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thetaekookcloset · 2 months ago
I notice that a lot of tkkrs put so much emphasis on them coming out, however i dont think tkk think about it as much. Im not saying they never want to come out (if theyre in a relationship) but “coming out” is not something lgbt ppl of other countries (particularly eastern countries) would traditionally do. Im basically saying that coming out is mostly a western thing, especially when it comes to conservative countries. The reason why i think this is because thats how it is in my cultures (i’ve grown up in multiethnic conservative backgrounds). Yes, there are some of us who actually come out, but its not common. I hate to say this… but its more like youre being “outed” or your friends/family having “suspicions”. I have noticed that its slowly changing though. More people are actually coming out, but i thought i should give insight to how things usually are
Thank you for sharing your perspective!
I've seen other people say this too.  It's really interesting to me, as someone from the States, and it's made me think more about the whole concept of coming out in the first place.  When you really think about it, it's sort of a strange thing to do in a way, because ultimately you're talking about something that's pretty private and very personal.
It's also just not really something that you ever stop doing anyway.  I think that in some ways, we're moving away from the concept even here, because you might "come out" to your parents, for example, or to your friends, but still not be out at work.  Or you might make a big announcement on social media but still have your family not know.  There's a lot of nuance to something like living in the world as your authentic self, and it's not really something you can just do once and then be set forever.
As far as Taekook are concerned, when I use the phrase "come out" when I'm talking about them, I'm really talking about them making some sort of public statement, which isn't something I would anticipate them doing.  But I do think we're seeing them act more and more like their natural, authentic selves all the time.  Whether that's because they want people to know about them, don't care whether people know about them, or figure no one's going to believe it either way, we likely won't ever know, but it seems like they have a sense of freedom now that they didn't have before, and I'm glad for them.
I still think it's very likely that if they're together, their families know.  It just seems like, if they've been together for years and they have good relationships with their families, they would have to be aware of something that big in their lives.  But yeah, I certainly wouldn't expect them to make any public statement to "come out" in a public way.  I think, if anything, we might see more glimpses of their authentic selves through their solo work, and that would be really exciting already.
Anyway, thank you again for sharing your thoughts and your perspective, I really appreciate it!
Tumblr media
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drkcnry67 · a year ago
join me?
Tumblr media
title: join me?
pairing: Jared x reader
rating: 18+
fluff: single parent AU
kink: shower sex
tags: shower sex, single parent x single nanny, vaginal penetration, climax, asking someone you know to become your partner in raising your child
summery: not telling
mentioning @sweetness47​
created for @spnfluffbingo​ @spnkinkbingo​
kink list   fluff list
the following AD you had placed on all the job boards:
“if you are a Single parent in need of someone to move in to help look after your kids, clean, cook for you Im that person. obviously i can cook, clean, drive, shop for groceries you know the esentials. basically anything you would require of me i can accomplish. call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx, to discuss details. sincerely YN. PS im willing to relocate if needbe. thank you for reading this.”
just like that it was done, it was posted. now, all you had to do was wait. someone was bound to call eventually. 
after 3 weeks you were about to re-post the ad, your phone rang. someone from san Antonio, as far as you were concerned you knew of no one who lived in that corner of the world. 
you took a chance and answered the call. 
YN: hello!
Jared: yes, im looking for YN
YN: thats me
Jared: perfect, my name is Jared Padalecki. i’m a single father to a 4 year old boy named Thomas. he’s my mess maker & i love him to bits. but balancing between work and parenting is alot harder than most people think. my wife had divorced me she felt like i didnt care enough about her or the foundation she built, so one night she walked out and i havent seen her since. so anyway i was looking through the ads for live in nanny when i came across yours. your ad drew me to it, im sorry if this sounds too forward but its been hard. 
YN: not at all. so what are the terms of this job?
Jared: well, as we speak im just finishing the details of your flight to San Antonio which first of all i need your current location like where you are coming from and how much baggage you are bringing. 
YN: thats very kind of you to book me a flight. im coming from San Francisco with 3 suitcases and 2 carry ons. most of it are small keepsakes and other sich clothing items i pick up along the way. but not a big deal i just dont have a permenant home to leave anything at. so if you dont mind me coming with all my little nik naks and figurines...
Jared chuckled in the background before he spoke.
Jared: girl, i think we can deal with that. ill buy some wall shelves and a special case for your statues and figures, with enough room that should you want more you can get more. There will be a vehicle you can use to transport my son to school and do errands and stuff like that, there will be a spare room included for you with your own bathroom. The shopping can be done by you after you drop my son off to school on a day of your choosing. If you like all that your duties do not include yard maintenence. You are free to take my son out for shopping trips as well, you get a shared card to my all expense account to do all your spending for the house and for yourself. It goes straight to my account it's all good. I want your time here to be awesome.
YN: this is my cell, please tell me you have some good news about my flight details. 
Jared: check your texts. 
You check your messages before you go back to the call.
YN: thats a good flight, so what kind of plans are for when i get there. 
Jared: well if you want we can go get the groceries when you arrive, after we leave the airport. then we can go for lunch and get you a few pretty things. sign some bank papers to put your name in my accounts. 
Yn: that sounds good, I've just sent notice to my landlord, I'm just packing up some of my figures now. I'm gonna have to get my license and stuff switched over to Texas state license but I'm excited for this.
Jared: i know as am i its been a while since we had any type of female presence in the house. we havent any such thing, but tomorrow that all changes. i know that you are gonna bring a light into our lives that hasnt been here in well ever. 
YN: glad i can help, now lets see whats the day tomorrow yields. 
Jared: i am so excited, so is my son. he keeps asking when you are gonna be here. but it is gonna be a happy day tomorrow. i know that this is gonna sound strange, but i hope your the one that can save me.
you heard his tone change instantly, you felt the power coming from it. you felt the wet in your panties. you were not okay in the slightest. but you felt amazing at the same time. 
YN: i guess ill let you go. ill shoot you a text when i get to the airport. cause i want to help you. i want to be the one to save you. 
neither of you knew what the hell just happened, neither of you would remember what was said, at the end of it neither of you would be able to state the words of the other. it will remain that way till a different day in the near off future. 
Jared: ill see you tomorrow... YN.
YN: jared.
the call ended, it was the moment when you felt like you could breathe again. the moment when you felt as though it would be your last. the moment when you felt like you were on cloud 9. 
you went to the cornerstore to get a few travel items. a few other things as well. a lot of times before you travel you do this kind of big shop, but this time was not like most times. Jared was providing everything for you, you had to bring you and what you currently owned, as well as your documents and stuff like that. 
after cleaning most of what you could in the apartment, you set your alarm and went to bed. you woke up to your 6:00am alarm. it was a long time but you were also a good half hour to the airport. you wanted plenty of time for check in and travel distance. 
finishing packing, leaving your keys to the apartment in the hands of your landlord who helped you bring your bags out the front door. she wished you a safe trip and to call if you were ever in the area again. 
you brought your bags to the cab and got in. you told the driver to take you to the airport. upon arrival at the airport, the cab driver helped you load your bags onto a cart and drove off.  you pushed the cart into the airport, went to the check in desk. 
check in lady: may i see your ticket and passport please?
You hand over your ticket and passsport. the lady scans your ticket and hands both your passport and ticket back to you. 
check in lady: alright your good to go, the gift shop is open if you want to stop there, its just on your left passed security.
Yn: do I give you my suitcases! Well at least the ones that aren't carry ons.
Check in lady ushers for a security guard to come round to take the 3 suitcases from you. To which you smile and thank them and head off to go through security.
Security guard: please put all your bags in a bin, your jacket and shoes as well as your jewelry in this bin and then you can stand on this square we will bring you through and go from there.
you did as asked. you complied you went to stand on the square, were waved through, the thing didnt beep but you were still patted down and then given your stuff back.  sent on your merry way, you were happily walking through the airport again. 
you went to the gift shop, you were buying a few puzzle books to keep you entertained on the flight. as well as a dress off the rack and some playing cards (one of each type), and some statues. these ones were small but made you smile.
you paid for everything and then went to the bathroom to change and organize your bags. you come out of the bathroom, your hair is up in a ponytail. you go take a seat holding your passport and ticket. 
after half hour of sitting there, your flight number was called. You pulled out your phone, texting Jared.
Yn (by text): morning, I am about to board my flight
Jared (by text): morning, I hope you have a safe flight, Thom and i cant wait to see you. Thom made you a sign we will be holding it, you have my word and honor that we will be good, we will all get along quite good. 
YN (by text): of course, as do i. i look forward to getting to San Antonio and beginning a new life. the pre flight is starting ill let you know when i land. 
Jared (by text): have a safe flight. see you in a few hours. i gotta bathe the kiddo. 
The pre flight took a bit longer than you thought it would, but Jared's message was one you ended up saving as a screenshot. You listened to your music when the flight attendant said we were free to use the screens ahead of us and whatever else. 
You even did some puzzle books and wrote in your journal. 
You were nervous, of course you were nervous. This was the first time you were gonna meet a single dad and a son. Thoughts of what they might look like floated through your mind. The thoughts of the life you were stepping into were beyond what your mind could conjour. 
But the way he spoke to you said something about saving you, made you wonder if something more was happening to him. 
Something maybe in his past that might be coming after him now. There was a darkness in his voice that you couldn't shake. 
But you shoke it off, you were not gonna let these thoughts consume you. You waited for the hours to pass, and they did rather quickly. 
For what was once 30 mins that had passed, became an hour and a half. You were almost there. 8 am quickly turned into 1030am there was still half hour to go. 
This was it the landing checks the whole pack up whatever you took out, close the trays un recline your seats, take out and shut off your music speech came quickly. You put away the books and things, you held your phone in one hand using the other to get up form your seat. You followed the people out of the plane. 
You walked out onto the concourse and made sure you were lookin good before you stepped onto the escalator. 
Jared was watching, but when his eyes landed on you coming toward him he smiled. He couldn't help himself. A little voice in his head told him not to smile, but to jump you instead. Jared ignored that voice for he didn't want to do anything harmful with Thom around. Even then he wouldn't. he instead watched you walk toward him. 
Jared: YN.
YN: you must be Jared. It is a pleasure to meet you. 
You both shake hands but a spark flows between both of your hands. Before you place your bags on the ground and look at Thom. 
YN: you must be the little cutie. Did you make this sign all by yourself?
Thom nods and gives you a hug which you graciously return. You were feeling happy. 
Jared: i think we should go wait by the luggage bay so we can grab your luggage. Then we can head off for lunch and shopping and paper filling. 
YN: the luggage should have started coming out by now anyway right?
Jared: possibly. But i want to hear more about you, your adventures and can i just say that dress is delectable. 
There it was again, that deep dark tone to his voice. He now held his hand out for your bags as Thom was urging for you to carry him. Jared carried your carry ons, you carried Thom who just smiled happily. 
Jared: ive never seen Thom take kindly to anyone before. This is gonna work out just fine. 
YN: thom is so sweet, i look forward to working with him on a daily basis. I also look forward to helping you with the house. 
You smiled as thom came up to you and sat in your lap. Jared just watched amazed by your skill with kids. 
As the luggage came round you pointed out your suitcases to Jared who grabbed them placing them on the cart. 
You held thom who just contently hugged you. He nestled himself against the crook of your neck, soft snores filled yours and Jared's ears shortly after. 
Jared: he barely slept last night he was too excited. I'm not surprised that he is sleeping now. 
Jared says as you all walk to the car, Jared with the luggage cart, you holding thom. You gently placed thom in the car, you watch Jared place the luggage in the trunk. 
Jared: and you are the miracle worker, he is asleep. He will sleep till we wake him for lunch. He will also hopefully sleep through the bank and licencing appointments. 
Before he could say another word you went over and gave him a kiss to his cheek. The air between you both was growing thin. 
This would have been your first kiss if not for the fact that jared’s watch went off. 
Jared: we have to be at the bank in half an hour. Which is perfect but first i want to try something. Just dont move.
You didnt move you stood there as Jared slid his hand around your waist. And placed a soft kiss to your neck. Then moved to whisper in your ear. 
Jared: a little bit of food for thought. The darkness is growing inside me and i swear i will hold it back as long as i can. But you need to understand you are the only one who can stop the darkness. 
You went round to your side of the vehicle. Feeling a little flustered. Jared was behind you, you turned to see him, his eyes starring at you. His hand on your own, you feel a spark, you feel that same spark that you both had felt back in the airport, when you first met. 
The ride to the bank was good, you and jared talked and went over a list for shopping and made a list of things to do when you arrived to Jared’s home. You were done the bank & licensing appointments.
 Deciding that it would be easier pick up take out for lunch as Thom was still sleeping. Like he was out like a light. You guys were able to quickly go in follow the list and get everything on the list. Finally on the road with lunch and heading home to Jareds. 
YN: so i guess i will need to set up some stuff and unpack. 
Jared: ill even help you set up and build the shelving and things. Believe me your suite is gonna be your style when we are through with it. We are almost there. Then we will get you settled. And its still early in the day. 
YN: lets hope that we can get a majority of this done before thom wakes up. 
Jared: or at least un pack the car or have the lawn care people help with that as well. Ill just pay them extra for it.  
Within a few moments after that you guys pull dup to a gate, where Jared used a key card to open it. 
Jared: welcome to your new home YN! 
From that point in the day you and Jared and thom spent it getting acquainted, you did some schooling with thom, jaredd helped you set up your suite, Jared and you celebrated with a glass of wine each before bed from then on.  More little moments were stollen like the one that happened in the airport. 
Something worse would be a drift in the near future. you didnt know what but you had a feeling that something would come to light that you would never expect in a million years. 
~its now been 8 months and 12 days since you came to live with Jared and Thom. you settled in quite nicely. you drove back and forth to get thom to and from school, you cooked, cleaned and you happily did all the laundry. now we start our story again on the last day of school, with you just having picked up Thom from school and are in the car driving back home~
you had just gotten on the freeway Thom had passed out a while back for his afternoon nap. you were just happy for a small moment of peace and quiet. but your bluetooth came through the car at a volume that thankfully didnt wake Thom. 
you saw it was Jared so obviously you answered. 
Jared: hey hows it going?
Yn: good, thom is having a nap, im just on the freeway. how was work?
Jared: good, i couldnt wait for the day to be over. i have a surprise for you. 
YN: for me or for me and thom or for all 3 of us
Jared: call it a family surprise. 
YN: wait im part of the family. none of my jobs previously had ever considered me part of the family. its nice to finally be included in an actual family. 
you could hear jared chuckle before he continued to speak. 
Jared: i know you are new to the whole permenant family thing, and we are always gonna have a home here for you. but i want to celebrate the start of summer with a tradition. 
YN: something new or something old?
Jared: a new tradition one that starts as soon as you guys get home... 
YN: and will i need to pack a bag?
Jared: yes although i had my assistant at work go out and buy you a few new things for this trip today, so how long till you guys get home... 
suddenly thom pipes up from the background. 
thom: hi daddy.
Jared: hey little man, ive got a surprise for you when you and YN get home. 
YN: we will see you in 10 minutes jared. 
Jared: see you in the driveway 
the call ended and you handed thom a sucker from your center console. he smiled and giggled all the rest of the way home. you pulled into the driveway parking in your normal spot. 
Jared comes round to bring thom out first, after spinning him around before setting him down on the ground, he comes round to your side. he opens the door and extends his hand to you. 
he helps you out of the car, and walks you to the door. where you all enter before Jared send thom up to his room to get ready. guess he had told thom the secret before he told you, but you were now standing in the living room with Jared who turns to you.
YN: what is the big surprise, i assume you told Thom and thats why he ran upstairs all excited. 
Jared: i bought us a vacation house about 2 months ago. it is all season, and we get to go there and spend these next 6 weeks there. its in canyon lake about 2 hours by car. thom will probably sleep at least part of the way there. but YN i want you to know that i have a secret one that has me flustered enough to internally keep it from you for he is the glue that holds us together. but i wonder if perhaps we as in us 2 have a few things we can be together. 
before you could respond Jared leaned in and placed a gentle kiss to your lips, for those 2 seconds it was like heaven had shot you with an arrow.
Jared pulled back and began to walk toward the kitchen to pack some trip snacks and drinks. but before leaving you alone in the living room he spoke.
Jared: ill leave you with that food for thought for it will be something to definately make conversation about later.
That kiss, your only real first kiss. Made you extremely excited. But the drive the 2 hour drive had you all hot and bothered. you went to pack your stuff in your bag. well at least thats what you thought, when you got to your room, you saw a suitcase, one filled with yours and Jareds stuff. maybe you guys were traveling light or there was already stuff out there for you guys.
you packed your journals, some games and a few books and of course a deck of cards in your backpack. you wheeled the suitcase out of the suite while carrying the backpack. then you went back in to put your hair back.
you heard someone calling your name. you answered the call and heard footsteps coming to your room. you turned to see Jared standing there, like nothing had happened downstairs.
Jared: are we almost ready to go?
YN: almost. just gonna get into something a bit more vacay less public appearance. meet you down in 2... 
Jared: wear something sexy. i guarantee that you will be the hottest thing in the car. and you can pick the music. 
you grabbed something out of the closet and took it into the bathroom. you came out to see Jared standing not  facing you. till you would speak woulkd be when he would know you were there.
YN: does that mean we are bluetoothing it all the way there.
Jared: got the wireless charging pad installed and all ready to go. plus i hooked your phone to the bluetooth already. now when you are ready we will head out.
YN: i know. jared are we gonna discuss what happened between us downstairs?
Jared: that kind of talk is better suited for vacation. 
thom is waiting by the door, you and jared bring down the last of the stuff. thom just as excited about this vacation as any little child should be. everything was loaded in the car, you went to lock the house and set the alarm. but before setting the alarm, you said the one word that you were sure might confirm your suspicions. 
YN: christo!
the cross on the wall near by turned upside down. you finished setting the alarm after salting the doors and windows. only hoping that this would be easy, but now you were certain that you had figured out the darkness that Jared kept mentioning. 
you went to the car, sitting down you nodded at Jared to start driving. and it was declared right then and there that you all were officially on vacation. Thom sat quietly and eventually passed out. your music playing in the background, Jared realizing that Thom had fallen asleep moved his hand to rest on your thigh.
this made you look at him, the darkness in his eyes faded when you placed your hand on his. the darkness that starred at you, the way his hand tightened on your thigh. you were the luckiest girl in the world. you hoped that this vacay would yield the answers you hoped you didnt need. 
over the last little while you had done research on what you thought might be the darkness latched to Jared. after what happened in the house before you left with the cross. you were certain. Jared was possessed. and you had to stop this thing from doing something he would regret. 
your mind circled with those thoughts, but a voice brought you out of your own mind.
Jared: you have been quiet, is everythign alright?
YN: yes everything is fine. just going over the list and making sure we dont need to have the lawn people do any extra tasks while we are gone.
jared: why do you think we forgot something?
YN: its just a feeling. but its nothing to worry about. now when we get there i assume that we are gonne have a tour and a chance to unpack before we decide our first vacation activity.
Jared: i also hope you dont mind sharing a room with me. its a little 5 bedroom cottage but the 3rd, 4th and 5th rooms are supposed to be guest rooms. they only has a cot and no closet. we are just waiting on a few parts to be reno’d in there. 
YN: i think i can live with this arrangement. thom i assume is gonna be in a room close by.
Jared: yep he is at one end of the hall we are at the other. you know when i called you all those months ago, asking you to fly out here to help me, i was ready to give up on finding someone to help me take care of the house and Thom. but your ad made me have hope that maybe you would be the one that would save me.
YN: i think i know what darkness follows you but i wont know forsure until i can run a test. 
Jared: what kind of test
YN: one that would need to be done when Thom is asleep. one that i hope will either prove me right or prove me a liar. that is if your willing to try.
Jared: im willing to try anything.
YN: well then we will try it tonight after Thom goes to bed. 
neither of you had realized how much time had passed, then you saw a sign. Jared smiled.
Jared: we are close now.
YN: that sign that i just saw is that where we are going?
Jared: yep. once you se the place you will understand why i got it. and i sound proofed the master, just in case...
he winked at you as he slowed down at the edge of a driveway. he then guided your gaze to look ahead at the cottage that now stod before you.
Thom woke up shortly after you had pulled him out of the car. he rubbed his eyes and smiled as he ran toward the house, screaming happily as he approached the steps. where he waited for you and Jared. 
you both brought what you could while still having hands to open the door and help Thom up the stairs. jared unlocked the door allowing you and thom to walk through first. your eyes went wide at the first glance of your home away from home with Jared and Thom. 
this was gonna be an amazing vacation. you put down what you carried, as well as let go of Thom who was running around looking at everything. you spun round and somehow landed in the arms of Jared.
Jared: what do you think?
YN: what do i think.. this is amazing. i love this. this is incredible. i wouldnt trade this vacation for anything. honestly i would rather be no where else. im quite happy here. 
Jared: as in this home or my arms.
YN: both. jared, i i... 
just as your about to speak again. you and jared are interrupted by thom coming out of a nearby room half dressed. 
Thom: daddy, YN can we go swimming now...
jared set you back on your feet and you both laughed. 
Jared: in a few moments bud we gotta find the swim suits first. 
as Jared said that the attendants brought up the luggage. you looked at Jared who just smiled and whispered in your ear.
Jared: you have the summer off to relax for 6 weeks. just be normal with me and Thom. these next hours could prove several things for us. starting with lets take Thom swimming and then go from there. we will hopefully eat when we return. the attendants are already preparing supper. 
you could do nothing except smile. it was already turning into a really steamy vacay. you went to where you saw jared going through your shared suitcase. first chance you got you grabbed your bikini and cover.
you went into the nearby spare room closing the door behind you. you get changed, you could hear Jared ask one of the attendants to take Thom to find him a life jacket from the boat house. then you heard silence. 
then you heard the sound of the door knob turning, you were only half done tying your bikini. when Jared walked in shirtless and wearing his swim trunks. 
Jared: need help?
you froze in place at his words it was like your actions were not your own. it was a few seconds after that you felt his hands around your waist sliding slowly up your back.
Jared: i wish we had this place to ourselves. we would not be leaving that master suite for a while. 
YN: i wish Thom was asleep so i could take away your darkness. 
Jared: so you know what it is...
YN: yes and i need you alone when i take away the darkness, Thom would be in too much danger. dont worry you will be darkness free soon. you will be back in the light and free to live your live happy with me and Thom. im not gonna let this darkness ruin your life any longer. tonight it gets banished.
Jared: just gotta tire Thom out enough that he will sleep tonight. 
YN: well then lets not keep him waiting any longer. 
you and jared walk outside and down the path to the lake. you were amazed at the wonder and beauty before you. bout halfway to the lake, you were pressed against the back side of a nearby tree. Jared’s eyes darkened at the sight of you, the feeling of your body beneath his hands had him hard, you could feel it against your lower back. 
Jared: once Thom is gone to bed, I'm gonna make Jared watch through his own eyes as I fuck you into next week. Jared will never inhabit his body again.
You struggled slightly before speaking.
YN: i address the entity within, who are you?
Jared’s form just smiled evily at you, his hands still freely roaming your body. 
YN: well you should also know that you wont live long enough to fuck me into next week. im gonna expell you from Jared’s body and send you back where you came from. now i command thee for all that light brings give me Jared back immediately.
once you finished speaking Jared’s body fell to his knees, you kneel down to only be hugged by Jared.
Jared: I'm sorry, I'm so sorry
YN: don't worry, just calm down. That demon is gonna be gone when I do the ritual. Take a few moments to breathe, I'm gonna go sit on the dock where the attendant is in the shallows with thom. Just take your time.
You placed a kiss to his cheek, then walked the rest of the way to the lake. Upon arrival at the lake, you watched the attendant and Thom, playing in the shallow water.
Attendant: miss YN. Where is Master Jared?
YN: he will be along shortly he just wanted to check his messages make sure everything is running smoothly.
Attendant: then I shall stay down here with you both till he arrives. How do you like the place Miss?
Yn: it's gorgeous. I love it. I have never been invited to go on any type of vacation. Not even in my own family. So this was a really awesome surprise.
Attendant: that is so sad... Well to many more times like this then. Thom here is a amazing little kiddo, you have been working so hard master Jared just wanted to give you a vacation you wouldn't soon forget.
Thom meanwhile was just enjoying the water, his expression had a huge smile on it. He was wet head to toe and absolutely having fun!
You kept waiting on the dock for Jared to approach and for 10 min he didn't till you, looked and saw his form approach.
you sat on the dock and felt him slide down behind you, his legs are on either side of yours, his arms round your waist. you both sat there enjoying the view while Thom played with the attendant in the water below. neither you nor Jared felt like moving knowing that in a few hours you both would be expelling the demonic force that lay now dormant inside Jared. 
Jared: do you know what is better than sitting here on the dock.
YN: what
Jared: sitting on the dock with you surrounded by nature, this will be the best vacation ever once we get rid of the demon.
~time skip to a few hours later. after some swimming you all went back to the house for dinner. after dinner you guys played a game or 2 with Thom who then went with one of the attendants and had a bath, then it was time to put him to sleep. you and Jared read him a story, then he fell fast asleep. for he truely was tuckered out, you and Jared dismissed the attendants and locked the doors for the evening. you both went to the master suite as we return to the story.~
YN: i need to set something up first can you wait like 5 minutes before you enter the bathroom. oh and dont plan on showering in your trunks, and bring towels with you. i have a feeling like we will need them when we are done. 
Jared: ill see you in there.
you walk towards the bathroom, holding the prayer beeds in one hand and un doing your bikini in the other. you placed the bikini on the ground and set your phone on the counter. 
YN:  Exorcizo te, creatura aquae. In nomine dei patris omnipotentis et in virtute spiritus sancti.
you finished the incantation and placed the rosery on the shower head so it lands in the water. then you took one look out the window and just let the water run over your body. 
Jared walks in with nothing on he places the towels on the counter, you see him out of the corner of your eye.
Yn: join me?
Jared didn't need an invitation he was already climbing in behind you. For he knew that this was the only way to expell the demon.
You turned around and now faced him, you looked up at him holding his gaze you move him round so he is under the water.
His body starts shaking that's when you spoke again.
Yn: please let this work...
You had him lift you up so he was holding you as you slid down onto his cock, and spoke the incantation that hopefully would save his life. In other words bring his light fuller to push away the darkness.
Also there was a Devils trap in the floor where jard was standing you had the attendantz draw one, for the demon to be sent straight back to hell. With a clear voice the following words were spoken by you.
Yn: exorcisomus te, omnis immunus spirits, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursion infernalis adversarri, omnis legio, omnis congregato, insectas diabolicas, ergo dracto malidicte, eclesium secura fascious liberate, te regamous, audinos
At that point black smoke came out of Jared's mouth, and went straight through the floor. When Jared looked at you again his eyes were clear and he leaned you against the wall.
He began thrusting his hard cock in and out of your pussy. It was something that both of you had dreamed about for months.
His hard cock pounding your sensitive tender pussy. With each thrust you climaxed. But it was the kisses that left you both breathless.
The more he thrust the more he came. After 45 minutes and 16 climaxes for the both of you.
Jared set you down, helped you rinse off, both of you getting out after Jared turned off the water, Jared wrapped a towel round you, then he dried himself off.
Jared: thank you. Thank you for saving my life. But where did you learn to do that.
YN: too much research on the paranormal. I knew something was off and when that demon named himself I knew what I had to do. 
Jared: would you consider making your time here a role more permenant than just a nanny?
YN: what kind of role would that be?
you are immediately pickd up and placed on the bed with Jared crawling on top of you. he made love to you for a few moments before just curling up with you in his arms and muttered only 2 words before he crashed.
Jared: marry me
you used voice command to turn out the lights before passing out yourself. when you both woke the next morning with just a sheet covering your still cuddling forms. you blinked a bit before moving a piece of Jared’s hair out of his eyes. 
it was a few moments later that Jared stirred. 
YN: morning handsome.
Jared: that was the best ive slept in years. 
YN: do you remember saying anything after we hit the pillow last night.
Jared twists away from you for a moment and pulls something out of one of the drawers in his nightstand, before coming back to your embrace.
Jared: all this time i felt empty and now i want nothing more than to have you stay permenantly. YN will you partner with me in raising Thom full time, not as a nanny but as a step mom to him. YN i believ i already asked you this but will you marry me?
he reveals a small rose gold band with a 15k diamond in the center surrounded by your birthstone and Jareds birth stone. this made you nod alot, trying to find your voice as the cool metal band slid on your finger. 
YN: yes! yes yes yes!!!! but umm does this mean we dont have to leave this bed right away. 
Jared: i think that can be arranged besides its still early. its only 6am... we are still on work time. 
going back to cuddle mode you admired your new ring as Jared now once more wraped your form in his own, your leg draped over his hip and you guys were basically a free range pretzel. so to speak. it became the start of the life you always wanted something permenant and stable. not loose and ragged. 
goes to show love strikes when you least expect it.
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survivormetaverse · a year ago
Episode 7 - "Jodi is doing the absolute MOST" ~Colin
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yasssssssss PERIODT!!!! Merge!!!!! Whooooooo
Tumblr media
I just want the former fools to spill the tea to me lmao that's all
Tumblr media
I made it to merge finally and I feel like I'm doing really good at talking to people. I would have to say that my favorite people right now are Collin, Jared, Amy, Jodi, Ginny and Brayden!! Those are the people I'm feeling like I could trust a lot going foward. I've gotten some sus news about Jay claiming for an alliance that didn't include me in it. So I'm not really trusting that boy right now. But of course I will continue to pretend I do. And Elle is super nice but our convorsations don't really contain much game talk and I really never know where her head is at because she's not the most active. She's more in this thing for the challenges which I can respect BUT ALSO SHES GOOD AT THEM. I think Elle is worried that people percieve her as someone who is good at challenges but it's true. I'm not about to let her win challenges all the way to the final tribal council. She is lowkey my target even though I literally love and adore her. And I met Jodi today and she is so cool and easy to talk to so maybe we will work together too! But I've gotten gossip that Jodi thinks I'm "connected." So I don't really know what that means? I could be a threat to her socially so I might not keep her the closest. 
Tumblr media
wow we made merge. i'm not shocked to get to this point, but I am shocked to see that Danny was voted out. That is a major blow to my game he literally needed to survive one (1) more fucking round ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. But the show must go on right? Merge was overwhelming like a flood of people coming in. Some I knew some I didn't but based on my perspective here is my initial analysis of these gorls: Jodi- Finalllllllllly we back baby. Now that Danny is gone, Jodi moved herself up to my number 1 spot. I trust her I really do and I'm glad that we're back together I think that we can run this game together. However, I am withholding information from her. I wanted to tell her about only one idol, but I didn't even though we video chatted and I strongly considered telling her like I think I can trust her but at the same time it was almost like she was trying to pull some info out of me? idk i said that if i ever play the game of survivor i would never tell anyone about my idol and i'm just gonna ride with my gut. But we caught up and we are thinkin a lot of the same stuff. I feel like she's just like me, where she wants me to believe shes giving me 100% trust but shes really giving me 95% the same way I am. I still have my eye on her but she is my ideal person to ride this game with. It's just gonna be a problem when I need an ally to play something with and I'm gonna have to do major damage control. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. Amy- Girlllll idk how I feel about u anymore. Don't play the fakey fakey nicey nicey game with me you cannot bullshit the bullshit artist rn. She's working with others and trying to play the game where shes just nice to everyone and in everyones good graces. no. Jodi and i see you girllll we watchinnnnnn youuuu I don't think she fully wants to work with ginny but shes potentially tight with others too. I believe she has my back to some extent, but i know shes dipping her hand into a lot of pots. Babs- the only person i did not talk to. Colin- I know he's close with Jay so i made nice with him. Jodi informed me that hes tight with her too and I said perf bc he's tight with Jay so that is the formation of the group. Jay- Same stuff. meh. Jared- My king luv u xoxo we haven't talked too too much but I don't think we need to. You get spot number 2 my love. Also he told me about an alliance hes making with i think amy brayden anastasia and him which is good also confirms more that amy is very ugh. Brayden- Meh Ginny- Meh but also literally reached out to me and was like "i'm working with amy and anastasia and i know elle we wanna make a huge merge majority if u wanna join" LIKE WTFFFFFFF EFHIUDEHUDFBFHIUFE like u can't make this stuff up why would u tell me this????? All Ginny has done during this premerge is just reveal to me that shes actually smarter than shes making herself out to be, and it clicks now that she did not really need to connect much with us BECAUSE SHE ALREADY HAD HER PEOPLE THAT SHE WAS WAITING TO GET TO AT MERGE LIKE OMGGG the tribe placements Elle- Now miss elle.... turns out you do have a lot of connections here. And you're smart. interestingggggggggg. You are a problem for me. Anastasia- you are a problem for me already. i see you talking to everyone being all nice and shit like yes i get it youre supposed to be making connections and blah blah blah but not like this youre going about it wrong. And now I know you already have a group that you'd prioritize over me miss thing. Watchin you too. Josh- Glad he survived and I think he's riding with me. Back on original phantoms I told Jodi that I didn't speak to him when in fact josh and I were like alliance yas. I fear that he may have told Jodi that him and I were close and maybe thats where she's starting to get a bit shaky with me. But I know the two of them stuck together with an alliance of Collin Jodi and Josh. Butttt jared did tell me that josh was like i wanna work with u and he could probs be saying that to everyone yas i think i got everyone. So Jodi wants to go for ginny but I wanna go for anastasia. The tricky thing is there are soooo many advantages out there that if you say the wrong thing to someone it'll bite you in the ass unexpectedly and I am reallyyyyy not trying to get blindsided with two fucking idols in my pocket. So I want to get a group together that I proposed to jodi and jared separately which would be me, jodi, jared, jay, colin, josh. I don't think these people would run their mouths about who we voting out just to prevent an advantage from being played. I want to essentially force that group of elle brayden anastasia ginny amy(?) on the bottom but also in my good graces at face value. I think once the merge hit and even talking to jodi and jared the air is different and I feel like everyone is running around making alliances. I feel like jared and jodi even have a different air about them almost like the gears are finally starting to turn. i still gotta trust them and i think i can. It's just not gonna be cute when i start whipping out idols and theyre gonna be like wtf you fucking lied dennis. but again, will cross that bridge when i get there. gonna spend the next two days just chit chatting and being nice to these people. ginny is on the hit list, and i'm glad jodi is being very forward with it because shes just making herself a target.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WE MERGEDDDD✨ while I was at work rip me 😅 but it's fine I'm idk if I've talked to everyone yet I was kinda busy but anyone who reached out first I did 😂😂 I do wanna talk to Babs she seems great and I haven't yet and I should try to get to know all of the new ppl from the other tribes I haven't met, Jodi reached out anddddd I can't remember if anyone else I didn't already know talked to me 😂 but yeah! 🎶Merge, baby merge, ✨disco inferno✨
Tumblr media
https://youtu.be/gAKFLe75uDY update; the alliance is really awkward and turned into like a how i met ur mother fan group HAHAH
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The phantoms tribe is all in one piece that’s perfect especially when I got Anastasia and Elle on my side as well we are gonna dominate this season whoooooooi
Tumblr media
Day two of merge: https://youtube.com/shorts/OvofAokuBtM?feature=share
Tumblr media
It was kinda a slow day. I talked with elle for a while today but no game talk. same with anastasia and they wanna make a russians alliance but like this is post-ironic. anastasia cannot run around making alliances with people like its obviously not real? BUT i realized that anastasia is doing this. elle is linked to anastasia. brayden has a linkage there (whos also playing dumb with me like i see right through dis boy). ginny is associated too. amy is involved. i know jared has a fake alliance with them and josh is floating around somewhere too. i may be the only one in here not making a million alliances except like babs lol but the point is i dont need any of those groupings and alliances. let them make groupchats. let thm do whatever because they will all fall apart except the elle/anastasia and co group which has allegiance that goes beyond this game. i just need to essentially stay in the good graces of the people i wanna vote out. because literally most of them are essentially double/triple dipping and people are already on edge and paranoid so like all i need to do is just buy a tiny bit of time, hope that the little tiny seeds that have been growing for a day now sprout in the coming days, and groups and alliances crumble apart. like i didnt do anything wrong for making any move when it comes down it bc essentially nobody wants to involve me? so essentially just painting the picture of being the friendly outsider casting votes until they all realize they cant trust each other. but i trust jared and jay rn and they will help me get through this. jodi also numba 1 buttttttt ughhhhhhhhhhhh i was thinking like okay if people are saying ginny then what is ginny saying? what are ginnys allies saying (if she even has true ones) like my logic would be that the other person receiving votes may be jodi. shes quite vocal and out there and like shes digging herself a grave every day but im not gonna stop her from digging? like if word goes to ginny that ginny may be getting votes and ginny asks who started this shit? it'll probably fall back on jodi. i fear she might not last much longer if she is on the vote because that'll get her in peoples minds. anywho yeah, the important things are that i have a good connection with jared jay and jodi, and i love that i got to jared before any of these other ppl. like theyre all coming to him with stuff and hes just bringing the info back to me. maybe he tells me half truths but nonetheless its something. if we just figure out where votes are going we figure out what to do from within and if i ever pick up on weird vibe changes and shit becomes different based on how they act with me i will whip out one or maybe even two idols teehee. so yeah plan rn, be chill and friendly BUT NOT OVERDO IT LIKE SOME PEOPLE, bank on the fact that there are lots of cracks in some of these groups, and just make sure the vote does not fall on me. :)
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MERGE IS INSANE! From a tribe of 6 to 5 to 4 to now 12, it's a lot to keep up with. I'm glad Phantoms stayed afloat and we own 1/2 the merge, but there's a lot going on. Within a day, I created/got added to several alliances, so here's the breakdown (BTW, I CAME UP WITH THE ALLIANCE NAMES AND THEMES. CREDIT TO ME): 1) jodi's lovers – me, Jay, & Jared; this is my F3, this is my alliance. I will go into detail about my history with Jared later, but Jay was in my last org but we never got to play together due to never being swapped together and not making merge. Jay & Jared were swapped together, aligned, then realized I was a commonality so we decided to do a solid 3. This is where my true loyalty lies. All my info from other alliances and conversations are directed here. 2) 21 gang – me, Colin, & Jay; Colin and Jay were tightest on OG S.E.E.S, and Colin and I were tightest on new S.E.E.S. This came together naturally due to that, as well as me and Jay feeling good about playing together. 3) the krusty krab – me, Josh, Colin, & Jay; this is an extension of 21 gang, to pull in Josh as ours and nobody else's. He let out that he knew Danny so now that he's gone, Josh's best option is to stick to me and Colin, and as a result, Jay. This next vote will truly test that he's with us and not any secret alliance with the other side, but I am pretty certain he wouldn't blow up his game with the three of us to save who we're voting out. 4) how i met your mother – me, Amy, Anastasia, Jared, Brayden, Colin; originally they left Colin out but I fought to keep him so that he's in a big alliance and doesn't feel like a side piece, because he isn't. My loyalty is with him and Jared over the rest of them. Having 3/6 on my side is also good because as far as they know, I don't know Jared or Anastasia. This alliance is clearly not really one to stick together, but at the minimum, it's creating fun conversation and personal connections, as well as subconsciously leaving names out of peoples' mouths. That's honestly the only reason why I'm here, as I'm certain that the Stings kids have their separate alliance. ONE ON ONE ALLIANCES: 1. JAY & JARED are truly both my #1s. I'm going with them to the end, even though I'm 99% sure Jared beats both of us for being a Denise, winning advantages, surviving that cursed Fools tribe. 2. Colin honestly would be my tightest person here if not for Jay & Jared being upfront about just running to the end together. Colin essentially is my #1 from new S.E.E.S, and he even told me about his Safety Without Power. I trust him so much, but I cannot trust him over jodi's lovers because he does know Anastasia and Elle and Amy and whoever else. However, he's not my absolute #1 not because I don't trust him, I just trust jodi's lovers more. 3. Dennis – this is a key relationship that I have maintained. I connected with Dennis in hour 1 of the game, but honestly I struggle with trusting him because he is just so paranoid all the time about votes, advantages, alliances, etc. He got freaked out by Amy because she messaged everyone on OG Phantom, like what? We only had 6 people. But I genuinely think he relies on me because he thinks I'm not connected to Stings alumni with him. But he does love to stir up paranoia and try to plant seeds and doubts. We need his vote for the time being, but jodi's lovers agree that he's too paranoid to keep in the long term. And he would flip. 4. Babs/Josh – these two I've just maintained relationships from the swapped tribe and it has paid off because they are numbers coming into the merge. 5. Amy – ah, my OG #1. Girl, I still see you as my #1 occasionally but you've freaked me out with your Ginny and Anastasia alliance, as well as the subtle unwillingness to get rid of Ginny. If it was genuinely just to keep OG Phantom numbers, I understand and I'm sorry for the paranoia, but hopefully you see why that was never gonna be a concern – I had Colin, Jay and Jared (& honestly Babs too) locked down, who are much more willing to play this game with me than Ginny ever did. I love you though and I hope we can get back to #1 status within the next couple rounds. THE KIDS WILL PICK EACH OTHER OVER US. I'll share my story with Jared as well as our Merge boot plan in the next confessional(s). 
The Story of me and Jared Lai. I was going to film this (still might) but my phone is out of storage. But here is the (not so) juicy story of me and Jared. He and I were both competitive badminton players when we were younger. He lived in Seattle, while I lived in Vancouver; in 2013, I met him at a badminton tournament because his club came up to play. I don't distinctly recall what the instant spark was, but we met that once and maybe had half a conversation. Of course, me being 13, thought he was a cutie and word got out, I guess he found out. I had maybe spoken to him once in person at the time, so he's probably really freaked out that some girl he's barely met has this huge crush on him. So I ended up literally never talking to him for years, because it just was awkward. Fast forward to recently, he started noticing that I was posting some Survivor stuff on my finsta (which he's followed since I made it like 7 years ago?) and realized I was a Survivor fan. I posted about my application for Metaverse (something about the flirt game I wanted to play) on my finsta and he asked me what it was, so I hesitantly sent him the link and he signed up. In all honesty, I didn't mention this earlier because I was dreading being put together or swapped together, because I really was not ready for the level of socializing with him that this game requires just yet. We ended up not being together until merge, where we finally decided to just talk. We called, and realized you know what, lets just play the game together because no matter how awkward it felt, we did have a connection that could be valuable in the game. That's how I realized he connected with Jay and formed the jodi's lovers alliance. It is worth noting that he never thought I was cute back. It was very one way. That is why I feel awkward and was slightly hesitant whether he'd play with me or use it as a reason to get rid of me early. But I think we're good. Maybe we'll play a BvW ORG soon or the real thing. 
Tumblr media
While i like elle and anastasia, i’m forming a new majority (i pray to GOD i am) with Jodi, Jared, Josh, Colin, and hopefully we have dennis and amy...i don’t know where this game is going, i genuinely like everyone in this game but ginny. And it’s not like i DISLIKE ginny, I just don’t know anything about her. I have a good relationship with most people here, i just hope i’m not shot in the crossfire tonight at tribal. 
Tumblr media
Well my former tribemate Ginny is terrible at communication. I’ve heard from several other players that they have received very cold or short responses when attempting to reach out to Ginny so it makes them an easy first target. I’ve also found out that apparently Ginny, Elle & Anastasia are besties irl so that must be broken up immediately. 
Tumblr media
Finally created the renegades alliance it’s going to be huge nobody would expect it whatsoever 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHQhqd5cz-Y&list=PLrsCGcojtF16jvLW49C4855pUlLWI9pnn&index=13 hey guys who here like amy winehouse say I
Tumblr media
AHHH MERGE HAPPENED okay so I have no idea where to even begin. I'm just gonna ramble as usual. ITS so weird going from talking to 3 other people to now having to talk to 11 its the first merge round and I already have 3 new alliances One with Jodi + josh + Jay One with just Jodi + jay and one majority one with Brayden + Anastasia + Amy + Jared + jodi after Amy won immunity, shit hit the fan. Jodi is doing the absolute MOST. for some reason she's still on her rampage against Ginny. I don't know what their beef even is. but sis is doing the absolute most to get her out the natural move this round is to vote out Babs. Their name came out immediately because they're inactive still and haven't added some people back yet even. it's crazy. However, I'm out with friends last night and meanwhile Jodi is arranging an entire blindside and counting me as a number for it. like GIRL WHAT. I love her and she's my #1 but I can't put my own game in jeopardy for her chaotic plans. It would honestly be actually very easy to vote out Ginny instead but the way she's going about it makes it more chaotic than it needs to be My main thing is I dont wanna burn bridges. I feel very close to Anastasia and Amy and I don't want to lie to them. Brayden and Jared and Elle are people I would love to work with, but I can't start that off with a blindside. I understand there's a lot of powers and advantages in the game, but it's first merge vote. so now that I'm able to talk to everyone and take initiative, I'm taking it in my hands and trying to get it to be unanimous on ginny. that way Jodi gets her way, she doesn't spiral, she knows I'm still on her side, and I don't have to draw a line in the sand so definitively. i have no idea how this is gonna play out but we'll see how it goes!!
Tumblr media
Jay told me Anastasia told him Ginny was the only vote for her at her last FTC. Girl, you’re literally proving why we need to get rid of her. I love you but she’ll never vote for me or work with me and my alliance. Sorry :/ 
Tumblr media
teehee almost two hours till tribal. hate all of these people. voting out ginny. brayden is sussing me out he claims to be throwing a vote on babs so we'll see who else is putting a vote on babs. anastasia makes an "alliance" but doesnt talk to me about the vote lol anyway im just gonna chill and lurk in the shadows for a bit and just find cracks. just need to ride out these next few eliminations. thinkin about the most effective way to play a chaos idol. lots of thoughts. feel bad that the vote is on ginny but shes tanking her own game :/ i dont think she would even come for me yet so the only benefit of her going is that it takes away at anastasia and co's number. by co im assuming its elle brayden amy and whoever else they roped in. dxfcgvhbjkl so sorry ginny but bye i guess. maybe she'll pull out an advantage or something cool i hope my first tribal is exciting and not boring. i wanna be blindsided but not bc there are votes against me. just wanna see someone random go home.
Tumblr media
So! Tribal tonight, I think everybody is pretty much voting Ginny. I feel like having an idol makes me that much more paranoid 😅 because im like *squints eyes* what if it's secretly me and they're trying to blindside me??? But anyway if Ginny ends up being voted out I'm sorry ❤️, I did mean it when I said mount merapi was water under the bridge, but i had work and then was exhausted so i took a nap and literally everyone had pretty much made up their minds 😅 there was no room to really even try to change minds.
Tumblr media
We are voting out Ginny :( I AM ACTUALLY SAD I DONT WANT GINNY TO GO WHY GINNY??? Literally it was so random. Babs was going to be the target and then randomly Jodi and Collin were saying how they wanted to keep Babs and get rid of Ginny. And I tried to save it by sending a giant paragraph saying how Ginny would be a good number but they had their mind set. I THINK JODI AND COLLIN ARE WORKING WITH BABS. Jodi is literally my #1 target right now lol I want that girl gone. GINNY DONT WORRY IM NOT VOTING FOR YOU I AM VOTING BABS. I WILL AVENGE YOU!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
gonna save the shade for the vote confessional lmao
Tumblr media
Power Rankings:
Tumblr media
Jared: As a lot of people have put it, Jared is the “Denise” of the season. He is coming into the merge with a fresh start and a clean slate as the last remaining member of his tribe. He has aligned with Jay and Jodi who are definitely powerful numbers to have this early in the game. Additionally, he’s also hiding behind Jodi’s massive and ever-increasing target. People are not viewing Jared as a big, monstrous threat. However, he is managing the numbers behind the scenes and one of the only people who can keep Jodi’s head screwed on. His power over Jodi also gives him access to numbers that he would not have otherwise. Overall, Jared is calling the shots and getting things to go his way always.
Colin: Colin has played very impressively this round. He has managed to reign Jodi back in and has cleaned up most of her mess. Now, he nor Jodi will lose important numbers because of Jodi’s desire to make the first merge vote a blindside. By being clear, upfront, and communicative with his allies, he is gaining their trust despite not voting the way they want. Speaking of allies, Colin has built relationships with people that Jodi has not; namely, Anastasia, Elle, Amy, and Brayden are key numbers for Colin. This marks him as the head of the non-Jodi side, but he is also close with Jodi enough to find out information. He realizes just how important these numbers will be in the long run. Finally, Colin realizes that Jodi is a messy and chaotic player who will do more harm than good in the long run. This realization is sure to be the start of Jodi’s downfall which, if placed at the right time, will be very beneficial for his game.
Jay: Jay holds power because he is aligned with Jodi and Jared. Not many people give Jay a second look otherwise. He’s on the outs with everyone besides those two. Both Colin and Dennis do not vibe well with him causing him to be a target down the road if they need an easy one. However, Jay’s greatest strength has and is his ability to stay under the radar while aligning with power players. He is effectively using Jodi and Jared as shields for his own agenda. This might be a problem later down the road as he might be seen as their goat. So, he needs to step up and have more of a say on what goes on in that alliance instead of being reactionary to whatever Jodi and Jared do.
Jodi: There is SO much to say about Jodi’s game, but only some of it is good. Jodi has gone off the rails this round. Her obsession and paranoia with returnees and advantages have clouded her vision. She has tunnel vision when it comes to getting Ginnifer out. Due to this, she was ready to blindside and burn bridges with people that she should still try to play nice with early in the merge. Jodi seems to be of the belief that no matter what she does her allies will still trust her. This is seen when she openly talks about her closeness with others in front of people, making several unnecessary and clearly fake alliances, and lying to people despite having no reason to lie. She’s still at the #4 spot because, at this point, people trust her and she holds a lot of power because of it. However, her actions, which I foresee continuing, will only cause that power to reduce significantly as people start to see her for the chaotic mess she is.
Josh: Josh is a little bit out of the loop this round, especially when he told Anastasia and Brayden about the vote for Ginny when he was not supposed to. This caused some rifts in his relationship with Jodi. However, due to this, Josh is firmly in the middle of everything as no one sees him as a firm ally, but no one wants to target him either. He could even be the one to turn on Jodi eventually seeing as he is in all these alliances with her.
Amy: Amy was in a bit of trouble near the beginning of the tribal phase. Jodi does not trust her as much as Amy would like to believe. In fact, without Josh outing the plan, Amy would not have even known that the vote was actually for Ginny. She would just be one of the few Jodi blindsided without remorse. However, I do think that Jodi has learned to keep Amy close is better in the long run. Additionally, Amy has Anastasia, Brayden, and Colin on her side which helps keep her in the middle. She is not necessarily a swing vote as Jodi keeps a ton of information from her. However, the position she is in keeps her firmly in the middle of all the power distribution going on.
Babs: They are not active, but their previous likeability in the challenges in pre-merge has caused them to have powerful and vocal vouchers, such as Colin and Jodi, to keep them safe.
Dennis: The distrust of Dennis saga continues. Jodi believes that Dennis is paranoid and talks too much for his own good (sort of like what she is actually doing). The alliance of Jay, Jodi, and Jared believe that Dennis will flip on them if given the chance and is a game Player. The only reason he wasn’t targeted this round is because of Jodi’s vendetta against Ginny. However, I foresee him getting targeted by this group later down the road. The worst part is that he cannot get a direct read on this group. He believes that they are all wrapped around his finger. If he does not wake up soon or get strong relationships outside of those three, he will soon find himself blindsided with two idols in his pockets. And those two idols are the only thing keeping him away from the bottom 4.
Brayden: The top of the bottom 4. Brayden, for the longest time before Colin cleaned up Jodi’s mess, believed that Babs was the person getting voted out tonight. He had complete faith in Jodi which has since backfired because she rats about everything he says to her other alliances. His alliance with Amy and Anastasia is quickly being spotted by people, and he has made himself a target by association. This was not a good round for Brayden as it puts him in the bottom for the rounds to come. Additionally, his reads have been off causing him to be majorly out of the loop.
Anastasia: Anything Anastasia says regarding Ginny always seems to backfire. Anastasia could say “I think Ginny is lovely person” and Jodi will go “See! This is why we need Ginny out!” Anastasia’s relationship with Ginny in this game was quickly exposed, and it gave a lot of people a free target. Anastasia’s defense of Ginny has worsened her position on her tribe’s totem pole. She does not seem to have a lot of social power yet on her tribe either. She does have strong allies with Brayden and Amy, but she is going to have to find new ones soon. This is because that alliance is quickly being read by others meaning it just serves as an excuse to target Anastasia.
Elle: Elle is pretty inactive this round which has been to their detriment. This has led to people liking them, but not necessarily wanting to work with them. Additionally, the rumor of an IRL relationship with Ginny and Anastasia is still spreading and being believed even now. They have been pigeonholed into working with those two as it seems that there is no way others want to work with them because of said reason. Elle has a lot of leg work to regain power in this game.
Ginnifer: I do not know why Ginny is being targeted so vehemently. False rumor of her connection with Anastasia and Elle? Attempting to start a majority alliance without telling half the people before its creation? Her first mistake was trying to create an alliance so quickly after the merge started. This information spread like wildfire throughout the tribe which gave her opposition (mainly Jodi) fuel to target her over someone inactive like Babs. If Ginny had sat back and just small talked their way through this round, Babs would be the person going while she is on the jury. It does not look good at the moment for Ginny’s game. The problem being that her detractors are very vocal in their opposition, especially the alliance of Jodi, Jared, and Jay who were willing to burn a lot of bridges just to get Ginny out.
All the alliances in this single round (y’all really said “What if Raffy was Pressed and Stressed”):
Fools Gold is Really Phantoms - Amy, Anastasia, Ginny
2 Gays and a Jodi - Josh, Colin, Jodi
Lasagna - Colin, Anastasia, Elle, Jay
Final 3 - Brayden, Anastasia, Amy
Kitty Cats - Dennis, Jared, Jay
The Active Ones - Brayden, Jodi, Amy
Krusty Krab - Colin, Josh, Jodi, Jay
Renegades - Ginny, Jodi, Dennis, Josh, Elle, Brayden, Anastasia, Amy
Vampires - Dennis, Jodi, Amy
Cody and Sarah's Besties - Jodi, Amy, Jay
Jodi's Lovers - Jodi, Jared, Jay
How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) - Colin, Anastasia, Amy, Brayden, Jared, Jodi
21 Gang - Jay, Jodi, Colin
Yeet Ginny - Jodi, Dennis, Jay, Jared
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tammykelly · 2 years ago
Jack Kelly x reader
Hey🥰 it’s been a while innit✨ this part is kinda short but family dramaaa. I know, but it had to be done my loves💕
Summary: you are young and can’t wait to live your life on your own terms. You meet someone special who changes your life forever and helps you discover yourself, as you two slowly fall in love. How a young girl grows up to be a young woman✨✨
Y’ALL I KNOW THE GIF IS DEFINITELY NOT 1900s but bruh I literally have no gif of Jackie boi to put here that will make sense🤍
Tags: @bubblyani @anaevanss @sergeant-donny-donowitz @thats-aight @arthurflecc @of-love-and-of-the-sea @timelesstay @oneofthebatgirls @bad268 @ivysbbygirl21 @quiksilver125 @inglourious-imagines @donteatthepants @liltimtimmy @suddenly-im-respecsable @invisibleangelwings @poguelexi @santafejackkelly @santa-feigh @1-800-epiphany @xvintagememoriesx @wiener-soldiers @uranosunflowers44 @incorrect-artist @the-newsies-banner @tinkerbelldetective @brianie12 @truly-insatiable @savory-n-sweet @newsies-trash-for-days @theaterkid821 @poor-guys-head-is-spinning
Word count: 1550
Part 1 Part 2
When our worlds collide
part 3
Tumblr media
Your little brother repeated: ‘Jack?’, looking at you with clear curiosity, the wheels in his little head turning. Your father closed the paper and put it on the table, turning his full attention to you. Still no words came out of your mouth as you simply had no idea what to tell your parents. Your sister paused and looked at you intently. What you didn’t know was that she was a bit more attentive for her small age. Actually, she got that from you since you were the oldest. Your mother turned to her and asked, whether she knew anything. She shook her head. But your brother suddenly let out a laugh. You looked at him, confused. ‘I know who she’s dating!’ he exclaimed, clearly pleased with himself. You replied: ‘I’m not dating anyone’. Your parents raised their eyebrows at you. ‘She’s dating Jack Kelly!’ You felt air leave your lungs. How could he know? Yes, you weren’t dating Jack, but you told no one about your little rendezvous. But you guessed that for your brother, for a boy of his age, it wasn’t hard to know who the newsies and Jack Kelly were. Your father asked you: ‘Is that one a newsies boy?’ You sighed and nodded. Your mom gasped: ‘So that’s true?’ You shook your head, still unable to say anything. Your dad let out a ‘hmmm’ and softly said: ‘Y/n, are you dating Jack Kelly?’ You looked at your father, who had a friendly look in his eyes, encouraging you to tell the truth. You shook your head. Your brother snickered. ‘Of course, they’re dating’, he said simply, ‘friends don’t hug like that’. You blushed deeply and stood up: ‘I gotta go, I have homework’. Your dad said sternly: ‘You’re not going anywhere until you tell us the truth’. So, your parents knew that you were lying. Because you always did your homework first thing after school. You sat back and crossed your arms in attempt to comfort yourself. You were scared. You valued the relationship you had with Jack. And now that your parents knew about him, all of it could be taken away from you. So you decided to tell them the truth.
‘We’re not dating’, you gave them a sturdy look. Then you looked at the table and inhaled deeply. ‘But I like him very much’. You heard your mother sigh. You knew they’d be disappointed. It’s like she said, we raised you better than this. But your father looked at you warmly and suggested: ‘Are you sure?’ You looked at him with hope in your eyes and gave him a firm nod. He nodded too and took the paper. ‘It’ll pass’, he said nonchalantly and got back to reading.
You felt your breath hitch in your throat. No, it definitely won’t pass. So, you stood up once again. You thanked your parents for dinner and went to your room, your mother’s eyes following you. You wanted to cry.
And that’s how your mother found you. You wiped your tears and turned to her quickly, giving her a small smile. She came up to you and took you in her arms. You took deep breaths, calming down. Your mother always had this effect on you. She was your rock and you loved her very much. Your mom patted your hair gently, telling you that everything’s going to be okay. ‘Don’t be mad at your father, baby’, she said comfortingly. You shook your head: ‘I’m not mad at him’. She smiled and carefully put a loose strand behind your ear. ‘He’s just working a lot and wants you to be happy’, she kissed your forehead, ‘we all want you to be happy’. You leaned back, looked at your mother properly and smiled shyly: ‘I want that too’. You put your head back on her shoulder, your nose nuzzling into her neck. ‘But he works so hard too’, you mumbled. She stroked your back, trying to comfort you: ‘I know’, she said sadly. ‘And he’s just a boy’, you whispered, pain evident in your voice. Oh how you wished that Jack had his own piece of normal childhood. But you didn’t pity him. You admired him for how strong he was, especially after everything he’d gone through. You might’ve not been there to witness it, but you felt it. Your mother gently pushed your chin up and looked at you with that expression you’ve never seen before. Like she knew exactly what you were talking about. Your eyes went wide and before you could say anything, she said: ‘We all have to give up some things in order to be happy’. You looked at her, confusion evident in your eyes.
What did you have to give up? Did you have to give up your parents support? You knew that they would help you no matter what because they loved you and you loved them. Did you have to give up this life in order to be with Jack? You knew you’d be fine, as long as you were with him. Did you have to give up the beliefs that society told you? You were aware that you and Jack were from different classes, but it didn’t bother you. You despised the statements that your class wanted you to believe in. Like a woman was only meant to be a wife and a mother. That’s why you were in school. So that one day you marry an educated man and you’d be a good wife to him. You haven’t realized it until now. You didn’t want that. You liked getting knowledge, you liked learning new things, you liked reading books and you liked talking about them. But to get an education just to become someone’s wife? No way. Or did you have to give up on Jack? That thought made you boil with anger. You couldn’t give up on him. Never. He deserves the whole world. He showed you life you’ve always dreamt of. And in return you wanted to give him the whole world too. Freedom. That’s what you’ve been dreaming about. Jack was the most free person you’ve ever seen. He could do whatever he wanted. But you also thought, what if you had to let him go, so that he’d be happy? He was the most precious human being you’ve ever met. You wanted more than anything for him to be happy. You were pretty sure that if he told you that he came from heaven, you’d believe him. But he was no angel. He was just a boy. A boy, you were falling in love with.
Your mother read all the changes on your face, like you were an open book. She kissed your forehead once again and got up. ‘One day you’ll understand’, she said and with that left. You sat on your bed, motionless, trying to process everything.
Suddenly, you heard a small knock and said: ‘Go away’. But your sister popped her head in, your brother coming into your bedroom as well. You sat up and scooped over to give them space. Your sister came right next to you, putting her small head on your shoulder, and you hugged her. Your brother sat on the edge of your bed, immediately busing himself playing with his toys. You sat in silence for a while. ‘What’s he like?’ you sister asked. ‘Wonderful’, you answered without hesitation. You kissed her head and waited for her to continue. She lifted her head and looked at you. You were stunned at how grown up she looked as she inquired seriously: ‘You really like him, don’t you’, which sounded more like a statement. You nodded firmly. ‘Then what are you waiting for?’ she asked with confusion. ‘What am I waiting for?’ you repeated, bewildered, more to yourself than to her. ‘What, are you waiting for permission?’ your brother finally looked up from his toys, with no mockery in his voice. You were taken aback by that. How could he understand? Were you that clueless? You looked at your sister who had the same question in her eyes. You stuttered: ‘I..I don’t know’, your eyes closing from frustration. Your sister took your hand and pulled you from bed. You looked at her with curiosity. Your brother got up as well. ‘We’ll cover for you’, he said simply on the silent question in your eyes. ‘You know more than you tell, don’t you, little missy’, you laughed. ‘Don’t you ‘little missy’ me’, she gave you a pointed look, not hiding her smile. You felt so warm. You were so glad that you had these two little humans in your corner. They are the best siblings ever, you thought to yourself, annoying most of the times, but you loved them a lot. You thought of your boys. Oh, you wished you were there with them. With him. Your sister saw your faraway look and nudged you towards the window. ‘Go on’, she said, ‘go to him’. You looked at both of them and then kissed their foreheads, grateful that you have such wonderful friends. Your brother called out: ‘Be careful, okay?’ You turned around and blew them a kiss: ‘Of course, little mister’. You heard him laugh as you almost fled down the stairs. You’ve made your choice.
Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9
Part 10
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agentsimmonsfitz · 3 years ago
johnny and dora 1
author’s note- back with another b99 au :) so i was originally gonna do this as one big imagine but im tired and its 2am so im just gonna break it into two parts (sorry). also if you guys want me to do a specific tom x b99 au moment you’re welcome to request them. also hope you enjoy this one!!
pairing- detective!tom holland x detective!reader
taglist- @lukesbabylon @bloominess
background info- about a year ago tom found out you had feelings for him. but you later told him you didn’t want to date cops.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Today Tom was allowed to lead the morning briefing. Tom says “okay nine nine say hello to Michael Augustine. Brooklyn’s most prolific identity thief. Last week he walked into a government building and stole a computer containing 100,000 social security numbers. My c.i. says that tonight Augustine will be handing off the laptop to a buyer from china”. Holt says “I want you and y/n to tail Augustine until he makes the drop, then arrest him and the buyer”. But Tom doesn’t want to go with Y/n because of his feelings for her which will make it awkward. “That sounds good but I could probably just take Jacob with me” Tom says “I know Y/n has a ton of work, so-“. “No I don’t?” Y/n interjects. Tom is surprised by this and says “really? I could have sworn I overheard you telling Z (in a fake girl voice) ‘girlfriend please, i got hella cases”. Y/n rolls her eyes “Thats something you think i’d say?”. Tom says “Word for word. No diggity, no doubt”. Holt stops their little conversation and says “Thats enough. L/n and holland will tail Augustine. Jacob and Zendaya will join them in a surveillance van (turns to Tom) unless you have a problem with that”. “Sounds great. In the immortal words of Y/n L/n ‘girlfriend please’”.
                                    In the break room
Tom is buying a snack from the vending machines and then Y/n walks in. “Hey, did I do something to you? Are you mad? Is this because I threw your muffin away on accident?” she says. “What? No I don’t care about that” Tom answers “But do you know where they are?”. “In the trash?” Y/n says “All right, if its not that then why are you trying to keep me off this case?”. Tom’s eyebrows raise, embarrassed to answer the question. “oh that.” Tom says and for a second he pauses still hesitant to answer the question. “All right look, the reason that I didn’t want to work with you is - can I say this in an accent so I can undercut the awkwardness?” Tom says. “No don’t do that” Y/n says. “Good call” tom says “Remember when you told me that you didn’t want to date cops? (in a Jamaican accent) that really bummed me out man”. Y/n says “Jamaican? really?”. “Yeah, I know” Tom continues “and uhh I was thinking of asking you out. But I know that thats not what you want and I totally get it”. Y/n says “Tom this is weird. The whole point of me not dating cops is so it wouldn’t be weird at work”. By the look of Tom’s face you can tell he was sad but he tries to act like he was fine with it. “Okay, lets just not make it weird, right? This is a case, we can work cases together all the time and we’re really good at it, so you know professionals”. Y/n says “Glad we’re in agreement thats all i want, for us to be professionals”. Tom reaches his hand out to shake Y/n’s hand and says “It will be good and professional”.
 During the stakeout [6:23pm]
Y/n, Z, Jacob and Tom were inside the van watching Augustine’s every move. Z and Jacob are both in the front while Y/n and Tom are in the back. Augustine stops in front of a valet for a fancy restaurant and walks out of his car along with ,what they assume is his girlfriend. Y/n says “Why is he getting out here? I thought your C.I. said the drop was happening in a park.”. Z laughs and replies with “Maybe he’s having dinner with his sidepiece first.”. Y/n says “Augustine took the laptop with him, we should just arrest him right here.”. “No, the buyer’s the bigger collar. We’ve got to follow him in and wait for the handoff.” Tom says. Jacob says “Okay, if you’re going in, I’ve heard this place has an amazing bone marrow custard. Not that I’ve ever had a bad one.”. Tom says “Uh no thats okay (turns to Y/n) all right let’s go”. Y/n is about to leave but stops, “No wait we look like cops. We’re never gonna blend in dressed like this”. Y/n then unbuttons two buttons from her dress shirt so it looks more casual. She looks at Tom and asks him “Okay, there, how’s that?”. Tom looks amazed because of how pretty she is. He says “Uh, I don’t know. All I see is clothes hanging off of a genderless blob.”. Z looks at how she looks “You look fine”. Z then takes off her leather jacket and hands it to Y/n “Here, wear this and Tom you need a jacket or something”. Jacob says “Well Evans left his sports coat back there. Oh but it will never fit Tom’s body.”. “Hey!” Tom says as he acts hurt “I’ll just roll the sleeves up.”.
Inside the restaurant 
Tom and Y/n walk in the restaurant trying to act as if they’re not undercover. Tom turns to Y/n and says “I look like an idiot. I didn’t even have time to lotion my forearms”. Y/n says “It’s so weird wearing Z’s jacket. (she puts her hands in her pocket) Theres a piece of barbed wire in the pocket.”. “Thats so cool.” Tom says. They begin to walk around the waiting area. Tom asks “Do you have visual on the hostess stand?”. As Tom is saying this Y/n saw Augustine and his girlfriend next to the stand and hits Tom’s arm for him to stop talking like a cop. Tom and Y/n go up to the stand.  “Hi, table for two please,” Tom asks. The waitress says “Im so sorry. There’s nothing available. We’re totally booked up.”. Y/n begins to think of ways to get in without exposing their identity. All of a sudden she says “Oh no that’s horrible.”, She wraps her arm around Tom’s arm and moves closer to him. Tom is surprised and looks at her with a confused expression. “Tonight’s a really important night for us. Johnny and I just got engaged, and this is where our first date was.” she says. Tom plays along and says “Oh yeah it would mean so much to Dora and me. I would have made a reservation, but I didn’t know if she was gonna say yes, so-”. Y/n interrupts “Oh I love how nervous you were, you little goose.”. She then kisses Tom’s cheek. For a second, Tom looks at her again with a confused expression on his face. The waitress then says “You are just so sweet together. You know I’m sure I can find room for two young lovers.”. Tom awkwardly says “Yeah, lovers. We are lovers in beds.”. Y/n says “Okay.” to stop him from saying anything else. 
Five minutes later the waitress goes up to Y/n and Tom “Thank you so much for waiting, your table is almost ready.”. Y/n smiles at her and waits for her to be far from the table. She looks at Tom and says “Sorry about springing the engagement and romantic stuff on you.”. Tom says “No, no, no. That was great. I mean it got us in here. Cheek kiss was a bit much. Very wet.”. Y/n jokingly says “I don’t know what to tell you. Dora’s sloppy.”. The waitress comes up again “Okay if you’ll just follow me”. As they’re walking to their table Tom whispers “Well, honeymoon’s over Dora. We’re back to being Jake and Amy, two normal cops working a job.”. The waitress stops in front of a table and says “Alright there you go.”. When Tom and Y/n turn to look at their table, they see that they are right next to Augustine and his girlfriend. Augustine’s girlfriend suddenly turns around and happily says “You’re the couple that just got engaged.”. “That is us! Johnny and Dora, a couple for sure.” Tom replies.
Fifteen minutes later Tom and Y/n are still pretending to be engaged  to Augustine and his girlfriend. Augustine bought oysters and champagne for Tom and Y/n. “Wow champagne and oysters. You really shouldn’t have.” Tom says. “Well. it’s a special night.” Augustine replies. He then asks “So when did you guys meet?”. Y/n and Tom reply at the same time. Y/n says “Last year” and Tom replies with “Five years ago.”. Tom and Y/n start laughing to play it off. Tom is the one who stops laughing first and says “We first met five years ago, but we don’t count it because I was dating a speedboat model at the time.”. Y/n was slightly annoyed at the comment and says “and I was dating a super handsome guy who worked at city hall.”. Tom continues to tell the fake story “Anyways about a year ago we bumped into each other at a bar and we haven’t been able to keep our hands off each other since. “Soooo, how did you know she was the one?” Augustine’s girlfriend asks. “I would love to answer that” Tom awkwardly answers “Um, you know, just whenever I look at her face and the attached physique.”. She turns to Y/n and asks “And you?.”. It takes a second for Y/n to reply. She says “He makes me laugh”. Her tone sounds as if it was truly coming from her and not for their fake story. Tom smiles at her then says “And, you know, there’s really no one else’s opinion who I care about more than hers, so-”. Augustine’s girlfriend interrupts Tom and says “Okay enough chit chat, where’s the ring?”. Tom and Y/n’s eyes go wide. Y/n suddenly says “I uh don’t have it on me”. “She has gigantic fingers” Tom adds. “What I mean to say is that the ring I got would never have fit on her fingers, because they are that of a giant person.”. Tom and Y/n laugh awkwardly again. Augustine then stands up “Can you get the car from valet babe? I’m gonna go to the back and say hi to the chef. Good luck on your wedding guys.”. His Girlfriend stands up ”Oh and have fun on your honeymoon”. Y/n and Tom say “We will.”. Y/n adds “We’re going to Waco, Texas.”. She says “Huh Okay Bye”. Tom looks at Y/n “Waco,Texas?”. “I don’t know, I saw it on a show yesterday.” she says. Tom begins to look around “All right well Augustine took the laptop case. He’s gonna make the drop. Let’s go.”. Y/n and Tom walk to the back near the kitchen door. They are able to see Augustine and the chef talking. Tom says “Look, There’s the buyer.”. Y/n notices the two are just talking “or maybe he’s just actually saying hi to the chef? Why isn’t he making the handoff? (Augustine turns to see Y/n and Tom). Oh crap he saw us.”. Tom grabs Y/n by the waist and kisses her. Augustine walks out “Uh excuse me.”. Tom stops kissing Y/n and says “Oh hey, we were just looking for a place to-”. “Boink!” Y/n says, still shocked at what just happened. Tom smiles “Yep boink. Thats my preferred term as well”. Augustine nods “I get it. Newly engage kids. Enjoy”. When Augustine walks away Y/n says “Good. Good. Good. We kept our cover intact. Quick professional thinking out there.”. Tom nods “Very quick very professional.”. He reaches his hand out to shake her hand “Detective”. “Detective” Y/n says as she shakes Tom’s hand.
In the stakeout van
It has been quiet for about two minutes. Jacob breaks the silence “So how was the restaurant?”. Y/n still not in the mood to talk about what happened ends up yelling “SUCH A NORMAL TIME!”. Jacob says “Why are you being weird?”. Tom reveals what happened “Y/n and I kissed. We had to, to keep our cover from being blown. We didn’t have a choice.”. Y/n pinches her nose and closes her eyes. Jacob yells “What?! Tell me everything!”. Tom rolls his eyes “Jacob it was just a kiss okay? It was for work. It was nothing.”. Z joins the conversation and says “Yeah who cares about a kiss? Call me if you grab each other’s asses. Look he’s pulling over. Its going down.”. Z then pulls over. Jacob turns around “You guys are so naive. It’s never nothing.”. “Guys, its not a handoff. He’s leaving the package” Z interrupts. Y/n says “Okay you and Jacob follow Augustine.”. “Right, You and Tom follow your hearts.” Jacob says. As Tom and Y/n are leaving the van, Tom says “No we’re gonna stay with the package and wait for the buyer.”. “And each other forever” Jacob replies.
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funginerd · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
                             remember my thanksgiving list? this one is gonna be worse. yes you read right, im attempting this and i hope whoever sees this has a nice day and happy holidays. star tr.ek in more ways than i care to admit has shaped my life so to write paul and get back into the fandom felt like a fresh breeze while simultaneously it felt like coming home and i’m incredibly happy to be here again with such cool and kind folks like you all.                             basically, because german’s celebrate christmas on the 24th and we open our presents the same evening this might come as a pre-present to some of you but whatever. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, guys, under the cut is a long ass list from me to you to express just how grateful i am for you all to be here. i tried my best to include as many people as i could but of course, i sadly don't have the capacity to find kind words for all of my beauty followers but please be aware - and i might repeat myself but it doesn't make it less true - i love you all and im thankful you’re here with me.
in no particular order bc fuck me that's too much work (also wow jelly told me it was stupid to keep my conversations in tabs but tbh never really closing them really helped me here)
@infiinitepossibilities : im glad we started talking more. before i just knew you as this amazing multimuse writer who had all their muses down perfectly but now im getting to know you as an amazing person as well and that's just incredibly cool
@hcndlehim : adam, my dear boy adam. i love you. through many fandoms and over the course of many blogs we have stayed together and i can honestly say that is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. you’re such a delight to talk to and your writing has such a nice flow, so having you as my friend and writing partner for so long has just ?? made my a lot happier than you know
@culberr  / @disciipled : i have time and time again told you i love your writing and i have no idea if oyu think im kidding when i say i show it off but some of my friends can confirm i did actually send stuff to them and i do gush about our amazing writing because i cannot get enough of your style (and oyu bc i lub u). your way of telling things just has such a nice and easy flow that it makes me want to never stop reading your things and we’re lvl 5 friends so when i say i hate how much i love everything you do im not lying. you are amazing and talented and such a nice guy like im still stocked to be able to call you that and not weird you out with that. i just ?? adore you
@stamcts : some people say my aesthetic is on point but they obviously have never seen your blog bc arthur? i love every single post you make. i have seen your ic posts, they’re great and your writing is beyond amazing so ?? let it be known i adore you and im jealous of your skills to dig up cool things on the internet. and ur writing skill, fuck you for that.
@lifedeathpeacewar : leo my boi, my friend,i just cannot tell you how easily i fall in love with people who stan the same people i stan and lets be honest i think you love him more than i do but that's okay bc this way i can focus some of my love on you. im one of the people that say i love duplicates but then only follow two idk why im just that weird but i know you’re doing great with my son and i know you’re doing even  better with mark and lets be honest i already know you’re gonna be great with lucas as well bc you’re great with everything that you put your mind to and i envy you for that.
@orbinglight : i tried for your birthday already to express how much i love you but in no language the world has to offer there are enough words to really make it known just how much you really mean to me. im not as poetic as you are when it comes to praising and finding the right way to phrase things for you, so i just have to hope that you know - through all my clumsy attempts of telling you - just how near and dear to my heart you are. at this point you’re truly the person with the most beautiful soul i have ever met online or irl and i just cannot stand the thought of one day maybe not having you anymore because damn you’re gorgeous and amazing and talented and in so many ways the best thing that has happened to me on this blue hellsite
@selflessdoctor : i kinda wanna say see above bc for you too i feel all these things even though i dont always tell them as outright as i list them for artie but you’re important to me, having found you and somehow forced you into talking to me and becoming my friend was one of the best ideas i ever had and ? im so glad you let me - this odd girl you never met before - stick around and harras you. not really you know what i mean but like ?? i love you and i know i don't say that often enough but just let it be known you’re fucking perfect okay.
@turrissomnia  : three god damn blog changes and you know what ? i still love you, im still impressed by your TOS knowledge and im still absolutely adoring your portrayals. now its just even more muses you’re nailing its really cool to watch tbh.
@bellicaptivus : i honestly dont understand your fascination with strudel but im here for it and im here for your absolute magnificent portrayal of this boi so stay awesome, stay here with us and ?? don’t change bc i absolutely adore you
@adheretologic : i probably mentioned this before but you were the first disco blog i ever followed, like i think you came before adam and i still very much love seeing you on my dash
@kelpiencomplexities : i wish we knew each other better, i wish i would see your writing but man, i just love you in general idk you just are such a delight, like you introduced yourself with a pun thats always a plus in my book im just ?? very happy to have you around friend you’e really cool
@georgiov : im extremely thankful for your patience, you somehow have managed to explain the basics of SW to me without losing your mind and all that while running an amazing disco blog? you’re and im running out of positive words but like you’re the best and i love you okay
@starxbcrn : you are so iconic its unfair, like look at you having all of this creativity and talent and somehow you always come back to your golden boi, i just ?? cannot not tell you how much you inspire me and how much i love seeing you around without having to use the thesaurus
@astromed : you aesthetic: on point. your mccoy: on point. your writing: unfairly amazing. i’ll be honest i like looking at your posts, i like reading your posts, i like just having you on my dash and from the few interactions we had i know you’re a cute bean. i said it before you got recommended to me by a friend and i cannot ever regret following you
@neverarhyme : call me a nerd but i love you and im very grateful we’ve managed to stick together through me ignoring your messages and you being you for two years already but you’ve somehow become one of my best friends on this website and i don't hate you for it. in fact im time and time again amazed at how oyu handle things, at how developed ver is and how you still manage to surprise me even tho so much time ahas passed.
@theharricr : lizzie, lizzie, lizzie, you are my light sometimes, i just ? i just absolutely love you, no strings attached i love talking to you, i love watching things with you just ?? being able to call you a friend is honestly making me so happy time and time again
@jaylahofussfranklin : you’re one of the people who sometimes pop up and sometimes vanish without a trace and honestly every time you  come back to me im very happy about it. like - you’re cool, you’re one of my oldest friends here, probably the only german i want to talk to on this website and idk if i ever told you but your jaylah and your sarah are just fucking perfect.
@friendoftheood : honestly every time we talk you’re just the cutest bean and your grasp on rose is absolutely admirable. i have no idea why you think im worthy of having you follow me but im so grateful to have you around you can’t imagine
@cadetxtilly : you are honestly a bucket of sunshine and your tilly just absolutely makes me happy. she is very on point, she is very adorable and you convey every single aspect of her perfectly. your headcanons and ic posts about her just ?? make it really worth following you
@atomiism : would still 10/10 drop my man for you but real talk? when i rp’ed as ray and saw you and your blog and your writing i was ready to just completely give this boy over to you and what you have done with him since then is magical, i cannot believe someone as talented as you is here and likes me. even after so mayn months im still blown away by having met you, by knowing the face behind the brain that knows all these pretty words and can string them together like damn my darling dear you are perfect in every single way <3
@burnedlegend : you truly are a very special specimen. obv not in a bad way i mean i fucking love you but in a way that you’re so unique even though you’re sometimes a mess i can honestly say im looking forward to seeing you grow and be happy in your life bc already you have a fantastic personality and a kind soul and you’re so refreshing to talk to (when u fucking answer) idk if i have told you lately, probably not bc lets face it i suck as well, but i adore you and i value your friendship and i’ll always be here if you need me. you’re great no matter what anyone says, bc you’re you and i love that man that i have come to know over the course of this year bc he is such a passionate disaster and i wouldn’t want you to stop being you for anything in the world.
@revivedlegend : you’re an absolute dear, you have been there for me in tough times and you’ve given me so many great advice i honestly don't know what i would do without you. i know life is hard and i know people say it gets better but sometimes it doesn’t look that way? listen, you’re perfect and you deserve good things and im absolutely positive that you’ll reach great things, that life will be beautiful for you but until then im here for you and i love you with all of my heart and some that i borrowed from gabe. you are amazingly creative even if you dont see that right know but i have always loved your portrayals, your writing and your devotion to the things you love. christina you’re fantastic, okay. <3
@warsighted  : i love you, i hate your penname but i love everything else about you. listen, from the way you approach characters to the way your characterise them and the way you plot and the way you get excited about things. i love all of that. you’re incredible and so nice on top of being stupidly talented. its honestly unfair thank god you’re balancing that out with a weird penname xD
@outlawiism : how can i make this list and not say something nice about you? kinda not an option tbh bc you’re this amazing ball of positivity even when times are rough its just magical to see you on my dash and now that we talk again its just making me want to be the best version of myself so i can spread just as much positivity and make people happy and honestly? all that aside your love and devotion to peter is one of a kind, your writing is flawless and i just hope ?? one day you’re gonna archive your dreams and do the things you want and tbh you deserve cool things happening to you. so knock on wood for that!
@srenity & @courtesn : sorry im throwing you both together like this but liten, i’ve loved your inara before and im incredibly happy you’re back and now seeing the both of you play this otp out is something i hadn’t known i needed bc you’re not just beautifully on point but you’re both carrying the fandom with your fantastic writing its just making me love firefly so much more thanks to you two <3
@snowinabottle : you’re cute, your girl is cute, your blog is cute, your aesthetic is cute idk maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't but im not the best with words i just ? don't know how i should tell you but i like having you around and i like seeing you on my dash and i just like you in general okay? okay
@stellaexlacrima : im always weak for ocs even tho sometimes it takes me a while to get to know them and im sorry we didnt start talking sooner bc now that i know you i cannot believe i was so blind to your genius for so long. honestly? i love you, i loved plotting with you, i loved talking to you and im absolutely positive i will love writing with yoou no matter how slow i am. im absolutely excited for our thread, im excited for orange people and weird caves and wicked plant sutff bc i a excited to let paul have this adventure with anika
@multamusae : you are one of the people on this website who somehow manage to be very productive and as much as it sometimes makes me feel funny very often i look at your blog and im just astonished by the sheer amount of work and effort you put into everything. you are incredible, you’re so cool and your ocs give me all the life, i originally followed you for your mycroft and im still here it feels like years have passed and you’re still this amazingly talented writer from so long ago please don't ever change in that way.
@childzerozeronine : we don’t talk often enough and that is partially my fault and partially yours but let it be known im very happy that we did eventually started talking after so long of just loving artie together. nine is one of the best stranger thangs ocs i have ever seen and we both know for a while you couldn't look anywhere without them but she is amazing and i love her and i love you and im sorry im not the best chat partner
@derbefehl : we honestly have never talked but i feel very much drawn towards you for you have shown a great taste in muse, a great taste in ivan and you’re just all around ? really cool to have on my dash? i really like your writing like damn that's some good stuff you have right there
@chosemypain : i know we never talked but jelly is really loving your portrayal and honestly that’s good enough for me, you have shown great taste in show and muse and im all here for your brilliance tbh 
@espressovixen / @brokenspy : vicky my dear, im sorry im not on jayne so it might be confusing but it is i, your local disappointment: dottie. can i just take a moment and tell you: you’re probably one of my favourite writers? like idk if you can tell but i have seen so many people, i’ve seen so many different writings styles and yours is just ? outstanding to me. your love and passion for your girls is magical, your personality is so sweet and kind and i ? cannot believe how lucky i am to call you a friend, i’ve literally been in love with your writing like four blogs ago already.
@fasciinating : you are probably one of the first spocks i EVER found and honestly i can’t believe i got so lucky that you follow me back, i swear whenever i see you on my dash im just blown away by your talent and portrayal 
@methodcop : over different blogs and fandoms neither of us is in im very glad we seem to keep finding each other over and over again. you truly are one of these people that you just ?? don't feel right not having on the dash, skye you’re amazing and i love you okay? okay
@rendczvous : fish, im sorry you’re last on this list and i wasn’t sure if i should even say something but honestly i just kind of have to. you are so cute and jelly loves you so much i sorta have to be thankful that you put up with her when im not around and honestly that in itself is a feat already but then you write and its just like woah you’re not just cute but also talented and honestly i find that unfair and i would like to file a complaint
@newaldera / @sunworn / @noprodigalson (ur a cutie and i feel like i had to mention that here) / @selfsaving / @stellarumwomen / @monstrousmade / @resistancehistorian / @astradie / @chpls / @seeheroic / @livesinnarrative / @hopefired / @danversiism / @dancerdoc /  @acepilct / @starshipxcaptain / @starfleets1stmutineer / @pcrsonae / @spacemarincr / @saevio / @starjourney / @theholisticdetective / @paramounticebound / @ichorcrowncd / @abscntee / @boywonderish & @needanswers (im convinced you two are just the real deal and the hsow never ended like you two really are that good) / @boldlylogical / @aprettygooddetective / @amcrist / @enhanc / @mysticwiitch / @coneyislandcastaway / @daredbetter / @atlantisking / @164 / @zooomies / @xenobridge / @thistimefeelsnew / @chaxswalking / @hisgenius / @verycivilofyou / @five-guns-days / @interstel / @superiorambition / @thedestrcyer / @astrcphobia / @admiralsdontfly / @addsalsa / @sempitern / @heroheart / @thexjoinedxsurgeon / @xaedificare / @quietresistance / @falsepsychiic / @gcdlikc / @makeshistory / @positronicminds / @honoredsouls / @zherka / @samenkomen / @spaceforkirk / @definiibus / @captainussdiscovery / @mavxricks <3 / @ofstarrynights /  @1stofficerspock / @humanandvulcan / @nxtasidekick / @dutyandcompassion
wow. ehm happy holidays guys and im so sorry if i have missed anyone i truly tired my best.
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