall walk all over me and so you dehumanize me and- (the cycle repeats over and over)
Hey you wronged me in the past and I am going to give you shit for it now. You have every right to I guess but like鈥 man if you just dm me we can talk it out and reach an understanding.
Hey I heard you were called out for (x) thing is that true? There鈥檚 a lot of misinformation about me floating around the internet about me, but I have been called out for stuff (though it鈥檚 in the past, I鈥檝e grown, I鈥檝e apologized and stopped, I was a minor at the time, and ammends have been made :V) so just dm me if u have concerns abt stuff you鈥檝e heard lol
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miawinters-archive 2 years ago
some times i really wish tumblr was better with their settings (which i know is too much to ask for). I really want this blog to be the closest thing to private, but there鈥檚 only two options relating to this: hiding my blog and hiding from search results, but those two options do way more than just what it says.
if i choose聽鈥渉ide my blog鈥 you can only view my blog when you are logged into tumblr (which is nice), BUT i lose the ability to have a nice theme, and after tumblr鈥檚 last update people on desktop can no longer send asks because it breaks the dash for some reason. i think it should just be that people need to have an account to see my blog
if i choose聽鈥淗ide from search results鈥 it hides me from sites like google and doesnt let my posts show in the tags, but it also prevents me from looking at any tag on my own blog, instead saying聽鈥渢heres nothing here!鈥 which isnt really what anyone wants im sure, unless ppl are hiding what they post abt or smth.
Its really annoying that these things could be split into more, precise, separate, options but instead each one feels like a trade off if you want more privacy. not to mention these two options dont even truly hide your blog.
i just really wish tumblr let you have a private blog (where people ask to follow and u accept), or at the very least, it could be like facebook where you could create certain privacy settings for each post, like making every personal post for mutuals only or something. They have a private post section, but i have no clue why anyone would post something on their blog if its going to be only for you anyway. with that, the closest thing to a聽鈥減rivate鈥 blog would be their聽鈥淧assword-protected鈥 blogs, which frankly make no sense. why would anyone want to put in a password every time they want to see a blog.聽
all these settings seem like very basic options that multiple social media sites have had ages ago, and i wish tumblr wasnt like this :/ I鈥檇 love to be able to make my blog private while still making public edits... the closest thing i can do rn w ppl following is individually checking each and softblocking if theyre weird or smth, but honestly if you dont get on too much or you have too many that isnt realistic.聽
i remade bc it was clear on my last blog that ppl followed for edits, but got angry w my personal posts, and if my blog could do some inbetween where people could still interact with my edits (that i want ppl to interact with!) but they鈥檇 have to follow for 2 weeks or smth before they could comment/send asks that鈥檇 be nice. the closest thing is 1 week to reply but that still isnt good enough imo, i鈥檝e had ppl follow, wait a whole week, then reply angry messages to every post i make until i address it, not to mention they could just reblog and comment and also message/send asks.聽
the asks/messages/replies should also be better fine tuned. i should be able to make it so ppl cant exactly reblog and comment and replying should be the most casual interaction with messaging being the most intimate i guess. on here its either everyone or people im following, which makes me feel bad for nonmutuals. i wont even get into how i can block an anon and said anon could be a best mutual who ive been speaking to forever and still could because tumblr doesnt block blogs on anon.
idk i wish tumblr was better but i dont wanna be on fb/twitter/insta :/ in my dreams staff adds a helpful update thats already been in use for years but yea
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perfcell 3 years ago
Do you have any tips or pieces of advice for someone who's looking to start up an rp blog for a character? I have plenty of experience roleplaying, but none of it is with tumblr.
//OH sure sure !!聽
lets get the technical stuff out first, make the account for your new blog in advance, before you prepare anything else because tumblr has this anti-bots security system in place which doesnt allow new blog鈥檚 posts to show up in the tags (and tags such as #indie rp, #anime rp, #insert show here rp are pretty important in getting ur blog out there). you鈥檒l also have to follow some people, get followed back by at least one, reblog+like some posts before your stuff starts showing up in the tags
of course u can disregard the whole promotion thing and just follow people and wait for them to follow you back, but if u want new people to find you without you actively looking for them, its good to drop something in the rp tag. but again, you dont have to do any of this.
so heres stuff you can prepare (or not, its totally up to you !!)
icons - a relict of dreamwidth era , not necessary but i find that they add some zest to the interactions so personally, im a fan. usually 100px x 100px u can make them fancy or not, your choice. just get some basic facial expressions (but again, you dont NEED them)
themes - some rpers pay a lot of attention to blog themes, i used to be like that but tbh rn i dont think anything beats a nice basic theme w/ a readable font. hit up theme hunter聽and snag a theme u like !!! OR DON鈥橳, thats totally up to you !!!聽
also you can set your blog to dash only in the blog鈥檚 settings which means u dont have to bother w/ a theme !! its a popular thing in rpc nowadays !!!
oh and just a hint 鈥 id avoid using somebody鈥檚 art for icons or elements of theme鈥 i mean sure u can credit them but hardly anybody looks at credits so idk id just avoid it altogether cuz the artists dont like that and theyre absolutely right. i used to use peoples art for icons and i had some artists reach out to me and ask that i dont do that and tbh now i cringe at my past-self for not seeing that its soo disrespectful of the artists
what to put on blog:聽
about page - its a page where rpers put some basic information about the character they write as. it can be super important if youre writing as an OC (not many people will follow an OC if they dont know anything about them tbh) !!! if youre writing a canon character u can just resort to filling out a basic dossier (like listing their name, age, whatever鈥 YOU CAN USE THIS and fill out what u like). or you know, do whatever. on cell, i just wrote a piece of Something and linked his wikipedia page lol. do what you feel like, its just a thing in rp community.聽
rules page - slightly more important. this is where you set boundaries and introduce yourself ooc. after introductions ur expected to tell people what鈥檚 NOT ok by you, for example, you say that godmodding is not ok (godmodding is when people write in their own responses what ur character is doing), maybe shipping is not ok by you, maybe u dont want to write smut ever etc. you put all of that there and any additional info you feel the need to add (for example, asking people to tag certain triggers etc). try to browse other peoples rules pages to get the feel聽
verses page - some blogs have a lot of specific verses like idk, an AU in which ur character is evil etc. this is a page where u can put them and add descriptions, UP TO YOU. i find that its less important than about or rules page, focus on those 2 first, especially the rules page bc its what people usually check out first before writing with u!! add verses later !!!
how to start an rp blog:聽
OK so lets say you鈥檙e prepared and ready to write. i usually post a promo to announce my Arrival to the rp market. take a look at what鈥檚 in the indie rp tag for example, just to give you an idea what ppl post there. it used to be REQUIRED to post like鈥 a graphic advertising ur blog but tbh these days u can just drop a text post (preferably with ur icon so that people know which character u write) and you say smth like 鈥楬ELLO, a new (character here) RP blog here!!! like/reblog if youre interested in writing with me!!鈥 (ofc write whats natural to you, just introduce ur blog in whatever way u feel like it鈥 OR DONT, YOU DONT HAVE TO DO THIS)
BEFORE POSTING A PROMO MAKE SURE YOUR POSTS SHOW UP IN TAGS FIRST. YOU MIGHT HAVE TO FOLLOW SOME PEOPLE FIRST (refer to this) 鈥 where to find those rp blogs?? refer to tags below.
what to tag your promo with: remember that only 5 first tags will show up in the search results. so pick some good tags, i think the most important tag is #(show/movie/books name) rp. heres my promo, u can check the tags i used there and come up with your own accordingly. and also browse these tags to find people to follow, like idk, lets say u wanna rp sb from naruto, then u hit up #naruto rp and just scroll and follow ! also avoid using swear words or nsfw words in ur promo bc tumblr will censor it lol
how to start WRITING on an rp blog:
ok so youve gathered some followers, now what. i usually just post a starter call! this is a post that people who want to write with you will like and you in turn will start a thread with them (doesnt have to be IMMEDIATELY, take ur time). you can also reblog rp memes which are like writing prompts people send to you (but i dont recommend starting ur rp blog w/ a memes barrage, people usually want to get to know your blog a little bit more before they send you a prompt).聽
you can also wait for other people to post starter calls and then you like them (but check their rules first !!! for example, most people have a rule about being mutuals only, which means they will write you something only if youre following each other back), which also works.聽
AND THATS HOW IT GOES !!! you are now writing on an rp blog. remember to take it easy and do what feels natural !!! browse some other rp blogs to get Inspired (but dont just lift things, stealing is a big no-no in the community). do what you feel comfortable with, if you dont want to make icons then dont! you鈥檒l always find somebody who鈥檒l write with you without icons (we just rly like them lol). be patient with others and yourself, read peoples rules, be nice, dont reblog an rp meme without sending a prompt to the person youre reblogging from (thats called reblog karma, if you dont wanna send a prompt then rb from the source), put yourself out there and UHH have fun !
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temporalhemorrhage 3 years ago
im so frustrated with social media nowadays... i dont know if its just because i dont know how to use it properly or because of genuine algorithm issues on the platform but like.... HOW does ANYONE find ANYONE on there???
like okay yes, there鈥檚 tags on instagram- i GET that- and it does seem that people use those tags to find new art because thats how im pretty sure ive gained the followers i do have (since its not like there鈥檚 a reblog function on there or anything where someone can expose an artist to their followers and thus increase their visibility)... but they also just instituted a new algorithm that basically mutes anyone who doesnt post/respond regularly (which can apparently be as little time as a week/few days without posting), so that鈥檚 a no go for anyone who doesn鈥檛 already have a large following
then twitter?? is just???? a void????? like i literally have NO idea how anyone finds anyone on there or how you鈥檙e supposed to grow your audience or even find people that you know from other social media??聽 i recently started using hashtags on there for my art (something that im still very wary of because NOT A SINGLE ARTIST I FOLLOW uses them so idk what the commonly used or appropriate ones are??? or if its even considered appropriate to put them on your art post?? like i said- not a single of the nearly 100 artists i follow uses them so im just like lol guess ill die) and yet i still feel like im just yelling into a void (with about the same reaction as you would expect from that action)
meanwhile, tumblr is the only place ive ever been able to build any sort of following and find friends/people i like and content i want, yet aside from its slow decline over the past couple years, im now hearing from artists that they鈥檙e barely getting any notes or interactions, even when they have 67k followers or some shit, so they鈥檙e all leaving for other social medias
which again returns me to my previous point of HOW are the other ones any better??? how did you amass 112k followers on twitter or w/e and 98k on instagram (if not just migration from an already established platform? which is literally my only working theory)? at least on here i can throw shit in a tag and i know ppl will see it- or i have ppl who consistently reblog my shit so i know that will introduce it to a new audience- how does that work on twitter/instagram???
ive yet to be introduced to A SINGLE NEW ARTIST on those platforms, which tells me that its not just my work that isn鈥檛 being spread, but that it鈥檚 just how the platform functions (e.g. you can show things to your followers, but their followers will rarely if ever see it, and there鈥檚 very few options for otherwise increasing your visibility), which im sure is fine and all if you already have a couple hundred or thousand followers under your belt, but for people starting absolutely fresh? what chance do they have? how do they reach the people they want to reach?
forget art- how do you find FRIENDS on there? how does ANYONE connect with other like-minded people or with those who share their interests? i just dont understand how anyone feels like these sites are anything other than just shouting into the void and ~hoping~ that the void is already occupied and listening...
(and please know this has nothing to do with my content- i understand that i dont put out anything worth paying attention to, so its not like im bitter i dont have followers or anything. it just feels like im missing out on some core knowledge that everyone else knows (which coincidentally is the story of my life) and that it鈥檚 going to fuck me over big time when i actually do try to gain an audience)
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shoezuki a year ago
I feel like. the main difference between tumblr and Twitter is privacy. Twitter shows so much more personal information and so much about you that you can't turn off. your likes are right there, a way to get in contact (should you provide it) is right there, who you follow is right there. and yeah, reeeally private info is hidden but it's so easy to forget to turn that off. location. phone number. email. birthday. and Twitter the app gets access to it all.
tumblr, for all its faults, is far more anonymous. yeah an email needs to be provided and, at least before The Great Purge a birthday as well (I've had tumblr for Years so who tf knows what else you need to sign up anymore) but you have the option of not letting people see who you follow. see what you like. and no one knows how many people follow you either! there's less pressure to be perfect all the time, an impossible task. there's less shame or stigma around blocking and moving on. no one will get offended fuz christ no one even knows you. and isn't that wonderful?
Twitter is great for marketing because it encourages your followers to feel like they know you. (and side note, no they don't. they don't at all. you can not know someone when they have a word count attached to what they're saying, things can be twisted so easily...) and that's great for marketing yourself but for being yourself? yeah, no, ill take tumblr over Twitter any day. at least I don't feel like I'm on a knifes edge, one badly misconstrued tweet away from having people calling for my blood.
ABSOLUTELY!!!!! like theres jus. So much more room to Breathe on here???? In the way of privacy and havin More Control over ur own information, what you dsiplay and allow others to see, etcetcetc.
Even jus like. Talkin format n function wise too its so much more Open and Customizable. I can edit my posts and queue them and the word limit is barely a consideration. Tags make it easy for me to mandate whats seen in what community on here. I can make my blog look how i want and just..... do what i want? Its great.
Twitter feels So Much like it was built with 'famous' people in mind and so its like. About ppl who are Known and Recognizable with a Name to em. It doesnt feel welcoming for ppl who jus wanna Vibe. But here i can talk shit and not get dozens of ppl yelling at me or bout how Horrible i am. Its beautiful
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cheesyramynry 4 years ago
tag time
mel tagged me in a lot thanks bro
aye aye aye thanks to he homegirl @starlightjeongin ily so much melly and you鈥檙e an angel <333 eskgetit!!!
also,,, there are like,,,, 4 tags in this so uhhhhh have fun
i dont have a name for this tag
1ST RULE: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better
> so um if you read this you are tagged now congrats <
2ND RULE: BOLD the statements that are true.
APPEARANCE: - I am 5'7 or taller - I wear glasses - I have at least one tattoo - I have at least one piercing - I have blonde hair - I have brown eyes - I have short hair - My abs are at least somewhat defined - I have or had braces
PERSONALITY: - I love meeting new people - People tell me I am funny - Helping others with their problems is a big priority of mine - I enjoy physical challenges - I enjoy mental challenges - I am playfully rude to people I know - I started saying something ironically and now I can鈥檛 stop saying it - There is something I would change about my personality
ABILITY: - I can sing well - I can play an instrument - I can do over 30 pushups without stopping - I am a fast runner - I can draw well - I have a good memory - I am good at doing maths in my head - I can hold my breath underwater for over a minute - I have beaten at least 2 people arm wrestling - I can make at least 3 recipes from scratch - I know how to throw a proper punch
HOBBIES: - I enjoy sports - I鈥檓 on a sports team at my school or somewhere else - I鈥檓 in a orchestra or choir at my school or somewhere else - I have learned a new song in the past week - I exercise at least once a week - I have gone for runs at least once a week in warmer months - I have drawn something in the past month - I enjoy writing - Fandoms are my #1 priority - I do some form of Martial arts
EXPERIENCES: - I have had my first kiss - I have had alcohol - I have scored a winning point in a sport - I have watched an entire TV series in one sitting - I have been at an overnight event - I have been in a taxi - I have been in the hospital or ER in the past year - I have beaten a video game in one day - I have visited another country - I have been to one of my favorite band鈥檚 concerts
MY LIFE: - I have one person that I consider to be my Best Friend - I live close to my school/work - My parents are still together - I have at least one sibling - I live in the United States - There is snow where I live right now - I have hung out with a friend in the past month - I have a smart phone - I own at least 15 CDs - I share my room with someone
RELATIONSHIPS: - I am in a Relationship - I have a crush on a celebrity - I have a crush on someone I know - I鈥檝e been in at least 3 relationships - I have never been in a Relationship - I have admitted my feelings to a crush - I get crushes easily - I have had a crush for over a year - I have been in a relationship for over a year - I have had feelings for a friend
RANDOM: - I have break-danced - I know a person named Jamie - I have had a teacher that has a name that is hard to pronounce - I have dyed my hair - I鈥檓 listening to a song on repeat right now - I have punched someone in the past week - I know someone who has gone to jail - I have broken a bone - I have eaten a waffle today - I know what I want to do in life - I speak at least two languages - I have made a new friend in the past year
alphabet tag
Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better
> i dont know/remember enough blogs to tag im sorry <
A: age? >聽15!!! <
B: birthplace? >聽californiaaaa <
C: current time? >聽4:43 pm <
D: drink you had last? > water bc its good for you <
E: easiest person to talk to? > my irl homie @realmzenith , the most fantastic perosn i have ever met on this site and of whom my soul burns with affection for @starlightjeongin , and my rad friends in my got7 amino groupchat - selena, haru, apple, and emi :) <
F: favorite song? > oh boy i dont have a favorite favorite song bro i guess the first things i can think of is either danzon no. 2 by arturo marquez, martini blue by dpr live, and home run by got7 <
G: grossest memory? > asdf uhh when i went hiking with my pathfinder club and we went through a聽鈥渓ong-cut鈥 and went off the trail and we had to walk up this super long river, and then to get out of the river to land we had to walk through these riverbed plants and this gray mud stuff and i had to put on my socks and sneakers and it was disgusting <
H: hogwarts house?聽> i say that im a hufflepuff, lately i got placed in ravenclaw but i dont agree <
I: in love? > in love with the fact that im old enough to be a little free, in love with my kpop faves, in love with all of my friends who tell me they appreciate me, in love with the idea of being productive, in love with music and daydreaming <
J: jealous of people? > tbh i catch myself being jealous of other people鈥檚 artistic abilities, but i turn that into a need to become better/daydream about myself being that good so uhh???? yeah <
K: killed someone? > i was playing overwatch with a friend late last night and one of our comp matches there were these two dudes who played tank, one in particular imma call CTL who was rude to me and the whole team (my mic doesnt work so i couldn鈥檛 talk back but he was still a bing bond :( ), a few rounds after we left that one we got placed against the two mean tanks, and me, a mercy main with crappy aim, 1v1ed CTL who was playing mccree and i was HAPPY. we lost but binch i teabagged the heck out of his douchy body <
L: love at first sight or should i walk by again? > walk by again im staring at you either way <
M: middle name? > danielle!! <
N: number of siblings? > i have a younger sister!! <
O: one wish? > tbh to be better at what i want to be better at, like someone please give me like a stat 100 potion or something <
P: person you called last? > last person i called was my friend mikey of whom i was playing overwatch with lmao <
R: reasons to smile? > music!!! art!!! alan menken said that there will be a musical production of hercules in the future!! <
S: song you sang last? > the finale of newsies bc my sister left it playing on the tv as i ate nine (9) quesedillas
T: time you woke up? > techinally 6:30 am bc my dog was scratching my door, then 9, then 11 am <
U: underwear color? > mint blue and gray <
V: vacation destination? > i think i would love to go to the places in europe where composers lived, that or i would love to visit every place my internet friends live :D <
W: worst habit? > probably sleeping until noon, forgetting to do important responsibility things, reading a text message/email and then not responding bc i forgot about reading it
X: x-rays? > i got an x-ray on my right arm when i fractured it in kindergarten, some on my stomach when i ate like three whole mangoes with the skin on them, and some of my teeth before i got my braces <
Y: your favorite food? > thai food, stuff from panera bread, or pretty much warm foods with rice <
Z: zodiac sign? > im a virgo!!! <
鉁 Fun Facts Tag 鉁
Rules for this are:
Have fun with it!
Tag some of your mutuals
1) Favourite colours:
> green or purple!!! or like whatever im feeling lmao but those are my first choices <
2) Favourite song at the moment:
> asdkfjas;ldfkjsdlkfj bro i cant choose okay im going to shuffle my fav songs playlist adn put the first thing that comes up: damdadi by golden child
3) Last book you read:
> i think its my history textbook lmao finals are this week for me <
4) Last TV show you watched:
> my friend鈥檚 younger sister showed me clips from Stranger Things but i never have watch it before, i also watched a few dramas at a friend鈥檚 house but idk the names of them lmao
5) Last movie you watched:
> oh golly uhhh i think its enemies in-laws on netflix <
6) If you have a pet whats their name?:
> i have a doggo(?) named tucker <
7) If you have siblings how many?
> i have one younger sister!1! <
8) Favourite thing to do on a weekend:
> i think resting, getting up to date with my million notifications, just scrolling through the internet, or writing <
9) Best tumblr friends:
> on tumblr i have the amazing wonderful fantastic showstopping gravity-defying dabtastical @starlightjeongin aka mel aka melly aka melmel aka infant aka like the coolest and raddest person i have ever meet聽
10) Favourite thing about yourself:
> idk if this is hard to explain but sometimes i do things people dont expect, like i was using my friend鈥檚 neighbor鈥檚 airsoft gun and like they were surprised that i have pretty good aim and that just makes me feel really good yknow <
11) Favourite memory:
> back in april 2017, during my band鈥檚 new york tour, in our hotel when i asked my friend what she was watching (it was got7鈥瞫 m/v hard carry)
12) 3 weird habits:
> i turn on all of my nightlights in a specific order, when its dark in my room i like to dance to music and watch myself in the mirror, i tend to randomly scream i think <
13) What would you call your style?:
> i like to wear large clothes, even though im like a medium small bc ahaha i have slight body dysphoria, i also like to wear button-ups from the men鈥檚 section that have weird designs, suspenders, and i guess things that make me feel aesthetic and free <聽
14) Odd talent:
> i can clap with one hand and me fingers bend weirdly <
15) Do you have a tumblr crush?:
> i have a big ol friend crush on my dear friend mel and a lot on the gr8 ppl of the aroha fandom <
the stray kids tag
Rules: answer the questions in a new post, and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better.
I鈥檝e decided that in celebration of Stray Kids pre-debut album I needed to create a tag. The ultimate goal for The Stray Kids Tag is to learn about your Tumblr mutuals, and have fun answering the Stray Kids related questions! Here we go:
1: When did you decide to join the Stray kids fandom?
> lmao i learned about them when it was rumored that jyp was going to have a new boy group, and i followed the updates until the announcement of the webseries/release of hellevator. i didnt want more ppl to remember on my plate until december 30ish when i finally gave in to mel so here i am <
2: What is your favorite episode of Stray Kids?聽
> im actually going to watch it right after i finish this tag post lmao ive never watched it before but i think ive seen clips??? when the boys were vlogging themselves packing idk if thats part of the webseries but thats cute <
3: Who would you say is your bias in Stray kids?
> I DONT HAVE ONE OKAY I DONT WANT TO TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT YET IM SCARED i legit like,,, dont know a whole lot about each member but i know their names but,,,,,, i think,,,,, before i start truly聽getting into them myself,,,, is probably seungmin,,,,, i think,,,,,,,, maybe,,,, whoops i just remembered woojin existed uhhhHHHH idk <
4: Who would you say is your bias wrecker in Stray kids?
> (im listening to ailee鈥檚 i will go to you like the first snow rn and im so emo while doing this tag) i love all of them!!!! probs chan or changbin or jeongin bc they are so sweet!!! <
5: What line would you want to be apart of in Stray kids?聽
> idk the team compositions of stray kids so i will get back to you on that one until i watch the series lmao <
6: What is the first song you heard of Stray kids?
> of course hellevator聽lmao <
7: What is the first song you heard of 3racha?聽
> FRICK actually i dont know bc melly showed me vids of them performing live but i dont know what the song was :( <
8: What is your favorite song on their pre-debut album?
> legit only have listened to hellevator and grrr so um ill say grrr?? <
9: What is a concept you鈥檇 like to see Stray Kids try in the future?
> SUSPENSE!!! idk if that聽鈥榮 hard to explain but like something with a story in the background, maybe like a spy concept with a nice orchestration i think they can do it <
10: if you could meet with the members of Stray kids for one day what would you say to them?
> ahhh!!! i dont know they all too too well but i would love to tell them that i feel that they are different from any other kpop group i have ever seen, bc they all seem genuinely happy and they are like the coolest bros and their friendship with each other is something that i could only dream of!! also ive heard that their songs have rad lyrics and they work super hard so i look up to them for that!!!1!!! <
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starlightbarbie 5 years ago
(don鈥檛 reblog this post if you鈥檙e not one of my friends talking to me)
okay, you know, i changed my mind? i鈥檓 cleaning house today, airing out laundry, so why not do the same emotionally?
it鈥檚 been weighing on me too long and making me feel like a bad person but i鈥檝e been so terrified of burning bridges that i never want to admit when i have a different opinion social-justice/spiritual-wise than my friends on here.
bc a lot of people seem to have the attitude that having a different political opinion than someone means you literally can鈥檛 interact with them again or continue being friends.
which i understand, it鈥檚 an online safe space and you want to surround yourself with like-minded people so you can enjoy your time away from the real-life people whose opinions you鈥檙e stuck around. tumblr is kind of the only place you CAN talk to ppl about lgbt, race, gender, etc issues and avoid other types of ppl.
but it just seems so, in a way, divisive and un-productive to alienate people who you enjoy talking to and being friends with, who share all of your political, social justice beliefs except ONE or TWO....just because their ideology doesn鈥檛 match perfectly with yours.
especially when they鈥檝e been respecting your opinions the entire friendship and there鈥檚 no reason you wouldn鈥檛 be able to continue talking just without discussing those topics you鈥檝e never discussed in the first place because they鈥檝e been silent about them...
so maybe i鈥檓 afraid of all my friends finally learning my two differing opinions and immediately going 鈥渨ow youre a bigot we cant be friends鈥 and maybe thats presumptive and wrong but i can鈥檛 help my instinctual worries, you know? am i putting up too much self-defense here??
i hope i dont sound attack-y which i鈥檓 worried i might because whenever i get ranty....but whatever, this is all just MY opinion and if you read it i hope you can understand where im coming from and then, take from it what you will.
.hhmm. enough stalling...
ive never been 鈥渁nti鈥 otherkin--as i understand it鈥檚 a spiritual belief for some and a coping mechanism for others, and there鈥檚 no reason for me to bash that or find any fault with people who just feel a connection to a certain animal or whatever. that鈥檚 been happening for all of human existence, there are religions which believe in reincarnation, and i鈥檓 agnostic anyways.
i wasn鈥檛 raised religious, tho my mom was raised catholic--she wanted my sister and i to come to god on our own terms in our own time instead of being brainwashed by a church since babyhood. so far it just made us very secular. but i鈥檝e had jewish, christian, muslim friends, and never disrespect anyone鈥檚 spiritual beliefs. i do preach separation of church and state and hold the political views that come with that, but i believe in freedom to express religion as long as it doesn鈥檛 infringe on another human鈥檚 rights.
but when it goes past otherkin...people identifying as animals, plants, and galaxies, that doesn鈥檛 harm anything--but when it comes to fictionkin and factkin it makes me very uncomfortable.
it feels extremely like theft of intellectual property and theft of identity. factkin, i have never actually seen a person identifying as, just people having 鈥渄iscourse鈥 over, so i dont know if its even real but if it is...i dont even know if i have to argue against it, it鈥檚 literally pretending to be another person who is alive?? and is themselves. it鈥檚 way beyond wrong to pretend to actually be a famous person, and it is NOT a healthy coping mechanism. it could actually really scare or harm that person they鈥檙e pretending to be.
fictionkin is something i have seen a LOT and have friends who id that way, so that鈥檚 i guess the big topic here. no problem with otherkin, no one i know is factkin, but fictionkin....
i understand where it would come in as a coping mechanism, i really do. i can relate. i have characters that i鈥檓 very attached to, that i relate to very much, that i look up to and want to emulate. some of them i even feel unreasonably possessive over, like 鈥渨ell that鈥檚 my favorite character, they can鈥檛 be your favorite character if they鈥檙e already mine鈥 which probably comes in to play with fictionkin feeling like they ARE the character so nobody else can be the character.
but the thing is, i can鈥檛 help but to feel like it鈥檚 intellectual property being stolen. it鈥檚 one thing to roleplay, to say 鈥渉ey i know i dont own this character but i鈥檓 gonna pretend to be them and explore different scenarios.鈥 the same for cosplaying or writing fanfiction and making fan art. using characters somebody else created to INSPIRE your own art is all fun and games as long as you dont claim to own any of the copyrighted materials.
claiming to BE the fictional character is totally claiming to own it. not legally obviously, i don鈥檛 think any fictionkin think they legally have rights to their kin, but definitely a huge mark of ownership to say 鈥淭his is Me.鈥
they didn鈥檛 create that character. they didn鈥檛 spend hours, days, months, pouring their heart soul sweat blood and tears into bringing that character to life. the writer/artist did. when you write, you put literally all of yourself into your characters. every bit of it comes from your thoughts, your unique worldview, the things you鈥檝e seen and learned all mixed together and spat out in a new form. it all comes from the mind of the character鈥檚 creator. in a way, their characters are each, them, or have their blood running through their metaphorical veins.
i am PASSIONATE about writing.
claiming to BE that character, that a writer put so much of themselves into, is almost like claiming to be that writer too. at least like carving out a piece of their mind and saying 鈥渢his is mine, it came from my life in another universe. it doesn鈥檛 belong to you. it鈥檚 not a unique pattern of emotions and ideas and creativity that you spent years developing. it鈥檚 just me from another universe, what a coincidence, right?鈥
it鈥檚 so offensive to steal another person鈥檚 hard work like that. and tumblr--tumblr--is supposed to be this place where people care about art theft and crediting the owners matters? and that makes me very, very uncomfortable as an aspiring writer who has my own original characters developing in my head.
important side note: i dont think you can say that fictionkin doesnt actually hurt anyone the way factkin obviously would. i have seen personal accounts from people on tumblr that said people were tagging their ocs/self portraits as kin, or telling them that they were kin with their ocs and they were writing the story wrong in some way, and they were very distressed by it.
so. i have never said anything because i dont want to hurt anyones feelings and i dont want to lose friends, but i also have to be honest and say what i believe if i want to respect myself as a person. so that鈥檚 what i believe.
and i don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 a necessary course of action to cut off ties with someone because they dont believe in fictionkin. its like stopping being friends with someone because they have a different religion than you. i鈥檝e had christian, jewish and muslim friends and as i said, i鈥檓 non-religious.
i understand that maybe identifying as a character is more tied with your personal identity than your religious identity, so it鈥檚 natural you would feel like people should accept that that character is part of your personality--but please understand that i can accept that there are aspects of all those characters in you and that you relate to them, without expecting me to believe that infinite universes AND reincarnation across those universes exist, which is more than any of my religious friends have asked of me. (ie no one has tried to convert me to their personal spiritual beliefs)
so that said, idk if anyone read all of this, but if you want to stop being my friend over it i wont try to make you change your mind. if youre uncomfortable talking to me after this, its fine and i wont push it. i gave my reasoning for why im willing to stay friends and put our different beliefs aside so know that youre always welcome in my life if you want to be, but i wont force you if you dont.
the next one is worse. stay tuned.
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24hs 5 years ago
tagged by: @lookoutdaruma (!!)
its nice getting tagged in things thank you omg聽
Rules: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you鈥 And most importantly, have fun! 聽
a - age:聽soon to be 16 (i feel so old wtf)聽
b - biggest fear: getting deep quickly are we聽lmao. anyway not telling聽
c - current time: uhhh 10:16 am d - drink you last had:聽water? this bitch is staying hydrated聽
e - every day starts with:聽you mean like,, physically? turning off my alarm (spiritually, my day starts with sending good morning texts. if that makes sense to u)
f - favourite song: right now - not today by bts聽all time favorite - hung up by madonna聽
g - ghosts, are they real:聽dear god i hope not i already have enough paranoia聽
h - hometown: the one i live in (i love being vague)聽
i - in love with: i have so many crushes you wouldnt know. three celebrity crushes and at least four with ppl on tumblr (about celebrities one i can tell u is my bby thomas sangster)聽 j - jealous of:聽people in a relationship 聽 k - killed someone:聽my dignity when texting at night聽 l - last time you cried:聽i cry then an now when on pms but theres only like. two tears so that doesnt count,, last time i really really cried was in may i think? (may 2011) m - middle name:聽I DONT HAVE ONE AND ILL FOREVER BE BITTER ABOUT IT聽 n - number of siblings:聽one brother and one sister (zak)聽 o - one wish: that my family and all my friends are happy forever because they deserve better聽 p - person you last called/texted:聽my sis ! and called... idk i dont call ppl聽 q - questions you鈥檙e always asked:聽no one talks to me聽鈥渨hy are you like this鈥 r - reasons to smile:聽music !聽 s - song last sang:聽playing with fire - blackpink聽 (HIGHLY recommended) t - time you woke up:聽uhh something around 8聽 u - underwear colour:聽pink lol聽 v - vacation destination: my fp
w - worst habit:聽talking without thinking聽 x - x-rays you鈥檝e had: only teeth for my braces lmao聽
y - your favourite food:聽good question actually. when i was a kid it was lasagne but now thats too oily? greasy? for me so for now its probably chicken schaschlik (its russian an delicious look it up)聽 z - zodiac sign:聽pisces sun! also aries venus, virgo moon and leo rising 鈾モ櫏
i tag @zakkyun, @nefot, @annyh24, @elimaki, @dark-yuri, @ayyyyyano and @star-gazer-4 and whoever wants to do it!聽
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