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Ascendancy of the Last by Cyzra
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Invincible #7 (December 31, 2003)
writer and letters: Robert Kirkman | artist [penciller and inker] by: Cory Walker | colorist by: Bill Crabtree | publishing company: Skybound Entertainment [Image Comics]
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Various Headcanons for the Original Guardians of the Globe
Green Ghost/Alana is a lesbian
Darkwing is the Rosa Diaz of the Guardians. No one knows anything about him that he hasn't explicitly said, and some of that probably isn't even true
Yes I know it's cliche to have a character with superspeed have ADHD but Red Rush/Josef is ADHD because I am and I say so
Josef immigrated from Russia at a young age and still gets confused by American culture/customs from time to time
Also he has Jewish heritage because I'm Jewish and I say so
If she had lived, Alana would have gone on to be a mentor for young superheroes like the Teen Team
Though he mostly stayed in the ocean, the Guardians headquarters had an underwater section for Aquarus. Even when he died, Robot still kept it out of respect and guilt
War Woman/Holly did a lot for the community with her resources as a CEO. She actually debated on revealing her secret identity in order to do more but eventually decided against it, worried they might trace her back to her team and figure theirs out, too
Also Holly and her buisness partner, Connie, were dating
The "I never liked you" line was a lie. Immortal actually had a lot of respect for Omni-Man before his betrayal. Obviously when he came back to life it immediately went out the window
Because Josef sees and feels everything at a different speed, his death was excruciatingly drawn out. His last thoughts were guilt because he felt like he let Olga down
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Robert Kirkman: *calling all the cast of TWD* Hey guys, I know TWD is dying, and I'm making a new show called Invincible, wanna be apart of it?
TWD CAST: Yes, of course! :)
Robert Kirkman: Great, y'all are the Gaurdians of the Globe!
TWD cast: :(
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So I got a few Valentine’s Day questions...
Whether it’s for a friend, partner or potential partner:
Sagittarius, Aries Venus: do a fun activity together, maybe something outside unless it’s freezing. Go on a walk or a hike, maybe plan a picnic, bring a ball to play games. For gifts, I think anything as long as you know they’re interested in it, otherwise they may not look at it again. 
Aquarius, Gemini Venus: Board game date, play cards, watch documentaries and discuss them. If you write them a note or a letter, make it funny, make it different, not the typical cliche love note. Cut the note in a weird shape, make drawings, make it as personalized as possible. For a gift just get something that isn’t your typical gift and is a lot cooler than other people’s gifts. 
Taurus, Pisces, Cancer Venus: Stay at home and cook dinner together, make a cake or bake cookies, surround yourself with pillows. Romance and love, but make it comfortable. For a romantic dinner, a bath is also very comforting and nurturing. For the Cancer and Pisces Venus - write them a letter or a note, they will likely keep it forever and will always have nostalgia for the moment. For a Taurus - a gift that is good quality and possibly gives them comfort (fancy blanket?)
Libra, Leo Venus: Candlelit dinner, a present that has to do with keeping up their beautiful appearance. If you’re in a romantic relationship, show your admiration, write them a poem, showing them how amazing they are. Just the typical Valentine’s day activities, but the attention should be on them. They will love it and give back twice as much. 
Scorpio Venus: Picnic at a graveyard. I’m kidding. Maybe a movie date - look at the description of the movie and write down how you’ll think the story will progress, play a game that has to do with solving mysteries. If it’s in a romantic situation, light candles or dim the lighting. They prefer darkness, it’s more intimate and comforting.
Virgo, Capricorn Venus: They have high standarts if you’re in a relationship, if you’re friends they generally couldn’t care less what they do on that day. So, if it’s the first - romantic dinner, show your appreciation for them, give them something that’s good quality and well-thought of, something they have mentioned before. Give them a massage, because they’re usually tense and anxious.
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Brutal bonk [OC]
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Omni-Man T-Shirt is $14 today at TeePublic! See Omnipotent Pilgrim T-Shirt on the Shirt List.
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We started watching Invincible
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Just a part of a larger project
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Volume 1 | I never said that I want this - Chapter 2 | You're always taking care of me (on Wattpad) https://www.wattpad.com/371233950-volume-1-i-never-said-that-i-want-this-chapter-2?utm_source=web&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_content=share_reading&wp_uname=iendyanji&wp_originator=gljNVZYlquIdeYISHwaujmAP2CZXHaoHc3h%2B%2BcrDWXJABt52EJsJCUrf4Hqwc9ZrIW7P%2BFVXy4sJ%2F9DoZ%2B1aqA59vwo%2FW2vVZ8Y4nmEcXLg1p0kEAxOQJn6hfcXC02o5 « To understand what I'm about to tell you, you need to do something first, you need to believe in the impossible. Can you do that? Good. My name is Alexandra Mahnovski. Daughter of Nikolaï and Katya Mahnovski. Only heiress of Zetrov. But when I was thirteen, I saw my Papa killed by a man and I lived so much impossible things after that. Then an accident made me the impossible. To the outside world, I'm an ordinary cop for the CCPD named Alex Winslow. But secretly, I use my powers to fight crime and find others like me. And one day, I'll find who killed my parents, and I'll could take justice for them. I am Aquarus. »
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Invincible #58 - Young Love... (January 14, 2009)
writer: Robert Kirkman | penciller: Ryan Ottley | inker by: Cliff Rathburn | colorist by: FCO Plascencia | letters: Rus Wooton | editor: Aubrey Sitterson | publishing company: Skybound Entertainment [Image Comics]
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Dean Winchester's astrology if anyone was wondering. Tentative based on time and place being estimations, no clue what rising sign.
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mark gray.son vc: aquaman is so stupid. all he does is talk to fish and flip his hair.
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Hello!! 🥰 I have a question: Is the second house only connected to finances & material things? I feel like most astrologers only relate these two topics to the 2nd house. Whenever an astrological event takes place in my 2nd house I feel like self-worth, groundedness and nutrition are the most affected though. Do they belong to the 2nd house too? Thanks for the help in advance! 💖
The 2nd House represents substance - your values, the ways you support yourself in all ways (financially, food, personal needs).
Financially - it represents what you own, what you provide for yourself, what comes to you (passive income) compared to the 8th house which is money you get from others (inheritance, divorce, loans, any form of handling money for or with the help of other people). Uranus in/over the 2nd House, whether as a transit or natal can show financial ups and downs - either very good or bad period. Jupiter and Venus over the 2nd are considered very lucky. Pluto as well, but depending on how well it's aspected. Neptune can indicate loss or having a very strong intuition when it comes to earning money. Mars in 2nd can indicate someone who takes action in order to earn money (self-sufficient, proactive, doesn't wait). Moon over the 2nd can also show financial ups and downs and seeing money as a source of comfort. Saturn over the 2nd can show someone who is very frugal, someone who saves a lot, but it can also indicate lack of luck with money. The first case is seen a lot more often. The 2nd House doesn't only show how you get money, but also how you handle it once you have it.
Physically , the 2nd House is connected to the throat, neck area. It also represents taste buds. I have observed that people with Aries or Scorpio (signs ruled by Mars) on the 2nd House cusp or Mars in the 2nd house cusp can correlate to having a preference for spicy food - they need to feel something while eating. I would associate the Venus ruled signs (Taurus and Libra) or Venus in the 2nd House with having a sweet tooth. Taurus may also show the people who like to eat the same things over and over without getting bored of them. Uranus or Aquarius over/on the 2nd House cusp with either very changing taste for food or a very specific preference. Saturn or Capricorn on the 2nd - I can associate this with both picky eaters and people who don't really care as long as there is food. But not big eaters. Virgo on the 2nd House Cusp would scream picky eater to me or someone who prefers to eat similar things. Gemini on the 2nd House cusp may show curiosity for food, trying out different things, generally open-minded when it comes to food. Jupiter/Sagittarius on the 2nd house cusp can be people with a good appetite, people who enjoy trying new food, people who like food from different cultures. Sun/Leo on the 2nd are the people who may enjoy going to restaurants, the fancy dining experience. For Neptune I honestly can't think of anything.
I am not that good with medical astrology, so I won't go there in depth, but the 2nd House is connected to dental problems, thyroid problems, mouth diseases in general. It can show shoulder dislocation, broken colar bones. These health problems are most likely if the ruler of the 2nd House is in the 6th/12th or 8th House (more serious). For example, Aquarius on the 2nd House cusp, Aquarus is ruled by Uranus and you have Uranus in the 6th House).
For personal needs, the 2nd House generally shows the things you need to survive. For some it is money and food, for others it is closeness, human contact, intimacy, sex. The 2nd House represents feelings, security and safety - what you need in order to feel secure and safe. It can be connected to values (the things you put first in life, the things you prioritize), self-esteem, confidence, the support from the people close to you. For the things you prioritize part, Cancer on the 2nd House cusp for example, may prioritize family and their family's needs, their emotions over everything else. Capricorn on the 2nd may show someone who prioritizes ambition in life, the path of building things for themselves - both Capricorn and Aries on the 2nd are very self-sufficient. Leo on the 2nd House cusp may value success, admiration so they will strive to do great things in order to satisfy themselves in that way. I think it also show dependence/independence - whether you can do things on your own or need the support, push from others to do it.
Venus or Jupiter in the 2nd can show people who love to treat themselves, spend money on themselves or others - they love to feel good. They are also generous with their possessions and what they have. It can also show a high sex drive (although the 2nd house is more connected to the intimacy part of sex and sex as a physical need). Saturn over the 2nd for example can show someone with a low sex drive (not always, again it depends on aspects). It can also show someone who may feel like they don't deserve nice things - even if they have money and their needs are fulfilled, they will be wary of any form of overindulgence. Neptune over the 2nd or Pisces on the 2nd House cusp can show someone who uses sex as a form of escapism.
I will add more when I think of them, but for now I hope this helps. I will try to make in-depth posts about the other houses too or observations connected to them.
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