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faeriebambula · 9 months
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aquafaith · 5 months
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Hold me back hold me back I’m about to go on my ACOMAF rant and I won’t be able to stop, I’ve held back for so long and it’s so pent up I can’t deal with unhinged Rhysand stans anymore help help I’m getting my soapbox out help help help
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bythenineshards · 5 months
I'm sorry but I can't be mad at Nesta for being mean and not hunting. She's in the same book series where the most powerful Fae beings are sitting on their butts in a hidden city while their leader is acting as right hand man to a dictator for over twice Nesta's age. Talk about a double standard. Rhys is forgiven for literal torture, SA and murder and is left to continue doing things in the most backhanded ways possible.
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cartmans-wife2 · 22 days
Unpopular ACOTAR opinion:
Nesta wasn’t the one who needed character development
* looks accusingly at the entire IC *
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komoonyoungah · 2 months
I know this fandom likes to shit on Nesta for being “hOrRiBLe tO fEyRe” so let’s talk about it. I want to discuss Feyre’s pregnancy specifically.
Nesta was forced into a spot (by Rhys) where she should watch her sister die and say nothing about it or she will be the bad guy?! Preventable death no less. What is wrong with y’all?!! Does nobody understand that she is her little sister?!??? Would you be able to watch your sister essentially being forced to kill herself and say nothing about it?! And don’t even get me started on how Rhys had the guts to want to actually kill Nesta for telling Feyre the truth when he knows damn well he let his “mate” die without so much as a warning. He didn’t even give her a choice when she had one. Idk if this is SJM’s pro life propaganda or just a shitty shitty shitty male character but it is unforgivable either way.
Now I know that the main argument is not about what Nesta said but rather how she said it. And I can concede that; but not entirely.
The way Nesta told Feyre might not have been ideal but can we back up for a second and look at why Nesta was destructively furious at the time? I’ll tell you why: because Feyre herself made it ok for strangers to discuss and judge her own sister behind her back. Mind you Nesta wasn’t mad about whichever decision they came to; she was mad that she was being discussed and judged at a “meeting.” Not to mention that the point of the whole discussion was whether to tell her about something that she created. Something that shouldn’t have been up for debate in the first place. I don’t see high lord Rhys creating magic objects now do I? So why’s it even up to him to decide?
And don’t get me started on Amren and her insinuation that Nesta made the weapon so that he can become a dictator. Like okay Amren sure the weapons “aPpEaRd” for Rhys’s disposal. Right. Not like they were made by the same person who killed hybern, lanthys, and briallyn. The person who every high and mighty fearsome creature called “god” and (my personal favorite) “queen of queens.” The same person on whom Rhys’s fancy magic don’t work. The same person who the sacred objects answer to no matter what and no matter where. Sure.
The only sane person in that entire debacle was Azriel though. I am 100% anti inner circle and their high school clique popular image so I must exclude Az from that narrative. Credit is where credit is due.
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bookishfeylin · 2 months
I was watching Disney's 1991 Beauty and the Beast the other day and it got me thinking. Towards the end of the movie Gaston tells Belle she can stop her father from being taken away to the insane asylum if she marries him. Technically, Belle has a choice--she can marry Gaston, or her father can be carted away--but we all know, and the movie makes it clear, that it's not a real choice and Gaston is trying to force Belle's hand here.
But this is exactly how Rhysand's "choices" with Feyre are. In ACOTAR he tells her that she can either bargain with him, or die. In ACOMAF Rhysand says that she can either train in her magic with him and become a weapon, or her family will be killed in the upcoming war. Feyre can either play his whore and slave in Hewn City, or be abandoned alone in the House of Wind while the Inner Circle does their thing knowing Feyre's PTSD was severely triggered by Tamlin locking her up in his home. Gaston's "choice" to Belle wasn't real, it was clearly coercion. Likewise, none of Rhysand's "choices" with Feyre are real choices. In almost every "choice" Rhysand gives Feyre, he's clearly attempting to coerce her into choosing what he wants her to do.
Rhysand is just like Gaston, only Disney managed to not romanticize Gaston's coercion while Sarah J Maas chose to.
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morwen1031 · 2 months
Here is a full summary of the ACOTAR subreddit in its entirety, so you don’t have to waste precious brain cells and moments wading through the bullshit just to find one lonely soul who might share your opinion on the books:
Us: I think Tamlin/Nesta aren’t as bad as most people think and they deserve good things in life.
Us: But Feyre has kind of acted the same way to other people and hurt people the same way she’s been hurt. Isn’t that hypocritical?
Them: NO
Us: Why?
Them: BeCaUsE
Us: Why? In a real world situation it would be and behavior like that would not be tolerated.
Them: iT’s A bOoK
Us: Right, but words have power and can influence impressionable/immature readers in a significant way.
Us: So you would be okay if someone who supposedly loved you made you dance naked in front of strangers just because he wanted to piss off someone else?
Them: HiS iNtEnTiOnS wErE GoOoOoD. ALSO HE IS HOT.
Us: But Tamlin thought he was doing the right thing too by protecting Feyre?
Us: …
Us: So then by that logic Tamlin is too?
Them: NO
Us: …Why?
Us: Ok fine but I’m just saying this is one way the text can be interpreted.
Them: CaNoN!
Us: So Tamlin losing his temper because of misdirected fears is worse than Rhys sexually assaulting Feyre, denigrating her, subjecting her unwillingly to public humiliation, drugging her and taking away her ability to consent, not to mention mentally manipulating her and subjecting her to unnecessary physical harm?
Them: YeS. MoRaLlY gReY, member?
Us: But Tamlin never willfully physically harmed her.
Us: Okay, so if he’s still abusive how come he’s so well regarded by his court? How come you never see him hurting members of his court or, say, murdering people just cause Amarantha says so?
Them: Because.
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angel-maybe-alive · 1 month
My problem with acotar isn't that it's bad
It's the fact that it pretends to be good
The romance sucks (tell me one thing that feyre and Rhys have in common besides sex? Tell me a way they would've been in love if the situations were different if they weren't bounded by the plot)
The world building sucks ( the magical land of Europe and great Britain with ye olde names and misused pieces of every mythology mashed together)
The representation sucks (Rhysand it's a white guy with a tan the official arts he is white with a tan and yet I see people acting like he is THE moc)
The feminist message sucks very much( feyre has options she has power she dresses like a concubine because it's #girlpower she has to birth a child in her early twenties because it's empowering to be a young mother after spending her whole teenage years being the child parent in her own home)
But here's the thing I don't really care about how bad it is I love me some trashy pop culture but my hatred is people who try to make this book a thing it isn't
Which is good
It's not a feminist power fantasy with amazing world building and poc representation
It's a erotica who only got popular because it was mistagged ya
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isterofimias · 1 month
"Sjm included a hotline for domestic abuse victims in the back of acomaf because of Tamlin" yes and she also made Feyre fall in love and end up with the guy that had physically and sexually abused her for months only a book prior. Miss me with that "sjm is woke" shit.
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suckerpunchfemale · 2 months
Nesta snarled softly, "What are you looking at?"
Cassians brows rose---little amusement to be found. "Someone who let their youngest sister risk her life every day in the woods while she did nothing. Someone who let a fourteen-year-old child go out into the forest, so close to the wall."
(ACOMAF, p.g. 255)
Little known fact about me, I have a sister. We're both married. Our husbands get along swimmingly and there's this...unspoken rule in our family. If siblings argue or fight or disagree, the spouses don't get involved. And I'm sure a lot of families have this unspoken rule because siblings fight and make up all the time. This unspoken rule exists, and gets re-implied, because occasionally a spouse will insert themselves into an argument and the siblings ALWAYS turn around and attack the spouse together for getting involved.
So when I say this scene GRINDED my gears, understand that I am not exaggerating. Like it makes me cringe so hard, my bones might snap.
This conversation had NOTHING to do with Cassian. He didn't even know that all the food F/eyre brought home, NESTA COOKED so that they could eat it. She complained but she chopped the wood that kept them warm.
And to make this scene even more mind numbing is that F/eyre just sat there and let him talk to her sister that way.
If someone threw the worst years of our life in my sister's face, in a backhanded attempt to defend me, I would skin him alive. No one gets to talk to my sister that way, except me.
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leilarambles · 7 months
it is SO funny to me that the ic is constantly described as the most powerful bitches in prythian when literally no one, not a soul, not the stans nor sarah janet herself, can actually explain what magic they possess.
rhysand: most powerful high lord in prythian. why is that, you may ask? who knows? his magic is…night? darkness? something along those lines. he can mind-rape you, but no one’s really sure how that works or why he even possesses that ability in the first place. he can also have a twilight moment and turn into a werewolf whenever he feels like it, but what good does that do?
amren: second in command. so powerful her eyes glow. they glow. now, do any of us know what power makes them do that? absolutely not. not a clue. she’s just unarguably powerful. she can do…stuff. then she loses her, uh, first layer of powers? and is only left with the second layer? so she’s less powerful, but still very powerful? which means she can still do…stuff. but now it’s less stuff. i think?
mor: third in command. her “gift” is “truth”. yeah. whatever the fuck that means. she literally does nothing with that “gift” the entire series, so who knows what it is? moving on.
azriel: spymaster. shadowsinger. who does he spy on? couldn’t tell you. what is a shadowsinger? couldn’t tell you that either. next.
cassian: uhhhh. hmm. well, ik he uses his siphons. do ik what those are? what they do? what they even look like? not at all. i don’t even think cassian actually has powers. he’s just the muscle, as far as i remember.
feyre: she has a little bit of everything 🤪. meaning don’t even bother asking me what her powers are. they just are. all hail our high lady, right?
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nestaswhore · 3 months
i literally can’t get over SJM’s approach to writing men and women, and the way she thinks about them in her head
in multiple parts of the interview she brings up nesta’s bad behaviour. says she doesn’t need to be an asshole forever. talks about a minor arc in acosf where nesta was being scared her friends would find out what a ‘piece of shit’ she is and i’m not here to argue if these things are true or not because YES nesta has been a bitch to people and god the text has reminded us about 1000 times what a horrible person nesta is and how horrible she’s been to others in her life. which fine that’s totally fair. but the way she calls out nesta and then waxes poetic about the men is just vile
from the interview it’s clear, in SJM’s opinion, growth for nesta means not being an asshole anymore forget dealing with her immense feelings of self hatred and unworthiness, nesta always needs to be indebted to feyre and the inner circle but to go on these long talks about nesta being horrible, nesta growing, nesta accepting she’s done terrible things AND THEN dead ass turn around and sing about the utter perfection that is rhysand and cassian ??? are you actually kidding me ???
do i even need to go into what rhys and cassian have done wrong? rhys can do all the absolutely shitty things he’s done from the moment he was introduced to hiding medical information from his wife in the latest book and … he’s perfect? cassian can exhibit about 700 pages worth of red flag behaviour where he is most certainly NOT perfect or good or amazing and it’s not even a slight mention?
i can’t really formulate my thoughts into words on this topic properly because there’s just so much to cover but it’s so irritating and annoying. and just makes sarah look like she’s oddly obsessed with the men in her series and condones seriously toxic behaviour from men and then calls it ‘the way every woman should want to be treated by their partner’ 
even if you’re the greatest nesta anti on the planet and you manifest every day that nesta dies in the next book, do you still think the way SJM handles men and women is okay? like stan rhys all you want but we all know he is farrrr from perfect. same goes for cassian
ugh idk everytime i hear SJM talk about nesta i get so irritated. how is she actually preaching about writing healthy relationships where the man is ‘only there to uplift the woman’ if she can’t even see the red flags IN HER OWN WRITING AND WORK
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Feyre: “I love her compassion and that at her lowest she still felt for other people. She has an unbreakable compassion.
Tumblr media
Compassion??? Bitch where?? 💀😭
How- like- No I just want to understand the logic? How is Feyre compassionate?
At her lowest she felt for other people??
She- she didn't feel for them, she helped kill them? She- literally was the reason behind the sacking of Spring and invasion of Summer and mass murder of thousands of people- Like she even acknowledges it?? In Acowar she says "these people were innocent" but later in the high lords meeting she says "the people I had lain bare to Hybern" She thought she was girl boss for destroying and uprooting peoples lives because she is so compassionate???
She belittled Tarquins trauma, mind-r*ped him, stole from him because she is so compassionate???
Left Tamlin in a letter because she is compassionate??
Used Lucien, a victim of a SA, to manipulate and create a rift between him and his only emotional support system because she is so compassionate??? Then after he was abused by said support system and found a new one she thought it was compassionate to make fun of it??
She didn't feel compassion for her own sister? Like Nesta was struggling and miss ma'ams solution was to what lock her in a tower? Cause that's so healthy and compassionate?????
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rose-in-a-graveyard · 3 months
I never understood why people say Mor and Amren are the sisters Feyre never had. Or the IC was the family she never had. That makes no sense to me. The IC never really saw her has a “sister” or a “friend”.  
Yeah Mor, saved her from being locked up by Tamlin. But it is because Rhys told Mor too. And yeah, I know Mor said she saw herself in Feyre with the whole “being locked up” and Mor being born into the Court of Nightmares. But I call bullshit. Mor doesn’t care. 
She wouldn’t have cared for Feyre if she wasn’t Rhys’s mate. Cassian and Azriel wouldn’t have cared, and neither would Amren. 
You know how I would know? Because they do nothing for the other fae in their court. Mor talks about being a dreamer born into the court of nightmares. What about the other dreamers Mor? Are you going to winnow in, break the wards and save them? 
Cassian and Azriel talk about their horrid time being bastards in Illyria and how their mothers are treated. But they don’t help the bastards or the illyrian women. 
(They only helped Feyre cause they love Rhys and basically knew she was his mate. )
Yeah Rhys has his library for SA victims. But literally all the women there are priestesses.....so other women (& shouldn’t there be a separate place for men too assaulted??) can’t be in there. The women in illyria...or women in CoN...etc. 
And since Velaris is a secret city, I don’t think they would leave if they wanted. Maybe that is why Rhys & Co just drop the priestesses off and literally do nothing to help them. Like how Nesta was doing, to get them out of their shell.
The IC literally care about Rhys and by extension of being Rhys’s mate they care about Feyre. They only saw Feyre has Rhys’s mate and High lady. Cassian said, “as rhys’s mate you are his, but as high lady you are mine, and azriels, and mor’s and amrens...” (something along these lines). Azriel said “be careful how you speak about my high lady”. Like the IC never once defended Feyre cause she was their friend. Amren even said “go get your mate” when Feyre was in spring court. Not once did the word “friend” or “sister” come up. 
The word family did come up basically once, and that was when Rhys and Feyre bonded, but even then they bowed to her. So they see her has an extension of Rhys. 
Not to mention, the IC hated Nesta because Rhys hated Nesta. They didn’t hate Nesta for what she did to Feyre, (cause Elain did the same shit). They hated her cause Rhys did. Same way they liked Elain, cause Rhys did. 
Moreover, if the IC truly respected Feyre, they would have told her about the pregnancy. But no, they listened to Rhys and got mad at the person for telling Feyre. Like if they truly cared about Feyre for Feyre, they would have told her right away, but they didn’t. 
In all honesty, I feel bad for Feyre in this sense. She never branched out of the IC. And the one true friend she had (cough lucien cough) she allowed Rhys & Co to treat him like shit and then she treated him like shit driving him out. Feyre’s perception and how she treats people is based on the IC’s perception and I hate it. 
Rhys be like, I hate how he treated you UTM and done nothing to get you out from Tamlin....Tamlin is his High lord, Lucien listens to him Rhys....kinda like how your IC listen to you when you pull rank, even if it is something they don’t agree with. 
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cartmans-wife2 · 8 days
Please let us acknowledge how SJM actually portrayed government realistically when the Night Court was suffering and the Inner Circle proceeded to purchase a fifth (5) mansion.
Got to give credit where credit is due.
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bythenineshards · 3 months
You know what baffles me? There's a scene where Amren compares Feyre to Tamlin. Why? Because Feyre doesn't want to put her loved ones in harm's way. But...girl... didn't you just get done sitting on your butt in Velaris for nearly fifty years because Rhys selfishly hid the best warriors, spies and whatever the fuck Amren is? Because he didn't want them in harm's way?
Honey... Tamlin locked Feyre up one time because he's traumatized by an event in which your friend was the right hand man. The instrument of her cruelty. Rhys has been taking away the choices of everyone around him since book 1 and has not shown any growth in that. So no sweetheart. Feyre doesn't remind you of Tamlin. She reminds you of Rhysand.
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