#and the consequences would be pretty insane tbh
slytherinsnekxvii · a month ago
let's say snape did ask voldemort to spare harry potter, and, by some miracle, doesn't get cursed on the spot. what then?
"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches..." the hag hisses in Severus' memories, dragged to the forefront of his mind by the Dark Lord's consuming, imposing power. "Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies..."
He stumbles backward as the Dark Lord releases him, jabs a heel into the ground to force his body into stillness. The contact is good, grounding. He is here for a purpose, and he will not make a fool of himself before the Dark Lord.
"I know of the prophecy already, Severus," the Dark Lord says, patiently. Indulgently, really, and it is glorious. To be treated with this level of respect by the Dark Lord himself... Mulciber must be eating his hat, and Potter, Black and their little pets rolling in the graves that surely awaited them. "Your having delivered it to me is the reason I have deigned to offer you both my Mark and your choice of reward."
"Of course, my Lord," Severus says, "and I thank you for both."
He flexes his arm at his side, already branded by skull and snake, half scabbed-over, before bending at the waist in a deep bow.
"Rise," the Dark Lord tells him, and Severus catches the amusement in his tone. "Lucius tells me you have great potential, and I believe you will be... most useful to me."
"Thank you, my Lord," Severus says, reverently, and squashes any further daydreams of spitting on pureblood ponces and grinding headstones beneath his boots. He needs to be clear-headed for this. He hardly presumes to be indispensable, but the Dark Lord has named him useful, has promised him a reward. This opportunity, this sort of power, the sort of respect that he would be able to command as one of the Dark Lord's trusted and used... it cannot—must not—be squandered.
"Have you chosen, Severus? Money, glory? Women, perhaps... no. You look above such things, do you not?" The Dark Lord's face twisted at that, a fleeting smirk setting itself across his unsettling features. "Ah. Knowledge is what tempts you... yes. Unadulterated, uncensored knowledge. You could have the contents of the most coveted Dark Arts libraries in your hands. Power the likes of which most people could never dream of. What will you ask of me, Severus?"
His tongue itches to answer, but the Dark Lord continues.
"I do not make a habit of granting requests such as these. Your brethren who have earned the privilege have asked for banal, plebian things or they have pandered to me with silly trinkets and petty refusals. Will you follow in their footsteps? What will you ask of me, Severus?"
The Dark Lord lowers his gaze, ever-so-gentle, presses into Severus' mind once more. A smile flits across his face as he skims through each layer of thought, memory and consciousness, tugging and pulling as he chooses. He snags something, holds tight to it, and Severus is overcome by pure, blinding rage as his life, shown in flashes of humiliation, pain, anger, anger, embarrassment, injustice, so much anger, plays out before him.
"Revenge. Yes, that must be it. You want them to pay for what they've done," the Dark Lord. "That filthy Muggle father of yours, those disgusting blood traitors, yes, all of them will pay. Is that what you would ask of me, Severus?"
The Dark Lord holds his mind in a vice grip, tight, harsh, painful. Had it been a physical hold, Severus would no doubt have been nearly to his knees at this point, gasping for air, begging and prodding at his Lord's arms to allow him to go free. It is entirely within his own mind, however, and with regards to Occlumency, Severus is particularly resilient. As the Dark Lord pries and clutches, his eerie red gaze fixed on Severus' own black stare, he calls to his mouth the words he will answer with, but is silenced before he can speak them.
"No. Their blood would be wasted on you. I could make you—no. No matter," the Dark Lord says, releasing him once more with all the gentleness of a hard shove. "This, you may consider a gift. I will impart to you a secret, Severus, for you have granted me the information which makes this particular endeavour possible. I am going to Godric's Hollow tonight, and I will destroy the creature that Albus Dumbledore presumes will vanquish me."
"Silence, Severus. This to to your benefit, you understand. The child must die, of course, but that filthy blood traitor Potter—I will kill him, and through me, you may have your revenge, and thus, you will be free to ask for what else your heart desires."
His head spins, and the Dark Lord cares not, fixing him with a burning red gaze that grows ever impatient.
"What will you ask of me, Severus?"
He can think of a million things he wants, a thousand things that would catapult him into the life he wanted, without having to claw his up from beneath everyone else's feet.
Power, for one. Respect, esteem, the Dark Lord's favour.
He could ask for any of them, he knows which of them he would choose.
The memories crowd his mind, though, unbidden, shaken free by the Dark Lord's rough handling of his innermost thoughts, his mentioning of Godric's Hollow. He doesn't even need to close his eyes to see her. Lily, laying on the grass beside him. Lily, sitting next to him in the Library, laughing over something or other as they breeze through their Potions homework. Lily, turning him away at the entrance to the Gryffindor Common Room. Lily, turning her back on him for James fucking Potter and his band of assholes.
Another thought chases them, even more unwanted and unexpected than its predecessors—Lily, body broken and cold, dead on the floor of her home between her husband and child, because of course, of course, she would throw herself between her family—James bloody Potter and his fucking spawn—and the Dark Lord himself.
He cannot ask for her life.
It would be madness. Folly. An impossible request that would follow him for the rest of his time in the Dark Lord's service. He will not squander this opportunity, he will not ruin this for himself as so many things have been ruined before, he will not lose his only chance—
The Dark Lord looks at him, and Severus anticipates the rustling, the grip of thought on his mind and quickly, quietly buries it all, as he blurts, "Lily."
Severus Snape is a fool.
The Dark Lord knows this now. He must.
"You desire... the girl?" the Dark Lord asks.
Severus must be an imbecile. A thrice-damned, hellbound, cotton-brained dunderhead.
"Very well," the Dark Lord muses. "It would be a fitting addition to your revenge. From what I have been told, she was your Mudblood first, was she not?"
Severus nods, mute.
Never. Not really.
"I shall spare her life, and you will have her."
"Thank you, my Lord," Severus rasps, the words bubbling up through a dry, dusty throat, and automatically falls into a bow. He is a fool. "You are too kind."
"Kind..." the Dark Lord rolls the word around his mouth, and spits it as though it is particularly vile. "Hardly. It is only what you deserve."
"Thank you, my Lord." Severus says, and turns to leave.
"You were not dismissed, Severus," he says, and Severus turns back, immediately.
"I'm so—"
"No matter, and straighten up. Tell me, Severus. You think me kind?"
He swallows. "My lord is most generous—"
The Dark Lord stops him, regards him with what little humanity remains in his gaze. Laughs.
Severus stiffens, the hairs on the back of his neck raising at the grating sound.
"Join me. Tonight. You will further prove your usefulness, and kill James Potter yourself. I will spare your precious Mudblood her life."
His stomach rolls in protest at the thought, conflicting thoughts flying through his mind, a cacophony of "She already thinks the worst of you," playing against a backdrop of Lily Potter cradling the bodies of her dead husband and son. Guilt wells up in his throat, swimming up his oesophagus just the same as bile, and he says, "Yes, my lord. Thank you, my Lord."
Petty refusal, the Dark Lord had said, but such was never an option. Severus had sold his soul, and the devil does not bargain. In exchange for Lily Potter's life, he must kill her husband and give up any hope of ever being a good man in her eyes, and the Dark Lord knows it.
Kind, Severus had said. A foolish notion.
They enter Godric's Hollow that night with a bang. Quite literally. The Dark Lord laughs in the face of their wards, and Severus surveys them with pity, and mild disgust. Were they meant to be found? Then, the Dark Lord crows about having their Secret Keeper under his thumb, and the Potters' lack of security becomes an afterthought to betrayal and lies and a sick sense of satisfaction that the Marauders had fallen apart, after all.
The Dark Lord gestures, and even through the smoke, Severus' aim is impeccable. His wand arm raises, and hatred is on his tongue, propelled by years of humiliation and pain, the memories of hanging pantsless above the Black Lake and watching Lily Evans on James Potter's arm, and then, dragging up truly Unforgivable magic behind them. He's already mouthing the Avada behind his mask when the green light floods the room and the Dark Lord finishes Severus' sentence for him.
James Potter's body drops to the ground and as Severus sees the Dark Lord standing triumphant, wand held high, he knows that Potter was never his to kill. The Dark Lord gave, and the Dark Lord took away. Generosity? A pathetic trait to attribute to him.
"Stand aside, girl," he rasps, and Severus' neck jerks. Lily stands between them and the crib, tears already welling in her eyes as she looks frantically between them and James fucking Potter.
The vision plays behind his eyes again, Lily, sobbing, crying, bereft.
Her husband has died and she will not stand aside. Severus knows it. If it will save her son's life, she will sacrifice herself over and over again.
"Stand aside," the Dark Lord commands, again, and he raises his wand to kill her, if not to toss her aside and Severus, because he is a fucking fool, who cannot stand to watch the girl who was once his best friend die, interrupts.
"The child, my Lord," he rasps, and hopes in his heart that if he does not succeed in convincing his master that they are both deserving of life, she will take the brat and run.
"It must die!" the Dark Lord screams, and Lily does not run, she scrambles to the crib, clutches the child to her breast.
"It has power—" he tries, but the Dark Lord will not be reasoned with.
"To vanquish me! It is—" the Dark Lord hisses, wand raised.
"A weapon!" Severus cries, and damns the boy as he has damned himself. "To use against Dumbledore, if he has power to vanquish you, he can be used against—"
It is this that gets through to him, but he does not lower his wand. He flicks it, deliberately, as harshly as he does anything and the child comes speeding into his arms, wailing ever louder. Lily dashes after him, but a deliberate swish of the Dark Lord's wand sends her careening into Severus instead.
He looks into the brat's face, and Severus' breath catches in his throat as twin emerald gazes announce their upset.
Lily's is trained on him as she struggles in his grip, and he needs her to stop, stop fighting, stop kicking, stop making herself a fucking target, so he says, quickly, quietly, harshly, "He'll kill you both if you don't stop."
The baby stares defiantly at the Dark Lord, wailing and screaming as much as he dares. He lowers his wand. Lily stops struggling.
"Yes. You... you can be used. Dumbledore believes that you will be my downfall... but not if you are raised under my hand."
He laughs again, and the sound nearly sets Lily to fighting afresh. Severus clutches her tighter, and the Dark Lord turns to look at him again. "Come."
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hintofelation99 · a year ago
The all had multiple expulsion threats and meetings at school no question. And yet Bruce somehow is voted the best parent at the PTA.
Bruce is the best soccer dad. Also they all get expulsion threats for different reasons.
Fighting -> He does get into a few fights at first, but after becoming Robin he stops getting into fights.
'Being Disruptive' ->Then he starts to get in trouble for not paying attention, talking in class, constant fidgetting. For the most part it's from teachers who don't even try to understand or accommodate kids with ADHD. Like he's a good kid, he's not trying to be 'disruptive' or 'rude', he just struggles with ADHD and needs teachers who are understanding of that.
Reckless Behavior -> There are several teachers who are amazing and work with his ADHD rather than against it, but even with them he gets in trouble a few times because of 'reckless behavior' (jumping from high places, climbing things that shouldn't be climbed, etc). These teachers aren't rude about it or critical, they're literally just concerned for his safety and that's why they call Bruce.
Fighting -> He sometimes gets into fights with rich pretentious kids who try to bully him. They quickly learn not to fuck with him.
Reading During Class -> This is usually only done in classes where he doesn't like the teacher —which is pretty common, he likes learning but sometimes he doesn't like school because the teachers annoy him, if he likes the teacher he's a wonderful student, if he doesn't like them... well, he can be a handful— or where he's so far ahead that he gets bored.
Cheating -> Jason has gotten accused of cheating several times, mostly because some people think a kid from crime alley can't get straight A's without cheating.
'Being Disrespectful' -> There has been at least one teacher who considers Cass' selective mutism to be a form of disrespect.
Physically Attacking Another Student -> One time this guy kept harrassing a classmate of Cass' the person was clearly uncomfortable, so when the guy tried to grope them Cass flipped him.
Ditching Class -> She has at least once just walked out of class after a teacher annoyed her. No comment, no response, no explanation, just left.
Ditching Class -> He has been known to skip class on occasion. Which honestly, understandable.
Sleeping During Class -> Self explanatory tbh.
Cheating -> He kept getting 100% on tests, even after constantly sleeping during class, so the teachers assumed he was cheating.
Fighting -> After his parent's went insane he was pretty depressed and angry. Ended up getting in a few fights.
Cheating -> Much like Jason some teachers also thought Duke shouldn't be able to do well in school. So, when he did exceedingly well they assumed he cheated.
Ditching Class -> This mostly happened right after the stuff with his parents, but he still occasionally skips, usually he ends up going to the library.
Insulting Teachers and Classmates -> Self explanatory.
Physically Assualting a Student -> Usually he's good about not trying to murder others, but he did attack one or two students after they made a racist remark.
Having a Rude Tone -> This got thrown out pretty quickly but there was a teacher who reported him based solely on the tone of his voice.
Everytime one of his kids gets in trouble Bruce comes in and listens to all available perspectives. If they actually did something wrong then Bruce is fine with them facing consequences. But if they didn't actually do something, or it's something he believes they shouldn't be punished for then he will fight it. His most well known fights with the school were over:
Their response to Dick's ADHD
Teachers accusing Duke, Tim, and Jason of cheating without evidence
The teachers response to Cass' selective mutism
The racist remarks made about Damian
As a PTA member he focuses a lot on mental health education, diversity, and funding the arts. He and Alfred tend to tag team events. Alfred handles everything baking always, but other than that they split responsibilites based on Bruce's schedule. Bruce likes to be as present as possible but sometimes he's just too busy, so when that's the case Alfred steps in.
With each kid Bruce learned different areas where the school was lacking, where he could help improve. First was with Dick, he learned that the teachers didn't have the training or resources to give Dick the support needed. None of them knew how to handle ADHD and at first it resulted in poor grades and 'behavioral problems'. To fix this Bruce set up a fund to send teachers to extra training seminars on common learning disabilities and mental health issues, these covered a wide range that not only helped Dick, but also other students who had similar needs. Bruce also helped planned a yearly fundraising event that would make sure the fund was sustainable and not relient on him.
With Jason he focused on revamping the bookfair, there were a lot of other projects he could/wanted/did do, but the bookfair meant the most to Jason so it meant the most to Bruce. He turned the bookfair into a yearly two week long event where authors came to speak, writing work shops were held, and books were donated (ofc books were also sold). Basically he turned it from a bookfair to a bookcon.
For Cass his efforts in getting the teachers the training needed to help students with disabilities was doubled, this time he focused on communicative and sensory disabilities. Like selective mutism, deafness, blindness, etc. His biggest goal was making sure all teachers took at least one sign language course and encouraging them to take more with bonuses and pay raises. Eventually this monetary reward system extending to other out of work classes that could prove beneficial to students.
In a lot of ways Bruce felt like he failed Tim, this was a kid who was his neighbor for years and who eventually became his Robin. Yet it still took him much too long to realize how neglectful Tim's parents were. It really made him question a lot of things, mainly how much child abuse went unnoticed. He started a campaign to raise awareness on types of abuse and the signs to look for. It focused on all forms of abuse, not just neglect. In a way it was therapeutic, not only did it help kids like Tim, but it also helped kids like Jason who faced physical abuse. It ended up begin a popular program that expanded to other schools in the area.
Duke made Bruce think of problems closer to home, namely how Rogue attacks affected children. So for Duke, Bruce worked on creating a support network for children who were victims or were close to victims of Rogue attacks/organized crime in Gotham. Outside of the support network for Rogue victims Bruce also worked with the PTA to schedule several writing competitions, Dick often places in the top three and Bruce is always insanely proud of this.
For Damian Bruce really focused on the arts. He and the PTA started doing art shows every quarter and having students help with school beautification/mural making on campus. These programs helped Damian bond with peers and encouraged him to participate in after school activities. Dick also helped with these programs and expanded them into the community, specifically he worked combining art/beautification programs with fundraising for animal shelters.
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tellmelieshulu · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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incorrectmyhero · 4 months ago
:0 for the ask thing,
deku bakugo hawks and kaminari
honestly for the first three, i dont like their fanon personalities
for denki im just curious
hell yeah... ngl you chose mostly ones i have no issue with sjhff
Favorite: his character design! ik not everyone likes it, but i like that it's a bit more plain. usually mc's have insane multicolor designs and he's just... green with freckles. it's less ridiculous and i like it. Least Favorite: his personality isn't my fav. i don't find him compelling, just kinda annoying at times. cute, but sometimes a little much. i usually end up wanting to watch others, not just him. i usually skip the first few episodes when rewatching cause he isn't the most entertaining (and I'm not a huge all might fan) Pet peeves: people forgettin how strong he is. Don't get me wrong, this man is timid when it comes to friends (i mean, look at his reaction to Toga wanting to date him) but he's going head to head with Shigaraki and doing just fine. he'll deck bitches.
Favorite: HIS NAME!!!! I'll say this for the rest of time, Katsuki Bakugou is a perfect name. Let me break it down, if you don't know. To really simplify it, 'Katsuki' can mean win. 'Bakugou', contains the kanji for 'explosion'. now, Win Explosion on it's on is pretty good, but when you take the kanji for Masaru Bakugou's name (爆豪勝) and Mitsuki Bakugou's name (爆豪光己) you get Katsuki! (爆豪勝己) That's probably less exciting to you but i love it. Least Favorite: in all honesty? as a writer, i love bakugou. he fits within the mha world perfectly. everything matches and it's all world appropriate. i dont like how long the character development took him, but that's about it. Pet peeves: guys, early bakugou is an asshole. he doesn't like deku or todoroki. he's the worst. he is not adorable tsun who secretly loves deku <3 like... there's necessary development. some fics have development for him, which works. but some just... assume he's secretly really nice....... no
Favorite: huge fan of his character type! the relaxed, young, but somehow v serious and traumatized characters are great, especially when they draw parallels to each other <3 also his character design is awesome. Least Favorite: tbh, my only real gripes are with how he's interacting with villains, but honestly i dont think i can make any statements until after we know wassup w dabi. Pet peeves: making him owo bird baby who would never hurt a soul. he'll murder a bitch and give a child a hug. he can do both.
Favorite: Electricity user with consequences and genuine growth. Name another electricity user that has an actual downside to their power? leaves so much room for growth and we've seen it throughout the series. Least Favorite: not about him, but his relationships. im still waiting for him to be like "hey can you stop saying im stupid it's hurtful". like... that's some perfectly set up angst right there and also everyone just gets to insult him?? tf??? Pet peeves: not acknowledging his capabilities. he's not the brightest, but he's shown he's heroic, moral, and powerful. people underestimate my boy.
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spectrumcore · 8 months ago
unordered and random list of disco elysium things I just don't like:
- evart’s design. just sucks. not even in a fun way. fatphobic greedy corrupt man is a bad caricature, yikes. it’s a shame because i think fantastically corrupt and slimy union boss is very fun, like ‘every worker a member of the board’ is a HILARIOUS slogan
- similarly angus gets treated like shit by the narrative AND other characters for being fat, treated like a snivelling coward and then is treated like a pin cushion during the tribunal (also implied: fatness leads to disability which overall is pathetic, with Liz's where is your inhaler? comment).
- punching cuno, a child, shouldn’t have given you a bonus on an empathy roll or any kind of 'respect', imo. it should have given you a negative effect at the very least - because tbh, violence often causes children to clam up rather than open up. (honestly what the fuck.)
- apparently they had some dirtbag leftist type from chapo trap house (YEAH I KNOW) voice act some of the characters in the first version of the game, which gets a big fucking eye roll from me. not entirely surprised given that this game is a bit... abrasive (I think edgy is too far and unfair) and the world isn’t very kind. but it’s like...... come onnnnnnnn.
- anarchism just name-dropped and ignored. i noticed that, game. lmao. (i’m not super mad at this it’s mostly just funny to me).
- the way that cuno is text while cunoesse is largely subtext... I know it being impossible to talk to her makes sense but the difference in how men v. women are treated, even as children, is stark
- additionally the fact that all the information we’re given about cunoesse is through cuno telling you she’s fucking crazy and harry’s thoughts and skills validating this read on her, calling her psycho, evil, etc. is deeply depressing. it does make me wonder to what extent are we supposed to read HDB as a misogynist - but the thing is this take is unrelenting without any positive thought levelled towards her, which honestly feels like a bit much.
- haven't played this ending yet but i do... really think about the long term consequences of cuno becoming a cop. like. idk. you remove him from an abusive home but he's not being adopted - he’s not been given to foster care, or receiving anything like that, it’s the RCM who’s taking him on, and it's child labour. labour which involves dealing with some pretty horrific traumatic shit and encourages people to desensitise themselves to pretty horrific traumatic shit. additionally, as much as I love cuno, is the route of becoming an authority-abusing cop in a hyper-masculine, aggressive environment going to be good for him? fuck no! this is a terrible ending!
- failing rolls and saying casually and clueless racist shit as a result of your failed roll has happened to me on two occasions (once to Liz, once to Kim) and it just fucking sucks honestly. I honestly think that, yeah, while the implication that Harry is prone to casual racism as a white cop makes sense, and yeah, I suspect the game's going for cringe humour here (where he's he's but butt of the joke), but it plays so uncomfortably that it's not funny or rewarding in any way. (unlike, say, 'are women bourgeois' doesn't really add anything to the world-building or Harry’s character or story)
- have said this before but worth repeating: DE may present cops being casually corrupt and making shitty, immoral choices, but also perpetuates myth that cops are competent, solve lots of cases, & get shit done. this is largely to fit narrative conventions and make for a fun story. in reality, barely any murder cases are resolved by the police. they really don't do shit. hate 'supercop' harry as if he'd need to be insanely competent to justify his behaviour. in reality cops get away with all kinds of shit while doing fuck all.
- would really love an ending possibility that as a result of uncovering your past corruption + police role in upholding coalition gvt, especially after confrontation with the killer and the discussion about politics, that you can actually choose to quit the police force in the end for moral reasons. this would not be an immediate option but a certain number of choices and dialogue choices would need to be made (e.g. seeing klaasje die in prison & letting her go) and I think it’d be something that would need to be woven into the narrative. and even still i think the distinction needs to be made between escape from consequences vs.  reckoning with consequences, and the shit things Harry did prior to his blackout did happen
there’s some more stuff but those are all at the top of my head. also a maybe:
- believe it or not I didn’t mind half of the stuff with Dora, even if I didn’t think it was a strength because 1. it played off as somewhat comedic to me? like the game knows this is a stereotypical sadboy divorce guy, on some level, I love Jean’s nonchalant response, ‘yeah she was extremely bangable’, etc. which takes the edge off it and 2. the class difference between Harry and Dora, the fact that Dora is so obviously blonde, foreign, her parents are from a rich superpower state, fuck her surname is Ingerlund - and she’s not street trash, not Revachol scum, not like you - really changes the way I felt about the stereo-typicality of that whole sequence, even if I think what it did wasn’t necessarily well-executed or timed. like class differences really can be a headfuck in relationships.
- like i go back and forth honestly about the way misogyny (& conversely, feminism, when rarely voiced) is used within disco elysium as a device and deployed because sometimes i think it ends up confirming some of the shitty beliefs held within that view of the world. you are playing as a misogynist - or if you’re not taking those options, it’s implied you once did, and it’s easy to gloss over your misogyny in part because you’re likeable, you’re a likeable guy, even when you’ve done reprehensible things. (and this can be true of many irl misogynists and chauvinists, because nice men aren’t exempt from misogyny).  
anyhow. there is more. i will add more to this. i am sure. i love this game warts and all but there are some fucking warts for sure.
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dreamteamspace · a year ago
They really went there huh
/rp (good lord I rly hyperfixated on this essay huh)
torture tw, abuse tw, manipulation tw, gaslighting tw
So the Dream SMP built a character, once maybe morally gray, who slipped straight into villany with little to no desire to change, and willing to cause a LOT of pain to get his way. Despite this, he doesn’t question what he does enough to stop, justifying his actions with a good intent that doesn’t come close to justifying what he’s done.
C!Dream is unremorseful of what he’s done, he’s quite literally manipulated and gaslit (like actually, not in the way everyone keeps throwing the word around) c!Tommy, almost drove him to take his last life- like, jesus christ. That’s not even to mention blowing up L’Manburg three times, encouraging c!Wilbur, wanting the discs JUST to have power over c!Tommy, etc.
SO, he gets thrown in a box for it so he doesn’t hurt anybody anymore, making his own hubris his downfall (narrative consequence my beloved). This leads us to a good finale - the bad guy, the person who’s caused objectively the most pain and destruction, is now unable to do so anymore, taken down by the person whom he tried to weaken. It is also revealed he was planning on blackmailing and threatening pretty much everyone, but now everyone gets their stuff back.
Good, right?
Especially for the finale, yeah! The message of the finale is good, c!Tommy manages to escape his abuser with nothing more but his clothes on his back and fights his way back to c!Tubbo and his home.
He doesn’t let his trauma (which is still very present!) let him become a terrible person (arguably the way that c!Dream DID let his frustrations make him a terrible person, c!Tommy, despite bearing quite a heavy weight, recognizes when he begins to turn that way and actively works against it).
It shows that while alone, c!Tubbo and c!Tommy were outfought by Dream, but because c!Tommy went the length to ask for help (which he didn’t even really seem to be relying on actually showing up), he wins! It truly is a good message.
C!Tommy escapes his abuser and manipulator, refuses and fights his trauma to not become someone he doesn’t want to be, and defeats his abuser by asking for help and receiving it, even more than he thought he’d get. He refuses to play c!Dream’s “game”, refuses till the very last moment to let c!Tubbo die, to surrender and say goodbye to him.
So, great! Good finale! C!Dream The Villain is boxed like a fish in a prison of, quite literally, his own making. It sent a good message to people. C!Tommy wasn’t expected to forgive him and did, in fact, axe him down twice, causing c!Dream to finally fall from his high horse.
Most media would stop at this point, say the villain is now defeated and never show them again, or have them come back another one or two seasons later, escaped and seemingly unharmed and worse than ever.
Alternatively, there’s a throwaway line, (or, in good media, a genuine, reasonable backstory, complete with remorse and bad role models and complicated situations), that allows the villain to be redeemed.
In GOOD redemption arcs (See: Zuko from avatar tbh), the villain was already never quite as heartless, or stressed their good intent, or felt remorse for what they felt they “had to do”. Then, ideally, the villain takes a looooong time adjusting their habits, regretting their actions and changing until they’re considered redeemed.
Not on the Dream SMP, though.
They don’t stop at c!Dream’s defeat.
He doesn’t dissapear off-screen and is never spoken of again. His life continues on, everyone’s does, just like it would in reality. He doesn’t magically want to become a better person, far from it. So no redemption. But he doesn’t dissapear, either.
They go on to, slowly, stress how awful the conditions in Pandora’s Vault are. c!Bad says c!Dream should be imprisoned, but at least at slightly better conditions. We’re in very VERY morally gray territorry here. Nobody says c!Dream is a good person, of course not, but even c!Bad - who knows Dream was planning on keeping c!Skeppy in a cage to control him with - goes, “yeah, he should stay boxed, but does he really need to like... suffer suffer?”
Still, c!Dream seems to be kindof inconsistent in his behavior. Is he faking his pain? Is he not? His actions don’t fully make sense for either take. He acts differently to each person, but at the same time some things he does don’t make sense if he were just fishing for pity.
Then c!Sam admits to trying (and thinking he succeeded) to “break Dream’s will”, to quite literally starving him for weeks.
Okay, so now we’re a step further. C!Dream is now suffering even more, although already boxed and unable to hurt anyone. Pandora’s Vault is one thing, but now c!Sam just seems to be out for revenge and nothing more. Instead of spending his time with c!Tommy, he spends his time pickaxing(?) c!Dream.
C!Sam isn’t an angel, and we should all know that by now. He does what he thinks is right, but he’s deeper than that, all characters on the DSMP are.
He cares deeply for the Badlands, and would always choose them above anybody else. He’s a capitalist. He built the prison because it would benefit the Badlands resource-wise, despite knowing Dream would probably use it on his enemies, and it was no secret that ALL members of L’Manburg, especially c!Tommy, are his enemies. C!Sam, undoubtedly, knew that. He still built it.
Arguably, he didn’t know about c!Dream’s attachment obsession at the time, but the point still stands.
People have already latched onto the untold story happening between c!Dream and c!Sam, and frankly, we barely know enough about it. Does c!Sam torture him regularly? Do they talk? Does c!Dream try to verbally fight back? CAN he fight back? We don’t know! We’ve gotten proof for both, between c!Sam saying that c!Dream is terrifying even in prison and c!Dream going silent to go on strike. We don’t have enough of an idea how bad or how good it truly is.
So the people who prefer to humanize c!Dream and explore morality imagine c!Sam to downright torture him, people that prefer to see c!Dream as nothing but evil due to his actions imagine prison on the DSMP to not be equivalent to real life prison, and thus nowhere near as torturous as people are making it out to be.
Now all that is thrown out the window as c!Quackity quite literally tortures him.
So now the internet is faced with a question that, judging by some of the impulsive reactions *cough cough* celebrating torture *cough*, it didn’t turn out to be ready for.
Tell me.
How far do we go?
C!Dream hurt a LOT of people. He did a lot of things that caused irreparable damage. Now what? Do we torture him forever? Why? Because he deserves it? How do we determine that without comparing one kind of pain to another?
It’s custom and kindof generally respectful not to compare people’s pain too accurately, because different things vary greatly in severity depending on the person that experiences them.
At what point do we say he’s suffered enough without comparing exile to the prison?
And if we DO compare, does that even make the question easier to answer?
And if he’s never suffered enough ever, killing them would be a mercy...
At what point has a person done enough damage that they “deserve” to die? What if someone only did half of the things c!Dream did. But if c!Dream gets infinite punishment, and half of infinity is still infinity, do they ALSO deserve endless suffering?
Do you think every person that did something you can’t emphasize with deserves to suffer for eternity and die?
I’m not saying we SHOULD emphasize with c!Dream. He did things we cannot justify, that NOTHING can justify. He did things that were, by their nature, unjustified.
I’m also not saying anybody should forgive him. I think it’s a GOOD thing that c!Tommy doesn’t want nor is narratively pushed to forgive c!Dream.
But c!Dream doesn’t need c!Tommy’s forgiveness to be... a person.
There’s a saying that I’m sure you know, that goes “I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.”, because there’s things you wouldn’t want any human being to experience. Not because you like them, not cause you think they’re right, but because they’re human.
And perhaps this is my personal opinion, but I don’t think c!Dream being a bad person justifies dehumanizing him, because then we get into an area where someone needs to meet criteria just to be human.
I met someone once, whom, because of outside circumstances I knew I probably wouldn’t meet again. We’d been getting along just fine for people who just met, and were both getting into an interesting discussion about morality. They kept insisting upon something I kept refuting, so they said they needed to get something off their chest.
They proceeded to tell me that they had, years ago, while a teen, manipulated someone in a relationship, pushed boundaries and tried to convince them to do things they didn’t really want to do to get what they wanted.
They cried, while telling me, too terrified to tell anybody they know, terrified nobody would ever speak to them again, insanely regretful of their actions. They didn’t know whether to go back and apologize or just stay as far away as humanly possible, didn’t know which one the right thing to do is.
It had been years, by then, and I talked them through it. I said that what they did was bad, and there’s no going around that. But I also said what I saw, which is someone who would never do something like that ever again. I saw a human being. Someone who regrets a mistake they did and now, after enough time has passed, would do anything to make it undone.
Someone who is too terrified to be close to anybody in fear that they would do it again. I don’t remember if they already went to therapy or not, but it was definitly on the table, or in the near future.
They asked me how I could possibly even keep talking to them after they told me all that. They implied they felt like some kind of monster despite literally chocking back tears, firmly convinced they don’t deserve to be close to anybody in their life ever again.
I never swerved from the fact that what they did was wrong, and harmful. But I also told them they’re human. The universe isn’t keeping score. They want to be a better person now, and they were never going to learn how if they never let themselves be close to anybody.
I told them to seek therapy, and to slowly, carefully, try. Assured them that the fact that they regret it so strongly will at least help them in not falling back into the same pattern, and if they do, they can learn to recognize that.
They thanked me after the conversation, genuinely, especially for the fact that I didn’t sugarcoat what happened, because I know otherwise it would’ve felt like I was lying, like I was just sparing their feelings. I wasn’t. I was thinking about how to make sure they get to live without hurting anybody.
As per the circumstances, we didn’t speak again after that, which we knew basicly from the very start.
I still think about that conversation a lot.
Do you think they should’ve been locked up for life after it happened, instead?
Do you think this real human being, that I spoke to, that took years to realize their mistake - and never would have realized it if they hadn’t had the time to, if they’d been killed right afterwards - deserves to suffer forever?
Let me tell you something, from someone who’s been in more than one abusive situation: People that hurt you are human.
That doesn’t mean you have to forgive them. That doesn’t mean you have to like them. That doesn’t mean you have to make an effort to understand them. That doesn’t mean you need to go anywhere near them ever again.
You can hate them. You can be angry at them. You can (and should) go as far away from them as possible, and/or defend yourself.
But that doesn’t mean you have to dehumanize them.
You’re allowed to hate and dislike people that are human, because you’re human, especially if they hurt you. That’s how life is.
And to go back to my original point - c!Quackity torturing c!Dream is not something that should be celebrated.
There’s a difference between necessary measures (locking c!Dream up so he doesn’t hurt anyone), and torturing people for fun.
It’s not right. It’s never going to be right, and do not justify literal torture on human beings, and do not make someone lower-than-human to justify torturing them.
Taking revenge on someone for what they did tenfold is romanticized, I know, but I promise you it’s not actually as cool as it sounds.
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cinnamonest · a year ago
Why no Albedo with Sucrose darling? So much toxic potential. Sucrose being the subordinate who admires him so much that she's permissive of his more questionable and obsessive behavior until its too late.
UMF YES just! I still really love the concept of outwardly humble, internally pretentious Albedo that enjoys his intellectual superiority... He would like the fact that she's got some insecurity/self esteem issues tbh. Keeps her from getting too cocky bc deep down he's subconsciously a bit threatened by the idea that she could be as smart as he is. That's Not Allowed™ so consequently he'd be insanely emotionally manipulative and toxic bc he knows exactly how much she values his opinion.
Never *blatantly* putting her down, BUT... Backhanded compliments. "This is pretty good, almost as good as Timaeus's," "it's not the best you've ever done, but I still think it's decent," that sort of thing. Withdrawing a talking to her less sometimes, so she comes crawling to him trying to impress him to get that positive attention he's made her come to crave. When she's getting just a little too confident, gotta make her start doubting herself again, all without making it obvious.
But at the same time, when she's insecure, praising her and making her feel great. Being her source of confidence and happiness. Making her emotional state depend entirely on him.
And ohhhh subtly hinting to things about her that would make sure she stays his by making her think he's all she can have. Don't worry, *I* like your ears... Implying what she's insecure of deep down, that they're weird looking or that most guys wouldn't like them. Subtle remarks about how he's glad she can still keep working for him... After all, most girls by your age are already getting married. Surely she has a ton of men all over her and is just rejecting them, right...? Oh, no? Maybe she's pouring herself into a career as a coping mecha... Ah, nevermind, forget he said that... It makes her feel soooo insecure and becomes desperate not only for approval, but romantic validation. Of course, she doesn't realize that every man that approaches her is getting glared at to the point they don't even dare make a move, and those who do are threatened into backing off, so it appears to her like she's just unwanted.
Which is why it feels so nice to have the validation of someone who does love and appreciate her... Being affectionate and touchy... And why she gives it up so easily and just lets herself get fucked because it makes her so happy to be loved by the only person she looks up to. And when he tells her not to go back to town, just stay up here in the mountains at the lab, let him do all the errand running and interacting with anyone who isn't him, don't talk to other people and don't ever leave without his permission... It doesn't seem creepy to her because she's too overwhelmed by the affection to care until it's too late.
Anyways yes incredibly manipulative and toxic bf Albedo supremacy
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albatris · 8 months ago
!!! Saturday!! STS!!!! Mmm I would like to know more about vampire instincts and such. I know hunt and kill instinct is a thing often helped along by the Garble. I also know be cosy and maybe purr instinct is a thing. I want to know ✨more✨ please
Saturday!! STS!! thank you for the question!!
you are correct!! as far as vampire instincts go, Hunt And Kill is one, and Be Cosy And Maybe Purr is another, though both come from rather conflicting places in the Garble
the desire to be cosy and Especially cosy amongst other people (to pile together with friends as cats do) is mostly just a Simple Yearning at its core, and stems from the sad sad human centre of the Garble craving the warmth and love and safety it hasn't had for hundreds of years :c it expresses itself as an instinctive drive in most vamps. seek warm. snuggle friend. achieve cosy. do happy purr
there's no punishment for refusing to listen to the Cosy Time instinct, other than the vampire probably being kind of :( about it
Murder Time instinct is a much more aggressive state for obvious reasons, primarily driven by The Entire Rest Of The Garble That Isn't The Human Centre. much harder to resist and ignoring it tends to have gruesome consequences one way or another
Garble instills the craving for blood into your body, makes not satisfying that craving more physically agonising the longer it goes on.... Garble produces happy excited chemicals when you're hunting and killing n whispers sweet words of reassurance that this is totally normal..... Garble rewards you with many delicious tastes during and many nice feelings afterwards :)
if you for whatever reason manage to not give it what it wants for long enough (either through not having access to blood or just by having fucking insane levels of self-control) the Garble will eventually just decide you're not worth its resources and be like "ok I'm going to fry your organs now and pilot your lifeless body. yoink"
so ya, human centre of the Garble just encourages Be Cosy And Purr, where the main Garble Demands hunting and killing and such. rewards you if you listen, fucks you up real bad if you don't
other vampire instincts!
in place of any, like...... formal laws in vampire society (and I say "society" loosely, there's not an awful lot of structure to it in the spheres the story's MCs frequent, tbh but that's a ramble for another day), the "rules" for existing as a vampire are basically just results of the Garble's influence n the way it instills general instinctive drives, if that makes sense!
essentially, rules for being a vampire - don't do anything the Garble will fry your insides and seize control of your corpse for. keep the Garble happy
even if you don't believe in the Garble, it's pretty easy to pick up that Bad Stuff happens when you go against your instincts too much
those are The Rules
(the Ethels have their own ideas about Rules For Vampires, but the Ethels will only fuck you up if you fuck up in their presence, they're not any sort of, like.................. all-powerful vampire council or whatever, they're just little weird insanely powerful bastards doing their own weird thing)
most near-universal vampire instincts are just echoes of the Garble's own fears and desires, rather than any strategic planning on the Garble's part. most are formed around self-preservation and not wanting to be destroyed
for instance, there's no specific laws regarding secrecy and remaining hidden from humans, vampires are just all pumped full of instinctive Garble paranoia and the desperation to protect their vulnerabilities, so the idea of putting their existence in jeopardy is something they shy away from automatically
which, fair, most vampires are fine with that. it's a little easier to continue existing in human society when humans don't know you routinely have to eat them. like. society as a whole? would not take that WELL
and vampire hunters are a whole thing
there are. bendy bits! in this instinct though, since it's an instinct driven by fear and the presence of a Threat, n vampires generally speaking can push back against instincts to differing degrees depending on a lot of factors
n 'cause like, yeah, obviously Nat has human friends, Quinn's been best friends with Alex for ages, Lloyd has(/had) vampire relatives
a vampire having a small group of trusted human friends is. hm. frowned upon in lots of circles, but is certainly not uncommon. the Garble would naturally consider them food, but the Garble wouldn't consider them a threat
like. a vamp hanging with a small group of human loved ones and feeling relaxed and fine and safe is a completely different ballgame to like
a vampire in fight-or-flight mode who feels threatened by a human or group of humans, eg Nat with March, or Nat with early-story Yvonne initially 'cause she knows he's a vampire and they're both under a fuckload of stress and view each other as a Legitimate Threat, that kind of thing would trigger a Garble response of potentially Murder Kill Bite Instinct but definitely Protect The Secret Instinct
and a vampire about to reveal their existence to an entire crowded shopping mall would trigger a Garble response of Stop Right Now Or I'll Kill You And Ratatouille Your Corpse
but yeah, there's wiggle room, mostly depending on whether or not the vampire can convincingly decide "no threat here!" in a way that the Garble is just like. eh whatever I have bigger fish to fry
as with everything in vampire life you just have to be wary of the fact that the Garble can see into your brain whenever it likes and knows damn well when you're about to pull some risky bullshit
other Greebly instincts include Things To Avoid! Direct Sunlight Bad is a big one, even if the vampire in question has no real personal reason to avoid it. the inner parts of the Garble can be destroyed in the sunlight, which is a fear that tends to echo through its hivemind to varying degrees. early-story Nat has an extremely mild reaction to sunlight (it gets much worse, don't you worry!) but being out in direct sunlight still makes him jumpy and uncomfortable n he prefers to stick to the shade
also, arguably this is an instinct for most living creatures, but Don't Fucking Die is a pretty big one lmao. mostly just because the Garble started its little system specifically out of a terror of death and all it entails. the unknown, helplessness, inevitability, decay, etc etc etc. like, yeah, the terror and helplessness in the face of the unknown was the main root of it for the Greeb I think
vampires as a whole tend to instinctively jump to self-preservation as a top priority in chaotic scenarios, then may backtrack and be like Wait No I Need To Help Friends if the pull can be resisted
and that terror-of-the-unknown thing expresses itself in casual life as vampires typically being insufferably insatiably curious nosy bastards who constantly ask questions and want to know Everything All The Time and get super antsy if they think you're keeping secrets from them
which is kind of endearing but annoying
it can easily dip into anxiety and panic and obsession. please do not try to throw a surprise party for your vampire friend, they will assume you are plotting to kill them and they will cry and have a panic attack
yeah in general though. the Garble is a fear-based system that runs on fear and was created from fear. vampires r jumpy paranoid easily-stressed-out folks with an ingrained sense of impending doom most of the time
n also the Garble is more than willing to use this as leverage in order to get its little hivemind servants to do what it wants, eg. "don't resist the Bite Kill Murder instinct or I will kill you instead"
it is extremely ridiculously understandably common for vampires to have anxiety-centred disorders and a slew of other mental health struggles lmao
BUT YEAH that's what I've got at the moment
it's also important to note that, like, though these are typical vampire instincts and somewhat involuntary, the ability to control and resist them varies due to a lot of factors: how experienced the vampire in question is, how stubborn they are, stress levels, how much Garble they've got goin on in their bloodstream, did they get enough sleep, how much do they actually wanna do the thing, whether they already leaned into that desire as a human or not, did they get startled by a weird bug this morning, basically anything
n like. the Garble tends to use a little extra oomph for younger vampires especially when it comes to the murder instinct stuff, because they've just come from being human and are usually fairly resistant to "now you are going to eat someone" urges
which ironically leads to them having a reputation for Not being particularly resistant to those urges
so baby vampires like Nat have to work pretty hard to learn how to Chill The Fuck Out, and also are often forced to lean into those sweet sweet Garble instincts when it comes time to actually chase down some sustenance, 'cause otherwise they'd have a nervous breakdown
Nat describes the experience as his body moving on its own and his brain going into autopilot, generally accompanied by feelings of excitement and enjoyment. not unconscious, just Not Quite Nat. way more graceful and agile and powerful and capable than regular Nat. hard to snap out of if needed, but Quinn can usually get through to him and late-story Nat can bring himself out of it just fine (and mostly just continues doing it at all because it's fun which. hm. kinda yikes but alright)
vampires like Alex (more experienced or just Extremely Fucking Stubborn) tend to be more controlled and deliberate, and can sort of pick and choose what to lean into and what to ignore completely
for instance Alex likes to ignore basically everything the Garble says. not to the point of it being legitimately life-threatening, though Alex IS able to push it that far (a story for another day). but like Alex just sort of picks when it wants to do necessary vampire things purely out of convenience and if that happens to line up with when the Garble wants it to do the thing, well, that's fine!
if it doesn't line up, the Garble can go fuck itself. Alex will get there when it gets there. it has a life, you know
anyway. lots of rambles. sorry for rambles. hope you enjoyed rambles
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mattelektras · 4 months ago
in your opinion what’s ur top 4 worst dc writers and top 4 worst marvel writers (and maybe top writers too for both?)
even writers i'd put at the top i have issues with sometimes or im not willing to commit to them being good for the future i dont wanna get too friendly w these bitches
tbh most writers write for both marvel and dc (and other stuff) so theres only rly one list and it’s more than 4 because i’m jessie, 25, and i never learned how to shut the fuck up
frank miller - has wronged me personally as well as just. being a bad person and that showing in his writing
dan slott - will see a spiderman franchise doing perfectly fine, ask who is going to fuck this up for the rest of time? and not wait for an answer
grant morrison - just never seems to care about the history of the character theyre writing. like there's jsut no substance because they pretty much do whatever they want regardless of the consequences
charles soule - has wronged me personally. writes comics for years and fails to convince me even once that he likes the character
scott lobdell - just. a fucking idiot. just dumb as all fuck w the atrocious choices he makes in his writing. an honest to god moron
dc: tom king - just writes in circles whist thinking he's saying something profound. he isnt
chuck austen - makes some balls to the walls insane choices no one asked for. sees a woman, fuckin floors it. yes she hulk SHOULD fuck juggernaut and anyone who disagrees doesnt understand redemption
bendis - just. wildly shifts from writing good shit and then some absolute nonsense. often tries to take established characters in new directions and it WORKS sometimes ie daredevil identity reveal but other times its a shitshow ie mcu tinged guardians
brian azzarello - edginess isnt a skill. i would know
favourites that i like but exist eternally on thin ice
mark waid - basic action superhero genre shit w a real intelligence and thoughtfulness which is what makes comics more than just silly little picture books sometimes
ed brubaker - has a classic spy brand throughout all of his books without it being repetitive or boring or out of place
ann nocenti - really DEVELOPS her characters. no character shes ever written has been the same at the end of her run. you believe that theyre really gone through some shit
greg rucka (elektra vol 2 notwithstanding. i do not perceive it) - just fuckin. GOOD honestly. innovative stories without the need for continuity events, care about what hes writing
peter milligan - this is a me thing i think. i just find his writing kinda comfy. ive read elektra vol1, justice league dark vol 1, xstatix more times than i can count. theyre nothing universe changing or groundbreaking and they dont really matter in the grand scheme but i have Fun. his red lanterns book give me bleez content. i owe him my life
john byrne - his superman stuff has real like. soul. and u cant write superman without it. ppl talk about frank miller ~~~~defining batman or daredevil or whatever but byrne's superman is what Defining a character looks like imo
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marshmallowprotection · 4 days ago
Hi, I'd like to ask for a match-up if you don't mind. This might be fairly lengthy or idk sorry about that. I use she/her and I think I'm pan although I would much rather not use labels for something as fluid as sexuality. My love languages are quality time and acts if service.
I've been told that I seem unapproachable to those who dont know me, which is understandable since I'm reserved around others most of the time. However, that's not the case at all with my close friends. I'm far more relaxed and expressive around them.
I'd say I have very low self esteem and find nothing to like about myself so I rely heavily on external validation, but only from people who mean somethingto me. I fear being perceived in a way i don't want by them so that sometimes leads to me being insincere with them at the start of relationships.
This will be a cliche but I've had my gifted kid burnout lol. It lead me to have a horrific work ethic like even right now I'm procrastinating on revising for an exam lmao. As for my grades they vary according to how much the subject interests me. Like I score really well on subjects like Math, English and psychology but in subjects like chemistry and physics, they're insanely unpredictable depending on if I liked that topic or not (anywhere from 40-100[which is sad tbh wish I was more consistent💀 also idk the us grade equivalent]) so I'd say interest plays a really important role in my actions.
That being said I gain and lose interest in stuff pretty quickly so it is really hard to talk about hobbies or likes and dislikes lmao. But a general trend that I've noticed is I unironically like pretentious shit lol. Psychology, law, philosophy and literature interest me very much. Other than that I've recently been getting into astrology bc of a friend and it's kinda fun?? Lol. Oh and for what it's worth I'm a Capricorn sun and moon and Virgo rising.
I also really like writing and have a collection of poems, some of which are embarrassingly edgy but in my defence I wrote them while having an emo phase back in middle school. But I still enjoy writing poetry and other short pieces. I also like singing and I think I'm slightly above mid at it idk. Other than that I like spending time with people who don't drain me on good days.
I tend to mess up a lot in relationships bc idk I somehow end up convincing myself I'm not worthy of them so I self sabotage a lot. Idk if this is relevant but I struggle a lot with mental health but I sought help this year so slay. I can also get pretty obsessive over them due to my pretty bad mental health. And uhhh like idk but if those feelings are not returned it just crashes and burns lmao like I end up hating them, which is honestly awful on my part, but I have to hate them too get over them. But eventually that hatred fizzles out into indifference but idk.
But uh sad stuff aside, I love passionately lmao. Like I spoil the fuck out of my friends and people I love. Handmade gifts, surprise trips, playlists or idk, just lying on the bed vibing in silence I just like hanging around with them. I make all of their problems mine and don't stop until I make them go away completely, or if I can't, I feel guilty about it. I'd say I like helping people. I want to be a therapist because I want to help people feel better or at least let them have some semblance of peace. Seeing that my efforts have made someone feel better makes me inexplicably happy.
And after all that would looks matter lol idk. But like it's safe to say that I'm conventionally ugly lmao. But I don't really mind it. I've made peace with it.
Ok that was genuinely long so sorry about that ahaha. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and have a great day!
I match you with...
You're the kind of person that is hyper-vigilant about everything that you do. No matter how you came to be this way, it's something that you're aware of and you have a hard time turning off. You are aware that actions have consequences and decisions can do things to other people. One of the things about being an empathetic person is you are constantly checking yourself. It means that you're a good person who always tries their best, but it also means that you wind up limiting yourself in other ways because while you try to emotionally regulate others, you forget to emotionally regulate yourself.
In that case, you need somebody in your life who knows how to remind you that you come first. It's important to help other people but don't take off all of your clothes in a blizzard to protect somebody else and leave yourself with nothing. So having somebody in your life that knows how to take care of other people is important. It makes you a powerful duo in your own right when you're having a good day, but it also keeps the two of you in check when you need a reminder that you need to be taken care of. Jumin is your man for that reason. He can be there for you and you can be there for him.
You’re passionate, too. You like to create with your hands and that leads to you sitting around with Jumin as you work, and he chuckles in approval, working on his projects at the same time. He loves to watch you make something out of the tools you have! It inspires him to focus harder on the hobbies he has. It’s meant to be methodical... but you remind him that it’s a creative endeavor, too. A labor of love molded by your hands. You inspire your lover every day just by being the person that you are. Love is strong and true, and you never have to be afraid of looking over at him and not seeing the same love-filled eyes. It’s always there in his heart.
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tommie-hildebrandt · 7 months ago
wip pre-intro: two teeth missing
i cannot for the life of me keep quiet about my new wip for another day, so consider this a pre-intro or something because i have nothing figured out at this stage.
Tumblr media
what's the insanity this time?
i'm glad you're (not) asking! "two teeth missing" is a literary novel with a lot of vibes and queerness going on. the characters are immaculate. please do not ask about the plot.
what's the plot?
uhh why do i do this to me. so the novel is about birdie irvine, a disoriented young adult figuring out she's aromantic after she's married her childhood enemy. also about her conflicts with her sibling lark, who left her alone with her family years ago to study birds at the coast. probably also about found family, love vs. attraction vs. romance, neurodiversity, adulthood, loneliness, city vs. nature, beauty, and the apocalypse of normality.
i'm writing this and it has to be now because i haven't felt such a strong pull towards a story in a long time. the characters are recycled from an old project i won't ever rewrite because it's young adult dystopian, but i've never stopped thinking about it and now it feels so special to come back to some parts of it. it's just ... right. i want to write about people who are hungry, people who have contradictory feelings, people with big crooked noses. i want to write about being aromantic and make it beautiful. i'm at a stage of my life where everyone is lost, and everything is complicated, and i want to say how it feels. i mean, i could marry someone right now and it'd probably terrible. i could move to the coast and be lonely. i could drive to a far-away field tonight and scream until there's no air inside my lungs and i wouldn't face any consequences. but i'd have to pay the fuel. isn't this absurd?
the title
as always, i have to mention that a) i'll be writing in german, sorry you guys, and b) the german title is wildly different. for those interested, it's "wir sind götter etc." right now, which translates to "we are gods etc." (and this just doesn't sound good enough). a better variant would be "we, the gods etc." but i still don't like it enough, so we'll have to go with the two missing teeth and i'm sure i'll figure out what they are and why they are missing!
Tumblr media
the characters
obviously i've made picrews, but i found myself actually liking the sketches in my notes better, so i decided to share my sketches! i'm not really an artist, but i hope they convey the vibes :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
say hi to birdie, tom, lark and manu!
~ she/her, aromantic ~ red hair, huge grin, not really conventionally pretty ~ loves chaos, storms, everything fast and bright and colorful ~ always hungry. loads of appetite. ~ doesn't know what to do with her life but she's still going (somewhere) and whoops she married tom, her rival since childhood after meeting him again in the city she moved to
~ he/him, straight-ish ~ dark hair, dark eyes, dark moods ~ obsessed with the concept of death, works as a coffin-bearer ~ his passion is to catch insects and preserve them ~ surprisingly peaceful and soft in his day-to-day-life (has a favorite mug and a very clean apartment) ~ thinks 24/7 about how beautiful and brilliant birdie is and loves her to death (haha get it?) ~ probably shouldn't have proposed to her though
~ he/they (prefers neutral terms like sibling instead of brother), no labels ~ if howl from howl's moving castle and fujimoto from ponyo had a child, it would be him ~ studies biology to become an ornithologist but tbh i don't think they care about uni at all ~ works in a small souvenir shop by the coast (hand-crafts jewelry from seashells and does tarot readings); lives in the attic above said shop ~ autistic ~ hopes to reunite with birdie someday
~ they/she/he, panromantic, demisexual ~ chubby and strong, the most beautiful brown eyes, presents feminine but in a masculine way if that makes sense (enjoys to look like a boy in a dress) ~ just. good. and very nurturing and wholesome ~ takes birdie in when she's new to the city and treats her like a sister ~ has a bunch of friends but still feels lonely ~ just wonderful overall
that's it for today because i don't know much more about the project yet! i would love to be tagged in tag games that allow me to talk about this, or to be asked any questions though :) just very obsessed right now!!
if someone wants me to do a taglist, tell me and i shall provide!
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firelxdykatara · a year ago
What happened to Penny is still upsetting tbh, if it was going to end like this for her, why not just give Winter the Maiden powers to begin with, from Fria?? Like?? Did RT really have to make the audience watch Penny die like 3 times now?
That’s the thing, tbh. Penny’s ‘storyline’, such as it is, in volumes 7 and 8 reads as excessively cruel, with very little pay-off to warrant it.
And I mean that genuinely--there was no reason for any of it. @itsclydebitches has pointed out in her last recap and subsequent posts about Penny that, ultimately, nothing Penny did since she was revealed to be alive in v7 has mattered. Winter was supposed to get the maiden powers from Fria in the first place--now she has them. Penny was meant to be the Defender of Mantle--now Mantle is destroyed, a huge portion of its people dead or lost to the void with the rest in Vacuo, and she didn’t do much to defend Mantle in the first place after her initial reveal at the beginning of V7. (Just like Robyn was stealing supplies to give back to Mantle and there was no evidence she did anything with them.) Tyrian attacked a political rally and Watts framed Penny in the process--but this was immediately forgotten in the very next episode and never mentioned again. Penny had her ‘real girl’ness validated at the end of Volume 7 when she got the Maiden powers (after having spent her existence in volumes 1 through 3 being told and realizing that she already was a real girl, that what made her a person was her soul and it didn’t matter that she had nuts and bolts instead of squishy guts, she was just as much a real girl as ruby)--but this was completely invalidated right before her death, when she was given a human body and suddenly now she was a ‘real girl’, this point rubbed in by her realization about how ‘warm’ hugs were. (As if she didn’t love hugs before? As if her preferred method of greeting Ruby wasn’t a highly energetic and enthusiastic glomp?)
The only thing Penny actually did that seemed to matter in the least to the actual story was holding up Amity, but that was only necessary because of a drawn out fight that was ultimately useless filler and achieved nothing of consequence. Cinder didn’t get the Maiden powers. Ruby told the world about Salem, with no concern for the worldwide panic and chaos (aka the perfect recipe for increased Grimm attacks all across Remnant) this might cause, hoping to get help for Atlas--and no help came. Penny got hacked, and wound up spending the next several episodes either passed out or trying to get to the vault before getting knocked out again. And not only was the plan to get her a new body completely unnecessary (there was no reason for her to have a self-destruct order in the first place--especially since Watts tailored the virus on orders from Salem, why wouldn’t she just have him direct Penny to return to the whale after opening the vault, ensuring she had another Maiden under her power?--but there are some very easy options for how to get rid of the virus without making Penny human), but the plan to evacuate Atlas and Mantle was one that could easily have been proposed at the end of last volume, making the entirety of v8 feel like useless filler which accomplished nothing except the total destruction of one character and a few meaningless deaths from the background cast.
Nothing Penny did since her rebirth and reappearance in the show mattered even a little bit. Which makes the choice to bring her back just to make us watch her die again--twice! her robot body just crumpling and laying there while no one cared bothered me almost more than her real death two episodes later--feel needlessly cruel. Like they just brought her back to get viewers excited, because she was a fan favorite character who died pretty brutally in the first place (but for whom the door was always open to return--because she was a robot, and if she could be built once she could be rebuilt, I was just hoping for her second life to actually matter and for her resurrection to have meaning, like??? why didn’t ruby react at all to someone she loved coming back to life i still do not understand), and they needed to find things for her to do before killing her to cut down a little on their insane character bloat. Which is, like, almost understandable, except that character bloat is a problem they created in the first place, and if they weren’t going to do anything meaningful with Penny’s resurrection (like having there be some consequences to rebuilding her, having her friends [especially Ruby] react to her life, giving her a substantial plot that actually affected the base storyline in a meaningful way, not invalidating the entirety of her character arc by giving her Pinocchio’s ‘i’m a real boy now’ human body while ignoring that she was a subversion of Pinocchio in the first place), I really would have preferred she just stay dead.
I love Penny, and she really deserved better.
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chmaxion · 6 months ago
key of tags 4 sorting:
ref -> images or information i want to directly use e.g. for a drawing study, inspiration
info -> something on a subject I'm interested in and wish to research further into
aes -> pretty :) here for the vibes
obsessed -> things i go insane over and need to always have access to, things core to my existence
want -> crafts I want to make, things I would like to buy/have, video games I want to play, etc. just like stuff for future use
to use -> sites or links that i'll use eventually i promise, various resources
misc -> catchall so I can keep track of posts without a category
style -> art or tutorials I want to incorporate into my work/use as inspiration
anthropology -> information/articles on history that are just interesting :)
events -> stuff related to current events in the world, mainly political analysis or rare issues, donation links and petitions
disability -> posts from others that I relate to, hopefully I can use these to properly explain my problems to doctors and stuff. also resources, research, discussion of societal issues, etc.
gender -> things that reflect how I want to present and be in the future. discussions of feelings/issues, resources, grounding, etc. related to gender
study:__ -> images or prompts i want to use for practice, sorted into specific subject categories by what i want to work on: general, body types, light, texture, colour, poses, environment, animal, stylized, realism, composition, technique, line, painting, writing, comic, medium
story:__ -> is direct inspiration for one of my stories/long term thoughts, reminds me of it or can be used when developing it, basically pintrest boards :/
ghost -> alternative medieval world seen through lingering spirit, interpersonal drama and political consequences, green bog vs red desert, advanced technology in semi-accurate medieval aesthetics, diplomacy and intercontinental conquest
nefelibata -> fantasy/sci fi cloud civilization, looping story about dealing with regret/grief/shame/depression with many possible outcomes, modern fantasy aesthetics, bright blue and faded colours, intended to be video game (so may also include coding/mechanic references)
tbh -> to be a hero, teenage adventure set in 2012, very realistic but narrative carried by exaggerated/idealized perspective of main characters, time powers, exploration of queer relationships and aroace identity
fnetgj -> for not even the gods judge, historical fantasy exploring religion and life in Europe in __ period (currently undecided :/ originally reformation), travel through continent while discussing social existentialism, historical recreation/costuming is big resource, not accurate reflection of history but a dissection of themes/cultures in an imagined world
long -> biopunk sci fi post-apocalyptic action epic, so many fucking characters/plots/backstories, basically young me's diary/collection of inspiring media and way of processing world, exploration of variety of issues mainly societal/governance and interpersonal connection despite trauma, decolonized leftist theory and sustainability, solarpunk vs afro futurism, decaying brutalism vs modernist perfectionism vs low culture resistance
babylon -> cyberpunk dystopia in high concept/absurdist world, allegory for climate crisis, inhospitable city that keeps building upwards as water rises, chosen one narrative, existential philosophy through multi-layered metaphors
minecraft -> inspiration for builds in my minecraft worlds, yes this belongs here >:^(
games -> medieval islamic and eastern aesthetics/inspiration, biblical themes as allegory of societal collapse/events, sequential world building of an isolated culture through a series of different tabletop games :) first: dnd campaign second: risk/civilizations empire management game (need info on mechanics, play styles, execution for both)
superhero -> contemporary world with established superhero industry, set it american city with asian diaspora, explores complex relationships with family, inherited trauma and responsibility
photographs -> completely normal contemporary world, gay love story except told as if one of them died, homophobia testing limits of familiar bonds, set on post colonial polynesian island (parallel world not real)
scifi short -> high military sci fi short, brutality of reigning class emphasized through sudden shift of perspective, probs written but i have so many cool ideas for costume design :(
potions -> classical fantasy throughout time periods centred on cottage pocket dimension, girl makes potions and steps into unique times/places for ingredients, removal from flow of time, collection game/simple tasks and minigames, variety to allow me to practice coding and video game design
fairytale -> various classic fairytales reinterpretated through queer theme (e.g. aro beauty and beast, trans little mermaid, dysphoria as doppelganger), reference to all versions of tale and historical perspectives, uses aesthetics from source material but completely modern narrative, historically accurate/reconstruction 1800s world with fantasy/magic
dreamer -> classic high fantasy vs contemporary, teenage isekai, about types of relationships and love/reliance, RECENTLY REVIVED BABEY!!
other -> catch all for smaller ideas
theme:__ -> the start of an idea but not a full project yet, organizing categories to be used within and bridge across other sections. List of words used so far under cut (try to stick to them for the love of god).
# 3D modelling,
A architecture, artifact,
C chinese painting, clouds, creatures, crystalline, cyber, cat
D decay
E embroidery, environmental
F fashion, folklore, futuristic,
G growth, ghastly
H hostile
J jewellery,
K kill all men,
L language
M machines, medic, memory
N nostalgia, nmc
P physics, pokemon, prehistory, print, privacy, pixel
Q queer
R relationship,
S salt, sand, shadows, skateboarding, slogan, snow, space, statue, steampunk,
T tech, trauma
V vintage, videogame
W worldwide, watercolour
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kuroken-lovechild · a year ago
How haikyuu characters would play genshin impact:
//featuring me nerding out about mbti types 😔
As an ESFP he would probably choose his main based on who feels good to use
Quick movements, lots of jumping, strong = XIAO MAIN (probably finds the flashiness and edginess cool and enjoys the button mashing too)
would aggressively compete with kageyama on who can beat spiral abyss the fastest and with the shortest time
unfortunately they’re both not very good (initially because kenma helps him out after)
Would try to follows the plot but dialogue goes over his head
Does not understand stats other than attack at first
Wish impulse is real and never has any primos
would attempt to talk to every npc
Has no idea what wishing/gacha is at first and builds his starters really well
Then he found out and currently mains Ganyu, Zhongli, Hutao for the big numbers
gloats about his first 5 star to hinata
Does not talk to NPCs at all and barely digs into the story
only there for spiral abyss and to make his characters stronger
Didn’t wanna play until yamaguchi dragged him in to have someone to co op with
Appreciates the story and lore more than the gameplay aspect
Eula, razor (cv uchiyama kouki) main—easy to build, easy to use
Doesn’t care about wishing either
Got Eula by accident and now holds it over kageyama’s head
Has really good artifact RNG that it infuriates kagehina (gloats about it to fan the flame 😚)
he’s infp he chooses based on characters he likes 🥺
Diluc, albedo, ayaka main
(i can’t explain why I think he’d like those three, it just Makes Sense)
Co ops with tsukki and yachi, plays both dps and support
Spiral abyss makes him anxious but he pushes through anyway!!
Starter team king 😩
Feels bad about switching his regular team out FJDFJDJJDDJ DAICHI
Probably a casual player though
Plays to coop with suga and tanaka but they carry him through domains
he’s trying his best
Mains based on whoever’s fun to play too!!
but enjoys more of a challenge
Childe main
Waiting for Scaramouche to drop hAha 🥲 and harbingers in general
Appreciates the plot and is very interested in lore!!
Diligently does spiral abyss
Doesn’t quite wish on impulse, but if theres a character he likes he’ll spend everything on their banner
Does not play, got too scared (see: haikyuu ova)
Rolls VERY much on impulse
Similar to hinata in that he also likes playing playstyles that feel good
Xiao and/or yoimiya main
(xiao because he’s short jk)
Probably raised Rosaria and planned to use her
Plot who???? we only care about world exploration and fighting in this house
wished for all the women, raised all the women, uses all the women
Primarily mains Rosaria, ningguang and Lisa though
sorry beidou you remind him of his sister too much
waiting for signora like many of us are
Coops with noya and has INSANELY bad rng luck
Also chooses based on characters’ personalities
gay, mains sucrose and jean
isfj child and probably feels bad about the underrated characters :(
uses amber, xinyan and qiqi too!
Raises all characters but hasn’t raised anyone to 90
Coops with yamaguchi and uses jean (as healer, support, damage dealer)
Talks to NPCs and sympathizes with their sad backstories
Gets too anxious to do spiral floors 9-12 too (mood)
Oh boy
this ENFJ 3w2 guy? you KNOW he’s gonna be the best
As long as it doesn’t clash with volleyball of course
Very VERY competitive in abyss
Has one character hed get attached to but doesn’t limit himself to using them only
Incredibly focused on team synergy, carefully crafts teams to bring out the best in each character
Tests best damage output too
But also he’d probably use meta characters and secretly raise the ones he actually likes?
Current fave: Yoimiya
Uses strong characters for coop but uses his faves for single player domains (or coop with iwaizumi)
Likes characters but surprisingly wouldnt be too invested in the plot
does not whale out of pride
Geo user
Uses characters he finds respectable in the storyline + hard hitters
Razor, klee, jean main but unaware of the family relationship
Sometimes uses beidou although her burst takes too long sometimes
Pretty casual player, only started because of Oikawa
obviously he and matsukawa would make zhongli pillar dick jokes
Kaeya and beidou main (he thinks they’re cool)
Not that impatient to wait for bursts to charge or has a lot of energy recharge
……. Hutao main
funeral home
Would use qiqi and hutao together for the meme then grows to genuinely like qiqi
Saves up for a really long time then spends it all at once
Doesn’t play much tbh
Offline for a week, comes back to do commissions for one day, leaves
Hed be pretty good
but lazy and forget to do dailies
then buy welkin moon instead
Focuses more on the story too rather than gameplay and points out loopholes
Mains whoever he has in his team with good synergy (like chongyun xingqiu xiangling)
Rage quits 5 minutes in after hearing paimon’s voice 😔
Throws his phone at the wall
Simps for jean
Mains jean
Dedicated to dailies and spiral abyss
But doesn’t wish that much
Was the one who tried getting kyoutani into it and suffered the consequences
ENTP king raises a whole arsenal of characters for spiral abyss
I cant see him really getting attached to one in particular ?
makes zhongli pillar dick jokes every chance he can get
but also uses him for utility
Wants to try using a whole bunch of characters and wishes on every banner
But uses the meta ones with good team comps
sparks twitter debates with ….. interesting takes
“_____ is completely shit”
Whale whale whale whale
He’s tony to
Best synergy teams, understands the value of elemental mastery, REALLY values good supports, calculates possible damage numbers
Kazuha, zhongli, bennett, venti are a staple in his teams
Helps hinata and kuroo until kuroo teases too much by deliberately playing horribly
mildom and youtube streamer like murase ayumu
Appreciates story and lore very much too
he’d LOVE the children
Probably would use characters that remind him of family members and friends
Klee, diona, qiqi, chongyun, xingqiu, razor, bennett
does spiral abyss but not obsessively
I’m sorry he would not know how the game works
Doesn’t do the ascension quests and gets stuck at AR 26 with 500k extra points
Thinks he’s amazing but it’s because he’s stuck at world level 1
I’m sorry lev ily but ……. its the truth
Tries pulling for everyone too and mains the first 5 star he got
(childe because he’s russian AKSHDKDHSKSHS /j)
Wants diluc and xiao because they look cool but gets Mona instead (doesnt understand how to use her)
Also raises the women like tanaka but + kaeya
Lev complained to him about getting Mona while he’s wanted Mona for months
Not really a dedicated intense gamer EXCEPT for during those battle events
Eula, zhongli, diluc, xiao
but doesn’t know how to build either
doesn’t understand stats
would feel really bad for qiqi
Wouldn’t like signora for hurting venti :(
Wouldn’t like childe too :( until he plays the story quest and sees the ruin guard cutscene
then starts sobbing because of what a good brother he is
“AKAAAASSHI I wanna do that too!!!” then he dies
Tries to use childe but doesn’t understand the cool down management
Mispronounces and misspells tartaglia (タルタリア)
for more info on how bokuto plays genshin see Kimura ryohei’s YouTube channel ✨
the true childe main (just like me)
Uses characters based on utility
but mains whoever reminds him of bokuto FJDHFJFJDKSJ
Very good supports but unlike Kenma, he chooses and builds supports around his main
also uses very good supports so people won’t realize he’s using childe for the cv kimura ryohei (everyone knows anyway)
Literature nerd appreciates the plot, writing and deep lore too
Tries pulling for everyone but has REALLY bad luck
Has really good characters but never the one he wants
loses all 50/50s and has a c4 qiqi
Ends up maining qiqi as dps
sorry konoha i didn’t mean to slander you
does not know how to play or build
Uses whoever he has (aka starters)
Only plays because tendou downloaded and made an account for him
Doesn’t know how to ascend characters or farm
Forgets about talents (me)
Weirdly good RNG and doesn’t realize it 😩
“Let me look at your account wakatoshi-kun”
“You didn’t tell me you had 6 of jean’s Stella fortuna???”
“What’s that?”
this man pulls for the seiyuus
Mains childe, hutao, mona for 5 stars
childe and hutao’s instinct based quickswap playstyle works so well for him!
jokes about cosplaying mona then actually does
Knows how to build, grinds, and manages ushijima’s account for him
Probably whales too
Meta meta meta meta
But f2p meta
Loves setting up reactions
More into the lore too and researches theories
Remembers actual names of boss drops
Semi: so how many of those buttplugs do you have again
Shirabu: 💢stop calling them buttplugs, they have actual names 💢
VERY diligent with battle pass, dailies, achievements and spiral abyss full stars
Until he //SPOILERS gets into med school and has no time for shit
Would have a crush on a character I just know it
Invests heavily on his faves and is great at utilizing each of them
fussy . complains about a certain unit and how they can improve
or complains about how the game can improve to osamu
Osamu: yer just saying that cuz you couldn’t get a high score
Archons main (already saving for the tsaritsa)
Wouldn’t have a main dps but several hard hitting supports
Whale and falls victim to the weapon banner
More casual player than Atsumu but still tries to get higher than him in events and spiral abyss
If atsumu’s a whale, osamu’s a dolphin
Great at dodging
Catalyst user!!
Mains ningguang, klee, yanfei + other catalyst supports
Also uses keqing
the man appreciates routine aka VERY diligent with dailies, battle pass, farming
“if you do things properly results will follow” or whatever quote he said ✨
Starter team but raises other characters for abyss
Reads dialogue and appreciates the plot
Barely gachas
will defend TO THE DEATH the underappreciated characters
Has empathy for noelle 🥺🥺
Noelle, Barbara, xinyan, bennett, children user 🥺
Talks to every NPC and loves the backstories and lore
also would feel really bad for qiqi
Uses the tall men and women and builds them all as dps (childe zhongli diluc kaeya beidou ningguang jean lisa rosaria eula)
He’d probably make a support character a dps tbh
Disregards team synergy for the shits but somehow manages to do domains and abyss
c6 everyone
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Kingdom EP 3: The FAVORITISM starts showing.
I'll only shortly talk about the stages, because man, I need to rant about this ranking.
1. ♛ ATEEZ: Hongjoong watching pirates of the carribbean as research omg this man is amazing. I usually dislike remixes but my god they chose Dvorak?! ATEEZ x orchestral stuff = eargasm. Loved the arrangement. Loved the pirate concept. The stage was simple but effective, besides the ... Huge Kraken arm ...
2. SF9: What differed them a lot from all others was the fact they included women in their performance, and it had an extremely sensual vibe ... Loved the outfits, love the arrangement, loved the interactions with the dancers. I think the camera work was low-key off at some points, for example when Dawon danced in the center between the dancers, he was covered by them a lot ... Idk if that was on purpose. I also would have highlighted Jaeyoon's jump with better camerawork tbh but well.
3. Stray Kids: Honestly I had no idea what's happening there, there was even more going on than in the tbz stage before, totally not my cup of tea. Felt super messy and overwhelming to me, and EXTREMELY long.
Now to the voting. This ugly favouritism pls stop it.
Expert rankings were: ATEEZ • SKZ • TBZ • SF9 • iKON and BTOB (tied)
1. I low-key have a problem with the budget allocation. It is absolutely clear that ATEEZ for example got a huge budget. Do you know how insanely expensive an animatronic is (the arm of the octopus, a robotic puppet)? Such a thing costs thousands, even ten thousands of dollars, usually they are used in amusement parks or movies. Remember the old Jurassic Park movies? Those were animatronics. They mostly are custom-made and hence cost a shitload of money. Idk it doesn't seem fair to me, considering MNET even admitted that sth went wrong with budget communication ... [Edit: I have no proof for it being an animatronic, because the only other opinion would be an inflatable and it looked too controlled to be an inflatable. But again, I can't guarantee.]
2. The expert votes clearly show one thing: dancing and singing alone literally has no value in that show, and I find this pretty ridiculous tbh. Did you freaking hear BTOB's highnotes and vocal stability? Well it's apparently not of much value in the world of kingdom. In that world you get rewarded for putting together a musical stunt show... I wasn't aware that this is the genre of the show really. Like don't get me wrong. It's cool. But if your program clearly is about a freaking action show, then it isn't surprising that those groups who perform that way anyways will always win? This is literal favoritism and it shows. The groups that did movie-like stunt shows are placed 1-3 and the rest, who performed in more traditional style, is ranked below? What a coincidence ha. ha. ha.
Ya know. That crap already started in RTK. TBZ kept coming up with full stunt shows and huge stages, and ALWAYS placed first. And it'll be the same way here. The bigger the stage, the more props, the more fire and stunts, the higher you'll rank. I find this all so ridiculous that it's funny again. Hear me hysterically laughing because I KNEW it'll be exactly like that.
That show literally favors the recent generation of groups and I find this quite saddening. Everyone should get a chance, but they casted the participants in a way that it was clear from beginning on that some groups would look utterly pale in comparison. Not because they can't sing. Not because they can't dance. But simply because they don't act as if they are the lead roles in an action movie ... or game of thrones lol. Every single group there works super hard, but it's simply not fair that a certain concept gets favoured. Like MNET knew that beforehand ... Why didn't they just give them the official mission to do a musical/movie-like stage? Then everyone would have had the same chances.
3. Due to the groups' voting, SF9 dropped to rank 6. I only had to hear their rank and I already knew how the rest of the ranking looks. It's incredibly predictable. The groups rated mostly for the huge stages (ATEEZ AND SKZ). BTOB has immense seniority so they probably got votes due to respect and politeness. SF9 and iKON are the youngest out of the "traditional stage" club and consequently are not impressive enough and rank last. iKON debuted a year before SF9 and has some sort of status due to their origin in one of the (former) big 3 aka YG ent. I'm low-key sad that SF9 got 0 votes holy crap. I don't critisize the groups for voting how they did tho, it's obviously their own decision. This was just my take on explaining why it turned out that way.
Conclusion: The ranking literally consists of the first 3 groups being ZZZ with their stuntshows, followed by the "traditional stages" ranked according to their seniority.
I have the bad feeling that this entire show will be a battle betwee ZZZ and the other groups will have no chance.
My Personal Round 2 Ranking:
1. ATEEZ - top-notch arrangement/performance and I'm a sucker for pirate stuff. (however bitter side taste because of budget ...)
2. BTOB - unique af because slow-paced x vocals.
3. iKON - perfect song mix for me, simple and clear story. (tied with SF9)
3. SF9 - majestic and sophisticated, great interaction with dancers (tied with iKON)
4. TBZ - too much drama, didn't get the concept, dislike the song. Yes it's that easy. (tied with SKZ)
4. SKZ - too messy for my taste, too many scenes, same vibe like tbz (tied with TBZ)
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honeyed-beans · a year ago
hey I’ve never listened to TAZ, but lately I’ve gotten an insane urge to do so... is it ok if I start with this new one? Do I need the context of all others?
Is Travis a really bad DM???
(I’m so sorry this answer came out very long because I went on a Graduation analysis so if it’s too much than scroll to the bottom!)
To start with the first q. You can absolutely start on Ethersea first if you want! The fun part about TAZ is that it’s a anthology series. And the McElroy don’t tend to spoil or make large connections to other campaigns. At most they might reference a character name as a joke, but they don’t tend to dwell on it. It’s only vague references at best. So I would always suggest picking up whichever season speaks the most to you aesthetics wise, and/or whichever one is currently running, cause tbh it’s always nice to see real-time reactions from fans if you want to be in fandom spaces. AHS rules essentially.
For example, I’ve really gotten into Taz this past year, but I have never finished TAZ Amnesty so it’s definitely dealers choice.
Taz Ethersea is kind of a unique scenario because they’re doing a new game system. So the first couple of episodes are just world building and explaining the new system. It gives you time to decide if you want to listen to it now or not, because despite the first ep coming out today, the real game doesn’t start for another 3 weeks or so. Dw you’re not missing much right now.
The brief, no spoilers, descriptions of each campaign:
- Balance = A comedic globetrotting adventure story, with modern elements on a fantasy world. Techno music, very tongue in cheek. It’s the longest one, so storywise it’s a bit of a slow burn as the McElroys find their style. But because of its length it gives more time for the characters to breathe and thus it’s sorta the iconic golden child of TAZ. Most people would rec this one but I know the commitment can be kinda big if your not feeling it. So if another season takes your fancy more than go for that one instead.
- Amnesty = small-town americana, cryptids, sorta scooby doo / monster of the week vibe. Very eerie southern music.
- Commitment (superheroes) / Dust (what if Halloween town had cowboys in it) = these I wouldn’t suggest for a first time listen because they were experimental short stories. With 4 episodes each. None are DMed by Griffin. But very fun in their own right.
- Graduation = Comedic, intrigue, fantasy, takes place in one location (a university), plays on the themes of growing up. Very soft, lighthearted, calming soundtrack with a lot of slow notes. This one is Travis as the DM.
- Ethersea = we don’t know anything about it yet. Post-apocalypse underwater season. Very dreamy water inspired music?
Ok so q2: Is Graduation Bad and is Travis a Bad DM?
Short answer? This campaign was polarising. There are some real critiques to be made on Travis’s style. But I think some aspects of critique have been blown out of proportion. In essence he wasn’t fully prepared to helm a show with a really demanding fan base that had high expectations. But I think Grad was good actually!
Longer answer:
Some people bring up stuff about his disabilities or how he acted outside of the show. I’m just viewing it from a objective stance of someone who listened to the episodes as they came out.
Trav has a tendency to have a lot of ideas he wants to show off and unfortunately tended to jump around a lot. So plot points that I personally may have wanted more time to explore got introduced and dropped a lot. Made worst by the fact that it’s a short season. If there’s not a lot of time to explore everything than weaker pacing becomes more evident. Moreover he wasn’t Griffin, and some people think Griffin can do no wrong and there is certainly favouritism for some fans.
BUT I loved it!! Definitely my favourite! It had a really engaging setting I was all over. And it had the strongest main cast out of all of them. Each main character had a good plot, with good progression, and most importantly they spent time developing a bind with eachother. Something that some of the campaigns don’t spend much time doing. They were a trio for a reason, not because events forced them to be. And it sucks that people are dismissing Grad so much because of it!
People got so upset it wasn’t living up to their expectations of Balance that they got hostile which made Grad likers hostile in return. On Twitter every post from the official page had comments begging them to end Grad immediately because it was shit and we deserved better?? So they tried to end it quickly to please these yelling fans and that only made a ending with more plot holes, and thus more complaining. There was a episode where Trav made a joke that a character handed them a chalice full of liquidised drugs at a party, and than the main cast decided to drink it. And the tag was just filled with people saying that Travis was encouraging drug taking to kids?????
At the end of the day Grad was still a fun comedy dnd podcast with lovable characters 🥰 I would suggest listening to it if it’s your cup of tea. As long as your aware that Trav is clumsier with pacing than Griff than you’re in for a pretty wild and very very ‘fun with little consequence’ campaign! Ironically most of these problems would be fixed if Graduation had more episodes lmao.
Tldr: Pick whichever one you like! TAZ is a anthology that doesn’t run into eachother so follow your heart! Technically Ethersea hasn’t started yet. I love Graduation a lot but Travis struggles to keep all his balls in the air so if that will annoy you a lot than I would understand leaving it for now. But I don’t think it’s as bad as some people make it out to be.
This was probably a lot of info to drop on you but if you want to clarify anything, or just chat don’t hesitate to send me a dm! TAZ is super fun and a nice way to occupy your time while your doing other tasks. I hope you enjoy it! ❤️
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tothetrashwhereibelong · a year ago
I would have loved to see more interactions with the seelies- people who can’t lie but are crafty and secretive sounds fascinating. Think of the dialog! Alec going to magnus for advice since he has centuries of experience talking to them, Alec playing mental chess while trying to maintain peace. Would have loved getting more- but let’s be real, Cassaundra and the show writers weren’t clever enough to actually make any conversations like that of value.
SAME!!!!! honestly i would have loved to see so much more of the seelies. like bro do you understand that their culture predates the VERY EXISTENCE OF HUMANITY??? they are the ONLY kind of downworlders whose culture is completely detached from any human culture, not only because of predating it, but also because of the relative isolationism - which means human culture barely had any influence on their culture and history AS it developed
so like you can literally go fucking bonkers??????????? you can make ANYTHING. they have a whole ass society that doesn't have to have ANY ties to mundane concepts or history AT ALL. complete creative freedom. you could do ANYTHING! and don't get me started on the potential this has, within storytelling, to contextualize a lot of stuff modern western culture sees as natural or timeless as actually pretty fucking specific - like monogamy, cisheteropatriarchy, the gender binary, racism. all immortals have that potential of course since they can come from an array of different cultural and historical backgrounds but seelies in particular have SO much potential that is NEVER! FUCKING! USED! it all goes to waste and they are just a generic vaguely monarchic society that behaves literally exactly as modern western cultural standards. WHY. i'll never stop being salty, especially within sh where all this potential was there and instead they just villainized the seelies like no tomorrow for nO FUCKING REASON, and included a whole plotline about their ruler being a terrible power-hungry person and then proceeded to act as if that would have no influence on the seelies under her rule? thanks for nothing
like i know the seelie queen was so badly written that her own motivations even as a power-hungry wacko didn't make sense or were consistent (like why give simon the mark of cain for example, and for god's sake what kind of power-hungry crazy bitch gives their main enemy the power to literally kill her and destroy everything she has at the blink of an eye, like??? she literally tried to assist in her own genocide, it makes no fucking sense, i fucking hate it here) but if they are going to make her Terrible the least they could do was show how that impacted the people under her rule, especially if they are going to have meliorn be fucking tortured and either forced to display the marks of said torture or choosing to display them themself, like? please give your plotlines one singular thought
but of course it's easier to villainize seelies and reduce them to their obviously tyrannical ruler so they can go back to focusing on the shadowhunters and their issues. nevermind the fact that seelies are obviously equivalent to native ppls/third world countries resisting colonialism/imperialism in sh's stupid ass racial metaphor, which makes making their ruler a big bad unequivocally evil villain that is ruining everything A Choice. and a particularly choicy Choice considering they cast a middle-eastern man to play the most important seelie character. but if they are going to do that they could at least address how the people under her rule suffer and how that's a direct consequence of shadowhunter colonialism and interference, but why would we fkcnig thdo that!!!! when we can have love triangle drama or whatever
and tHEN there is the whole aspect of being unable to lie which is bound to have such an impact on their culture and history since they have to rely on other forms of communication to protect themselves - and considering the whole "tyrannical rule" plotline, to further the queen's agenda in the first place. and how telling the truth without preamble would probably be considered a huge display of trust in a society that has culturally developed so many ways of talking around things. like again the potential of the cultural and historic background for that society! it makes me go insane!!!
anyway all of that to say #JusticeForSeelies and #SeeliePlotlinesNow 2021 and forever. and YES i would have loved to see more interactions between them and other characters, particularly magnus because 1- admittedly i'm a hoe; and 2- magnus was clearly the one that had the most experience talking to seelies and that others relied on for that communication. he also seemed to be the most comfortable with them, which indicates there is either some sort of history there, or magnus just happens to feel relatively at home with the workings of their culture. which makes sense, because magnus also had to develop pretty similar defense mechanisms due to his, A- work as a warlock representative who has to interact with shadowhunters on the regular; B- history with having to deal with asmodeus, which required him to be very smart about what he disclosed and how, especially considering that he had to have been planning banishing asmodeus for a long time before he got to do it; and C- just history with abuse in general. we've seen the way he closed his heart off to new people; but at the same time, magnus is obviously an extrovert and likes to be around people in general. this meant that, in order to be able to both be in the kind of environment where he thrives and protect himself/his heart/his feelings, he had to learn how to interact with people while putting on a convincing façade, which requires pretty much the same sorts of wordplay and defense mechanisms that seelies use
magnus is good at wordplay, he's good at using talking to his benefit; we've seen that. he is also good at hiding and deflecting. he is notably not good at directly lying - every time he directly said A Lie such as "i am perfectly fine and not bothered by this at all :)" it was way less convincing than it was a clear display that he wouldn't budge. even alec, who has difficulty with social cues, noticed the lying and seemed concerned about it. so like. clearly his defense mechanisms were less lying and more dancing around subjects, directing conversation to safe topics, and guiding people to making certain assumptions and seeing sides of his that were safer and he preferred
so in that way it makes sense that magnus is somewhat in his element when dealing with seelies. i think "comfortable" is a strong word because this whole song and dance takes a huge toll on anyone's mental health and energy (which i think is something that could be very interestingly explored in seelies, their collective psyche, and their culture, the way they build relationships, etc. let meliorn have partners they feel 100% comfortable talking without preamble with 2k21), but it's something he is used to and a dynamic he can fall into without as much effort as others who would be second guessing themselves more and going slower, which clearly gives the seelies, who are used to it, an advantage
and like i know that i'm implying a confrontation or sort of situation where they are on opposing sides to seelies here, which i kind of am because i am thinking mostly about magnus' interactions with the seelie queen specifically, since she was the seelie he had the most meaningful interactions with. his interactions with meliorn were very few and almost never relevant, i barely remember them happening outside of generic downworld cabinet interactions tbh. but i don't just mean that because again, stop villainizing seelies 2k21
i also mean just generally that magnus would be in a more comfortable position talking to seelie strangers and slowly working into building a relationship and mutual trust. and just generally understanding them and the workings of their culture because he can empathize with the way they have built their social defense mechanisms. no one is 100% truthful to strangers, but seelies always seem kind of- analytical. and the cultural difference + anti-seelie racism makes them seem untrustworthy to most people, but magnus Gets It, so the potential for friendships! and the mutual understanding and the relative comfort around each other! and both parts understanding the enormity that is letting their walls down gradually and being more direct as time goes by. like.... aaaaaa
and yes magnus becomes a sort of reference on talking to seelies, mostly because he is good at "playing their game", but also making it a point to humanize seelies and making the other parts understand where they are coming from and how they feel :) and just improving their relations, particularly with other downworlders
im not going to get into alec because 1- the relationship between shadowhunters and seelies is already filled with oppression and a lot of complications, and particularly now that the seelie realm is politically fragile due to the loss of their ruler (however terrible she might have been), it would play into either white savior narratives or just straight up colonialism, especially given how alec as a leader already has a history of trying to build tutelage over downworlders (i don't care what his intentions were, it's still true, and although he's learning... well. he's learning, continuous action); 2- that would be more a relationship of opposition and i'm not that interested in that. but i would love to see seelies rebuilding themselves and their relationships and alliances with other downworlders particularly, and all the better if magnus is playing a part in that :)
in short:
more seelies
more magnus with seelies, especially friendships
more focus on the politics of seelies now that the seelie queen is gone
more seelies
more seelies
more seelies
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formulatrash · a year ago
Thoughts on the (2 confirmed, but probably 3) new drivers entering F1 from F2 next year?
Mick - I think a lot of people had either insane expectations of Mick Schumacher immediately becoming a 15 time WDC in his rookie year of F1 or thought he was washed up for not having become one by the time he was in F3. So it is always hard to talk about Mick without having to manage the expectations of Talking About Mick. I kind of did that bit here in a piece comparing him to Charles so I’m just gonna talk about the past year/signing to Haas here.
Mick is a really unusual driver - think I said this on Twitter but he doesn’t have what a lot of drivers do, coming up, which is raw speed. He never got a pole position in F2. But he can make incredible, absolutely unreal starts and he manages tyres like a much more experienced driver. He was both a worthy and an interesting F2 champion because he has a lot of qualities that are very important for a driver going into F1 but which aren’t necessarily the headline-grabbing ones. His late-race overtakes and confidence in picking alternate strategies were really strong showings and I think he deserves a lot of respect as a driver in his own right, we don’t talk enough about how interesting he is to watch for much more than his name but his own, unique style.
Personality wise he seems sweet but I really don’t know him at all and he’s understandably a very private person.
Nikita and Yuki under the cut - 
How To Solve A Problem Like Nikita - Lord. Look, I have had major issues with Nikita ever since he beat Callum Ilott’s face in after an F3 session. He’s part of the rich, western, London socialite crowd and you can see it in his behaviour, especially the Dubai groping incident. As you may be aware, the UK has basically suspended any form of consequences for anything if you’re rich and boy, they are aware. He may have the capability to learn and I’d be hesitant to condemn a 21-year-old but right now his behaviour is not nice and would have to change radically to be considered that way.
Not all racing drivers are like that. It’s not just how they are. I have no doubt that he’s now on some pretty major behavioural agreement - at least in terms of social media etc - with Haas. Most of them are aware they are professionals representing thousands of people and international brands, even if they somehow didn’t have the moral sense to know what’s good themselves.
Beyond that, do I think he has racing talent? Yeeesss? He self-sabotages to a ludicrous degree, losing results to penalties again and again, including almost every time he came under pressure last year. He felt he was unfairly villainised but tbh there was nothing inconsistent about the way he received them. 
Can he sometimes pull it out of the bag? Yes. Does he have a bit of promise? Also yes - on the other hand he has also had extensive testing in an F1 car with Stoffel Vandoorne coaching him (in a paid contract from Mercedes, don’t judge Stoffel for it) as well as having funding to do pretty much as much driving as he wants. So you would expect him to be decent. 
Is he as good as he should be, given that? Well, I don’t know. If he was more of a Latifi in terms of being blandly pleasant if not a superstar in results terms then probably I’d just say he’s got potential as a journeyman in what’s set to be a back-of-midfield team for a few years but honestly, I don’t think we’ll be able to get a real read until he’s racing. Maybe. If he keeps his head down.
YUUUUKIIIIII - ok so obviously I have Extreme Honda Bias but to see a driver from the Dream project make it to F1 is SO big for them, it’s almost tragicomic it comes just as they’re pulling out. 
Man, Yuki absolutely pulled stuff out the bag last season. He knew it was his big opportunity, maybe his last, to prove he could get to F1 and the boy just straight-up did it. I don’t know a single journalist who wasn’t impressed by his consistency and also his resilience to difficult weekends, able to bounce back from bad races. 
Yuki demonstrated some really mature race craft, as well as great speed and he was, without question, the standout driver in F2 last year.
He’s also incredibly sweet, you’re going to love him. He spent this whole year living in Europe to be able to get to races (Japan has very strict lockdown rules because they are not a clown country for plague rats) and has basically just been Vibing and trying to find good sushi/seafood, which his personal trainer is allergic to and has to watch Yuki eating massive platters of. He’s very glowy and expressive and excited and him and Pierre are going to have such bizarre, Disney woodland creature vibes together. The content will be incredible. I can’t wait to watch Pierre awkwardly speak Japanese to Yuki (he speaks quite decent Japanese) and Yuki awkwardly reply in Italian and then them both transform into particularly magical cats who get up to Mischief on the rooftops of Milan.
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