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Imagine being a homemaker for Sevika.
You hearing the door open, heavy footsteps echoing through the halls. You walk through the house to see her, before smiling and reaching forwards to take off her cape and hang it up. You kissed her cheek with a ‘Welcome home baby,’ in such a sweet tone that it makes the worse of days better.
You let her shower and freshen up, the sight of her in her nightly attire stroking a heat inside you. You let her sit on the couch before handing her a glass of her favorite liquor and then straddling her, stroking her cheek.
“Hard day?” You asked, looking at Sevika with sympathy in your eyes. She takes a swing of the drink, before replying ‘Somewhat’ with a gruff tone in her voice that made you feel.
“You should allow me to make you feel better,” You pouted, rubbing her shoulders and leaning in seductively. Sevika smiled wickedly as you slid off the couch and onto your knees. She allowed you to tug on her waistband, before lifting her hips up so you can pull her pants down her legs. You let the underwear slide down as well, now revealing what you really wanted to see.
Sevika spread her legs, you waiting for her permission, unbelievably turned on. She lets out a gruff, “Go ahead,” and you not wasting a second before opening your mouth so you can lick at her slit. She hisses above you, letting out a hitched breath when you latch onto her clit, sucking like it’s a piece of candy. She grabs your hair with a tight grip, as her orgasm approaches. She finally cums on your tongue with a gush, your reflexes allowing you to lap her up until she pulls you away from in between her legs.
“Fuck,” she looks down at your disheveled figure, your lips and chin covered with her slick; a trail of wetness connecting her folds and your lips. She released you, as you wipe your mouth; you being so very proud of yourself and smiling before saying;
“Dinner’s ready, I don’t want it to get cold.”
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Eros | Silco x Reader
Pairing: Silco x Female Reader
Word count: 7.9k+
Warnings: Smut (18+ ONLY minors begone), drug use, non-consensual drug use, sex pollen, oral sex (f and m receiving), vaginal fingering, p in v sex, dirty talk, mild degrading, brief mention of blood and violence, feelings 
Summary: There’s an unknown drug going around The Lanes that’s eating into Silco’s shimmer profits. While confronting a rival Chem Baron about the situation, he is hit with a concentrated dose of the drug which has...strange effects.
Note: This is my first smut fic and I am but a humble simp, I know nothing about League of Legends. Please be kind <3 You can also read on AO3
Tumblr media
Silco had grown increasingly frustrated with whatever drug was now on the streets of The Undercity that was encroaching on his shimmer market. Although the profits remained steady, enough people were getting their fix from this alternative source that it was noticeable on the ledgers.
It took weeks to figure out what it was. People weren’t as open about it as they were with shimmer, but maybe it was because shimmer was everywhere and this drug was still relatively new.
Some of Silco’s lackeys had tracked the source to a manufacturing facility owned by the flashy and juvenile Finn, a rival Chem Baron that Silco loathed. He always maintained that Finn was greedy and entitled because his upbringing in Zaun wasn’t a constant fight to survive like Silco’s had been decades ago. 
You didn't much care for Finn either. You had been just as displeased as Silco when you were informed that the new drug, which was referred to as Eros on the streets, was one of Finn’s creations - no doubt an attempt to undermine Silco’s monopoly over Zaun’s feeble economy.
Silco, never one to ignore a challenge, had sent Sevika to invite Finn to The Last Drop to have a friendly chat about Finn’s newest business venture and to remind him that there was a reason Silco was the sole boss of The Undercity.
That was where you found yourself now, on the upper level of the club standing outside of Silco’s office as he and Finn conversed on the other side of the door. The floorboards creaked as you shifted from foot to foot and shifted your eyes between revelers among the colourful strobe lights on the dancefloor down below and the other two goons who stood near you guarding the Silco’s intricately designed office door. Eavesdropping was hopeless due to the deafening music with a pulsating bass line that was blaring through the club’s speakers.
You hoped things were going well in there. And by well, you meant you hoped Silco was getting his point across that he was not to be messed with. The other Chem Barons had gotten too comfortable lately with challenging his authority and he’d had to remind them more than once who was in charge. 
Silco could be terrifyingly ruthless when he wanted to be. If you were smart, you would be frightened of him, but you couldn’t bring yourself to be. Since you had come under his employ as his advisor and negotiator, he had always treated you with respect and fairness. Normally you would be in the room with him for a conversation like this, but he had wanted to handle this one alone.
“Not that I do not value your sage advice,” he had informed you earlier. “But this particular conversation may require some...unpleasantness on my part that I do not wish you to bear witness to.”
A little voice in your head told you he was doing this to protect you from his deadly temper, but your rational thinking told you that trustworthy employees were in short supply these days and he didn’t want you to scurry away if you saw him at his worst.
Not that you would. You liked Silco, more than you let yourself admit. He was dashingly attractive despite his maimed left eye and the scarring that covered half of his face. It frightened most people, but you always found it captivating. It was one of the many things about him you allowed yourself to ponder in the depths of night when you were alone in your bed. There had been many times you had laid among your cool sheets imagining the sound of Silco’s smooth voice crooning in your ear, the sight of his lithe body underneath those perfectly tailored clothes, the feel of his skin against yours…
The sight of Silco’s office door opening cast you out of your reverie. Finn exited the room with a smug look on his tattooed face and turned his attention towards you as he quickly closed the door.
You had expected him to look less...well...proud of himself at the conclusion of this meeting. You expected him to be humbled, not triumphant.
Finn moved towards you, giving you that sickening smile accented by the golden jaw piece he wore before leaning forward and speaking in your ear, practically yelling over the loud music.
“Have fun with him. Should wear off in a few hours.”
You were too stunned and confused to ask what the hell he meant before he stalked off, flicking his gold lighter on and off in his hand as he descended the stairs and exited the club.
The goons outside of the door eyed you curiously. Ignoring them, you approached the office door and knocked lightly. If the meeting had gone in Finn’s favour, you knew Silco would be in a piss poor mood and would likely want to be left alone. However, given Finn’s strange words before he departed, you thought it best to check on him.
Silence met your ears, so you knocked again and called out through the wooden door.
“Boss, is everything alright?”
You strained your ears to hear any sign of life on the other side of the door, but there was nothing. You rapped on the surface again, harder this time.
“Let me be!” He snapped. Your breath caught in your chest, he didn’t sound angry but rather...distressed. He never spoke to you like that.
Something was wrong.
“I’m coming in,” you called through the door, trying to keep your voice as light as possible so as not to aggravate him further if he really was just in a shitty mood.
You turned the doorknob and slipped inside the room, being careful not to open the door too wide and closing it quickly so the goons outside wouldn’t be able to see him if he was in a state of distress. Silco wouldn’t want to appear as weak, especially to his own men.
The door clicked shut and you turned towards the open room to face Silco’s desk. The golden light from dusk shone delicately through the patterned circular window, casting the room in a faint shadowy glow with dust particles dancing through the rays of light. The booming music from below was now pleasantly muffled, and his office smelled faintly of cigar smoke and whiskey, laced with another scent you knew too well that you could only describe as Silco. Sharp, musky, and utterly seductive.
Silco’s ornate desk chair was turned away from you and the desk to face the window. Even from this angle, you could see his slender hands gripping the leather arms of his chair and you could tell he was breathing heavily. The floorboards creaked as you tentatively took a step forward.
“What’s wrong?”
He didn’t reply right away and seemed to take a moment to collect himself. Then you heard him grit out, “You need to leave. Now.”
The normally controlled timbre of his voice sounded strained. You took another step towards his desk.
“Did something happen with Finn?”
No response, just the sound of his rapid breathing and the thumping of the club down below. You tried again. “Silco-”
He abruptly spun around in his chair to face you. The sight that greeted you caused a small gasp to escape between your lips.
Silco, always the picture of composure and ease, looked absolutely unhinged before you.
Teeth bared, his usually tidy hair was disheveled, dark strands hanging in his face. A sheen of sweat made his pale skin glisten and there was a wild look in his eye you had never seen before. He had taken off his cream-coloured tie and undone the top buttons of his dress shirt, exposing his collarbones to the still air of the room.
“You. Need. To. Leave.”
Your eyes continued to scan him, concerned, until they landed on his crotch.
There was a noticeable bulge in his pants that made your mouth go dry. Despite the thoughts careening through your brain right now at the sight before you, you knew something was seriously wrong.
You looked at his face again to find him still eyeing you with that animalistic expression and crossed the room so you were now standing beside his desk. Silco followed your every step with his eyes but did not move his head to look at you as you neared his chair.
“Silco, what did Finn do to you?” You questioned, concern edging your voice. You hoped whatever it was that there was a way to help him, and quickly.
“The meeting was going fine,” he breathed out, clearly struggling to put a coherent thought together. He still didn’t look at you, in fact he now laid his head on his forearms on the surface of his desk.
“Then that…weasel pulled out a bottle and sprayed me with something. Said I needed to experience it to understand.”
Experience it?
Oh gods, he was talking about the Eros drug. 
“He- he drugged you?!” You could not believe Finn had the balls to drug the most powerful crime lord in Zaun who could easily have him killed without lifting a finger.. What the hell was he thinking?
“With a concentrated airborne dose, it seems,” Silco muttered, still with his head down.
Your mind began whirring as you put the pieces together. Finn had come to this meeting with the intent to make Silco feel the effects of Eros in hopes that Silco would want to keep it on the street. Or just to fuck with him. Likely the latter. Eros usually came in the form of a pill taken orally, which meant that Finn had gone to special trouble just to create an airborne form of the drug to spray in Silco’s face. And if he had sprayed a concentrated dose like Silco said…
“Eros is an aphrodisiac...” you murmured, not quite believing the situation you were in.
“That it is.”
Which meant that Silco’s current affliction was that he was insanely horny. 
Well, shit. That explained the bulge in his pants.
An unsolicited thought entered your mind.
There are ways you could help him, you know.
Absolutely not. There was no way you could take advantage of him in this state. Maybe he could sleep it off?
Taking the final step towards his chair, your steps muted by the rug beneath your feet, you laid a hand on his shoulder and inquired gently, “what can I do to help?”
As soon as your fingers made contact with him, he shot up in his chair like lightning and inhaled sharply through gritted teeth. Recoiling your hand immediately, you took a step back.
“I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” 
Silco exhaled shakily before speaking in a clipped tone, “no, just...sensitive.” After a moment he repeated, “you need to go.”
“I’m not leaving you like this-”
Silco turned to face you fully now, and the dark look in his eyes made your core feel like molten lava. When he spoke, his voice was deeper, huskier, more sensual than you had ever heard it.
“If you stay here I may do something that I will very much regret when this damn drug wears off. It’s all I can do right now just to look at you.”
You paused. It felt like all the air had been sucked out of the room and Silco looked like he was ready to pounce. He wanted you.
It’s because of the drug, you reminded yourself, but you still spoke before you could think better of it. 
“I could help.”
Silco narrowed his eyebrows. “What.”
You took a step forward, and against your better judgment, moved a strand of graying hair out of his face and combed it back onto his head. You were so focused on the feeling of how soft his hair was between your fingers that you didn’t notice right away that Silco had closed his eyes and relaxed his tensed muscles. You spoke in a more hushed tone now.
“I could help you, if you want. I don’t mind. I just don’t want to take advantage of you when you’re like this.”
Silco’s eyes popped open and he looked up at you where you still stood above him with your fingers absentmindedly combing through his hair.
“Take advantage? Of me?”
“You’re under the influence, you don’t know what you’re saying-”
“I know exactly what I am saying.”
“But you don’t really want me, it’s the drug talking-”
In a flash, Silco’s hand reached up to grasp your wrist to stop your movements in his hair. Your eyes widened and your heart began to race, not sure what he was going to do next. You were sure he wouldn’t hurt you, but the heat of his hand and his body only a foot from your own was starting to affect you regardless of any Eros particles still floating around the room. The wetness growing between your legs wasn’t from any drug either. It was from him and the undeniable effect he had on you.
“You think I don’t want you?” He growled, eyes boring into your own. “You think I haven’t wanted you from the first moment you walked into this very room?”
You were stunned and didn’t know what to say, so you just stared at him, lips parted and eyes wide. You were so caught off guard that you didn’t notice Silco was moving until he had already stood up and picked you up by the waist, perching you on top of the map on his desk with a snarl. You gasped and he leaned forward, caging you in with his arms. His face was only inches from yours and you could feel the heat radiating off of him and smell his intoxicating cologne weaving its way into your consciousness.
“Do you really think,” he growled and grabbed one of your hands, moving it so that you were cupping his bulge. His much larger hand pressed your smaller one onto his clothed length. “That this isn’t all for you?”
Your head was spinning. You let out a whine as you felt him beneath your palm, hard and thick even through the fabric of his pants.
“But- but the drug-”
“Ah yes, but the drug only does so much. Where do you think my mind wanders when my cock gets hard, hm?”
“Silco,” you moaned then. His smooth voice was enough to stoke the embers of desire inside you, but him saying such filthy things to you in that voice made you burn from the inside out. 
Looking directly into his eyes, you gave him an experimental squeeze. He hissed, eyes slamming shut as his forehead met yours.
“If it’s okay with you, I’d still like to help you,” you whispered. You could feel the gentle puffs of air on your lips now, he was so close.
“Do it,” he breathed.
You removed your hand off his cock and he let out a strangled noise of protest until you brought both of your hands up to rest against his chest. You could feel the hard muscle beneath the fine material of his vest and idly wondered, not for the first time, how his bare skin would feel against your own. You slid your hands up his shoulders and twined them around his neck, pulling him in closer to you.
Tilting your face up towards his, you did what you had only ever fantasized about and kissed Silco.
The moment your lips made contact he groaned and brought his hands up to your waist. His grip on your body was strong, and he pulled you flush against him as his mouth moved against yours. He was standing in between your legs now, and with you still sitting on the desk, it was the perfect position for him to grind himself against you.
It didn’t take long for him to take control of the kiss. Silco was all tongue and teeth and he was making your head spin. What had started as gently molding your lips together turned into a passionate dance of your tongues as Silco slipped his inside your mouth, leaving you moaning and caressing his back with your hands. Occasionally he would pull away only slightly to nip at your bottom lip with his teeth before diving back in and claiming your mouth once again.
To your surprise, Silco was making his own delightful noises. You weren’t sure what you had expected, but the various moans and groans and growls coming from deep within his chest only made you wetter for him and want to please him more. The combination of his own sounds, the sound of your lips against each other, and the feeling of his erection against your core was overwhelming.
He was still grinding his clothed cock against you when you decided it was time to give him some reprieve from the effects of the Eros. You pulled away from his kiss, and let out a small chuckle as he chased your lips and pouted when he saw you begin to stand.
“Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere,” you cooed, cupping his cheek and brushing your fingers along the scarred side of his face. He watched you intently, and his eyes widened when you placed your hands on his chest and pushed him back so he fell into his leather cushioned chair once again.
You took a brief moment to look at him like this. Completely disheveled, guard down, legs spread in his chair as he looked up at you simultaneously with wonder and animalistic desire. His face was illuminated by the evening sun and - not for the first time - you realized he was beautiful.
You smiled at him as you moved to stand between his legs and sank to your knees.
“Oh, fuck…” Silco breathed out to no one in particular. He was mesmerized, chest heaving as he watched you fiddle with the flaps on his pants before pulling them down and freeing his cock from the confines of his underwear.
Fuck, he was big.
Despite his slender frame, Silco’s cock was long and heavy. For a moment you wondered if you would be able to fit him all in your mouth, but you were going to try. The competitive part of you wanted to ensure you were the best he ever had.
Looking up at him through your lashes, you took his cock in your hand and brought your tongue to the red tip and licked at the slit where beads of precum had already begun to gather. 
Silco let out a loud groan and threw his head back against the chair, squeezing his eyes shut. He gripped the arms of the chair with white knuckles as you began to give his head kitten licks and drag your tongue along the underside of the tip.
Gathering spit in your mouth, you let it dribble out between your lips and travel down his shaft to give you some lubrication as you began stroking him. After teasing him with small licks and kisses, you finally took the tip of his cock on your mouth, sealed your lips around it, and sucked.
“Oh, gods, darling, that’s it,” Silco sighed above you. The sound of his wrecked voice caused you to moan as you bobbed up and down his shaft. Absently, you squeezed your thighs together to give yourself some friction as your other hand was now occupied with fondling Silco’s balls.
He pried his eyes open, and the sight that greeted him as he looked down nearly made him cum right then and there.
You, on your knees, looking up at him with innocent, pretty doe eyes with his cock between your lips. He unclenched one of his hands from the arm of his chair and began to softly stroke your face, wiping the tears that began to fall from your eyes as you took him deeper and deeper.
“Pretty girl,” he muttered absentmindedly. You made a sound in your throat in response that vibrated up his shaft, causing him to curse under his breath. He moved his hand to begin stroking at your hair as he watched you go to work on him in awe.
You decided to be bold and flattened your tongue and pushed yourself further onto his cock, taking him into your throat. Silco made a choking noise above you and you felt a twinge of pain on your scalp as he gripped your hair, but you didn’t mind. In fact, the feeling sent a pleasant tingle of pleasure down your spine to your core. He was beginning to lose control of himself, you could tell. Your hands, which were now placed on his thighs, could feel the muscles tighten as he approached his peak.
“I’m close,” he ground out. You flicked your eyes up and saw him watching you, slack jawed with half-lidded eyes and his hair mussed once again. Gods, he was stunning like this.
You pulled off of him and Silco began to protest. “What-”
“Fuck my face,” you croaked, your voice sounding hoarse from his cock hitting the back of your throat repeatedly. “I want you to cum in my mouth.”
You thought Silco might actually die right there based on the look on his face.
Before he could react, you took him in your mouth again, and clearly he heard what you said because he gripped your hair with one hand and the back of your head with the other, and began to thrust into your mouth.
“You’re such a dirty thing, aren’t you? Wanting me to fuck your face like this, you like that?”
You made a garbled noise in response and Silco chuckled darkly.
“Yes you do, such a good girl.”
His thrusts became erratic, and he grumbled out a warning before throwing his head back and making a guttural noise as he finished inside your mouth. You felt hot ropes of his cum fill your throat, and Silco stopped moving as you swallowed around him. 
You didn’t stop until you had taken every last drop, and when he was done, only then did you pull off him with a pop and sit back on your haunches to admire your handiwork.
Silco was wrecked.
He was slumped in his chair, breathing heavily, his hair disheveled with strands hanging in his face and looking at you with an utterly ruined expression on his face.
“Feel better?” You asked. You sounded cheeky, but you were genuinely still concerned about the effects of the Eros.
Silco made a huffing noise that sounded like a disbelieving laugh as he tucked his cock back into his pants, but still looked at you with the same hunger he had minutes ago.
“I need to taste you,” he responded matter-of-factly. His silky voice was like music to your ears, calling you to him.
You shuddered and stood up, walking towards him as he watched you like a predator watches prey.
“Take off your clothes,” he commanded.
Never one to question his orders, you began to strip, first removing your shirt and then your boots and pants until you were left only in your underthings. Silco’s eyes heated your skin as they roved over your body, watching intently as you unclasped your bra and tossed it to the side.
“Beautiful,” he murmured to no one but himself as his eyes widened slightly as he took in the sight of your exposed chest. You were about to shimmy out of your panties until he held up a hand and instructed, “leave those on. On the desk.”
You obeyed and returned to your original seat on his desk. Still eyeing your body, he stood up and closed the gap between you with one swift stride. He placed his warm hands on your thighs and spread them apart as he stepped between them. Leaning over your body and laying you down across the wooden surface, he nipped your earlobe before his gravelly voice filled your head.
“I’m going to devour you.”
You let out a whimper and before you know it, Silco was sliding your lacy panties down your legs and tossing them aside and sinking to his knees.
There was something thrilling about having Silco, the most powerful crime lord in Zaun, kneeling before you fully clothed as you lay naked on his desk. Anyone could walk in at any moment, you hadn’t locked the door, and the walls were thin, not that anybody would be able to hear you over the club’s music anyway.
He positioned himself between your legs and was about to taste you when he paused and a wicked smile crossed his face.
“My, my, what’s all this?”
He dragged one of his fingers through your folds teasingly, causing you to keen at his teasing touch. He brought his index finger up to show you the undeniable wetness glistening in the fading light. 
“All this for me, darling?”
You nodded, making an ‘mhm’ noise and Silco gave you an utterly sinful grin before diving into your folds.
There was no teasing you as you had done with him, the Eros drug was clearly still affecting him. He lapped at your wetness and groaned like a man starved.
You writhed on the desk as he eagerly licked between your folds. The feeling of his hot tongue on your most sensitive parts was overwhelming and so much better than you had imagined in your late night fantasies. He put his whole body into it, wrapping his arms around your thighs to hold you in place as he feasted on your cunt.
The noises he was making were primal, moans and groans that only increased your own arousal as he licked at your entrance. His nose was brushing deliciously against your clit and you began to grind up into his face to increase the friction. You had just started moving your hips when Silco moved off you and tutted at you, causing you to whine.
“Now, now, be a good girl. Let daddy have his meal.”
Oh, fuck.
You must have said that out loud because Silco chuckled darkly before returning to his task. His eyes continued to bore into yours, however, watching you intently as he wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked.
You covered your mouth with your hand as you moaned and arched off the desk, sparks of pleasure dancing up your spine. Your eyes were now screwed shut so you didn’t even notice when Silco grabbed your hand and pulled it away from your mouth.
“None of that. I want to hear you,” he chastised. 
You looked down at him and nodded. After giving you a warning look, he returned his mouth to your clit and slipped a finger inside you. His other hand was now splayed across your stomach to hold you down as you squirmed beneath his assault on your cunt.
He soon added a second finger and began to pump them in and out of you as his tongue continued to dance on your clit. It was so fucking good, he was so good at this, playing your pussy like an instrument. Your whimpers and moans grew louder as the coil in your stomach tightened, and Silco’s tongue on your clit moved faster as he could feel you begin to clench around his fingers.
When he angled them upwards and found the spot inside you that made you see stars, you shattered.
You screamed his name and arched off the desk as your orgasm ripped through you. Despite his warning earlier, you grasped his head with both of your hands and moved your hips against his face. He didn’t seem to mind though, he continued to groan and lick you through your orgasm until you came down from your high.
Utterly dazed, you watched as he pulled off your cunt, removed his fingers from inside you, and looked you dead in the eyes as he licked them clean. He was wicked, looking at you with hooded eyes and his chin glistening with your juices. Unable to do anything else, you let out a small whimper as you watched him continue to feed on your sweet nectar.
“Exquisite,” he murmured.
Your breathing slowed as you came back down to the present, you were now covered in a sheen of sweat with a pleasant tingling traveling throughout your body. Silco was still standing over you, breathing heavily, and you reached out your hand for him.
He took it and allowed himself to be guided over to you. You sat up and pressed yourself closer to him, and looked up at him with a pleasantly satisfied expression on your face. Silco’s own expression was one of amusement as his mismatched eyes took in your disheveled state, confirming that he had done his job well.
Feeling utterly euphoric, you gave him a kiss and wrapped your arms around his waist. 
“How are you feeling now?” You asked against his lips.
“Ravenous,” he hummed, and before you could enquire further, you felt his hardness pushing up against your body again.
You made small noises of pleasure as Silco began to kiss the underside of your jaw, and then your neck, and back up to the spot behind your ear that had you keening in his arms as he began to suck, marking you as his.
“I need more,” he ground out. You could feel the vibrations of the gravelly timbre of his voice in his chest and began to feel your own arousal building again.
“I need to be inside you,” Silco whispered in your ear, causing you to shudder.
“Please,” you breathed out in return, clutching him even tighter to you as if he would disappear at any moment and you would wake up from this lovely dream.
Suddenly he was picking you up, your legs wrapped around his waist, as he carried you towards a door on the far wall of his office that presumably led to his bedroom.
You had never seen the room where Silco slept, let alone been inside of it. He opened and closed the door with ease, placing you on the silk sheets of his bed and allowing you to lay back as he stood before you.
The sheets felt heavenly against your skin and smelled like him. The room was surprisingly modest, but you weren’t exactly focused on the decor at the moment.
You lay back on your elbows, eyeing Silco’s frame towering over you at the edge of the bed. He did indeed look ravenous. That hungry, dark look in his eye had not dissipated at all despite your activities in the office.
The way he was eyeing you now would feed your fantasies for months. Wanting to make yourself look as enticing as possible, you shifted your body on the bed, cocked your head at him, and bit your lip.
“You,” you started, bringing your bare foot up to caress the bulge once again straining against his pants, “are wearing far too many clothes.”
Silco made a low noise you couldn’t describe as his eyes darkened even further. 
Never breaking your gaze, he began to undo the intricate gold buttons to free himself of his vest. Once he had tossed that aside, he undid the cuffs of his crimson dress shirt and began to work on the buttons down the front. One by one, his long fingers freed the buttons, allowing more and more of his skin to be exposed as he went further down. When he had undone them all and his shirt was only hanging off his shoulders, he let it fall to the floor and allowed you to look your fill.
Gods, he was gorgeous.
Despite being quite slender, the hard planes of muscle beneath Silco’s pale skin were evident. His chest was covered with a fine sprinkling of dark, graying hairs that turned into a pleasant trail leading down into his pants, accentuated by a delicious V-line at his hips. Your mouth watered as you took him in, the hard planes of his abdomen and defined muscles of his chest causing the liquid heat to pool in your stomach once again. 
“Silco,” you couldn't help but moan as you continued to take him in. You began to squirm on the bed as he removed his pants, until finally he stood before you in just his underwear.
“Please, I want to see you. All of you,” you breathed.
Silco seemed to be transfixed by the sight of you lying naked in his bed, begging him to ravish you. It wasn’t often that he took lovers, and never had he trusted any enough to bring them to his own bed. A part of him knew it wasn’t just the Eros, it was because he felt something for you he hadn’t felt for anyone.
Deciding to take matters into your own hands, you sat up on your knees and slid your thumbs under the waistband of his briefs, silently requesting permission to remove them. When he looked down at you and gave you a single nod, you pressed a kiss to his collarbone and slid them off.
You lay back again as Silco kicked them off, and took in the sight of him naked before you.
“You’re beautiful,” you murmured, echoing his words from earlier. Yes, you had his cock in your mouth less than an hour ago, but seeing his entire body on display for you felt like a privilege. He was putting himself in an intimate, vulnerable position for you.
A hint of a smile tugged at Silco’s lips before he finally climbed on top of you on the bed. You looked up at him reverently and moved some strands of hair out of his face.
This - whatever this was - was more than sex to take the edge off.
You would ponder that later.
Silco began to kiss you again and lowered his body to press against yours. You slipped your tongue into his mouth as you explored his body with your hands, roaming over his biceps, shoulders, and down the hard muscles of his back.
The feeling of his warm skin against yours was nothing short of heavenly. 
Detaching himself from your lips, he began to kiss down your neck and chest, his hot mouth leaving a trail of fire until he reached your breasts. His eyes bore into yours as he licked carefully over your nipple before taking it into his mouth and sucking gently.
“Gods, Silco,” you arched into his mouth, tangling your fingers into his hair once again. He groaned in response and began to rock his hips into you. He was still rock hard and trying to get some friction, the Eros was still coursing through his veins, he needed something, anything-
Silco hadn’t noticed that he had completely ceased his attention to your breasts and instead buried his head into your chest as he ground his cock against you, moaning at the sensation.
It was your voice that gained his attention back, your soft cooing of his name that caused him to look up at you and pay attention to the next words out of your mouth.
“I need you inside of me, Silco.”
As if you needed him as much as he clearly needed you right now, this damn Eros was making him grind against you like a horny teenager.
But nonetheless, Silco came back up to your face and pressed his forehead against yours before taking his cock in his hand and positioning himself at your entrance. He looked into your eyes and you nodded with a smile, signaling for him to continue.
Silco’s eyes remained locked with yours as he pressed the tip in, causing you both to gasp in unison.
You moaned his name, one of your hands gripping his bicep and the other fisting the sheets as the blunt head of his cock entered you. Despite the Eros amplifying his most primal urges, he controlled himself so you could adjust to him and he could savour the stretch of your walls around him. Slowly, he slid in, gritting his teeth as your warm wetness engulfed his length. 
“You’re so big,” you whined, and you felt him twitch inside of you in response. He wasn’t used to receiving compliments, especially not of that nature, but fuck if it didn’t make him even painfully harder than he already was.
He pushed in bit by bit and rubbed lazy circles around your clit with his thumb to try to relax you. “That’s my good girl, taking me so well,” he crooned in your ear.
When he was in as far as he could go, he dropped his head to your shoulder and tried to focus on his breathing. The Eros felt like it was trying to burn its way out of his body now, his skin was on fire every place you touched it, and he felt like he might die from the euphoric sensation of your tight cunt squeezing his cock. He couldn’t even form a coherent thought in his head right now.
“Perfect,” he whispered over and over into your shoulder.
You both stayed like that for a few moments so you could get used to his length, and when you felt you were ready, you began to move your hips against his.
Silco shuddered and moved so that he was hovering over you now, watching you intently as he began to thrust in and out of you. Your face was the portrait of bliss, he thought. He could listen to the little noises that escaped you forever as he fucked you.
“You like this? You like the feel of my cock inside of you?” His dirty talking in that voice of his was driving you wild, and you could only moan in response. You now had one hand splayed over his back and the other on the back of his neck as you clung to him.
“Been wanting to do this for so long,” he continued rambling, his eyes now fixating on the spot where your bodies were joined. He watched himself slip in and out of your pussy, his cock slick with your juices.
“I’ve always wanted you,” you managed to respond weakly. Silco tore his eyes away from watching himself fuck you and flicked them up to your face, which was still twisted in pleasure. “Since I first saw you, Silco, I’ve wanted you like this.”
“Why didn’t you - ah fuck,” his words were puncuated by his thrusts, which were now harder and deeper and lighting a fire in your belly. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t think you felt the same-” you  were cut off by a high pitched whimper you made when Silco thrust into you particularly deep.
“How could I not? You’re the subject of all my fantasies, darling.”
The room was filled with the sounds of your moans and whimpers and Silco’s guttural groans, and the lewd sound of skin against skin. Your eyes remained locked on his own, his mysterious left eye swirling, watching you as his cock drove into you over and over again.
A wicked idea entered your mind then, and as Silco continued to pound into you, you leaned up and licked the scarred left side of his face.
“Tell me your fantasies, Silco. Tell me how you imagine me when you’re touching yourself when I’m not there,” you purred in his ear.
If Silco was ravenous before, he was now positively feral.
He growled as he pulled out of you and flipped you over so you were on your hands and knees and roughly pulled you by your hips to slot against him. He entered you again in one deep stroke, causing you to cry out in pleasure as this new angle allowed him to fit the entirety of his length inside of you. You wanted to put on a show for him, so you arched your back as much as you could and looked over your shoulder at him, your mouth forming an “O” as Silco fucked into you.
“You want to know how I imagine you, dirty girl?” His thrusts were animalistic now, he was chasing the high of his release just as he was chasing the Eros out of his body. “I imagine you sitting on my lap in my desk chair riding my cock because you just couldn’t wait any longer,” his voice was completely wrecked, you could tell he was getting closer as his words became more filthy. You were too, the coil in your lower belly tightening more and more with every word he spoke.
“I imagine taking you in the elevator before one of those damn Chem Baron meetings, and you walking into that meeting with my cum still dripping out of you.”
You moaned at that, the thought of being claimed by him so primally had you clenching around his cock as he continued to pound into you.
“Oh you would like that, wouldn’t you? I feel you squeezing me, you cruel, dirty little thing.”
Silco reached around and began to furiously rub your clit. He knew you were close, he could feel your walls clenching around him and just before you snapped, he pulled out and turned you over again so you were once again underneath him, his tall frame caging you in.
“Want to watch when you come, darling,” he said, his voice softer than it had been only seconds ago. You reached around his neck to pull him closer to you and kissed him deeply.
He entered you again and it only took a few more rolls of his hips before you came undone in his arms. You arched into his body and cried out his name as electricity surged through every nerve ending in your body, and he rocked into you and held you through it all. His own thrusts became erratic as you squeezed him, and he whispered in your ear, 
“Inside, I’m safe. Inside me, please,” you breathed, clutching his heated body to your own. Silco buried his face in your shoulder again and sank his teeth into your skin as he came inside you with a sharp cry, his seed filling you as he shuddered above you.
You both stayed like that for a while, desperately clutching on to each other with the only sound in the room being your heavy breathing. Silco was the first to come up for air, examining you with a clarity in his eye that hadn’t been there before.
“Are you alright?” He inquired in his usual, even timbre.
You nodded dreamily, having gone completely cockdumb and now being incapable of words. 
His eyes fell from your own and landed on the angry bite mark he had left on your shoulder when he finished. He gently traced it with his finger as he spoke again.
“I shouldn’t have been so rough with you, I’m sorry if I-”
You pressed a finger to his lips to cut him off.
“It was wonderful. You are wonderful.”
A small smile tugged at Silco’s lips. You remembered the situation that had brought you to this point, with his cock now softening inside you and him watching you with a gentle expression you had never seen before.
“How are you feeling now?” You asked, your hand now gently caressing the scarred side of his face.
“Better. Almost normal, I suppose,” he replied as he pulled out of you with a small hiss and laid down beside you.
You watched Silco lying there, staring at the ceiling, and wondered for a moment if he regretted any of it. 
However, your fears quickly evaporated when he allowed you to curl your body against him and lay on his chest as he pulled you closer to him. It was all too easy to allow yourself to close your eyes and be lulled into a slumber in your post-sex haze with a warm body next to you. But before sleep could claim you, you had to ask, “almost normal, you say?”
“We could both use a bath,” Silco mumbled, fatigue beginning to creep into his voice as well.
You let out a small giggle, and he kissed the crown of your head before he shifted and stood up, padding over to the attached room to run the water.
After a warm bath, a quick snack, and more kissing, you and Silco were curled up in bed once again, and you thought to yourself that nobody, not even the Topsiders or any of the other scummy Chem Barons could take this Silco, your Silco, away from you. 
A week later, you saw Finn drinking at the bar in The Last Drop. 
Raw, primal fury ignited in your gut and you ignored Sevika’s warnings as you stalked over to him, no doubt with murderous rage written across your face. He had a lot of fucking nerve showing up here after what he did.
The day after the incident, you and Silco had informed Sevika that Finn had drugged him but didn’t go into details for obvious reasons. Deciding it would be better to maintain the peace for the time being, Silco had ordered you and Sevika to leave him alive. For now. His time would come.
That didn’t mean you couldn’t send a message though.
Finn saw you approaching and fixed you with a knowing smirk that made you want to break both his real and ornamental golden jaws.
“Well, did you two have fun? You’re welcome by the way, it’s about time he got laid-”
Your dagger was at Finn’s throat before he could even finish his sentence.
“If you ever. Do something like that to him again. Or anyone. I will cut your throat and feed you to the rats. Understood?”
Finn held his hands up in surrender and stuttered his reply.
“Sure, I mean yeah. Won’t happen again.”
You fixed him with a warning look, lowered your blade, and began to walk away.
“Must have worked though, if you’re this protective over him.”
You turned and slashed in the blink of an eye.
Finn cried out as a red slice on his cheekbone began to ooze blood. 
“Hope that doesn’t mess up your tattoo too much, asshole,” you spat. You sheathed your dagger and walked away, ignoring Sevika shaking her head as you passed her. The patrons of The Last Drop hadn’t even noticed your alternation, but you could feel eyes on you as you approached the stairs leading to the upper level.
You looked up to the second floor, and sure enough the shadowed silhouette of a man in the corner watched you as you climbed the stairs and moved towards him.
“What did I tell you about causing a scene, darling?” Silco crooned, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you into the shadows with him.
“I needed him to know he can’t ever pull that shit on you ever again.”
Silco hummed in your ear as he nuzzled his nose into your hair. “So violent on my behalf.”
“You would do the same for me.”
“No, my dear, I would do much, much worse,” he replied with a hint of amusement, but you knew he was dead serious. He would kill for you.
Putting the incident with Finn behind you, you pulled Silco in closer to you and kissed him deeply, savouring the pleased rumble in his chest as his lips met yours.
Silco, the feared crime lord of Zaun, was many things. But right now, in a shadowy corner of The Last Drop, away from prying eyes, he was your Silco, and there was nothing else he’d rather be.
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quacksonbarnes · 11 months ago
Stay with Me
Morning After Headcanons
Pairing: Viktor x Reader
Warnings: a lot of fluff, suggestive themes
A/N: Quick blurb to refresh my mind!
Tumblr media
You'd wake to Viktor pressing warm kisses against your forehead.
The corner of your lips would upturn at his display of affection, causing you to snuggle even more into his side.
"Darling, I have to go."
"A few more minutes," You would whine, gazing up at him with a pout and the biggest puppy eyes you could muster.
He caved in, as he did every time.
You knew he secretly loved lazy days.
He'd trace gentle shapes on your back, nearly causing you to fall asleep again.
That man was a wonder with his hands, decorated with callouses yet so gentle and soft.
You'd press butterfly kisses down his neck, appreciating the soft hums he'd make in response.
He'd run his fingers through your hair, playing with the strands as he did with his own when he was nervous.
"You're so warm," You'd mumble into his chest causing him to let out a small chuckle.
The expression on his face made your heart ache, being filled with so much love.
You'd hook one of your legs around his in an attempt to pull him closer, the skin on skin contact making you feel like you were almost floating.
"How are you feeling?"
You'd respond with a very genuine, "Sore."
He'd become bashful at your response, slightly blushing before apologising, "Ahh I'm sorry."
"Don't apologise, it's a good kind of pain."
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viktorstittytank · 6 months ago
Girls night (NSFW)
Everyone’s reaction to reader coming back from a girls night tipsy and horny
I thought this idea was wayyy too funny
18+ minors DNI
Tumblr media
Probably was at the girl’s night with you.
If you smack Mel you’re losing access to your hands and they will be pinned.
She completely understands getting caught up in the moment but she isn’t the one to slap. It’ll just be used as an excuse to steal your soul.
This girls got gadgets you’ve never even heard of and they’re all gonna be working at their highest setting tonight.
Accidentally traumatizing Jayce and waking up to enough noise complaints you could swim in them.
Tumblr media
At first she’s a pouty puppy. Hasn’t even noticed that you’re tipsy and hella horny. She’s too caught up in feeling bad for herself that you left her at home to spend time with your girls.
She has to get a good look at you before she realizes what’s going on and smirks.
Handsy, hot and bothered, she’s liking this side of you.
But then her pants are coming off, and wow you taste like hard liquor and when did you get her top off?
As soon as she realizes you’re moving a little too fast for her she panics.
Locked herself in the bathroom and sat in the tub till you passed out by the door.
Tumblr media
At first he’s excited to see you. He’s ready to hear about all the places you’ve been and what you guys talked about until he sees this carnivores look in your eye he’s never seen before.
You pretty much jump his bones.
You’re going to break the man. You’re squishing his face and he’s fighting to breathe while you’re having some of the best sex the two of you have ever had.
Moans in confused and a little scared cus what the fuck is going on.
He’s half out of his mind while you’re bouncing on him and only really comes back to earth once the two of you are done.
Littered in bite marks and can’t look you in the eye in the morning. Doesn’t even know who you are anymore. This is going in his journal.
Tumblr media
Babes can do more than handle you. You’ve met your match with this one. She doesn’t really care if you’re gripping her hair hard if anything it makes her work harder.
Bite her she’ll bite back harder.
She’s gonna chuckle into your mound while you grind yourself against her face. Usually you’d never even think about sitting on her face because you’ve said it before you’re too scared you’ll suffocate her. It’s hard to believe the words ever left your mouth at the sight of the two of you.
When the strap comes out if you get wild she’s just gonna enjoy the show. Completely ignores you when you try smacking her. Only really cares about the faces you’re making cus you look cute.
Sevika can take a couple of hits this is a piece of cake.
Tumblr media
Someone missed you while you were gone as much as he hates to say it. He tried distracting himself with work but couldn’t help thinking about you and how cold you’d left his presence.
He waits for you at the door so once you come stumbling in he’s getting mowed down immediately.
Congratulations you’ve caught the king off guard and wow this is definitely a new position, have you always been this flexible? What are you doing to his body?
@thesinoflust1103 @htmlbitxh @redflamesbaku @illicittete @mochi-clouds @bilesxbilinskixlahey @sparrow-rise @freementallyillkid @just-a-sewer-goblin
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angelltheninth · a month ago
Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder
Pairing: Sevika x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, breast fondling, finger riding, neck kisses, biting, praise, adoration, mirror sex
Word count: 0.7k
Kinktober Day 20: Mirror Sex
A/N: They gotta have fancy mirrors in rooms in that brothel right? This kinktober entry is one of the ones I was looking forward to the most.
Tumblr media
Sevika was surprised to find out how shy you still were given your line of work, how easily you got flustered, how you hid your face behind you hands or a pillow from her words and actions. As cute as it might be she wanted to help you break free from that.
And her being who she is decided to face the problem straight ahead, no dancing around the issue. Sevika was always straight forward, being with blunt insults, her compliments, the things that she found attractive or the things she wanted to do. Or you to do.
"What's the problem sweetheart? My fingers are right here, get to it." She smirked at you from the bed all the while knowing damn well what the problem was. The fucking mirror right at the foot of the bed.
"You're not gonna let this go, are you?" You cross your hands over your chest, perfectly aware that it only makes your breasts look bigger.
"What do you think?" She gestures for you to come closer. With the fingers she knows you'll end up riding. "Back to me, face the mirror. If it really is too much then we can stop, but I want to see how beautiful you look when you're getting fucked."
"I-I do?" A familiar sensation of your cheeks warming up begins to dawn on you. Sevika is sparing with her compliments most of the time but tonight it seems like she's feeling extra generous.
She just laughs, it was a short laugh, almost a snort, "See for yourself." She pats her thighs, her fingers in between them, waiting for you. Well you certainly didn't want them to get cold.
With light steps, or maybe you actually skipped there in your hurry, you drew yourself close to her and just like she asked, straddled her, your back turned. Sevika wasted no time with her fingers gently exploring familiar territory between your legs. You felt her soft, yet slightly rough lips on your bare back, her hand on your hip, guiding you. You took two fingers in with easy, the stretch soothing rather then painful.
"Don't look down. Eyes forward and start moving."
This wasn't a suggestion anymore. No, her voice was much more commanding. She knew you'd respond to it, you always did. And it always made heat flow between your legs, now down her hand as your walls squeezed around her fingers. With some reservation you looked up, coming face to face with yourself in the mirror. Unable to keep your eyes facing you they traveled lower, which also proved to be a mistake as you could clearly see Sevika's fingers entering you over and over as you bucked and rolled your hips on her lap.
"A beautiful sight isn't it?" Sevika leans up to bite your neck, her eyes meeting yours in the mirror, her hand traveling to cup your breaths. It's a little cold, but nothing you're not used to by now, rather it feels nice on your hot skin. "I see you like this every time. Spread out for me, looking up at me with those hooded eyes, wanting more."
"More." You echoed, "Yes, please Sevika. Please more." You look behind you briefly. She stops, "More." You whine again. With a little groan you look forward again, your face twisting with pleasure as she starts moving her fingers. "That's so good. Please don't stop."
"I won't. Not as long as you keep looking. You can do that for me can't you kitten?" Sevika coos against the bruise on your shoulder.
"I'll try." You lean backward a little, feeling Sevika's warm, soft breasts against your back. The new angle lets you see your cunt and her fingers even more clearly. It almost makes you come. This is how she sees you. Sexy. Needy. Breathtaking. "Fuck, please, make me come. Bend me over and make me come. I'll keep looking, I'll-" Your next words form into a loud moan as Sevika gently wraps her metal arm around your throat and pushes you forward, her fingers pumping in your cunt with renewed force. "Yes, yes, ah!"
You grab the sheets as hard as you can, even with your teeth as you look at Sevika in the mirror, towering over you, her whole arm moving back and forth as she drags your orgasm out of you. "Good girl. I knew you could do it." She kisses your ear, then your neck and finally tilts your head a little to capture your lips in a mind-spinning kiss.
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zaunitearchives · a month ago
A/N: Sorry for the delay on this one! Life is hitting me hard right now. I hope yall enjoy it. ❤️
Aphrodisiac with Academy Student Viktor [NSFW]
Tumblr media
Viktor x GN!Reader (AFAB)
Kinktober Masterlist
Word count: 4k
Tags: Aphrodisiac | Frottage | Petting | Mirror sex | Creampie | Nipple play | Unprotected | Sorta breeding kink? | Dom Viktor | Love confession
Rain drummed against your dorm window, reverberating in the room as a contempt sight flees your parted mouth, finding yourself leaning comfortably into the soft give of the loveseat. A pleased hum as you sip from the warm cup of coffee, a soft clink as you place it atop the table's glass surface. Rolling your neck, a faint shudder from the frigid air due to the coolness the rain brought--should change from these shorts and shirt into something a bit warmer. Hopefully, the coffee will warm you up. Maybe ease that tension along with it.
You feel it, that soreness, not within your body— but your mind. A fog that's settled itself, obscuring everything except school.
Brows furrow, readjusting yourself as you lean your head flush against the cushion, staring blankly into the off-white ceiling, ruminating over the weeks that have transpired before you.
Finally, peace.
You relish in it, a stark contrast compared to earlier this week. Paperwork and calculation strung across not only your living quarters but also your class. Ensuring proper measurements are in place, avoiding faulty coolant mixtures within the prototype you've constructed with your partner, a brilliant, intricate design—made to filter even the most polluted water. 
Your partner.
Ah, yes. That man. Insistent on pestering you with every step, questioning your choices and design, opt-ed to encourage you to follow his blueprints because it was 'the safest option to win.'. Beg the professor for a different partner, anyone but him, please—but what if he wanted that? You're never one to back down, nor have you ever demanded a change in partners for your projects. What if he relishes in this?
No, you can't have that. 
So, through gritted teeth, you bear through it all. Quickly finding his pros and cons, as brash and snarky as his comments were, he also possessed a much softer and reserved side, something you only caught fleeting glimpses of over time. As if he was afraid of you seeing through him. In retrospect, you can't blame him for his defensiveness; hushed rumors circulated throughout the academy about him, and you would be on edge too. 
Things, of course, picked up, you still had a bit of a sore spot, but it wasn't as unbearable. A pleasant surprise, to say the least, even more so when his voice grew soft whenever he spoke to you, once sharp eyes now eased. Disarmed by his calm demeanor, the way he nodded and listened keenly to your words, a compliment that would part from him, embarrassed to admit how bashful it made you feel.
Of course, it didn't help how infuriatingly attractive he was. Urge to drop dead or crawl under the table whenever those whiskey eyes bore into you, creases at the corner as he beamed so brightly—a toothy grin. Damn that man.
You still remember when he stopped by your dorm to discuss the first outline of the device, fearful that you would pass away on the spot. His once neatly brushed and swept back hair had grown chaotic, clung to his forehead, that white tie half discarded onto that very coffee table with several buttons undid—revealing the sliver of alabaster skin that taunted you so teasingly. Oh, how eager you grew to run your fingers along the fine material, timidly undoing the rest of his vest, keen to see if his body was dotted with beautiful constellation-like moles as his face.
So eager to place a chaste kiss on each one.
You shake your head, shooing away the thoughts that dare linger a second more, realizing just how hopeless you genuinely are.
Get a grip.
Fingers run along your hair, flicking away the few strands as another sigh leaves you, rubbing the inner corners of your eyes, fighting a yawn that crawls along the back of your throat; damn that storm.
You nearly jump out of your skin when a knock sounds at your door, urgent and all too demanding. Not half a second longer before it rings again, almost rattling the thing in its hinges. Grumbling, you rise from your seat, careful of the messy floor of your dorm—that you totally had intentions of cleaning this weekend.
The door knocks again. "I'm coming!"
You don't even bother to peek through the hole, too focused on who dares to knock so rudely on your door at this hour. Finally, after sliding the chain from the lock, the door cracks open, peering through only to meet a familiar figure.
"Viktor? What are you doing here?"
"These," Viktor tucks the umbrella under his arm, shaking away the water from his hair as he raises a satchel. "Your calculations, they're wrong."
Had this been anybody else, you would've given them an ear full by now and promptly closed the door in their face—but you can't, not with him. Not when you've already swung the door wide enough for him to enter.
"Impossible. I checked them over dozens of times. Eh, coffee?"
Viktor hangs the umbrella hook at the coat rack beside the door, shedding his damp coat alongside it, and settles quickly into your living room, sitting across from your original spot at the table. "No, please, that's not necessary—and yes, I thought so as well, but I'm glad I decided to check everything."
You are, too, in a way, since it meant having him at your doorstep. Not that you would say that out loud. However, most certainly a blessing in disguise. Even if it's just about your project.
"I'm getting you a cup," You protest, marching into your kitchen as you prepare a warm cup of coffee. "And yeah, it's a good thing you double-checked everything. So, what's the issue?"
The sound of his satchel opening rings into the room, the clink of metal as you side-eye the device while bringing him a cup.
"I've narrowed it down to two variables. I've yet to determine which." Viktor states plainly, reaching to grab several crumbled pieces of paper which you recognize—your handwriting.
"So, you have an issue but don't know which one is the problem?"
Your brows furrow, placing the mug beside him as you sit across, watching deft fingers check various notches and pipes, hums as he eyes closely. Moments pass before he concludes his inspection, clasping his hands together as he turns toward you.
"The coolant you used is producing too much heat," Viktor deadpans, nudging the papers across the table as he takes a sip of coffee, a pleased groan as he shudders. "I've made some adjustments."
You pick up the paper, skimming at the red ink that strikes across the sheet, looking at his corrections. "You altered my calculations."
"Corrected them." He retorts, another sip.
"There's nothing wrong with them. I've checked at least a dozen times." Your lips purse, tossing the sheets onto the table, arms crossed. "I think the error is on your end. You don't even know exactly what is causing this."
Viktor's brows furrow, a crease in-between as he glares at you. You two have bickered before during the project, but he's never gone out of his way to discredit your contributions, let alone accuse them of causing issues. Silence falls between you. His eyes drop to the floor as his jaw clenches, mulling over his following words, no doubt.
"Fine, I'll show you then."
With a flick of a button, Viktor turns on the device and leans back into his seat, an unimpressed expression as the device whirs to life. You opt out of another snarky remark, instead choosing to inch closer, both in awe at the creation you two have made and curious if it'll prove him wrong. Finally, all seems well; it sputters to life as you can hear the coolant pump throughout, hearing water circulate inside.
"See? No issue." You snap, crossing your arms.
"I don't understand. It was not doing that earlier…" Viktor mutters, adjusting himself as he leans closer to the machine.
"If I didn't know any better, Viktor, I'd say this was just an excuse to come visit me." You retort, chin propped into your hand, fighting back a devious smirk. Poking at him can be fun, especially when rousing such a reaction is easy.
"What?" His brows raise, eyes wide as his head snaps toward you, fast enough to see the soft chestnut hair bounce with the motion. "Such an outlandish accusation!"
"Uh-huh," you deadpan.
The faint pink of his cheeks is answer enough, as his lips press into a fine line as brows narrow again. An annoyed sigh as he shifts his attention back onto the device. "Ridiculous."
"But not wrong." You chuckle, rising from your chair, and grabbing your drink. "Come on, Viktor."
"Wait," he hisses, inching closer to the device.
You sigh, rounding the table, and standing beside him. "Viktor, come on. Nothing is wrong with it. Everything is fine."
"Do you hear that?" He asks, eyes fixated on the machine.
Yes, you do; it's a whiny lab partner for a project that won't shut up—however, for obvious reasons, you decide to omit your comment, instead huffing out an annoyed no.
"I think it's the coolant," Viktor whispers, fingers running along his chin as he thinks.
The machine sputters, an audible strain as it shakes, rattling the table. Both you and Viktor exclaim, leaning forward to shut the device off yet can't, stumbling over each other. When you both reach it, a valve bursts, bright yellow liquid clouding the air, and feeling it burn in your lungs.
"Shit," you exclaimed, flicking off the device as you both coughed profusely.
"Window," Viktor stutters, coughing. "Open the window!"
Snatching the sheets of paper from the table, you fan the air, coughing into your elbow. "Go to the bathroom now—." A series of coughs and wheezes leave you. "Wash your face, now!"
In a quick motion, Viktor snatches his cane and quickly follows behind you to the bathroom, echoes of wheezing and coughs as you both breach inside, closing the door behind you two. Viktor lets you use it first, splashing the cold water against your face and gasping at the coldness.
You sat on the edge of your tub, fingers running along your damp hair, feeling the heat pulse back into your face. Viktor groans as he washes his face, strands of chestnut hair wet and clinging to his forehead, feeling a bead of sweat trickle down your temple at the sight, the way he huffs out in between each splash.
Fuck. What's wrong with you? Get a grip.
"Are you alright?" his voice beckons. Silence for a moment, nothing but the sound of the faucet running, a slight tilt of his head.
Instinctively closing your knees together, suddenly feeling the discomfort of your shirt and the way it chafes against your skin.
"yeah," you lie.
He nods his head, lips in a fine line. "Good."
Fuck, why does his voice sound like that? Or is it just you? How thick and deep has it grown? What would it sound like to drag groans from him? The sweet sound of your name from his lips--hot and heavy against your skin.
Heat courses in your blood, thick and pulsing. Feeling it pool in your stomach, tense enough that it might drag you down from the tub's ledge and topple onto the floor.
"Ridiculous," Viktor grumbles, almost like a growl, splashes of water against his face. "If you hadn't miscalculated or at least got me to help you, none of this would've happened."
 You can't focus right now. If you do, you just might puke. Everything is too much. Even as your leg bounces against the tiled bathroom floor, hugging yourself, it's not enough—and the grumble of his heated voice only adds to the pile.
You're most definitely having a reaction.
"It's my fault?" You exclaim, shaking your head. "Move, I can't—I can't do this…" You jump to your feet, albeit rushed and whole-heartedly clumsy. Foot catches one another as you stumble, only to feel hands firmly grasp your arm.
Viktor pulls you flush against him, close enough to feel the faint huff of air with his exhale, the alluring smell of coffee from earlier, and the heat of his breath that only seems to heighten the flushed sensation across your face.
Moments pass, wide eyes boring into his, never once taking his hands off. Instead, curse the way his thumb runs motions against your bare skin, soothing circles that have your head reeling and body crying out to reach further into his touch.
"Are you okay?" He asks, soft and all so hushed. A waiver to his tone, embellished by his heated stare.
 "Yeah." You breathe out.
Your eyes dart to the dotted mole on his cheek; you constantly find yourself staring at them. Made you squirm in your seat when you dared a glance at the one perfectly slotted at the corner of his lip, half tempted to kiss it, only to grow apprehensive whenever he caught you staring. So opt-ed out instead to clear your throat and act like it never happened.
But this? You don't give a shit anymore, eyes trailing onto that very mole, hitch in your breath at the way it seems to twitch.
  Fuck, you just might explode.
Viktor calls your name, a soft murmur that has you snapping your eyes up, molten pools of gold that burn with a passion, feeling the bumps along your skin at sight.
You say nothing, a simple glance as you crane your head, looking at the man and, what a gaze, one wholly fixated on you. Eclipsed golden eyes, could've sworn, they stole a fleeting glimpse of your plump lips, parted and desperate for a connection. He bows his head, leaning ever slightly, perhaps to give you ample time to run should you decide this a mistake. His lids heavy as he inches closer.
Feeling the ghost of his lips over yours, desperate to take him in, impatience growing like a roaring flame for every second that passes. You can't stand it. Leaning forward, your lips find his, soft and lush, molding perfectly against yours, hands slotted onto the divet of your lower back, pressing you further against him. 
 It's sweet, slow, and methodical. Gasping when he nips gently onto your lower lip, tongue brushing fervently, both of you stumbling until your back meets the wall, and it grows hungry. Then, shuddering when a hand cups your jaw, devouring you.
Spindly fingers tease the buttons of your silk shirt, eyes searching yours; any objection?
The first button unclamps, followed by the second, and so on. Deft fingers make work, growing languid and methodical, stopping just beneath your breasts, stealing another glimpse at you.
 "May I?" He asks in a whisper. "Please, if I'm over-stepping then—"
 "No," You interject. "Don't stop. Please."
 A beat passes before a devious smirk unfurls from his lips, feeling the last give of the button as your shirt opens, fingers running along the edge as you shed the top.
"Fuck, I thought I was imagining it earlier, but," His breath hitches, gasping as nimble fingers gently cup you, a swipe of his thumbs over your nipples. "Glad to know I'm not that far gone, seeing these sweet things poke through your shirt."
You keen at the way he rolls the bud between his fingers, connecting his lips onto your neck as you arch against the wall. "Fuck, Viktor."
He groans against you, a bruising suck against your skin as he continues to pinch and pull, feeling his clothed cock brush against your thigh, another moan.
A hand snakes within the give of your shorts, panting at the brush of fingers over your clothed cunt. Viktor groans, deft finger running along the wetness over your slit, golden eyes peering into you.
"So beautiful like this, countless times I've thought about you." his voice is low and feverish, how he grazes his lips against your ear.
Your palm along his cock, drawing a strained groan as hips jut forward, desperate for your touch. A strained fuck as he pants into your neck.
"I've needed you for so long," he huffs out, feeling the warmth of his breath along your skin, another roll of his hips.
"I'm here now," you whisper, another languid palm along his cock, eliciting a groan as his whole frame shudders against you. "I've always been here."
His lips ghost along yours, gentle and tender, groans that evade him in-between with each palm, have him mewling into your mouth so needily, murmurs of your name.
"Mph, b-bedroom." you squeak, feeling a hand on your hip pulling you further against him.
"Hm, I don't see a problem with taking you here." he teases a swipe of his tongue against your neck, eyeing the mirror at the sink. "I want to see how beautiful you look when you cum around my cock."
Your breath hitches at his statement, finding yourself looking at it, catching both your reflections and how he looks at you. It's not an idea you throw away, something he sees. Has him stroking your cheek while he hums.
"I hear no objections," he teases.
"Okay," you breathe out, eyes snapping back to his—a mischievous grin.
Your arms brace both sides of the sink, seeing your disheveled appearance as Viktor peers behind you, pressed firmly against you. Groans echo as his hips ground against yours, feeling yourself jolt forward from the motion, fingers buried against your skin as he pulls you back against him.
"Fuck," you hiss out, shuddering as his chest presses against your back, lips on the shell of your ear.
"I have full intentions of doing so."
Nimble fingers snake within your shorts, toying with the hem of your panties before sliding in, gasping at the bare contact of his fingers against your skin. Whimpering and mewling over the faintest stroke between your folds, hearing him gasp against you, a satisfied hum.
"So wet, all this for me?" He asks, with another swipe.
Half a mind to criticize him for being such a nuisance, a thought plucked away the moment he toys with your clit, deliberately, methodical strokes that have your hips rolling, a strained gasp. Then, seeing the wicked smile through bleary eyes in the mirror, low groans of his so close to your ear, feeling it vibrate into your very core.
"Viktor, please—"
"Please, what?"
"Fuck me."
Fingers stall, withdrawing from your panties, feeling himself press back further into you, voice low and teasing. "Such a naughty thing, been so crude and temperamental tonight, hm?"
You whimper, desperate for any contact. How needy are you?
"I believe now I should admit, your accusations earlier weren't entirely unfounded." He reveals, slowly dragging your shorts down, stopping at your lower thighs. "I really wanted to see you again."
"I knew it." You laugh.
You can only catch glimpses of him behind you, him looking down as he unbuckles his belt, hearing it unzip, groaning at the feeling of his cock head nudging between your folds, swiping teasingly, running between your slick folds and along your aching clit.
"I had my theories, but had I known you felt this way. I would've done something sooner."
"It's about time," You tease, a grin as you catch his eyes in the mirror, dark and heated. 
Hands cup your jaw, arching your back as his chest presses further into you, feeling the warmth of his breath against your cheek. A moan escapes you at the sensation of his cock teasing your entrance, inching deeper and deeper, as your eyes roll into the back of your head at the stretch, the way he fills you. Then, pull a series of curses and groans until you feel him reach full hilt, how he shudders against you.
"Always so difficult, hm?" He asks, arm wrapped tightly around your waist, a deep and slow thrust. "Constantly pushing my buttons, trying to get a rise out of me?"
"N-not my fault you're so easy to annoy." You stutter, his sharp hips meeting against the back of your thighs, another deep thrust. He didn't like that, not one bit. The contact evokes such a lecherous sound as he drags out of you slowly before a quick snap of his hips.
"Is that why you always run your mouth at me? Or is it because you hope I'll get fed up and fill it myself." Another snap of his hips has you bracing yourself against the sink, catching a side glimpse of you two, how your bodies move with each thrust. 
Fuck. You tighten around him, whining.
"Oh, you like that?" He questions, another mind-numbing roll of his hips against you; hold on your jaw tightening. Yes, you whimper, hand finding purchase in his hair, tugging as if it was your sole lifeline. He moans, the pace picking up as he guides you along his cock, walls squeezing as he continues to reach that perfect spot that has you mewling, fighting to stand upright. "You like it when I talk about filling you?"
"Y-yes." You cry out, fingers tightening in his hair, the band threatening to snap with each pump of himself into you, legs growing weak. He releases your jaw, instead, opting to stroke his fingers along your clit, a faltered breath as you hold on tightly. Your body is on fire, liquid fire coursing in your veins, feeling at a moment's notice you'll burst into flames—both of you will.
"I love the way you challenge me, push me on everything I do, how you never back down," Viktor mumbles against your ear, ministrations picking up on your clit as he rushes his pace. You're close, and by the way he's gasping, so is he—if the incoherent ramblings against you are also another thing to go by. "Fuck, I- I… I love you. Fuck, I love you so much."
"Yes, I love you too." You blurt out, feeling your mind scramble as the band continues to stretch, feeling his hips piston so vigorously into you, the way his cock feels as your walls clench around him, noticing the way his hips stutter and the way his arm pulls you tighter against him, afraid that you may slip away.
You cum, hard. Legs are shaking as you cry out his name, a wanton moan, and praises, fuck yes, just like that. The Academy walls are thin, especially the dorm walls, without a doubt alerting half of Piltover of your fiery affair, but you don't give a shit. Not when Viktor holds you whispers into your ear how beautiful you are, eyes cracked slightly to see him stare at you in awe from the mirror, hips stalling.
Too caught up in your bliss, you almost couldn't process Viktor's question.
"Inside, please."
He doesn't need to be told twice, hips snapping back against yours, harsh hips meeting the back of your thighs as he pistons into you, wincing at the overstimulation, but does it feel so good. He buries his face into the crook of your neck, a series of I love you spilling from his mouth, sloppy kisses, and kitten licks against the damp skin before he whines against you, cock twitching as your walls milk him for everything he's worth, spilling deep inside as his hold of you tenses.
Nothing but the sound of heavy breathing remains, bleary eyes glancing in the mirror as Viktor's head rests on your neck. Then, finally, he chuckles enough so that it has you giggling too.
"What?" You ask, wincing as he pulls out.
"This was not how I wanted our first time to go." He pants out, and a chaste kiss along the back of your shoulder has you stifling a giggle as he nudges into your shoulder.
"Oh?" You question. Exhausted yet intrigued. "And how did you think it would go?"
"I'd ask you for a date after our project ends and hope you'd say yes. If not, then ruminate within my quarters until you realize you've made a grave mistake."
"Viktor, I'm serious—"
"So am I." He pauses, fingers splayed along your stomach, another tender kiss against you. "I meant it when I said I love you."
You glimpse back at the mirror, seeing honeyed eyes boring into yours in the reflection, soft and tender, heart-melting the way he leans his head against yours in a timid smile. 
You smile back, hand running along his scalp tenderly. "I love you too."
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cakevi · 2 months ago
𖠗 arcane characters + pet names! 𖠗
author’s note: WOAH they live! it’s been so long;( but i’m here with a tiny and i mean TINY, arcane piece! i got around to finishing the entire season today so i’m very pumped to get this out! just something small, enjoy!
trigger warnings/content warnings: nothing i believe! just some cheesy nicknames and maybe some suggestive themes if you squint.
characters included: vi, ekko, jinx, caitlyn, sevika, viktor, vander, silco.
Tumblr media
✫ vi;
definitely has a weird thing with food related nicknames
sugar, buttercup, cupcake, fucking biscuit? you name it, she has it
also likes calling you hotstuff all the time. its one of her favourites. you always smack her when she does though and she just.. winks
likes to call you beautiful and just beauty all the time too, she just cannot resist. especially when in vulnerable moments. i will kiss her so bad
✫ ekko;
your name is now babe. your real name? no. you are now babe
literally never calls you your actual name. even in serious conversations, which absolutely makes you want to melt out of love anyhow
likes to tease and call you weird cringey nicknames just to piss you off LMFAO
sweetheart is always on the table for him too
✫ jinx;
this girl goes INSANE with her nicknames
just goes creative
asskicker she just adores. it started as a sort of joke at first between the two of you, but she ended up getting attached to it
likes to call you babe as well, she loves how easy it flows from her mouth
✫ caitlyn;
cait is one romantic baebae
she doesn’t use nicknames as much i feel like, i think her place of work and her work ethic in general makes her want to appear more professional. she loves using your name more than anything though
despite that, in private she’s very gentle and affectionate. loves to call you all sorts of variables of love, lover etc
in any attepts to tease you sounds awfully sarcastic so it gives her away very quickly. you’re not mad about it :,)
✫ sevika;
classic grump
pretends like she absolutely hates nicknames when she adores them
calls you doll and sweatheart the most. always managing to make you completely flustered
she’s a menace and a half, says the crudest names in public ON PURPOSE
she will always call you by your name in serious matters, she just want lovin
✫ victor;
boy thinks he’s a poet
but why is he so good at it
he calls you stuff you expect him to: beloved, dear, dove etc. he’s so so gentle with it too, its so addicting to hear.
knows exactly how he influences you, and he does not let that go. AT ALL
he’s also a menace
but is very cute
✫ vander;
dilf time
darling. he calls you darling. and paired with his voice and his AMAZING ACCENT? praise the lord
is such a gentleman, he’s always scared he’s gonna say the wrong thing T_T
but at the same time he’s so shameless, is not scared to call you anything you want him to
loves your name, its his favourite beyond any nickname
✫ silco;
peepaw doesn’t do well with nicknames and it shows..
but he kinda likes angel, precious etc
will not admit that fact. Ever
he likes the contrast between the two of you, the fact you’re so lovable and cute and he’s.. him
he just wants lovin too <\3
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cammys-imagines24 · 11 months ago
•Being in a Relationship with Sevika•
Tumblr media
Radiates Top energy.
Sevika is a dom. Not a switch. She will never be a willing sub to you either. Not even for one night. Not even if you ask.
Metal arm. The things she can do to you with that metal arm.
You're not going near Shimmer, fuck no. She's not letting you get addicted to that crap.
It's not as though she chose to have Shimmer in her life, after all.
Tries to keep her dirty business away from you.
Loves to have you perch on her lap when she's gambling. You straddling her thick, buff thighs as others watch, jealous and confused.
Sevika loves the reactions from other people, especially men who have tiny egos, when they see you two together.
When they see how devoted you are to her and how possessive she is towards you.
Sevika will flat out kill whoever looks at you the wrong way, makes a pass at you or even thinks about catcalling you.
It makes her very pleased to see how few people don't bother you now since word got around that you're together.
How even when she's not right beside you, just the notorious mention of her name and that you belong to her, is enough to keep scum away.
Though Sevika still secretly worries about you because you are her only weakness and she doesn't want enemies to use you against her.
She will never allow you to be hurt just because you fell into the wrong crowd.
Just because, somehow, astonishingly in her mind, you fell in love with her.
Don't even try asking Sevika to quit her heavy drinking and smoking. It'll be like talking to a brick wall.
But, you've come to find the taste of tobacco and booze on her tongue pretty alluring.
Acts like a tsundere almost. Will act like you bother her, like she's irritated at any attention you give her but inside she secretly enjoys it.
Okay, she actually loves it.
She loves having someone dote on her.
Someone to clean her wounds. Someone who genuinely cares that she comes home safe. That she lives.
And, now in any fight she gets in, all she sees in her mind is you.
Your smile. Your kindness. Your good heart. How she has to live to see you again. Live to keep you safe.
Sevika loves when you beg. She loves the way your bottom lip downturns when you pout.
She likes you needy. Needy for her touch.
Will never say she's sorry in any argument, even when she's in the wrong.
But, after giving you hours of silent treatment, she'll come home and pick you up in her large, dark arms and throw you on the bed.
Her "sorry" will be to make the whole night about you and send you into ecstasy.
Will probably never tell you she loves you outwardly.
Sevika's love language is physical. She will protect you. Fight through all of hell for you. Die for you. But, say those three little words to your face? She'd rather lose her other arm, too.
But, in the early hours of the morning when you're curled up between her caramel colored, muscular arm and the cold metal prosthetic, when she thinks you're asleep, something out of character occurs.
Sevika will actually cuddle you. Her warm, human hand, which is so often rough, will trace the curves of your body. Will tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear.
In her husky, deep voice she will whisper her affections to you. She'll say it into your skin as she kisses your neck and pulls you even closer into her toned chest.
You will never, ever tell her that you're secretly awake during those rare, tender moments.
Just knowing how loving and romantic she can be, when she thinks you can't hear her, is enough. It melts your heart.
Sevika has a rock hard exterior, damn near bulletproof even but deep, deep down, you've made her soft and her heart is all yours.
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daphnedirose · 8 months ago
Better Boyfriend
Vi x f!Reader | Modern AU | NSFW +18 | wc: 3.8k | After your current boyfriend cheats on you, Vi decides to leave the party with you and keep you all to herself for the night, doing all the things he never sufficed to complete.
Warnings: mention of smoking, alcohol, fingering, oral, thigh riding, praising, back-scratching, hickeys.
A/N: FINALLY WROTE SOMETHING FOR VI. I love her okay? And 'boyfriend' by Dove Cameron made me do this. I'll post something for Viktor next week. Anyway, enjoy in horny jail <3
Tumblr media
It would be a lie to say you didn't see it coming. You were a magnet for jerks, too many heartbreaks leading on fantasizing about the bare minimum anyone could do for you. This time seemed a bit different, not because you didn't expect a break-up, but because he wasn't the one you wanted to hold dear.
You didn't notice it at first, but someone else sure did.
No heartbreak shook you, just the empty feeling of disloyalty and betrayal implanted deep inside your chest. Fidelity and devotion were qualities you valued: broken trust meant cutting ties.
Music echoed through the wall you laid against, volume loud enough for you to listen clearly from the second floor of the house. You would be down there, dancing and having the time of your life if you hadn't caught your boyfriend shoving his hands down another girl's skirt, making out on the dancefloor.
You chuckled in irony, amused by your intuition predicting how things would pan out. However, that empty feeling stayed, and you hated it.
You didn't smoke often, yet it was the only distraction you could come up with. Cigarette between your fingers while searching in your pockets for a lighter, disappointed by not finding any. Your now-ex didn't have one either, he never did anyway, and you didn't intend on going back to the first floor to borrow one.
Your disappointed sigh got lost by the music as you rested your head back on the wall and placed the cig between your lips, eyes closed while trying to send your thoughts away.
Somehow, you successfully stopped thinking about him when you felt someone leaning beside you.
"Hey cupcake, need a light?"
An unconscious smile appeared on your lips when you heard her voice, finding her closer than you thought when your eyes opened. The flame from the light glowing on her icy iris as she smirked. You replied with a knowing look, leaning until the cigarette's tip touched the fire, eyes never leaving hers as you inhaled a bit of smoke.
"Thanks, Vi."
Vi was sure something, catching your eye in the university's hallways more times than you'd admit. You met through mutual friends, yet the subtle glances you shared never seemed to be noticed by anyone but you; although neither could do much about it since whenever she was single, you were already dating someone and vice-versa. Regardless, you got to know the other better, fun complicity blossoming between you both.
She saw you take another puff before speaking again.
"Mind sharing?"
You arched a brow. "I thought you didn't like smoking. What changed your mind?"
She shrugged as her hand reached for the cig.
"There's a first time for everything."
You never saw her smoke before, but the unbothered look on her face as smoke escaped her mouth became one of your favorites. She tapped the ashes when finished like she'd done it before, locking eyes with you again.
"Yeah, this shit is not for me," the lightly disgusted grin she made sure was new for you as well.
"Then give it back!" you laughed as she handed you the cig, mimicking your laugh.
Her hair shook a bit when she scanned the room, confused.
"Where's this boyfriend of yours anyway? He's always glued to you."
Her eyes gave you a worried look when you didn't reply, nervously fidgeting with the cigarette between your fingers before breathing it in again. She knew you enough to guess what had happened.
"He's down there, isn't he?" You were caught off guard by the anger hidden in her voice, an irked tone underneath each word. Her bandaged hands turned to fists by instinct. "Come with me."
You would've asked where if she hadn't dragged you down back to the first floor, almost sprinting. Her hand intertwined with yours guided both through the thick sea of people dancing until your ex appeared in sight, making Vi curse under her breath when she saw him still kissing this other girl. She didn't waste any time and pulled him back by the shoulder, punching him right in the nose before he could complain, slamming him to the floor.
"Vi!" you yelled above the music as she shook a bit of blood off her knuckles. Everyone present couldn't help but giggle and whisper how good of a punch that was. You nervously chuckled along, glad everyone agreed he deserved it.
Vi turned back to face you, the grip on your hand softly tightening. You expected a cold gaze from what just happened, but the playful smile she gave you was enough to take your breath away.
"Wanna leave this place?" A mischievous spark lit inside her eyes, playfully captivating to yours.
Your eyes replied with the same emotion. "You don't even have to ask."
Her smirk made you smile back, ready to go to the door.
"Where the hell do you think you're going with my girlfriend?"
Her thick eyebrows frowned as she turned back, looking down at your wounded ex, who bluntly wiped the blood from his nose. She would have laid another punch aimed to his eye, but tonight time was worth more than gold.
"You lost the pleasure to call her yours, asshole."
You saw her motorcycle parked right in front of the house. Vi sat on its seat and threw you the only helmet she had, which almost slipped from your hands when you caught it.
"Are you sobber?" you asked her while accommodating the helmet on your head, it fitting quite loose.
The bike roared along her smirk appeared. "Completely, angel. So, am I taking you to your place?"
"No!" perhaps it was the lonely feeling inside your chest that made your tone almost beg, so you regained the lost composture. "I... forgot my keys."
Bulshit, you just needed an excuse to stay near her. She saw through your lies but kept a quiet smile; she knew you better than you gave her credit for and didn't plan on leaving you alone tonight.
"My place then?"
You nodded as you walked towards her, sitting right behind her. You planned to hold onto the back of the motorbike, but your plans changed when Vi grabbed your wrists from behind her, wrapping them around her waist.
Her cocky smirk appeared as your arms pulled you to her, the leather from her red jacket warmingly welcoming your touch.
"You might wanna hold on tight, angel," she warned, leaning towards the handle as the motor roared harder.
"What do you mean by tha—"
A high-pitched yell scraped your throat when Vi drove off at full speed, her laughter echoing on the empty streets and fading amidst the night as she felt your arms hugging her for dear life. You weren't used to experiencing adrenaline, not because you hated it, but because the chance to didn't strike often; but your heart racing alongside hers and the shot of joy spreading from your veins and showing in the form of cheerful howl as the street lights passed by in a blur... Damn, it was addictive.
Her apartment wasn't far from the party, so you arrived within minutes. The place was rather small, enough for a college student to live in, but cozier and warmer than imagined.
"Wanna wait for me in my room? I tell you, the couch is not comfortable," she said as she unraveled her bloody bandages.
The bedroom door was right in front of the kitchen, so you had no problem finding it. A lamp lit the room from the nightstand as you sat right at the edge of the bed, surprised at how soft the black bedspread was. Through the door, you saw her hands stretching at twitching once the bandages were off, which made you frown.
"You got hurt?"
"From throwing a punch? I'm not that weak, angel." She cocked a brow in your direction as she opened one of the kitchen cabinets. "Down for a drink?" She approached you and sat next to you, tequila bottle in hand and two shot glasses in the other.
You chuckled. "You don't drink at parties but here, huh?"
She poured the two glasses full, icy eyes piercing yours kindly as she grinned proudly.
"Well, I only do when my companion is worth the shot."
You grabbed the shot from her hand, eyes still locked while you chugged it down, blaming the burning feeling of your cheeks on the alcohol and not on her words. She seconded you and refilled both glasses again.
"So, wanna talk about what happened back there?" She looked concerned, knowing what getting cheated on felt like from past relationships.
You adored the warmth inside her eyes as she asked. She genuinely cared about how you felt, making your heart heavy.
"Is there anything left?" Your fingers carefully played around the shot in your hand, eyes glued to the floor. "You saw it yourself, sorry for making you cause a scene."
She chuckled at your response, "To be fair, I wanted to punch the bastard long ago."
Your frowned, confused. Vi didn't know him at all and never really got to talk to him at campus, just rolled her eyes whenever she saw you two together.
She discreetly scratched the back of her neck, no reply coming from her mouth as she chugged her drink down instead.
"Are you hurt?" She still avoided your question.
"Disappointed, not hurt tho. I'm aware he wasn't big of a deal."
Her icy eyes beamed intrigued, raising her scared brow as her hand carefully reached for yours, her warm familiar touch was softer than you remembered. When was the last time you held hands?
"Then why did you keep dating him?"
Yeah, why did you keep dating him?
Maybe because Vi was already dating someone else —who she broke up with a week after, perhaps you hoped her reactions when she saw you two together existed out of jealousy, or you just wanted the feelings for her to go away since you couldn't have her.
However, you just drank another shot. No reply came from your lips, just a sufficient smile that left Vi's mind wandering.
"Was he at least a good lay?" She mockingly asked.
"Oh, fuck no." You laughed under your breath, not realizing how fast you answered. "He's just like the rest of the people I've dated."
That seemed to pique Vi's interest, especially after your hand kindly stroked hers and your head fell atop her shoulder. Having you right next to her sure was making her mind a mess. She put both your hands on her lap, rubbing the back of yours with her thumb.
"So, none of your partners ever made you cum, cupcake?"
You shook your head, aware you would probably regret getting all talkative after drinking. "All of them cared more about their own pleasure, they forgot mine was also important." You left out a heavy sigh, subtly rubbing your cheek on her red jacket. "The good part is I become a master at faking it."
"That's not how it's supposed to be, (Y/N)."
Her voice was low but assertive, the mention of your real name took you by surprise since Vi had a fixation on calling you by different nicknames.
Pet names, almost.
Her hand grabbed your chin, making your face her. Blue eyes scanned your face as she pulled you close. Your foreheads touched just enough for you to appreciate all of her features: from the scar on her eyebrow to the tattoos on her face and neck... and that damn scar decorating her upper lip.
She gave you time to pull away, to escape if you wanted. But it was Vi, you would never pull away if it came to her.
"Wanna hear a secret, cupcake?" Her thumb traveled from your chin to your lower lip, gently pressing it down as you nodded, unable to speak. "I could be a better boyfriend than him."
Her lips almost brushing yours were all you could think about, eyes darkened looking right at yours, catching your view on her lips.
"Fuck, I could be better than all of those fuckers. I'd do the shit they never did." Her nose nuzzled yours, smiling when she noticed your breathing getting heavier. "I wouldn't quit until I had you begging for more, sure, that's if you let me."
Your eyes glued to hers, daring and honest, expecting for your consent to proceed. The all-mighty Vi, who did whatever she wanted whenever she wanted, awaiting permission from the girl that drove her insane since day one.
"You think you have enough stamina for that?" you teasingly asked, aware of the answer.
"I think I can handle you, hot stuff. I'm a boxer..." Her hand dropped to the back of your neck, playing with the hair he could reach. "My fists aren't the only thing I know how to use."
"Then show me."
Anyone would have laughed if you told them Vi followed someone's orders, you would have even. But any possible laugh died on her lips as she devoured yours. She tasted like tequila and danger, you noticed it from her smug smile whenever your lips parted, just collide them back together. It was roughly soft, something you both were dying to taste for longer than you could put into words.
She froze for a second when you took control of the situation, sitting on her lap and hugging her waist with your thighs, letting her witness the heat that burned inside your body from beneath your skirt; but she didn't fall far behind. A dense gasp left your mouth when her teeth grazed your lower lip, generously bitting it after.
"What's the hurry, angel?" Her hands slipped under your shirt, the temperature difference delightedly contrasting on the skin of your back as her fingertips and nails skimmed it up and down, glad to notice you weren't wearing a bra. "I thought I'd be the impatient one."
"That wouldn't be new."
Your fingertips traveled from the side of her face to her neck, tracing the tattoos that continued down her back and arms, hidden by her clothes. You got to view them shortly once at the gym and wondered what the big picture would look like ever since.
"Wanna see the rest?" Her eyes yearned for your all, impatient as she's always been whit the things she desired.
You replied by sliding her jacket down her arms, throwing it to a corner of the room to follow the paths of tattoos down her arms. All those hours she spent practicing and competing at the ring sure paid off.
Her smug smile appeared as she helped you remove her white shirt as well, revealing more of the black ink and a chest covered in bandages just like her hands were before. You would have unraveled them if Vi didn't switch positions, hands on your hips as she turned your back to the bed, calmly crawling atop your physique.
"Trust me, (Y/N). I'd love you to undress me completely. But tonight is about you and only you." Her nose brushed the crook of your neck before a kiss in the spot made you shiver. "We'll have another night for me later. okay?"
No time for a reply was allowed when she took your shirt off, almost ripping it from your body, followed by her pants, leaving her in underwear and bandages only. Her eyes wandered all over your exposed torso, admiring every single part of you: the way your uneven breathing made your breast tremble, the wet path of kisses glistening on your neck down to your collarbone, how your still-on skirt hugged your wist as it rode up your thighs...
"You're beautiful," she whispered breathless, one hand right beside your face as the other helped her take off your skirt and remaining clothing. Such tenderness never showed inside her eyes until now, hypnotized by the sight of your now naked self underneath her, "I mean it, every part of you."
Your hand caressed her cheek as she lowered her face to yours, brushing her 'VI' tattoo with your thumb. "You'll make me fall deeper for you."
She guided your hand to her lips, placing a kiss on your palm, then the inside of your wrist. "I better, (Y/N). I fell long ago."
Her lips took possession of your flesh once again, kissing and sucking every part they found, leaving red marks on your neck down your cleavage that screamed you were hers. Her mouth stopped on one of your breasts, tongue circling your nipple as her hand fondled the other, her big palm from fighting and callous fingers from fighting, somehow soft going over your flesh, stroking it as she enjoyed the faltering panting you tried to keep to yourself.
Yet she wanted to set them free.
Her free hands brushed your belly and slid slowly between your thighs, flattered to find you dripping wet by her caresses. Your cheeks burned when you noticed, you didn't remember anyone who could get such a reaction from your body, but Vi's touch felt like burning heaven.
"Pretty receptive, I see." She smiled proudly, her fringers generously tempting your entrance.
A whimper escaped your lips as she continued her teasing, barely grazing your pussy for a couple of seconds before inserting one finger, taking advantage of how lubricated you were already, followed by another finger curling up inside you. It felt nothing like touching yourself, it was livelier, more intense. You couldn't help but moan to her touch, hands clenching to the sheets as your legs opened slowly to give her more access.
"You sound so sweet," Vi teased.
"Shut up."
Make me was the response you expected, but her mind plotted something different. You wanted her mouth shut? As you wish. Mischief bloomed in her eyes as she carefully put your legs over her shoulders and buried her mouth in your dripping cunt.
Your brain stopped functioning there.
She knew what she was doing, fuck. She really did.
Her mouth ate you out masterfully, tongue swirling around your pussy, sucking onto your clit while her fingers fucked you skilled, taking a fancy on hitting and curling them on that soft sweet spot that drove you crazy.
Your eyes rolled blank and your back arched to her pace, toes curling as she continued. She loved the view you gifted her, all control lost out of the window while your hands clutched to her hair and your thighs trembled around her head, mouth ajar, 'more' being the only coherent word you could form in between panting and whining delighted by her attention.
Your reactions were getting to her, aroused like never before, and Vi promised herself you both could enjoy many other nights you could return the pleasure she was giving you.
"Vi, please. I'm close," you cried, yearning for the orgasm that trained up inside you, waiting to be released.
"Keep calling my name, (Y/N)." Her words vibrated on your clit before she withdrew her mouth from you, replacing her tongue with her tumb, delighted by your louder begging. "I wanna hear you."
Your arms wrapped around her neck, pulling her to you as her fingers hustled inside, her lips barely brushing yours.
"Vi," you moaned, planning to keep going before her lips covered yours briefly. The sight of your eyes darkened by desire drove her mad.
"Cum for me."
Your body obeyed instantly, coming undone on her fingers, mumbling her name again. Vi hissed delighted by the sudden scratching on her back as you climaxed, right above her bandages; she didn't take you for one to enjoy it but smirked at the confirmation, kissing your forehead and waiting for your breathing to even as you still enjoyed the shadow of your orgasm.
Fuck, she was better than anyone.
She sat down and helped your —now— weak self get on top, her strong thigh in between your legs. The lovely overwhelming warmth of your skin atop hers provided comfort neither of you experimented often, but gladly could make it a habit.
"Tired already, angel?" she asked, cupping your face with her hand. You shook your head, sure you could continue for a while. "Then is your turn to take action."
Her thigh made you shiver as she brushed your already stimulated cunt, hands on your waist to help you move and grind as you pleased.
"You have no idea how many times I wished you were mine," she whispered as your hips move, your face hidden on the crook of her neck where your moaning died as you kissed all over it, "how I wanted to steal you from him, kiss you. God, you were all I could think about."
Your hips riding her thigh, constantly rubbing your most perceptive spots as she praised you made your mind hazy, only able to think about how good you were feeling from everything she gave you.
Vi didn't stand behind: your image lost in the thrill as you rubbed and moved your hips on it was more than enough to please her.
"I'm here now," you let out, arms around her neck and kindly scratching down her back as you continued, "yours completely."
You didn't notice the subtle blush on her cheeks, but the sound of her gentle laugh drove you to the edge. She noticed, of course, by your movements getting faster and your uneven gasps,
So you found her voice alluring, huh?.
"You're doing so good." her grip tightened around your waist, following the pace you marked. "You can't imagine how much I adore you."
You bit her neck and sucked gently when the orgasm overcame you, causing a hickey you knew you'd wear proudly, legs around her waist as she hugged you back, reminding you how good you were for her. You kissed her lips once again before your eyes started closing.
Vi chuckled. "Don't worry, cupcake. We'll work on your stamina later."
You woke up inside her muscular arms as her head rested on your chest. You never saw her as calm as when she slept, the though facade vanishing, physically exposing her kind heart in her sleep. Carefully, you escaped her embrace and got out of bed, looking for some clothes to put on in the mess you made in her room. You found your underwear, but none of your clothes was near to be found.
But Vi's red jacket was, and curiosity took the best of you.
You put it on quickly, staring at your reflection on the full-length mirror she had in her room. The scent of leather completely overshadowed by her own perfume on top. It felt good, comfortable even, just like the embrace you got out of.
Luckily you felt her strong arms wrapping you from behind as her chin rested on your shoulder, admiring your reflection wearing his favorite piece of clothing.
"Morning, cupcake. Told you my clothes would fit."
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inari-zaheer · 3 months ago
lmao what if Sevika snapped at her lover, but her lover just gives her one of the "who you think you talking to?" look. The type of look to make one clean their room immediately-
Thank you for the request!
Death Glare
Tumblr media
Pairing:Sevika x Reader
Sevika was used to no one giving her shit about nothing
And people knowing how she was never tried to get on her nerves when she was mad at anything
That was until you entered in her life, a new addition to Silco's team that she quickly got attracted to
She never got mad at you, quite the opposite actually, she always said that somehow you always managed to calm her down and make her feel relaxed
That was until one day that everything has gone bad for her
To start off she got to wake up really early to inspect a shimmer trade, then everything went to shit when Jinx had one episode and almost exploded the ship, then when she went to have a drink to try and relax Dustin bumped into her making her spill all the liquind in her mechanic arm making it malfunction
After that she just decided to go home and be alone in peace, but her plan went down the drain as soon as she opened the door and you were waiting for her
"Ya know, you should really warn me when you gonna vanish in the morning and just give a sign of life this late at night"
It took everything in her to not snap at you on that exact second, but she brushed it of and went past you to go take a shower
"Hello!!? Sevika I’m talking to you!"
She was starting to get angrier at every thing you said
"Oh so now I’m getting the silent treatment for worring abo-"
But after she snapped at you for the first time since you started dating a wave of regreat came over her as soon as she locked her eyes with yours
She never felt afraid in her life, not even when the factory explosion happened, but oh honey the look you were giving her right now
Even if she knew your strength compared to hers she could not help but think you were at the verge of destroying her like and enraged animal
"Listen honey I’m sorry-" "Go take a shower" She never heard you speak in a tone so cold and harsh like this
"But I-" "I don’t wanna hear it, go now and in the meantime ill think if you even deserve to sleep on the couch today"
As you desapeared into the kitchen she let out a breath she didn’t even knew she was holding
Well, now she would need to find a way to compensate to you
And while she contiued with her route to the bathroom you just went to the kitchen to silently laugh at her, you were still mad but come on, making Sevika afraid just by looking at her? You were totally using it against her later
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kram6496 · a month ago
Jinx: hey honey can I invite my sis over for dinner?
Y/N: I don’t see why not-you’ve kidnapped her haven’t you?!
Vi, tied to a chair, smiles
Vi: hey Y/N
Y/N: hey Vi. I’m hiding all of Jinx’s bombs.
Jinx: you’re a killjoy sometimes!
Vi: they’re a keeper
Jinx: oh yeah.
Tumblr media
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sevikasfav · 2 months ago
pissed off sevika headcanons lol
CW: making Sevika mad (obviously), smoking, spanking, orgasm denial, overstimulation, crying, AFAB reader
You pissed her off for the final time, your eyes going wide when you felt her human hand cup your face harshly, making your cheeks squish together.
“I suggest you be quiet, and maybe I’ll have mercy on you.”
You couldn’t help but to clench your thighs together, falling back provocatively when she let you go.
Obviously you didn’t want her mercy, so you decided act up anyways
Laughing a bit too loudly at the jokes of another person at the table, flirting with people at the bar, feeling up on Sevika when tempted to.
Obviously she ignored you, known for keeping her cool in much more stressful situations.
But, you were going out of your merry way to push her buttons.
With a sinister smile on your face as you sipped on your drink.
That smile definitely disappeared, when you hit the door.
Sevika blowing a cloud of smoke into the air, a gruff reminder of, “You know what to do,” leaving her lips.
Your body rushed in excitement (and slight fear) as you undressed, stretched, and waited on the bed as she finished her smoke outside.
When she finally opened the door to your shared bedroom, she didn’t look you in the eye as she went to the drawer.
You screamed in your mind, knowing that this would branch out in three ways,
First one is your form being tied up with velvet ropes, your arms and your legs being raised and bound, leaving the bottom half of your body to Sevika and her torture.
You braced for another harsh swat to your rear end, the pain spreading from your ass to that side of your lower half. “T-thirteen.” You stammer, feeling your cunt clench around nothing. Another ‘smack’ rang through the air as another hit landed on your cheek. “Count louder.” Sevika commanded with a lack of tone. You obeyed her, raising your voice so that she could hear you. You groaned as she smacked your ass again,
“There’s no reason to yell baby, I’m right here.” She smoothed over your tender skin, before raising her hand and lowering it. “Ten more.”
Second one is having your hands held behind your back as her strap fills you up, without any movement.
You couldn’t help but to move, the way she felt inside you drove you crazy. You gasped when both of her hands roughly grabbed your hips; keeping you in place.
“What did I tell you about moving?” She grabbed your hair, pulling your head back so you met her steel gaze.
You whimpered, trying your best not to buck your hips in response to the stimulation.
“Not to.” You muttered, voice breathy and desperate. She let go of you, tears stinging at your eyes from her coldness.
And the third one is railing you so hard you can’t feel any part of your body
You cried out, your stomach caving as you felt Sevika reach deeper inside you. You already came three times, two by her mouth, and one by her strap. You couldn’t help but to let out tears, your body feeling as if you couldn’t take anymore. Your body bounced at the timing of her harsh thrusts, you moaning loudly at the way she was stirring your guts with her thick strap. She kept her thumb on your clit, rubbing it in small, controlled circles. You heaved, coming closer as you felt your toes and fingers become numb. You couldn’t help as fluid sprayed from you, making your legs close and your entire body shake.
Sevika chuckled, grabbing your legs and spreading them open once more. The wet sound of your fluids bringing heat to your face.
“Since you wanted attention, I’ll give you as much as you want,” She said as she lifted your legs and lower half into the air before continuing her assault on your pussy.
Of course just know she isn’t actually angry at you
If she’s denying you your orgasm, she’ll let you cum (eventually)
Afterwards she’ll take care of you
Whether that be cuddling, letting you rest after drinking some water, or running a bath for you
She take her time smoothing over any bruises or marks, helping you rub any cream where you need it
And then she’ll become soft and remind you of how beautiful and loved you are
Author’s note: I’m writing this at 3 in the morning, thank god I take afternoon classes
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biigjuiicy · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
vi x fem!reader
synopsis you're addicted to vi's lips. mostly her lip balm
details fluff, reader being addicted to vi's lips, let's pretend vi's lips aren't naturally chapped
Tumblr media
"baby, wake up." "vi, please. it's not even 5." "actually, it's 5:30. get up." "shit!" you bolt out of the bed, putting on your uniform for work. "calm down, i've already called you in late. i knew you weren't gonna make it." you turn to her, eyes getting soft. "you are the best girlfriend i could ever ask for." you kiss her. you notice that her lips are softer than usual. you lick her lips in the kiss, getting a cherry flavor. "you got a new lip balm?" you begin to lick your lips, searching for the taste of cherry. "no, i've always had this." she chuckles. you taste her again, your mouth watering at the cherry flavor. you moan. "jesus, is it that good?" she jokes.
the only thing you could think about at work was her lip balm. every other time you kissed vi, it felt normal. but this one was different. it's like her lip balm is a drug to you.
when entering your home, you threw you bag, searching for vi. "hey babe-" you grab her collar, slamming your lips on hers. "geez, what's up with you?" she manages to say between the kiss. you break it, giving her some time to get some air. "its your chapstick. it's addicting." she chuckles, "i'll get you some next time."
Tumblr media
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sevikasupremacy · 3 months ago
Just A Dare - Sevika x Reader
Warnings: None
Word: 1,737
Tumblr media
Summary: A simple dare that led into one’s confession.
“JINX WHAT THE FUCK—“ You hissed at the blue haired girl.
“Pick something else.”
“JINX—“ You slammed your fist onto the counter, causing Theorem to flinch. Jinx threw her head back as she laughed in amusement.
“It’s the rule of the game. You gotta do it.” She pointed at Sevika who was busy gambling with a group of men. You shook your head, your eyes widened in pure terror.
“I’m not anywhere close to her,” You tightened your lips into a thin line, “She’ll rip me to pieces.”
“Just because of this dare? I doubt it.” Jinx bit her lip, trying to contain her laughter. She snapped her fingers, ordering another drink.
“Don’t you think this is too much?!” You tapped your fingers on the wooden counter anxiously, somehow making Jinx even more excited.
You sat there on your stool dumbfoundedly, glancing at the older woman in silence. You froze like a statue, looking like a deer in the headlights.
“Ugh boooringgg,” Jinx laid her head on the counter, fidgeting with the straw in her cup. She kicked your stool, urging you to stand up and approach Sevika already.
You took a deep breath, giving Jinx a ‘I will kill you’ look before standing up, scampering toward the crowded table. Coins and cards were being tossed, followed by disappointed groans from the men as Sevika smirked in satisfaction, a cigar in between her lips.
You felt like your legs just stopped working the moment you were close to them. You gave a quick glance at Jinx, watching her giggle before giving you a thumbs up.
You turned your head back, stunned to see that Sevika was staring at you. Your immediately looked down at the table, pretending to be invested in the game.
God this is awkward—
You tapped your foot nervously before building up the courage to take a seat right beside the older woman, clinging onto her muscular arm. Everyone who was surrounding the table went quiet, confused and a little surprised from your sudden action.
Sevika tensed up, putting her cards facing down onto the table. Murmurs were heard from the others as they looked at the both of you suspiciously. Your eyes landed on Jinx from across the room, her mischievous expression annoying you even more.
“Carry on with the game. Just wanted to… watch.” You winced at the awkward silence after you spoke. Only the music from the jukebox was present. At that point you wished you could just disappear and forget that this had ever happened.
But after a while, things went back to normal. The Last Drop was yet again filled with noises. You sighed in relief before carrying on with the dare, wanting to finish it once and for all.
You scooted closer to Sevika, slowly lifting your leg to straddle her thigh, your body facing the playing cards in her hand. All eyes were still on you but you tried your best to ignore them. You just had to kiss her and you’ll be done with this stupid dare.
You had a death wish at this point. If you do end up as a dead body, it’s Jinx’s responsibility. Out of all the people she could have chosen, she decides to mess with the most dangerous person.
The way Sevika was tensing up didn’t help you either. Are you crossing the line too much? Should you tell her that this was just a dare and nothing else?
After hours of watching the playing cards in her hand and the coins in front of you, the game was finally over.
This is it. This is the perfect time. Kiss her and just walk away as fast as possible before you’re dead meat.
Just as the others started to leave the table, going back to their own, you lightly tapped Sevika’s shoulder, getting her attention.
The older woman immediately looked down at you, her eyebrows furrowed as she watched you without saying a word. Smoke escaped her nostrils as she took the cigar from her lips.
Without waiting, you lightly brushed your lips against her before getting up, accidentally hitting the corner of the table as you scurried back to Jinx who was grinning from ear to ear.
“That wasn’t even a kiss—“
“Shut up I did it anyway.” You covered your face with your sweaty palms. Jinx patted your back, feeling pleased with your courage.
“Thought things were going to be more interesting when you got close to her.” Jinx laughed, pulling your hands away from your face to make fun of your flushed expression.
“We’re never talking about this. EVER AGAIN.” You wiped the sweat off your face.
“Oh stop it. It wasn’t even that bad.” She nudged your shoulder before smirking. You shook your head in embarrassment, not in the mood for another game.
Jinx stretched her body, hopping down from her stool as she headed toward the door.
“Where are you going?” You stood up too, not wanting her to leave you alone after the whole awkward incident.
“Gee I can’t take a break?” She brushed her bangs away from her face as she turned to look at you with the same mischievous expression. She shrugged, giving you a little wave before skipping to the door.
You continued mumbling to yourself, trying to block out all the noises and inner thoughts that were messing with you. You kicked the counter in frustration, desperate to forget what had happened tonight.
Hoping that getting drunk could save you, you lifted your head up to see that Thereom was no where to be found… and The Last Drop was awfully quiet.
You sat up, looking left and right with a puzzled expression on your face, soon realizing that everyone was gone.
Just before you could react, your stool was forced to turn around. Your elbows went straight to the counter as you kept yourself seated on the tiny stool. But the moment you saw who it was you couldn’t help but let out a squeak.
You immediately looked away, your focus shifting to the door, wanting to just escape.
“Jinx made me do it.” You blurted, not waiting for the older woman to speak first.
“What kind of sick game are you playing?” Sevika’s booming voice made you jump. You opened your mouth, trying to think of an explanation but was too scared it would come out wrong.
“Ask Jinx, not me!” You shook your head, finally staring back at her.
Sevika grunted, placing her hands onto the counter, guarding you from going anywhere.
“This wasn’t my idea!” The smell of tobacco was getting thicker as Sevika moved her body closer to you. The swirling sound that was coming from her metal arm somehow made you nervous.
Sevika’s eyes were trained on you, her metal arm slowly lifting up, getting closer to your face. You stiffened, closing your eyes as you felt the cold metallic claws near your cheek. You held your breath, cringing at the feeling before feeling a strand of hair brushed away from your face. You opened your eyes to see Sevika’s face an inch closer to yours.
“I-It was just a stupid dare I didn’t mean to—“ Just before you could finish your sentence, her lips were pressed onto yours, not leaving any space in between. You whined in surprise, your elbows digging into the wooden surface as the older woman pressed her lips harder, not giving you the chance to breathe.
You closed your eyes, somehow noticing yourself melting into Sevika’s arms as she wrapped them around your waist securely. You moved your hands, gripping onto her collar, nudging her away so you could get some air.
You panted, looking up at Sevika, the look on your face questioning her.
“That brat… she knows what she’s up to.” Sevika hissed.
“What..? What are you talking about?” You whispered, your hands still on her chest as you looked deep into Sevika’s eyes, demanding for an answer.
Sevika pressed her lips together, looking back at you with a soft expression, making you relax a bit. Without hesitation, she went in for another kiss, this time even more softer. She gently licked your bottom lip, causing you to part them. Your hands went up to her neck, letting out another whine before pulling away.
“Answer my question…” You muttered.
“Does this not answer your question?” She brushed her lips gently against yours. The softness of her lips wasn’t helping either. You wanted more… but for what cause..?
“But you never looked at me.”
“I do, you just never catch me doing it.” Sevika chuckled, rubbing your back with her real hand to soothe you. You raised an eyebrow, wanting to know more.
“Then how on earth did Jinx know?”
“Ask her. I was pretty secretive about it. But somehow she found out.” Sevika shrugged before lifting you up from the stool, putting you down so you could stand on your own.
“But what do you even see in me..?” Your hand still clinging onto the woman’s arm, swinging it a little.
“I thought you were like Jinx at first. Hence why the two of you got along so well. But I was wrong,” Sevika smiled at you, “And what can I say? You’re lovable.”
You felt your face heating up as soon as you heard her answer. You chuckled, looking away as you tried to hide your flustered look.
“I always thought you hated my guts.” Your response made Sevika laugh, her real hand went back to your waist as she led you to the door.
“Never.” She hummed, opening the door for you. You smiled up at her before stopping in your tracks, not leaving just yet.
Sevika raised an eyebrow, looking at the door and then back to you.
“Can we kiss again..?” You boldly asked, not knowing what had gotten into you. Sevika smirked, leaning down to kiss your lips tenderly. Her arms warmly wrapped around your body, embracing you, not wanting to let you go. But sadly, the two of you had to part. But there’s always a next day right?
As you strolled down the streets of Zaun, you smiled to yourself, replaying the scene in your head over and over again.
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sapphictemple · 3 months ago
Does anyone else sometimes imagine while laying down somewhere just....
Sevika over you, thrusting hard and deeply at a slow enough pace to drive you crazy because you want to be railed into next week but also she just feels SO GOOD.
And you can't help but stare at the sight of her above you, sweat slowly dripping off her face body, her hair a mangled mess from the work she's putting in and you grabbing it in pure ecstasy. Her tits bouncing freely, left un-caged and reverberating from her steady rhythm. Her eyes fixated on you, swirls of dark lust and want endlessly pouring into your mind as she whispers just loud enough how dirty you are and how you're just a fucking hole she uses and your whole being belongs to her and her ONLY.
You can't help but moan and utter her name over and over again, your voice almost hoarse at this point because she’s got stamina to no end.
She nears her finish and speeds up her pace, sending your mind into a crazed blur because it's almost too much and you can't control yourself anymore as she slams into you until her release. Your hands gripping her muscular arms as if you might fall if you let go.
She leans down, engulfs you in a deep but quick kiss as she pulls out. Despite everything you wish she'd stay just a bit longer. Grinning, she gives a hardy smack to your now tender area before walking away to clean up leaving you breathless and panting, your legs like jello unable to even close properly and your mind a mere puddle waiting to solidify.
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angelltheninth · 4 months ago
Better Than Him
Pairing: Sevika x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, rough sex, strap-on, blowjobs, dirty talk, praise kink, degrading nicknames, hair-pulling (for Reader), Reader works at Babette's
Word count: 2k
A/N: I'm sorry to all the Finn fans. I promise I'll write something good for him soon (and Sevika fans at the same time), I just think that him and Sevika being rivals is funny.
Tumblr media
You walk through the dimly lit halls, trying, but sometimes failing, not to glance up at the people you pass by. You get a lot of smiles and winks, as well as a 'good luck' from one of the other girls that work there. This makes you a bit confused. Good luck? With what exactly?
Upon walking into the small bedroom you're stunned at your costumer. You expected Finn, as he was usually the one to always ask for you.
"Sweetheart, I know I'm probably the hottest thing you've ever seen but I'd like you to use that mouth in a more productive way." Her words made your cheeks burn. You heard plenty about her from the other workers, you know very well what's she's capable off doing to you.
"I... wasn't expecting... I mean..." You rub your arm awkwardly. You thought you were way past your awkward stage when it comes to your line of work but it seems like Sevika has her ways to make you squirm.
"You thought I was Finn. I know. He's a regular of yours." Your eyes widen in surprise.
"You know Finn?" Finn was trouble, you knew that from the start. He was powerful, but you had no idea he was close to someone like Sevika.
Sevika chuckled, "I do." She curls a finger and beckons you forward. As if under a spell you walk closer to the fierce woman. "Can't say I like him much. But he does seem to have quite a taste." Her fingers smooth from the bottom of your bra clad breasts, down your stomach and trailing the line of your underwear, "I like these." Sevika's finger dips into the waistband and snaps it against your skin. "I have a feeling I'll like what's under it even more."
Her moves past your underwear, quickly joined by another. You inhale as you feel her brush past your clit on her way to your entrance.
"Sit." She pats her lap, her fingers lightly stroking through your folds and her palm pressing against your clit as you move to do as she said, "Good girl. You take orders well. Can you spread your thighs for me?" You don't even think about it, even before she finishes asking you're spreading your legs and rising on your knees as she works both fingers inside you, "I can see why Finn likes you so much. Such and eager and obedient little slut. I'd be in here every day too if you'd hop on my dick with a snap of my fingers."
"I-I don't- oh!" You weren't quite ready for the force at which Sevika started thrusting.
"Did I tell you to speak?" You shake your head, "Then stay still, answer my questions and take what I give you, like a good whore should. All I want from you are your pretty little moans. Understood?"
"Yes." You bite the inside of your cheek when her fingers make a scissoring motion, "Fuck."
Sevika chuckled, "Wet already. From now on I want you to think about me whenever you fuck yourself. Like right now." She stilled her fingers completely, forcing you to side up and down on them yourself. "I'd love to watch you taking my fingers but I've got something bigger for you." With a raise of her hips you feel a hardness brush against your inner thigh. "Off."
"No, wait... just a bit more... please, I'm so-" Sevika narrows her eyes at you, a cold shiver passes through you, stopping you mid thrust. "I... alright..." You raise your hips and let her take her fingers out, soaking wet with your slick.
"Not being very obedient huh? Maybe I should stop being so nice. You clearly want to be punished." Punished? You can't help but think of what that would entail. Whenever Finn punishes you it always ends with you not being able to walk properly the next morning. Your thighs rub together at the memories, "Aww, what's this now? My pretty little slut likes punishment does she? I bet I could treat you like a fucktoy and you'd enjoy it." You open your mouth to say something but close it when you remember her orders. "What is it?"
"Finn likes to do that sometimes." You answer in a meek voice, a blush spreading down your face and past your neck.
"Yeah? And do you like it?" You nod quickly, "Fuck." Sevika growls and captures your lips in a fierce kiss. It's almost painful as her metal hand cups the back of your head, preventing you from moving as she devours your mouth, her tongue hot against yours. "I think you're in a lot of trouble sweetheart. I'm starting to like you. And I can be a little possessive of the things I like."
She pushes you off and quickly unbuckles her belt, followed by the sound of a zipper quickly being unzipped.
"On your knees. I'm gonna fuck your pretty little mouth." She's not asking this time. She'd demanding. Oh that's even better for you. As soon as your knees hit the floor she grips your hair and brings your mouth to her strap. "Beg for it." Sevika demanded, looking down at you.
"I wanna suck your cock, please." Your voice comes out meek and small. Sevika shakes her hand and tightens her grip on your hair, almost making you cry out.
"I said beg for it! Can't you even follow simple instructions?"
"Please." You whimper, voice a a little more high pitched, "Let me suck your cock. I need to feel it in my mouth."
Sevika chuckled, "That's better. I knew you could do it. Keep being obedient and I'll give you a reward."
You opened your mouth and leaned in. Your lips barely touch the tip before Sevika thrust into your warm, hot mouth. You choked against he length, not expecting her to thrust in so hard but Sevika held your head close, preventing you from moving. After a minute of holding you still she releases you and you fall back taking deep breaths and coughing, trying to catch your breath.
"Suck it you little slut. Be a good girl for me." You lean in once more, slowly taking the shaft into your mouth and begin to suck her off. Sevika inhales deeply, her grip on your hair loosening and tightening in quick succession, "That's a good little whore. You like being used don't you? I bet he uses you a lot huh? But you know what? You're mine now. My pretty, obedient little bitch." Sevika pulls back, making you gasp for air as she looks deep into your eyes, "Are you gonna be my good little bitch? Take my cock?"
"Yes." You place a kiss on the tip, "So good for you."
"Well then..." Sevika sits back on the couch and snaps her fingers, "Hop on."
You feel yourself getting wetter just from her words. You're a little unsure on your legs as you walk towards her. You look between her and the sift cock between her legs, shifting shyly from side to side.
"What is it?" Her tone isn't exactly impatient but you can tell that she's a little on edge.
"Can I ride you with my back turned?" You surprised even yourself with your bold words. Sevika can barely hold back her deep laugh. She pats her lap, inviting you. You nod and turn around, getting into position above her cock, "Finn really likes this. He says it's fun watching me take his cock in this way." A long moan falls from your lips as you slowly sink down, inch by inch, Sevika's strap stretching your needy cunt, making your walls flutter around the shaft as you gradually take it all in.
You feel Sevika's metal hand on your hip, the cold metal sending goosebumps over your heated skin, "I hate to say it, but I have to agree with him." You feel her human hand travel around and down your body, dipping briefly between your legs, circling your clit, making you roll your hips. "You know what you taste like, pretty girl?" Sevika brings her slightly damp fingers to her mouth and sucks them with an exaggerated pop, "Like good little whore. A good little whore that's ready to be fucked by me."
You grind back down against her, then slowly up and back down, letting out a sound between a moan and a gasp once the cock is all the way in again.
"That's right, take it. Take all of me." You start to shake your hips up and down, each one followed by increasingly wet, slick sounds as you ride her cock faster and faster. "You're so good at this pretty girl. So good at doing what you're told. So good at taking all of me."
Her praise only spurs you on, you were already so close before, you're almost there, just a few more pumps. Suddenly Sevika pushes you up and you stumble forward. You would have fallen if it weren't her hands grabbing your wrists and pulling your hands back towards her. In one fluid, hard thrust she's sheathed back inside of you.
She pulled out slowly before forcefully thrusting back in, then keeping still. You whimper as you grind back against her, looking for more friction, "Beg me." She whispers against your back, planting hot kisses all over.
"Fuck me, please Sevika. Please fuck me." You whine.
"Good slut. You were good. Now... enjoy your reward." Her hand sneaks back between your legs, teasing, taunting your clit. She heard your breathing quicken, listening to your needy moans. She slides out, almost completely before sinking back in with a groan, then repeated the motion, leaving only the tip in. Her next thrust was fast, hard, relentless. The next one even more so. She kept going until the room was filled with slick, slapping sounds of skin against skin. "You're being such a good little whore. Are you gonna come for me?"
She didn't even need to ask, you were already on the edge, "Yes." You his, the answer broken by a loud moan and a gasp. You bite your lip as another moan tears from your throat.
"Then do it. Come all over my cock. And make sure to remember that I was the one who made you come hard. I want you to remember, every single day, that I made you mine, made you scream my name as you came around my cock." Sevika growled, body tensing as her own orgasm began to build rapidly. "Fuck. Say it. Say that you're mine."
"Yours." You groan, "All yours to fuck Sevika. Yours." Sevika smiled against your neck and quickened her pace.
"Good girl, good girl, good fucking girl! Fuck!" Her thrusts become borderline painful, but they're exactly what you need. You cry out, the sound of her name mixing with your own pleasure as you clench around the strap.
Sevika groans and gives you one final, deep thrust, her face buried in the back of your neck. She holds you against her, both of you needing a few minutes to catch your breath. Your shaky hand cups her marked cheek as you bring her into a slow kiss, it's a bit of an awkward angle but worth it when you feel her tongue dip briefly into your mouth.
"Mine." She whispers, breaking the kiss and slowly sliding out of you. Before you can collapse she walks you back to the bed, gently sitting you down, "Take the rest of the day off. Sleep." Her thumb presses over your bottom lip, "I plan to be back really soon, and trust me you're gonna need all your energy for me sweetheart."
A deep blush spreads over your face, "Un-understood." She smirks at you and pats you cheek lightly before getting dressed properly and walking out.
You take a deep breath and curl up on the bed, tired, sore, but content. Oh Finn is not gonna like this. Hmm... maybe he'll punish you for it? Another wave of arousal courses through your body at the thought. You're a little too tired to do anything about it now though. Maybe tomorrow. After you get your much needed rest.
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