anonbeadraws · 5 months ago
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Prompt: Magical Creatures! An adventurer who retired to take care of the "monstrous" creatures their fellows maimed and harmed, rehabilitating them and helping them back into the wilds. She's gotten a few scars and lost an eye to the work but she holds no grudges! She loves these lovely creatures! Her nieces that're here for the weekend to visit their...eccentric aunt are a little split on how to feel about the whole thing. Commission info in the source!
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icbrothers · a year ago
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Took some time out between jobs to doodle Kyara and Barden's piggyback ride from Strange Hungers. All the characters are great but there's something about Kyara's excitement and wonder that's just delightful to watch
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mfbart · 8 months ago
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Morena is a pagan Slavic goddess associated with seasonal rites based on the idea of death and rebirth of nature. She is an ancient goddess associated with winter's death, rebirth and dreams.
Some medieval Christian sources such as the Czech 13th century Mater Verborum compare her to the Greek goddess Hecate, associating her with sorcery. Lithuanian, Latvian and some Estonian sources, dated between the 13th and 14th century, note the worship of Morena, the mother of souls. The most contemporary historical theory supposes the settlement of Slavic people in and around the Baltic region, most probably spreading the worship of Morena and likely finding many similarities between the Baltic natives and their goddesses of death, rebirth and the afterlife. Some Norse ballads, their origin not yet verified, hint at the worship of Morena, noting the natural contrasts with the Norse beliefs in the afterlife.
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thesmokeytown · a year ago
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after 10 months i FINALLY FINISHED MY EMBROIDERY! thank you to @anonbeadraws for the beautiful character you created for me! I hope that my stitches did your art justice
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monotone-artist · a year ago
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decades of self-imposed isolation comes with the consequence of the strength of your connections withering away, but perhaps they can be reforged. after all, there aren’t exactly a lot of resources in the wastelands, and a dust-ridden, crumbling estate isn’t going to fix itself.
i.e. silverwyrm (somewhere out of view) has been a positive influence in aurthias’ otherwise depressing life and he finally decides to try to be a person again
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gay-impressionist · a month ago
Part 3 : Joy in our own queerness (Euphoria)
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sense8 : lito comes out publicly. gif by @lowndsiercs / @weirdlildude / legends of tomorrow : spooner learns about asexuality. gif by @mymycorrhizae / @cheeriosandwine / @anonbeadraws / @imaginealpha / elliot page / @bliss-bud / @poniesart
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thecoffeerain · 11 days ago
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My server friends and i had our own winter season gift exchange we called Coffee Nights, and I picked the beloved @anonbeadraws and was so delighted. One of their gifts was this, their gorgeous boy Ahme in the style of the incredible Hellboy comics which was so fun to try and replicate.
I’m so blessed to have them as a friend it’s always makes me so happy to have an excuse to do nice things for them. Happy coffee nights beloved!
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halcyonhowl · a year ago
Support TAZ Graphic Novel Gallery Artists
For those of you who would like to support the Crystal Kingdom graphic novel gallery artists, below is a list of links to their published art! If I couldn't find the gn piece, I linked their main art tag or twitter url.
Some of you may have heard from this post and this one that they had a rough time. So go forth and spread some support and kindness their way. Drop them a message saying you liked their work, check out their ko-fi links and donate if you'd like to, reblog their art online, purchase from their shop. Lots of ways you can show that you care! Thanks everyone!!
Arthur Janecek
Rae Geiger
Rebecca Mock
T Zysk (reapersun_art on twitter, adult content warning)
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rabdoidal · 8 months ago
how did you find your artstyle? it’s one the most iconic things about your art and i adore it :) any particular inspirations or artists that helped you find it?
great question, i wish it wasnt so difficult to answer!
Definitely things like 80s-90s anime, comic books, magazines, fashion dolls like Bratz and Monster High, and so many cartoons influenced me a lot - I've been drawing my whole life so it's hard to pin down specific examples! I did a lot of redrawing things I saw in comics/manga as a kid, so I was definitely inspired by shoujo artstyles.
Some things that helped me in terms of character design/clothing choices specifically were being in fandoms like OFF, homestuck and undertale - taking things with relatively simple or minimalist designs and thinking about how they would realistically dress is a fun exorcise, and I owe a lot of development to the nicer corners of the many fandoms I've been involved in over my life. Especially with things like homestuck where the sprite work has a lot of similar shapes and colours, diversifying a lineup of characters to look unique is really fun!
In terms of my actual drawing process, I see a lot of people compliment my lineart (thank you, btw!), but the funny thing is that when I was learning digital art in 2011-2014, that was how almost every artist I followed drew things - that's why I'm miserable at painting! Everything was hard lineart and cell shading, so there's a lot of things I still have to learn about digital art. Same with colour theory - I love monochromatic colour schemes too much, I need to branch out more!
Some artists that inspire me off the top of my head: @anonbeadraws @blogwell @cloudmancy @ambassadorquark @eldhuug @charliearlet @jokin-around @kindlespark @froggy-wizard - I've been on tumblr for a decade so there's been a lot of artists on here that were super influential but I can no longer remember their URLs, or they've been deactivated for a long time. 😔
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sureinsunlight · 6 months ago
Okay I’ve been made to think about Aasimar here so come to me with all your cool Aasimar WING ideas
Or just concepts+transformation ideas bc scourge Aasimar deserve credit too. Here I’ll start
Protector Aasimar with stained-glass vibes and candelabra wings (thank u @anonbeadraws for my boi+being there for ground zero of my current brainrot)
Tumblr media
‘Martyr’ sorta protector Aasimar with spells/healing that look like stigmata/self-combustion or the like. Their wings are a bristle of spears that suddenly appear, lodged point-first under their shoulderblades, and the blood that runs down makes the effect/silhouette of the feathers or wings proper (is this blasphemous? I could make it not blasphemous. Probably)
Regal sorta fallen Aasimar with peacock wings (like. The tail feathers but on wings u get it) that are too heavy to fly. When the necrotic shroud happens, the eyespots turn eerily real and stare down the enemies so basically a magic version of what eyespots do in the wild
Storm-style scourge aasimar who’s got bone spurs or maybe horns or maybe just metal scaffolding sticking up from them? When they use their aura lightning flashes between the prongs into an electric halo above them
(huh is that. my brain just thought of an incandescent-light angel w the filaments and all how would THAT work)
Anyway yea I need more weird angels out there so y’all gimme
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snazzystims · 7 months ago
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Stimboard for my friend @seaoreos MOTW oc, Altis!
Art by @/anonbeadraws
💎 - X - 🌊
X - 🌌 - X
🌊 - X - 💎
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anonbeadraws · 8 months ago
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Sheet commission for @dimir-charmer of Annie Ackley, a half-orc gunslinger! Ain't she pretty y'all? ✨commission info in source link✨
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mjulmjul · 10 months ago
6 and 11 for that end of the year ask game?
6. longest a drawing has taken to finish
about 4 hours give or take, which was this one posted here:
Tumblr media
it was the first time I painted a leafy forest so it took some time to figure out how to make the trees look good. for the non-digital-artists here, I'm absolutely not painting those leaves by hand - they're made with the awesome (free!) plant brushes by @tamberella!
11. artist(s) that influenced/inspired your art style
LOVE this question, there are SO MANY so this will get long and I'll probably forget a whole bunch. I'm kinda splitting it up and making it a list for readability
in general:
Vincent van Gogh and impressionism in general
17th-19th century etchings for their incredible linework and hatching. yes the genre as a whole, I wouldn't know specific artists
Alphonse Mucha - if you only know his art nouveau stuff please check out The Slav Epic, breathtaking
all of John Singer Sargent's work tbh, especially his portraiture
Hukosai, Yoshida and Hiroshige for their landscapes - ukiyo-e is incredible in how it conveys so much with such restraint
that typical Instagram concept artist style (idk what else to call it), such as Pascal Campion/@pascalcampion, Henry Wong/henrywongdraws, Dom Lay/layeredpainter, Emiliano Castellano - the list goes on.
all the concept artists mentioned above + David Hockney's iPad drawings
@holly-warbs thee holly warbs, such great palettes and style
@wifihunters such interesting/good colors and rendering in every piece, going back years and years
@anonbeadraws work has the kind of palettes I wanna live in
Sergey Kolesov's incredible work for Dishonored
finally I browse the artists on tumblr tag and some fanart tags regularly cos artists on tumblr in general come up with really interesting palettes
last year I've focussed on making my lines looser and more expressive, here are some inspirations for that:
Gustav Klimt's sketches (beware, you'll find a LOT of n//sfw),
Egon Schiele's drawings/art
and the archives of @anobviousaside and @hellosaidthemoons-archives (both occassionally n//sfw)
plus a whole bunch of traditional artists I used to follow on Instagram but don't remember the names of :| but they all made these beautifully flowy life drawings
this is still a very limited list because I'm all over the place - I regularly scroll through the 'colors' and 'art style' tags on my @mjulmjul-reblog sideblog, and have a few hundred pieces saved locally too
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mfbart · 8 months ago
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Oh, so, friends, hello! I started slowly drawing character concepts for the #characterdesigninspiration challenge. I think creating the design of original characters is one of the most interesting activities, it's not for nothing that almost every artist has a set of his own wasps. A high level of imagination is simply necessary here. It's one thing to create a naked dummy, another to give it memorable and, importantly, organic features (hairstyle, costume, some external features).
The thirteenth challenge task is to create a character inspired by the weather outside the window. I have a terrible slush outside my window, but the sun is peeking through. The state is the saddest! + music has had a fruitful effect.
Meet Morena, the Slavic witch. Main character traits: hermit, choleric, thinker. 
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bastardbites · 11 days ago
9, 14, 29, 30 >:3
9. What are your file name conventions
hmmm. I don't have anything as Specific as your file names, but my file names are usually one or two words, that indicate (only to me, and for a short period of time) what the thing is. So, for example, we have "car", "squid", "Beach", "Beach looks back", "good girl", "cuddle", "McDonald's", "druid", "sipsip", you get it. The ones where I'm fucking around without direction are the worst because I never share them and I never finish them and I end up trying to save three different files as "pose" and then change the name to something that doesn't mean anything to me.
14. Any favorite motifs
God. Ok, ok ok.
I don't do motifs, because - and don't fucking come @ me for this - I draw but I don't do it Artistic Style? I don't trust my colours and backgrounds enough for that and I get frustrated too easy to get better really, but anyways - I would love to do one of those things of. Art in the center and then in the back stark contrast between single colour background + one stylized thing coming out of the character?
But uh yeah. Motifs. I really like eyes (have had three ideas of things that involve eyes opening and closing, did none of them), I also really like blood (again did none of it) and also things like. Tree roots/tree branches/deer horns. Oh. And mushrooms.
29. Media you love, but doesn't inspire you artistically
god ok ok ok ok. So. In the sense I think "that's pretty" but don't particularly feel the thing of "oooh I should do that" 3d models, but the stylized ones like in Disco Elysium or Borderlands. I like when people have an artistic vision and they get them through 3d models. This is most likely because I spent a long time hating 3d model art because of the games I saw using them.
Also, hyper stylized comics style. Sometimes I like them, but I almost never have the thing of "oooh, I should Do that". I had a phase where I kind of wanted to, but now I'm just not really into it.
I want to take this moment to also shout out a specific thing where I am "Oh my God I wish I did that" and like. Do full on 🥺 eyes at, but Do Not try to Replicate because I would Die I know I would, which are the kind of backgrounds that have a lot of stuff and it just feels *lived in*? Urg god. So good. (@/anonbeadraws and @/littlestpersimmon are some of the two that pop in my head for things like this, this, this and all of this coming but especially the last bit of the first page)
30. What piece of yours do you think is underrated
I'm the master underrater of my pieces, I am not qualified to answer this 😂 if anyone is underrating them I am the first in line. There is this Hau piece I am really proud of, but I have this weird relationship with it where I fucking love it when it's zoomed in, but on the full my brain keeps going Something Is Off, but also. I made it in December 2021 and I was proud of it and I am proud of it and I'm not fiddling.
(doesn't post the image like the question probably intends you to)
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aquitainequeen · a year ago
Last Line Meme
Rules: Write the latest line from your WIP and tag as many people as there are words in the line.  I was tagged by @jomiddlemarch
'Fedyor - bright, friendly and with the literal power to find his way into people's hearts - has compiled quite a summary of opinions regarding the Empress's arrival in Kribirsk.' (From the latest chapter of 'All Is Bliss.')
*cracks knuckles* Here we go:
Tagging @ellynneversweet @fairy-anon-godmother @yototothelalafell @cozy-possum @helenvader @aprilslady @anonbea @anonbeadraws @hello-strawberry-mellow @elea-tiri @absynthe--minded @wefewwehappyfew @nurselaney @frejennix @pink-lightsabre @lightfornight @arciella @minathevampireslayer @eyes-like-the-night @muirin007 @cryingalonewithfrankenstein @southernfleurdelis @violetephemera @agir1ukn0w @artisanscribbles @mosskoshbgosh @stephanythedramaqueen @caprica99 @kasamira @kallypsowrites
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