punchyfeeley · 10 months
Does anyone know what the book LadyFaceElena/AngrySpace-Ravenclaw wrote is called?? They mentioned it in a few notes but never shared the name of it.
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swiftieeddie · 29 days
the kids over on tiktok are saying that jegulus started in 2021 like i didnt read jegulus fics in 2016 when there were like 6 pages on ao3 for the whole ship i feel ancient lmao
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wrathofthestag · 1 year
There are so many great OMGCP fics out there that I love to read, and rec, again and again. I decided to group some together, by theme, and share them with you.  I’ll be posting one or two themes a month. Most of the fics are Zimbits-centric.
Tumblr media
Theme:  NHL!Bitty
Gettysburg by westernredcedar @thewesternredcedar
Summary: People don’t recognize hockey players out in the world as often as you might think. So Jack is surprised when Providence Falconer Eric Bittle walks through the door and he recognizes him immediately. An all-time favorite! <3
Is it too soon to do this yet? by PorcupineGirl @porcupine-girl
Summary: Jack had first heard of Eric Bittle when he became the first out NCAA men's hockey captain. Then Bittle signed with Toronto, becoming the first out NHL player. That's how Jack met him. Now he's being traded to the Falconers, which means that he and Jack need to have a conversation. Because they've done a lot more than meet since then.
Would That I by lizardsonline
Summary: When Jack Zimmermann does not go back to hockey after his overdose, he throws himself into academia, and seemingly misses his chance with the love of his life. Or so he thought.
NHL!Bitty AU by onawingandaswear by @whoacanada
Summary: Eric Bittle becomes the first openly gay professional hockey player when he's signed by the Seattle Schooners after graduating from Samwell. A series of stories that chronicle how he manages newfound fame, judgment, and a secret relationship with his former college captain.
Someday by angryspaceravenclaw
Summary: Then Bitty leant in to kiss him, and Jack laughed into it, brushing his hands across Bitty’s cheeks, pushing into his hair. “How did you get in?”Bitty pulled back to grin, a little sharp, little wolfish, a lot coy. “Bribery pies don’t just work on college professors, you know.”
not quite the same story by tryslora @tryslora
Summary: Bitty has a plan for his life, and it includes hockey until he graduates but he’s not sure how it’ll fit in after that. Then the Falconers come looking for him, and Bitty has to wonder if maybe the Falconers are exactly what he needs. Or maybe, really, all he needs is Jack.
Size Doesn't Matter by the_one_that_fell @alphacrone
Summary: At a charity event, successful model Jack Zimmermann is introduced to Eric Bittle, the fastest player in the NHL, and things get a little heated.
See You on the Ice, Sweetpea by sweetsoutherncuisine
Summary: During Bitty's senior year, he's scouted by the Houston Aeros and eventually winds up on the team. Tonight is his first game against the Falcs. It'll be the first time he and Jack have seen each other since the start of the season.
NHL!Bitty by JustLookFrightenedAndScuttle @justlookfrightened
Summary: Bitty is playing his first game as a Houston Aero against the Providence Falconers.
Reblog and show these authors some love.
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angryspaceravenclaw is gone!!!!!! where have you gone dude!!!!!!! I know you have no idea who I am but I loved you and your writing so much, so if you see this, I hope you’re okay!!!
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checkpleaselibrary · 5 years
Quand On Est Tous Les Deux by angryspaceravenclaw
no archive warnings apply
16 161 words
eric bittle/jack zimmermann
When he wakes up in a strange country, surrounded by a language he doesn't speak, and no memory of the last several years, Eric Bittle isn't sure how he's ever going to get back to Georgia. But at the hands of the village baker, Eric finds hope in the most dreary time of his life.
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untilourapathy · 5 years
Day 8 H/D Slow Burn Recs: Potters Live AU
Day 7 was Draco in the muggle world, so I thought I’d focus on Harry today - what if the Potters lived? In this lovely short fic, Imagine A Man by angryspaceravenclaw, 
Harry has to trust people more than he'd like to, so when a man lies to him about having matching soul marks to get Harry into bed, he's determined to never let that happen again. When he meets a stranger lawyer at the local not long after, Harry decides to enlist his family's help to tell whether or not Draco Malfoy really does have a matching mark or not. If only his family wasn't so, utterly hopeless. 
It’s quite short so I don’t want to spoil anything, but Harry is blind and his extended family are absolutely hilarious and lovely. If you are looking for something fluffy and short, this may be the fic for you!
Other Potters Live AUs:
Ask Me Again in Twenty Years by crazyparakiss (fem!Draco)
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4  Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
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zepysgirl · 5 years
Chapters: 7/7 Fandom: Check Please! (Webcomic) Rating: General Audiences Relationships: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann Characters: Eric Bittle, Jack Zimmermann, Bob Zimmermann, Alicia Zimmermann Additional Tags: Alternate Universe- Canon Divergence, otp prompts, meet cute, bed sharing, Friends to Lovers, Fake Relationship, Cuddling, Fluff, parent Zimbits, Arranged Marriage, Secret Relationship, Enemies to Lovers Summary: Winter themed Zimbits One-shots of how these two fall in love again, and again, and again.
 After a long pause, Eric slowly let his hand fall onto Jack’s and their fingers tangled together. Jack felt the warmth shooting from the tips of his fingers, straight into his thumping heart, and they both grinned. They didn’t know each other yet…but there was time.
  There was plenty of time.
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checkplease-fanfic · 5 years
Author: angryspaceravenclaw Rating: gen Status: complete Length: 10K
There's something about the feel of home, of childhood when Jack steps into Bitty's, the little Kosher market that Marty's wife dragged him to. It's the smell of freshly baked challah, it's the organised chaos of the metal wire racks full of imported food and sweets. Jack didn't think his week would get any better, until he set eyes on the bright, sunny smile of the owner, who makes him want things he hasn't wanted in years.
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postmodernhockey · 5 years
Tumblr media
this is the best type of race 
Tumblr media
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wrathofthestag · 1 year
There are so many great OMGCP fics out there that I love to read, and rec, again and again. I decided to group some together, by theme, and share them with you.  I’ll be posting one or two themes a month. Most of the fics are Zimbits-centric.
Tumblr media
Theme:  Authors/Writers and Photographers
T'es Beau, Tu Sais by Angryspaceravenclaw  (An all-time favorite! <3)
Summary: Trying desperately to get through his writer's block and get distance from a bad breakup and online trolls, Eric Bittle takes up some advice and books a little B&B in a little seaside village in England.  He expects the quiet, and the friendly owners.  But he does not expect the sudden, whirlwind relationship with the other secretive, and unbelievably attractive second guest who seems to be attempting to escape his own demons.
The Book of Love by RabbitRunnah  @doggernaut​
Summary: Writing wasn’t a career Jack saw for himself, ever. Not when he was hockey’s boy wonder. Not when he was a 19-year-old NHL rookie, just trying to play through his anxiety until he couldn’t anymore. Not when he came back and led his team to a Stanley Cup win, and had two more good years before a torn ACL ended his career. Not even when he went to college and took a creative writing class because he needed one more elective to graduate.
It wasn’t until, on the advice of his therapist, he picked up a notebook and pen and started recording his feelings about his childhood and too-short NHL career that he realized he enjoyed writing, was maybe even good at it.
the kind who asks you for a little sugar by the_one_that_fell  @alphacrone​
Summary:  Jack moves into a boring Massachusetts neighborhood, quiet and dull and just perfect for a novelist looking to write his next book. And then he meets his next door neighbor.
Bubbles! by There_Once_Was_A_Girl  @there-once-wasa-girl​
Summary: Eric Bittle meets Jack Zimmermann when he applies to be his assistant. Jack is a famous photographer in need of an extra pair of hands on a round the world photoshoot.
All the Sights of Paris by writingonpostcards  @17piesinseptember​
Summary:  Eric and Jack meet atop the Eiffel Tower. It's the beginning of a few whirlwind days together, but Eric's leaving soon. How much can really happen between them in just a few days?
Now generally I never include my own work in these, but I’m including one of my fics because this category was a bit small and this fic is one of my most favorite fics I’ve written.
The Very Thought of You 
Summary: Novelist Jack Zimmermann has the worst case of writer’s block as the entire city of New York waits for his follow-up book. Will anything help?  Enter Eric Bittle, the guy who moves in upstairs and changes his life in more ways than one.
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mxlfoydraco · 6 years
Drarry Fic Rec
The Quiet and Empty Bodies by angryspaceravenclaw (WIP) Having spent most of his life far from the UK, Draco returns to his mother's house after the death of his wife, to reconnect with her, and let her get to know his son. Desperate to keep a job with the Prophet after the years old scandal Lucius caused, Draco agrees to get the scoop on the biggest gossip story of the century-- The Divorce of Quidditch-Star Harry Potter. The first problem, Draco and Harry already know each other, and their dislike is very much mutual.
Hey Drarry buds! My wonderful and talented friend is writing a Drarry fic where Draco and Harry first meet as kids, and later find each other again as first teenagers, and then as adults. It’s an everybody lives AU with no Voldemort, and Draco attends Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts. The first chapter is already up! I’ve had a lot of fun passing ideas with ASR about this fic, and she’s generously gifted it to me. I strongly recommend giving it a read, it’s going to be multichapter, and more importantly, absolutely brilliant!  💖
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auntbabe · 6 years
Here I am, Baby @angryspaceravenclaw Summary: You've Got Mail- AU Eric Bittle is devastated when the massive corporate bakery, Zimmermann's, opens around the corner from his small pie and coffee shop. He vents his frustrations to the anonymous IG user he's been talking to, and falling for, all the while waging war against Jack Zimmermann's corporate take-over. Little does he know the face behind the anonymous IG account, and little does he know what will happen in the future. Oh My Goodness drop everything and read this NOW. Soooo good!
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checkpleaselibrary · 5 years
Never Change Lovers (in the middle of the night) by angryspaceravenclaw
general audiences
no archive warnings apply
9 978 words
eric bittle/jack zimmermann
“What’s the last thing you remember.”
“Cup day,” Jack says, drawing his knees up, the sheet still tight round him. His voice is shaking a little, and he’s trying desperately to remember. “Cup day. I…Bittle. Where’s Bittle?”
“What the hell is a Bittle?” Parse asks.
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carnationbooks · 6 years
Author Interview - angryspaceravenclaw
Hey followers! We’re back with another fandom author interview, this time with @for-you-and-bits (aka angryspaceravenclaw on AO3) who is not only a prolific fic writer but has also published original fiction and has a background in the publishing world. We were lucky enough to be able to pick her brain about writing, fandom, Check, Please!, and publishing. Be sure to follow the links to read this wonderful author’s works!
How did you first get into fandom? What was your first fandom?
If we’re being technical, I used to write a lot of Vampire fanfic during my emo teen years in the early to mid nineties, but they were all in notebooks cos there was no widely available internet then haha.  But my first foray into internet fandom was Harry Potter back in 2004.  I was at University and one of my mates had mentioned reading this story about Snape and I was like…wait, is that a thing?  That people can do?  Just…write things?  It was an independent website with the author’s fanfic—all of it Snape centric so I wasn’t really interested in that.  But I started perusing and within the week I discovered fanfic.net and livejournal and the next thing I knew, I had a 100k word Drarry fanfic going.  I stayed in the Harry Potter fandom until my first long hiatus in 2007, when I was finishing up grad school, and my youngest kiddo was born.
What inspired you to start writing? What came first -- fanfic or original fic?
I think I’ve always been inspired to write.  I struggled with English growing up because my first language is Sign and it has a different grammar structure, but the moment I got a handle on it, I really couldn’t be stopped.  I think I’ve always wanted to be a writer, so it’s no surprise this ended up both my hobby and career.  My first real, meaty writing was fanfic—vampire stuff.  Then when I was sixteen I wrote an obscenely long fantasy trilogy about Dragon Riders which has since disappeared into some writing void—a good thing, trust me.
What is your favorite thing that you have written so far (fanfic, original, or both)?
I…really hesitated to say I have a favourite.  All of my books have pretty strong meaning—they all have a backstory of inspiration.  I think though my book Verismo is probably the most important, because that is a story I’d been working on since my early University years.  It changed about a hundred times as I wrote and re-wrote, but I really loved the way it turned out.  As for fanfic, I’m not really sure I could choose, haha.  I had way too much fun with all of them.
What is your favorite fic by someone else (in any fandom)? Favorite book?
I hate picking favourites just because there are so many amazing writers in fandom.  I can say that when I’m having a bad day I know I can go to @nomorelonelydays for some Patater fluff—I’ve read and re-read all her fic.  And @yoursummerfrost for Pimms and Pimmbits.  Those fics always cheer me up.
As for book…that’s also hard to say, because I go through phases.  Anne Rice has a special place in my heart because her writing is what kind of helped me realise I wasn’t straight, and kind of pointed me in the right direction when I was doing a lot of early-teen soul searching.  I don’t particularly love her books now, and most of them are really kind of problematic and meh, but growing up there was almost no LGBT+ fiction.  What I would have given for a Rick Riordan in 1994!
How did you get into Check Please?
Haha okay so…I had been really active in the HP fandom, and for about six months I had some of my followers pestering me to get into it.  But I was like…what?  A comic about hockey?  And pies?  And a character named Shitty??  I’m never going to read that.  Then the update happened where Jack drives to Samwell to comfort Bitty and I was like HANG ON ONE SECOND THERE!  I had already been toying with leaving the HP fandom, and I spent an entire night in bed devouring the comic, then devouring fanfic, and the next thing I knew, I was hooked.
What pairings and/or tropes do you like to read and/or write in this fandom?
Okay this could get long because I am not a one pairing shipper like…at all.  So for ships, Zimbits, Patater, Pimms, Pimbits, Holsom, RansomNursey, and NurseCharmer are my go-tos (some of them rare enough there’s not a lot of content.)  And I’m always a sucker for AUs, coffee shops, bed sharing tropes, future fic.  Anything with a happy ending and healthy communication.
Do you ever get writer's block? If so, how do you deal with that?
I do!  Frequently.  When I get writer’s block, it usually means that I’m overworked or over-stressed so I take a break from writing.  Sometimes I ask tumblr for drabble prompts so I can write small things.  I use that time to do a lot of reading, because that’s usually a great way to get inspired.  But mainly I step away from my projects so I can refresh my brain.
Does the way you write original fiction differ from the way you write fanfic? How have your experiences in those realms influenced each other?
They’re vastly different.  I have huge huge expectations of both myself and other writers in original fiction that I don’t have for fanfic.  When I write fanfic, I pants a lot of my stuff (meaning I write by the seat of my pants—I don’t really outline or plot stuff out).  I don’t really take fanfic seriously mostly because it’s a hobby, and I never want it to feel like work.  Which means my stuff often has plotholes or typos, and I’m never fussed about them because I don’t want fanfic to ever feel like a chore.
With original fiction, I have loads of documents, character sheets, plot outlines, copies of brainstorm chats with my editors that I reference.  I’m fairly meticulous when it comes to that, and I expect that from other writers as well (that’s the former editor in me speaking haha)
Fanfic has definitely influenced the way I write romance though.  And it helps show me what readers are looking for when it comes to content, so that has helped tremendously when it comes to working on my books.  Fanfic has taught me not to be afraid to take risks, and not to listen to people if they try to tell you diversity won’t sell.
Do you have any words of wisdom for fic authors considering giving original fic a try?
Yes, absolutely.  Write what you love.  Keep your audience in mind, but remember this is your work, your effort, and you owe it to yourself to put your words on the page.  Listen and learn from critique, but don’t let anyone bully you into silence, especially when it comes to diversity.  It doesn’t matter if it’s not mainstream, write it anyway!  Trust me, you will have readers.
You can find @for-you-and-bits‘ fanfiction here on AO3 (http://archiveofourown.org/users/angryspaceravenclaw/pseuds/angryspaceravenclaw), and as E.M. Lindsey on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/E.M.-Lindsey/e/B012AYTZHM/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1490214159&sr=8-1). 
We would like to thank her again for talking with us. As an independent publisher we love to learn about the perspectives of authors who have navigated both the fandom and published worlds! We hope you all enjoyed this interview as much as we did. 
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angryspaceravenclaw - FTH Contributor Page
See angryspaceravenclaw’s works here
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Thanks for participating in Fandom Trumps Hate!
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girlwithacrown · 3 years
Wolfstar Archeology
So I did some digging
There is this super awesome fanfic ���Not Ever” and I wanted to read some more of the same author, but it is an orphan account on AO3, so I did some small digging and found out that the account was actually hacked and everything was orphaned, there is a LadyFaceElena Masterlist.
As far as I understood, after the hack they published under the name angryspaceravenclaw, nowadays the account’s fics are also orphaned and the tumblr angry-space-ravenclaw is empty, but there is also a Wolfstar fics published under angryspaceravenclaw and LadyFaceElena: Masterlist 1 and Masterlist 2 (all pairings)
some Wolstar fics published under LadyFaceElena:
Loved In Spite of Ourselves (LONG, 170k, not complete)
"It began with four boys, and one compartment." Spanning across time, through the first war, and into the second.   The years were both kind and cruel for ones called Marauders, and for ones who came after.  But they knew friendship, and sorrow, and love, and joy.  And sometimes it was only things things which allowed them to survive--if that's all they could do.  Survive.
Artists and Moonlight (series, 20k, not complete)
Remus Lupin isn't sure what to make of his new flatshare situation.   He's a quiet student with a past, who doesn't date and is determined to keep it that way.  Then he meets his artist flatmate, Sirius Black and his entire world is turned upside down.
There Were Strangers Watching (6k, complete)
Sirius is determined that Remus have some fun before they begin University, so using the money his uncle left him in the will, he drags Remus off to Las Vegas.  Determined to have fun, the boys explore the city, have a few drinks, and wake up...married?  It would all be fun and games if Remus Lupin hadn't been madly in love with Sirius Black for almost five long years.
Tumblr Trash (series, 35k, not complete)
Padfoot and Moony meet over mutual follows on Tumblr.  Remus, the blind student, hires Sirius, the fallen Aristocrat, to be a reader for his classes.  They fall in love in separate ways, and fall apart.  Then fall together.  Their love is almost as ridiculous as they are.
WolfStar (series, 45k, not complete)
Two worlds collide.  Deaf artist Sirius Black works at his best mate's cafe.  Remus Lupin is an epileptic student from France who is just looking to get by unnoticed.  But the artist sees something he wants in the shy boy, and makes it his mission to see what makes Remus tick.
Fiery-Coloured World (3k, complete)
Sirius knew it would be minutes, moments, seconds before his heart told him he was in love and there was no going back from the emotional tidal wave that was Remus bloody Lupin.
Finally Found My Hallelujah (15k, complete)
Remus Lupin had always been good at sorting out dates and special occasions for people, which is why his best friend and Quidditch star, James Potter, talked him into wedding planning once they left Hogwarts. He lived a solitary, but happy life.  That is, until King Slytherin, Sirius Black, strolls into his office and asks for help planning his arranged marriage.  Remus Lupin is nothing if not a professional, but it's not easy when the groom-to-be was the man Remus had been fantasising about since fifth year.
Remember Me (5k, complete)
Remus Lupin was having an Ordinary Tuesday.  That is, until a strange boy grabs him and offers him money to play the boyfriend.  Remus thinks it will all be fine, until he's pulled into Number 12 Grimmauld place, and finds himself swept away by Sirius O. Black.
Forever (20k, complete)
Sirius Black--CoDA, outcast, family disappointment, and fairly famous  YouTuber who runs a sign language channel SiriuslySigns with his best mate, James.  Remus Lupin-- vegan hipster who dropped out of University and lives with his best mate Peter, and together run HowlingMoon's DIY, barmy science experiments, and ukulele tutorials channel.  When Sirius becomes enamoured with Moony's singing, he dedicates a sign tutorial in hopes he'll be noticed.  This leads to exchanging of shout-outs and videos, and what Sirius hopes, is a little something more.
Far Away the Stars (36k, complete)
“Oh hell, what a pair we make,” Remus said, and Sirius threw his head back and laughed.“Truest statement I’ve heard in a long time.”  Sirius bowed his head.  “I don’t care about people easily.  But you’re like a fucking tidal wave, Moony.  You just short of showed up and swept me away and I gave up trying to fight it.”Remus fought back the urge to grab him and pull him down and just have him right there because they hadn’t got that far yet.  “And here I thought you just didn’t like me.  Who knew?”
Aging Gracelessly (13k, complete) 
Remus is being dragged into the modern century by his son in the form of a brand-new smartphone.  He means to text Teddy, and ends up accidentally meeting, and sharing his plight with another person in the same boat as him.  Though Remus thinks it's just a passing moment, little does he know what wheels have been set in motion.
Forever is Definitely Punk Rock (9k, complete)
When Remus Lupin met Sirius Black for the first time, he very nearly killed him.  Now, it wasn’t entirely his fault, something he would maintain for the rest of his life, and Sirius being as dramatic as he was would often remind the taller, tawny-haired man of his very harrowing near-death experience at the front bumper of his car.
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