#anyway the police went to the wrong address
lumpsbumpsandwhumps · 16 days ago
i gotta ask. why's the ransom unpaid? is malik's guy sending the notices to the wrong address? do jonas's parents truly give that little of a shit? are they milking the publicity?
Well, it's a bit of a weird mismatch of things
His parents are most definitely getting the letters, but with how busy they are (sometimes not even in the same country), they completely miss the ransoms because the mail was sorted as unimportant. By the time the finger is sent as the first warning, which is when a housekeeper notices the blood leaking from the parcel, the red flags are raised and she calls the police.
Jonas's parents would have preferred to keep this affair under wraps once they found out (even though their son has been missing for week and they never paid attention to the concerns of the staff about not seeing him). However it quickly becomes public knowledge that the heir is missing, so they have to determine the best course of action to save face. And that's to pretend to be these grieving, distraught parents who were trying so hard not to let police interfere because they feared for their son's life if the kidnappers knew this went public.
Of course, yeah, Tucker and his crew aren't thrilled that it's public because it's a lot more risky, but that was never really one of the stipulations in the ransom to be fair. But so much press and attention for these loving, heartbroken, weeping parents is doing WONDERS for their image, not to mention boosting their company stocks and opening new business partnerships from others who are so touched by their trauma. The deadline isn't for a few more weeks anyways -- no harm in milking this for all it's worth, right? It's not like Jonas is in danger of being killed...just physically and mentally tortured until the check clears.
So, yeah, part of them doesn't care and the other part loves the media attention it gets for their company. Of course they don't want Jonas to actually be murdered since he's their only heir after all, but this all makes for a juicy story to tell at the next gala when Jonas is (maybe) returned home.
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bananonbinary · a year ago
Time for a Salty Meta Post about Martin!
people who’ve followed this blog for a bit know that spending six hours combing through text for some goddamn sources is my specialty, so i compiled every time jon ever talked about martin’s work in season 1. which for the record, he stopped complaining about all the way back in episode 26, where he was angry that martin of all people got hurt.
things jon gets mad at martin for:
not being able to find records that don’t exist
not being able to find someone based only on a first name
the Dog
not wearing trousers in his off-hours
being the one that got caught up in the jane prentiss thing
mag 004 and mag 012 both have jon taking potshots at martin over research that was proven accurate by outside sources
things jon has never once complained about:
martin not understanding the filing system and just putting stuff away at random
martin being clumsy, constantly ruining things, spilling tea everywhere everyday, etc
martin turning in incompetent, poorly-edited, or badly formatted reports
martin not understanding the terminology used, skills expected, etc., and generally being extremely new to the field
please for the love of god stop making martin the silly bumbling idiot who can’t do anything right just because he doesn’t have a formal education. there’s zero evidence for it in the text, and it’s really weird to act like a 4 year degree would outweigh the *10 years* of job experience he has, not just in academia, but in the institute itself by season one. my boy has worked there longer than ANY of the rest of the main cast. screw you guys.
tl;dr: martin is never once shown to be bad at his job, jon pretty much only ever gets mad at him for the really stupid first impression and also not finding stuff that no one else was able to find either. after martin got hurt, jon talks about his research basically the same way he talks about tim’s or sasha’s work.
fucking proof under the cut:
(i didnt include the s1 finale or martin’s statement bc that’s just...two entire episodes of them talking to each other, but there isn’t really any notable Martin Complaints in either of them imo)
I swear, if he’s brought another dog in here, I’m going to peel him.
[pre-launch trailer]
Well, technically three, but I don’t count Martin as he’s unlikely to contribute anything but delays.
[...] Alongside this Tim, Sasha and, yes, I suppose, Martin will be doing some supplementary investigation to see what details may be missing from what we have.
[MAG001 Anglerfish]
Martin couldn’t find any records of Ex Altiora as a title in existent catalogues of esoteric or similar literature, so I assigned Sasha to double-check. Still nothing.
[MAG004 Pageturner]
I had Martin conduct a follow-up interview with Mr. Woodward last week, but it was unenlightening. Apparently there have been no further bags at number 93 and in the intervening years he has largely discounted many of the stranger aspects of his experience. I wasn’t expecting much, as time generally makes people inclined to forget what they would rather not believe, but at least it got Martin out of the Institute for an afternoon, which is always a welcome relief.
[MAG005 Thrown Away]
Martin was unable to find the exact date the original house was built but the earliest records he could find list it as being bought by Walter Fielding in 1891.
We cannot prove any connection, but Martin unearthed a report on an Agnes Montague, who was found dead in her Sheffield flat on the evening of November 23rd 2006, the same day Mr. Lensik claims to have uprooted the tree.
[MAG008 Burned Out]
According to Martin, who was here when they took this statement, it was at this point in writing that Mr. Herbert announced he needed some sleep before continuing. He was shown to the break room where he went to sleep on the couch. He did not awaken; unfortunately succumbing to the lung cancer right there. Martin says the staff had been aware of how serious Mr. Herbert’s condition was, and had advised him to seek medical aid prior to giving his statement, but were told rather bluntly by the old man that he would not wait another second to state his case. I can’t decide whether this lends more or less credibility to his tale.
[MAG010 Vampire Killer]
“Veepalach” might also be a mishearing of the Polish word “wypalać”, according to Martin, which means to cauterize or brand. Admittedly, if Martin speaks Polish in the same way he “speaks Latin,” then he might be talking nonsense again, but I’ve looked it up and it appears to check out.
[MAG012 First Aid]
I sent Martin to look into this ‘Angela’ character - not that I want him to get chopped up, of course, but someone had to. Apparently, he spent three days looking into every woman named Angela in Bexley over the age of 50. He could not find anyone that matches the admittedly vague description given here, though he informs me that he had some very pleasant chats about jigsaws. Useless ass.
[MAG014 Piecemeal]
Martin declined to help with this investigation as he’s “a bit claustrophobic”
[MAG015 Lost John’s Cave]
There simply aren’t enough details given in this statement to actually investigate, short of Martin confirming that Mr. Vittery did indeed live at the addresses he provided.
[MAG016 Arachnophobia]
Oh, he’s off sick this week. Stomach problems, I think.
Blessed relief if you ask me.
I asked Martin to try and hunt down Mr. Adekoya himself for a follow-up, but have been informed that he passed away in 2006. 
[MAG017 The Boneturner’s Tale]
Well, I need to tell someone what happened, and you can vouch for the soundness of my mind, can’t you?
That is beside the point.
[MAG022 Colony]
Martin! Good lord man, if you’re going to be staying in the Archives, at least have the decency to put some trousers on!
[MAG023 Schwartzwald]
Martin found one other thing while combing through police reports for the Hither Green area. About a month after this statement was given, on May 15th, 2015, police were called out to once again investigate the chapel.
[MAG025 Growing Dark]
I know, but it would have to have been Martin, wouldn’t it? I mean, anything goes wrong around here, it always seems to happen to him. Anyway, we’re getting off topic. Why didn’t you report this?
[MAG026 A Distortion]
Martin made contact with the son, Marcus McKenzie, but he declined to talk to us, saying that he’d “already made his statement.”
[MAG027 A Sturdy Lock]
Tim and Martin had a bit more luck investigating Tom Haan, though only really enough to confirm that he seems to have completely vanished following his departure from Aver Meats on the 12th of July.
[MAG030 Killing Floor]
Martin’s research would seem to indicate the place employed a reasonable number of international staff they preferred to keep off the books
Ah well, that’s actually what he was asking, huh! Um, apparently Martin, uh, took delivery of a couple of items last week addressed to you. Did he not mention it?
No, he… Oh, yes, actually. I completely forgot. He said he put it in my desk drawer, hold on.
[MAG036 Taken Ill]
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blockgamepirate · a year ago
Okay fuck all the fake activists on Twitter
This is actual bullshit. Go fight ACTUAL racists and ACTUAL homophobes. NOT SOME GUY WHO JUST MADE SOME JOKES YOU DIDN'T LIKE, FOR FUCK'S SAKE.
I'm actually so mad right now. Because you realise that all those jokes that I've seen people yelling about that he made actually even somewhat recently are making fun of racists, right? And you know his audience is full of edgy gamer boys, right? People who are just straight up allergic to genuine appeals. Edgy jokes making fun of racism is literally exactly what those kind of people need. It gives them a way in without feeling immediately alienated. It makes it easier for them to accept that racism is bad actually, and that people who hate racism aren't all humourless assholes who cancel you at the drop of a hat.
So yeah what you guys are doing right now? This is only driving people away. This is making people defensive. And I don't care if you think perfect political correctness is more important than convincing people to not be racist, because you are fucking wrong. Yes it's fine to criticise him and point out when the jokes feel wrong to you or upset you but don't act like everyone has to agree with you or else they're bigots too. (Also stop yelling about years old shit he said as a teenager, nobody CARES. Let people put their past behind them.)
If you don't like his humour, feel free to just not watch Techno, it's fine. But this kind of humour DOES actually serve a purpose. You can't reach out to people if you expect perfect purity from everyone at all times. Sometimes people need space to adapt into new ideas, and humour is actually one of the best ways to do that because of how psychology works.
And yeah the Asian joke was kind of shit but it was literally making fun of racists who thought every Asian person had covid, back when the pandemic was only just becoming a pandemic. It wasn't making fun of Asians. He even prefaced it with acknowledging the horrific racism (his actual words).
Slavery jokes? Like literally the point of those was to address the unfortunate implications of the video game. It's basically just media criticism. It's not endorsing slavery or making light of the real world history. It's pointing out the elephant in the room. It's dark humour, yes, but like is it really better to just NOT acknowledge how weird the whole minion thing is? I feel like it's actually better to acknowledge it. I'm the kind of person who actually feels kinda uncomfortable about game mechanics like that and it helps me when people point out the implications. And dark humour is actually probably the best way to acknowledge it without making the whole thing sound goofy, because it is kinda goofy, but it's still subtly fucked up.
And the "murder is bad"... I literally do not understand why people are mad about that one. I genuinely don't get it. That's literally the kind of joke I could see like any of the popular liberal late night show hosts making to underline the point that murder doesn't magically become okay when it's the police doing it. Like "I shouldn't have to say this but murder is bad". You know? Because a bunch of people out there are ACTUALLY acting like it's okay for the police to murder people (especially black people). This is the most effective response to that bullshit, honestly. It cuts straight to the point. Murder IS bad.
And apparently nobody is acknowledging that the point of that tweet was to share the petition. He wasn't just like randomly joking about a horrible event, he was trying to help. He's a comedy Minecraft YouTuber, do you seriously expect him to make some sort of solemn plea? No, that would just make him sound sarcastic if anything because he never does that. Humour is how he addresses everything, get used to it or just stop following him.
Also people are just way more likely to respond positively to a joke than to something preachy or depressing, because as it turns out, depression makes people apathetic. I'd be willing to bet more people signed the petition because the tweet was funny than would have if it wasn't. Especially people in Techno's audience.
But these twitter warriors don't care about actions, they apparently don't even care that much about words because there's no way "murder is bad" is a harmful message in this context. So they just care about tone I guess.
Anyway, even of you think he's genuinely problematic, is he SERIOUSLY the enemy that's worth all this attention? All this energy? Fuck off. You know there are bigger fish out there and you didn't go for them, you went for someone you thought you could bully easily because he already has quite a progressive audience.
This isn't activism, this is just harassment. And it was just harassment long before the doxxing bullshit too. Don't pretend like everything up to this point was fine. It was not fine. And it's NOT actually helpful to dig up months or years old shit and plaster it all over twitter and then pretend to care about how these things hurt people's feelings when people wouldn't even have seen them if you didn't dig them up in the first place. If anyone is hurting them right now it's you.
Learn to do some actual fucking work for the cause you fucking shitheads. If that's even what you ever wanted to do, which I kinda doubt actually.
Like I don't pretend like I'm the greatest activist out there but at least I fucking try to do something productive instead of bullying minor celebrities online.
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mhysa-leesi · a year ago
му вℓσσ∂у ναℓєηтιηє
Tumblr media Tumblr media
{Gif Source} {Gif Source 2}
Pairing: Dark!Steve Rogers 𝒳 (femme) Reader 🩸.
Summary: "Steve Rogers is madly in love with you and he'll do anything for you to see that--no matter who gets in his way."
Word Count: 4,765 (Sorry, this is a long one!)
TW‼: Non-Con, Smut, Stalking, Yandere Themes, Murder (Description of Side-Character Death), Blood, Description of Gore, and Strong Language. 18+ ONLY, MINORS DNI‼
AN: This story contains adult and dark themes, please do not proceed if you are under the age of 18 or if ANY of these warnings upset you! I am not responsible for your media consumption–you and only you are. Also, I used one of the prompts from (@the-modern-typewriter) to describe a character's death, ALL CREDIT GOES TO THEM. 𝒯𝒽𝒶𝓃𝓀 𝓎𝑜𝓊.
AN Cont.: If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual violence, please reach out for help. I do not condone ANY of the actions described in this story, this is merely a work of FICTION.
Tumblr media
The first love letter was delivered on a gloomy Friday afternoon. The clouds above the city were dark and full of frigid torrents of rainfall. Gold and scarlet autumn leaves whispered against the chilly winds as acorns scattered about; rolling and cracking underfoot as you made your everyday walk to work. You had chosen to stray from your usual route that day, deciding on a new corner coffee shop instead of your normal stop.
You remembered that day clearly, as if it had happened just yesterday. The new coffee shop was a small, hole in the wall with plastic vines of ivy and fairylights rimming the framework of the inside. You ordered rich and dark coffees, with creamy oat milk for you and your coworkers, and an apple pecan oatmeal cookie for yourself.
Your workday was seemingly the same as any other. Pam was gossiping with Susan, and Scott was hiding from Mark, your manager, in the breakroom. You remember you were seated at your cubicle when things turned, staring at the rain against the window, and tapping your pen against your notepad, when you were startled by the mail carrier. He handed you a single, pink envelope with a heart stamp on its flap and left with a mumbled “you’re welcome”. You frowned as there was no return address or other name besides yours. You had opened it anyway.
Tumblr media
You remembered how your frown had deepened as your stomach dropped. The paper trembled in your hands as you stared at the small heart sketched at the bottom. You frantically looked around the office for any sign of a joke, hoping to see one of your coworkers giggling at your shocked reaction. But everyone had their noses deep into their screens, typing away at their work. You turned the letter over, looking for a name or a clue as to who had sent it. But it was blank.
And you remembered how you had crumpled up the letter and tossed it as you refocused and finished the rest of that workday.
Weeks passed before you got another mysterious love letter delivered to your desk, a small bouquet of roses and baby’s-breath with it. And again, you crumpled it up and threw it away; leaving the flowers in the breakroom. You had made a mental note that day to talk to the mailman about the delivery of these letters.
For a time they stopped and you thought you were out of the woods or thought your secret admirer had lost interest at the very least. But you were wrong. Your third envelope had been waiting for you in your mailbox when you had gotten home from work one Monday evening. You didn’t bother opening it as you sent it straight to the garbage.
You were growing paranoid and antsy as you constantly looked over your shoulder. You’d freeze every time you came across an envelope, even if it was just your monthly rent notice or bank statement. You had refused to live like this, in a constant state of anxiety and fear, so, that’s how you found yourself moving into a new apartment across town.
You were met with months of peace, you were finally readjusting to life before the letters. You had even moved in with someone you had been seeing from your new job, Chris. He was perfect, someone straight from a romance novel; tall, dark, and handsome, with a taste for adventure and romance. You were happy with him--you were in love and had long since decided that if Chris were to ask you to marry him, you’d say yes in a heartbeat.
Today was your anniversary with Chris, and the two of you had an entire evening planned. Dinner at your favorite restaurant, a surprise showing of your favorite movie at the corner cinema, and then home, where you’d give him his gift. A red lacy lingerie set with fuzzy handcuffs, and a silk blindfold to match.
Your heart skipped and your stomach alighted with butterflies as you touched up your makeup in the bathroom mirror. The evening had been absolutely perfect and it was about to get even better. You stepped out into the bedroom, dressed in nothing but red lace and a bathrobe. A spritz of perfume here and a mint there, and you were ready to go surprise your man.
You walked out into the living room and seductively leaned against the wall, watching as he poured two glasses of red wine. He turned and froze, swallowing hard as he abandoned the drinks on the kitchen counter. You smirked as he pulled you to him by your hips, instantly locking his lips to yours. He looked down at you through his eyelashes, his deep brown eyes darkened with lust, and you couldn’t help but bite your lip. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down to your lips once more.
Your eyes closed and moaned as he peppered kisses along the curve of your neck, tilting your head back to give him better access. His hands roamed your body hotly, squeezing and caressing your dips and curves. Chris entangled his hands in your hair as he moved you to the counter, lifting you up as if you weighed nothing. He pushed your robe down your shoulders to reveal the red lace hidden underneath, and with a groan, he bent to trace the rosette lacework that covered your breasts with his tongue. You hummed and wrapped your legs around his waist, your hands running down his back to toy with the bottom hem.
Chris gently pushed you down to an angle as he kissed down your body, stopping just below your navel to wink up at you. You bit back a laugh as you wiggled your hips impatiently as you leaned back on your hands. With your fingers splayed against the wooden countertop, your touch met something smooth and waxy--like the waxy seal of an envelope. You reached behind you and grabbed a pink envelope, with a wax stamp of a heart on its flap. Your heart seemed to stop as you stared at the envelope in your hands.
You vaguely felt Chris’s lips on your inner thighs, kissing and nipping at your skin. When he heard no reaction from you, he looked up, his brows furrowed and eyes full of questions.
“What’s that?” he asked, “You wrote me a love letter, too?” he winked as he reached for it.
You jerked it away from his grasp, your heart hammering in your chest as you ripped open the flap; ripping the waxy heart in half.
Tumblr media
P.S. You should really lock your windows, doll. You jumped off the counter and ran to the windows, each one was locked--except for one. You locked it and double-checked its strength, fighting against the lock as you tried to open it.
“Babe? (Y/N),” Chris said sternly, snapping you out of your trance.
You looked at him now. You didn’t know what to say, you couldn’t think of how to form the words. You wanted to say everything was fine and okay, but it wasn’t--it was far from it. Whoever had been writing and sending you these knew where you lived now, and that scared you. After months of trying so hard to move on from this, you felt as if you were right back at square one again.
The rest of the night was unclear to you. You moved like a zombie, your brain on autopilot as you crawled into bed to hide under the covers until the morning sun rose. Chris asked questions, of course. But you had no answers for him. You had no idea who had been writing them and had absolutely no clue how they had found you again.
Chris had suggested going to the police, but what could they do? No one had physically harassed you, and although creepy, the letters weren’t threatening. And not to mention, you had thrown away most of your evidence. You were at a loss. Chris was supportive, always there to comfort you during the night when you were restless, but that never kept you from feeling alone.
Your paranoia increased tenfold by the end of that week. You changed your daily routine every few days, hoping that’d throw your stalker off your trail, but it never did. They always seemed ten steps ahead of you, whereas you struggled to even think to keep up with them. Your breaking point was reached on Sunday evening as you met with one of your old friends from high school for breakfast-dinner--an old tradition you two had decided to revive for the night.
Things were going good, and you even dared to forget about your own issues as you cut into your syrup-soaked pancakes. Madison was telling you about her newest fling and how good he was in the sack, and you genuinely found yourself happy to listen to the vulgar details. After painting you a vivid picture of her sex life, Madison excused herself to the restroom; leaving you alone with your pancakes and empty cup of iced coffee.
You saw a head of electric blue hair and you perked up. Your waitress came with a smile and handed you a paper cup of steaming coffee and a single napkin.
“Oh, I didn’t order this,” you said with a polite smile.
“A gentleman ordered this for you,” she winked before walking away.
You frowned as you looked at the writing on the napkin. Refusing to even acknowledge the cup of coffee in front of you.
Tumblr media
Your mouth went dry as you stared at the familiar handwriting. Brown dress, he knew what you were wearing--he was here. You shot to your feet, the chair scraping loudly against the floor, as you looked around frantically, ignoring all of the judgemental looks and hushed whispers you were getting.
“You okay, (Y/N)?” asked Madison, her brows knitted in concern.
“Yeah,” you lied, “I just… I’m sorry, but I have to go. I’ll call you later, Mads.”
You dug through your wallet and gave a twenty to your waitress on your way out, only stopping to yell over your shoulder for her to keep the change. You practically ran home from the restaurant as your anxiety started to settle in your bones, making you heavy with unease. You called Chris, but were only met with his voicemail. The elevator ride up to your floor was tortuous as you watched the floor numbers slowly light up one by one until finally, they stopped at your floor. You panted as you slammed the door shut behind you, sliding the lock and chain in place as you dropped your head to rest against the wooden frame.
You sniffled as the words from his letter were seared into your eyelids. You just wanted him to leave you alone, you didn’t know what you did to catch his eye, and worst of all, you didn’t know how to make it stop. You choked on your hiccupped breaths as tears streaked down your cheeks. When you finally calmed down you switched on the lights and finally turned around…
You stared at Chris in horror. Blood drenched the entire living room, his corpse sat limp in a chair like a broken, bloody doll. His throat and wrists had been slashed. You tried to hold your hand over the open wounds as you screamed for help, but no matter the pressure you applied, the blood still gushed and seeped through your fingers, oozing down your arm, and dripping from your elbow. The gore of it all brought waves of nausea that went beyond physical retching, the sickness you felt was indescribable. But the smell, the smell was something much worse. Metallic, iron, copper… Your ears started to ring. You couldn’t hear, couldn’t breathe. You could only stare at the bloodstain on your hands and scream.
You left that following weekend, abandoning the big city to move back in with your parents and younger sister. You spent most of your days locked in your room, hiding from the world under the comfort of your blanket and drawn curtains. Days turned to weeks, and weeks to months. You’d look at yourself in the mirror and cry as you no longer recognized yourself as the woman you once were. You knew it was time to move on, but you couldn’t, not when you’d see Chris’s bloodied body every time you’d close your eyes.
You started small by taking baby steps toward your recovery. It started with family meals, then a cashier job at your local supermarket, shopping trips with your mother and sister. Then you eventually graduated to therapy, where you’d stare at a forest green ceiling as you reclined on the chaise longue. Therapy helped and it was admittedly one of the better moments of your monotonous days, you felt heard, seen, as you walked through your own thoughts and nightmares. Your appointments even inspired you to reach out to Chris’s parents for closure, to go with them to visit their son’s grave. It was bittersweet, leaving behind a bouquet of roses for the man you had loved so deeply instead of a kiss goodbye; but it was something you knew you’d have to come to terms with. It wasn’t your fault, that was the mantra you’d tell yourself when you’d catch glimpses of his blood on your hands.
Before you knew it a year had passed since the incident, and in that year, you had not received one letter. You had made a resolution for the first time that New Year’s Eve as you waited for the midnight ball to drop. You told yourself you’d forget, to start fresh, and become an even better version of yourself. You were a flower that was fighting against all odds to blossom.
You cut your hair, got bangs and highlights. Saved up for a brand new, off-the-lot car. And moved into a cozy apartment with your sister. Things were looking up for you and you truly believed that you had finally found your way out of the woods. But life had a habit of playing cruel tricks on those who were naive enough to believe such a thing.
It was mid-February, just a few days before Valentine’s Day, when things started to go to shit. You had just come back from the gym with your sister when you saw it. A pink envelope with no return address or any other name besides yours, with a wax seal in the shape of a heart on the back flap, sat on your pillow. It felt like it weighed a thousand pounds as you held it in your hands. You debated on throwing it away, on pretending you never received it. But you wanted to know what more this twisted bastard could have to say. You ripped it open and read.
Tumblr media
You didn’t hesitate as you ripped the letter to shreds, throwing the pieces into the garbage with an angry grunt. Delusional piece of deranged shit, you thought. You raked through your brain for the millionth time since your first letter, trying to figure out who the fuck could possibly be the sender, but you came to the same conclusion you had been coming to for years--nothing. It was agonizing, not knowing who your torturer was. It was your shadow, how could you not know who was living in it? But, no matter how hard you thought, you kept drawing blank after blank.
Your sister comforted you with a glass of wine and dumplings from the takeout place up the street. She was going out tonight, but offered to stay home with you instead.
“No,” you shooed, “I’ll be fine, I’m a big girl.”
“You sure?” she frowned, “It’s no big deal, Girls Night is every Friday night, I can always go next week.”
“I’m fine. Go and have fun for the both of us,” you said as you waved her away.
She left a few minutes later, dressed in heels and a short skirt. You ate the rest of the dumplings and finished the bottle of wine before calling it a night. You undressed down to your underwear and threw on an oversized t-shirt and plopped down onto the bed with an unceremonious bounce. The wine coursing through your system made it easier than usual to fall asleep, and the next thing you knew, you were in a deep sleep, dreaming of a life with Chris--of a life without the letters. It was one of those good dreams you wished you’d never wake from.
Which was why you were so annoyed when a loud noise startled you awake. You looked at your phone and the time read “1:00 AM”, you frowned, it was too early for your sister to be back already. You padded along the hallway, rubbing the sleep from your eyes as you called out for her, worried she might’ve passed out drunk on the floor or something. You stopped as you reached the front room--the very empty front room. Your heart started to pound as you stood frozen, staring at the empty room before you. A shuffling from behind caught your attention, then. And against your better instincts, you turned around slowly to see a shadowed silhouette of a man standing at the end of the hallway.
You stood there for what felt like an eternity, just staring dumbstruck at the man. With every step he took toward you, you took one back. Inching closer and closer to the front door with every backward step.
“Doll, don’t,” he warned, his voice striking you with fear like a bolt of lightning.
Without a second thought, you ran toward the door, fumbling stupidly with the locks in your panicked state of mind. The man was on you in a flash, easily dragging you away from your pathetic attempt at escape. His arms slithered around you like snakes, their hold constricting as he locked an arm firmly around your neck, silencing your screams as you struggled to breathe. You slapped and clawed at his forearm as he pulled you back to your bedroom.
“Please be a good girl for me, (Y/N). I don’t want to hurt you, baby,” he said against your hair.
With his arm still wrapped around your neck, he threw you down onto the bed, quickly straddling you before you could scramble to your feet. He pinned your arms above your head with one hand and forced you to look at him with the other. His face was illuminated by the moonlight. The silver shine highlighting his familiar eyes through the holes of his helmet. You froze as he pulled off his blue cowl.
Tumblr media
You were beyond confused, to say the least. You stared up at Captain America, your brain working overtime to try and put the puzzle pieces together. What was Captain America doing in your apartment? And why had he called you “baby”? What the fuck was going on? Were you lucid dreaming? You must’ve looked as confused as you felt because he smiled down at you, gently promising you answers to the questions that you hadn’t yet asked.
“You’re even more beautiful up-close, doll,” he said as he brushed away hairs that fell in your face from your struggle.
Your eyes widened. Doll. The nickname sent chills down your spine as the word flashed against the pink color of the envelopes, against the red of spilled blood.
He ran a finger down your cheek and nodded, “Me.”
You paled under him, your bottom lip trembling as you shook your head in disbelief. He frowned and hushed you, caressing your cheek and wiping away the tears that fell.
“Shh… Don’t cry, baby,” he cooed, “I’ll take good care of you, you don’t need to cry.”
“W–Why?” you hiccupped through your sobs, “Why are you doing this?”
“Because I love you, (Y/N),” your stomach dropped as he answered you as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
You shook your head, “No. No! You’re Captain America. You’re supposed to be a hero!”
You fought against his grip, flailing and kicking wildly as you tried in vain to get away from him. You trashed against him, kicking against his thighs with all of your strength, but it was nothing to him--nothing but an annoying inconvenience.
“Stop,” he said, his jaw ticking with simmering anger.
But you refused to stop. You whined and fought against him.
“Stop,” he repeated, his anger coming to a rolling boil.
You shot up and headbutted him. He reeled back and glowered down at you, his jaw clenched and nostrils flared.
“I said stop,” he shouted as he finally stilled you with a sharp slap.
The sound was as sharp as the feel of it. You sobbed as the pain stung your skin, the right side of your face becoming numb from the harsh impact of it.
“Why are you doing this, Steve?” you asked again.
“Because I love you,” he answered again, “I know you love me, too, (Y/N).”
“No,” you exclaimed, “I don’t love you! I don’t love you! I don’t love you!” you sobbed.
“You will,” Something seemed to change within his eyes. No longer were there hints of green in his blue eyes, but something much darker… Something more sinister. You swallowed as you shrunk under his intense glare.
You exclaimed as he forced his lips against yours. Squeezing your jaw until he could slip his tongue into your mouth. You pushed against him, beating on his shoulders as he shoved his tongue further down your throat. He pulled away, breathless and flushed, a ghost of a content smile on his face. You gasped and tried to wiggle away once more, rolling onto your stomach as you did so. A yelp escapes you as you feel him grab your hips, pulling you back under him.
Steve puts his weight on you, trapping you underneath him as he begins to undress you. You try to roll onto your back, but his knee keeps you in place. You fight to keep your shirt on, knowing you wore nothing but your panties underneath it. But you were fighting blind. You kicked up, the heels of your feet hitting the backs of Steve’s strong thighs. He manhandles you easily as he rolls you onto your back, finally ridding you of your cotton shield.
Your hands went to your chest before he could. He pried your arms away, baring your breasts to him with a jerked jiggle. He licked his lips as he cupped and squeezed your breast. You flinched as if his touch had burned you, and in some sense, it had. Your eyes widened in shame as Steve blew on your nipples, the skin hardening into pointed peaks. He brings his lips to them, circling them with his tongue. Sucking, licking, pinching. You press your lips together to keep you from whimpering, and you close your eyes in hopes you can will him away. But your feeble defense attempts don’t last long.
Your eyes snap open as you feel his lips leave your breasts to trail kisses down to your navel, stopping at the band of your underwear.
“Please…” you beg. You bite your lip to keep it from trembling as fresh tears begin to form at the corners of your eyes.
Steve smiles against your skin, “I’m going to make you mine, (Y/N). ‘M gonna make you feel so good, doll.”
You stifle a sob as you feel him slide your panties off past your ankles, his fingers scorching your skin as they explore back up between your thighs. Instinctively, you try to close your legs around his hands. But he doesn’t stop. Steve digs his fingers into the soft skin of your inner thighs as he forcefully spreads you wide. Your pussy on full display to him. You stiffen under his gaze, your face burning with shame as he stares in awe at your spread folds. He runs a finger from your clit to your entrance, dipping knuckle-deep into your channel. Your thighs flex as your body tenses at the intrusion. He adds another and languidly pumps them in and out, curling and scissoring them. You fight against the blossoming heat within your belly. Your shame grows as you hear the squelch of your wetness around his pumping fingers.
Steve presses a firm thumb to your clit and you cry out before you can stop yourself. He pumps his fingers into you harder, faster, as he pulls more moans and cries from your lips. You sob as you feel that coil deep within your belly begin to unravel with every stroke and pump. You fight against your own body as you keep yourself from teetering over the edge of pleasure, refusing to let yourself submit to him. But Steve had other plans for you. Suddenly, before you could register his movements, you felt his tongue against your most intimate area. You mewled and curled your toes as he fucked you with his tongue, his thumb never stopping their firm and fast circles against your clit. You sobbed as your body convulsed with white-hot pleasure, and before you could stop yourself, you came on his tongue with a loud, dragged out moan.
You sniffled as you cried, but whether it was from the intensity of your orgasm or your shame and fear, you didn’t know. The lines were starting to blur for you.
Steve gently kissed around your folds before crawling up over you. He held your face and forced your lips to his once more before he began to undress, leaving the taste of yourself on your tongue as he pulled away with a wet smack. He unclothed himself, then. Stripping himself of his spangled-stars and red and white stripes. He looked down at you with dark, lust-filled eyes, and a breathless quirk of his lips.
You were limp as he folded you to his needs. Bringing your bent and spread knees to your chest as he took himself in his hands. His length stood tall and proud, the tip swollen and leaking down this thick shaft with anticipation. Your legs flinched as they tried to close on their own. You choked on a sob as he wrenched them apart. Your heart hammered in your chest as you watched him tap your pussy with his cock, running the tip up and down your folds as he wet himself with your soaking arousal until finally, he pressed himself into your entrance. You let out a strained whine as he slammed into you.
Steve’s eyes were shut and mouth slightly agape as he hisses at your tightness. His hips thrust in excitement as you clench around him. You whimper again as he slides out, just to slam himself back in. Your body jolts with every lust-driven thrust. He slides his hands under you and brings them to hold onto your shoulders, bringing you down to meet his every forceful thrust. The sound of skin slapping and lewd moans fill your bedroom, your sweat sheen bodies glowing under the moonlight. Steve speeds up, mercilessly hammering that hidden sweet spot that makes you scream and clench around his cock. You spasm and shake as Steve forces another orgasm from you.
“Tell me you love me,” he pants.
You shake your head, pushing on his shoulders as the realization of your situation comes crashing back into you.
His hand wraps around your throat as he pounds into you harder than before, “Say it, (Y/N).”
You scratch at his hand as your vision begins to dot and blacken, “I–I love you…”
“Louder,” he demands, “‘I love you, Steve’, say it, doll, I wanna hear you say it.” he moans.
“I love you, Steve,” you choke out.
He releases his grip on you then, and you cough and gasp for air. His rhythm becomes erratic as his hips drive into you with renewed vigor, “Again.”
“I love you, Steve,” you moan.
His body jerks as his hips stutter to a stop. Steve comes with your name on his lips, and you whined as you felt his warmth flood inside of you. He panted above you, his hips languidly thrusting as his abdomen clenched with his drawn out release. He pulled out of you and collected the spunk that leaked from your weeping cunt on his fingers. He brought them to your lips and forced you to suck them clean.
“I love you, too, doll. Forever and ever,”
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*тαgℓιѕт*:・゚✧*:・゚✧: @hoosier-daddi
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indiehorrordreamgirl · 3 months ago
rookie optimism (apprentice!poly!hoffstrahm x reader)
CONTENT: kind of dark, gender neutral reader (they/them pronouns used), references to canon typical violence, kidnapping, reader gets drugged, neither of these men are okay in anyway and it’s the reader’s problem now
A fresh detective follows their former mentor, Special Agent Peter Strahm, into an isolated house, determined to claim the Jigsaw case’s glory for themself. 
Tumblr media
It was 2am, and Y/N was pretty sure that they were making the worst mistake of their life. They’d spent the last thirty minutes tailing their former superior, Special Agent Peter Strahm. The detective’s hands were gripping their steering wheel so tight that they could feel the bubbling of blisters underneath their palms. Y/N was aware of the fact that they should feel far more exhausted than they currently did. Their energy night after night had been devoted to solving the Jigsaw case, and Y/N’s more seasoned colleagues warned them that it would catch up to them. The adrenaline pumping through their veins thought otherwise, rest being the furthest thing from their mind.
Y/N pulled up at some old looking house, their gun at the ready. A beat up car sat in the parking lot, Strahm’s familiar Ford not sitting far from it. Y/N took a few deep breaths. ‘I don’t want to do this,’ they attempted to convince themself. ‘It’s for the greater good.’ They had no faith in their weak affirmations, knowing a million different motivations had led them here. 
Y/N thought that facing Jigsaw head on was the best way to go about things. They’d seen their colleagues drop left, right, and center. They very well could be the next target. Better to have surprise on their side. There was some degree of vengeance involved, Y/N could admit. Only small, they’d justify. What they wouldn’t admit was their sick desire to experience the euphoric rush catching the killer would be sure to invoke. Not only that, Y/N wasn’t stupid. They were more than aware of how this could catapult a rookie up the ranks of the police force.
As Y/N walked towards the wooden door, rain lightly dripped over their form. Their whole body was tense, aiming to remain hyperaware of any potential dangers. You took one final survey of the outside world. The streets were desolate. Y/N prayed that if anything went wrong tonight, they would be found.
Gun drawn, they pushed the creaky door open. The first thing Y/N noticed was how cold the building was. The second thing was how normal it looked. The furniture didn’t aesthetically vary much from their parents’ preferences. For a moment, their heart sunk as they entertained the possibility that this was simply a random house. That fear was alleviated when they spotted a folder neatly placed on the middle of a desk. It contained images of numerous individuals, none of which you knew. You chewed at your lip, being well aware of what this meant.
Y/N noticed one photo at the bottom of this pile. Detective Hoffman? Their eyebrows drew together at this discovery. Everyone knew that he’d already been through his game. Even Y/N’s friends outside of work sang the praises of this hero they were colleagues with. Before they could think much deeper, a phone vibrated across the desk. They picked it up, observing the device in their hand. They let it ring out. After the call had stopped, Y/N opened the phone. They scrolled through its messages, noticing a contact reading Detective L/N. Y/N opened the message. It was from a month ago. 
Y/N, I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to continue leaving a digital trail of this. Meet me at my house. Call for the address. Strahm.
How did his phone end up here? They hoped that nothing had happened to Strahm, for both of their sakes. Y/N deleted their contact from his phone, continuing on throughout the house.
While the interior initially seemed unsettlingly normal, there were still traces of Jigsaw. Y/N kept finding drafts of traps, and materials used for construction. They were careful as they walked, knowing that one wrong move was all it took. 
Y/N glimpsed a tarp covering something through an open door. If they were happy to have their torture plans on display, what was so bad that they felt the need to cover? They braced themselves, ripping off the tarp.
A series of computer screens was revealed. They’d seen a similar setup before, back when Eric Matthew’s son was captured. They took a closer look. The screen displayed examples of total brutality, but was mostly still. Two people were laying on the second last screen, arms shredded to pieces. Y/N wasn’t sure whether they were dead or alive. A sudden movement on the next screen stole their attention. 
Strahm was stomping down a hallway which appeared rougher than anything they’d seen so far. He looked similarly stiff to them, gun at the ready just as theirs was when they had walked in. Y/N strained their ears, hearing faint footsteps. Their heart began beating faster. They wanted to help Strahm, but something caused them to freeze. He constantly warned them to not get too attached. And in the past month, he was completely against their involvement.
‘You’re getting too close to this case, L/N.’ Y/N looked up defiantly. ‘Do I not have the right to? I have seen the department I joined disappear one by one. I want this case solved more than anyone. More than you do.’
The footsteps slowly quietened, until they couldn’t hear them at all. The warehouse settled into an uneasy silence. Y/N watched Strahm disappear from the monitor. The silence inspired Y/N’s thinking. The floor looked kind of weird in one of the earlier rooms. Could that be it?
‘We’re both breaking too many rules here. I’m putting you directly in danger.’ Strahm reasoned. ‘You know I can handle it.’ Y/N looked up at him, eyes wide. The mature front they were attempting to display was betrayed by the mix of awe and desperation in their eyes.
A loud bang encouraged Y/N to test their hypothesis. They sprinted throughout the house, successfully lifting the trap door. They didn’t care to take stock of their surroundings, rushing past the wire maze to an open door. Y/N landed in a tunnel, which beared a strong resemblance to the one Strahm was in.
‘I don’t mean to offend you, L/N. But I agree with the department’s decision. This is a case we need more experienced people on. I appreciate your rookie optimism, but a graduate can’t apprehend a fucking serial killer.’
They found their first door quickly. Y/N peeked in, scoping the room. ‘Who the fuck are you? Hands up!’ They steadily walked back. Both Y/N and Strahm faced each other, their guns pointed. ‘No fucking way.’ Strahm commented. ‘You’re working with Hoffman.’ ‘What the fuck, Strahm? You know that’s not-’ ‘On your knees.’ He commanded, gun still drawn. ‘Strahm…’ They pleaded. ‘On your fucking knees!’ He shouted, Y/N obeying. ‘Give me that fucking gun while you’re at it.’ 
‘Strahm please, it isn’t me.’ They begged, handing their weapon over. ‘What do you know about this room? What’s with that thing in the middle? Who’d you make that for?’ Y/N felt nauseous at Strahm’s readiness to accept them as the suspect. ‘I don’t know.’ They meekly responded. Strahm scoffed at their response, walking over to them.
‘I’m going to check it out, and you’re not going to leave my side. Got it?’ Strahm roughly pulled them up, tightly securing both of their wrists with his left hand.
Strahm approached the glass coffin, reaching for a tape player. Hoffman’s voice rang out. He was completely engrossed in the tape’s contents, loosening his grip on Y/N. A crack rang out from the hallway. ‘Follow my lead.’ Strahm gritted out, pulling Y/N to the corner of the room. His free hand pressed against their mouth, silencing them. ‘Don’t make a fucking sound.’
Hoffman grabbed the player, inspecting it. Strahm silently walked behind him, gun drawn. Y/N remained in the corner, terrified of becoming an obstacle to Strahm’s plan. Hoffman looked in the reflection of the coffin’s door, turning to face Strahm. He immediately punched the gun out of the Special Agent’s hand, twisting his arm down with it. Strahm retaliated, landing a hit on the other man’s stomach. Y/N ran over, unable to just observe the violence as it played out. Hoffman looked at them, smirking. Strahm continued to attack Hoffman, Y/N getting thrown into the coffin in the process. They cried out, feeling glass shards pierce their skin. Hoffman landed a hard kick to the back of Strahm’s knees, sending him to the ground. Y/N used this break in activity to pull themself out of the coffin.
Hoffman immediately noticed. When they were almost out, he roughly turned them to face the brutal contraption. He pushed them in, gripping their hair to pull them back at the last moment. They were inches away from the shards which had already cut their back. They struggled in fear. Hoffman pushed their head further towards the glass. ‘You sure you want to do that?’ 
Y/N’s body stilled. They heard calm footsteps disappear towards the edge of the room, followed by the slam of the door closing. They clenched their jaw, doing everything in their power to avoid sliding forward. 
‘This really was fucking easy,’ Strahm announced. ‘Yeah. I’m glad we didn’t waste any drugs on them,’ Hoffman casually agreed. ‘Strahm, it can’t be you,’ Y/N tried to reassure themself. ‘Looks like they want to talk,’ Hoffman commented, turning back to face Strahm. ‘Pull them out,’ Strahm instructed. ‘Don’t want you getting too cruel with them.’
Hoffman roughly pulled Y/N up, securing his arm around their chest. ‘Where d’ja want them?’ Strahm looked around the room. ‘I don’t know. You got cuffs?’ ‘Let me check,’ Hoffman replied, pushing Y/N towards Strahm. He held both of their hands tightly, wincing as he saw evidence of the damage to their back. Hoffman patted himself down, searching his pockets. ‘No cuffs on me. Want me to go grab some?’ ‘No, that’s alright.’ Strahm shook his head. ‘I got their gun. You take it.’ Strahm removed a hand from Y/N, grabbing their gun from his belt. He tossed it over, Hoffman catching it. ‘Not like they can leave anyway.’ Strahm pointed out. Hoffman chuckled.
At that comment, Y/N tried to fling themself forward. In response, Strahm pulled them back tightly. ‘You’re being really fucking stupid right now,’ Strahm scolded. Hoffman closed the glass coffin, leaning against its door. Strahm pulled Y/N towards the wall, his back sliding against it. He lowered them down with him, wrapping his arms around their waist almost painfully hard. ‘Get the gun out, Mark. Make sure they don’t even think about moving.’ ‘Yes sir,’ he responded flippantly. ‘You weren’t meant to put them in the coffin. They’re too delicate.’ Strahm was genuinely angry, picking out glass from Y/N’s back. ‘I wouldn’t have had to do it if they didn’t get in the way. You accuse them of being a serial killer, and their first instinct is to fight someone double their fucking size for you.’
Y/N cried out at the feeling of glass being removed from their back. ‘Shush sweetheart,’ Strahm comforted. ‘They’ve always been like that. Always been good for me. Well, not lately. What the fuck were you thinking, coming into here with no backup?’ Strahm’s voice raised, causing Y/N to jump. ‘It was a stupid mistake. I’m sorry,’ they whimpered. ‘You directly disobeyed my orders. You were right, Mark. An overzealous rookie who doesn’t care about consequences.’ Their eyes welled up at the harsh judgement from their former mentor. ‘Peter…’ Y/N weakly called out. ‘Why would you do this? How long have you been on Hoffman’s side?’
‘Doesn’t matter right now,’ Strahm answered. ‘Not when I’ve got you right where I want you.’ He finished picking out the last few pieces of glass from their back. He watched blood seep through their shirt, wiping it off with his sleeve. ‘Ow,’ they pathetically whined. Hoffman’s expression was one of mocking sympathy, his head tilting almost curiously at their cries of pain. He kneeled down in front of them, Strahm watching to make sure that he didn’t try anything again.
Hoffman extended his forearms, holding Y/N’s jaw in his hand. He lightly pulled their head to the side. ‘I don’t know how I never noticed, but you are a pretty little thing. I see why you wanted them around so bad.’ He watched the way their eyes were full of fear, their cheeks glistening. ‘They’re crying.’
Strahm knitted his eyebrows together, eyes overflowing with concern. ‘Do you think we’re going to hurt you, baby?’ Strahm lowly laughed at the impossibility of such an idea. Y/N furiously shook their head, mumbling worries to themself. Even Hoffman looked concerned, allowing his grip to soften. Both men made eye contact with each other. ‘I’ve got the syringe we didn’t use if you want to go down that path.’ Strahm braced himself for its use, nodding at Hoffman.
Y/N started writhing in Strahm’s grip. In response, his hold became even tighter. ‘No use fighting back, honey. It’s just going to hurt you more.’ Hoffman quickly stabbed the needle into their neck. Their muscles immediately relaxed, and they began to fade out of consciousness. Hoffman pressed a kiss to their forehead, walking back from the pair.
‘It’s all going to be okay, sweetheart. We’re not going to hurt you one bit. I even made you a nice new room. Well, Mark built most of the furniture, but I decorated it. You’re going to love it. You’re going to be so happy that we’ve brought you here.’
Hoffman interrupted Strahm’s rambling attempts at comfort. ‘They’re gone.’ Strahm kept Y/N’s body stable as he stood up. He picked them up, throwing them over his shoulder as he followed Hoffman out of the door.
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libraryofloveletters · a year ago
Love Delivered To Your Doorstep
Tumblr media
Evan Buckley x Reader
Warnings: fem!reader, mentions of cheating, break ups and killing/serial killers. (<in a joking context) 
Category: fluff for the most part. 
Word Count: 3.9k
Author’s Note: Doesn’t follow canon, it has a little of buck begins in there but it doesn't follow a strict timeline. It also is written like Buck moves to LA and has his apartment from the moment he moves there while trying to figure out what he wants to do. 
Texting and calling was never your choice method of communication. 
Letters had always been more of your thing. 
Truthfully, they hadn't been your thing until your boyfriend moved halfway across the country for university. The two of you met in high school, freshman year and became inseparable since. Growing together and promising to always love each other no matter what -you always knew that couldn't be true but it never stopped you from telling him. 
When he told you that he was going to be applying to UCLA during your senior year of high school, it came as a bit of a shock to you. The plan was always going to college together, get engaged when you were done school and then married with a house by 30. 
You held out the hope of that being possible until the day he showed you his acceptance letter. 
You were incredibly proud of him but it was real now, he was leaving. 
You watched him pack up his entire life and uproot himself from New York and moved across the country. You sent the first letter to him at what was supposed to be his apartment. 
September 30th.
‘Hi baby! 
Just writing to see how you're settling in. How’s UCLA ? Have you gotten a chance to go around and get to see the place ? I know you’re there for school but you've got to live a little too. Hope your neighbours are sweet, your mom told me it’s a pretty nice place and it’s got a good view, sounds like your type of place. Hopefully I can come visit you soon. 
I started my classes last week. My chem professor is a pain in my ass already, he expects us to read an entire textbook in a week - well not exactly an entire textbook but you get the point. My biology professor is a sweetheart, she showed us pictures of her kids and talked about them for an hour, I didn't realize being a mother was so interesting but she was cool. Also showed us a video of an appendectomy that one of her colleagues performed last week. How are your classes and professors ? 
Did I mention I bumped into Sam at the grocery store ? Yeah, he’s back and he’s not fine to tell you the truth. He seemed like he was ready to snap but that might just be my judgment. He said to tell you hello if I spoke to you so- hello :) 
I’m going to sign off here, I know this one is short but I don’t have much to update you on. Life’s been pretty dull without you. Hope you’re having fun out there, soaking up the sun for me.
Write me back soon, I love you. 
Yours always, y/n’
You mailed the letter the next day, a few weeks had passed before you received a letter back. Except this letter had a different sender name but the same address.
October 22nd. 
‘Hi y/n,
This isn't your boyfriend. (I'm assuming that’s who you're writing too based on the context of the letter) I’m Evan, I live in the apartment you thought belonged to your boyfriend or maybe you got the address wrong, I’m not sure.  I know you were waiting for an update on all these exciting things that are happening at UCLA. I do not go to UCLA nor can I update you in anything exciting that’s happening there, sorry.
Anyways, the reason I'm writing you back is because I figured you’d want to know that this isn't the correct address and the person you were looking for isn't here before you send another letter and get no response. I was debating if I should have even written you back, but here I am, writing you back. 
Your professor for chem seems like an ass to be honest (hope that’s not rude) and your biology professor sounds great, is she hot by the way ? because bonus points for that. Anyways, are you studying medicine ? I'm guessing yes because of the classes you're taking. I'm thinking of signing up to become a first responder but I haven’t decided yet on what yet or if I'm actually going to do it. Anyways, good luck on your classes and the shitty chem professor. 
Hope you find your boyfriend (again, assuming) 
Peace out, 
To say you were shocked would be an understatement. How could the letter you sent to your boyfriend’s apartment belong to someone else ? Why was there someone else living in his apartment ? You dug through your apartment, searching for the paper he left you with the address, you finally found it buried in a drawer.
The address on the paper was identical to the one that Evan sent to you and to the one you sent prior to that. Either your boyfriend was lying or you were losing your mind. 
November 4th. 
‘Dear Evan, 
I'm sorry that I sent the first letter to you and as you guessed, I was looking for my boyfriend who seems to be a bit MIA right now. His mother says that’s the right address and the place that she helped him move into. So I'm not really sure what’s happening there. Anyways, sorry for unloading all of that on you. 
To answer your question, yes, I am studying medicine and no, she isn't hot. My bio professor is a 65 year old woman who loves her college aged kids very much. If that’s your definition of hot, then yes - she's got milf status
Have you decided yet if you’re going to sign up to be a first responder ? That’d be pretty cool. Imagine all the girls swoon over you and how many girls you’d pick up just for being a paramedic or a firefighter. 
Wait, are you into girls ? Or guys ? You know, whoever you're into, just imagine how many of them you’d pick up. 
Also, you’re not a murderer or anything right ? because I rather not answer questions when the police come asking about why I've been sending letters to a serial killer. 
Anyways, signing off for now. 
Yours always, y/n. 
ps. if you do end up bumping into or meeting a guy that looks like my boyfriend, (tall, brown hair, brown eyes. he’s got a pierced ear and a little butterfly tattoo by his collarbone- though not sure why or how you'd see his collarbone) let me know or tell him that his girlfriend is looking for him.
Double ps, what size shirt do you wear ?’
Buck laughed at your absurd question. A person he didn’t even know was asking what size shirt he wore. The letter was set on the coffee table with the rest of the mail, getting buried under all of the stuff he had on there. It was almost the end of December when he realized that he hadn't written you back yet. 
December 21st. 
‘Hey y/n, 
Sorry I've taken so long to get back to you. Things have been hectic over here. I’ve been doing some ‘soul-searching’ - I guess you could call it that and honestly, I don’t think if this whole first responders thing is for me. 
I tried out bartending or well, the technical term is mixologist and I’m liking it so far, I think i’m going to stick with it for now. 
How have you been ? How’s school ? Surely, you’re on break for the holidays right about now or at least when you get this letter. I hope that you're spending the break doing something fun. 
I’m not going to make this very long, I’m sure you’ve been busy with whatever you’re doing right now. 
Also, I’ve been meaning to ask. Have you located the mysteriously disappearing boyfriend yet ? I haven't seen anyone that fit your description. 
well, that’s not true- I did and just to be sure I asked to see his collarbone, he looked at me like I was a mad man so I guess it wasn't him ? 
Anyways, I hope you have a good holiday and you're probably gonna get this sometime between holidays, so merry belated (?) Christmas and happy New Years y/n. 
Peace out, 
ps. medium or large, depending on what it is. Hopefully that answers your question weirdo.’
January 13th. 
The morning of the 13th, he went down to check his mail. A box was there with his name on it, the return address was one he had only seen on an envelope. The box returned upstairs with him, setting it on the counter before opening it. 
Upon opening it, there was a letter and some colourful tissue paper with what seemed like a sweater under it. He opened the letter first.
‘Dear Evan, 
Happy New Years! How was your holiday going ? Did you do anything fun ? 
I’ve been good and school is good too, I'm almost done my first year, isn't that crazy ? Just a few more months to go. 
How’s your job as mr. mixologist going ? I'm sure you’ve met some wild people and heard some interesting stories. 
As for the boyfriend situation, that's over. I’m not surprised to tell you the truth but it still kinda sucks. Anyways, so what happened was that his older brother had come home from college last year and brought a friend with him. She went to the same school as his brother but transferred to UCLA- anyways long story short, they hooked up while he and I were still together and he moved in with her after his mom helped him move into the apartment I thought he had. 
But! I’m single and chilling now so it’s all good. (bonus, she cheated on him and left him so yeah) 
I got you a little something for Christmas and as a “sorry for unloading all my boyfriend drama on you” present. I was in the gift shop and it made me think of you. Do you celebrate Christmas? I forgot to check oops. If you don't, count it as a just a “sorry for unloading all my boyfriend drama on you” present? 
I got a large because I wasn't sure if it would fit. I hope you like it. That’s all for now.
Yours always, y/n.’
He unwrapped the tissue paper to see a blue sweater with the letters NYU on it. He smiled, he assumed that’s where you went. It was sweet that you took the time to get him something, even if it was a by the way thing. Not a lot of people would send something to a person they had been talking to via letters and halfway across the country. 
February 12th. 
2 days before Valentine's Day, your least favourite holiday of the year. You weren't looking forward to watching all your friends going on with their boyfriends and girlfriends. The mail had arrived while you were out, you picked it up and headed in. There were two envelopes with your name on it,  a plain white one and a red one. The red envelope was more squared than rectangular, you assumed it was a card- both had the same sender name. 
‘Hey y/n!
Thank you for the sweater, it was nice of you to think of me and get me something. I didn’t know we were doing gifts or I would have sent you something as well and yes, I do celebrate Christmas. 
My job as ‘mr. mixologist’ was going well until I quit. It just didn’t feel like the right fit for me you know ? I'm going to see what else is out there for me. 
Sorry to hear about your boyfriend, he seems like a douche. Who would cheat on you ? You seem great I mean at least you are on paper (did you get my joke, it’s hard to tell) 
Also, remember how I was thinking I might actually give that first responder thing a try? Imagine me as a firefighter, that’s pretty cool right ? 
So I kinda did a thing and signed up and then I got in. I started two weeks ago and it was kicking my ass at first but I've gotten a hang of it and things are going pretty well. There's three other Evans in my class so everyone calls me Buck-I kind of like it. 
The other envelope, hopefully you opened this one first, is a little something for you for valentines. Hope you like it. 
Peace out, 
The red envelope was on your lap, you pulled the edges carefully not wanting to rip it. Inside was a plain white card with bright red letters that made you laugh. The cover read ‘I’m not sick of you yet!” Opening the card, a $20 fell onto your lap. There was a little message inside that went along with the cash. 
‘Since we aren't together and can’t spend valentines together, there’s some cash to get yourself a box of chocolates and a teddy bear. Happy Valentines Day y/n
Love, Buck.’ 
You smile, this was the first time that Buck had signed with ‘love, buck’ it had always been ‘peace out, buck.’ You tucked the card into the drawer, one you didn’t use very often so you knew it’d be safe there. 
*4 years later*
A few weeks had passed since Buck had last heard from y/n. His last letter to her was at the end of June, telling her all about the day he had spent at Hen and Karen’s. He always described every little detail so vividly that it made her feel like she was there with him- but it was now July, end of actually and moving into August. 
4 years had blown like nothing.
It felt like just yesterday he got the first letter in the mail. 4 years and they still had no idea what each other looked like but they knew every intricate and intimate detail about each other, their lives and the people in it. 
Y/n and Buck had grown rather close over the last few months- more than they already were. Y/n just went through a pretty shitty break up and Buck wasn't exactly big on relationships as of right now. 
He had just gotten home from work, his keys set on the counter when he realized that he forgot to check his mail. Stepping back out, there was a woman in the hallway and boxes scattered across her, leading into the apartment down the hall. 
She must be his new neighbour.
He wanted to go over and introduce himself but she was busy telling the movers where to set her couch so he decided that he would check the mail and then introduce himself when he returned so he did just that. 
Except, she was still busy. 
She leaned against the wall, watching the movers move what looked like a coffee table. She glanced up to see Buck walking by, she smiled and he returned the smile. 
Buck reaches his apartment, the mail in hand and steps in. He sorts through the pile, bills, ads, coupons and no letter from y/n. 
Your new apartment was a mess. You decided it was time for a change. You applied to a few hospitals after your break up and the one in LA hired you. So you dropped everything and moved- no family, no ties. 
A fresh start. 
It was a nice neighbourhood and the building was quiet. The neighbours you met were pleasant and welcoming. When you were having the furniture moved in, there was a blonde man who smiled at you and you assumed he lived in the unit down the hall because that’s where he stepped into. 
It was almost 11pm when you finally sat down. You had been on your feet all day and just wanted to eat something. The box with the dishes was beside the couch, you pulled the tape off and opened it. There was an envelope sitting on top of the stack of plates. 
Buck’s last letter to you. 
You must have tossed it into the boxes while packing and you forgot to write him back. Tumbling through the boxes, you find a sheet of paper and a pen from your bag. Sitting on the floor, the paper resting on an unopened box, you begin writing. 
‘Dear Buck, 
I’m sorry I've taken so long to get back to you. I quit my job, and uprooted my entire life. The break up sucked major ass as you know, so I decided it was time for a change. 
Guess where I decided to go ? 
Did you guess yet? 
No, not Canada, why would you guess Canada ? 
Yeah, isn't that crazy that I ended up here of all places? Maybe we could get together one day (if you haven’t turned into a crazy serial killer that is.) 
Anyways, that’s why I've taken so long to write. I was packing when I got your letter and I tossed it in a box and just found it again. Anyways, I hope you’ve been good, how have things been at the station ? 
I promise I'll write again with more details soon, I just have to get settled in first. 
Yours always, y/n.’ 
Folding the paper, you slipped into an envelope. The address being scribbled into the back of the envelope. You were about to seal it when the building number caught your eye. 
It was the same number as the place you moved into. The same address, the building number, the same floor. 
The unit number was the only difference. 
There was no way you moved into the building that Buck lived in. 
You knew the address felt familiar when you saw the listing but you didn’t think anything of it nor did it occur to you that you knew the address. 
Stepping out of your apartment, looking at the number on the room and back down at the envelope in your hand. Buck’s apartment was down the hall. 
Part of you just wanted to mail it and keep things as it was but another part of you wanted to meet him, to see what he was really like in person. So there you were walking down the hallway at a quarter past 11 in the dead of the night to meet a man you had been sending letters to for the last 4 years. 
The end of the hallway, you stared at the black wooden door in front of you. Your brain weighing the options right now: he’s a sweetheart and welcoming and makes you feel comfortable or he’s a weird guy who’s been lying to you this whole time and you told him everything about you and now he’s going to kill you. 
Before you could register what you were doing, you knocked on the door. 
Glancing down at yourself, you were wearing a pair of old shorts and a t-shirt from high school that you found in a drawer while packing. Not an ideal outfit, maybe he’s sleeping and you can go home and change- the door opened, a man wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt stood there. He looked like he had just woken up. 
“Sorry, did I wake you?” 
“It's alright,” he yawned, his hand covering his mouth as he blinked away a few tears. “What can I do for you ?” he leaned against the door. 
“Um, this is an odd question-” you shifted, glancing down at the envelope in your hand. “Are you Buck ?” 
“I am, who are you ?” 
You had never seen a man wake up that fast, he seemed surprised, confused and concerned all in one. “How- uh, are you- What ?” he mumbled. 
“I found your letter in the box after I moved, I moved into the apartment down the hall” you point to your left, Buck sticks his head out of the doorway and looks at the door you were pointing to. You were the woman in the hallway that he saw earlier, he knew you looked familiar. 
“I just wrote your letter and I noticed that the addresses were the same, just a different unit number so I decided to come check. Sorry if I bothered you, we can talk another day- it’s late and you probably have work” “Would you like to come in?” he opens the door a bit more, looking to you for an answer. 
“Um, okay sure.” stepping in, you can’t help but glance around. The apartment was similar to yours, the layout was a bit different though. “Can I get you something to drink ? Coffee, water ? A beer ?” he rounded the kitchen counter, you took a seat on one of the chairs by the counter. 
“Water’s fine, thanks” 
He reached for a bottle from the fridge, sliding it over to you. You gave him a smile, he leaned against the counter and was now looking- studying you. 
“I know we’ve talked to each other for 4 years but this is kinda strange” you chuckled awkwardly, Buck can't help but smile. 
“Yeah, it is, isn't it? but can I ask why you moved to LA?” 
“Well all of that was in the letter” you slide the envelope across the counter and he picks it up, opening it. Giving him a few moments to read, you watch his expression like you were hoping for some insight as to how he was feeling or what he was thinking. He let out a laugh, “how’d you know I'd guess Canada ?” you smiled at him, a small wave of relief washing over you for some reason. “Lucky guess I suppose” 
“Do you-” “What are-” the sentences cutting each other off, the two of you awkwardly smiling at each other. “You first” looking at him, he hums. 
“Do you have work tomorrow or are you busy ?” His eyes meet yours, you found yourself leaning forwards towards the counter- towards him. He made you feel comfortable, you’d go as far as to say safe, in a way you’ve never felt before. 
“No, I don't start until the 21st. Why ?” 
“I was thinking - if you're not busy and if you want to, of course. Maybe I could take you out for breakfast and I could show you around ? Or lunch or dinner ? Whatever works for you actually” he rambles, fiddling with his fingers to avoid eye contact. 
A small laugh slips past your lips causing him to look up, his brows furrowed as he studies your face, looking for an answer. 
“Breakfast sounds good, what time should I be ready for ?” 
“Uh, is 10 okay ?” he asks, you nod. “I’ll be ready for 10 then.” 
“Okay, I'll pick you up” he smiles. 
“Buck, we live in the same building.” 
“Oh right,” he chuckles, “well I'll be by yours at 10 then” the two of you smiling at each other. 
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Unbelievable Chapter I (Sherlock x Reader fanfic)
A/N: So this is my first ever fanfic... and the first time I'm ever using Tumblr. If you have any recommendations or anything like that, please say!
This fanfic takes place before series 2 really starts, but after "the pool scene"
Link to Chapter II
2472 words
Chapter I
‘Why did you do it?’ the shorter man asked, as his companion tiredly looked at him, silently.
‘Hmm... why don’t you ask your friend over there?’ I said pointing at the companion, who now had closed his eyes. In response, I only got muttering from both parts.
‘Oh, come on!’ I rose from the chair, hands placed in the handcuffs on the table, making me bend forward just a tad.
‘Didn’t really think that through?’, the shorter man chuckled, looking at my hands. Instead of responding, I flung him a small grin, spitting a small object out into my hand. As my hands quickly opened the handcuffs, the short man hurriedly tried to stand, but his companion made him sit.
‘But!?’ he cried out with a confused look on his face. I walked over to the men but paid the noisy man no attention.
‘Sherlock Holmes!’ I said, giving his hand a quick shake. ‘What an absolute pleasure! Now then, why did I do it? Surely you must know. I mean you are the famous Sherlock Holmes, the Detective with the Hat!’
The man huffs, muttering a few words.
‘What was that? Couldn’t quite hear you.’ I squatted down next to him.
He muttered something again, ever so slightly louder, just loud enough for me to hear it, whilst his companion was still in the dark.
‘What?’ the companion asked.
‘She didn’t do it John!’ The man almost shouted. ‘I was wrong.’
‘No, no you can’t be. I- I mean all the evidence is right there, and you’re never wrong? Even the police didn’t doubt you for a second on this case, it was like cutting through butter for you.’
‘Exactly John. It was too easy,’ the detective said. ‘The only thing that was missing was the motive. Why would she do it? She didn’t even know them.’
‘She was framed?’
‘Yes. I was framed. Took you long enough to figure that out, all though Mr. Holmes here most likely knew since the moment he saw me. His eyes were flickering like he had a seizure, it was quite the sight. But I’m afraid that I have really got to go now boys, I’ll be late,’ I said with an ever so faint smile.
‘Late? This is a police investigation; you can’t just walk out!’
‘Can’t I? I have just been found innocent. Whoever did this crime almost beat Sherlock Holmes! What an honour to have been part of it. Adieu!’ I quickly walked out of there taking my phone from the front desk as I walked by. They didn’t need it anyways; it was no longer any use as proof.
Of course, I didn’t actually have anywhere to be, but I really was starving. It was 5 in the afternoon, and I hadn’t even had lunch yet! I had been walking down to get my lunch from my usual place at 2pm when I was snatched up by the police. Turns out that police investigations take quite a while.
As I got to my usual restaurant and ordered their Spaghetti Carbonara (which is brilliant btw), I got a phone call. I don’t usually pick up my phone as I find speaking to people through it quite annoying, but as I was waiting for my food, and had nothing else to do, I picked it up.
The conversation went as follows:
‘You have reached Y/N’s phone, leave a message by the beep… beeeeeeep.’
‘This is Greg… from the police. Sherlock has informed us that you are in fact innocent, but we still need to keep an eye on you. We know that you currently have no permanent address and are living in a hotel. We, therefore, ask you to temporarily move into an apartment. A deal has been made with the owner, and you would have to pay no fees.’ Police never “asks”. This isn’t a request, it’s an order.
‘And uh, I reckon you would like to know the apartment number. Luckily it is not far from your current hotel, only a few hundred meters. Now the address is 221c Baker street- ‘
Baker Street. No bloody way. There was no way that I would move next to those two. Did they just expect me not to know Sherlock Holmes’s address? Why did he have to keep an eye on me anyway, I’m not his problem.
The phone rang again. I didn’t take it of course. So, it rang again. And again. And again. It was almost impressive how persistent they were about this.
It rang a final time, as my carbonara arrived. Silently, of course, there was no way I’d listen to the ringing for so long. And as I took my first bite, or slurp really, he stood there in the doorway. No, not the detective, Greg. The policeman.
‘Y/N we are serious.’ Did he speak of himself as “we” now? I wasn’t aware that he was the Queen.
‘This is a legal matter if you don’t comply you will actually go to jail.’
I swallowed slowly and dried my mouth with a napkin, watching him sigh.
‘Sorry sir, it’s impolite to speak when chewing your food. Now I believe I have made my answer clear. No. No, I will not live next to Sherlock Holmes and his boyfriend.’
‘They’re not- never mind that. Yes, you will. Your stuff has already been moved there; you need to go.’
‘Can you not just get it for me? Please?’ asked, making doe eyes. ‘It would really be quite the help, Greg.’ Eye contact.
‘Ahem, no. You need to go Y/N.’
‘Ugh fine.’ And just like that, I was being escorted by Greg to my new apartment.
Did I give up easily? I didn’t give up. I just realized, that maybe, just maybe, I could be on the receiving end of this deal.
221c wasn’t a bad apartment so to say, and it being a basement apartment was quite nice. My belongings had indeed been moved down there, and after a quick talk with Greg about the duration of this “deal” (in which the answer had been ‘as long as necessary’ very helpful, thanks) he had left, and I had started unpacking. It was then I heard knocking on the door.
As I opened it, I was received by the face of an annoyed detective and a smug-looking policeman.
‘Ah sorry Y/N, I lost my keys.’
‘I know,’ I said, tossing him his keys. ‘And what about you Mr Holmes, by what do I owe the pleasure?’
‘John told me to invite you to tea.’
‘John… is he your boyfriend? The grey-haired one? Quite short, looks like a hobbit?’
No response.
‘Just kidding. But no actually, I am quite busy, so I am very sorry but I’ll have to decline-‘
‘You can’t!’ he said, cutting me off. ‘He’s very persistent, if you don’t come, he will murder me.’
‘Looking forward to it. Be a lamb and ask him to invite me to the funeral, will you?’
And then I closed the door.
Half an hour went by, and I was about halfway done with decorating my new apartment when I heard new knocks on my door. They were louder, heavier, as if done by someone with a broader hand. My guess was John. Which was right of course.
‘Good evening, John, so nice to see you again! We may not have come off on the best foot earlier, and I am so sorry if I came off as rude. By what do I owe the pleasure?’
‘Tea? My place. I-I mean our place. Sherlock and mine. He said you refused?’
‘What? I would never, that’s a lovely idea, we can be properly introduced as neighbours! I have not seen Sherlock since earlier at the station, only Greg has come to visit me.’
John sighed. ‘Right, I should have thought so. But you will come?’
‘Of course!’
And then we went up the stairs and into apartment b.
The apartment was a mess. Like, really, a mess. There was newspaper everywhere as well as books cups and other things that I won’t even begin to explain. The skull on the fireplace was a nice touch though.
‘Sherlock I can’t believe you would just lie this way!’ John shouted. ‘Y/N is a super nice young woman, and you didn’t even go down to invite her, instead, you just said that she didn’t want to come. That’s really not fair. What did she ever do to you? We barely know her, and we’re neighbours now you know. Don’t be so rude.’
Sherlock’s confused look got wiped away when he saw me slightly smiling. It did suit him though. Being confused. Made his face look more… pretty. Yes, it was prettier.
‘A proper introduction this time. I’m Y/N L/N. I now live next to you. Or actually, under you, it’s complicated.’ I put my hand out towards him, and as he didn’t react, I took his into mine and kissed it. Like a gentleman kissing a lady’s hand. This put the confused look back on his face for just a moment, although it was better before.
I was then asked to sit, and as I did John went out into the kitchen to make a cup of tea.
‘So, Sherlock. What can you deduct from me?’
‘Why do you care?’
‘I have heard many tales of you, and I would like to know if they are true. So, what can you see?’
‘Oh, please don’t,’ John said from the kitchen.
The next four seconds were silent, and I used them to look at the tall man in front of me. Without the coat, he actually looked quite a bit shorter, and less mysterious. He had very defined facial structures and dark curly hair. At that moment, I imagined that he would be popular with the ladies, but soon realised, that he was far too odd for that.
‘You’re in your early 20’s yet have further education than what is presumed for people your age. You didn’t have an apartment before 221c, and you do not have any pets, although you did have one when you were younger. You rarely hold vacations, and when you do, you do not go out tanning. You dislike sports but are not particularly bad at them. You like dressing up and putting makeup on, but do not feel the need for it every day, since you do it for yourself, and yourself only. You like science, which is what has made you so smart, but that is not what you’re studying. You used to play the piano but stopped, presumably because you didn’t have the time. Oh, and you’re single.’ He looks up at John who had just stepped out of the kitchen at the last sentence.
‘Impressive. Dare I ask how you gathered so much information?’
‘No.’ John quickly said.
‘It is easy to estimate your age. You did not have a lot of furniture, of course, it could’ve just not been moved yet, but you seemed oddly out of place in your new apartment, like you weren’t used to having your own place. Your skin is pale, and you have visible dark circles under your eyes, which indicate working late, but they are deep, rooted into your skin, so staying up late isn’t a one-time thing, it’s an everyday occurrence. I had a peak at your clothes in your apartment, and while you do not have a lot, they are good quality and formal. You also had a small makeup back in your suitcase indicating the use of makeup. You have papercuts on your hand, at least two, probably from reading of some sort, but all school things are online, so this is a spare-time habit. You had only one book in your suitcase, but it had been read thoroughly. It was about string theory, which on the surface doesn’t have to be advanced, but that book sure was. Your hands, although your fingers aren’t long, they are agile as seen from your little key trick, but your leftie is struggling a bit, because of little recent playing. I would say more but John is going to kill me soon.’
John nodded affirmingly.
‘Also, you have a certain ambience about you. You seem like you know your stuff.’
‘Childhood pet?’
‘Accurate 70% of the time.’
I smiled. He was good, but I had expected more somehow. Don’t know what though.
‘So, how did he do?’ John asked.
‘Very well. Although, I am no longer a student, graduated recently. The dark circles are not from studying, they’re just there.’
Sherlock grinned as John gave us our tea, and after a sip, I asked; ‘So, what do you do when there are no crimes to be solved?’
‘Play Cluedo. Oh, and John goes on dates.’ He winked at John.
‘Oh? I asked. ‘Who is the lucky someone?’
‘Well, you see. John here has a difficult time keeping the same woman for more than one date.’ He grinned.
‘Really? I can’t imagine that, he’s quite the attractive fellow!’ I smiled at John. Flattering gets you everywhere.
‘Ah well, uhm, thank you,’ John blushed. Bingo. ‘And you too Mr Sherlock Holmes,’ I said looking directly into his eyes. Sherlock was unfaced.
‘So, with John going on dates and all, I suppose the rumour of you two being a couple has been debunked,’ I said, askingly. John shook his head chuckling. Not in a disproving manner, but it was obvious that he was tired of the question.
‘Sherlock is not my boyfriend,’ he replied. ‘I am not gay.’
‘Hmm, Mrs Hudson doesn’t seem to believe that.’
‘WHAT? She told you that?’
‘I’m smart John. She didn’t need to.’
Sherlock smiled to himself believing that no one could see him, as I was too busy speaking with John.
A few moments later a phone rang. Both John and Sherlock immediately stood up, as if they expected the phone to be magical. No more than five seconds after having picked it up, Sherlock put it down again, and quickly put on his coat. John was already ready. It all happened rather quickly, and I had no time to react. Sherlock looked at me expectantly.
‘Are you coming?’ he asked.
‘Coming where, is it a case?’
‘Sherlock...’ John said. ‘She’s a suspected criminal.’
‘Proven innocent,’ Sherlock answered with a stern look on his face, and John recognised that he could not win this discussion.
‘So?’ Sherlock asked looking towards me.
‘On the case? But the tea.’
‘The tea?’
‘I have not finished it, I only got it a minute ago.’
‘Screw the bloody tea,’ John answered.
‘But- ‘
‘Come along,’ Sherlock said already out of the door. And so, I went out on my first ever case with Mr Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson.
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waitimcomingtoo · a year ago
In Case You Don’t Live Forever
~chapter two rewritten~
Pairing: Peter Parker x Venom!Reader
Synopsis: you are Peters greatest love and Spider-Man’s greatest enemy
Masterlist and Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Moving and finding an apartment can be an incredibly long and stressful process. Unless you’re you, and life likes to throw a lot of curve balls at you for the utter hell of it.
Your dad dropped dead three weeks after you told Andy you were moving to New York. Coincidentally, right in the middle of you trying to find a place to live. He drank himself to death. Figures. You doubted you’d ever had a conversation with him that he was sober enough to remember. His untimely demise was unfortunate for him, because he died or whatever, but very fortunate for you. As his only child, you got his apartment in Queens and all his smelly hoodies.
You said your goodbyes to Andy and Dani after a night out in the streets of San Francisco. You had originally moved there after high school to start your show, The L/n Report. San Francisco was known for its crimes against the homeless population and you wanted to start with a story on that. You ended up interviewing Andy at the police station while investigating a missing person, and dated him for two years. Now, you were spending your last few hours in San Francisco with the very boy you once loved and the very girl he now did.
“Are you all packed?” Dani asked you, snapping you out of your thoughts.
“Pretty much. I gotta put my toothbrush and hairbrush in my suitcase in the morning. Other than that, I’m good to go.” You answered her. She smiled fondly at you as she linked her arm through yours.
“Hey, I’m really gonna miss you. More than that guy over there.” You whispered, nodding towards Andy, who had his head buried in his phone. Dani laughed and nodded in agreement as you continued to walk.
“I’m going to miss you too. You’re my best friend here.” She sighed sadly.
“I’m glad we’re friends. Most women in our position would hate each other.” You thought out loud.
“Uh uh. You’re thinking of women in films. It’s 2021, baby. Women support women. You and I are two talented, smart, beautiful women who would never be caught fighting over some boy. Especially not one who can’t take his eyes off his phone for two seconds.” Dani said loudly and smacked Andy’s arm. You laughed at the domestic moment but couldn’t help feeling a pain in your heart knowing he used to be that way with you.
“What, sorry?” Andy looked up. You and Dani looked at him before looking at each other and laughing.
“What’s funny?” He asked, growing annoyed.
“We’re laughing at you babe. Put your phone away. It’s Y/N’s last night here.” Dani scolded playfully. Andy sighed and reluctantly put his phone in his pocket.
“Right, sorry. And it’s not her last night here. She’s coming back. You are coming back, right?” He asked you. You nodded, though you weren’t entirely sure.
“Of course I’ll be back.” You shrugged. “I just want to experience something new for a while. I’ve done a million pieces on homelessness and poverty. I want to see what fresh stories New York has to offer.”
“You’re quoting the Daily Bugle, aren’t you?” Dani teased you.
“That is verbatim what they said to me.” You admitted with a laugh. “But hey, it worked. As of tomorrow, I’m the Daily Bugle’s newest investigative reporter.”
“Who are you reporting on anyway?” Andy showed a rare interest in your work.
“Some guy named Cletus Kasady.” You answered. “He’s some hot shot serial killer down in Queens. No one knows how he’s hiding his victims bodies. Apparently none have ever been close to being found.”
“And they want you to write the story on him?” Andy raised an eyebrow, always with the condescending tone.
“Well they heard about the whole Carlton Drake situation and decided I hadn’t been through enough trauma in my career.” You replied, earning a laugh from Dani but not Andy. You and Andy had already broken up by the time Carlton Drake contracted a symbiote and tried to kill you and Venom. You stopped him before he could hurt anyone and wrote a career defining article on his lethal human experiments. You managed to leave out all information regarding symbiotes from the article, so your secret was still safe. You were a fairly well known reporter since the incident and your next job was waiting for you in New York.
In the morning, You and Venom got on a plane and made your way to New York. Being on a plane with Venom turned out to be the equivalent to traveling with a toddler. You tried to sleep, but every two seconds you had to stop Venom from getting into trouble. She kept trying to open the window, even after you explained to her that everyone on the plane would die horrible death if the window were to open.
“Stop that.” You whispered when you noticed a black tendril creeping towards the window. The lady in the seat next to you shot me a look of confusion. You gave her a fake smile and turned back to the window, doing your best to conceal the small black tendril that was coming out of your body and fidgeting with the airplane window.
“We want it open.” Venom replied telepathically.
“Do you also want us to blow out of the plane and into space?” You said through my teeth.
“We didn’t anticipate that but it’d be appreciated.” Venom answered, making you groan. The rest of the plane ride followed in similar fashion.
Seven hours later, you arrived at the apartment building. You had never been to your dads apartment, you didn’t even know he had one. You wondered what happened to your childhood home as you looked around the place. The apartment wasn’t too small but not too big either. The rent was practically nothing compared to how expensive San Francisco was, and The Daily Bugle offered to cover your expenses until the story was done. You figured after some redecorating and moving in, it would make a fine new home.
The first seven days in the apartment went by smoothly. You unpacked, with little to no help from Venom, and set up the furniture. On the eight day, you sat on the couch, aimlessly flipping through channels in the TV when you had a thought.
“Oh shit.” You said out loud.
“What?” Venom, who was curly nestled around your neck like a neck pillow, asked.
“I forgot mail exists.” You frowned. “We better go check the mailbox before it overflows.”
You and Venom grudgingly walked to the mailboxes and back again. No one was around, so she manifested herself and rested on your shoulder as I looked through the mail.
“Oops. I grabbed someone else’s mail too.” You clicked your tongue when you read a strangers name off the envelope. “I gotta find them.”
“Let’s go.” Venom said and pulled you towards the front door.
“Sorry, babe. This is a me thing, not a we thing. You know I love you but I don’t want to scare our neighbors. Not yet anyway.” You reasoned. Venom grumbled and went back inside your body.
You checked the address of the envelope and discovered that it belonged to the apartment directly across from you.
You knocked on the door and patiently waited for someone to open it as you mindlessly cracked your knuckles. Just as you were about to walk away, the door opened.
“Hi, are you May Parker?” You asked right away. You looked up from the envelope and your face instantly flushed. The person staring back at you definitely wasn’t May Parker. It was a boy around your age, maybe a little younger. He had soft brown eyes and wavy brown hair. It was gelled back loosely and you could see the outline of soft curls. To your surprise, he was just as flushed as you were. You stared at each other for a moment, no one wanting to be the first to blink.
“Yea. I’m May Parker.” The boy said finally. He shut his eyes in embarrassment and shook his head.
“I mean, no I’m not. But that’s my Aunt. May is my Aunt but I’m not May. That’s my Aunt May. I’m her nephew…obviously. Aunt May is my Aunt May. I…what?” He stumbled over his words and somehow turned even redder. His blush reached all the way down his neck, to his blue jumper that read “Midtown Tech” in yellow letters. You recognized the name of one of the most prestigious high schools in New York, already impressed with your new neighbor.
“Well hello, not May Parker. I’m also not May Parker. But I seemed to forget that when I grabbed your mail this morning. Sorry about that.” You said sheepishly as you handed his mail to him. The boy rubbed the back of his neck as he looked at it and attempted to redeem himself.
“It’s not problem. She and I always forget to check the mail so you actually helped us, um, whoever you are.” He smiled weakly. His voice was cute. He had that Queens accent that the people of San Francisco lacked, for obvious reasons.
“Oh, right.” You laughed in embarrassment. “I’m Y/N L/N. I just moved here from San Francisco. I live across the hall.”
You pointed to the door behind you as if he didn’t know what “across the hall” meant. You didn’t know what was wrong with you. You were never this awkward.
His eyes lit up a bit once you told him where you lived.
“Really? I thought that smelly guy lived there.” The boy said and you stifled a laugh.
“That smelly guy was my father. He died a little while ago so I live there now.” You told him, malign the boys eyes widen. They were so brown. Like little pools of honey. Or little pools of the Hudson River. You had seen a million pairs of brown eyes before, but none like his. They were quite distracting to be honest.
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry! I had. I had no idea-“ he began to frantically apologize but you cut him off.
“Don’t worry about it. We never got along. And you’re right, that man stank.” You chuckled. It was the first thing you said that felt like your old self. You hadn’t really talked to anyone since moving to New York, with the exception of Venom and the occasional phone call from Andy or Dani. You liked talking to this boy, though you still had no idea who he was.
“Oh thank God. I thought I screwed this up before it even went anywhere.” He immediately turned red when he heard his own words. You saw the regret in his eyes and decided to throw him a bone.
“Well it certainly can’t go anywhere until you tell me your name.” You flirted. Again, he relaxed. You felt a surge of confidence knowing he wanted this to go well.
“Parker. I’m Parker Peter. I mean, Peter Parker.” He fumbled over his words again, making you smile fondly.
“We like him. He’s cute.” Venom said telepathically. You looked down at my shoes and blushed, knowing you liked him too.
“And he looks delicious.” She added, ruining the moment.
“It’s nice to meet you Peter Parker.” You gave him your best smile. “I’m glad there’s someone my age around here. Everyone I’ve met so far is either an old bitty or a creepy uncle type.” You regretted it as soon as it left your mouth. You didn’t know what his sense of humor was like and he might not find you the slightest but funny. Andy always told you you were bad at telling jokes, and you feared he might be right.
Lucky for you, Peter burst out laughing.
“Ah. I’ve seen you’ve met Henry.” Peter pointed a finger down the hall. “Yeah, I’d stay away from him. He asked me if he could have pictures of my feet once. He said he’d “pay me handsomely” for it too.”
“Damn. So he beat me to asking you.” You pretended to be upset, which made Peter laugh again. The sound of his laugh made your heart pick up speed. You weren’t used to feeling like this. Boys rarely impressed you, Andy was just lucky you liked a man in uniform.
“Yeah. You better stay away from him.” Peter advised.
“It might be hard.” You clicked your tongue. “Our mailboxes are pretty close. I’ll make a mental note to never check my mail while wearing flip flops, though.”
Peter smiled at your joke. He had the kind of smile that you would make the person laugh just to see it again. It was brilliant.
“Well my mailbox should be directly above yours. So don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” He grinned, and you grinned back.
“My hero.” You gushed as you put your hands over your heart. The tips of his ears went pink, like he was shocked that you said that.
“I’m no hero.” He sounded almost panicked, like you touched a nerve or something.
“We’re hungry. We need to eat.” Venom interrupted abruptly, causing you to jump. Since Peter couldn’t hear her, he looked at you strangely, not knowing the cause of your sudden jolt.
“Sorry, I uh, I thought I saw a spider.” You lied.
“If there was a spider, we’d eat it. We need food. Now.” Venom demanded.
Peter looked up at his doorframe for the imaginary spider.
“Yeah, New York is full of them.” Peter said skeptically. “Not that full, though. And some spiders are nice. One might even call them friendly.”
“Right.” You laughed at his strange wording, unaware that you were both keeping a secret.
“Would…” Peter began but trailed off, seemingly mulling something over in his head. “Would you like to eat dinner with my Aunt and I? I remember when we first moved in, it took us a while to get into the swing of things and make dinner every night. If you like, you could join us. And, you know, we could get to know each other.” He offered. It all came out in one breath. You could tell he was nervous and that only drew you in more.
“I’d love to Peter.” You said, and he smiled in relief.
“Great.” He gave an awkward thumbs up. “We usually eat around six so maybe come around then? She’ll be so happy to meet you. She loves cooking and she always tries to get me to learn but I once burnt cereal and I still don’t know how.” Peter began to ramble. He cut himself off and shook his head again. “Sorry. I’m rambling.”
Then, you did something stupid. You put your hand on his arm like the dumb bitch you were. You barely knew this guy. Who the hell were you to touch him? He must’ve been thinking the same thing, since he instantly froze under your touch and stared at your hand on his arm.
“Don’t apologize. I can’t cook either. Unless you count making tater tots as cooking. Then I’m Gordon Ramsey.” You assured him, feeling him relax under your touch.
“You’re just gonna mention tater tots without warning us first? Our mouth is watering. Can we eat Peter?” Venom asked, making your eyes widen.
If it was socially acceptable to scream at your symbiote in public, you would’ve yelled “NO, WE CANNOT EAT PETER” from the top of your lungs. But since you didn’t want to scare Peter and the rest of the neighbors away, you merely smiled and made another mental note to smack the shit out of Venom later.
“I love that man. “Where is the lamb sauce?” Peter mimicked in a bad British accent. He had no right being as charming as he was.
“No no no.” You shook your head. “His best line is “I’ll get you more pumpkin and I’ll ram it right up your ass. Would you like it whole or diced?”. He’s said some pretty wild things but that one makes me cry.”
Peters laugh rang through the halls. To be the cause of that laugh was a feeling like no other. You stood there for a while, just looking at each other. His eyes grazed down your body, but not in a crude way. You berated yourself for not dressing better when going to meet the neighbors, clad in nothing but a grey hoodie and some leggings. Peter looked cute, but you had a feeling he always did. His jumper was pretty baggy and you could see a collared shirt poking out the top. He was dressed almost professionally and you found it incredibly endearing.
You wanted to know more about him. You wanted to know his secrets and his hobbies and what makes him itch. You wanted to see if he dresses this way on weekends too or what his summer clothes looked like. Your gawking was interrupted by Peters phone ringing. He broke out of his trance and answered it quickly.
“Hi, Mr. S. No I’m not busy. I mean, I’m super busy but I can totally make time for you. Yea, Happy talked to me. Okay. Okay. Where? Okay. See you in a bit.” Peter hung up and looked at you apologetically.
“That was my job. I have to run but I’ll be back in time for our dinner. I live at…you know where I live. I’ll see you then. Don’t be late.” Peter called as he ran down the hallway, towards the elevator.
“I won’t. See you later.” You called back.
You went back to your apartment and like a kid, broke out into a happy dance.
“Venom!! Did you see how cute he was?” You gushed. “And how funny he is? I have to get ready for tonight.”
Venom manifested and swirled around my arm.
“Someone has a crush.” Venom smirked. Well, as much of a smirk as she could muster with that huge mouth of hers.
“I don’t have a crush. I just think he’s cute okay?” You replied coyly. “Cute. And funny and sweet and charming and amazing. But that’s it.”
“We can feel your heart beat.” Venom reminded you. “It was going ten miles an hour. What would Andy say?”
You had been rummaging through your closet and stopped in your tracks. With Peters new inhabitance in your mind, you had forgotten all about Andy. You moved to New York to avoid his wedding and his moving on, and you might’ve succeeded.
“I don’t care what he’d say.” You decided. “He’s not my boyfriend.”
“But we want him to be.” Venom insisted. “We want him back, remember?”
“I don’t know what I want.” You answered honestly. “I just want to get ready for tonight.”
“Why are you getting ready now? You have 5 hours until you have to be there and it’s right across the hall.” Venom teased.
“Only 5 hours?” You sighed. “We better get moving.”
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midnightsconspiracy · a year ago
Tumblr media
Blame - @midnightsconspiracy
Summary: Having a baby without telling their father was hard, what was harder was when that baby’s father was Hank Voight
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1900
Requested: Yes!!
‘Hank and the reader had a small fling 2 years ago Hank called it off but what happens when he finds out that the reader son isn’t just hers but his as well.’
A/N: It doesn't really follow the timeline of the requests 2 years, but it's along those lines anyway :):)
Yours and Hank's relationship had seemed perfect at first, well to you anyway. Nothing seemed as though it was out of the ordinary until the man had unexpectedly broken it off.
It had originally started when you had first met him on a case. Originally, you had attended a police scene after his unit had called for a paramedic crew, the sergeant in question having hit the offender a little too hard. Your partner was assigned to look at the perpetrator's wounds, him having come out of that scuffle worst for wear, you on the other hand were sent to look at Voight's beat-up hand. Admittedly, you were a little wary at first, having heard of his tough reputation through the firehouse. But he seemed to be kind to you anyways, and so you ignored those rumours, choosing to decide for yourself instead. And so your relationship grew from there, secretly spending most of your free nights at his place, learning to trust each other implicitly.
As time went on, the two of your learnt to love each other, both scarred from the outcome of previous relationships. Your days were filled with shy smiles from the texts you'd send to each other, and nights with the feeling of one another. Everything had seemed perfect at the time, blissfully unaware of what he was feeling. Yes, he did love you, but the insecurities and comments were eating away at him. Each day he would come into work or go out to his local gentlemen's club and receive judgments on your relationship, about how you were much younger or better looking than him. He took most of the comments to heart despite you telling him otherwise, but who was he going to believe, over 10 of his closest friends and colleagues or his girlfriend? Eventually, he chose his answer, breaking it off before you could object otherwise.
Distraught was the only word that you could use to describe yourself. You were absolutely heartbroken knowing someone you believed loved you threw it all away because of the opinions of others. Not only were you emotionally broken but also physically, feeling like absolute crap, constantly throwing your guts up and in an ever-changing mood. At first, you just blamed it on the stress you were facing, the breakup had been rough and you'd tried your best to change his mind. But it continued on day by day even after you'd accepted what had happened. Confiding in Sylvie about your problems, she seemed worried for you, urging you to go to the doctors for advice. Although you were apprehensive at first, you followed her instructions, seeking Natalie out to check you over.
You played with your hands nervously as you waited for her to come back with the results of the blood tests. At first, you just thought it was the flu, but after each symptom of yours she checked off her list, your mind knew where this was all going. And so as she confirmed what you were thinking, you froze, tears springing to your eyes not knowing what would happen to you or your baby.
That day you had made one of the most important decisions of your life, you would move back home to Virginia and raise the baby with only the help of your family. And so that's what you did, packing your things up into a moving van, putting your apartment for sale and driving to your new home. It was a little challenging at first to adjust to your new life, you missed your friends overwhelmingly having spent nearly every day of the last five years within the walls of that firehouse. But, you knew you had to move on though, probably never going back to Chicago to allow your child a better life. It had crossed your mind once or twice that maybe Hank would want to know about this, be a part of their life, but you just couldn't chance it. He had let you go over the opinions of others so what would stop him from doing similar with this child? You couldn't take that risk though, so as soon as any thought of him would appear, it would disappear soon after.
It was a struggle being a single parent, going through each trimester of your pregnancy alone. Sometimes you wished he would go through the milestones with you, the first sign of a baby bump, the first kick. And you had your family there with you too, but it was never the same as someone you loved. The worst was when you gave birth, all alone, with no one to hold your hand as you experienced the worst pain of your entire life. However, it had led to the best thing, your son, Jackson. Your life had changed overnight, now you not only lived for yourself but also your son.
As he grew up your happiness also increased, loving life just you and your child. Most of the time it was perfect laughing and playing but others you wanted Hank to be there, helping you out with the hard moments. Things with your family worsened as Jackson grew as well, things becoming rocky as they helped you less and less. And so just after you celebrated your sons third birthday, you decided maybe Chicago wasn't so bad. You could reunite with your friends, have some help with Jackson and potentially get your job back at the firehouse. So that's what you did, once again packing your stuff up and moving the both of you into a shared apartment with Sylvie, your rock in all of this.
Your life had suddenly gone back to normal overnight, picking up your career as a paramedic at 51 whilst you got a babysitter from Jackson. The only people that were aware of your presence were those at the firehouse, trying to keep your return in house so as not to raise any unwanted attention. But that had all changed as you and Brett were once again called to a police crime scene. And your prayers weren't answered as you rolled up to one led by intelligence.
As soon as you exited the ambulance you were faced with the entire team with two people needing assistance, the perpetrator and Hank. Sylvie gave you a knowing look as you grabbed the equipment, allowing you to take the bad guy. But as you walked towards the guy, Hank raised his voice, telling Sylvie he wouldn't be treated by her, wanting to talk to you instead. So you both complied, wandering over and grabbing Hank's head to assess his injuries, not wanting to even look him in the eye. You tried to wrap things up as quickly as you could, refusing to talk to him at all.
"You're back," he stated bluntly, needing to know your reasoning behind leaving in the first place. But you wouldn't give him the pleasure, fixing medical tape onto his wound, before packing up your stuff and hightailing it back into the ambulance. Although you were done with him, he definitely wasn't done with you, having heard some interesting rumours about your departure.
Finding out your new address, Hank made it his mission to see you, to explain what he was thinking. Knocking on the door of your apartment, he wished to see your face, having missed you the four years you had been gone. Just after you had moved your life to Virginia, Hank had a revelation, kicking himself for letting go of someone he loved so much. But instead of meeting your beautiful face, he found some random woman, being informed that you no longer lived there. He had been left distraught, leading to months of emotional instability, bottling it up, only to explode with anger and sadness after too long. But now as you opened the door, he smiled, glad that it was actually you this time.
"Why are you here?" You asked, wedging your body between the door and its frame, not wanting him to spot your child who was happily playing inside.
"I wanted to see you, I missed you," he confessed, wary at your suspicious behaviour.
"Missed me? You broke-"
"Mommy?" Being cut off from your angry rant, your eyes widened at the sound of your son, knowing you would have to reveal him to his father. Picking your toddler up, you tried to close the door, hoping to defuse the situation. Unlucky for you, Hank stopped the door from closing, pushing inside of your apartment.
"Mommy huh?" He questioned, confused at how you had a child.
"What's your name buddy?"
"Jackson," your son replied, blissfully unaware of who this man was and what havoc he was causing.
"And how old are you?" The cogs were turning in Hanks mind, could this child be his?
"I just turned three!" The exclamation from the child, confirmed it all, he was this boys father and you hadn't told him. Straightening up he looked you in the eyes, an angry look on his face.
"Hey, buddy why don't you play in your bedroom?" And with that, you brought your son back into his room, closing the door behind you.
"He's mine isn't he?" Hank questioned that eerily quiet voice piercing your ears. Yes, you hadn't told him, but it was to protect you and your son! Not trusting your voice you nodded your head, giving him the confirmation he needed.
"And you didn't think to tell me?" He roared, his anger overflowing, grabbing your arms to get you to look at him.
"It was to protect him, if you could easily get rid of me, what was stopping you from getting rid of him too?" You cried, knowing what you did was wrong.
"And you didn't think I could make that chose myself?" You could see the tears in the man's eyes, his voice crackling as he realised this was as much his fault as it was yours. You had made the choice but he was ultimately to blame. Bringing you into his arms, you both cried, equally regretting your decisions. Looking back up at him, your feeling flooded back, remembering how much you really loved this man. And so at that moment, you decided that Hank should be part of your boy's life, Jackson was as much his as he was yours.
So that evening was spent introducing the pair, watching as they got along like a house on fire. Hank's experience raising a child previously meant he knew how to please a child, allowing them to bond as father and son. Every time he looked at you, your original feelings intensified, understanding why you had originally thought that he would make a great father. In Hanks mind he was feeling overwhelming joy, the last few years had been so tough for him and this, this was all he could ever want. He had loved Justin with all his heart, but since he had died a black void had overtaken his heart. His grandson had briefly filled it, but that had been taken away again as they left as well. Finally, he had something that could fill this hole, a woman he loved infinitely and had made the biggest mistake of his life by letting her go. And a son, that he would hopefully watch grew up day by day, as a nice, happy family.
Taglist: @mileika @redpoodlern @yosoynicolexo @[email protected] @cindydoll2 @anotherfan07 @one-sweet-gubler
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Take you home ²
𝐃𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐦𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐫'𝐬 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞...
>𝙿𝚊𝚛𝚝 𝟷
Summary: Jake can’t accept that this has been done to you, the thought torments him, and all he wants is revenge, and he gets it.
Words: 4,2k
Genre: Angst / Fluff
Warnings: Swearing, insulting
A/n: Well, hi.
So, this one has taken on some dimensions again, they weren’t planned, about 3k. Now, it is a bit more. Actually, the whole thing should not be quite so extensive, but well, once Jake starts, he doesn’t stop.
Thank you alls so much for the support in part one, I was really surprised. And thank you very much for wishing Part Two, which means a lot to me. ❤️
So, that’s a bit more related to alternative two of part one. Actually, it was supposed to get a little darker and generally the plan was different. The ending should be different and longer, but I think it’s good as it is now.
I hope you’ll like it.
And apologize for the mistakes.
(I think I wanted to say more but I forgot xD)
Anyway, have fun, stay healthy and take care of yourselves.❤️🌹🎭
Tumblr media Tumblr media
There lies the hacker now, in the early morning hours, not even the sun has risen already, wide awake, full of emotions and agitated.
In his arms, you, fortunately asleep, deep and firm.
He also wanted to sleep, he has been trying for two hours but it doesn’t work. And how should he? After the past hours it is practically impossible to sleep.
The only reason you sleep is probably the effort you had to experience. Your body was finished after the shower. You were still shivering from the adrenaline, agitated and yet so terribly tired.
So now he lies here, doesn’t know what to do with himself, doesn’t know how to react, how to feel. TThe pure fear that lay in your voice when the call came suddenly, gives him goose bumps again, crawling all over his body.
This fearful tone of your voice won’t let it go.
What if he hadn’t been there in time? If he hadn’t been able to save you in time? If it took him a minute longer? If something had gone wrong?
He can’t even imagine what could have happened. At this horrible imagination in his head, he pinches his eyes tightly. Try to remove the images from his head that make him sick, he would like to vomit, so horrible is the thought of it. He shakes his head, tries to drive away the thoughts, but they don’t go away. His fingernails drill deep and firmly into the skin of his palms. It hurts, it’s uncomfortable, and if he still squeezes even harder, he’ll start bleeding, but he has no control over it. In his mind, the worst scenarios circle and he can only imagine, if even he feel so bad now, how bad did you feel in this moment?
He controls himself to be quiet, exhorts himself to loosen up again so as not to wake you. You need sleep. You deserve sleep. But these pictures, these fucking pictures, they're not going away. The imagination that someone would touch you- NO!
The hacker opens his eyes wide! He must not go in this direction, he must look straight out and make sure that you get your revenge, as you deserve! That he protects your honor, that he makes everyone see what happens when someone wants to do something bad to you.
He’s Jake, one of the best hackers in the world and now he’s gonna show what he’s capable of.
His breath is so heavy, so full of anger and hatred, so full of negativity that he would like to hit the next wall.
He bites his lower lip when he thinks about leaving you here alone. He needs to be in his study. He just has to find out who this guy was. That bastard.
Just really reluctant, actually he would just like to lie here with you, but he has to, he's winds cautiously out of your embrace.
He can’t lie here and wait, he has to do something. Now!
Even if he feels weird with it, he opens the laptop that is in his bedroom and directs it so that he can see your sleeping shape. He will simply connect the laptop to his PC to keep an eye on you. As soon as you get restless or wake up, he could be with you right away.
That’s how he’s gonna do it.
He gives you a final and gentle kiss on the forehead before going to his study.
After he has prepared his work setup and everything is ready, he wastes no time and immediately gets to work. Quickly scan the data of the man who was tracking you.
Everything that had ever happened in his life, the hacker would find out now. And of course, the most important information is quickly obtained.
Date of birth
All bank accounts
His social security number
Where he grew up
As what he works
What friends he has
With whom he is friends
His pets
On what elementary school he went
On what high school he went
Who his parents are
The siblings
All information about each individual family member
And at the very end, the police certificate of conduct with all the information who are important for him. And that’s more interesting than he thought. The further he read the information from the police, the more his emotional state changes.
It starts with drug abuse
Bodily injury in two cases
Gun possession
Domestic violence against his ex girlfriend
The list is shockingly long: a two-year stay in a prison, probation and community service.
The further Jake read, the more worried he is that he couldn’t have been there in time with bad luck. But he’s all the happier he could save you.
At the same time, he’s thinking about telling you who the guy is, because he doesn’t know how you’re gonna take this information. But he would worry more about that later.
As he glances at the laptop’s camera, a smile creeps up on his lips. Meanwhile, you are lying on his side of the bed, your arms are tightly wrapped around his pillow and your head is pressing into the soft fabric, as if you were looking for his proximity in your sleep.
How perfect can a person be? How perfect is this beautiful being lying in his bed? Immediately the tingling starts in his stomach, as always when it comes to you.
He’s so terribly in love. So insanely strong.
Again, he begins to regret that it has not progressed further between you. Everyone knows that he loves you, and everyone knows that you love him. And yet you both have not yet managed to finally do what you both so much want. But the fear of destroying everything is so great. You two spend so much time with each other, become best friends, best friends who feel more for each other than just friendship.
In addition, his fear of putting you in danger is added. He is not a simple man, no one who prefers a regular daily life, no fixed working hours, no fixed income, even if he earns more than most others. As a hacker you have one or the other possibility. Nevertheless, he is still wanted by the government. Not as strong, and the danger is not as great as it was a few months ago, but it still exists.
But last night’s incident somehow inspired him to think, and he feels different when he thinks about it. He wants you, he wants you with everything you have, he wants you by his side. He always wants to protect you, he always wants to be there for you, he wants you by his side, he doesn’t want to live alone in this apartment anymore. He doesn’t want to be alone anymore, he needs you, he has always done it and he will always need you, he wants you so bad!
This incident clearly shows that life is always uncertain, and this incident shows him that he is lying to himself. He wants to be able to say that you’re a couple, he wants it so badly. So fucking urgent.
"I want to share my life with you," the hacker murmurs, driving through his face with his hands. Now his thoughts have drifted in another direction again, but you’re just sitting in every corner of his mind. You are the biggest and most important part of his life and that since the first time you met.
But now something else is more important. After that, he can think of you a lot, but now revenge counts.
He breathes in and out again before turning back to the screens and begins to gather more information.
About half an hour later, he releases himself from his cramped posture. The further he delves into the life of the man, the more aggressive he becomes.
This guy’s not a petty criminal, the way he thought he was, this guy’s got dirt on him through and through.
And the further he reads, the more he wonders why this guy is on the loose and not in a maximum security prison.
From organized crime to gang activities. Drug dealing, counterfeit money, prositution. All the shit every gang is involved in.
Disgusting chat histories, images, threats of other people, extort protection money. And the hacker just assumed the guy is just a disgusting bastard. But he thought wrong.
And yet, it’s actually only good for him, really very good, because Jake has now a lot more options than he thought.
He thinks hard about how to proceed. How best to tackle this whole situation, so that he has the best chance of success.
But what’s also positive for is the fact that this guy really doesn’t deserve anything other than what the hacker’s up to.
To destroy a person’s whole life is actually nothing that he would do; he simply cannot reconcile this with his morality. Even if it’s about you, but now he’s not just doing it for you, he’s doing it for everyone. This is a favor he does to the whole society.
Oh and he’ll do it with pleasure.
Meanwhile, he has gained access to the man’s laptop and can take a closer look at the living room. He also got lucky and found some camera shots taken by a bakery that is on the street where you were being followed.
Unfortunately, it has no sound and yet it is more than enough. He saved the recording and censored you on it.You don’t have to be broadcast in video format all over the world.
But it is still clear that he's persecutes you. It is more bad than quite recognizable on the videos that he is angry and that he shouts something, but when you see the video, everything is explained by itself.
That was number one on his list.
Let's continue with point two.
And point two is a summary of all the information he could find that could even remotely involve anything criminal.
And this is a really long list, he can prove everything, he can prove every single point. With all the information that will help.
Videos, chats, pictures, recording of conversations. Locations, meeting places, other names.
Because his plan has changed, and it’s not just about destroying this man anymore, it’s about destroying all the criminals around him.
Point two, finish! Now, point three, and that’s the confrontation with the man.
The most important information is in front of him as he puts on his headset and leans back relaxed.
The recording program runs as soon as he turns on his microphone. The recording is automatically converted into the computer voice and then sent as a video along with his sign, the eye, as a gift to his new friend.
He puts one leg over the other and folds his arms in front of his chest.
"Hello Ted, my identity doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you’ve made some serious mistakes, and about this, I will teach you now."
And send.
Soon the man’s cell phone will start ringing, and it will only stop when he gets up and then listens to the hacker’s nice message on his laptop, which will breaking his little world in which he lives.
But it’s his own fault.
A look at the camera of his own laptop tells him that you still sleep quietly and calmly, which makes him happy. -
The ringing of the mobile phone and the terrible ringtone of the persecutor annoy the hacker so slowly. He didn’t think it would be that long before Ted wake up. But when it finally happens and a door is opened, a slightly arrogant grin appears on Jake’s face.
It’s Showtime.
"What the hell?" grumbles the sleepy guy as Jake makes the video file pop up.
The eye flickers on the screen and Ted skeptically approaches it.
He pulls back his desk chair and sits down.
"What the fuck?" he hisses angrily and pushes a button on the keyboard.
"Hello Ted, my identity doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you’ve made some serious mistakes, and about this, I will teach you now."
Amused and eager, Jake follows the course of the situation.
Ted becomes more and more hectic, the more facts the computer voice enumerates. He probably didn’t expect this to ever come to light. He wildly presses all the buttons he can find, tries to turn off the laptop but he has absolutely no control over it.
At the very end, after all the crimes have been enumerated, the computer voice informs him that he has video footage of his nocturnal activity.
"That was a big mistake, Ted, and it’s time you understood that you understand how unimportant you are in this world"
After Jake has decided to leave Ted alone, with the knowing that he can now say goodbye to his life as he knows it, he move on to point 4.
And point 4 involves sending all the information to everyone who can do something with it. But don't worry, that’s not the finale.
The finale will be something special.
Everything collected is sent first to the police in Duskwood. He doesn’t think much will happen, but the police will certainly not be the agency that will take care of Ted, in the end.
After the police, Jake sends the information to his place of work. He won’t be needing the job in a few hours anyway even longer.
Then his sister gets an e-mail with everything there is about her brother. Because Jake found out that poor girl always had to take care of him. Had to pick him out of the cell at night, had to pick him up of the hospital one or the other time and things like that. Among other things, good Ted broke into her apartment once, but this was not reported to the police. Jake saw in a chat that Ted promised to stop doing criminal things. This didn’t work out that way. The hacker feel sorry for the sister, she certainly doesn’t deserve it and yet this is about more than just that.
And after all the important people have received the information, he finally go to the final, which the hacker is most looking forward to before he can finally return to you.
Back to you, to his bed where you lie, this day can’t be more beautiful, can it?
Well, the morning show on TV sounds good, doesn’t it? The channel is littered with scandals and really unscrupulous means of getting attention.
No one will be angry with him if the actual broadcast is interrupted for a few minutes to do something good. And to appease his vengeance. All he has to do is fade in everything, play the video and the rest would come by itself. The spread on the Internet. The information is forwarded to other authorities like the State Police Authorities as it is about more than just the pursuit after revenge for his love. Gang crime is not liked by the state.
So then, curtain up, the final begins.
About half an hour later, now it is shortly before 9  in the morning, the whole took longer than he had expected, he sinks back on the soft mattress. Satisfaction spreads and seeing you sleep so peacefully also makes him tired.
Carefully he pulls the blanket over himself and then grabs again around your body to bring you back into his arms. He hides his head in your neck bend and a few moments he falls asleep with a smile on his face.
He couldn’t stop himself from posting some things on Ted’s Instagram page for his personal feeling. Pictures that Ted prefers not to watch for the Internet, but Jake doesn’t care; in a few hours, Ted will never have access to the Internet again. Hopefully Ted makes friends in prison fast, or it won’t be so funny for him.
Well, don’t mess with the hacker’s love.
When you open your eyes, Jake still lies peacefully asleep beside you.
His hair stands wildly off his head and he has put his arms protective around you. Immediately a feeling of home spreads within you and you smile.
His body nestles warm against yours and you wish you could always wake up like that.
Bu, if you didn’t have to use the bathroom.
Carefully peel out from under his arms without waking him.
With leaving Jake’s arms and getting out of bed, the first pictures of last night immediately come back into your head. A few moments you stare at the wall before you shake your head. You don’t want to think about it. Actually, you never want to have to think about it again, you just want to forget it, focus on everything that’s more important now. And this is you, your feeling that you don’t want to get involved in this situation, you don’t want to leave room for this man. You don’t want him to have room in your life, and you don’t want to investigate any further. Actually, you don’t want to know who this guy is. You just want to focus on how lucky you were, that everything went well, that Jake saved you, and that nothing happened to you.
You want to focus on Jake! And most importantly, that you finally want to be with him! He was there to save you right away. He was ready to help you immediately, he protected you, especially the way he protected you. The way he sounded, as if he was doing everything he could to save you. And this irrational fear that this could not work with you two, it’s bullshit! You want him with everything he has and you don’t want to be just friends anymore. You long for his lips, for his kisses that don’t just go on your forehead or cheek. You want to finally be able to say that you are a couple, you want him so badly, so damn badly.
Like a miracle cure, the thought of Jake really distracts you. You didn’t even know where your thoughts went, it just happened. But it always is, it’s just in every corner of your mind.
After you left the bathroom, you turned on the coffee machine. You’d stay awake and pass the time until Jake wakes up and you could have some breakfast. While the coffee is cooking, you drop down on the small sofa in the hacker’s living room and decide to pass the time with a little bit TV.
You switch through the channels looking for something interesting but don’t really find something you like.
When the Coffee machine gives you confirmation that the hot drink is ready, you quickly jump up and leave the remote control there.
While you prepare your coffee, you listen to an advertisement about an electronic toothbrush and then one about the latest vacuum cleaner.
With your cup you go back and then put a thin blanket from the sofa around your legs.
The News Show that you sometimes see starts broadcasting.
And you really expected a lot, really a lot, but you never expected what was actually going on.
While the news announcer reports on a gang crime, a picture is displayed. There’s a man to be seen, and you’re a thousand percent sure that’s the man who chased you yesterday.
Silently and with your mouth open you are listening as a whole gang was arrested, warehouses and factories were stormed. Drugs and counterfeit money were confiscated and in the end, how a hacker uncovered all this.
During the narration about hacking another channel and the materials shown there such as images and video, your heart begins to beat faster and faster.
And when it is shown what was published there, you put your hand infront your mouth in shock.
"Oh my-" you watch the camera shots where you can clearly see the street, which is only a few streets away from your apartment.
And then you see a censored shadow running, a few moments later a man.
You and the man who was now identified as Ted.
That was Jake, you know it!
You don’t know how to react. While the pictures and videos scare you, since this man met you yesterday, you feel moved to tears on the other side. When the hell did he do that?
Did he do it because of you?
Where does he get so much information? Sure, he’s a hacker but THAT?
When the news anchor finally ends her post with the words "This man will probably never see the light of day again" and "The whole Internet speaks about this man and the victim who was persecuted by him. When you see this, we wish you all well!"
You have the feeling that you are breathing again for the first time. Like you’ve been holding your breath all this time without noticing.
You stutter at things, try to explain, sort out and understand your feelings. But somehow, just like last night, it’s too unreal.
"You shouldn’t know that in this way"
Startled you turn around as Jake’s sleepy voice appears behind you.
He's leaning in the door frame and yawns once.
With an open mouth you stare at him, "Did you-?" but you break off immediately because you have no idea what to say.
"Is everything okay? Shouldn’t I have do that? I wanted to tell you myself but now it’s too late. I wanted to teach you gently," explains the hacker, and his gaze slowly turns into a worried one.
"Did you- I mean- you were -" you stutter, can’t bring out a normal sentence. Point you to the TV, to you and back to Jake.
"I’m sorry, MC, I didn’t mean to hurt you or anything," he explains straight away." It was just, I don’t know, I was so mad! I still am! This disgusting bastard was following you, he-"quickly breaks off. His hands are clenched into fists, his eyebrows pulled together and his breath accelerated. However, he doesn’t want to remind you unnecessarily, even if that didn’t work out so well through the news. He really has to hold back from screaming completely and somehow making sure that Ted gets more than what he already has.
"No Jake, I-I" you just can’t find the right words and before you know it, you threw yourself awkwardly over the sofa, rolled over it and stood two steps later directly in front of Jake. Without control, you reach into his neck with one hand and pull his head down towards you. Not quite gently your lips hit on his.
And just as quickly as the kiss came about, you finish it as quickly.
"Oh, um, I... so.. I-" you laugh nervously, still holding his head. "Um, sorry?"
Jake also laughs nervously.
"I shouldn’t have done that," a little embarrassed, you let go of his neck and kick a few steps away from him.
"No, no, everything was fine, I thought it was great, so I mean-" a slight redness adorns Jake’s cheeks.
"Sorry" you mumble with a much too high voice and try yourself on a grin that probably looks like you’re in pain. Jake makes an waving off hand move, then it’s quiet between you for a moment. You chew on the inside of your cheek and let your foot slide across the floor in a semicircle, "Did you..- Did you say you thought it was great?" You ask as unimpressed as possible, as if it were a question about the weather.
Jake’s eyes grow big, "Did you find it bad?"
"No, no, of course not!" you assure him quickly." It was great, I would do it again and again."
You sigh.
Smiling, you put one hand to your forehead and look back at the hacker. Jake smiles too, and then you start laughing out loud. Until you have to hold your stomach and the first tears run out of your eyes.
"We’re so ridiculous," you chuckle, shaking your head over you two.
"Do you think?" Jake asks, grinning, "I find us great together"
"Me too" you agree and look back at him.
"Jake I-"
"MC I-"
At the same time you start to speak and then both of you are immediately silent to let the other go first.
"Do you first" you offer and he returns it to you.
"No, I’m fine, say what you wanted to say," you confirm.
"I can wait, you start"
You’re twisting her eyes again.
However, Jake understands this wrong and at the same time the magic words leave your lips "I love you"
Tumblr media
And thank you @a-d-alison your submission gave me a lot of motivation🤭❤️
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halsmultibitch · a year ago
Dead Calm (pogues x oc)
Tumblr media
summary: The pogues run into a bit of trouble when trying to claim their cash….
wc: 4.5k
warnings: angst, guns, cursing, mentions of abuse
a/n: AHHHH we’re almost to the end. Holy shit🤭🤭🤭🤭 hope you all enjoy this part, it’s one of my favorites!!!! Message me or @jeyramarie or click HERE if you want to be on the taglist.
previous part(s): part 6.1, part 6.2
Tumblr media
Previously on Good Life…
“Thank you, Lani.” Fallon said with watery eyes as she grazed the bandage with her fingertips.
“Anytime.” JJ walked in and immediately ran to the pogue, examining every part of her to make sure she wasn't more hurt. Fallon fell asleep on JJ’s bed while everyone else sat around a bonfire with beers, celebrating the Royal Merchant gold.
Tumblr media
They all had planned to go get the gold right after they found it. Of course, they needed to work fast in case anything happened. Pope and Lani were in charge of the machinery, them being the smartest ones. The boys helped build everything and the curly haired kook drew the plan she had made up with Pope.
The sun was incredibly sunny that day. Everyone was sweaty but particularly Pope, John B and Lani who were modifying a boat winch. JJ and Fallon were smoking out on the hammock while Kie and Sarah sat inside the Twinkie. The pogue was explaining the drawing to the blonde causing both of them to chuckle.
“Who drew this?” Sarah laughed.
“Who do you think?” Kie chuckled and turned her head to the side to see Lani already staring. The kook stayed looking at her for a bit until John B brought her back to reality.
“You wanna help?” He asked the kook, causing her to stare at him with furrow bros.
“Help? I’m doing everything.” She said pushing John B with her hip making them chuckle.
“So, we get this boat winch out, bring it to the basement, drill it to the floor.” Pope explained moving his hands as if he was drilling. “We lower you down and get as much as we can. And uh-“
“We pray to God you don’t fall.” Lani finished and tapped the pogue’s shoulder before moving towards the Twinkie.
“Tha- That’s reassuring!” John B shouted sarcastically, making the kook laugh.
“Kie, this better work.” JJ said, walking towards the Twinkie with Fallon trailing behind. He threw three bars in the van and turned, leaning his back against the door.
“We can’t pawn this shit with a wheat symbol on it.”
“It’s gonna work.” Kie replied, holding up the blowtorch.
“Do you even know how to use that thing?” Lani asked jokingly as she crossed her arms.
“Duh.” The pogue laughed getting out of the van, towards a little stove they were gonna use to melt the gold in.
“You’re doing it wrong.” Lani began as she saw the pogue begin to melt the gold.
“No, I’m not.” Kie argued.
“I think I can do a better job.” JJ continued as the three of them argued over the gold that was being melted. John B and Sarah were sitting against a tree as Pope and Fallon stood aside, watching their friends.
“Okay, okay, just make sure the wheat symbol is gone.” The kook rolled her eyes and walked off into the Chateau to get her bag while Kie followed her with her eyes.
Tumblr media
The Twinkie pulled up in front of the pawnshop and Pope slid open the door making the teens climb out onto the sidewalk. They all stood there and gathered around waiting for Kie to take out the gold.
“Good job melting this down, Dr. Frankenstein.” JJ said sarcastically, ripping the gold out of Kiara’s hand.
“Like you could've done better.” She replied.
“I could have, I took a welding class.”
“Whoa, whoa-” John B began, trying to get their attention.
“When did you take a welding class?” Lani asked with furrowed brows.
“Guys, chill, okay?” The pogue interrupted, causing all of them to turn to him.
“Easy for you to say, you’re not going to pawn off this shit. Why did we get this job anyway?” JJ asked, shrugging his shoulders.
“‘Cause we’re the best liars.” Fallon chuckled, taking the blonde’s hand and pulling him towards the pawn shop. The doorbell rang as they opened the door, everyone single one of them greeting the old lady behind the counter. Lani, Pope and Kie walked towards the back while Sarah and John B stayed to the side. JJ and Fallon walked straight to the counter, holding hands as they began their performance.
“Afternoon, ma’am. I see you buy gold?” The blonde started giving her a small smile.
“That’s what the sign says, don’t it?” The lady replied with an attitude making Fallon look at JJ.
“Well, I sure hope you buy a lot of it, because we’re about to blow your mind.” The pogue smiled and placed the blob of gold on the counter. The lady didn’t quite believe it was real. She then later began to believe JJ after doing the acid test, after scratching it and taking it in her hand. It was a very heavy blob of gold, it wasn’t painted or plated, nothing.
“Looks like somebody tried to melt it down.” The lady pointed out and lifted her head to look at the pogues.
“My mom’s jewelry. It was laying around the house and she thought it would be best to melt it.” JJ said, placing his elbows on the counter as Fallon trailed her hand up and down his back.
“Seven pounds? That’s a lot of earrings.”
“To be honest ma’am, it’s been hard for my fiance and I.” He began, taking Fallon’s hand.
“I wanna give her a nice house and a beautiful wedding…”
“Aren’t you a little young to be getting married?” The lady asked, feeling suspicious of the ‘couple’.
“You’re never too young to be in love, right honey?” Fallon smiled leaning in to kiss JJ’s cheek. He stood up straight and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, pecking her forehead.
“You’re absolutely right, baby.” JJ smiled.
“Give me a minute.” The lady muttered and walked off to another section of the store. JJ and Fallon turned to the pogues with a huge smile and with their thumbs up.
“I don’t know how they do this so easily.” Lani whispered looking at them as she chuckled.
“I know right?” Kie whispered back, crossing her arms over her chest. After a few seconds, the lady came back and stood in front of the teens.
“I talked to my boss. I can give you 50k for it.”
“You really think we would come here not knowing the spot price?” Fallon asked, beginning to feel annoyed.
“Ma’am, I know for a fact that this is worth 140, at least.” JJ said, tapping his finger against the counter. They continued to argue about the price until they finally made it to an understanding. The only bad thing was that they didn’t have the amount in the store which meant that the teens had to drive somewhere else to get it. Lani looked at Pope feeling hesitant about the whole thing, they both knew that wasn’t normal. They walked out of the pawn shop and stood next to the Twinkie, discussing their next move.
“What I wanna know is how you two faked that so well.” Kie chuckled pointing at JJ and Fallon who looked at each other and smiled.
“Power of deception.” The caramel haired pogue shrugged with a smirk before climbing into the van.
Tumblr media
The Twinkie drove over a dusty road towards the address the lady had given JJ. Apparently, the money was somewhere else.
“I’ve never heard of Resurrection Drive.” Sarah stated looking up to her friends.
“Well that’s cause you’re rich.” JJ said, shrugging his shoulders.
“You’ve never heard of it either though.” Fallon poked his thigh making him jump since her touch felt ticklish.
“Am I the only one that finds all of this weird?” Lani asked, fidgeting with her necklace as she looked behind down the road and back at the pogues.
“There’s nothing but an empty road and trees.” Kie continued looking out the window next to her. Suddenly, blue lights shone against the rear view mirror followed by a police siren.
“Cops? Out here?” JJ asked getting on his knees to look out the bad.
“Are you kidding me?” John B muttered pulling up on the side of the road.
“What did we do?” Pope asked, stretching his neck to look outside.
“Stach that!” The blonde yelled, throwing the pogue a small bag of weed. They kept rummaging through their things, hiding what was necessary. Fallon sat in between Kie and Lani, getting all innocent. They all sat up straight and went quiet when they heard a car door close. Suddenly, a masked man pointed his rifle at John B making everyone look in shock and fear.
“Why don’t I go ahead and see them hands in the air?” The man said never lowering his gun. His voice sounded familiar to everyone but the situation didn’t quite let them think.
“All y'all's hands up in the air now! You, out of the car!” He shouted, making John B open the car door and get out. The pogue kept his hands up as he walked around the car.
“Let's go! Out of the car! Let's go!” He shouted to Sarah who climbed out of the passenger seat with shaky hands.
“Hurry! Let them out! What are you waitin' on? What are you waitin' on? Let them out!” The shooter shouted at John B, pushing on his back as he opened the back door.
“All y'all! Go on! Go on! Let's get out the car! Let's go!” The pogues hurried out of the van with their hands up in surrender.
“There you go, pretty girl.” He mumbled at Fallon who was 100% sure about who it was. “Here we go! Get out the car, let's go! Hurry up! There you go!” The man continued as the pogues stood in a line in fear. He demanded all of them to get on their knees and lay on the ground but the more he talked the more they all remembered who it was. Fallon stood there and lowered her hands as all her friends layed on the dirt.
“Barry?” She asked him, causing him to turn as he responded to his name. He lowered the bandana that was covering his mouth and walked towards her with his rifle to her face. JJ was about to stand up but Barry moved his weapon towards the blonde.
“Don’t even think about it! Stay the fuck down!” The pogue went back to his knees as Barry moved back to Fallon.
“I’ve seen you before… you’ve hung out with country club haven’t you?”
“You mean Rafe, yeah I have.” Fallon spat with a straight face as JJ clenched his jaw at the name.
“You dating him or something?”
“No, I’m not.” She kept an emotionless face.
“Well he talks about you a whole lot.” Barry clenched his jaw at the pogue’s attitude and lifted the bandana over his nose again.
“Get on the fucking ground.” He muttered with gritted teeth, pointing the rifle at her head as she got down to the floor. Barry moved slowly towards the Twinkie, sticking half his body into the van looking for the blob of gold.
“It’s a setup, guys.” Pope muttered, turning his head to JJ who was gripping his cap strongly.
“That old bat shanked us.” Fallon whispered loudly and muttered a low ‘fuck’ under her breath. Barry got tired of looking and turned to the pogues. He looked at one of the girls and walked towards Lani, grabbing her curls and pulling her up. The kook shouted in pain causing everyone to look up. Kiara felt anger creep up her whole body making her move to stand up but Barry quickly pointed his gun at her. The pogue stopped and stared at Lani who had tears running down her cheeks.
‘Get down.’ she mouthed to the pogue that was with her fist and jaw clenched. Kiara nodded and walked back to where she was, getting on her knees and on her stomach.
“Look for the gold and give it to me.” Barry muttered into her ear and pushed her into the van. Lani rummaged through the bags with shaky pretending that she didn’t know where it was.
“I don’t- I don’t know whe-”
“Yes, you do! Fucking get it!” He shouted and pushed the barrel of the gun to her head.
“Okay, okay!” The kook shouted desperately, tears fell on the carpet as she sniffled. She unzipped JJ’s backpack and pulled out the gold that was wrapped in the blonde’s t-shirt. Barry ripped it out of her hands and looked at the pogues before beginning to walk to the back of the van. John B looked up and began to stand up causing Lani to shake her head immediately.
“What are you doing?” She whimpered as everyone else looked up at the pogue.
“John B… no.” Sarah whimpered.
“John B.” Pope muttered.
“Don’t be a hero, man.” JJ said with gritted teeth as he followed the pogue with his eyes.
“Sh.” John B whispered and hurried quietly towards Barry’s car, getting into the back seat.
“All right, y'all stay like that. Unless you wanna get your brains blown out all over the road, don’t move your goddamn heads, okay?” Barry shouted waving his gun at the teens before looking at both sides of the road and hurrying back to his car.
John B appeared from the back and began to wrestle with Barry in the car as the pogues stood up to go and help. Kiara punched him in the face, Fallon kicked him in the balls and Sarah jammed his head against the car door causing him to sit against it all bloodied up. Everyone hit him at least once except Lani, who was still a bit shaken up.
“Listen, I couldn’t hurt any single one of y’all-” Barry began but was quickly cut odd with JJ’s fist connecting with his face.
“Come on, let’s get outta here.” John B said, grabbing his shoulder but the pogue abruptly got away from his grasp. The blonde rummaged through his pockets and pulled out his driver’s license.
“We got one last stop.” JJ muttered and moved to the driver’s side as everyone followed, leaving Barry beating up in the middle of nowhere. The teens piled up the van and stayed in silence for a while, processing what just happened. Kie sat next to Lani and held her hand in comfort.
“Are you okay? Did he hurt you? He didn’t hit you right?” The pogue rambled causing the kook to smile.
“No, Kie. I’m fine, okay? Just still a bit scared but I’m fine.” Lani said and tightened her grip on the pogue’s hand causing her to smile and nod her head.
Tumblr media
JJ went ballistic, ignoring John B’s questions as he drove through the Cut until he pulled into Barry’s wasteland, where he sold drugs. Everyone except Lani knew where they were and why they were there. They still climbed out of the van once the blonde turned off the ignition.
“Where are we?” Lani asked as she climbed out of the Twinkie, looking around at the tall uncut grass and rusty metal laying on the ground.
“Barry’s drugland.” Fallon muttered, kicking a small rock as she walked around.
“And why are we here, JJ?” The kook asked, turning to the blonde. He looked up at his friends and walked towards the old trailer, pulling the screen door open.
“Umm, someone needs to get him..” Lani muttered, pointing her finger towards the moveable home. Everyone turned to Fallon, who was staring at the floor but quickly looked up when she felt someone staring.
“Wait- why are you staring at me?” She asked, pointing at herself.
“You’re the only one that can control him.” Kie shrugged.
“No, no. I can control normal JJ, not crazy ballistic JJ. I’m not fighting with this one.” Fallon spat, crossing her arms over her chest and walking to the van to lean against it. John B took a deep breath and looked at everyone before quietly walking towards the trailer in search of JJ. They stayed in silence, waiting for the boys.
“Does he usually get crazy ballistic?” Lani muttered, standing next to Fallon who was staring down the road.
“Not really, this is like the second time in all the years I’ve known him.” The pogue whispered back as the kook nodded her head.
“I just hate it when it happens.” Fallon whispered, staring at her shoes as she kicked around a small rock. The kook turned her head to the pogue and playful nudged her shoulder.
“Yet you care about him, way too much.” Lani grinned as Fallon gave her a small smile. The pogue was about to say something else when JJ and John B walked out of the trailer. The blonde had a duffle bag and a wad of cash in his hand causing everyone to move closer to him.
“Okay, I’m looking at like 5 grand each for reparations for putting us through this bullshit.” JJ said as he went through the cash, walking towards the van.
“So, that’s what we’re doing now? We’re robbing drug dealers?” Kie asked, raising her voice causing the blonde to turn around.
“This Barry guy is gonna find out.” Sarah frowned in fear.
“He’s a very dangerous person, JJ and you know that.” Fallon said, giving him worried eyes.
“Yeah, you know that really well don’t you?” JJ muttered.
“What is that supposed to mean?!” The pogue shouted in anger.
“He said that Rafe talks about you a lot… you’ve spent a lot of time with him if he does-”
“That’s fucking bullshit, JJ!”
“Spend time in his car, in his house, in his bed, somewhere else I’m missing?! Oh yeah, maybe you’re doing lines with him too, a cute little third date!” JJ shouted at Fallon leaving her shocked and hurt. Everyone stayed quiet, stunned at what the blonde had just said.
“JJ… just breathe, you don’t really mean that.” Lani said softly with sad eyes.
“You shut the fuck up!” He shouted pointing his finger at her causing the kook to take a step back.
“Don’t talk to her like that!” Kie shouted standing in front of Lani. JJ went back inside the van, calling everyone to join him but as no one moved, he got angry and climbed out.
“What?” He asked dryly.
“We’re tired of your shit.” John B said, walking towards him.
“Oh, my shit-”
“Yes, your pulling guns out on people shit.” Kie stated beginning to feel annoyed.
“Dude, you’re acting like a maniac-” Pope began.
“Shit, Pope, I took the fall for you, man! Do you know how much money I owe because of you?!” JJ shouted, cutting off the pogue.
“I’m gonna pay you back and I didn’t ask you to do that!”
“I just did! Pay it back, right here, right now, by myself. You know what? That’s exactly what I’m gonna do.” He said turning towards the van to get his bag.
“Go off by myself.” The blonde began to walk off, never looking back.
“JJ, come on!” Lani shouted trying to get him to come back as she always had a soft spot for him. Kie put her hand on the kook’s shoulder and gave her a side hug.
“Let him go.” She whispered and moved towards the van as the pogues pilled inside.
Tumblr media
They drove back to the Wreck and stayed there waiting for JJ to call or show up. Fallon was staring out at the marsh next to Pope. Sarah was sitting next to John B and Kie stood next to Fallon who was sitting across from the blonde kook.
“He’ll come around, okay?” John B said, trying to calm his friends down.
“Do you think he went to his dad?” Lani asked, biting her nails in nerves. Fallon turned at the mention of Luke but stayed quiet.
“How do you know about that?” Kie questioned looking at the kook.
“I um.. I saw some things… a while back.” The kook whispered and looked down at her hands. The conversation turned back to the gold. Pope thought it would be better to get it all at once while they looked for a trustworthy pawn shop. The plan wasn’t ready to go into motion since John B had a ‘son and father in law date’ as Lani said. They finally agreed on going for the gold at night to let him go fishing.
Tumblr media
After the wreck, Kie, Lani, Fallon and Pope left for his house to work on the machinery to get the gold. And John B and Sarah left to God knows where. Pope and the girls finished up and went to the Chateau to leave everything there. When they arrived it was already dark so they didn’t expect anyone to be home. Pope got out of his dad’s truck first, immediately going to the back to get the stuff. They began talking about some random stuff when lights turned on around them. They were christmas like lights hanging over the trees causing them to look at each other in confusion.
“What the fuck?” Lani whispered in surprise.
“Who the hell is that?” Kie asked, walking towards the motor noise.
“What the hell is going on now?” Fallon muttered, beginning to feel annoyed. They walked around the trees and heard a cork from a champagne bottle pop open. It was JJ in a hot tub surrounded by many lights and little flamingo floaties that held his champagne glass.
“What did you do, JJ?” Pope asked with his mouth agape.
“I got a jet going straight up my butt right now.” JJ slurred, looking over his sunglasses.
“Y’all should get in immediately, you hear me?” He said as he grabbed two more glasses and sloppily filled them up.
“How much did this cost?” The pogue asked and looked at the girls who were staring at the blonde.
“Uh.. well, with the generator, the petrol and oh, hey, express delivery… pretty much all of it, yeah.” The blonde said pointing at the items he listed.
“What?!” Lani shouted.
“All of it?” Pope asked.
“Yeah, all of it.”
“You spent all the money in one day?” Kie asked with furrowed brows.
“Yep, burnt a hole right through my pocket but I mean, like, come on, guys, like, look at this! Finest in jet-based massage therapy, that’s what they told me.” JJ said calmly as everyone else stayed quiet in shock. Lani stared at him and shook her head sofly, not believing what she was hearing.
“Lani, what? Can’t a man have a little luxury in life? Come on, all this scrimpin’ and scrapin’ I mean like… guys, we- you only live once, right? Enough of this emotional shot, Get in the cat’s ass. Come on.” The blonde ranted, ripping off his sunglasses and tapping the back of the tub, signalling his friends to get in.
“In the what?” Kie muttered.
“The cat’s ass, it’s what I named her.” JJ smirked.
“Oh, hey, yo, I almost forgot.” He leaned forward and pushed a button that caused water to spring out from the sides of the tub.
“Huh? Yeah, that’s right, I know. Disco mode, baby!” He smiled, leaning back against the tub.
“Are you kidding me? You could’ve paid for restitution!” Pope shouted.
“Or literally given it to any charity!” Kie yelled, feeling pissed off by the blonde and his drunken actions.
“Guys-” Lani began trying to get them to stop.
“Or better yet, you could’ve helped us get more supplies to get the gold!”
“Well, you know what? I didn’t!” JJ shouted standing up causing everyone to gasp as they all saw the purple bruising on his body.
“I got a hot tub! For my friends. I got a hot tub for my friends. You know what? No, you know what? Screw friends. I got a hot tub for my family… for my girl.” He looked at the pogue who was on the verge of crying.
“JJ..” Fallon muttered, speaking for the first time in a while.
“I got this for you.” The blonde slurred pointing at his friends.
“Look at what I got you. Look at this! Look at all of this!” He shouted as he turned around.
“J, wha-”
“Stop being emotional, Lani. It’s fine, okay?” JJ cried.
“I mean, it’s sweet, right? Everything- Just get in.” He continued as Fallon climbed the tub and pulled him into a hug. The blonde immediately broke down when he felt the girl’s arms around his body. She was soft and warm and welcoming, she made him feel safe.
“I just couldn’t do it… I can’t take him anymore.” JJ sobbed, holding onto Fallon a bit tighter as she silently cried into his shoulder.
“I know, I know. It’s okay, I’m here now. You’re okay.” She whispered softly into his ear.
“I was gonna kill him.” He whimpered and cried, making Lani climb over the tub and hug him too. Kie and Pope joined in for a bit, hugging him tightly as if they were trying to hold his pieces together.
Tumblr media
After a few minutes of hugging, JJ had finally calmed down and stopped crying.
“Guys, I can take it from here.” Fallon whispered as they all broke from the hug.
“You sure?” Lani asked with sad eyes.
“Yeah, I’m sure. Just… Pope, take the girls home.” The pogue nodded and got out of the tub, helping the girls climb out too. The truck drove away from the Chateau, leaving JJ and Fallon alone in silence.
“J, let’s go get you in the shower. Come on, honey.” She whispered as she parted from the hug and began to walk backwards to climb out of the tub. The pogue helped the blonde out as well, making sure he didn't stumble on the way to the house. Fallon led him to the bathroom and turned on the shower, putting it in the perfect temperature as JJ swayed without realizing.
“Let’s get you in the shower, come on.” She whispered and began to untie his swimsuit. Once he was anked, she helped him into the shower and handed him the soap bar.
“I’ll be outside, in case you need anything.” Fallon turned around to leave but was quickly stopped by JJ holding onto her wrist.
“Please stay… I don’t wanna be alone.” The blonde whispered.
“I’m gonna go get your clothes, okay?” He nodded and she walked out, quickly getting some sweatpants and a hoodie. The pogue walked back in and placed the clothes on the toilet before hearing the shower being turned off. JJ pushed the curtain to the side, making Fallon immediately turn his back to him as he dried himself.
“Okay, you can look.” He said. She turned to him and helped him get dressed. They both walked out and went to the hammock outside, taking in the silent night and the cold breeze.
“Thank you for helping me.” JJ whispered.
“Of course, J. You know I’m here for you. Always.” Fallon gave him a small smile looking into his eyes. He returned the smile, never parting his eyes from her. The way her dimple looked against her cheek, how she had subtle freckles on her nose, he was in complete awe with the pogue. JJ placed his hand on her jaw, rubbing his thumb on her cheek. Fallon began to lean in but quickly stopped, thinking about the situation. But JJ didn’t care about that, all he cared about was kissing his girl. He leaned in and connected his lips with hers. Both of them fit together like puzzle pieces as if they were always meant to connect. The kiss began to build up as Fallon put her hand on his chest, getting closer to him. The pogues stayed kissing and talking for the rest of the night, finally feeling complete.
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chiliiscereal · a year ago
Chosen last: part 5
Tumblr media
Summary: the turtle boys try to figure out how to comfort reader after a terrible experience with a boy, and Donnie does his best to apologize
Here’s the part before! In the part there are also links to the rest!
Donnie had no words to say.
Well, for the first five minutes of complete and utter silence.
You could feel him gaping at you but you couldn’t face him. He was right. He was right all along and you were a fool for hoping.
The rooftop wind howled, reminding you that you were still there.
“D-did he..?” Donnie cleared his throat and started over, “did he succeed?”
You shook your head and pulled your jacket closer. “He came close.”
He glanced at the jacket you were wearing. Underneath he could see your dress had rips in it. Even worse, he could see a small trail of blood.
Probably left by fingernails.
He didn’t know what to do.
He didn’t know what to say.
Not even how to ask if you were okay or if you needed him to help in any way.
So he did the best thing he knew how: make a plan.
“We’re gonna kill him.” He decided, standing up furiously. “We’ll kill him, resurrect him with cpr or defibrillaters, and then give him to the police.” He began pacing the rooftop, his mind turning and processing this information. “I need his address, I need his phone number, and his mother’s number.”
You just listened to him walking instead of his words. It was comforting in a way.
You couldn’t believe that almost happened though.
You couldn’t believe that even though you did your best to stop the worst, he came close.
What if you hadn’t listened to your gut?
What if you had told yourself you were overacting?
“We’re gonna call your friends.” Donnie decided. “You can stay the night with them. You shouldn’t be alone after-.”
“I’m not staying with those assholes.” You spat, much to his surprise.
“But... they’re you’re friends!” He was extremely confused. Did he not have all of the story? “Shouldn’t you-?”
“I said no.”
“But you could really use-!”
“I said NO!” You shouted at him, finally turning to face him.
He finally got a good look at how much damage was done.
Your eyes were red.
Tears leaked down your face.
A scratch decorated your cheek.
And... those eyes... they were so hurt and lost.
He messed up. He messed up bad.
Donnie shut his mouth immediately. “Okay, okay! But... do you want to be alone?”
You turned away again, shaking your head.
“Can I take you to the lair then?”
You hesitated for a second and then nodded.
“Okay, alright, come on.” He gently offered his hand to help you up, not sure how he was supposed to handle this.
You accepted it and let him assist you to your feet.
He didn’t make you talk on the way there.
Probably cause he didn’t know what questions to ask to get the answers he wanted.
You were fine with that. You didn’t need to talk.
Not now, anyway.
You’d have to talk eventually though. There was no way to be in the lair without saying anything.
When you arrived you could hear the sounds of the tv playing. Even the sound of the air hockey table.
Maybe the boys would be too busy to notice you.
Donnie lead you quietly through the lair and into the living room where his brothers and April were sat at.
You two tried to walk behind them but Leo noticed once you had your back turned to him, both of you almost to Donnies lab.
“Hey, y/n!” He grinned, pausing the tv. “You’re back already?”
“Yeah, how was the party!” Mikey leaned over the back of the couch excitedly. “Did you have fun?”
You kept walking, more tears spilling.
Raph immediately sensed something was wrong. “Hey, what’s up? Are you good?”
You stopped, so so SO close to breaking.
Donnie didn’t know if you wanted him to answer or not so he waited.
“Is it okay if I stay here tonight?” You asked quietly, still not showing your face.
“...yeah? Yeah you can stay?” Raph tilted his head in confusion and stood up from the couch. “What’s goin’ on?”
“Nothing’s going on.” You tried you keep walking but Raph stepped in front of you faster than you’d ever seen him move.
“Clearly there’s something going on.” He placed his hands on his hips, refusing to move. “Did Donnie pester you or somethin’? Did he make you leave early?” He sent his younger brother a small glare.
Donnie held up his hands innocently. “Just because I thought about it does NOT mean I did it.”
You kept your eyes on the floor, hair in your face and cheeks flushed bright pink.
“Y/n, you know I love you, but you’re a TERRIBLE liar.” Leo joked, throwing an arm over your shoulder. “Now, what happened?”
“You wanna know what happened?” You growled, too overwhelmed. “I’ll tell you what happened! Donnie was right!” You shoved Leo’s arm off you and glared at him. “All of you were! And I was STUPID to think that someone would actually like me!”
Mikey rushed over quickly. “Hey that’s not true-!”
“Then tell me, Mikey!” You whipped around to glare at him to, “tell me why Eric was only being nice to have sex with me! Tell me why he planned it with my friends to get me alone! Tell me why they thought that if I had ‘a good time’ then I’d loosen up and stop being a PRUDE!”
The boys stood there in silence, mouths open and eyes wide.
Donnie just looked at the floor in embarrassment.
Oh there was no stopping the tears now. You swiped them away furiously, cheeks flushing brightly.
You didn’t want to have this outburst now.
But there was just too much going on in your head!
“You guys were right.” You muttered as you strength faded. “I should have listened to you. I shouldn’t have gone to that stupid party and I shouldn’t have believed him for one second.” You locked eyes with Donnie. “I shouldn’t have believed he liked me for me.”
As if everything else wasn’t making him feel guilty that was just another cherry on top.
April was at your side quickly, arms wrapped around you and hands rubbing soft circles on your back. “It’s okay, the important thing is that you’re back here. With US.” She held you at at arms length. “Let’s go clean you up and talk, okay?”
You nodded, desperate to finally get away from the pitying stares you were getting.
“Donnie, can we borrow your lab?” She asked the purple masked turtle as she began to lead you in that direction.
“Yeah yeah sure.” He confirmed immediately. “There’s a... a first aid kit... if you need it.”
April whisked you away, leaving only the sound of echoing footsteps.
“Oh man.” Raph sat down on the couch, head in his hands. “I can’t believe...” he trailed off. He didn’t even know how to finish that sentence.
Mikey sat down to.
Donnie and Leo, on the other hand, both stayed standing.
None of them knew what to say.
There were too many things dumped on them at once.
They’d heard about things like this happening but that always felt like something that happened in movies or to strangers.
Not a close friend.
“Well...” Leo tapped his fingers against his arm, “how’d the apology go?” He needed to find something else to talk about. He couldn’t think about it for very long without feeling this anger building up inside him.
“Well...” Donnie started, “I didn’t really... get to the apologizing part.”
“Please tell me you didn’t start gloating when you saw that y/n’s night hadn’t gone well.” Leo crosses his arms, already knowing the answer.
Donnie’s eyes went wide. “Why would you assume that? I am hurt.”
“Because that’s what you always do when you find out you were right.” Mikey insisted.
Donnie caved immediately. “Yeah... yeah I did do that.”
“Donnie!” His brothers chorused in disappointment.
“I know!” He threw his arms out angrily. “I know I shouldn’t have! I couldn’t help it! I knew something bad would happen I just didn’t know that it would be something like this!”
“You didn’t even apologize!” Leo scoffed. “You just rubbed it in her face!”
“I know.” Donnie sighed. “I’ll apologize when April’s done.”
“You better.” Raph ordered, standing up. “In the meantime, we’ve got some planning to do.”
   ““But what CAN we do?” Mikey brought his knees to his chest and watched his older brother sadly. ““There’s not evidence and we can’t be seen by people!” 
  Donnie rubbed his chin. ““No evidence…. Yeah there’s not much we can do without OH AND THEN HE REMEMBERED HE INSTALLED THE CAMERA PROTOCOL!” He whipped out his wrist device and began tapping immediately. “I’ve got her phone set to audio record whenever she’s headed somewhere suspicious! How could I forget I launched it before she went?”
   His brothers huddled behind him and watched.     “We convince y/n to tell the police what happened, hand over the audio, and land that asshole in juvie!” Leo caught on quickly, slapping his brothers shoulder with excitement as if he was doing a drumroll.  “That’s exactly what he deserves!” 
  ““I personally think he deserves a visit from doctor delicate touch.” Mikey crossed his arms. 
  “Not just from doctor delicate touch.” Raph agreed. ““A visit from us and then a REAL doctor.” 
  “Hey doctor delicate touch IS a real doctor!” Mikey protested. ““He doesn’t need a PHD.” 
“Quiet.” Donnie ordered as he kept working. “We’re not gonna scare the life out of him without y/n’s permission. We’re not even gonna send this in without her say so.” 
  Mikey turned his attention away from Raph. ““What are we gonna do then?”
  Donnie straightened up and looked back toward his lab. ““Offer it as an apology. Y/n will decide what to do with it. It’s her choice.” 
The tears stopped maybe ten minutes ago.  Maybe twenty. 
You didn’t really know.
But you still felt dirty.
Disgusting even. 
Being with April helped though. She kept you present. She did her best to keep you from thinking about that slime ball of a boy.
  “Alright, your cuts are all cleaned.” She nodded to herself proudly. “You’ve got a pair of my pajamas, a blanket, and your best friend. I think my work here is done.” 
  When you didn’t respond she leaned down to make eye contact with you. “Hey, do you need some alone time?”  You wanted to talk.
You really did.
But you couldn’t stop seeing that boy dragging you to the bed.
You couldn’t stop see him trying to rip the dress off you.
You couldn’t stop seeing your friends yelling for you to come back as you ran from the house.
If it hadn’t been for Ralph’s self defense lessons…
April sat down beside you on Donnies bed.  “You’re safe now.” She pulled you into a side hug. ““He ain’t ever goin near you ever again. Not if he wants to deal with April O’neil.” 
  You gave her a small laugh. “I’d pity anyone who’d have to deal with April O’neil.” 
  She jumped on that immediately. If that’s what would get you to laugh then she was taking it and running with it. “You know it! I’ll hit him with my bat so hard his future KIDS will be feelin’ it!” 
  You gave her another chuckle. “Look out Eric,”
She squeezed your shoulder again. “Exactly. And as for your terrible friends, I’ll send mayhem after them if they even look at you.” 
   You nodded. “Thanks April.” 
She smiled back at you, standing up. “I’ll go call your mom and tell her you’re sleeping over, okay?” 
You nodded again. “Okay.” 
Before she even shut the door, her spot was replaced by someone else.  you didn’t need to look at them to know who they were. 
“Yes Donnie?” You pulled your blanket closer.
 He took a deep breath, not fully ready for what he was about to do. ““I… I messed up.”
That seemed like a good start. 
“So did I.” You grumbled. “Making friends with people like that-.”
“No.” He interrupted. “You couldn’t have known. I… I should have known better.” He fiddled nervously with the recording device in his hands. “Whether something like that would have happened or not I shouldn’t have gloated. I should have been a reliable friend and let you figure things out yourself.” You didn’t say anything else so he kept going. “I know I can be unbareable and controlling and… not understanding, but I should have put that aside. I know that this won’t make up for it in the slightest but…” he placed the recording device in your hands, “I have a recording of what happened. I Installed a device that would audio record whenever I thought you could be in danger when I last fixed your phone for you.”
You flipped the small object over thoughtfully.  “I didn’t listen to it.” He stated immediately as his nerves grew worse. “I know it was a violation of your space by not telling you. But… here it is. You can decide what you want to do with it. If you want to leave it in the past or turn him in-.”
“Or let us seriously mess up his face for you!” Leo interrupted as he came in without knocking, brothers behind him.
You hadn’t even known the rest of the boys were there. But it was still appreciated that they wanted to be there for you.
  “Or have him talk to doctor delicate touch-.” Mikey grinned and sat down beside you.
  “It doesn’t matter.” Donnie finished, relieved to have his brothers beside him. “It’s yours.” 
You didn’t really know what to say.
Well you did.
You had a lot to say.  you just couldn’t get to words out.
Donnie held his breath. 
Finally, you looked up and him and strengthened your grip on the device. “Why not all of it?”    He did this to you.
Your friends did this to you.
They deserved a little bit of karma heading their way. The boys cheered, swarming you in a giant hug right as April opened the door.
“Did I hear something about revenge?” She grinned and joined immediately. “Cause this girl is all over it!”
Oh Eric, if only you had done the bare minimum and had respect for your decisions.  This guy had it coming. 
That night, you stayed with April and splinter while the boys went out, promising to record every priceless moment and give it to you.
Tomorrow, Donnie would walk with you to the police station in disguise as your moral support while you turned over the audio.
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hockeyboysimagines · a year ago
All good boys go to Heaven but bad boys bring Heaven to you
Chapter 6
Warnings: language, sex, a fist fight, (tw) stalking, lots of angst, and some fluff.
Sorry it’s taken so long. I’ve been trying to get Say it to me softly out, and now it’s finished so this will be updated more regularly. This is a very appropriate gif for this chapter. Stay tuned💕
Tumblr media
“Chucky watch out!” Matt turned just as a puck cracked off the side of his helmet and sent him tumbling to the ice. He hadn’t been paying attention during practice, instead thinking all the ‘not sleeping’ he had done the night before. He could hear Noah and Johnny laughing as they skated over and helped him up. He deserved that one.
“Dude you gotta pay attention. What’s going on in there today space cadet?”
He wanted nothing more than to tell them. He was not only thinking about Hallie, but also about the mysterious flowers that had obviously rattled her. So he went with amended version of the truth.
“We’ll actually.” He turned to Noah and leaned on his stick “Has Hallie ever mentioned like a bad boyfriend or anything?”
Noah looked at the ceiling and chewed on his lip for a moment before he shook his head “I don’t think so, not to me anyway. Why?”
He chose his words carefully, keeping his expression cool “Well I showed up at her place yesterday and made her have dinner with me, and while I was there she said she got flowers and she assumed they were from me. But I didn’t send her any, and she got all fucking weird about it.”
“Was there a card?”
He shook his head “No but she was definitely upset. I offered to stay but she said it was fine.”
Johnny rolled his eyes and gave him a shove “Of course you did.”
“I can ask Carly if you want. They tell eachother everything.”
“No it’s okay. I don’t wanna invade her privacy or anything. Just seemed weird to me.”
They went back to running drills but his mind was still elsewhere. The more he thought about it the more her behavior bothered him. She had seemed upset, anxious, and scared and the whole thing had rubbed him the wrong way. He didn’t want to get involved in her business but it was really bothering him.
“Come on Hal we’re going to be late.” Carly complained as Hallie shoved her feet into her shoes. She locked the door behind her and dig around in her bag as they took the elevator and exited her building towards the parking lot.
As they walked through the parking lot, she was still digging for her keys when she felt Carly’s hand on her arm forcing her to stop.
Hallie looked up and felt the blood feeeze in her veins. Rose petals littered her car, moving very gently in the breeze. She took a step backwards turning her head this way and that but the parking lot was empty. She turned slowly towards Carly who was looking at her alarmed.
She began to shake, eyes filling with tears. She thought when she came here this would be over, that she could finally be free and not live her life looking over her shoulder. But she was wrong.
“He found me.”
“Hal? It’s me open the door.” Matt said knocking. He hadn’t heard from her all day, and was starting to get worried when Carly told him she was sick, but was them confused when she texted him and told him to come over. He heard her shuffle around on the other side of the door before she eased it open, big eyes peering at him through the crack.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine, come in. Hurry up.”
She yanked him inside and clicked the lock as she shut the door. He frowned at her.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine why?” She breezed past him to pick up her buzzing phone on the counter. As she read the message the color in her face drained.
“Something wrong?”
Hallie stuffed her phone in her pocket and shook her head not meeting his eye.
“No why?”
He shrugged “ you just got super weird when your phone went off that’s all.”
“No I didn’t.”
“You did but it’s none of my business.”
“Your right. It’s not.”
“Maybe I should just go.”
“No!” She grabbed his arm holding him in place “I-I mean sorry. I just had a long day is all. Stay please?” She looked uncomfortable asking him, but there was another emotion he couldn’t identify. Whatever it was, it was convincing.
“I got your mail by the way.” He said setting several white envelopes and a large Manila one down on the counter, and walking from the kitchen to the bathroom. He needed a shower, and went to rummage through the collection of clothing he had accumulated. He had hoped by pulling his shirt off and walking back past the kitchen he could entice Hallie to come shower with him but he found her standing with her back to him, looking at an article of mail in her hand. He could see her trembling from where he stood.
She had opened the large envelope first, noticing it had no return address, but felt bulky and heavy. She felt goosebumps bloom across her skin as a stack of photos slid out and she looked through them. There were dozens, her walking to work, out with friends, her and Matthew. Each photo got progressively closer and some had foul crude writing on them. Mattys face was crossed out on several of them and a few were ripped in half.
Matt was standing in the middle of the room, shirtless looking at her, concerned. She thought for a minute about hiding them but she knew that there would be no point. She held the photos out to him and he took them, frowning. His eyebrows furrowed as he shuffled through them.
“What-what is this?” He looked mad now, eyes burning. His knuckles were white as he gripped them ”Who took these?”
She took a deep breath “ His name is Ryan. I dated him for a few months before I moved here, to get away from him. He started stalking me, saying we were meant to be and he couldn’t live without me. I thought I got away from him but he found me. He left roses on my car this morning. And he texted me just now.”
“How long has this been going on?”
She looked down “A few days. That’s where the flowers came from the other day. And I got a weird phone call at my office last week. -“
“A few days? And your just telling me this now?”
“I’m sorry. I thought he would just go away. I was wrong.”
Yeah I’d say you were. We need to go to the police.”
“I already have. They can’t do anything about it. Besides he’s just trying to scare me.”
“ And what happens when that’s not enough for him anymore? What happens then? If you think this creep is going to be content to watch you forever, your wrong. He’s going to hurt you.”
“I know I’m-I’m sorry.”
“That’s it. I’m moving in here.”
“What?! No!”
“It’s not up for discussion. Till this guy goes away I’m staying here.”
She wanted to be annoyed, but in all honesty she was relieved. She felt safe with him in the apartment, and it felt good to get this off her chest.
“And what are we going to tell our friends?”
“Would it be so bad if they just knew about us? I mean really Hal. Your starting to make me feel like I’m just a good lay and that’s the only reason you keep me around.”
She looked hurt for a minute and her expression softened “Matty. I’m sorry.” She put a hand on his arm and rugged him closer “I never meant to make you feel that way. I’m just scared okay. Of this, of Ryan of everything. We will talk about this, but give me some time.”
He pursed his lips for a minute before he nodded.
“Okay. That’s fair.”
She squeezed his arm before wrapping her own around him, her head resting on his chest near his heart. He was so big and safe, any worry she had about Ryan out the window, as she stood listen to his heart beating through his shirt.
She had lived by herself for so long it was weird having a roommate. Especially one who walked around mostly shirtless and slept in her bed. She learned a lot about him in the following days. She learned how incredibly sweet he was, and how much he loved his mom and his sister. She learned he slept on the left side of the bed, that he never had a dog growing up, and that he was not the pest that everyone saw on the ice. She learned that he loved to dance, and they had spent much time slow dancing in her kitchen, and that he could talk about everything and anything late at night. His voice, which had annoyed the hell out of her just a few months ago, now soothed her every time she heard it. She liked seeing him smile at her across the table, or next to her while they brushed teeth, and his presence had become a comfort that she never knew she needed. She had fallen hard for Matthew Tkachuk, just like she knew she would.
One particular rainy Sunday morning she had woken up to his big rough hands barely brushing the bare skin of her back. She rolled over eyes still closed, lips immediately finding his in the dim light of her bedroom. He kissed her deeply, lips moving slowly, tongue pushing inside her mouth. There was already minimal clothing on, so it didn’t take long before he was pushing inside her. She let out a breath, eyes closing slowly. Each time was more enthralling than the last time. He moved slowly, lazily hot breath on her neck. She reached up, running her fingers through his hair. She could her the dull pounding of rain hitting her window, the thick grey clouds making the room dim. But she could see those eyes burning into her own, as he moved above her, curls falling into his eyes. He leaned down and kissed her heavily, as his pushes became faster until he let out a ragged breath as she tensed around him, her own high coming with his.
“Can we stay in bed all day and do that again?”
Before she could answer she heard her front door open and then close. Panic rose in her throat as Matt jumped off the bed, yanking a pair of gym shorts on and banged the bedroom door open. He couldn’t believe this creep was bold enough to come into her apartment in broad daylight, but he was going to kill him before he got the chance to ever do it again.
“Matty wait!” She whispered pulling a T-shirt over her head as she hurried out behind him. To her horror it was not Ryan in her kitchen, but Noah and Carly standing there with wide eyes and open mouths.
“What the hell?” Noah said, eyebrows raised so far up his forehead they were in danger of disappearing into his hairline.
Hallies face had bypassed Red and turned Maroon as she shrank down behind him under Carly’s glare.
“Are you two serious right now?” She asked hands on her hips, looking between them.
“How long has this been going on?” Noah asked. He too was frowning, arms crossed. He knew something was up, and they had become even more suspicious when Hallie started being magically busy the past few weeks, coupled with Matthew being notably absent and coming and going at all hours. They had never though thought in a million years they would find them shacked up together in Hallies apartment.
Matthew took a deep breath and turned to look at her before looking back at their friends “Since that weekend at the lake.”
Carly sucked in a loud breath, eyes huge. She sputtered for a few moments, words completely escaping her.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked after a few moments. She looked hurt. Hallie had wanted to tell her so bad, but she didn’t want to say it out loud. She was so scared that she had even let him in, but now to tell everyone else? That was terrifying.
“Let’s talk about this another time yeah?” Noah said, giving Carly’s arm a gentle squeeze.
“No.” Matt said “Let’s talk about it now. We didn’t tell you guys because we didn’t really know what to say. I honestly still don’t know what this is.”
“But there’s something else too.” Hallie reached behind her to pick up the envelope full of photos and handed them to Carly. She looked alarmed as she pulled them out, face turning white.
“Hallie.” She whispered.
“What the fuck?” Noah said, grabbing a few photos from Carly’s hand, and looking at both of them clearly confused.
“Sit down.” Matt said, patting the counter and walking to the fridge to pull out the liquor “We’ll tell you everything.”
And they did. They started with the lake house and went from there. Hallie and Carly walked Noah and Matt through the details on what had happened with Ryan and how they had come to Calgary to get away from him. Noah was so angry about the stalking, and the fact that she had kept it from them, he gave her a very stern talking to.
“This creep could have hurt you. Both of you.” He said glaring at Carly as well “We can’t keep you safe if we don’t know what we’re trying to keep you safe from.”
“I know, and I’m sorry.” Carly said giving his hand a squeeze.
“Now that we’re all in the loop I think we can agree that you two can’t go places alone for right now.” Matt said rubbing his chin “It’s just the way it is. Until this guy goes away or does something to get arrested for it has to be this way. When we have away games you two have some kind of sleepover or something. Have Jay come too.”
Carly giggled “I don’t really see Jay taking down an intruder, but safety in numbers right.” They laughed and the mood seemed to change. They decided to order takeout, and Hallie realized how much better she felt not keeping secrets. To finally have her and Matt out there in the open felt good, and natural.
After Noah and Carly left, it was just them in her apartment. He was smiling at her, a smile she hadn’t seen before. He walked very slowly towards her, eyes burning into her own.
“Thank you.” He said coming to a stop in front of her, hands resting on her shoulders.
“For telling our friends. I know it wasn’t easy, and I know you didn’t want to, and I know your not my girlfriend or anything but thank you.”
“You haven’t actually asked me to be your girlfriend.”
He shrugged “I’m not really in the market for a relationship right now so.”
She gaped at him till he burst out laughing and swept her up, carrying her down the hallway towards her bedroom.
“Come on. Let’s go do boyfriend girlfriend stuff.”
As news of their new relationship spread, Matthews performance on the ice skyrocketed. He was having a great season, exploding on the ice and making headlines every game. He was still a pest, and that would probably never change, but he found himself playing with a confidence he didn’t know he had.
Plus it was an added bonus to look up and see Hallie sitting in the stands, looking so damn good with his name across her back. She was a steady constant in his life, and he found that having a real relationship was better than any hookup.
After one particularly physical game, Hallie waited nervously in the hallways outside the dressing room. Noah exited followed by Johnny and came over dropping a kiss on Carly’s cheek and turning to Hallie with a smile. Johnny gave her a gentle bump on the shoulder and grinned when he saw her expression.
“He’ll be out in a second.”
She peeked our from behind Him, as the door banged open and Matt came through the doors of the locker room, wet curls falling around his face with a casual elegance, cheeks pink, tie loosened around his neck. His eyes searched around the room till they landed on her and he smiled.
That damn smile.
He accepted a few pats on the back from his teammates as he made his way over to her, and stopped a few feet in front of her. She looked him over not noticing any injuries or blood and he held his arms out wide.
“ I’m fine Hallie. “
She breathed an audible sigh of relief and fell gratefully into his arms. He was so big and warm and she closed her eyes and breathed him in.
Watching Him fight had been a confusing expression to say the least. She had seen videos of it on YouTube but watching it happen live was completely different than through the tv screen. It was horrible because he was her boyfriend and she didn’t want him to get hurt, but it was enthralling to watch him throw his 6”2 frame around with such confidence on the ice. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to kiss him or smack him and the whole experience had left her emotionally drained.
They made idle chatter as they made their way out of the SaddleDome and into the parking garage, making plans to get together with some other guys from the team the following evening.
Once they were buckled in the car he turned to find her already staring at him.
Her eyes were squinted and her head was turned to the side and like a flash of lightning she had hopped from the passenger seat to the back. He wasted no time following her, as they hurriedly pulled at whatever clothing was necessary to come off. She tugged the zipper of his suit pants down, and hiked up her skirt. She was dressed for work, having come to the game right from there with no time to change. She motioned for him to sit but he shook his head and leaned her back against the backseat, coming in between her legs. She settled in, opening her legs. His eyes bugged as he watched her pull the skirt up to reveal she wasn’t wearing stocking, but black thigh highs, and no underwear.
“Hal.” He breathed as she pulled his suit pants down enough and guided him towards her entrance. Her eyes closed and she arched back against the seat at the sensation of him pushing inside of her. He pushed again, adrenaline pumping through him as he quickened his pace, pushing deeper with each thrust.
“Matty.” She breathed, pulling his face to hers so she could kiss him. She fisted his dress shirt in her hands, as she pushed her tongue inside his mouth kissing him sloppily. Her legs began to ache as his pushed became erratic, and she came, him following shortly after. They say breathing heavily for a few minutes before he pulled out of her and sat next to her, situating his suit pants and turning to her. She smiled tiredly at him, eyes closing as he ran his fingers through her hair.
“Take me home.”
Hallie felt a twinge of annoyance at the way the girl was so obviously flirting with him and he was doing nothing to stop her. After a long night and a lot of sex, Hallie was overly tired and hadn’t really been in the mood to go out at all. She only had because she promised Carly she would. Matthew had gone to the bar to get a drink and was immediately approached By some bimbo in a short skirt, and that was all it took to bring Hallies mood down even more than it already was.
“Relax Hal.” Carly warned. She could feel an angry heat creep up her neck as she watched him smile at the girl, way to friendly for a guy who had a ‘girlfriend.” She angrily slugged the rest of her drink before setting it down loudly on the table.
“I’m going to the bathroom.” She said stand up and storming towards the ladies room sign, glaring at the back of the girls head who was flirting with her boyfriend.
She burst through the door, startling several girls who were fixing their makeup and blinked away angry tears while she went pee. Who did he think he was? They finally tell their friends the truth and here he was laughing and smiling with some random girl in the bar.
When she exited the bathroom she felt a hand on her arm. She turned ready to chew Matt out, when she realized the hand wasn’t his. She froze. It felt like someone was pouring maple syrup over head, and it was trickling down her body suffocating her as she came face to face with Ryan.
“Hi Hallie. I’ve missed you.”
“Get away from me Ryan.”
“I’m sorry about the photos, it was the only way I knew to get a hold of you after you blocked my phone number.”
“And what about the flowers on my car? How did you find my apartment?”
“I just know that you really love pink roses.”
“How did you find my house?”
He took a step forward and backed her further into the corner. Carly had noticed the exchange from across the bar and stood suddenly knocking her stool back and startling Noah. Matt turned from the conversation he was having to look at her as she jumped over the stool.
“That’s Ryan.”
As Hallie tried to maneuver around Ryan he grabbed her arm.
“Hallie please talk to me.” As she tried to pull away there was a commotion and Ryan’s face went white, a look of terror flashing across it. She turned just in time for a fist to come flying over her shoulder and connect solidly with Ryan’s face.
“Matty no!” She tried to grab on to the back of his T-shirt as he surged forward, punching Ryan again. He was so much bigger than her and she struggled nearly falling forward, until Noah appeared and grabbed Matt around the middle hauling him backwards. Johnny was standing looking at the scene with his mouth open and Carly was attempting to help Noah pull Matt towards towards the entrance. Hallie bit back tears and gave Ryan once last glance before she followed her friends out of the bar.
She burst through the door of her apartment not checking to see if he was behind her or not. She was so angry at him for what he had done she didn’t even want to look at him.
“Look I’m sorry okay?” He said leaning against the doorframe. The cut above his eyebrow had stopped bleeding and he was flexing his fingers, bruises beginning to bloom across his knuckles. “I just. When I saw that guy grab you like that, I don’t know. I just reacted” He looked at his hand and sighed “ it’s cuz I fucking love you okay?”
“You have to stop punching first and asking questions later. You almost punched me in the face!”
“I would never punch you in face Hal-“
“Your fist was two inches from hitting me.”
He looked at his feet embarrassed before she continued.
“And don’t think I didn’t see you flirting with that girl either!”
“What? What girl?”
“The bimbo at the bar who’s chest you couldn’t stop staring at! Thanks for making a complete idiot out of me in front of everyone!”
“This is never gonna change is it? Your never going to trust me.”
“Give me one good reason why I should?! You fill my head with air about wanting to have relationship with me then you flirt with some girl at the bar!”
They were standing ten feet apart, red faced and screaming at each other.
“I don’t need this.” He snapped grabbing his he let and leaving the room. She followed him.
“No you don’t need this and you clearly don’t need me either. Get out!”
“I am. And I won’t be coming back either.” He slammed the door behind him as she stood there, fists balled up at her sides. She listened to him walk angrily down the hallway until his footsteps could no longer be heard.
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somebodycall911onfox · a year ago
Some post-4x13 Buddie because ummmm no to everything that just went down and whatever the hell they're doing with that promo. Pre-relationship Eddie introspection, guest-starring sleepy Buck and Chris (how often can I have these two idiots—Buck and Eddie, not Chris—wake each other up too goddamn early in the morning; the answer is infinite).
Eddie wakes up.
The world is a quiet, washed-out hum of static and dim light. He listens to his breath, in and out, in and out, as the room comes into focus. The rhythmic beeping monitor. The rough sheets over his chest. The hollowed-out numb of his shoulder where—
fuck. Where he’d been shot.
Eddie blinks open his eyes and grimaces. He’s probably doped to hell but his shoulder aches like forest fire, like a pain that will consume him and the whole world too, if he lets it. His head feels like someone pumped it full of air right up until the point before it bursts. He grits his teeth and gathers saliva on his tongue, carefully distributes it so that when he swallows, it will feel less like he’s ingesting a quart of sand. He knows this song and dance. He wiggles his fingers and toes and notes that remarkably, everything’s in working order. He wonders how often you can cheat death before that karma comes to get you.
Although he thinks Buck would probably go to bat for him, even against death himself. The heart monitor spikes as Eddie remembers with a vicious and cruel clarity Buck’s eyes on his as Eddie shuddered and collapsed. Buck’s wide, deer-in-headlights eyes, all that Eddie could see, just two pinprick pupils until there was nothing else, just the black, blank darkness.
Eddie tips his head to the side and opens his eyes, unclenching his fists, and nearly reels back when he sees Ana. She’s crumpled in the seat beside him, her chin resting on her collarbone, her long, dark eyelashes twitching against her cheek as she sleeps.
He closes his eyes and turns his head away.
But Ana’s a light sleeper. She was already waking up when he looked at her, roused from the shallow depths of unconsciousness by the change in Eddie’s breathing pattern, or something. His eyes are still closed when she croaks out, “Eddie?”
He looks at her.
“Eddie!” She says, raising her hands to flutter them over his chest, his face, his un-wounded shoulder. “You’re awake! You’re alive! Thank God,” she says, fervent. Like a prayer.
“Guess I’m just… lucky,” Eddie wheezes out. She smiles at him, eyes watering, and he gave the PG-version of his Silver Star story in her classroom but there’s no hint of recognition in her eyes.
“Either the luckiest man alive, or the unluckiest,” she says. “I’m pretty sure a lucky man wouldn’t be shot at quite so much.” She presses a kiss to his temple and Eddie has the horrible impulse to bat her away from him like she’s an overbearing aunt.
God, he’s an idiot. And it would take getting shot for him to realize it.
“What… happened?” Eddie asks, relieved when she leans back and settles into her chair.
“I’m not sure… I heard there was a sniper on the scene. The police think he might be targeting first responders, because how could this year get any worse?” When she shakes her head, her curls bounce in a way Eddie found appealing, once. It feels like a million years ago.
“Chris?” He asks, heart racing once more. She glances at the monitor and then back to him, offering a reassuring smile that does little to soothe his nerves.
“He’s OK. Buck’s with him.” Those three words calm Eddie instantly, like someone turning off an electric kettle, the worry bubbling up inside him simmering to a still. Because it means Chris is OK, and so is Buck. “I’m really grateful to Buck,” Ana is saying, taking his hand in hers, drawing his attention back to her. “It means I get to be here, with you.” She smiles at him like he’s fragile.
Eddie looks at her and doesn’t know how to tell her. How to tell her that the right thing would be for her to be at Chris’s side. That Chris always came first. Chris was the first and only priority. Chris was Eddie’s heart, raw and exposed, just like Bobby had said.
He looks at her and thinks about Chris’s smile, how he lights up the minute Ana walks in the room. He thinks about Chris confessing to him, quiet and anxious, that he’d asked Santa to find Mommy. He thinks about his parents telling him that the proper thing to do was to marry the girl carrying his child, even if he wasn’t sure he loved her.
Chris has been and will always be the most important thing in Eddie’s life. But Eddie’s starting to realize that even with a Northstar as good and perfect as Chris, Eddie didn’t always make the best choices. For himself, for Chris, or for their family.
“Can you call Buck, for me?” Eddie asks, brushing his thumb over Ana’s delicate knuckles. “If it’s not too late. I want to see my boys.”
She hastily bends down to pick up her purse and fumble her phone out, tell him it was fine, Buck had wanted her to call him as soon as Eddie woke up, anyway. He catches a glimpse of a “5” as she unlocks the phone and opens her contact list.
In the early morning, hospital quiet, Eddie can hear the phone ring on the other end of the line. Once, twice. Click.
“Hello?’ Buck asks, voice scratchy with sleep.
“Let me talk to him,” Eddie says, before Ana can get a word in. She hesitates, opens her mouth, but he holds her gaze until she extends the phone to him. Eddie’s hand is steady when he takes it from her.
“Hey,” Eddie says. Buck’s bleary-eyed, curls smashed to one side of his head, half his face obscured by a dark shape.
“Eddie,” Buck says, a ragged, relieved sound. He shifts, and Eddie hears him say, “Chris, Chris wake up, it’s your dad, Chris, he’s OK!”
And then there’s another face, pressing too close to the camera, so that Eddie mostly sees a nostril and some chin.
“Daddy!” Chris whoops, and Eddie smiles, and Buck pulls Chris back from the phone screen so Eddie can see him.
“Hey there, buddy,” Eddie says, “sorry I scared you.”
“W-wasn’t scared,” Chris insists, blinking rapidly because without his glasses, the world was mostly a multi-colored smudge. “I had Buck.”
Buck—who settles Chris’s glasses over his face with heartbreaking tenderness. Buck—who wraps an arm around Chris and scoots them back against the headboard so they can both see Eddie. Buck—who had clearly been sleeping in Chris’s bed, keeping him safe while Eddie was getting several pints of blood pumped into his body and shrapnel extricated from his shoulder.
“That’s good,” Eddie says. “Really good.”
“We knew you’d be OK,” Buck says. “Right, Superman?”
“Yeah. ‘Cause of your lucky charm.”
Eddie has to close his eyes against that. Chris is still so young, still Disney-innocent and honey-sweet, and Buck knew exactly what to say to calm Chris down. He knew Chris’s favorite bedtime story and the playlist Eddie made for him to help Chris fall asleep.
“That’s right,” Eddie chokes out. “My St. Christopher medal.”
“No.” Eddie blinks at that, at the stubborn line of Chris’s mouth. “Me. And Buck.”
Buck looks just about as surprised as Eddie feels.
“What?” Eddie asks.
“What?” Buck asks.
“What?” Chris asks, confused at their confusion. He addresses Buck. “Daddy said that I was his good l-l-luck charm. Because he loves me. A-and he loves you, so you’re his good luck charm too.”
Eddie isn’t sure if his kid is perceptive or just putting together ideas in the way only kids can. But it doesn’t really matter, because he isn’t wrong.
“Got me there,” Eddie agrees. “I must be pretty lucky, since I’ve got the both of you watching my back.”
Buck’s smiling a pleased, sunshine grin. The room is too dark and the connection is too poor, but Eddie would bet money that Buck’s blushing.
Eddie very deliberately doesn’t look at Ana.
“We’ll come visit as soon as the hospital opens,” Buck promises. “It’s good you called, because we should probably get going.”
To his right, Chris gives a huge yawn.
“You sure? I’m not going anywhere.”
“You think we’re gonna be able to sleep now that you’re awake? No way.”
“No way!’ Chris agrees.
“We’ll be there in fifteen. Twenty. Ten?” Buck looks down at Chris.
“Five!” Chris shouts. “The f-firetruck could make it in five minutes!”
“But we only have Buck’s jeep,” Buck says, pouting at Chris. “Definitely not a firetruck.”
“Fifteen,” Chris amends.
“OK,” Eddie says with a laugh that barely hurts. “I’ll see you soon. Thanks, Buck.”
“For what?” Buck asks, ruffling Chris’s hair with the hand that had been draped over Chris’s shoulders. “Be there soon.”
The call disconnects with the finality of a book snapping shut. He squares his shoulders (as much as he can while lying in an inclined hospital bed with a bullet injury) and turns his head to face Ana.
Her eyes are narrowed and hard, like ice over a troubled stream.
“So,” she says, slow and calm, “Buck?”
“Yeah” Eddie says. It’s all he can say. He can’t tell her how to be what he needs, what Chris needs. He can’t tell her to put Chris first like a reflex, like an instinct.
He doesn’t blame her. He isn’t mad at her. He isn’t even disappointed. He’s as shocked as anyone that he met someone who understood, immediately and profoundly, that Chris was Eddie’s world. Eddie had never counted on someone like Buck. And it was time he stopped running from that and accepted it for the undeserved, unparallelled gift that it was.
“I’m sorry,” he adds.
“Me too.” Ana takes her phone back with a snap of her wrist and drops it in her purse. “I’m going to go home.”
“Yeah,” Eddie says, feeling a little guilty. He knows what it’s like to feel left behind, waking up with nothing but a note and the realization that you could never be good enough.
Ana gets to her feet and smooths the wrinkles of her blouse, and for a moment she reminds him so much of Shannon that he’s dizzy. The straight back, the self-posession, the tumble of curls swept over her shoulder.
He hopes Ana finds a love worthy of her, someone who will treasure her and believe her when she says, “sometimes our limitations let us know who we are.”
Because Eddie looked at the world like a challenge. He threw himself into it like the world might burn up tomorrow, but he would fight to the last breath anyway. He peeled away honorable discharge and may experience lifelong mobility dilemmas and we know what’s best for him and don’t you know how hard it is to be a single father like strips of old paint.
And Buck was the same way. Buck was I had to do it and didn’t you know Jim Abbot played baseball with only one hand and I’m in. You wanted us to bond, Cap. We might end up real close.
Eddie watches Ana leave, her heels clicking sharp against the tiled floor. At the door, she turns her head.
“I am glad you’re OK, Edmundo.”
“Thank you.”
And then she’s gone.
And then Eddie waits, anticipation mounting, for his boys to bring him home.
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Can I get some headcanons with Free dating someone? I am WEAK
I might have rambled a bit on this one haha, feel free to resend the ask if you wanted something else!
— Psychic
Things to Note
the name should be an indicator, but Free enjoys his freedom— he’ll be resistant to anything that restricts it.
the Shishigumi comes first; even if Free is laidback, he's still part of the gang’s inner circle.
Meeting Free
surprisingly enough, your relationship with Free did not begin as anything sexual.
It doesn't even begin as a friendship — it's difficult to describe a situation wherein you find a random lion in your house.
You think he was trying to rob you.
You fainted, of course.
When you awoke, you found yourself on the floor with a nasty ache in your back and a note nearby.
The words were scribbled hastily in print; “WILL VISIT AGAIN SOON”.
You filed a police report, but nothing came of it— other an officer’s promise that the station would keep an eye out for “any suspicious characters”.
The police station is blind, you concluded. Reason being, the lion returned exactly a week later.
Now, Free (as you’ve learnt is his name) just waltzes in and makes himself at home.
No matter how often you changed the locks or fortified the windows, Free found a way in.
It was almost like a game for the feline— you gave up on trying to keep him out.
Free had a nasty habit of not taking off his dirty ass shoes before he put his feet up on your white couch.
As your relationship progressed, he became more mindful of his behaviour— though, it took him a while to remember not to put his shoes all over your furniture.
you grew used to the lion visiting you randomly. Sometimes, Free did not visit you empty handed.
Free gave you an expensive phone— albeit one with a cracked screen, a watch that smelled like seawater and a couch with red polka-dots to replace the one he dirtied with the grime at the bottom of his shoe.
It took you ten minutes of cleaning your “brand-new” sofa to realise that the red spots were not part of the original design.
It was definitely best not to ask Free where exactly he sourced his gifts from.
You eventually began to feel a bit poorly about receiving things from him all the time.
The first time you presented Free with a gift, he shut down.
During his visits, Free liked to make use of your bathroom. He always set his suit, tie and shoes one side while he cleaned himself (and used up all your hot water in the process).
It was inevitable that you would notice the wrinkles, and the scuff marks.
You couldn't have something so unkempt in your house. It wasn't an issue for you to do a quick spot of ironing.
Even the shoes could be made presentable— you just had to wipe them off and apply a bit of black polish.
When Free realised what you had done, he seemed to be speechless. Just when you expected to hear a “Thank you Y/N”, God quickly brought you back to reality.
“You're going to do this sort of thing from now on?” He held the suit jacket up by its sleeves, as if searching for the wrinkles he knew were no longer present.
You shrugged. “If you keep your shoes off my couch, then sure,”
You thought that your gift would encourage him to visit more often, but for a whole month, Free did not visit you.
You wondered if the police had finally caught the bastard— but, after a month, he returned as if nothing had ever happened.
After that, he no longer showered at your place.
Free’s Thoughts & Motivations
this ‘relationship’ was the longest one Free had ever been in.
The lion who bathed in the revelry of the Black Market now looked forward not just to bloodshed, but to movie marathons and hearing you bitch about your neighbours.
The fear of this casualty metamorphosing into something serious . . . something permanent, compelled Free to leave you alone for a while to collect his thoughts.
He only visited you because your home was a convenient place to rest before returning to the Mansion.
(The night you met him, he'd broken in to avoid a police patrol in the area.)
The presents were bribes to keep you complacent.
(Though . . . maybe he felt a bit bad about ruining your sofa.)
As much as your gesture touched him, Free wanted nothing in return.
Your gift was proof that you held some kind of affection for him.
Free returned to the Mansion feeling quite warm inside that day, but he didn't dare shower at your place again.
The affection that you held for him, no matter how miniscule, was addictive.
The others didn't pay much attention to it when Free casually mentioned that he had a “friend" outside of the Black Market.
The inner circle grew suspicious when he refused to elaborate further.
“It's time that we address the elephant in the room.” Dolph gave a pointed look at the only empty chair in the room.
Free’s chair.
The others around the table nodded once in solemn agreement. Then, someone raised their hand.
Dolph’s expression seemed to soften the smallest amount. “Yes, Agata?”
“Who’s going to kill him if we find out he’s planning to leave the gang? I would volunteer but my shoulder's still healing from that last gang war—”
Before the scar-faced lion could reply, Ibuki interjected. “This is Free we are discussing— he would not betray the Shishigumi in such a manner. There's no need to discuss things like that,”
He tapped a claw against the table, “In any case, we will get to the bottom of this. Tonight.”
A Cause For Concern
you thought that you were being paranoid.
You hoped that you weren't really being followed.
There was no mistaking it.
Everywhere you went, everytime you went outside, it was there.
A singular black car.
“Eh? What are you panicking about?” You heard Free's voice, but you didn't respond. You tossed your car keys, and they landed on the kitchen table.
You sped over to the windows. With one, great motion, you drew them, only stopping when the entire house was draped in darkness.
“There’s this black car . . . It’s been tailing me all weekend,” Though your voice was calm, your hands were shaking as you made your way back to the couch.
Free grew thoughtful, but only for the briefest of moments. He waved dismissively, and lapped one leg over the other, pulling you onto his lap with his free arm.
“Don’t worry about it. Just the Shishigumi being the Shishigumi. They won't break in or anything,”
Silence hung in the air only for half a minute, before Free added, “Probably won't, anyways,”
But, you are more focused on the s-word, rather than on what they may or may not do to your home.
“Shishigumi . . .?” The word was foreign on your tongue, but it was not entirely unfamiliar.
You didn't move off of his lap, but you gently pried off the hands that held your waist in place.
If you didn't know better, you would have sworn that Free looked just a bit . . . hurt by your actions. Still, he got the message and his hands remained at either side of himself.
You were grateful for that much.
“I didn't stutter,” The lion tsked. His hand slid over his mane. He was antsy about something, thag much you knew.
When Free next spoke, his voice was low. His chin rest atop your head, and you could easily feel the calming vibration of his throat.
“It doesn't bother you, right?”
A sigh escaped your lips. You pinched your nose. You internally debated strangling him for daring to ask something with such an obvious answer.
Of course you would mind! You felt as if you had always known Free was part of some illegal operation— but, it had never crossed your mind to assume the lion was in an actual gang!
No . . . that was a lie.
The thought had crossed your mind. You willed the thought to go away everytime it reared its ugly head.
“No, I don't mind, Free. I don't mind at all.”
Going Steady
Free talked things out with his colleagues— that's what he told you, at least.
The ominous black vehicle that stalked your every move disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared.
Life went back to normal, though, the visitor's list expanded by eight more lions.
Ibuki and Dolph were infrequent visitors— if they stopped by, then you knew it was on important business.
Agata often fetched your groceries, so you saw him often.
Miguel, Dope and Jinma visited infrequently, but were not as rare to see as Ibuki and Dolph.
Hino, like Agata, was a regular. He mostly crashed in your guest room— apparently, it was easier to fall asleep at your place.
Once every few months, Sabu would deliver your groceries instead of Agata. He seemed nice enough, but you found him to be intimidating as hell.
For better or for worse, Free begun spending nights at your house.
It would be wrong to call him a freeloader, though.
“There's ten grand in here . . .” You murmured to yourself. You turned the envelope over in your hands. Your name was written on the side, in Free's chickenscratch penmanship.
But, there was also a note; “10K. RENT MONEY FOR Y/N.”
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sugiwa · a year ago
Tumblr media
small dreams
It took one 27 second long video for Keigo to fall in love
Tumblr media
The video looped through every news cycle, and each reaction varied from outright derision to almost mythical awe emerging. On YouTube, it was viral in fifty-three different countries and Starburst—a name derived from a candy company that the pro-hero was fond of—jokingly tweeted that she was more famous than All-Might.
And she might have been thanks to the reporter that not only caught her decking the father of a girl she just saved but also recorded the subsequent twenty-seven seconds it took for three police officers to pull her off him and pull her away. The peace sign Y/N threw up as the police led her into a car probably didn’t help, nor did the live stream of her twenty-four hours in a holding cell while they investigated her claim of the man’s abuse and finally released her.
Though there were news outlets that tried to pin Starburst down as a hero on the edge of villainy, her public reputation hadn’t taken any damage. It was hard, after all, to claim that she did the wrong thing when they heard the girl’s testimony and pulled her medical records. But, Starburst—or L/N Y/N—still faced punishment from the Hero Public Safety Commission despite all this.
Attacking an unarmed civilian was apparently a big no-no—even if he was an abusive asshole. She was spared having her license revoked until she retested the simple principle that she had refrained from using her quirk. Her sentence was lessened to a month-long suspension with a strict patrol schedule in some city near Tokyo.
Y/N could work with it. She could put up with the Commission’s inane chatter for the sake of her job, but she drew the line at issuing an apology. It took three hours to wiggle her way out of a press conference to address the event. By the time her meeting with the Commission and sentencing was done, Y/N retweeted the initial video with the caption: Totally worth it.
Tumblr media
Keigo was slightly in love with Starburst. Maybe it was the way she strolled into the Hero Public Safety Commission building fresh out of handcuffs and bluntly told them that she wasn’t apologizing and would rather become a vigilante than listen to ten more minutes of them debating the future of her career.
Or maybe it was the video which he’d seen a hundred times over, where she looked like a hero. The kind he’d always dreamed of as a kid, the kind who swooped in and beat the bad guy and then offered you stickers and candy and told you everything would be alright because it was exactly what she’d done for that little girl.
Either way, L/N Y/N was a hero who deserved a little rest, which was why he was currently tailing her patrol route and taking care of the problems before she could move. Her quirk was right out of a comic book too. The golden energy that left her capable of issuing an instant KO.
“Will you leave me alone?” she snapped, finally turning around to glare at him. She had a warm face, not made for anger which was probably why the glare fell away a moment later, replaced by a smile. “I appreciate the help, but I’m not offering any fanservice in exchange.”
“Who said I was a fan?” His wings flapped, feathers flying back toward him.
“You regularly stalk girls mid-air? That sort of thing does not fly with me.” Y/N laughed, nose scrunching at her own joke. “Get it…cause we both fly….”
He smiled innocently, “Thought of that all on your own?”
Y/N groaned, twisting her earring, “Just because I didn’t go to a fancy-ass hero school like Wet Jeanist and Flameo Hotman doesn’t mean I’m dumb.”
Slight insulted by the nickname she gave his favorite hero, he asked, “Flameo Hotman? You mean Endeavor-san?”
“Ohhh, that’s a man-crush voice.” Her eyes tightened with mischief, “I’m gonna have to dip since I got a hot date with my credit card. See you later, Chicken Little.”
He watched her go in slight awe because Y/N really was as crazy as the stories said. Starburst was a hero that had a bit of a cult following. She wasn’t high enough in the rankings to be wildly popular the way he was—up until she went viral, that was. A graduate of Ketsubutsu who went on to attend college before actually becoming a hero, she was on a watch list with the Hero Public Safety Commission.
Apparently, non-conformity was an issue…who knew.
Tumblr media
A rain of confetti fell over Keigo’s head, brightly colored and all covered in specks of glitter. He inhaled deeply, turning to see Starburst’s grinning face as she eagerly clapped. Endeavor, like always whenever he was forced to be in Starburst’s proximity, turned around and stalked down the hall. Her confetti burned in his wake. Y/N’s voice followed him, offering an empty congratulations to the hero.
“How’s my precious senpai doing?” she asked, turning her attention to him.
“You really know how to annoy him, huh?” asked Keigo staring at the empty hall. If you gave Y/N too much attention, she ran with it. “What’s the deal?”
Y/N shrugged, rolling her shoulders confidently, “Some people are not equipped to handle true talent.”
“Yeah, right,” snorted Keigo.
“I may or may not have drunkenly confessed that I had no idea who he was to a bunch of reporters during last week.” Y/N made a rude gesture with her hand. “I mean, if you’re not Number One, then do you really matter?”
“Harsh,” he ruffled his wings, freeing the last of her glitter confetti and letting it rain on the ground. “You all good with the Commission now?”
“All thanks to you! I owe you one, you know that?”
“Nah,” Keigo waved her off, resisting the urge to laugh as she made her bright eyes as wide as possible. “It was pretty brave of you. Plus, I think anyone would have done the same thing.”
Three months out of trouble, Y/N once again made headlines for ‘accidentally’ dropping a child trafficker off a building. She caught him before he hit the ground, but apparently, the authorities deemed the emotional damage a little extreme.
“They probably would have been a bit smarter about it, though.”
“Well, don’t worry, no one expects you to be the brains.”
Y/N pouted. “True.”
Keigo laughed. “What are you doing here anyway? You’re not in the top ten.”
“Is bullying the new rage these days?” Her pout grew, arms crossing over her chest, “Everyone’s got something snippy to say to me. Where’s Rumi when I need her?”
“Gonna hide behind her?”
“Fuck yeah.” Y/N nodded emphatically as she reached into her pocket for a pack of gum. She offered him a piece. “Let’s see how your chicken wings stand against her legs.”
Keigo looked at the gum and then her. The words slipped out of his mouth before he could stop them, “Wanna get something to eat?”
Her smile looked like the sun, “Thought you’d never ask.”
Tumblr media
“So, what’s the deal with you and Dragonbreath?” asked Y/N, sprawling across his couch. It was the third time this week she was here. He should tell her to leave, but the words die in his throat in his mouth every time he tried.
There’s too much risk. Dabi’s listening in on everything he does these days, and he doesn’t want her anywhere near them. Not when he’s aware of what they’re planning. Not when he knows how Y/N would react.
She was rough and improper in everything she does, but there’s no one brighter or better when it came to genuine goodness.
Keigo dodged the question with his own. “Endeavor again?”
“Ran into him last week and got yelled at for ten minutes for getting in his way. The guy was in my path, and I’m the one getting yelled at? Next time, I’m drop-kicking him off his skyscraper.” She kicked her leg in the air, reminding him that she was scarcely dressed.
Was this what having a girlfriend like? Constantly jumping between fondness and horniness? He wasn’t complaining.
He heard this threat a million times. “Still mad about the fact that he has one?”
“I’m a simple country girl. I’d be happy with a peach orchard and some chickens.”
“Come here,” he crooked his finger at her. Y/N got up instantly, crossing the room toward the balcony where he stood. Her hands wrapped around his waist, slipping under his shirt, across his skin, over his chest. Too much and too little at the same time.
“You’ll get cold out here,” she murmured. He could sink in the warmth she offered.
“It’s nice seeing the world so still.”
A noise left her throat, wet and worried, “Hawks, whatever it is, whatever they’re making you do, I’ll be here. I promise.”
People joked about Y/N being dumb—he did it too often to count, but she saw more than most people did when it mattered.
“Why’d you become a hero?”
“Saved a cute boy once, and he gave me a kiss,” she said. He’d heard that story before. She offered it in every interview, never expanding on what boy or how she saved him. It was also a glaring lie.
He didn’t push her. He lied about too many things to count.
Keigo took her face between his hands—the urge to kiss that tiny speck by her eyes thrummed through him. It would take a thousand-thousand years for him to forget her face. Y/N turned, her lips skimming his palm, cold and warm at once.
He loved her because she was Y/N. Because in her, he could love himself and not grow cold from it. Because the numbness he’d always known leaked out in place of affection. He loved her boundlessly—above, below, and across—unhindered, without ill will, without enmity.
It was with her that he was Takami Keigo and not the current Number Two.
His hand cupped her neck, fingers tangling in the curls of her hair. Her lips opened under his. A trail of fire burst across his lips, and for a moment, he only knew the sweetness of her mouth. He drank her in, each breath, each hushed sound leaving her throat.
He would do what they asked and make the choices no one else could.
It was worth the world he dreamed of.
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augustmoon259 · a year ago
"Unholy Blood" Pureblood!Fem!Vampire Reader x Hayan Park
Ten years ago, people who could transform into vampires began to appear in Korea. Ever since then, these morphing vampires have been slaughtering people while hiding their true identities. But there's something that people don't know. A secret, that if it got out, would change the world and the way that people saw vampires forever.
Pureblood vampires. Vampires who are stronger, faster, and more powerful in every way. How do I know about them? Because I am a pureblood vampire.
o - o - o - o - o
My parents were both pureblood vampires. They used to live in Korea, before they had me. They decided to move to the US and settle down in a small town.
My life was a peaceful one. Sure, it was hard trying to hide my identity as a vampire, but it wasn't that bad. I was homeschooled, up until I was ready to go off to college.
College was a new experience for me. I had fun making new friends, taking classes taught by different teachers, and being in a new environment. I went home to visit my parents during breaks.
I wish I had gotten to say goodbye to them, if I knew that I'd never be able to see them again.
o - o - o - o - o
It was winter break. I was excited to see my parents again and spend time with them during the holidays. I had plans for movies we could watch together, games we could play, and more.
The bus stopped in my neighborhood, and I got off, still brimming with anticipation. That is, until I saw the smoke.
The smoke was coming from the direction of my family's home. I ran there as fast as I could. When I got there, I saw the firefighters putting out the last of the flames.
Our house was a complete wreck. I frantically rushed past the onlookers and firefighters to dig through the rubble, and search for my parents. I was dragged away, still screaming and sobbing.
Later, the police told me about what had happened. It was reported that two explosions were heard from our house, and then a fire started not long after. The firefighters were dispatched, but it still took a while for them to get from the station to our house. They found my parents' bodies, unrecognizable as they were.
The explosions were written off as gas leaks, since our house was an old one. This may have been a reasonable explanation to anyone else, but not me. I knew better.
We were pureblood vampires.
Any regular vampire that manages to consume the heart of a pureblood vampire would become a pureblood vampire themself. We knew this, but we thought we were safe here in the US, when vampires began to appear in Korea ten years ago.
My parents must have sacrificed themselves to destroy their hearts, along with their attackers.
Our mailbox still had some mail in it. Bills to pay, letters for my parents, and letters for me as well. I expected this. What I was not expecting was the note left in the mailbox, addressed to me.
If you want revenge for your parents' deaths, come to Korea.
I crushed the note in my hand.
Whoever came after my parents didn't succeed, but it cost my parents their lives. Now they're after me. They know I exist.
Fine. If they think I'll be easy prey, I'll prove them wrong.
o - o - o - o - o
Living in Korea was different from living in the States.
I had applied to study abroad, and the university I applied for was Hanguk University. I managed to rent an apartment at a decent price in a modest neighborhood. I heard that there was a nice church in the area, run by a priest who also takes care of orphans from the nearby orphanage.
It was hard enough adjusting to life in another country, never mind one where bloodthirsty monsters come out at night. Lucky for me, I had the distinct advantage of being one of those "monsters".
Admittedly, not only did I feel guilty for not being able to prevent my parents' deaths, I realized what a privileged life I had been living. All my life, just on the other side of the world, there were innocent people being terrorized by vampires.
But now I'm here, and I have the power to do something about it.
I'd find whoever was responsible for my parents' murders, and I'll rid the world of vampires, one bastard at a time.
Between going out at night to kill vampires, and scrounging up information about their secret hierarchy and criminal underworld, I was also busy with my normal, "human" life.
I attended the orientation for my new university.
Yet it wasn't at the orientation that I'd meet the woman who'd change my life.
o - o - o - o - o
The first day of school was always the same: new students rushing to find their classes, old students saying hi to their friends, and teachers making note of who to look out for that year.
I greeted a few people I had met at the orientation, but there was one girl who was going around greeting...everyone. She was quite pretty, with dark brown hair and eyes.
She was so enthusiastic, bowing her head at every person she came across, that I couldn't help but smile.
With her friendly demeanor, I was sure she'd already have made plenty of friends, but I noticed later that she had no one to sit at lunch with. I myself was sitting alone, but that was of my own volition. I debated whether or not to go to her table and sit with her, but I opted not to, in the end.
Over the next few days, I kept seeing her around. She still greeted everyone cheerfully, and had earned the nickname "Miss Popular" around campus. I found it very fitting for her.
Things continued on like this. Her, greeting everyone with enthusiasm but sitting alone. Me, silently watching her.
I decided that I had done enough observing, and that it was time to formally meet her.
Bringing my lunch with me over to her table, I sat across from her. She had started eating her lunch by then, so when I unexpectedly arrived at her table, she choked on her food.
"Hey! Hey, are you okay?!"
I got up from my seat, prepared to do the Heimlich maneuver if necessary, but she waved a hand to stop me, and grabbed a nearby water bottle with the other hand to drink. She beat her chest a few times until she was no longer gasping, and I sat down when I confirmed that she was fine. Other people who had noticed the incident went back to eating their lunches.
We sat there, awkwardly gazing at each other, until she groaned and covered her face with her hands in embarrassment.
"Nice going Hayan...first person who decides to sit with you at lunch, and you make a fool of yourself..."
"Oh no, that was my fault! I'm sorry for surprising you like that...so, uh, your name is Hayan?"
Hayan took one hand off her face, before slowly removing her remaining hand.
"Yes, my name is Hayan...Park Hayan."
I introduced myself, and then we...shook hands. I decided to start a new topic of conversation, before Hayan had an existential crisis.
"Hayan...is it alright if I call you Hayan?"
She nodded her head affirmatively before waiting for what else I had to say.
"I hope this isn't out of line for me to say, but I've sort of been watching you for a while now. I notice that you always say hi to everyone, but you're still sitting alone at lunch? Um, Hayan, do you have friends?"
Hayan looked taken aback for a moment, before hanging her head in shame.
"It's...it's complicated? I've been trying to make friends, and since I didn't attend the orientation, I thought saying hi to everyone would be a surefire way to meet new people, but I haven't had much luck..."
"You didn't attend the orientation? So that's why I didn't recognize you. Hayan, if you're trying to make new friends, would you...like to be friends?"
"Seriously?! I mean, how could I reject?!"
Hayan enthusiastically slammed her hands on the table and jumped up, before sheepishly sitting back down when she noticed people's curious glances.
"Yes! Let's be friends!"
I talked with Hayan until lunch was over, and it turned out that we had a lot in common. Neither Hayan nor I were able to finish our lunches, busy as we were with chatting with each other. We decided to exchange phone numbers to keep in touch with each other.
After that, I wasn't occupied with just school and my nighttime activities. I hung out with Hayan outside of school. We went to cafes and coffee shops to get drinks and spend more time with each other.
She and I were the same age: twenty. When I applied to Hanguk University, I had to apply as a freshman, since not all of my credits from my previous college transferred over.
Hayan was looking forward to a get together that some seniors had organized at a pub. Students from every year would be there, and she hoped to meet other freshman besides me. I wasn't one for drinking, since vampires couldn't get drunk anyway, but I decided to go for Hayan's sake.
Gatherings of college students tend to go south pretty quickly, but it was what happened after that was a disaster.
o - o - o - o - o
The pub was crowded, noisy, and filled with the laughter and shouting of overexcited��young adults.
I sat down at a random table with Hayan. When we sat down, I heard someone suggest a drinking game to lighten the mood. Next thing I knew, we were all pointing fingers at each other, and Hayan was the unfortunate person chosen to drink.
Two hours and several more drinking games later, Hayan was still unsuccessful at making another friend. I was surprised to note that Hayan was not a lightweight at all. She had drunk nearly twenty bottles of soju by herself! And If I was being honest with myself, I thought that made her even more amazing than she already was.
"Hayan, do you want to go home now?"
"Ah, yeah, I guess so...It seems my latest plan to make friends failed..."
In my head, I could see the comical tears of defeat in her eyes.
Hayan got up and grabbed her bag, but before we left the pub, a senior announced one last drinking competition. It was between a heavyset senior named Jang and anyone who dared to challenge him. If no one won, the freshman had to show off a talent during our start of year trip.
I knew what was coming before anyone else. I decided to take bets, and when the drinking match was over, I made a nice one hundred thousand won from people who had bet Hayan would lose.
Actually, calling it a "match" would be wrong. It was so one-sided, I almost felt bad for Jang.
Hayan finally got her wish granted. I saw two freshman asking Hayan for her number to join their study group. As I looked at Hayan's giddy face, and the admiring expressions of everyone else around us, I felt happy for Hayan.
Just when Hayan was making a toast to her victory, the sirens went off.
The joy of everyone around us immediately died out, to be replaced with worry and fear instead.
People scrambled to gather their belongings and leave the pub, and I hurried over to Hayan's side.
"Come on, Hayan. We'd better go. The sirens mean that vampires will be out soon..."
"Right! Um, let's go!"
We left the pub, prepared to follow everyone else in order to catch the last bus.
"Hayan! Let me walk you home!"
Before I knew what was happening, there was a random guy standing in front of Hayan. He completely ignored me. If that wasn't enough to piss me off, his condescending smirk and the arrogant way he held himself did. Let me guess, this guy's one of those idiots who try to act macho in front of girls to impress them.
"Um, no thank you. I already have a friend I'm walking home with..."
"A friend? Sure you do. Come on, what are you so afraid of? Me?"
"Hey buster, back off. She already said she's got someone to walk home with!"
I shoved him away. As he recovered from my unexpected interference, he quickly masked his anger with the same infuriating smirk. He gave me a once over, before his smirk widened.
"So this must be the friend you mentioned. Well, I can always walk you both home."
Great. Just great. Not only is he wasting our precious time, he's hitting on Hayan and me.
"Tch. Fine. Clearly you're invested in walking with us, for some unfathomable reason, so I'll deign to let you join us, but only if I'm between you and Hayan."
He seemed to be more interested in Hayan than me, so I thought putting myself between her and him would get him to stop talking. Instead, he kept blabbering on about how vampires are no big deal, and there's nothing to worry about.
He's extremely lucky that we finally made it to the bus stop. Otherwise, I might have punched him.
There were some people running to get on the bus before it left. The annoying guy was still flirting with Hayan, but my attention was diverted when I heard a crash. The three of us turned our heads toward the source of the noise.
It was a man who had been thrown on the ground. The other man standing above him was obviously a gangster, a loan shark out to collect his debt. My intuition told me something bad was going to happen, and not because of the loan shark.
Sometimes, I hate being right.
It happened faster than the human eye could see, but I could discern perfectly with my vision. The man on the ground thrust his arm straight through the loan shark's chest.
As he stood up and shoved the now dead body off himself, the vampire walked closer step by step to Hayan and I. The annoying senior had long run away. He really was just a coward in the end. I would deal with him tomorrow. Right now, I had bigger things to worry about.
Normally, I'd just transform and then kill this no-name vampire, but I had to worry about Hayan. She was digging through her bag, looking for something. If only the bus was still around. Then Hayan could have run away and escaped.
I made a split second decision.
"Hayan. Listen to me. Run away as far as you can and don't look back."
"What? But, what about you? I can't leave you here alone!"
"Damn it Hayan, please just run away!"
"And where do you think you're going, bitch?!"
The vampire lunged towards Hayan and grabbed her hair. Before he could bite her, I transformed and slammed him to the ground. I smashed his head in, and watched as his body scattered into dust.
With the immediate threat out of the way, I checked on Hayan. She had fallen on the ground when the vampire let go of her hair. I helped her as she stood up weakly. Hayan blinked, as she alternated between looking at the crater where the vampire used to be, and me. I spread my arms out to either side, and gazed steadily back at her.
"This is me. This is who I really am. I'm a vampire, a monster that people want dead. Hayan...do you hate me too?"
I waited with bated breath for her answer. The truth is, I could erase her memories. Make it so she never remembered what happened this night. But I didn't want to.
Ever since my parents died, I had no one else who knew the truth of who I really was. I was good at pretending. I've been doing it my whole life. But I needed just one person I didn't have to pretend with, and I hoped that person could be Hayan.
Hayan studied my white hair and blue eyes. She looked pensive.
"No...no I don't hate you. Because you're my friend."
She hugged me, and if I noticed that her hold was tighter than normal, I didn't mention it.
"Hayan...thank you."
I hugged her back.
We remained like that for a while, until I offered to take her home.
"Wait, you want to...you want to carry me?! In-in your arms?!"
"Well, yes. I could also give you a piggyback ride, but since I'll be running and jumping on rooftops, this should be more comfortable for you."
Putting one arm under Hayan's legs, and the other supporting her back, I made sure Hayan was securely in my hold when I leapt from the ground. Hayan kept her eyes closed the entire time, until I landed with a thump in front of the church.
"Good night, Hayan."
I smiled softly and gave Hayan a small wave, before hurrying home.
o - o - o - o - o
Hayan and I grew closer after that night.
Since I no longer had to pretend I was human around her, I invited her over to my apartment, and vice versa. She introduced me to her "father" and her "siblings".
"It's nice to meet you sir. I mean, Father Michael. Um, Father-Michael-sir?"
As it turns out, Hayan was an orphan. I knew she lived in the same neighborhood as me, but not at the orphanage next to the church that I heard about when I first rented my apartment. The neighborhood ladies were always giggling about Father Michael, but he was more intimidating in person, even to a pureblood vampire like me.
"At ease. You're the friend Hayan has been talking about?"
"Sir, yes, sir!"
Hayan was fighting back laughter behind me, while I kept on sweating nervously.
"It's good she has a friend like you."
"Thank you, Father!"
I barely held back a sigh of relief that I seemed to make a good impression on Hayan's adoptive father. It was time to meet the younger siblings now.
"Woah! This is all for us?!"
Hayan's adoptive siblings, Yerim and Yunsu, bounced around eagerly when they saw I had brought bread for them. Hayan told me her siblings really loved bread, especially sticky rice bread. I had bought a couple for them from the school dining hall, and then went to a bakery to buy some more bread (mochi, sesame, tapioca, etc.) Since I couldn't eat any of it myself, I bought what was recommended to me by the baker, and hoped for the best.
"Hayan! You need to bring your friend by more often!"
"You are my new favorite person!"
"I thought I was your favorite person?!"
I chuckled as Hayan chased her siblings around in order to catch them and tickle them.
Hayan has such a lovely family. It's no wonder she's also a lovely person.
o - o - o - o - o
It was a normal evening at the university. I had stayed behind at school to work on homework and assignments with some classmates.
The student body was abuzz today with new gossip about the "super senior". He was the senior who had entered college nine years ago, and still had yet to graduate. This was none of my business. What was my business was that he was rude and a bully. In fact, just that afternoon, he had bumped into Hayan and insulted her instead of apologizing. If I saw him, I'd give him a piece of my mind, regardless if his family was well off or not.
After finishing our assignments, I accompanied my classmates on their way to get the last shuttle bus. To my displeasure, we had the misfortune of running into the aforementioned "super senior" Byungsu.
My classmates greeted him, but when he gave them no reply, they said goodbye to me and ran off to catch the bus.
I noticed that he seemed to be in a daze. Hayan did tell me that it seemed like he was sick, and looking at him now, I could tell that she was speaking the truth. Regardless of any beef I had with him, if he was feeling unwell, he should go see a doctor.
"Hey, Byungsu. Do you need to go to the hospital?"
He didn't answer, instead just glaring at me, and clenching his fists. Whatever was going through his mind at that moment was not pleasant. I wanted to ask him more questions, but we were interrupted by a man on the phone.
It was Professor Donggyu Park. He was not one of my professors, but Hayan said he's one of her favorites. He's very dedicated to his job, has memorized all of his students' names, and even speaks to students on days he doesn't teach. It looked like he was in a hurry to get home, judging by how he greeted us quickly and then got into his car.
I was too late to stop what happened next.
Byungsu threw Professor Park's car into the air. It flipped over and landed on its top with a crash. I dashed toward the car to check on Professor Park. He was bleeding from his head and unconscious, but he was still alive.
I was the one who was clenching my fists this time. Well, I had the perfect target to vent my anger out on.
This side of the school was deserted at this time of the night, and the security cameras were down for maintenance today. With no one watching me, I could kill Byungsu.
He was heading this way, no doubt to murder the professor.
I opened the car door, gently took Professor Park out, and placed him on the ground. Then I transformed.
"What the fuck, you're a vampire too?"
"Shut up. You won't be alive for long anyway."
My hand was enveloped in blue flames as I disappeared and then reappeared in front of Byungsu. I grabbed his face, and watched as it melted away. The fire burned everything and left nothing behind, not even ashes.
After de-transforming, I performed first aid on Professor Park and called 119.
When the ambulance arrived, I was questioned by police officers about what had happened. I told them the fake story I made up: I was with some classmates on their way to catch the last bus home, and then we ran into Byungsu. I went back inside the university to get something I had forgotten. When I came back outside, I saw Professor Park's car turned over and him inside unconscious.
I was held in questioning until the police contacted my classmates to confirm I was with them. Professor Park woke up after receiving emergency medical attention, and told the police he had also seen Byungsu. That, coupled with the sudden emergence of footage showing Byungsu had caused a traffic accident and killed the victims, all but cemented the fact that Byungsu the vampire had attacked Professor Park.
Byungsu was put on the national wanted list, and around campus people started calling me "The Lifesaver".
o - o - o - o - o
To recap, since school started, I became friends with Hayan, saved her from a vampire by revealing my secret, met Father Michael and Hayan's younger siblings, and also saved another person from a vampire attack.
My life in Korea had been extremely eventful, and it only became more so with the introduction of Detective Euntae Hwang.
It was another day at the university, and there were students outside of the school protesting the recent vampire attacks. I was irritated, but I could also understand where they were coming from. Recent examples like Byungsu had shown that it was all too easy for vampires to hide on campus.
I was with Hayan, and the two other freshman she had met at the pub.
"Excuse me, are you Hayan Park?"
We all turned around to see a handsome red haired man. I looked at Hayan, and from her reaction, she recognized him.
"Hayan," I whispered to her, "you know this man?"
"Yes," she whispered back, "he saved me and my siblings from gangsters this one time."
Well, if he helped Hayan, he could be a good person, but he could also be faking it...
"Oh, and you must be the other person I'm looking for!"
I pointed at myself in surprise. "Me?"
"Yes, you! Let me introduce myself..."
He smiled, before proceeding to tell us all how about how he graduated from the police academy at the top of his class...and how he was made captain of the criminal investigations unit...and how he was the superstar of the vampire task force....and...
I sighed and facepalmed.
"We get it, you're a detective. Please, we don't need to hear your entire life story..."
"Oh, silly me! I chattered on for too long, huh?"
Hayan's friends said goodbye before leaving us with the detective, blushes still present on their faces. As Hayan and I walked to the dining hall with the detective to continue our conversation with him, I noticed a lot of attention on us. Or rather, the detective.
By the time we got to our destination, Hayan and I had begrudgingly learned more about him.
He wasn't kidding when he said he was an expert about vampires. He had even invented a method to kill vampires: paralyzing them and then burning them alive in a furnace. To create such a brutal method, this man...he was dangerous.
I was on my guard while waiting for what else he had to say. He had ordered an entire table's worth of food, while I ordered drinks for Hayan and I. He insisted on buying food for us as well, but I rejected him quite firmly.
The detective, Euntae Hwang as he called himself, asked us about the vampire who had killed the loan shark. Apparently, that was what Detective Hwang was investigating. The police were trying to figure out how the vampire died, and if it was related to the recent case of Byungsu...
I could tell that Hayan was nervous around the detective. He must be bringing up bad memories of the vampire attack.
Detective Hwang didn't let up in his interrogation though. If anything, he got more extreme. Did he suspect Hayan and I were vampires? Well, that wouldn't do. I pondered how to get out of this mess, when something unexpected happened.
The detective cut his hand with the knife he was using for his food.
It was quite a deep cut, and the blood flowed steadily from the wound.
"Ouch! I cut myself! I guess my fingers were too tense..."
Was he that desperate to reveal us as vampires? I'm glad I had the foresight to order a drink, so that I had something else to focus on instead of the blood. But it made me upset that Hayan seemed to look even more uncomfortable now.
"Detective, why don't you go to the nurse's office and get a bandage for that cut?"
"Are you sure? I can always get a bandage at the police station..."
"No, no, you should definitely go and get that checked out. The sooner the better."
"Alright then. I suppose this is goodbye for now."
'For now?' I hope that's 'forever' instead. The detective left after packing up the rest of his food, and I wanted Hayan and I to go home as quickly as possible, but Hayan insisted on buying some sticky rice bread for her siblings. I was going to object, but caved after Hayan gave me her best pair of puppy dog eyes.
The line for the baked goods was long today. We waited for a while, until we finally bought the bread and left the dining hall. But, we ran into the detective on our way out.
"Hey, we meet again!"
I facepalmed, for a different reason this time.
"Yayyyy...so glad we keep running into each other."
If he noticed my sarcasm, the detective didn't comment on it.
"Well, we'd love to stay and chat more, but Hayan has to go home and take care of her very sick siblings..."
"Huh? But my siblings aren't -"
"Yep! Very sick! Oh the poor little ones!"
I grabbed Hayan's hand and we speed walked away from the detective...
"It's time for us to takes matters into our own hands! Let's prove that we're not vampires!"
Damn it.
The protestors from earlier were now cutting people in order to prove that they weren't vampires. It was chaos all around us. Some students were willing, but most thought that the student council protestors were taking it too far. I thought about going back inside and waiting for the chaos to die down. There had to be teachers who would stop this madness, right?
I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked back to see it was Detective Hwang.
He leaned down to whisper to Hayan and I, "Just start walking." So we did exactly that, until we were stopped.
The student council members were blocking our path.
"Have you done the test to prove you're not a vampire?"
They weren't backing down. Hayan raised a complaint, but that only seemed to make them angrier. One of them grabbed Hayan's wrist, and I prepared to brush it off, but when he pulled back Hayan's sleeve, we all saw the bandage on her arm.
It was still wet with blood.
But whose? Is it...the detective's? From when he cut his hand earlier with the knife? When and how did he get the bandage onto Hayan's arm?
"You see? We already did it. Do you need more proof?"
Detective Hwang was calm and collected as he slid Hayan's sleeve back down. That should have been the end of the matter, but a new obstacle stood in our way: the student council leader.
"She could have gotten that bandage anywhere. I wasn't able to see her do the test, so I need her to do it again."
This was getting ridiculous.
The student council leader made a go at grabbing Hayan's arm again, but Detective Hwang caught him midair.
"It's a crime to go around using a blade on people against their will. Unless you want to be charged, I suggest stopping."
He flashed his police ID at the student council members, which was finally enough to get them to leave us alone. The three of us were able to get away from campus unimpeded.
I was reluctantly grateful for the detective. Hayan and I could have waited inside the university, but then the council members would have kept accosting other students outside. With the threat of police intervention, they'd be unlikely to continue.
"Thank you...Detective Hwang."
"Oh please, call me Captain."
"...Captain Hwang."
He added his number to Hayan and I's contacts, before the three of us parted ways.
o - o - o - o - o
I had gotten a text from Hayan.
I...I need you. Please...please come. I'm sitting in front of the pizza restaurant...
I knew exactly where Hayan was referring to. I grabbed my umbrella and my rain jacket, before quickly heading out to find Hayan. I had no idea why she'd send me such a strange text, but whatever the reason, it sounded urgent.
The rain was pouring, and Hayan was absolutely soaked.
"Hayan! You're going to get sick like that!"
I gave Hayan my umbrella to hold, while I went into the nearest store to buy a towel for Hayan. I came back out and gave her the towel to dry off while still holding onto the umbrella. After she finished drying off, Hayan looked...dejected.
"Can you tell me now why you called me out here?"
Hayan kept her head lowered as she explained what happened to her.
"Father Michael...he...he and I got into a fight."
"You got into a fight...? About what?"
"He...he's not letting me go to school anymore."
I was flabbergasted. Then, my astonishment turned into indignation.
"He...he can't do that! You haven't even finished the semester yet!"
"I know...I tried arguing against it, but he...he's made up his mind."
I was still aggravated on Hayan's behalf, but seeing her appear so defeated dampened my mood.
"Maybe you need to spend some time away from Father Michael...that could do both you and him good."
"But...where would I stay?"
"Don't be siily! You can stay with me!"
"Really...? You'd do that for me?"
"Of course!"
I gave Hayan a hug. She was no longer frowning, but grinning in relief instead.
Hayan stayed over at my apartment that night. She went home briefly to get her things and her scooter, and to tell Father Michael she was staying over at my place. That made him more upset, but Hayan didn't care. She was still mad at him.
My apartment was relatively small, so I didn't have a guest room for Hayan to stay in. She told me it was okay, and decided to sleep on my couch instead. I was embarrassed I couldn't get Hayan a more comfortable place to sleep.
The next day, Hayan and I decided to go on a walk in the neighborhood to cool off. It was raining again, and we saw a bunch of people gathered around the street gutters. They were panicking, and when we peeked inside the gutter to see the source of all the commotion, we saw a cat close to drowning.
I wanted to help the cat, but I didn't want to reveal my alter ego. Then, I came up with a brilliant idea.
"Attention, please! Does everyone here know what tug of war is? Yes? We can do something similar! Everyone here line up behind me, and hold on to the person in front of you! Then, pull with all your might!"
They did as I instructed, and with the help of my vampire strength, we were able to pull the lid off of the gutter and save the cat. Someone had called 119 beforehand, but since we all saved the cat, there was nothing left to do but get our picture taken in the newspaper. Hayan and I were one of the people who received the "Good Samaritan Award".
Hayan wanted to go home and tell Father Michael about how we saved the cat. I didn't think it was a good idea, but I conceded in the end. Surely Father Michael couldn't be mad about saving an innocent animal's life?
I was disappointed to find that I was wrong. Hayan came to me in tears. She had another argument with Father Michael. So another night passed where Hayan stayed over with me.
Father Michael called Hayan the next morning to tell her that he, Yerim, and Yunsu moved to another neighborhood. He sounded apologetic about the day before. He told Hayan that he moved her stuff to their new home, and if she'd like to come over to see it.
"Go ahead, I don't mind. You should check up on your siblings too."
I gave Hayan a thumbs up, and encouraged her to go. I'd still be there for her when she needed me. Hayan gratefully thanked me, and went over to check up on her siblings, and Father Michael. She called me later, in better spirits.
"I patched things up with Father Michael. It's still kind of rough, but we're making progress."
"Hayan, that's great news! Why don't you stay over tonight then?"
Hayan stayed with Father Michael, Yerim, and Yunsu for the rest of the week, while I was busy with school. I had mostly accepted the fact that Hayan wouldn't be going to college anymore, but at least we could still hang out together outside of it.
o - o - o - o - o
I got a request from Hayan to come and watch over her siblings for her, while she went out.
"Thank you so much for coming over! Yerim and Yunsu are in bed, but if they wake up and need anything, I feel much better knowing you're there with them."
"It's no problem at all! But just out of curiosity, what do you need to go out for?"
"Father Michael still hasn't come home, even though it's already night time. He's never been this late before..."
"Oh, I see. You'll be going to the church then?"
"Okay, I'll see you when you get back!"
I expected Hayan to come back with Father Michael, after dealing with whatever was keeping him busy at the church.
But instead, Hayan came back with a police officer and a coroner.
"Unnie, what's going on?"
Yerim and Yunsu were rubbing the sleep from their eyes after they had been woken up by Hayan.
"As Ms. Park requested, the three of you present, sans Ms. Park's friend, are the next of kin of Father Michael. It is with a heavy heart and our deepest condolences that we announce the passing of Myeongsu Choi on this night. We are sorry for your loss, and offer you all our deepest sympathies."
After the coroner announced the death of Father Michael, the police officer and the coroner left to allow Hayan and her siblings to grieve. Yerim and Yunsu were quiet, before tears started falling from their eyes.
"U-unnie, what did they mean? F-father Michael is dead?"
Since Hayan arrived earlier, she had tried keeping up a strong front for her siblings. But as she embraced them in her arms, I saw her shoulders trembling. I enveloped Hayan in my arms as the four of us stood there, the quiet of the apartment interspersed with the sniffles and sobs of Hayan and her siblings.
Three days later, Father Michael's funeral was held. Captain Hwang came, along with everyone in the neighborhood, to pay their respects to Father Michael.
I stayed with Hayan and her siblings the days after the funeral. Hayan and her siblings had to prepare to move out, because of the death of their adoptive father. I helped them pack their things back at the apartment, while Hayan visited the rectory to get Father Michael's belongings.
She later told me about the letters Father Michael had written to her.
"He wrote all those letters...for me....he wanted to give them to me, but never found the chance to..."
'And now he never would', was left unsaid.
"I found this too...a business card from the Red Bomb Club."
"Red Bomb Club?!"
That was a club I had found out about during my nighttime excursions. Vampires frequented the club, and even worse, they lured unsuspecting humans in to become their prey, by posing as a safe haven.
"Why did Father Michael have a business card?"
"I don't know, but I overheard police officers at the funeral say a bunch of them had been stuck in Father's pockets."
"Could this be related? You don't think...they killed Father Michael?"
"Not just think...I know they did."
Hayan looked absolutely enraged.
"What will you do now?"
"I want to get revenge. But there's something I have to tell you first...at the church tonight."
o - o - o - o - o
Hayan and I snuck away to the church after making sure Yerim and Yunsu were safe and sound.
The roof and the walls of the church had burned away, leaving gaping holes for the moonlight to stream in.
"Okay, we're at the church. What did you want to talk about?"
"Remember that day you saved me from a vampire? You were truthful with me then, so I want to be truthful with you now."
"Truth? What truth?"
"I'm...also a pureblood vampire."
Before my very eyes, Hayan pulled her hair free from her ponytail, and I watched as it lost its color. Her eyes that I loved so much turned blue, like my own eyes when I transformed.
"This...this is...."
"I'm sorry for not telling you sooner, especially when you told me first..."
"Huh? You're not betrayed? Upset I kept this from you?"
"Why would I be upset, dummy? You're the first pureblood I've ever met aside from my parents."
"Your parents? You never talk about them..."
"That's because..." I hesitated before forcing out the words. "...they died."
"Oh...would it be alright if I asked how?"
"They died in a fire after sacrificing themselves."
"Just like Father Michael..."
Hayan and I contemplated our losses, and the tragedies that led us to where we were at present.
"Is it okay now if I asked about your life? How did you end up with Father Michael?"
"Father Michael...took me in when I was ten. I had no one and nowhere left to go. I hated myself so much that...I even tried to turn myself in for being a vampire."
"And Father Michael stopped you?"
"Yes...Father Michael became a second dad for me."
"What happened to your birth parents?"
"I can't remember. My memories of before I met Father...are unclear."
"Well, I'll help you get your memories back! After you get revenge on Father Michael's killer."
"Thank you...thank you so much..."
Hayan hugged me tightly, just like the day I saved her from the vampire.
After she and I let go of each other, I took Hayan's hands in mine.
"Hayan...I'll always be by your side. And I'm not just saying this because we're both pureblood vampires. Even if I wasn't a vampire, I'd support you no matter what. You're my friend, and I'll be there for you, through whatever hardships may come."
"And you can depend on me too. You don't have to shoulder your burdens alone."
Hayan and I left the church, our hands still interlocked.
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