minotaurmyth · 2 days ago
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hey what
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dykevillanelle · 17 days ago
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apt application asked for a "pet résumé"???? would u hire her
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stardustbby00 · 3 months ago
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finalgirlinpink · 7 months ago
okay but like a soft dom who tells you to ask politely for what you want and tells you to use your words not because you have to earn it or they’ll deny you, but because they want so badly to give you what you want and want you to know you deserve to want. soft doms who want to give you anything and everything they just need you to tell them because they can’t read your mind. they never want to deny you, or humiliate you for what you want, they just want you to learn to voice your wants and needs without shame, even the ones that feel vulnerable. soft doms who tell you to use your words because they’re going to praise the hell out of you for setting boundaries and voicing your desires because you deserve to have them just as much as anyone else. they want you to get comfortable with asking because they want to give you every last thing your heart desires.
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pinkkinlovee · 2 months ago
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jaskefer · 8 months ago
jaskier, pointing at geralt: that’s blorbo from my songs
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screamed-not-spoken · 6 months ago
i love the tad photoshoots so much bc there are the really serious, dramatic shots that get used in promotion/for the final album covers:
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but then there are also all the shots that just show how much fun they’re having:
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dandelight · 10 months ago
ok but when the amazing devil said “watching everyone i’ve ever loved walk past” and “never quite getting the knack of knowing that no one will not ever come back for you” and “would have stayed if you had asked” and “if i’m good will you come back?” and “how could you leave me here?” and “i won’t leave without a fight” and “know we’ll always love you even though you’re leaving us behind” and “nothing quite prepares you for when they don’t come back” and and and, 
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minotaurmyth · 22 days ago
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look at him instead
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airsignz · 3 months ago
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dykevillanelle · 6 months ago
anyway tonight i went out and they played the chain by fleetwood mac at the gay bar and i could immediately identify each and everyone who has been rotating gay pirates around in their heads like rotisserie chickens for the past christian week
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stardustbby00 · 10 months ago
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finalgirlinpink · 9 months ago
the fact that regency kink is a thing... 💖
i wanna be the pretty, quiet princess who's always reading or going on walks through the garden or painting, and no one really knows her well except for the butch knight that's assigned to the castle. the knight spends hours trailing close by, watching her and adoring her and knowing what she's thinking and feeling by the look in her eyes, or the book she's reading or the image she's painting because the knight knows her. they spend the evenings together in secret, and the knight brings her flowers and little gifts and one day, a necklace engraved just for her with the knights initials and hers. sometimes the knight escorts her to her room only to slip in when everyone else is asleep, and they fuck all night while the knight worships her with mouth and hands and cock, and the princess is utterly in love with all her heart
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pinkkinlovee · 3 months ago
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jaskefer · 4 months ago
its cool its fine i’m just thinking bout the way jaskier had to pry yennefer’s hands off of him when they reunite in the tavern but keeps ahold of her wrists in kaer morhen until she pulls away…
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screamed-not-spoken · 3 months ago
some parallels between not yet/love run and the rockrose and the thistle that drive me a little insane
sing me awake with a song about pirates // when you call to me asleep, up the ragged cliffs i scramble
without waking you said, “not yet, not yet” // a single thread hangs limply down, and i breathe “not now, not now”
not one, no none would raise to you a hand nor thumb, not while by you i stand and hum // i’ve run out of my words, my song, just let me die, me die
if my old mum could see me now, oh how she’d howl // all your mother’s weaves and your father’s threads, let me rob them of you now
seems to me that you can’t dance for shit // and you’ll gently gift it to me, cause you’ve no clue how to sew
all that matters is that you’re here // i know the kindest thing is to never leave you alone
not yet’s “i will try to harmonize” vs the gradual trade-off of rockrose’s lyrics, and how as joey slowly stops singing, madeleine takes over
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lovestruck-daydreams · 5 months ago
WAIT before I go to bed...
...imagine falling asleep in your f/os arms. Feeling safe and warm and cozy.
Thank u
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