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etherealbunnylove · 1 year
me trying to enjoy something: ☻
my brain: you can’t enjoy this because you aren’t skinny
me: ☹
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fuckit-imstarving · 8 months
Has anyone gotten to the point where their ed isnt about their body anymore? Its just selfharm, an addiction, i know its bad but I still do it because I like it, it makes me:
be too tired to give a fuck
too dizzy to care
a walking corpse idgaf
+ it makes me ✨skinny✨
I guess its better than doing hard drugs or cutting myself right?
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anabrat · 8 months
Random 3d memes I have saved on my phone✨
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yall want a thinspo dump?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sicksadstar · 1 year
Tumblr media
you can have an ed at any size, gender, age. skinny, normal, fat. male, female, nonbinary. 8, 16, 19, 40. it doesnt matter. anybody can a have a ed
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flowerghoul666 · 6 months
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k1tten91 · 2 months
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Ballet th!nspo
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edventblog · 1 year
some of my safe foods and why <3
popcorn, you can get some that is only 170 for 4 cups and maybe even less and it's good
waffles & pancakes, can make them yourself and can get some for rlly
sandwiches, can help give you protein and are filling
popsicles, really low calorie depending on the kind and make ppl think you eat normal
rice cakes, i loved these even before i developed ana, they taste good and are lowcal
fruit and vegetables, usually low cal and healthy
gum, lowcal and good
baby food, as always it's lowcal and yummy
soup, it taste good and you get a lot for a little bit of calories
applesauce, comes in different flavors is lowcal and filling
if there is anything you'd like to add on go ahead Id love to listen and add to the list :)
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a4n1n · 29 days
Mealspo <3
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st4rv1ng-4rt1st · 11 months
i dont know who needs to hear this, but
stop fucking calling people "wannarexic".
fun fact: "wanting" an eating disorder is an early sign of an eating disorder. being disasstisfied with your body to the point that you're willing to ignore the risk of lifelong complications or worse so you'll be skinny sounds like an obvious sign of self-hatred that can lead to much worse issues.
they're already starting on the path to one, and that should be fucking enough to be given the help they need.
calling someone who's struggling like that "wannarexic", implying that their present insecurities aren't enough to fit in with the diagnosis, can and will push them further into a very dark place. it furthers the narrative that eating disordered people need to be "sick enough" in order to deserve help, which is extremely toxic and has probably killed people, for the sake of fuck.
it's a horrible thing to say, and i'm tired of hearing it. having an eating disorder or doing it "the right way" doesn't make you some superior being and it absolutely doesn't give you the right to be nasty and awful to sensitive people who are struggling, just because you are too.
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roseythin · 8 months
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3/23 body chrck (∩_∩)
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Ok, I don't hate EDtok, but i hate their perception of purging???
Like I'm not cute when I'm done vomiting my brains out, thanks, im crying and heaving over the toilet, wiping splatter off my everything, shaky hands and dribbling spit
Shits nasty, not a cute aesthetic lil "put my hair up and pat my lips with a tissue"
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no one:
my bisexual ass self whenever i look at thinspo: do i want to look like her or do i want to date her???????
the answer is both.
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anabrat · 9 months
Tumblr media
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vintagevices · 4 months
Pretty Girl Rules
1) Exercise a minimum of 1 hour a day. Any less time is pathetic.
2) NEVER eat more than 2000 calories, that’s disgusting.
3) Hair and makeup must be meticulously done at all times.
4) You cannot leave the house without your hair and makeup flawlessly done, even if it means being late.
5) Pants should only be worn 2-3 times a week. Anything else is dresses and skirts.
6) EVERYTHING must be shaved and hairless at all times. You don’t want your crush to brush up against your hairy legs, do you?
7) Outfits must be clean, and flattering to your figure.
8) Never skimp on hair or skin care. Clean skin and hair is crucial for beauty.
9) Your space must ALWAYS be spotless. No mess, no clutter, no germs, and nothing out of place. You don’t want to be a slob, do you?
10 ) Wake up no later than 9 am on week days, and 11 am on weekends.
10) Bathe and shower daily. One part of shower/bath a day must be cold to burn more calories.
12) Take sips of water between every bite of anything you eat. Staying hyrdated is essential.
13) Journal and write everything down. What you ate, how you feel, what made you happy, shadow work you've done, everything.
14) Your car must always be clean inside and out. Do it yourself to burn calories and do it to your liking.
15) Stretch every hour. It burns calories without building muscle, and it feels good.
16) Your nails should always be done unless there is a certain reason for them not to be.
17) Keep your bathroom clean at all times. For most of us, it is our second bedroom, and therefore we must treat it with care.
18) Walk at least 3,000 steps per day.
19) Multivitamins are your best friend (next to water), take them every day.
20) You must always carry gum with you.
21) Your skin must always be clean and moisturized. Dry skin is disgusting.
22) Your lips must always be exfoliated and moisturized. You can never have chapped lips
23) drink something, hit your vape, and smoke some bud before you start snacking - you're probably bored
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flowerghoul666 · 6 months
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hungryforcigs · 1 year
to every eating disordered person who's reading this:
reasons why you should make yourself a nice warm tea right now!
it basically doesn't have calories!
it's really good for you, since dehydration is very real.
it's getting colder because winter is coming, so it'll warm you up, too!
it fills your stomach and surpresses your hunger.
it's good against boredom, too! (because it takes you some time to boil the water and stuff)
don't you miss tasting something?
and please take care of yourself!
(ironic, i know.)
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