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DAILYKANTHONY'S 1K CELEBRATION top 6 kanthony scenes – as voted by our followers tied at #5 — the library scene
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Idea for fic that @jeanvanjer has tricked me with:
Kate gets absolutely wasted with Sophie and Edwina after an argument with her boyfriend who told her she was too tame, not adventurous pedestrian, he called her. And they agree, naturally the best solution is for her to go to his flat, right this second wearing nothing but a trench coat and some lingerie and break up with him wearing only that.
Flash forward 15 minutes and Kate’s not exactly sure what went wrong but the man staring down at her tits with his mouth a perfect O of surprise definitely isn’t Basil Grimston.
And Anthony Bridgerton chokes out “You aren’t my Chinese delivery are you?”
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happy lil beans 🫶🏼✨💖
marriage looks good on them 🤍
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I don't know these numbers deal but I randomly choose 36 😃
36: “I wish I could hate you."
(Kanthony - Canon Divergence)
Kate was credited herself on being made of strong stuff - she didn't let much get the better of her.
Not the Sheffields with their constant remarks about 'the clerk's daughter'.
Not the ton with such 'delightful' creatures as Cressida Cowper snorting with mean laughter behind their lemonade glasses at her 'old maid' status when she introduced Edwina into society.
She didn't even let Lady Danbury's barbs and snide comments get to her - yes, the matriarch had seen a great deal but Kate doubted she knew the true hardship of being close to bankruptcy. So her opinions at how Kate's plans for her sister meant little if she succeeded in providing comfort for Edwina and Mary.
Yes, Kathani Sharma was a strong woman. But her famed strength was beginning to crumble. Beginning to chip away.
While she had beat financial hardships, disdainful relations and snooty society, it would appear that heartbreak may yet win the day in destroying her. And watching Edwina and Lord Bridgerton enjoy the roaring success of their engagement with the rest of the world was kicking her in the ribs, leaving bruises that no-one could see but she could feel.
In some ways, the indignation and fury was easy to hold onto. Lord Bridgerton and herself had gone head-to-head so many times that her look of disgust at his actions was barely commented upon. Edwina barely commented on Kate's apparent distaste any longer. Why would she really? She was engaged now and the soon-to-be Viscountess - Kate's actions couldn't prevent her marrying the man she wanted now.
Kate was inclined to agree. Nothing would stop the marriage now - and maybe it was best. It was after all what Edwina and Mary needed to survive their creditors.
The part that were harder to hide was the moments of yearning. Of dreaming. Of wishing and wanting. And the inevitable disappointment.
She'd had hopes once... for a brief morning... and it had all ended with the man who those hopes with pointed to proposing marriage to her sister right in front of her.
Let the anger take over. The fire of my rage is no more painful that the ice that wrapped around my heart from that moment.
So Kate's mind turned to her only hope of relief: escape to India. The moment Edwina said 'I do', she would leave. And with some luck by the time she would return to see her baby sister, time would have lessened the sting and she would be able to be the favourite aunt of Edwina's children. With some luck, she would be able to be loving to the children whose only crime would be possessing their father's eyes.
She made her plans and used to very last of her savings to procure a means of escape.
Lord Bridgerton was visiting Edwina with her mother, Kate and Lady Danbury in attendance when the footman delivered 'the letter Miss Sharma requested.'
Kate took it eagerly and felt a rush of relief when she opened the missive that held her treasure: a one-way ticket via ship to India. Boarding date was two days after the wedding. Enough time to get to the docks if she left the morning after the event.
"Is it from Mr. Dorset, Didi?" Edwina asked sounded mischievous. Kate looked up from her ticket and remembered that her escape meant that she would be taking leave of her sister sooner than she ever imagined. Her throat constricted - the news of Kate leaving literally the moment that her marriage was complete would devastate Edwina.
Well... she'll be preoccupied with marriage. And I've already used up my usefulness.
"No, Bon. I don't require a pen pal." Kate said.
Edwina looked a little disappointed before turning her attention back to something Lady Mary was saying but Kate could feel Lord Bridgerton's eyes on her. Lord Bridgerton's eyes were always on her it seemed. During their meeting with the Queen, during the time when the jeweller insisted on fitting the ring on Kate's finger and during her promanade with Mr. Dorset, he was always staring. Kate's response to that was to not look at him at all any longer.
You reap what you sow Lord Bridgerton.
Lady Danbury was compelled by the Queen's involvement in the wedding to hold a ball for their engagement so Kate was forced into a far-too-fancy dress and then left on the outskirts of the dancefloor as she watched the many couples of the ton dance together. She was vaguely aware that Mr. Dorset was at the event (she was sure that Edwina had invited him with the goal of getting him to dance with her) but she kept her wrist hidden behind her back so her dance card wouldn't be on show. There were no names written on it anyway.
At one point, Edwina and Lord Bridgerton took to the floor. Kate watched for about a minute before turning and walking out of the hall. She contemplated excusing herself to Lady Danbury but decided against it - for all she knew the matriarch might stop her from leaving. Instead Kate told a footman to inform her family that she had a headache and had retired.
If she stayed, she felt she might stop breathing altogether. Edwina looked so lovely and happy - and Lord Bridgerton... Anthony... looked so handsome. She wanted the rage to return.
Anger was productive; heartbreak was debilitating.
Kate returned to her bedroom and took out her ticket for the ship from her jewellery box. Soon she would be free. Soon...
In nearly no time, the door to her room opened. With her back to the door, she sighed.
"Please Lady Danbury, I was feeling rather nauseous-" Kate turned and nearly dropped her ticket.
It wasn't Lady Danbury.
"Miss Sharma." Lord Bridgerton gave a little bow - as though this was an expected house call.
"Lord Bridgerton!" Kate was relieved to hear her voice sounded outraged and not eager with desire. "You cannot - this is my bedroom! You are unchaperoned!" Kate marched to the door. "Leave! Before you are seen!"
Anthony instead closed the door behind them. "If no-one sees me, nothing will be said."
"You are the guest of honour! You will be missed!"
"It doesn't matter!" He hissed. "I needed to see if you were-"
"What?" Kate spat. The desired anger was welling up within her. "Present? Doing something that would benefit you?"
"-well." Lord Bridgerton finished, looking almost affronted and maybe slightly hurt at her poor opinion of him. "You've been looking strained and you refuse to look at me anymore."
"Really? I can't think why!" Kate marched back to her position at her dressing table. If they were discovered, at least no-one would see them standing within a foot of one another.
Lord Bridgerton looked like he was grinding his teeth and, with his customary pose of his arms behind his back, he looked like the honourable gentleman he wanted the world to perceive.
"I know your opinion of me has never been particularly high. But I had thought that with time-"
"What? I would find your pathetic behaviour at the promenade funny? I would deem you good enough for my sister? While you continue to follow me with your eyes when you should be looking at her? Oh, how silly of me to ever doubt you! Maybe if I act better, you will permit me to dance with you tonight, Brother."
Lord Bridgerton took a step back as though she'd slapped him and he looked as dazed as though his cheek actually was stinging. "Don't call me... that!"
"What? Brother? That's what you will be in the eyes of the law. You will be the head of my family as the only male member. I will be expected to call you Brother and you will call me Sister."
"You will never be my sister!" Lord Bridgerton barked though there was true panic in his eyes at the prospect.
"That's true - you will never do for me what you would do for your sisters. I will never be taken into society or permitted a husband. So it's just as well I will be out of your reach."
"What do you mean?" Lord Bridgerton demanded.
"What do you think I mean? Is your short-term memory that bad? I am returning to India. My passage is booked and soon my trunk will be packed. In a month's time, I'll be gone."
"A-a month?" Lord Bridgerton had gone from disturbed to pale as death and terrified. It reminded Kate of his face at the Hearts and Flowers ball when she had told him first of her intentions. The night she had followed him into his study... and they had nearly... "But... but the wedding-"
"-will take place and I will be gone. The Queen seems set on it happening in a month's time and I doubt that even you can gainsay the monarch."
"But... your sister-"
"-will have you. She will have a husband, be viscountess and in time a family of her own. If I stayed, I would never know peace. I would never be allowed to live freely as I have little doubt you would keep me under your eye at all times."
"You are her family!" Lord Bridgerton sounded slightly desperate. "And I would look after you all! If you stayed, you'd never have to work. You'd never know hardship. You would have a place with us!"
"As what?" Kate demanded sounding more furious than she had ever been with this infuriating man. "As the spinster sister? As the nanny who you don't have to pay? But who knows? Maybe you would think kindly on me and let me have an allowance? Or maybe, if you ever have a daughter, you can name her after me."
"STOP IT!" The volume and anguish in Lord Bridgerton's voice made Kate do just that.
It was true though - Kate had little doubt that Edwina may one day wish to honour her sister. And what arguments could be posed against it without raising suspicion?
Lord Bridgerton put his face in his hands and seemed to be desperately trying to regain his breath. A part of Kate wanted to go forward and soothe him - like she had done that morning when the bee had stung her.
But he was going to have to get used to life without her. They both would have to.
He eventually pulled his hands from his face to look at her. She should have felt triumph at the look of utter defeat and misery that stared back at her.
None came.
"So I was right." He said hoarsely. "That night in the library... I said you hated me. And you said you did. I didn't believe you. Now I see... you do in truth."
Kate could have said nothing and used the silence as her answer. But for all her anger, she wasn't cruel. And she wasn't a liar.
"I wish I could hate you." She admitted. "It would be so much easier if we held the enmity that the ton suspect. If I hated you, there would be no problem. I might even have felt compelled to stay to be by my sister's side when her marriage inevitably failed. It's because I don't hate you that I cannot stay."
"But why-"
"How can I stay and watch? Watch you be a husband to my sister? Watch you be a father to her children? Watch and want and wilt? Because I will. Even when you are made of the sternest stuff in creation, there is only so much a human can handle. If I stay, I will become bitter. I will become colder. I will be unable to hide my resentment of Edwina and I may even become aloof from your children. Favourite aunt? I will become the one they enjoy seeing least. No child deserves to think they've done something wrong because of an adult's faults. You love your family and you will love the family you will build. Your first duty will be to them and that duty involves giving them as happy a home as possible. They cannot grow up with their father and aunt snarling at each other. Or even worse looking a bit closer and seeing what my sister refuses to see."
Lord Bridgerton stared at her and their eyes were the same in that moment - brimming with tears and longing and distress and resignation.
"Go back to the ball, My Lord." Kate instructed. "Dance with Edwina. Joke with your brothers. Bow before the Queen. And let me go. For your family to come as well as your family now."
Lord Bridgerton refused to look away for a moment so neither did Kate.
"I will fight for you, Kate." Lord Bridgerton promised. "And I will never let you go."
And, before Kate could contradict him, he opened her door and strode from the room.
Send Me A Pairing And A Number And I Will Write You A Prompt
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Mallet of honey (M!Reader x Bridgerton siblings)
Requested by: @thedarlingdandy (it won’t let me find your tag), Forever tag: @missmelodramatic, @theletterhart, @alex--awesome--22, @elllie-does-the-posts, @floatlosers, @merlieve, @queen-of-books, @glimmering-darling-dolly, @denkisclown, @wildieflower, @meyocoko, @bubblybrianna, @justanothercoco @idkwhatmyusernam,  @subjecta13-thefangirl,  @kazbekkarluvbot, @freyathehuntress​
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Eloise groaned watching her ball roll the other direction she intended. Benedict and you stood side by side, snickering. – “Eloise, the arch is that way.” – Benedict pointed with a laugh. Eloise mimicked his words in a childish way. – “Perhaps it is a very strategic move of her.” – You joined, tapping your temple. – “Oh yes.” – Benedict replied turning more to you. – “We all know Eloise is such a mastermind in strategics.” – he answered to taunt her. Eloise groaned frustrated pointing her mallet at the both of you. – “I’m warning you brothers.” – she said, tensing her jaw. 
Benedict and you looked at each other, pretending to be frightened. – “Please spare us sister.” – you over-reacted pleading with your hands. – “We only meant to taunt you.” – Benedict added with a laugh. Anthony stomped his black mallet firm onto the grass. – “Benedict take your turn before we all root here!” – He called out firm with a slight narrow of his eyes. You slapped your brother on his back, giving him a little nudge. Benedict picked his mallet up, stepping up to his ball. Eloise narrowed her eyes at you, pointing at your ball.
You looked from her ball to yours, laughing loud. – “Then you must first reach mine to sabotage it.” – you said to her with a smirk. Benedict hit his ball, watching it roll to the arch. It bumped against it, not quite going through. Benedict groaned in response lowering his head. He returned to you as you patted him on the chest for good compliments. Daphne stepped up readying herself. Her ball rolled through an arch, making all of you clap in her favor. Daphne smiled delighted already tasting victory. 
You stepped up as it was your turn. Colin gave you a motivating clench of his hand. You set your mallet on the ground. Taking a deep breath watched you the angle. Calculating how hard you’d had to hit the ball to reach your target. You lowered your shoulders a bit, adjusting your stand. – “Today brother!” – you heard Eloise call out behind you. The mallet went back as it swung forwards. It hit the ball with a loud sound of contact. The ball rolled as you watched it go. It went through the arch as you spun around, taking a deep bow just to tease your sister. – “Bravo Y/n!” – Anthony said, clapping for you. – “All thanks to my strategics.” – you dropped just to taunt Eloise more.
Benedict laughed loud at your comment. Colin was up next as you cleared the way. After Colin’s turn went you all further down the lawn to a new arch. Anthony was up first setting the mallet of death down. He turned his body in a different direction as Daphne’s eyes widened. – “Don’t you dare!” – she called out. Anthony smirked, bringing his mallet up. She gasped when Anthony hit the ball sending it rolling over to hers. It hit hers firmly causing it to roll further away. Anthony turned around tilting his head slightly to the side to mock Daphne. She gritted her teeth. – “Did you feel threatened brother?” – Daphne asked curious. 
“It is simply the game, Daphne.” – he answered unable to hide his smile. – “Eloise you are up!” – He said as she glared at you. She picked her mallet up, walking over to her ball. Her jaw was tense, her grip firm around the handle. Near the grand stone vase with wildflowers and greenery sticking out stood Benedict, Colin, and you. The three of you were laughing at something. Eloise felt her blood boil. You were sure ridiculing her again, weren’t you? She was just as good in Pall mall as Colin. So why would you tease her but not Colin. It angered her that she was on the losing hand. Anthony stomped his mallet against the grass, looking up with a deep exhale.
Daphne was staring at her ball, calculating on how she’d take her revenge on Anthony. Eloise set herself good, looking at the arch. Benedicts loud laugh caught her ear, making her attention draw towards it. Benedict had his arm around you, laughing as he held one hand against your chest. Colin chuckling as he swayed the handle of his mallet around in his grip. A devious thought crossed her mind. She turned slightly to the side, aiming for a new direction. 
She hit the ball hard with her mallet as it flew across. Colin gasped noticing the ball at first. – “Duck!” – he shouted, dropping to the ground. Benedict and you widened your eyes at the approaching ball. Benedict pulled you down with him as the ball flew over your head, missing you by a hair. The ball went straight through the flowers in the stone vase, ruffling the plants. – “Have you gone mad!” – Benedict shouted pulling himself up by his elbows. – “Eloise!” – Anthony yelled storming over to her. He yanked her mallet out of her hands. – “You are out of the game!” – he insisted. 
Eloise gaped at him, shocked by her own actions. – “Inside!” – he ordered her, pointing with her mallet firmly to the estate. Eloise lowered her head obeying. You slowly got up with the assistance of Benedict. – “Are you alright brothers?” – Daphne asked concerned, having run over. Colin nodded dusting his pants off. – “No one hurt?” – Anthony questioned, approaching the four of you. You shook your head, dusting some dirt of your elbows.
That made Anthony sigh relieved. Colin spotted her ball behind him, going over to it. Benedict and you were panting, needing to catch your breath after such an adrenaline shot through your body. Up in the vase had the ruffling woken up some insects. Ladybugs dropped to the earth in the stone vase as two bees flew up disturbed. The ball swishing through the flowers disturbed their routine. They buzzed loud circling around. Anthony’s eyes widened at the hearing of buzzing. He felt his heart sink to the bottom of his stomach at the sight of two bees. The bees circled down annoying Benedict as he slapped at them. 
“Don’t anger them!” – Anthony shouted in full rage. Benedict was stumped as the bees came flying to him again. He ducked down, avoiding them. – “Benedict stop!” – Daphne said when Benedict kept waving his hands around to avoid them. He bumped into you, making you stumble sideways. Anthony grabbed Benedict by his wrist, pulling him with him. – “Inside!” – Anthony ordered fearing a bee might sting one of his siblings. Daphne hurried after them hearing the bees swarm around her. – “Colin!” – you shouted, calling him over. He returned to you with the ball as Anthony, Benedict, and Daphne were already running away. – “Is the game over?” – Colin questioned confused.
“I do not know Colin, but Anthony insisted for us to head inside!” – you informed him, taking your brother by the arm. You pulled him with you. Colin slapped at the bees that had come for them. They wanted to release their anger; the target didn’t matter. – “Where did these bees come from?” – Colin said moving his head to avoid one crashing into him. – “I believe Eloise’s doing disturbed them.” – you breathed out, huffing and puffing. Anthony had ordered Violet and the younglings to head inside with them. 
There would be absolutely no way that he would relive the past. – “Where are Colin and Y/n?” – Anthony questioned loudly, looking around. – “There!” – Gregory pointed out. All eyes went up to you and Colin. Seeing the two of you run without any full explanation as to why. Anthony opened the door, shouting loud. – “Hurry up!” – Colin and you picked up your pace. – “What is going on?” – Colin puffed out, catching his breath. You almost tripped over an arch slowing you down. You came to a stop feeling the pain in your ankle. Colin stopped, returning to you. – “Come on brother.” – he said assisting you by giving you support.
You felt tiny movements on your neck till a sharp pain made you reach for your throat. You bend down as the bee flew up. – “What’s wrong?” – Colin asked worried, holding your arm. You inhaled sharply at the pain throbbed in your throat. You sunk down, letting yourself sit down as your throat started to feel itchy. – “Why is he sitting down? Mama why is Y/n sitting down?” – Gregory said slightly panicked because of the commotion he did not understand. Colin stared bewildered at you holding your palm pressed against your throat. Anthony ran over the moment he saw you bend over. 
He pushed Colin to the ground in sheer panic. – “Y/n!” – he shrieked out, removing your hand brutally from against your throat. He gasped loud at the clear sting site that had swelled up. A redness spreading out. Anthony’s face stood frightful. No it couldn’t be. Not again. He couldn’t do this again. – “Y/n! Y/n!” – he called out in panic, his hand pressed against your jaw. – “Can you breath! Can you breath!” – he yelled unable to control the emotions inside of him. For a moment was Anthony dragged back to the past. Holding his dear father as he watched him struggle. Dying in his arms due to a bee sting. He did not want to repeat that. He did not want to lose another loved one to a bee.
You slightly nodded, feeling that your eyes became watery. Making you blink rapidly to let the tears roll down your cheek to clear your vision. Around your sting a rash spread out. Little red bumps that burned like hell. You screamed it out in pain, scratching the area around it. – “No!” – Anthony yelled loudly, pulling your hand away. – “Do not!” – he breathed out, panting with fear. You tried to swallow, feeling that is was almost a challenge. Your throat swollen by the bee sting. – “Will he be, alright? Anthony?” – Colin begged to know, never having experienced this. 
He had no idea of the trauma Anthony had regarding bees. – “It itches.” – you told them, rubbing your eye as it was watery. You wanted to scratch it again, feeling that unbearable desire. Anthony grabbed your hand firmly, holding it away from the bee sting. - “Can you breath Y/n? Y/n tell me!” - Seeing the reaction you had on it worried him. You wiped your nose when liquid came down from it. A runny nose. You swallowed with a lot of effort needing to lay your head back to inhale deep. Anthony moved his hand under your neck to support your head, keeping a close eye on your status. 
“We have to get him inside Anthony!” – Colin said worried. Anthony nodded, not looking away from you. There was absolutely no way he would leave you out of his sight. Colin and Anthony got up. – “On three.” – Colin said, moving his shoulder under your armpit. Anthony did the same as he felt weak on his knees. Fear written clear across his face. You got lifted up moaning in pain.
Anthony and Colin started to move to the house supporting you. You could barely stand straight on your feet. They stumbled and dragged across the grass for any firm grip with the earth. – “Mama!” – Colin shouted loud having his arm wrapped around your lower back. Your arm over his shoulder. Violet opened the door, gasping loud. Anthony and Colin dragged you inside, letting you fall into a chair. Violet gasped at the bee sting, covering up her mouth. 
Benedict undid your tie, taking away the tightness around your neck. – “Y/n! Y/n! Can you still breath?” – Anthony called out in a panic, kneeling in front of you. You slightly nodded. You could still breath only it was a bit harder since your throat was so swollen. – “What is that?” – Hyacinth spoke, pointing at the rash. – “It itches and burns.” – you replied scratching on it. Your nails hit the sting as transparent puss came sipping out of it. 
Anthony grunted grabbing you firmly by the wrist. – “I told you, do not!” – he reminded you, moving your hand down. – “I can’t help it!” – you called out as Colin took your other hand. – “Forgive me brother.” – Colin said as he tied your wrist around the chair with his tie. Anthony did the same just so that you couldn’t scratch at it and make it possibly worse. Eloise wrapped her arms around the younglings telling them it all will be fine.
“Must you really!” – Daphne spoke, hinting at tying you up. – “Yes!” – ordered Anthony. He touched your cheek, making sure you were alright. – “I will not lose you, brother…” – he whispered blinking the forming tears away. Seeing Anthony’s fear made you emotional. The clear panic rushing through his body as if he had witnessed it before. It suddenly became very clear to you. Papa. Anthony was with him. You were still a young boy, but now you slightly remember it. It must have been terrifying for him to go through. T
o watch the man you love die in your arms as there is nothing you can do about it. Completely out of your hands. You took a few deep breaths, making sure that were still breathing properly. – “I am alright brother.” – you told him, wanting to reassure him. – “I will live.” – you said as a panic shot through Anthony’s eyes. Anthony moved his upper body up, wrapping his arms around you. His body shaking against yours, as the adrenaline left his body. Benedict and Colin hugged each other out of relief seeing you regain your strength. 
The worst was over. The bee sting still itched and burned but you were not dying. You got lucky today, but it might never be certain with another bee sting.
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Kinktober ✨Masterlist✨
Hi all! I’ve decided to do a Kinktober drabble fest!
A & B Bridgerton Bros.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This post will be updated as drabbles are published.
Kinks chosen from suggested list by @ kinktober2022.
Fics will be short, < 500 words, likely a lot less.
I aim to publish at least 4 per week during the month of October 2022, maybe more. Alternating Anthony & Benedict.
I’ve assigned kinks to each than I think could be a good fit or, if I’ve already written a fic featuring one of the kinks, I’ve tried to assign to the other brother.
Drabbles will be unbetaed.
I was hoping to do 31 kinks in 31 days but that’s a little unrealistic for me to achieve. Sorry folks!
I hope you enjoy this collection of mini fics!!
Tumblr media
💫 List of fics 💫
**Will appear here as published**
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
look at him and his stupid slutty white pants 🫶🏻
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Tumblr media
Bridgerton stickers now available at my online store! https://laurariveraart.storenvy.com
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Anthony: The difference between you and me is that I do nothing to hide my clinginess while you pretend it's a coincidence you're in the same room as me 97% of the time.
Kate: The fact that I'm laying on you means nothing.
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Gregory: Anthony why is Kate's contact name for you 'babygirl' in her phone?
Anthony: *sweats*
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Tumblr media
Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma in Nights Like This by newtonsheffield (Moomin_94)
There’s only one thing to do when you’ve had an argument with your boyfriend during which he called you a frigid bitch right? Get wasted with your sister and best friend and trash talk the fuck out of him.
“He is a fucking dickhead, Kate!” Edwina slurred, vodka rolling down her hand, onto the carpet.
“And his name’s fucking Basil!” Sophie agreed
“I can’t believe I wasted all this fucking time on that absolute twat!” Kate groaned, the room spinning. “He actually fucking said the words, I don’t think I even find you attractive anymore. Who the fuck says that?! I’m hot as fuck! And my tits are amazing! He should be so lucky!”
“Fucking wankers!” Edwina called
“Pure twattery, honestly.”
“You know what you should do?” Edwina slapped Kate on the back of the head. “You need to show him exactly how fucking hot you are!”
“Yes!” Sophie agreed! “Take your tits for a night out, break up with him, and kick him in the balls!”
There Kate is, 30 minutes later, with her head a little fuzzy burying a little further into the trench coat wrapped tightly around her in the cold before she reached out and knocked on the door in front of her. Her hands fumbled over the tie of her coat as she heard footsteps on the other side of the door, tugging the edges apart as the door opened. And then her brain freezes. Because than man staring down at her tits straining a little against the tight black lace, his mouth in a perfect O of surprise isn’t Basil Grimston.
The man took a shuddering breath. “You aren’t my Chinese food are you?”
Anthony had agreed to look after his Brother’s cat at his apartment for three days, the last thing he expected was to open the front door expecting an Uber Eats driver only to find the most stunning woman he’s ever see wearing nothing but a trench coat and lingerie. And he truly didn’t expect the murderous look on the man across the hallway’s face when he said
For @jeanvanjer
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(Not) the same as it was - ch. 3 | A Bridgerton Series
Series: (Not) the same as it was
Pairing: Anthony Bridgerton x OFC
Word Count: 1.4k
Summary: Lady Josephine Wescott has a semi-honest conversation with her godmother. A young Josephine Saville and Anthony Bridgerton fall in love.
A/N: This is a short chapter but there is a LOT more meaty goodness to come! As always thank you for your patience with me as I struggle to write multiple fics at the same time.
previous part // next part
series masterlist
Tumblr media
Bridgerton House, London, 1814
“Will you marry again?” Violet asks her as the pair sit across from each other. 
For the first time she can remember, it’s just the two of them in the room, no other Bridgertons are running around, distracting their mother. Which means that Jo is the sole subject of Violet’s attention. 
If she didn’t love Violet, she’d be terrified.
“I don’t know,” Jo admits. She knows that she should. She has nothing from her first marriage, and of course, she could live with her father, but it would look odd from the outside. A Dowager Countess moving into her father’s Edinburgh townhome? 
The gossip would never cease.
Everyone will expect her to remarry.
“Why did you never remarry, Violet?” Jo asks her godmother.
“How could I?” Violet replies as she shrugs her shoulders slightly. Jo can already see the wetness that’s pooling in Violet’s eyes. Her sheer love for Edmund is still written across her face all these years after he’d passed.
“That’s the same way my father talks about my mother,” Jo replies with a small smile, thinking about her parents' devotion. 
In her childhood, Jo had never realized just how lucky she was to have two shining examples of sheer matrimonial devotion. How rare that kind of marriage was. 
Jo had been so naive then.
“And how is your father coping with his daughter being so far away from him?” Violet asks. “I know that he and your mother were already planning the move to be closer to you before she passed. He must be lonely up in Edinburgh by himself.”
“My father was the one who wanted me to come to London. He twisted Aunt Elizabeth’s arm until she agreed to chaperone,” Jo admits to her. “I think he hoped I’d make a love match this second time around.”
“These men may surprise you,” Violet tells her. Hoping her goddaughter would stay open to the possibility of marriage. “I know the conditions were very different the last time you were here, but I hope you will allow yourself to open up to the possibilities.” 
“Everything has changed. I’m not the same person I was when I left,” Jo tells Violet softly.
“You never did tell me what happened between you and Anthony, Josephine,” Violet tells her softly. “I’ve never asked Anthony, and I don’t want to pry…”
“There’s not much to tell, we grew apart,” Jo replies. She does her best to keep her voice even, but she knows that she can’t help but give away that there’s rather much to tell on that subject. Not that she has any interest in sharing it.
“What about Eloise, is there any hope she’ll be interested in finding a match this season?” Jo asks, swiftly changing the subject. 
Violet allows for the not-so-subtle redirection. Though she can’t help but want to table the discussion for another time. When she can press Josephine with hopes of discovering what it was that caused it all to go so wrong between the pair. 
Tumblr media
Aubrey Hall, Kent, 1802 
Christmas Eve with the Bridgertons and Savilles had always been a grand affair. With the current count of children now at eight with the recent addition of baby Gregory, Aubrey Hall was fit to burst from all the excitement. 
It was near impossible to not be swept up in the chaos the younger Bridgertons had created thanks to their many new presents.
“Have you seen Anthony?” Jo asked Benedict as the pair stood near the fireplace, watching Josephine’s father show Colin and Daphne how to swing the mallets of the family’s brand-new Pall Mall set.
Why her father had thought it was a good idea to gift the Bridgerton children, the most blood-thirty, cutthroat brood of children Jo had ever met, a competitive game that required mallets would be a mystery to Jo. 
“No, he disappeared a while ago, I think he wanted to be able to hear himself think,” Benedict tells her.
“Ahh,” Jo hummed as she surveyed the room. 
“I’ll be right back,” Jo told Benedict. 
Tumblr media
“Anthony?” Jo called out as she stepped through the doorway of the library, having followed the faint glow of candlelight to the room.
“Oh, Jo,” Anthony greeted her as he stood from the chair he’d been sitting in.
“I was looking for you,” She replied as she made her way over to where was standing by the window, her hands hidden behind her back.
“You found me,” He replied with a small smile.
“You missed most of the gift-giving, the drawing room looks like a battlefield,” She tells him.
Anthony grins.
“Thank you for the present, it’s beautiful,” Jo adds as her right-hand reaches up to play with the necklace she’d immediately clasped around her neck once the bow was removed from the box.
The chain was delicate, and the small pearl drop-down was understated but perfect in her mind. She had no idea how Anthony had known she would like it. She can hardly imagine him asking her mother or his own for their input on the gift.
And the potential meaning that it might have from the pair. 
“I’m glad you like it,” Anthony replies.
A necklace was not a gift given to a friend, not from a man. And Jo was well aware of that. And so, despite the potential ramifications it might have, Jo had made a rash decision, deciding that this was her moment, it was now or never.
“Don’t you want your present?” Jo asked him.
“I didn’t want to assume you got me anything, I didn’t see anything from you in the pile,” Anthony admits.
“I didn’t want to give it to you in front of everyone,” Jo explains.
“What did you get me, Miss Saville? Certainly not something salacious?” Anthony teased as he gazed into her eyes intently, his mouth curled into a smile. 
“Close your eyes,” She tells him as she steps toward him. 
Anthony obliged, his eyes fluttering closed as Jo studied him. 
“Should I hold out my hands?” Anthony asked, his voice dipping just below a whisper. 
“Yes,” Jo replied quietly.
Anthony brought his hands out in front of him, holding them open, palm up. 
Jo considered him for a quiet moment of anticipation. Anthony Bridgerton was the most handsome man she had ever known. If she was an artist she would paint, or sketch, or sculpt him for the rest of her life and never tire of using him as a subject. He was perfect. 
And so Jo placed her hands in his, wrapping her fingers around them as she stepped to him and pressed her lips to his, her own eyes falling closed. 
Jo hesitated for a painful moment when she felt Anthony freeze, and when his hands pulled out her own her eyes flew open and she was certain she had made a terrible mistake. 
But she opened her eyes to see Anthony already looking back at her, not in- as she had feared- horror, but with an unexpected expression that she could not fully recognize. 
Anthony’s eyes were dark as she stared back at him, but before she could open her mouth to apologize Anthony’s hands reached up to her cheeks, and pulled her face back to his own, returning her kiss with one of his own, one that felt impossibly deeper, and that lit something within her as her own now empty hands reached for the lapels of Anthony’s jacket, pulling him as close as she could manage.
When they finally broke apart the grin on Jo’s face was so wide it almost hurt.
“I-I… you have no idea how long I’ve been wishing I could do that,” Anthony admitted in a hoarse tone as he looked at Jo, brushing a loose strand of her hair back behind her ear.
“Happy Christmas, Anthony,” She told him in a soft whisper.
“I asked your father if I could court you,” Anthony admits.
“You-you did?” Jo asked, the shock evident in her voice. Her father hadn’t said a single thing to her.
“Is that alright?” Anthony asked nervously. 
“I’m the one who kissed you,” Jo reminds him with a shove at his shoulder.
“It’s more than alright,” She adds as she links her hand in his, brushing her thumb over his own. “Just promise me one thing. Promise me we’ll always be friends first?” 
“Always. I could never lose you, Jo,” Anthony replies, punctuating his promise with the press of his lips to her own.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
BRIDGERTON Season 2 + tumblr (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9) and one twitter posts (7)
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Kanthony + 45
45. “Tell me a secret.”
(Canon Divergence)
It was weird being a married man.
Anthony had imagined vaguely what it would entail when he had been interviewing the debutantes of the ton. He imagined that not very much would change - he would have his own room and the Viscountess would have hers. They would meet at the breakfast table and make pleasant chatter about his various duties and her own. They would attend events together - promenades, balls, museums, etc before going their separate ways - him to attend the gentleman's club and her to do whatever she pleased. And then, maybe once or twice a month, he would do his duty until they were able to conceive a child. An heir and a spare preferably. And then he would leave her to go about her business. He would return to having mistresses and she could take a lover if she wished - as long as no child was conceived and they were both discreet, all would be well.
The reality of married life was absolutely nothing like that. He'd never imagined his life like this. But then again he'd never imagined he would have a wife he would love as much as Kate.
They did not have separate rooms (the idea appalled him) and he did not abandon her at the first opportunity. In truth, he was probably over-eager to spend as much time with her as possible. He knew without doubt that he would never take another mistress and he was sure he would die of grief if Kate ever would (though he was confident that was a mere nightmare). And he didn't 'do his duty' when it was simply required. Anthony could become irritable if he went an hour without a kiss or a caress. And he was becoming certain that, if Kate was willing and able, he would give his own parents a run for their money with how many children he would create with Kate.
Now his viscountess was using his chest as a pillow and he was playing idly with her beautiful hair.
"Tell me a secret." Kate said.
"A secret?" Anthony questioned.
"Something that many people don't know. Or anyone actually."
"You already know everything." Anthony said. "I don't keep secrets from you. Not if I value my life anyway."
"Please?" Kate asked. Anthony sighed and thought hard. A secret... what did she not know? What was worth knowing? Well... there was one. But... what if she thought it was silly? Or unhealthy?
"I... um... every... um..."
"Go on." Kate urged. Maybe she could feel the tenseness in his torso because she stroked his chest hairs and raised herself up to look into his face. "Hey... if you really don't want to tell me, you don't have to. I just wanted-"
"No. No, it's fine. It's just... you might find me weird."
"I promise I won't. But don't tell me if it makes you uncomfortable."
Anthony looked at his wife and suddenly felt safe to tell her anything. His Kate wasn't just beautiful beyond measure - she was family orientated and had loved him despite witnessing just how much of an idiot he could be.
"I'll tell you." Anthony took a deep breath. "I... write my father letters. I couldn't talk to my mother as she was in so much pain. And my siblings were younger than me - they were depending on me because they had no-one else. I had all this pain and I didn't know what to do with it. My father had always been the one I turned to. So I turned to him then. I wrote him letters. Sometimes once a week. Sometimes once a day. Whatever was needed really - if Mother couldn't even hold Hyacinth or Colin was stealing something of mine or Eloise and Penelope had had a row I had to sort out... I told him. I wrote it all down. It didn't cure the disease but it took the edge off. I used to write it all down, read it back and then feed into the fire.
"Then on the first year anniversary, after not needing to write for a month, I wrote to him... and I kept it. I went to burn it but couldn't. I'd written about how Benedict had gotten into Oxford, Eloise had made her governess cry and Mother had started smiling again. I wanted to keep it - so I cleared out a drawer in my study desk and put the letter in there. I keep the key on me at all times.
"There are over fifty-five letters in there now. I write to him on anniversaries, special occasions and when I just badly miss him. I wrote to him when Hyacinth called me 'Papa' by accident and Mother wouldn't speak for two days. I wrote to him when Daphne was named the Diamond and later when she became the Duchess of Hastings. I wrote when Augie was born - his first grandchild. I... I sat down to write a letter before my first wedding and I couldn't write a single word. Because I was glad he wasn't there - and I'd never felt that before. But I wrote to him afterwards. When it had been called off and I'd kissed you for the first time. I told him the truth - how relieved I was, how sorry I felt for the pain I had caused and how I would never kiss another woman in my life after kissing you. I wrote to him when you had your accident. I wrote when you woke up. I wrote when you said you would marry me. And I wrote when you did.
"I used to write because I was in pain. Now I write because I want him to know my joy. And I know I should stop because maybe it's healthier and I should let him rest. But if it was me... I think I'd want to know about how my son was coping.
"Is that... weird?"
Anthony had been staring at the canopy above their bed as he had told his story. Now he finally looked at Kate. And was shocked and alarmed to see that her face was damp.
"No." She croaked. "It's not weird at all. I think he'd want to know. And I think he does know."
Anthony pulled Kate close and for a long time they just focused on getting their breathing under control.
"Do you have... any secrets to tell me?" Anthony asked eventually.
Kate nodded haltingly. "Yes, I think so."
Kate breathed in and sat up to look into his face again. "I think... you may need to write your father another letter."
Anthony blinked. "About what?"
"About his second grandchild coming soon."
Anthony did write a letter the next day. As soon as the physician had left after confirming Kate's suspicions and she had expressed a desire to rest, he went to his study and got out a fresh piece of paper. He must have covered five sheets of paper, front and back, by the time he was finished and sealed the letter with a wax stamp like always.
Not that it was necessary - Kate's confidence that his father knew it all soothed him. Edmund Bridgerton had never really left - he'd just gone on ahead. The letters had always been more for Anthony than his late father.
Anthony didn't think Edmund would mind.
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anthony bridgerton really did go and get fuckstruck over a woman who beat him in a horse race, beat him on BETTING at a horse race, beat him at pall mall and then beat him at hunting. he really had this woman hand his ASS to him on a platter and was like “yes please more please” and i respect that.
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