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1952 advertisement for Ford automobiles
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✨Personally number 4 has worked like a charm for me✨
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Hiding in the event of a School Shooting
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In this post I’m going to list what are the safest places to hide within a school if there isn’t a safe way outside or you are not safely in a classroom going through lockdown procedure. This is entirely hypothetical; you won't necessarily be involved but in the event of a school shooting it’s best to know how to stay safe just in case.
- A janitor's closet that can lock from the inside (preferably one that is not within the main parts of the school.)
- An elevator (make sure it’s closed and not moving.)
- Sub-rooms within room (storage rooms in music and art rooms most likely would be some of the safest.)
- Offices within the guidance/main office (navigating through the guidance/main office is times consuming, rarely have windows, and lock from the inside, making them fairly safe.)
- If you can, within a locker (an active shooter will most likely not look through all of the lockers in the school.)
- If there is a basement or area that only has pipes (it most likely won’t come into an active shooters mind to check, just avoid any electrical rooms/sections.)
- Small storage cabinets within an empty classroom (the shooter most likely would not enter an empty classroom to begin with and the cabinet would safely conceal you.)
- 1 person bathrooms (they typically have better locks on the doors of 1 person bathrooms and a shooter most likely wouldn’t think about them.)
** In the event that you can get outside GO OUTSIDE, and if there are no police outside already here are some helpful tips: **
- Hide behind cars (make sure you’re concealed from any windows.)
- Get away from the school grounds (nearby neighborhoods/businesses.)
- When running out/away from the school, run zigzags (this makes you a harder target.)
- Even if you don’t have a set destination, keep running until you feel as though there is absolutely no way you could be seen from the school.
!!!NOTIFY AUTHORITIES!!! Even if you think somebody already has, do it anyways. Also, if you saw/know the shooter give a description to the police (it could help them.)
Again, this is entirely hypothetical, but safety is key, and these are just some things that came to mind, feel free to add more.
I understand Mental Health is extremely important too, but should it ever get to there being an active shooter please read these, so you know what to do in that unfortunate situation.
Please be safe in schools.
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American poet Audre Lorde
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Slapping the homie's ass in the dust bowl and zapping both of us across the room
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Leah Gardner - Pigeon on the Move. Oil on cradled wood panel.
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“ROGER IN FISHNETS” ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE // 1983 [gelatin silver print | 15 1/2 x 15 1/4″]
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When 3 in 4 (74%) adults in the U.S. connected the gas, electricity, phone or internet in a new home, ICE was able to automatically learn their new address. Almost all of that has been done warrantlessly and in secret.
Dated May, 10, 2022 a report published by Georgetown Law showed how invasive ICE reaches. Obtained through 200 FOIA requests, the reports says ICE has tracked civilians using utilities, drivers licenses, facial recognition, and even used vulnerable unaccompanied minors being held in detention to find more leads (specifically, searching for more of their family members without documentation) . And they do so without warrants or even informing state legislators. Even companies and corporations have shared info with with ICE without their knowledge or consent.
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"Most congressional leaders did not learn about ICE face recognition scans of DMV photos until The Washington Post ran an exposé on the practice, reporting on records obtained by the Center on Privacy & Technology. This exposé ran in 2019, over a decade after ICE penned its first known face recognition contract in 2008 for access to the Rhode Island driver database.
The fact that ICE was conducting face recognition scans on driver’s license photos came as a shock to senior lawmakers – even those with the greatest insight into DHS activities. On learning of the face scans, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, the longtime chair of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship, denounced the practice as “a massive, unwarranted intrusion into the privacy rights of Americans by the federal government, done secretly and without authorization by law.” ICE’s surveillance initiatives have regularly flown under Congress’ radar. While a few political leaders have pressed ICE in oversight letters and used appropriations riders to end the most aggressive of ICE’s actions, to date there has not been one full congressional hearing or Government Accountability Office (GAO) report focused on ICE surveillance."
Further, even when states become aware and make moves to block ICE from having this kind of access they just use a different door.
 In Washington, Governor Jay Inslee enacted a statewide policy to limit state agency cooperation with ICE only to discover that state licensing officials were routinely violating that policy. When state officials cut off ICE’s access to a state-run driver database, previously unseen records show that DHS searches of a separate network of driver data – one not operated by the state – nearly doubled. In Oregon, soon after lawmakers passed a law cutting off state data disclosures to ICE, the Oregon DMV signed agreements to sell its driver’s license records to Thomson Reuters and LexisNexis Risk Solutions, the two primary data brokers that sell ICE access to driver information."
This is a HUGE breach of privacy and goes as far back as 2008 when ICE used facial recognition in Rhode Island under the Bush administration.
The article also discusses the potential danger this has to cause such a deep mistrust in government that it could cause folks to deny or reject state services to avoid being put in an ICE database or otherwise have their data used without knowledge or consent.
Likewise the report also has a section that advises how this privacy could be restored and corrected by Congress. Which means signal boost this. Congress was made aware of these breaches in 2019 and as of yet have done nothing to stop ICE or hold them accountable.
Which means it's on us to hold them accountable because once again the folks in Congress have shown they lack the ambition and initiative.
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👢 🌵 🌄
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The Poet's Dream, c.1830 by Robert Walter Weir (American, 1803--1889)
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Friendly reminder 
this is not
American Islam
the American Taliban
sharia law.
This is white nationalist, American, Christian law. 
Now is not the time to project American issues on to racist stereotypes. 
Call it what it is. White. American. Christian. 
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Lorraine Inzalaco – Insatiably Yours (n. d.)
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Grace Kelly On The Day Of Her Wedding, 1956.
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The Good Housekeeping Complete Guide to Traditional American Decorating, 1982
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