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sirensplayhouse · a day ago
you are totally right… no success story will ever do it for me.
i have to prove it to myself. there are thousands of success stories, some sound soo unrealistic, some sound believable, some sound like lies, some sound natural, some have proof (LITERAL PICTURES AND VIDEOS LOL), some stories are so specific/boring that they have to be true lol
some people even ask for ideas on what to manifest bc they already have what they want!! this shit is too good NOT to be true. this stuff HAS to be true. no one has time for this lol!!!
there wouldn’t be hundreds of bloggers giving free advice for yeeaaarrrsss on tumblr if there wasn’t some truth to this. i’m sorry, but this has to be real. and no offense but all the bloggers, the youtubers, the twitter accounts all say the same stuff day in and day out. it has to be real. it’s so real that you guys get bored and quit your blogs lol!
none of you have ever come out and been like ‘actually i lied’, you all literally just say you get tired of repeating yourselves and then leave. like this is as real as it gets.
there are millions of success stories on tumblr, facebook, youtube, twitter, random blogs on the internet, etc. the odds of them ALL lying or ALL scripting is so small. I even have some unbelievable success stories of my own!! like some supernatural shit before I knew about the law and I’m sure all of your anons do too.
you are so right that no success story will ever do it, that is just the absolute truth. there is no one to change but self. you can search and search until you pass out, but nothing will change unless you do. and the act of searching is kind of affirming that you’re doubting… it’s hard to remain persistent in faith when you are searching for proof…
and with that i’m off to manifest my dream life!!
THIS IS THE TYPA ENERGY I LIKE TO SEE/READ because honestly some people’s success stories are so descriptive and detailed and then some actually show their results so really who has the time to lie and coerce millions of others into their lie ? exactly. like I said the best way to ‘discredit’ the law is to try it out for yourself.
and I definitely want to hear about what you manifested love <3 come back and tell us 🫶🏾
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percabeth4life · a day ago
Is it wrong to keep making fanarts of Annabeth white? Or write fanfictions of her as white?
Not in the slightest.
There is a show canon and a book canon, neither erases the other. White Annabeth is still canon, just as Black Annabeth is show canon, and any other version of Annabeth is headcanon.
One does not erase the other, as long as your reason isn't because you're racist, it's fine.
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loveyourownsmiilee · 2 days ago
So, apparently Ryan/Eddie was at the beach with Gavin/Chris wearing street clothes....and Buck was in the jeep, not wearing his uniform....he was definitely driving to meet them at the beach, right?? right?!?
LMAO I FUCKING KNEW IT! Oliver wouldn’t have posted that if he wasn’t teasing a Buddie moment. AND I WAS RIGHT!!! Buck, Eddie and Chris are gonna be at the beach TOGETHER. HE IS DRIVING TO HIS BOYS 😭😭😭
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abybweisse · 2 days ago
Recently I had discovered painting called Isle of the Dead by Arnold Böcklin and it looks very similar to the island that sebs takes ciel at the end of s1. Do you think it might have had inspired it?
"Isle of the Dead"
The Wikipedia entry on the painting mentions Kuroshitsuji in the "Works inspired by" section. Not the best wording, imho, but it's definitely mentioned there.
There were numerous versions made of it. Here's the third, from 1883:
Tumblr media
Here's an image from the anime:
Tumblr media
I'd have to agree.
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yanderemommabean · a day ago
momma do you know josiah from overtime?
I didn't, but I looked up the game and played the demo, and I love the creepy, serial killer (and possibly supernatural) vibes Josiah has!
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yandere-romanticaa · 2 days ago
HEY HEY, HAVE U SEEN KAZUHA WITH HIS HAIR DOWN???????? I SAW THIS ON TWT https://twitter.com/hourkazuha/status/1573490333190537216?t=_G660sibzflvynGrgRV_tw&s=19
apparently its kind of an attribute for the 2nd anniversary of genshin but its not official, im not sure BUT KAZUHA WITH HAIR DOWN?!!??
Tumblr media Tumblr media
That moment when your husband has longer hair than you do
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littlefreya · a day ago
That "Dare I ask" part of the trailer 🥵
Sir, don't ask, just dare to do whatever you please with me 🥵💦
Tumblr media
I want him to dare so hard it’ll hurt for days 👀
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paper-storm · a day ago
"I love the man but my asshole can't take anymore" I chocked 🤣. 100% my headcanon too. This would be a great addition to the missing moments spreadsheet 😇.
Crack fic where Carlos deals with trauma through fucking lol. TK calling Grace like "I'm so sorry, I know you're upset and processing all this too, but I need help. Carlos won't talk to me and I can't have sex again. I'm serious I can't. I love him so much but he's trying to kill me. We've done it seven times today, I'm probably dangerously dehydrated. You need to come over and knock some sense into him before I actually die. This can't be how I go. My dad would never live down the shame if his only son was literally fucked to death, Grace help"
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kedreeva · 2 days ago
Do you have any sketches or more details on Max’s monster design from ur fic? I want to draw it but I don’t want to get anything wrong lol
She's a real fucked up peryton! I'll put photos and details and stuff under a cut for you so it doesn't stretch anyone's dashboard.
So a peryton is a winged deer. Usually they have feathered wings, but there's no feathers or fur in the upside down, so she has bat wings instead. If you do an image search for peryton, you'll get a lot of good images, but they're art so I don't wanna repost them.
Max looks like an elk instead of the more traditional whitetail/red deer perytons are typically modeled after:
Tumblr media
Except much bulkier in the body when her wings are closed, with no fur anywhere, more spikes on her antlers, and a lion's tail that has, like... webbing from the rump to partway down it (please excuse my touchpad paint skills):
Tumblr media
Instead of a face, she's got a lil faceplate like this, but not as bulgy, more like if her skull was exposed and it's just a smooth skull plate:
Tumblr media
and her mouth does this thing when opened:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
with a bonus of her front limbs ending in hands like this bad boy's:
Tumblr media
and that's about what her skin all looks like too. Her hind limbs end in normal elk feet
Tumblr media
Her wings fold in flush with her body, but since the flesh is all *gestures to the demogorgon above* they just look like more gross flesh. Also!! You can see on the above, the "ridge" that goes around the demogorgon's neck, like weird collarbones almost? She's got that ridge, except for her it's the alula claws/fingers of her wings. When she opens her wings, she loses a lot of bulk and looks as starved as the demogorgons do.
EDIT: OH I forgot, she breathes through operculi in her chest that look like this, but thinner slits, more like gills:
Tumblr media
Real fucked up peryton monster! I'm sorry, I have no art skills anymore, but I assure you if you want to draw her, I will only see perfection.
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mikkokomori · 2 days ago
sunflower kelbrey heromari triple date except hero just brings a picture frame of mari
Lame-o Hero, why would you do that. L + ratio + cringe + at least the other 4 actually have a living bf/gf
- Mari
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endlich-allein · 2 days ago
this fandom sucks
Yes we do but only these guys and not more than your mom 😘
Tumblr media
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sirensplayhouse · 2 days ago
if I’m being honest, I feel things only take weeks or months because people aren’t living all the way in the end. I’ve seen a lot of success stories where once people start really putting in the work and dedication, their shit shows up. It probably took them months just to stop half assing shit. I remember it was taking me months to manifest my SP, and no texts or anything. I was literally manifesting my SP for over three months but I was allowing negative thoughts to take control. I would only affirm a few times and spend the rest of my days complaining. Then one day I got super strict with my mental diet and got my SP in days (it was less than five days later) it’s not that things take time it’s just that you’re probably wavering and that’s why. When you don’t waver, shit manifests within a few days at the most.
EXACTLYYYYYYYYY TAKE CONTROL AND DONT MF WAVER🗣️🗣️and don’t hold the assumption that it takes forever for you to conform to your 4d because it doesn’t. the moment you imagine it in the 4d is the same moment you have it.
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kellyvela · 2 days ago
I think Jon and Arya are foils to Jaime-Cersei in sense of familial relationship while Jonsa are foils to Jaime-Cersei in sense of romantic relationship.
That's right!
Jon & Arya = Ned & Lyanna
Jon & Sansa = Ned & Catelyn
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loveyourownsmiilee · a day ago
Wait last season Oliver posted in black and white on insta this season hes posting in color, didn’t you have a theory or something that when he goes back to posting in color buddie would be going canon??
I most definitely did say that. I said that he’s posting in b&w because he wasn’t happy with the current storyline for his character and that if next season we get him posting in color then that means he’s happier and buddie canon. AND NOW HE IS 😏😏
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letmebegaytodd · 11 hours ago
The lesson I'm taking from that window garf reblog is that if the courier had a trusty Window Garf they would never have lost the chip to Benny
Tumblr media
think again
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yanderemommabean · 15 hours ago
Lee would go batshit if his darling surprised him with one of those plushies that look like your pets and it’s a cute kinda derp looking plushie of his snake
He'd be so happy, he'd pull Gilbert out and show him up close, baby talking the animal while saying "Darling, this is so precious! I absolutely adore it! Gilbert here might finally have a friend to keep him company when we're gone for too long!"
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alittledizzy · 2 days ago
how was the phannie meeting before the show? 👀
Incredible, tbh!! We handed out lanyards and I plied people with American candy and snacks and played phannie bingo and it was just such an amazing, wholesome, special vibe.
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