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saeyoungchoismaid · a month ago
3 with Mammon please!! It's too perfect
3. Hiding Face in Neck
Warning: gets spicy at the end bc ofc it fucking does do you know who I am
“Good morning,” you whisper when Mammon finally cracks his eyes open. He groans and stretches out his body before turning to face you once more, wrapping all his limbs around you.
He just grunts in greeting, closing his eyes once more. You snort and wrap your arms around his head, carding your fingers through his messy hair. “I’ll need to get going soon, baby,” you whisper, giving his forehead a kiss.
“No,” he grumbles, his grip on you tightening as he buries his face in your neck.
“The sooner you let me leave, the sooner I’ll come back to you,” you remind, kissing the side of his head now since it’s all you can reach. It’s quiet for a moment before he slowly pulls back to look at you.
“Why do you have to leave so early? Can’t you stay just for a little while longer?” he begs, giving you his infamous puppy dog eyes.
“Please?” he interrupts, hiding his face in your neck once more. “I promise I’ll make it worth your while,” he whispers against your skin, causing goosebumps to rise. He then starts placing kisses along your neck, your bottom lip finding it’s way between your teeth.
“Alright fine, you big crybaby,” you grumble, giving in. He cheers as he rolls on top of you, starting to get to work on removing your pajamas. “Don’t make me late though,” you warn, letting your eyes slip closed as he begins exploring your body.
“No promises,” he coos with a smirk.
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slasherlouvre · 3 months ago
nsfw ask game !! 49. what is your main masturbation fantasy at the moment?
*For the nsfw ask game!
49. What is your main masturbation fantasy at the moment:
- This one's a bit embarrassing but,,, lately it's been cnc Lester taking my virginity outside like a wild animal wanting to breed 🤡. My car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, my cell phone doesn't have service, it's hot, and I'm alone, so I just start walking. The first person I come across is Lester when he happens to be driving down the dirt path I was blindly following . . .
Tumblr media
He keeps up an innocent act when it's a whole group of people who've wandered into Ambrose to lure them all in, but me? I'm so obviously defenseless. So unprotected, and easy to take advantage of all alone.
And I'm kind to him; giving him the politeness and respect that should be standard when meeting new people. I don't grimace at his appearance, don't treat him like he's got a disease. Maybe I look like a city girl to him; I don't exactly have the accent, and I don't wear collared button ups or work boots with my jeans, but I was born and raised in the rural south, so I'm not squeamish about the whole roadkill thing.
He's nice to talk to, he makes me laugh, and I genuinely like him, but there's an instance where his eyes darken like when he looked over at Carly when she had to change her shirt. He forces the truck to a sudden stop causing everything to lurch forward, and for a second I'm confused because he's just looking silently ahead with that same dark expression when nothing's there. Mulling over what he's about to do. Bo would bitch about it, but fuck it. Bo was always having his fun, and it wasn't every day Lester met someone even halfway decent. There'd be no harm in claiming me first, if I was just going to end up at the twin's mercy anyway.
Lester would get out, round the truck, and pull his knife. Yanking open the truck door, warning me not to try anything stupid as he forces me down and out, onto my back. I think maybe he's going to kill me, and I struggle, but he's far too strong, and I'd rather not die by being stabbed to death if I can help it. He'd bind my wrists with rope he snatched from his truck bed, and drag me to the nearby grass among the trees just a few feet away from the dusty, dirt road.
He'd make quick work of his belt- unbottoning his jeans, and sliding his underwear down just enough to thrust comfortably as I try to recover the wind knocked out of me on the forrest floor. He's less considerate of my clothes; tearing at my jeans and ripping them off along with all the rest before stabbing his knife's blade into the earth, not far from my head as a threatening reminder.
There'd be a moment where our eyes meet; everything becoming still as I pant from anxiety, and he does the same out of anticipation. The moment's shattered when Lester forcefully shoves himself inside; completely bottoming out in one painfully intense motion.
I'd hear Lester moan in satisfaction. My mouth opening in a silent scream at feeling my hymen tear. Tears already pricking at my eyes from the unfamiliar burn before Lester begins to fuck me wildly without giving me even a single moment to adjust.
There's no point in screaming out here, no one will hear me, and I feel ashamed as I instinctively wrap my legs around his waist and hook my wrists over his neck. I want to keep him as close as possible so the intensity of his thrusting eases up, even if only by a fraction, but Lester takes this as reciprocation and bottoms out even deeper. His cock reaching my cervix, and his mouth on me- kissing me deeply, swallowing my pained whines.
He wouldn't fully grasp my position until he looks down to admire his dick stretching me out and sees the blood; effectively causing him to stutter still, and look up at my pained and teary face in disbelief.
"Hell, sweetheart, this yer first time?", he'd grin wickedly, "Didn't know ya was savin' yerself fer me".
I'd be trembling, clutching at his shirt pathetically in a silent attempt to beg for something I can't even think of anymore.
"Sorry darlin', I'll treat ya softer", he'd say before forcibly bottoming out in me once more.
I'd scream once from the sudden intrusion; my voice weakening to choked up sobs, but he'd lick away my tears, and kiss my neck like a man starved. Eventually moving up to my lips and telling me to part them so he can spit in my mouth. He'd be rolling his hips deep within me rather than thrusting which starts to feel good, and then starts to feel better than good, and I can't stop myself from shamefully moaning in pleasure as he resorts to jackhammering in me once more.
I don't care anymore, I want this. We're sweaty, covered in dirt, and made warmer still with the way Lester lets his body fully engulf me, but I want this. I begin kissing any part of him I can reach in such a manhandled position with my wrists tied and now pushed back above my head with one of his strong hands. Desperately keening and pressing my mouth to his neck, his jaw, his cheeks, until he captures my lips all over again. He's surprised. Pleasantly so, but surprised all the same. Did I enjoy being fucked like an animal, or was his dick enough to make me go stupid?
"Fuck, yer really gettin' off on this, huh?", he'd mock thrillingly, "Want me t'fill ya up? That it? Need me t'breed this virgin cunt?"
"Yes, I need you- ngh, I need you, Lester!"
It's begged, and it's the first coherent thing I say to him since he's claimed me. I find myself instantly orgasming around him; clenching him close, and trying to milk him for anything he'll give. My ability to speak replaced with delirious moans and a euphoric exhaustion now rendering my eyelids heavy, and my virgin-sensitive body limp and violently trembling all at once.
He'd bruisingly still my hips attempting to jolt away from his electrifying touch, and force himself as deep as physically possible before releasing directly into my cervix. I wouldn't be able to control the sigh that leaves my lips at the feeling of his warm seed filling me up; my legs tightening around his waist further still to prevent him from pulling out even if he wanted to.
Lester would remain fully sheathed within me to keep his now softening cock warm- his body weight completely pinning me down as he pants and catches his breath against my neck. Going so far as to even press a few thankful kisses to my skin and mumble out a few words I don't entirely catch in my fatigue.
However I do hear when he says, "Think I'm gonna keep ya t'myself after all", just before I'm taken by sleep. ♡
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lorillee · 20 days ago
top 5 nami moments
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
for ease im just gonna do post-ts nami. its nami appreciation hour (its ALWAYS nami appreciation hour)
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knotbinary · 26 days ago
I like minotaurs, but maybe instead of being Iike a bull, they're like a rabbit, all pent up and looking to breed, while still being big enough to grab you like a toy
Walking through the minotaur district of town was always thrilling. They towered over you, lumbering monstrosities as they moved about the square while you made your way to your favorite fruit stand to get some special produce you couldn’t find anywhere else.
You got some strange looks as you walked down the street. Some minotaurs’ eyes followed your progress as you passed. When you noticed one licking his lips at the sight of you, you picked up your pace.
You’d heard that during certain times of the year, the minotaurs were dangerous to be around. You’d heard more than one story of humans being grabbed off the street by them. But it was broad daylight so you felt relatively safe. Surely none would be so bold.
You made it to the fruit stand without incident, buying a bag full of those precious fruits from the kindly old cow that ran it.
“Careful on your way home, dear,” she warned.
Deciding not to dawdle, you hurried back through town. You thought you felt many more eyes on you than before as you hastened down the street. But of course, that had to be your imagination... right?
A large bull stepped into your path, halting your progress. You turned, intending to attempt to take another path. But yet another bull stood behind you, blocking your way. And then two more surrounded you on each side.
“Where’re you going in such a hurry, little human?” one drawled, “Don’t you know you have to pay the toll?”
You started to open your mouth to argue about a toll, but one of the bulls grabbed you by the arm, dragging you into the adjacent alley. Once there, he picked you up as if you weighed nothing and held you against the brick wall. Your bag of fruit fell to the ground, causing the produce to scatter over the dirty alley floor.
The rest of the herd of bulls filed into the alley, all looking very excited as they approached. You let out a whimper of fear.
“Don’t worry, little human,” one assured you with a grin, “You can go once we’re done.”
You just hoped a few of the fruit would be intact by the end.
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god-of-identity · 6 months ago
are Grian Mumbo and Scar microwaveable
yes, yes, and yes, but you'd have to catch grian first
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24 for alfred , matt , jack , and zee , please ? <3
24: Is there one subject of study that they excel at? Or do they even care about intellectual pursuits at all?
Alfred: Physics, predominantly theoretical. It's where science, math, theory and philosophy meet, and it drives his brain cells forward. He pondered the stars as a developing nation and listened to Arthur drone on about the traditional Greek and Roman mythology and Ancient Celtic, and he learned his own traditions. Probably lurked in Harvard lectures for the first time just after Newton discovered and explained gravity. Arthur spent a fortune on his first telescope, one of the few things he took with him when he left the house for the last time, unsure if he'd ever return. Where physics, space, the stars, the sky and mechanics meet too. Everything that goes into flying faster, farther and higher, he's an expert in.
Matt: Matt... hmm... He definitely never excelled in maths the way Alfred did. Zee probably did his algebra work while still looking almost a decade younger than him. He liked to read, but he wasn't a very good writer. He can draw and carve as a lad, but no one's writing home about the things he makes. Arthur had a perverse victorian obsession with collecting rare plants and taxidermied extinct species. That kind of set him on a path toward conservation, natural history and forestry. Matt's intelligent and is good at whatever he's told to do, but his interests and personality are more elusive than his siblings.
Jack: Biology, veterinary science, paleontology, evolutionary biology especially. Jack is full of the weirdest animals known to mankind, and from birth, he wanted to know why. Pair that with experiences in a penal colony that made him far more inclined towards animals than many people, even as bouncy and personable as he is, and you get Jack. He was absolutely fucking miserable away from Australia, and the Audobon series of bird books and wildlife illustrations when they came out would make his and Zee's month. Arthur made him miserable by waiting for them, earning every single one he got until Matt could nudge Uncle Rhys or Alasdair to take over the subscription and stop them from being withheld. His entire life, he just wanted to understand why he was so unusual, and his interests really took him there.
Zee: Social work, medicine, public health, ornithology. Like Jack, she's got one of the most unique climates in the world with one-of-a-kind species all over the place, untouched before the arrival of the Māori in the 1300s. So she has some of those same interests. Just not as intense as Jack and Matt. Where Matt flees his dual nature by running to the forest, Zee masters hers. She studied sociology, demographics, and psychology. There's, in many ways, profound inequality between both her people, but she pushes for rights from a young age for everything she is. Of all her siblings, she inherited Arthur's brutally practical nature but counterbalances it with actual morals and works towards those goals, so she wanted to learn everything she could. She graduated from finishing school in 1893 and proceeded onto Oxford and the Florence Nightengale School of Nursing by the turn of the century and was working as a public health nurse when World War One broke out. She's since gone on into surgery a couple of times, but policy and diplomacy and healthcare take up most of her effort.
The Excessively Detailed Headcanon Meme
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sweetpeapod · 28 days ago
Omg please do tell more about the accidental motorboating??
😂😂 Absolutely!
This is a request I received during my sleepover event. I'll be writing it hopefully tonight/tomorrow.
The basic premise is that Eddie, soft boyfriend, is resting his head in your lap. You have to lean forward to reach something and Eddie ends up with a face full of tits 🤣
The rest you'll get to read when I post it 💚 we're gonna get some fluffy, cheeky, soft!perv!Eddie 🥺
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inlovewith-icecream · 28 days ago
also erin, orla, michele, clare and james from derry girls
How dare you make me choose between them
5. Orla
Hysterical. I love her.
4. James
My favorite wee English fella.
3. Michelle
She so fucking funny.
1/2. Erin and Claire
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lord-kaira · 2 months ago
hi hello hi!! I'm feeling a bit of righteous indignation so I'm going to talk about how amatonormativity is obnoxious.
here's the thing. I love romance. I love watching people being in love, I love that my parents are lovey dovey, I love it when people are happy about being attracted to people because it's an amazing thing.
oh my god can we please stop equating affection to romantic interest??
friends can give each other kisses! friends can hug each other!
I sit on my friends' laps! it's amazing! people should give each other affection and feel secure about it and not have it be taken as a declaration of intent!!
normalize being touchy with your friends, please go give your family a hug, let people know if you like it because I swear that it's an amazing thing when you feel comfortable enough with a person to just walk up and hug them, or give them a kiss, or play with their hair or whatever the fuck it ends up being
(also it feels fucking great when people initiate things. I love people hugging me, I love people rubbing my shoulders, I love people holding my hand, I love love love physical affection - I hate people touching my hair but that's bc it's curly)
anyway this is a long winded way to say that the boundaries between 'romantic' and 'platonic' behaviours are arbitrary and often ridiculous and if you want to (and all parties involved are comfortable, of course) then you should ignore them and be affectionate, whether it's verbally or physically - also compliment your friends btw it feels good from both ends
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felicityphoenix5 · 11 days ago
96 ;)
It’s quiet when xe opens xyr eyes, just like it always is in the aftermath. Instead of her bed though, she awakens in a fog bank, the floor cold and hard beneath her. 
A figure appears in the mist, silent and ghostly. It's familiar, achingly so, and as they offer their hand to xem, xe smile softly. It’s time to dance. 
They waltz. Or at least, they sway together, a pendulum dancing to nonexistent music.
It's quiet. 
“You left me.” she says as they sway together. “You left me.”
They don’t say anything, face shifting and out of focus. 
“Why did you betray me? Was it… was it my fault? I'm sorry. I didnt- i didnt mean to.” xyr breath hitches, and xe stumbles slightly, out of step. 
Silence is the only answer, like always. 
“It’s not- whatever I did, whatever caused you to do that… It was cruel. Okay?! It was cruel and you betrayed me, and for what? What- what did they have that I didn't?” she pushes away, breaking apart. 
A shaky sob echoes through the space, out of place in the silence. “I don't… I'm not sure I can forgive you for that. I don't think I want to. Maybe? I miss you and I love you and I wish you were here but… you hurt me. You broke us. That's… I don't think that can be forgiven.”
Embers spark and dance in her hair and feathers, burning away some of the fog. “It’s your fault, okay? Im, i didn't cause this! This… I had nothing to do with this!” 
The embers burn brighter, small flames igniting on xyr primaries.
“Did- did you ever think about your actions? Did you ever consider someone else for once your fucking life?”
She steps forward, more fog being burned away as her anger burns brighter. “I waited for you, did you know that? I waited, and I watched the door, and when you finally showed up, I was so happy. Did you know that, love? Did you know that for a minute, I saw you, and thought everything was going to be okay?”
Two steps forward, one step back. Shadows dance, obscured by the thinning fog. 
“You could have saved us. You could have done the right thing.”
She stalks closer, fists clenched and wings aflame. “But you didn't.” Tears evaporate due to the heat. 
Flames burst outwards, burning away the last of the fog and leaving nothing but emptiness behind. They disappear.
It’s quiet, and she cries because of it. Sobs echo in the place she left.
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12u3ie · a month ago
joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hil-
joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hills joe hi-
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saeyoungchoismaid · a month ago
For the ask game, could I please request 34 with Barbatos?
34. Washing the other’s body
Warning: spiciness at the end but nothing graphic
Maybe one reason Barbatos became a butler is because he loves to serve. Especially when the person he’s serving is his partner.
Nothing pleases him more than helping you with whatever you need. Even if you don’t actually need the help, he loves assisting you in whatever you’re doing.
So, when he comes to your shared room only to hear the water on, it barely takes him a second to start heading that way. He’s already undressing and leaving a trail of clothes in his wake by the time he’s reached the bathroom.
“Barb?” you call when you hear the door open.
“Hello, my love,” he greets in return, finishing with his clothes. He’s then quick to step in behind you, wrapping his arms around you as soon as the glass door is slid shut again.
“Well hello to you too,” you coo, humming as you lean back into his warmth.
“Miss me?”
“Always,” is your immediate response. He copies your hum from before, bringing his head forward to kiss your cheek.
“Let me get your back,” he says as he pulls away to grab the soap. You don’t even bother fighting him on it. You just keep your back to him and let him rub your back with it.
“This one smells good,” he comments after a moment of peaceful silence.
“Yeah? Diavolo said you’d like it,” you reply with a smirk. He chuckles and runs his soapy hands up your back to your shoulders, gently massaging them as he leans forward to whisper in your ear.
“Guess the lord knows me all too well.” He then starts leaving kisses along your neck, making you sigh and tilt your head away to give him more room.
“I think I know you better,” you argue, turning around in his hold to face him.
“Hm? Is that so, darling?” he coos, wrapping his arms around your waist.
“Mhm,” you hum, nodding your head. You gasp a bit when he suddenly tugs your body right against his.
“Why don’t you prove it then?” he asks, his voice low enough to make his chest rumble against yours. After that, he meets your lips in a fiery kiss. Though, the kiss didn’t last long since you began to do other activities ;)
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slasherlouvre · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
`·. About me
- you can call me Nymphie!
- (she/her/afab | early 20's | INFP | switch/vers)
- Sinclair boys biased ꒰⌗´͈ ᵕ ॣ`͈⌗꒱৩
- this blog is 18+, minors will be blocked
Requesting rules, info, & Masterlists 💌 ↓
Writing Masterlist!
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Tumblr media
Tag Directory:
(Because my tags are probably unnecessarily confusing at this point)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Who you can request:
- Thomas Hewitt 🌻
- Bo Sinclair 🧢
- Vincent Sinclair 🕯
- Lester Sinclair 🦝
*I'll sometimes write for other slashers, but that's really only whenever I feel like it (I have major Sinclair brainrot rn). If you're requesting headcanons/reactions though, I'll include them^ all by default!*
What I write:
- x readers (full fics/oneshots/shorts), reactions, headcanons, drabbles ✅️
- platonic, romantic ✅️
- sfw, nsfw ✅️
- fem dom reader pegging ✅️
- hinge poly relationship (no slasher x slasher, just slashers x reader) ✅️
- cnc, dubcon ✅️
- standard gore, violence, etc. ✅️
- sensitive subjects like mental health issues, insecurities, abuse ✅️
- just want to send in slasher thoughts/random asks/etc.? please do! ✅️
Don't be afraid to get specific when requesting/suggesting! Otherwise I'll leave it up to my imagination or preference :)
What I won't write:
- incest ❌️
- pedophilia ❌️
- violent noncon, r*pe ❌️
- most BDSM ❌️ (sorry Bo..) (overstimulation, edging, orgasm denial, light bondage, gentle (fem)dom reader etc. are all okay)
- bathroom related kinks.. ❌️
- parenting/kids?? ❌️ (themes involving breeding kink/pregnancy are welcome, just nothing beyond that)
- m|m and f|f pairings ❌️ (just because I don’t have enough experience to properly write for them, but I try to keep all of my writing as gender neutral as possible; otherwise they'll be x fem reader/afab by default)
- going into detail about reader's gender/sexual/cultural/religious identity etc. ❌️ (I really don't want to accidentally misrepresent you in my writing, sorry!)
- anything else relating to these categories/that I may not be comfortable with
Tumblr media
Additional Info:
- if you're still not sure if I'll write for your request based on the rules, you can send it in anyway & I'll review it!
- please remember this blog is a side hobby I enjoy and I am not *required* to write your request/suggestion
It may take me a while to put out works or reply to messages due to mental health/uni/work/adhd etc., but I love writing for our slasher boys, and I look forward to seeing you in the inbox! 💓
- also!! if I haven't replied to your inbox ask it's probably because I'm busy, or (slowly) working on your piece in my drafts :) I'm not ignoring you, I promise!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thank you for all of the likes, reblogs, and kind words ! ! !
Tumblr media
I may not always reply, but I appreciate every single sweet/funny/motivational tag, comment, message, etc. They never fail to make my day! :') 💗
Also, if we're moots, we're automatically friends and you could never annoy me when interacting, ily 🫂
Tumblr media
Ok, that's it, thank you for stopping by!!
(( I'll keep this post updated in case of changes or additions! ))
Special thanks to @osirisisv for letting me use their lovely art for dividers!! 💕
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lorillee · 20 days ago
Top 5 one piece ships (the boat)
going merry
thousand sunny
polar tang
nostra castello
garp's stupid dog ship
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knotbinary · 24 days ago
You still doing some of those non con scenarios? I’d be interested in seeing how a fire elemental would take me.
It was a cold winter's night. The electricity was out city wide, not being properly prepared for such a cold snap. You felt fortunate to have a nice fireplace in your home. You'd used it once or twice, just for the charm of it, but the climate rarely called for it, especially when you usually had a working heating system.
You watched the fire crackle and lick the logs as you held your chilly fingers up to the flames. The warmth seeped into you and you let out a sigh of contentment.
A moment later, the flames started to worry you. They climbed higher than before, seeming to reach out of the fireplace, towards you. Brushing it off as your imagination, you tried not to think about it. You stayed huddled close to the hearth, desperate to keep warm.
Then one of the tendrils of fire reached your sleeve.
Quickly, you patted out the flame. Your favorite sweater was singed, but the fire hadn't burnt you. You let out a breath of relief and moved to sit back from the fire, not ready to abandon the heat due to such a small incident.
Which meant, to reach you, the fire stretched out farther from the fireplace. This time, it licked at your other sleeve and your knee. You jumped to your feet and tried to put out the small fires, but you couldn't.
They slowly burnt away at your clothing, reducing the material to ash no matter how much to tried to put the flames out. And yet... though you saw the fire touching your skin, you felt no burn. It was hot, yes, but your skin was undamaged.
You were soon left in just your undergarments, still in front of the fireplace. Once your outerwear was gone and the fires died out, you felt the chilly air hit you and started to shiver.
In the fireplace, the flames started to move and hunch strangely. A figure took form in it, the vague shape of a human made of fire. They pulled themself out of the fireplace and then straightened up. They reached out an arm to you, which extended like a tentacle towards you, and wrapped it around your waist.
You felt a rush of fear that it would burn you, but it just engulfed you in a beautiful warmth as it pulled you closer to the fire creature.
As you came to stand directly in front of them, you could hear the roar of the fire that made up their form and feel the heat of them radiating.
One of the hands came under your chin to tilt your head up as they leaned down to kiss you. They had no face, no mouth, but the flames teased your lips open and you felt the fire enter you, warming you from the inside.
You felt their other hand come to rest on what little clothing you had left and those were soon burnt away too, leaving you bare and vulnerable for the fire creature to have their way with you.
At least you would be warm.
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mirrorthoughts · a month ago
Got tagged by the lovely @meggie-stardust and finally got around to it xD thanks! ❤
Favorite color: I still tend to default to blue, but by now blue, orange and green definitely hold a similar place xD
Favorite food: asian fried noodles with veggies and/or chicken o-o (or meat-balls/-patties with potato salad my mom taught me to make)
Song stuck in my head: Rumors by Jake Miller
Last thing I googled: If the movies Legion and Priest got anything to do with the three The Prophecy-films because my head had somehow thrown all of these together (and at least Legion and Priest share an actor)
Dream trip: Japan
Something I want: for my two best friends to live closer to me so I can see them without first travelling 1-5 hours <.<...
Currently reading: Howl's Moving Castle and Ashlesha (by the lovely @deadcatwithaflamethrower - If you haven't read that book, go read it now. I'm serious, flame's stuff is utter brilliance!)
Last song: Cup of Sweetness by Andrew Jeremy (from the Coffee Talk OST)
Last series: The Sandman (another piece of media that I can very much recommend!)
Last movie: Thor Love and Thunder
Sweet/spicy/savory: savory!
Currently working on: too much 😂 No, actually I'm just getting back from a few days off after Steter Week, but I want to concentrate on my original story "The Carridan Constellations" (for the curious, there are tidbits over at @pencilcoreandgreenleafheart xD) atm. Though I also want to finally edit Fae Heart, so... yeah 😂
Time: 19:55/7:55pm
low/no-pressure tags for:
@aurevell @asher-orion-writes @rebakitt3n @inexplicifics @a-kind-of-merry-war
and everyone else who wants to xD
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10 for Ireland and/or England?
10: Neuroses? Do they recognize them as such?
Brighid... has a lot of trauma. Her life for a millennium was little more than loss, loss, loss. She sometimes plays an instrument until her fingers bleed because there's still a lot of really deep trauma there and sometimes she forgets no one is going to take her harp or her voice from her again.
In times of grief, well into the modern day, she will hold Jack too long and too tight and hold him by the jaw or the arms just to look at him because she's a tallish woman but Jack's still head and shoulders over her and she is proud when he speaks to her in the Gaeilge he learned nearly two centuries ago on her hip.
I think she also tends to keep too much food in the house and still tends to overcook things since the great hurt. Her home is always quite cluttered because she saves things that might be useful later.
The Excessively Detailed Headcanon Meme
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