#and the other reason is bc i wanna remember being little and cared for and spoken to nicely and how i saw the world
violentdevotion · 1 year
Tumblr media
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clanwarrior-tumbly · 7 months
first ever request so I'm not sure if I'm being specific enough but
could I request something with the main iswm crew and maybe Mack finding out that the planet the colonists are being transported to is actually alien!readers home planet? (with reader's kind welcoming the colonists and crew with open arms) ((if that's too many characters, you can just pick which ones you want to do))
Slerapy anon
At first he’s stunned that you were an alien this whole time. You did a very good job masquerading as a human.
But does it change his opinion of you as a captain and friend who never gave up on him? Absolutely not.
He’s so excited to meet the rest of your species! And eager for the colonists to rest on the shores of your home planet.
Prior to disembarking you sent a simple request to your people: Never, under any circumstances, are they allowed to call the human named “Mark Iplier” ugly. That word was banned.
You've heard that one too many times from other rude aliens, and your species isn't gonna make the same mistake. No sir.
When Mark finds out about the extra step you took to make him feel more welcomed, he smiles.
And he beams with such pride as one of your planet’s leaders gives him a medal..and then you a medal..and then him a medal..and then you a medal..and that one female crew member a medal.
There’s no one he adored more than you, his alien captain.
Mack (Head Engineer)
On the other hand..
"I KNEW it!! You were an alien all along!!”
Of course, why wouldn’t you know how to reroute power or other troubleshooting measures on your own ship? ‘Only an alien disguised as a human captain wouldn’t!’ He thinks. That’s why he insisted on taking over and treated you so harshly when you refused. He was paranoid.
Now that the truth’s fully out, he plots a revolt against you for “espionage”. 
Yet...nobody takes his side. They don’t really care and are just happy to reach their destination in one piece.
You lowkey get offended when Mack assumes you wanna enslave the colonists, so you explain that your people were hosting a festival to celebrate their arrival--and that the two species have been communicating long before this trip. It’s why you orchestrated this trip at all.
When he finally meets them, he remains hostile but soon sees how genuinely kind they are and realizes how wrong he was.
Then he stumbles into your cabin in tears, begging for forgiveness.
Ngl she was a bit surprised.
She thought the planet you chose was uninhabited and simply had all the suitable conditions for human life.
But the scouting crew discovered an alien civilization and that’s when you reveal your true form to her, smiling as you explain it’s your home and all of them are welcomed.
“We’re a kind species, CC. We’ve been in contact with humanity for a while about establishing a society together. I just..didn’t wanna scare you guys so I stayed quiet.”
Although a bit miffed you kept this hidden she forgives you, still proud to call you her Captain.
“You kept them all safe, and that’s what matters. I’m eager to meet your friends and family, Cap.”
“Aliens??? Hm.....do they have high-tech explosive weaponry we can trade?”
Barely bats an eye at the big reveal that his captain’s an alien.
You find it suspicious, especially when you remember the timeline he betrayed you for that exact reason.
When you catch him alone you ask him what he genuinely thinks of you.
“I was shocked, yeah but..shit, you led us well, Captain. Probably better than any other human could’ve. As long as your kind doesn’t try to uh..probe us, it’s all good.”
You’re a bit nervous about what he’ll think, but he just smiles lightly and reiterates his little poem (from the end of part 2).
“Alien or human or..anywhere in between, you are still a child of the universe. So beautiful to behold. I look forward to the exchanging of our cultures with your species.”
And he just walks away and resumes his duties.
What a guy.
Wug (bc I love him he deserves a spot here)
"You??? Alien???? Alien like Wug????? :DD" 
He's so happy when you’re comfortable enough to reveal your true form to him.
But at the same time feels bad for assuming you were human when you first met him.
You let him come onto your transport as you arrive on the planet's surface, showing him around.
"WOAH!!!! Wug find planet pretty..but not as pretty/handsome as [y/n]!”
He’ll use his translator to talk with your species, and after seeing how benevolent they are he might coordinate a meeting with other Wugs.
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dekusleftsock · 4 months
Okay look, let’s legit talk about krbk and izuocha/tododeku for a sec here. If you follow/have read my shit before, I’m a big bkdk and togachako shopper. If you have a problem with that, just click off it’s not that hard. Expect bkdk and togachako opinions in this post. Now without further ado, let’s talk about the relationships in these three ships.
Now, honest to god, the least toxic community out of those three is tododeku and that’s probably bc it just isn’t as big as the other two. But what I WILL say is that you guys mischaracterize Katsuki, todoroki, and Izuku the most out of all three.
It’s the one ship that I legit can’t tolerate, no actual logical reason, I just find it annoying for no reason lol. But my personal feelings, don’t really matter here! We’re talking about the actual relationship stuff.
So, what makes this ship interesting? Well I’ve got to say that it’s the fact that todoroki is the first person to teach Izuku how to save someone who does not want to be saved. He was the first person who he had to make them save THEMSELF and WANT TO BE SAVED, and that’s a major part of Izukus development. It makes him start to question the villains of society, are they really all bad? Is it possible to save them? He also had a subconscious bias as he was once apart of the “can nots” of society. Quirkless, disabled, or useless quirked people kind of fit here. Same with villainous quirks. With all of this in mind, it made him look at shigaraki and legitimately think about how to save him. Todoroki taught him that part of hero work is also saving people psychologically.
Todoroki learned a lot from deku in how to accept himself as he is. “It’s your quirk not his!” Was something that stuck with him and continued to do so after the sports festival. He was also todoroki’s first actual friend. And btw, no matter how much y’all wanna say it, todoroki is NOT in the deku squad! Todoroki is friends with Katsuki and Izuku mainly, they are their OWN friend group outside of bkg or deku squads, remember that. Part of todoroki’s development as a character was being friends with BOTH of them, so I’m sorry, but if you hate Katsuki, todoroki does not like you. Just as deku doesn’t. Katsuki is a man with a burning temper and explosive personality, but he is also a positive burning sun in both of their lives.
Tododeku together is amazing, all about making each other be better in silent but nice ways. They’re also socially awkward buddies >:) But what he is not is a replacement for Katsuki. He is not mean, never is never will be. Nor is he jealous and vindictive towards Katsuki. You could probably say that he sees him as a one sided best friendship along with him and deku. (Those titles are actually reserved for uraraka and kirishima but whatever, not the point. Let todoroki live) But it’s also not canon so we’ll just make that a funny hc that’s kinda implied lol.
And I’ll finish this little analysis of them off with, I do not care about who you like shipping with Izuku, but if you actively make Katsuki or todoroki vindictive towards the other PLEASE GOD ADD THE TAG ON AO3 “OOC TODOROKI SHOTO” BC IM TIRED OF READING IT- This whole analysis has been to say, that you can not make todoroki a replacement for Katsuki. You just can’t. And that goes for any Katsuki ship or Izuku ship, they can’t live without the other. So please god stop mis characterizing them. It’s getting REALLY OLD really fast.
Now let’s move onto kiribaku. I’m saving izuocha for last bc they’re the least controversial and I won’t have to do as much work to write them out lmao. Anywho, kiribaku! I actually enjoy this ship sometimes, it’s not my favorite, but it’s still pretty good in my book.
I think the ship is cute and important for katsukis development, as him, kaminari, sero, jirou, and even todoroki call him out on his bs. They were the first friends he really had that weren’t afraid to say “you’re an asshole” to his face even if he yelled at them. They simply didn’t care. Hell, on the second day Katsuki met kaminari, he literally fucking called his personality flaming hot garbage, and jirou even teased him. The class just didn’t tolerate his bullshit. Even deku was like “what the fuck is happening IM the one who gets teased, not him” because unlike before, Katsuki was in the hero course at UA.
He didn’t HAVE the enablers from his teachers or his classmates like he did before. Aizawa didn’t take his shit just like kirishima didn’t take his shit. And this where their relationship truly starts.
Kirishima is exactly what Katsuki needs, someone who can take his quirk, calm his temper, and will call out his bullshit. He’s both a good friend and not an enabler, exactly what he needs. He’s also got a powerful quirk, something that Katsuki at this stage has to see so that he can make the close relationships he needs. He’s pretty much deku in his mind except without the same history and a powerful quirk. Dynamic wise at least.
But just like tododeku, it’s what he NEEDS at that moment. But, unlike tododeku, kiribaku as a relationship itself is enabling Katsukis quirk discrimination. You could even argue that their relationship itself is based in the fact that Katsuki projects deku onto kirishima.
Their friendship and relationship is amazing, but if Katsuki didn’t put some distance between them, it simply wouldn’t show his true development. Kirishima was a walking example of the early part of their first year and middle school life, Katsuki and kirishimas relationship is inherently built on Katsukis flaming hot garbage takes. I legit believe that kiribaku would be MORE toxic than bkdk because of how kirishima indirectly enables Katsukis behavior.
The reason why y’all have been so starved for content unless it’s a movie or an ova is bc horikoshi KNOWS this and so does Katsuki. He KNOWS his friendship was built on seeing kirishima as an enabler for his actions. Katsuki needs to focus on healing his relationship with Izuku more than hanging around kirishima. But y’all aren’t ready for that-
Okay, controversial opinions over, it’s izuocha time.
Izuocha is actually great. I love the ship! She’s exactly what Izuku needs, someone with unquestionable, undoubtable, support and love for Izuku. From day one she believed in him. He doesn’t NEED to prove anything to show that he is worth love and appreciation. Uraraka is the support that deku would have needed in middle school or before that would push him to become a hero REGARDLESS of a quirk.
Izuocha is key to Izukus journey into becoming a hero, so lets just put aside ofa for a moment to talk about it. Lets say Izuku never ran into AM and instead had uraraka as a flame of support at aldera, maybe even before junior high. Because what Izuku would have needed to become a quirkless hero would have been three things: money/gear, training from the right person, and undoubtable love and support. He had none of those things though. Inko never believed in him, his only friend bullied him due to misunderstandings, and all might rejected the very idea of it happening. Three of the most important people in Izukus life DOUBTED HIM, completely and utterly. Even iida thought he wasn’t taking it seriously and that he would never get in. All of the other challengers thought that he was just gonna be useless competition. Unlike everyone else in his life, Izuku never had to earn love and support from uraraka.
And it’s funny how he still ending up having the same things that made him a hero AFTER getting into UA. He HAD the gear (a quirk), he HAD the training (all might), and he HAD the constant support and love from uraraka that he never had to earn. She TAUGHT HIM that he was worth something no matter what. He never had to fight a villain to prove he was something for all might, or sift through years of Katsukis issues just to earn that friendship again, or show that he had the intelligence and support to inko. He was simply allowed to exist as he was to uraraka.
And this support is not just for Izuku either, because he taught her to think about the heroes, who saves the heroes when they’re the ones in danger? Just like how todoroki taught deku how to save someone psychologically, deku did the same for her. He is a key part of her hero journey. He taught her the things she needed to know, they were entirely about lifting each other up. Away from their worries, just them being able to believe in themselves and each other.
But, that’s the early stuff. This information is.. a little out of date, don’t you think? I mean, we had ALL this tension build up from toga vs ochako 1, all about Izuku and ochako (kinda), all of this tension lead to Ochakos speech and then.. nothing. 342 frankly, should have been the confession, because all of the tension that horikoshi had been building was there and then he just let it go. For seemingly no reason. Story wise at least. Or you could make the argument that it was also building tension, okay then, what about 348? THAT chapter should have been about revealing feelings yet it wasn’t. That’s why this information, with how romantic it sounded when I described it, feels so untrue now. And I feel like izuochas also see it, they feel it and know it deep down, yet a lot of them choose to be ignorant and continue to not update their information.
That’s my problem with this ship. They were cute at first, something I wouldn’t totally reject seeing. Hell, I even looked at fandom content of them, but now it just feels like nothing. It isn’t going anywhere, because guys, their development is done! They need to be with their character foils, bkdk, shigaraki and deku, and togachako. They NEED to do the development with THESE characters. They aren’t gonna be canon, because if they were, shigafo’s fight would be about ochako and Izuku, not Katsuki.
And that’s what all three of these need to understand. I know y’all have been starved for content of them, I get that, but the reason you have been is because of the narrative with them simply being done. The development is over. This is how stories work. Take for example, peridot, from Steven universe. Her character arc was done, and I remember seeing su fans getting upset at the lack of peridot content. But she was done. Her arc was over. The same goes for here.
Get over yourselves, please. These characters are not as important to each other as much as you think they are.
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welcum-to-sp · 1 year
Character design in post covid special
I’ve been thinking what I want to write about the special and I realized that what I really want to talk about is character design. Everything has already been said about character personalities, the plot and, honestly, I don’t feel like describing the way I feel about the episode, explaining why I hate it etc. So what am I gonna do? Here’s my top from worst to best character design + my commentary. I’m not going to discuss their personality just the way they look, k?
10. Craig Tucker
Tumblr media
You know that I had to say this. I’ve said this before but I’ll repeat it, I don’t care that he doesn’t look like 2016 tumblr sexyman, okay? I don’t wanna see people in replies saying this, fuck you guys. His design is awful because, honestly, it’s not Craig, I refuse. He looks very blank, comparing to other characters, 0 effort was put in this. Some people say that his design is good because he looks almost exactly like his father, it makes him look realistic. First of all, characters design (especially in cartoons) was never about realism. Character design must give some info to the viewer about character’s personality traits, beliefs and all that. Craig Tucker in his 50’s = his dad idc. No personality. All that’s left from Craig is his blue jacket (at least they could’ve added something yellow-colored). Fine, even if we’re looking for realism here for some reason, I have a question, what about his mother’s traits? Eyebrows, figure, jawline, anything? I don’t wanna go deep into “How I would fix it” thing but it’s very simple here. For example, they could’ve added some wrinkles near his eyes/brows it would already tell the viewer that he frowns a lot, sharper jawline would make him look more serious. Gonna tell you a secret but I’d prefer Tweek going bald instead bc stress(??), then it would create a very simple but still contrast between them. You could easily tell who’s the calm and who is the anxious one. But we’ll talk about Tweek later. All in all, 1/10 (thank god they remembered his hair color what an achievement)
9. Kenny McCormick
Tumblr media
Oh boy. I know that a lot of people like the way he looks but hear me out, please. Firstly, I don’t dislike it, I kinda like it but if we’re making a tier list here, Kenny takes this place. I have a post about Kenny’s personality and why he doesn’t really have it (this special proves it but shush we’re not having this conversation) and this is the problem here. I feel like almost any design would fit him perfectly. Maybe I expected something more interesting. 6/10 (extra points for Kenny being Big Lebovsky bc it’s one of my favorite movies)
8. Eric Cartman
Tumblr media
Mmm listen, I really don’t want to talk about it. Sigh, it fits Cartman’s personality in the special perfectly (ugly, gross, unappealing) but the thing is Cartman’s personality in the special, how do I frame this, is not actual Cartman’s personality. Maybe his design will look better or worse, depends how his story arc develops. Now it’s a 6/10 for me
7. Token Black
Tumblr media
I look at him and I can tell that he’s playing cop/detective role in the story. Is it good? Yes it’s brilliant good job 8/10
6. Scott Malkinson
Tumblr media
Scott had a really good design when he was a kid, and they barely changed it. Maybe I’d give him a bit different haircut, that would be more Scott-like. Anyway, it’s still very good. 8/10
5. Kyle Broflovski
Tumblr media
This. This is exactly how I thought Kyle would look like. We can see that he looks after himself, kinda strict, serious guy. I really like how they kept the color scheme from when he was little, but made it look more mature. Very nice and spot on. 8/10
4. Jimmy Valmer
Tumblr media
Again, he had really nice design since the very beginning all the animators had to do is make him look older. And they not only did that but also added a cool detail: his hairstyle and the costume. Just by looking at him I can already assume that he works either in business or entertainment sphere. Then, knowing Jimmy, I, as a viewer, can tell that it’s more likely to be entertainment. Ta-dah character design just did its job. Love this. 9/10
3. Tweek Tweak
Tumblr media
Huh, honestly, I didn’t think that Tweek would be this high on the list. However, the more I think about it the more sense it makes for me. Tweek kinda looks like his dad but! He! Is! Not! His! Exact! Copy! I need to clarify, that, in my opinion, Tweek has the best character design as a kid it just screams personality. I like how they added extra wrinkles under his eyes and on his cheekbones. Small but neat detail. They handled his hairstyle really good it’s still messy but looks more mature and fits him. I was surprised his shirt was buttoned correctly then I realized that it’s like? Character development in character design? Fantastic. He still looks very messy and nervous but at the same time he’s more collected somehow? Amazing. I said that it would make sense if he’d go bald and yea I still think so but what’s done is done. 9/10
2. Stan Marsh
Tumblr media
Okay, when I saw the promo I really fucking hated it. It’s just😭. However, while I was watching the special, I realized how much this design fits him. He really is what you think he’s gonna be. Pls, he even has this “beer belly” it’s cool. Let’s ignore the fact that he looks like Trey and let’s just say that this is a decent design, ok? 9/10
1. *drums* and the first place goes to…
Clyde Donovan
Tumblr media
Do I really need to explain why? Well, he is the only character who doesn’t wear clothes that are the same color he used to wear as a kid. It’s not a pro but man I didn’t expected Clyde to be the one. Hawaiian shirt, golden watch, beach shorts. AH! We don’t know who Clyde is but we already can make some assumptions just based on the kind of clothes he wears. It’s so cool that he’s actually the 2nd fattest kid in the class even after all these years, honestly, I thought the creators forgot about this joke they made like 20 years ago. Sincerely speaking, Clyde doesn’t have much personality in canon and wow I can’t believe they somehow made his design very character-like. It feels like the one who is responsible for his design rewatched every single moment with Clyde, fucking analysed it and drew this. Brilliant. Perfect. Couldn’t be better 100/10
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jjunis · 10 months
Tumblr media
ghosting — 21. selfish and stupid
a/n: and here it is, the second part of this mess. there's a little bit of fluff if you squint your eyes, but it's mostly just angst so... yeah here we go.
warnings: controlling/abusive parents, public humiliation?? bc this old man sucks, some physical abuse, people being aggressive, a lot of swearing as per usual, hyunjin and hyuka are the only men we trust in this household
word count: 2.6k
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taglist (open): @viscoolreal @strawbrinkofdeath @msxflower @startlinejjuni @gorechoi @helianthes @dear20cm @whereisgyu @paragonofroyalty @m00nylup1n @b1u3hour @joti17 (✨) @solarswonderland @rlajjunie @shanice-1104 @nshitae @beomgyugyu @jeondolly bold means i couldn't tag you for some reason! and those with a ✨ are part of my permanent taglist 🥰
Tumblr media
That's how you feel when you notice everyone staring at your dad as he barges in, pushing an appalled Yeonjun out of his way.
You take a deep breath.
"Stay here, ok?" You tell your friends before making your way to the entrance, where your dad is causing a scene.
"I'm here, I'm here, I was about to leave," you bluff, trying to get him to calm down.
"What did I fucking tell ya? You should be home by 11!" He snaps at you.
The music stops, making it easier for everyone else to hear you getting berated by him.
"Appa, I told you, I was about to leave. It's not 11 yet. Besides, you told me it was okay if I got home late tonight… We talked about this the other day, remember?" You remind him, trying to keep the conversation low-key, but he's not having any of it.
"You know your curfew. I don't care if you think you're an adult now, I'm still paying your bills, the least you can do is show me some respect."
"But I–"
"And why are you dressed like that? What's with the short dress?"
"It's not that short, it–"
"You look like a failed whore! This is not what I raised you for!"
"STOP TALKING BACK!" He grabs you by the arm and abruptly pulls you closer. You can smell the alcohol in his breath, and you can feel everybody's eyes on you. "God, you're just like your mother. Stubborn piece of shit. What did I ever do to deserve this?"
"Can we please just do this outside?" You ask quietly, and he laughs maniacally. His grip on your arm tightens and you wince.
"Sir, with all due respect, this is a private property and you just barged in uninvited." You hear Beomgyu right beside you. His voice is stern, and you know this won't end well.
Your dad scoffs at him. "Who the fuck are you supposed to be, kid?"
You gaze towards the boy who's defending you. "Beomgyu, it's fine, just leave," you tell him, but he shakes his head and stares at your father.
"Choi Beomgyu, sir. Haven't seen you in a while." He even bows after introducing himself.
"Ohh, Choi Beomgyu, huh? I knew I recognized your weird little rat face. Ha, and here I was, thinking I'd never have to see you again. Life's funny, isn't it?" Your dad retorts.
"Yes, it's hilarious," Beomgyu deadpans. "Now please, I don't really wanna have to call the police on you, sir. Y/N already told you she was about to leave, she'd get home just in time if you would've waited a little longer. There's no need for all of this, so if you wouldn't mind…"
"Go ahead, call the police then. I wanna see what they'll have to say about your little party over here."
Calmly, Beomgyu grabs his phone and unlocks it, but Taehyun reaches him just in time and forces him to put it down, offering him a warning stare.
"What the fuck are you doing?" Beomgyu hisses, bewildered by the sudden interruption.
Taehyun whispers something back, and though you can't make out the words, it sounds kind of aggressive. The older boy scowls at him and opens his mouth to say something, but Yeonjun steps in and pulls him back.
"Dude, don't," is what you think you hear the host of the party saying to him.
With Beomgyu out of the way, Taehyun comes closer to you and your father.
"Hi sir, good evening. I'm sorry, Y/N actually wanted to leave earlier, but I held her back for a little bit 'cause I wanted to dance with her. I rarely go to any parties, as you might know, so I really wanted to be around my friends tonight. I didn't mean to make her go home late or anything, I was actually going to drop her off at home myself so you and your wife wouldn't have to worry about anything." He's a lot more polite — and friendly — than Beomgyu.
Taehyun knows your parents adore him. He's the son your father always wanted, but never had. He didn't want a weak, sensitive girl like you, he wanted a strong, obedient, well-behaved smart boy, just like Kang Taehyun. That's your best friend's advantage. He could charm his way — or your way — out of most situations with your parents at this point.
"Ah, Taehyunie, I didn't know you'd be here!" Suddenly he sounds friendlier, and even lets go of your arm. You lose your balance for a second, so you stagger backward and Taehyun gently places a hand on your shoulder to hold you in place. "You understand I just want my daughter to be safe, right?"
You can feel the heat of the red marks of his fingers on your arm, you just hope they won't bruise. You also notice how Beomgyu takes a step closer to you, with Yeonjun still holding on to his shoulder, but you gesture for him to stay where he is. He doesn't like it, but stands still.
"Yeah, sir, but you know I'll always make sure she is," Taehyun says with a beautiful smile on his face. You know he's fuming inside. "Actually, on second thought, maybe she could sleep over at my house tonight? See, my mom asked me to bring her over for lunch. She's making Y/N's favorites tomorrow, so it'll be easier if she's there already. I promise she'll be back home, safe and sound, before the sun even goes down."
Your dad narrows his eyes, thinking about it for a moment. "Okay. But I'll have a barbecue next weekend, I'm gonna need you to come over and help me with that. Do we have a deal?"
Once again, Taehyun smiles. "Absolutely, sir. Wouldn't miss it for the world."
"Alright, tell your mom I said hi, Taehyunie! And you go with your friend, then." He waves dismissively at you. "Text me when you get there, though. I'll be waiting."
You nod, staring at the floor. "Yes, sir."
Finally, your father leaves, muttering words you don't really understand. He's drunk and not making sense, after all.
You don't need to look behind you to know everyone's staring as if he's completely insane — and they're not wrong. Your heart is racing, you feel like you're about to explode, you can feel everyone's eyes boring into the back of your head.
"Alright, guys, nothing to see here. That's enough, go back to the party!" You hear Yeonjun trying to disperse the crowd while you try to fight back your tears, and Arin goes on to help him on that task, inviting people to go grab something to drink.
Taehyun pulls you into a tight hug and you rest your head on his shoulder.
"I'm sorry about that, I just needed to get him off of you. Sorry I didn't get you out of here quickly enough," he says and you shake your head.
"It's not your fault. Can we just go?"
"Of course. Come on." He kisses your forehead and releases you from his embrace.
The music starts playing again, and before you're able to even move, Beomgyu steps in, after quietly standing there for so long.
"'Don't be fucking stupid', are you fucking serious, Kang Taehyun?" Oh. So that's what Taehyun told him. "You just let this asshole humiliate her in front of everyone!" He gestures frantically towards the door.
Taehyun defensively stands in front of you, staring directly at the older boy.
"What was your big plan, Choi Beomgyu? Call the police? Are you fucking serious? Do you really think that would be any better? Do you think it would work? You were only pissing him off even more, have you lost your damn mind?"
Beomgyu's glare grows darker, his eyebrows furrow even further. "What did you just call me?" Yep. Choi Beomgyu. No honorifics, not even the one you'd use with a stranger. In a situation like this, it could sound absurdly disrespectful.
"Oh. Sorry. Hyung." Taehyun's sarcastic tone could be noticed from the other side of the planet, you're sure.
Suddenly you feel like this isn't about you anymore.
Beomgyu approaches Taehyun menacingly, as if they're about to exchange some punches, but they both just keep staring at each other as if their heads might pop at any given moment.
"So what? You're gonna keep buttering up that idiot for the rest of your life? Is that what you call protecting your friend? Doing whatever that dude wants to get him to like you in return? I didn't think you could be so fucking selfish and stupid," Beomgyu spits and you notice the effect those words have on your best friend.
Taehyun's jaw is clenched, his eyes are practically burning Beomgyu's face, his fists are ready to be put to use. You wanna interrupt this whole thing, you truly do, but you're frozen in place.
He laughs sarcastically. "Oh, I'm selfish? Ha, now that's rich. Yeah, well, at least I never left her hanging when she needed me the most, I never made her feel inferior and worthless when she was on the fucking edge and just needed a friend to talk to, unlike your lame selfish ass did multiple times."
"STOP!" Lia's voice overlaps the tension as she steps into the scene, pushing the boys away from each other so she can stand between them, and you're thankful for that, because you're sure they were about to get physical.
"Noona…" Hueningkai's soft voice calls for you just a second before you're engulfed by his arms, and it's only then that you notice you're silently crying up a storm. Still, you bury your face on his chest, making his costume wet with your tears.
"Both of you, stop it. She doesn't need anyone else making a scene tonight. Just cut it, we're all grown-ups here." You've never heard Lia sound so firm and so damn pissed off, and it's kind of ironic how the first time it happens, it's to defend you, of all people.
"Quit it, you fucking idiots. I don't wanna hear a single peep from either of you," Ryujin interjects, sounding like an angry mother. At least she's not being as loud as the boys were. "This is not about whatever beef you have from years ago. Do you think this is a goddamn competition? Well, newsflash, both of you are being grade A assholes right now and should be embarrassed for acting like stupid kids when you're adults. What is this, are we back to middle school? Yeonjun, get your friend out of my sight right now, before I lose my fucking temper. Hyuka, take Taehyun home. Y/N is crashing at mine tonight."
Hueningkai nods, but doesn't let go of you yet.
At the same time, you hear your best friend trying to say something.
"But noona–"
"Not. A. Single. Fucking. Peep, Kang Taehyun. I'm taking her home with me, and you'll cover for us if her dad tries to reach out. That's final. You've done enough, I don't wanna see your face anymore tonight," Ryujin cuts him off. "Hueningkai, hurry up."
The youngest sighs and plants a kiss on the top of your head before he finally lets go of you. Neither of you says anything, but you slightly bow your head to thank him silently. Before you can even feel the absence of his arms, someone else embraces you.
"You okay?" Hyunjin murmurs as you wrap your arms around his body. You nod, but there are still tears streaming down your face, like a fucking waterfall.
You feel horrible. There's a weight in your chest, as if your heart suddenly became the heaviest thing in the world. First your father, then Taehyun and Beomgyu fighting in front of you, partly because of you, while you were all alone, pathetically watching in silence, wallowing in your own anxiety. Even with the music playing, you know a lot of people still heard the whole thing. How could they not, when everyone was being so loud? If you felt humiliated before, you can't even find the words to describe how you're feeling right now.
"Hyunjin, just–" Ryujin is about to tell him to leave, probably, but he doesn't let her finish.
"I'm driving you home," he informs, holding onto you tightly as he gently rubs your back. "I'm only leaving you two when I'm sure you're safe and sound."
She sighs, but doesn't fight back. He was originally the assigned driver of the night, after all, and you know he's the only one of you who didn't drink a single drop of alcohol.
In the end, she knows he may sound kind of stupid sometimes, but he's just as protective as she is when shit goes down, and it's safer to go with him than just getting in a taxi.
"It's okay, Y/N. We got you," he says in a tone you can barely hear over the music.
"Thank you," you mutter against his shoulder, where your head is currently resting.
You muster the courage to let go of Hyunjin, and he cups your face to gently wipe your tears.
"Come on, this princess has cried enough. I don't want my Daisy to get dehydrated from crying so hard, hm?" He says playfully, but also affectionately, and offers you a cute little smile. "It's over now, we'll take you to Ryu's house and you'll be okay."
You take a deep breath and nod at him, trying really hard to calm down.
When you finally turn around, you notice Beomgyu's already far away at this point, surrounded by Yeonjun, Soobin and Arin in a distant corner of the room. All four of them look dead serious, and Soobin seems to be the one talking the most, while Beomgyu hangs his head low and anxiously jerks his leg, but you obviously have no way of hearing them from that far. Taehyun and Hueningkai are gone, too, and you don't know whether you should feel bad or angry about your best friend. You decide it's best to leave this thought for later.
Lia, however, is still around, and she sheepishly approaches you.
"I'm sorry about that," she says.
Is she apologizing on Beomgyu's behalf? Or is it for yelling at them? Or maybe she's just showing sympathy for your pathetic situation?
"Thank you for stopping them. I… couldn't move," you explain in a shaky voice and she shakes her head.
"No no, there's nothing to thank me for. Just… Just take care, okay?"
You nod.
"And, um… here." She takes off her leather jacket and wraps it around your shoulders. Hyunjin helps her with that, adjusting the piece of clothing on you. "It's cold outside. You can give it back at the next meeting, or the next class we have together."
"No, Lia, I–"
"No, I mean it. Please," she insists. "If I feel cold I can borrow something from Jun."
You sigh and give in. "Thank you." Maybe it's her way of paying you back for helping her the other day. "Can you tell Yeonjun I'm really sorry, please?"
"I don't think you're the one he's mad at, but I'll let him know. I'll see you around, okay?"
"Let's go, babe." Ryujin's voice sounds a lot softer now. "And thank you for helping, Lia."
You leave the house with your arms linked to Hyunjin's and Ryujin's, still feeling your heart race. Hopefully, you'll find some peace at Ryujin's place tonight.
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4dtk · 1 year
jaehyun as a bf
anon: “your writing brings me butterflies i love it you are so underrated!!!!! would love to request a jaehyun bf headcanons (like the one you did of mark <3)” thank you for the kind words anon <333 hope you enjoy this one!
(a bit of a plug lol but check out NCT 127's ideal r/s headcanons in this post!! i appreciate you checking it out! <3)
brief mentions of sex, but nothing explicitly nsfw!
likes to talk about music with you
especially jazz. there’s a plethora of songs out there with different renditions and sometimes he likes to ramble about who’s rendition he likes best
would play the piano for you if you asked, just maybe not after schedules or something. but usually when you’re free or alone together in the room, he likes you to sit beside him to listen to him play
you guys like to play a little game where he’ll play the chords and you play like a random note to create blobs of music
even if you don’t know how, the way the session always dissolves into giggles is his favourite thing in the world
if you know how to play the piano that’s great too!! jaehyun just likes the unexpected notes that come out since there’s no set melody in his mind
jaehyun needs to have some part of his body on yours at all times. like he has to hold your hand all the time, or a finger hooked around your backpack, or an arm around your waist.
at least when you’re together he does it very often and he’s just. obsessed with you lmfao
it’s also the reason he buys a promise ring when he’s sure of you as a significant other so you always have a part of him with you (his love)
would buy you those lockets for you to put pictures inside. he doesn’t care where you wear it though, around your neck, wrist, ankle, as long as the locket is on your person
he clings onto you like crazy in the mornings. jaehyun’s a heavy sleeper and likes to hug you on his side, so you’re always having trouble trying to pry him off of you in the morning
a bit nsfw: he likes morning lazy sex lol, ngl. jaehyun adores the rawness of your relationship in the morning and the sleepiness in your eyes when you’re gently pushing him away. he knows you don’t mean it but he makes sure you really want it first
loves the sunlight kissing your skin and the slow, gentle movements
so so intimate, he prefers it to the rougher forms of sex, but sometimes he doesn’t have that luxury since they leave for schedules quite often in the wee hours of dawn
for cuddling sense, jaehyun likes it when you’re under his arm and cuddled into his side. classic position but he dies every time inside when you look up at him and there’s this clueless look you have. has the biggest smile on his face after and you have to repeat the stuff you said bc he’s too distracted by how your eyes shine
second hot favourite (more of when you’re making out) is when you’re straddling him. nothing sexual, just like you on top of him when you’re kissing and stuff. he digs it when you’re pulling away for oxygen and he has to lift his body to reach for your lips again
gets flustered from kissing, but doesn’t show it. if he’s found a way to suppress the crazy crimson on his ears (which i doubt) then he will but his words will always contradict his expression
jaehyun can say “are you nervous, y/n?” with a smirk but his ears keep giving him away!!!!
mfer’s hands are shaking too when he trails it over your body. in disbelief you’re his.
sometimes shamelessly moans into the kiss LOL, not too loud but he whines when you pull away, and has to kiss you breathless again
when you kiss him, expect like a long-lasting kiss. doesn’t mind small pecks and stuff but he’ll want to savour your lips a little longer than a mere peck
jaehyun likes your neck too. when you’re hugging his face is always in your neck, placing small little butterfly kisses
you need to look out for him, always. mans always tripping over something at some point. it’s become more frequent now that he has you and my god he’s so unable to keep his eyes off of you that he trips over simple things. he once tripped over nothing
on the daily when he’s not tripping over you, he’s clumsy in a sense where he drops food on the table. he once struggled to tie up his growing hair into a mini ponytail bc it was just too little hair. the hair tie slipped from his fingers and shot itself into your face - those kinds of small small mishaps
it’s endearing but sometimes you can’t help but laugh at him
likes to take you out on impromptu dates. dates that are close by and easy to plan (?) i guess.
not saying jaehyun is a lazy boyfriend but he likes the more candid dates where you decide what to do as you go along. of course if it’s a big day like your anniversary or birthdays then he’d want to plan something out.
other than that, he just either lets you choose the places to go there or you two decide along the way. he doesn’t want to impose options for you and pressure you. if he’s being honest, he wouldn’t know where to go either lol so he just follows wherever you bring him
laughs so much when he’s with you. giggles, deep laugh, whatever you name it. your relationship is very light-hearted and he finds that he’s the one laughing more when you deliver jokes even tho he wants to make you laugh too
i can’t lie… his jokes can be dry sometimes i’m sorry jaehyun 😭 so he backs it up with laughter and has to catch his breath sometimes bc he finds it really funny
you’re not laughing at the joke, rather at his laugh so you might have to tell him that some way or another bc he’ll just keep making bad jokes i’m sorry y’all
he can’t handle the suuuuuper cheesy physically affectionate films or series (with shitty plot) but i feel like if the story’s interesting enough he’ll pay attention. likes bittersweet films too, i feel, gets him thinking
doesn’t mind cliched plots (fake dating / idealist girl meets realist boy / idk any others lol) but would propose something at the end that he thinks will make the movie/series more interesting
jaehyun likes to share his theories with you
unironically wants to learn the la la land tap dance scene with you. he ALWAYS hums city of stars too, no matter what. idk why but it sticks to him, in bed, in breakfast, when he’s doing something random
he did it once on the radio and he received a text from you in break that told him he was humming along to the song
with that said, jaehyun wants to try out the stuff in the rain quite a bit. making out, dancing, lying down, running, he likes that fascination that society has with doing things in the rain
doesn’t like it too much that he’ll get soaked, but as long as you’re with him and willing to do it, he’s all for it
jaehyun would def want kids in the future. wants to dote on them and buy them stuff and whatnot. wants to see them running around the house with laughter while you both struggle to contain the bursts of excitement they have
doesn’t care for the dynamic much. if he’s the one to stay at home to take care of them while you work, he can work with it. if it’s the other way round, he’s okay too
he just worries that if he’s still involved with the entertainment industry, you might have to take a back seat since he’ll be the one earning the money, and he doesn’t want babysitters either.
heart is so so full when he comes back home and you’re just playing with the kids, or singing them to sleep. any sight of you with him is enough to make him melt into a puddle
HAS to hold them even if they’re asleep. wants to always have them close to him while he nudges you to shower or get the food ready.
like jaehyun, he would wanna meet someone in a vinyl shop or bookstore. he knows it’s cliched but the thought of meeting someone when you’re buying something is exciting. anything unexpected for him, he welcomes it
the next few are just random, miscellaneous headcanons: he likes to see you in his clothes, preferably with nothing underneath. just his shirt lol. cheeky man
jaehyun likes it when you shower together (again, nothing sexual, just likes the domesticity)
likes it when you fall asleep on him
will never stop gushing about you to his parents, first time you met them they’re like “he’s told us so much about you!” and he really did
feels comfortable in your presence, no makeup, messy hair, no need for a perfect bod. he’s just jaehyun. jung yuno if you will
adores it when you call him “lover” i mean boyfriend is good, significant other is good, but lover is just chef’s kiss
it is a bit cheesy if you think about it, so it’s not often that you say it. when you do say it in songs when you’re singing it to him, he can’t stop smiling
plays lover, you should’ve come over when he’s on tour bc it’s the closest thing he can get to a replica of how he feels for you
and when jaehyun falls asleep to the song, all he can remember is your honey voice singing it to him. he’ll just have to hold onto it before he can see you again
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upsidedowngrass · 15 days
one of my favorite details about liam is the fact that he is very nice!!!! but he does NOT seem to get manners
his whole motive thruout season 2 is that he wants to save the others. from the looks of it, he doesnt CARE about the revenge part that much. like yeah itd be nice to stop the guy that physically harmed and killed you bc he did that, but thats an afterthought really - and i didnt interpret liam trying to kill airy even as an attempt at revenge so much as an extremely irrational and extremely stress-induced method of trying to make sure his friend + the others DIDNT get sent to the plane. his main priority is repeatedly that he wants to stop this from happening to anyone else. the only time he mentions himself is when saying that he 'cant live the rest of his life not knowing WHY this happened' (thats paraphrased) but that is immediately followed up w concern for this happening to other people
ofc, he also thinks he literally Has Nothing so the lengths he goes to to save the others CAN be interpretted as not things he would do if he thought he could go back to normal but at that point, thats just extremely specific speculation and i dont think thats supposed to be whats conveyed. some situations wouldnt even be necessarily related to him not having anything, so much as related to helping the others. he still throws himself into everything after "remembering what its like to have a life again." even when he realizes that he doesnt HAVE to have lost everything, he still cared and wanted to help the others more
i think he wanted closure, yeah, but he really did want to save the others. the scene of him helping julien is there for a narrative reason, after all (though i dont wanna get into that bc id go on a tangent about narrative choices in ONE). hell, hes the only one to try to get charlie out of the way of the stakes! (not that the others didnt try, but i feel like the intended take-away of liams general nature is fairly clear)
anyway, liam is nice!! he cares a lot abt others and doesnt want bad things to happen to them, and hes ok with bad things happening to him if it can help them.
but he does NOT understand a lot of social etiquette, or the concept of being polite.
my favorite example of this is the whole discussion abt going to go see bradley. when the restaurant gets shut down, liams first thought is to go 'sooooo. you dont have work, right?' when liam realizes he cant pay for the laptop, he just kinda. 'i dont have any money.' and stares at bryce like a cat looking at your plate of sandwich meat, waiting for you to inevitably give them some
this isnt even ONLY after the 7 months, theres hints of this trait before then! when amelia is talking abt stone making her team when the challenge, he just goes 'yeah sorry.' then talks abt how texty won their teams challenge, pointedly when texty is RIGHT there. liam doesnt even say goodnight back to owen! (this ones less impolite than the others but i think its silly to include)
it should be noted tho, that while this ISNT present before and after the plane, it DOES show up more prominently afterwards, and this could very much be the stress! but looking at WHY its more prominent afterwards also feels like it points more towards this just being How He Is.
all of the things hes kinda impolite abt? are things where he is TRYING to be nice, or arent unkind inherently. hes going to talk to bradley? well, doesnt bryce want to come? driving him there is more efficient anyway. oh you have work? well now you dont! so now things are easier! staying here isnt gonna make the restaurant reopen anyway! (liam also probably does NOT have the same weight associated w jobs that bryce does, since liam hasnt had a job in a capitalist society in 7 months. its probably still subconsciously there, but not at the forefront when the plane is still out there). i crashed your car? well, i think the lives of others matters a little more. you can get a new car, but if something happens to airys contestants WHO KNOWS whatll happen to them
a lot of it, i think, is made more extreme by stress and trauma, yeah, but these are patterns in logic that seem to already discard manners as being that relevant. and i, autistic, chose to view that as something hes just Like. hes not a dick and he doesnt ever mean to be! but also if someone can do something fairly minor to do something more important, why does he NEED to be polite abt it?? whats the POINT you get the same message across! and thats assuming he even REALIZES these things are "impolite," based on a lot of his interactions w vryce, i legitimately dont think he realizes how he acts could sometimes be considered 'impolite'
where bryce is knowingly kind of rude sometimes and doesnt care (though is STILL kind, he is just more blunt and uninterested in sounding nice, which i could do an entirely different essay on the autism of), liam seems to not really notice manners, nor does he think theyre very important to consider, and i just. really love that about his character :)
this is the kind of guy that, if you stubbed ur toe, hed probably not say 'oohh, sorry :(' and hed just be 'dang, that sucks' and move on
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bladezaa · 1 year
temperature drop ➔ dwt
Tumblr media
dreamwastaken x gn!reader warnings: mentions of drinking, making out, suggestive content towards the end wc: 1.7k
➔ dream had the best tactic to get his best friend to cuddle with him after a night out.
a/n: this is nothing but utter dreamwastaken brainrot bc of all the pictures he’s been posting. i don’t even know bro
Tumblr media
Being friends with Dream dated back to a time you couldn’t even remember. It felt like you had been with him through several lifetimes. He’d been there for you in what you thought to be your darkest times. You couldn’t really pinpoint the moment that you started falling in love with him. It still makes you feel icky to think about being in love with your best friend.
After years of pining, you had come to an agreement with yourself. Dream was this very unattainable crush that you could never have, and you were fine with it. Every other of your relationships had ended in heartbreak, and you couldn’t risk such a crucial relationship like the one you had with Dream. No matter how it ended, the two of you could never go back to being friends.
So, you’d seen him go in and out of relationships. You’d teased him about being in love with George; and to an extent, you did think that he was genuinely crushing on him. He didn’t really have a crush on George, but he would definitely do anything for the man. He did have to sit you down and explain it to you, but honestly, you would too.
Going out with the boys was always loud but fun. You would laugh so much your stomach would end up hurting. It didn’t really matter where you were, but if you were with your friends, it would always be a good time. After the night ended and all of you were heading home, Dream would walk you to your place. He’d done it once when you were almost blackout drunk, and it had become a thing now.
He claimed it was because your place always seemed to be closer than him. He would also stay at your place when it was too late—and it was always too late for you to allow him to walk back home. From the couch, he’d made his way to your bed. It had never been an issue, but the man was a walking furnace.
Once you had woken up with him cuddling you, and you had been so warm. You’d whined about his body temperature, but it had come in handy a few times before when your heating was broken and it was so cold in the house. Because he ran hot, he always messed up with the thermometer in your house and lowered the temperature. Sapnap had once joked that it was all just a ruse for you to eventually end up in his arms, but you had brushed it off.
George and Sapnap were the worst instigators. Sapnap knew that you liked Dream; he’d known for most of the time you’d been pining for him. Eventually, George had found out too. You had begged the two of them to not say a thing, but knowing the two of them, it could be a double edged sword. Mainly because of all the suggestive jokes and comments they would make.
You sincerely hoped that Dream didn’t think much of the jokes. When they started to get too much, Sapnap and George would know and cut it back.
Now, you were making your way back to your house after another night out with the boys. You laughed with Dream, maybe a little bit too loud for the time of day, but neither of you cared. With a large smile on your face, you tried to walk along the edge of the road while Dream held your hand so you wouldn’t eventually get run over by a car.
Neither of you were drunk. Sure, you had a beer but nothing after. Dream wasn’t even a big drinker anyways. Still, people walking down the street would believe that the two of you were intoxicated due to the fit of giggles the two of you seemed to be in all the time.
Dream pulled you with him when he realised you had gotten to your apartment. You trailed after him, then opened the door for the two of you to walk into the building. He made himself at home, as he always did. He plopped down on the couch as soon as he walked in through your door.
‘Hey, you gonna stay over?’ Dream looked up from the couch and pressed his lips into a line.
‘When do I not stay over?’
‘Bro, I don’t know. You could have things to do in the morning.’
‘Nah. I’m free tomorrow.’ He said sitting up. ‘You wanna do something?’
You frowned. ‘Like what?’
‘I don’t know. I heard there’s a film festival somewhere in the city. We could go.’
‘Oh, that actually sounds nice. Yeah, let’s do that.’
You threw Dream the clothes he usually slept in. Over the times that he’d stayed and come by, he’d left some of his things here in case of anything. You slipped into your pajamas and sat down next to him on the couch. You weren’t even tired from what you’d done today, and Dream didn’t seem like he wanted to go to bed anytime soon either.
As the two of you watched the TV show now playing on your screen, you started to feel cold. It was a reflex to wrap your arms around you when the temperature started to drop, but suddenly, your feet were cold too. You looked over at your friend, who was in shorts and a shirt, as if he didn’t feel how cold it’d gotten.
Sighing, you put your feet against Dream’s warm thigh. He’d whined at first about how cold your skin was against him, but he eventually eased down and placed his arm on top of them so you would feel a little warmer.
‘Dream,’ you dragged out his name, ‘why did you make it colder?’
‘Dude, it was so hot in here. Why would you do that?’
‘Why would you make it so cold?’
‘It’s not even cold.’
‘It is!’
Dream rolled his eyes and opened up his arms, nodding for you to come his way. ‘Alright, come here.’
‘Stop whining and come.’
You moved closer to him and melted into his arms. It was not something new, but it still made you nervous to feel him so close to him. You laid your head on his chest as his hand was around you with his head laid against yours. As time went on, your eyes got heavy and instinctively, you turned your head to hide it on the crook of Dream’s neck.
Dream’s heart was slamming against his chest when he felt your soft breathing against his neck. He could also feel the light touch of your lips against his neck. He’d put himself in this situation; he swore you were going to figure out by now that the reason why he lowered the temperature was because you’d eventually gravitate to him because of his body temperature.
‘Hey, don’t do that.’ He shook a little so you’d wake up. He knew you weren’t completely asleep yet, so he didn’t just bring you to your bed.
‘Do what?’ Your voice was raspy, moving yourself to what seemed closer to him.
‘Just…’ You moved away, looking into his eyes and tilting your head a little. ‘Uhm, it’s just…’ He pulled the neck of his shirt as if he was bothered by it.
‘Wh… you wanna take off your shirt?’
‘No! Ugh. My neck was just…’
‘Oh, is it stiff?’
‘No! I… it’s kinda sensitive and you were tickling it.’
‘Ah, I’m sorry.’ You giggled, sitting back against the couch.
The two of you stayed quiet for a bit; only the TV show filled in the silence. You heard Dream say something under his breath, but you didn’t quite get it so you turned your head and gave him a confused glare.
‘I said, you didn’t have to… go.’
‘I thought it was bothering you.’
‘You were just tickling my neck.’
You laughed. ‘Aw, poor Dweam and his ticklish neck.’
‘Shut up.’
Nearing him again and placing your head against his shoulder, you hugged his arm. ‘I didn’t know your neck was ticklish.’
‘Hmm, I don’t think you ever needed to find out.’ You hummed, closing your eyes again. ‘Hey, you sure you don’t wanna head to bed?’ He asked softly, turning his head towards you.
You looked up at him. He was so close, so close you could just lean in and kiss him.
‘I wanna stay here for a little more.’ He nodded, looking back at the screen. ‘Hey, Dream?’
He looked back at you. That’s when you decided that you wanted to finally give him a kiss. Call it making bad decisions after 2 am, or call it whatever you wanted to call it, but there you were, kissing your best friend on your living room couch.
Dream was startled, not knowing what to do at first. Your kiss was soft and quick, but before you knew it, Dream was bringing you in for another one. He cupped your cheek and brought you closer to him.
That had not been enough for him and grabbed you by the waist, making you sit on his lap as the kiss deepened. Your hands went to the back of his neck, slowly making their way up to his hair. It felt soft under your fingertips, and when you pulled it slightly, you felt him moan against your mouth.
He couldn’t help but to smile into the kiss, which melted your heart, but broke your kiss for a few seconds before he was connecting them again. His hands were caressing up and down your thigh as he repositioned himself to be lower in the couch, almost making him completely lay down. Your hands  were still on his hair, but you decided for one of them to slide down to his chest so you didn’t lay your whole weight on him.
Although, he didn’t seem to mind. Seeing you on top of him gave him so many ideas, and now that his mind was going places that it had definitely been before, he wanted to see you under him. So, he grabbed you by the waist and laid you down on the couch as he positioned himself between your legs before giving you a short kiss and putting his forehead against yours.
‘You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that.’
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moriimae · 1 month
we can't fix each other but we sure as hell can enable each other instead || five: those kids are fucking crazy
pairing: dabi x disabled!gn!reader
overview: you meet dabi pre-canon because your cat, nugget, literally won’t leave the guy alone. friendship, fluff and (eventual) angst ensue.
chapter summary: training camp arc! you tease dabi for being a dramatic bitch and find out just how fucking batshit the U.A. kids are
content: fluff
word count: 2132
a/n: gonna be honest this is only this many words bc of having to copy the training arc dialogue and shit down. which was a pain. i had to rewatch the whole ass arc. it still doesnt read very smoothly to me but w/e i did my best also, if ya wanna know what the outfit the reader is wearing looks like, this is a drawing i did of the self-insert the original story was based on wearing it :)
*previously known as “we can’t fix each other (but we can heal our wounds together)”; i changed the title bc these assholes aint healin shit they’re just being overall menaces
AO3 link
← previous ; next →
Tumblr media
You twirled the knife that Dabi insisted you keep on you during missions, annoyance lacing your features. “Dabi, you know I can handle myself.” You were sitting cross-legged on your bed as Dabi paced around your room. Boo watched him from her spot on the bed, while Nugget laid, disinterested, on your pillow.
“I know, but I still don’t want you going!” He snapped, throwing his hands up in frustration. “Those kids are insane, doll. I don’t want to risk you getting hurt.”
You scowled. “Yeah, they are insane! What if you get hurt? Or Twice, or Toga? You know how Toga is, she gets too excited and rushes things! I worry about you guys!” You set aside your knife and got up, grabbing Dabi’s wrists to stop him from pacing. “And stop that, you’re making me nervous. You know I can fight. You’ve seen how I fight.”
Dabi shook your hands off and moved to sit down on the edge of the bed. “I know, mouse. I know,” he said softly, “you’re just… the only other thing I care about aside from tearing down Endeavour. I won’t—I can’t—let you risk your safety without at least trying to talk you out of it.”
You sat next to him and bumped him with your shoulder. “Remember the promise I made you, pretty boy?” You smiled. “I’m not goin’ anywhere, otherwise you’d probably burn yourself to a crisp to get what you want, and I’m definitely not lettin’ that happen. I love you, Dabi. I won’t let anyone take me away from you. I’ll kill whoever tries. Besides, I don’t trust you to take care of Nugget and Boo by yourself. You’d probably forget to clean Nugget’s litterbox and he’d piss all over the floor or somethin’.”
He snorted. “Ye of little faith. You wound me, doll.”
“Maybe you should get good, pretty boy.” You teased with a grin. “That still doesn’t mean I’m not going, though, because I am. There’s a reason I joined the League, and it wasn’t to sit around until you all come back with God-knows-what kinds of wounds.”
“There’s really nothing I can do to convince you.” 
“Nope!” You popped the “p,” smiling cheekily at him. “Face it, pretty boy. You’re stuck with me.”
Dabi opened his mouth to respond, but was cut off by Toga bursting into the room. “Tomura-kun said we should leave soon!” She grinned, excited. She was practically vibrating with excitement. Twice trailed behind her, scratching the back of his neck.
“Sorry, I tried to stop her. I encouraged her to barge in!” 
“It’s alright, Twice.” You said gently. “Toga, remember what we talked about? Knock before you come in—and wait for permission.”
“Sorry, Y/N-kun! I was just so excited, we get to cut people up!” Toga smiled brightly, bouncing on the balls of her feet.
“Fuckin’ psycho.” Dabi muttered under his breath. You smacked him on the back of the head, telling him to play nice.
“Anyways, we’ll get ready to go. Thank you, Toga.” You stood and ushered Twice and Toga out, then looked at Dabi and raised an eyebrow. “You gonna go get ready, or are you gonna hang out in here and watch me change like a weirdo?”
“I mean, if you’re offering, doll—”
“Nuh-uh. Out. Right now. Before I take that knife and shove it where the sun don’t shine.” You narrowed your eyes at Dabi’s smug grin. “Don’t fuckin’ say it, oh my God—”
“DABI!” You shrieked, practically shoving him out of the room. “Go get ready, dammit.”
You shut the door behind him with a huff, and began to get ready. Your outfit was nothing fancy—a cropped zip-up hoodie that fell a little above your waist, a plain t-shirt, snug-fit jeans, a holster on your thigh for the knife, and combat boots. The boots were custom-made, with zippers on the sides and velcro fasteners instead of laces—you designed it to ease the strain of getting dressed on your body.
You grabbed your cane, scratched Nugget behind the ears and gave Boo a little kiss on the head, then headed to the main part of the bar. It was time to go.
“I mean, I don’t like this. It’s not cute!” Toga fidgeted with her mask unhappily.
“This was orchestrated by the designer behind the scenes, right? Appearances don’t matter as long as it makes sense.” Mustard grumbled. He was younger than Toga, if you remembered correctly. 
“I’m not talking about that! I just don’t want to wear this.” She fussed. You patted her on the head with an amused smile.
“Hi! Sorry for the wait.” Magne approached with Moonfish and Spinner. 
“Hey, Magne. No worries.” You took your place next to Dabi, scanning over the forest from your position.
“That makes eight.” He murmured to himself. 
“I don’t care, just let me at ‘em! I’m getting too pumped up!” Muscle interrupted. You frowned—you didn’t particularly care for him. He seemed too simple-minded.
“Shut up, you crazy bastards.” Dabi drawled. You snickered at his annoyance. “Not yet… we’ll move when all eleven of us are here. Gathering a bunch of punks who are just strong will only increase the risk. It’s better to have a small group of experienced elites. First, we make them realise…” He grinned. “...that their peace is resting in our hands.” 
A few minutes passed before Twice and Mr. Compress arrived. Once they were there, Dabi turned around. “Alright, listen up. I’m only going over the plan once. Twice, Y/N: you’re with me. Magne, Spinner: you two deal with those cat heroes. Mustard, Moonfish, Muscle, and Toga: you head into the forest. Slow down the students you find, keep them separated. Once you have a chance, Compress, be sure to grab Bakugo and alert us when that’s done. Then we’ll meet up at the rendezvous point.” After he got confirmation everyone heard him, he grinned. 
“Now it begins. Take them down. The false brilliance of the title “hero”...” He turned back to the forest. “We, the Vanguard Action Squad of the League of Villains, will condemn them.”
You watched as Dabi pressed his hand against a tree, igniting it. “You’re awfully dramatic, Dabi.” They teased. “‘We, the Vanguard Action Squad of the League of Villains, will condemn them.’ Honestly, for someone who acts so disinterested all the time, you are such a dramatic bitch.”
Dabi glared at you as he moved onto lighting up another tree. You stuck your tongue out, earning an eye-roll from him.
“That’s no good, Dabi! You were beaten!” Twice interrupted, “So weak! You small fry or something?” You scowled at that, but said nothing.
“Already? I’m pretty weak.” Dabi turned his attention to Twice, frowning.
“Don’t be hasty. You’re strong. You should think of this as the pro being very strong.”
Dabi sighed and looked away. “Make another one of me, Twice,” he drawled, “we need something to keep the pros from leaving.”
Twice turned around and flipped him off. “It doesn’t matter how many times a small fry goes in!” He then gave him a thumbs up with his other hand. “Leave it to me!”
You snorted. “Looks like our job in this area is done. We should head to the meeting point.” 
Dabi nodded and put his hands in his pockets. “Yeah.”
As you were walking, Compress radioed in, alerting the Villains that he had completed his goal. 
“Hey, you two! Did you hear the radio? I’m so pumped! Mr. Compress already succeeded! Took him long enough! I was getting sleepy!” Twice said animatedly.
Dabi glanced at him. “Don’t say that. He did a good job. Now, we just have to wait for everyone to get back here.”
“That’s not right! You’re right!” 
You snorted. “Conversations with you are quite lively, Twice.”
Dabi sighed. “This place was supposed to be hard to find because of the wall of flames and gas, but the gas was cleared away. Things never go according to plan, huh?” “At least we got the kid.” You shrugged, nudging him with your shoulder. “Hey… did you hear that?” You put your arm out, stopping Dabi. He made a noise of confirmation and narrowed his eyes at a bush. He began to walk towards it before Twice raised his hand up.
“Oi, Dabi! Speaking of which, this has nothing to do with anything, but is it okay not to call the “Nomu” guy? You said it’d only react to your voice or something, right? It’s very important!”
Dabi turned back around. “Oh, yeah. You asked me why I didn’t add it to the battle, right?”
“Be grateful! Bow before me!” You laughed a little at that, matching your pace with Dabi as he resumed walking.
“A monster specifically for me, from Shigaraki… it’s probably killed at least one person by now.”
You three walked in silence until you met up with Toga. She pulled her scarf down with a grin when she saw you. “Huh? No one else is here yet?”
“You lunatic, did you get the blood? How many people’s worth?” Dabi shot you a look, daring you to scold him. You rolled your eyes, but kept your mouth shut.
“One person’s worth!” She said brightly. 
“Just one? Weren’t you told to get at least three?!” 
“It couldn’t be helped. I thought I was going to be killed.” You moved towards her at that, concerned.
“Are you okay? You’re not hurt, right?” 
She shook her head and twirled, smiling happily. “Not at all! I made some friends and found a boy I’m interested in.” 
“You mean me?! Sorry, can’t!” Twice interrupted, then made a heart shape with his hands. “I like you too!”
“Twice, she’s like… fifteen. Knock that off.” You hissed, bonking him lightly with your cane. He whined, but backed off.
“You’re too loud. Shut up—huh?” Dabi cut himself off, looking up to find three of the UA kids driving Compress down from the sky. 
“What the actual fuck?” You shook your head. “I knew these kids are insane, but what?” 
“Give Tokoyami and Kacchan back!” The green-haired boy—Midoriya, you remembered—shouted. 
“Does he really think we’d just… do that? I mean. Kudos for trying, I guess.” You mumbled to Dabi. He shook his head and pointed his hand towards the kids and Compress.
“Mister, get out of the way. Y/N, stay back.” He ignited his palm. You grumbled, but moved away from the fighting.
“Roger!” Compress utilised his Quirk before Dabi let off the blast at the kids, who dove out of the way.
Your eyes trailed after Twice as he lunged for Shoto. “Faces from Shigaraki’s kill list! That little beat-up boy and you! They weren’t, though!” He dodged backwards when Shoto sent a wall of ice towards him. “That’s hot!” 
You turned your attention away from Twice after he regained his balance, figuring he was handling himself well enough, and instead watched as Toga ran towards Midoriya and tackled him. When Shoji smacked her away, you let out an alarmed sound. Dabi stopped you from rushing over, gesturing to Compress, who had deactivated his Quirk and was now holding his shoulder. “Toga can handle herself. Make sure Compress’s shoulder isn’t hurt too bad.” He said, before approaching the masked man. “Where’s Bakugo?”
“Of course…” Compress felt around in his pocket, then paused. “Hm?”
The boy with the blue mask spoke up. “I don’t know what your Quirk is, but inside that right pocket of yours that you kept flaunting were these—Tokoyami and Bakugo, right, entertainer?” He held up two blue marbles. 
“Really, Compress? You just had to show off?” You grumbled. He ignored you, choosing to respond to Shoji.
“Oh, that didn’t take you very long! As expected of someone with six arms! You’re good at feeling around!”
Dabi scowled, lifting his hand. “Moron—” Compress interrupted him. “—no, wait.” He watched as the kids swerved to avoid the Nomu, and were cut off by Kurogiri.
“It has been five minutes since the signal. Let us go, Dabi.” 
Toga and Twice went through the warp gates and Compress began to leave as well. You tilted your head in confusion, staying back with Dabi.
“Wait. Our goal is not yet—” He began, but was again interrupted by Compress.
“Oh, that? They seemed so happy that they rushed out here, so I thought I’d give them a present. It’s a habit, one of the basics of magic. When I flaunt something,” he removed his mask, “it’s because there’s something I don’t want you to see.” He stuck his tongue out to reveal the marbles that actually held the students.
You sighed and tapped Dabi. “I’m gonna go ahead and head back, since Compress is being… well, Compress.” You waited until he acknowledged your words, then walked through the warp gate.
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gabslikescartoons · 6 months
Gus, Willow, Hunter, and Amity just generally not knowing how to act towards ANYTHING
But also the four of them and Luz being able to lean on each other bc they understand what they’re going through (this is a traumatizing moment for them! They have no clue what’s happening to any of the people they care about aside from each other!)
OH and ALSO Gus, Willow, and Amity having to adjust to not being as reliant on their magic bc of ~insert reason why they can’t use their magic a lot in the human realm here~
Gus and Hunter exploring the human realm! Bc Gus loves human stuff and Hunter is kind of technically maybe a human and we get a little heart to heart moment about that
The boiling isles is descending into pure chaos and everything is falling apart at the seams
The “so you tried to get my daughter dissected a few months ago and now you’re her girlfriend?” conversation between Amity and Camila bc I feel like Luz is gonna (lovingly) embarrass Amity in front of her mom just a little bit- like it’s not a serious conversation at all and Camila is laughing about it from the beginning but it still Happened
But then she tells her about everything that happened in reaching out and we get to see Camila being all sweet and accepting of course
Willow just being Willow because GOD she is so cool and I love her?? I want Willow and Camila interaction like I feel like they’d get along really well
Hunter and Vee having a ~we hate Belos~ bonding moment
No but seriously like I imagine the collector is playing with the titan’s bones like they’re building blocks rn someone needs to intervene
Lumity date!!! Just lumity moments in general!! There’s SO much potential here and like we aren’t gonna get as much as a whole season would have but like there are so many things you could do and I imagine the fic writers are gonna go WILD (tbh the whole scenario of the group being in the human realm is gonna generate so much good fan content)
Luz and Camila finally having a face to face talk about everything! They have a lot to work through and like this is a very emotional time and I’m excited to see how they support each other as everyone is trying to get back to the boiling isles. I think this set up REALLY works in favor of showing Camila just how much Luz has made a life for herself in the boiling isles and will open her up more to letting her return in the future!
More of just Willow getting to prove how awesome and strong and powerful and threatening she is, especially in ways that don’t necessarily involve her magic! (I cannot for the life of me think of specific things for her rn BUT I WANT A LOT OF WILLOW CONTENT IN S3 PLEASE)
There’s definitely more stuff in my brain that isn’t coming up rn if I remember I will ADD
But seriously!! As much as I’m heartbroken that Luz has been separated from King and Eda, I think that having the hexside squad with her in the human realm was SUCH a good scenario! Like I think there’s a good amount of emphasis in s2b (especially from Eda) about wanting Luz to just be able to be a kid, and although tensions are gonna be high and there won’t be much down time, I think that this allows her to do that a bit more while also reaffirming how important Willow, Gus, Amity, and Hunter are both within her life and as characters in the show. As much as King’s Tide ended Very dramatically and very devastatingly, I think I was pleasantly surprised with this (from a writing standpoint) bc it’s SO DIFFERENT from what I was expecting and allows for a lot of dynamics we haven’t seen!
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jisungsmochi · 2 years
nct dream reaction: them getting jealous when you are getting closer to another member
okay trust me, i’m writing some new fics, i just finished this first so here it is 
i feel like he is the type of have A LOT of trust in his partner - without trust, he wouldn’t even be in a relationship with someone
he wouldn’t mind you having other guy friends, just as long as you were clear about your relationship with them
he knew that you and renjun were friends prior to your relationship
so naturally, he was aware that you guys were already close
but whenever he saw renjun lean in closer towards you whenever you were talking
or whispering small inside jokes into your ear
he couldn’t help but feel annoyed?
of course he trusted you, and he trusted renjun
but the sight of you two being so close made him feel uneasy
so he would opt to leave the room, not wanting to do or say anything he would regret
as i mentioned, he has a lot of trust in his partner, he wouldn’t want them to not trust him in return
you would run after mark the moment you heard the door close behind him
you approached him cautiously, your fingers softly tapping his shoulder
“hey, are you okay? did i say something?”
“no you didn’t say or do anything at all. it’s just me” he shrugged, fuelling your concern
“what’s up? you know you can tell me” mark begins to feel slightly embarrassed at this point
“i-i was jealous of you and renjun, okay? i know it’s silly” it caught you off guard, you never really saw mark as the jealous type
but this only meant that he really liked you
you shook your head playfully, wrapping your arms around his torso, smiling into his chest
“it’s not silly, you can tell me how you feel. i actually prefer it, rather than you leaving and staying quiet, you know?” mark just nods, his hand rubbing your back softly
he was so lucky to have someone like you in his life, everything felt complete
hmm i have some mixed feelings about how he would react
i feel like he would go for someone who is independent and has their own strong personality
basically he would prefer a partner that isn’t too dependent on him, you know?
but when he sees how social / close you’ve become with jaemin, he’s about to lose it completely
jaemin was naturally flirty, and you were naturally enticing to be around
that mix was not a good look in renjun’s eyes
he wanted nothing more than to pry you away from his friend
but he didn’t want to be labelled as the ‘possessive’ or ‘overbearing’ boyfriend
you would always shift your eyes to make contact with renjun’s, assuring him that you were still paying attention to him
but it still wasn’t enough for him to stop feeling jealous
once jaemin laid his hand on your shoulder and moved closer to you (a little too close to comfort for renjun) — he snapped
renjun would excuse the both of you, pulling you along with him out of the room
“i-i don’t like jaemin touching you like that”
you found it slightly amusing that he was jealous. of course you took it as a friendly touch, but you understood how it looked to renjun
“that’s just how he is. you’re the only one i want to hold hands with” you link your hands with his tightly
he starts to go quiet
“and you’re the only one i want to kiss” you peck his cheek gently “like this”
renjun felt his cheeks heat up from the touch, immediately feeling shy infront of you
“o-okay, i just got jealous, that’s all” he pouted
“i know, and that’s okay! just remember that i’m all yours, and only yours, okay?”
very very protective
makes it clear that he can get jealous but you had never seen it first hand
so when he saw you laugh a bit too hard at one of haechan’s jokes, he felt his heart slightly ache
‘i’m not as funny as haechan’
‘they looks so much happier with him’ he would think to himself
despite his tough exterior, jeno had a lot of insecurities inside
he doesn’t think he has ever seen you laugh that hard at one of his jokes before
so he starts to get quiet, distracting himself with his phone
suddenly the laugher stops as you make you way to sit down next to your boyfriend
he honestly would be a bit petty at first, only responding with one word answers, until haechan calls him out
“dude, get off your phone and talk to your partner”
“dude, how about you stop flirting with my partner then?” jeno grunts, causing the whole room to go quiet.
you felt so embarrassed, apologising to haechan quietly before dragging jeno away from the group
“what was that? it wasn’t cool, you have to apologise to him!” you folded your arms, not comprehending how jeno was feeling
“what? i’m not apologising. you obviously enjoyed his flirting!”
“jeno, you’re being quite unreasonable right now. it was just some harmless jokes, nothing more” you tried to reassure him
he knew you were right, but he was stubborn at times
“look at me” you brought his face between your palms
“go and apologise to haechan, and then we can go home and cuddle, and also have a deep talk about all of this. sound good?” you suggested
jeno nodded, placing a soft kiss to your forehead
he was whipped for you, this only solidified how he truly felt
oh the pettiest of them all
would make it known he was NOT happy with you leaning in so close to mark
you were at a formal function for the celebration of their new album dropping
a lot of people attended, meaning you had to lean in closer than usual just to hear someone speak
haechan couldn’t hide his jealousy when you slapped mark’s shoulder playfully
“jeez, stop shooting holes into mark’s head!” jaemin joked, causing haechan to start glaring at him
renjun tried his best to call down the heated boy
“you know mark wouldn’t ever try anything, don’t get it all twisted in your head, alright?”  
haechan just nodded, he knew renjun was just speaking facts
you eventually went to seek out your boyfriend, catching him by the drinks table
“hey, where have you been? i was looking everywhere for you”
“clearly not everywhere”
that caught you off guard
“excuse me? what’s your deal?”
haechan sighs at you, knowing that he shouldn’t have been snappy towards you
“let’s just not make it a bigger deal than it is, i was just jealous of how close you and mark were tonight. you barely talked to me, that’s all” he tried to shrug it off, but you knew him better than that
you placed a firm squeeze to your boyfriend’s shoulder
“if it upset you so much, you know you could have just talked to me? i would never intentionally ignore you like that, i was just so excited for tonight”
haechan nods, pulling you to his side slowly, his arm latched to your waist
“i know and i’m sorry, would you care to dance?” he slightly bit the side of his lip as you nodded enthusiastically
“of course i would” you would drag him to the dance floor as you swayed along to a random ballad playing through the speakers
the rest of the night was full of laughter and smiles once haechan realised he was worried for no damn reason
i see him as someone who can get easily jealous
if another guy even looked at you the wrong way, jaemin has his eyes on them
i feel like he does have self control tho and would choose to not act upon his jealousy
but one day he just snapped
you were playing video games with jeno while you were waiting for jaemin to come home
it wasn’t unusual for you to do so
but one time you didn’t greet jaemin when he came through the door because you were too engrossed in the game
he wouldn’t say anything at first, understanding that you just wanted to beat jeno’s ass
so he makes himself a sandwich before sitting down on the couch with you, pulling you to his side
you slightly shrug him off,
“hey, let me finish this round” you don’t even look at him, which made jeno chuckle
jaemin glared at his friend, but was still in shock by your reaction
“jaem, they’re good at this game, have you been teaching them?” jeno nudges you gently as he continued to play
jaemin was beyond pissed at this point
not only was his significant other ignoring him but his friend was sitting a little too close for his liking
he tries to grab your attention again, tugging on the sleeve of your hoodie, pressing his cheek to your shoulder
“baby, i missed you” he whispered in your ear, distracting you from the game, making you lose the round
“jaem, look what you did now!” you pout, turning to face him
jeno sensed there was tension and quickly scurried off to his own room
“i’m sorry i ruined your SUPER fun game with jeno” he scoffed
“oh please, you know we are just friends. the ONE time i don’t give you an ounce of attention, you wanna act up huh?”
jaemin was now pouting, fiddling with the sleeves of his sweater
you let out a sigh before moving to sit closer to him, leaning your head on his shoulder
“i’m sorry, i was just getting jealous of how close you guys are now, i want you to play games with me instead! i can teach you everything he can!”
you shook your head before linking your fingers with his
“i know you can, how about tomorrow? the whole day will be just for you and me!” jaemin’s eyes gleamed at the thought, attacking you with hugs and kisses
‘well that was easier than expected’ you thought to yourself
seems like the jealous type
idk i get them vibes ya know?
let’s say you invited jisung to go shopping with you while chenle had a different schedule
at first, he’d be like ‘oh yeah go for it!’ bc well, it was just jisung
he had nothing to be worried about
but once he saw you post multiple stories on instagram of yours and jisung’s day out, he couldn’t help but be filled with rage
from eating cute cafe desserts, to buying plushies and even going to the arcade together
chenle was upset to say the least
not only did he miss out on spending time with you, he felt you were slowly replacing him with his best friend
but of course that was the furthest thing from the truth
the tipping point was when jisung posted a mirror selfie of the two of you wearing matching bucket hats
chenle felt his heart ACHE
when you both returned to the dorms, chenle immediately snatched you away, refusing to even greet jisung
jisung stood there like 🧍🏻
anyways chenle would drag you to his room, shutting the door quickly
you were so mf confused
“be honest, do you like jisung more than me?”
you were flabbergasted, was he on crack?
“what? where is this coming from? of course i don’t like him more than you!”
chenle allowed himself to calm down before continuing, shouting wasn’t going to get him anywhere
“well then why did you do so many fun things with him today? you even got matching hats!” he frowned, folding his arms
“we were just hanging out as friends! i promise. and we actually bought you a hat too! i wanted us to all be matching, since we were like a trio. i didn’t know that upset you”
he felt like a complete idiot
“n-no i’m sorry i assumed things, please don’t hate me” chenle pulled you into his chest
“i could never hate you, even if i tried” you sighed, wrapping your arms around his torso
oh boy
he’s the silent type,, he would want to avoid any awkward confrontation at all costs
he would bottle up his jealousy until one day he just explodes
i feel like jisung needs a lot of reassurance if he was in a relationship
he didn’t like the sinking feeling in his stomach whenever he saw you and chenle together
things such as playful hits to the shoulder or chest, loud laughter and friendly compliments were seen as subtle flirtations to jisung
you would always try your best to include jisung in your inside jokes with chenle but he’d always shrug it off
“nah it’s just a thing between you two”
comments like those, rubbed you the wrong way and you could tell chenle was slightly bothered too
each time you tried to ask jisung about it, he’d brush it off
“i don’t know what you’re talking about”
“are you sure? because you were kind of being cold to us, don’t you think?”
“doesn’t feel nice when you’re excluded, does it?” you were beyond confused
“can you please talk to me about what’s going on? i don’t like seeing you like this” you pull jisung to across from you on his bed
he avoided your eyes at all costs, fiddling with his rabbit plushie
“i’m jealous” he mumbled
“come again?”
“IM JEALOUS OKAY?” he threw his hands in the air hysterically, catching you off guard
“sometimes i don’t like how close you are with chenle. it seems like you are closer to him than me! i want to make you laugh like that, and i want to buy you nice things. and i want you to hit me playfully”
you listened closely to each concern
you brought your hand to enclose his, placing a soft kiss to his knuckles
“jisung, you’re the only person in this world that makes me laugh so hard that my ribs hurt. buying me nice things won’t change how i already feel towards you. and we can definitely try to be more playful with eachother” you started running your hands through his hair as he slowly shuffled closer to you
“t-thankyou, it’s nice to get it off my chest”
“of course, you have nothing to worry about” you placed a kiss to his forehead as you both spent the night cuddling
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ezrasbirdie · 2 years
Katee, help me pls I'm in a daddy mood and i would like to ask u if you would please write some daddy Marcus for me 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 THANKIE LOVE OF MY LIFE
Tumblr media
ahhahahaah please enjoy some smut, baby girl. also i needed some resolution to daddy!marcus and i loved this too much.
know better
a/n: SMUT, daddy kink, fluid transfers, big ass age gap; unbetaed, flinging shit out bc i'm a horny bitch; marcus might be a little OOC here
word count: ~1600
pairing: marcus pike x fem reader
read on ao3
He shouldn’t be doing this.
He really, really shouldn’t be doing this.
What the fuck is he thinking?
He shouldn’t have you stretched out over his thigh, your little skirt bouncing as he rocks your hips back and forth, your drenched panties moving over the rough material of his slacks. He sits in his office chair behind his large oak desk, your pretty legs clamped onto each side of the thigh he’d lowered you onto when you leaned over to kiss him, unwilling to listen to him bullshit you anymore.
His fingers shouldn’t be digging into your hips hard enough to leave bruises tomorrow. He shouldn’t be shirtless in his office. Marcus knows better than this, is better than this, but your open mouth emits whimpers that drain all thought and reason from him. He’s drunk off of you.
And you’re so young. So willing and pliant and soft. He should’ve had you transferred months ago before it went this far. Before you came to him in his office a week ago and offered him something.
To his credit, he declined at first. Said he didn’t think it would be a good idea. You are so bright and shiny and new, and his exhaustion from work, from dating, from life has settled itself in his bones. Your quick, witty flirtations make him feel young, but he can’t be that guy. Right?
You’d walked out looking so sad and embarrassed, and it broke him. He’d pretended he wouldn’t go home and spill himself all over his own stomach as he remembered you telling him you wanted him. He watches you now. Lost in your own pleasure, your clit pressed hard into his muscled thigh.
He watches your tits bounce, both pebbled nipples showing beautifully through your knit blouse. Before he can stop himself, he leans forward and bites one, eliciting a whimpered moan.
“Fuck, baby,” he says, biting the other and lifting your shirt up to suck on them. “Taste so fuckin’ good. Your tits are so fuckin’ pretty.”
You rock against him with your eyes closed, high off of the praise.
“I lied,” he says, gripping your hips again, moving you faster.
“I know you did,” you whisper.
“Sweetheart, you don’t know what you do to me. You make me feel so out of control,” he admits, pulling you close to him so he can kiss your neck. His lips glide over your smooth skin and he inhales sharply as your thigh brushes against his length. His cock strains against his zipper and he bucks against you, desperate for some kind of friction.
“Why, Mr. Pike?” You breathe. Your voice is high, breathy, girlish—he growls.
“You know you can’t just—you know why—you’re doing this on purpose—”
He snarls into your neck, trying to keep himself under control.
“You’ve done this before, right?” Marcus asks.
“Yes, a few times,” you pant. His heart lurches. He stops you then, trying to ignore your whine of protest that makes him dizzy.
“Sweetheart,” he starts, “you...don’t have to do this. I don’t know if you’re ready for what I want to give you, and I don’t think I can hold back. I don’t want to do anything to—”
But you stop him with a kiss and wrap your little fingers around his wrist, pulling his hand to your soaked panties. He doesn’t resist—how could he? He pulls your panties aside and dips his fingers into your folds—how are you so fucking wet?
“You won’t hurt me if you get me ready,” you whisper in his ear. He snaps, then. His mind turns off, and something primal inside of him takes over. He’d take care of you, get you ready, he’d take you right here. He’d keep you.
He throws you over the desk and rips your panties off of you, positions himself in between your legs and dives into your cunt like you’re his last meal.
“Beautiful little girl,” he murmurs into your folds.
You gasp, reaching into his hair. None of the boys you’d fucked had done this before. You think of the times you were alone, pretending, wishing that the pillow between your legs or your own hand was any part of him. Of the times you’d make yourself come over and over thinking of him, his name tumbling off of your lips, and that darkest, most secret desire—that word you wanted to call him; the one you could barely admit to and had only whispered allowed when you’d exhausted yourself enough to relax into it.
But his tongue feels so much better than what you do to yourself. It’s hard to keep anything in. It’s late and no one else in the office, but you throw your hand over your mouth to keep anything from spilling out. Marcus licks and sucks and bites any bit of skin he can get to. He slides one thick finger inside of you, and even that fills you up. He groans into you, and you feel his arm jerking at his side in quick strides, the sound of his first moving around his cock.
“You taste so good, honey,” he says. You tense up because you feel that string about to snap and he moves his finger inside of you, hitting a spot that sends a wave of tingles through your body and you shudder. The flat of his tongue presses, and you let go—
“Daddy,” you breathe. It just comes out and your legs are shaking and you are so much wetter than you remember being before. You hope he didn’t hear it. You’re half humiliated and half thrilled.
Marcus stops. He stops touching himself and removes his face from your pretty cunt. You’ve thrown your arms over your eyes, trying to hide your face, cheeks burning. There’s a flurry of movement and two big hands wrench your arms down by your side, pinning you on the desk and caging you in. You open your eyes and he’s staring down at you, his lips and facial hair still wet with your slick. You cannot read his face.
“What did you say?” He asks. You can’t read his voice, either.
Marcus’s breath comes in shudders—he has to pull himself back, has to stop himself from fucking you into the desk, but he needs to know—what did you call him? And can you call him that again? And if you call him that again, can he fuck you until you cry for him? Can he do it again and again; can he make you his baby? His heart beats wildly, waiting for your response. Your voice comes out small.
“Daddy,” you say.
“Say it again,” he snarls.
“Daddy, please,” you whine.
“That’s my good little girl. That’s right, baby, you listen so well,” he says, smoothing his thumb, wet with his pre-come, over your bottom lip. He jams his thumb into your mouth and you can taste the salt and musk of him, and something guttural comes from you.
“You like that, baby girl? Sweet girl,” he coos. He rubs the tip of his cock some more and smears it over your mouth. “You like how Daddy tastes?”
You writhe underneath him. You’ve never been at anyone’s mercy like this, and you wonder, for a moment, if you should be more afraid, when he leans down to kiss you softly and puts his lips on your ear.
“Tell me if you want to stop this right now, sweetheart. Please,” he says, and he sounds like Marcus again—patient and sincere. He waits for you to answer with soft eyes, stroking your cheek.
“Please—no, I don’t want to stop this. I want you to ruin me, Daddy,” you whimper.
You’re so lovely, spread underneath him, and he’s going to ruin you.
He brushes his cock against your folds and fucks into you without warning. He gives you no time to get used to it, and he’s so fucking big it stings. Marcus hauls you up to him so you can hold on to him and you dig your fingernails into his skin.
“Tell Daddy if it gets to be too much, baby,” he says into your ear. You can’t speak, so overwhelmed are your senses. He stops inside of you and grabs your chin.
“Answer me,” he says.
“Okay, Daddy.”
Satisfied, he sets the most brutal pace you’ve ever experienced.
“H-how long have you wa-anted this, little girl?” he asks.
“Since—the—beginning,” you say. He fucks you like a ragdoll, holding you up, enjoying your helplessness.
“God, you’re so fucking innocent,” he says, and you reply with a long whine. He reaches between your legs and plays with your clit, pressing and circling. “Come for me, baby girl. Come around my cock. Soak Daddy’s cock.”
It’s hard to resist that order. Your orgasm is softer this time, but it still grasps his cock and he groans into your mouth.
“Oh—oh—oh,” you whimper, and he can’t stop now. He fucks into you, harder and faster, his hips snapping into you.
“Come in me, Daddy,” you say. He slows a little. “I’m safe.”
He shouldn’t.
But he does.
His hips stutter and he bites your tits again as his warmth fills you, whispering that you’re a good girl.
“So good for me, so wet for Daddy, such a good fucking girl,” he murmurs as you stroke his hair. You let out a contented sigh, sticky with his come. He drops to his knees and licks himself out of you.
“Marcus,” you sigh.
He’s at your side in seconds.
“Is everything okay? I didn’t hurt you?” He asks, and his sweet brown eyes grow wide.
“No,” you say, carding your hand through his hair. “We made a mess of your desk.”
“Yeah,” he says. “That’s okay. Come home with me.”
Your eyebrows lift in surprise.
“I wanna...wanna take care of you tonight. And maybe a few other nights. If you’ll have me,” he says, pressing light kisses to your jaw. “Let me take care of you, little girl.”
You close your eyes and sigh into his lips as he covers your mouth with his own. That didn’t sound so bad.
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workofheart · 2 years
levi ackerman relationship hcs
Tumblr media
some modern headcanons, nsfw below the cut <3 it’s just levi brainrot at this point
definitely the type to follow (stalk) your spotify and check in to see what you’re listening to. if he has the time, he might even listen along and wonder what you’re doing. if it’s a particularly sad song or series of songs, he’ll know to send you a text to let you know he’s thinking of you
on that note, he also stalks your pinterest boards just to see what you’re into these days and (idk abt yall but i save pins of mens fashion) if he sees a cute outfit in your saves that fits his style, he might even try it out. reason being (though he’ll never admit to it) he loooves that kind of attention from you - when he looks particularly good and you can’t stop staring, it might just pull a smirk out of him
once you’re living together, he lowkey acts like a dad. might scold you for not closing doors, not turning off lights, all the like. he means well, honestly
however, doesn’t mind tidying up for you. folds your laundry, clears your plate, takes your jacket off your shoulders when you get home, just because it’s his way of showing he cares. definitely an acts of service kind of guy
really good at cooking! he likes spending days in the kitchen with you while he whips something up or tries something new and you just sit at the counter and talk to him. it’s a good way to catch up as your adult lives can sometimes get busy
if you fall asleep with earbuds still in, he’ll gently take them out for you before you go to bed <3 he’ll also plug your phone in for you if you forgot
occasionally reads aloud to you, especially if you’re having trouble sleeping. we all know he’s not much of a talker, but his voice is so relaxing and he doesn’t mind doing it if he knows it will help
the chillest, coolest boyfriend ever. he’s so mature, honest, and trusting, and you don’t have to worry about those high school dramatics when you’re dating him. when he chooses to date you, he’s serious about it - definitely not the type to just date for fun. he won’t hesitate to deny advances from other people, doesn’t care about what you wear, just fully devoted to you and wouldn’t even think about anyone else
i also think that with that dating in general, you would probably start out as acquaintances or maybe even friends. he needs to have a lot of trust in the person he chooses to date, so only after he’s known you a long time and you’ve made enough of an impact on his life for him to make it hard to let you go would he date you
speaking of, didn’t isayama say that levi would stutter around his crush? i can imagine him stumbling over his words, trying to cover it up with a cough, reaching to scratch his neck all sheepish, just getting all shy. even once you’re far past that stage of your relationship, sometimes you’re so upfront and bold, he can’t help himself :( you just make him so weak
braids your hair for you when you’re too tired to do it yourself - you’ll sit in front of him and his fingers are so gentle with your hair 🥺 he got the hang of it so quickly and has the dexterity to not tangle your hair and it always comes out so nice and clean, even if you’re just going to sleep in them
i peg him as a biiiig cuddler. not a lot of pda besides holding your hand, wrapping his arms around your waist, letting you hook your arm around his, etc., but in private he loves when he can just lay his head on your lap or chest bc then you can play with his hair, which relaxes him
he’s really intuitive and in tune with your emotions. if you’re feeling down, he’ll know, and he’ll also know if you need space or if you need comfort, both of which he is more than willing to oblige
he’s there to bring you cups of tea, maybe some cut up strawberries on the days you’re tired and want to sleep. will definitely tuck you in, and will also lay down with you for a bit if you ask
his go to way of getting you to talk is going on drives. 1) levi is a really good driver and 2) he’ll usually come and find you wherever you may be around the apartment, say something along the lines of, “i’m going on a drive, you wanna come?” or might just give you a look and jingle the keys around his fingers
it might take a little while of rolling through the backroads aimlessly for you to speak up, but when you do, he’s all ears. lets you talk through your thoughts, might prompt you further, offers advice if you ask for it. it’s also how you sort through relationship misunderstandings - they are rare, but all relationships have them, so it would be silly to present your relationship without them
i think that when levi is upset on the other hand, he’ll usually come to you for comfort. he isn’t necessarily looking for advice, but just to calm down and rest. some form of physical touch is good, like cuddling or napping, preferably where he can put his head on your chest so you can play with his hair
i think levi is the type of person to get a lot of intrusive thoughts or memories that he doesn’t really want to remember when they pop up, so having you as a distraction to hold him and let him know it’s alright is something he really appreciates
nsfw below the cut (18+)
unpopular opinion: levi is NOT the hard dom people tag him as. rather, i think of levi as a service top, so while he may be carrying out more of the work, you’re the one in control. getting you off gets him off 100%
considering he is usually very dominant outside the bedroom, he likes the opportunity to let you take control and direct him instead - it takes a weight off his shoulders
slow and smooth kisser. might put up a fake fight for dominance just to make it more fun, but eventually take the lead and kiss him dizzy
hearing your moans makes him unbelievably hard. the sounds you make go straight to his dick
and so: godly at giving head. he might edge you but it’s not to tease or as punishment, he just takes his time because he knows it feels better for you, and at the end of the day he wants you to feel as good as possible. your pleasure is his main priority.
knows how to use his fingers, knows how to use his tongue. knows what you like and picks up on it very quickly. i don’t think he’s that experienced but he’s got a good natural sense of what feels good - do not doubt him, he knows where the clit is 
he’s got a very wide range of capabilities for this, too. he can go slow and sensual on a calm sunday morning or absolutely dive in and ravage your pussy for more intense sessions - this is the one time he doesn’t mind making a mess 
making you cum is good for his self esteem/confidence lmfaooo he lives to see your flushed cheeks and heaving chest and be told he’s doing well. when you scratch his hair or cup his cheek as a quick thank you, his heart swells and his dick twitches
please kiss his neck, he will absolutely melt for you. especially the next day when he looks in the mirror and notices the little love bites you left him... he runs his fingers over them lightly and his eyelids get a little droopy as he remembers everything, will definitely seek you out for another round
tbh i don’t think he’s that kinky. he likes what he likes, i can’t imagine him comfortably degrading you or hitting you or anything like that. realistically, levi wouldn’t be having sex with someone he’s not in a committed relationship with. he wants it to be special and personal and therefore probably would not enjoy treating you poorly even if just for the sake of sex. if anything, he wants it the other way around bc he could easily be a bit of a masochist in bed
loves when you restrain him and ride the shit out of him, either by tying his hands to the bed or just pinning his arms down. likes when you “use” him to get off. put your hands around his neck and he’s putty in your hands
really loves when you tell him to cum - your voice is music to his hears and to hear it out loud and as a command has him doing exactly that. he’s not one to disobey orders lol. 
his brows furrow, his eyes squeeze shut, mouth falls open and lets out a low moan... jesus christ 
one more deep kiss, a quick clean up, and then he’s passing out with his head on your chest. after-sex sleep is some of the best rest he’s ever gotten
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shotorozu · 2 years
hello !! I'd rlly like to request Monoma if that's alright! I've had a huge soft spot for him for a while now and I'd love to see more content of him ;v;
anyway! we all know that superiority complex of his is definitely hiding some insecurities, but I also feel like he'd be quite touchstarved too bc of his peers seldom physically interacting with him due to his quirk, yknow?
with that in mind, I'd love to see how he'd handle an s/o who has "physical touch" as their main love language. they can give verbal praise/comfort, but they always get so shy abt it that they prefer giving physical affection to show their love. and maybe combining that with "quality time" being their second love language, they love to just cuddle him or toy with his hands/hair during quiet moments uwu
if you wanna do multiple characters, I'd love to request Shinsou, Midoriya, and Amajiki (separately) for the same idea, but if you'd rather do this with just Monoma then I'm okay with that !! no worries if you don't wanna do all four ♡
thank you if you do this request, and make sure to take care of yourself !! ♡
physically affectionate s/o
character(s) : monoma neito, shinsou hitoshi, midoriya izuku (i cut out tamaki for this one, sorry :[ but i’ll do another part if anyone wants it)
legend : [Y/N = your name] they/them pronouns used, strong quirk but the details aren’t specific, reader is a part of 1-A
headcanon type : fluff (and if you squint, then crack)
note(s) : yes i do agree :,) monoma should be getting a little bit more content, and i’m sorry that this came out so late! i was multitasking with other requests (because i took a 2 day absence,,) but this doesn’t mean i don’t read people’s requests
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Tumblr media
monoma neito
monoma 🤝 bakugou “the pros at sending mixed signals”
if there’s one thing he’s known for— then it’s for the persistent teasing, and his quite obnoxious attitude (especially at 1-A)
but he’s not a terrible person, he sure does have his reasons. and by now, people either choose to ignore him, or they simply knock the wind out of him
so, he was not prepared to encounter someone that was tolerant of him, AND also his type— like.. huh. that’s.. odd
and he was even more surprised when they accepted his wild love confession. there must be some catch to it, right?
so like i’ve said— monoma sends a lot of mixed signals. it’s either he’s complimenting your existence, or teasing you in various ways.
so— it’s just another normal day of monoma mouthing off to you, teasing you in a playful way, while you guys are hanging out this is way of making you remember him
but then, you just.. leaned forward and placed your hand on his head— not exchanging any words at all.
monoma’s first reaction is (・・?) because what?? someone is touching him right now.. wait.. someone is touching him!
honestly really shook, and at a lost for words— because everyone has refrained from coming into any physical contact with him? what a surprise! what even is this?
after said incident, you decide to speak “you had something in your hair.” and for once, monoma is the one that’s sitting in silence
“R-REALLY, Y/N? DID YOU REALLY THINK THAT WAS GOING TO W-WORK ON ME OR SOMETHING?” he questions in his usual mocking tone, but his cheeks are accompanied in a flushed red
he’d only experience field day when he realized that touch was basically your love language, with quality time in the second lead
so whenever you guys are spending time together, you’d,, actually go closer to him! this has never happened before, let him be
he doesn’t really like the idea of getting his hair touched, so you usually choose to fiddle with his hands— sometimes observing his details, and other times you’ll be comparing hand sizes
he’ll ridicule you for being so touchy— but he’ll ask if he’s “that irresistable?” while also moving you closer to him. he loves it a lot, okay?
don’t let class 1-b see this, he will flex on them because when he starts getting annoying again, they’ll use you as blackmail.
“monoma, i swear— if you do that, we’ll tell Y/N-”
“HAHA— ok, i’m sorry.”
Tumblr media
shinsou hitoshi
he probably has the most chill reaction out of the bunch
again— another person that has been antagonized because of their quirk. he’s been perceived as villanious ever since his middle school days
kids have been told to keep their distance away from him at a young age so.. you’d bet that he’d be really touch starved
he never had any serious experiences with dating, and he never had any real friends— that weren’t cautious of his quirk
that was until he met you, which he just assumed you were another highkey stuck up person in the hero course
but, you were basically the opposite, and you were a real pleasure to have around. one thing lead to another, and now you guys are dating
he thought it was really cute whenever you got too shy to just sit in silence during dates, or to even give out words of affirmations
but hitoshi was surprised at first when he felt you pull yourself closer to him— resting your head on his shoulder. the concept of someone wanting to be in his presence is still sinking in for him
lucky for you! shinsou knows how to adapt to situations quickly, immediately slinging an arm around your shoulder, as he listens to you talk
he’ll be surprised when you start touching his hair, because golly!! are you guys close
but do it more pls, he loves it a lot— it sometimes makes him really drowsy.
if you play with his hands omg, his heart will do somersaults. he’s lucky that he’s able to keep himself composed.
loves watching you choosing to cuddle him, after briefly giving up on trying to form coherent words of affirmations.
it’s something he brings up quite often, but not in a teasing manner!
sometimes he’ll pat the free spot beside him, basically begging you to come closer to him.
eventually, denki notices on how touchy he’ll get whenever you’re around— but hitoshi will just shrug it off
“it’s always been that way.” he simply says, but he’ll turn around with this big ass grin on his face 💀
he’s whipped for your touch. so please, do it more
Tumblr media
midoriya izuku
he’s also touchstarved. actually, all of them are really touchstarved, and for different reasons 💀
well.. it’s not like he had a choice from the getgo. he was born quirkless, and that lead to him becoming an outcase— and also the victim of bullying i wanna hug him
and being told constantly that he won’t ever be enough, or he won’t ever be a hero— it’s obvious that he doesn’t have any dating experience
but he didn’t think he’d be dating anytime soon— especially since he was ‘just’ pinning over you. he was convinced it was going nowhere
until you confessed. he’s surprised that he didn’t pass out
ever since you guys started dating, he noticed that you’ve been a little timid— not in the way that you feel awkward, more like,, you wanted to say something
or do something, because when you guys were studying together, you just suddenly sat closer to him— and started counting his freckles
he short circuited for a second.
he was reduced to a stuttering, and blushy mess— and you just laughed, telling him “you should continue what you’re doing!” as you ran your other hand across his shoulders
that night, he was wide awake in his bed— recalling your gentle and loving touch, running his hands along the parts of his hair, that you’ve touched
he loves quality time, because while he does like to ramble a lot— he does enjoy spending time with you in silence, but it’s the touches that makes him flustered
despite him being quite shy to initiate any sort of touch, you— on the other hand, were shy with saying praises. so you coped with physical touch, and quality time
man, izuku never gets used to it. no matter how much he tries to— he’s just.. needy, touchstarved.
he doesn’t realize how lost he looks when you’re sitting beside him, and not touching his hair or hands for once. please feel free to do so
oh, and since we’re on the topic of hands— he’ll tear up if you start playing/fiddling with his hands, and especially when you start tracing his scars. it makes him feel so warm.
okay but,, please give him a heads up if you’re going to act touchy in public. he’ll start stammering and blushing hard you might have to put him in rice or smth
the dekusquad talks about that quite a lot, especially when they accidentally witnessed it in the common room (for the first time)
in short— he adores it. sometimes he’ll initiate it, by asking you if you want to sit beside him, to play with his hair. he’s so inlove
»»————- ♡ ————-««
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei. i only own the writing, and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, repost, translate, or use my works for audio readings without my permission :))
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bowieandqueen11 · 2 years
Leon Kennedy Fluff Headcanons
Tumblr media
Request: saw your requests were open 😏 what about some recent leon (damnation, re6, vendetta...)? maybe a little hc about the reader doing something nice for him, a little surprise breakfast or just... washing his hair or being gentle w him or getting him a little gift for him bc god knows he deserves to be taken care of for a change, this man has been through so much i just wanna see him happy and HEALTHY for once.
I hope you don’t mind me writing for Vendetta Leon! But YES I want to see this man HAPPY!!
I’m also just getting used to writing for Leon, so sorry this is short, but I just need to practice!
(Plus I just saw the Infinite Darkness character trail and I am crying inside help he’s SO PRETTY-)
You and Leon have known each other since you met as rookies during the whole crisis at Racoon City. Young, terrified, and invariably drawn together, the two of you had known your hearts were intertwined together for a reason. Sitting together on the train, shoulders gently bumping together with each jolt of the track, Leon was absolutely exhausted as he grabbed your hands and wrapped his larger ones around them.
As you placed your head on his shoulder, sighing in a mix of relief and stilted fear, he knew from the pit of his stomach, that he was going to marry you someday.
The two of you finally soon got the chance after the mission in Spain to rescue Ashley Graham. It was the first time you had ever seen Leon cry.
After that, you know every mission gets harder and harder for him to be sent off onto, especially ones that the two of you aren’t working on together. He’s just so scared of something bad happening to you when you’re gone, sometimes he just wants to quit, or give up, or just run away to somewhere where you are his only priority.
He’ll always have to take a piece of you away with him. Whether it’s frayed jumper you always wear, that he can hold while he sleeps because it smells like you, or your favourite book that he takes out to smile at the curls of the yellowed, curled pages. He has a polaroid you took of the two of you a few months after you started dating, though, on him all the time. He places it in his breast pocket, the edges worn away, every inch seared into his memory from looking at it so often.
He rubs this thumb over it with a fond smile when things get a little tough at work, remembering the day like it was yesterday. The two of you had just moved into his apartment together, and he had tried to surprise you by trying to cook a pancake breakfast like his mom used to do when he was tiny. You woke up to a steam of black smoke pummelling into the bedroom, and a string of soft curses as you run out and catch your boyfriend, wearing nothing but his boxers, trying to turn off the fire alarm by whipping the dish towel at it.
When you had finally cleared everything up, you had found the moment too funny and too Leon to forget, tugging him into your side and holding up your camera to capture his blushing face as he gazed at you.
So when you came back, not knowing Leon had already returned from his mission to find Glenn Arias, and could see the outline of your husband sipping whiskey from where he leans against the kitchen counter of our home, you knew you had to help him feel like himself again.
'Hello, you handsome idiot. Why didn’t you tell me you were back, I would have picked you up from the airport.’
‘Well hello there, sweetheart. Sorry, I meant to turn the lights on. And call, but after your driving in Tall Oaks, I’m keeping my promise never to get into a car with you again.’
He chuckles into his drink as you shake your head and drop your bag by the coat rack. His eyes never leave yours, but you can see how weary and needy for you he is by the way they dip every so often.
You don’t need to say anything when you close the front door with your foot and approach Leon, just feeling your heart break at the way he tries to smile convincingly at you, but instead just falls into your reaching arms. He groans into your neck, careful not to put his full weight on you, turning more into a low grunt as you rub your hand over your back and shrug off his jacket.
He lets you pull him into the living room, the two of you giggling as you trip over each other’s feet, tugging and untangling your husband’s shirt from over his head. He places his hands on your waist when his thighs finally bump against the sofa, the intensity of his gaze making heat rise up your cheeks. Before he can complete his mission of rushing down to kiss you, you press your hands flat against his chest and push him down onto the cushions.
He humphs in amusement as you collapse down next to him, rolling him over until his face is comically smushed against the pillow. You straddle his back, thighs sending a shiver up his spine as your begin to rub your hands up and down the dips of his bare back, tickling and pressing over each curve and bump you could map out by memory.
‘Let me take care of you, Rookie.’
‘Hey, that’s my job. And my line!’ 
He tries to get up, but you just wrestle him back down again.
‘That was years ago’, you laugh with a start, enjoying the way he squirms and begins chuckling with you at the way you poke your fingers on the side of his stomach, ‘get over it rookie.’
After a few hours, you can tell he’s beginning to get restless by the way his legs start clenching against your own.
He just wants to hold you so bad that it’s not really a surprise when he rolls over onto his side and knocks you over, hands grabbing onto your wrists before you’re pulled into his side.
You shuffle the two of you until his head is nestled on top of your chest, your heartbeat soothing Leon with each beat. He finds his own jolting at your touch, having spent so long dreaming about this moment. He’d never admit it, but he felt cosy. Not just warm, and comfortable, as he allows you (literally the only person in the world) to card your fingers through his hair and stroke his fringe away from his forehead. Not just so in love, as he presses his chin into your chest and gazes up at you with those deep, lovestruck puppy dog eyes. Not just happier than he ever thought he could be, that he deserved, as your fingers trickle down his arms and send jolts of electricity shooting through his body. No, his cosiness felt like home, like everything he’s ever wanted wrapped into one person.
Gosh, Leon just loves you so much holy moly. You are genuinely the only good thing he’s ever had, and he’s just so scared sometimes because he knows if he loses you, he’ll lose all of him too.
He just can’t do any of this without the love of his life. Without you.
Before he knows it, he’s fallen asleep. You try not to twitch too much, pressing a hand that was stroking the hairs at the nape of his neck to your mouth. You try to choke back your laughter at the little snores that escape Leon’s mouth, and the way he shudders sometimes against your skin. 
He jolts awake once, remnants of Racoon City still clouding his mind, but you cuddle him closer into you. Wrapping your legs around his jeans, he sighs in pleasure as he dozes off again, feeling safe as the little spoon for once.
As he drifts off again, you murmur warm little nothings into his ear, enjoying the way he smiles against your cheek. You whisper about the ice cream date you guys went on after surviving your first zombie outbreak. Or the time you had jumped out with a monster mask on your first Halloween together and made him jump a mile up into the air, spilling his coffee all over his dress shirt. Or happy you were to see him at the gate at Racoon City’s Police Department, how you knew everything would be alright once you found him.
And you were right.
When he wakes up the next morning, alone on the sofa, he immediately sits up in a panic. He completely falls off of the sofa, heart and mind racing a thousand miles a minute as he runs towards the front door, feeling nauseous as he prepares to see the door splintered down and you gone. 
Of course they would take you, he chides himself, you are the most important thing to him in this whole Universe.
He nearly collapses in relief though, when you pop your head out from around the kitchen wall with a smile. You’re holding a pan in one hand, pancake sizzling and a spatula in the other, speakers blasting with the playlist Leon had made for you for your third anniversary.
He tries to settle his breathing, but he finds his heart skips a beat when he sees you wearing his leather jacket.
It turns out, you had called Hunnigan and somehow managed to demand the two of you should have the weekend off, and somehow she agreed.
He does spend the rest of the time in the kitchen trying to distract you though. His large hands are are running over your shoulders, chin pressed onto the top of your head as he sways the two of you from side to side. Every time you try to move away, he tugs you back and showers every inch of your head with kisses until you elbow him away.
He found a huge, genuine smile break out on his face for one of the first times in weeks when he rubs his thumb over your wedding ring, dipping down to sweetly press his lips against your own.
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mammss · 1 year
can we get some hcs on what the brothers would do if they found MC frustrated bc they can't sleep? thanks!
mc can't sleep? the brothers react! 
a/n: super sorry this took forever to write and i only did the a couple of the brothers just because i thought of these guys the most. if you would like more i’ll do it<3
he might as well put a curse on you because if you can’t sleep he definitely isn't sleeping
it was one of those nights where lucifer was mimicking a corpse working into the morning and one little thing like a pen dropping would make all of hell break loose
instead of a pen dropping he heard footsteps passing his room and down the stairs
he thought it was beel sleep eating again and lucifer didn't want to deal with satan’s wrath in the morning so he went down to investigate
only to find you thrashing around the kitchen like a mad man clearly looking for something. when he cleared his throat only then did you acknowledge his presence and tried to think of an explanation
you told him for a couple days now you couldn't sleep and remembered he owned tea to help you sleep and relax but you couldn't find it and stared to get upset.
he sympathizes what it’s like to not be able to fall asleep so he quickly finds the tea for you and brews some taking both cups of tea to his room 
you two chat for awhile and wait for tea to kick in, which happens almost instantly and both of you fall asleep in his bed cuddled up 
the kitchen was never cleaned up but satan can deal with that 
after camping out being trapped in mammons room all day due to you hanging out with the others and not him, you end the night watching a tv series mammon just had to show you
he falls asleep first, his body now positioned where his head is on your lap petting his hair and his legs dangling off the couch
he stirs when you slightly move around but doesn't process it until you try to get up but mammon won't let you grabbing your waist to hold you down
he grumbles a bit but you tell him you have to grab something to which he slowly lets go of you and gets up
mammon waits a whole 5 minutes before he comes to find you because it surely doesn’t take this long to grab something, whatever it is right?
as he’s trying to find you and fails he starts thinking that you ditched him hanging out in one of his brothers room but the last place he hasn’t checked yet was your room for some reason
so he makes a b-line to your room and by surprise it’s trashed from head to toe
mammon now starts panicking thinking someone kidnapped you but he hears a groan and sees you on the floor of your closet
as mammons mind and mouth go 30 miles per hour you explain to him that when you were cuddling you couldn’t fall asleep and went back to your room to find some melatonin solomon got you but you couldn’t find them hence the groan and the trashed room
he acts like he knew that and was just wandering the house because he was bored but he’s glad you’re ok and still wanna hangout with him
you always envied belphie for the most part, wherever you looked he was always sleeping and he did it so naturally
so one night when belphie asked you to cuddle with him you couldn’t say no, maybe being around he avatar of sloth could help you sleep better
so made your way up to the attic ready to finally have a good nights rest
you crawled in bed and snuggled up, waiting for him to fall asleep so you could as well
as the night progressed you couldn’t even shut an eye, you were so awake
you slowly got upset so you tried to wake up belphie shaking him aggressively he literally feel out of bed without a care in the world
if belphie wasn’t gonna help you sleep than satan might have some spell to help you
as you shut the door belphie woke up confused and mad. confused where mc was and mad they just left him and he was on the cold floor
he waited a while for your return but you never showed wanting his cuddle buddy back he searched for you
while walking in the hallway he noticed satan’s light on which wasn’t strange because he would be up this hour engrossed in reading
but as he was about to pass his room he heard you giggle and boy was this cow no happy 
he entered the room only looking for you and yanked you right out ignoring satan’s demands and your struggling
as he dragged the both of you back to the attic he set you back on the bed and told you to go back to sleep 
to which you you told him your struggles and explained why you ended up in satan’s room laughing at a cat video he saw the other day
now since he understood he cuddled you and whispered a sleeping spell and in no time you got to sleep peacefully for the first time.
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