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renecdote · 3 days
'it's their anniversary on sunday' + buddie 💗 ily
It’s their anniversary on Sunday. Two more days and they will have been married for a year—a whole 366 days—and it has gone by so quickly that it feels like no time at all.
In the grand scheme of things, it is no time at all. Not enough, certainly, although Eddie isn’t sure that’s much of a quantifier since forever wouldn’t feel like enough time with Buck. Which is... It’s funny, really, because forever was a concept he didn’t really believe in before Buck, but now it feels like the bare minimum, anything else impossible to imagine.
He’s trying not to do that now: imagine. Where he went wrong, what he could have done better, the conversation he’s going to need to have with their kids when he goes home.
“Eddie,” Bobby says quietly from behind him.
Eddie shakes his head. He knows what Bobby is going to say. He knows what the look on his captain’s face is going to be if he turns around.
Bobby comes closer, hand finding Eddie’s shoulder, his voice sure when he says, “It’s not your fault.”
”She’s going to fall.”
“And what if you fall?” snappy with adrenaline, with fear, the building trembling around them.
Buck’s gaze steady, steady, always trusting. “You’ll catch me.”
And Eddie didn’t. 
He was meant to catch Buck—was meant to have Buck’s back, always and forever, til death do them part and then some—and he failed. So it doesn’t matter what Bobby says, doesn’t matter how sure he sounds, it doesn’t even matter if Buck wakes up from surgery and doesn’t blame him either. Eddie will always blame himself.
“It’s our anniversary on Sunday,” he says, and his voice sounds numb and distant to his own ears.
“I know,” Bobby says, squeezing his shoulder. “Have you already got Buck a gift?”
“Socks,” Eddie replies, which sounds stupid and insignificant when he says it out loud, but. “His feet are always cold, he complains about it all the time, and they’ve got little fire emojis on them.”
They also say “hot stuff” on the soles, but Bobby doesn’t need to know that.
“He’ll love them,” Bobby says, smiling.
Buck will love them, Eddie knows that. He’s just not sure he’ll get the chance to see that familiar, delighted grin light up his husband’s face.
Eddie presses the heels of his hands against his eyes. He’s vaguely aware that he’s shaking, but he can’t work out whether it’s cold, or shock, or something else.
“Okay,” Bobby murmurs, and then he’s sitting sideways on the bench and pulling Eddie against his chest, arms wrapping around him in a tight hug. “Okay, I’ve got you. It’s going to be okay.”
Is it?
What if it isn’t?
“I can’t—” Eddie starts, but he can’t even bear to finish the thought.
The thing about grief is that it doesn’t get easier with practice. Eddie has lost more people than he can count, but none of it has come close to preparing him for the possibility of losing Buck.
“You can,” Bobby says, his voice steady.
Eddie knows he isn’t the only one who has been beaten down by grief before. He’s not the only one who has shied away from helping hands even as they dragged him out of the darkness. He’s not the only one whose heart will crumble, maybe fall apart completely, if Buck doesn’t make it through this.
He brings a hand up, holding tight to the arm Bobby has wrapped around his chest. He feels so old and unbelievably young when he whispers, “He’s going to be okay, right? Tell me he’s going to be okay, Bobby.”
“Eddie, you know I can’t tell you that.”
Eddie squeezes his eyes shut. He does know that, but. “Please.”
Bobby squeezes him, his voice rumbling through his chest and into Eddie’s bones when he answers: “Buck is going to be okay. I promise.”
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piss-bong · 2 days
Hi, genuine question, do you actually like communism or did you just not really think at all about that last reblog?
I don't like communism I LOVE communism
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honestlystephanie · 3 days
🤣 Crazy part about it, is that Tenoch does not really start with anyone. He calls out racism and colorism then the white Mexicans get mad. 🤣
That’s to be expected of the palm colored folk. 😂
We love a man that’s not afraid to call them on their bullshit
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a-dragons-journal · 2 days
For most of my life I've had what I call my "Inner Me", a being who has gone on many adventures, talked to many people and saved their reality itself countless times while my physical body has developed and grown. They've grown and changed parallel to me, having their own life while I've had mine. We have learned from each others' experiences and love the people in each others' lives. We talk to each other, mostly indirectly, to the point I feel like I know near everything about them. 1/?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm just gonna go ahead and say straight-up: I cannot answer this for you. Nobody can answer this for you but you, unfortunately, and I know how much that sucks when you really don't know how to go forward, but it's true. I can try to give some advice on how to figure it out, but the experiences overlap enough that sometimes it's just so hard to tell as to be impossible to tell from anyone's perspective but yours, and sometimes it really does come down to picking what feels best to you/the two of you and going from there.
The best advice I can give:
My best attempt at a read on the situation: The self-image incongruence makes me lean toward parallel life kintype, as does the bleedthrough of selfness, but on the flipside the fact that you communicate with each other - even mostly indirectly - makes me lean toward some form of plurality, since that's not a typical experience with kintypes. I am aware this is thoroughly unhelpful as a tiebreaker, sorry.
If you haven't already, ask them. My experience with me-not-me thoughtforms is somewhat different (that being my daemon), but he's got a better instinctive grasp on his exact nature than I do. Talk about this with your Inner You, if you haven't already, and get their opinions - if they answer "are we the same person" with "no," you've pretty well got your answer. Even if they don't have a clear answer for you, the dialogue may help y'all figure things out. (And, again, I'll point out that if you can get a clear dialogue, that's a pretty strong point in favor of some form of plurality.)
I feel like these two things are... not mutually exclusive, tbh. I believe @dinocanid has spoken about having kintypes who are also headmates (or vice versa, however you want to look at it) before, though I could be misremembering?
I hate to bring this up as another possibility, but the sentences "they have always felt like they're the MORE REAL Me than the one on this reality. Like, I have a physical body, I can feel things with it and I've gone through stuff, but other than that? I feel like the rest of me is more existent in my Inner Me's reality," especially in combination with your Inner You being a hero figure in their world, makes me want to bring up MADD, Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder, as something you may want to look into. It only needs to be a concern if this is negatively impacting your life, which I don't know if it is from that phrase, but - if it is, then something to keep in mind.
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I think part of the reason Dick got choked up is the realization that Mar'i is real. Before, it makes sense for him to not know if she was real or just a figment of his mind/desires. But now that he knows Kory saw her seperately, that means she's actually real. It wasn't just a thing in his mind or just a projection of what he wants. She is real.
Tumblr media
I’m right there with you. I think this was definitely part of his reaction. He’d just seen his dad and his baby self and with his aversion to magic/supernatural I can understand him thinking he dreamed her up.
But Kory dreaming of her TOO? Oooooooh boy.
Going to post more gifs (made by @not-so-mundane-after-all 😊) of his sad face because they kill me.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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absolutebl · 1 day
I just watched all of Tale of a Thousand Stars with my mother in law and she loved it and wants to watch another series with me… I think it’s the romance nature of ATOTS that she enjoyed so much (she reads a lot of straight romance novels) and I’m not sure she’d like a really tropey series… are there any similar BLs that she might like?
OMG weirdly I have gotten this question before.
BL series to get my very conservative, very religious mother to watch? (PGish: sweet & clean)
And yeah 1k* was #2 on the list.
Tumblr media
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amesliu · 2 days
Pls tell me that after sohae percabeth went public there were multiple TikTok’s using the sound “HOW DOES IT FEEL TO LIVE MY DREEEEAM??!!!” Targeted at Percy
Yes also the one where it’s that Justin Bieber song that’s like “that should be me”
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disniq · 2 days
“everyone says bad things about him” makes me so sad bc i dont think it was revealed he was alive yet?
and i know jason was victim blamed a lot post death i believe? but like. it just makes me so sad. he was a dead kid everyone was talking bad about :(
[About this post]
Yeah, anon, me too :(((
It's one of those dumb recon things that just doesn't make sense in full context
Like, most of the victim blaming between A Death in the Family and Under the Red Hood comes from Tim and that makes sense to me. I can understand Tim internalising 'Jason was a Bad Robin' because 1) the bats don't know about Sheila betraying Jay, so it's easy to misinterpret the situation as Jason rushing in for no reason while Bruce was gone, 2) Tim didn't know Jason personally, all he sees is the damage left in his wake and I think as a very low empathy 13yo he needs to assign blame to *someone*, and Jason isn't there to defend himself, and 3) Tim is trying to convince Bruce he can do the job, so naturally step one is to believe you're better than the last guy.
Other sidekicks badmouthing Jason I could maybe buy as like the mentors using him as the ultimate cautionary tale EXCEPT that for all intents and purposes Robin didn't die! Jason Todd did, and he never gets a hero's funeral or a memorial statue at Titans Tower because Bruce essentially covers up his murder, and one of Tim's main selling points that Bruce should take him on is that people shouldn't know that Robin is gone.
So other heroes should either not have a clue about what happened to Jason at all, or be one of the few heroes who worked with him personally and know he wasn't "bad" at all.
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lady-phasma · 2 hours
I really hope you kill yourself soon enough and that it is as lonely as you have always thought it would be
Thank you for your bravery hiding behind anon.
I'm glad you've enjoyed my blog! He's some love from the 11th Doctor to hopefully offset some of your negativity. Namaste
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I will never be lonely 💜
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theartingace · 1 year
A pouch like that seems super comforting, all nice and warm and secure next to momma centaur
Tumblr media
so comfee and cozy, with room for friends!
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sketchingtons · 2 months
can we get a tim drake in 31 👀💖💖
Tumblr media
And give me a chance to draw my favorite boi? Absolutely!
It’s really been a hot minute since I’ve had a chance to draw Tim, so I extend my thanks for this request haha 🙏
I did get a shock when I had to actually look through my old Tim art to remember how to draw his hair-that really hit home that it’s been too long since I’ve drawn him 😂👏
Really had a blast with this one and super pleased with how it turned out-I hope you like it too!
(And here are some comparisons to the Tim’s I drew for last years palette request challenge-here and here!
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belovedinbloom · 4 months
Concept idea about the second pic, Harry in cologne
What about girlfriend/fiancé/wife reader making a surprise for Harry, like during his concert she is of course in the pit area and maybe all of a sudden she raises a sign in which she wrote “help me tell my boyfriend/fiancé/husband that I’m pregnant” and when Harry reads that he gets overwhelmed and begins to cry and after a bit he puts his hand on his face like in the pic maybe because everyone is screaming “she’s having your baby” or just chanting for them😭
Hey Nonny! This is so cute! I hope I did it justice. 💛
She’s having your baby
Rating: E (no warnings just fluff ☺️)
A:N: in this I describe elements of Harry’s show that are probably incorrect. I haven’t seen him live this tour so I’m just going off of the last show of his I saw. please don’t come at me lol 💛
Tumblr media
You’re in the pit of the darkened stadium, your best friend having held the sign for you so Harry didn’t see before the show. You’d just gotten to the pit after giving him a good luck shag in the shower backstage. There’s an electric buzz in the air, a tension as the fans anticipate when they’d get to see their favorite person right in front of their own eyes. The waiting is unbearable, and every once in a while there’s groups of people singing or chanting Harry’s name. You’re sure he can hear it from backstage.
When the fans see you, they naturally go insane, screaming your name as they notice you’ve joined them. You laugh and give them a little wave, even taking a few pictures with fans.
When the screen begins to play, turning from black to cartoons of bunnies, the stadium erupts. You scream along with them, joining in on the fun. Your best friend Hannah, who’s your partner in crime for the night, laughs and does the same.
The screen plays for a good few minutes, and you know Harry is stretching his muscles out and getting his adrenaline up for the show. You can almost see him there, arm stretched behind him to grab his ankle, balancing on one leg as he stretches.
When the stage lights come on, screaming surrounds you at a decibel you didn’t know existed. That’s when you see him, running out from behind Sarah’s drums and blowing kisses and waving to the crowd.
He opens with Golden, and you sing along with the crowd bouncing and swaying to the music. Harry plays guitar as he sings, light reflecting off his rings as he plays.
“Hello,” Harry says when he’s done playing. “I’m Harry.” The crowd screams. “S’nice to be here with all of you. Our job is to entertain you, and I promise we’ll do our very best. Your job is to have as much fun as you possibly can. Feel free to be whoever you want to be in this room tonight. Whoever you’ve always wanted to be, you can be that here with us.”
You get a little emotional at that, you always did, because you knew that Harry meant it. He wanted people to be genuinely themselves. That’s part of why you married him.
He moves swiftly into a new song, ditching the guitar in favor of the microphone. He works the stage and catches your eye, giving you a wave and blowing you a kiss. You blown one back and he continues on, singing and grooving to the music.
Halfway through the show, Harry stops and gives facts about Cologne. He tells them what he’s enjoyed so far in their city and how he can’t wait to be back.
You get nervous as the time for you to hold up your sign nears. The show is almost over, with just three more to go, before the encore. Before Harry sings kiwi and you hold up your sign.
You’d waited a few months, just to be sure, before you’d concocted your plan. You’d had three at home pregnancy tests that all came back positive, and you’d had a doctors appointment just to make sure. You knew the first few months of pregnancy could be difficult, so you didn’t tell anyone, except for Hannah. But at three months along, you finally felt ready to share the news. And you were going to do it in a way Harry would treasure.
“She worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes-“ Harry begins. The crowd immediately loses it and begins to scream the lyrics back to Harry. Butterflies form in your belly. Here we go.
“….I think I’m losin it, oh I think she said I’m having your baby…” Harry continues. You hold up your sign that says “HELP ME TELL MY HUSBAND I’M PREGNANT”. The sign is neon pink and the letters are large and black.
When Harry sees, he stops mid chorus. The band, confused, stops too. The crowd watches in anticipation, knowing this is something Harry does sometimes. He’ll tell them they weren’t loud enough or that this is edging, they assume. That is until Harry points to you.
The camera finds your sign and the crowd absolutely loses it.
“She’s having your baby!” The crowd begins to chant. The band starts playing the tune along with their chanting and Harry slates a hand over his eyes. His other hand that’s holding the microphone lifts it up high to allow the crowd to sing. His eyes tear up and he doesn’t think he’s ever been as happy as he is now.
“She’s having my baby!” Harry says into the microphone. More screaming from the thousands of people in the stadium. Your eyes spill over with happy tears and you lower the sign. Harry sniffs and wipes at his eyes, before clearing his throat.
“Okay,” he says. “I want you to go absolutely insane for me this time.” He says to the crowd. “Let’s go!” He makes a motion with his finger in the air and begins the song again, this time singing ‘she’s having my baby’ every time he gets the chance.
You kiss Hannah’s cheek and make your way backstage, knowing Harry will want to make a quick exit once he’s done with this song.
When he comes off stage, he’s sweaty and hot but you pay that no mind as you wrap your arms around his neck. He’s panting into your neck and squeezing you tight around your middle.
“How far along are you?” He asks, backing away enough to see your face but not letting you go.
“Three months.” You say. “I wanted to be sure before I said anything.” Harry nods and kisses you softly.
“M’so happy, baby,” he tells you. “What an amazing new adventure.”
You let go of one another reluctantly, but you know he’ll want to go to the hotel and shower. Making your exit, you hold tightly to one another’s hands, not wanting to let go entirely.
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habeascorpseus · 6 months
omg mr habeabas can we s ee some
jimango doodle if you have any?
im going to kick your ass one day
Tumblr media
fineeeeeee. here you go
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utopians · 30 days
hi I think I remember you reblogging that post that’s about a prisoner reading crime and punishment and like being at peace w his imprisonment and the guards being like “noooo” but I can’t find it anywhere, so you have a link?? tyty
Tumblr media
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As Kory walks away from him, Dick's lower lip is moving and trembling
He is a whole entire wreck. I want to shake him and I want to hug him. Him being both Brenton and Dick.
Brenton playing this scene with his ENTIRE body just makes my soul ache. And then these two moments? KILLS ME.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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absolutebl · 1 day
Hi, I was wondering if you could rec some bl for me? I like all variations of enemies to lovers and the whipped seme + tsundere uke dynamic but I think i've watched most of it already so it's been hard finding new ones. A couple things that kinda fit what i'm looking for that i liked would be wbl, tharntype,bad buddy,semantic error,word of honor,be loved in house and kinnporsche. It's totally ok if you don't want to but i'd be so grateful if you could help me out. Thank you!
Tumblr media
I can try! First here’s:
Top 10 most epic LTP in BL (long term pining)
10 BLs to Watch if You Love Bad Buddy
Top 10 Enemies to Lovers BLs!
enemies to lovers, whipped seme, tsundere uke
(examples: We Best Love, TharnType, Bad Buddy, Semantic Error, Word of Honor, Be Loved, KP)
The spreadsheet of doom has a sort criteria for these so here’s what I got:
My Sweet Dear
Capture Lover 
Dear Doctor, I'm Coming for Your Soul
Gen Y
My Engineer 
Kiss Me Again (PeteKao cute, watch guide here) they also go back to enemies for a while in DBK 
Why R U? 
Once in Memory
Love Mechanics
Cupid’s Last Wish (former boyfriends) 
Fingers After (Korea short)
My Type (Taiwan short) 
Tumblr media
Qualify but not recommended
My Secret Love
Fish Upon the Sky
I Am Your King 2
Love Area 
Beloved Enemy
Fanatic Love 
The Best Story
Sky in Your Heart
HIStory 3 the BL that shall not be named AKA Make Our Days Count
The Effect
Double Mints 
I Go To School Not By Bus (Hong Kong short)  
Tumblr media
Not (quite) enemies to lovers but the seme is totally whipped and uke is tsundere (maybe?)
Cherry Magic
Takara & Amagi
Color Rush 
HIStory Obsessed 
Lovely Writer 
Light On Me 
My Beautiful Man 
Love in the Air 
River Knows Fish Heart 
HIStory Stay Away From Me
21 Days Theory
I don’t know which ones you have seen or not seen so drop a comment in if you need more info on any of them. 
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