#and I do and it looks like an inconsistent mess lol
opens-up-4-nobody · a year ago
#i have demons battling it out in my brain#one says: nothing creative/fun can be designated as work#the other says: but literally u have to do these creative/fun things for work#idk why my brain is like: it is only work if u r suffering or doing something difficult#but its v stressful bc it means i do unfun things all day at normal hrs of the day (or avoid doing them)#and then spend the rest of my time doing the more fun stuff which stretches my 'work' time to strange long hrs#but if i do them at normal hrs i feel like im gonna die#its terrible. and ive got at least 12+ hours worth of fun stuff i have to do on the lab computer rn#so guess whose gonna be getting up at 4am multiple times this week assuming nothing else comes up#also i have to draw a thing#which is why im getting a headache bc ive spent so much time today messing with procreate and trying to figure out a style#and my brain is like: u r wasting time!!!! u need to be more productive#but i have to figure out how to use the app??? also its sunday#theres just so much to do and im being crushed by the weight of it all#my brain keeps doing that angry buzzing then while i run so fun times#i think im figuring out the digital art thing tho#and that means ill have to redraw a bunch of stuff i did for the lab bc it all looks trash now and the style is gonna be inconsistant#sigh... idk y i do this to myself but here we are#srry for being so ranty lately. ive been feeling not great so ive withdrawn from socalizing and thus have no outlet lol#unrelated#ah fuck i really need to work on manuscript stuff tho#okay: this week i will read a bunch of annoying photosynthesis papers or else. i will i will. writing progress will be made
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countlessimagines · 6 months ago
Met Halfway [ Steven Grant/Moon Knight/Marc Spector x Reader ]
Tumblr media
Summary: When Marc asks you to make sure Steven does not figure out about his mercenary life, you wind up making things more difficult.
A/N: Hello! Just want to clarify that this is ONLY based on the first episode, not the following ones as they have not been released! So if the storyline is a bit off or seems inconsistent, that is why! I wanted to write something already and have no patience lol
Other than that, I hope you enjoy and know that there is SPOILERS AHEAD!
It was a normal night, really, in your defense. There was not a thought in your mind that would have guessed you would be comforting your nice and mannered neighbor, Steven Grant.
Well, it was your promise to Marc to make sure he did not pursue the phone further or the reflection shaking his head in the mirror.
You had been relaxing peacefully in your apartment one Sunday night when you heard Steven screaming and yelling different things and doors slamming around. You were quick to react and exit your apartment only for the elevator doors to close with him in it.
It was difficult to keep up with this newfound life. Marc, who spoke normally and often had a confident manner, had approached you when you were trying to open your door with handfuls of grocery bags. He had offered you help and gotten to know you well.
However, sooner or later he knew that he had to tell someone the truth… and he quickly made the decision that you would be the exception. His neighbor who would likely hear his mercenary side kick in and experience it first hand. So, he revealed his alter and how he needed your help to make sure Steven did not wander too far off the deep end.
You surprisingly took it well as you were a retired SHIELD agent who took to London for a breath of fresh air after SHIELD had fallen to Hydra. It was a mess but London had screamed your name for an escape.
And now, once again you were wrapped up in a world of chaos and a little crush on both Marc and Steven. While Marc took control and was very adamant with you, Steven was often polite and kept simple conversations with you. Marc had convinced you to go out on a date with Steven to get more involved with that side of him. While you were often confused about your feelings, you fell for Steven who was always so confused and tired but was a love sick puppy.
However, when he agreed to your date, you found yourself wondering why you agreed to do this. You knew eventually this would fall apart, like Steven had told you… don’t get too attached because he does not know how it will all end.
But as you watched Steven run back from the elevator, you knew you were in for the long run.
“Steven! Everything alright?” You said hurriedly and ran to him. You met halfway and he immediately grabbed your shoulders.
“I don’t… I don’t know what I saw and everything is flickering and there was this mummy…” he was blabbering on and you knew that this would lead to nowhere good. You could almost hear Marc saying to defuse the situation.
“Hey, why don’t we go back inside your place and make some tea, okay? We can go and relax and get your mind off of this.” You smiled at him to hopefully help him calm, which helped him in the slightest. He would later admit that your smile was the one thing that always made his heart thump wildly and his thoughts seem to slip away.
You both entered his apartment where you began to set the kettle and Steven sat down on a nearby chair.
“I’m going insane,” he whispered and looked down at his shaking hands. He was on edge and you knew that you had to get his mind off of everything.
You knelt down to his level and grabbed his cold hands. He glanced into your eyes and there was a moment of complete, comfortable silence that he appreciated.
Steven knew you were not judging him but simply letting him calm down. He could trust that you would not run away, scared he was a mad man.
And for what he was too afraid to do the night of your first date, he leaned forward and you met him halfway, lips meeting and eyes closing in content.
He was gentle with you as he cupped his hands on your cheeks, while you placed your hands on his knees.
It wasn’t long before he pulled away and placed a delicate kiss on your forehead instead.
“Thank you,” he said quietly to you.
“For what?” You also spoke low as to not disrupt the special moment.
“For not being scared of me but rather offering to help me out. Others probably would have thought I was crazy and called the cops.” He chuckled, but you could tell it was not a genuine laugh. The brokenness and tired expression spoke for itself.
“Anything for my favorite neighbor,” you joked.
While the future was uncertain for you and Marc, you knew that at least you had Steven to worry about for the time being. And Steven wanted to worry about you too in a sense of protection and wanting to be by your side every day.
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sagau-my-beloved · a month ago
One thing I really want to see is Venti learning about technology. Imagine him trying to figure out how a toaster worked lol
Or even seeing himself on tv or on a phone.
Honestly though, this is one of the things I most struggle with when it comes to creating content for the Venti in our world thing, I have to like triple check that what I'm referencing doesn't already exist in their world because I honestly have no idea what the heck kind of time period that game is set in.
Just to list off a few, I have contemplated over whether or not they have running water (I still don't really know, but I assume yes to some extent),
General electricity (there's a bunch of street lamps and chandeliers, and also the ruin guards look like they run on something akin to electricity, but they're also considered ancient technology, so I'm not sure on that one but I've gone mostly with no),
Refrigeration (I think I decided no because our version of that can't exist without electricity, but there is probably some form of it made with ice or cryoc powers),
Materials like plastic (pretty sure I read that one of the characters was holding a plastic cup in a scene, but who knows if that was intentional, but factories do exist so maybe?),
Coffee (now I've seen this one be directly referenced in the game before once, but again could have just been a non thought through decision, but it's not like they have coffee bean trees so—),
Honey (there are no bees),
Other stringed instruments like guitars (Xinyan does have one she made herself, but honestly, that brings about a whole nother lot of questions like how can rock music exist without electric instruments?? If her guitar is an electric one what does that mean for electricity existing in the game as a whole???),
Hair dye (I dye my hair a lot, it's green right now, I just want to know if it would be seen as normal for me to just suddenly show up one day with purple or blue hair out of nowhere)
You get the idea, a lot of unanswered questions that I kind of have to come up with answers for on the fly, and I'm partly worried about making the mistake of messing something up because I didn't know it already existed in canon. Like, technically speaking, cameras do exist in a form over there, but how the hell does that work?
Now that I've successfully used this ask to rant about all the inconsistencies and plot holes that may or may not occur in my future writing— I think out of all the Archon's, Venti is probably the most receptive to change and new things, so I could see him being super excited and curious about everything, would probably accept things pretty easily at face value while still being rather fascinated about our technology and how things like that came about.
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blublublujk · 2 months ago
love always wins (2)
Tumblr media
-> chapter 1, chapter 2
words count: 6k
pairing: businesswoman y/n x businessman pjm ft. businessman kth
summary: you were given one simple task. how far are you willing to go for it?
warnings: in this chapter we do get a look at the relationship between oc and her father and just to warn you he's a piece of shit, it's a bit angsty (mental abuse), adult content, swearing/harsh language!!! (oops), alcohol, jimin can be a bit mean and maybe intimidating at first look (it's okay it will change quickly), sexual content (unprotected sex, fm. riding m., creampie)
a.n: this took so so long to get out as usual lmfao, i apologize for being so inconsistent but creating a whole new dialogue is so strange (i miss dilfy jk >.<) just to clarify a few things before the read, this ff will not end in a love triangle so do with that as you will. i know it will seem the oc & taehyung are hitting it off very well but this is a jimin x reader ff so it will get there i promise! im not a fan of writing love triangles but maybe some day… im so obsessed with these characters so far im excited ^.^ anyways, i wanted to get this out quickly since i have a concert to attend tmr and i cant believe i'll be thinking of other men who arent bts lol (wish me luck), feedback is always welcomed <333
—> m.list
Just one more year. 
Your father promised just one more year. 
One more year of standing tall by his side, only known as his golden child. One more year of the long– boring, mandatory parties. One more year of this false father-daughter relationship. Just one more eventful year. 
Your father had declared his retirement only last year.
It was New Year’s Eve. 
“Everyone let us please gather around quickly! Please take your seats! ” Nobody in the room really paid your father much attention at the time. Dinner had just been brought out, the room was a chattery mess. Everyone feigning for some nice warm bread to accompany their warm mashed potatoes. You had just stuffed down a roll of the sweet bread yourself, your cheeks puffing the loaf down. It was the only thing you could do during boring times like these. “Quiet down please! This won’t take much of your time!”
Doing as he asked, you chugged a glass of champagne before serving yourself another round then took your seat across him. People too, gathered pretty quickly after you, hot plates decorating the table.
Clearing his throat he started, “Well, you all might be wondering why you are here besides the obvious matters. The new year is approaching. There is so much to look forward to and so much more to expect. New years are filled with new opportunities, new advances, and most importantly, new beginnings.” 
Your father takes a deep breath before he continues, “As many of you may know, I’ve been the backbone of SSM for many, many years. Too much to count. And I wouldn’t have it any other way, really. I’m very grateful our family was built off this very same company. We’ve had a long, long journey and it only keeps progressing. SSM will thrive forever.” 
Cheers filled the room, while you downed another glass. The champagne tasted fucking delicious tonight.
Between smiles your father continued, “Quiet down please! Thank you, thank you! Now, with careful consideration and thoughtful planning, I’d like to announce a big change happening to SSM this new year. This news may shock some, but SSM will move forth regardless.” 
The room stilled for a second anticipating the long awaited news. Whatever he had to say, it was dragging on for too long, you were so bored. Another glass of champagne was placed upon the dinner table, you picked it up with no shame. 
“I have decided to retire from my terms with SSM within the new year.”
No fuck, fuck, fuck. 
“But with that being said, there isn’t any better fit for this position. With great honor, I would love to present to you your new CEO and the amazing woman I get to call my daughter, Y/N Y/L/N.” 
The once blaringly loud room fell dead silent to your ears, though everyone jumped in excitement. But it was so quiet, so much that all you could hear was a buzzing ring, tinglingly inside your ears. The glass of champagne you once held came crashing down quite quickly.
You weren’t even given a chance to process anything. Those around you took turns embracing you, congratulating you on the great news. How fucking pathetic. Your fathers speech kept going but you weren’t listening, not after something like that. You fucking hated this moment more than anything. Out of everything he could have pulled from his ass, this— this was the worst. 
You had mentioned several times that you weren’t ready for such a position and never would be. Frankly, it's a position you thought would never open, one you would never possess on your own behalf. Your father was very adamant about being the greatest, most successful CEO. But of course, he wouldn’t just leave this position to a nobody. You just didn’t expect it to be you. You could barely take care of yourself, how were you to take care of a whole fucking establishment? Much less lead others. You were done for. 
He could have warned you. 
He could have and didn’t. 
“Congratulations, dear! You’ll do just wonderful!” Some older lady you didn’t even know by name, cheered, pulling you into her slim arms.
You couldn’t even force your arms to squeeze back, they kinda just hung around her loosely. “Thank you.” You whispered sadly. “I’ll try not to disappoint you all.”
That was the last you remembered of that night.
It’s how you ended up in these exact steps. 
Your last task so to speak, but really it was just the beginning. Park Jimin, he signs and you’re free. Well not technically…
In the words of your father, you understood very well what Park Jimin would do for SSM. 
Park Jimin didn’t need SSM. 
SSM needed Park Jimin. 
You hated to admit your father had been right all along. SSM was missing something. The company was missing new money, something your father nor you could have ever brung. Being born into wealth is always a privilege, but keeping it was worse than anything. Sure, other people have it worse, you will admit that. But those that lose money that once had nothing don't bat an eye at something they are used to experiencing. As harsh as it may sound, it's the way life worked for someone with wealth. 
Park Jimin only had a taste of that. It was your job to bring him down.
You’ve been over this plan many times in your head. Park Jimin is not the enemy, but he could be. Losing an asset like him could be the upbringing of another establishment and the downfall of yours. Nobody wants to lose at the hands of business, but if it’s you or someone else, that other person doesn’t stand a fucking chance. 
At first, you weren’t sure you could handle such a high position. But maybe your father was right, if not you, then who else? Business was your life. You weren’t good at anything else. It’s all you have ever known. And being quiet honest, you felt so fucking stupid for thinking that. But this was all a matter of confidence. You could get anywhere you wanted to. 
Eventually there would come a time where you then would retire from this position too, but right now, you did the best with what you had. Your father fully retiring from his seat would mean you were left to do as you please, as you had always wished. So Park Jimin’s signature was all it took. 
Collecting these businessmen like Pokémon cards was your job. And you were only the best at doing that. How you collected them was nobody’s business, right? 
Park Jimin was suddenly nowhere to be found. 
You searched everywhere. Quite honestly it made you panic, it wasn’t like this was the end of the world but maybe you were a bit desperate. 
Taking sad steps, you found yourself in the kitchen pouring yourself yet another glass of the sweet champagne. That’s when you finally caught sight of him. 
“And I’m sure you would do well in a company like ours.” The younger woman bat her eyes drastically, dragging her hand against Jimin’s arm. She gave his bicep a squeeze, his brow raising at the action, though he didn’t push her away.
You scoff silently from your place. What a fucking bitch. 
“Jimin!” You call the man's name as you reach the two.
He turns, immediately his eyes smile before his lips. “Y/N.” 
The familiar woman notices you too, but doesn’t say anything. Her mean gaze tells it all. She was not happy. 
“Yuna. Nice to see you around here.” You put your hand out. She looks down at your hand, hesitant to shake it. She does anyway but there is nothing nice about the greeting. “Thought your mother taught you not to speak to strangers, Yuna.”
Jimin chuckles quite intrigued, if he didn’t know any better he would be offended but he decides to stay quiet for now. 
Yuna retreats her hand harshly. “Jimin and I are everything but strangers.”
This is where you raise your eyebrows. “You and Jimin, huh? What is this supposed to mean?” 
A new voice cuts in. “It means one of two things. They either date or they fuck.”
You all turn to find Taehyung. Well this just got interesting. 
Jimin steps in before Yuna gets a word out. “Neither. We are family friends, you could say.”
You nod. 
“I will say, I’m quite shocked you are this invasive around someone you just met, Y/N. You had me fooled.” Jimin pouts, folding his arms across his chest. 
“My sincere apologies if I interrupted anything,’ You bow your head before continuing, ‘I was simply checking on our precious guest.” 
He nods understandingly. Taehyung’s eyes roll to the back of his head. He didn’t even know Jimin enough, but he was already starting to annoy him.
“No need to apologize. Yuna here meant no harm. She’s the sweetest.” He explains squeezing her shoulder. 
Yuna smiles in return. 
You hum. “Yeah, of course. The sweetest. Um, if you don’t mind, Taehyung? Make sure our sweet Yuna here makes it home safely. Her parents must be so worried. I wouldn’t want you to be late.”
Yuna’s smile doesn’t reach her eyes. Taehyung steps in. Yuna, having left with no choice, gives one last bow in Jimin’s direction. 
“It was nice to see you again Jimin, you know where to find me when you decide on my proposition.” He bows back, smiling politely. 
“Of course, take care.” 
The two leave you and Jimin behind, the glass still in your hand, you take a sip of your drink. Suddenly, the sweet taste is bitter. 
“I’m so sorry about that.” You say. “She tends to get too excited. She’s so young, you understand right?”
Jimin purses his lips. “Yeah, of course. Who was that, by the way?” 
You finish your drink, placing the glass down. “Ah, that was Taehyung.” 
“I know that. I mean, is he your boyfriend?” Jimin is very forward when asking his question.
“No.” You say.
“What a shame.” He replies, you raise your brow in confusion. “He’s hot.” 
You mentally thank yourself for finishing your drink because you would have spit it out by now.
“Wait, you’re gay?” You try to sound casual, but you are sure your face gives it all away. Now how the fuck are you supposed to fuck him into signing a contract? Not that, that’s what you had planned… 
Jimin giggles. “No, no. But, you should have seen the look on your face! Would that have been a problem, Ms. Y/N?” 
“No, of course not.” You are quick to defend yourself. “I was just curious is all.”
“Good because I am bisexual.” Jimin simply replies, looking around the room.
Nodding you respond, “Nothing wrong with that. I like women too. Probably more than I like men.” 
Jimin raises his brow looking back at you. “Really?”
You only nod. 
“I didn’t see that in you.” Jimin shrugs. 
You scoff. “You don’t know the first thing about me then.” 
“I wasn’t trying to offend you.” He clarified. 
“Didn’t say I was.” You snap back.
He smiles. “Right. I like you.” 
“Then we are already starting on the right foot. Let me introduce myself now.” You insist before he cuts you off. 
“Y/N, Y/L/N…” Jimin clicks his tongue three times against the roof of his mouth, dragging his palm slowly across his suit, flattening the material. His eyes look down at the ground before they travel back to your face. “Age 23. Began your first start-up at the young age of 13. So young, passionate, filled with dreams only one could ever simply dream of reaching. The start-up did well. Not well enough for you to feel completely satisfied though. Trust me, been there— done that. The media accused your young, precious entreprenstic mind for that of your father. They compared you to him, so much they called your ideas, his. It was so hard on you. Eventually, Kihyun’s dearest daughter flew off to college. Medicine, her first choice, but then that didn't work out. You eventually walked right back into the hole where you started. You are what many young entrepreneurs wish they were. You’re smart, driven, and most of all you knew exactly what you wanted. You are quite the woman.” 
You scoff because Jimin read you like a book, except your life was a quick Google search. Nothing you hadn’t seen before. “Google taught you all that?”
Jimin smiles and tilts to the side. “Yeah actually. You’ve done it all. Believe me when I say, I am your biggest fan here.”
You can’t help but to laugh. What were you even worried about? He was already on your side. “You, a fan of me? I’m flattered.” 
You really weren’t, but this was all for show anyways. 
He steps closer towards you, for a minute he just seems to check you out, his eyes landing right on top of your breast, the same way he did earlier. “Too bad I have no interest. It was nice meeting you dear, take care.” He steps back and turns his back.
You snatch his suit pulling him back to face you. “What.” 
He looks down at you. Suddenly, you feel so small. 
“I’ve heard of what you like to do. And let me tell you one thing before I part.” His lips brush up against your ear before he whispers, “Let this be clear. I may be a man, but I would never allow myself to fall for a pretty woman for some quick business deal. When you have something to actually offer me, you know where to find me. In the meantime, take care. You had plenty of drinks tonight, I would call it a night if I was you. See you later.”
Jimin’s turns and leaves as promised. His brother fell behind him quickly. You are left in your own little world, speechless. You couldn’t even move. What the fuck was his problem?
What now?
“What do you mean Jimin didn’t seem interested?” Your father scoffs, he was as confused as you were. 
“You heard me. He simply stated he wasn’t interested.” You mumble.
“Did you even care to tell him about the shareholding bill? This would benefit him big time and he simply wasn’t interested? This isn’t a game, Y/N. I expected more from you.” Your fathers words are harsh. It wasn’t the end of the fucking world, you thought. You could get him to sign if he just gave you more time. At the end, this was to set you up for the long run. Who cares how long it takes? Your father’s position was close to being taken anyways. You could run this company with or without Jimin, you were so sure of it. 
“I didn’t have enough time for that father. You heard me explain this three times now. He just wasn’t interested.” You say, giving up.
Your father laughs dryly. “You think this is what being a leader means? Do you seriously think you can do well with this attitude you carry? The world doesn’t revolve around you, Y/N.” 
It’s laughable that he’s mentioning the world not revolving around you when he had the habit of always making everything that occurred to you, about him. Of course, when your father has nothing better to do, he loves to destroy the only thing you have left going for yourself. It’s what he was best at besides his career. 
“Just think about the situation you’re in for two minutes. You will never succeed with this attitude!” He repeats himself. “What was I thinking? Can you even handle it?”
He always makes you feel so useless. You didn’t even choose this for yourself. He did. He always did. 
“You know I would have never taken this position in the first place. I made that clear father.” You whisper, firmly trying to maintain your peace. “You know that—”
“You have no choice!!!” He shouts, throwing some paperwork off his desk, the papers landing all over his floors. You step back, startled. Your father wasn’t abusive in any way. He had never laid a single finger on you, ever, and you believed he never would but the man didn’t have to. His words hurt you deep enough. Sometimes you wondered if hitting you would hurt less. 
“You have no choice!!! How many times do I have to repeat myself?” The man sits, massaging his temples. “Please, just fix this attitude you have. It won’t get you anywhere.”
You nod, clenching your fists.
He then says, “You’re dismissed.” 
“You know mother was right about you.” You start, breathless. The room was starting to eat you alive, suffocating in your own thoughts. But it would drive you insane keeping this in. 
The distributed man looks up. “Please don't start this now.”
“She was! And you knew it! This— this shit is all you care about! Have you ever thought once of how this affected me? You never cared to ask me if I was fucking okay! You were never here for me! Never! Not once. I should have just escaped with her when I had the chance.” You choke into a sob, god you hated crying in front of him. You were gonna hate yourself later for doing so.
“You think it’s just affecting you! I was married to that woman! She’s not as innocent as you fucking think. She had a lot to fucking say about my job but what did she end up doing? She left with all our fucking savings! She never cared about you. Stop defending her and get that through your fucking head.” Your father whispered the last of his words, focusing back on some paperwork.
You feel a tear fall down your cheek, you desperately wipe it away. What was the point? He never listened. “Trust me, I know that very well. You know what, ‘s fine. I’ll just go.”
The man doesn’t bother looking back up. “Close the door behind you.” 
That night you force yourself to sleep in between tears. 
You don’t recall falling asleep until you woke up the next day with a throbbing headache and your phone ringing. 
“Fuck, where you sleeping?” Taehyung asks after hearing your weak voice. 
“What do you think?”
“Sorry.” He whispers. 
“‘S fine. Did you need something?” You force yourself to get up from bed, brushing the ends of your hair with your fingers.
“How did it go yesterday?” He asks softly, he can only imagine not well if you overslept, you almost never did. 
You smile then dryly laugh. “Well, he wasn’t interested.” 
“No? And you're laughing about it?” Taehyung muses. You were quite glad about how close you and Taehyung had gotten. Even if you weren’t the best of friends, he always knew how to distract you. It’s probably what you needed most right now. 
“Should I cry about it then?” You tease. 
“God no. I was simply asking.” He sighs. “What happened?” 
You sigh too, laying your head back down. “Long story short, he told me he wasn’t interested. He knows about my reputation with men. Apparently, I’m not too secretive about it. I didn’t know it had gotten this bad. Anyways, he told me when I actually have something good to offer him, to find him. Then I told my father and well, you know how he is. He’s not happy with me right now, so that’s that.” 
Taehyung sighs into the phone again. “So what, you like to fuck? Is that a fucking sin?” 
“Taehyung, that doesn’t make me feel better. I don't think that helps any women. I feel like a fucking whore.” You groan against your sheets.
“Did he call you that?” He asks in a very serious tone. 
“God no. I would have had him escorted out instantly.” You assured him.
“Good, good. Then, so what. You fuck, you’re young. Live a little, who cares what Park Jimin thinks. Fuck what he thinks.” Taehyung tries to comfort you.
“Park Jimin thinks you’re hot.” You say. 
“Nevermind.” He takes it all back and for the first time in a long time you laugh loudly. 
“God you’re an idiot.” You say in between laughs. 
“Whatever. Breakfast today?” Taehyung offers and honestly it doesn’t sound half as bad. 
“Deal. You pay.” 
“Wouldn't have it any other way.” And he doesn’t miss a single beat.
“I just felt so stupid Taehyung! He always does this to me.” You moan into the ceiling, gripping onto his shoulders desperately as you bounced on his cock. 
After a very fulfilling breakfast, the date concluded with the activity you did best. Taehyung drove you home and well, the rest was common sense. He nearly devoured you alive when you offered him to come up to your bedroom. Thank God your father spent all his life tucked away in the office so he was nowhere to be found. This place was yours and Taehyung’s to make a mess of. 
“Fuck.” Taehyung muttered against your neck, pushing his member further into you, your walls squeezing him deliciously. You weren’t sure he was listening much to your rant but at least he was fucking you well. You can't even blame him, you wouldn’t be listening either. 
“God I hate him.” You whine, feeling the crown of his head hit your g-spot, driving you crazy. “I can’t stand him.”
Taehyung grunted pushing your ass down for a fuller effect. “So fucking leave.”
Your head falls against his bare chest trying to catch a breath. “I can’t fucking leave him, he’s my father.”
Was that stupid? Maybe. Maybe not. 
He was all you fucking had. If not him, who else? It was only a matter of time then Taehyung would leave too. It’s just the way life works for you. You couldn’t keep anyone to save your life. This was all pathetic. You were back on square one, feeling just as hopeless. 
Taehyung sighed, slowing his movements, forcing your chin up to face him. “Stop doing this to yourself. You’re just gonna prove him right. I can’t speak about your relationship with him because that’s personal to you and him but this shit— what you are doing is not good for you. You haven’t even shown half of what you are capable of to him. If you get stuck here, you will end up exactly as he imagined. You know you are so much more than this. Find Jimin and convince him to work with you. Give him something good. He’s a tough one but he can’t be impossible to break. You understand me?”
Your eyes roll back, laying your head back against his chest. “I know. I fucking know that Taehyung. You think if I didn’t that I would be here with you.”
“Yeah actually.” He replies nonchalantly.
You smack the side of his shoulder. “I needed to fuck my stress away. That’s why you are here. I’ll talk to Jimin again today, asshole.” 
Taehyung chuckles. “Ouch?” 
“Oh, shut up. You can handle way more.” You mumble and he nods. 
“You feeling better?” The hazel-eyed man tenderly swipes the hair out of your face. 
“Just fuck me.”
“Alright!” Taehyung breaks into a boxy smile and does just that. It didn’t take long for both of you to get back into action. The whole room smelled of your juices mixing together and you were loving every second of it. This wasn’t the best way to spend your mornings and had your father known you were up to no good instead of dealing with Jimin, he would’ve crucified you. It’s a good thing he is never around to witness it though. 
“Right there, Tae. Right there, oh fuck.” Your moans start to raise pitch by the minute, his dick driving into you freakishly well. “I’m gonna come.” 
Taehyung maintains his pace, and you gasp into his shoulder, he too was extremely close. “Let me feel you then. Come for me.” He whispered sweetly into your ear.
You both came down crashing fast. His white essence fills you to the brim. Maybe this was all a bit irresponsible but you hoped and prayed the birth control would come through every time. You didn’t do this with every fuck but Taehyung was just too good.
“Let’s clean up. I have to go find this loser.” You stand careful of the mess between your legs, rushing towards the washroom. “Thanks for the sex.”
Taehyung chuckles running his hand through his hair, you were so unbelievable.
“As I have stated three times before Ms. Y/L/N, if you have not scheduled a meeting with Mr. Park you are not allowed up to see him.” The stupid lady at the front desk repeated herself yet again. You were so frustrated by this point. How exactly were you supposed to speak to this man if he was impossible to reach?
“Listen Ms.,’ You pause to read her name tag, “Son, I’d have you know, I’m a great friend of Mr. Park. If he knew you were holding me back to get to him, he would be extremely displeased. So I ask again that you reconsider letting me up to speak with him or it won't end well with you, sweetheart. I can guarantee that.” 
She gives you a mean look, then sighs and picks up the phone. “One second.” 
You give her a false smile, hearing a low ring over the phone. 
“Mr. Park, I’m sorry to disturb you. There is a lady here begging to speak to you. She says you both are great friends.” She speaks uninterested. “Her name? Y/N. Y/N, Y/L/N.” 
You stand there, tapping your feet anxiously. This is all taking longer than it should. 
“Oh. Okay. I’m so sorry, Mr. Park. Yeah, okay I will. Thank you.” She clicks the line and looks back at you. “Mr. Park says he has no recollection of you so I’d suggest you cut the act and leave the property immediately.” 
Your mouth drops wide open, this is fucking unbelievable. 
“Ms. Son, he’s lying. He’s fucking lying! I promise I know him.” You desperately explain yourself.
“Ms. Y/L/N with all due respect, so do the twenty other crazed people who come searching for him. Please do not make me call security to escort you.” She whispers meanly. 
You hated her.
“You are ridiculous, Ms. Son. You and Mr. Park! If you were working for me, you would have been fired long ago!” Your petty tone dies down when you see the man you had been fucking searching for walk through the elevator doors. 
The lady immediately rises, bowing. “Mr. Park, I’m so sorry this crazy bitch distrubed your peace, I’ll have her escorted out this instant.”
You gasp. “Me, a crazy bitch? Bitch, I’ll end you!”
Before things could escalate any further, Jimin quickly wraps his arm against your waist pulling your backend flush against his front so you wouldn’t jump her bones. You look up at him, and you look very angry. It was cute, he thought.
He looks towards his employee. “Ms. Son, that won't be necessary. Ms. Y/L/N here is a very special guest of mine and she is always welcomed here. From now on, she should be treated with utmost respect, you understand?”
She looks horrified and you almost stick your tongue out at her. “Mr. Park, b-but you said you didn’t know her?” 
“I had to make sure with my own eyes that it was the person who I was imagining. Now, if you excuse me, I have to get some lunch. I’ll be back later.” The man releases your waist and walks out as if nothing occurred. 
Left in disbelief, you turn to the lady and whisper, “You are dead bitch.” Then you turn back around and quickly follow behind Jimin.
“Hey!” You yell coming close behind him. “What the fuck is your problem?”
The man looks to his side, you’re struggling catching up to his fast pace, he slows down a bit but it goes unnoticed by you. “Whatever do you mean?”
You roll your eyes, gripping his arm, forcing the man to halt in his steps. “You seriously can’t be this clueless.” You squeeze your eyes shut attempting to cool down, then sweetly look back up at him. “Mr. Park, please, let’s do this. I’ll pay for your lunch and you hear me out. I can assure you I have something that you will be interested in hearing.”
“I don’t know… let me think.” The man purses his lips, acting as if he was giving it much thought. “Okay deal. Follow me.” The man leaves you behind once again leading the way, you of course curse at yourself for wearing heels.
The food finally gets brought out and you thank the angels above. The man ordered basically everything on the menu but who cares at this point. You had him exactly where you wanted him. 
“Great, so as I was saying—”
The man cuts you off by stuffing your mouth with some freshly cut meat. 
“Eat first. Then talk after.” He says and then stuffs his own mouth with food, dragging the hot plate closer towards you. To your surprise, the taste is fucking delicious. 
Once you swallow you start again, “Mr. Park with all due respect, I didn’t come here to eat with you. All I ask is—”
The man doesn’t let you finish speaking much louder than you, mocking your tone. “Ms. Y/L/N with all due respect, I don’t listen well on an empty stomach. So please eat. We can discuss things later.”
You scoff quietly. “Fine. Only because I just realized how hungry I am.” 
The man smirks watching you finally shove the hot food down your throat. He feels satisfied, almost as if he’s the one enjoying the bite. He picks up his own utensils and joins you. 
After eating every last bite, you lay back against your seat, rubbing your satisfyingly stuffed tummy. 
The man smiles. “How was that?” 
“Honestly, not bad. I’m impressed.” You say casually. The people around you must have thought you hadn’t been fed in years. 
��Good. I’m glad.” He says, looking around the restaurant. 
You prop back up on your elbows. “So.” 
He shoves his hand against your mouth. “Please, you’re much prettier when you’re quiet.” 
Is he fucking serious right now? You peel his hand off. “Mr. Park! I did exactly what you asked of me. Can you please just listen to me?!” 
The man sighs, laying back against his seat, gesturing to you to continue. 
“Thank you.” You sadly mumble. “This won’t take long. I wanted to speak to you about what our company could offer you. I’m sure you must have heard my father is retiring his position soon—”
“And leaving it to you, so I heard. You sure you are ready for something like that?”
You stop to think quite surprised he even cares. “I’ll manage. Anyways, I really think you could do well for us. I’m not asking you to retire from your own doings, I’d never ask that of anyone. All I ask is that you help us out on certain projects. I’ve seen your work, you aren’t half as bad as I imagined.” You admit.
“Geez, thanks.” He chuckles. 
“Sorry.” You blurt. “I just mean, I could see you working with us. I mean this could benefit you big time. And it helps us along the process. Why work against each other when we could work together?”
He stops to think before he teases, “But working against you is so much funner.” 
God, he was gonna kill you.
You sweetly smile. “Right. Please Jimin, I beg you to hear me out. You would be making way more than you do now. I don’t know what you’ve heard about me and I don’t really care but I promise you, those things aren’t true. I never intended to harm anyone.” You plead.
Your eyes softened halfway through your speech. He has no idea why he feels bad for you, so he just agrees. 
“Fine.” He gives up. 
Your eyes nearly bulge out of your sockets. You couldn’t believe your ears. Was it that easy?
“But under one condition.” He breaks. “I don’t work under you ever, you understand? Don’t hide things from me either. If we will be working together, then treat me like such. I want to know when things go wrong and if you ever need help, tell me. The same way I don’t work for you, you don’t work for me. We are equals to each other regardless of how much more money you make. You understand me?” 
You just nod, not sure if you understand all the conditions because that was definitely more than one. 
“Okay. Then I believe we are done here.” He stands, tucking the hair that fell into his eyes, back. God, he was so attractive. 
You stand with him, following the man to the counter. 
“It’s on her.” He points at you with a taunting smile on his face then leaves the restaurant. 
You are quick to pay the surprisingly low bill. You expected so much more after all you both devoured. With a quick thanks, you storm outside to find the man that keeps slipping from your fingertips. 
Once you catch up to him, you fall short of breaths. “Geez, do you ever walk slowly?” 
“Nope.” He smiles, continuing his awfully fast pace. “I have places to be, lady.”
“Right, well how will I keep in contact with you? Shouldn’t we sign an agreement?” You say and the man abruptly stops in his steps. 
He turns to you and very firmly speaks, “Another condition, no contracts between us. If you don’t trust me, then simply don’t work with me. As for contacting me, if you need my number, show up to my office starting next week. I like early birds so please be on time.” 
You scoff, crossing your ams. “That’s pretty cheap coming from someone who was late to our first encounter.” 
He shrugs. “You want me right? You must work for me, darling. I don’t come easy.” 
“Fine. I’ll be there. I thought I wasn’t working for you, or “under” you?” You murmur. 
He could eat you alive, he thinks. You are just too cute. 
“You aren’t. You are simply coming for one thing next week. My number. Work will resume for us the next day. See you then.” He grabs your hand and delivers a soft peck before he’s off again. 
That man… he was just full of surprises. Maybe you liked surprises after all. 
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pussyslayer5371 · 6 months ago
lovesick - no, they won't.
Tumblr media
pairing 。 druig!eternal x fem!eternal!reader
warnings 。 angst, mention of smut, eternals timeline; dont read if you havent seen the movie yet, obviously LMFAO, language
word count 。 1.6k
an 。 i hate how inconsistent i am with writing but ill be honest its because i lost the interest in writing for druig LOL... i like the idea of writing for barry keoghan much more. but long awaited, here is the last part to lovesick :) i love u guys
part one here - part two here - join my taglist
to say that you were upset would be a huge understatement. a couple of weeks ago, you stayed at sersi's house in hopes to spend time with her, and not anyone else. but druig was there, literally insane because you hadn't seen him in like how long? it was almost like he knew you were going to be there.
"im so happy to see you y/n," druig inched closer to you on the couch and it seemed as if he was going to act like nothing happened over the past years.
"what are you doing?" you asked as he kept getting closer. you put your hand on his chest and put force. "this is not how its going to go. you don't get to get into my pants after leading me on for so long druig."
"i didn't lead you on darlin', you just wanted someone to give you attention and thats what i did. i was doin ya a favor." the tone in his voice could've made you cry, but you stood your ground.
"what? if anything, i was doing you a favor, i loved you, and back then it seemed like i was the only one." you got off of the couch and decided staying here was a mistake.
"where are you goin'? we just fixed things."
"we didn't fix anything. you apologized, i accepted, but i wont forget. you hurt me, and you don't even seem to care?" you started packing your things and he got up and grabbed your arm.
"i knew you were going to come to sersi's house. i needed to see you. please y/n."
you made eye contact with him, and he started to flash his yellow eyes at you. "what the fuck do you think you're doing? you can't make me stay here druig." looking into his eyes, you watch the yellow fade and his smile start to fade as well. "if i made you come here, why can't i make you stay?"
"what do you mean you made me come here?"
"come on think y/n, i know you're not stupid."
as you stand waiting for your coffee, you get the urge to go visit sersi. maybe intuition? maybe something is wrong? you decide to text her and tell her you're coming over.
"what the fuck druig?" your bag you were carrying falls to the ground with a loud smack to the ground. "i wouldve came if you fucking asked me." you struggle to hold the tears in and fall to the chair in a sheer defeat. "you promised me youd never use your powers on me!"
"but you wouldnt of came if i asked y/n!"
"and how do you know that?"
"because i read your mind." he diverts eye contact and continues, "you hate me. you loath me. you wish i was dead." it was almost as if he was trying to manipulate you, like you were some dumb dog?
"what are you talking about? i dont wish you were dead. you broke my fucking heart but im over it now. i was over you!"
"then why is my sweatshirt still in your bag? you still think of me, so you aren't over me."
"here, if thats what youre so fucking worried about, here is your goddamn hoodie druig." you mess around in your bag and throw the sweatshirt at him. "i dont want this shit, it smells like you and i cant handle that."
"why cant you handle it? its not like you love me, you blew me off like 300 fucking years ago," you start laughing and your laughter cut off by druig responding.
"i do fucking love you, what are you talking about? is it because i wouldnt let you stay with me? how could i let you live with someone like me? im too controlling, and i cant even control my own powers. you deserve someone so much better than some low-life like me. you deserve the world and im only a little part of it." he starts crying and falls to the couch that is next to you.
you struggle to find empathy in your heart for him, because if thats how he truly felt, why couldnt he have told you that? its not like you are some horrible person who people cant explain their feelings to, or are you?
"did you not trust me enough to tell me the truth?"
"are you serious?" he looks you in the eyes, tear-stained cheeks and red encapsulating the white parts of his eyes. "of course i trusted you, and i still do. but you deserve better."
"youre right. i do deserve better, but who were you to decide that for me? you didnt want to control me but here we are decades later and you literally mind controlled me." you fidget with your fingers in hope of the conversation ending soon.
"i know. and im sorry but," he is cut off by sersi entering the house with ikaris in an emergency.
"y/n, druig, something has happened."
you and sersi make eye contact, and you can seriously tell that something has happened. "okay, what do we need to do?"
"we? i think they just need my help." druig says.
"no, we need both of you. ajak is severely hurt and we need druig to read her mind to see who attacked her. please."
arriving to ajak's little hut in the middle of nowhere, you see sprite sitting next to her body, struggling to hold onto life. pressing your palm to her, you feel a surge of power and break through the wall to slowly give her strength back. druig sits next to you and holds her hand, and starts saying, "i see a deviant, but this isn't just any deviant. it looks like it has gilgamesh's powers? i see a face too, but i can't decipher who's it is. it looks like it has literally formed into a human like deviant." looking around, you see everyone's face forming into fear. "what are we going to do?"
"i guess it's time to go see thena, and see if gilgamesh is there." sersi responds.
thena and gilgamesh had set up in a literal desert in a very cute home. you could tell that gilgamesh had done everything to make thena comfortable after her mahd wy'ry incident. you catch thena underneath a tree before walking into their home and ask if gilgamesh is there, "no. he's not. a deviant came and attacked us the other night and i couldn't help him."
you isolate yourself with druig and say, "we have to put aside our differences to help our family. i forgive you, but i will never forget how you have made me feel."
"i understand y/n." you press a kiss to his cheek and walk away.
"sersi, we need to find this deviant. where is makkari?"
"looking for it right now. i just sent out a signal and i think she'll be able to find it soon enough."
right after sersi finishes her sentence, makkari rushes in with sand flying everywhere. she signs, "i found it. its with a bunch of other deviants, so we better get going."
as you entered the forest where makkari last saw them, you see a cave surrounded by deviants by the shore. "here it is!" they gather around you and druig stands in front of you, with his hand on your waist behind his back. "please this one time, dont be the first one in."
"okay." you squeeze his hand and push it off of you. the human looking deviant exits the cave and screeches. he was talking to the other deviants, because they all stopped holding their ground.
"what have you done with gilgamesh?" druig questions loudly. "oh, im right here, druig." gilgamesh's voice was being sent through the deviants mouth, as if the deviant had encapsulated him into his body.
everyone stood, shocked with fear going through their veins. you looked around and walked in front of druig. "what do you want with us?"
"what don't you understand, y/n? i want to eliminate the eternals, just as they did to my kind. we were just thawed out of the ice and i want to take my chances before the emergence."
"what is the emergence?"
"you don't know, oh, how your leader ajak has failed you all."
"she didnt fail us. she didn't tell us because she wants us to succeed in our mission." ikaris states, "and thats why i helped you find her, so that we could succeed in our mission. we are not stopping the emergence."
turning around, you see ikaris rise and say, "i killed ajak. we are only created to serve arishem, and to speed up the emergence process. you all have gotten far off of your track of purpose, but now it is time to be one again and make it so the emergence can happen. a celestial was planted in the core of the earth, and is about to be birthed right here, below our feet." his smile beaming off of his face, you say, "you cant do this ikaris. we have lives here, we love one another and we're just going to die?" mentioning love, you flash a smile at druig with eye contact.
"that is our purpose, y/n. so it is time."
"fuck your corny shit ikaris, we are stopping the emergence and you cant do anything about it."
"i agree with her ikaris. you cant expect us to drop everything we know just because we are to destroy earth." druig steps next to you, and grabs your hand. "we are not letting you do this."
an 。this sort of ends on a cliffhanger????? sorry LMFAOOO i just want you to decide how their relationship pans out :) if u guys reallllly want an ending i make, ill make a short prologue.
( again, some of these are not working, im going to delete the ones that dont work off of my form. if you need to update your tag, just specify that in retaking the form )
TAGLIST : @neo-chan @lilacbluegolden @nastyvamps @Imblueimeangay @Itzphrogy @supernovaspidey @bubblyyz @jaeminseokbaek @Addieromero01 @Starrbirth16 @bellaiscool @Calsjack @corallyink @sunnwila @witchychanel @ladyybird28 @measure-in-pain @FriedTimetravelAlpaca @wooya1224 @bananamoonnight @crowssixof @halobaby @diorlunee @gwenebear @milklungsblog @cinderellacauseshebroke @milkiane @sssjuico10 @alohastyles-x @cherrylysa
© pussyslayer5371
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hezuart · a month ago
Howdy! I fully support your video on HB downfall. Got several questions.
I see that you got quite a backlash from the fans. How do you feel abt it? I hope they didn't do anything stupid outside the comments?
Are you accepting fanarts on your yt-sona by chance? :D
What is your least and most favourite HB episode?
Hi there! Thank you!
I am a little disappointed. But actually, overwhelming fan support for Season 2 episode 1 was why I made that video in the first place. Because I felt so confused why everyone is worshipping it when it is not a good episode. You can delete it entirely, and the show would move on without issue. It wasn't necessary. The comment section is a mess, so I'm not gonna really look at it anymore. Some people have tried to defend this episode, and some defenses are fine! I can kinda see where people are coming from, but will still humbly disagree.
Other people though are defending this episode with "hetero cis people are so mad, ahaha!" "Wow, you're homophobic lol" and "Who cares, it's LGBTQ+ representation! We're not allowed to critique it, you should just be grateful we HAVE media representing us!" or "It's not a retcon, you're just mad your headcanon isn't true" and "Stella is abusive, are you defending an abuser?!" and those people have completely and utterly missed the mark.
Some defenses for this episode are people giving Viviziepop a MAJOR benefit of the doubt, like "the show isn't over yet! things can be explained to us!" or "this episode was shown from Stolas's POV so of course its different!" or "there's probably a gap in the timeline you missed!" and "who cares that Stolas and Stella are flat characters, they don't need to be anything else!" or just blatant "it doesn't ruin the show, what are you talking about" as though they didn't listen to anything I explained asdfghjkll;
Stolas's character is gonna go nowhere. It's just Stolas following Blitzo around like a lovesick puppy for the next season or two. I don't want to see that. He's just gonna get kicked around by Blitzo! The point was balance! They were both jerks, but now they're not. There's no chemistry here.
A lot of people will try and point out "no Blitzo does love him!" and whatnot, but that's another issue, because the writing is inconsistent, and the timeline has been messed up. You can't defend things like this without bringing up scenes that, unfortunately, make no sense now because of this episode.
So again, disappointed that people are defensive about it. Helluva Boss is allowed to be criticized. It's expected to have poor writing or mess up sometimes, almost every show does, especially one made by inexperienced people that are still growing with their project. A bigger thing: people are allowed to like the episode! But you can also like an episode but also critique it. You can like it emotionally but understand logically it doesn't make any sense. I absolutely LOVED the song in that episode, even though my friends pointed out to me the song is completely useless! We already know that Stolas is a lonely, depressed prince; and unfortunately, the song also regards Stolas's changed backstory which I have relentlessly critiqued and claim is unnecessary. But I still like the song regardless! It's possible to like something but also dislike it at the same time.
Someone on twitter screenshot my video and made fun of it, and it got 300+ likes and retweets and whatnot. It's unfortunate because there's a chunk of people that said "I don't even need to watch this and know this video is bad!" Which, again, I'm disappointed in you people! You should know better. But twitter tends to be a cesspool of fighting, so I didn't reply to any of it. I just don't understand why people are so defensive about a Helluva Boss episode. I think the "uwu so cute babies!" have kinda blinded people to the overall picture and made people lose sight of the original point of the show: complexity.
Sorry, I rambled a bit dklgjfdlkg
2. Of course! I'm happy to accept fan art! I love featuring it too, though sometimes I can forget to feature them or misplace the art across the platforms I receive them on, ahaha.. Sometimes I don't find fan art for like... 6 entire months after someone posted it, even though it looks like they tagged me! But I go searching for it every now and then and typically find it!
3. OOOOOHHHH, I'm happy to answer this one! This is a tough one. I think the Cherub episode is my least favorite, which to my understanding is the general consensus amongst the fanbase. The Cherubs had potential, but the episode plot is lackluster. It did establish that life can be beautiful but also horrifying which is good commentary on existentialism, especially in the context of religion which is a jab at the concept of God and Heaven. There are a lot of religious people out there that completely ignore all the messed-up things God did, or even his followers did, and worship him out of fear or misplaced admiration. This episode brushes over that, claiming you make one mistake, that perhaps wasn't even really your fault, and you will be banned from eternal peace with no chance to repent. It's told in a silly way, when realistically speaking it's horrifying, especially for the Cherubs, and even ties into potential lore and conflict in Hazbin Hotel since it surrounds a similar premise. I want to see them grow more unhinged and be a legitimate threat to IMP in the future, to make them more interesting. Otherwise we just kinda see them as goody-two-shoed babies that don't pose a threat.
My favorite Helluva Boss episode would probably be... maybe a tie between Truth Seekers and Ozzie's.
Truth Seekers was a big development episode. It's unfortunate that it appears it came way too soon in this series. It would have been better if it was released perhaps a few more episodes down the line, because despite the "development" of them working better as a team, that development seems to be forgotten or lost as we get more episodes in the season. They just revert right back to their original ways.
But Blitzo respects Moxxie more, Millie and Loona disregard Blitzo's orders to rescue them, Blitzo supports Millie and tells Loona how proud he is of her; and in the end, Stolas of all people shows up, showing he is an extremely dangerous, powerful, manipulative jerk (with that 'plaything' comment), but ALSO showing genuine concern and care for Blitzo, ending with a passionate kiss??? Holy shit dude no one was prepared for that episode. Packed full of development, much-needed interactions, badass fight scenes, and even anxiety-inducing hype with their plot set up at the end.
I like that there are some humans that actually believe in demons and are actually trying to fight back against them and investigate them; the sheer amount of potential they have, especially if IMP and Stolas are the ones who accidentally break the statue of secrecy and reveal the existence of demons and Hell to the ENTIRE human world? There are so many consequences on both sides of that equation, like holy shit- this plot is GREAT
When it comes to Ozzies; I have some friends that didn't like Ozzie's for a couple reasons: the song goes on too long, Blitzo is still being a weird stalker to Millie and Moxxie despite what happened in Truth Seekers, and Stolas and Blitzo kinda rush into a date and it goes terribly; it feels really one-sided because of Blitzo's behavior, especially at the end. You're the one who used Stolas, like why are you getting all weird about it if you didn't actually care for him? (again, inconsistency issue in writing)
I understand all of that, but .... god I still love that episode. The colors are beautiful, I love Ozzie's song, I love real Fizz's appearance, I like that Ozzie and Fizz might be hypocrites in regards to Blitzo and Stolas's relationship, I love that Blitzo and Stolas finally realized their relationship is kinda fucked up and they don't have a ton in common and they're unsure how to move forward from it, I love that Blitzo's ex Verosika made a second appearance and revealed further that she actually was deeply in love with Blitzo and reveals more about how awful he was to her in her relationship, I love that we get several pieces of lore at the end of the episode, where Blitzo still cherishes his memories and potentially even the people in those photos; including his childhood friend Fizz, his ex Verosika, his coworkers Moxxie & Millie, his daughter Loona, his mother and sister, and even potentially Stolas himself.
There was just a lot of lore and backstory context given in this episode. It was such a great setup to me, and season 2 episode 1 just kinda... tore it all down... 'tis sad.
But yeah Truth Seekers and Ozzies? Love them episodes. Love 'em dearly!!!
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perhaps-in-anotherdream · 6 months ago
Hi! I hope you’re doing well! ❤️
I was wondering if Victor has two nick names? I thought it was Vic-Vic, but in the latest SP he was called Vicky. Which do you prefer?
Hello! I’m doing good. I hope you’re doing well too! ( ´ ∀`)ノ♡
HAHAHA the problem with EN translation is that the boys don’t have any first or last name like they have in CN. So, the EN translation struggles whenever the CN script uses variations of the names, and unfortunately the inconsistency of EN records is there to be held responsible as well :<
Victor’s name in CN is “李泽言” (Li Ze Yan).
“Li” is his family name. “ZeYan” is his given name.
In formal settings addressed by other people, and MC mostly uses this to tease him: “李总” (Li zǒng),
which EN translation translates as “Mr. Victor”, and I personally prefer translating it as “CEO Victor”.
Victor’s nickname in CN, by which his family members, Grandpa Chuck address, and sometimes MC addresses to mess with him: “泽言” (Zeyan).
EN translation mostly translates it as “Vic” (though they didn’t follow this in the official translation of Preference SP ತ_ತ).
A special nickname, by which Victor’s mom used to call him and his Aunt Grace calls him sometimes: “言言” (YanYan).
The panda which Victor’s dad gifted him shares the same name as well, which EN translation translated as “Vic-Vic” (but forgot for some reason when it was mentioned in the Preference SP *eyes the Vic-Man* LOL).
Lastly and most importantly, a name (not his nickname), which uniquely belongs to only and only MC: “泽言哥哥” (Zeyan gēge).
MC used to call him by this name in their childhood as she mentions in the Preference SP. EN translation translated it as “Vicky” (which I still haven’t been able to digest LOL. Though the blame goes to our English vocabulary, which just doesn’t have proper words to illustrate the meaning of this kind of terms ತ_ತ).
The term “哥哥” (gēge) literally translates to “elder brother”. So a literal translation of the name would be “Brother Vic/Big bro Vic”. If a Chinese girl addresses a boy as “哥哥”, it indicates that they share a very close relationship. It’s an intimate term to address someone, which if not used to address her own older brother, she would use to address her boyfriend~ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
Tumblr media
~ the reason why it gets both Victor and MC flustered when they reminisce about their childhood HAHA~ ಡ ͜ ಡ
Here’s a clip of Little MC calling Little Victor ZéYán gēge: ♡
As for the nickname I prefer, have a look for yourself~
~ ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ ω ⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄
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ryehouses · a month ago
It might be too early to ask this, given the fic isn't finished being published yet, but I'd love to pick your brain about how it was for you to write such a long fic.
I also wrote one that grew a life of its own around the halfway mark lol. What have you learned from writing it? Anything that was super difficult at first but got easier over time? What advise would you give to Past You when they wrote the first sentence? Anything you'd do differently?
lol i apologize i opened the floodgates and all of these words fell out!
in order:
i learned SO MUCH during this process (seriously, i am eagerly waiting for star wars trivia night to come back to our local bar, because i'm pretty sure that i'd win this year). odd bits of star wars lore! a whole bunch about food! what the inside of my eyeballs look like 8 or 9 hours into an intensive revision session! but from a technical standpoint, i think what i learned that will help me the most going forward in writing projects is the benefit of outlining a project and referencing the outline as i go through the project. this probably won't come as a surprise, but projects often mutate and grow on me in the middle -- or the beginning -- or the second middle -- or the very end when i should be done but definitely have to pursue another errant thought -- and if i don't have the major plot points already charted out, i can pretty easily lose the thread of the plot and therefore the motivation to keep going. with ast, the initial outline has been a godsend, even though the plot has grown and shifted as the fic has gone on. the major points i wanted to hit were already written down, so it was a lot easier to maintain focus on this project than on some others.
boba's voice was actually super fucking difficult for me to get and present consistently, especially early on in the fic when din is trying to get a read on him! i had a really hard time deciding how i wanted boba to sound and talk and think and act -- at the point of most of my worldbuilding and outlining, there really wasn't a ton of boba in canon and legends/the eu can be a mess and also wildly inconsistent, so i didn't have much to go on. i think i probably have five or six drafts of the first couple of chapters from boba's pov in the depths of my ast folder, trying to build a consistent tone. (also, not pursuing every scrap of detail that was interesting to me was very difficult, and is part of the reason why ast includes probably 50-75k alone in, like, descriptions of food or tusken culture or random asides about din's childhood with paz and annika.)
honestly, i would tell Past Me to unclench and try not to worry so much about making it perfect. a lot of delays in the revision process have come from Obsessively Reworking Things in order to make up for pouring so much of my internal mess (didn't know i had that much religious trauma, to be honest!) into the fic, and i probably didn't need to stress myself out that much.
oof okay. this is really tough. part of me says "yes, absolutely," because i feel like i really did go haring off down some avenues that i probably shouldn't have, for the sake of condensing the plot. i could and maybe should have pared down some of the tusken and ahra stuff to focus more tightly on the mandalore stuff. the other part of me says "no, absolutely not," because i have had an enormous amount of fun working on this project!! i have learned so much and really ignited my passion for learning things again -- i have actually read nonfiction books that aren't about fish this year, which is huge for me -- and i've rekindled some of my affection for writing (which is good, considering... how much writing has gone into this thing) and also my love for star wars, which is HUGE. i was a very small fry in the star wars fandom circa 2008-2010, around the time that the clone wars was coming out and the fandom was... being itself... and i was really excited to come back in 2015, but around that time i felt like there wasn't much room in the fandom for me between the ship wars and the everything else, so i stayed out. it has been really, really nice to come back, lol, and to settle into a niche that so far has been pretty chill, so. no, i think, i'm good with the way things shook out for ast! not much i'd change at this point, except maybe somehow making ao3 count one word for every two?
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sukunas-crybaby · a year ago
The child vessel was so cute anon great idea and great job bringing it to life! *^*Could we see a bit as the reader grows into teenage years?
Hehehe of course I can :3
So the first vessel!reader post I wrote, reader was probably like early or mid 20s because screw anime for making all protagonists teenagers TT^TT but also the child!vessel post and this one are only loosely connected to the original because when I wrote it I wasn’t thinking Sukuna had been with you since such a young age lol. I was thinking like an Itadori situation. Anyways - this is all to say ignore any and all plot holes or inconsistencies if it’s something to do with my first post lol. Honestly I might just do another adult!vessel post that truly continues the life-long!vessel timeline. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Kid vessel!reader ask
Sukuna & teenager vessel!reader (platonic, reader is still anxious) (1.5k words)
Warnings: name calling, physical assault of the reader, murder, and a lot of blood
Minors, I do not want you interacting with my work.
At this point you’ve been collecting fingers and sharing a body with Sukuna for 7 years give or take.
You’ve stayed isolated, the fingers being brought to you whenever they’re obtained, and you eat them without hesitation (though you have to fight the urge to gag at the texture still)
The sorcerers tell you that someday they’ll let you go out on your own to hunt them down, but you think they’re scared you’ll be a threat by the time you’re strong enough to be independent on missions.
You still wear your scarf, never learning to trust the idea of being alone unless it was inside your room. Sukuna scoffs at your paranoia, but he never appears where he can be seen - you know he’s got a soft spot for you and your anxiety.
During late nights when you’re left to your own devices, Sukuna gives you lessons on how to use your cursed technique. He gives you ideas for you to test, and laughs when you fail miserably.
When you succeed, however, he gives you an appreciative hum. He was ecstatic when you decided to use your technique to completely rearrange the courtyard one night, leaving everyone in a state of extreme confusion the next day.
To the students studying to be sorcerers, you’re nothing more than rumor. A kid who wanders the premise, with no skin showing and a scarf wrapped around their neck no matter the weather. You avoid being around them at all costs. You don’t like when they ask you questions you’re not permitted to answer in the first place, and Sukuna always makes snide remarks when they try and approach you, only to have the ground underneath them shift and push them away.
While you’re allowed to use your technique minimally on students to keep them an arms length away, you’re forbidden from using it on the sorcerers who keep an eye on you.
While most have learned their lesson not to be cruel to you or touch you in any way (Sukuna claims they’re all pathetic for being scared off with some measly bites and threats) there are a few that still push those boundaries.
They’re the type to see themselves as stronger than Sukuna. Maybe even think they’ll be the one to defeat him once he’s gotten his full strength back. So they push his buttons in the only way they really know how. By going after you.
Some days it’ll be mean words, digging at your value as a person. Other days they’ll remind you how your days are numbered. The worst days are when they hurt you, though. They could get away with it at first because Sukuna wasn’t strong enough to overpower you when you made an effort to reel him in.
You knew the rules, letting Sukuna out always resulted in you being locked in your room without food. And you never knew for how long that would last.
So you’d take the shoves, and hits, and the occasional slashes because there was nothing you could do about it without being punished more.
Sukuna hated it. He always went silent for awhile afterwards and the absence never escaped your notice. It had been years since you’d referred to yourself as a singular entity. You were apart of a permanent “we”, not much of a “you” left separate from the “us” you’d become. When Sukuna went away, there was an awkward empty space in your head and the air around you.
He knew that you didn’t like his radio silence, that it made you even more anxious than you already were, but he was livid at how you were treated. Livid, and with nothing he could do besides the other threats that hadn’t worked.
But with more fingers being found, and more time blurring the line between You and Him, his ability to take over slowly increased. Normally he didn’t push it, you were still too scrawny anyways, it wouldn’t do to get you both killed in a half-assed attempt at destroying the institution.
On your 15th birthday, not that anyone besides you or Sukuna would know or care, you were down by the creek. You were going on about what you would have liked as a present, when you heard footsteps approaching. You were hoping it was perhaps Gojo sensei- he sometimes snuck you sweets along with a sad guilty look - but instead you see one of the sorcerers who was merciless in his harassment.
You stand up quickly, wanting to leave before he noticed you, but you aren’t so lucky, “y/n,” he calls out, a fake sweetness in his tone, and you freeze. Maybe he’ll let you off easy today, that would be a nice birthday present, you think.
Before you can turn to look at him, his hand is tangled in your hair and yanking you backwards, a strangled cry leaving your mouth as you crash onto your back, leaves scattering around you. “Didn’t you hear me, you fucking freak?” He spits at you, hovering over your face and blocking out the dappled sunlight overhead. You groan as you try to push yourself up, but he kicks your arm out from under you. You hear a snap and scream as red hot pain shoots up to your shoulder and you crumple over your broken arm.
His hand finds its way back to your hair, pulling you up to meet his gaze as tears tumble down your cheeks, your arm turning a sickly shade of red, “if you ask me, fucked up little children like you shouldn’t be allowed to run around like this,” his grin is all teeth and no mirth, “you’re nothing more than a disposable little vessel, and I think you should be reminded of your place, don’t you?” He finishes his statement by letting go of his hold on your hair and giving a sharp kick to your stomach.
You swear you feel your heart stop beating for a split second - you dry heave weakly, unable to sit up from your fetal position on the damp ground. Your arm is throbbing painfully, your scalp is on fire, and your stomach keeps trying to rid itself of its meager contents. A soft whimper of pain leaves your lips as the sorcerer laughs, “the great king of curses can’t even keep his lousy vessel from getting roughed up? And here I was thinking he was supposed to be strong”
You don’t remember blacking out, but with how much pain you were in, you aren’t surprised when you groggily come to, looking up at trees above you and hearing the stream trickling nearby. You gently maneuver yourself into a sitting position using your good arm, but stop when the thick smell of copper hits your nose. You hadn’t been bleeding last you recalled, had he continued to kick you after you’d fallen unconscious?
When you look down at yourself to check for more injuries, your breathe catches in your throat. You’re covered in blood, thick blotches of it smeared over your clothes and splattered across your arms. Your hands are drenched in it. You cover your mouth as your stomach goes to heave again, leaving a red smudge over your lips in the process.
You shakily get to your feet and turn around - there, sat at the base of a tree, is the near-unrecognizable body of the sorcerer from moments ago. It’s covered in even more blood than you are, a pool of it slowly growing in size around his legs. His face has been completely smashed in - looking less like a person and more like a pulpy mess. Sukuna appears on your palm, pressing a barely-there kiss to your cheek, “Sorry, kid.” You’ve never heard him sound so close to remorseful before, “I couldn’t let him keep hurting you like that. Not today”
You nod numbly, the shock of the situation making your brain go fuzzy, “Sukuna?” you whisper, “yeah, kid?” “I’m gonna need you to let me take shotgun for a bit... I’m not sure I’ll be all here in a second” you give a nervous laugh. His mouth sets in a flat line as he feels your anxiety ramping up, “sure thing, brat. I can handle this”
Maybe spending your 15th birthday in the domain of the king of curses wasn’t what some would call “ideal” but it was better than a locked room. You don’t get cake, or dinner for that matter, but you supposed you could count the undeniable message Sukuna had sent to the sorcerers as a birthday present of sorts.
Sukuna isn’t exactly kind in his birthday wishes, but he tells you he’s impressed you’ve survived so long, and you take that as his way of saying he’s happy you’re still here.
You’re happy, too.
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jaehyunfirstlove · a year ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: tattoo artist!jaehyun x f.reader
Genre: smut (18+ only)
Warnings: unprotected sex, rough sex, cum play, dirty talk, swearing
Word count: 1.8k
Taglist: @jaehyunnie77​ @mrg-jjh (send me a message if you want to be tagged in future fics)
A/N: i’ll never get over Jaehyun with tattoos. Also I know very little about tattoos nor have I ever been to a tattoo shop (this was based on a story my friend told me lol) so please excuse any inconsistencies. Also excuse my unoriginal title lol
The little bell over the door tinkled softly as you entered the shop, much more warm and inviting than you expected it to be. You had been nervous coming in for your first tattoo, but your friend’s boyfriend, Yuta, had highly recommended the place so you decided to check it out.
You had expected the place to be dark, grungy, maybe some loud noise music playing, but it was quite the opposite. There were soft leather couches lining one wall, a calming zen water fountain in one corner, and a curtained off area where you assumed the work was done. You stepped further into the shop, noticing a soothing lavender scent, and just as you were inhaling and appreciating it, the tattoo artist came out from behind the curtained area.
You were a little taken aback by his appearance, which seemed to be out of place in such a serene, almost spa-like setting. He was wearing full black leather from head to toe, his black hair slicked back, tattoos adorning his neck. You couldn’t help but admire the beauty of the work, stepping a little closer to get a better view.
“You like it?” he asked, and when you looked up at his face he was smirking at you. You hadn’t realized how close you had gotten, and at that angle his face was stunning. He had beautiful cheekbones, and a perfect jawline, lips full and smirking at you, eyes twinkling looking down at you. You cleared your throat and stepped back, embarrassed at being caught staring, both at his tattoos, and at his face.
“Um, yes,” you responded nervously, looking around at the shop instead of his face. “I, uh, had an appointment?”
“Ah, yes, you’re Y/N?” he asked, tilting his head at you, the smirk never leaving his face. You nodded, and he clapped his hands together, “Perfect! You’re my last appointment of the day! I’m Jaehyun,” he extended his hand and you shook it.  “Come with me.” He led you behind the curtain and closed it off, motioning for you to sit in the chair.
“So what are we doing today?” he asked, getting his tools ready. You explained what you wanted, and where you wanted it, and he just nodded along and when you were situated he got to work. It was a little embarrassing because you had to pull your leggings down a bit and hike your shirt up so he could get access to the area on your hip where you wanted it, but you figured as a tattoo artist he’d probably seen it all. You turned your head away anyway, knowing it would be more embarrassing if you could see his face.
“I’m gonna start now, let me know if anything’s uncomfortable,” he stated, and you heard the sound of the tattoo gun starting up.
You weren’t afraid of needles, you had a pretty high pain tolerance so you figured you’d be okay with it, so when the needle touched your skin you were pleased to notice it didn’t bother you too much. What did start to concern you however, was the cord of the gun, which had settled between your legs, and was vibrating.
The strength of the vibration wasn’t very high, definitely not as high as your vibrator could get, but it was just enough to keep you on a very low level of arousal. It didn’t help that you had a very good view of your tattoo artist’s ridiculously attractive face, not to mention his bare arms working on you since he’d taken his jacket off. You couldn’t help but admire the ink on his neck, but the arousal you were feeling took those thoughts to unholy levels. You wanted to know what it felt like to taste him, to suck on his neck and add some bluish-purplish marks to that ink. You admired the way his white t-shirt hugged his broad shoulders, and you wondered what it would be like to hang onto them while he fucked you. The muscles in his arms flexed as he worked, and you imagined what it would be like to be held up by them, or maybe pinned against the wall.
“What do you think so far?” he asked, breaking you from your fantasies. You could barely look at what he’d done, your eyes already starting to glaze over, so you just nodded weakly. He went back to work, the vibrations continuing, and you could definitely feel your underwear dampening. You shut your eyes and bit your lip, trying not to think any more dirty thoughts about your tattoo artist, but the cord had settled directly over your clit, and now you knew you were in trouble. You imagined it was him working on your clit, thumbing it, or licking it harshly with his tongue, and you could actually feel the knot in the pit of your stomach forming. Your hands gripped the seat as you felt your orgasm building, your heart beating out of your chest as you tried your hardest to keep still. Just as the knot was about to burst, the gun turned off.
“Are you okay?”
You opened your eyes to see Jaehyun staring at you, one eyebrow raised. You hadn’t realized you were panting, your chest heaving, and you tried your best to calm your breathing. The cord, even though it was off, still rested over your clit and you were still very sensitive, so you reached down and pushed it off. He watched your action curiously but it wasn’t long before he put two and two together.
“Hmm,” he said, that smirk coming back to his face, “what was this naughty cord doing to you,” he mused, taking a hold of the cord and tracing it down to where it lay between your legs. He must have spotted something interesting because the smirk on his face turned into a full on grin, a naughty one.
“Y/N, are you making a mess of my chair?”
Horrified, you looked between your legs to see the huge damp spot on your leggings, the moisture having transferred to the vinyl of the chair. You wanted to disappear, covering your face with your hands, but he only chuckled, getting up from his stool and standing over you, putting his hands on the armrests of your chair so that his body was caging you in.
“I don’t normally charge clients for damages like this,” he started, his tone serious but his voice low, “but for you I might have to make an exception.” His eyes raked over your body, his tongue darting out to lick his bottom lip. You got even wetter as you watched him, his face so close to yours, his scent overpowering your senses.
“How much do I owe?” you stuttered, your breath coming out in short gasps. He watched your chest heave, shaking his head in awe at how aroused you were.
“You owe me a touch,” he said, and you nodded. His hand then went to your thigh and moved upwards, and you inhaled sharply when his thumb got very close to your heat. “And a kiss,” he continued, staring at your lips. You nodded again and he moved in, crashing his lips against yours. You moaned into his mouth, his lips were like heaven, and when he added his tongue you pulled him down so that he was on top of you, craving the friction and the feeling of his body on yours.
His hand moved to cup your pussy and he groaned, breaking from your lips to suck on your neck. “You’re so fucking wet,” he breathed against your neck, “I’m gonna have to charge you extra.”
“Yes! Anything!” you moaned, you wanted him so bad you were ready to sell your soul.
You could feel him smiling against your neck as he reached down and pulled your leggings off, then he rubbed your slit over your soaked panties, making you grip his shoulders and moan loudly.
“So fucking wet,” he whispered to himself, before he took a hold of your panties and tore them off your body. You yelped in shock, but then his hand was back, on your bare pussy now, just holding it there, while he brought his face very close to yours, his eyes dark and hooded as he looked at you.
“Ready to pay up?” he asked, breath fanning your face as his eyes scanned your form, half-naked underneath him.
“Fuck, yes!” you cried out, and your hands went to his leather pants, fumbling to undo them. When you got them down you tugged at his boxers, and you couldn’t help but be impressed by his cock, springing back up against his abdomen as you released it. You looked up at him and he smiled before he pushed your shoulders back against the chair, pulling your legs towards him so that your ass was perched on the very edge.
“I think this is a fair price to pay,” he whispered in your ear, and then his cock was sliding into you. He went slow at first, the initial stretch making you gasp out loud.
“Holy shit, so fucking tight,” he groaned, his hands grabbing onto your hips so he could pace himself. You could see the beads of sweat forming on his forehead, as he tried desperately not to just ram into you. When he was all the way in he gave you a moment to adjust to his size, then he made one experimental thrust.
“Fuck!” you screamed, unable to hold back anymore, fisting your hands into his t-shirt and pulling him down for a heated kiss. He started to fuck into you then, encouraged by your tongue in his mouth and how you moved your hips to match him thrust for thrust. The sound of skin slapping on skin echoed throughout the shop, drowning out the sound of the water fountain, only serving to heighten your arousal. The bruising pace he’d set was pushing you towards your climax, and you ran your hands under his shirt to dig your fingernails into his back.
“You ready to come, baby?” he growled, digging his fingers into your hips and thrusting even harder,  “Give it to me then.”
The coil in your stomach snapped and you let out a hoarse cry as your orgasm washed over you, your pussy squeezing his cock.
“Oh fuck, baby,” he groaned, releasing into you. He pumped once into your pussy, and then pulled back until only his tip was inside you, grabbing a hold of his cock and pumping the rest of his cum so that it filled you and then spilled out, mixing with your own slick and dripping down, right onto the seat below you.
“Shit, baby, you made another mess,” he grinned, looking down and admiring what he’d done, “you owe me another one now.”
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haleigh-sloth · 16 days ago
For the mystery panel: I feel like there's definitely a time gap between Tenko being picked up by AfO and him getting his hands/room/killing the punks that we haven't accounted for. I thought maybe it was just some minor inconsistencies with the art but you can tell in the anime and manga that he's taller and his face shape is a little different. I wonder if he had some "training" that he's still repressing not because its "worse" but because he NEEDED AfO to be a safe adult in his life.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm personally not a big fan of the garden memory being false route, and I hope it doesn't go that way. Can't write it off or anything, but I personally don't want previously established circumstances just changing out of nowhere. Yes memories are weird, but Shigaraki's feelings toward his memories are already super unreliable and twisted. I'd rather his actual memories themselves not just be false.
The only way I'd be down with that is if it turns out AFO just straight up altered his memories. Which imo would kind of make this scene here make not a lot of sense:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
We just....don't have any reason to doubt what happened to the Shimuras, the circumstances, etc. AFO and Ujiko having this conversation away from him--meaning Shigaraki wasn't the one telling us this part of his backstory--shows that his memories haven't been messed with or that AFO and Ujiko are hiding the truth behind them. The only thing that really needs to be uncovered (for Shigaraki) is how he really feels about it, and then figure out how he's going to remember it from this point on.
So idk, while I won't complain a whole lot if it turns out the garden memories are false, I'm not sold on it and I'm not a fan of it.
What I definitely wouldn't mind is the panel of hands on the wooden floor being your other suggestion--a memory he hasn't acknowledged or uncovered yet.
Because I have said before that I do also wanna see a little more of the time he spent under AFO's care. We got enough information to know how influential AFO's raising was on him, and we DID see the point where he started actually killing after careful thought (and psychological torment and a sprinkle of gaslighting), but I wanna see when taking other peoples' lives became practically second nature to him, and when he started pointing his frustrations at All Might, and when he really decided he hated heroes, etc. When he realized that AFO isn't just the dude who took him in from the streets, but that he's also this century+ old criminal who's been wanted by the authorities for a very long time. Like at what point did he learn that and go "Oh, I'm on the villain side of things." I would like to see those thoughts and that process within him, and with that extra backstory I feel like that panel could make sense and be some other situation.
My initial thought, that I feel is most likely tbh because it was soooo early on in the manga, was that it was just something Horikoshi changed later on. I really feel like that is a possibility and it feels the most likely to me.
I think it's likely we could get more backstory for sure, but that specific panel--IDK, it was in chapter 69. Shigaraki hadn't had a whole lot of development quite yet. It was so early.
I'm open to whatever. I'm usually not displeased with whatever he does with Shigaraki.
On the time skip--I think you're right.
Tumblr media
I feel like it's safe to assume some time had passed before he completely "forgot" what happened to his family and before it all became fragments.
Tumblr media
That makes sense, and his hair looks a bit longer. It's kinda weird though, like where was he sleeping during that time in between? Lol. Oh well.
I'm cool with more memories being uncovered though. Bring it on.
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facesofone · 6 months ago
hi hi! sorry if this is a weird question. and you totally don't have to answer. but before learning about did or osdd is it possible for differences in alters to feel like regular identity confusion? like, not knowing you're a system and experiencing switches as just changes in moods or being confused about who you are as a person? idk if this makes sense lol. hope you're having a good day!
Oh absolutely! 100% that's what I felt growing up. I literally had a second life, Kyra would sneak out of the house at night and see a different group of friends and gf, then come home sleep for an hour and then went back to being (an exhausted) Jak for the rest of the day. I used to think, "the night brings out a different me", which was interesting because I would do things that I (Jak) was horrified to watch myself do...yeah looking back it's all too easy to see.
But at the time I just felt like I had a conflicting personality and inconsistencies of self. I felt like a liar and a fraud because I could feel (genuinely) two very different ways about something, and how can you say you're passionate about something when you're divided? For 22 years (first five I don't remember so I don't count them) I had been in the dark about my system and though I was just a random mess of emotions, identity, memories, and actions. It was only after recieving the key information was I able to look back and make sense of it all.
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bokubro-s · a year ago
hello! can I request if possible something where Inumaki To/ge helps his s/o sleeps when she has a lots of insomnia? have a nice dayyyy💞
Tumblr media
A/N: these two requests were similar so i’ve decided to combine them :3 uhh i’m still upset about to/ge being shadowbanned bc i hate the way it looks with the slash but what can you do lol
tw: implication of death
cw: none!
genre: fluff
pairing: inumaki to/ge x reader, okkotsu yuta x reader
word count: 0.936k
❃ Masterlist ❃
Tumblr media
when he first notices you have trouble sleeping he gets upset on your behalf
upset at what? nobody knows
if you can’t sleep because you’re a thinker, he lets you talk until you pass out
if not, he does his best to provide comfort so that you feel safe and at ease to make falling asleep easier for you
he knows that doesn’t always work but he does his best
he’s definitely thought about it, and on your worst days you’ve definitely brought it up, but he wouldn’t dare use his cursed speech to make you fall asleep
he thinks it’s messed up
and he’s also afraid that if he tells you to sleep, there’s a chance that you won’t ever wake up
so that’s a no on his end
if you’re the type to wake up repeatedly throughout the night, he presses kisses down the back of your neck to try to lull you back to sleep
Your eyes fluttered open, blinking a few times to try to adjust to the darkness in your- or really, Inumaki’s- room. Sighing quietly at yet another night interrupted by inconsistent sleep, you tried to roll on your back at quietly as possible, so as to not wake your sleeping lover. It was to no avail, Inumaki was awake as soon as you stirred. He moved to rest his hand on your arm farthest from him, draping the weight of his arm over your chest. You huffed again, upset with yourself for waking him up and disturbing his sleep schedule, and turned to face him. You apologized quietly, tracing your thumb ever so gently over the markings on his cheek. Inumaki just hummed in reply, letting you know that he wasn’t upset with you in any way for waking him up. This was the fifth night in a row that you hadn’t slept properly, and it was starting to weigh on you.
You frowned at Inumaki with a lump forming in your throat and your eyes beginning to sting, the stress of erratic sleep sending you over the edge.
“Makki, I can’t sleep, again,” he only made a soft noise in his throat, but you understood his meaning, used to his different tones after being in this exact situation many times before now, I know, and I wish I could do more. Inumaki took a deep breath and turned you over so that your back was facing him. He brushed your hair over your shoulder, resting his hand there and giving your shoulder a few gentle, slow squeezes. You felt his warm, even breaths on the back of your neck as he leaned his forehead against the back of your head. Knowing what was coming next, you tensed in anticipation and out of instinct as you awaited the first soft kiss to the back of your neck. This little ritual always lulled you to sleep, even if it was only for an hour. In which case, he would repeat it. Inumaki continued pressing soft kisses up and down the back of your neck, right along the ridge of your spine, until you felt your eyelids get heavy and your body and mind drifting to sleep.
when he finds out that you have trouble sleeping he gets kind of sad
he’s definitely been in a similar position, having trouble sleeping and staying asleep
and he knows it sucks, and he never wants you to have to deal with the stress and ups and downs of inconsistent sleep
he has since gotten his sleep schedule under better control, and can usually fall asleep at a certain time and then stay asleep for most of the night
he’s the type to pull you into his chest and give you back rubs
he knows sometimes it just helps to have a steady, calming touch
so his back rubs are nice and firm
not so hard that they’re uncomfortable, but he doesn’t want to make them too soft
he also likes tracing random little designs against your arm
rests his chin on top of your head while he does any of this
You laid on your back, staring at the ceiling in the dark, unable to force your mind and body to just shut down and let you go to sleep. You didn’t dare spare a glance at Yuta, being sure that he was already fast asleep. Letting out a deep exhale, you closed your eyes for what felt like the ten billionth time that night and tried to force yourself to sleep, only for your eyes to open again when you felt Yuta’s hand latch on to your arm to drag you into his chest.
“Can’t sleep again?” he questioned you, voice raspy from sleep.
“Yeah,” you whispered, frowning, “I’m sorry for waking you up.”
He snuck his hand up the back of your shirt and pressed his warm palm flat against your back, “you know it’s okay, I love you.”
You let out a sigh and pressed your cheek into his chest and felt his hand press down a little harder on your back. Yuta began his usual firm up and down motions against your back, letting the steady movement warm up your body. You let yourself relax into his embrace, trying to get your body to realize how tired it was. His chin came to rest on top of your head, and Yuta pulled you closer to him, letting you nuzzle your face into his chest. Surrounded by his warmth and comfort, you felt your body begin to shut down little by little until you drifted into sleep for the night.
Requests are open!
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arkham · 10 days ago
what do you think is a good starting point for reading jason todd comics?
first and foremost...im sorry you choose to do this to yourself
buuut dailyjasontodd has a really good reading list for jason that has a pretty comprehensive (i think up to date last i checked) list of his runs and appearances. i also agree w/ most of the judgements on that reading list so i think it's probably the best resource you'll find online for jason imo. if you want to know where to read i personally use dc infinite but i know that's expensive so readcomiconline also has a pretty full catalog of his comics (just have some sort of adblocker)
in terms of personal taste i think it depends! i know classic comics are kind of a hard read for people so if you're more looking for modern-era comics then i think you could realistically just read his introduction (batman 408) and then death in the family. although he had more comics pre-crisis he didn't really stick around long post crisis 😭 if you're not interested much in his robin year (or years depending on if you read pre-crisis) you can jump to under the hood from here. though his robin comics are very good imo so i do recommend them.
my personal recs under the read more if you're curious
from death in the family you have two jumping off points: if you want to read the prelude to under the hood i recommend reading hush. otherwise you can jump right to under the hood. after that i would recommend lost days (i do not like lost days for many reasons but it still has important insight to his character and his resurrection)
after under the hood there's a sort of back and forth with his character but personally i think his time on green arrow (#69-#72) are good as well as his outsiders (2007) run (#44-#46). countdown to final crisis is a big mess but imo probably the last time i have fully enjoyed jason todd's writing. i wish i was kidding
ok well not completely. i should say now, though: i don't like outlaws. if you're looking into jason you're more than likely going to get to outlaws which is fine, it's his most long-running series and most consistent team. but i don't like outlaws. i don't think lobdell was ever a good jason writer (on top of being a horrible person) and i think him and morrison's had a detrimental effect on jason as a character that he still hasn't recovered from some twelve years later.
morrison vaguely redeems himself with jason's time in batman inc but i do think the way he writes talia is atrocious.
anyways. i think there's a few good issues in his appearances in other series but i personally just don't ascribe to his characterization in nu52 at all, and in rebirth i think he's kind of been shafted because nobody knows what to do with him (especially after lobdell stepped down)
red hood #51-52 are the first of the post-lobdell jason, and his involvement in future state was kind of our introduction to jason's new era as a more grounded "ally" of sorts to the batfamily. future state is kind of a mess though so. tread carefully lol
task force z is his newest series, and i.... have mixed feelings about it. but personally i think it's potentially a good direction of his character even if the dialogue is kind of awful lol
jason is one of those characters where nobody can really tell you what to read and not to read so i do think on some level the reading list is your best bet. he's a very inconsistent character who isn't really allowed to grow very often because the threads laid out for him from under the hood to countdown were kind of abandoned and i don't think he ever really came back from that. you're going to find that every person (including myself) have different iterations and interpretations and expectations for him as a character, and i would say this is true even moreso with jason than most comic characters because of the ambiguity of his writing and characterization.
so in general just... read what you like. these are my personal recommendations if you want something that is sort of consistent with his original under the hood characterization, but even then it's a lot of wishful thinking and filling in the blanks with what i want to be there lol
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iamacolor · a month ago
i am once again very annoyed they cut youngwoo's scenes. she opened up to junho after the miscommunication and then... they cut it to give us more non communication!? like you expect me to think after she told him that, he left and nothing got resolved that night? PLEASE. next day shes looking at him through her window and they obviously didnt get anywhere like what? i was like "finally he went straight to the point" when they finally got a chance to talk and NOTHING ADVANCED. im very annoyed. they're 2521 this. they're making such a mess. i know theres a second season but if you cant finish the first one on a decent note then?? all the characters have weird ass stories. suyeon trying to get with minwoo after he was doing something to impress her for 5 secs? where was your fierce stand before? u had standards like junho but go for minwoo? girl pls. i miss attorney jung. he was the highlight of this ep tbh ;-; him and youngwoo together > then adding more shit to the sumi line with her son being the hacker?? like i thought i was gonna breathe at least for the season finale (before we knew there was a second season) imagine going into tmrw thinking the series was gonna end there i would go crazy but i already am. the show went from a super high to somehow being very inconsistent in the last eps... like at this rate they'll beat 2521 for sloppy writing :/
I share that sentiment anon ! I was so annoyed when they cut that scene because it's just nonsensical to cut a conversation there??? and it means it doesn't really serve a purpose because yes junho knows why she doesn't want to keep going with him but he didn't even get to respond to it and her to him? what's the point if she keeps on thinking she's incapable of making someone happy??? and no one has this kind of conversation and then just walks away from each other djflsgdkq honestly this scene didn't make feel like we, the viewers, were really taken seriously because it's such a cheap trick to keep on dragging a plot tjat I can't take it as the characters' behaviour when they still haven't resolved their issues because it's so obviously not based on how their actually function
as for sooyeon... what are they trying to achieve with her? @kdramedies has written several good points about how sooyeon behaves with youngwoo and how the show didn't actually make her go that far in her evolution regarding her ableism so now we get her falling for minwoo and her agreeing with him over youngwoo's "privilege" and it's like oh ok so who's actually on youngwoo's side ? and at this point it seems like it's only attorney jung whose relationship with youngwoo is a delight to watch and definitely the most well developed one in the show lol
the fact that they added the brother at the last minute omg I still don't really know if they wrote this season knowing there would be a second season or not (and i guess I'll find out based on how ep16 ends lol) , if they did know about it I guess it makes sense to add him even towards the end but they're still not fully sure they'll be able to make a second season happen with everyone it seems so why not try to wrap season 1 properly without adding too much first... no matter what it's going to make this finale so rushed and full of so many plot points I'm dizzy thinking about everything lol inconsistent is a good word for this show
also personally I didn't find 2521 that sloppy in its writing? aside from how the juxtaposition of the past and the present were kind of weird and how the pacing between heedo's high-school days and her days as an athlete was unbalanced so the heedo-yi rim romance was rushed but tbh I don't remember much because I wasn't that engrossed by it so I can't really compare both shows, they just seem too different to me
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thereaderinsertlady · 2 months ago
This is a request from ao3 on The Great Big Book Of Headcanons, and I figured I should post 'em over here as well lol. Decided to tag this as underrated character event too since there isn't a whole lotta NSFW stuff with Dimmy. Anywho, hope you all enjoy~
Dimentio x Reader - NSFW Headcanons
Dimentio is easily the sexiest man in bed... However, his experience in bed... varies. He's good at having casual sex, and making it a very quick ordeal, but he... had zero clue how to have romantic sex. Does he... go slower, and put flower pedals on the bed? Does he wear something sexy? He had no clue. He also sucks at BDSM stuff as well, and the only way he knows how to be kinky is with his words.
He'll berate you, call you a whore– whatever you like, and sound absolutely handsome while doing it. If he's feeling especially soft that day, he'll be softer on his words as well, such as calling you his princess, or something of the sort.
...Sometimes, he'll be completely silent during sex, and have an absolutely psychotic look in his eyes that'll make you incredibly aroused... The first time he had that expression you were just a little freaked out, yes, but you've grown to like it since.
This jester is always willing to try new things, but will he be good at it? Absolutely not. He tried choking you out of the blue one time, thinking that you'd like it, buuut ended up nearly causing you to pass out. It was certainly erotic, for sure, especially with him slamming his cock into you, but... well, he needed to have the experience to make sure you don't die on him while doing something like that. It's... a learning process for him.
One major kink that he does have other than berating you is having public sex. Since he can cum inside of you fairly quickly, he's able to have sex with you in just under two minutes, and pull up your pants like nothing happened.
One time, you dragged him to a twenty-four hour grocery store in the middle of the night because you wanted ice cream, and he just happened to notice that there wasn’t any cameras pointing at the aisle you two were in. So, once he knew that there was only the cashier in the store, and that they wouldn't be able to see you and him, he covered your mouth with a hand, yanked down your pants and underwear, pulled his cock out, and fucked you right then and there. It was a miracle that neither of you haven't gotten caught yet.
Dimentio either is absolutely perfect during aftercare, cleaning you up and making sure you were comfortable, ooor will leave you a complete mess, teleporting off like he didn’t just blow your back out. However, despite his inconsistencies, and his overall inexperience, you love him just the same.
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izzythehutt · 2 months ago
Also Vader: refers to Padme as *his* wife, not Anakins
I was talking about this on the group chat (which has just devolved to SW chatter at this point). I find the question of the degree to which Vader disassociates with his previous life really interesting.
The stories (comics, novels, animation and even live action) in recent years have really leaned into Vader hardcore detaching from his identity as Anakin Skywalker, thinking of himself as someone completely separate who "killed" Anakin, particularly in the inter-trilogy period. That makes a certain amount of sense, because at that point in the timeline he has no personal connections from that part of his life (except the Emperor lol) and he's basically got to self-justify his choices to keep going, since saving his wife's life was the main reason he became a Sith in the first place, and admitting that Palpatine cat-fished him and he ended up with no wife and sliced into pieces by his best friend trapped in a robot death suit demands a certain degree of cognitive dissonance.
That being said, I sometimes feel like the recent incarnations of Vader somewhat...overdid this?
I never thought of Darth Vader in the OT as someone who is all that in denial of his past identity, tbh. He's perfectly comfortable invoking Obi-Wan on a regular basis, for example. The original post in this meta exchange from several years ago presents a different look at Vader's relationship with Obi-Wan and though "canon" has since rendered parts of it outdated (I'm very much of the belief that anything outside of the films you can pick and choose to buy into and everything in the Disney era is fanfic—accept and discard ancillary materials at will, kids!) I still kind of think this take is maybe a little more poignant than what we've gotten from the franchise "officially" since? Vader, for all his "that name no longer has any meaning for me," is certainly not above claiming Luke Skywalker as his son and telling said son as much. Which I suppose is the turning point for him, but I suppose I never thought it was as clear-cut as some of the ancillary materials present it or that Sith in general have to "discard" their previous identity when they join the cult (see also: Dooku and Palpatine, neither of which do.)
Back when I was still into the shows/comics, I remember feeling like the Vader and Ahsoka confrontation and duel was actually somewhat disappointing because of the degree of disassociation from their shared past. Or at least that there were missed opportunities. Considering the manner in which Ahsoka left the Order, I thought it would have been interesting if Vader had been willing to point out that she should be thanking him for killing all the people who screwed her over, that HE was the only one who defended her when the Jedi Order threw her under the bus. I expected more of a call-back to their shared history and an actual attempt to get her on his side, instead it was this very flat, half-assed "hey can you tell me where Obi-Wan and Yoda are? No? Okay, I kill you like I killed your master because he was weak." I guess maybe they were trying not to step on the toes of ESB and have Vader try to convert a loved one to his messed up way of thinking for a third time?
(I think there was a part of me that just wanted Ahsoka to become Vader's Asajj Ventress.)
I'm torn between thinking that the inconsistencies are a product of the backstory changing over the years (when ANH was made Darth and Anakin absolutely WERE separate people) and the self-contradictions inherent are just an interesting detail of Anakin's character.
My ultimate way of squaring it is that Vader periodically disassociates with his past life as a coping mechanism, but by the time of the OT he is just a bit dead inside but has sort of made "peace" with it. And then Luke turns up and turns his "peace" on its head.
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