#and once called the police because she heard shouting
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Obey Me As Tumblr #21
Tumblr media
MC: My best friend just called me to ask what color he should wear to prom and I was like “umm?? Idk??” And he goes “well we have to match, so like what color is ur outfit?” But he never asked me to go so I was kinda confused so I told him “hey, yeah since when are we going to prom??” And the line goes silent for a bit and he very quietly whispers “shit I forgot to ask you.”
Leviathan: If you think about it the whole process of singing the birthday song and cutting the cake is extremely satanic
Leviathan: No but seriously imagine it this way
A small gathering of people huddle around an object on fire, chanting ritualistically a repetitive song in unison until the fire is blown out and a knife is stabbed into the object
Solomon: You must be fun at parties
Mammon: Do you ever eat something and think “man I don’t even want this”
But then you just keep eating it
Raphael: Are you living or are you just jumping around from one obsession to the other to run away from yourself
Belphegor: What are you the coping mechanism police or something
Asmodeus: One time my brother was being stupid so I said
“Well you can’t spell stupid without u”
And he got really angry and shouted
And I just stared at him for a rly long time
Diavolo: How do we even decide what our favorite colors are, are our brains just like “I like green because yeah”
Luke: “Oh you sing? Are you a good singer? SING SOMETHING FOR ME RIGHT NOW!”
Leviathan: “Do you draw? You do? DRAW ME”
Like no
Asmodeus: “You act? CRY FOR ME RIGHT NOW”
Satan: “You speak that language!? Say something in it!”
Belphegor: “You murder? KILL ME RIGHT NOW!”
Lucifer: The last one seems more doable
Satan: So, today a girl in my class asked what the word procrastination mean and I said ‘can I explain that later?’ And my teacher laughed for like five minutes and when he stopped the girl whispered ‘I don’t get it’
Solomon: Someday in the distant future humans will once again be capable of hearing the phrase “what is love” without also feeling the primal urge to respond “baby don’t hurt me”
Asmodeus: So at that point, people will say “baby don’t hurt me” …no more?
Diavolo: Beautiful set up, perfect follow-through. Great teamwork everybody
Mammon: So on the bus this morning we stop at a red light and this lady gets off then goes about a half block down and then we saw her freeze and run after the bus
Mephistopheles: I love the use of the word entire as in she could’ve just left the leg of the baby but no she left the entire baby
Belphegor: Have you ever finished a test in 30 minutes and no one else was even close to being done
I’m either really smart or I fucked up entirely
Thirteen: Nailed it or failed it
MC: There are rowdy troublemakers in the alley behind my apartment I’m gonna open my window and scream at them
MC: I screamed at them
I didn’t scream any specific words I just kinda screeched and it got silent but then I heard one of them say ‘what the hell was that, fucking Satan?’ and I just screamed again and let me tell you this is a good way to get rid of people
Satan: Well done
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okay can you write anything for sub eddie like anything that's not just a blurb I'm dying here
Hope this is ok, anon! x (requests here)
My Little Bitch <3
pairings: Eddie Munson x fem! reader (female anatomy, she/her pronouns)
Warnings: sex and everything that comes with sex so 18+, Eddie being a lil nervous bitch boy lolz thats a warning in itself coz prepare yourself x
words - 1,534
Walking into his trailer, something you had done a hundred times before, with your backpack ready to receive, you shouted “Eds, its y/n”.
“uhh..two seconds!” You heard a shout from his bedroom. Rolling your eyes, you sat on the couch in his living room and started counting your cash. 
Eddie appeared, looking nervous. “how much, Munson?” You enquired.
“500 should do it.” You were the resident drug dealer at Christian Academy and you got your supplies from none other than Mr Munson. 
“cool, I’ve got it all here” your relationship was very professional and purely consisted of transactions. You were picking up weed and eccies and were swiftly presented with them in all their colourful, bagged glory, “thanks man.” 
You visit Eddie once a week to pick up, Tuesday at 9pm when his uncle is at the bar. You could do business in peace, and then leave. You were sure his neighbours thought you were a prostitute, but that was better than them ratting you out to the police for what you were really doing in there. You stuffed the goods into your backpack and got up to leave when you noticed Eddie’s hellfire t-shirt on a chair.
“what’s that? Some rock band or something?” You hadn’t seen the logo before and were into the same type of music Eddie was “any good?”
“er, no thats, thats nothing, just some silly club I have at the school its nothing” Eddie realised he had said more than he wanted to.
“a club?” You picked up the shirt and gave it another once over. “you made this?” 
“yeah, uh, its really nothing-“
“you have a club? In your high school that requires you to wear a shirt like this? What does your club do? Rituals?” You scoffed at it and put it back down. Eddie was visibly embarrassed and went to open the door for you. You, however, wanted answers. 
“So? What do you do?” You pressed, standing grounded in your spot by the chair.
“You’re not gonna like the answer” he said, looking at his feet, then back to you. 
“try me.”
“we, uh, we play this game called dungeons and dragons and-“
“dungeons and dragons? So you’re a satanist cult?”
“NO! No we’re not,” he laughed nervously, “we just play, thats all.”
“so you’re a massive nerd then? interesting, Munson, I thought you were a dork but this just takes the cake.” You smirk at him and his face goes red. He protests, arguing that the game is ‘cool’ and you just wouldn’t know because you’ve never played it. 
You weren’t going to lie to yourself, there was something about Munson that made you want to know what he was like in the sack, as crude as that was. Maybe it was his Brian May hair, or his rings, or his Tatts - but you knew that a big part of the sexual attraction was that he was nervous, and nerdy, and seemed intimidated by you. You knew that if you could get him to bed, you’d have him wrapped around your finger. hell, had he even seen a pair of boobs in real life before? Would he know what he was even doing? Does he rent adult films or have playboys under his bed for when he’s stroking his cock at night- 
This was the most conversation you two had ever had. As stated before, your relationship was purely business. But this could also be your chance to answer the questions you had about him. After this, you would know, and that would be it and you could move on. 
“then teach me” you move closer to him. He looked more nervous than before. His eyes were wide. This wasn’t the first time you had walked up to someone and confidently implied you wanted to fuck them. This was, however, Eddie’s first experience of the situation. 
“w-what?” He stammered.
“show me how cool you are. Show me how you’re not just a big nerd who plays some silly game with a bunch of highschoolers” you put a hand on his chest and lean in. You kiss him and you know instantly that he’s out of his depth. Sure, he’s kissed girls before, some drunk rocker girls outside the bar after his band finishes their gig, but they were drunk and sloppy, and no match for a girl like you. 
The next thing you realise is that he doesnt know where to put his hands. well, he does, but where does he put his hands on the hottest girl he’s been with? The nerves were piling up now. You placed his hands on your lower waist and pull away. “Am I going to have to show you how to do everything?” His face flushed red. The answer you wanted was yes but you also took pleasure in teasing him. 
You placed your thumb on his lower lip and dragged it down. Then you put it in his mouth to suck on - which he did like a good boy. His eyes stared into yours, they were asking what you wanted him to do next. You kept the eye contact while you slid down to your knees. You started undoing the buckle on his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and slid them down a bit. You saw his dick, aching for your fingers to touch it. The tip was red and the slit was wet with pre cum. Still maintaining eye contact, you lightly licked the cum off his head and then swirled your tongue around it. You could feel his body tense as you slowly took a big lick down his shaft. Eventually taking him into your mouth, and bobbing your head a couple times, he started to thrust into you, hungry for the pleasure you were giving him. You put your hands on his hips to stop him. You were setting the pace. Not him. 
You remove your mouth from him and stand up again. 
“bedroom?” He wasted no time in pulling up his jeans and walking you through after you made your request. 
His bedroom was reasonably messy and he had to move a couple things off his bed. He sat down, looking up at you standing. You pushed him so he was lying down and you were straddling him. Giving him rough kisses and palming him through his jeans. His dick was hard as ever and you needed it in you - not before you received something in return for the best head of his life. 
You got off him, helped him up off the bed, and started undressing. He watched in silence and you made sure you moved achingly slow. His eyes were burning into you. You got back on the bed, brought your knees up and parted your legs so he could see all of you. 
“do you want to taste?” You asked him, teasing. He slowly nodded and kneeled at the side of the bed. You were sure he wasn’t going to know what to do. His tongue was on you, cautious at first and not really knowing where to put it, but then he found your clit and you let a moan escape your lips. He now knew where to aim. He sloppily licked your clit and would occasionally lick up your entrance then back to your clit again. You put your hands in his hair and threw your head back when he started sucking. It was bliss. He was good at it. His fingers on his left hand gripped your thigh while his right hand was pulling from the top, getting a better surface area and exposing your clit more. When you couldn’t take it anymore, your stomach tightened and you felt yourself cum. Euphoric. And he still kept going. Pushing him off you, you made him stand up and pulled out his cock again. You gave it one last suck and regained your position on the bed. You were soaked and your entrance was pulsing for him. He took his dick in his right hand, propped up on his left, and slowly slid it in you. You both sucked in your breath, and he started moving. Slow at first, the picking up the pace, you had your legs over his shoulders as he pumped in and out of you. 
“tell me how good I feel” you ordered him, and a slew of words left his mouth.
“So good. So so good.” His eyes were screwed shut and you let your head fall back again as you arched your back, “oh fuck oh shit its so good”.
“Do you like this pussy? Huh? D-does it m-make you want to cum, eds?” You were barely able to get it out, and you could tell that he enjoyed the fact he was making you unable to speak. His dick was making this confident, dominant girl speechless. 
He slowed his pace and breathing and let out one final ‘growl’ as he came inside you. You were both breathless and you lay there for a bit, regaining it. 
“that was good, Munson,” you said “answered my question”.
“what was your question?”
“that you’re a little bitch in bed.”
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I had an image in my head that wouldn’t go away here you go.
TW: profanity, blood, speeding
Danny Fenton, Tucker Foley, and Sam Manson were missing—and the Amity Park police department seemed to not want anyone to care.
Paulina heard it all through the grapevine—the grapevine being papa didn’t have an indoor voice even regarding important phone calls—getting a report issued had been like pulling teeth for all three families, and papa, a Sergeant on leave after his back surgery, wanted to know why.
“These kids go to my daughter’s school, goddammit! What’s going on over there?!”
Paulina didn’t know if he got any answers. She spent the last four days trying to stave off the overwhelming anxiety that came after those losers disappeared. She didn’t care about them much, personally, nice as Fenton was to her. But when three kids go missing at once, and it isn’t chalked up to running away, the air around you gets eerie as you wonder what’s next.
Paulina and Star didn’t do much for the search—they wouldn’t know where to start. What was it—the first 48? Those were long gone. It was in the back of Paulina’s mind as she drove toward Clarkson’s barn.
“Are we late?” Star asked, checking her phone anxiously. Star Benson was never late. Paulina was sure her own parents were hoping that trait would rub off on her.
(So far, it has not.)
“Just consider anyone already there as being early,” Paulina told her. She did press the gas a little harder, and the little white Yaris picked up some speed.
Clarkson’s barn was out in the sticks, just over the county line, “abandoned” for years but forever known as the perfect place to have a private party with proper refreshments. Dash invited them, though Paulina wasn’t sure if he was throwing the party or if he was latching onto someone else’s plan as an opportunity for free beer. There wasn’t really an occasion for a real rager—graduation wasn’t until June, and currently April still had a bit of a winter bite to it, a Midwestern special.
“So you never answered,” Star began. She locked her phone, and needed a distraction, “are you breaking up with Dash tonight?”
“I…” Paulina just exhaled. She never answered because she didn’t know. What she did know was that it was time to focus on her future—she knew the life she wanted, the posh one she was used to, and she didn’t know if there was room for whatever Dash Baxter had planned in it.
If he had anything planned. That was kind of the problem.
“Depends on if he embarrasses me tonight,” she finally answered. She saw Star purse her lips, unsatisfied but not surprised. “If he shotguns a PBR in front of me we’re—“
“Lina!” Star shouted, and at the same time Paulina caught sight of a shape on the unlit road, too tall and skinny to be a deer but damn if she didn’t break and swerve like it was one. Luckily the side of the road was just mud and grass, no sheer drop offs like there were about a mile back. When they came to a stop, she exhaled, her heart practically vibrating. She looked out the driver’s side window and saw the figure was still there—a person.
“What the fuck?” She tore off her seatbelt and got out, “are you fucking insane?! Who do you think you are?!”
“Lina, don’t do an…” Star began, stepping up behind her friend, but she trailed off after a second. “Holy shit.”
Paulina followed her gaze and fully took in the appearance of the stranger, who hadn’t run away from them.
Standing before her and Star was a bloodied and bruised Sam Manson, looking like she’d walked through hell to get there.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
chapter sixteen ; [Name] Vigilancio
cw: injuries, ooc daisuke
prev : masterlist : next - idk how many words tbh, anyway, kae updating early what ?!?!
Tumblr media
Faint exclaims of panick was all she heard when she regained consciousness. She felt horrible, aches everywhere, the feeling of burning on her (s/c) skin, and the blood dripping out from her ear was too prominent. She wanted to wipe it off, but everytime she tried to move her arm, it felt like she was getting stabbed multiple times.
"[Name]..? Stay awa.. Can you hea.." she painfully turned her head to the person. It was a woman, her voice was so gentle, it warms her heart.
[Name] choked back a sob at the pain she was feeling, she could see blurry black hair and a small pink hair beside her.
Who were these people?
Nonetheless, she was glad that they were there for her.
"You're fine! Don't worr.. we're i.. hospi.... [Name]?.. sta.."
Reluctantly, she unwillingly succumbed to unconsciousness once again. [Name] hoped that these people would stay by her side by the time she wakes up, to properly show her gratitude.
Yor was pushed away by a nurse. The front liner was telling her something about a surgery but all of it was white noise to her. A gentle tug on her black dress snapped her out of her trance.
Anya had tears prickling on her eyes, the sight of her 'detective mama' was too overwhelming for a girl as young as her. Yor frowned and took Anya up in her arms to comfort the young kid.
"[Name] will be fine. She will be."
When Loid left the room with Daisuke hanging by his side, the whole place was a mess. There were still small fires in some places, a lot of dust - causing him to cough violently as he covered Daisuke's nose, who was barely conscious.
The blonde male staggered through the broken debris on the floor, struggling as his ears still had a faint ringing.
"Kambe-san?!" someone shouted from the floor below, alerting the spy. "Up-" Loid paused, coughing in his fist. "Up here!"
A moment after that, several footsteps were heard coming up the stairs. Loid sighed in relief, letting the parademics take Daisuke's unconscious body from him.
A light brown haired male caught Loid's attention, if they were here- that meant they saw [Name].. or they didn't.. because she was- no.
"[Name], did you see her?" the male furrowed his brows, looking him up and down before nodding.
"Vigilancio-san," Loid winced. "Is.. severely injured. She was immediately brought to the hospital with a black haired woman.. I made Anya go with her because- well she called the woman 'mama'." Loid nodded, biting his bottom lip before looking at the police officer. He assumed he was.
"How about Donovan? Please, don't tell me he got away."
The male faintly smiled. "He was brought to the head quarters.. this hell of a mission is done now. Kambe-san and Vigilancio-san will be in XXX Hospital if you wish to visit them. Stay safe, Forger-san."
Loid's eyes widened slightly.. ah, he was probably the Haru, [Name] kept talking about back then. He was glad that you had made friends with people who looked out after you.
"Miss Vigilancio is a fighter, though she won't be able to use her legs temporarily because of the debris that fell on her, we can certainly bring her back in her feet with a few therapy sessions when she has recovered fully." the doctor stated, her eyes trained to the (h/c) sleeping female on the hospital bed.
"Regarding the hospital bills.. well they're all already paid under the name of Suzue Kambe. We wish you all well, good night." Yor bowed thankfully to the doctor before sighing sympathetically for [Name].
The female detective took pride of her facial features and flexibility, but now, she had a burnt scar covering one of her eyes up to a small space on her forehead, and her legs temporarily paralyzed due to the events hours ago.
How'd Yor got there? You're probably wondering. Just like the first time, she was brought out of jail with the help of her master. She told them that she was quitting her job, wanting no more to kill as she was now somehow a mother. Her master agreed, only in one condition.
Kill Donovan Desmond and you'll be rewarded. But that was now impossible for he is now in the hands of other police officers. She could certainly sneak into the headquarters and kill everyone in her way.. but she knew about the mission. It wasn't about killing Donovan, it was about stopping the national unity party from starting a war between Westalis and Ostania.
They just needed to talk it through Desmond, and to be able to do that. They either need to get close to him.. or, arrest him for the time being.
So she abandoned that mission when the sight of burning mansion greeted her. She ran, ignoring the shocked and startled faces of the other police officers and broke the door down.
Yor was met with [Name] unconscious on the floor, a huge debris on the lower part of her body - crushing her legs. Not too far away from her was Donovan Desmond, just as bad but he still had his bones intact.
Despite not getting along with the female, she just had the urge to help her out of the unbearable pain she was probably feeling.
Yor smiled softly at the peaceful state the (h/c) haired woman was now at. She just hoped that her recovery will be fast.
"Kambe, stay in bed! Your stitch wound is still healing!" Haru yelled for the nth time, forcibly pushing the ravenette man back on the hospital bed. Daisuke grumbled, placing a hand on the bandage covering his wound.
"It's been a week, I need to see her." the man childishly sulked, turning his back away from Haru.
Haru clicked his tongue before leaving the hospital room. Minutes after, he came back with a wheelchair, awkwardly standing with a scowl on his face.
"Well? I thought you wanted to see her?" Daisuke never stood up so fast in his entire life up until now.
Haru pushed the wheelchair towards the Vigilancio's private hospital room. He spoke, "I hope you aren't expecting on talking to her, by the way."
The ravenette frowned, "Why?" he asked.
"...she's still unconscious."
Haru retreated from the wheelchair to open the room's door, revealing Yor, Loid, Anya, and an unconscious [Name] on the bed.
The brown haired detective rolled Daisuke inside the room and kept him near the (h/c). Haru left the room quietly, the other three trailing behind him to give Daisuke and [Name] some alone time.
Loid lingered a bit longer at the door, eyeing his former lover and Daisuke. He sighed discreetly and closed the door behind him.
The room was quiet, aside from the air conditioner and the beeping of a machine that showed [Name]'s heartbeat, the room was silent. Too silent for Daisuke's liking.
Daisuke looked at her. She had a cervical collar, her legs were in a cast, a bandage was covering half of her face, she had a few scratches her and there, and there were a bunch of machines behind her hospital bed. She looked.. vulnerable.
He shakily brought his hand on top of hers, holding it softly and caressed the back of her hand with his thumb. He didn't notice her heartbeat going faster.
"Take all the rest you need, take your time.. but don't make us- make me, wait for much longer, okay?"
Sighing, the man placed a soft peck on her hand before admiring her more. She can take how much time she wants, he just hoped she won't be resting forever.
Tumblr media
taglist #1 / CLOSED
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ミ☆ books are made to be read, not just skimmed.
⤷ PAIRING poly bangtan x m!reader
male reader with bangtan. reader being all tough looking with tattoos piercing leather jackets tall and all but who owns small little kittens
Tumblr media
there are bad rumours about you. bad rumours that can’t actually be all that bad, since people seem to flock to you like seagulls to a dropped chip: hungrily, and relentlessly.
not many people have the pleasure to say they’re friends with you – and ‘not many’ means none. you’re easy to spot in a crowd and hard to talk to. brave individuals often wander up to you, hoping for your number or a short but passionate flame, only to be met with a frosty glare.
tall, quiet, with tattoos that peek out under your sleeves each time you reach up to adjust your hat – the dangerous, careless aura you radiate does little to give what you so crave. it just pulls you farther and farther away from glorious silence.
it’s a friday evening, and namjoon’s just clocked off. his shift at the little bookshop on a side street is officially over. the shop’s run by an old couple who had been instantly taken with namjoon’s courteous manner and his resume, the latter of which was so splendid it deserved a place on a pedestal in a lit-up glass box.
later, he would come to wonder if they hired him specifically because their ladder was on its last legs.
he steps out into the alley, whistling softly as he locks the back door. upon dropping his keys, they zip towards his hip where he has a small, round mechanism attached to his belt loop.
his phone vibrates in his back pocket as he jaywalks across the street to the bus stop, and he narrowly avoids becoming a pancake under a grey audi. it honks him, and the driver inside glowers as she gives him the finger. her long red nail is filed to a sharp point.
taking his spot against the side of the shelter, he opens his phone. the screen has a long crack down the left corner.
have you heard from tae???
it’s a message from seokjin. namjoon raises an eyebrow. seokjin never uses more than one punctuation mark like that unless he’s panicking. he replies with a quick and bland no, and the bubble pops up immediately.
he left for the convenience store three hours ago and isn’t back yet
taehyung does this unfortunately frequently, to seokjin’s chagrin. telling the others he’ll go somewhere nearby, and then not showing up for ages, is something of a talent of his. he always turns up eventually.
once, when he was sixteen, he came back after forty minutes of abrupt radio silence with a wriggling jacket that yapped. he was heartbroken when hoseok had to gently tell him that their cramped place couldn’t make a dog happy.
given taehyung’s track record, namjoon isn’t too fussed about his disappearance. besides, he’s an adult now – he can drive, has a credit score, and pays taxes – and he can surely find his way back home without a gps.
seokjin’s worry only seems excessive until he tells namjoon that his calls go straight to voicemail.
he pushes off the bus shelter, heart sinking. taehyung doesn’t miss calls – especially not from his jin-hyung.
by the time namjoon reaches home, the group chat is pinging like crazy, turning his hand numb from how tight he’s clutching his phone.
taehyung is family. if anything happens to him, nobody would ever forgive themselves.
he takes the stairs up two at a time, and before he can touch the doorknob, it’s flung open. jimin grabs his arm and pulls him in, kicking the door closed behind him, and there’s a lot of hushed shouting and panicked whispering.
everyone’s huddled in the living area. three of them are pacing holes into the carpet, and the remaining few hold each other for comfort.
“—too early to go to the police? i-i mean, there’s no harm in it, right, and if something has happened, better sooner than later, yeah?”
“we shouldn’t be so hasty, hyung,” says jeongguk, though his voice is tight. “he might’ve just forgotten to charge his phone completely.”
“but he wasn’t at the convenience store,” jimin presses from beside namjoon. “how could he have gotten lost on the three-minute walk back?”
namjoon rubs his temples. “look, why don’t we take a few minutes to just – calm down. breathe deeply and try to think rationally.”
“think rationally. of course, why didn’t we think of that?” yoongi had begun to bite his nails despite the foul-tasting nail polish hoseok had applied for him. hoseok has the steadiest hands out of all of them, and now they tremble.
“don’t get mean.” namjoon frowns.
“i’m sorry, babe.”
“at least he knows this area well,” says hoseok. “he was only walking, he couldn’t have—”
somebody’s phone rings.
hoseok snatches his vibrating phone off of the coffee table. his brow furrows at the unknown number but picks up anyway, pressing the speaker button.
“hello, hyung! did ya miss me?”
relief sags everyone’s bodies and the stress evaporates. seokjin buries his face in his hands and jimin holds him tight.
“holy crap, taehyung,” hoseok gasps, “where the hell were you?”
“i, um… got into a fight.” his sheepish smile is practically audible. “but don’t be scared! i made a friend and he helped me. this is his phone, by the way. mine got messed up.”
seokjin grabs the phone. “you, young man, are in deep fucking trouble.”
“for what it’s worth, it wasn’t my fault,” protests taehyung. “i got jumped.”
“and you couldn’t have come home immediately?”
“i wandered.”
namjoon asks, “for what reason?”
he’s quiet for a moment. “they… didn’t have any pumpkin seeds…”
jeongguk smacks his head with his palm.
“i thought i’d take a quick detour to the other store that always has ‘em. however,” he sighs regretfully, “ten minutes driving isn’t ten minutes walking. plus, it’s friday night, so everyone’s puking their guts out in the gutter and i wanted to avoid them.”
jimin pipes in, “and avoiding the main streets got you jumped, huh?”
“terrific. where are you now?”
“at my new friend’s place.”
“taehyung!” everyone cries out, aghast.
yoongi groans. “did everything we teach you go through one ear and out the other? stranger danger, you fool!”
“hey, he’s a nice person!” he lowers his voice. “seriously, you should all be grateful. he’s hobi's type.”
they share a look with each other. leave it up to taehyung to put his entire trust in someone just because they’re attractive.
“where are you?” seokjin sighs. he rises. “we’re coming.”
the address they’re given leads to a block of flats. floor six, room number six-oh-three. it’s right across from the elevator.
after crowding around the door and whispering a debate on who will knock, and more importantly, who will bear the burden of apologising for taehyung’s stupidity, they come to the conclusion that namjoon will do the talking. he’s a philosophy major and is really good at making things up as he goes.
jimin stretches out past yoongi’s shoulder and knocks thrice. he darts back behind him.
the door opens. “yeah?”
their brains simultaneously short-circuit. for some, it’s fear – the guy standing before them is built like an action hero. for the others – the guy is built like an action hero.
a head of dark hair ducks under the guy’s heavily-tattooed arm, which is fully visible with the black tank top he’s donned. “you’re here!”
taehyung crashes into the outstretched arms and they swallow him up until just his head is visible, pressed happily against seokjin’s comfortable shoulder. they take their turns hugging him in relief and holding him by the shoulders so they can check him for injuries.
he’s got a split lip and a black eye. the bruising isn’t too bad, only a slanted purple cup beneath his eye, but the cut on his mouth is more worrying. he winces each time he smiles or speaks reassurances.
“this is the friend i told you about,” he chirps, quite peppy despite his situation. “his name is yn! he’s in yoongi-hyung’s classes.”
yoongi nods once warily. “yeah, i know him.”
taehyung grabs your hand and uses his free one to point at each of them, introducing them. it’s a lot of names – the most you’ve ever had to learn at once in several years – but it probably doesn’t matter. you won’t see them again.
“sorry to interrupt,” you say. your voice rumbles deep like a tempest and not even hoseok, a career people-reader, can pick out your mood. “you mind if we keep chattin’ inside? walls are thin here and i can’t afford more angry knocking.”
“okay, hyung,” taehyung says, and ducks under your arm again. you turn and leave the door open for the other six, rather comically squished into the narrow hallway.
they look at each other. ‘hyung’? so soon?
jeongguk shrugs and moves inside. one by one, the rest follow him around and line their shoes up neatly on the rack.
none of them is quite sure what to do, so they fan out and do some low-key exploration. the place is smaller than theirs, but then again, it’s for one person and not seven.
seokjin finds you and taehyung in the kitchen space, with him on a tall bar stool and you instructing him in a low voice on how to hold the pack of frozen peas to his lip. a small cream-white towel is wrapped over it.
“swelling’s going down,” you mutter, and seokjin’s close enough to hear it. “keep it there. don’t eat anything acidic or spicy until it heals, and you might want to keep chewing to a minimum for a day.”
“oh-kay,” says taehyung past the towel, his awe-filled eyes following you around.
moving forward, seokjin cups taehyung’s cheek, turning it this way and that and checking him one more time. rather unnecessary, since taehyung hadn’t injured himself in the three metres from the entrance to the kitchen, but it’s a sweet gesture all the same. “i guess it’s no lemonade for you, hon.”
“i’ll just have ice cream, then! yn-hyung says icy pops are good for numbing it.”
seokjin exhales softly, letting taehyung go. he takes in his surroundings.
the kitchen is clean and neat. a few dishes are drip-drying on the rack next to the sink. seokjin had been on edge the entire trip here. that edge softens a little – if only because you seem to take care of yourself and your home.
bad people don’t take care of their hygiene, so you must not be a bad person, he deduces with whatever brainpower he has left. most of it had gone into overdrive at taehyung's absence and his logic might’ve been lightly fried by it.
he eyes you carefully as you open the freezer half of your fridge. several blue packs sit in the door’s shelves. “why don’t you use those?”
you glance up and stand upright. you point. “these?”
he bobs his head in assent.
“they’re no good here.” you turn your eyes back to the freezer, inspecting its contents. “the peas mould to the face. solid blocks don’t. helps lessen the swelling when it’s got a bigger contact area.”
“when will it heal?”
you tilt your head at taehyung thoughtfully. “give it three days. should be better by then.”
seokjin uncrosses his arms. he doesn’t remember crossing them. “right... thank you.”
“no worries. he your boyfriend?”
he starts. “well, uh, we all kind of are.”
a lot of people don’t like that. seokjin’s used to weird looks and awkward words. 
you nod and dry your hands on a towel hanging over the oven handle. “one of you needs to teach him to not talk to strangers in alleyways. or if he does, for whatever reason, get him self-defence lessons.”
“oh! can you teach me?” taehyung gasps, his hands lifting in excitement-tightened fists.
“why? you were so cool when you fought those guys! you were all wham, bang, and it looked like an action movie from where i stood – or lay, actually—”
you place your hand gently on his shoulder. a thin leather and chain bracelet sits beside a cracked watch on your wrist. “if i hurt you, i have to face the wrath of six people. not risking it.”
“please? pretty please? i’m broke. i can’t pay for lessons. if jeongguk teaches me, it’s gonna hurt, and everyone’ll just laugh. you’ll be gentle, right?”
you pause. you glance at seokjin. you’re sure there’s something off about saying yes, too. even if you had no eyes you could tell that taehyung likes you, and agreeing to teach him felt like the equivalent to agreeing to a date.
taehyung turns his puppy eyes on seokjin when he realises he’s the reason you’re cautious. “please, jin-hyung? you can watch if you’re worried.”
all of a sudden, jimin rushes into the kitchen, his massive grin brightening up the whole room. “look, look! kitty!”
he shows the small round mass of fur cradled in his arms. the tuxedo kitten chews on the strings of his white hoodie and jimin seems overjoyed, cooing and rocking it like an infant.
almost immediately afterwards, namjoon joins jimin’s side. he’s smiling – oh, you think, he has such cute dimples – and there must be an edge of something in it because seokjin places his hands on his hips and asks what he’s hiding.
namjoon turns around. another black-and-white face pops out of the hood of his jacket. it’s too small to weigh the cloth down. it blinks sleepily, then lowers its head until only the twitching black ears and the top of the fluffy head are visible.
“you have kittens?” taehyung nearly shouts, dropping the frozen peas to pet the one in jimin’s arms. he uses just one finger and is oh-so gentle.
from your bedroom – now open – comes a meow. sleek and peaceful, a calico pads over and jumps up on the stool taehyung had once occupied. you stroke its forehead and it closes its eyes.
“don’t tell my landlord,” you say.
“look at the little bumper car tail,” taehyung whispers, grabbing jeongguk's hand to let him pet the kitten.
with a sweet, bright smile, taehyung turns to you. the introduction of the cats makes all thought of pain fly out the window. “they’re all yours?”
“mm. originally i only had her,” you open your arms and the calico takes it as an invitation to jump into them, “but she really took a liking to the little ones, so here we are.”
hoseok moves to shut your bedroom door out of politeness, since jeongguk had opened it and had been too enraptured by the calico to remember to close it. “took a liking?”
“work at a pet shop,” you explain. “i took her along because the landlord was gonna check everyone’s places that week.”
taehyung beams. it drops as he gingerly holds his jaw, and you’re quick to offer the bag of frozen peas again. he takes it and his lips turn up again, a little shyer, as your tattooed fingers brush his.
a small smile creeps onto seokjin’s face. he sighs fondly. “fine. yn, you can teach him how to fight.”
taehyung pumps his fist in the air and winces. 
he adds, “but only when at least one of us is with you. you better not break any of his bones. just saying – we know where you live.”
for the first time since they’ve met you, you crack the tiniest smile. “got it.” 
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btsqualityy · a month ago
Blood On The Dance Floor: Chapter 15
Hoseok x Reader
Genre/Rate: 18+, established relationship, thriller, fatal attraction!AU (kind of, but with major changes), smut, angst, and fluff.
Summary: Everything comes to an end.
Warnings: assault, fighting, blood, violence, mentions of murder, and death.
WC: 3.1K
Author’s Note: This is the final chapter of this series! Thank you to everyone who has read, liked, left comments, and sent me asks about this story! This was definitely a different genre for me and I struggled writing it sometimes because of that, but you guys gave me the courage to finish it! I hope you all enjoy it!
Tumblr media
Three entire months went by and again, neither of you heard anything from Bora. You and Hobi both reminded cautious though, given the pattern Bora had of completely leaving you alone before randomly popping up and causing chaos in your lives again. 
By that point, the news of what Bora had done began to spread throughout the city and the police were even more determined to find her. Personally, you were convinced that the girl had either had extensive plastic surgery or had crawled into a hole, refusing to come out because there was no way that no one was able to catch sight of her in a city of nine million people. 
The entire situation had also began to take it’s toll on your marriage. As much as you hated to admit it, you realized that you resented Hobi because in your mind, none of this would’ve happened if he hadn’t been so nice to the woman. In return, Hobi began to become frustrated with you because although he understood where you were coming from, it wasn’t his fault and there wasn’t much he could do to deter Bora’s ambitions. 
After a few weeks of back and forth arguments and silent treatments, Hobi suggested that the both of you go to counseling which you readily agreed to. It was tough to open up about having someone literally try to murder you but after only a few weeks, you noticed great changes. You and Hobi had started to get back to the way you were when you first moved to Seoul and that made you happier than anything else. 
“I’m gonna miss you so much, you know that?” Hobi said into the phone and you giggled as you finished putting the last of your toiletries into your suitcase. 
“I know, you told me 20 times before you left this morning,” you smiled. One of your therapists suggestions was that you take a trip somewhere in order to relax and rejuvenate once you were fully healed. Since you had finals coming up in another month, you decided to take a short weekend trip to Jeju with Soonyoung, Namjoon’s fiancée, and Dara, Taehyung’s girlfriend after you got the clearance from your doctor.
“You have your mace with you, right?” Hobi checked. “And your personal alarm?”
“Yes and yes,” you assured him. “Got my brass knuckles too. They’re in my bag.”
“Good,” he sighed in relief. “What time are you meeting with the girls?”
“I’m about to go pick up Dara and we’re gonna meet Soonyoung at the airport,” you said. “Our flight leaves at 3.”
“Ok, well I’ll let you go since it’s already 12:30,” your husband replied. “Please watch your surroundings and call me when you land. Oh, and don’t forget to set the alarm system.”
“I will,” you replied. “I love you baby.”
“I love you more,” Hobi responded. “Have a good time.”
“Alright, bye,” you said before hanging up the phone. Just as you set your phone down on the bed and went to zip up your suitcase, your phone rung again. Picking it back up, you saw Dara’s name and hurriedly answered it.
“Hey, are you on your way?” Dara wondered and you nodded to yourself as you slid the suitcase off of the bed and onto the floor. 
“I’m about to leave the house now,” you told her, taking a quick glance around the room to make sure that you weren’t forgetting anything. 
“Thank God because Taehyung is gonna make me murder his ass!” Dara shouted and you knew your friend well enough to know that she wanted to make sure that Taehyung heard her. Sure enough, you heard him yell his reply back to her. 
“Fucking do it and take me out of my misery then!” 
“What is going on with you two now?” You laughed as you slung your purse over your shoulder before grabbing the handle of your suitcase and making your way out of the bedroom and down the steps. 
“He’s acting like he’s dying because we’re going on our girls’ trip!” She exclaimed. “You’d think the man had abandonment issues or some shit.”
“I do, and they’re from you!” Taehyung hollered, which made you crack up on the phone. 
“Oh my gosh, he has lost it,” you giggled, opening the front door and taking a quick second to make sure that it was locked before walking out and shutting it behind you. “Well, I’m literally getting into my car now so I’ll be there in about 10 minutes.”
“Good, I’ll be waiting by the front door,” Dara sighed and you just shook your head before hanging up the phone. After hurriedly throwing your bags into the backseat, you got into your car and started it up, easily pulling out of the driveway and heading down the street.
10 minutes later, you pulled up in front of Dara and Taehyung’s apartment complex and sent her a quick text to let her know that you were waiting for her. She was obviously seriously about having been waiting by the front door because she appeared through the doors in record time. After throwing her suitcase into the backseat alongside yours, she then climbed into the passenger seat. 
“Girl’s trip 2022 is in full effect!” Dara shouted, making you laugh as you leaned over and gave her a one armed hug. 
“You have everything, right?” You asked. “I don’t want to have to have to turn around and Soonyoung will fuss if we’re late.”
“Yeah, I think so,” Dara murmured before going through her mental checklist. “Purse, suitcase, phone, keys, I didn’t have to set the alarm because Tae’s in the house-”
“Oh shit!” You exclaimed, smacking your hand up against your forehead. 
“I forgot to set the alarm at the house,” you sighed heavily, reaching down and starting the ignition. “I’ll have to swing back around.”
“That’s fine,” Dara replied. “Oh, did you pack that bucket hat of yours that I love? The pink one with graphic print?” 
“No but we can grab it at the house,” you told her. “As long as you promise to return it!”
“I always do, don’t I?”
“Damn, you don’t forget anything, do you?” Dara huffed, making you smile as you drove in the direction of your house. 10 minutes later, you pulled back into the driveway, and you and Dara quickly hopped out, walking up to the front door. 
“You go ahead upstairs and get the hat while I set the alarm,” you told her after you let the two of you inside the house. “It’s on the rack of hats in our closet. You can’t miss it.”
“Ok, be right back,” Dara nodded before turning around and jogging up the steps. While you bent down to punch the code into the touchpad, you heard a yelp that was followed by a surprisingly loud thud. Whipping around, you looked up towards the landing but you couldn’t hear anymore movement. 
“Dara?” You called out, your brows furrowing when you didn’t receive a response. You walked over to the steps then and began to climb them, your eyes widening at what you saw when you got to the top.
Dara was laid out of the ground, seemingly unconscious with a rapidly growing pool of blood underneath her head. 
You rushed over to her, a loud gasp escaping your throat when you saw the sizeable wound on the side of her head which is where the blood was coming from. 
“Dara! Dara, open your eyes for me,” you pleaded, your eyes becoming thick with wetness. “Dara, come on!”
“Yoohoo,” a voice whistled and when you looked towards it, you saw Bora sitting on your and Hobi’s bed. She had a red set of lingerie on her body, with matching stockings and high heels. The thing that had bile threatening to rise in your throat though, was the hammer that was hanging out of her hand, with bright red blood still dripping from it. 
“What the fuck are you doing here?” You asked darkly. 
“Some little bimbo didn’t set the alarm system,” Bora smiled. “Which made it easier for me anyways since Hobi asked me to meet him here.”
“Like hell he did,” you shot back. 
“Why can’t you just admit it?” Bora wondered as she stood up from the bed and not wanting to leave yourself defenseless, you stood up as well. “He wants to be with me so why couldn’t you just leave peacefully?”
“Because he’s never asked me to leave. In fact, he begged me to stay and I know you heard that for yourself,” you replied, smirking lightly when you saw her hard demeanor fall a little bit. “Now, I’m going to call the police and let them deal with you while I try to save my best friend’s life.”
“You don’t want to do that,” Bora said as she surged forward and when you realized that she was going to grab your arm, you stepped backwards out of her reach.
“Do not touch me,” you warned her. 
“Or what?” Bora chuckled. “You gonna do something about it?” She reached out and grabbed your wrist, and your immediate reaction was to push her away from her. You pushed her so hard that she stumbled backwards and fell against the bed, and her stare when she looked up at you after steadying herself was murderous. 
“Oh, you want to play, bitch?” Bora asked as she stood up straight, her hands completely free since the hammer had fallen out of her hands. “Let’s play then.”
Before you could even reply, Bora rushed you, her hands wrapping around your throat. You went into survival mode, bringing both of your arms up in between Bora’s and bracing them, forcing her hands from around your throat. You then punched her dead in the face, knocking her down onto the ground. Lifting her leg, she kicked you in the knee, making you scream as the muscles buckled and caused you to fall down onto the ground. 
“Fucking bitch!” Bora screamed as she leaned over and climbed on top of you, hitting you in the nose. You instantly began to feel something wet coming from your nose and you knew that it was blood. You also knew by the way your nose felt that she had probably just broken it, and that only served to piss you off more. 
“Get the fuck off of me!” You hollered, sitting up and managing to knock Bora off of you. You then got on top of her, grabbing ahold of her hair and lifting her head up just so that you could punch her back down to the ground.
“You tried to kill me,” you snapped, slapping her hard. “You tried to kill my fucking husband.” Another slap. “You broke my fucking ankle and had me doubting myself and my marriage. You better hope I don’t fucking kill your ass.”
“Like you’d have the guts,” Bora challenged, yelling out in pain when you punched her in the eye. 
“Try me,” you dared her. Taking both of your hands, you took a firm grip on her hair and forced her head down onto the ground, slamming her head into the wood. As you did, you noticed that her hand was reaching upwards over her head and when you looked, you realized that she was reaching for the discarded hammer. You snatched her hand up by the wrist, holding it so tightly that you knew it had to be painful as you continued to bang her head against the floor with your other hand. 
You both went back and forth like that for a while, struggling against each other and landing blows where you could. 
Somehow, Bora managed to get from underneath you and as soon as she did, she ran out of the bedroom and down the hall. You were hot on her trail though, chasing after her and grabbing her by her bra strap, yanking her backwards and throwing her down onto the ground. Bora rolled away from you, moving closer to the top of the stairs and you went after her, bending down to punch her again. When you did though, Bora grabbed the collar of your shirt and pulled you with her as the two of you went rolling down the stairs. 
The fall was even more terrifying than you remembered it to be, with the addition of another person falling alongside you and their limbs also hitting you at the same time that the steps did. When you landed at the bottom this time, the same amount of pain flooded your senses but as far as you could tell, nothing was broken and no new blood was coming out of your body. 
“Fuck,” you sighed, taking your time as you sat up straight from where you had landed. Looking around, you realized that Bora wasn’t next to you and that put you right back on edge. You looked around wildly for her but you didn’t see her. 
It took you about a good two minutes to lift yourself up off of the floor but once you did and were able to shake yourself off, you seemed ok and that’s when you began to slowly walk through the house to look for Bora. You could see that she wasn’t in the kitchen and as you made your way through the living room, you saw that she wasn’t there either. 
“Come out, Bora!” You shouted. “You could push me down the fucking steps when my back was turnt but you can’t fight me face to face?!”
Tip toeing down the hall, you saw the door to the office was opened and when you peaked inside, you still didn’t see Bora. Cautiously taking a step inside, you looked around and allowed yourself to relax just a little bit when she still wasn’t visible.
“Turn around bitch,” you suddenly heard her voice and when you turned around, Bora ran towards you and pushed a stapler into your right shoulder. 
“Fuck!” You bellowed and Bora took advantage of you being preoccupied with the pain to punch you in your stomach twice in quick succession. She then punched you in the face which sent you falling to the ground, seemingly unconscious. 
“Damn,” Bora huffed, bending down and placing her hands on her knees as she tried to catch her breath. “God, I did not want to have to kill you, bitch but you just wouldn’t go the fuck away so now I have to kill you before Hobi gets home and bury both you and your little friend. I’ll also have to deal with Hobi mourning you but whatever. I can get him to forget your whiny ass pretty easily and if in the off chance I can’t, I’ll just kill him like I killed Akiro.” 
Bora looked down at your unmoving body and felt overcome with a feeling of peace as she looked down at the enemy she had, seemingly, finally vanquished. 
“Just one last hit for my satisfaction,” Bora said as she raised her foot to kick you in the stomach. When she did though, you opened your eyes and grabbed her leg, making her fall onto the floor hard. You elbowed her in the eye, taking pleasure in the way that she screamed as you rolled over to get on top of her. 
Zoning out, you dealt several devastating blows to her face, head, and chest and by the time you realized what you were doing and stopped hitting her, Bora was knocked out with a mangled face. You backed away from her and stood up straight again, gasping at how much blood covered your body and hands. Remembering Dara, you went to turn your back on Bora to go back upstairs and call the police but you remembered every other time you turned your back on that woman.
When you turned back to look at Bora, sure enough, she had gotten up off of the floor and was running over to you.
“That’s all you got, bitch?!” Bora screamed and without thinking, you lifted your leg up and kicked her in the stomach. The strength of your leg extending outwards propelled Bora backwards to where she fell through the window, crashing into the sharp bushes that sat outside. When you walked over to look, you saw branches literally sticking out of her body and her eyes were wide open. 
She was dead. 
“Huh, fuck,” you panted, allowing yourself to breathe easier now that you weren’t actively fighting anymore. Before you could even think about your next moves, you heard the sounds of sirens relatively close so with one last look at Bora, you walked out of the office and down the hallway into the living room. Hobi burst through the door then, his eyes widening as he ran over to you while several paramedics and police officers filed in behind him. 
“Baby, you’re ok!” Hobi exclaimed as he gently cupped your face in his hands, placing kisses all over your face in relief. Being in the safety of your husband’s arms caused the dam to break, and you found yourself sobbing harshly as you clutched his shirt in your hands. 
“H-how did you, how did you know?” You asked through your tears.
“Dara managed to call me and 911,” he explained and you lifted your head as you began to look around wildly. 
“Dara! I have to go to Dara!” You screamed as you tried to turn around and walk up the steps but Hobi wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you back against his body. 
“The paramedics will take care of her but you need to take care of yourself,” he told you firmly.
“Bora...s-she hit Dara with a, a hammer,” you stammered before bursting out into more tears and burying your face into your husband’s chest. 
“Ok, breathe for me, please,” Hobi said and you did your best to try and regulate your breathing. 
“Excuse me,” Officer Ito said and both you and Hobi looked over at him. “Is she still here?”
“In the office,” you muttered. 
“What do you think?” You replied smartly, and Officer Ito sighed heavily before reaching out and gently patting your shoulder.
“I’m so sorry,” he told you before walking through the living room and down the hallway, followed by several other officers. 
“I’m so fucking sorry baby, for all of this,” Hobi said and you looked at him. “I’ll never be able to make it up to you for putting you in this situation.”
“It’s not your fault,” you assured him. “She was just...fucking psychotic.”
“You’re right but it’s all over now, ok?” Hobi said and you nodded before wrapping your arms around him and hugging him tightly.
“It’s all over,” you whispered to yourself, letting your eyes to flutter closed as the nightmare finally ended. 
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chezzywezzy · 4 months ago
Yandere Batman & Catwoman (3/5)
Tumblr media
Word count ; 3.9k
Tonight, as I prowled the streets in my Lioness attire, something was off. The streets were almost barren, even though it was three a.m. I had yet to stumble upon any petty criminals, and usually I ran into at least a few daily. It was like a hush had fallen over the entire city. The calm before the storm.
Because of that, I lingered in the city center. I kept close to the mayor’s hall and Gotham Bank. Someone was planning something and I knew it. Call it feline senses, but something was amiss.
I climbed up a ladder attached to a building, heading to the roof of two conjoined Mexican restaurants. Down the street was Gotham Bank in all of its grand stature. Once on the roof, I went and leaned against the rail, peering up and down the empty streets. 
It was a Friday night. Where was everyone? 
“I’ve been tipped that the Joker and Harley Quinn are planning to rob Gotham Bank tonight.”
I let out a gasp, turning and pulling out my whip. However, it was just Batman. His voice was deep and husky but eerily familiar. He must’ve climbed up when I wasn’t looking. I tucked my whip away, leaning against the ledge and crossing my arms.
“Is that so, Bat boy? It explains why there’s no vermin crawling in the alley ways,” I noted. “How’d you find out?”
“My… assistant spotted some of the Joker’s henchmen scouting the bank out," he answered, walking up to me. He leaned against the ledge, peering out into the street.
I turned, leaning beside him. I sighed, nodding in understanding. “I should’ve known something was up.”
“You’re too hard on yourself. You clearly knew something was up. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here right now.”
I chuckled. “Thanks, Bat boy.”
“Here’s the plan,” he suddenly spoke up. “I already anonymously informed the police of their plans. A squadron is waiting in the lobby, and another in the vault. Gordon, the officer I personally work with, set everything up on their end.”
“Where do we come in?” I prodded eagerly, scooting closer to him.
“You and I will work from the shadows. We have to get as close to the Joker and Harley Quinn as possible. If we take them out, the city will be rid of their biggest threats.”
A frown tugged at my lips. “…Well, I’ve never really killed anyone before.”
“They’ve already broken out of Gotham four times. Someone has to take control into the situation. I can handle the dirty work. I just need you to back me up on this.”
“Yeah. I got you. And, hey, thanks for trusting me.”
He sent me a glance, signaling for me to explain.
“Oh! It’s just that a close friend of mine is in this vigilante business too, and she doesn’t think I have the chops. Catwoman. You know her, right?”
“Never ran across her before. She obviously focuses on a certain section of the city, so I leave it to her.”
“Huh. I guess you’re right. I never realized.”
Silence fell over us. Sometimes, a car or a drunkard went past, but nothing inconspicuous. The culprits were known for being flashy, so they’d make their presence known and show up with a bang. Total and utter maniacs, the both of them.
I occasionally checked my watch. Tick tock, tick tock. Half an hour passed, and then another. I was starting to think they’d show on another night. Or, hell, even during the day when I was at work, sadly. But Batman seemed convinced that they would show tonight. And the man, as brooding and mysterious as he was, was very intelligent and had good resources.
My eyes were starting to flutter and my head was beginning to bob. Batman was awake. There’d be nothing wrong with a quick nap, right —?
And that’s when we heard it. A distant but approaching agglomeration of screeching tires, gunshots, and manic shouts. 
They were here.
Batman and I went to the ladders, sliding down the rails with ease instead of wasting time climbing. We still remained in the alleyway, as several black vans whizzed past, not following the driving laws at all. We watched with intrigue, ready to strike, as one van crashed right through the glass and the others crowded the entrance.
Immediately, henchman after henchman filed out of the car, adorning fancy bullet-proof vests and AR-fifteen’s. More glass shattered and gunfire ensued, presumedly between the police and the henchmen. However, the emperors of the army had yet to show themselves. So, Batman and I had yet to make our move. 
But, as more police officers were gunned down, two familiar figures - their colorful outfits contrasting with the dark night - emerged from the car that originally crashed through the entrance.
They stood out like sore thumbs. 
Batman began down the street, and I followed him loyally. All the henchmen were focused on the battle at hand, and we blended in with the environment well. I heard Batman grunt with annoyance as our targets separated into different directions. 
The henchmen moved inwards, only corpses remaining. We could hear more sirens approaching from down the street, and we knew we had to cross now or the police would withhold us from doing our job. We dashed across.  Before entering the building, though, I snatched an AR-fifteen from one of the henchman and strapped it on. I didn’t intend to kill anyone, but I was more than down to break of few bones.
The fight had went over past the lobby and into the depths of the bank. I felt pity for the dead officers as we stepped over them.
Batman hissed and dragged me behind one of the bank counters as several cop cars pulled up. Batman and I were squished together underneath, his warmth causing me to sweat even more than I already was. We heard the police file out and enter. Flashlights scanned over every inch of the room, and some were frightened by the bloodshed. 
However, as soon as they lingered, the rushed in as more gunshots fired off. They were being as quiet as possible, But I had an inkling of when they’d vacated. I had very good ears. I pulled Batman up.
“Anywhere but the vault,” Batman hissed. “They may be insane, but they’d know better than to do the dirty work themselves. They’re probably somewhere not to far from the lobby so they can make their escape if they have to.”
“Where to?” I whispered.
“Then… why don’t we wait in their escape vehicle?” I brainstormed.
“I’m sure they called for back-up.”
“The place is surrounded. And as you said, they like to make a scene. I’m sure nothing would give them a high than engaging in an epic car chase.”
Batman’s gaze flickered between me and the escape vehicle. “…And if the gamble pays off, we can plant a GPS tracker, even if we don’t manage to catch them now.”
I beamed at him. “Exactly. What do you say, Bat boy?”
I smiled softly before hopping over the counter and sauntering over to the car. All of the doors, including the trunk, was wide open. But, after taking one final glance to make sure there were no prying eyes, we hopped in the back and shut the doors. We hid behind the front seats, the space cramped and tight. Batman was fiddling with his small pouch, pulling out a spy device I had grown to know well. A GPS tracker.
He nodded. “Good.”
From outside, the gunshots were quieting down. It was hard to tell who was winning. However, as positive as I tried to be, I knew the henchmen had the upper hand. How the Joker and Harley Quinn found such adept, athletic men and in such large numbers, I hadn’t a clue. 
We heard some thudding footsteps approaching. And them. The didn’t seem happy, though, cursing profusely. They were making their escape. Had justice prevailed? Was all of their torment going to be put to an end?
Someone slid into the driver’s seat. I wasn’t sure who, but they reached over and shut the passenger door closed before their own. Wait. What?
The Joker hissed. “I know you’re back there, Bats. You kill me, you’re going down with me!”
“Hasta la vista, baby!” The Joker cackled, immediately hitting the road. He wasn’t, however, accompanied by his manic girlfriend. When we peered out the window, though, we saw a separate black van by its side. Batman grunted in annoyance, but it was overshadowed by the ruckus.
He was known for being unpredictable. Erratic. And that’s why we couldn’t predict what would happen next. He swerved again, crossing into a building. My vision blurred, and Batman’s body was forced over mine. However, we heard the Joker’s body brace for impact. 
“So, Bats, you brought your girlfriend this time, huh?” The Joker exclaimed. The other van, with Harley Quinn in the front, veered into the store, too.
As I pushed Batman off me, my body suddenly fell out of the side as the door opened. A strong, pale hand grabbed me and tore me out of the vehicle. The Joker loomed over me, a gun in his grip. My back was to the asphalt.
Batman suddenly pounced from the car. He tackled him, freeing me from his grip. The pistol went off. I stumbled to my feet, only to duck when a spiked bat aimed at my head. Harley Quinn let out a cackle. I was unable to pay attention to Batman and Joker who were in their own spat, instead hopping away and pulling out my whip.
Harley Quinn flirtatiously bat her eyelids. “If it isn’t the Lioness,” she cackled, swinging the bat with one hand.
I whipped at the ground. “Bring it, Quinn.” She just grinned, jumping at me. Immediately, I whipped at her, but she dodged, ducking out of the way. Police cars were beginning to swarm the building. However, Harley and I were completely engrossed with one another. 
She was right in front of me, swinging her bat. I narrowly dodged, but while doing so, I shot my whip at her. She let out a gasp of surprise as her wrist was entangled. She dropped her bat, her other arm immediately intending to untangle, but I pulled her toward me. 
I wasn’t ready for the impact, because Harley pushed me against the van door. She ripped the whip away from my grasp. A coy smile played at her lips and she fluttered her eyelids again. 
“You know, if we weren’t natural enemies, I’d be so inclined to kiss you —"
“Fuck, Bats, we both know you’re not going to kill me.”
Harley’s head swerved, and even my attention was stolen by the other pair. Batman had straddled the Joker against the floor. He’d managed the steal the pistol, and now, was pointing it at the enemy. But several police cars had pulled up outside.
I didn’t even react when Harley Quinn separated from me. Letting out a shriek, her mood having completely switched, she jumped at Batman. I reached out, but I didn’t spare a conscious effort to stop her.
However, it didn’t matter.
Because Batman shot.
Harley Quinn tackled him, but it was too late. She let out a scream of rage, clearly losing hier shit, but Batman threw her off his back. She crashed into one of the aisles. She jumped to her feet, eyeing the corpse of her dead lover, and took off.
Because of the police officers filing in, Batman nor I didn’t pursue. In fact, I felt bad. I didn’t think Batman would actually kill him.
I pressed my body against the van, my breath being caught in my throat. As Batman rose to his feet, I instantly noticed the maroon splashes across the front of his suit. He walked toward me, the police officers completely ignoring us in pursuit of the other criminal. My gaze flickered between him and the pale part with blood spurting from the bullet wound in his forehead.
I was still speechless, but I let him drag me away from the scene. 
“We have to get out of here,” Batman grunted.
“I don’t trust him,” Selina hissed.
Us, the three vigilantes, were in the alleyway nearby the Iceberg Lounge. Batman was leaning against the wall, and Selina was clinging to me to keep me away from the masked mark of vengeance. Batman was silent, despite Selina’s remark.
“I…I get that, but we need your help,” I countered. “Harley Quinn’s just as dangerous alone, especially now that someone had to go and only kill Joker and not the other.”
“The cops would have stopped me,” Batman defended.
I hummed suspiciously. Selina narrowed her eyes at him, wrapping her arm around my waist. “…Who’s to say this isn’t his way of figuring out our identities? If he learns who I am, he’ll learn who you are —"
“I already know who both of you are.”
I gulped. “A-a-and how would you know that, Batboy?”
“What are you, our stalker?” Selina hissed.
Batman shook his head. “I recognized your voice, Y/n. Simple as that.” My jaw dropped, confirming the suspicion on the back burner of my brain. I squeezed Selina’s arm reassuringly. Batman pulled stuff out of his pouch. He popped one of the tiny earbuds in his ear and handed the other items to Selina. “Put that in your ear. Your job is to get the tracker on Harley Quinn if it’s the last thing you do.”
Selina frowned. “You still have yet to explain how you know her. You know her voice? The hell is that supposed to mean?”
Batman and I exchanged glanced. “No, he’s fine. He’s the guy I went on a date with the other day. Simple as that.”
“And how does that make him trustworthy —"
I grabbed both of her shoulders and forced her to face me. “Selina, please. We don’t have much time left. We already know that the Joker and Quinn were planning something bigger. And I doubt that Quinn doesn’t still plan on continuing with it. Please.”
Selina gulped, shrugging me off. “Fine.” She snatched the tracker and earbud from the man who I now recognized to be Bruce. “But, you. Don’t think I don’t have my eye on you.”
Before me or Bruce could get a word in, she dashed away to the back entrance of her job. Batman and I exchanged glances. I felt rather nervous now that I knew it was the hot guy I was head over heels for underneath the mask. I leaned against the wall unable to meet his intense gaze.
Silence fell between us. But something was gnawing at my insides, so I had to speak up. “Hey, Batboy… When exactly did you figure it out?”
He cleared his throat. “…When you were my server at your job.”
“So, you weren’t actually interested in me, huh?” I muttered, feeling rather sour and insecure.
Batman frowned. “It’s not like that.”
“Then what is it like, Bruce Wayne? I’ve done my own research on you too. And the news certainly doesn’t paint you in a very trustworthy and good light,” I snapped.
He rubbed his forehead, letting out a sigh.  “No. Listen. I was - no, am interested. I was just interested in the Lioness first.”
I sent him a mighty glare. “Meaning…?”
He waved his arms in frustration. “Just like I said. I was interested in the Lioness first. Romantically.”
My anger dissipated and my eyes widened in surprise. “…Oh.” I went silent, noting how irritated he seemed. “Well, good. Otherwise, I’d be pissed because I had a really nice time.”
I heard him snicker, but them he perked up. “Are you in?”
I walked over to him, hoping I could at least hear the conversation. But the earbud was buried in his lug and I was left just as on edge.
“Good. Just serve Harley Quinn. Drug her drink, or all I care. Just get it done.” Selina must’ve told him to ‘shut the fuck up,’ because his mouth immediately clammed up. He let out a sigh. “But —"
He reached into his ear and handed it over to me. I sent him a coy grin and put it in. “Feisty, are we?” I giggled.
“You know I don’t like him.”
“You seriously went on a date with this guy, though?”
I hummed in amusement. “He was charming, what can I say?”
Selina clicked her tongue before falling silent. Instead of her voice, I heard blasting electronic music and drunken conversations. I spaced out, only to jump when Batman - Bruce - Batman? Oh, fuck it. Bruce’s gloved hand gliding from my shoulder down to my arm.
I giggled nervously, leaning into him further. Selina probably didn’t hear me luckily. Bruce pulled me closer, his beautiful dark eyes maintaining a twinkle. I grinned at him bashfully. He sent me a charming smile and, with one finger under my chin, tilted my head up.
I pawed playfully at his chest. “Not right now, Br - Batboy.”
“What? What’s he trying to do?” Selina spoke up aggressively.
I jumped from the tone change. “Jesus, Selina, give me a head’s up first. And-d-d it’s none of your business,” I chuckled.
She went silent. “Oh, fuck this. I don’t need to be hearing this right now.” Buzzing emitted from her side.
I pulled away, one finger pressing to the earbud. ”Selina? Selina, what did you do?”
Bruce motioned for me to hand it to him, so I did, confusion wracking my body. I was still within close proximity, one of his arms looping around my waist to pull me in. He stuck it in his ear and tapped, also calling for Selina. He grunted, annoyed. “She broke it.”
I sucked a bout of air in. "Damn. Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait it out.”
“Are you sure she’ll do it?”
“Without a doubt,” I answered, sending him a reassuring smile. “She may be rough around the edges with strangers, but she’s trustworthy.”
Bruce leaned in, our chests pressed against one another. “But from what you’ve said, the feeling isn’t mutual.”
I sighed. “I just… think she has trust issues.”
“But don’t we all?”
“Hey, aren’t you the one that wasn’t honest with me about your identity in the first place?”
He pressed his forehead against mine, a handsome smile playing at his lips. “I just… failed to mention it.”
I pouted, sending him a playful glare. “Fine. That’s an acceptable excuse, but only for now. I’ve got my eyes on you, buster.”
I more than welcomed the kiss. His chapped, warm lips pressed against mine. My hands groped at his suit until they weaved around his neck. His other arm hugged me closer and I turned to press me against the wall. Our lips intertwined and I could’ve sworn that sparks flew. My mind went fuzzy, and each time he pulled away to attack at a different angle, I chased, pulling him back into me. There was something cute about how he tried to hide his inexperience.
But, as badly as I wanted to continue, I pushed at his shoulders. Bruce swept in for one more kiss before pulling away, his eyes scrunched in annoyance. I caressed his cheek, giggling like a school girl. "I adore you, Bruce, but we’re still on-duty.”
He sighed, knowing I was right. He placed a kiss to my forehead, the pressure against my masked forehead soft. A loud beep suddenly came from his phone, and he checks it, still keeping me caged against the wall. I eyed the green, a rush of adrenaline coursing through me as we realized the GPS tracker had been planted.
I pumped my fist in the air, which made Bruce laugh. He put his phone away. “Looks like your friend is more reliable than I thought.”
I pouted, crossing my arms. “I told you she’d find a way. And seeing as there’s no crowd of partygoers attempting to escape, it was done cleanly and without hassle.”
He quirked a brow, but didn’t ask. I appreciated that, because I really didn’t want to recount that embarrassing story. We awaited Selina’s return. And eventually, she emerged from a side door. She had changed back into her Catwoman suit, looking rather smug. Even though she obviously disliked the position she’d found us in, her smirk remained.
Bruce stepped away, clearing his throat, "Good job.”
“I’d say so.”
“So, how’d you get it on her?” I inquired curiously.
“For someone in a state of mourning, she sure is open-minded. I thought that instead of slipping into into her drink, I’d wait for her to flirt, and she did. Let’s just say, I was able to clip it on her with ease.”
I rolled my eyes. “So when I use that tactic, you blow my cover, but when you do it, it’s a feasible option, huh?”
I felt Bruce staring me down, but I was rather peeved. Jealous, even. After all… she’d blatantly proven that once again she had no trust in my abilities. That was all. Selina also rolled her eyes. “That was different.”
“How so? Oh, and Bruce baby, this is before we met,” I added, which made his suspicion fade.
Selina clicked her tongue. “Because you wouldn’t have gotten away with it.”
I gawked at her. “Well, fuck you, too, then. You know what - whatever,” I grumbled. “Hey, Batboy, what now?”
“We wait. We find out where their - her base is.”
He nods. “Alright… I’m just —"
“Going to come home now, right?” Selina interrupted with ease.
I tilted my head, sending her an obviously fake smile. “Ha. You’re funny. But, in fact…” I glared at Bruce before grabbing his arm. “Batboy and I are going to have a date! Well, I mean, only if you’re free —"
Bruce smiles, showing his pearly whites. There was something else - perhaps an unfriendliness - in his eyes as he stared Selina down, though. “Alright. Thanks for the help, Catwoman.”
Selina’s jaw dropped and her hand twitched. I giggled ecstatically, pulling Bruce with me as I left the alley. I was glad he agreed, because I wasn’t sure how else to avoid my roommate. I was already drop-dead tired from the lack of sleep these past few days.
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kumori-suwan · a year ago
Tumblr media
Fighting their ex at a club after she makes a scene
Warnings: aged up characters, mentions of alcohol, cursing and bad language, and some slight nsfw head cannons
Tanjiro Kamado
Tumblr media
-This boy is to kind for his own damn good, she walked over him and used him and his dumb little heart played it off as how lovers should be until you swept him off his feet and made him cheat on her.
-You made him whole, you gave him the love and attention he deserved and in return he was loyal and loving to you and treated you like his queen.
-So when you find her shouting at him and pushing him back into a wall in the club you had both decided to come to for date night you’re pissed.
-It’s obvious he’s trying to stay polite and respectful to her but he’s getting ready to snap until he’s frozen solid in shock from the daiquiri that was just poured over her head.
-You have a smug grin on your face and fake an apologetic voice, “Oh I’m sorry I mistook you for the trash can.”
-“You little bitch.”
-You hit the empty plastic container on her head making a funny “bonk” sound echo through it, “By the way the fishing pier called they need their nets back.”, you tease commenting on her poor outfit.
-Tanjiro’s falling in love with you all over again but practically has a heart attack when he sees his ex’s fist connect with your cheek.
-You’re barely dazed by her weak punch and catch yourself, “A kindergartner could punch harder then that you bitch.”, and like that you’re both on the floor throwing punches and slaps like wild animals on the floor.
-She’s screaming like a fearful monkey and you’re just laughing as you’re yanked off of her by security, you’re only injuries are a few scratches from her stupid nails and the punch from earlier but honestly you could care less after you’re kicked out of the club.
-“(Y/n)!”, your anger disappears the moment you met his soft dark red eyes but your tackled to the ground as he presses a deep passionate kiss into your lips.
-“My beautiful little hero.”, he hums kissing you over and over until you both decide to leave and go home and cuddle. Tanjiro is absolutely head over heels with you.
Inosuke Hashibira
Tumblr media
-You are the calm to his storm, just one look at you and he’s either swooning for you or so relaxed and chill.
-This feral man was having so much fun just dancing and holding you until his ex shows up. She pushes you out of his arms and onto the floor and gets in his face arguing with him about breaking up with her for you.
-He’s immediately shouting back at her for even being in the same room as you both and you get to see first hand what he meant about being unhappy and angry when he was with her.
-You’re already kinda drunk from the shots you had downed earlier so your entire being changes. Inosuke watches in pure amazement as you yank his ex down by her hair and start swinging at her.
-You don’t let go of her hair as she screams and punches at you and your punches and slaps are connecting more then hers.
-It takes Inosuke a moment to register that his once calm and peaceful lovely woman is now whooping someone’s ass and he’s fucking laughing. You were always so calm and sweet so seeing this sudden rage and violence from you is a nice treat. He’s able to pull you off of her but you rip out her hair as you’re pulled away.
-“You really just fought someone, holy shit! Are you crazy?”, he cackles carrying you out over his shoulder.
-“Inosuke shut the fuck up, be lucky I didn’t fuck her up more. I should kick your ass to for letting her push me-mmn~”
-Kisses you straight on the lips with a grip so tight on your thighs you’re sure there’s a bruise, “Let’s go home right now and I’m gonna fuck every last drop of anger out of you.”
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Tumblr media
-Aight first lets start off with the fact that our boy doesn’t have good self esteem and is pretty much an idiot who will fall in love with the first woman that dares to give him attention.
-Due to this he ends up in a very abusive and toxic relationship until he’s tossed aside for someone better, he meets you at a local cafe after his break up where you serve him his coffee with little foam hearts and a shiba dog drawing on it and he’s crying more because you’re so cute and he needed this soft gift for his broken heart.
-Now bring it back to the presence and he’s being tag teamed by his ex and her friends and getting bullied until tears are welling up in the corners of his eyes.
-“What a crybaby!” “What a useless guy just croak and die already.” “What did I ever see in you?”
-He’s breaking from their cruel words one of them suddenly falls to the ground after having a chair throw at her. The other gets thrown into the crowd of dancers making people scream as the fight ensues.
-“You can’t see shit with those fake eyelashes covering your whole face, but that’s cool I benefited from your loss in the long run.”, you growl grabbing her by her hair to keep her in place as you kneed her in the stomach.
-Zenitsu is both scared and turned on by your sudden aggressiveness and he’s just praying you don’t notice the huge boner you’ve given him.
-His ex is clutching her stomach and glaring up at you from her spot on the ground and you decide to prove your point to her. You grab Zenitsu by the back of the head and pull him into a deep wet kiss while flipping her off with your free hand, he’s blushing bright red and moaning loud from your sudden dominance but he could care less who sees.
-“Zen let’s go home. I’m gonna give you another confidence booster.”, you purr making him smile like an idiot.
-He’s well aware what you mean but as he drives home with your hand on his thigh he can’t help but think, “Damn I’m totally marrying her.”
Kyojuro Rengoku
Tumblr media
-He’s the one that breaks up with her! This sweet fucking gentleman just couldn’t deal with his sugar baby ex just using him for money anymore so he cuts his ties with her.
-Isn’t to surprised to see her yelling at you while at the club, your dawning his crisp blue blazer over your sweet exposed skin and his ex is absolutely targeting your body to make you feel insecure.
-He’s rushing back to your side as fast as he can but to his surprise the sound of the hardest slap he’d ever heard echos throughout club making even the dj stop the music.
-His ex’s cheek swells up immediately after impact, its red and swollen and she’s already crying but she tries to hammer the nail again and tackles you over the bar counter as onlookers begin to crowd around to watch the brawl.
-“(Y/n)! Are you alright?”, Kyojuro’s worried sick until he sees your small frame standing up with her arm in a hold ready to break it, your foot pinning her neck down and the other on her back to keep her from moving.
-“Oh hi honey. Sorry I might have gotten your blazer stained.”, you sigh peaceful buzzed despite just getting tackled by a 130 pound bitch.
-Kyojuro tries not to smile as he offers you a hand over the counter but the loud sirens of police cars makes you both freeze. The flame haired gentleman panics that you’re about to go to jail but sighs with relief when he sees that Sanemi is the officer to show up.
-“Domestic violence and disturbing the peace. You’ll be spending the next week in jail you dumbass!”, he cackles at the stupid woman that dared to fight you and looks over to see you nodding off against Kyojuro.
-“Got yourself a feisty one don’t you?”
-“Yup a beautifully feisty Angel.”, he chuckles carrying you home and tucking you in for the night.
Giyuu Tomioka
Tumblr media
-Honestly it was just a simple date with your quiet lover, while sharing some sake together in a booth he reserved just for the two of you, a group of women showed up and his scowl obviously proved that he wasn’t in the mood for them.
-“What do you want?”, he growls wrapping a protective arm around you.
-It’s new to you seeing him protective but it becomes pretty obvious why when the main woman slaps him across the face and begins to argue with him. Unbeknownst to him this isn’t your first bar fight, in seconds you text your friends that are there partying with you to come help while you stand up for yourself.
-“And who the hell are you slut?”, she growls at you puffing her stupidly huge breast out at you.
-“The better one.”, you reply calmly letting her grab you by collar and throwing you towards her friends. They each take an arm and hold you tight and you just stare at her unamused as she clenches her fist.
-“Bet you think you’re so cute just because he choose you after I left his sorry ass. I’ll show you-“
-“I’m gonna fuck you up!”, someone screams tackling the girl to the floor as you get one of your arms free and punch a girl in the nose. Your friend Mitsuri shows up to kick the other girl in the stomach and momentarily fangirls seeing you on a date with Tomioka.
-“You two make a great couple.”, she hums throwing another girl into a nearby table while your friend Erika continues to beat Giyuu’s ex.
-You all get kicked out by security but Giyuu is smiling like a dork after seeing you fight someone. He’s so proud and in love that he doesn’t know how to express it, he notices a feint scratch on your cheek and kisses it making you blush at him.
-“G-Giyuu what was that for?”
-“Sorry I may be a little drunk so I’ve gotten confident enough to kiss you, can I do it again?”, he’ll hum pulling you in by your hips.
-You giggle and kiss him back as Mitsuri and Erika toss the tied up gang of girls into a trash can.
Sanemi Shinazugawa
Tumblr media
-It’s his day off, he had another one the next day so he decided to take you out clubbing and drinking. Giyuu agreed to be the designated driver so you both went a little crazy until you were plastered and radiating nothing but carnal need.
-You had already bumped into his ex once during a drunken dance, you had pushed her down and honestly didn’t care since you were already seeing dizzy anyways and just giggled.
-She’s hunting you down the rest of the night finding you in the women’s bathroom with Sanemi rearranging your guts on the sink countertop.
-“Oh so you leave me high and dry and replace me with a slut that has two left pig hooves for feet?!”, she screams knocking you both out of your drunken mood.
-She hates that you’re whiny and begging for Sanemi’s attention as he’s fixing himself back into his pants to actually fight with her but your drunken brat self decides to do it for him and you throw a high heel at her almost poking out her eye.
-“Can’t you see we’re busy here stupid bitch get out!”, you growl taking off your other shoe so you can walk evenly.
-That’s when all hell goes down, you’re both fighting each other out of the bathroom and fall into the crowd making people move and scream as you both continue to roll around on the ground kicking, punching, biting, and god knows what else to each other.
-She socks you in the nose and draws blood and you repay her by knocking out a few teeth and ripping out her ugly extensions.
-Sanemi just lets it play out for a while until your dress gets ripped open and guys start staring at your lavender bra that only he was allowed to see. He throws his bratty little Princess over his shoulder slapping your thigh hard since you dare to move. As the girl struggles to get back to her feet she sees your angry little face and both of your middle fingers until Sanemi gets you out the door.
-You both pass out in the back seat of Giyuu’s car and he has to carry you both in one at a time in order to go home. You are sore, bruised, and angry the next morning but Sanemi is still busy dealing with the fact that you fought his ex with no underwear on in a short cocktail dress at a club.
-“My badass baby.”, he hums bringing you your morning coffee to help lift you mood.
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cocopowderrr · 2 months ago
“ i have been trying to get to you , join me…..”
previous chapter <3
Tumblr media
After the gang arrived at the crime scene, they saw a body getting covered with a big, white cloth. The poor man known by the name of Fred Benson, was brutally murdered in the middle of the road. His arms and legs were snapped, and eyes were gouged out, same way as Chrissy was killed. It was truly horrific. Fred came to the crime scene to investigate with Nancy Wheeler, who has quite an experience in reporting. As she was getting information about Eddie from his uncle Wayne Munson, she heard barking from the dog, the place where Fred was, after that, he went missing until she told the police and they found him no longer in this world.
Upon getting interrogated by the police, Nancy saw her friends come out of the car and felt relief. After the police had left, the group discussed about what had happened, Max told everyone that Chrissy was crying in the bathroom and was also seeing her counselor Ms. Kelly, and Nancy told how Fred seemed off as they arrived at the trailer park. That’s when Dustin told everyone about Vecna, someone they discussed about with Eddie. He’s a wizard from another dimension who puts people under his spell and then ultimately takes their life. Since the two murders happened at the trailer park, everyone thought if they should be here. Max noticed once more that Vivian was sitting very, very quietly and had a non-responsive look on her face. She pointed at her and everyone saw her. Nancy seemed confused and asked what was going on, but everyone was more worried about Vivian than to explain.
“Vivian….” The eerie voice called. Vivian heard slimy and heavy footsteps behind her, but was too scared to look, she couldn’t see her friends, she was suddenly sitting on the bench alone after blinking once.
“I finally have you…”
“W-who… are you?” She whispered, she couldn’t get her voice out due to fear. The footsteps stopped right behind her, and she felt fingers being ran in her hair once more.
“You look just like your mother…”
“You have her hair and eyes…”
“But you despise it, don't you…?”
“You despise her.”
Vivian wanted to know how he knew what she thinks, and what exactly does he want with her, how does he know his mother???
“You will get all the answers you need… But for that, you will have to come to me, physically…” He put his hand on her shoulder which made Vivian flinch, and the fact he could read her thoughts were also freaking her out.
“L-leave me alone! Or I'll-“
“Your powers won’t work on me…” Vivian started screaming to let her go, she couldn’t even move from her place due to his hand tightly grabbing her shoulder.
“LEAVE ME ALONE!” She screamed once more with her eyes closed and when she opened them she saw Dustin and everyone else shouting her name on the top of their lungs.
“HEY, KID!!”
Vivian gasped and looked around to see everyone, she seemed really disturbed. She gulped and looked at Max who was comforting her by putting her hands on her shoulder.
“What the fuck keeps happening with you???” Dustin seemed really worried.
“Something-something k-keeps calling my name, he says he’s been trying to get to me, he knows my mom, he knows what I think and-“
“Vecna….” Max looked at Dustin who was looking at his best friend with a very worrisome look. If something happened to Vivian, Dustin would go crazy, she’s been his friend ever since he can remember. Vivian has a special place in his heart.
After that, everyone decides to leave the trailer park, and while everyone was going towards Steve's car, Nancy had other plans. She wanted to check something out. Steve insisted on coming with her because it was very dangerous with Vecna being on the loose but Nancy denied. Instead, Robin proposed that she and Nancy will go to where she needs to go, and Steve will take the kids to Ms. Kelly so Max can ask about Chrissy and hopefully get something from her.
As Vivian was in the car, she was most worried and scared about the fact that Vecna knew about her powers, something she never told anyone about. Even after seeing how her friend Eleven was risking her life for her friends. She discovered about her powers when she was 6 years old, 2 years before she met her best friend, Dustin. She never told anyone about them because she was scared of being judged. But after Eleven came, she knew that her friends will accept her for who she is, but still, she never used her powers even when she saw people die in front of her, all because she was scared. The guilt of not being able to do anything when her good friend Will was possessed by the Mind Flayer, or when he went missing into the upside down, and when Max's brother Billy died like a hero. She stood there when she knew she could’ve done something, if there was someone there to help Eleven, maybe she never would’ve lost her powers, or Will could’ve been found earlier, but she didn’t do a thing. She was fidgeting her fingers and bouncing her leg up and down due to anxiety while looking out the window, and Max noticed it but she didn’t know what to do. She was fighting her own battle that she didn’t know how to win. Losing her brother Billy changed her a lot as a person, she wasn’t the same anymore, she broke up with her boyfriend Lucas, because she didn’t want to tell anyone about what exactly was going on with her.
After arriving at Ms. Kelly's house. Max went to ask questions while Dustin, Vivian and Steve remained in the car. Dustin brought up how Steve might still have feelings for Nancy, but Steve immediately denied and said that he was only being caring for his friend because he doesn’t want her dead. Dustin kept saying that Steve does like her, which made the man threaten the young boy that if he keeps saying this, he will punch Dustin so hard that his teeth will fall back out, which Dustin got offended about. But, he and Steve made up after Steve apologized. Dustin then looked at Vivian who was out of it, and didn’t even notice what the two boys were talking about. He clenched on his jeans and wondered why Vecna was after his best friend of all people, what did she do??
Meanwhile, Max was asking about Chrissy but Ms. Kelly didn’t want to give anything away, saying that Max wouldn’t like if someone asked about her. But Max said that if she were dead, she wouldn’t mind if people asked about her if it meant finding the killer and getting justice, but Ms. Kelly denied. Max asked if she could use the bathroom, Ms. Kelly told her the way and Max went and saw a bunch of keys. She picked the school's office one and sneaked out and told Steve to hurry up at the school.
As Max and the others were breaking into school, Robin and Nancy were at the Hawkins Public Library, looking for any information about a man by the name of Victor Creel, whom Wayne told about to Nancy when she was asking about Eddie. Wayne told how back in the 50s, Victor went insane and killed his wife and two kids. He was arrested for it, and then sent to the Penhurst Asylum. Wayne said that Victor's family was killed in the exact same way as how Chrissy was killed, and he thinks that Victor might’ve broken free.
They didn’t get anything about him, and Robin kept trying to speak with Nancy who seemed a little annoyed, giving Robin an idea that maybe Nancy doesn’t wanna speak with her. Robin told Nancy how she and Steve are only friends and their relationship is platonic with a capital P. Well, Robin wasn’t interested in men in a romantic or sexual way, she liked women, but only Steve knew about it. Nancy was quite annoyed especially when Robin mentioned all of that for mo reason at all, and went back to looking in the tabloids in hopes of finding anything about Victor. Fortunately for her, Robin found the Weekly Watcher and they looked into it and found that Victor Creel claimed that a vengeful demon had taken over the house and it wasn’t him who committed the murders, but rather the demon. Nancy thought that it was pretty convenient for Victor, but Robin said it would be inconvenient because Victor was announced legally insane by the court and this could very well be the reason of it. Robin proposed that what if the vengeful demon was actually Vecna. The two then printed this information and left the library and asked Dustin where they were, to which Dustin said they were breaking into the school and he wanted them there as soon as possible.
Max and the others looked into Ms. Kelly's files only to find that Fred was also seeing her and after looking through the files, Max found out that Chrissy and Fred both were having nightmares, extreme headaches and nosebleeds, the same symptoms she was experiencing. Suddenly, someone calls her and she goes outside the room to see a grandfather clock embedded into the wall. The clock chimed four times and then Max heard her name again, by the same eerie voice. She suddenly comes back into reality as two eyes open before her. By that time, Robin and Nancy had arrived. Max took everyone outside the office and told everyone how she saw a grandfather clock, but now it was nowhere to be seen. She also told how Fred and Chrissy were having symptoms until it got worse and worse and ultimately, everything ended. She said that Chrissy's headaches started a week ago, and Fred's 6 days ago, and she’s been having them for 5 days. So, she could probably die tomorrow. As they’re talking they hear a sound from outside and everyone goes to see what it is, only to see it was Lucas who ran away from the angry Hawkins basketball team who were actively hunting Eddie to get justice for Chrissy. Lucas tells Dustin that they’re after him as he knows where Eddie is, but Dustin brushes it off and tells him that they have more things to worry about while looking at Max and Vivian. Lucas gets worried as he looks at once beloved girlfriend.
They all go back to the Wheelers' residence where Nancy and Robin are gone somewhere, Vivian is sleeping as a coping mechanism, Max is writing some letters while the boys are reading about Victor and raise some essential questions like why did Vecna kill one family and then never came back. Dustin looks at Max and asks what she’s writing about and why isn’t she sleeping to which Lucas asks if anyone could sleep if they find out they’re gonna die tomorrow. As he says that, both boys look at Vivian who’s peacefully sleeping at one of the couches, but they don’t know what's going on with her in the world of dreams.
Vivian sees a young man and woman standing in the forest as if they’re hiding for someone. It was actually near the Hawkins Lab.
The man is quite tall, and has dirty blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. The woman on the other hand looked quite familiar, she had long brown hair and brown eyes. She seemed worried.
“Henry…. I'm pregnant….” The woman speaks with regret and worry on her face. The man grabs her shoulders pretty violently and stares at her with anger.
“Wait… Is that-“
“What… did you say???” Henry's tone was not a good one, it seemed that he wasn’t happy about having a child. The woman gulped with tears in her eyes, she didn’t know what to say.
“Didn't you take a pill????” Henry shook her which made the woman ball her eyes out.
“I wasn’t in my right mind, I went home and started to drink-” Henry just did a deep sigh and looked around before speaking.
“I don’t care what you do from now on, stay away from me, from this place, and do whatever you want with that child.” Henry looked like he had no care for the child or the mother whom he loved, but deep down, he wanted to be there. The woman was on her knees crying, begging for her beloved to come back, but he didn’t even look back once. Vivian followed the man and saw him sneaking back into the lab. He suddenly acted nice, and totally normal, like nothing had ever happened, and he seemed good at keeping that act. He went in his room which looked so bizarre and depressing. His normal looking act was over and he seemed frustrated. He looked at his bed and it suddenly lifted up a little in the air, shocking Vivian, but it seemed Henry couldn’t successfully throw it away because something was holding him back.
The lights suddenly flickered and Henry was gone. The creeped out Vivian looked outside the room to see so many dead bodies which were brutally killed, she noticed how their bones were snapped and eyes were gouged out, the same way Fred and Chrissy were killed. She screamed on top of her lungs and the lights violently started fluctuating.
“Vivian….” Vecna called
She ignored ran around the lab and came around a dead end where she saw Max dead. She was killed the same way.
“NO! MAX!!!” Vivian screamed on top of her lungs and then woke up screaming the same way. Max turned her head around and saw Vivian screaming and everyone running to her. She got up as well and asked what had happened, but Vivian was not in the shape to reply.
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cjsinkythoughts · a year ago
Windows Down, Music Up
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Avenger!Reader
Word Count: 3730
Warnings: !FATWS Spoilers!, Cursing, Lotsa Fluff, Slight Angst, Talk of PTSD/Flashbacks, No Seatbelts at One Point (WEAR SEATBELTS!)
A/N: The Part I didn’t know I needed. I started writing and this is where it got me. I needed these soft moments after the intensity of the last few parts. I know I said there’d only be one part left, but…I didn’t know this Part would be so long. So three parts for episode 5 it is!
I hope you enjoy this! I know it’s not really a part of the show, but I love the idea and I think both Bucky and the Reader needed it. Plus the show has a lot of leeway this episode because time passes but they kinda skip over traveling and stuff, so I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what it looks like in mine!
Not beta’d, as per usual! All mistakes are mine and please excuse them! Be kind to yourselves and others! Enjoy this part and stay tuned!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
“So what’s next?” You questioned, your feet hooked onto the bar below the bar you were sitting on so you didn’t fall. Not that you could - Bucky was right next to you, his hand flying to your thigh every time you shifted even a little bit to keep you steady. “Walker’s been arrested, we have the shield, Karli’s in the wind…where does that leave us? Do we have any leads on Karli right now?”
“The GRC is conducting raids to try and find Karli, but so far they’ve only found her followers. They’ve searched this camp, and just like the last camp, nothing. She’s gone. And we’ll never find her.”
You huffed at Sam’s words, rubbing your temples as you grumble, “way to look on the bright side.”
“What bright side? There’s not one here, cher. Not this time.”
“Hey.” Bucky snapped. “Back off, Sam.”
You grabbed his forearm and squeezed reassuringly. “Hey! You got your, uh, you got your sleeve back!” You turned at the familiar voice that caused Bucky to scoff lightly and shake his head.
The kid smiled at you, waving as Bucky pushed off the bars, helping you down (he’d been refusing to let you do anything on your own since you woke up) and started walking towards the door. “Hi, Y/N. It’s been a while.”
“Are you off to take care of Zemo?” Sam questioned, making Bucky look over his shoulder at the three of you. The former assassin raised an eyebrow at you. You nodded, and he turned around to leave. 
“Alright! Good to know you survived!”
You snickered a bit at the kid. “It’s good to see you.”
Torres turned back to you and grinned. “You too. I really am glad you survived.”
“I know you are, kid.”
Sam looked at you questioningly. “Are you gonna go with him?” You pursed your lips, chewing your cheek, and nodded. “Alright. C’mere.”
You frowned as he lifted his arms, but walked into them anyways. “What’re we doing right now? This isn’t goodbye. We’ve still gotta find Karli.”
“For now.” He responded, setting his chin on your head, careful of your shoulder. “But we don’t have any leads and I’m sure we’ve been benched. So, until we do and we meet again, stay safe. And take care of yourself. And for the love of God, please have that conversation with cyborg, now.”
A small puff of laughter came from you and you nodded. “Okay. I’ll see you later then, Sammy.”
He pressed a kiss to your head, before letting you go. “Later, cher.”
“Bye, Y/N!”
You smiled, waving to Torres. “Bye, kid. Keep out of trouble.”
“Yes, ma’am!”
You chuckled, shaking your head as you walked out the door Bucky disappeared through earlier, turning down the hall to exit the building.
When you got outside, you found Bucky leaning against a wall, narrowed eyes watching the police as they finished the raid. “Do you agree with it?”
“These people getting arrested.”
You shrugged, shoving your hands in your pockets. “They harbored a criminal.”
He looked at you with a frown, eyebrows knit together and forehead creased. “We harbored a criminal. We broke him out.”
“Technically he broke himself out.” Your joke fell flat, Bucky’s head dropping. “Buck…” You sighed, eyes following a lady as she was shoved into the back of a car. “No. I don’t. I think these people have been through enough.”
“But?” His eyes grew sad as you met his gaze again, making you smile softly at him.
“But we can’t do anything about it right now. So we need to focus on doing what we can and finding Zemo.”
He nodded, reaching for your hand as he straightened and started walking off. You grabbed his fingers, jogging slightly to fall into sync with his strides. He seemed to notice and slowed down slightly. “We already know where he is, though. Don’t we?”
You hummed, thumb brushing over his knuckles. “Where else would he be?”
You shook your head. “No. He’s there. Question is…how are you going to take care of him?”
“Sam thinks I’m gonna kill him.”
His blunt statement made you raise an eyebrow. “Are you?”
Licking his lips, he looked down at you, eyes set with certainty. “No.”
Your lips pulled up at his answer, leaning closer into him, shoulders brushing. “Good. Not that I’m an advocate for never killing people ever…it’s just,” you chewed on your cheek, thinking about the previous day’s events. “Revenge and justice are two different things.”
“Yeah.” He agreed softly. “We kinda witnessed that.”
“Yeah…we did.”
He let go of your hand to wrap an arm around your shoulders, tenderly avoiding your wrapped wound. “Good thing I contacted Ayo while you were sleeping then, huh?”
“You did?” You looked up at him with a smile as he nodded in confirmation.
“Yeah. And…I’ve been thinking a lot. Since our conversation about Wakanda and Zemo and Sam. You were right.”
A smirk graced your lips, an eyebrow quirking in amusement. “Pardon me? I don’t think I heard you correctly. What was that?”
He rolled his eyes, reaching over with his free hand to shove your head lightly, making you laugh. “You are such a punk sometimes. I’m serious though, doll. I-I’ve been…I dunno…I haven’t been thinking straight. The whole thing with Zemo was wrong and-and Sam didn’t deserve what I was blaming him for.”
You froze in your steps, tugging him to a stop as well, staring at him thoughtfully. Just since that phone call a couple weeks ago he’d grown so much. You could barely believe what he was saying - that he was finally saying it. He was a stubborn ass sometimes, so to hear him say that? It just stunned you. You knew he was a good person, but this…you felt yourself falling more, which you thought was impossible.
“Doll? Why’re you lookin’ at me like that?”
Your arms raised around his neck, tugging him down into a hug, your lips pressing to his cheek. “I’m just proud of you.” You murmured softly, kissing his temple. He ducked his head, leaning against your shoulder, arms wrapping tightly around your waist. You held him like for another minute or two, before kissing his temple again. “We should get going. Gotta get to Sokovia before the Dora do.”
He hummed in agreement, pulling you tighter against him and squeezing you slightly, before letting go. “Yeah. Let’s go.”
“Question.” You said once you two started walking again.
“Possible answer.” He replied, making you elbow him as he chuckled.
“How’re we gonna get to Sokovia?”
He blinked, tilting his head. “Uh…plane? Unless you wanna have a road trip. The plane would only take a couple hours at most and a car, well…I could have us there in under a day with some broken traffic laws.”
You giggled, shaking your head. “Know what? I could go for a road trip right now.”
“Yeah?” He grinned at you.
“Yeah. And yes, you can drive. Just don’t get us in the middle of a high speed chase.”
He winked, kissing your head. “No promises.”
Bucky was actually a very good road trip partner. He made sure you had plenty of your snacks and let you control the music, turning up the volume for your favorite songs, shouting the lyrics to the heavens as you danced in your seat, the windows rolled down, wind ripping through the car, ruffling both of your clothes and hair.
You grinned over at Bucky, bobbing your head to the beat as he stared back at you, his eyes soft and sparkling. “Watch the road, dork!” He chuckled as you shoved his face.
“I’d much rather watch you.”
You felt yourself heat up despite the cool breeze moving through the car. “Have you ever stuck your head out the sunroof?” You suddenly asked him.
He gave you a weird look. “What?” Feeling a bit mischievous, you smirked and unbuckled. “Woah, woah! What are you doing?! But your seatbelt back on!”
“Oh calm down!” You stood on the seat after opening the sunroof, the top half of your body outside the car. He laughed as you whooped and hollered.
“Alright, alright. Sit back down, doll.” He tugged you back in, shaking his head. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you like this.”
You smiled, putting your seatbelt back on and plopping your feet on the dash. “Like what?”
He turned to look at you, his teeth pulling his bottom lip between them contemplating. “Carefree. Relaxed, even.”
You shrugged, leaning back in your seat. “I don’t get to do it often. But it’s so hard to care right now.” You gestured out to the gorgeous landscape you were moving through, the sunsetting on the horizon. “The wind, the music, the open road. Nothing feels more like freedom.”
“Yeah…yeah. I guess. I’ve never really…been on a road trip. Unless you count going across Germany in that little blue car-”
“Ha! That was not a road trip! That was Steve being a reckless dumbass driver for a few hours.”
He laughed. You’d heard him laugh before, but this was different. Something about the freedom you were talking about made it different. It was nice. And you’d do anything to hear it more often.
“I’ll take you on a real road trip once this is done.” You vowed. “We’ll hit all the states. Even go through Canada to get to Alaska. Nothing but us in a car for weeks. Wherever we wanna go.”
“I’m gonna hold you to that.”
You winked. “You do that.”
Conversation died after that, the only sounds being you and your music with the occasional chuckle from Bucky at your over dramatic dancing. You made a few stops at gas stations, getting food and drinks, before you felt yourself start winding down as the stars came out, winking down at you. You didn’t even realize you drifted off until the car jostled, waking you up.
“Sorry, sleepyhead.” Bucky apologized. “There was a deer. Maybe if you put your seatbelt on you would’ve stayed asleep.”
You rolled your eyes, rubbing at them and blinking. It was still dark out, no hint of the sun peeking out yet. “They’re uncomfortable.” You grumbled, shifting and wincing at your leg which was still asleep. “What time is it?”
“Almost two.” Bucky answered. “Are you okay? Is your shoulder hurting?”
“No. My leg’s just asleep so it feels weird and it’s aching. You want me to drive so you can sleep?”
“Nah, it’s fine. We’ll be there in a few hours. I’ve got it.” 
You hummed, sitting up and digging through your bag for some food. “Hungry?”
“Uh…I’ll just take a bag of pretzels.” Nodding, you grabbed one of the bags and handed it to him. It was quiet, the radio now turned low on some jazzy station you were sure Bucky turned it to once you fell asleep. “I’ve been thinking-”
“Hope you didn’t hurt yourself.” He shot you a bemused look, making you giggle. “Sorry. Go ahead.”
“I’ve been thinking of that fight. With Walker.”
You tensed, clearing your throat as you munch on your snack. “Oh?”
Glancing at him out of the corner of your eye, you saw him lick his lips, setting the bag down on the middle console, his grip on the steering wheel tightening. “When you were fighting him…why-why’d you hesitate?”
“What do you mean?”
He glanced over at you quickly, forehead creased. “You had the shield. You were holding your own. I’m sure Steve taught you some stuff…but then…” He trailed off, seemingly trying to find words. “It was like that first fight. On the semi trucks. You hesitated. Got distracted. Why?”
You shrugged, turning back to your food nonchalantly. “I guess I just had a lot on my mind. That’s all.”
“I know you better than that, doll. Please don’t lie to me.” Turning to the window, you just noticed that yours wasn’t down anymore. You look over to his side to see his was only a little cracked open. “I didn’t want you to wake up so I rolled them up. Answer the question.”
Letting out a sigh, you shrugged again. “I’ve been having…flashbacks.”
You nodded, sipping on your water bottle. “Yeah. Kinda like PTSD, but it’s not. Not really. They’re never traumatic or anything.”
You could see the gears in his head turning, his jaw clenching. “What are they about then?”
The tension in his shoulders slipped, his head ducking while still keeping his eyes on the road. “Oh…why…why didn’t you say anything?”
“I didn’t want anyone to worry about me with all the other problems we’re having-”
“Hey.” Your eyes snapped up from where they fell at his sharp tone, his gaze meeting yours. “Don’t ever think that. Ever. You’re not a fucking burden, Y/N. You’re important to me. I-” He cut himself off, shaking his head and looking back out the front. “Does Sam know at least?”
You pursed your lips. “I-I told Sharon?”
He groaned, head falling back against the seat. “Sweetheart…”
“They’re just memories. It’s not a big deal.”
“It is if it’s affecting you on the field. And if it’s gonna get you or someone else hurt-”
Crossing your arms, you shifted in your seat, feeling the ache in your legs from sleeping in that position too long. “What? You don’t trust me now?”
“No! That’s not what I’m saying!”
“What’re you saying, Buck? You can’t have me watching your back because my mind’s messed up right now?” The car came to a halt and you sat up, looking around worriedly to see if any cars were coming. “James, we’re in the middle of the street-”
“Look at me.” You turned to him, only to look away at the intensity of his eyes. “Doll. Look at me.” He repeated tenderly, grabbing your chin between his fingers, making you face him. “I trust you.” His tone was nothing but genuine, and you’d never seen him look so sincere. “With my life, I trust you. But if your head isn’t in it? It’s okay, you just need to tell someone. When did you start trusting me?”
“At the airport in Germany.” You answered quietly.
He tilted his head. You kinda missed his long hair - the way it used to get in his eyes and you’d have to brush it behind his ear. “Even though I could still get triggered?”
“Well, yeah. But that’s different! You wouldn’t have been in your right…mind if you were…triggered…”
He raised an eyebrow as you frowned. “Trusting you and trusting your mental state are two different things. I’d know. Sometimes our brain’s do stupid things and we can’t stop it. But we can get help.”
You sighed, hanging your head. “Okay. Alright. I got it. You’re right. I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry. Just…tell me about it.”
You nodded, before looking at the road. “Okay, okay. But can you drive? We’re still in the middle of the road.”
He chuckled and nodded, starting up the car again. After a moment, he glanced at you. “So?”
Another sigh left your lips, before you told him. You told him what’s triggered you so far and what the memories were about. How it feels when you slip. “It’s like, I remember something and my mind latches onto it and won’t let me out until I relive it again.” He just nodded, never interrupting as you explained what was going on.
It felt good to finally get it off your chest. And it felt good knowing he wasn’t freaking out and pulling you from the mission like you thought he’d do. It was something you hadn’t done in a long time. The last person who sat down and listened to your problems was Steve and the fact that you felt comfortable enough around Bucky to pour out your soul made you realize that Steve was gone. But Bucky was here. And maybe it was time to let go.
Bucky looked over to you when you stopped talking abruptly, cocking his head to the side. “Sweetheart? You alright?”
You lunged forwards, hugging his shoulders, burying your face in his neck. Fortunately for you, he had great reflexes, or else you’d probably be wrapped around a tree. You couldn’t care about the what ifs though. Sniffing, you closed your eyes, a couple tears leaking down your cheeks and landing on the skin connecting his shoulder to his neck.
“Thank you.”
It was so soft and muffled by his shirt, you weren’t sure if he heard it. But then he set his cheek on your head, his hand coming up to run through your hair like you did to him when he needed comfort. “C’mere, cuddle bug.” He cradled your head, shifting you easily so you could lay down comfortably, your legs curled in your seat, your head in his lap, taking extra care that your shoulder wasn’t agitated. “Try to get more sleep, doll. We’ll be there soon.”
You nodded, sleep taking over you once more with Bucky’s fingers in your hair, soft jazz still floating through the air along with the slight whistle of the wind from the crack in his window.
You leaned against the hood of the car, crossing your arms, watching Bucky pull on a shirt. You had stopped at a rest stop to clean up and change, just a few more miles until you got to the memorial.
“Ayo’s there already.” Bucky spoke, shrugging on his jacket. You pushed off the hood of the car to pull him closer by the sides of his jacket, your fingers moving to button it. “I just…I want a couple minutes alone with him.”
You nodded. “Okay. I can do that.”
“You trust me right?”
“More than anything.” You confirmed, looking up at him, smoothing his jacket down with your hands.
He nodded, leaning forwards to kiss your forehead. “I just - I just need you to know…I’m not gonna kill him.”
You nodded back, smiling softly at him. “I know.”
“Okay…let’s get going then. Get this over with.”
It didn’t take you long to reach the memorial, only a few more minutes down the main street and then going off down a side road.
Just as Bucky said, the Dora Milaje were already there, waiting for the two of you to show up. Bucky and Ayo had a conversation in Xhosa - which you were really regretting not learning anything more than “hi”, “please”, “thank you”, and “where’s the bathroom?” - before he turned to you.
“Stay with them. Just...I just need a couple minutes.” You nodded, eyes flickering down to the gun he pulled out from his coat pocket. He hooked a finger under your chin, lifting your gaze back to him. “Trust me.”
“Sometimes our brains do stupid things.”
He shook his head, kissing your forehead. “Not this time. ‘Cause I have help.”
Pursing your lips, you nodded. He gave you a reassuring smile, before stepping away, out of the trees to face Zemo. You couldn’t hear what was being said, but you had to admit that when Bucky lifted the gun, your heart skipped a beat. But he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t. He promised.
The quiet click of the gun seemed to echo, a pressure lifting off your chest as the bullets spilled from Bucky’s hand, clattering against the ground.
You figured that was the signal, considering Ayo led her badass women out to grab Zemo right after the bullets hit the ground, so you followed them out. You stopped next to Bucky, his hand slipping out of his pocket to wrap around your shoulders, tugging you to his side, your arms wrapping around his waist.
“I was listening to your heartbeat. You get nervous for a second, doll?”
You hummed in response to his question in your ear. “I trust you…but that doesn’t mean you don’t raise my anxiety levels.”
He snickered, kissing your temple, before straightening to listen to what Ayo had to say as she stepped towards you. She informed you both that Zemo would be going to the Raft and told Bucky to stay away from Wakanda for a while; both very fair statements that you weren’t surprised to hear. What you were surprised to hear was Bucky’s next sentence.
“I may have another favor to ask of you.”
Ayo raised an eyebrow, signaling for him to go on. Bucky caught your eye and his lips twitched up into a small smirk, before he faced her again and started speaking Xhosa, making you groan.
After their conversation, Ayo nodded. “We will drop it off here tomorrow morning.”
“Thank you.”
You pouted as Ayo turned to walk to their ship, Bucky starting to lead you back to the car. “You’re not gonna tell me what that was about, are you?”
You huffed. “You’re the worst, you know that?”
He chuckled. “You’ll find out.”
“On what?”
Bucky shrugged, pulling open the passenger side door for you. “On when Sam wants you to see it.”
You narrowed your eyes, a smile spreading on your face. “You got Sammy a present?”
You groaned, sliding into the car before he shut the door, watching him jog to his side. “You’re so annoying.” You spoke once he got in and started the vehicle again.
“If you feel that way, you don’t have to come to Louisiana with me to drop it off.”
Scoffing, you gaped at him in disbelief. “You’re kidding, right?”
He shrugged, turning in his seat and putting his hand on the back of your headrest to back out of the spot he parked in. “If I’m so annoying-”
“You’re so dramatic!”
“I thought I was annoying?”
“You’re both!”
He grinned at you, before looking through the windshield, blinking as something occurred to him. “I dunno where we’re going. We have to come back tomorrow morning-”
“Just drive, Buck.”
He blinked at you, eyebrows raising in slight shock. “What?”
You shrugged, nodding your head to the road. “Drive. Wherever we want, remember? Just until tomorrow. We can go back to reality after we pick up Sammy’s gift, but for now-”
“Just drive?” He guessed, the corners of his lips pulling up.
You smirked, shooting him a wink before propping your feet up on the dash again, turning up the radio, and linking your hands behind your head. “Exactly, Buckaroo.”
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folklorelise · a year ago
Squad Leader Mom is pregnant!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Since all the baby incidents that had happened with you, Levi or the cadets, Levi and you had been thinking about having one of your own, but you never actually talked about it. Then one night, as you were reading before going to bed, Levi sat next to you on the couch ready to have that talk with you.
“Y/N.” Levi called your name seeing that you were not paying any attention to him.
“I want to have–.” Levi started but then stopped.
“What’s wrong?” you asked worried, putting down your book.
“Remember when the kids were turned into children? We said that we would talk about having a kid. I want to talk about it now.” he told you staring at you. “If you want.” Levi quickly added.
“Oh right.” you said mumbled.
To be honest, since you joined the survey corps – having a baby never was an option for you. For Levi, having a child at all was never an option, but since he met you, he felt like anything could be possible.
“If you don’t want to, it’s fine too.” Levi said.
“I don’t know.” you admitted. “I loved having the cadets around. It was a lot of fun and I loved them as kids. But a new-born is different.” you paused. “I remember my neighbour; they had one and it was constantly crying and screaming. It looked exhausting. Also, what about my job here? I cannot– I… I can’t go on expeditions knowing that our child could become an orphan.”
“I would never let that happen.” Levi assured you, taking your hands. “I know our situation is not ideal, but can you imagine how great it would be to have a tiny version of us running around. I like that thought. That maybe one day, we could finally retire with our own little family.”
“It does sound nice.” you smiled fondly at Levi. “If that makes you happy, then ok.”
“Really? Because I don’t want to pressure you.”
“I’m sure. We’ll figure it out.”
The more you thought about it, the more you were sure about your decision. You had the possibility to give Levi another chance at having his own family and that was what made you certain of your choice. The next few months were spent in bed with Levi. It was intense – Levi was intense which resulted in making the both of you exhausted for trainings and expeditions.
Eight months into trying to get pregnant, yet there was still no baby in sight. Your doctor reassured you and said that getting pregnant is not an easy task.
You get easily sick during winter, so when a week before the expedition you started to feel nauseous, you just shrug it off. Which you instantly regretted the second you felt like passing out in front of a titan outside.
Eren from far away saw you falling from the sky and did not hesitate a second before transforming and running toward you. He caught you in time from hitting the ground and Mikasa from behind killed the titan that was ready to eat you.
“Mom?” Eren tried to wake you up once Mikasa got him out. “Mom, wake up please.” Eren cried.
Every squad were running toward where Eren transformed, not knowing why he did it. Levi and his squad were the first one who arrived.
“Eren!” Levi yelled at the boy but stopped when he saw you in his arms. A million questions were running through Levi’s mind. He could not move – he wanted to see if you were fine, yet his feet would not move toward you. What if he saw a wound, what if you were already dead?
“Captain,” Eren cried, “I– I saw her falling and I came. She’s not waking up!”
“What’s happening here?” Erwin finally arrived. “Levi wha–.” he asked the captain but stopped when he saw you. “Is she d–?”
“NO!” Eren yelled. “She can’t be, I– I caught her.”
“What happened then?” Erwin asked a member of you squad.
“We don’t know. We spotted a few titans, and we were all going to take care of them. Then – squad leader Y/N was just behind us!”
“She is still breathing.” Erwin checked your pulse. “Levi’s going to take her back, and the rest of us will continue the expedition. You can go too.” Erwin told the cadets.
Every other squads were leaving the scene. Erwin slowly approached Levi.
“She’s ok, you can go and take her back.”
“Ok.” Levi breathed.
Levi slowly approached where the cadets where and took you in his arms. Once you were back, Levi rushed you to the infirmary. The cadets were all patiently waiting outside the room. Every one of them was worried, but Eren was even more.
“What if it’s my fault?” Eren said.
“You saved her!” Mikasa protested.
“When I caught her, maybe I squeezed her without noticing?”
“She is fine.” Jean shouted.
Levi was sitting with them, silently. After just a few minutes of waiting, a doctor came out of the room. Everyone stood up hoping for good news.
“Y/N is doing great. She just needs to rest now.”
“Thank you!” Sasha shouted hugging the doctor.
“Is she waking up soon?” Jean asked.
“She should be up in a few hours top. But from now on she should stay here as the pregnancy is already three months in or something.” the doctor said before leaving for his office.
“The pregnancy?” Levi repeated confused.
“Mom’s pregnant?” Jean asked Levi.
“Mom’s pregnant!” they all shouted excited.
“We’re going to have a little brother or sister!” Connie burst excited.
While the cadets were shouting, Levi was still trying to process the news.
“D– Captain!” Jean quickly corrected himself. “Can we go in and see her?”
“She’s still sleeping, I’ll go and find you once she woke up.” Levi said entering the room alone.
Levi was sitting next to you, waiting patiently for you to wake up. An hour or two later, the cadets could not wait any longer and came into your room.
“Please, can we stay?” Sasha begged the captain.
“Fine, but shup your months.”
A few minutes after the kids came in, you finally woke up. Levi was the first to notice it. He quickly stood up and came near you.
“Y/N, are you feeling ok?” Levi asked.
“Water.” you grunted.
“I’ll get you a glass of water!” Armin volunteered.
After drinking the whole glass, you instantly felt better. You asked Levi what happened and when he explained to you that you fainted due to the pregnancy, you started to cry.
“Don’t cry. It is good right? We’re happy about this.” Levi asked.
“It’s happy tears.” You confirmed laughing slightly.
Levi then left to bring some food. The second Levi left, Eren came and hugged you. Then very quickly everyone else joined the hug.
“You scared us to death earlier.” Eren told you.
“I’m sorry I made you worried.”
When Erwin came back, Levi and you were waiting for him in his office.
“Y/N’s pregnant.” Levi announced it to the commander. “Obviously, she won’t be going to the next expeditions, right?”
“What? Congratulation!” Erwin shouted happily. “That’s really great news.”
“Erwin – the expeditions.”
“Right, of course. Y/N, you have to rest from now on.”
“But I can’t do nothing.” you protested. “I’ll get bored.”
“You’re pregnant.” Levi argued. “You just have to take care of you by staying here. Erwin agrees with me.”
“I–. Y/N if you want to go home and rest, you can.” Erwin agreed.
“I don’t. I’ll stay here and work with you on paperwork, I’ll do everything as usual except going on expedition.” you stated firmly.
Levi knew how stubborn you were, so he did not continue to argue. What mattered to him was that you were not going on expedition. After announcing the news to Erwin, Levi and you went to see Hange to tell them the news. The scream Hange uttered was so loud that Moblit came in running.
“What happened?” Moblit asked worried.
“Y/N is pregnant!” Hange shouted.
“Oh! Congratulation!” Moblit hugged you.
The next person to know about it was Mike, then soon enough the entire survey corps knew about it. After a few days, you decided it was time to go and tell your family about it. You proposed to Levi to come with you since he never met them.
“I’m busy.” Levi told you.
“It’ll just be a day.”
Your parents used to live inside of wall rose, but as your father’s business became more and more successful, they moved inside of wall Sina. You had a brother in the military too. You joined at the same time – he was a year older than you – he ended up being first and chose the military police brigade.
The next morning, you and Levi took a carriage to your home. Your parents made you and your brother promise to visit at least once a month, and you both decided to visit the first Sunday of every month – which was today. You knocked on the door and it was your mother who opened the door.
“It has been so long. Ah, and you must be Levi, right?” your mother welcomed you in.
“Yes.” Levi answered.
“Come in.”
“Your brother is not there yet.” your mom told you. “Do you want to drink something?”
“Tea please, black tea. For the both of us.” you told her.
“I feel uncomfortable here.” Levi whispered once your mother was gone.
“Let’s just tell them the news and then we can go.” you reassured him.
Your mother brought back the tea and she sat on the couch in front of where you were. Your father was nowhere to be seen – he was buying groceries at the market – and your brother was probably still sleeping.
“I heard a lot about you Levi.” you mother finally said.
“Levi’s very popular.” you answered seeing that Levi did not know what to say. “He is humanity’s strongest after all.”
“Good, then I know my daughter is safe beside you.”
“Y/N is strong, and she doesn’t need me to protect her.” Levi insisted, “But that does not mean I won’t do anything in my power to protect her of course.”
“That’s good to hear.” your mother smiled gently.
Just when you wanted to continue to talk, the front door opened, and your brother and father came in. You brother hugged you, then went to hug your mother.
“Captain Levi!” your brother burst out. “You have been going out with captain Levi this whole time?” he asked you.
“Yeah, don’t be jealous.”
“It’s an honour to meet you.” (Y/B/N) told the captain, ignoring you.
Levi quickly started to relax around your family, and you were all chatting together, talking about the military and what your day looked like. After a few hours of discussion, you still did not find the right moment to tell them about your pregnancy.
“When are you going to tell them?” Levi whispered to you.
“I don’t know how to, it feels weird.”
“Do you want me to tell them?”
“No, I’ll do it. I can do this.” you cleared your throat loudly to bring their attention to you and stood up. “I came with Levi today because we had something to tell you.”
“Yes?” your mother smiled.
“I am pregnant.” you announced with a big smile.
“Oh, my dear, that is wonderful!” your mother cried happily.
Your family congratulated the two of you and asked a ton of questions about when it happened, and what you planned to do once the baby arrived. After telling them that you were planning on staying at the survey corps after the baby came. You would probably be less involved, but you could not leave your second family. At night, after taking the extra food your mother had prepared, you left.
“Why aren’t you guys sleeping?” you said seeing the cadets at the entrance.
“We were waiting for you.” Armin said.
“Is that food for us?” Sasha asked excited.
“No.” Levi answered. “Y/N is tired, so leave.”
“I’m fine, I’ll take the food to the kitchen and we can eat this together tomorrow.” you told them. “You didn’t have to wait for me, you won’t be able to wake up tomorrow.” you warned them leaving with Levi.
The first few weeks of the pregnancy were going well – you worked in the office with Levi mostly, but you would also help Hange with their paperwork. Being pregnant as a survey corps soldier meant being able to have extra food during meals, being able to skip cleaning duties. You could sleep in late in the morning and no one would say anything to you.
When your baby bump started to show and you could not fit into your pants anywhere, you would go around in either dresses or in Erwin’s pants that you cut so it would not be too long.
When you were seven months pregnant, Levi started to become more and more protective of you. He would not let you carry anything, not even your food tray. He forbad the cadets to come even near you knowing how reckless they were. Only Mikasa and Armin were allowed to come and help you. Which obviously upset the other cadets.
“But dad that’s so unfair! I want to help mom too!” Jean pleaded.
“Fine, Jean you can help.” Levi finally accepted only because Jean called him dad which was one of Levi’s weak spot.
“Me too then!” the others shouted which only made Levi walk away.
When you heard about it, you reassured them that it was ok for them to stay around you. Around that time, you also stopped wearing your shoes since you could not put them on, on your own. You walked around in your slippers all the time.  
Nine months into the pregnancy and Levi never let you out of his sight. He would rest in bed with you the whole time.
“What do you want to name our baby?” you asked him one night.
“I don’t know. I didn’t think about it much.”
“I was thinking about naming her after your mother if it was a girl.”
“What?” Levi asked.
“If you don’t want to it’s fine too!” you quickly shrug it off. “It’s just–.”
“I’d like that. It’s a great idea.” Levi cut you, “I just thought… I didn’t think you would like that name.”
“Of course, I do! What if it’s a boy?”
You both brainstormed all the ideas you had before falling asleep.
You were outside with Levi during his training sessions with the cadets with a book. They were all taking a break, so you decided to join them, but when you stood up you felt something weird between your legs.
“Captain! Mom just peed herself!” Eren yelled panicking.
“Her water broke you idiot!” Sasha yelled at Eren.
Levi was definitely panicking like Eren, but he would not show it. You took a carriage with Levi direction your doctor’s house. After a few hours of labour, the baby was still inside of you.
“I can’t do that anymore.” you breathed heavily. “Just take it out!” you yelled, taking Levi hand in yours.
“It’s here, just push one last time.”
You let out a last scream and pushed as hard as you could before you heard cries.
The doctor cleaned then wrapped the baby in a blanket before giving it to Levi.
“Hello.” Levi whispered to his child.
“Is it a girl?” you asked weakly.
“It is.” Levi said looking into your eyes lovingly.
“That’s good.” you smiled when you heard a knock on the door.
“Hello.” Erwin came in with Hange and the cadets behind him. “They insisted on coming with us.”
“We bought you some flowers.” Connie handed you the bouquet.
“My favourite, thank you so much.” you teared up.
“You idiot you made her cry.” Sasha hit Connie behind the head.
“Mikasa’s the one you picked the flowers.” Connie defended himself.
“I love the flowers you guys. I’m just very tired and extra emotional.”
“Do we have a baby brother or sister?” Armin asked.
“You have a sister now.” Levi answered. “This is Kuchel.”
“Can I hold her?” Erwin asked.
“Well,” you started, “you are the godfather, of course you can.”
“Me too.” Hange exclaimed.
“You, maybe later.” Levi stated. “In a year or two, so when you drop her, she would be fine.”
“It happened once when you taught us how to hold babies.” Hange mumbled.
They were all around the new-born while Levi was laying down next to you, your head resting on his shoulder.
“You have the best mother in the world Kuchel, you’re so lucky.” Armin whispered to the baby.
One night, at the boys’ dorm, a few months after Kuchel was born–
“Do you think it’s weird for us to call squad leader Y/N ‘mom’?” Eren asked. “Now that she has her own, real kid, what does that make us?” Eren continued. “We’re just a bunch of cadets again to her.”
“Why are you always thinking so negatively?” Jean sighed.
“They’re not our parents.” Eren stated sadly.
“Can you stop being so pessimistic for a minute?” Armin shouted. “She is the closest mother figure I had since I was a child, so stop this. Plus, it’s not like ever corrects us when we do. So just stop, please.”
  You obviously noticed Eren’s attitude changing towards you – you tried to talk to him, but he kept avoiding you. You asked Armin and Mikasa about it and Armin just told you not to worry about it which was not possible.
One night, as Eren was taking a walk on the training grounds, you approached him silently.
“Are you ready to talk now?” you asked him. “And don’t even think about leaving before telling me.”
“I’m fine.” Eren said avoiding your gaze.
“Squad leader Y/N.”
“Since when do you call me that?” you retorted.
“It is your name.”
“If there is something wrong, you can tell me. I’m always here if you want to talk.”
“You have a kid now; you can’t worry about me– about us.”
“What?” you asked confused. “Why not?”
“Because!” Eren yelled.
“Because what?” you kept your voice calm and low.
“Because you’re not my mother! And I’m not your kid. We’re just a bunch of soldiers.” Eren cried out. “You have a real kid now, there’s no need to play family anymore.”
“Is that what you think? Is that what you all think?” you asked but Eren did not answer, “Eren… I may not be your birth mother and I would never dare to replace yours, but you are family to me. You all are. Seeing you all calling me ‘mom’ is fine, if you see me as a mother figure – it’s fine. Because I see you all as my grown-up children.” you teared up. “And that’s not going to change with Kuchel around.”
“You haven’t been spending as much time with us as you used too.” Eren guessed hesitating.
“I haven’t been sleeping much to be honest. Kuchel is crying a lot at night. That does not mean I forgot about you. Or you guys.” you turned around finding the rest of the cadets hiding behind the pillars.
“We weren’t spying!” Jean said. “We just… happen to be there.”
“I’m sorry.” Eren apologise. “I’m a terr–.”
“You’re not. You’re amazing Eren.” you hugged him which resulted in all the other boys joining the hug.
From the window of Levi office, he could see you guys hugging.
“See Kuchel,” Levi pointed at you while holding his daughter, “They are weirdos.” he sighed. “Your mother loves them though. I find them tolerable. I guess you can see them as your older brothers and sisters. You’ll grow up with a big family which is great. I’m sure you’ll love them as much as your mother do.”
Levi would talk to your baby bump when you were asleep.
You would be often seen with vegetables in your hand – always eating them as snacks.
You would cry for absolutely no reason too. The first time it happened, Levi was worried sick. You had dropped your apple on the ground and started to cry. From then on, Levi would just hold you tightly until you stopped crying.
The first time it happened in from of Erwin was when he offered you a new baby blanket. He thought you did not like it, but Levi quickly reassured him that it was fine. “I– I– I looove it!” you sobbed.
The first time it happened in front of the trio – Armin, Eren and Mikasa – it was because Armin kept talking about what he read about baby stuff.
“I will be the best brother ever!” Armin promised with a big smile. “No, why are you crying?”
“This is too much for my heart!” you sobbed. “You are too sweet Armin!” you hugged him.
“I’ll be a good big brother too!” Eren said hugging you.
Mikasa from behind pushed Eren and Armin aside before taking you in her arms.
“You both made her cry, I did not. Obviously, I’m the better sibling here.”
When it happened with Connie, Sasha, and Jean –
Sasha and Connie were walking in front of you and Jean.
“This Sunday is a day off; I’ll probably go and buy something at the market with Connie and Sasha.” Jean told you, “Do you need anything?”
You tried not to let tears fall but it was too adorable for you.
“Mom! Why are you crying? I’m sorry!” Jean panicked.
“What did you do you idiot!” Connie slapped Jean on his shoulder.
“Mom don’t cry, please. Dad’s going to kill me when he’s going to find out.” Jean realised.
At the same time, Levi walked in.
“What’s going on?” Levi asked.
“Nothing!” Jean said hiding your face on his chest.
“Y/N?” Levi said. “Are you ok?” to which you only responded with a thumb up. “Are you crying again?”
“I didn’t do it on purpose!” Jean hesitated, “I’m sorry…”
“It’s fine.” Levi said, “she’s been crying a lot these days due to the pregnancy.”
Kuchel first word is ‘clean’ – Levi is always talking about it when he is around her.
Kuchel favourite cadet would be Sasha. Sasha is only sharing her food with Kuchel and she loves food too.
Kuchel loves playing ‘to fly’ with uncle Erwin and uncle Mike – the giants of the survey corps.
You bought matching outfits for Levi, Kuchel and you which Levi secretly found adorable.
————— ————— 
————— ————— 
Squad Leader Mom gets badly injured
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sadlynotthevoid · 11 months ago
Fic idea: Vlad accidentally discovers that all this time Jack knew that Vlad kept resentment against him and still called him his friend. This discoverment lets Vlad confused and questioning everything he thought he knew, because he had been cruel and petty to him for a long time, hurting him purposefully many times, and this man treated him with kindness, not for ingnorance, but despite knowing that. He hated Jack for years--decades!--blaming him for his accident, despising him for stealing Maddie, but now he was starting to think that maybe he was wrong. Then, in middle of his crisis, Vlad bumps with Jack and decides to ask why. Why he doesn't hate him? So they talk for a long time, being honest with each other. At the end of the conversation, they understand each other a little better. There are still a lot of things left to say, but this is a beginning. That day, for the first time in a while, Vlad notices, he's not angry or mad. Not at him, not at the world, not even at those stupid burocrates he has to deal with at the work. He felt lighter than ever and finds out that he actually liked it. Of course, that's when everything went down south.
- Just when Jack and Vlad were starting to recover their friedship, a building sets on fire with 28 people inside, including Jack and Maddie. There weren't any deaths, gladly. As soon as Danny sighted the fire, he (as Phantom) rushed into the building, rescuing as many people as he could and coopering with firemen and paramedics in order to maximize the possibilities for the victims- ...Until he found his parents. He found them in the subsoil, one next to the other. At first he didn't recognized them, too gray--too covered in ashes to be them, then he saw something shine. Silver, green and circled, small enough to fit in his hand--his parents prototype-- And suddenly they were too orange and blue but not enough because there was too much gray and flames--and he had to do something now! Everyone on the scene could see when Phantom jumped through the flaming walls once more time, before flying out, carrying the both Fentons parents with him and calling for an ambulance. Everyone could notice that Phantom was panicking and nearly to cry and no one could understand why. Then a medic tried to deny him of accompany them. "Please! I'm their son!", he begged out loud. That seemed to stop the world, no one speaked, moved or breathed, expecting something. Then happened: a white, bright, circle made of pure light emerged around Phantom and divided in two, separating more and more and changing his appearance as they passed. When it was over Phantom has gone and Danny Fenton was left instead. With a shaking voice he asked again, "I'm their son, please let me come", but the medic was too surprised to say anything else except "...Ahhh..." for five seconds straight. Unfortunately, that gave everyone enough time for recovering. Soon, reporters, cameras and Wes Weston were running towards the young hero, who didn't notice until they were too near to run away and, most important, they were impeding the ambulance from left. Everything was on chaos. Flashes and questions were shouted, there were people pulling, the medic was trying to get Danny in, the firemen and the police were cooperating to clear the way but nothing was working and the teenager was visibly more stressed per second. A very bold reporter in particular raised his arm to catch Danny's t-shirt and found his wrist trapped by a hand--
--Vladimir Masters', the Mayor, hand.
After Vlad menaced everyone there (and their families, friends and even pets) until he was satisfied, they left to the hospital where Maddie and Jack were sent to urgency and undergoing surgery. While he, Danny and Jazz (who came as soon as she heard) were waiting together, the siblings question Vlad about his reasons to help them. Is he doing this for mom? Is part of some evil plan?
And he explains everything. About his discoverment and the existential crisis that it leaded. About Jack and him talking honestly and the feeling of peace that came after. About him letting down the resentment towards his once best friend and how they started to rebuild their friendship. He's just worried for Jack, he promises.
Of course, it's not enough. They don't trust him. They would be too naive if they do. But Jazz believes that people can change and Danny has been always full of hope, so they gave him a second chance.
They decided right.
When the surgery is finally over, their parents stable, and the doctor tells them that they don't know when they are going to wake up but that they will recover, is Vlad who pays for the medical attention and the room they will occupy ("the best one you have--that it's not already occupied, of course"). And when some lady in a suit asks them if they have someone to take care of them because 'you both are minors, not matter how mature you are' or if she has to get them a foster home, is Vlad who offers to be their temporary tutor ("yes, Little Badger, I know this is temporary"..."yes, I know what temporary means, Daniel") and let them choose if they want to stay in his house ("your mansion--that's a mansion, not a house"..."I don't care if it's smaller than the previous one, it's still not a house") or they prefer him to move to their home ("Yes, temporarily! We already talked about it!").
And when the GIW tries to do a move against Danny, is also Vlad who orders his whole team of lawyers to sue them for everything they can ("unnecessary property damage, injury to a minor, emotional and psychological damage to a minor, emotional damage to me--" ... "because one of them insulted me" ... "not, that's not overreacting, he hurted my feelings, Daniel!" ... "He called me old! I'm not--I'm not old! Stop laughing Daniel! I'm not old!!").
Between leading with the aftermath of The Reveal and the school, his classmates, and Valerie and almost losing his parents the GIW and and and and there's always more--...Danny finds out that living with Vlad is not the worst thing (that would be his parents almost dying) nor the most annoying one (that would be Wes, who is not going to shut up--). It's kinda nice, actually.
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study-coffee-chicago · 6 months ago
Hi! I just wanted to let you know, I fell down a rabbit hole last night and read all your fics in your master list and I have to say I'm in love with your writing!
I was wondering if we could also get more Halstead!sister (from age 5) cause that was so freaking cute and I haven't stopped thinking about that one!
Ahh, thank you so much! You must've been up really late because my imagines are reallyyyyyy long. 😂
Anyway, here's more five-year-old Halstead sister!
Jay heard the pitter-patter of little feet sprinting into the kitchen. “Here we go,” he muttered and set his coffee cup on the counter.
“Jay Jay!” you yelled. “It’s my birfday!”
“I know it is!” he quickly picked you up and spun you around and threw you in the air.
“We go to IHOP? With Will?” you asked.
“Yes, we’re going to IHOP, with Will. But we’re not going for another two hours.” “Oh. Can I have a snack?”
Jay laughed. “Of course, you can.”
You were impatiently riding in the back of Jay’s truck, just looking for the IHOP sign when Jay’s phone rang.
“Yeah…okay…yeah,” he sighed. “I’ll be there.” He hung up his phone. “Change of plans, kiddo. I have to get the bad guys.”
“No IHOP?” you asked as a frown pulled at your lips.
“Tell you what? For lunch, we can order some and eat it together at the district. Does that sound okay?”
“What about Will? And going to the park?”
“It might have to happen tomorrow, kiddo. I’m sorry.” Jay looked into the rearview mirror to see your lip trembling as you tried your best to hold back tears. “But, maybe Adam can take you to the park? Or maybe Kevin?”
“Really? Adam pushes me really high on the swings and Kevin holds me up really high and helps me climb the big tree!” You paused and drew in a breath. “Uh-oh. Kevin told me to keep the tree a secret.”
Jay laughed. “I might have to talk to Kevin about that one, but I’m sure we can work something out.”
“And we get IHOP at your job?”
“And we get IHOP at my job,” he confirmed.
His plan for your fifth birthday was set in motion.
“Hold my hand in the parking lot,” Jay said as he helped you out of the backseat of his truck.
“I know!” you said and grabbed his hand once your little feet hit the ground.
The two of you walked into the district and Trudy gave Jay a thumbs up, which you didn’t see. Then, he walked upstairs and buzzed you into Intelligence.
“Do I gotta go in the–” you started to ask, but we cut off by yelling.
“SURPRISE!” Kim, Adam, Kevin, and Will jumped out and yelled. Voight wasn’t there because, as he had told Jay, someone had to be on call for Intelligence in case they needed their unit today.
You looked up at Jay in confusion and Jay chuckled. “It’s for you, silly!”
“It is?”
“Yeah, they’re here for your birthday.”
“Oh.” And then you ran up to Will and gave him the biggest hug.
“Happy birthday!” he said. “We got you a few things.”
And then, as if on cue, Hailey made her way from around the corner pushing a cart. On the bottom shelf were brightly wrapped gifts, and on the top was the catering order from IHOP.
“I heard somebody wanted smiley-face pancakes. Was it you, Y/N?” she asked.
Your face lit up. “Yeah!”
“Well, I’m starving,” Will said. “I think we should eat and, a little birdie told me a trip to the park was in order afterward.”
You had opened your gifts and finished your food when you heard the buzzer to come up sound and looked at the stairs.
“Hey, Sarge,” Jay said.
“I’m not here for you, Chuckles,” Trudy said. “I’m here for the birthday girl.”
“Hi!” you shouted.
While you were saying hi to Trudy and she was filling a plate with food from IHOP, you didn’t notice that Jay had stepped out of the room.
“So, Y/N,” Trudy started, “do you remember the police dogs?”
“Yeah! Jay Jay let me pet one one time. But he told me I can’t have one because they were trainin’.”
“That’s right!” She turned to Adam. “She’s almost as smart as you are, Ruzek.”
Kevin almost choked on his water.
“Why you gotta be like that, Sarge?” Adam asked.
“Because it’s true, man,” Kevin said.
“Well, sometimes the police dogs aren’t very smart,” Trudy continued. “And then they need homes to go to.”
“Jay Jay’s job gettin’ a police doggie? Can I see him when I come here?” you asked excitedly.
“It’s even better than that,” Will said.
Then, Jay came up holding the leash of a golden retriever.
“He’s coming home with us,” Jay said.
You furrowed your eyebrows. “Why? We watchin’ him today?”
Will laughed. “No, it’s your doggy, Y/N. You get to keep him.”
“He’s mine?”
That was all you needed before you charged up to the dog and started petting him. Will was quickly at your side and Jay crouched down while holding the leash just to make sure you weren’t too rough with him.
“What are you gonna name him?” Jay asked.
You shrugged as you continued to pet the dog. “I dunno.”
“What about cinco?” Kim suggested.
“Five?” you asked. “I’m five!”
Will’s head snapped towards Jay. “When did she learn Spanish?”
“Kim teaches her a few words here and there when she’s here on the weekends.”
“I can count to ten! Uno..dos..tres..” you continued until you got all the way to diez. “Can we bring Cinco to the park?”
Jay laughed. “Guess that’s his name now.”
“Of course, we can,” Will confirmed.
“And, Kev, please don’t help her climb trees,” Jay said.
“You’re in trouble now, dude,” Adam joked.
And then, all of you went to the park and you found a big stick and played fetch with Cinco. Best birthday ever…even though Jay knew he was in for a wild ride taking care of a five-year-old and a dog who had failed the police academy.
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emeraldwitches · 2 months ago
Billy reads the letters alone, at least the first time. There's a lot of them. If he did the math, probably two a week.
She apologizes. She says that Neil wouldn't take her calls. The last one, she says she hopes to see him soon.
He cries. Quietly. Then he laughs, much louder. If only she'd known when she wrote that.
He calls the police station and reads off the phone number. Hopper thanks him and tells him to say goodbye to Max. Assumes that he'll be going back to California.
Then she's there. Exactly the way he remembers her. She's standing on the front porch, talking to Susan. She's wearing the same white dress she wore that day at the beach, her favorite dress. This time, she's holding a pair of muddy, white Keds in her hand.
Billy stays in his room, watches them from the window. He sees Susan laugh, unexpectedly. She reaches out and puts her hand on his mother's shoulder to keep from doubling over.
Then the front door is opening, and Susan is calling for both of them. Him and Max. He hasn't heard her speak up since the move, now she shouts. Not the way Neil shouts, she isn't angry. She's excited.
"Max, this is CJ," Susan says, gesturing over her shoulder. "Billy's mom."
Max is stunned, gets out a soft hello but is otherwise speechless. She hasn't seen her mother this relaxed since right after her dad left, before Neil came.
CJ steps around Susan to shake Max's hand before she's pulling Billy into a hug that nearly knocks him off his feet. "I missed you," she tells him, trying to hide the tearful smile on her face.
When the letters started coming back, she was sure she'd never see him again. Then she got the call.
"What are you doing here?" Max asks finally. "Are you going to take my brother away?" She sounds uncharacteristically small and frightened.
CJ kneels down on the floor, her face level with Max's shoulder. She intentionally makes herself small and unimposing before she answers. "Not if that's not what you both want." She throws a pointed glance over Max's shoulder at her son. "It's summer break, but I'm going to be working at the high school."
Susan helps her off the floor once Max has relaxed. "Isn't that great?" she asks, holding onto CJ for a beat longer than might be normal.
Billy isn't entirely sure which way is up. He can't be seeing what he thinks he's seeing.
"You can stay with us while you get settled," Susan offers.
CJ shakes her head. "I couldn't impose. Besides my ex mother-in-law was kind enough to sell her house. It's just a few streets over, and she gave me a good price as an apology for putting up with her son for so long."
Billy had no idea they'd moved here because of his grandparents. He never asked.
After Neil's sentencing, some weeks later, Susan and CJ meet for coffee at the diner across from the courthouse.
"What's wrong?" CJ asks, as soon as Susan sits down. It's a talent she has, reading others as if their emotions were printed on their faces.
"I won't be able to keep the house without Neil's income," Susan explains.
Another of CJ's many talents: people are unusually willing to confide in her.
"Move in with me," she responds easily. "It's a five bedroom house. There's plenty of room."
"I couldn't," Susan tells her. "What about when Neil gets out?"
"In 15 to 20 years?" CJ scoffs. "We'll burn that bridge when we get to it."
"You got away, I don't want to put you in danger."
Because they're friends now. Maybe they were friends after that first time Susan called her, right after she got off the phone with the police, and offered to fly her out on Neil's dime.
"I'm not afraid of him anymore, Suzie," she tells her, and Susan smiles.
She wonders if she'll ever get there, to a place where she doesn't jump at every slamming car door or dropped glass. She doesn't know, but she's hopeful when she finally accepts CJ's offer.
"It'll be nice to have everyone under the same roof," CJ says, drinking her coffee peacefully.
"Yeah," Susan agrees, leaning back in her chair. "It'll make the commute easier on Billy, too. I hope he knows how much I appreciate him picking Max up for school every day."
CJ smiles behind her coffee cup. "I'm sure he does," she says.
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bts5sosempire · a year ago
Pairing: Toji Fushiguro x Reader
Content: domestic toji (for once), jealousy, profanity, fluff, a bit of violence/ fighting, tiny Gumi ♡, will add what I miss later.
Words: 1,600
[Summary: "shopping with a sorcerer hunter on a Saturday afternoon, strolling with your son strapped against his chest. How would the day go?"]
Tumblr media
Out grocery shopping, you were pushing the cart while Toji was strolling behind with Megumi buckled upon his chest. The child was sleeping soundly, cheeks all plump up with the nice cushion he was receiving. Recently having to give birth to him a few months ago was hell. You thought you wouldn't survive, but here you are at last, well in health.
You were scanning the goodies on the shelf before plucking them off and bagging them before putting them in your cart. “Toji,” suddenly calling him out of the blue, he peers down at you, “what do you want to eat tonight?”
There was no instant response from him as he didn't know what he wants. Toji could say that he can't understand what he wants, but what you make is what he would eat. If there were a menu in front of him, he would order it right off the bat—scratch that, he would order everything he could on the menu.
“Just make what you want to eat; I don't care what you make; as long as it's from you, then I'm fine.”
That was probably the sweetest line you would ever hear from him if you could melt right where you are, but he isn't making it any easier for you either. He's throwing it right back in your face; gosh, being an adult is hard. Deciding what to eat is brutal as hauling a man out of bed knowing he has a job outside.
You make a grimacing face, “Fiiine, but you're choosing next time. Stay here and watch the cart.” Then you darted off to the other side of the store.
Tumblr media
Toji waited for a while and hasn't seen nor heard from you by now. It would help if you were texting him telling your location, but you didn't do that either. He grabs the cart and goes in the direction where you scamper away.
Lord and behold, you were chatting with a man who is around Toji's age. As he could see, there was a magical pink background with flowers blooming in the air behind the random guy, making the scene looking like some Shounen show. He knew you were friendly, but all he can see is you trying to get away desperately, and Toji observes the man's expression. He was smitten for you. All Toji could do was grit his teeth in anger, and an ugly feeling was clawing at his chest; he knew the feeling was very well.
He abandons the cart and stalks to you; the man handed you a paper, demanding you take it as he pulls one of your hands forward to accept it. God, as if some higher entity from the above wants to play a cruel joke on him, then they're doing a very great job. But the guy who is touching you is nailing his final nail in the coffin.
“I-I'm sorry, but I don't know you, and I'm married!” You quickly retracted your hand back.
“Hell yeah, she is,” Toji cuts in between the guy's line of vision, blocking the poor soul from seeing your shocked expression. If Hell was a living person, Toji is the definition of it. The poor man who was harassing you was easily towered by your husband. Toji makes sure that the stranger would know its place and to keep away from you. His menace aura was quite choking, causing the other party to take a heavy gulp.
“But I don't see a ring on her finger,” like the man is asking for a quick death; he's just pushing on Toji's button. Foolish, you might say on your part.
A scoff came from Toji; he rolls his shoulders to flex the muscles he has gain over the years of his job and training. Toji trying to make himself seem more significant, the fool was scared but relentlessly didn't let go of the bone, which irritates your husband more. If the man was a job for Toji, he could take him out like the piece of trash that he is. But there was a moment before Toji spoke up, “A ring, you say?” He mocks his opponent childishly, “Sweetheart, do me a favor and pull it out.”
Upon hearing him using the nickname with an underlying sweet tone, you knew you're fucked. You don't want to test your husband's patient; you pull out the thin sliver link chain that has a simple gold band with a diamond embedded inside. With the ring dangling around, the stranger was a flustered mess.
“I've been following you around for the last few weeks, and I don't even see a ring on your finger!” The man jeered and blindly confessed altogether, “You're just another one of those whores who go around looking for attention, aren't you?!”
The way Toji fists clenched up sums up that he was about to pummel the man into mincemeat. “First, you stalk my wife; then you disrespect her?” With a shadow casting over his face, only his green eyes were glinting like a predator. “You got the audacity to be this fucking rude. Give me a good reason why I shouldn't beat the shit out of you right now?”
A cussing Toji isn't a good Toji; with Megumi strapped to his front, you grab his forearm. “Toji, let's just get the grocery and go,” you whisper to your husband, who was shaking in anger. It took a lot of sweet nothing to convince him, but Toji stares down at the man before releasing his fists. His temper leveling out a bit, he grabs you by the wrist and drags you along.
“That's what I thought; you better leave with that bitch and bastard child who may not even be yours!” 
Faster than the speed of lightning, Toji drops your wrist, a hand holding to Megumi's head for support as he sprints across the store for that man's neck. Before you even have time to process what just happened, the man who was hurtling insults was flying a few feet away, tumbling before hitting a shelf, knocking it down with him. Toji had punched him.
The commotion had caused many problems and attention from both customers, employees, and managers alike.
“Toji!” Your frantic shout brought him back to reality. A moment he was fine, then back to the boiling point, sending the man away with more than a few broken bones.
Tumblr media
After a few hours of being interrogated and talking, you and Toji walked out of the store, hands filled with groceries. Police were involved, and you let a sigh of relief when Toji only had to pay a small fine for the store's misconduct; but thus, both of you were indefinitely banned from the grocery store. As for the stranger who was harassing you, they were taken into the ambulance immediately, charged with multiple harassments, also prohibited, and various things. If that wasn't enough, they were trying to shout more insults while being strap on the ambulance bed, but all that came out of their mouth were mouthfuls of blood.
“You and I are gonna have to talk about a lot of things.” Eyeing your husband with an attempt to glare, but your gaze softens upon seeing your child who has slept through all the drama. Megumi was awakened up to be fed before slumping back onto their father's massive clouds.
“Couldn't agree more,” Toji nonchalantly said; already got an earful from the cops and manager. Toji took a few bags from your hands and settled in for your hand to hold.
“Hmm, suspicious.”
“What's suspicious?”
“That you're suddenly agreeing.”
“Just because I agree doesn't mean I do agree.”
“Riiight, the only time you're gonna have a heartfelt agreement with me is when you want something from me.”
“After I put Megumi down, I would actually like something from you, Sweetheart.”
Tumblr media
Let's say you weren't able to sleep that night after experiencing all of Toji's pent-up emotions he held from the late afternoon. He wasn't kidding when he says he wants something. Toji was telling you how jealous he was and angry that another would lay their eyes on something that was taken already. Also, Toji didn't lie when he said he would make it difficult for you to wake up tomorrow morning; you know better than to take his words at face value.
“Say good morning to Mommy, Megumi.” Toji smug attitude could be heard from miles away when he walks into the room with pride going off like a beacon. He set the squabbling child who flails their limbs next to your tired form before laying on his side on the bed. Megumi smiles when he saw you, showing those gummy. You reach a hand to play with his dark spike yet soft turf hair. Toji observes you and Megumi, then his eyes raking across your neck and chest blooming with red, turning purple soon. “Don't you look wonderful today Dear?”
An eye roll was his receiving answer from you, and he laughs, which causes Megumi to turn to look at his father for a short moment before going back to you for affection. “Go jump in a fire or something.” You told him off.
“You didn't use that kind of tone with me last night.”
“Well, you're not gonna hear it from me for a while then.”
“Is that a challenge?”
“…” Looking at Toji dead in the eyes, amusement dance across his lips with mischief twinkling in those emerald orbs, how much you wish to hit him. “I don't want to talk to you anymore.”
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five-rivers · a year ago
Written for Ectober 2021 Day 1: Trick vs Treat. This is part of the Exhumed series.
Danny Fenton walked into the precinct. As often happened when he did this, all attention slowly turned to him. “Hi, Detective Patterson. Have you ever heard of Beltane?”
Patterson took a long swig of coffee through the plastic stir straw, because she felt the need to be at least a little drugged before dealing with whatever this was, and then said, “Is this the kind of thing the whole precinct needs to know about, or is it more specific to me?”
“Mm, not specific to you, but I’m not sure if everyone needs to know about it, yet.”
Despite only select members of the Amity Park police force knowing Danny Fenton had another identity, he’d become a sort of ‘ghost liaison’ for the precinct. Better him than the adult Fentons, who tended to break things even (especially) when they were being careful.
“Actually,” continued Danny, “you might have already noticed some things about it. I mean, it’s seasonal, and Mom and Dad were detecting ectoenergy and ghost activity spikes for events like this before they got the portal up and running. Although, the portal was supposed to stabilize and reduce those spikes… I guess reducing one isn’t bad?”
“Okay,” said Patterson. “I don’t really know what you’re talking about. Do you want me to go find Collins?”
“Oh, that might be a good idea.”
“Great,” said Patterson. She turned her head to shout across the room. “McGee. Go find Collins.”
“Still the new guy?” asked Danny, sympathetically.
“It isn’t like we’re a popular posting,” said Patterson, “and, thanks to the ghosts, we don’t really need new people.”
Danny nodded placidly. “I know. But it must be hard for him, don’t you think?”
McGee had done his job. He’d discovered the corruption in the Amity Park Police Department and plumbed its depths. The problem was that he could never, ever, report it. Even if they didn’t have a perfectly good cause for it all, what they were ‘hiding’ (and they were only barely doing that) was so ridiculous that McGee had thought he’d gone crazy at first.
The whole of Amity Park was haunted. Just like it said in those touristy brochures at the front of the local diners.
He stuck his head into the break room. “Collins, Patterson and Fenton want you,” he said.
“In the normal room?” Collins asked, shoving a sugary monstrosity of a donut into his mouth.
“I have no idea. She didn’t say.”
“Normal room then. Great job, McGee.”
McGee rolled his eyes. Great job, he said. As if he’d done anything.
God. What would Halloween be like?
“So, it’s like, reverse Halloween?” asked Patterson.
“Well, not exactly,” said Danny. He patted Daisy, the department mascot slash corpse sniffing dog who had followed them into the small interview room, gently on the head. “Actually, there are more similarities than differences. Basically, like Halloween, we’re going to get a spike in ectoenergy. Maybe even some ectoplasmic storms. More portals. That kind of thing.” He shrugged. “Most holidays and seasonal divisions have them, you know.”
“So… we’re getting Halloween round two?” asked Collins.
“What do you bet that this is what gets McGee to snap?”
“He’s been here since December,” said Collins. “I think he’s too stubborn to leave.”
“Is he still spying?” asked Danny.
“No,” said Patterson, waving a hand. “He gave up on that, after a while. But there’s a new office bet about whether or not he’ll stay stay, or if he’ll decide to quit. We’re not allowed to join in because we know him too well.”
“Mm,” said Danny.
“I don’t actually know if I feel like I know him that well,” said Collins.
“Well,” said Danny, “it shouldn’t be as extreme as Halloween. Since, I mean, there aren’t as many religious holidays directly associated with death and stuff happening on or around May first. So. Yeah. But the thing is, there are some traditional, er, activities. Spirited activities.”
Collins suppressed a groan, and was glad that Captain Jones wasn’t available today. He and Danny could sling puns at each other for obscenely long periods of time.
“I’ve never noticed ghosts doing anything on May Day,” said Patterson.
“This is only the third year anyone’s even acknowledged that ghosts exist,” said Danny, “so I’m not really all that surprised. But the reason that I came to talk to you guys is that some of the ghosts want to do Beltane stuff. Like the fire blessings. Also, I’ve been told that some of the trees in town are secretly ghost trees, and if we don’t want to deal with another tree army, we need to do some stuff to appease them.”
“Secret ghost trees.”
“My source is very reliable,” said Danny. “Also, while I say ‘we don’t want to deal with it,’ I think we all know who’d be dealing with most of it.”
“You would,” said Patterson.
“Got it in one. Like, I can convince most of the ghosts to either do their Beltane stuff in the Ghost Zone, or somewhere out of the way. They’ll be disappointed, but I can do it. The ghost tree thing, though…”
“Can’t we just, I don’t know,” said Collins, “get rid of the ghost trees?”
“Well, they aren’t really evil ghost trees. Or even really ghost trees. They’re more… ghosts that live in trees?”
“What, like dryads?” asked Collins, raising his eyebrows.
“That’s what I said, but they’re different species, apparently.”
“Okay,” said Patterson, “so. Appeasing the trees. How many trees are we talking about here, and how are we going to appease them?”
“Okay, so, this is definitely a whole precinct kind of thing,” said Patterson.
“And possibly an ‘all civil servants’ type of thing,” added Collins. He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Where are we going to get the funding for this?”
“Oh, don’t worry about money,” said Danny. “I’ll just blackmail Vlad, and if that doesn’t work, I can get Mom and Dad to pay for it.”
“What,” said Collins.
“I think this might be a bit beyond your parents’ budget,” said Patterson, “but knock yourself out as far as Masters goes.”
“Well, I guess if it is,” he allowed, dubiously, “I could get the cults to pitch in?”
“This is nice,” said Danny. The sky was a bit overcast, which was a shame, but the hundreds of bright flowers and cheerful music more than made up for that.
The May Day celebration was, in Danny’s opinion, a success. At least, this half of it was turning out to be. He’d have to wait and see how the Spirit Bonfires went tonight before he could really make a judgement.
He’d only had to blackmail Vlad a little, too. It turned out that the ‘ruthless businessman’ in Vlad was ludicrously easy to manipulate, and once Danny brought up how a celebration like this one could revitalize local businesses and bring in tourism, he’d caved.
Although, that might have been the threat of an angry tree army. Vlad had definitely come off worse for wear in the last one, on all fronts.
Then, publically putting the Phantom Stamp of Approval (and Necessity Given The Potential Angry Tree Army) on the event had gotten buy-in from his fans and (sigh) the cults. The cults were, in fact, very enthusiastic about their new Holy Day. Danny had made a map of all the places they’d set up booths, and was studiously avoiding them.
Sam and Tucker were doing a walkthrough of that area, now, to check for problems and unadorned thorn trees. They’d arranged to meet up soon.
So, Amity Park was decked out in ribbons and flowers. All of the schools had gotten Maypoles and the day off of classes. Several bands, both human and ghostly, were playing in different parts of town.
It was chaotic, but great.
Danny briefly cut into the street to dodge a pair of college-age men play-fighting with tree branches (a genuinely important tradition symbolizing the battle between winter and summer), then walked through a wall to avoid two ghosts doing the same thing.
Finally, he reached Madame Babazita’s table.
“Hi,” he said, “three readings, please.”
“Three?” she asked. “Just for you?”
“My friends should get here before mine’s done,” said Danny. Was he channeling some predictive powers? Maybe. Holidays did make his powers weird.
“I have no idea what your reading is saying,” said Madame Babazita, after fifteen full minutes. “The cards simply aren’t speaking to me today. Also,” she held up an Uno card, “I’m not sure how this even got here.”
“That’s okay,” said Danny, “I just wanted to make sure it was the same as last time.”
“Hey! Phantom!” called Ember across the crowd of ghosts that had gathered in the cemetery. Most of them were fire or nature themed. “You’re in for a treat!”
Danny, who had been examining the flowers left on his grave, looked up. “I am?”
Ember draped her arm around Danny’s shoulder. She’d been a lot more friendly with him since the corpse incident. “Sure are.” She stepped up onto the surface of his memorial, pulling him up behind her. Danny shook off a brief chill and looked around.
Ghosts were streaming into the cemetery from various directions, bringing armfuls of flowers with them. Danny could see two, huge bonfire piles of flowers growing near the cemetery gates.
“Are there going to be cows?” asked Danny, who was still fuzzy on the details of the ghostly side of the celebrations.
“I don’t know,” said Ember. “When I’ve seen this done in the GZ there are. Here? Who knows. Maybe we’ll just walk through.”
Danny nodded, unworried. Beltane sure was an interesting holiday.
The last armful of flowers was placed, and every flower in the cemetery caught on fire at once. Including the ones on Danny’s grave. Danny yelped, jumping into flight. As an ice core ghost, he vastly preferred cold to heat.
This went without saying, but fire was very hot.
Ember grabbed his foot, and he almost kicked her. “You knew that was going to happen,” he accused.
“Sure did, babypop,” said Ember, grinning. “Come on, don’t you want to pass through the bonfires?”
Danny eyed the very large bonfires on either side of the cemetery gates. They were lit up with sparks like fireworks, shifting like flowers blooming and withering and blooming again. They were beautiful and impressive, and Danny felt like melting just by looking at them.
“I don’t know…” He wanted to, but… melting…
“Well, if you want to go out the other way and be horribly unlucky for the next year…”
Danny narrowed his eyes. “Is that another trick?” he asked.
Ember’s grin grew wider, and she took off towards the gates. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”
Danny sighed and followed her.
“Unbelievable,” said McGee. “Absolutely unbelievable.” He gave the elderly cultist a boost into the wagon.
“I know, right?” said Patterson. “All this property damage and a low-key kidnapping,” she gestured to the hapless late night partier who had called the police when the cult got too insistent about their message, “and they didn’t even have the good drugs?” She shook her head. “Not that we ever arrest anyone just for drugs in this town.”
“I did not just hear you say that,” muttered McGee.
“We’ll make an Amity Parker out of you yet,” said Collins, heartily, slamming the back door of the wagon. He thumbed the button on his radio. “Any other disturbances?” he asked.
“No, you’re good to come back,” said the dispatcher.
“What I don’t get,” said McGee, leaning against a nearby wall in a moment of weakness, “is why we aren’t breaking up whatever cult thing is happening in the cemetery.” They’d seen it quite clearly on their way here.
“Because those are ghosts,” said Patterson.
McGee took a deep breath. “The ghosts are having some kind of ritual in the cemetery, and you aren’t worried.”
“Not really, no.”
“I hate it here,” said McGee.
“Do you, though?” asked Collins, sounding genuinely interested in the answer.
McGee opened his mouth to snap back that, yes, he did. But…
Hm. Huh.
Collins patted him on the back.
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ziorre · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
A little background on how Hope ended up in “Eden’s Gate”
❗❗❗❗ the post contains NSFW art. You are warned ❗❗❗❗
Tumblr media
How did it all start? Well, it all started literally with a rise from the dead. But not with epic and dramatic ones, like in the movies, but with disgusting and nasty ones. The first thing Hope remembers is the realization that she can't move. Completely. Only with her eyes. The whole body is mute and completely paralyzed. The lack of understanding of what’s happening, where she is and who she is mixed up with the feeling that she's like a living corpse. The darkness of the forest. Heavy breathing. A miserable mumbling in an attempt to call for a help. Hope was able to move her arms and neck only after a few hours, and after some time she was able to sit by her own, suppressing a strong panic attack. Cold. Pain. The body is sticky. She has nothing, except a pin in her hair. Her head is empty. What to do? Where is she? Where to go?..
Tumblr media
So, gathered remains of strength, Hope decided to go in the direction, which the rare sound of passing cars was heard from. And yes, indeed, the track wasn't so far from her "spawn point" (I like this definition, it fits her precisely). It's been some time since Hope walked along the road, suppressing a huge desire to just hide, curl up in a ball somewhere in the bushes and die there, where no one would see her like this.. pathetic and god-forsaken. Oh, how strong was that desire.. A couple of cars passed by her, but none stopped. However, one woman on a huge truck honked after her, shouting with a strong Texas accent "hey, kid, need a ride?". The woman was an usual trucker who was heading to North Dakota, and couldn't pass by a person who definitely needed help. She didn't immediately question her, but only gave her some water, food and clothes. When the girl calmed down a little, the woman started a simple conversation about herself and her life, which smoothly turned into an attempt to figure out who the girl is and where she need to go. After clarifying the situation a little and making some assumptions, they decided that the most reasonable solution would be to drop her off at the nearest settlement with a police station there, so that the girl could ask for a help. What a relief that the nearest town was comparatively not so far away - in Hope County. Yeah, what a relief.
Tumblr media
Once in Hope County, our lost girl with severe amnesia went to the sheriff's office, where, frankly, officers weren’t eager to help her, referring to the assumption that she probably was just another stoned junkie. However, all the procedures necessary for her identification were carried out, photos were taken, a protocol was drawn up, documents were sent, but.. it didn't help at all. The fact is that all the information was spinning in local news(papers) - in the vicinity, within the borders of the state, but not beyond. Maybe no one responded because she's not local? 🤔
(P.S. There probably were no time for the info to disperse, since after Hope joined "EG", one man politely asked to hush up the matter, making sure that no one will be looking for her)
Anyway, while she was waiting for results, she had to stay homeless and spend the night in all sorts of abandoned places, since she was basically driven out of the police department. Lucky, it was the beginning of summer.. she couldn't have made it in winter. This hell lasted until she met a girl named Taylor, who was the one who brought her to “Eden’s Gate”.
*On the art, Hope is in the clothes that the trucker gave her.
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