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seasaltandcopper · 1 day
Whump/Hurt Prompts
I always have trouble finding darker prompt lists for practice or ask games without a lot of hunting, so I decided to make some of my own. Feel free to use.
Tumblr media
Hurt them with:
◈ A knife
◈ A hammer
◈ Pliers
◈ Crushing or severing a limb
◈ An animal or creature
◈ A whip
◈ A kitchen implement or appliance
◈ Thorns or brambles
◈ Rope, wire, or chains
◈ A bear trap
◈ Poison
◈ One of their phobias
◈ A ritual object
◈ Lighter or candle flame
◈ An ice-filled bath
◈ Electric shocks
◈ Drowning or waterboarding
◈ Something they asked for
◈ A memory
◈ A loved one or companion forced to suffer instead
◈ One of their own possessions
◈ Broken glass
◈ Clamps or a vise
◈ Food poisoning
◈ An order to hurt someone else
◈ A slammed drawer or door
◈ Sleep deprivation
◈ Punishment carried out in public
◈ A lie
◈ The truth
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Writing Prompt: Dialogue
"I don't love you. I could never debase myself by having any kind of feelings for someone like you."
"...Are you trying to convince me, or yourself?"
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youseeingthis · 9 hours
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linwritesif · 7 months
A List of Prompts
because yeah i think it would be helpful if there was a comprehensive list of those, so
ANGST. want to cry? here's some onion for you.
someone is injured
reluctant allies
shedding a tear
secret relationship--getting caught and confronted
enemies to lovers
corruption arc
sentence starters
forbidden love
101 ways to break the characters (and readers) heart
broken trust
hit em where it hurts
for the damaged
short angst sentence starters
soft angst sentence starters
high pain tolerance
dark and angsty sentence starters
from the villain
SMUT / NSFW. having horny thoughts? endulge.
action prompts
subtle intimacy
sexual tension
kissing starters
smut dialogue prompts
sfw friends with benefits
types of kisses
soft dirty talk sentence starters
consent is sexy
spicy actions
subtle smut sentence starters
nonverbal sexual situations
bdsm and dom/sub prompts
build the tension
love and leashes
FLUFF. for when your heart needs healing.
simple actions.
forehead touches.
things done while spooning
things done while dancing
oblivious idiots in love
idiots in love
dancing prompts
dialogue prompts
simple touches
casual affections
soft and sweet sentence starters
types of hugs
domestic intimacy
comforting actions
soft touches
BITTERSWEET. for those who like to hurt and then soothed.
reassuring your lover
reassuring your lover pt. 2
sacred moments
hurt/comfort prompts.
hero x villain prompts
lovers in denial
comforting a lover after a nightmare
grumpy x sunshine
enemies with benefits
noticing trauma
all about the yearning
found family
nightmares and sleeping
reunion after (physical) trauma
for the heavy hearted
enemies to lovers
hero x villain sentence starters
dissociation starters
enemies to lovers and lovers to enemies
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dumplingsjinson · 1 month
List of “unrequited love but turns out!! it’s actually requited” prompts
“What, did you think I kissed you all these times because I was doing it for the shits and giggles?” “…Let’s be real, you did have a lot of fun shoving your tongue down my throat in public.”
“Oh my God, why are you crying? Does me liking you disgust you that much?” “No, you dumbass, it’s because you like me back but I spent all of this time thinking you’d never like me that way!”
“Look, we can pretend I never confessed if it means you’ll stay—” “What?! No! You can’t just take back your confession! That’s such a coward move and I’ll not allow that! Especially when I feel the same way towards you.” 
“I’ll get over you. I promise. These feelings, they’re— they’re only temporary, I swear. I—I’ll get over you. Just please don’t leave me—” “Did you ever think, that maybe, I don’t want you getting over me? What if I don’t want these feelings to be only temporary? That maybe I... Like you, too?”
“I didn’t mean to fall for you.” “And neither did I.” “…Fucking pardon?” 
“So according to _____, you’re in love with me, too?” “Oh, that fucking bast— wait, did you just say too?” 
“You need to stop kissing me like you mean it; I’m going to read into things wrong and end up breaking my own heart.” “That’s because I do mean it every single time. You’ve just been too dense to realise.” 
“Why are you apologising for liking me back?” “Because I don’t want to ruin— wait a second. Pause and rewind, what did you just say?” 
“You don’t have to like me back, you know? I just wanted to let you know how I felt, that’s all.” “Well, too bad! Because these feelings are mutual, and now you can’t get rid of me.”
“Why are you lying to me? You can tell me the truth, it’s okay. I’m strong enough for the truth, I swear.” “What? I’m not lying to you! You’d think you’d pick up on the signs that I’ve been in love with you, for fucking forever, but apparently someone’s too obtuse to realise that!” 
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mangocherri · 3 months
Injury prompts:
CW for mention of injury, blood and death
Tumblr media
Bandaging them up while you both tell each other about your day
Using your hand to lift up their face to check for any injury, when you notice how pretty their eyes are, causing you to blush
Scolding them for their reckless actions, while they look at you, smiling softly
Trying to hide your injury from them, but failing miserably once you faint right in front of them
Hugging them tightly, telling them how worried you were
Staying the night in case they need your help, being asked to sleep on the bed instead of the couch/floor
Helping them wash off the blood from their body
Carrying your wounded enemy on your back, taking them home to treat their injuries
Noticing some not-so-recent scars on their back while applying some ointment, asking them where they got it from
Dragging them to the nearest clinic since they're too stubborn to go get themselves healed
Tumblr media
"Stay still, I don't want to hurt you"
"Drink this. It'll help you heal faster"
"Go to sleep, you need rest"
"This might hurt a little..."
"Where does it hurt the most?"
"Is it a deep cut?"
"How long have you been hiding this?"
"You moron... Why are you so careless!?"
"Relax, it doesn't hurt that mu- Ow!"
"I have a perfectly reasonable explanation for this"
"I don't know it was just... there when I woke up" || "...That's the best excuse you can come up with?"
"I promise I'm fine... I just need some rest that's all"
"I'm glad you're alright"
"I... thought I lost you..."
"Never do that again. Please"
"I'd hate to be a burden..." || "It's alright, (Name). I don't mind taking care of you"
"...Who did this to you?" || "Let it go (Name), it doesn't matter-" || "Yes, it does. Who did this to you?"
"You saved me...? And bandaged me up? Am I dreaming?" || "Yeah, well, I wasn't going to let you die just like that..."
"Are you okay!? Are you hurt!? A-" || "Calm down, it's just a scratch"
"Don't even try to get up" || "Watch me!" *stumbles and falls on the ground*
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eloquentmoon · 3 months
romantic confession dialogue prompts 
"i can't pretend anymore."
"you need to know that i have grown to care for you. deeply."
"i've loved you since the moment i first laid my eyes on you."
"you deserve to know."
"it's you. it's always been you."
"are you really so oblivious?"
"there isn't anything that i wouldn't do for you."
"i was made to love you." 
"i cannot bare to be apart from you anymore." 
"please. please just listen to me."
"don't make me say it. i can't say the words."
"you are all i can think about."
"i can't fathom the idea of my life without you in it."
"i dream of you. all i do, is dream of you."
"i am so very in love with you."
"is it so obvious how infatuated i am?"
"for years i have yearned for you, in secrecy and silence."
"we have just met and yet it feels like i have known you for a lifetime."
"you are everything. everything."
"it hurts me, just how much i ache for you."
"i don't know if i can't bring myself to speak it."
"i know that this is not what you want to hear..."
"after everything you've done, i still love you. with all i am."
"it's true."
"i cannot stand you, and yet i also cannot stand to be away from you."
"please...say something."
"i feel your absence in everything that i do alone, in every place i go without you."
"your smile brings me so much joy."
"i'm falling for you."
"i am sorry that you found out this way."
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promptplanetblr · 10 months
different ways to say ‘i love you’
## for best friends or for lovers, if you pick the right ones
“you’re so dumb.” [insert fond smile here]
“you could punch me in the face and i would still want you ngl.”
“are you cold? here you go. come here.”
“you have stars in your eyes. i like looking at it.”
“i trust you. it’s okay.”
“you’re driving me crazy here.”
“wherever you want to go, i promise i’ll be with you every step of the way.”
“i’ll be damned if i don’t make you smile at least once today.”
“...please stay.”
“hey…” [hesitates] “be safe, alright?”
“i’ve been worried sick! where the hell were you!?”
“so what? you’re still my [name], idiot. i don’t care about what they say!”
“let me take care of you today. don’t do anything in return, just let me.”
[cups person b’s cheeks] “you are a menace and you almost died back there if it wasn’t for me.”
“how did you even get sick? you look ugly. come here.”
“i will never not think about you.”
“you… you don’t even have to love me back, you know?”
“i’m— i’m happy when you’re here. i’m happy.”
“this—” [points at their chest] “—this belongs to you. always.”
- mod sushi | masterlist
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novelbear · 2 months
words of anger and resentment
 “i should smack the shit out of you.” 
 “are you fucking serious?” 
 “you ruined everything!” 
 “if you hadn’t said anything, none of this would have happened.” 
 “stay the hell away from me.” 
 “you’re sick.”
 “i hate you” 
 “how could you do this to us? to me?” 
 “why can’t you just back off??”
 “can’t you see that you’re the problem?” 
 “we built so much together, and you threw it all away...for her?!” 
 “i’m leaving.”
 “take another step towards me and watch what happens.” 
 “fuck you!” 
 “all you do is screw things up. i was fine.” 
 “no one asked you to be here!” 
"i only did it because i felt bad for you!"
 “do it yourself, i’m done helping your sorry ass.”
 “i should have listened when they warned me about you.” 
 “get out.”
 “i don’t ever want to see you again.” 
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wisteria-whump · 2 months
when a character who knows they're going to die says "i don't wanna die" </3
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glasswriter1 · 1 month
angsty dialogue prompts
"Of all people, you?"
"I guess I wasn't enough, was I?"
"Do me a favor and never cross my path again."
"I don't think I can look at you and not think of how you killed every last bit of love I had."
"Sometimes it's so confusing- if you were the one who didn't deserve me or if it was the other way around."
"If time healed everything, then I would've gotten over you by now. It's been a decade and I'm still where I am while I watch you move on from multiple other me's."
"It's like... the ghost of you lingers around me everywhere, every second of the day. I just want it to stop. Please."
"You've ruined so many songs for me."
"I wish people came with a warning label about how exactly they'll fuck you up. And you know what's wrong with me? I would've read yours and still chosen to tag along."
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mirclealignr · 4 months
prompt list iv
fluff ->
“i want to spend the day with you doing nothing.”
“i saw something today that reminded me of you.”
“you bought me flowers?”
“i never thought i’d feel this kind of happiness.”
“i still dream about you even though you’re mine.”
“where’s my goodnight kiss?”
“can you read to me?”
“i feel safe with you.”
“you can stay as long as you want.”
“my love for you only grows with each passing second.”
“a man could hold the weight of worlds, but he could never carry the love i have for you.”
“you know, even if you left me, i’d still be yours.”
“i have so much love for you i almost don’t know what to do with it.”
“i’m falling in love with you.”
“we’ll never get to sleep if you keep fidgeting like that.”
“kiss me harder.”
“no, don’t stop. i like the sound of your voice.”
“you’re so cool.”
“you’re with me always.”
“i’d never turn down a kiss from you.”
angst ->
“you didn’t just break my heart, you broke my trust.”
“i’ve waited a thousand hours to tell you exactly how i feel, but you don’t deserve an explanation.”
“i don’t have the energy to fight you anymore.”
“take what you want from me and just leave already.”
“i’m not ready to live without you.”
“i let you in, you and your poison, and now i’m no good.”
“you feel further away from me now than when you were a stranger.”
“i don’t forgive you.”
“let me go.”
“it doesn’t matter how good the dream is, we always wake up.”
“you can’t be bitter now, this was your decision.”
“i lost myself the day i lost you.”
“i wish i could love you, i know you’d be good for me, but i can’t.”
“please don’t make me go, i want to stay.”
“the sad thing is, i’d do it all over again even for the same outcome.”
“you said you’d follow me anywhere” — “you know i can’t follow you there.”
“you’re the only mistake i don’t regret, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a mistake.”
“you didn’t deserve me.”
“i loved you, you used me.”
“i’m allowed to move on.”
hurt / comfort ->
“you can’t scare me like that, okay?”
“you should be more careful.”
“let me help you.”
“you don’t have to be afraid anymore.”
“you’re safe in my arms.”
“does that hurt?”
“you can cry, there’s no shame in it.”
“stop trying to help me, it’s hurting you.”
“it wasn’t your fault.”
“don’t listen to that voice inside your head, listen to mine.”
“what can i do for you?”
“i would never leave you, i’m not going anywhere.”
“i’ve got you.”
“it was just a nightmare, it’s okay.”
“could you please come and get me?”
“are you okay? don’t lie.”
“i’m here for you, whenever you need me.”
“you’re not alone.”
“it really hurts.”
“i’m sorry i can’t take the pain away.”
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youseeingthis · 9 hours
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urfriendlywriter · 1 month
apology prompts:
(feel free to use<3 requested by @helluvastar ! yall know the drill, tag me when u write, I'll love to readdd ! )
"can you forgive me?"
"I'm.. I'm trying. I really am."
"please don't give me space, that's the last thing i want with you."
"I'm so sorry and i would apologize a thousand times if it means you'll forgive me the thousandth time."
"it hurt me, [name]" "I know, that is why I want you to yell at me, curse at me, tell me how much I messed up... Just--just don't stop communicating with me."
"i didn't mean when i said that-" "you spat that shit like poison yesterday, remember, [name]? Forgive you? you've gotta earn it."
"I'll be right here when you decide to forgive me. No matter how long it takes, love."
"don't forgive me. yet, love. forgive me when I'm worthy of it. I'll work to earn it."
"tell me you didn't mean that-" "i didnt, oh my god, love i fucking didn't. I'm so sorry." and then they swoop up their lover who's tearing up, in their arms (angst hitting right in my meow)
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homesweetnothings · 11 months
—Prompt List <3
"It would be better if you stayed away from me."
"Do you really want me? Or is this your way of getting back at my father?"
"You have given me enough memories to last a lifetime."
"If I ask you to kiss me in front of all these people, will you do it?"
"I am here to tell you that I cannot meet you anymore."
“you always push people away. i just thought you’d never do it to me”
“i know i have a heart because i can feel it breaking”
“i hate the way that i don’t hate you.”
“i didn’t realise i was such an inconvenience.”
“how many times am i supposed to forgive you?”
“all my friends told me you’d break my heart.”
“how could you let them say that about me?”
“i’d take our relationship back in a heartbeat.”
“i don’t see the same person i loved when i look at you anymore.”
“promise me you’ll still be here when i wake up.”
“you look happier”
“you still live in the silences between my thoughts.”
“i am in love with a moment we never had.”
“you didn’t just break promises, you broke me.”
"Don't go on that date." "Why?" "You know why." "Say it."
“if you cry, i’ll cry ─ and that won’t be fun for anyone.”
“my lipgloss is all over your lips.”
“that’s the first time i’ve ever seen you smile.”
“you cancelled plans for me?”
“quick, kiss me!”
“that’s the sixth time you’ve complimented me today.”
“how mad would you be if i kissed you?”
“it’s hard to sit here and be close to you and not kiss you.”
“ i never planned to have you on my mind this often”
“ i never want to stop making memories with you”
“a sky full of stars, and i’d still watch you.”
“my heart is so full of you i can hardly call it my own.”
“ i think i might be in some kind of love with you.”
“your lips look cold, want me to warm them up for you? “
"don't lie, your dimple usually shows when you're actually smiling. what's wrong?"
"i heard what you said...no one's ever talked about me that way before.."
“here’s a spare key so you don’t have to keep coming in through the window.”
“Oh my god you never told me you could cook”
“I know it’s 2 in the morning but do you want to...” 
"Can I wear your sweater? It smells like you, I can't promise to give it back though."
“shh. there’s people in the other room.”
"I need you to be quiet for me, okay?"
“say you want me, and i’m yours.”
“my boyfriend/girlfriend would kill us.”
“there’s so many things i wanna do to you.”
“i didn’t like the way they were looking at you.”
“ i shouldn’t allow myself to get this close to you.”
“i’m going to ruin you.”
“want me to model these for you?”
“no ones here. we can be as loud as we want.”
“do you think of me when you touch yourself?”
“if you called just to get off on my voice, i’m hanging up.”
"what's the matter, love? you get nervous when i look at you like this?"
"what pretty noises you're making for me… am i making you feel good?"
Car sex in the rain
“against the window? are you insane?”
“leave the heels on.”
"I swear I'm gonna fuck the next person that walks through that door."
"Oh princess, I thought we learn from the last time you decided to make me jealous."
"I thought we agreed to share her?"
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linwritesif · 6 months
could u make another a list of prompts? i really love it!
yeah, sure thing <3
so, this is a
List of Prompts 2
part 2 to this list
HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS. for those who enjoy a little pain.
Enemies to Lovers
Assassin prompt starters
Lifespan Angst Prompts
Goodbye to the dying
Whumpy prompts
Breaking your character
Broken trust
Heated argument starters
Angsty lyrics prompts
SOFT AS A FEATHER. for those who prefer the gentle approach.
For a lover's reassurance
Domestic fluff prompts
Friends to lovers
Idiots in love
Domestic intimacy
Different ways to say 'I love you'
Cuddling prompts
SPICY. for those who like things to be a little hotter.
Smut dialogue prompts
More smut dialogue prompts
Smut prompts
Smutty meme prompts
SUGAR AND LEMON. for the bittersweet experience.
Broken relationship
Enemies to lovers
Love confession starters
Betrayed over a forbidden relationship
Bandaging a friend's wound
Hero x Villain
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dumplingsjinson · 19 days
List of sharing a bed prompts
“This line mustn’t be crossed or I’m going to kick you off the fucking bed.”
“Why must I share a bed with them out of all people?!” 
“It’s cold, get under the covers.”
“C’mere… Want snuggles.” (Featuring grabby hands!!!)
Character A waking up to Character B, their faces inches apart and them wondering how the fuck someone could look so beautiful while sleeping. (Bonus: them freaking out when Character B wakes up and catches them staring.) 
“Why’d you push me off the bed?!” “B-Because you’ve crossed the line!” 
“…You’re staring.” “I was not.” “I could feel the intensity of it, even with my eyes closed.” 
Character B being a blanket hogger and Character A letting them hog the blanket. 
“Why are you curled up like a prawn?” “Because you stole my side of the blanket!”  
Character B, being someone who likes to hug something in their sleep, ends up using Character A as their makeshift pillow. Character A isn’t too keen on it at first but they end up accepting their fate. (It’s the best night of sleep they’ve probably ever had since they were a kid.) 
“You were snoring the whole fucking night and I couldn’t get a wink of sleep because of that!”
“You were sleep talking last night.” “…What did I say?”
“Why the fuck is the bed wet?” “…I just happen to sweat a lot.” 
Character A begrudgingly letting Character B snuggle up to them but secretly enjoying it.
Character B spooning Character A even though Character A is usually the big spoon. 
“You’re so warm…”  “Fuck do you think I am, a reptile? Of course I’m warm.” 
“You’re so nice to hug.” 
“I like how soft you feel in my arms.” “…Thanks?” 
“How did we end up with your feet in my face?!” 
Their limbs getting all tangled up while they’re sleeping and then them waking up and literally falling off the bed when trying to disentangle themselves from each other while fully freaking out about it.
Character B hugging Character A immediately, sobs racking through their body after being shaken awake from their nightmare and Character A not knowing what the hell to do with their arms so they awkwardly pat their back, saying, “There, there…” 
“Hey! Hey! Are you okay? Come over here, it’s okay. Whatever it is, it’s okay.”
“It’s okay, I’m here.” “You’re not going to leave, are you?” “I won’t.” “Promise?” “Promise.”
Character A enjoying sharing a bed with Character B but would never admit to it.
“We should do this more often.” “No fucking way, once is enough.” (They do it often after that.)
“Oi! Wake up!” “What? What happened?” “Why did you just moan in your sleep?” “…What, were you turned on by it?” “What?! No, of course not! Disturbed, but definitely not turned on.” 
“Your feet are so cold. What the hell?”
“Stop sticking your feet down my pants!” “It’s not my fault your asscheeks are hella warm.”
“Just… Please hold me for tonight. Just tonight, that’s all I’m asking for,” Character B whispers, arms tightening around Character A.
Character A sharing their bed with Character B so often the sheets and pillows are starting to smell like Character B. (Bonus: Character A missing their presence whenever they don’t wake up next to them.)
Character A waking up to Character B clinging onto them. Instead of waking them up to tell them to get off of them, they decide to let them be. 
Character A wakes up to Character B’s face right near theirs. They’re leaning in, still drowsy and not thinking straight, ready to risk it all, when Character B opens their eyes and Character A’s first instinct is to smack their face away. “That fucking hurt, you imbecile!” Character B cries out, glaring at them as they rub their nose.
“Do you remember us spooning last night?” “We did what?”
“Why am I naked, and most importantly, why are you naked?” “…I’m hurt. Do you really not remember what happened last night? Did I not give it to you good enough?” “Fucking excuse me?!” 
“I wanna be big spoon this time.” “But you’re tiny.”
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mangocherri · 3 months
Love realization prompts:
Tumblr media
They don't smile/laugh often, but when they finally do, you feel your heart skip a beat
Waking up and finding yourself snuggled up with them on the couch, when it dawns upon you that maybe you do love them
They're doing something stupid, and somehow, you find yourself thinking that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with
They're going to go away soon. You're going through some of your old memories together, which is when the realization hits you (and you don't have much time left)
You find yourself unable to look away after seeing them in a fancy dress/suit for the first time
Reuniting after being separated for a while, realizing how much you missed their presence
Thinking about how they have all the qualities you'd like in a partner
While pretending to be in a relationship with them, you realize how much you wish it was real
Being worried that these new feelings might ruin their friendship
"I think... I'm in love with (Name)" || "Congrats on being the last one to find out"
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