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stealth-science · a year ago
Oh wow.
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violetcheekedconure · 9 months ago
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Hey everyone, there’s a bird rescue I know in the Midwest that was one of four to receive approximately 800 budgies. The birds are getting care but the rescues definitely need help. They have venmos and whatnot set up for donations. But spread the word, especially since these babies will need to be adopted out once they’ve been cleared.
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alatar-and-pallando · 12 months ago
so many Petfinder/shelter listings are along the lines of “This horrifically malformed dog is 89 years old, in constant pain, will attack any creature larger than a football or smaller than a duck, hates all humans except middle-aged left-handed women named Martha, is terrified of sounds and also the outdoors and also the indoors, and eats only prescription foie gras. He will need an experienced owner. This dog has been waiting for a home for 20 years... won’t you open yours to him? We will reject your adoption application if you can’t give us a reference from your favorite childhood teacher and don’t live on a beautiful 40-acre apple farm in Maine. Adoption fee: $1,000.”
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fiftysevenacademics · 5 months ago
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It's not really a lesbian wedding till an injured raven falls into your yard and you have to drop everything and rush it to a wildlife rescue.
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thenatsdorf · a year ago
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beardedmrbean · 5 months ago
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“They will always be able to enter, sleep, eat, drink their water and find shelter and protection, for this house is of God and they are of God.”
Brazilian priest João Paulo Araujo Gomes, from the Diocese of Caruaru, takes abandoned dogs off the streets, feeds them, bathes them, and then presents a dog to each mass, to be adopted. Dozens of stray dogs already have a home thanks to the priest.
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orcinus-veterinarius · 3 months ago
do you genuinely support seaworld? because if you do, then that is genuinely disapointing to me as i loved your content. dolphins (esp bottlenoses) are incredibly intelligent creatures with their own languages and cultures, can experience emotion in the same ways we do, and display self awareness on nearly the same level as us. there's no situation in which they should be kept in and bred in captivity, and dolphins that cannot live in the wild deserve to go to sanctuaries that are able to provide actual proper living space, respect, and care for them. they are real, living creatures, with their own personalities and identities. they shouldnt be abused and exploited for profit. it's inherently cruel, even if you personally dont view them as their own people as some (like me) do.
I'm sorry that you're disappointed. I thought I had been clear about my opinions on here but yes, I do support SeaWorld, just like I support every other AZA-accredited zoo and aquarium. I support their veterinarians and veterinary staff, people I've actually met or who have worked closely with many of my colleagues and mentors. I support their rescue teams, which have responded to over 40,000 individual marine animals in distress, and are currently one of only half a dozen facilities equipped to handle the Florida manatee unusual mortality event. I support their husbandry and training staff, folks who've made a career out of caring for animals and, like the trainers I currently work with, tirelessly advocating for their needs. I support their contributions to marine research, both through the parks and the independent Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute. I support the connection to the marine world that they provide children (and adults) like myself years ago, gifting them with a lifelong love for the ocean and its life.
At the moment, I'm completing a residential internship program with the medical team at a small marine park (not SeaWorld, but similar in many ways) as a complement to my ongoing education as a DVM student. I see and work with dolphins every day. You’re right, they are extremely intelligent. Each one is an individual, with his or her own distinct personality, likes and dislikes, best friends (human and dolphin), and favorite activities. Perhaps they are “people” in their own way, although from a scientific perspective I can’t anthropomorphize them to that extent. Their trainers are more intimately familiar with the dolphins’ moods and needs than the vast majority of people are with their own pets (speaking as a 7-year veteran of general practice and emergency vet hospitals), and every second of their work day revolves around the animals, be it enrichment, training, husbandry, diet prep, habitat maintenance or, yes, public presentations. Each dolphin has a specialized care plan, made for them by their own full-time veterinarian, to ensure they are always in peak body condition. They receive a full routine medical work-up (complete with bloodwork, fecal, urine, gastric, and chuff cytology) multiple time a year, far beyond what any domestic animal receives. Their diet consists of a wide variety of human-grade seafood, with each individual fish (hundreds of pounds a day) hand-checked by a trainer to ensure it has no defects. They are never, ever forced to participate in a session and usually happily do so, because exercising their minds and bodies is enriching for them. If not, no big deal, they will still get all the food they need. 
About half of our dolphins are rescues, deemed non-releasable by the federal government (not the team who rehabbed them, or even the “higher ups” in aquarium/marine park management). These dolphins stranded when they were babies, too young to have learned what they needed from their mothers, or suffering from disabilites or chronic health conditions that would make survival in the wild impossible. Without “captivity,” they would be dead. Instead, I get to see them thrive every day, bonding with their trainers, playing with their dolphin friends, exploring their enrichment, and inspiring everyone who meets them. I’m sorry but no, I will never say these dolphins should be put to death or left to suffer an excrutiating fate in the wild. Not when I’ve seen the life they get to live instead.
An accredited “dolphin sanctaury” like you suggest, run by people with the proper training, resources, and (extensive) funding to care for these complex animals, does not exist. And if one did, it would be no different than any other accredited facility (many of which are “sea pen” habitats, which have their own pros and cons versus a traditional “tank” habitat) that is already open. There would still be training for husbandry, exercise, and enrichment. There would still be hand-fed diets. There would still be (nearly constant!) breeding behavior, just without any babies. And there would still be barriers keeping them from leaving although fun fact, the US Navy uses trained dolphins in open ocean missions and they always return to their human caregivers. The only thing missing would be the educational, inspirational experience aquariums give the public. 
But don’t take my word for it. Last year, the Cetacean Welfare Study was published, the result of years of work by 43 different AZA and/or AMMPA-accredited institutes. It’s a collection of studies, the first of their kind, surveying the factors affecting welfare in managed cetaceans (mainly bottlenose dolphins but also Pacific white-sided dolphins and beluga whales), and oftentimes, it’s not what the general public might think. Both SeaWorld and my park were part of it.
Thanks for hearing me out. I don’t expect you to suddenly agree with me, but I hope you’ll try to understand. If you want to hear more of what I’ve said on this topic, please look at my #seaworld and #cetaceans tag.
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awkwardsonicphotos · a month ago
While I’m on the topic of hedgehog facts, The UK hedgehog is actually endangered or close to being endangered (about a 33% to 77% decline in certain areas.) and it is expected that they could go extinct in the next ten years. It’d be tragic for the UK to lose one of their most iconic and charming animals. So if you would like to help save some hedgie lives please consider donating to animal conservations in the UK they provide weak hedgehogs who won’t survive winter hibernation a warm place to stay and rescue them from life threatening injuries and illnesses and release them safely back into the wild.  Here are some good places you can donate to help the hedgehog and other animals! 
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zooophagous · 11 months ago
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Female English Lop. Purebred but no pedigree, for PET ONLY non breeder home.
LOCATION: ND. May be able to help with transport to MN or SD
This beautiful adult female elop was purchased for a family with kids but hasn't proved out to be a good fit for a household with small children. Her ideal situation would have no dogs (or at least a dog free area) no small children and she does not tolerate other rabbits.
Currently needs an urgent rehome because she's currently kept in an outdoor hutch in a barn that is not properly winterized, and her ears present a frostbite risk. She has also not been getting enough 1 on 1 time from her current home. If worse comes to worse she can stay temporarily in my garage, but I CANNOT foster her for long.
I am willing to drive up to 3 hours to transport her. The current owner requests a $75 rehome fee, as she's a pure elop (as a side note I paid $125 for Lafayette so this is typical)
If anyone is willing or able to take her in let me know and I will provide you with the email address of her current owners daughter, who is facilitating the rehome.
ND, MN or SD.
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swvawildlifecenter · a month ago
With all the rain we’ve been having it’s a great time to swim! The young orphaned beaver admitted a few months ago is doing fantastic and is growing fast! Beavers urinate and defecate in the water, so young beavers need to be placed in bodies of water to do their business. However, she is still young and can’t be in the water continually without supervision, so we place her in either an outside swimming pool or an inside tub multiple times a day to stretch, swim, and relieve herself. During the Ice Age, the ancestors of beavers were over eight feet long and could be up to 200 pounds!
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sleepymccoy · 11 days ago
An exciting morning at chez moi
Woke up, 5:30 am cos it's a public holiday (AFL final, not Queen) and trains are unkind to folks with a 7am start. Made my coffee. Heard some clattering and wet sounds in the bathroom. Uncomfortable with that.
Needed to pee, so can't put the bathroom thing off really. Can't open the door cos my buzz cutter attachments have fallen over and are caught in the frame. I can hear chirping sorta noises inside. I use my phone under the door to poke the buzz cutter things out of the way, with the torch on cos I figure whatever animal is in there is likely nocturnal. It also sounds like there's a tap just slightly on.
Get the door open, light on, very tentatively go in. My toothbrush holder has also been knocked over, so I feel like whatever it is has run around the place a bit.
My toilet is in its own separate room, connected to the bathroom. Chirping and water definitely coming from there. I sit the door and make sure the bathroom is empty. I crack the toilet door open and there's a possum looking at me from the window. So I turn the light on (nocturnal animal, go away) and close the door. Hoping it'll leave.
I go make breakfast.
I come back and check. Same noises, no possum. I look down. Baby possum in the toilet.
Well, fuck
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At this point, I go and pee in the shower. I gotta take care of me. Go sit for breakfast and call wildlife rescue
He says I can pick it up with a towel cos I've said it's a baby and they're docile. He was very nice to me. I put it in a box and wrapped the box in a towel for warmth
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Definitely a young ringtail possum. He was surprised, he admitted until he saw the pic he assumed it'd be a rat and that I was wrong. But like, I've seen possums and rats before, they're quite different
At this point, I have to go to work but Aaron from Wildlife rescue wants me to take it to a vet
So, I wake my sister up and text my family to see what we can do. My sister is pretty cheerful about the whole thing really, which is great
I head off to work at 6:15 while dad is driving over to take Reg and poss to the vet. I get a text a but after 7
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And look! When she's not in my bathroom, she's super cute
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lackadaisycats · 9 months ago
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Starts in a few minutes!
We’ll be live here!
Make a donation, get a drawing done live, chat with us and our guests, and help some cats and doggos! 
(More details about the rescues we’re supporting on the video description!)
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kitchenerstraycatrescue · 21 days ago
Hello Tumblr!
We are Kitchener Stray Cat Rescue, a Canadian charity dedicated to the care and rescue of cats. This blog was started to bring a wider awareness to the issue of the stray cat population and (hopefully) bring in a little more funding for our charity so that we can continue to do what we do best! Rescue and care for cats with no home to call their own.
Our organization is fully volunteer run so we may not always be able to post updates, but we will try our best to ensure that you all are updated on the newcomers to our facility, any updates on our long term residents, and the victories that follow them going home.
If you want to know more about our organization our website is
Or follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KitchenerStrayCatRescue/
We look forward to being able to tell you all about our cats!
Have a nice day!
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theabbystabby · a month ago
Hello everyone!
It pains me to do this, but my family is poor and we need to regain the funds we lost.
We feed stray cats that live in our backyard and two of them (one a kitten, the other his mom) were gravely injured by an unknown wild animal. We couldn't let them suffer and die, so we brought them to the closest vet. However, the injuries and things they needed were very expensive and put a dire dent in our funds.
And on top of that, in quick succession, my dog ended up needing her stomach pumped because she chewed up a bottle of my medication (Clonazepam) and ate over half a refill's worth of it. Saving her life was, while entirely worth it, also extremely expensive.
All proceeds will go towards my family's living, as well as helping the animals in and outside our home. Anything over the goal made will go towards getting the stray cats fixed (which is $200 a cat in my area 8/) because the population continues to grow and become an even bigger problem.
If you cannot donate, I ask to reblog this post! Though I'll understand if you don't want to. <3
Thank you all in advance!
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mustardtigress · a year ago
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baby seal's first swim lesson
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standingwithukraine · 5 months ago
Ukrainian Horseback Archery Federation
Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group
Shelter Ugolyok
Feed the Zoo
Animal Park
Kyiv Zoo
European Association of Zoos and Aquaria
Rewilding Europe - Support Ukraine
Ukrainian Equestrian Federation
Four Paws (Bear Sanctuary)
World Horse Welfare
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mckitterick · 7 days ago
Gus liks the bred
on a related note, guess who just passed 900g!
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