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Hello, October 馃巸 馃崄
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vandaliatraveler 2 days ago
Earlier this morning on Little Laurel Run in the virgin hemlock forest (Coopers Rock State Forest).
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leepacey 2 months ago
yesterday on july 29th 2022, west virginia republicans were going to pass the US鈥檚 most restrictive abortion laws 鈥 it would鈥檝e banned abortion in ALL cases, including rape, incest, and medical emergencies. their reasoning for banning it in cases of rape? because women are all liars, so any slut could get pregnant and then just lie and say they were raped.
because of all the protestors, the bill was NOT able to pass
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because of them and our few democrat lawmakers successfully filibustering, the bill failed to pass, and we got a few more weeks of legal abortion care, until the lawmakers reconvene and debate all over again
our democrat lawmakers (mike pushkin and danielle walker)鈥檚 faces when the republicans were talking about women all lying about being raped:
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additionally, they let a few protesters speak on why abortion should remain legal:
this 12 year old girl spoke on behalf of young rape victims:
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a transgender person spoke and was horribly mistreated by the republicans:
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(link to their fundraiser for WV reproductive rights)
and katie qui帽onez, director of the only abortion clinic in all of WV, was dragged away from the podium as she shouted 鈥渨hen i was in high school, i chose life. i chose MY life, because my life is sacred鈥 (link goes to the video)
when liberals and leftists laugh about natural disasters happening in places like appalachia and say we鈥檙e getting what we deserve, people like these protestors are the ones you鈥檙e condemning to die. appalachia is full of leftists; they鈥檙e the ones in the most danger from the 鈥渁ll rape victims are liars鈥 republicans, and they鈥檙e the ones on the frontlines of national reproductive rights 鈥 because if abortion is completely banned in red states, we鈥檙e one step closer to the national ban republicans are pushing for
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rjzimmerman 17 days ago
Excerpt from this story from the New York Times:
Billions of chestnuts once dominated Appalachia, with Americans over many generations relying on their hardy trunks for log cabins, floor panels and telephone poles. Families would store the trees鈥 small, brown nuts in attics to eat during the holiday season.
Now, Mr. French and his colleagues at Green Forests Work, a nonprofit group, hope to aid the decades-long effort to revive the American chestnut by bringing the trees back onto Appalachia鈥檚 former coal mines. Decades of mining, which have contributed to global warming, also left behind dry, acidic and hardened earth that made it difficult to grow much beyond nonnative herbaceous plants and grasses.
As coal continues to decline and many of the remaining mines shut down for good, foresters say that restoring mining sites is an opportunity to prove that something productive can be made of lands that have been degraded by decades of extractive activity, particularly at a moment when trees are increasingly valued for their climate benefits. Forests can capture planet-warming emissions, create safe harbor for endangered wildlife species and make ecosystems more resilient to extreme weather events like flooding.
The chestnut is a good fit for this effort, researchers say, because the tree鈥檚 historical range overlaps 鈥渁lmost perfectly鈥 with the terrain covered by former coal mines that stretched across parts of eastern Kentucky and Ohio, West Virginia and western Pennsylvania.
Another advantage of restoring mining sites this way is that chestnut trees prefer slightly acidic growth material, and they grow best in sandy and well-drained soil that isn鈥檛 too wet, conditions that are mostly consistent with previously mined land, said Carolyn Keiffer, a plant ecologist at Miami University in Ohio.
Since 2009, Green Forests Work has helped plant more than five million native trees, including tens of thousands of chestnuts, across 9,400 acres of mined lands. Over that time, the group has collected supporters, including U.S. Forest Service rangers trying to bring back the red spruce onto national forests in West Virginia, and bourbon companies interested in the sustainability of white oak trees that are used in barrels to store and age whiskey.
[Green Forest Works] also planted 625 chestnuts in a one-acre space they called a progeny test to evaluate the health of hybridized chestnut trees 鈥 fifteen-sixteenths American chestnut and one-sixteenth Chinese chestnut 鈥 that were crossbred by scientists at The American Chestnut Foundation, a nonprofit group formed in the 1980s.
The Chinese chestnuts had co-evolved with the fungus, making them resistant to the blight鈥檚 effects. The scientists then infected the part-American, part-Chinese chestnuts with the fungus to pick out the ones that survived. Then, they repeated that process over several generations.
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pamietniko 8 months ago
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dusk in Appalachia
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee
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serpentandthreads 28 days ago
Today is Labor Day in America, and I wanna take a moment to highlight how Appalachian folk played a major role in the American Labor Movement all those years ago.
From August 21st to September 2nd, 1921, the Battle of Blair Mountain took place. It was the largest labor uprising in United States history. For those of you who don't know, coal mining is a major industry in the Appalachian mountains (and unfortunately, one that had taken a toll on both the locals and the environment), and has been since the late 1800s. Coal miners and their families were treated like garbage, between the industry enacting violence against these people to the unfair/low wages.
Take some time to read up on the history of coal mining in the Appalachian mountains, and further read up on the Battle of Blair mountain along with how coal mining has been affecting these mountains today.
Educational Links:
Coal Mining in Appalachia
What Made the Battle of Blair Mountain the Largest Labor Uprising in American History
The Battle of Blair Mountain (History)
The Battle of Blair Mountain (National Park Services)
Mining the Mountains
What is mountaintop removal mining?
The Coal Mine Next Door: How the Deregulation of Mountaintop Removal Threatens Public Health
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heartshapedcaskett a month ago
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The sickly sweet scent of oleander flower.
Smoky Mountains, Tennessee 2018
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appalachiananarchist 2 months ago
Appalachian Flood Relief Resources
Last post update: August 5, 11:50pm
Eastern Kentucky has been affected by historic and devastating flooding this July. Somewhere between 35-40 people are dead. This post is designed to compile information for the relief efforts. It will be edited and updated as new information is made available to me, so if you see this post and want to reblog it, please click on my profile and reblog directly from my page in case I have edited or updated the post! Please message me with questions.
Monetary Donations:
Below is a compiled list of some donation funds for the 2022 Eastern KY flood relief efforts. Please look through these or look into any of these organizations to decide if you are comfortable donating.
Aspire Appalachia (website here)
Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky (website here)
EKY Flood Relief (KY state fund)
EKY Mutual Aid (Twitter here)
Appalachian Regional Healthcare flood relief fund
EKY Heritage Foundation here
Shop Local KY T shirt fundraiser here
Appalachian Apparel T shirt fundraise here and here
If you are local to the area, please consider a donation of your time. There is a lot of work that needs done and a lot of people needed to do it. You will lose access to clean water, so bring your own. You will need to find your own accommodations if you stay overnight as we are housing many displaced residents already.
Hazard, KY is looking for volunteers to help clean out debris and houses daily. Crews are leaving from the Forum 101 Bulldog Lane at 8am, 10am, and 12pm. You must be over 18. This is physically demanding work. Just show up at the Forum before noon. Bring your own water and food. Long pants and boots required. Tetanus shot recommended. (And if you know a house that needs this service, contact:聽 606-268-0896)
Contact info for inquiries into volunteer roles in Breathitt county: (606) 233-3502
Perry County volunteer sign up here聽or call volunteering coordinator at (502) 693-6667
For rescue effort volunteering in Perry County, contact 606-216-6621
Letcher County Central High in Whitesburg is requesting volunteers from 8am to 7pm - simply show up by 8:15am.
Letcher County Central High Mercy Chefs volunteering information
Letcher County cleanup volunteering: contact (606) 733-5620
Kentucky Red Cross volunteer application. Search "disaster action team" to find positions that respond to natural disasters like the flood.
World Central Kitchen Volunteering form (scroll down until you see the entries for聽鈥淜Y Floods鈥). 301 Perry Cir Rd, Hazard, KY.
Appalshop archival recovery efforts volunteering form
Materials Donations:
If you want to donate items, one of the most desperately needed items in all counties right now is clean drinking water, followed by non-perishable food, cleaning supplies, diapers, formula, and personal hygeine products. Perry county specifically is requesting NO MORE CLOTHING donations.聽
Google doc listing various drop off locations
Aspire Appalachia amazon wish list here
Shop Local KY Amazon wish list here
Updated drop off locations for Breathitt County materials donations at Aspire Appalachia's facebook (currently:聽 First Church of God, Breathitt County Hunger Alliance Panbowl Community Center, Jackson City School, and Vancleve Fire Dept.)
Updated Perry County flood response, including materials drop off locations, here. The ONLY major location accepting drop-offs in Hazard is聽 the old JC Penny鈥檚 building (278 Black Gold Blvd). Perry county water drop off info: contact 513-312-8631. Perry county food drop off info: contact 606-438-9109.
Letcher County: Letcher County Central High School (435 Cougar Drive, Whitesburg)
Letcher County: CANE Kitchen (38 College Drive, Whitesburg)
Letcher County: Pine Mountain Partnership; see link for various drop off/pick up locations and times.聽
Further info on drop off information for Letcher, Knott, Floyd, and Pike counties here at Appalshop
Lexington drop off locations: Shop Local KY Warehouse in (1093 West High Street, Lexington, KY); Appalachian Regional Healthcare drop-off location at聽 2260 Executive Dr Lexington KY.
If you are part of an organization capable of medical supplies donations, please email [email protected] with inquiries. There is an URGENT need for replacement medical supplies!
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tinkles a year ago
This toad came right over to me and blessed me with a chirp and a song. 鉁煠
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iclimbtreestofeelalive 3 months ago
okay i'm gonna say something and you all have to give me a chance. ready?
we need to stop making fun of poor american southerners who distrust the government. it's real easy to call them all conspiracy theorists and dismiss them, but half the time, its built off of a genuine feeling of being abandoned by the infrastructure meant to keep them safe.
in appalachia, a lot of people lost their homes because of coal mining operations. a lot of people worked in those mines, and then when the mines stopped being profitable, they got tossed out with the bathwater. a lot of appalachia is poor, malnourished, and i don't blame them for not trusting rich politicians who dismiss them as stupid and lower class.
if yall actually listened to half the things poor southerners say, you'd realize that a Lot of common leftist complaints are virtually identical to the rural grandma who doesn't hold with electronic money and politicians. it stems from a genuine feeling of abandonment and ostracization by the people who run the country. functionally, someone living paycheck to paycheck in the city in a tiny apartment has infinitely more in common with someone from rural appalachia than a politician. high rent, high taxes, food insecurity, feeling lied to by those in power, a general sense of frustration. it just sounds fancier coming from a city mouth than one with shitty teeth and a southern accent.
tl;dr stop dismissing southern people as stupid. they're absolutely right not to wholeheartedly trust politicians, because they've been fucked over by them time and time again, and honestly, id rather talk to a southern person who openly distrusts their representatives than someone from the city who wholeheartedly believes that Frederick Jamestown OldMoney III genuinely cares what people think and can be convinced to change his ways.
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Am glow on a beautiful October morning
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vandaliatraveler a day ago
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Walk with me: an early October stroll through the virgin hemlock forest along Little Laurel Run in Coopers Rock State Forest. The older I get the more I find myself drawn to animism. It鈥檚 so easy to walk in an old forest like this and imagine that everything in it - rocks, trees, moss - has been gifted with a sentient awareness. Not by some hateful, spiteful god, but by the grace of nature in her infinite wisdom.
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decolonize-the-left a month ago
What is the Mountain Valley Pipeline?
A 303 mile long pipeline set to carry natural gases through West Virginia and Virginia. Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC. Equitrans Midstream Corp. is the lead developer of the project. It crosses several bodies of water, puts multiple eco systems at risk (including human lives), and has already been reported to have violated the Clean Water Act several times over.
Why is it awful?
Same reasons as always. It's awful for the environment and neither the people constructing it or demanding it be constructed care about the environmental impact. The pipeline has received 55 notices of violation 鈥 46 of those were for violating water quality standards (and that number is from 2021, it's larger now.)
From the article:
In the path of the pipeline:
The Gauley River, home of the Candy Darter, where they want to bore under the river to preserve Candy Darter habitat. Yet, there will be a total of 191 waterbody crossings within the Gauley watershed potentially flushing sediment into Candy Darter habitat.
The Elk River, the drinking water source for 6 public water systems including the City of Charleston which supplies drinking water to over 300,000 people.
The Greenbrier River, one of the longest and most technical borings will be 1,250 feet in length, will require half a million gallons of water and drilling slurry and take up to 4 months to complete.
If crossing some of West Virginia鈥檚 most cherished rivers isn鈥檛 enough, the remaining crossings are of headwater streams 鈥 over 80% of all the stream crossings are headwaters.
I couldn't find info on where to donate to protesters or things like that so if ANYONE can add those resources (or whatever other you find) PLEASE feel free to add them!!
For now spread this post and click the links.
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appalachiaisforlovers 5 months ago
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a doe, a deer
source: pinterest
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pamietniko 2 months ago
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A gloomy civil twilight.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee
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memoryslandscape 12 days ago
Remembered landscapes are left in me The way a bee leaves its sting, 聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 hopelessly, passion-placed Untranslatable language.
Charles Wright, from 鈥淎ll Landscape is Abstract, and Tend to Repeat Itself,鈥 Appalachia (Farrrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1998)
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