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Who’s Elon Musk?
Ligma balls
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genderpunks · a day ago
I really like the term(s) fagdyke/dykefag, but I'm sort of worried about using them because I feel like if I've never been called those slurs I can't exactly, reclaim the term if that makes sense? Like, it definitely does something for me and I think it's an accurate representation of how I've been feeling gender wise but yeah.... (I'm guessing it's also sort of a thing where it's not used outside of certain social circles).
i get what you're saying, i understand the fear. there's this extreme pressure rn in online circles, generally speaking due to t/erfisms and r/adfem rhetoric, sometimes t/ransmed rhetoric that make people feel like they need to jump through hoops or literally directly experience every microaggression or aggression possible to be able to reclaim your identity. also there's this big push to try to erase reclaiming historical queer terms, like the word queer itself. people are trying to erase queer history and im not here for it
you don't have to win the oppression olympics in order to be able to reclaim these terms, they have historical meaning and lesbians and gays have been proudly wearing the dyke and fag labels for decades. "dyke marches" "dykes on bikes" "leather dykes", the reclaiming of the term dyke in the lesbian community is so vital and huge that no one can take that from us. same for taking back the word fag/faggot. the historical proud usage of these terms can never be erased
have i been called a dyke? yes. have i been called a fag/faggot? yes. is that the only thing that qualifies me to call myself those things? absolutely not. once you identify yourself as a lesbian and embrace lesbianism, you're a dyke. once you identify yourself as a gay man/person and embrace gayness, you're a fag. you're a dyke because you said you're a dyke, you're a fag because you said you're a fag.
we're in a wave right now of queer liberation where we are taking these labels back with such vigor and pride that it doesn't matter whether or not someone else views you that way. it doesn't matter what slurs a cishet person would actually call you, it's about loudly and proudly telling the world who you are, and forcing them to accept it.
it's okay to call yourself that, even if you haven't been personally called one of those slurs. don't worry about that discourse it's very recent, very online, and very ignorant. if you feel like that fits you, use it. you don't have to call yourself a gaybian or velaurian or anything else if you want to say dykefag. those terms are great, but it's okay to take those words back for yourself. you got this, take care, you're rad as hell. we appreciate you!!! <3
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wordsbyjenpoetry · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
And you will carry them both inside your heart.
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creeperchild · 19 hours ago
Ya know it would be so cool yet funny, Shamura owning a book club 📚 lol
Tumblr media
Shamura just wanted to show their favorite book and Kallamar tried his best to stay awake, because he is a very polite boy.
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amphibianaday · a day ago
Hello! I love your blog and when I found your papercraft toad again I decided to drop everything and make one myself. I love him even if he's a little crooked from it being my first try but I was wondering if I could throw the pattern you made into photoshop and make toads in some fun new colors? I wouldn't share the pattern and just use it for personal use such as giving some themed toads to my friends but wanted to ask anyway :)
hell yes, that would be super cool! :)
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gateway-2000 · a day ago
One of the most fascinating bits of internet history is that the :-) emoticon and Trollface have the same birthday, just 26 years apart.
omfg that's so cute... history repeating itself. i hope there's an even more fucked up emote 26 years after trollface's birthday
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lesvianese · 2 days ago
girl fr i understand why your instinct is to react with so much vitriol to everything because i have also been 14 learning to understand the world and that shit is legitimately extremely difficult and infuriating. but i really want to make an attempt to reach you about this. trans people aren’t your enemy. you see them as threats because you’ve been lied to and manipulated by a fearmongering hate movement, but if you find yourself doing feminist or lgbt activism in real life, do you know who you’re going to find working with you? trans people. trans men, trans women, non-binary people, all of them. because their cause is aligned with ours. they want the same things that people fighting misogyny and homophobia want. if you find yourself attending any kind of demonstration by terf groups, and i say demonstration rather than activism because it’s much more likely, do you know who will show up? conservatives. straight men, straight women, focus-on-the-family types, the works. because that’s who your goals are aligned with. trans people have been with us from the very beginning and people who want to reinforce existing hegemony to keep them out of daily life are reactionary conservatives, full stop. the terf-to-tradwife pipeline is a real, demonstrable thing that’s been explicitly confirmed by tradwives who started as terfs several times very publicly, and i know you probably will react to this message with defensiveness and eye-rolling, but I’ve seen firsthand what involvement in a hate movement can do to people, and i want you to have a chance. you’re still so young. staying on this path will either end with you bitter, alone, and slowly alienating everyone around you, or suddenly realizing that you’re wrong after years of hurting people. you’re in a time of your life where change is constant and much more accessible than it will be later. take this chance and rethink what you’re doing. i promise you, you’ll be happier, more thoughtful, and much kinder by the end of it. good luck and i hope you find another path someday soon, i’m rooting for you
Again and again I'm told that I've been "lied to" by the fear mongering movement, and yet, that doesn't stop homophobes from coming into my inbox that are on YOUR side describing to me how they think I should sleep with a transwoman. They accuse me of lying about my traumatic past, tell me that I "owe" transwomen being welcomed into my romantic life. They tell me that I should be "nicer" to a male telling my Im "missing out on dick", that IM the violent and horrible one for reacting to that blatant homophobia. That I should be ~open to communication~ when a homophobe talks to me like that. And they call me queer on top of that, and say that they're supposed to be my family while they call me something the bigots at my school call me. Radfems don't have to ~infiltrate~ my brain because you people act like animals in my inbox all fucking day. And then you tell me you're my ally? Or that I owe you allyship? Are you going to say what I'm seeing infront of my eyes isn't there?
No. You do not have the same goals as me. Not at all. I want prostitutes to be recognized as victims of the sex industry, and I want to never live in fear of any of the Johns I knew finding me. I want women in prisons to not fear for their lives because a male identified into having endless access to them. I want gay people to not be told that they have a genital fetish or that they're bigoted for excluding trans people from their dating lives. I want straight people to stop identifying as lesbian or gay, I want them to stop spewing conversion therapy rhetoric, I want to be able to grow up and find a lesbian bar that's not states away from me. I want to be able to consider childbirth without fear of dying, because black women are 4x more likely to die during childbirth due to medical racism. I want capitalist doctors to stop preying on dysphoric people and falsely informing them. I want women to stop being killed, I want men held accountable for their crimes against women properly, and I want so, so much more that I could go on and on and on. MAYBE the only thing me and you have in common is hating capitalism-- and you probably just claim to hate capitalism, because you're all for it when it hurts mentally ill people. You are not working for my rights. do not pretend that you are any different from a conservative calling yourself a liberal, because to me, you aren't. They DONT want to fight misogyny or homophobia, because they're convinced that "woman" is a girly feeling and that homosexuality is a preference.
You wanna talk about pipelines? Do you REALLY want to talk about pipelines with me? Which group here is FAMOUS for having a bunch of 4chan "ex"-nazis in their community? Which group here has a bunch of "MRA to liberal" men in it? If you're using a few "radfem" to tradwife women as proof that radical feminism is inherently bad, you're not in the clear either, anon.
"Hate movement." God, you're fucking insufferable. None of you know what an actual hate movement looks like. I'm part of the hate movement? While you all call gay people fetishists and bigoted for being gay? While you say that homosexuality "isn't about sex" or that it's "just a preference"? While you threaten to rape and kill lesbians on the internet for not agreeing with you? While you take down domestic abuse shelters because a male wasn't welcomed into it? While you ignore and excuse pedophilic/rapist males being male as soon as they identify as something other than male? While you ignore rapists and pedophiles and abusers in your own community so you can pretend there's no misogyny issue? While you say that women have been oppressed entirely based off of feelings and nothing else? While you say that women are privileged over a certain group of Special Men for being female? While you compare men to women of color and say that women of color basically have the same issues as male people? While you take away life-changing operations from women because she didn't want a male operating on her after she had just been raped? I'm part of the hate group? Your entire ideology is based off of anti-science, conservative rhetoric. You can scream "hate group" at me all you want. It won't change that your group is full of much more hate than I could ever imagine.
So funny that you think a life not centering men and not believing in gender will make me miserable. I was much more miserable when I hated myself for being a lesbian. Maybe a life without gender for YOU would be miserable and sad, maybe YOU would end up bitter and angry, maybe YOU would alienate everyone around you, but that's just because you don't know how to function without a cult leading you. I've been fine. Ive been way happier being a radical feminist than I ever was being a liberal feminist. You will not fear monger me into believing what you believe. You want me to have a chance? A chance to what? A chance to hating myself for being a lesbian again? A chance to kiss the boots of males again? I am not in need of saving. Go try to indoctrinate some other fourteen year old girl. It's not going to be me.
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ninamodaffari · a day ago
Hi Yuri, I think I saw it was your birthday recently? How'd that go
Tumblr media
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radarchives · a day ago
Belphegor says living with him would be stress free, but you just know you would be doing all the chores and cooking while he naps.
mc starts cooking and he'd drape himself over them from behind and go right back to snoozeland
so now mc has to cook with added deadweight that possibly drools on their shoulder free of charge as well
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arahir · 2 days ago
jojo… do u have any tips for being more healthy. my flatmate is vegan and pretty much only eats veges and she gave me some land cress and sorrel from her garden. i made a green smoothie with them using her recipe book and it was the most disgusting thing i ever drank. i secretly ate a chocolate bar and a coke after to remove the taste :(((( but i wanna be someone who likes eating leafs
no offense to your roommate but i can literally imagine nothing more nauseating than a sorrel and cress smoothie. and yes i actually have the golden ratio for the creation of any salad. it is:
TUB OF LETTUCE. they sell them at most stores as assorted spring greens, usually for $3 - $7 depending on the season and size. not a fan of the plastic waste but i can't argue with the effect. you can always pick a single kind of lettuce as a full head at the grocery store too. i'm just lazy and like variety.
DRESSING. salad dressings can be whatever you want but are typically some kind of oil (olive, neutral, fancy, sesame, a mix), some kind of emulsifier (mustard, egg yolk, mayo, honey), some kind of acid (citrus juice, vinegar). my current fave is soy sauce, sesame oil, crushed garlic, honey, rice vinegar, and a little mayo. i have a tiny salad dressing receptacle that i keep in the fridge with my dressing of the week. basically you can't fuck up making a dressing in my opinion, as long as you don't go too wild with the ingredients.
TOPPINGS. cucumber!! crunchy and healthy?? i take a third or fourth of one depending on the size and chop it into little cubes. add to salad or have on its own. also nuts!! crunchy and proteiny. right now i have a thing of cashews on my counter and i chop up a handful and throw them in with my salads. i know people that put seeds on salads too (like sunflower seeds, yummy). and of course croutons!!! they are so easy to make! just rip bread into small chunks, throw them in a pan with hot oil, and fry them with salt and spices until they're crunchy. kind of a slow fry that you have to be careful with but once you get the hang of it, it's easy. also works best with stale bread if you have some sitting around. i hear people also put other things on salads but i like crunchy things so these are my go-tos.
I FORGOT ABOUT CHEESE. cheese. on salad. so good. there's the classic parmesan but i also like a good feta. one of my favorite not-salads is chopped up (cooked) beets with feta on top and croutons. here's a photo of it which i am including to show you that my definition of salad is extremely dubious and mostly includes anything eaten in a bowl that isn't soup and has a maybe-vegetable in it, and therefore i shouldn't be trusted with salad advice. but i'm giving it anyway.
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tswwwit · a day ago
familiar au where literally everything is the same except dipper has a spray bottle and sprays bill when he’s being a bitch
Tumblr media
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mystic-mikey · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
You bet
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genderpunks · a day ago
hey uhhh do you think it's fatphobic to want to lose weight? i promise you i'm asking this in good faith, and i will NEVER see fat people as inherently ugly/unhealthy and i would not comment on a fat person's body or even suggesting them to go on a diet, but if i want to lose weight for myself, is it fatphobic or am i having internalized fatphobia? i know @/bigfatscience said that it's impossible to lose weight in a healthy manner and i completely agree, however there are material consequences that i fear if i gain weight any more than i already have, e.g. the available feminine and sexy clothes in the stores, online or offline, are only go up to size L especially in my country, other clothes literally don't fit in my size, something like that, so if this is the case, what should i do? or maybe i am too paranoid at this point? for reference i'm a size 8 - 10 US and my height is 4'11"
i personally do not think it is inherently fatphobic to want to lose weight, however, it depends on the reason why you want to lose weight, you know?
i've been plus size my whole life, always hovering around the 300 lbs mark and i've dealt with a lot of internalized fatphobia my whole life. when i was younger, i wanted to lose weight specifically because i thought that fat on my body was ugly, that fat = unattractive. if you want to lose weight because you're finding the fat on your body unattractive, that's more to do with unresolved internalized fatphobia
if you want to lose weight because you're at a weight that's hard on your body, like for example, i got up to 360 lbs at one point in my life and it was in fact increasing my chronic pain issues and causing issues with breathing and whatnot. being fat does not inherently cause pain, but it can exacerbate existing chronic pain if you have a lot of weight on your joints, pressing on certain areas of your body, and so on. if you are concerned for your health in that manner, that is a very healthy and valid concern. i've dropped back down to my normal 300 range and my pain has gone down significantly
thinking "i should lose weight because fat = unhealthy" is internalized fatphobia, thinking "i'm unattractive/unappealing because i'm chubby/fat/plus size, i should lose weight" is internalized fatphobia, that sort of thing. i will say i have lost weight also specifically to be able to more easily fit into cuter clothing without having to special order it, and i don't think that's fatphobia on our behalf, but rather society's.
so what i'm getting at is it's not always bad to want to lose weight. you can have very valid reasons for wanting to change your appearance, as long as you aren't feeling bad about yourself or feeling like you're ugly or that your problems stem from being chubby, fat, having rolls, a big belly, etc. it's okay if you do have those feelings though because society is so aggressively hateful toward fat people, so it's alright if it takes some time for you to unwind any thoughts like that
i hope that helps, i don't think it makes someone a bad person for having these thoughts or anything like that. society is just very aggressive and it takes time to love your self image, it really does. it comes in steps and weight is a really hard one to come to grips with, especially if you are trans, because it can make chest binding, obscuring hips, etc. harder. i hope that helps! take care of yourself, it's okay to love yourself at whatever weight you are now, but it's also okay to want to strive for a different look, too, as long as your motivation is rooted in self hatred, but in self care. take care!
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lanthart · 21 hours ago
Wait, I saw in one of your drawing that Garu has the same powers as Ring Ring! The one that she uses when she gets angry!
That so fudging AWESOME!
When was the first time he used it and what triggered it? How did everyone else, including Ring Ring feel when he used it? How does GARU feel after being able to use it later?
Please… I need answers. TT_TT
Oh! This one! Thank you!! <3
Tumblr media
About the powers, I'm pretty sure the first time it's triggered by Tobe lol, but but he didn't did it on purpose of course! He probably just desperate Garu to that point.
Tumblr media
Ring Ring wasn't there the first time, but when she see's Tobe oblitared by Garu's new powers, she realizes. Again both Garu and Ring Ring are still processing all of this, but since they're now family, they end helping each other.
Ring Ring has this little arc helping Garu to train and control he's new powers so he can't hurt anyone unless he needed to. Tobe also helps to! (He's the test dummy lol)
Tumblr media
Garu's feelings about everything are complicated, he's having a big identity crisis, and he's just relief that was Tobe (who's use to getting hit) the one he attack first. He apologized to him later, and Tobe was strangely receptive and understanding.
Tumblr media
Hope this helps! And Thanks to be interested in my AU! <3
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theycallme-thejackal · a day ago
Susie telling Lenny he’s a dumbass if he thinks leaving Midge is the best thing for her cause even she sees now they’re clearly better together
Pairing: Lenny Bruce & Midge Maisel Rated T
"Hey, come down here."
Lenny looks at Susie in confusion as she waves him down to her level. "I may be about a foot and a half taller than you, but I can hear you just fine from here."
"You get to choose. You can come down here so I can smack you in the head...or I can punch the thing already within reach." She looks toward his belt pointedly.
Lenny huffs a sigh and lowers himself, receiving a smack to the back of his head. "Ow," he hisses, rubbing the spot. "What the hell was that for?"
"You're an idiot," Susie grouses.
"Okay, but that's not a new development. I don't know why I earned physical violence this time."
"You're leaving Midge."
Lenny arches a brow at the manager. "How did you - "
"Dinah's cued into the switchboards. She knows everything."
He sighs. "I thought you'd be happy," he says after a moment, taking a drag from his cigarette.
"Yeah, I did, too. You're a fucking train wreck."
"Gee, thanks, Susie," he drawls.
"But I haven't seen Midge this happy in the three years I've known her. And I'm including the six months she would come into the Gaslight with that shitty ex-husband of hers," Susie explains. "Would her life being in the crapper give her more material? Sure, but you've seen the kind of choices she makes when she's hurt."
Lenny inhales from his cigarette as he considers that. "But what if I hurt her more in the long run?"
"You won't. You're too much of a fucking sap," Susie retorts, and Lenny smirks with a shake of his head.
He takes a deep breath and exhales, feeling a surprising wash of relief from this conversation. “Thanks, Susie.”
“Don’t mention it,” she replies, and he heads out of the bar, hailing a cab and directing the driver to the Upper West Side.
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I think you mentioned it a few times... But can we get a peak at anything left on the cutting room floor for Dekugate? Notes, cut contact, ect? If you feel okay with that! I just love this story and wanna see all your thoughts on it, even what didn't make the cut. Kinda like dvd extras I guess ahahh.
HOWEVER I get you cut some things for a reason and know how tumbler can be and don't want drama, so it's cool if you just don't feel comfortable with that.
There are two main story elements that got cut.
The first one is that there was originally going to be more of a subplot around Izuku having crushes on both Uraraka and Aoyama. I say ‘crushes,’ but it was closer to what it ended up being where he’s not sure how to feel about them or the idea of being close like that with anyone. When Izuku learned about dekugate, the internal conflict would shift to how his toxic fans would treat them. They’d hate Uraraka for being a girl since aggressive shippers tend to view male/female relationships as inherently lesser, but with Aoyama, they’d just be fetishized. But i worried that having overt shipping stuff like that would overwrite the focus on the fic in the minds of readers; the relationships would be seen as what’s at stake instead of Izuku’s mental health on its own. When I decided to cut it down from a subplot into a background detail, I favored the Uraraka parts because they fit neatly into the more misogyny-focused critiques.  And why did I end up focusing on that part?  For one, as a female-bodied person, misogyny, particularly misogyny coming from other women, is something I have more experience in and thus felt I had more to say.  That, and I worried that even if i made careful critiques about how women in fandom often fetishize gay men via reductive stereotypes and how applying that fandom behavior to real life people can cause harm, people would just see it as “ew gay ships are bad.”  If I were to ever do some kind of follow up, I’d give more time to the fetishization side of things.
The second major cut was a lot more detail about the backstory of Toshi and Inko’s relationship, as well as an expository dump of refutations for every single insane thing the dekugaters claimed.  Most of it was stuff so obvious, it really didn’t need to be spelled out, (why aren’t they holding hands and smiling in every photo?  because no one smiles and holds hands at every single moment, even two people in love.)  The rest was either shaved down to just the most relevant bits, or left to implication.
I’ll summarize the highlights under the cut:
- Toshinori was interested in Inko right away since by that point, he was the symbol of peace and constantly surrounded by hero worship.  Between being a naturally anxious person and the paranoia that comes with fame, he didn’t think it was possible for anyone to ever fall for the real him.  Then he met Inko, someone who called him a show-boating poser to his face, and fell head over heels right there.
- It’s only hinted at briefly in the fic itself, but Toshi didn’t come from a great home.  His hang ups about Izuku being named after someone came from the fact that he himself was named after a great grandfather in an attempt by Toshi’s mother to appease his anger for having a kid out of wedlock, with an American tourist no less.  He was already looked down on by his conservative family for being illegitimate, but once his mother ‘properly’ married and starting having more kids, they emotionally neglected him even more.  By the time he moved out to live with Gran Torino, they barely noticed he was gone.
- Inko’s biological parents were a low-level thug for hire who bounced between gangs, and her mother was a sex worker who gave her up for adoption, then later died of an overdose when Inko was a toddler.  None of this was particularly relevant for Inko growing up, but the dekugaters would eventually dig up the records and use them to fling accusations.  But until then, Inko had a fairly normal childhood all things considered.  She didn’t bounce around foster families too often, and the ones she had were good people.  Mitsuki was in the same home as her for a few years, and they kept in touch after she was adopted.
- Inko’s hero’s journey began when she was eleven.  She and some friends stopped at a convenience store to grab some snacks after school, when a villain took the whole place hostage.  Nobody was hurt, but it took almost two hours for any heroes to even show up, during which Inko thought she was going to die.  Afterward, she needed to know why it took so long for help to come.  This was a time before heroes were on every street corner, and her neighborhood was outside of the nearest agencies’ ranges.  She decided to fill in the gap herself.
- Her UA career wasn’t all that eventful.  She got into the hero course by using her quirk to pull all the bolts out of the robots, but she didn’t make it to the tournament stage of the sports festival until her third year, at which point she was eliminated in the first round.  Instead of going straight into hero work, she went to college to study management and urban engineering so she would have everything she needed to run a self-sufficient hero agency.  Before the dekugaters, she had plans to construct a new agency building that doubled as a community center.
- One of the big dekugate brain rot posts i eliminated before writing was a timeline breaking down Inko’s pregnancy to ‘prove’ it was fake, complete with the exact date they believed izuku would have been conceived on and it’s impossible because All Might was seen doing something else not with Inko that day.  This is unfortunately based on real posts.  But since I cut it, it didn’t need it’s refutation, which is that the dekugaters’ stalking isn’t as accurate as they think.  Their dates were top to bottom wrong, with inko becoming pregnant way later than they thought and Izuku being born prematurely.
- Their dating timelines were also screwed up, but mostly because they refused to believe All Might would commit to anyone so fast when ‘they were barely seen together’ aka if something doesn’t appear on social media, it doesn’t exist.
- Izuku still went to Aldera in this universe for 3 reasons: it’s in the neighborhood his Mom works in and he wanted the chance to see her on action walking to and from school; he still saw Bakugou as his only friend and he wanted to have someone he knew at his first public school experience; he played down all the bullying and quirkless discrimination to his parents until after he let for UA, otherwise they would have homeschooled him again and he didn’t want to be isolated anymore.
- izuku’s UA experience up to the point of the fic has been largely unchanged from canon.  This is because this is supposed to be a small, self-contained fic and it’s a lot easier for readers to understand when the conspiracy posts reference canon events.
- Melissa does know about the conspiracy, but just the part about her dad and uncle being together, none of the fake kid stuff around Izuku.  But because most of that fandom likes her, not many people have been obnoxious enough for her to think it runs any deeper than a few overzealous shippers.
If there are any other weird conspiracy claims from the fic you want context for, just let me know
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