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threecheersforinking · 6 months ago
For the anime ask game : Hyouka
Hyouka! It's been a while since I watched this show but I really loved it. Let me see what I can remember...
Tumblr media
Favorite Character: I know for a fact that it was Ibara, although I honestly don’t remember why lol. I think I liked that she was basically the straight man of the group, aka she was very normal compared to the high energy of characters like Chitanda and Fukube, and the unnatural blah energy of Houtarou.
Favorite Arc/Episode/Scene: definitely the school festival. I’m a sucker for school festival arcs in general, but Hyouka has one of the best.
Character I Think is Underrated: I’m doubling down, I think Ibara is underrated!
Character I Think is Overrated: tbh Chitanda, she's fun and all but the ditsy cute girl trope isn't my favorite thing, and it seems like everyone is so obsessed with her but I just don’t get the hype. I do still like her though!
Favorite Ship/Pairing: I didn’t really ship anything too hard in this show but I did like Ibara and Fukube’s dynamic, don’t judge me but I enjoy the ‘bickering couple’ trope (to a certain extent).
Something I Love About the Show/Movie: I really love how simple everything in this show is. Like, all the mysteries are such low stakes in the grand scheme of things but the way it’s presented and written makes even the smallest high school problem feel so real and profound. Also, it really goes without saying but Kyoto Animations is always beyond beautiful to look at. I think I’m due for a rewatch honestly!
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ledouche-of-the-rebellion · 5 months ago
i love how arthur is considered important in code geass
You're quite mistaken, Anon; it's not that Arthur is considered important, but that Arthur is important.
Arthur provides support for Suzaku, that we all know, but I must highlight that Arthur had a direct and important effect on the plot:
Episode 6, The Stolen Mask
Arthur steals Zero's mask -> Lelouch chases the cat -> Nunnally informs the student council -> everyone gathers to watch Suzaku climb to the roof -> Suzaku saves Lelouch -> everyone sees that Suzaku is actually a very nice guy -> Suzaku joins the student council and becomes friends with everyone!
In conclusion, Arthur is the one who put an end to Suzaku's torture at school and integrated him into the student council. I rest my case.
Tumblr media
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junnibook · a year ago
Tumblr media
Random head cannons
A/n: alright I’m done posting for today, and yes the title doesn’t give off hints about anything below I’m sorry for that I’m just really tired.
Warnings: nsfw and dabi
Tumblr media
☾ dabi is the type that would come from behind and smack your ass as hard as he wants and feel no type of remorse after even if you are in pain.
☾ especially if he claimed you, it’s now his to do whatever he pleases with it. You basically just sold your soul ngl
☾ he would grip it harshly, pulling you back so he can feel more of your ass. Both hands on the checks and grips it with some heat.
☾ your gonna have bruises of his hands their, he’s strong and your ass is his main victim. Sorry to tell you but once those bruises fade they are replaced instantly. He doesn’t like to see his toy unmarked.
☾ more into the thicker asses than any other sizes he likes all the ways he can play with it. More so how ass fucking feels
☾ he has big hands and they can easily grip the toy and pinch them at the same time. He’s a harsh pincher. He likes tugging at them.
☾ dont dare ask him to be gentle with it. That’ll only make him want to hurt you more. He loves the way you whine when he does this. It only amuses him. Good luck with him!
☾ he likes the smaller ones, a cups or so. He isn’t above the bigger ones as long as they are attached to the innocent women.
Tumblr media
☾ he’ll start off slowly rubbing your cheeks, ya know being “gentle” it’s a mask, he just wants you to relax around him so he can start being more himself, nice and rough for you.
☾ he likes to rub himself while having each cheek in a hand. He isn’t as rough as the others honestly, you probably got luck with this one.
☾ it’s either become dust , become bruised or get hawks. Now don’t get him wrong, he isn’t a softy, and he doesn’t just want to sit there and rub you, your gonna have to give him the puh.
☾ thy shall give up pussy, if thy let’s hawks rub thy over five minutes. Hawks 12:31. It’s in his rules ¯_(ツ)_/¯
☾ pretty much any ass size is okay with him, he had one goal and that’s to get to the core.
☾ He doesn’t to much rub them more like sucks on them. Their his after all, it’s only right that he does what he wants with them.
☾ rubbing + hawks+your titties= titty fucking. Hawks 11:16. It’s in his book, who are you to go against his book.
☾ he likes the perky ones the best, being able to get to the nipple quicker. He doesn’t think the bigger the boob the better. He likes the medium sized ones.
Tumblr media
☾ inset incel perverted creep. I feel like he went threw so many years not touching a female in such a way that he would loose control and shove his hands in their ass and slowly rub it.
☾ only because he seen it in one of his favorite hentai’s. He’ll think that he’s making you feel good rubbing your cheeks with four fingers, when in reality he’s scaring the living shit out of you.
☾ you shouldn’t want to be a pile of absolute dust and blood so I advise you to not back up in him, he’ll forget he has a quirk and you’ll crack - literally.
☾ I feel like he likes the big ones just because they look so much better when he has his dick between the cheeks ya know
☾ incert the ultimate four finger grip. He wishes he could rub your nipple and grip at the same time, he’d rather not get messy.
☾ he’s touches are rough mostly because his hands are but it’s still rough. He thinks you’ll try and run if he goes slow- he doesn’t wanna chase you cuz than he’ll want more than just some rubbing.
☾ small tits will do it for him, he loves how they fit in his hands without touching ass five fingers.
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undertaker-ask · 10 months ago
"Me find money! Money, money, money! Me rich!" the toddler shows Undertaker a coin with a smile.
Heh very cute dearie~
What do you think you’ll do with it?
Tumblr media
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blueriza · a year ago
Robin with H5 for the emotion ask? :]
Hello to you! Sure, a joy drawing Robin! 😁💖 Thanks for the ask!
Tumblr media
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murdersexual · a year ago
Leopika as parents headcanon please 😇
Let’s pretend I did this the same night you asked. 👀👀👀 Gosh I’m sorry these are so fucking late! I deserve to drown in a blackened river! 🥲
Why I can NEVER say no to such a request, my dear child~ 😌
Without further ado, Ladies and Gents...
Please put your hands together for...
Murdersexual proudly presents...
👨‍👨‍👦LeoPika Parenting Headcanons (Part I?)👨‍👨‍👦
As a person who’s typically known as a hothead and impatient, there are only a few spare moments where he’d lash out at his kid. He’d feel instant regret and the need to spoil you before you attempt to run away and tell Kurapika.
“No, look don’t tell! Here, want some chocolate?!” 👀😅
Typically is seen doing his schoolwork with his kiddo. They’re usually seem helping each other.
“I think it’s talking about our lungs, dad?” “And I think yours is asking how many apples do you have after 7 are eaten?”
Ice cream dates, trips to the amusement park, bike rides and shopping are typical outings UNLESS the Smol child suggests something. 😗
Literally, Leorio’s the favourite because he spoils all the time. Together they love to gang up on Poor Kurapika.
“Eat your fruits and veggies so you won’t come to the hospital and see me!” 😇
Sick? He will have a heart attack but never will he leave the Smol child’s side.
Self-defence? Teaches the Smol fisticuffs as well as to throw knives. 🔪
Won’t sugarcoat. He’ll tell the Smol why they never really see Kurapika.
May be the reason why the Smol learns swear words.
“FUCK YEAH BABY! O-OH! Shh... you didn’t hear that from me!”
“Your other dumbass dad is the head of a mafia... Can you believe that?!” 💢💢💢
We’ll be right back!
Is actually more easygoing than Leorio makes him seem. 😤
Never gets enough credit... 💔
Will read the most fantastic of bedtime stories. (Usually will fall asleep before the Smol does.)
Outings are very risky but there’s no risk higher than the smol’s happiness.
Expects the Smol to eat everything that is considered healthy. 🥗
Teaches the Smol child Kurtan style self-defence and the basics of Nen. 🤔
Adores when the Smol prances around in his clan wear. It never fails to put a smile on his face.
“Let me fix that for you...” 😌
Typically facetimes and hates to say the words “I won’t be home...” because the Smol has come to say: “it’s okay, I’m used to it by now!”
“I-!” 🥲😥
Very overprotective of the smol... will commit murder if need be.
Spoils the Smol child at every chance he gets but also teaches that responsibilities can be rewarding.
Has a swear jar. (For the both of you...)
“Oh that’s another what? Two genie?” *Holds out jar* “Pay up...” 😤
Let’s hear a round of applause!
For one helluva show!
Thank you for the ask, my dear child! This is so fucking late. 💔🥲 I ask that you forgive me for being super late! 🥲 Please don’t hesitate to drop anymore headcanon requests. I absolutely love doing these! ❤️
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wolfish-trickster · 10 months ago
Hi there fellow my hero academia lover, I watch it on app called Kiss Anime. You can download it from google play for free and it has lots and lots of anime, both dub and sub.
Hopefully it works in your country cuz I've heard it has been banned in some countries but I'm not sure how true that info is...
Hope this helped
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liannelara-dracula · a year ago
Hey admin can you bring back the question prompt about yourself?
Hi Love,
Of course, I don't mind. Although I don't think I'm a very interesting person. 😊I added some new ones and crossed out the ones I've already answered. I still have to link them tho.
Is your admin name your real name?
How old are you?
What is your birthday?
What is your zodiac sign?
Do you have any pets?
Where are you from?
When did you get into anime?
What was your last dream about?
Favorite song?
Favorite music artist at the moment?
Favorite anime intro?
Baths or showers?
What is your favorite accent?
Secret talent?
What is your personality?
Left or right-handed?
Favorite school subject?
Your label at school?
What color is your hair?
What color are your eyes?
What are your hobbies?
What do you look like?
Fandom's you're into?
Do you have a roll model?
Who are you following right now?
What do you think of (dl character)?
Why did you start this blog?
Do you have a motto?
Favorite dl character(s)?
How do you write about dl?
You can ask something even off the list I don't really care tbh. Ask me anything. :)
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exorcist-wannabe · a year ago
Which is your forever favourite anime couple/ship???
This is mine ^/////^
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
credit @rboz (it's deactivated but some of the arts are theirs)
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sincerelymissatomicbomb · 10 months ago
8 for the anime asks? ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა
8. Anime character you are most like
I've never really considered it tbh...so I had quite some trouble thinking about this question. But after much thinking and help from a friend, I think I'm most like...
Tumblr media
My friend said it was the vibe lmao. But I think I'm most like her because she sees the best in people, and I do (to a fault, I would consider myself a doormat sometimes yikes) but basically yeah. Also bc God, yeah so I guess I'm most like her loool?? Idk really who else loool out of all the animes I've watched loooolll
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moneybaggzleo · a year ago
Tumblr media
POV: He's filing a divorce
Tumblr media
Ahaha, no way, we’re in this for life, so if we get a divorce, we dying together! 😌 Cause can’t nobody have him!
But if he wants to go, then I’ll let him go cause I love him and would want what’s best for him. It’ll hurt like hell, but I promise to let him be.
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threecheersforinking · 6 months ago
hellO can you do run with the wind / kazetsuyo for the anime ask?
Yes! Another really great underrated one.
Tumblr media
Favorite Character: definitely Prince! I love pretty boys, and I really enjoyed watching his development into a proficient runner, against all odds.
Favorite Arc/Episode/Scene: speaking of Prince, the episode where he made the time he needed to run the big final race (I'm forgetting exactly what happened but you know what I mean) was super important I swear I cried
Character I Think is Underrated: I think main characters tend to get overlooked sometimes, so I'd say Kakeru is pretty underrated. He's a very complicated character and it's fun to watch him come out of his shell.
Character I Think is Overrated: Honestly nobody! But to be fair I haven't interacted with the fandom for this show too much, and that's usually how I determine if someone is overrated
Favorite Ship/Pairing: I wouldn't say I ship anything too hard in this anime (Something you'll notice about me is I'm not a big shipper lol) but I do think Haiji and Kakeru have a lot of chemistry
Something I Love About the Show/Movie: firstly, there's not a ton of anime that take place in college so that's already a really awesome unique trait about Run with the Wind, but also I think it paints a really realistic picture of how genuinely hard it is to train to be an athlete. I really like how all the characters start off on varying skill levels, as well.
(Edit: I completely forgot that forever ago, I made a review of Run with the Wind! check it out if you’re interested)
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madokas-ex-wife · 11 months ago
how come all them girls got funny colored hair, in those animes
because it is hot.
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junnibook · a year ago
“ one more time”
An old high school friend
 Izuku Midoriya X fem!Reader
Warnings: Izuku semi fluffy semi not. Nsfw ((duh)) eating out, fingering. Virgin reader
All characters are 18+
How sweet of you to meet your old friend.
A/n: this is the last 2020 draft I had which I wasn’t going to keep but what the hell might as well right. No full sex scene just giving.
Ask box is open for reactions
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You smiled happily seeing izuku come over to you dressed nicely, he wore a black turtle neck which made him look so handsome and mature. He’s gotten taller since high school and muscles?! Who told him to be so handsome.
He asked you on this date not to long ago. He seen you at a market, shopping for who knows what. you use to be the closest of friends, always walking home together. But once you graduated you and him have been rather busy that you got separated.
So when he seen you standing there he wasn’t going to waste any second to not talk to you, he rushed over greeting you. The both of you talked as if there wasn’t any time separation at all.
He was glad to see you, your smile and you laughed he loved so much. He noticed your body matured as well and stood out in the floral puff sleeve midi sundress. it hugged your curves and showed off your chest just a little. 
Did you know how attractive you look to him? to everyone. 
your innocent look only made him more and more into you. he wasn’t going to lose the chance to ask you out like he did in high school which surprised you honestly. the short shy boy who couldn’t get a full sentence out when talking to you before, just asked you on a date with such confidence. 
“awn zuku when did you grow up on me” you teased him and he finally blushed, like before blushing at the slightest glance you gave him. “ after high school haha you missed a lot” he didn’t mean for that to sound so sad but it was. 
you two did everything together. you even met his mom and she adores you. Drifting apart never hit you this hard before. you missed his freckles and his big bright smile he gave you after every battle that happened in high school, telling you he was okay so you wouldn’t have to worry about him. 
he walked you home, the both of you talked about everything and nothing, just smiling and talking about minor he stuff. you didn’t have a company like some student you graduated with. but you was very well known. 
“ so Saturday? by the station?” he asked, which your were okay with walking u the few steps you had to walk to get to your door. turning to smile at him “ see you zuku” you turned to go inside leaving the hero blushing like crazy, 
How could you be so cute? 
you walked in your your apartment, it was a nice comfy one. In your living room, was a picture from your graduation. Mr.Aizawa took it.
It was you, Izuku, Todoroki, Iida , Ochaco and Tsu all together. You and izuku had the biggest happiest smiles, hugging each other. The last year you both were so close. You ran your fingers over the the frame, softly smiling.
Looking at the picture on made you more excited to see him...
You were early- how early you didn’t know. You didn’t want to be late. You stood there in a black dress, seemed appropriate for a first date, right? You wouldn’t know, you’ve been on a date before.
“ Y/N!” You turned to the direction that Izuku came from smiling. You paused seeing how good he looked. He really did grow up huh? His muscles were shown threw his turtle neck. His blush on his face made he look even cuter.
He stood in front of you, even his scent was attractive. You turned around to face the wall you was in front of placing your hand there.
“ uh.. y/n are you alright?” You took a deep breath preparing yourself to look at him. “ little Izuku grew up on me it’s hard to process” you turned to him your cheeks red. You pressed your lips together looking away from him.
He thought it was cute how you blushed. But he didn’t want to be “little Izuku “ he wanted to show you how much he’s grown and not just in height “ are you ready to go?” He held his arm out for you to take “ such a gentlemen zuku” of course you grabbed it - it would break his heart if you didn’t.
He walked you away from the train station “zuku?” The way you looked up at him in questioning. “ i planned on driving to the place” he smiled scratching the back of his head. 
you both walked slowly to where he parked, while the two of you where walking, a small crowd of people came at you a izuku with their phone and note pads.
“Oh my Deku! i can’t believe i get to see you in person! can i have your autograph and a picture” the people pulled him away from you. he tried to talk to them tell them that he was busy but they never let him. 
being the very calm person you are, you did what was right. you pulled him right to you and you walked off, leaving them behind. “you’ve became mr.popular haven’t you” you pouted making him smile down at you. he was happy you did that for him. 
you reached the place, seeing how fancy it looked, it kinda made you nervous. “zuku you didn’t have to bring me here” you moved closer to him. you feel under dressed, maybe too plain. “haha i never got to take you out in high school, not like this at least.. i wanted to do something special” 
your cheeks got heated thinking about it, he never did, he looked so adorable when he tried to take you out but got so blushy that his ears got hot. 
“hm? your blushing this this time” he got close to your face, “ no! It’s just hot in here, don’t we have to sit down and eat! “ he wanted to kiss you, your soft lips would look so perfect on his. 
the dinner went well, you both caught up and spoke as of no time was missed between the two of you. he held you hand walking around the outdoors, looking up at the sky. he held you close not wanting to let you go. his green pools couldn’t leave your e/c ones. 
at first you didn’t see him watching you until you, when you did you turned to see him tilting your head, the moon light only made you prettier. “zuku?” he took a deep breath giving himself helpful advice and encouragement. he didn’t talk aloud like he use to- well not as often. he was much more brave remember.
“ can i do something” 
you knew what he wanted to do and smile happily. “ of course” you won’t say you never imaged kissing your highschool friend before because you have PLENTY of times. wet dreams wasn’t new to you either.
izuku bent down to your height holding the side of your face so gently, as if you would shatter into a million pieces. he paused before pressed his lips onto yours. it was just like he thought. 
soft and delicious
he pulled you closer as your lips dances with his. his tongue made his way into your mouth. “zuku we shouldn’t kiss here- people would see and you would be on the news first thing in the morning” it’s bad enough that he’s been seen with you. 
When the two of you got to your house it didn’t take long for you to be on his lap, his hands on your hips moving them slowly as his lips danced with yours.
When you felt him- you felt him. It poked your thigh. Izuku tried to contain his thrill he really tried but he waited years to have you on him and like this, he could feel his precum making his layers wet already.
He could tell you where getting turned on too, he can smell your sweet desire. So he played a risky move. Making his hand slowly inch towards your panties.
First he stopped at the top of your thigh slowly running circles around it than moved to your inner thigh checking if your lips hesitated for even a second- it didn’t
Your busy taking his lips as if they was your last meal.
He moved his hand until it reached your panties, he slowly moved his middle finger to rub small circles over the wet fabric separating his fingers from your clit.
Your soft whimper made up from his smll worries. He felt your lips leave his to hide your face in his shoulder blade- your redder than he is right now.
“Do.. you want me to stop” his fingers light brushed on you, as his voice soft sent shivers down your spine.
You’ve never been touched there - well only your fingers now the land. Having his there felt different like it brought more pleasure to you so of course you didn’t want him to stop.
You shook your head- that wasn’t enough he needed your approval to continue. “ keep going” and that he did.
He used his thumb to move your panties to the side, slowly moving his finger closer. He took his time on you never going fast, he enjoyed your soft moans when ever he switched the speed a tiny bit or your whimper when he slowed down.
You couldn’t tell him in word form that you want more but he understands, he finally realized how much you haven’t been stretched when he slips just a finger in you, when you tighten is when you get a soft groan from him.
He just imagined himself in you, deep in you and how tight your walls will feel around him- he’d be addicted for sure.
He moved his finger slowly, he had a little power behind them. He loved the way you held him closer when he added to that finger, your juices covering his hand. he could feel you tighten around his fingers and he could feel you hold on to him as your thighs shook and you moaned softly. 
he came to a realization that he loves making you cum the most. he wants you to do it again, so many times, just for him. well you unlocked his deepest horny side, one he didn’t want to show you just yet. 
he flipped you on your back his head on your lower body, his green pools looking up at you-he searching for your permission. which you give him, your face red- a thought went threw your head and you quickly voiced it. 
“zuku, i don’t wanna go all the way- not yet” he didn’t mind, since he’s understanding and isn’t forceful he’ll take his time getting to your cunny.
he moved your panties down pulling them over your knees and completely taking in the sight of your bare parts, his mouth watered with hunger, it didn’t take him long for his mouth to be attached to your clit, swirling it around with his tongue.
It felt so good - to good. You can’t even stay still anymore, his hands held your hips down as you kept bringing them up to meet his mouth.
You taste like sweet honey to him and he couldn’t get enough licking up all your juices that tried to escape his tongue.
“Zuku!” Your going to cum aren’t you? He doesn’t want you too not yet. But he has the whole night to control your other orgasms “ mm” he of course know what you wanted, you didn’t know if you wanted him so close when you came.
But he wasn’t making it easy, his tongue picking up speed more and more until you couldn’t even control how much your legs moved around his head.
He slipped to fingers in thrusting them quick and fast inside of you. He groaned you pulling his hair as you ride your orgasm out. He licked up every little juice that feel from you.
He moved back up kissing you deeply making you taste your self. “ I want to make you feel good too zuku” he moved back looking into your eyes kissing your head “ not yet we have all night, I want to make you cum one more time “
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undertaker-ask · a year ago
Are you a dilf?
I don’t think that’s up to me to determine. What do you think?
Tumblr media
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blueriza · a year ago
Hi! How's going? <3 Can I request chopper my fave with the rick roll palette? Ty 😘
Hello dear! I'm fine, thanks! 😘 I hope the same for you! You need to say me your progress with One Piece, and speaking about it...
... this is my Chopper in rick roll palette! 😁 I hope you like it! Thanks for the ask!
Tumblr media
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whoreoftheackermans · a year ago
can you write Kayaba and Rinko from SAO? i'd love to see a scene where they conceive a child like this!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
make it soft and precious!
Okay! Yay, my first ask on this account! I wasn't sure if you meant NSFW, but you said soft so its just going to be mostly fluff with light sexual themes, if thats ok.
A Future
Kayaba x Rinko
Tumblr media
Rinko nervously tucked a strand of her pin-straight black hair behind her ear. Akihiko had asked her to stay with him tonight. She wasn't a fool, she knew what he was asking.
She was ready for it, of course. She truly loved him, that was unquestionable. But she knows him better than to believe it was simply about sex. No, he wanted her in the same sense she wanted him. In the way that soul mates long for a future together.
She took a deep breath and smoothed out her suit. She knew that Kayaba was planning something big, and that she wouldn't see him for a long while. Well, not really see him, as his body would be in a catatonic state.
Rinko shook her head. She didn't want to think about that. She wanted to focus on the present, on the too-precious time she had with Akihiko. Resolutely storing those thoughts for another time, she lightly rapped on the front door she hadnt realized she had reached.
The door opened almost immediately, as if Kayaba was waiting for her knock. His face immediately smoothed of any creases the second his eyes landed on her.
"Rinko. Such a relief to see you again." Akihiko's voice warmed at the mention of her name.
Rinko gave Kayaba a large grin, happy to see him. Kayaba opened his arms, a wordless request. Not missing a beat, Rinko stepped into them, the one place in the world she felt truly safe. They stayed like that for a moment until, to Rinko's dismay, Akihiko stepped back, placing both his hands on her shoulders. He looked straight into her eyes, as if he were looking directly at her soul. Rinko knew what he was going to say, and she was ready for it.
"Rinko...I know that soon I won't be able to hold you like this. That is the one thing about the real world I am going to miss. YOU are the one thing in this cruel world that I am going to miss. But before any of that happens...I want to leave you with something. A part of me, so I can be with you always. A way to have a future with you, even if I can't be here to witness it. Do you know what I'm talking about here?"
Rinko just smiled and took his hands off her shoulders. For a moment, his face fell, only to light up again when she led him to his bedroom and kissed him like he was the only thing in the world that mattered, kissed him like they've nothing but time. She broke the kiss only briefly enough to say
"Give me your legacy, Akihiko. Let's make a future together."
Akihiko trembled at the surety in her voice. Loosing a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding, he picked her up and gently laid her on the bed. They started reverently caressing one another, as if to memorize every last detail of each other. Kayaba gently helped her get undressed, with her returning the favor.
He spent a single moment admiring her before meeting her hips with his. As they both neared the edge more and more, Akihiko couldn't help the "I love you" pouring from his lips over and over. He realized with a start she had been doing the same. His breath caught, and Rinko tensed, and they both went over the edge together, as one.
As they collapsed back into the bed, Rinko shifted so she could lay on his chest, Akihiko's hand coming to rest on her head as if by instinct. They didn't speak for a long time, though they knew what was unspoken:
They would have a future together.
Rinko was shaken out of her flashback by the sound of tiny running feet.
"Mommy! Look what I made!"
The smiling little girl ran up to Rinko, nearly tripping a few times and showed her a drawing.
"That's you, there's me, and there's daddy waking up!"
Rinko smiled and patted her head of dark brown hair.
"That's very nice, Mirai. Let's go show your father."
"Mkay!" Mirai ran off to the room Akihiko was housed in while he was in the catatonic state. He had left approximately 8 months after Mirai was conceived, having witnessed most of the pregnancy. Though Rinko knew she should be sad, she wasn't. She knew Akihiko loved Mirai very much, in spite of never holding her. After all, she had named their daughter after the very thing they promised each other.
A Future.
Author note: Mirai means future in Japanese~
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