sk-lumen · 2 months ago
The secret to create healthy habits.
Motivation > discipline > consistency > habits. That's the process from start to finish, for changing your life around with healthy choices.
Motivation is only the launchpad to start with, after that you can't rely on it because it comes and goes on a whim! A lot of people make the mistake on relying on it all throughout, and then wonder why they can't stay on track while other people do.
What you need next is discipline: when you commit to something and stick to it even when it's hard, even when you don't feel like it, because that's how you fill the gaps inbetween to create a routine.
And you create a routine by staying consistent. Today, tomorrow, again and again.
When you stay consistent over months, over half a year, it becomes a habit, and when something becomes a habit, it's effortless to keep going because that is now your default setting. It becomes your new normal, the choice that comes easiest to make because you don't even have to make it or think it; you just lean back into it.
Going to the gym regularly becomes like having a meal; if you don't do it, you'll feel restless and off, genuinely craving the movement and the boost of endorphins. When you eat healthy regularly, you feel it right away if you get off track and indulge in too many treats: you'll feel it in your body, in your mental clarity, in your emotional wellbeing and it's so much easier getting back on track because healthy is your new default.
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hairbrush9 · 4 months ago
It is not a conspiracy, the feds ARE reading your tweets, sleuthing your IG to identify people at protests.
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pureheroine2013 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
from a Duolingo article about Ukrainian and the political importance of language
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macleod · 3 months ago
The ‘punk’ element in solarpunk refers to the movement’s unapologetically optimistic take on the future despite our growing pessimism and even apathy, and passionately calls for radical societal change and abandoning current capitalist markets and infrastructure. Or as Rhys Williams, research fellow at the University of Glasgow and leading voice of the solarpunk movement describes it, solarpunks are “against a shitty future.” 
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allthepresidentsmen1976 · 3 months ago
after HOURS of organisation, i present to you, my google drive library
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soracities · 9 months ago
i am actually and in all entirety losing my mind right now
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pixarplanet · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
In 2017, Shi was asked why the main subject of Bao was a boy — she responded and said “Oh, because I only had eight minutes to tell this story. For a mother/daughter story, I’d need an entire feature film to unpack that”.
Take a look inside the making of Turning Red in our latest post!
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vympr · 5 months ago
Hello! Do you have any articles or essays spun around horror? Thank you and have a nice day!
yes of course 💞
Ghost in the machine: inside the internet's paranormal history
Blood, Bodies, and Binaries: Trans Women in Horror
Raw and Aamis: Stories of Meat and Desire
The History and Transformation of the Final Girl
Isolation and Subjugation: The Telephone in the Slasher Film
A Timeline of Transgender Horror
Modern Horror Films are Finding Their Scares in Dead Batteries
Marketing the Monster: Has Trans Identity Become a Sales Pitch?
"Perfect Blue" Perfectly Captures the Loss of Identity in the Internet Age
Can Blood Guts and Gore be Beautiful?
True Crime is Rotting Our Brains
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robotpussy · 16 days ago
oooooooh my goodness im not surprised WB rushed to stop this get any more releases because of its transgression towards their IP but a indie parody of film in no way harms them. i hope this instance puts more eyes on this film so it can get somewhere
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sk-lumen · a year ago
You’re most powerful when you honor your own rhythm. If your circadian rhythm is nocturnal, don’t follow those “waking up at 4 am changed my life” routines because they’re not for you. If you function best when you focus on a single task, single job, single goal, then working half a dozen sidehustles may not be for you. Honor your own rhythm, work with it instead of against it, and you will achieve so much more than if you blindly follow what’s considered “correct” by social conventions of the time.
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hairbrush9 · 3 months ago
"My outlook on this subject changed very dramatically when I was a member of the President’s Cancer Panel,” said Kripke, who served on the panel in 2010. That year, the panel produced its first ever report on environmental causes of cancer.
That 2010 report found that environmental exposures play a larger role in cancer formation than once believed by clinicians, and that these cancer risks are especially dangerous to children. Since then, researchers have narrowed their estimate: 70% to 90% of cancer development is driven by non-genetic, environmental factors. These can be factors like smoking or diet, but, as Kripke and her colleagues are focused on, also things like air quality and repetitive exposure to chemicals used in workplaces and homes.
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moonbends · 2 months ago
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thesuperheroesnetwork · a month ago
The new plan outlined by Warner Bros. states that “all heroes are just degrees of Batman now.”
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soracities · a year ago
Tumblr media
am actually obsessed w this (Patrik Svensson on the mystery of the eel, for Nautil.us)
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kieranculkingf · a year ago
"succession" is a real tragedy about narcissistic parenting
new american songbook
how hbo's succession became the game of thrones for the c-suite
what is dead may never die: 'succession' and the legacy of traditional media
the real ceo of succession
let's talk about the clothes on succession
the trash talk pyrotechnics of the 'succession' finale
succession: why hbo's new drama is a king lear for modern audiences
nicholas braun is the cousin greg of the internet
succession 'hunting': the meaning of boar on the floor / succession invents a terrifying new game
why succession works so well as horror / the bodily horrors of succession
how embarrassed should you be about your succession crush
motion sickness: disavowing succession
'succession': sociologists explain fans' fascination with repugnant heros
greg the egg's powerplay: why fans think succession' series 3 will be the logan family outsider's season
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filmnoirsbian · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The last speakers of ancient Sparta
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