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Chris and I- bringing our Baby home for the first time
Tumblr media
18+ just in case ALL FLUFF (slight mention of parent death) bringing baby home from being born choose ur own Chris (its an AU) COMMENTS & REBLOGS APPRECIATED no permission to repost republish or tralnslate.
"Chris why are you driving so slow?" I'm with our baby in the back while he's driving the Audi, (always my favorite car)
"Yea but hon it's our private road my baby's gunna turn three before we get to the house."
"Um excuse me its our Baby"
"Sure let's just so with that." I playfully roll my eyes and see Chris pout in the rear view mirror.
"That's not funny you know how long I've wanted a family for."
"I do and I'm sorry." I pause for a few second. "Actually I'm not because you're taking forever and I am in desperate need of a bath and she is going to need to be changed soon and you should get rest. Because I am not letting her cry herself to sleep. A d-"
"You think I'd do that? Hell no."
"Good because I'm not going to be the only one getting up so if you can increase to may at least 10 miles an hour. I'd appreciate it."
"Fine. "
"Dare I even ask for 30?" I flirty teases.
"Don't push it." His lip curls a bit.
My phone dings
"Scott left us cheesecake in the fridge and your mother will be bringing us dinner! God I love your family."
My tears well up
"I know. I'm sorry hon. I'm sure your mother would've loved to be here but I know she's watching over us. "
"I know I just....."
"Hey it's ok you've got my family and they love you more than me so"
I laugh
"It's gunna be weird without dodger there but I can't wait until he gets to meet his baby sister." I changed the topic in a dime-I know. And I know Chris knows I did that on purpose- it's too painful to talk about right now; especially with emotions all over the place.
"I'm glad everyone understood we wanted some alone time."
"Well it was that or we leave them on a porch to freeze."
"Oh my sweet little one you have no idea how much you're loved." I caress her cheek.
"Oh she knows did you see how much she loved people. Who visited her she drank it up."
"Oh I saw. I'm glad she has a big family who loves her. She's so beautiful."
"Just like her mama."
"What? Its true. She is practically your mini me. Franky I'm thrilled I was terrified."
"Yea gorgeous sexy actor who'd want to look like-"
"You do remember those scene where I had to dress up like a woman."
"Good point I'm still traumatized."
"We all were" he laughs
"Chris did we move at all?"
"Yes I'm getting there. Relax."
"Well she gunna be hungrey I know and you know I know when she is gunna get hungrey."
"And exactly how is that."
"Mommys intuition."
"I want daddy's intuition" he pouted
Oh thats easy see carry the child for 9 months and push them out through-"
"Ok ok I was there I don't need to relive it."
"You asked. We almost there I wanna cuddle. Honey we have plen-"
"Who said you I wanna cuddle with my baby girl."
"Me too."
"Well you know how we solve that?"
"We all cuddle together. Wait you seriously didn't think of that?"
"Hon I am just focused on the road."
"Chris you realized if you go to 30 miles we would've been there 5 minutes ago. Especially since Mama here is getting Hangrey" I cross my arms.
"Ok good point."
Within 2 minutes were back at home.
Chris and I unlock the carrier I go to get out he tells me to wait. He get the car seat/carrier he puts her down on the porch and we can see her from where we are.
"You left our child alone? I look at him with" widened eyes.
He pauses in mid movement not sure what to do or say
"I'm just kidding we can see her from here but hon I can walk by myself."
"I just want to help."
"Nothing I say will change things will it?"
"Worth a try. Anyway. Alright go. She needs to eat I want to sleep and you are on diper duty."
"Got it."
That was easier than I thought," I thought.
"Mother knows best." He replies
"How the hell do you know what I was thinking."
"Because we are that in sync."
"I had that inadvertent smirk on my face going didnt I?"
Before we bring her in he opens the door and goes inside for a moment. Then he comes back out.
He won't let me bend down to pick up the carrier so he picks her up but he are holding both sides of the carrier as we walk in together. Thankfully he has huge doors.
"Home sweet home baby girl."
We get the tiniest tiniest yawn.
"That was the cutest thing ever awww."
"I got it all on film baby."
I put my camera to record this. So I can send it to everyone.
Can you not send it to everyone on your acting friends list, that didn't go over well like anytime but just to our close close friends and family I don't trust everyone and its my baby and I-"
"I know I know calm down mama bear. I already have a baby list and got NDAs."
Ok so he's even more paranoid than me.
There was a moment of silence.
"What do we do first with her?"
he pauses
"I dont know."
"She's sleeping I dont want to take her out of her carrier."
"Me either dont wake a sleeping baby. We leave her on the floor and get changed?"
"I guess"
Were besides ourselves but we change and we sit on the floor and just stare at her.
"She's still asleep how is this possible"
"I don't know."
"We must have the most perfect baby ever- look at her sweet little breaths."
We stare at her, intensly for a while longer ok, for a lot while longer. He keeps trying to take his phone out. I put my hands over his. I mean after the 200th photo we can give it a rest and just take it in.
Chris mom, who has a key, had came and knocked with her finger to get our attention
"Why is she still in her carrier?"
"She's still sleeping."
"I dont want to wake her. I know she's gunna be hungrey and you know when she wakes up but I can't I can't help it. She's so."
We don't want to miss anything.
Ok you two how about you get some sleep and let grandma take care of her
Me and Chris both pout
Now go. You two sleep while you can.
Chris helps me up why I don't know. But he does and we crawl into bed and cuddle up and I fall asleep in his arms the next thing I know his mother is gently waking me, telling me she's hungrey.
Our sweet angel is brought in to me and Chris wakes up a second before she's brought into me.. she grabs onto my finger as she feeds.
I love you he kissed my temple
I know
He kisses her head and she gives him the dirtiest look.
I let out a huge laugh.
"You're just like mama" he boops her nose which does nothing to dispell her dirty look.
"Mommy doesn't like to be disturbed when he's eating either."
"Ignore daddy" her eyes turn back to me, turning soft, "hes crazy."
"She likes you better."
"Baby im sure its just cause she loves food and I'm her only clscourse. And she doesn't like me better its just babyy moids." I don't know if that aching but its worth a shot to confort Chris.
"I know she loves yiu too. She made grabbed hands towards you before she fell asleep."
"Yea. Right my little angel yiu love daddy too."
We turn on thr TV low and Chris put on C-span.
"One way to get her to sleep. But maybe save c-span for night time. Put on a movie."
"Which one? I don't know."
We finally settle on Disney's Snow White and not soon after she finishes eating and fals right back asleep. I hold her as Chris puts one arm around me and one arm around the baby.
His mother comes in without us realizing and apprently took a few pictures before she told us to say cheese.
"I'm tired"
"Sleep my love."
"We should put her down in her crib first I wanna do it together its the first time." I pout. So I'm exhausted I'm barely able to make it to her nursery but I'm determined for us to do this as a family. We gently placed her in the crib And Chris is apprently a master at hiding camera because he got the whole thing on film. We placed her in her crib and
and back before I'm out like a light. Chris later told me he held me while watching the baby monitor like a hawk until he fell asleep. I mean she's safe and were home and safe. Theres nothing I need more than what I have right now, snuggling into my husband the perfect first time home.
Ok sure she woke up up for feedings (which Chris got up to get her, and diaper changes and swaddling but she's a baby they do that but she's still a perfect baby... our baby... mine and Chris' perfect baby
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A Lapse in Judgment
Tumblr media
Summary: Restless energy and an ill-advised night jog land you in a heap of trouble with your man. Andy Barber x Black Reader
Warnings: Andy Barber, Daddy Kink, Bratty Reader, Spanking, Punishments, Cursing, Sexual Themes, Minors DNI
A/N: Requested by @writer84. Part of my ongoing Growing Pains Series. Partially written on my phone, so all mistakes are my own. Likes, comments, and reblogs are appreciated!
You spare a glance at the clock as you lace up your shoes. At just after 7:30pm it was a little late for a run, especially this time of year. But since you were bored out of mind and your man was busy burning the midnight oil, you figured this might be a good way to relieve a little bit of this extra energy that was currently coursing through your veins.
It was officially the holiday season. And while you enjoyed the festive decorations, music, and movies, this particular time also left you with a dull ache in your heart – because you missed your family. But sometimes being around them wasn’t always good for you, especially when it came to your mental health.
Instead you had chosen to spend this past Thanksgiving with friends, just like you had the year before. But unlike last year, you’d actually had three celebrations. One with your friends and then one with Andy and his family. Which had been so fucking lovely that it makes you smile just thinking about it. 
You hadn’t known just how much you’d needed a mom hug until Andy’s mother, Lisa, had wrapped you up in her arms and given you such a heartfelt squeeze. And even though you had only met her a couple of times since, you still cherished that moment. 
And later on that evening you and your man had each taken turns expressing just how grateful you were for each other. With the help of a French Silk Pie. You’d never made one before, but you now knew that it required a lot of work and was best enjoyed with a side of Andrew Barber’s abs. 
Still smiling, you throw on your jacket and take another quick peek at the time. 
7:42pm. Alright. If you were gonna be back before you man got home you needed to head out now. 
After making sure you have everything, you go ahead and step out of Andy’s brownstone and onto the porch. You take a moment to scroll through your phone, searching for the perfect playlist. 
While you stand there, you can’t help but feel grateful for this recent bout of unseasonably warm weather. Sure, it was probably global warming at work, but at least that meant you wouldn’t freeze to death. 
Setting your playlist on shuffle, you slip your iPhone into the fitness band attached to your bicep. And then you turn on your AirPods before checking the lock one last time. Satisfied that you had everything just right, you take off down the street and into the night.
You’re about fifteen minutes in when you realize that you were actually doing pretty well for yourself. You weren’t even breathing that hard. At least not yet.
Ahh, progress.
Looks like all that cardio at the gym was finally paying off. While your boyfriend was always very, very vocal about just how much he appreciated your curves, you really were a little concerned about some of that damned happy weight.
Sometimes your boyfriend even liked to join you. But seeing as he spent most of his time glaring at every man who even so much as dared to look at your ass, he never actually managed to get in much of a workout himself. You bite back a small laugh when you think about that time some guy, one of those wanna-be bodybuilder types, had asked if you needed a spotter. 
Andy had just stepped away to use the restroom, briefly leaving you all by your lonesome. Deciding to give into temptation and fuck with your fella just a little, you’d responded with “oh my gosh, that would be great”. You’d gotten through all of five reps by the time Andy had finally re-entered the main fitness area. And, oh, how you wished you could’ve had someone snap a picture of his face. 
Saying your man was pissed had been a colossal understatement.
Those two had spent several minutes exchanging quite a few testosterone-fueled snarls, grunts, and chest thumps before your very unhappy boyfriend had dragged your ass out of there. His proprietary grip on your waist had been so tight that you were pretty sure your poor feet had ceased to touch the pavement once you’d hit the parking lot. 
Your Big Man had seethed practically the entire way home. But the moment you’d stepped foot inside, Andrew Barber had you on the ground. The next thing you knew, he had ripped a hole in your expensive black leggings, before proceeding to fuck the living daylights out of you right there in the hall.
At least he’d had enough sense to shut the front door before raviging you like a wild man. Good god, you hadn’t walked right for two days by the time he was through. He’d shown you no mercy.
And it had been so freakin’ worth it.
Forcing yourself back into the present, you continue on. Not yet ready to stop, you keep pushing yourself, focusing on your breathing as you round the next corner of a familiar block. You decide to turn around once you make it to the outskirts of one of your favorite local parks.
Yeah. That would be far enough.
You’re also grateful that your phone hasn’t gone off, not one time.Which meant two things. One, that your Big Man was deep in work mode. And two, you’d be able to make it back to his place before he did.
Because now that you thought about it, you were pretty sure that he would not approve of your little adventure. Swear to god, he could be so overprotective sometimes that it bordered on ridiculous… 
Once you reach the park, you finally allow yourself a well-deserved break. By now, your precious lungs are on fire. Standing under a lamp post, you spend the next few minutes greedily sucking in air. 
You really should have brought along a bottle of water. But then again, you also hadn’t planned on running this far. 
After giving yourself a little more time to recover, you’re finally ready to head on home. But before you do, you remove your phone to search for a new playlist. Since your light jog back would act as your cool down, you needed something that meshed with your new vibe. 
And you can see that there’s still nothing from Andy indicating that he’s left the office. Thank goodness. Maybe you’d even have time to shower before he walked through the door.
A girl could only hope.
Forty minutes later…
Thankfully, your journey back to his place is just as uneventful as your quick jaunt to the park. You manage to keep a pretty good pace the whole trip, alternating between jogging and walking, which keeps blood pumping. 
And now you’ve entered the home stretch, putting you just shy of a block away from the finish line. Turning off your music, you decide to check your phone one last time. 
It reads 9:07pm.
You frown when you see that you still haven’t received a message from your man. Now, you weren’t typically one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but you were starting to find his lack of communication just a tiny bit strange.
And then you notice that you also haven’t received any Facebook or Instagram updates either. Alright. And the same holds true for your email as well. Okay, now that was really, really odd.
And then it hits you. 
You’d accidentally switched on your device’s Do Not Disturb feature at the start of your run.
Shit. Shit. Shit.
Bracing yourself for the worst, you quickly fix your settings. Less than two seconds later, you’re hit with a barrage of notifications consisting of missed texts, voicemails, and calls. All from Andrew.
Deciding to listen to forgo the voicemails, you go straight for your text messages instead. Seemed like a much better option. That is, until you actually read them. You make it through the first three before giving up. 
Concern. Panic. Frustration. And then more panic. It was all right there in his texts. By now it was pretty safe to assume that your Big Man had kind of gone off the deep end with this one. 
You’re in the middle of calculating just how long it would take you to run all the way back to your apartment when your phone buzzes in your hand. Which, of course, causes you to accidentally panic too.
Which means you accidentally hit decline. Oops. 
Well, at least you were being consistent. You’d be back at the house in a minute anyway. So you would deal with him then. 
And not a second before.
Five minutes later you quietly unlock the front door, wincing at the sound it makes as it slowly creaks open. You were almost certain that it had never made that noise before.
So much for trying to be stealthy. 
You pause when you briefly catch sight of Andy as he paces back and forth. And then you feel your phone vibrate.
“C’mon, c’mon.” He growls from somewhere just beyond your line of sight. “Damn it! Pick the fuck up, baby girl.”
Okay, now you were just being silly. You had no doubt that you could fix all of this with one simple explanation.
“Um. Hi, honey!” You call out as you work to remove your shoes. “I - I’m…back.” 
You hear a sudden burst of commotion from the next room, which sounds suspiciously like a chair as it connects with the floor. And then there he is. Your man. Looking like he’d just been through the wringer. 
His tie is long gone, and his light gray dress shirt untucked. Couple that with the fact that it looks like it’s missing a few buttons,  you can definitely tell that he’s been freaking out.  
“Jesus fucking Christ!” Andy is quick to bridge the distance between you, roughly hauling you against his solid chest. You give him a moment, ignoring the fact he’s squeezing you so tight that you’re having trouble breathing. 
You attempt to tell him that you’re fine, but the words come out too muffled. 
“What?” He asks when he finally lets you go. His large hands go to your biceps as he takes a step back to get a good look at you. “What did you say?”
“I said I’m okay.” You repeat, hating that you’d worried him so much. “Since you were working late I just decided to go out for a little run. That’s all.” Prying a hand from your arm, you press a sweet kiss to his knuckles. At least maybe now he could relax a little. “And accidentally managed to set my phone to Do Not Disturb too. Isn’t that funny?”
You brush by him so that you can head into the kitchen where you spy a bag sitting on the counter. Along with a dining room chair laying sideways on the floor.
Not a good sign.
“Smells good in here, Big Man. Did you,uh, bring home tacos?” When he doesn’t respond, you take it upon yourself to go ahead and look inside. “Oh, you stopped by Gomez Salsa? How yummy!”
Sighing, you go to fix the fallen piece of furniture. Maybe if you got him to eat something he’d –
“I’ve been home for almost an hour, Y/N.” Andy hisses from his place just outside the kitchen. “I called. I texted. Searched every inch of this place. Twice. And nothing.” While his tone remains eerily calm, his big body is bristling with anger. “I got nothing.”
“Aw, c’mon Andy Bear. I just told you that I accidentally turned off my notifications.” The charge in the air has you feeling more than a little on edge. “I’m sorry. I promise, promise, promise that I will be more careful about that. Okay?”
Your words do nothing to ease the tension radiating from his broad shoulders. In fact, they only seem to make things worse. 
Much worse.
“What stopped you from leaving a note, sweetheart?” He crosses his arms over his chest as he waits for your answer. “I mean, you had to know that I’d be pissed either way.”
“I - I didn’t think –” You stammer out, suddenly tongue-tied. 
“I’m gonna stop you right there, little girl. Because you’re absolutely right. You didn’t fucking think.” Andy’s caustic, unflinching tone catches you off guard. 
“I didn’t – I wasn’t planning on being gone that long.” 
“Of course you weren’t.” A dark chuckle rumbles out of his throat as he sinks his hands into his pockets. “Swear to God, baby girl. I just don’t understand why you would do something so fucking dumb.”
‘I’m not dumb, Andrew.” You hiss, resisting the urge to tear up.
“You’re right, Y/N, you’re not. In fact, you are one of the smartest people I know. Which is why I just don’t get what possessed you to go out running in the middle of the goddamned night!"
“Okay, now you’re just being dramatic.” You scoff, rolling your eyes. “It is not that late. This is exactly why I was trying to make it back before you got home.”
“Oh, really?” He responds, raising one imperious brow. 
“Yes, because I knew you would overreact like you always do!” You tell him, hands on your hips. “And then, bam! I’m in "trouble” with my big, bad Daddy. Pfft.” Reaching for the bag, you fish out a taco, unwrap it, and daintily shove it into your mouth. “And all because tonight I was cursed with having too much energy.”
The look he gives you lets you know right away that he doesn’t appreciate your tone. But at this point, you don’t really care. You were over this entire ridiculous conversation.
“Okay, baby girl.” Andy sucks on his teeth before scraping a hand over his bearded jaw. “Okay.”
“Okay, Daddy.” Comes your stubborn retort as you wolf down another delicious bite of food. “These are good. You should eat one while I go shower. Might help you calm down a bit.” You spare him a pointed glance before balling up your trash and tossing it in the garbage.
“Is that right?” He chuckles, somehow managing to sound anything but amused. Feeling brave, you snag a bottle of water from the fridge. And then you go to walk past him.
Or, at least, you try to.   
“Would you move?” You try again, only to have him block you yet again. “Agh! Please?”
“No.” That’s it. That’s all he says. 
“This - this isn’t funny, Andrew.” You grunt, doing your best to physically move him out of the way. But alas, the beefy bastard doesn’t budge. 
“Well, that’s good, Y/N. Because I’m not fucking laughing.”
“So what are we gonna do then, huh?” You huff, arms flailing wide. “Stand here and look at each other until…until one of us turns to dust? Which’ll most likely be you, by the way.” You poke him in the shoulder for good measure. And you can tell that your level of sass takes him by surprise. 
Grasping your face in his hand, he tilts up your chin, forcing you to meet his eyes. “Sweetheart, I’m only gonna say this one time.” You try to jerk away, but his grip remains firm. 
“You’re gonna drop this defiant little attitude of yours right fucking now.” He purrs, his stern eyes flashing. “And go park your ass in that corner right over there.” He points in a random corner, located just beyond the table. 
“And if I don’t?”  You sensed you were pushing him too far, but you didn't much care.
Andy smiles at you then, brushing a thumb across his lower lip. “Ass. Corner. Now.”
“Make me.” You were not about to go quietly into this good night. No, sir. Not without a fight.
“Alright, baby girl.” Shaking his head, he rolls up his sleeves before beginning to undo his black leather belt. He then makes a show of pulling it through the loops of his slacks. “I had a feeling we’d get here at some point." He muses, more to himself than you. "Evidently, you need Daddy to remind you just how serious I am about your safety."
“I don’t need anything from you except – ooh!” You shriek when he lunges without warning, tossing you over his shoulder as if you weigh nothing. “Shit! Andy, wait!” 
“Nope.” He grunts, sounding just as casual as can be. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you need me to take control. Which is exactly what I’m going to do, baby girl.”
“I’m sorry!” You cry, bouncing on his shoulder as he carts you up the stairs.
“Huh. Look how easy that was.” Andy’s hand comes down hard on your bottom. “Shame it’s too late for that.”  
“Agh!” You kick and squirm in his hold, but it's to no avail. Forget the cardio, you needed to take up street fighting to deal with your district attorney. “You are such a fucking brute!”
All that earns you is another slap.
“Not yet, I’m not.” He grunts as he shoulders his way into his bedroom. Your Big Man then unceremoniously dumps you on the bed. And when you try to crawl away, he grabs hold of your ankle. It takes him a moment, but somehow he maneuvers you in such a way that allows him to restrain your arms behind your back with help his fucking belt. 
You cry out again in frustration, the sound now muffled thanks to his stupid comforter. And then your world tilts once more as you’re lifted and then draped across your man’s lap. 
“Alright.” Andy mutters as he gets you both settled. “Now that we’re both comfortable, how about we try this again? Hm?”
“Fine.” You grit out. “I’m sorry for –”
“No, no.” Your man is quick to interrupt. “I’ve heard enough out of you. It’s Daddy’s turn to talk, and you’re going to listen.” A soft whimper escapes when he drags the material of legging and panties down your thighs, exposing your ass to his feral gaze. “Understand?”
“Yes.” You whisper, suddenly fascinated by the grooves in the panels of the hardwood floor. 
“Yes, what?” Andy snaps, delivering a solid blow to your upturned rear. "Don't tell me you've forgotten already."
“Ungh! Yes, Daddy!” You hiss, biting your lip as you sink your nails into the fabric of his pants. 
“Much better, thank you. What you did tonight wasn’t just dangerous.” He begins, double checking your bonds to ensure that they aren’t too tight. “It also showed an incredible lapse in judgment, along with a complete disregard for your safety!” 
Sometimes Andy Barber’s patented daddy-mode also came with a lecture. And this evening you seemed to have earned yourself one hell of a good one.
“I –”
“Quiet!” Your Big Man barks as your spanking continues. “You didn’t leave a note because you knew, you knew, that I wouldn’t like it.” Smack. Smack. Smack. “You deliberately made one careless decision after another.”
Smack. Slap. Smack.
One particularly hard blow has you trying to scramble off of your perch. But your efforts are thwarted when he throws one of his heavily muscled thighs on top of your own.
“Ow!” You wail, hating the salty taste of your tears. “Andy! Daddy! Oh shit, stop!”
Crack. Smack. Slap.     
“Do you have any idea how terrified I was?” He snarls as he liberally reddens your vulnerable flesh. “Are you really surprised that I’m tearing your ass up right now? The reason isn’t obvious to you?” The spanks keep coming, leaving you a squirming, whining mess.
“I get it! I swear!” You howl, not caring if his neighbors heard your pitiful pleas. You were just ready for your punishment to stop. “I won’t do it again, okay?” You sniffle, wiping your face on his pants. 
“Damn it, Y/Nl! You could have been assaulted, mugged, or worse. And no one would’ve had the slightest idea that you needed help or even where to start looking for you, including me!”
Andy delivers several more harsh slaps, making you cry out with each one. But he’s still not done. 
“And then, when I confront you about it, you want to act like a complete fucking brat.” He chuffs, briefly pausing to paw at your sore left cheek, squeezing roughly. “Absolutely not! Never again, my gorgeous girl. You’re much too smart for all of this.”
Smack. Slap. Crack. Holy shit, your ass was on fucking fire!
The grip you have on his calf slowly goes slack as you begin to sob. “No reflective clothing, you were wearing your earphones. I just –” He trails off, trying to calm his breathing. “Promise me you won’t do this again.” 
“I promise.” You hiccup, watching your teardrops hit the hardwood. 
“Thank you.” Andy growls before administering a few last smacks to your already smarting derriere. “You ever pull some crazy shit like this again and, swear to God, I’ll give you a taste of my belt.”
And you knew without a doubt that he most certainly wasn’t kidding. 
“Yes, sir.” You sniffle, feeling positively depleted.
“Good girl.” He hums, lightly raking his nails across your heated backside. “You ever find yourself feeling restless like that again, then you call me so that I know I need to make a special trip to wherever you are so that I can fuck you so good you can’t move.”
“O-okay, Daddy. Can I please sit up now?” 
“Of course you can.” Adjusting your positions, Andy helps you right yourself so that you can finally look into his stormy blue eyes. “There we go, baby.” He gently wipes a stray tear from your cheek before sucking his thumb into his mouth. 
“Your little tears tast so sweet.” He murmurs, brushing his full lips against your temple. “Here’s how the rest of tonight is gonna go. You still listening?”
Unsure of what else to do, you can only nod as you stare at your lap.
“I’m going to help you get cleaned up, and then we’re going to go back downstairs so that I can feed you. After that, we’ll get on with the rest of your punishment.”
“The rest of my punishment?” You breathe, your eyes wide with confusion. “But I - I thought we were –”
“Done?” Your Big Man finishes for you, the word spilling out on the heels of a laugh. “Oh, absolutely not, young lady.” Andy tucks a stray curl behind your ear. “Once you’ve had dinner, you’re going to spend the rest of the night riding your Daddy’s cock.” 
A small shiver of anticipation courses through you as your traitorous pussy clenches at his words.
“Daddy just wants to make sure we do everything we can to get rid of whatever’s left of all that pent up energy.” He nips at your jaw as two of his talented fingers slip between your thighs. “Even if it takes all night.” 
In fact, he secretly hoped that it did. Otherwise, how the fuck else would his stubborn baby girl learn her lesson?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Outside the Storm
This is my entry for MIssy's 3.5K follower event: You were one of my first follows on here, I am happy to have the chance to participate. @saiyanprincessswanie
Summary: Steve Rogers is the most feared mobster in the Eastern US, and you had fallen for him. What happens when the love fades and you need to escape? In walks Andy Barber-is he your savior or another nightmare?
Tumblr media
Word count: 12,938K (Still no chill 😬)
Characters: Soft Dark Steve Rogers x Reader; Andy Barber x Reader; Jake Jensen and Reader (Platonic)
Mafia AU; Defending Jacob doesn't exist
Prompt: "No one else would get to hurt you again, you were his"
Warnings: Your media consumption is your responsibility-This story contains dark subject matter, please stay away if you cannot handle; Smut, lots and lots of Smut; Forced Anal play; angst, lots and lots if angst; Fluff
Once again, a huge shout out and thank you to @peyton-warren who kept me sane and walked me through every word. I couldn't do any of this without your support
You looked at your reflection, hardly recognizing the woman you saw, really just a shell of the person you used to be. You picked up the business card, running your fingers over the embossing on the front, turning it over to see the handwritten phone number, a number you had dialed over and over, always hanging up after the first ring.
You continued staring at your face, noticing new lines, feeling as if your youth was gone, your soul having survived a thousand lives. You stared at the name on the card, again twirling it over and over, dialing and hanging up. Until you didn’t.
“I’ll meet you tomorrow, one o’clock, the place we first met,” you said after you heard the click connecting your call. You hung up, not allowing time for a response, your heart pounding, blood rushing, your ears roaring.
You hid the card in your purse, a secret pocket only you knew about, knowing if he ever found it, you were dead. Steve Rogers was not a man you betrayed, yet with one call, you had sealed your fate, no turning back now.
You stared at your reflection, seeing nothing of the girl you were when you fell in love with the head of the largest mafia syndicate in New York, hell over all of the East Coast. That girl was dead, replaced with an older woman, one who was tired. You stood and walked over to your bed knowing sleep would elude you again.
You weren’t sure how you were able to do it, but you managed to leave the house unnoticed and alone, something that didn’t happen too often. Steve didn’t like you being alone with so many enemies who would do anything to get to him, even hurting you.
You sat at your regular table in the corner where you could see everything yet remain unseen, blending into the area around you. You sipped your soda, your eyes continuously scanning everything. He walked in just as your eyes made it to the door, your heart thundering in your chest, hands shaking.
“Thank you for agreeing to meet with me,” Andy Barber said as he sat across from you, a gentle smile on his face. “I know the risk you’re taking, I know what I am asking of you-” he continued, pausing at your scoff and eye roll.
“Do you really, Mr, Barber? What you’re asking of me will cost me my life, not that there’s much left of it anyhow,” you retorted, sarcasm dripping from every syllable. “Look, I will hear you out, I will take every word into consideration. But if I do this, I vanish, as if I never existed, and Rogers will never find me. Those are my terms.”
Andy shook his head in agreement, willing to give you everything you asked for for intel on Steve Rogers. He had built his career on doing the right thing, fighting the bad guys, and Andrew Barber was fucking good at his job. But getting to put Steve Rogers away for life, effectively crumbling the New York crime syndicate would be life changing. Steve Rogers was ruthless and cold, yet smart.
“I understand your hesitation but I will do everything in my power to get you out alive.” Andy placed his hand on top of yours, squeezing it to reassure you. You met Andy’s gaze, trusting him almost immediately, trying to ignore the warmth of his touch.
“Okay, when do we start?” you asked, your stomach somersaulting, a feeling you hadn’t had in a long while; you liked Andrew Barber. He was handsome, devastatingly so, his blue eyes so piercing they seemed to see your very soul. You liked how soft his skin was, the way his smile reached every feature on his face, so genuine. You wondered what his lips felt like, how his hands would feel exploring every inch of your bare skin as he kissed every part of you.
“Are you okay?” Andy asked, his voice cutting through your very sinful thoughts, thoughts that had you squeezing your thighs together. “Do you think you can start now, we can record everything for the record. I have an office no one knows about, one rented under a pseudonym by the district attorney's office just for cases like this.” Andy rubbed his thumb over your knuckle, soothing your anxiety, almost as if he had known you all your life.
“Yeah, okay. But we need to go now, and I will do it all at once. Steve thinks I’m at my mother’s house for the next week; I told him she was ill. It’s the only reason I was able to slip away unnoticed.” You looked out the window, wondering if this was truly the right thing to do. You had loved Steve Rogers once, did you still?
“I know how dangerous this is, and I wouldn’t ask it of you if I didn’t think you could handle it. Your strength is quiet, but strong. And if those marks are any indication of your life, then Rogers needs to go away for good.” Andy watched you shift in your seat, self consciously adjusting your jacket.
“Make no mistake, Mr. Barber. I am not a battered woman. These marks are for everyone else, so they know who I belong to. Steve has never hit me, never once laid a hand on me. These marks are the result of his love, of his fucking me into the ground.” You held his gaze, no shame in your words at all; Steve Rogers was a damn good fuck, the best you’d had.
“Be that as it may, it doesn’t change anything. Rogers needs to go away, and you need a new life. That is what I will give you, I promise. And please, call me Andy.” He smiled gently, your hand still in his grasp, his eyes never leaving yours, never showing one ounce of judgment.
You cleared your throat, unable to hold Andy’s gaze. No man had ever looked at you the way Andy was, not even Steve. “Well, Andy, let’s get this going. The sooner it’s done, the sooner I will disappear.” You grabbed your purse, leaving a hundred dollar bill on the table. Andy stood, leading you out to his car. There was no turning back now, even if you wanted to.
Steve’s POV
Steve pulled into the driveway happy to finally be home. He had been away for almost two weeks, and he couldn’t wait to see you. And fuck you. He had tried to sate his need with other women, but none of them could ever amount to you. You were perfect. Your hair, your skin, your pussy. He had turned you into the perfect woman, and he made sure to mark you everytime he buried his cock in you.
Steve made sure he had everything, almost forgetting the jewelry he had gotten you. The soft velvet housed a gorgeous white gold necklace and ring set, beautiful alexandrite in the center, small diamonds surrounding both in a teardrop shape. Steve knew you loved colored and rare gems, just how he saw you. Stunning and rare.
Steve still remembered the first time he saw you, standing outside of the lecture hall, laughing with the president of the most popular fraternity on campus, your hand resting on his arm. In that moment, Steve wanted to kill any man who even looked at you, and from then on, you were his. Everyone knew who Steve Rogers was, and Steve Rogers always got what he wanted.
Steve opened the door, surprised at how dark the house was, wondering where you were. You weren’t normally gone this late. He pulled his phone out, shooting a text to his head of security to see where you were as he wasn’t used to not knowing your location at all times. Hell, he’d even hired your best friend as head of his technology section. Jake Jensen was such a goofy motherfucker, he never once worried about you being alone with him.
As he waited for a response to his text, he pulled up the tracking app he had installed on your phone without your knowledge, one of the many secrets he had paid Jensen handsomely to keep confidential. He saw your phone showing at the hospital near your mother’s home, his concern and wariness growing.
He shot a text off asking if everything was okay with your mom, setting your present down, losing his tie and shirt. He made his way to his office, poured himself a bourbon as he waited for your reply. You’d never given him a reason to not trust you, but there was something about this that didn’t sit right with him.
His head of security texted back to let Steve know you’d been called away earlier by an emergency, your mom had collapsed and was found unconscious by her home health nurse. The agency had you listed as her emergency contact, calling you about her hospital admission.
Steve was considering this story when his phone rang, you on the other end. He listened as you explained the days events, the steady beep of the heart monitor playing in the background of the conversation. You told him it would be about a week before you’d be home, even with the home health nurses on duty. Steve, of course, told you not to worry about anything but your mother, that he would be here waiting, and to call him if you needed anything at all. He asked if you’d like him to join you once he returned, not revealing that he had already arrived home from his business trip. You told him it was fine and that you’d see him at home, ending with telling him you loved and missed him.
Steve hung up, alarm bells ringing in his head. He immediately called Jensen, commanding round the clock monitoring of your location and communication, to be reported directly to him. Steve poured himself another glass, staring into the fire. He wasn’t sure what would happen or what he would find, but hopefully it was just a feeling.
He drained the rest of his drink, leaving your present on his desk as he headed to his bedroom. He hadn’t slept in about a day and exhaustion was catching up to him. Steve decided to go straight to sleep, changing into flannel bottoms with no shirt, sinking directly into bed, his dreams sending him into even more concern and chaos.
You remembered the first time you saw Steve Rogers, his large shoulders, striking blue eyes, classically handsome looks all focused on you as if you were the only person besides him to exist. You found yourself pulled into the orbit of his space and you honestly felt you were finally where you belonged.
Steve introduced himself, his gaze never wavering from yours as you told him your name, the other man all but forgotten. You knew about Steve Rogers, everyone did, but you never thought Steve Rogers would care about someone like you.
He walked along with you, stopping to offer a ride when you realized you’d missed the last bus back to your apartment. You were hesitant, stranger danger and all, but you found yourself unable to say no, almost as if the world would shatter if you did.
The drive was comfortable, as if you two had known each other all your lives. And maybe for you, you had. Steve Rogers was everything you’d dreamed of, the man of every dream you’d ever had. Tall, nice, focused solely on you and you alone, even if you two had just met. You’d never had that in your life, always feeling invisible or unseen compared to your friends.
Steve listened as you talked about your goals, veterinary school always your dream since you could talk. You had always had a better connection with animals, humans had always managed to let you down or disappoint somehow. You had just finished your second year of your post graduate degree, your clinicals starting in a few days. You’d only been at the school to pick up your rotation for the next semester.
Steve had never been one for love or relationships; he’d learned early in life that you couldn’t trust or depend on anyone but yourself, something his father had always made sure he remembered, especially once he had started learning the business. The Family Fucking Business as the movies liked to say. Every time he watched The Godfather or Goodfellas, he always had a good laugh-nothing about his life was glamorous or pretty. Well, nothing until he met you.
He could listen to you talk all day, every minute, his life finally finding purpose outside of fortune and power. He was lost in the mellifluous sound of your voice and realized he’d missed the last five minutes of your conversation. You laughed at his confusion, finding yourself also lost in him.
He walked you up, stopping outside your door as he tried to memorize every last detail he could, not knowing when or if you would want to see him again. As you stood watching him, trying to find any reason not to say goodbye, you threw all caution to the wind, suddenly finding the courage to do something you never would have.
You stood on the tips of your toes, snaking your arms around Steve’s neck, and before you could change your mind, placed your lips on his. You felt Steve still and wondered if you’d just humiliated yourself until you felt him relax, a hand on your lower back, the other on your cheek as he leaned into the kiss, taking over.
You don’t know how long the kiss actually was, all you knew was the burning in your lungs finally forced you apart. You rested your forehead against his, both of you gulping in breaths of fresh air. Steve pulled back, his cheeks flushed as he continued stroking your cheek softly with his thumb, the trail of heat still on your skin as you allowed yourself to look at him.
You stood in silence, both too lost in each other to say a word. Steve asked for your phone number after a few minutes of being silent and still, handing over his phone as you held your hand out. You typed your number then called yourself to save Steve’s, placing one more kiss on his lips before you ran into your apartment and locked the door.
You leaned against the closed door, your heart pounding, your stomach fluttering wildly, brushing your fingers over your lips where you still felt his. You squealed in delight, scaring the kitten you’d just brought home from class after you performed an amputation on his tail caused by a deep infection which would not heal.
You picked up Nubbins, happy in a way you’d never experienced before. You were always the quiet one who was only spoken to when men were trying to hit on your friends, you were never the main character in any story. Yet, this man you’d only known for two hours had changed all of that. You heard him chuckle and wish you a good evening with the promise you would hear from him soon.
You made dinner and started going over your schedule for the next semester, your favorite movie droning on in the background when you heard your phone vibrate. You jumped, the noise scaring you for a moment as you weren’t used to anyone really texting you. Nubbins grumbled and yawned, moving to sit on the other end of your bed after you had so rudely disturbed his sleep.
You saw Steve in your banner notifications, your heart skipping a beat. He couldn’t wait any longer to talk to you, and you couldn’t be happier about not playing it cool. You texted with Steve well into the night, falling asleep past one in the morning. You knew you’d be tired for your first shift at the local shelter, your meeest clinical site, but it was completely worth it.
You woke up at six, heading to the shower first thing as per your normal morning routine. You dressed quickly, almost forgetting your phone on the way out the door. You had just locked up and finally opened your phone to check the time so you didn’t miss your bus. You heard your name as you came down the front steps, looking up to see Steve standing there with a cup of coffee.
You flushed, not used to having someone take care of you like this. Steve opened up the car door for you, making sure you were buckled in before he made his way to the drivers side. He asked for the name of the shelter, putting it in his GPS as he pulled away from the curb,
From that moment on, you never took another bus again. Steve was always there to pick you up and take you home, sending one of his most trusted men if he was working or out of town. Steve took you to dinner, to musicals, the movies, anything you wanted to do, Steve made sure you did.
The next two years continued like this, Steve being the loudest one at your graduation, your biggest cheerleader through all of it. Nubbins adored him, and you had to admit your heart melted every time you saw your large and cold man enraptured by a tiny ball of floof, finding Nubbins napping on Steve many times.
The sex was always amazing, right from the start. Steve was used to women falling all over themselves for a chance at him, even if for only one night. You, however, you didn’t. You wouldn’t sleep with him until you were sure the connection between the two of you was genuine. You weren’t playing hard to get, nor were you frothing at the mouth for a taste of him. Steve had never met anyone like you, and once he had tasted you, he was never letting you go.
The first time with Steve was straight out of one of your favorite romantic movies: slow, sweet, and incredibly sensual. You’d made your way to his house after dinner, heading in for a nightcap. As you sat and talked, you realized you were ready, you wanted to take this leap now.
You put your glass on the table grabbing Steve’s and placing it next to yours, moving onto Steve’s lap, straddling him as you started to kiss. You felt his hands move down your back, one coming to settle on your hip, the other in your hair as he held you close.
He groaned as you rolled your hips over his lap, feeling his cock harden beneath you, causing you to moan and roll your hips again, trying to find any type of friction.
Steve pulled back, pushing your hair out of your face, his hand caressing your cheek as he stared deeply, asking if you were sure that you were ready, that this is what you wanted. You nodded silently, never breaking eye contact as you felt him lift you from the couch, your legs wrapping around his waist as he carried you to his bedroom.
He kissed you deeply, moving you softly and gently to the bed, propping your head on his pillows. He kneeled between your legs, kissing you again, moving from your mouth to the shell of your ears, down your neck to the swell of your breasts.
He kissed down your stomach, his hands landing under your shirt and pushing it up, his lips following the trail of his fingers. You arched your back up to allow him to remove your shirt, so completely lost in the sensation of his touch and tongue. He removed your bra as he made his way back down your neck, his eyes locked with yours as he took one nipple in his mouth, the other in his hand.
You had never remembered being this sensitive, every lave of his tongue, every nibble of teeth, every kiss sending electric shocks up and down your body, your mind filled with nothing but Steve Rogers. He switched breasts, paying just as much attention to your other nipple, the cool air sending goosebumps down your flesh.
He kissed down your stomach, his hands moving to your pants, unbuttoning them and pushing them slowly down, making sure he kissed every inch of skin down one leg and up the other as he dropped your pants to the floor. Your hands moved onto his head, twining in his hair as he nosed your clothed pussy, your scent already intoxicating to him.
He rubbed up and down over your lace thong, fascinated with the wet patch forming from his ministrations, your grip on his hair tightening the more he teased. He finally hooked his thumbs under the waistband, all patience lost as he ripped them off easily, his mouth finding your clit immediately.
You cried out, his mouth so warm and wet against your cunt, every nerve firing off with pleasure as he sucked and licked, inserting two fingers in. You cried out again and again, the sudden fullness mixed with his suckling hurtling you over the edge, your orgasm immediate and hard.
He worked you through it, his cock straining against his pants as he watched you fall apart. You came a second time, crying out, barely registering the loss of his mouth before you felt him slowly slide his dick in, your walls grabbing on tight. He swore he had never felt a pussy this good, and from this moment on, it was only for him.
As you came back to reality, you found your hips moving in time with his, slow and steady as he fucked you, his forehead resting on yours, his eyes locked onto your face as he kept taking you apart. You opened your eyes, completely lost in the sensations your body was experiencing.
Steve hooked an arm under your right leg, allowing him to fuck you deeper and deeper, his fingers gripping your hip so tightly you knew would leave marks of the best kind. You told him not to stop, begging Steve to fuck you harder, slower, deeper again, cumming for a third time when you felt his hand drop to your already sensitive clit. You felt his rhythm stutter, his thrusts growing more sharp until he came, filling you up so completely you weren’t sure where you began and Steve ended, your bodies and souls wrapped in one sweaty shell, both trying to catch your breath.
Steve had you over and over, his appetite for you never diminishing even as the night turned to morning. He finally let you rest, your body curled around his as you fell asleep so easily. He held you as he also allowed exhaustion to take him, waking a short while later. He wanted you again but made himself let you rest as he went to make some food for you both. He didn’t have any plans for the rest of the weekend, as far as he was concerned, his only job was to fuck you over and over until you had to work on Monday. And Steve took that job very seriously indeed.
You’d never felt so beautiful, so wanted as you did when Steve was buried inside you, your taste all over his face after spending hours with his mouth in your pussy. You had tried to reciprocate his selflessness only for Steve to push you back down and make you forget your previous attempts. You wanted his dick in your mouth, his cum pouring down your throat, but that wouldn’t happen yet. At that moment, it was all about you, learning to read every moan, every gasp, every touch that made you sing.
It would be another month or so before you were able to fulfill your need to suck his cock. You were relaxing in his office, studying for your boards, Steve outside on the phone for business, and in that moment, you couldn’t help yourself. Watching him pace, yelling and frustrated, his veins were popping out of his neck, You watched him slam his phone down, your eyes drawn to the power this man exuded by simply existing.
You waited until Steve had calmed down and made his way back inside, dropping into his chair behind the desk. You poured him a glass of bourbon, setting it down in front of him, running your fingers through his hair as he hugged you. You dropped a kiss on his head, feeling him relax into you.
You couldn’t stop the need blooming through you, just the touch of his fingers creating a heat you could no longer ignore, nor did you want to. You lifted his face, peppering kisses down his cheek, over his jaw to the other side, moving from his face to his neck, licking and biting as you went.
Steve moved his head back, allowing you easier access to him as he wound his hands in your hair, tightening his grip the lower you went. You dropped to your knees, spreading his thighs to make room as you ran your hands up his legs, stopping at his belt. You looked up at him, silently waiting for approval, and so happy you’d decided to leave your hair down, your scalp tingling with each tightening grip.
Steve looked down, lust blown features over his face, twisting in ecstasy as your fingers ran over the bulge in his pants. With one nod, barely perceptible, you unfastened his belt, slipped your hands beneath the waistband of his boxer briefs, and pulled both down as Steve lifted his hips.
Your mouth watered at the sight, his cock hard and leaking. It took everything in you not to immediately shove him down your throat, but you held back, placing long licks up his shaft, stopping to suck the tip in before licking your way back down.
Each lick caused a sigh, each time you sucked just the tip, it caused him to pull your hair tighter, his hips lifting off the chair to push down your throat more. You lifted his cock, moving to suck his balls into your mouth, causing you to smile when your heard a moaned and strangled fuck leave his mouth.
You couldn’t deny how beautiful and sexy you felt in this moment, bringing this powerful man to his knees, a feeling you hadn’t felt often. You finally stopped teasing, your lips wrapping around Steve as you slowly worked your way down, taking a deep breath, starting to exhale as you worked his dick down the back of your throat, humming to relax enough to let him in and remind you to breathe.
You felt his hands tighten the more you swallowed, until you stilled, your drool running down. You looked up at Steve, waiting for him to relax. Once he stilled and his breathing was a little slower, you started to move, allowing him to fuck your throat, his taste filling your senses.
You allowed Steve to take over, his hips thrusting more and more, harder and harder as he worked towards his own end, your drool dripping down his balls onto the floor, and as you looked up at him, he swore he had never seen a more beautiful sight in his life.
You felt him start to thrust faster as his breathing quickened, moans and fucks falling freely from his mouth. You continued to let him lead, finally sated as he spilled his cum down your throat, his taste permanently seared into your memory as you swallowed it all down, waiting for Steve to release your hair before you moved.
As Steve slowly relaxed his hold on you, you made your way up, releasing his already softening cock from your mouth, making sure you swallowed every last drop. Steve grabbed you, settling you on his lap as he kissed you deeply, completely possessive as he tasted himself on you.
You should have seen the warnings then, felt the shift in Steve, but you were so in love, you missed it all. He loved you, he adored you, he worshiped you and your body. It started slowly, little marks here and there, nothing you couldn’t cover.
Eventually, it all changed. Steve marked you every time he took you, making sure everyone around knew exactly who you belonged to. He moved you into his home while you were at work, something you’d only spoken about, but hadn’t made a final decision on, and before you had a chance to discuss it with him, he showered you with gifts including a ring you’d had your eye on for a while. He made sure to fuck you so completely and thoroughly; it worked. You never broached the subject again, accepting this as your home.
Life continued on, and with each passing day, Steve’s obsession grew more and more. He wanted to know where you were every hour. He would text and if there was no immediate response, he would call. You made the mistake of not answering once while you were working; when you got home, Steve immediately took you upstairs and threw you down on the bed, tying your hands above your head.
You’d discussed exploring certain kinks, but this wasn’t about that. This was about ownership, obedience-you didn’t answer the phone, you needed to be punished, something to remind you who was in charge. That’s exactly what he did, edging you for hours, tears pouring down your face as you begged for release, your tear-filled promises music to Steve’s ears.
Once he finally let you cum, you thought that was it, but Steve wasn’t done with you. He spent the next hour making you cum over and over again, until your body went limp. You’d passed out, the last four hours too much on your body. Steve removed your restraints, and left you to grab a warm washcloth from the bathroom, cleaning you gently before gathering you to his chest. You woke up hours later, your body sore, warm from Steve’s body covering yours.
You were thrown into the dark side of this relationship, punishment becoming more frequent and painful. Steve wanted to make sure you remembered who you belonged with, belonged to, who loved you. You didn’t want to make anything worse, but sometimes your mind asked if this was actually love. And in those moments of doubt, Steve would be kind, he would be caring, he wouldn’t mark you as he fucked you.
In those moments, Steve was more of the man you fell in love with, less of the man who made you question your life with him. In those moments, he would hold you, kiss you, tell you how you had made him the luckiest man in the world. He would make love to you, show you off to people at any functions he attended.
In those moments, you were his shining light. You made him feel, something he thought he had lost the ability to do. Then he would flip a switch, the mere thought of you with someone else causing his jealousy to rise. Those moments were the worst.
Not only were you marked all over, you were fucked too hard and before you were wet, your screams of pain fueling his thrusts. He would take you any way her wanted; your pussy, your ass, your mouth and all you could do was allow him.
The longer this happened, the harder it was for you to hide your bruises, to walk without pain, making you quit your job. The more questions people asked, the more ashamed you became. Yet, in his own twisted way, you just accepted that this was what love was for Steve, therefore this is what love was for you.
You cannot remember the exact moment you decided maybe this wasn’t love, that maybe you weren’t meant to be with someone who had to make sure you and everyone around him knew who you were and who you belonged to. You became a toy, an object for him to display, to bend and mold to his will.
The first time you really learned about his work was a day unlike any other; it was the day your view of Steven Grant Rogers shifted into something irreparable. You had handed in your resignation and made your way home early, upset at losing something you had worked so hard for.
You headed to the bedroom to undress, stepping into a hot shower where you finally allowed yourself time to mourn your career. You loved animals, you loved helping them, and you had to walk away from that because Steve finally broke something inside your soul.
You dressed quickly and made your way to the kitchen. Steve wasn’t usually home this time of day, so you were looking forward to having the house to yourself for a while. You had to get every negative emotion out now or you would pay later.
You made your way to the kitchen, grabbing your favorite bottle of wine on the counter, opening the fridge to make something to eat. As you were making your sandwich, you heard a thump from the basement. Putting down your wine, you grabbed the largest knife in the butcher block as you made your way down.
You heard the thumping continue followed by groans, the noise getting louder the deeper you went. Your heart was thudding loudly, your only thought being you hope Steve wouldn’t be mad when he found your dead body.
As you rounded the corner, you stopped dead. In front of you was Steve, flushed from exertion. You watched as he punched a man restrained by chains hanging from the ceiling. You weren’t allowed downstairs ever, and now you knew why.
You watched Steve beat this man over and over, your mouth twisted in horror. This wasn’t the man you loved. This was a psychotic monster dressed to look like Steve. You watched the stranger’s blood splash with each hit, spraying all over Steve’s dress shirt, his knuckles bruised and bloodied.
You shoved your fist in your mouth to stifle your heavy breathing, willing your feet to move, to leave before you were caught, but you were frozen. The stranger looked over at you, his face swollen, but you saw him ask for your help.
You turned and ran before Steve caught you, the last sound to follow you out was screaming which ended with a gunshot. You ran upstairs and hid in the walk in closet, tears streaming down your face.
You’d always heard the rumors and whispers about the business Steve was in, but you never fully believed what anyone said. Now you knew just how naive you had truly been. You heard the door to the basement open, Steve’s voice carrying through the house as he gave directions to his right hand on removing the body.
You jumped as you heard him make his way upstairs, running to the bathroom and turning the shower on to hide yourself from Steve, and maybe also to try and wash away what you’d just witnessed. You quickly undressed and showered again, staying in for as long as you could.
You wrapped yourself in your robe, took a deep breath and opened the door to the bathroom, faking a look of surprise at seeing Steve home. He looked up at you, his clothes changed and blood free. He asked what you were doing at home, you said you had quit your job today and came home early.
As you walked to the closet to get some clothes, your heart once again thudded in your chest. You were scared it was so loud, Steve would be able to hear. You jumped when you felt Steve behind you, his hands working your robe off. You leaned back into him, afraid he would know the truth if you didn’t accept his affection.
Steve kissed your shoulders, up your neck, stopping at your ear. He whispered he knew you were lying and asked why you had been downstairs, his hand gripping your arm in a bruising grip. He grabbed your hair, pulling you to the bed as he bent you over, working his pants and boxer briefs down his legs, freeing his already hard cock.
You cried as he spit on your asshole, his cock in hand as he stroked it slowly. You begged for lube, for anything to prepare you for this invasion, but it fell on deaf ears as he pushed into you. As you felt him stretch your already abused hole, you hated the betrayal of your body, your cunt growing wet with each thrust.
Steve was relentless, fucking you slow at first, trying to allow you time to adjust before he started to fuck you deeply. You felt his hand reach around and gather your slick as he worked your clit. Your tears stained the bed, whether from pleasure or pain, you weren’t sure. You hated that he could make you feel so good while taking what he wanted with no concern for you.
He rubbed your clit harder, your orgasm rushing over you as you came all over his hand. You felt his thrusts quicken, however you weren’t able to keep track as he made you cum again and again. You finally felt him stiffen, your hole filled with his cum as he continued to fuck you through both of your orgasms, his dick softening with each twitch, your skin raw and irritated as his cum leaked out.
You sobbed quietly, long after he’d pulled out and left you limp on the bed, heading to the bathroom to clean himself off. He came back in the room, stooping down to whisper in your ear that you knew the rules. Downstairs was off limits and lying about it was why the punishment was so rough, dropping a kiss on your cheek leaving to change his clothes and head back down.
You laid on the bed, your tears soaking the sheets, unable to move, disgusted as you felt Steve’s cum leaking out of you. After what felt like hours, you finally stopped sobbing and lifted yourself off the bed, crawling on your hands and knees to the bathroom. You filled the tub with hot water, gently lowering yourself into the bath, the water stinging your sore and abused hole.
You sat in the water with your knees pulled up to your chin until the bath had turned cold and you started shivering. Only then did you stand up and wrap yourself in your fluffy robe, heading towards the closet carefully as you were still in intense pain.
You turned to look at the bed, still covered with cum, yours and Steve’s, but you couldn’t bring yourself to lay down. You opened the door, cautiously looking around for Steve, and made your way down to the guest bedroom. You laid down, covering yourself with the blanket as you started quietly sobbing once more, finally falling asleep once you’d cried all you could, which became the new normal for you.
Present Day
As you finished up the history behind you and Steve, Andy sat quietly, his attention focused only on you. You couldn’t meet his gaze, afraid you would see pity there. Pity was the last thing you wanted, especially from a man you’d known for twelve hours.
You stood and made your way to the table where you’d set your purse down, reaching in to grab your insurance. You walked back to Andy and placed the drive in front of him.
“This is everything I have on Steve. Names, positions, wives, girlfriends, everything you need to put not only him away, but many of those around him also.”
“How were you able to compile this without him knowing?” Andy asked, impressed by your strength and courage.
“My best friend growing up is a tech genius, former special ops. He has been helping me for a while. He created a software program that feeds from all known and unknown government databases. Facial recognition, full background checks, anything that has ever been documented, dark web shit too. I would get a lot of information from the wives. Get a little wine in them and they talk a lot. I would feed this to Jake and he would gather all of the intel he had and match it with what I was told.”
Andy got up and disappeared into another room, returning with his laptop. He plugged the drive in and opened the encrypted files with the password you gave to him. As he watched everything open, he realized that this was it. This was everything he needed to take down not only Steve, but most of his payroll, some high ranking officials and politicians. What Andy was looking at was a nuclear weapon and he held the code.
You sat quietly as Andy worked, your mind wandering back to Steve. You knew this would seal your fate and you would never see him again. You weren’t sure how you felt, or how you were supposed to feel. You were relieved because you would no longer be his prisoner, yet you grieved the loss of him. There was a time you were so in love with Steve, you couldn’t wait to be his wife. Now, you couldn’t even stomach looking at him let alone him touching you.
“This is it. This is everything I need to make sure Steve never hurts you again, or anyone else for that matter. Once I do this, once I make the call and blow this up, you can never go back again. Do you understand what I’m saying? Do you still want to do this?” Andy turned and grabbed your hands, his thumb rubbing a soothing motion.
“I’m sure, but I do have some requests. I disappear immediately when you are done with me. I don’t need anything, I have a sizable amount of money stashed away. I want a new city, a new name, and I want to be able to practice again eventually, in some capacity. I can do shelter medicine, work somewhere small, I don’t care. I just want some part of my life back.”
“I can make you disappear, I will be the only person who knows where you are. My plan is to keep you hidden the entire trial, which should be quick with everything you’ve given me. After the trial is done and I’m sure Steve and everyone associated with him are gone, once I’ve done this, I will make sure to find a way for you to resume your veterinary career.”
You didn’t know why, and this was something you didn’t think you’d ever be able to do again after Steve, but you trusted Andy. You believed every word he said; you couldn’t be sure if it was because you truly did or if it was wishful thinking, but right now you couldn’t care less. Right now, he was here and he was keeping you alive.
“I have an idea for your friend. I will have to make some calls and see what can be done, but this database he’s built would be an amazing asset to our government. FBI, CIA, every branch of the military, this would change the face of national security for the better. Would he be open to something like that?”
“I would need to verify this with him the next time he checks in and updates me on Steve, but I don’t think he’d turn you down at all.” You smiled, grasping Andy’s hand tightly, your feelings bittersweet. You looked up to see Andy staring deeply at you, his face etched with worry and pride. You tried to ignore the flutter of your heart at his gaze, reminding yourself this was just another business proposition for Andy, nothing more.
“Well, I think I will try and get some sleep.” You stood, clearing your throat to cover the sudden rush of emotion in your voice. “Were your men able to get me everything I asked for?” you inquired as you moved to grab your purse. You wanted to shower, take your Ambien and sleep if possible. Insomnia had been your constant roommate the last year or so, why would tonight be any different?
“Um, yes, yeah. They put the bags in the master bedroom for you. I’ve made up the bed, there’s a bathroom in the room for you so you will have complete privacy. There’s a television and any streaming channel you could possibly want. I will make sure to have someone bring your cat to you once we’ve made the arrest.” Andy stood to guide you to the room you would call home for the next week or so.
“I don’t want to take your bedroom, please don’t let me be a bother at all. The guest room or any couch will be perfectly fine.” You followed Andy down the hall, finally agreeing to take the master suite. You walked over to the bed and started looking through all of the items and clothes that had been left. You couldn’t wait to step into a piping hot shower, letting the world fade away for just a bit.
“Well, I will leave you. If you need anything, please let me know. I will most likely be working out in the living room. There are snacks and food in the fridge, anything you want is yours.” Andy moved to stand in front of you, lifting your chin up so you would look at him. “It’s almost over, I promise. Now, try and rest, I will check in on you later.”
You thanked Andy, your skin still warm from his touch, and you could have sworn you saw something in his face, his eyes, something that made your stomach flutter and your heart pound. You shook your head telling yourself Andy could have his pick of any woman, the last thing he needed was one as broken as you.
You made your way to the bathroom stripping as you went, the bag of toiletries in your hand. The shower was hot and soothing, your back finding relief from the tension coiled there. As you stood under the hot stream, you cried. You cried for the loss of yourself, you cried for the loss of your love, you cried at the sheer relief of escape. You cried until you had nothing left.
You turned the shower off, and stepped out, so thankful Andy had the men pick up a fluffy robe. You wrapped yourself tightly and stood before the mirror, wiping the steam to look at your reflection. You applied your moisturizer, brushed your teeth, and made your way to the bed to change. You sat down and grabbed the sleep medication from your purse, taking two. It had been days since you had actually slept, and all you wanted for tonight was a chance to escape.
You laid down, your phone in hand as you scrolled through your updates from Jake. You texted from the burner phone Jake had set up for you, completely untraceable by anyone. Jake created this phone just for you and that thought had you in tears again. If it hadn’t been for Jake, you would never have been able to do this. You’d have been stuck in this endless cycle with Steve.
You responded to let Jake know what was going on, catching him up on your conversation with Andy, your requests, and how things were going to proceed. Jake begged you to be safe, letting you know he would check in with you tomorrow. You said goodnight and dropped the phone back in your purse.
You turned on the TV, and found one of your favorite movies streaming. As you leaned back against the pillows, you drifted off to sleep immediately, your meds and pure exhaustion kicking in. You hadn’t even changed your clothes, still dressed in only your robe on top of the bed, dreamless for a few hours, the only amount of rest your brain would allow.
You tossed and turned, your voice strangled as you tried to wake up, but you couldn’t out run him. Steve was all around and no matter where you turned, he was there. You tried to climb out of the darkness, but it enveloped you, blinding and suffocating you. You jumped up, gasping for air as you felt a pair of strong hands on your arms.
You screamed, thinking Steve had found you, completely forgetting where you were. Andy continued to hold you, trying to keep you from hurting yourself as you continued to blindly fight. Andy grabbed you, pulling you tightly into his embrace, holding you as you started to calm down, your tears wetting his shirt as you sobbed.
You finally calmed down enough to pull back and see the worried look on Andy’s face as he still held you, you finally relaxing into his embrace. You felt safe as Andy gently rocked you back and forth, his hand rubbing your back. Andy didn’t ask you about it and you didn’t offer any explanation, but you knew he understood where the panic had stemmed from.
You started to breathe evenly, your eyes slowly starting to close as you were lulled back to sleep by Andy. You startled awake when you felt him lay you down and cover you with the blanket. As he turned to leave the room, you grabbed his hand and pleaded with him not to leave you alone. Tonight, you needed him, not realizing that this was the exact moment your feelings started shifting towards this man and away from the one who hurt you while claiming it was love.
Andy laid back down, staying above the covers, pulling you back to him, his arm around your waist as you quickly fell asleep again. What you didn’t know is that Andy was feeling the exact same shift in emotions, having been single for so long. Not to say Andy was a monk, but he had only accepted the physical from another person, always scared to make the emotional commitment too. All of that was different with you.
He thought you the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, everything from your hair to your smile instantly making him an addict. He didn’t think he’d ever be able to get you alone long enough to let you know who he was and what he wanted, but he was damn sure going to try.
He learned your patterns, watching you for about two weeks, non stop. He wouldn’t let anyone else do this, he needed you to trust him. He had seen the pictures, the marks, old ones fading while new ones littered your skin. He hadn’t given you enough credit though, which is how you surprised him when you turned around and asked him why he had been following you.
Andy was so impressed, you had rendered him speechless. As he stumbled to find the words, he almost felt like he was back in high school and talking to his crush for the first time. When he finally found his voice, he handed you his card, his personal cell phone written on the back. No one outside of his job had this number, Andy always trying to keep those around him safe. And now, you were the most important thing to him, the one thing he wanted to protect and cherish for the rest of your lives.
Andy felt crazy. He didn’t believe in love at first sight, but his first look at you had sealed his fate. You accepted the card, turning to head back to your car. Andy watched you pull away, looking away only when your car was out of his line of sight. Andy didn’t think you’d call. He thought it was going to take a few more encounters.
He waited every day, still making sure to keep you under his watch, even when you were at home. He knew what he was risking, but he couldn’t let you go. You called while he watched the light in your room turn on, making himself wait before he answered the call.
You agreed to meet him, and the moment he sat down across from you, he knew this was it. He was done. You had ruined him for any other woman. He couldn’t help but grab your hand to soothe you as you started to talk, Andy hanging on every word you said. When you agreed to leave with him, well, he couldn’t remember a time in his life that he had ever felt this happy.
He had never let anyone into his home before, always worried about privacy and protection, but with you, there was no other place he wanted you to be. He listened as you recounted you life with Steve, jealous at the way you spoke about Steve in the beginning, then wanting nothing more than to murder him with his bare hands by the end.
He didn’t pity you, he knew you didn’t need nor want that from him. He admired you, your strength, something he had never witnessed before. He was impressed at your ability to compile all of the necessary information before Andy even came into the mix. You were brave, you were fearless, and this only made Andy fall for you even more.
He not only learned about Steve, he also learned about you. He learned your passions, your likes, your dislikes, he learned what made you happy and what made you angry, he learned about you, the real you; the you who you thought was dead and buried. He learned it all, committing every last detail to memory. When all of this was done and Steve was locked away, he would give you all of this and more. He would give you anything you asked for.
He had wanted to kiss you when he walked you to the bedroom. Seeing you standing there in his space, his most sacred area in all of the world, it unlocked something inside of him. He wanted to grab you and kiss you stupid, but he knew you weren’t ready for that. He made himself leave, immediately making his way to the bar for another drink. It took all of his strength not to kiss you, throw you down on the bed and taste you until you couldn’t remember your own name, let alone Steve’s. He wanted to show you how you deserved to be treated, how you were the most important thing ever to exist.
He listened as the shower turned on, and all he could think about was the hot water running down your breasts, your hand running along your body, your cunt warm and inviting. He felt his pants tighten, his thoughts only on your naked body. He imagined himself between your thighs, one thrown over his shoulder as he ate you out, your wet pussy dripping your essence down his face. He imagined your scent trapped in his beard, his fingers coated in your slick as you came over and over.
He loosened his belt, opening his pants and pulling them down enough to free his thick and hard cock, the head coated in his precum. He gathered it on his hand, grabbed his dick and slowly started to stroke his shaft, making sure to wipe the tip every time he reached the top.
He imagined you turned around your face pressed against the wall as he entered from behind, your tight and warm pussy hugging him perfectly, as if it was made only for you. He started to stroke faster and faster as he pictured himself slowly fucking you, pulling you back to kiss your neck. He pictured your hips bouncing back to meet his thrusts, your moans the only thing he ever wanted to hear again.
As he felt himself about to cum, he wondered what you looked like when you came. He saw you in his mind, breathless and lost, your orgasm completely possessing your body and soul. As he pictured you cumming, he felt himself stutter, his thrusts into his hand uneven and rushed. He imagined your cunt squeezing his dick tightly as he came, his cum covering his hand and landing on his shirt. He panted as he tried to catch his breath, his ears filled with his heartbeat, his head filled with nothing but you.
After he cleaned himself off, he changed into sweats and a hoodie, needing a distraction to keep him from making his fantasy come true. He worked for hours, completely unaware of the time as the hours passed by. The drive you had given him was a dream for any lawyer; names, dates, every transaction on a credit card, any ticket, everything right at the tips of his fingers.
When he heard you cry out, he ran to the bedroom and threw open the door. You were still asleep, but you were crying and whimpering. He grabbed your arms and shook you, trying to wake you, but nothing worked. You screamed when you finally opened your eyes, trying to free yourself from Andy with your arms and legs.
When you had finally calmed and started to sleep, he tucked you in, dropping a kiss on your forehead before turning to walk away. Andy heard you stir and saw the look on your face, causing him to make his way back to the bed. He wanted to make sure you felt safe and comfortable, so he stayed on top of the covers.
He slipped his arm around you, pulling your body back against his, you fitting as if you were always meant his embrace. He felt you drift off again, following you into slumber not long after. Andy didn’t normally sleep, usually only three to four hours a night, but with you warm and safe in his embrace, he drifted off into the best sleep he could ever remember having. He would do everything in his power to make sure this is right where you stayed.
You woke up warm and comfortable, having slept better than you could remember. You stretched and rolled over, snuggling into the chest, startling when you realized you weren’t alone. You looked up, Andy sleeping peacefully, his arm around you. You reached out, caressing his cheek, the soft motion happening before you even realized what you were doing.
Andy stirred, clearing his throat as he brought you in closer, resting his chin on the top of your head. You let the warmth pull you under again, and for the first time, you felt completely safe and protected. You didn’t know what it was about Andy that inspired such confidence in you, but he did, and you would enjoy every minute while you could.
You woke a little later to Andy rubbing his hand up and down your arm, slowly bringing you back to reality. You stirred, stretching out your body as you felt Andy chuckle, the rumble low and deep from his chest. You looked up at him questioningly, offended you were being laughed at.
“I’m not laughing at you, put the pout away,” he said, smiling down at you. “You stretch like a cat, full body and long.” You slapped him on his chest and sat up, only just now realizing you were still dressed in your robe, which was hanging precariously open . You asked what time it was, moving out of Andy’s embrace to go use the bathroom and start your day.
Andy informed you it was a little past ten in the morning, which shocked you. You never slept past six maybe seven at the latest. Andy said he’d go get some food started to let you have some time to get ready.
As you entered the living room, your mouth watered at the smell of whatever Andy had made. Your stomach gurgled loudly, causing Andy to chuckle as he sat a plate in front of you. You took a bite, closing your eyes in pure delight as the flavors hit your tongue. You and Andy ate in quiet yet comfortable silence, you grabbing the plates once you were both done eating. Andy fought you until you compromised and allowed him to help you clean up.
As Andy sat down to do some work, you reached out to Jake to check in, needing to hear his voice and know he was safe. Jake informed you Steve had returned home early and was anxious to find out what you had been up to. Jake managed to stave him off for a while saying you were with your mother for testing that would keep you occupied for a few hours. You thanked him, promising him you were safe and would reach out to Steve soon.
Andy continued working, asking you questions over everyone in the files, and what you knew about them. You stopped about an hour later and texted Jake you were going to call Steve. Jake set the heart monitor noise in the background as you used your personal cell phone which Jake kept located at the hospital.
You gave Steve an update, making sure to keep the noise consistent as Jake helped keep the call authentic. When you disconnected, you sighed and rolled your neck and shoulders, tension immediately setting in when you talked to Steve.
Andy closed his laptop and asked what you felt like for dinner, anything you wanted. You told him your favorite food, and of course Andy knew exactly where to order it from, shocking you when he chose your favorite restaurant. You quirked an eyebrow and looked over to see Andy shrug. You had told him your favorite place during your story, and Andy made sure to remember.
You felt yourself loosen up, your mood instantly boosted at the fact that you were heard, a feeling that hadn’t happened in a very long time. While you waited for the food to arrive, Andy poured you a glass of wine, your choice being a sweet moscato while he sipped on the same.
When the food arrived, you and Andy ate, him regaling you with tales of his most humorous and memorable cases. You couldn’t remember the last time you had laughed so hard, Andy pouring more wine for you both as the night continued. You both decided to throw on a show you’d been wanting to watch forever, but you didn’t even make it through the first thirty minutes before your breath evened out as you fell asleep on his lap.
Andy looked down and made sure to cover you with the blanket across your lap as he went back to work, quietly so as not to wake you up. Whenever you moved, he stilled until you settled, keeping you covered up. His hand eventually found its way into your hair, gently playing with the loose pieces as he continued working through more files.
Andy drifted to sleep a few hours later, his head resting on the back of the couch. You woke up, waking Andy up to head to bed. Andy followed you down the hall, and as you stood outside the door, you looked at him, asking him to stay again. Andy silently followed you in, getting under the covers this time before pulling you into him again.
This became the routine for you two, sleep, eat work, spending time together, then sleep. This was your comfort zone, where you wanted to be. You weren’t sure you would ever feel safe or comfortable after Steve, but you wouldn’t shut the door to this chance if it happened.
On the last day with Andy, the end of the week you had agreed to in the beginning, you found yourself sad, disappointed that this was coming to an end, the day moving way too quickly for your taste. Andy slammed the laptop shut, leaned back and took a deep breath. This was ending way too fast for him also. You looked up to see Andy glancing down at you, your head laid across his lap as he played with your hair, your breath catching at the look on his face, a look you hadn’t seen in a long time.
Andy reached out, running his thumb over the apple of your cheek, causing you to lean into the soft and sweet touch. You leaned forward, your lips ghosting over Andy’s, your breath soft and timid. Andy leaned in, deepening the kiss as you lost yourself in his touch. As you moved to straddle his lap, Andy stopped you, his breaths short as he looked at you.
You immediately pulled away, embarrassed and ashamed at his denial. As you stood to leave, tears falling freely, you felt Andy grab you. He pulled you into his embrace, whispering that as much as he wanted this, he didn’t want to go too fast. He didn’t want to lose you, now that he’d just finally found you.
He grasped your chin, making you meet his eyes, wanting you to believe his every word. Andy meant it, he wanted to take his time with you, explore you, he wanted to love you in a way you had never been loved, but he needed to make sure you felt the same while he also needed to keep you alive.
“It isn’t that I don’t want to,” he said softly, his thumbs wiping the tears away as they fell. “I need to be able to keep you safe, to keep you alive, and I cannot do that until Steve is gone. I also need to know this is real, that your feelings are for me and aren’t just grieving a loss or fill a need. This is real for me, so real. I have never felt this way about anyone in my life.” Andy searched your face, trying to find the answers to the questions he so desperately needed.
You reached out and ran your hand along his jawline as you stood up to kiss him, every answer left behind on his lips. He kissed you again, pulling himself away leaving both of you breathless. You entered the bedroom, immediately finding home in his embrace, trying to memorize every touch, every breath before you were pulled apart.
Andy held you, both of you kissing, afraid to drift to sleep. Eventually, you both fell off into a dreamless sleep, morning coming way too fast for either of you. You packed everything up, Andy giving him men orders. After the car was packed, you and Andy stood silent as you drank each other in one last time.
“I am the only one besides my men who will know where you are.” Andy pushed stray strands of hair behind your ear as he continued. “Jake has been secured complete immunity on the condition he becomes a top tech professional for the US government, all branches. He will be set for life and will be able to contact you whenever he pleases.”
You nodded, trying to prolong this moment, still not ready to say goodbye. Andy moved to the side, opening the door to the SUV you were to leave in. Jake stepped out, his large and goofy smile on his face as he grabbed you in a tight embrace, lifting you off the ground. You cried tears of relief knowing your best friend, well actually family, was still alive.
He handed you a phone, going over all of the features as this was the last piece of technology he would be able to make for you. This phone was encrypted with only himself and Andy able to call or text. You could make calls and text of course, however Jake had made this phone completely untraceable with a new phone number spoofed every time you used it. Jake was excited to begin this new chapter, but completely scared of what time would bring. You assured him this was not the end, that Andy had made sure you’d always be able to reach him, even see him anytime you wished. As Jake said goodbye, he quietly whispered about how much he liked Andy. He approved, and that meant more to you than anything else. You watched another vehicle pull in, and squeezed Jake one last time.
As Jake was swept off to begin his new life, you turned to Andy, almost immediately seeking out his comfort. Andy helped you into the back of the vehicle, making sure you were buckled in and secure before placing a kiss on your lips, urgent and filled with sadness at having to let you go. You promised this wasn’t forever, Andy promised he would come back for you as soon as Steve was gone. Andy watched you leave, turning to head inside and start the war.
The cottage was so small and secure, Andy’s men splitting time between guarding you and also living next door. Andy made sure to call you every day, and every day, you received something from him. A book you’d wanted to read, your favorite fruit, anything that you mentioned, Andy made sure was yours.
It had been two months of non-stop contact, Andy reassuring you he was safe. He spared you the details of the raid, only letting you know that Steve was gone. The next day, you were awakened by gentle purrs and head bumps, opening your eyes to see your favorite cat.
It would be another few weeks before you were updated again, Andy unable to text and call daily the further the trial progressed. You’d kept tabs on the news, able to watch Steve’s empire fall. You felt a sense of relief pour through you once you’d read the headline detailing Steve Rogers fall from grace, his empire blown up from the inside out.
High ranking politicians, police, business men, other mafia contacts all brought down and eliminated by one Andrew Barber. You watched the trial end, Steve found guilty on all counts. Steve would never be free again, nor would he see the light of day, his sentence relocated to a very secure underground prison meant for the most dangerous men.
You waited for Andy, ready to finally be with this man who’d allowed you to live once again. With all of Steve’s people gone, it was safe for you to come back. You looked at your phone, waiting for a call, a text, anything to let you know Andy was coming back, but it never came. Another week passed with nothing from Andy. You called Jake to catch up with him, so proud of him. He was the most important and sought after commodity to national security, and you couldn’t be happier for him.
You were about to give up on Andy, resigning yourself to the fact you had once again trusted the wrong man. You snuggled with your cat, finally allowing your tears to fall. You fell asleep snuggled up, his purrs lulling your anxiety.
You were awakened a short while later, a hand on your cheek while gentle kisses were peppered down the side of your face. You opened your eyes, immediately seeing the one person you wanted more than anyone.
“Andy,” you breathed, immediately falling into his embrace. He kissed you, needy and rushed, wanting nothing more than to be here with you in this moment. He pulled away, his forehead resting on yours as he panted.
“Hi. I came as soon as I could,” he said, twining his fingers with yours. You leaned into him, kissing him again, holding him so close. You looked around, making sure the two of you were alone. He assured you the men were away in their place, that the two of you were finally and completely alone.
Andy gently laid you back, removing his shirt before climbing up to meet your lips. You sighed as he started to kiss your neck, softly nibbling, licking, kissing as he made his way down. He stopped at your collarbones, his hands sliding up your sides as you moved to remove your tank top, offering him access to the breasts he’d dreamed about since the first moment he saw you.
He nipped your nipple, taking it in his mouth as he bit and worked it over, removing his mouth to allow the cold air to hit as he worked over your other nipple, alternating between the two before moving his kisses down your stomach, his hands grabbing your shorts, pulling them down as he went.
You leaned back as he kissed up from your ankle to the knee, ending at the top of your thigh as he moved to the other leg, making his way down from your thigh to your ankle, chuckling when you huffed in frustration, so close yet still no relief. Andy made his way back up, your hands finding his hair as he finally reached where you wanted him most.
He inhaled your scent, losing all control as he dove in, his tongue licking up and down your wet slit, your moans sweeter than he ever imagined. He moved to your clit, sucking the small bundle between his teeth as he slid two fingers into you. Andy almost came right there, your pussy more sweet and soft than he had dreamed.
He worked his fingers in and out, sucking relentlessly as he felt your cunt tighten and squeeze, knowing you were close. He rubbed his clothed cock on the bed, seeking any type of relief while he made you scream, your cries overtaking every sense. He continued suckling, over and over, your juices running down his hand as he made you cum again and again, not letting up until you pushed his head away.
He kissed his way up, stopping at your breasts again, almost making you cum again from the sensitivity as he landed at your mouth. You kissed him deeply, your taste spurring you on more and more. You flipped him over, straddling his lap, his hard cock rubbing over your already oversensitive pussy.
Andy lifted his hips, allowing you to pull his pants down, grabbing his cock, dragging the tip up and down your wet slit, causing Andy to thrust up. You positioned him at your entrance, slowly sinking down inch by inch, his cock filling you to the brim.
You started to rotate your hips, keeping his dick nestled deeply inside, the motion making him still, allowing you to take what you needed from him. This was all about you, what made you happy, what made you feel good, marveling at how beautiful you looked in this light, fucked out yet still fucking.
You leaned down, your hair covering his face as he grabbed it and pulled you closer, kissing you slowly and deeply, following your rhythm. You rode him slow, barely lifting off his cock, taking him so deep you felt him in every part of your pussy, warm and slow.
As you continued fucking him, you sped up, your head thrown back in ecstasy as you balanced your hands on his chest. You bounced harder, your hips swiveling, feeling your orgasm building higher and higher. You continued your pace, chasing your end as you felt Andy thrust up, meeting you.
You let go, your cunt gripping him tightly as you cried out, his name the only word you seemed to know. You felt him still, his hot cum shooting into you, as he kept himself buried deep, not wanting to ever leave the shelter of your pussy.
You laid down across him, panting as your heart started to return to normal, your breaths short and shallow. Andy rubbed his hand up and down your back, his hot breath in your ear. He kissed you over and over, letting you know that this is what he had wanted for you. He wanted you to feel safe with him, knowing he would never do what Steve had.
You fell into a deep sleep, his now softening cock still sheathed fully as he continued to comfort you, making sure you were resting and comfortable. This moment was more than he had ever felt he deserved, and you would never be alone again.
His phone lit up, silenced to make sure you weren’t disturbed. He opened his texts, one message popping open from an unknown number. “It’s done, everyone is asleep.” Andy sent a message acknowledging he’d received it, closing his phone, placing it to the side nightstand. You moved, moaning from the action, Andy keeping completely still.
Andy was a man of few words, but many secrets; he would tell you one day, but for now, this Andy would be all you knew, the prosecutor so in love with you, he would end the world. Andy thought back to his conversation with his most trusted man, Curtis. Curtis had been with Andy from the beginning, helping him build an empire so secret, no one knew who the actual leaders were.
Andy sat silently as he processed the news Curtis had sent. Steve was gone, never to be seen nor heard from again, along with all of his men, leaving Andy in charge, Andy who now had a direct line to Jake.
Every last person in those files had been handled, allowing Andy to silently seize control. As he looked down at you again, he felt so warm and loved. Andy wasn’t sure of much, but he was very sure of one thing: No one else would get to hurt you again, you were his.
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- a perfect moment -
Explicit | Daddy!Andy Barber x Baby!TJ Hammond
Summary: ‘Morning Daddy’ were the words that greeted Andy as he woke up with soft lips pressing against his chest and the smell of fresh coffee coming from his nightstand. He didn’t normally sleep in, but the previous night had taken quite the toll on his energy reserves, in the best possible way. [1657 words]
Tags and Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, Smuf with Feelings, Dom/sub dynamic, Daddy Kink, Dirty Talk,Cock Warming, Spanking as Punishment, Anal Fingering, mentions of rimming and anal sex, Andy is a proud daddy dom who feels lucky as hell 🥰
Thank you to @sidepartskinnyjeans for coming up with this great idea, and cheerleading me through it, as well as beta'ing it together with @late-to-the-party-81 .
At the end of the fic there's a very nsfw gif and you can all thank @howdoyousleep3 for always sending me the best porn gifs ❤
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lovebittenbyevans · 13 hours
Two Of Us | Prologue
Tumblr media
Summary: Everybody has a past. Nobody is perfect. You have known twins brother's Frank and Andy for a long time. You was finally figuring out your life until things became different and change between the three of you.
Pairing: Frank Adler x Female Reader x Andy Barber
Warnings: angst, one cursed word
A/N: This series will be a little of the same plot but different and new version. This series is renew and I hope you guys like it. Enjoy reading!
Prologue: Complicated
When you woke up, your head was pounding furiously. You put your hand on your forehead and noticed you weren't in your hotel room. You were somewhere in another room.
What the fuck? You were wondering how much you had to drink last night. Before taking your phone from the nightstand and checking something on it, You took a moment to glance around the bed for your phone.
From: Jace
I'm sorry babe. Let's not argue. I'll see you back home
You read the text message again before you understood who and where you were. You noticed you were dressed in Frank's clothes as soon as you got out of bed. You couldn't recall getting dressed or stopping by Frank last night.
You left Frank's bedroom and went straight to the kitchen, where you saw him working on his laptop and drinking coffee.
"Angel, you are finally up." He glanced at you while taking another sip of his coffee.
"Why am I sleeping in your bedroom?" You asked, looking at him.
"I've never seen you drunk before. I guess Paris brings out a side of you–" You cut him off.
"Frank!" You were getting annoyed by him.
He chuckles a bit. "Ok, you came by me already drunk telling me something about you and Jace not getting along."
You hide your face behind your hands as you hide your embarrassment. "Oh my god. I am so sorry."
Frank stood up and approached you, laughing slightly as he pulled you into him. "It's ok. Everybody has their drunk moments." You pull back a little when you notice your heart beating rapidly as you stare at him. "Yeah.
Frank looked at you again and realized that you were no longer so near to him. "Y/N, we–" You interrupted him.
"No, just no. Nothing happened." You said, shaking your head.
"So, we started with a lie?" He took both of your hands in his.
You sighed and rolled your eyes. "Frank–"
He shakes his head as his hand caresses your cheeks. "Don't act like this past week you didn't know what happened." You knew what he was talking about. Why bring this up now?
"We only spend that one time together." You let go of his hands and turned your head away from him. He started to talk again, but you interrupted him. "Look, I'm going to get my things and catch my flight back home."
He knew you were lying. He could see it all over your face.
You returned to Frank's bedroom to change into the clothing you had worn last night. You went back into the kitchen and grabbed your shoes, purse, and phone.
"Another thing. You have a visitor waiting for you back in your hotel room. Kayla told me to tell you." Frank couldn't keep his eyes off of you.
You walked to the door after putting your shoes on both feet. "Oh, congratulations on your new coffee shop." You opened the door and saw Clarissa standing there grinning. "Y/N, I didn't know you would be here for breakfast as well."
You grumbled a bit. "Hi, Clarissa but I'm leaving."
You passed her while walking directly to your Uber. You hopped into your Uber, closing the door shut while the driver took you where you needed to go. You were going to miss being in Paris after spending it here in a few weeks.
After your Uber driver had left, you managed to enter the hotel. Standing at your hotel door was a familiar face that you knew. "Andy?"
Fuck! You were doing everything to avoid him. You forgot he only came to Paris to support his twin brother Frank who opened his coffee shop here.
"Y/N, we need to talk." He said, looking at you.
By using the card key, You opened the door as you approached it, and Andy followed right behind you. "Talk about what?"
You unzipped your suitcase and started to arrange your clothes. "You are joking, right? Pumpkin, don't do this." As Andy approached from behind, you merely stood there with your back to him.
A part of you wanted to cry but you didn't want him to see you cry. You knew exactly where this conversation was going. You didn't want to have these conversations with him and Frank.
These past few weeks in Paris when you were with Jace both Frank and Andy didn't know how to act around you but for some reason, you were feeling something you have never felt.
"It shouldn't have to be like this," Andy muttered.
Hurting is what you are feeling. Flame and this burning feeling are how you can describe what was going through your body. It almost feels like a breakup between the three of you but it wasn't. You were with Jace and happy so you thought.
So, why does this hurt?
"Look, my time with Jace in Paris. I love it even though it did have bad moments, but I could truly see him and me together." You zipped up her suitcase while wiping away your tears with your finger.
"Y/N, choosing a lie over the truth." Andy struggled with whether or not to believe you.
After bringing your suitcase to the door and putting it there, you grabbed your jacket and put it on after gathering the other items you required for your flight.
This was not how you wanted your last day here in Paris, France to end. You unlocked the door and peek back at Andy. You noticed he wanted to cry. "Goodbye, Andy." A tear started to fall down your cheeks as you exited your hotel room and shut the door. You quickly wiped it away and hurried to your Uber that was waiting for you downstairs outside of the hotel to take you to the airport.
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darkdazekid · 14 hours
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miserable-sarah · 26 days
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chris x Reader
Warnings: Cocky Chris, (Dom)Chris, (Sub)R, unprotected sex, cock warming, talking down on you, dirty talk, daddy kink, nsfw
Summary: Chris back from a business trip and very frustrated.
“Hi baby!” You yell running up to Chris, you wrap your arms around his neck and wrap your legs around his waist. You give a welcome home kiss, you pull away smiling. He was not.
“Hey” he says putting you back on the floor.
“What’s wrong?” You ask concerned usually he’s all over you when he gets home.
“Nothing” he mumbles grabbing a beer from the fridge. Maybe he just had a rough flight. He walk out the back door to the back yard. You stand in the kitchen unsure what to do. Usually when he’s mad he likes to be alone to work through he’s feelings but he just got back from a 5 day trip he should be all over you. You take a deep breath and put on a tough face. You walk outside.
“Hey” you say louder than you intended. He looks over at you eyebrows raised “uh” you shift uncomfortably “what’s wrong? You’ve been gone for 5 days and then you come hom-“ he cuts you off
“Not right now Y/n” you hesitate to say anything, Chris isn’t scary or abusive in anyway it’s just he’s usually not like this and you don’t want to push him.
“Yes right now” you cross your arms standing your ground. Chris gives you a ‘oh really look’ he moves in his chair so he’s sitting straight up.
“No Y/n not right now” his leg is draped over the chair keeping himself wide open. You bite you lip quickly.
“Why?” You try to keep your mind straight. Chris leans back in his chair and sips his beer. “Why?” You repeat yourself, he still doesn’t answer. He’s ignoring you, he knows how bad that pisses you off. You always tell him it’s one of the worst things he could do. “Are you seriously ignoring me right now?” He just flicks his eyebrow and takes another swig. You scoff and shake your head. You walk back in the house pacing back and forth. What the hell is wrong with him? Ignoring me? He’s been gone for 5 days 5 whole days. You just wanted some love and attention. You walk back outside.
“Why are you ignoring me. I just wanted some attention you’ve been gone for a long time then you come back looking good as ever and you toss me away like garbage.”
“Sit” he says stern not even looking at you.
“What?” You ask confused
“Sit.” He says more stern and hot as ever, he pays his thigh. You feel your knees getting weak and a familiar wetness creeping. You take a second before walking over to his chair. He looks up at you, you put your leg over his and straddle him. He gets inches close to you, you feel his warm breath on your face. Your breathing is shaky. “I said not right now.” Your whole body is confused, you're mad but so turned on you just want him right now. You go to get off him but he grabs your hips hard and forces you to sit on him.
"You just want me to sit here?" You ask, he just looks at you. "And you're going to ignore me?" You ask louder. You try to squirm but he won't let you loose. "Chris really" you sigh, he looks at you and pulls your dress up letting it settle on your hips. You don't say anything you just let him do what he wants. He slowly slides his hand down to your lacy thong just rubbing slow circles on the fabric. You bite your lip trying to hide any moans or demands you want to scream out. He slowly slips your panties to the side. You let out a little whimper, he tapped on your clit making you shiver.
"Unbuckle my belt" He says quietly, you do as he says. You undo his belt and hand it to him. “Good girl” he praises he grabs your arms “ behind your back baby” he says sweetly but there’s a stern dominance in his tone. You put your hands behind your back and he ties his belt around your wrists. “Go ahead grind on me” he puts his arms behind his head. You let out a shaker breath and start grinding on him, the friction of his jeans rubbing against you just right makes you let out a moan. “That’s good” he encourages you, you move a little faster. You can feel your slick getting on his jeans, you know he loves it just as much as you do.
“Are you going to” you pause letting out a little moan “are you going to fuck me daddy?” You ask licking your lips.
“Not yet. You don’t know how to listen.” He shakes his head giving you a disappointed look. You throw your head back with groan, you should’ve listened to him and left him alone but you just had to stand your ground. “Lean back” you do and he brings his hand to your clit rubbing it fast.
“Oh” you moan loudly he sticks a finger in thrusting it at a good pace “please I’m sorry” you try beg. His other hand open his fly and brings out his hard huge cock. “Fuck” you moan just at the sight of him. He chuckles at you and your desperation. Chris removes his fingers.
“Sit on it” he smirks at you. You waist no time, you hover him and start to slowly sink down, he grabs your hips and slams you down on him. You let out a loud moan and so does he. You try to move but he holds you there. Still.
“It’s okay baby I can move” he laughs at you. Your eyebrows furrow confused
“No honey you’re not moving” he says in a mocking tone. “You’re going to sit here and keep my cock warm since you want to be so needy and not listen to what I say” you groan in frustration “no complaining, no moving, no talking or you won’t cum tonight understand?” He asks you throw your head back “understand!?” He says louder
“Yes daddy” you say defeated. Chris goes on his phone placing bets on a game. You sit there thinking about just moving up and down, he couldn’t resist you. Or maybe he could. You close your eyes trying to control yourself. You think about talking dirty to him, telling him his thick cock filling you up feels so good, and how much you’ve missed him and the way he makes you feel. You open your ass but don’t say anything like a good girl. Chris moves his hips causing him to move a little deeper. You close your eyes tightly and bite your lip. Fuck this going to be hard. He’s going to tease you the whole time. You open your eyes and look at him. His perfect face, his amazingly good jaw line just asking for kisses, his perfect plumb lips looking the same. His large hands makes you more wet, his chest isn’t bare but his shirt is tight enough to show his muscles. God he was perfect and making you so horny that you just want to move and get fucked. Or at least just lay on him and cuddle, but mostly get fucked.
“What are you thinking about?” he asks smirking putting his phone down. You hesitate on answering not knowing if you should. “I told you no moving and you were just moving”
“I-I didn’t mean to. Promise”
“Don’t do it again. I mean it” he goes back on his phone placing his stupid bets. You patience running thin. He moves again making you whimper very quietly. You pray he didn’t hear you.
After sitting there for about a half hour you lean forward, your body was losing balance since he tied your hands behind your back. You lay on his chest and look up at him.
“Tired baby?” He asks making fun of you. You nod your head. His arms wrap around you and hold you to his chest. “Daddy’s almost done. You’re doing good” he kisses your head. You smile feeling good. He thrusts into you randomly, you let out a moan. “Was that a moan?” You shake your head no quickly “now your lying?” He tsks at you “well that’s what bad girls do” he repositions you, you bite your lip so hard you think you’re drawing blood. He picks you up and walks you inside you keep your mouth shut the entire time. He lays you on the couch. “I said no moving, no talking, no noises.”
“I didn’t mean to” you plead “you moved and you know”
“I really don’t want to punish you, but you broke the rules” he says picking you up standing you in front of him. He sits on the couch spreading his legs so you can get in between them. He unbuttons his pants and slips them off. “Knees” you fall on your knees and get in front of him. He pushes your hair out of your face and guides you down to his cock. You start sucking on the tip slowly.
“No teasing bullshit you’re already in enough trouble” his hand pumps what your mouth can’t reach, you take as much as you can as possible. You lick and suck on him like your life depends on it because right now it feels like it does. You hear Chris’ groans which turns you on even more. He reaches over and unties your hands. You pump him and suck, his hand grabs a fistful of your hair and shoves you down on his cock. You choke but stay put not fighting him. You can feel spit falling down your chin, he loves when you look this sloppy, this desperate. He lets you go and take deep breath’s looking at him through your eyelashes.
“You’re doing so good chocking on my cock just how I like” he praises moving hair out of your face once again. He looks at how swollen your lips are, how red your cheeks are, how your chin is covered in spit. “My needy dumb baby” he coos. You go back to bobbing your head back and forth working up the courage to take him all again. You moan just listening to his. You push your head down taking him all again. “God look at you, taking all of me. Just like you should.” You can feel tears rolling down your cheeks but you don’t stop. He yanks on your hair pulling up then pushing you back down. He lets out a loud moan before pulling you back up. You wipe your chin, he stands you up and so does he. He smashes his lips on yours, you kiss back sloppy. Just wanting all of him.
“I need you” you whine. He chuckles and lays you down on the couch. “Please daddy” you beg “please fuck me” he crawls on top of you, his fingers go straight to your clit rubbing it making you squirm. “Please no teasing” he kisses your neck sucking on the spots he knows you like. He moves his lips right to your ear
“I’m supposed to punish you. You were a bad girl. Too needy. Too dumb to stay still for daddy” he whispers you can feel tears in your eyes, you want him so bad.
“Daddy, I’m sorry so sorry. Please I need you” you say meaning and groaning. Chris looks at you studying your face. He kisses your lips sweetly.
“Fine.” He says you feel so relieved you smile.
“Thank you daddy I’ll be good I promise.” He positions himself in front of you and slips the tip in.
“You’re soaking wet for me huh?” You bite your lip and nod waiting for him to go in fully. “How bad do you want me?”
“So bad, I need you. I need you to fuck me so good I can’t remember my name” he smirks at you and thrusts into you. He goes almost all the way out and right back in bottoming out in you, it feels so good you could scream. He keeps hard thrusting into you making your back arch.
“Feel good? Look at you falling apart on my cock.” His eyes never leave yours “taking my cock so well.” He says through his teeth. You close your eyes tight letting out loud moans. You feel your body heating up, you know you’re not gonna last long. It’s all because of the waiting.
“Close already?” He teases “my dumb baby so pathetic can’t even last a minute when I have my cock buried in her” you moan even more listening to his words.
“Daddy I-“ you try to say but can’t “I”
“Go ahead cum all over my cock” you do as said and cum hard your legs start shaking, your eyes roll in the back of your head you see stars. You scream his name loudly. When you come down from your high you realize Chris never slowed down for a second. He’s still pounding you, your legs keep shaking and your body keeps squirming. Chris rubs your clit making you squirm more.
“Chris please” you beg not even sure what your begging for. It’s a lot of pleasure you don’t know how to react. Chris pins you down with his body trying to keep you still. “Oh my god!” You moan out
“Fuck” he groans. He stops everything and pulls out. He stands up and lifts you up throwing you over his shoulder taking you up stairs. You lay there lifeless enjoying the break. He throws you on the bed and you get into position, hands and knees. He comes behind you, he brings his hand down slapping your ass then rubbing it. He slaps you again making you jump and whimper. He lines himself and slips in you. He holds onto your hips and pounds into you over and over again. You bite the sheet trying to muffle your moans it’s not working though. He pulls your hair bending your head back.
“I love fucking this pussy. You fit me so well.” He groans, you can’t form words or even speak. You feel another tightness coming on. Chris leans on you whispering dirty things in your ear. Saying how much you’re made for him, how you’re just his dumb little baby, how your pussy was made for him, how dumb you are that you can’t even make words. Chuckling at you making fun of you and you love every word and every second.
“I” you start to say but can’t finish. Your brain won’t work, your drooling, your legs are shaking, you’re face down in the bed barely able to keep your body up. He’s holding your hips up. You moan loudly your legs shaking, your vision goes black, you can’t hear anything. You are in complete and total pleasure, you’re pretty sure your screaming bug you can’t tell.
“Good girl” he says kissing your back. Chris thrusts a few more times before getting sloppy. “You want me to fill you up? Fill this pussy up?” You nod your head yes. “Say it”
You try to gather yourself enough to say something but only moans and whimpers come out. He slaps your ass a few times.
“Please daddy” you say breathless “cum in me” you groan. He kisses your back again, his thrusts even more sloppy, his moans and groans still getting to you. He pulls out and flips you over, he sets your legs on top of his shoulders and slams into you again.
“I want to look at you when I cum” he explains. You throw your head back enjoying the new position. “Look at me” he says to you tapping your face. You look him in the eyes biting your lip.
“Cum daddy, make me feel full” he kisses your neck biting on it.
“Fuck” he groans “you feel so good around me” he nibbles at your ear. He at you and kisses you softly. You can feel yourself filling with warm cum. You sigh at the feeling.
“I love you” you whisper. Chris pulls out and flops on the bed next to you. “I love you too” he says catching his breath. You move over laying on his chest.
“I missed you” you say breathlessly
“I know I could tell” he chuckles pulling you closer.
“I’m serious” you laugh. “And you were mean” you pout at him.
“I know I’m sorry” he sighs
“What was the problem?”
“Honestly?” He looks at you “I missed you the whole time and had a terrible trip all I wanted when I came through the door and saw you in that dress was pound the fuck out of you” you look at him confused “I just pretended to be mad”
“Chris” you say hitting his chest laughing “you could’ve just had sex with me”
“I wanted it to be fun” he wiggles his eyebrows. You shake your head and give him a kiss. “Alright I’ll get up and get you cleaned up. Tomorrow it’s stay in bed all day and do whatever daddy says day” he winks at you. You smile and nod agreeing.
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hansensgirl · 14 days
Tumblr media
💭 — 𝐇𝐨𝐥𝐝 𝐌𝐞 𝐃𝐨𝐰𝐧
summary. — for so long, he’s wanted to hold you down and tell you that he loves you.
Tumblr media
pairing. — Dark!Stepdad!Andy Barber x innocent!fem!reader.
warnings. — DUBCON, stepcest, large age gap (andy is 51, reader is early 20s), coercion, lying, manipulation, gaslighting, grooming, taking advantage, perversion, possessiveness, obsession, isolation, loner reader, innocence kink, corruption kink, smoking, smut, Daddy kink, fingering, mentions of oral (both receiving), overstimulation, degradation, praise, blowing smoke in face, missionary, cowgirl, mentions of male masturbation, size kink (andy’s cock is huge), pet names (little girl, little one, baby, sweetie, sweet girl), creampie kink, reader is extremely innocent, inaccurate explanations of sex, virginity loss, spanking, and more. 18+ MINORS DNI!
word count. — 9k
author’s note. — here’s the continuation of my step dad!andy concept that i posted in may. this is before, during, and after the concept. i copy and pasted some of the concept and inserted it here! everything is legal. andy married the reader’s mom when the reader was 18, and he formed feelings for the reader then. MINORS DNI! 18+ ONLY! @hansensfics
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Andy sighs deeply as he sits in his room, bones aching immensely. He’s been standing by the window, behind the sheer white curtains for far too long. Fifty-one years of turmoil have caught up to him, but thankfully, it doesn’t show as much as it should. 
He feels your discomfort as much as he does his stiffness. The awkward angle he’s been stuck in is a reflection of your personality. You never socialise like you should, and when you’re forced to, it’s all wrong. 
Andy hates seeing you out of your element. The sight of you sitting on a white lounge chair in a dress you clearly don’t like is painful for him. He knows you prefer his company—that’s why he’s always offering it. 
Today, he planned on showing you his notes from court on a case about a man assaulting his neighbour with a wrench.
It’s almost as if said wrench was thrown into his plans, because now he has to watch you try to keep up with the brain-rotting chatter of unruly college girls. 
Your mother had organised the day with her fellow neighbours who incessantly brought up how lonely you are at the community barbecues. Andy remembers that day very well—he caught you crying out of frustration when you didn’t want to go.
Endlessly, he’s had to tell your mother to let up and leave you alone. Andy understands how you are all too well. Lonely, but content. You never connected with anyone growing up and stuck to your devices—books that are either overrated classics or underrated masterpieces. 
It was no surprise that you were immediately drawn to the twice exiled, unlucky man. Like a moth to the flame, you looked at him with such wonder and stuck yourself to him, yet still remained far. 
Your close connection was only formed when he found you in a pile of tissues and drowning in your own tears. Seconds away from hyperventilating, he pulled you back into the ocean everyone calls reality. To this day, however, he still isn’t sure why you were in such a state. 
The laughter he hears is either fake or simply aggravating. He can’t find yours in that mess, though, and he tries to come up with a reason to take you away.
Andy is your stepfather—he can say anything he wants. Chores haven’t been done yet, your mom’s calling you, we have somewhere to be—I want you all to myself. 
But it feels wrong—feels fake. He strives for authenticity after years of ingenuity. Before, he’d patched the cracks in the facade of his forced suburban life before anyone else could see them. Now, he embraces the breakage. In fact, there is none, because there is no farce.
From the low level of the bed, Andy unfortunately cannot see you. Even though your company is the sun, you remain in a white dress. It’s the face of ingenues all around the world. You shield yourself from the scorching sun, the brightness making your eyes ache. 
The idea of making some lemonade (for you and only you) crosses your stepfather’s mind, and he decides to do it.
“Oh my gosh—So, basically, Elijah and I’s anniversary is coming up! Apparently, he wants us to go to Vegas, which I’m so down for. I’m not sure what to get him, though,” a woman in her early twenties, like you, nearly squeals. Her excitement makes you smile. “He’s not a fan of jewellery, so anything like that is out of the question…”
Her name is easy to remember, and very pretty as well. Gianna, and she’s an interior design major. 
A snort is heard from the chair over—Kennedy, who finds humour in anything and is the nicest to you. “Sex, sex, sex! Dude, that’s the easiest thing ever. Just indulge in whatever fantasy he’s got. Maid, landlord, plumber—”
“—Ha! Let him do anal, GiGi. Get a sparkly plug, some decent lube, and spread those cheeks,” the other friend, Imogen, giggles. She claps at the end of her sentence, and the three women laugh for a few seconds. 
“...We’ve already done anal. For his 25th…” The sheepish admission from Gianna makes her friends hoot and holler. You’re not sure what to say—you don’t understand. 
“Is there anything you haven’t done?” Imogen questions in shock. “Listen, y’know that frat guy that keeps hitting on me? Well, I gave him a chance and we were, y’know, getting it on,” she eagerly spills.
“Getting it on? Just say you guys were raw-dogging and spitting in each other's mouths,” Kennedy interrupts, sipping on a fruity drink. Honestly, they’re all sweet. They keep trying to rope you into their conversations, but you’re not sure what to say, so you stick to little hums and gestures. 
“Shush!—Anyway, we were fucking, and he started to talk a lot. And it was so hot, like he was saying the hottest shit ever. He checked every single kink-box!” Imogen brags, and the others are proud of her. “Like what?” Kennedy prompts, curious to the point where her eyebrows raise.
“Breeding, degrading, praising—even a Daddy thrown in every now and then,” she whisper-shouts. “And, get this, he made me squirt!”
The women continue trading stories about their debauched experiences, and you feel as if they’re speaking another language. You’re not sure what they mean or why the things happened. Questions fill your brain as you purse your lips, trying to give yourself the answers.
“—Uhm, I can take that in for you. I think I forgot to cancel this appointment and they keep you on hold for a while during the afternoon,” you lie, standing up and grabbing Gianna’s empty cup. “Oh, you’re so sweet. You’ll be back soon, right? We wanna get to know you better,” Kennedy says, and her girlfriends nod their heads.
You join them in their motions, before jogging to the sliding door and slipping past it. You place the cup in the sink, and then make a beeline for your room. It’s the space you spend too much time in, to the point that your stepdad has had to coax you out of it on numerous occasions. 
The ceiling is at an angle due to the triangular roof of your home. The decorations might not match but they add a cosy feeling that is reminiscent of autumn. You wish the season could remain all year round. 
There is even a window seat. Andy had it built and installed for you last year on Christmas. It was a dream come true—something you’d always wanted. 
You plop yourself onto the space and pull your laptop over. You turn off SafeSearch and look up the things the women were talking about. Videos with dirty thumbnails pop up, along with articles and a warning about the setting you turned off. You’re too scared to click on the videos, so you stick to reading the articles.
But the words don’t translate well in your mind. You feel like you’re the last person in line in a long game of broken telephone. You’re left with more questions than answers, and so you snap your laptop shut. 
Gnawing your lip, you let your curiosity eat away at you. It nags and it nags until you can’t take it anymore. So you wander down the hallway and stand outside the slightly ajar door to your stepdad’s room. 
“D– Daddy? Are you busy?” you shyly question, standing with your hands clasped behind your back. At the sweet sound of your voice, Andy immediately rushes from his place in front of the sink. His hands smell of your lotion—a bottle he stole from you because he couldn't help it. “No, not at all, little one. What’s wrong?”
The older man opens the door even more for you, ushering you inside. You sit on the end of the bed, and he joins you. Your palms grow sweaty as nervousness takes you over. Bite the bullet, it won’t hurt you.
“Uhm…” you start, “I have some, uh, questions.”
“Hit me. I have some answers,” Andy jokes. 
“Okay…” you unfold the sticky note of the things you wanted to know more about—the things your friends were talking about. “What’s a– anal? Like, the bad one,” you ask, whispering and worried.
Your innocence is like a drug that Andy has tasted for the first time and it has kicked in quickly. He swallows thickly and he wonders why you’re asking. 
“Well… There’s numerous ways to have sex… With penetrative sex, you can penetrate any of your holes. And, you see, you have three holes. Your mouth, a– and your private parts. Anal sex is when someone penetrates your butt, essentially,” he explains, not sure what words to use.
He watches as your face twists in confusion. “What do you mean? They can do that to any of your holes? Like, they put something inside?” you press, voice incredulous and shocked. “Yeah, they put something in, and they move it back and forth. There are things meant to go there, though,” Andy tells you.
Clearly, you still don’t really get it. It’s neither your fault nor Andy’s.
“I– I have more.. S’that okay?” Andy immediately nods his head, looking down to try and look at your list. 
“Squirting… Can you explain that one? Please? And why do people like calling other people mean things? And getting called those? I mean, I get why someone likes it when someone else says nice things—but the mean one, I don’t understand. And why do people like using the word Daddy? I thought that’s for certain people…” you ramble, pulling at the yellow paper until it slips.
“Shh… One at a time, baby. Squirting is something that happens during sex. It’s a kind of ejaculate. And with the mean names, it’s just what people like. It makes them all happy, y’know? All tingly on the inside—like when they get praised,” he says, cock fully hard and face flushed.
“Yeah, but, what’s sex? Oh! I get those tingles a lot… But not in my tummy…” you sheepishly admit, and it piques Andy’s interest. But then, he replays what you said. What’s sex? A question that normal people would laugh at—but Andy is anything but that. “...You don’t know what sex is, baby?”
You let out a whimper—something of frustration and fear and insecurity. It makes his cock throb within the confines of his pants. “...Nuh-uh,” you sigh, ready to dart and lock yourself in your room.
“Oh, that’s alright, baby. Don’t worry. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, okay? Daddy’ll explain it all to you—I’ll be your teacher,” he smiles, but then frowns when you shake your head. “B– But I don't understand any of it! Not when you explain it, and not when I read about it. It’s all so confusing and doesn’t make one bit of sense.”
Annoyance with yourself seeps from your words, and Andy detects the leak. He’s quick to patch it up, though.
“No, baby! Daddy’s gonna teach you it in an easy way! Remember how you didn’t know what acquittal meant? And I told you the definition? Now you tell other people what it means when they don’t know!”
Andy chooses to ignore the fact that it was only your mother who didn’t know what it meant. 
“But that’s different! Even if you explain it simply, my brain just won’t grasp the concept,” you try to reason, so desperate to learn about the things that other women your age are so well-versed in. “Can you show me it, Daddy? Please?”
Your stepfather nearly asks you to repeat yourself. Your request is innocent and full of desperation—you want to be in on the joke that everyone seems to know. His cock has chubbed up inside his boxers, begging for a release and even crying tears of pre-cum.
“You want Daddy to show you those dirty little things, hm? C’mere, baby. Daddy’ll tell you all about it,” Andy encourages, motioning with his hands for you to move closer to him. You scoot your body until your right leg touches his left. “You’re gonna be a good girl and do whatever I say, right?”
When you nod your head, the older man wonders if he’s won the jackpot. Luck is on his side, clearly. After years of struggle, he’s finally got a good thing. And he’s going to take full advantage of it—he’s going to cherish the treasure he’s been bestowed with. 
“Good girl—” Andy cuts himself off with a groan as you preen under the praise, “—so good for Daddy.”
Your stepdad slowly leans in and presses his mouth against yours. The kiss is searing and passionate, but it soon turns rough and possessive. You try to keep up with Andy as he claims your mouth—biting, licking, and sucking at your supple, wet skin.
He tastes of beer and cigarettes, and the smacking of lips grows wetter and sloppier. You let him take control and try to replicate some of his movements as he pushes his tongue into your mouth. Andy holds the sides of your head with two large, strong hands.
But his touch is gentle and encouraging. You let the older man do whatever he wants to do, sure that you can ask him for another tutorial later on. Eventually, he pulls away with swollen, red lips and blown out eyes.
The pale blue (with a tinge of green) has disappeared. Like black paint spilled, darkness is all you can see. 
“You’ve got such a cute little mouth, baby. Think I can fit my cock in there, all nice and snug,” he murmurs, more to himself than you. You’re not sure what he means, but you go along with it and nod your head. Your eagerness is almost unreal—maybe because Andy has fantasised about it for so long.
Moments with his hand wrapped around his large, leaking cock after you said or did something his perverted mind twisted and misconstrued. Showers longer than they should be, and boxers gone in the wash sooner than they would.
“But don’t worry your pretty head with that just yet, little one,” Andy tells you, standing up and in front of you. He gently pushes you back on the bed, and you land with a small thump. Be brings your feet to rest against the edge of the mattress, caressing your skin with his rough, warm hands. “So soft…”
The lawyer brings your left leg up, and meets it halfway. He presses open-mouthed kisses on your moisturised skin, taking in your scent. Eventually the romantic feeling turns ticklish, and you giggle and try to writhe out of Andy’s grip.
Though, there’s a warm feeling that blooms in your cunt. You folds ache, but you’re not sure why. It’s like the tingles you seem to get every now and then, especially when you’re around the older man. 
“Daddy… I feel funny,” you tell him, and Andy halts his movements. 
“What do you mean, little girl? C’mon, tell Daddy,” he urges, genuinely curious. Is it fear? Excitement? Or something more physical? 
“Tingly… And warm… And it kinda hurts—but not in a painful way…” you try to explain.
“Where, baby? Show me where,” your stepfather demands. His eyebrows are mildly knitted in a bit of concern—curiosity. “D– Down there,” you whisper, looking away from his intense gaze. 
A broad hand that belongs to Andy makes a bold move. It moves to your mound, and pushes at your pussy. “Here, baby?” he nearly growls, feeling your warmth and folds through the two layers of fabric that protect you from this ravenous man. 
His fingers dig into your skin and find the bump of your clit, pushing on the nub and watch as you moan softly from the unfamiliar yet pleasurable sensation. “Uh-huh, right there, Daddy,” you mewl, subconsciously bucking your hips upwards.
The feeling is reminiscent of the kind you feel when you press your thighs together—just amped up by a few hundred volts. “Well, Daddy’s gonna make you feel better, okay, little one? This happens sometimes, and from now on, you gotta tell me whenever you feel those tingles. Understood?” Andy orders, and you shyly nod.
“Words. Use your words, little girl. I need to hear it.”
“Y– Yes, Daddy. I– I’ll tell you when I feel tingly—P– Promise.”
“Good girl.” Andy’s hands move to the waistband of your white skirt, and he pulls it down. Your panties go along with it, strings of wetness pulling and breaking when he gets too far. Your pussy glistens in the cracks of sunlight, his white curtains a blessing for once. “Such a gorgeous fuckin’ cunt.”
You bring your hand up to your face and shy away behind it, making Andy coo at you. He throws your bottoms behind him and pulls you a bit closer by your legs. He then looks up at you, pink tongue slowly darting out just a peek. 
Three of Andy’s digits move upwards. He gives them one long, slow lick, soaking them in spit. “Gotta open your legs wide, little girl. Can you do that for me, baby?” he requests, and you immediately nod your head. 
For your stepdad, you open your legs as wide as they can go without hurting. Anything he asks, you’ll do.
“Good girl,” he hums, and he brings his dominant, wet hand to your sopping cunt. Your stepdad tests the waters for a moment, swirling your slick around and caressing your swollen, achy folds. You gasp at the sensation as his large hand covers practically everything. From your clit down to your creamy fuckhole. “Feels good already, doesn’t it?”
You nod your head, and Andy smiles at you. “It’s gonna feel even better soon, little one. ‘M gonna get my cock in that little honeypot’a yours—fuck it nicely and ruin you for other men.” As he speaks, Andy maintains a trained gaze on you. “But you won’t have other men, will you?”
“You only want your stepdaddy, huh? Daddy’s girl—All mine,” Andy murmurs. You pull your bottom lip between your teeth, gently biting down. “I gotta stretch you out first,” he tells you.
Andy pushes his pointer finger in first, and groans as your walls welcome it immediately. He lets the digit slip into you entirely, until it’s buried to the hilt. “You’re doin’ so good for me, little girl,” the older man smiles at you. 
Slowly, he begins to thrust in and out of your channel. His finger glistens with your creamy slick, and Andy curses. Once he believes you’ve adjusted to the first digit well enough, he pulls it out and prods two. 
“How was that, baby?” he questions, but you’re too breathless and at a loss for words to say anything. You give him a simple thumbs up, hoping it’ll suffice. “Use your words, little one,” Andy urges, and you whimper out a simple ‘was g– good’ for him.
“You’re soaking, y’know that? Makin’ a mess all over my hand,” he notes aloud. “So innocent but so needy… You make such a perfect whore for Daddy.” 
Andy thrusts two digits into your drooling hole, and he fingers you with that same slow pace. Every now and then, he makes scissoring motions meant to open you up even more. “Daddy… ‘s so much now. Feels even more tingly,” you tell him, looking at your stepdad for reassurance.
“That’s how it’s supposed to be, baby. Feels good, doesn’t it?” he prompts, and you hesitantly nod your head. Andy is right—it feels so good. It’s like the fluttery feeling you tend to get, the one you felt just a few moments before, but it’s not nagging and it’s better in comparison. “Yeah, that’s it. Take Daddy’s fingers, slut.”
Your stepfather knows he shouldn’t be saying these demeaning things to you—shouldn’t be ruining you—but he can’t help it. 
It’s almost hypnotising with the way your cunt sucks Andy’s fingers in as he penetrates your tightness again. And the way you cling onto him as he pulls them in and out of you is downright pornographic—just like the sounds you’re making. 
“Bet you never even got this far, little one. All you ever did was rub this li’l cunny on whatever you could find, hm?” He wonders out loud. “Poor pussy’s been neglected. S’okay, Daddy’s here, baby,” Andy whispers, and he picks up the pace of his hand. 
He finds that rough, spongy spot inside you. It makes you toss your head back and squeeze your eyes shut, limbs trembling. “D– Daddy!” you cry out, confused yet welcoming his touches. “Shh, it’s okay, baby,” Andy soothes, stroking your sweet spot with his fingers.
Purposefully, he neglects your clit. He knows it’s pulsating—aching to be touched by your stepfather. Your volume raises just a bit, and his cock throbs with every other noise. Your pretty face has formed a frown of pleasure, and Andy thinks to himself he can really get used to this.
“W– Wait. Feels like I needa go to the bathroom…” you shamefully admit, and this time, Andy really chuckles. “You’re so cute and innocent, little one. Gonna give Daddy a cavity with how sweet you are,” he says, picking up the pace of his fingers. He makes sure to keep stretching you out, though.
“Feels like it’s burning and building, huh? That’s normal, baby. Don’t worry. Just take one more finger for me, okay?” Andy skillfully brings you closer and closer to your release. The wet, lewd sounds of your cunt grow louder. “You’re fucking soaking. S’that all for me?” your stepfather asks.
You don’t really know what he means, but you chose to nod your head. At your answer, Andy decides to push a third digit into your cunt. The fit is strugglesome—tight, warm, and snug. You can barely handle his thick fingers, pussy struggling to adjust to them at first. He can’t wait to get his cock inside you.
“H– Hurts, Daddy,” you whine, the stretch uncomfortable. Andy shushes you gently, whispering praises until the pain dulls away and all you can feel is fullness and pleasure. “You’re drippin’ everywhere, little girl. I can’t wait to get a taste of that sweet pussy,” he murmurs, and he continues to attack your g-spot. 
Your cries grow louder and more high-pitched, and Andy knows you’re close. The older man grunts, “That’s it, good girl. C’mon, give Daddy your cream, baby.” Your body goes from thrashing just a tiny bit to seizing when your orgasm hits. 
It takes you by storm. Your eyes squeeze shut and you sob, cunt clamping down on his hand. “Atta girl. Goin’ all dumb for Daddy—that’s what I like to see, little one.” Andy fingerfucks you through your climax, admiring the creaminess that coats his skin. He’s sure some has dripped down to your rosebud, and that makes him so hard.
“Oh– Oh my gosh,” you pant, tears stinging your eyes from the stimulation. “See what I just did, baby?” Andy questions. 
“Uh-huh.” He looks at you, carefully examining the fucked-out look you have on your pretty face. 
“Only Daddy gets to do that to you, little girl. No one else. Understood? You belong to me.”
Obediently, you nod your head. “Uh-huh. All yours, Daddy.”
Your words have his cock twitching underneath the confines of his pants. Andy slowly pulls his fingers out of your wet channel, consoling you when you whine from the sudden emptiness. Your fuckhole gapes just a bit, and it makes your stepdad eager to get his cock out. 
“Damn right, little one,” he grunts, unbuckling his belt and pulling his thick cock out. “See this, baby? It’s Daddy’s cock, and it’s the only one you’re ever gonna go near. Y’know, your pussy was made for it,” he hums, stroking himself from the thick base to the leaky, bulbous head. 
Your mouth parts in interest. Whatever he says and does soaks right into that empty mind of yours. 
Andy pulls you up to the bed with his other hand, strength coming in handy. He puts your head on his pillow and then crawls between your legs, making you part them wide once again. He hovers above you, and you involuntarily clutch the blue fabric of his sweater for comfort.
The older man slaps the fat tip of his engorged dick on your clit, making you flinch from the jolt of pleasure. He then slides the head down to your slightly-stretched hole, and he begins to push in.
When your face contorts in confusion and mild discomfort, Andy is quick to tell you everything is okay. “Shh… It’s alright, baby. You’re fine,” he says, speaking gently and pressing chaste kisses to your face. 
He looks down to where his fat cock pushes into your tightness, stretching you wider than ever before and claiming your fuckhole as his. The sight is mesmerising, and Andy can’t help the groan he lets out from it. 
“Taking my cock like such a good little fucktoy. Fuck—you okay, little one?” your stepfather questions, and it takes you a few moments to respond to him. Slowly, you nod your head. Though the breach is unfamiliar and a lot to handle, you’re determined to be Andy’s good girl and fight through it.
There’s a pain that burns—and you bite onto his sweater to keep quiet. Andy examines your face as he continues to sheath his length inside you. “That’s my good girl. Feelin’ shy, baby?” he coos. “Aw, how cute.”
Eventually, your stepfather bottoms out with his heavy balls against your ass. He hums your name and the pet names he’s given you, waiting for you to pull your pretty face away from his chest. “Show me those doe-eyes, little one,” Andy requests. Slowly, you peek up at him.
Your eyes are big and they still hold that innocence that Andy knows he can’t rip away from you. “Good girl. How do you feel, baby?” he asks. 
“Uhm—weird? Feels different… Deep, too…” you process out loud, and the older man nods with your every word.
“Yeah, I’m so deep inside you, little girl. All the way in your belly.” The thought has him growling, and he begins to shallowly fuck you. You mewl with each of his half-hearted thrusts. The pain is soon replaced with pleasure, one that you immediately grow fond of. “There we go…”
“More tingles,” you note, punctuating your sentence with a gasp as Andy’s movements grow more vigorous. “So many, Daddy.” Your stepdad nods his head and smiles at you sweetly, “That’s right, little girl. That’s what happens when Daddy stuffs his fat cock inside your babycunt.”
When he calls you those two words—little girl—your body reacts. You shy away from him whilst your pussy clenches around his dick, and he bites back a loud groan. The veins at his throat bulge, while his jaw clenches.
“I’m gonna start fucking you now, little one. You just gotta sit there and take whatever I give you,” he forewarns, and you nod your head. “Okay, Daddy.” At your words, Andy begins to pummel in and out of your pussy. Obscene noises come from where you’re connected to him—wet sounds and skin slapping against skin.
Andy looks down and watches as his cock forcefully disappears and reappears, your tightness still not used to such a large intrusion. His heavy balls smack against your ass, where your slick stains. “Drippin’ everywhere, baby. You love this—I fucking knew it,” he grunts, his pounds the perfect speed and intensity.
His cock kisses your cervix each time, making you writhe in pain. But when he rubs against your sweet spot, that discomfort leaves almost immediately. “Look, little one, your cream is all over my cock. You’re leaking down to my balls—fuck,” Andy harshly pushes forward at the realisation.
You wail from the intensity. “Yeah, you like getting fucked by a dirty old man, slut? Hm? Like getting fucked by your stepdaddy?” Andy questions, and you hesitate before nodding your head. He swears once more, and then leans down. 
Though he’s repeatedly knocked the breath out of you, he now stops it from moving at all as he kisses you. At first, it’s soft and what teenage dreams are made of. But then, like the way he takes away your virginity, it grows rough and desperate. He takes the lead, shoving his tongue into your mouth and doing all kinds of things you can’t keep up with.
Andy eventually pulls away, noticing that his thrusts have dulled down. He picks his pace back up, his pelvis slamming into yours. Your cream coats his cock, leaving a stain that even reaches his patch of hair. Your lips are raw and glistening from the passionate, bruising kiss he had you locked in.
Your stepfather rams into your fuckhole without relent, forcing more of your wetness out with his shaft. His length strokes your sensitive walls with skill and aggression, abusing your cunt like he’s always wanted to. 
Your chest is pressed against Andy’s, and he uses one of the hands that holds him up to pull down the top of your shirt, exposing your hardened nipples. The cold air adds to the ache of them. “Stupid little girl making the biggest fucking mess on her Daddy’s cock. Y’gonna clean it up after, baby? You better—with that cute mouth of yours.”
Nodding your head, you make the older man inhale a sharp, controlled breath. In contrast, you pant like a bitch in heat as your chest rises and falls. There’s a feeling that grows at a fast pace. It’s like when you have to go to the bathroom so badly—except this time, it’s more intoxicating than intolerable. 
“D– Daddy! Feels funny—like before, but way m– more?” You’re so unsure of yourself—of your body—that it’s utterly adorable to Andy. 
“That’s called an orgasm, little girl. You just sit there and beg Daddy to let you come, okay?” he requests, and you nod your head.
It feels like something that needs to desperately continue and be alleviated—but you know only Andy can do that for you, so you do whatever your stepdad says.
“P– Please let me come, Daddy! Need to come so bad… Please, please please—!” you gasp loudly, Andy’s cock driving deeper and he grinds with each pump of his cock, rubbing against your clit. “Good girl—such a good little slut for Daddy,” Andy hums, sensing you’re even closer to coming. 
“Soak Daddy’s fat cock, little girl. C’mon, wanna see you make a stupid mess on this dick,” he commands, landing some slaps on your ass and the side of your left thigh. Your cunt suddenly convulses around him, clit thrumming and back arching as you come around his cock for the very first time. “Atta girl.”
He growls as your eyes roll back into your head, lids squeezing shut as your face pinches. Your mouth drops open in shock from the heat that envelops you. The grip your pussy has on Andy’s dick grows tighter, squeezing him and begging for more.
Your stepfather fucks you through your orgasm, slowing down just a bit when you begin to twitch from the pleasure. Your walls spasm until he manages to get you through the high, and then he resumes fucking you harshly. Your tits bounce with each slam of Andy’s hips, your body pushed upwards before he pulls you back onto his dick. “Ah—ah—ah,” you moan, going dumb on the older man’s cock. A mildly blank look is on your face, and you babble like a baby. 
“Dumb little girl—talking about dirty things and behaving like a whore when you haven’t even had big girl sex yet,” Andy sneers, grabbing your jaw and puckering his lips up. He spits in your mouth, before telling you to swallow the wad of saliva. Like a good girl, you do exactly as he says. You even smile at him afterwards, before your face pinches again from the sensations his cock brings. “Greedy girl—that hungry pussy is just swallowin’ up Daddy’s fat cock,” he grunts, forcing his thickness in and out of you.
Your toes curl and feet point as your stepfather pushes your legs against your torso. His strong, well-built arms flex, and so does his muscled-chest. Your hands clench his sweater and subconsciously grope his pecs, and you marvel at his figure. 
Because Daddy has to do everything for his helpless baby, he takes your arm and uses it to hold up your left leg, while his left hand pushes on your right. At this new angle, your stepfather’s shaft is far deeper than it was at first.
It’s almost dizzying—the way he’s practically in your tummy. And his thrusts are now stronger, too. Andy’s got you pinned to the bed as he pounds into you, determined to bring you to another orgasm before he blows his load. And even after that, he won’t stop.
“‘S so deep, Daddy! C– Can feel it in my g– guts,” you whine, and your words make Andy’s cock throb within your tight, wet walls. Your cream drips all over his cock, leaving a thick sheen and ring coating his base. Even his balls are soaked. “Uh-huh—you’re just so tiny, baby. Daddy had to force it in—but now you’re takin’ it like a champ.”
You preen under his gaze and his praise, but your tears still leak. “Aw, poor little crybaby. Daddy’s just fuckin’ you too good, huh? S’okay, I got you,” Andy whispers, wet noises filling the air along with the smell of sex. Your sweet tang is amongst the scent, and Andy knows that later on, he’ll rub your cunt raw with his beard.
“My little fuckdoll… This is Daddy’s pussy now—all mine, just like the rest of you,” he grunts, and your second release hits you all of a sudden. 
You writhe away from Andy as best as you can, but it doesn’t get you anywhere. Instead, your aching nipples end up rubbing against the stitched threads on your stepfather’s sweater, adding to your pleasure.
Andy’s thick length nearly splits you open, having a bit of a harder time to move with your increased tightness. “Good girl—that’s it, go dumb on Daddy’s cock. My good little slut,” he moans, peppering kisses at your jaw and nipping at the skin every now and then. 
Heat spreads inside your body as the mattress gets wetter with each drop of your arousal. “You’re makin’ a mess everywhere, baby. But it’s okay. Daddy knows that little girls like you can’t help it—you need Daddy’s help with everything.”
Mindlessly, you nod your head. You gush around Andy, coating his cock while you have him in a vice-like grip. Your swollen folds get nudged by his dick, and the sight is pornographic—something he can never forget.
“Looks like this cunt is perfect for Daddy to fuck, baby,” your stepdad tells you. “Made for me to use however I want. Gonna turn you into my little whore.”
Andy’s words make your pussy constrict even more around his dick. You practically choke him, begging for his cum without even realising it. “Daddy…” you sob, limbs trembling from the amount of euphoria his actions bring. Your stepfather’s jaw clenches at your use of the title.
“That’s right, little girl. I’m your Daddy,” he grunts, now using your fuckhole like it’s his fist. He fucks into your with vigour, determined to fill you up with his cum before he switches positions. He loves the struggle of getting his dick to fit inside your pussy. “You’re making Daddy feel so good, baby. ‘M gonna give you a nice reward for being so sweet.”
At his statement, you perk up as best as you can. Though it’s difficult to think or say anything. “R– Really, Daddy?” you question, elated at the thought of a reward. “Really, little one. You’re such a good girl for Daddy—all the time, too. Never made me have to spank that ass ‘till you’re crying.”
He mumbles the last part, but you catch a bit of his sentence. You don’t understand him though—crying? No, Daddy would never hurt you. Andy’s said so numerous times—times where you’ve cried in his arms and clung to him like a kitten.
Now, your cunt does the same. It weeps and doesn’t let go of Andy’s dick, and the mounting pleasure inside him is as desperate and needy, too. “Gonna give you a belly full of my cum, baby. I’ll fill you up until you’re leaking with my seed for days,” the older man grunts, before cursing wildly.
Suddenly, the snapping of his hips stops, and he shoves his cock forward until he can’t move any further. The harshness makes you frown, wincing at the mild pain. Then, warmth fills you up, undoubtedly claiming your walls and coating them with white stickiness. 
Andy pants above you, heart clamouring in his chest as he hit his release. He grinds into your pussy to prolong it, only stopping when his hard length grows sensitive. Already, his cum leaks from the sides of his cock. 
“There we go—now you’re all mine, little girl. And I know you like being Daddy’s,” he smiles at you, coming down from his high. His face has a blush to it. 
Andy takes one of his hands and puts it on your tummy, rubbing your skin slightly to get you to relax. It works—but not in the way he predicted.
“A– Again, Daddy? Please?” you start to beg, taking your stepdad by surprise. “W– What do you mean, baby?” he questions, moving his hand to grip your hip. “Do it again, please. F– Feels so good, made some of the tingles go away…” you explain, tightening your channel at the thought.
“You want Daddy to stretch this pretty pussy out again?” Andy asks. It takes you a few seconds and his index finger pointing to where he is penetrating you for you to answer. “Uh-huh!” you moan out, gyrating your hips to alleviate the newer, fluttery feeling at your core.
“Alright… Wanna play a fun game, little one?”
You nod your head, eager to spend more time with your stepfather.
“Good. It’s called horsey,” Andy says, slowly pulling out of your pussy. You whine loudly at the loss, cum leaking out of you and spilling onto the bed. “Don’t worry, I’ll explain it for your little baby brain to understand.”
Your stepdad grabs your and manhandles your body, sitting against the headboard and placing you in his lap.
Your dripping pussy is against his hard cock. “All you have to do is bounce on Daddy’s cock—feel it? Yeah—and make it go really deep inside of you. Think you can do that, little girl`?” he says, rubbing his dick against your swollen, wet petals. 
Above him, you shudder. The pleasure is almost too much for your little-self to handle, but you push through its intensity. “O– Of course, Daddy! ‘M your good girl—gonna do anythin’ for you,” you mumble, and Andy’s hands pull at the cloth covering your torso. 
It then rips, and he removes the shreds from your body. “That’s right, baby. You’re my good girl,” he coos, reaching down to grab the thick, wet base of his hard cock. He gives himself a few languid strokes, before lifting you up a bit.
The fat, sensitive tip of your stepfather’s cock prods at your hole that’s still mildly stretched-out from his brutal fucking. Andy pushes in, pulling you down a bit so you meet him halfway. He knows it’s going to be deeper than ever—and he can’t wait to see that dumb, empty look on your face when he bottoms out.
But then he looks at your mug, and he finds himself feeling something rotten. Something terrible, sinking in his chest until his lust takes over and turns him selfish once more. No—not selfish… Just complicated.
“Daddy, feels scary,” you admit, trying to fall forward and lay against his chest. Andy tuts, holding you up and giving you one of his charming, sweet smiles. “It’s okay, I got you. Daddy’s here, little one,” he assures you, tone saccharine in a stark contrast to his dirty actions.
As you slide down his length, it becomes more difficult to take him. You try to move away from the older man—run away from his intimidating cock. “Nuh-uh. I thought you wanted to play with Daddy, baby,” Andy pouts, and your heart breaks from his sadness.
“C– Can’t take it, Daddy,” you explain to him, half of his dick inside of you. “Yes, you can, sweetheart. Let Daddy help you, it’s okay.” 
Andy’s hands hold your waist, and he looks down to where he’s connected to you, and suddenly thrust upwards. You fall forward with a cry, unprepared for the new angle. He lets you seek comfort in him and his sweater once more, rubbing his hands up and down the length of your back. 
“Shhh… you’re okay, it’s okay. You’re lucky Daddy pumped your pussy full of cum, baby. It would’ve hurt way more,” your stepfather tells you, waiting for your whimpers to die down. “Daddy’s dick is so deep inside you, hm?”
You nod your head slowly, gripping his sweater and pushing your face into his chest. “I know, little one. But when you start to play, it’ll be fine. Try bouncing, baby. Just move up and down.”
Once again, you nod and try to sit up. Andy’s hands move down to your waist, and you splay yours on his clothed pecs. “Up and down—c’mon, you can do it. Daddy knows you can,” he urges, and you begin to lift your body up. 
You stop when you feel it’s right—when half of Andy’s thickness is left inside you. Then, you slide back down. A growl rumbles in the older man’s chest, his cock throbbing as your walls stroke him. “W– Was that good, Daddy?” you question.
“So good, baby—have you played this game before?” he playfully asks, but then that humour turns to jealousy. The thought of you riding another man’s dick has Andy fuming—possessiveness boiling hot inside him and reaching the temperature of the sun. “Nuh-uh. Only you, Daddy. Nobody else.”
Like salve on a wound, you heal that vulnerability of his with your words. “Atta girl,” he praises. “How about we add a fun little rule, sweetie?” he offers as you continue to glide up and down on his cock. You whimper with each movement, muscles burning from the strain.
“O– Okay, Daddy. W– What’s the rule?” you innocently question, looking at him with your doe eyes. “Everytime Daddy slaps your ass, you have to move quicker, okay?” your stepfather tells you, moving his palms down to the globes of your ass. He caresses the skin gently.
Before you can worry about the pain, Andy lands a sharp smack to your butt, making you yelp. You pick up the pace of your movements, still careful, however. “Such a perfect pussy, little one. So tight and warm and wet… And made for my cock,” he whispers, punctuating his sentences with spanks.
Unfortunately, Andy’s cock doesn’t kiss those spots with expert aim. And you’re too scared to take his entire length. So, your poor legs give up, and you fall forward again. You cry out from the wasted euphoria—gone is the dull fire inside you. But not entirely.
“Aw, you can't do what Daddy does, hm? Poor baby. You need me so bad,” your stepdad coos, but it’s more like he rubs your failure in. “Dumb little girl—acting like a whore even though you can’t ride Daddy’s cock. How silly of you—don’t you feel stupid?”
You let out a whine that turns into a sob, and Andy quickly shushes you. Stupid Andrew, he chides himself, hurting this sweet thing… Don’t you love her? “Baby?” he calls out, trying to coax you out of the shell you’ve crawled back into.
His cock isn’t buried to the hilt like it was before, and the ache between your legs still needs to be taken care of—Andy’ll fix that after. He wedges his hand between your face and his body, pushing you off him roughing and holding your hand in his palm. You frown and cry out from the pain, face twisted in discomfort. 
“‘M sorry, little one. Daddy's sorry. Fuck—can’t help it,” he slurs, hating himself for getting so rough with you. But it’s not his fault he’s this way. You just awaken something ferocious in him—something that needs to be held down with chains and locked away in a cage for eternities. 
Something so terrible yet so addictive. 
“I love playing with you so much—that’s why Daddy hurts you, little one. I love you, I just get excited sometimes,” he explains, cupping your cheek and smiling at you. Eventually, you come around. “S’okay, Daddy,” you whisper, looking downwards. 
“It’s my turn to play horsey now, little girl. All you have to do is sit up straight, okay? Try not to lay on Daddy.”
Andy’s heels dig into the mattress and he bends his knees just a bit, still holding onto your hips. He looks down to where he breaches your tightness, and notices the tinge of pink that mixes with his spunk—the same cum that leaves out of your fuckhole.
At that moment, he ignores it. He stores that thought for later—for when he’s lonely and desperate to feel guilt. Andy bottoms out inside you slowly, enjoying the lewd squelching sounds that come with his action. “Oh, gosh,” you murmur, eyes rolling back into your head.
The hairy base of his cock touches your core, and his balls rest against your ass. Andy’s hands move to your butt, and he spreads your cheeks apart. One of his fingers prods at your other hole. The older man has half a mind to defile your little rosebud that’s sticky with wetness and his cum.
You can feel Andy’s cock so deep inside you; it’s dizzying. The breath is nearly knocked out of you, and you feel as though you’ve bared something to your stepfather that has left you utterly vulnerable. The feeling has you distraught, but Andy told you he’d take away all your thoughts, so it’ll be okay. Right? 
“You're such a good girl for me. So good. My good girl,” Andy grunts, and he’s lifting you off his cock until just the tip remains inside you. His hips then return to the depths of your wet channel. He starts to fuck up into you, and the familiar sound of skin-on-skin reverberates throughout the room. This time, it’s louder.
Andy stares at your pretty face while he fucks you into oblivion, making sure to study each aspect. From the way your eyes roll into your skull when he shoves his thickness into you to how your jaw falls slack so quickly. It’s all for him.
“Daddy—Daddy—Daddy!” you squeal, toes curling and limbs stiff yet twitching. Is it possible to be hooked on the way someone says something? You’re not a ‘someone’ though—you’re so special and so different. The answer must be yes. It must be normal, too.
Your tits bounce with each of his upward-thrusts. This new angle is unlike anything you’ve ever felt—more profound and accurate. Your stepdad fucks into you with such roughness that it’s hard to keep upright. Especially with the building sensitivity in your lower abdomen.
“Fuck, yeah. Take Daddy’s fat cock in this tiny cunt, little one. Fucking take it, slut,” Andy grunts, getting meaner by the second. It’s a helpless habit, and thank heavens that you don’t understand half of the words he’s saying. 
A blank smile spreads itself on your face, but your eyes are full of hope. Hope that you’re doing good for your Daddy. 
“You’re my good girl. My good girl—my dumb little girl. No thoughts in that head, hm? You just wanna please your Daddy and get fucked until you can’t think anymore,” he spits, and the word that diminishes your intelligence has your bottom lip wobbling. 
You want to please your Daddy, but you must be doing something wrong, no?
“Aw, don’t cry, little one. Daddy’s being nice to you, okay? It’s good like this!” Andy quickly tells you, slowing down his thrusts. He grinds into you in the meantime, and he doesn’t miss the way your cunt is gripping him even tighter. “O– Okay, Daddy. T– Thank you?” you apprehensively say, unsure of so many things. 
“Daddy’ll teach you all about it after. Okay? You’re so cute and polite, little one. You’re doing so good for me,” Andy coos, rubbing a thumb on your face. You grin at him before squeezing your eyes shut, feeling that funny sensation inside of you. 
It worsens as your stepfather continues to fuck your guts, stroking your walls with his thick member. In the midst of his actions, Andy craves a cigarette. He wonders if you’d let him blow smoke in your face since you said he can do whatever he wants to you. Of course, you would—you’re such a good girl. 
“Wanna make Daddy even happier, sweetie?” he wonders, stretching one of his arms to reach the bedside table. He pulls the top drawer open and blindly sifts through it. “O– Of course, daddy. Please? Wanna make you happy,” you plead, absentmindedly gyrating your hips on your stepdad’s cock.
Andy finds the lighter grouped with the pack of Parliament cigarettes. He doesn’t bother closing the drawer, but he does bring you closer and forces you to catch yourself on your hands.
Your stepfather—who had promised your mom that he kicked the habit—plucks a smoke from the box and places it between his pink lips. “Daddy? What are you doing?” you question, halting your movements. Andy smiles at you, the cigarette wobbling a bit.
“Don’t worry your little baby brain about it, sweet girl,” he simply tells you, before lighting the cigarette. He takes a drag from it and puffs the smoke back out, satiating the craving he had a few moments ago. He then places it on the ashtray as you watch the grey smog swirl in the blue of his room.
Andy pulls you towards his chest and holds you, fucking up into your cunt. His cock drives in and out of you, balls slapping against your ass and his thick thighs jiggle each time. 
“Uhm… Oh–! Uh, Daddy?” you murmur, finding it harder to breathe. “Shh… Don’t worry, little one. Just soak Daddy’s fat cock,” Andy shushes, and you mewl at his filthy words. 
Your cunt aches immensely, but it’s the kind that is more resounding and pleasurable than anything. Andy abuses your cream-filled fuckhole like it’s all he can do—all he knows how to do. Make you feel good—that’s it. 
He’s spewing grunts and curses, and each time he utters a filthy word, you take note of how gravelly his voice is, how it rumbles in his chest and you can quite literally feel it. It’s a harsh contrast to your high-pitched wails and choked-out moans. 
“Come, little one. C’mon, fuckin’ make a mess for your Daddy,” he demands once more, punctuating his words with hard thrusts. 
Your body comprehends his words, and it starts to have that reaction.
The one where your back arches yet your limbs flail and your head tries to pull away from the crook of his neck. It’s almost as if you’re trying to run away from your stepdad. He won’t let you go, though—he never will. Yet it makes him so hard when you try to escape. 
Your mind soars high above the cotton candy clouds of your skies. You start convulsing around Andy’s member, creaming and soaking him. Your body freezes and you let out a wail that is music to his ears. He cheers you on with small ‘yeah’s that have you giggling slightly. “Good girl.”
Your tits jiggle, and your body jerks upwards as Andy roughly fucks you through your orgasm. “D– Daddy,” you mewl, and Andy simply begins to fuck you quicker. Eventually, those sparks he brought became too much. You’re not sure what to do, though, so you simply writhe on his lap. 
“‘M gonna fill you up again. Gonna pump this cunt full of cum until you’re leaking for days. Turn you into my messy little girl,” your stepfather says through grunts and growls as he sloppily uses your pussy. You nod your head and grin, wincing every now and then.
The older man’s sloppy, selfish pumps grow erratic. Andy then stills deep inside your cunt, burying himself to the hilt. A guttural moan leaves him, one that is louder than intended. He holds your body tightly, not wanting to let go of you.
His white ropes paint your inner walls until the sides of his cock are dripping, and there’s a ring at the base. Spilling inside you, Andy turns you into his cumdump once more. “Fuck,” he groans, your tight pussy tempting him to go again and again. 
Maybe he will. His cock remains locked inside you, and both of your chests rise and fall with exhaustion. “Daddy…” you whimper, cunt sensitive and stretched out from his engorged dick. 
“Shh… Daddy’ll take care of this greedy pussy again, little girl. Don’t you worry,” Andy tells you.
Your hands are on his body, and you brace yourself up using his waist. It’s hard to stay upright with the weakness of your body and the wobble of your arms. 
Andy reaches for the ashtray and plucks the cigarette back up. He dusts the ash off, and puts it back between his lips. He inhales the smog, and then pulls the smoke away to puff out the grey fumes. 
“That’s dirty, Daddy. Don’t do it, please,” you bemoan, curling in on yourself at the sight of your stepfather harming his health. “Well, I guess that makes Daddy a dirty old man, no?” he half-quips. 
Your stepfather takes another drag, and then he pulls you close to his face. Andy exhales, smoke directed in your face and he catches you at the right time. You take a breath in, unexpectedly drawing in the fumes of his cigarette.
You giggle apprehensively—still worried and it’s written all over your face, even if you don’t mean it to. You’ve got that look you always have when you’re trying to fight back your sweet tears, trying not to burst into sobs. Eventually, the smoke goes away. But the revolting smell of it remains, lingering in his room. 
In Andy’s mind, it only makes sense a dirty old man like him would have an equally as nasty habit. 
And to balance it out, an innocent little girl like you on his cock. 
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frostironfudge · 3 months
Pretty Princess - Andy Barber (Smut)
Summary: Andy Barber gets jealous when he presumes you shared a room with one of his associates. Also this isn't defending jacob compliant, i haven't watched the show I'm just a fan of Mr. Barber.
Pairing: Andy Barber x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Smut, dom/sub dynamics, possessiveness, slight dark andy, praise kink, nickname - princess, cum play, oral f and m receiving, p in v, multiple orgasms, cockwarming, beard kink?.
A.N: I fully blame @elle14-blog1 for filling my mind with andy filth so here is lawyer daddy Barber for everyone, (well i almost put the daddy kink in it but i'm still not sure about writing it, its a me block i'm working up the courage) let me know what you all think! Also is anyone else feral for him and mr. Levinson?
Word Count: 1.8k
Main Masterlist || AO3
Tumblr media
Something is amiss, you think as your eyes fall on the clock that reads two a.m., there is a source of warmth to your left which wasn’t present as you decided to tuck in for the night. 
The warmth hums, large hands running up your sides. 
“How was it? Sharing a room with him?” He murmurs, his voice has an edge. The one you’ve heard countless times in the courtroom and during one on one negotiations. 
“An-Andy?” You manage to squeak out, when he pulls you closer, shifting so he’d be hovering above you.
The sleeves of his white shirt are rolled till his elbows, the top three buttons undone and you can see the inviting skin of his chest. His woodsy scent has you wanting to be pressed up against him.
“Why the innocent little eyes, princess? Didn’t think I would know? I sent you for work and what did you do with him? How dare you even think to share what is mine.” He raises a brow, blue only a thin rim around his pupils. 
Your thighs squeeze, but his own limbs keep you spread apart, the thin material of your sleep shorts bloom with the warmth of him flush against you. 
“Look at you, do you know you call out for me in your sleep?” His nose brushes along your jawline, chest rumbles deeply. His hips shift forward and your clit pulses in response. 
“Andy, I didn’t sleep—,” You want to tell him nothing happened. That you went to a different motel because you weren’t comfortable sharing a room with Ari. 
He tuts, “Sweet, sweet, girl. I’m going to ruin you for everyone else.” He promises, placing open mouth kisses along your neck, tongue swirling over your shirt your nipples harden for him. 
You cry out as he bites down upon the pebbled flesh. Your hips arch, pressing against his crotch. Andy hums in approval. 
“Feel what you do to me princess? Achingly hard, the times I’ve used my hand wishing it was your soft, tight warm cunt or that troublesome mouth of yours, fuck.” Andy grinds against you, your fingers tighten their grip in his hair. 
“Andy,” You beg, for more, you need to feel more. 
“What is it princess?” He groans rutting against you harder. 
“Need, need you more.” You mewl, he sits back on his knees, hair tousled, eyes watching you. 
Your eyes fall to his tongue licking his lips, he breaths in deep a smirk widening on his lips. 
You feel yourself clench around nothing. 
“Strip for me princess.” He instructs, you prop yourself against the headboard, undoing the buttons of the silk shirt, Andy’s hedonistic blue eyes rake over the newly exposed skin. 
Licking his lips he grabs the waist band of your shorts in his teeth, dragging it down your hips. Large palms tap at your thighs, you lift your hips to help him take the fabric off of you. 
You hiss at the cold air, nipples hardening. 
“Look at that achingly sweet cunt begging for me, isn’t she?” Andy blows over the heated flesh, a whimper escapes your lips. 
“Andy, please—,” your words cut off into a moan as his tongue swirls around your clit. He sucks upon the aching flesh, you can feel his beard brushing over your folds being coated with your arousal as he devours you. 
He hums in approval and you preen, fingers finding his hair and tugging him closer. Large hands grip your hips anchoring you to the bed, his tongue moves over your folds. 
Andy places soft kisses to the flesh of your thighs, edging you away from the orgasm he was building. 
“Please.” You whimper, he blows on your clit again. Cold against heated flesh, one hand moves from your hips, his middle finger knuckle deep inside of you. 
“So tight. Think you can take me, princess?” Andy taunts, wet squelches of his movement ring over his words. 
“Clenching around me? Hmm, of course you can take me, pussy was made for my cock only right?” His lips latch onto your clit, two fingers are stretching you out, tracing over your walls. 
Your stomach tightens, Andy, Andy, Andy consumes your every thought. 
“That’s right, Princess. You’re only going to say my name, only remember my name, and pray it all night long.” Andy grins, licking his lips, fingers thrusting at a relentless pace and tongue flicking over your clit. 
You cum shuddering against his mouth, the burn of his beard against your flesh. Through the aftershocks he doesn’t relent, lapping up your release, giving hums of approval that have you still drip for him. 
Andy pulls away, through hooded eyes you look at him. Gone is his shirt and pants, length straining against his boxers. 
“Aw, Princess can’t stay without getting wet for me? Look at you making a mess.” Andy teases, palms wrapping around your ankles and sliding you to the edge of the bed. 
“Andy, fuck me, please.” You request, his greedy lust fill eyes soften, thumb tracing over your jaw then bottom lip. 
Your lips part as you suck the tip. 
“Greedy little girl.” He chastises, the smirk on his face has you know he’s enjoying himself. 
“Want my cock, Sweetheart?” His thumb is in your mouth pressing on your tongue. 
Your doe like eyes look up at him, you nod. 
“Only I know how filthy you really are, hiding behind those innocent little eyes.” Andy traces his thumb down your chin, neck and sternum, brushing over your nipples. 
“On your knees princess. You beg so nicely and hands on my thighs. Don’t even think about touching yourself.” He warns. 
Your thighs clench, sinking down on your knees you reach for the waistband of his boxers helping him out of them. 
His tip covered in a sheen of precum, you lick your lips. Kissing the tip as your eyes meet his, the groan Andy gives sends a pulse to your clit, gagging slightly at his girth you slowly work your way to taking him half way. 
“That’s it Princess, keep going, fuck you look so pretty like this, lips all stretched around my cock.” He praises, hands running over your hair. 
You shift, trying to get some friction but nothing works, bobbing your head you try to take more of him in, tears brim over your eyes.
“Aw, is my cock too big? We’ll make it fit baby. Your sweet little pussy is going to be stretched all around my cock soon.” Andy promises, tone darkening at your muffled preen. 
“Don’t you want to make me happy? That mouth feels so good.” Andy groans as you pull away then take him back in, hollowing your cheeks slightly you find a rhythm that works and the way Andy begins to swear and his grip tightening on your hair you know you’re doing a good job. 
“Fuck, Princess, keep going fuck, fuck fuck.” Andy moans your name, slowly breaking your rhythm to set his own pace to fuck your mouth. 
He pulls away, a thin thread spit still connecting your lips to him, “Oh Princess, get on the bed, all fours.” 
You do as he says, his fingers tease your cunt, 
“So fucking wet, such a good little Princess.” He praises, your hips shift back. 
“Andy.” You whimper when a stinging slap is on your clit. 
“Patience.” He growls, his length gathering you on him. 
Slowly he pushes into you, you moan, hands shaking as you try to relax to get him inside of you. 
Andy moans your name, “Tightest little pussy. Fuck—,” halfway in he pulls out. Entering you again further, you feel so full. 
 Andy picks a rhythm that works each time he pushes further into you, your walls flutter around his thick length. 
“Look at you taking my cock so good, can feel me everywhere can’t you?” He questions you nod against the sheets too far gone to speak. 
His palm wraps around your throat pulling you up, his cock brushes over the spot that has you moan loudly, head against his shoulder, palm around your neck. 
Andy’s hips move relentlessly the new angle has your pussy gripping him like a vice, he moans other hand moving to circle your clit. 
You begin to thrash in his hold, each thrust right over your g-spot, each circle of his fingers sending waves of pleasure through you. 
You don’t know how you’re making the sounds you can distantly hear over the building roar of your orgasm. 
Andy keeps praising you, praising your pussy for being so good. The stretch and burn of him so delicious you clench hard around him before giving over to the orgasm, pliant in his arms as he chases his own release. 
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Princess you going to milk me? You going to let me fill you up? Mark you? Yes you are—, Fucking hell.” Andy’s hips stutter you feel the warmth bloom inside you as he cums, with a loud moan of your name, his speed slows down but he still fucks you through it. 
You grip his wrist when he begins to rub your clit again, sensitive but you can’t help it when he demands one more from you, he just wants to feel you cum around him. 
“You can do that right, Princess? Come on oh, there it is, such a good girl fuck—,” your walls spasm around him Andy groans as your pussy milks him well for everything he’s got.  
He turns you around, laying you on your back. 
Andy admires as a ring of white coats the base of his cock, little streams of your mixed cum rivulet over your folds. 
“Marking me, my sweet little Princess?” Andy questions meeting your gaze. 
“I’m all yours sweet girl.” He nuzzles into the crook of your neck. Placing kisses over your skin. 
Your pulse still thrums, his kisses helping slow it down as you bask in his affection. 
Slowly he moves to retrieve a damp washcloth to clean you up. You move closer to him, Andy places soft kisses to your forehead and cheek. 
“You okay there, Princess?” He chuckles when you whine only wanting to be close to him. 
“Just want you.” You mumble. 
“You have me Princess, only me.” He promises darkly. 
Through the haze of your slumber coaxed mind, you can feel him turn you parting your thighs, mewling as he slowly pushes his cock inside you.
Arm around your waist he shushes you with a kiss to your hair. 
“Relax Princess, just want to keep you full,” 
You relax against him, shifting and clenching around him when he plays with your nipples, heat pools in your stomach again. 
“Nice and full of me.” He chuckles as your hips move over him for more. 
“My greedy little Princess, I’ll give you everything.” He assures, grasping your chin and tilting your head to kiss you full of promises. 
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sandybarber · 18 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media
@lilacevans here you go girl, free Andy for you
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lilacevans · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
↬ 𝒆𝒏𝒅𝒍𝒆𝒔𝒔 𝒈𝒊𝒇𝒔 𝒐𝒇 𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒚 𝒃𝒂𝒓𝒃𝒆𝒓 (39/??)
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cevansbrat0007 · 1 day
Cool for the Summer
Tumblr media
Summary: What you have with Andy is so much more than just a run-of-the-mill summer fling. And you won't let it be damaged by little things like flies, or a casual dash of outdated ignorance. Andy Barber x Black Reader
Warnings: Light Sexual Themes, Fluff, Cuteness, Light Angst, Protective Andy, Discussions of Race, Racial Ignorance, Racism, Cursing, Minors DNI
A/N: This one might be a little tough for some, so please heed the warnings. Part of my ongoing Growing Pains Series. Likes, comments, and reblogs appreciated. All mistakes are my own.
“Here we go!” You chirp as you weave your way through several already occupied park tables. “There’s the perfect spot just down there, honey. You see it?”
“Uh, yep. Lead the way, baby girl.” Comes the soft rumble of your man’s voice from behind.
“You sure you don’t need help?” The man had insisted on carrying everything himself. “At least let me hold the drinks or something.”
“Wouldn’t dream of it.” 
Stubborn man. Of course he wouldn’t. You go to adjust the strap of your white, floral sundress as you make your way over to the table.
“Does my bow still look okay?” You ask, trying to feel whether or not the damn thing was still hanging evenly. You’d already asked him to readjust it twice for you. Not that he had minded, since Andrew Barber was committed to using every excuse in the book to get and keep his hands on you.
“Mmhm.” He replies without missing a beat.
“I can feel you looking at my butt, Big Man.”
“Yep.” He grunts, barely avoiding an accidental collision with another random park goer as he gets lost in the mesmerizing sway of your ass.
“You’re hopeless.” You grumble, not bothering to hide your smile even as you feel your cheeks heat.
“Only when it comes to you.”  
Likewise, handsome.
Only when you reach the spot you picked out does Andy finally allow you to help him. Together, you work to get everything settled before taking your seats. He then begins pulling items out of the big, white paper bag.
You stare down at your food as you unwrap it, suspicion clearly written all over your face. After all, just because it looked yummy didn’t mean the damn thing would actually taste good. 
“I can’t believe you’ve lived in Boston all this time without ever actually trying a lobster roll.” Your boyfriend remarks as he removes the wrapper from his lunch, which just so happens to be the same as your own.
“Hush.” You mumble, shooting him a playful glare. Holding the roll up to the light you take a moment to examine the famed New England cuisine. “I already told you. I’ve just got this thing about…mayo.”  
“But you like eggs, don’t you?” Andy leans back, casually lacing his fingers through yours. 
“Of course I do! Or did you forget that I made us eggs Benedict this morning?” You hear him chuckle when you pick up a chunk of lobster with your free hand. But what he doesn’t know is that you’re trying your damnedest not to bring it to your nose and sniff it.
Because that would be rude. Especially since you weren’t alone. Or at home. 
“Oh, I remember, baby girl. I remember you complaining about having to reheat everything after you jumped me in the kitchen.” He shrugs, his beautiful blue eyes dancing with mischief. 
“You are such a freaking liar!” You exclaim, momentarily forgetting to keep your voice down. “You were the one who attacked me while I was trying to whisk together the hollandaise and –”
“I mean, that’s not how I remember it. But in my defense, little love, have you ever seen the way your hips move when you whisk?” He presses a kiss to your joined hands. “Especially when you’re wearing just my shirt and nothing else? Shit should be illegal.” Another kiss, this time with an added nip of teeth.
“Whatever. I told you it wouldn’t reheat well.” You point an accusing finger at him. “You didn’t believe me. And to top it off, now you’ve got me trying this…thing. ” You screw your face up at him, trying to ignore the fact that he finds you amusing.
“Aw, Y/N.” Andy coos. “You’re so cute when you crinkle your little nose like that. Look, if you don’t like the roll, I’ll go back and get you something else. I promise.” And you know he means it. Your man wouldn’t bat an eyelash if you asked him to throw everything away and take you to your favorite Asian bistro right this second. 
Not that you’d ever ask him to do that. It was just nice knowing that you were dating the type of man who wanted you to be comfortable at all times. 
“You don’t have to do that.” You tell him, shrugging dismissively. “I’m sure it’s fine. And if it’s not, I’ll just eat my fries.” 
“Shh, Y/N.” Andy murmurs, his thumb tenderly stroking your knuckles. “Just try it. If you don’t like it, I will go back over to that little seafood shack and get you something else.” His gentle tone brooks no room for argument. “Okay, sweetheart?”
So bossy.
“Okay.” You breathe as a warm breeze ruffles through your curls. Summer would be over soon, which is part of the reason you’d chosen to have your date at this particular park. You wanted to enjoy this beautiful weather while you still had the chance.
“Take a bite for me, baby girl. I'm curious to see what you think.” He encourages, letting go of your hand. It then occurs to you that you were probably going to need them both if you really did plan to eat this thing. 
“It’s just so…big.” You muse as you hold it up, poised to take a bite. “All this meat. I’m not sure if it’s all gonna fit in my mouth.”
“Could’ve sworn you said the same thing about me the first time you – ow!” He hisses before reaching down to grasp at his shin. “Shit!”
“Keep it up and I’ll kick you again, sir.” You tell him as you hold up your small foot, loving the way the sparkly polish catches the sunlight. “Please don’t make me mess up my pedicure. It was expensive.” 
And that wasn’t a lie. You’d decided to treat yourself this month, which meant this shit had to last!
“Keep forgetting just how violent my pretty lady can be sometimes.” Andy mutters, absentmindedly rubbing his abused leg. “Kind of turns me on.” And then he delicately grabs hold of your ankle and safely lowers it back to the ground.  “Should I be concerned about that?” He nibbles on a french fry, dunking it in ketchup.
And then you do it. Closing your eyes, you lean down and take a massive bite of your lobster roll. 
Go big or go home.
“Oh. My. God.” You moan before diving in once more, making your man chuckle. 
“Is it good, baby?” You look up at him, noticing the way his engaging blue eyes seem to sparkle back at you. “Eh, you got a little somethin’…” 
Ever the doting lover, he picks up a napkin so that he can sweetly wipe away a small smear of sauce left behind on your cheek. 
“There we go, sweet girl. Much better.” 
He has no idea just how much the gesture makes you melt inside. You honestly weren’t sure what you did to deserve this man.
“Thank you.” You whisper, suddenly feeling shy. “It’s - this is really good, Big Man. I was a little worried but…this shit is delicious.” You keep eating, scooping bits and pieces of sweet lobster meat with your fingers when they occasionally fall out of the buttered roll and onto the wrapper below.
“Aren’t you gonna eat too?” You ask, licking at your thumb. 
Jesus, this stuff was good, but it was also super messy.
“I will.” Andrew is quiet for a moment as a french fry dangles loosely from his fingers. “You have no idea just how beautiful you are, do you?” 
Now that takes you by surprise. Not because you were unaccustomed to hearing him say it, in fact it was just the opposite. Your boyfriend was always dropping sweet compliments like that. But what always seemed to strike you the most time and time again was the fact that he…
He actually meant it. Like, it wasn’t just some line he was committed to using to keep you in his bed.
There’s a soft, warm grin on his lips as he cocks his head to the side – his eyes never leaving yours. 
“Andy…” You break away from his gaze to stare down at your meal. “You’re ridiculous.” 
“I’m being serious.” He continues, popping a perfectly fried piece of potato in his mouth. And then he picks up another.
“I know.” You tell him, taking a cooling sip of your drink. “It’s – you’re nice.”
“I’m going to keep saying it.” Your man tells you, using two thick fingers to lift your chin. “Until you start to believe me.” 
“I do.” You murmur, suddenly feeling like you and Andy are the only two people in the entire park. One of your small hands reaches up to wrap itself around his wrist, your thumb resting over his pulse point. 
“Good. Doesn’t mean I plan on stopping any time soon though.” He winks at you then, before finally taking a bite of his food. “Damn if this isn’t delicious.” He takes one more before getting up to excuse himself to the restroom. 
“Be back in a minute, baby girl. If you finish yours while I’m gone then please feel free to help yourself to mine too. Just don’t go wandering off on me, okay?” You can tell that he’s joking. 
You could tell that he was still dealing with a little PTSD from that time you ditched him when you'd been out on your first date. While it had certainly been a few months since then, your poor Andy Bear still hadn’t fully recovered.
“You got it, handsome. Promise I won’t move from this spot.”
“Thank you.” He breathes a sigh of relief before striding off in the other direction. 
As you sit there alone, you take a moment to dig into your french fries, alternating between dipping them in ketchup and tarter sauce. Maybe you could convince Andy to share a basket of fried clams with you as well. Ooh! And the crab cakes. 
Not that he would ever let you pay for any of it. The last time you’d tried he’d actually snatched your card and kept it in his wallet for the rest of the night. You knew would get your way eventually, but until then, you would have to keep patiently biding your time. 
“Excuse me. Excuse me, Miss.” The sound of someone’s voice breaks you out of your precious reverie. Turning your head, you spy an elderly woman and someone you assume to be her husband waving at you from a neighboring table. 
“Are you talking to me?” You point at yourself. “Oh, um..hi!”
“Hello, honey.” She smiles, waving politely. “Sorry to bother you.”
“No, you’re not, Eva.” Her companion grunts, keeping his attention focused on the crossword he’s apparently working on. 
“Quiet, Alan. Was that –” She struggles to shift her chair a little closer to your own. “Was that young man your boyfriend? I’m talking about the tall, handsome one who just walked that way.”
“Sure is.” You tell her, feeling unable to control the smile dancing across your face. Not that you would want to anyhow. “He is pretty cute, huh?”
“Oh, he is.” The two of you share a conspiratorial giggle. “How long have you two been together?”
“A few months.”
“So it’s new, then?”
“Very.” You nod, swirling your drink around before taking a gulp.
“Oh, Alan. Alan – it’s new. Aren’t they just so cute?” She snaps her fingers at him a couple of times, trying to get his attention. “Alan!”
“No.” He grunts again, which kind of takes you by surprise. 
“Alan!” His wife gasps, looking almost offended as you feel. “Be nice to the poor girl.”
This man, or Alan as it were, finally turns to you then. His cool, gray eyes boring into your own.  
“Look, sweetheart.” Alan lets out a resigned sigh as he neatly folds up his paper crossword and tucks away his pen. “You’re a very pretty girl. You don’t need someone like me to tell you that. And that guy, your boyfriend? He’s a very good looking guy. You don’t need me to tell you that either.” He pauses for a moment as he coughs into his handkerchief. 
Your chest constricts slightly as what feels like a lead weight slowly sinks to the pit of your stomach. 
“And what you two have may be cool for the summer, or whatever it is you young people say these days, but that’ll be it.”
“And why would that be exactly?” The thing is, you had sneaking suspicion that you already knew where this was heading. But you weren’t quite sure.  
“You’re too different. I haven’t even known you for five minutes, but it’s blatantly obvious that you come from different worlds. And despite what the movies and the media tell you, it never works. Because it’s not meant to.”
Alright. Got it. Coded message received.
“It’s just not natural, the two of you mixing like this. And the sooner you realize that, the better off you’ll be. Trust me.” He shakes his finger at you, almost as if he’s playing the part of a dutiful father warning an errant child.
“Well, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you, Alan.” As flustered as you were inside, and despite the anger coursing through you, you refused to let him see just how affected you were. “It was nice chatting with you, Eva. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be going back to my lunch.”
“Oh!” Eva worried eyes flit between you and her husband. “Now see what you’ve gone and done, Alan? You’ve just upset that nice girl.”  
She was right. But you were more than upset. Underneath it all, you were hurt. 
“Eh, she’s young, she’s smart. She’ll be fine.” He waves away his fussing wife’s words as he stands up, obviously preparing to leave.
And of course, as luck would have it, Andy also picks that exact moment to rejoin you at your little table. 
“Hey, sweet girl. Over here making new friends, I see.” He goes to sit down and then pauses, extending his hand to the older man. “The name’s Andrew.”
“And we were just leaving.” Alan informs him, pointedly ignoring your boyfriend’s polite greeting. “C’mon, Eva.”
You shake your head, desperately hating the fact you were allowing one person’s misguided outlook to ruin such a wonderful day out with an equally wonderful man. But sometimes that was all it took, you know?
“Huh?” Andy pulls back, turning his attention toward you. “Did I miss something or..?” He trails off once he finally gets a good look at your crestfallen face.  
“Baby, what’s wrong?” And with that shift, you know he’s forgotten all about the man standing not even five feet away. 
His focus now is you. You are all that he sees as he moves to crouch down beside you.
“Alan, apolgize!” Eva implores him. At least she actually had the decency to look somewhat distraught about the whole situation. “Please. What you’re doing is – it isn’t very kind. This is a new generation. Maybe things might be different –”
But her husband simply isn’t in the mood to hear it. From her, you'd wager, or anyone else for that matter. 
“Son.” He turns to address the concerned man at your side. “I didn’t mean to upset your pretty friend here, not really. You’re a couple of good looking kids. Didn’t I say that to you before, sweetheart?”
Alan waits briefly pauses long enough for you to respond, but you don’t. Instead you choose to cup Andy’s cheek, trying to concentrate on the soft fullness of his neatly cropped beard.  
“You two are having a summer fling. I get it. I don’t support it, but –”
“Why the hell would either one of us give a fuck about what you do or do not support?” Andy snarls, his hackles raised. 
“I’m just trying to warn you because I’ve been where you are.” Surprised by the younger man’s harsh tone, he returns his attention to you. “Look, your Andrew here is lost in the newness of all of this. You’re beautiful, you’re exotic. He’s enjoying a small taste of the forbidden – I know you know what I’m saying.” Alan uses his folded puzzle to fan himself. “Everyone is always so quick to call things racist these days, but what the hell happened to being honest?”
“Hey, my guy. Unless you missed it, I’m a grown ass man who’s quite capable of making his own fucking decisions.” He scrubs a hand over his jaw as he cracks his neck. “And I’ve decided that I want to spend my day, my time – hell, pretty much my every fucking waking hour if she’ll have me – with this gorgeous woman right here.”
Andy closes the distance between them then, their faces so close that their noses are practically touching. ”So, I’m gonna do you a kindness by letting you know up front that I am definitely the kinda guy who won’t hesitate to hit an old man, especially if you say one more disrespectful thing about my girl.” 
There’s no hiding the fact that he’s seething, but you can also see that what he’s experiencing runs deeper. You suspect that he’s feeling helpless in a way that he never has before. 
“Ask your people, young lady. And I bet they’ll tell you the same -that’s assuming your folks haven’t done so already.” He goes to reach for his wife’s hand. But she’s clearly had enough of the spectacle, so she simply turns and walks away. “I guess that’s one thing the races have in common, wanting to spare our kids any unnecessary pain.” 
“But the thing is, Alan, nobody asked for your fucking opinion in the first place.” You hiss, finding your voice again. “About me or my man.” Your hands are shaking, so you keep them hidden under the table. “So I’m not quite sure why you chose to give it.”  
“I was just –”
“Go chase after your wife, buddy, before I fuck around and lose my shit.” Old man or not, you can tell that Andy is struggling to rein in his temper. 
Finally, Alan does the smartest thing he’s probably done all day. He turns and follows the same path his wife took, calling her name as he does. She doesn’t appear to acknowledge him, not that you felt overly compelled to care anyway. 
Now, you were left to pick of the pieces what remained of your date. But at this point, you weren’t even sure if it was salvageable. Maybe you would just ask him to drop you back home. After you made sure he was okay, of course. He would probably need you to reassure him that everything was okay, and that incidents like this would be few and far between, and –
“Are you alright, Y/N?” Andy asks, his heated blue eyes never leaving the older man’s slowly disappearing form. “He say anything else while I was gone?”
But then again, Andrew Barber also wasn’t like most other guys...
“Y/N...what else did he say when I was gone?” His voice hard as he repeats his question.
“Just…more of the same.” You shrug, picking at the remaining half your lobster roll. “It doesn’t matter.”
“It does to me.” He responds, his deep voice coming out a little more hoarse than it had only moments before. “I would hope you'd know that by now.”
“I do.” You tell him, wishing you could make yourself get up and go to him. Because you knew you were right. Comfort was the way to go here. Except you were finding it hard to do what you thought might make someone else feel better when you, yourself, were also having a rough time.
“Then why are sitting over there like you don’t?” 
“Why are you standing over there like you don’t need me to hug you?” You counter, standing on unsteady feet. “My jelly legs don’t work so good right now.” 
“I can come to you.” 
“Then come here.” You open your arms to him. Seconds later they’re wrapped securely around his middle, and his are around you too.
“What you and I have – this thing we’re building here – is so much more than some goddamned summer fling, baby girl. You gotta know that.”
“I do.” Because you did. Sometimes things really were that simple. 
“Say something else. Something more.” His voice wavers just a touch, almost as if he’s close to begging.
A small sigh escapes as you try to form the right words. And then decide to go with honesty, the usual best policy.
“I don’t just know it, Andy. It - it’s more than that. I feel it. Right fucking here, honey.” Taking his hand, you place it over his heart. “Right here.” You rasp. “Where it counts.”
“Okay.” Your man clings to you even tighter. “Okay, good.” 
You two stand like that for a moment, both of you holding on to the comfort you were each attempting to give the other.
“I love you.” Andy whispers into your curls as his hand smooths its way up and down your back. “So much. And I hope you know that man is an idiot who–”
“Shh.” You interrupt, pressing a finger to his soft lips. “I love you too. And also, there’s a fly enjoying your lobster roll.”
“What?” He chokes on a surprised laugh. 
“Yep and – ope! Now there’s two.” You confirm, spinning him around so that he can see for himself. “Guess this date’s ruined, huh?” 
You bite your lip before brushing your fingers over his furrowed brow, smoothing out the small wrinkles. 
“Ruined. Right.” Your man sniffs. “On account of the flies. And not the casual cup of racist bullshit we just had tossed in our laps like it was nothing.” 
“Nope." You shrug. “It was definitely the flies, because ignorant assholes like that don’t get to fuck up our days.”
“Is that right?”
“Mmhm. Although, I have to tell you, I’m still a little hungry.” You shoo the flies away before picking up your unwanted food and tossing it in the trash. Have at it bugs. And then go to link an arm through his, gently leading him out of the park. 
“You are?” 
You weren’t, at least not really. But you didn’t want things to end this way. Neither one of you deserved that.
“Uh huh. Know any place where we could get a nice, juicy cheeseburger and maybe a couple slices of pie?” You bat your lashes up at him, wanting him to go along with it.
“I do. As long as we can get it to-go that I can hold you while we eat.” You allow Andy to adjust your positions so that you can snuggle deeper into his side.
While you were pretty sure that it wouldn’t be today, you knew you both would eventually be okay. And you could always try lobster rolls again some other time. Either at this park, or at a different one. The place didn't matter.
But your company...now that did.
“You’ve got yourself a deal, honey.”
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i bet he hogs the covers
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worksby-d · 21 days
𝒟𝓇𝑜𝓅 𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓇𝓎𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝓃𝑜𝓌
Pairing: best friend’s dad!Andy Barber x fem!Reader
Summary: Still learning what you do and don't like when it comes to your sex life with Andy.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings: Age gap (Reader in her 20s), quickie, kinda rough, little bit of degrading dirty talk, choking, delayed (?) aftercare (i probably made that up lmfao you'll see though), 18+
Word count: ~1,000
· · ┈─────── ⋆៹ ✩۪۟۟≭ ───────┈ · ·
His hand covering your mouth muffles each shuddering breath you let out as your hips repeatedly hit against the edge of his porcelain countertop.
“You couldn't wait just a couple hours, could you?”
Crying out against his palm, you shake your head, praying his walls are thick enough to stifle the obscene noises–the dirty words he's growling in your ear.
“You had to get me up here to fuck you in this bathroom instead, huh?”
If he wasn't fucking you senseless, you'd make a remark about how it wasn't hard to do.
While he and Jacob watched some sports, you excused yourself to get some homework done. You knew you'd have a chance to spend alone time with Andy later tonight, but you couldn't help but grow impatient.
He almost choked on his beer reading the first text you sent, quickly glancing at his son, hoping he didn't notice.
He almost choked on his beer reading the first text you sent, quickly glancing at his son, hoping he didn't notice.
It was you telling him exactly what you were planning to do with him later. He did his best to ignore you, to keep from shifting in his seat–until you followed up with some pictures you knew would do the trick when he didn't respond.
He finally snapped and told you to call him so he could lie and say it was a work call he needed to take upstairs.
He wasted no time pulling you into his bathroom to give you what you wanted.
“Look at you–”
He forces you to look at yourself in the mirror in front of you–pants pulled down around your thighs, hair sticking to your sweaty forehead, tears welling in your eyes from trying desperately to hold back.
“Acting like a slut will get you fucked like one.”
“Andy, please,” you gasp as his hand drops to your neck. “I'm gonna–”
You can't finish your sentence before your eyes are rolling back, a harsh snap of his hips pushing you over the edge. His fingers press against the sides of your throat to keep you quiet as he cums too, letting out his own muffled moan against your shoulder.
“Good girl.” His voice is hushed, hand loosening its grip on your neck and falling to your waist so he can hold you properly for just a second.
You've barely caught your breath when you feel him pull away from you though, quickly cleaning himself up enough to get back downstairs.
“Dinner’s almost ready,” he says, patting your back as he leans toward you for a quick kiss. “You good?”
Nodding, you kiss him back, almost hesitantly, the realization that he's gonna leave you to clean up and calm down yourself slowly hitting you.
· · ┈─────── ⋆៹ ✩۪۟۟≭ ───────┈ · ·
Andy gets increasingly more worried with each minute that passes since he left you in his room. He doesn't want to bring attention to anything by checking on you though, so he and Jacob start to eat dinner without you.
“Where’s Y/N?”
He wants to kick himself for asking. Why would Jacob know?
“Uh, not sure,” he answers, looking at his phone. “When she gets doing assignments, she doesn't stop. Maybe she had a lot. I'll text her.”
Andy chuckles at that. “You can't walk up a flight of stairs and talk to her in person?”
“Don't wanna bug her,” he shrugs.
You give him an abrupt “no” when you get his text asking if you're going to eat, and you're relieved when he leaves it at that.
Back downstairs, Andy is anything but relieved though. The past half hour plays over and over in his head, each moment dissected as he tries to figure out if he did something wrong.
· · ┈─────── ⋆៹ ✩۪۟۟≭ ───────┈ · ·
Eventually hearing footsteps coming down the hall toward his bedroom, you sink further beneath the blankets you're cuddled up under.
The door opening doesn't faze you, you know it's Andy.
“What are you doing?” A look of concern floods his eyes as they fall on you curled up in his bed.
You don't know if you're trying to convince him or yourself with how quickly you answer, “Nothing.”
Your eyes stay set on your phone in your hand though.
“Okay, uh, Jacob went out…”
“Yeah, he texted me,” you shrug.
“You guys and your texting when you're in the same house,” he snorts. When he doesn't get a similar reaction from you, he knows something’s up. “What's wrong?”
“Sorry–” Your voice cracks and you finally set your phone down.
He swiftly moves to sit on the edge of the bed next to you. “For what?”
“I didn't like it,” you admit. You roll your eyes, not knowing how to even say it. “What we did in the bathroom.”
“Shit, I…” He knew it. “Did I hurt you?”
“No,” you quickly assure him. “No, it's stupid. I like when you're rough with me and I know I asked for it, but you usually, like… hold me afterward, I guess. And I like that.”
His heart breaks. You're still figuring this part of your relationship out with each other, but he feels like shit for making you feel clearly uncomfortable.
“Oh my god.” He carefully lays next to you, a burst of cold air hitting you when he lifts the blankets to get under them with you. He pulls you into his arms though, his body heat making up for it. “That's not stupid. I'm sorry. I should have noticed–”
“You didn't do anything wrong. I should have safe-worded or, or said something when I realized– But it was after the fact. I just didn't like being left alone right away.”
“Shh, shh,” he softly whispers, trying to get you to calm down, stop your over explaining. “We know now. It's okay.”
All you do is nod against his chest, but he can feel you relax a bit too.
“Gonna hold you the rest of night, okay? I'm sorry.”
“It's okay. I’m okay,” you promise, laughing a little. You hug him tighter though. “Thank you.”
· · ┈─────── ⋆៹ ✩۪۟۟≭ ───────┈ · ·
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