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justalonelyslytherin · a month ago
Hangman as a dad of two for a headcanon
This ask was so good, thank you for sending it in! I also have to shamelessly admit the first thing I thought of if that one video of him in the garden with his niece & nephew. It's so so cute!
Hangman as a dad of two:
No matter if he became a father early or later on and no matter if the kids were planned or more of a surprise: Jake is a great father, an amazing one even
And no matter if he came from a troubled family or not, if his father was absent in his childhood or abusive, or if he had come from a model family: He is the best father he can be
He is devoted and in for it the moment his girl finds out she’s pregnant
He is hands-on, reading as much about pregnancy and child-rearing as he can, taking over diaper duty and night feeding and he is supportive no matter how his kids turn out to be
Simply he is an A+ father
Hangman and his girl became parents rather early on in their relationship
they had talked about marriage and children for their joint future, but later
so when one case of a stomach bug turned into a positive pregnancy test before they were even engaged they were surprised
nonetheless, they took it like champs
Jake knew the moment she told him he was all in, no matter if there was a ring on her finger of not
that was his kid, his offspring, his baby
and he would be there for it
luckily he already had a stable income thanks to his rank as a Navy pilot and Ltd, so they didn’t need to worry about money
and they weren’t alone either, his family was enthusiastic about the addition to the family and promised to help as best they could, even if they were a good distance away in Texas
It was quite a surprise when they found out there was not just one addition to the family but too
for half the pregnancy they were prepared for only one baby, a little girl
her brother had played a good game of hide and seek, hiding behind his sister for nearly 20 weeks
that was a big game changer for them but didn’t change anything about Jake's determination to do good and be the best father he could be
and he was, from the moment he knew about them, from the moment they were born he was there for them and he never left their side if he could
Jake took over diaper duty and the night feedings even if he had to get up early in the morning to get to the base for flight training
he adored the two little lights in his life and he was ever grateful for his girl for gifting him these wonders of life
Once they became toddlers and started to walk the fun only really started for him
boy was Jake enthusiastic over every milestone
you bet he cried when they said their first words 
and he nearly crumbled to the floor, hands crossed over his head as he openly sobbed when they took their first step
he loves to play with them! Hide & Seek, chasing them through the garden, coloring with them
he even lets his little darling princess braid his hair when he is on leave for longer and lets his hair grow out a little 
and the tea parties! He is the best tea party player there is, crammed on one of the little chairs, pinky lifted in the air just as seriously as he saluted in his job
but his favorite has to be bedtime, when he crams himself into the small space in their beds, cuddling with them and reading them a story
he is surprisingly good at coming up with different voices, giving each character their own personality
and when they have fallen asleep he kisses each of their little heads and tugs their blankets over them and then he stands in the doorway for a little longer just watching them
taking in every moment he can because he swears every day they wake up a little bigger and it’s going too fast for him
and in his bedroom with his then-already wife, he begs her for another kid, or maybe another set of twins because he believes he has it in him to give them another pair and he so desperately misses the newborn/baby stage and wants to go through all that again
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egg-baby-official · a month ago
Could ya do dinner Chara or ice cream Frisk? I'd be a happy lynx if it's charisk, if not totally understandable!
Tumblr media
Didn’t know what to do so I just put them in a mystery situation. 
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merakiui · 23 days ago
Ok but Vil giving female mc a Princess Diaries makeover once the entire school knows
OOOHH omg just imagine: there's an event at NRC (maybe a masquerade party or a gala or something!! maybe even a joint gala between both NRC and RSA) and everyone's only ever seen you in your uniform (which is the standard-issued boys' uniform because Crowley is too cheap to get the alternative). And you don't mind the boys' uniform in the slightest. But when it's announced that there's going to be a fancy event that requires formal dress, you realize you're out of luck because you just don't have anything that would fit the theme.
So you tell Epel that you'll just skip the gala when he asks if you're going. Vil happens to be walking with Rook and he overhears you say that just as he's passing. His head turns so quickly that it's almost amusing to witness. You're not going to the gala? That's preposterous. You must go. It will be worth your while and it's a moment to show everyone your true beauty and charm. Even Rook agrees (though he always agrees when it comes to his pursuit of witnessing beauty in its many forms).
Before you can even explain your reasoning, Vil's dragging you to Professor Crewel, who's also surprised to hear that you don't plan on attending. Dances are perfect playgrounds for puppies, and your grades have been wonderful. You've earned a night of fun.
And now here you are, sitting in front of Vil while he does your makeup and hair. Crewel designed an outfit tailored perfectly to you. When you told him you couldn't accept such a generous gift, he merely smiled and thanked you for giving him new inspiration. You're touched that he'd do something so kind.
When Vil finishes, he turns you towards the vanity mirror, his hands resting on your shoulders. You marvel at your reflection. "Tonight, you shall be the fairest of them all," he declares with a proud smile. "A jewel so stunning that you'll nearly blind everyone with your radiance."
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the-darklings · 28 days ago
""A ring?" A slow, crooked smirk bites into Corinthian's cheeks. "Oh, now Dream will unmake me for sure.""
Everyone knows. Even Lucifer knows and explicitly said love. Of course Corinthian knows but I just really liked that interaction. God I love Corinthian and Wanderer's relationship. I love Dream and Wanderer's relationship. I love everything about this fic even though this chapter emotionally destroyed me.
I wonder if some people refer to Wanderer specifically as "Dream's Wanderer." Maybe only like Lucifer or Desire do it antagonistically, as a way to point out a weakness, but I think it would be cute
I love this fic so much I think about it all the time!!!!
Lucifer knows because you don’t have a mortal trapped in Hell, torturing them daily, go to them to cut a deal because you know about their curious curse and insider privileges when it comes to the other Endless, especially a certain Dream Lord, offer to let them go if they work for you, only for them to tell you no. You’re dealing with a different level of devotion, even if it wasn’t romantic back then. And then that mortal escapes without your permission anyway due to that pesky curse. Slighted doesn’t begin to cover it.
And yes, most of the older players at this point consider Wanderer to be one of Dream’s own purely by how much time she spends there. Even Dreaming’s residents comfort themselves with the thought that Wanderer is simply an emissary to other realms.
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opens-up-4-nobody · 2 months ago
Idea hashirama strutting his stuff in Mito’s outfit
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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aimasup · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Villainous Swap/Dictators!AU doodles until if the next part of that comic gets done
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I'm having fun imagining Sora and Riku sort of swapping outfits. Not exactly but like Sora wearing a suit and Riku wearing the Main St Bakery uniform.
Sora would probably feel so uncomfortable.
Tumblr media
are suits ever really anyones thing i think we all just tricked ourselves into thinking we like wearing them
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assassyart · 7 days ago
Aw yeah Sly Cooper, that series is now one more year from being allowed to legally drink in the USA. It’s one of my favorite series along with Ratchet. It’s comic book and stylistic inspiration from Saturday Morning Cartoons really had me hooked.
Sly Cooper is so good. The first game, while not my favorite, has a lot of charm! The aesthetic is to die for, and it definitely inspired my art!!! The second game is absolutely amazing in every way— the characters, the environments, and the story— so enjoyable! The third game is a cute conclusion to the series, I loved being able to play as Carmelita. While the game is short and not as good as 2, the writing and humor is superb.
A fantastic trilogy that definitely didn't get ruined with an unnecessary game that butchered every character and left the series on a cliffhanger. Thank god it's just an amazing trilogy.
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yrinvitingbreeder · 4 months ago
Do you have a fantasy about place where you would like to be bred?
I'm pretty vanilla in that most of my fantasies take place at home--in bed, or stretched out over the couch, or bent over the kitchen counter.
But I really like the idea of going out to a movie or something with my partner and sitting in the very back row, and he just slowly traces his fingers up my thigh until he reaches my crotch, teasing me, and then unbuttons my pants and slips his hand inside and starts fingering me until i'm dripping wet, and we're both so hot and bothered that he pulls me into his lap and holds me there, one hand over my mouth to keep me quiet while he slowly cants his hips into me, fucking me in the darkness of the movie theater, hoping no one can see.
Or going camping together and snuggling under the stars, until my legs are spread and he's between them, fucking his seed deep into my cunt and planting his baby inside of me.
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psychedelic-lemur · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
@fraterribilis asked for a griffin inspired clockwerk/clock-la design, so this is what i came up with: a full robot & a part organic
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slyyywriting · 2 months ago
yall. i gotta tell my bf about cevans being my man. i cant keep living like this. i think our relationship is stable enough for him to know about the other man in my life 🤣🤣🤣
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justalonelyslytherin · a month ago
📔 for charming extrovert jake and a shy reader? 👉👈
Thank you so much nonnie <3 Hope you like these
Charming extrovert Hangman with a shy girl:
He eats it up
Like Jake gets a kick out of a shy girl, not teasingly of course but he just enjoys her shy behavior way too much
to him, it’s immensely cute that she is so shy
he loves to tease her about it, just some soft prodding 
but he always makes sure he is not going overboard with it because he wants her to be comfortable
and least of all he wants to hurt her
no matter how much of a kick he gets out of her being shy, he is double as protective of her because of it
if anyone else dares to say something to her he’ll jump to her defense full force
his priority is always to make sure she feels alright and comfortable no matter where they go
if they are at the Hard Deck, even if it’s their twentieth time he still comes over to her in regular intervals and checks in with her
is she still ok, is she comfortable, does she have fun
Jake has a loud enough personality for both of them, so she can sit back and watch him for the evening if she wants to
the dagger squad of course all know she is shy and they are super accommodating to her too
bob’s her bff whenever the group is out and she has told Jake to have some fun with his colleagues & friends
if it’s only Jake and her and they go somewhere new he never leaves her side
he wants to help her come out of her shell and get a little more outgoing - if that is something she wants to work on
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beast-of-scrybes · 8 months ago
What is your most powerful card?
Tumblr media
➽ “The Scrybes consider this rarity a cheat. And, I suppose they would be right. It’s a rare card for a reason, however, and if a Challenger is able to come across the Ouroboros, then the fate of Inscryption is in their hands.”
➽ “I had added it to my cards of Beasts for a reason, however. Albeit, a personal one for my gain only. Nevertheless, I stand fast on my decision to keep my beast onboard. I am glad to hear that those on the Internet highly praise the Ouroboros too.”
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seirindono · 2 months ago
Do sans and papyrus ever know their mother? Do they even have one?
They have no idea and probably never really thought about it. As far as they can remember, there have only ever been 3 skeleton Monsters in the Underground, and one of them is currently vibing in the void. They can't even fathom what a skeleton family looks like. For all they know, they could be born from flowers or just appear out of thin air with no real parents. Well, that's what the UT bros think anyway. Surely the others have different stories and facts to tell, haha.
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florbexter · 3 months ago
the 3 piece suit thing was soo subtle but soo good. nozue deciding to fuck it and wear it because togawa said he liked it?? damn togawa must be elated
Especially because the whole scene was so good when Togawa was shy at first and it had looked like Nozue got the upper hand in their back and forth AND THEN TOGAWA GOES IN FOR THE KILL and mentions the suit!!!! Nozue's face!!! HIS FACE AND TOGAWAS SMUGNESS!!!
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inspector-montoya-fox · 2 months ago
let’s talk about Carmelita and Neyla’s power struggle as presented through visuals
This post was originally going to focus on Carmelita and Neyla being presented as binary opposites but after I started working on it I realised how big a topic this is to cover so I’m just going to analyse the visuals for now. More specifically, the visuals that have to do with the two characters’ antithesis and rivalry. Let’s take a look:
Tumblr media
Colour Choice: purple is a really interesting choice for Neyla because I think it highlights the duality and mystique of her character: blue, as seen by Carmelita, symbolises  good, the law and justice; whereas red is evil and hatred (which is subsequently the colour of ClockLa’s eyes too). Mix those two up and you’ve got Neyla, an eternity-seeking psychopath masquerading as a cop. Her palette’s duality serves to both compliment and contrast Carmelita’s blue, nicely blending when they’re still coworkers but then contrasting when they’re antagonists. In Sly 2, Carmelita’s outlines and overall appearance are primarily blue, whereas in Sly 3, she swapped to orange (as seen by her thief meter). I think this choice presents how the events of Sly 2 were probably the lowest point in her life, or at least career, and in Sly 3 she manages to overcome all the obstacles she’s faced, such as getting arrested, tortured, working with Sly and managing to “capture” him before he tricks her and escapes.
Angles: the angles used in the cutscenes allude to Carmelita and Neyla’s position in the narrative, and their placements depend on how their storyline is progressing. For instance, A Tangled Web, a significant chapter in the game, starts off with Neyla being shot from beneath as her planes and tanks follow behind her. Her pose adds to the angle she’s being shot from and serves to show how she’s a force to be reckoned with and that, since exposing The Contessa’s deceit, she’s shed her demure, coy demeanour from episodes 1-3.
Tumblr media
Despite all this, A Tangled Web is the episode that includes the most character development for both Neyla and Carmelita as their control begins to shift drastically. By the end of the level, Carmelita, who wasn’t even mentioned once in Jailbreak, goes from being completely benched to being the one receiving the low-angle shot. Neyla, on the other hand, got her ass handed to her by everyone, receiving ghosts in her HQ’s chimney and getting stuck in spider cum, and as such is shot from a high angle. Although Carmelita is still a fugitive after this episode, the dynamics here have definitely changed since Neyla’s betrayal.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Another thing I’ve noticed in regards to the angles used in the cutscenes is that Carmelita’s gaze plays a role in the positioning of the characters. Let me explain: the split-screen screenshot used above has Carmelita looking down at Sly. I think the screenshot is trying to convey two things: (a) the horizontal split in the middle as well as the colours used symbolise how Carmelita is conflicted due to Sly rescuing her and their brief alliance; (b) the fact she’s looking down at him literally means just that. Ethically, she’s on a higher ground, and she disapproves of Sly being a thief. At the end of the game, this changes and the screen is split vertically because, even though she’s still not ok with him being a thief, he’s redeemed himself partly because of the entire ClockLa storyline. She’s more accepting of who Sly is and that sets up their relationship nicely for Sly 3.
Tumblr media
You’ll notice that, even though Sly and Carmelita are on opposite sides of the law, they don’t overlap each other in the cutscenes. They are equals because both are morally good. The same can’t be said for Carmelita and Neyla, however. Their power-struggle and representation of “good” and “evil” is again presented by Carmelita’s gaze. In the game’s opening cutscene, Neyla is positioned closer to the camera while Carmelita gives her a suspecting look from behind. In He Who Tames the Iron Horse’s closing cutscene, however, Carmelita is framed closer and Neyla in the back. Although Carmelita’s gaze is unaverted, the change in the framing suggests, again, the shifting dynamics and power-struggle. In the beginning, Neyla’s skittish behaviour threatens Carmelita as she slowly but surely rises as a force within Interpol; by the second Canada level however, Neyla seems to be losing her control because, even though she’s still in Interpol, the gang has managed to beat her and gather all the Clockwerk guts successfully. Depending on her position of power, Carmelita is placed in front or behind Neyla.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Similarities: although Carmelita and Neyla are binary opposites, once their partnership ends, they experience the same high and low simultaneously. A Tangled Web opens with Carmelita being held captive by The Contessa. She is tied down to a wooden table and subjected to The Contessa’s experiments. During Operation: High Road, Neyla experiences the exact same thing, when she gets caught in a web. This presents how The Contessa is a badass female villain and that every character is caught in her tangled web, but also how Carmelita and Neyla’s destinies are intertwined.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Similarly, in An Anatomy for Disaster, both Neyla and Carmelita use machinery to ascend to the skies: ClockLa & the Interpol helicopter. The two characters share the same highs and lows to a certain degree, and, even though they were tied down, they managed to get up and push even higher.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bonus: I find it really interesting that Neyla’s introduction sees her coming out of a sarcophagus with Anubis’s face on it. I mean, Carmelita does the same thing but I think it’s foreshadowing because Anubis is the god of death and that is exactly what Neyla’s rise and reign include. I wish Carmelita’s sarcophagus had a different face on it, something to foreshadow her own storyline or character. Also, since we’re on the subject, this.
Tumblr media
So yea ! I’m sure there’s more stuff but this is what I got for now. I wanted this post to focus more on how both SP and S*nzaru are guilty of slapping the “angry POC” label on Carmelita but I guess that post will have to come at another time.
Tumblr media
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aimasup · 8 months ago
I guess that symbol on Mal Wear's neck is what the Captain was talking about from the previous ask?
Anon referring to this ask, I hope
TW: Blood, torture, lotsa screaming, dude cries at some point
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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