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mxntio · 18 days ago
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HE WON!!! BY 0.2%, proud of everyone that voted. have some mew mew attire, as a treat
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blueblynd · 6 months ago
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*takes place 2 weeks after error’s birthday unblurred version of the last panel under the cut 
(edited for his eye markings cuz i forgot them the first time lmao)
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melonsharks · a month ago
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soriel week day 1 is fire 🔥🔥🔥 date night is always an event.
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mblue-art · 2 months ago
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boyf bestfr boy, friend,,
related to this post ig///
u dont have to look at this part !! lsdkglfd
it gets p indulgent n kinda,, personal?? iguess? not pushing anyone away if you still want to scroll thru here its mostly ramblethoughts of my simping journey or whatever the heck i turned this whole thing into
hhhhgh here's two doodles i made inbetween the two posts,, maaannnnn,,,
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aaaa aa a aa
(iam just putting these here for when future!me looks back on all these posts and go "haha oh wow i used to,, i used to only,, platonically like him when i think about 'me' me interacting w him,, thats,, oh,, huh that was something")
[took me THREE (3) MONTHS (from when i made that doodle on the left)......... and some light nudging and nice & lovely hc/scenarios from friends... to finally wake up one day and realize "oh. oh holy shit? i. i dont feel weird abt this anymore? fr fr? wait shit i-" cue me sitting up in bed and staring at a wall for a long while as thoughts pour in]
(S. SO YEAH. lust sans. 💘💜💙)
(sona lore is theyre still besties but now theyre dating too woooo/////////)
(LN is still a thing- my skelesona (indigo) shipped with a lust (lavender)- theyre SO in love ur honor,, im just kinda flustered abt this new development lmaoaoaoaoaoao it shouldnt be that srs yk i just think its fun and interesting seeing how i feel abt certain characters and try to make something out of that stuff yk;;)
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indydrawsstuff · 25 days ago
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Shhhh! He's hunting… Sanses.
Should we tell him?
-> Papyrus, for Day 7 of Undertale September! <-
The event is hosted by @undertaleseptember
-> Masterpost with all the pieces I've done for it!
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squarefriend · a month ago
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Happy Let Sans Rest day!!! Home boy deserves it lol.
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seirindono · 4 months ago
Wait wait I wanna see what mels contacts for everyone are (I’m assuming idiot is for rus huh)
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For context, anon must have sent this after that post where we briefly see Mel's phone, ahah
She's not the type to give her contacts cute or funny nicknames (it's actually prette straightforward) so the others usually have fun changing it themselves or ask her to do it (smt they also change the others too as pranks)
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stellthesane · 28 days ago
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ohonhon a WIP/sketch for @recklesslycaffeinated 's story Saving Three Ex-cell-ent Skeletons inspired by @llamagoddessofficial .
Had the time of my life reading it. One of the book that got my art motivation drivin crazy alkdfjdlf AMAZING STORY. These two are JUST. SANSTASTIC ✨💀✨
I'm comin' after you next llama *sinister laughter*
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heckolve · a year ago
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they can’t read 🤷‍♀️
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greenskellyblob · 2 months ago
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Red's showing Sans the constellations in the lights of the city
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techno-foxx-comixx · 25 days ago
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He won in my heart
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twonines · 20 days ago
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sketches from twitter
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arceal-doodles · a month ago
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goopster  (´︶` 💦
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paintedkinzy-88 · 6 months ago
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Here’s what I meant to do yesterday before two noodles stole my focus.
Just want to express my absolute love and adoration for @develation’s Two Face AU. Not only is their sense of monster design and anatomy just complete witchcraft, but they managed to take the concept of Dreamtale and make it Actually Terrifying. Like my god. If that’s what Nightmare turned into in canon, Dreamtale would have a WHOLE different vibe and I love it to pieces.
Plus Vantablack. Romantic or platonic I don’t care it’s still Vantablack. Passive Vantablack too, Dev’s really aiming for my weak spot there. ;w;
Anyway Ink’s design is glorious and he’s an absolute cinnamon role. Do browse through Dev’s stuff it’s all wonderful ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
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valacre · a month ago
The first time Error touched you wasn't during a planned touch exercise session, nor was it during a romantic moment; some of which you've had plenty of already.
No, the first time he touched you… was when you were bedridden with a horribly stubborn case of pneumonia. You hadn't been able to get out of bed on your own at one point, and your coughs had been so aggressive and filled with fluid, that it'd sounded as if you were constantly drowning.
Error had stayed by your side the whole time, refusing to leave you. He'd used his strings to lift you up and take you to the bathroom, and whilst he wasn't the best cook, he at least made some decently tasty sandwiches. You couldn't eat much anyway, but you appreciated the gesture.
It was on a certain evening where you'd been at your worst. Your face was stripped clean of colour, your breath was shallow and weak, and you hadn't been able to open your eyes; far too weak to even try.
You'd been drifting in and out of consciousness, when a certain… tingling sensation made itself known in your left hand. You barely managed to wiggle your fingers, and a light pressure was applied to them, making the tingling increase.
Your brows furrowed the slightest bit, and you forced yourself to become more aware of your surroundings. You quickly noticed a slight tremble coming from the left side of the mattress; near the edge. Trying to force your ears to function more properly, you soon heard… whimpers.
The tingling and the pressure in your hand increased.
"please… don't leave me. please…"
Error, you recognised his voice. He was… he was the one whimpering, and it also sounded as though he was crying, as well.
"i don't want to be alone again. please, please… live. i don't want to lose you."
You were… so weak, but digging through your soul for any remnants of willpower, you eventually found the energy to squeeze your hand a little. The tingling increased again, and you finally realized that both of Error's hands were clasped within and around your own.
He squeezed back.
"... r…"
Error lifted his skull and stared at you, shades of persian blue tears streaking down his cheeks.
"R… or…"
"i hear you," he answered, squeezing your hand once again, causing himself to glitch even more and sending tingles through your skin. "you…" He swallowed. "will you be okay?"
Your consciousness was failing as sleep threatened to catch you, but once again you forced yourself to not only squeeze his hand, but also manage a weak, yet soft smile.
Error didn't need more than that. He knew you were stubborn; determined to push through. You would recover, but he didn't let go of your hand.
He held it securely in both of his own until your eyes met with his once again the next morning.
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undertalethingems · a year ago
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Unexpected Guests Chapter 8: Page 11
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Sans’ blaster awakens at last, and it’s not too happy about this fact--the last thing it remembers is fighting! Luckily Papyrus is there to clear everything up--both dirt, and confusion. He’s multitalented in that way.
It’s the first update of the month, which means it’s patron shout-out time--many, many thanks to these continually awesome folks:
The Black Pharoh - Owl - Stormfallen - Sarah - KR - Candace - Swirl - Charlotte - Yasmin - YenriStar - Keri - Jenna - PsyMar - Black Wolf Spirit - SRyu34 - Dale - Emily - Anjali - Emme - Manny - InstaQuarius - Paddyfrog - Echo - Button - Choboco - Jean - Jaimi - Joo-Young
Will Sans’ attack accept Papyrus’ offer of pets? Find out on May 27th!
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the-writing-mobster · 2 months ago
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Nothing but hate and slander. I just wanted to see if there was any sweet content. :(
Anyway, the Frans community on Tumblr is filled with some of the sweetest, most amazing writers and artists ever, and I love all of my mutuals 💖💖🫶🫶🫰🫰
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