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“bu…bubu- but they’re just wittle pixels and digital images rwight 🥺” no. we spend hours on gifs or even one singular gif to make edits for FREE on tumblr dot com. name a person who asked us to do this. no one!! exactly!! we make gifs bc its enjoyable and fun but people like reposters suck the fun out of it!!! and do NOT go and tell us that “gifs aren’t that hard to make” baby girl what do u think we do? go online and search for a video downloader and download it at like a crappy 720p and go to like literal ezgif dot com and all the gifs just MAGICALLY have their effects, typography, colouring, blending, animation, quality all up and ready? why dont u try and make a gif. hm.
and also, @ all of you “gif collectors” or some fanfic writers. lemme tell u a secret. an itty bitty secret. did u know… theres this really cool thing called PROPERLY CREDITING? im not talking about a stupid “credits to the owners” no. it isn’t that hard to properly source the creators or accounts.
that wasn’t so hard, hm?
also oh my god, do NOT go around saying you made these gifs when it is so obvious you didn’t. no bff, it isn’t a coincidence we have the same sharpening AND colouring settings.
and hey, i’ll stop my angry typing for a minute and just say that if you wanna learn how to make gifs there are plenty of amazing accounts and tutorials that are incredibly detailed. here are a few i recommend:
how to: make high quality gifs by sith-maul
giffing 101 by cillianmurphy
giffing and colouring tutorial by sashafierce
how to fix and avoid orangewashing characters by maxchapman
how to fix and avoid white/pink/yellowwashing by jeonwonwoo
how to: colouring east & southeast asians by blueshelp
pastel gifs: a tutorial by completeresources
how to fix and avoid whitewashing in pastel gifs by fadenet
and for those who don’t want to pay/ t*rr*nt photoshop:
free giffing tutorial by ashleysolsen
photopea gif tutorial by lacebird
and @usergif has a bunch of directories and navigation for tutorials and inspiration!
again, there are so many useful tutorials if you’d just look.
i know this probably won’t stop all reposters (unfortunately) but i hope those reposters that are reading this realise how messed up stealing gifs are. it isn’t funny or cool to see gifs that you’ve spent so much time on only to be reposted here or on other sites without credit or being claimed as someone elses.
we’re just asking for a proper credit on your post or maybe even stop reposting in whole. im sure you had good intentions in making those posts, but you have to understand how much it hurts. at this point, we have to put our watermarks in the middle of our gifs to avoid people cropping them out.
and please, PLEASE reblog edits. you have no idea how diminishing it is to see such a crappy like to reblog ratio. remember this hellsite has such a crappy algorithm so reblogging is essentially one of the only ways to give posts more traction
AGAIN. dont repost gifs. dont steal gifs without credit. dont belittle gifmakers. just stop being so disrespectful and rude and have a brain for once. thank you for reading.
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Tyler Galpin x reader: the reader is a vampire who cannot control her instincts as Tyler cannot control his Hyde instincts, they meet each other, develop a relationship with one another pretending to be human, they find out each others secrets and Tyler confesses his feelings for them(happy ending :) )
Tyler Galpin x GN! Reader
Warnings: slight blood references, manipulation (by laurel), mentions of unaliving
A/N: I hope you like this as much as I liked writing it!
The Weathervane smelled like espresso. It also smelled slightly fruity. There was one table with the lingering smell of stress hormones, no doubt a popular spot for writers and financial report typing. A multitude of scents could be smelled from behind the counter, too. Apples for the lady who opened shop on Mondays, the manager smelled like fresh squeezed orange juice.
An aroma of cinnamon, mint toothpaste, and something metallic wafted around the curly-haired golden retriever boy who worked the afternoon till closing shifts; Wednesdays, Fridays, weekends, without fail. According to the pin on his shirt, his name was Tyler.
You slapped and chided yourself mentally for the fifth time to snap out of it, it’s creepy to scent people. Especially the cute barista, who only talked to you to ask if you needed a refill for your tumbler, which he didn’t know was actually filled some rather unpleasant substances (legally acquired, obviously).
And there he was, standing in front of you with all of his boy-next-door vibes, mouth about to open, about to ask if you needed a refill, no doubt-
“Hey, uh, I was just wondering if maybe… I could have your number? I mean- I’ve seen you around for some time, I’m pretty sure you’re a regular here, like I think I’ve asked if you needed a refill-” he stammered. You gave him a close lipped smile.
“Yea, sure, I don’t mind. It’s …”
A relationship with Tyler was a strange one, and that’s from someone who has to drink bodily substances to survive. He was distant some days, not texting back for hours on end despite leaving a read receipt. Once or twice, he’d show up with fresh scratches and a stronger than usual metallic scent lingering. On those days, it was hard to control yourself.
But visiting the cafe regularly was definitely one of the only things you didn’t regret.
Six months later
The tumbler was missing. You’d went to the bathroom for one second and it disappeared. Poof- just like that- gone, with only a ring of condensation on the rough wood surface to tell where it had previously sat. Shit, Tyler.
He came out the back of the cafe, clutching the familiar metal flask, with the lid screwed back on loosely. His face was pale, eyes dilated. They made contact with your wide ones from across the shop. Tyler took a deep breath, set his mouth in a strained smile, and walked over to grab your wrist and pull you outside.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” His voice was shaking.
“I’m sorry, I just thought that you wouldn’t find me good enough for you, I’m an outcast for god's sake-”
“(name), I kind of already knew. You weren’t the best at hiding it. But… I do need to tell you something.”
You panicked. Oh, he was definitely going to break up with you; you were so stupid to think that he’d still like you as an outcast-
“… just please, don’t tell anyone. I’m really trusting you with this. I… I really like you, love you even. If you’ll still have me.”
Taken aback by how out of pocket the last statement was after you zoned back in, you quickly flipped through your mental transcript of the conversation. Woods, mind control, blood, hide- no, Hyde. Everything clicked in place. The metallic smell, blood. Random periods of distance, mind control after effects, not to mention the guilt. Showing up with scratches, self defense against him.
Tyler’s face fell farther the longer it took for you to respond. This wasn’t good, at this point the woman might have him go after you-. You interrupted his racing thought by pulling him into a tight embrace.
“Thank you. For telling me. I’ll still like/love-you-even. It’s not your fault. She took advantage of you, used you to complete her own motives,” you pulled away to look him in the eyes, “But is there anything I can do to help? I still have outcast friends, Ty, I can talk to them?”
He smiled, relieved.
“How about in a bit? I kinda just want to hug you right now.”
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Post-O66 Mace going into hiding as a pirate with a crew like Hondo's, is that anything?
I got a bunch of input on discord. Calling this one:
A bunch of pirates, a Jedi Master on the run, and a traumatized twelve-year-old.
Kicking off with a key part of it all is @atagotiak (Tia):
He’s annoying because he’s such a stick in the mud (by which I mean it’s rather inconvenient for a pirate crew when the new recruit has morals and stuff) But he’s too valuable to get rid of, due to having all that experience with administration
I am enamored with the idea of Mace's main job being just. Pirate Admin.
Mace: So this is what I am reduced to. Aiding and abetting… in tax evasion. Hondo: And piracy. Mace: The tax evasion is a bigger hit to my pride.
The pirates are annoyed that despite him stopping them from going through with the more immoral (and lucrative) plans they’re still making more money than before
Pirates: How are we making more money now-- Mace: Have you heard of a budget.
@jebiknights (knights):
okay but traditionally pirate ships have a quarter master who is high ranking, in charge of the bounty of every prize and therefore in charge of dividing everything up fairly like that could work really well lmaooo
The crew runs into Obi-Wan during the Leia incident and it's just time for "I can explain" on both ends.
Hey, d’you think the pirates go after force sensitives? Mace managed to talk them into recruitment and/or relocation instead of selling to the empire. (And that’s another thing that could possibly have worked out better for them than the immoral option (not least because the empire doesn’t really treat its allies well)) Obi-Wan: and how are you dealing with Hondo’s… nonsense? Mace: eh, it’s not like he’s any worse than you or Yoda. (Mace is probably just messing with Obi-Wan. Probably)
Also I'm thinking that one of those initiates that Hondo let go(?) that one time finds them because a pirate might be likely to sell them out but they're demonstrably competent at evading arrest, so maybe-
And that's how Mace ends up with another padawan. Maybe Katooni.
Hondo would put him in so many stupid costumes
i also just realized that mace loses both of his hands in rots..... hondo tries to convince him at least one of said hands should be a hook or a lightsaber
Probably deliberately playing straight man about it. He doesn’t care about dignity that much, but there’s benefits to exaggerate how humiliating he finds it Hey, y’know what’s piratical? Eyepatches
[vibrates in response to baiting for Nick Fury jokes] Love it
I do think as much as jokes about Samuel L Jackson’s other roles are fun, pirate Mace shouldn’t swear much, even after becoming acclimated to pirate life.
also i agree i think pirate mace shouldnt swear much, he should get to use his classically trained acting chops and give dramatic speeches like hes the love interest in a pirate romance novel hondo is swooning in the background .... nixy im about ready to start crack shipping them bc of this dammit this is going to pick at my brain isnt it dhgisrjgser (pirate mace not the hondo/mace part) honestly the funniest thing is that mace would probably really enjoy being a pirate after all of the beauracracy he had to deal with in the senate during the war. things are much more simple even if everyone drives him nuts lol listen mace didn't intend to get directly involved in the actual like heists probably, he is there to lay low and also to keep the ship organized and make sure hondo doesnt blow all their money on booze and "investments", but then hondo's dumbass probably gets in over his head along with his first mate and some other crew members and mace is starting to like the life hes living esp bc he is still able to help people on the Path in between thievery and tax evasion, so he goes to rescue them and is like... what am i supposed to do i am too recognizable i am supposed to be dead and puts on a disguise and just goes for it
Another thing Mace is good at is contracts He is. Painfully good at it. He doesn't enjoy it, but watching Hondo draft up a contract is almost painful. (Hondo is smart at this. He's clever. He's experienced. But he didn't take multiple classes on contract law.)
Hondo never seemed especially book smart, and he never made a promise he hadn’t at least considered breaking so contracts would be a weak point for him
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Eddie Gets A Haircut P2
Tumblr media
Part 1
A/N: Thank you so much on all the love on the first part. 🖤🖤 Also, in this house we love Chrissy Cunningham.
Eddie ditched early in the day leaving you to walk home which, usually you wouldn't have a problem with... Except he always gave you a heads up when it was happening.
Thanks for ditching me.
You were too wrapped up in the conversation at lunch to stay too mad. You needed to talk to the dramatic metalhead immediately.
We need to talk. I'm coming over.
Unlike the various texts you sent him earlier in the day, he actually responded to this one.
From Munson: Don't bother.
Like hell.
You were already more than halfway to the trailer park. No point in turning around now. This conversation was going to happen whether Munson wanted it to or not.
You didn't even bother knocking when you got there. It was habit that was never properly formed. The Munson trailer becoming a regular setting for you, your second home almost- you liked it better there than your own house. At least here had Eddie.
The sight greeting you in the living room made you freeze. Your bestfriend, shirtless, on top of a half-naked Chrissy Cunningham. The sound of the door opening startled both of them but neither moved.
"Sorry, I-, sorry." Quickly slamming the door shut, you ran home. You didn't even really you were leaking crying until you were in your own bedroom.
He cut his hair for you.
Bullshit. It was all bullshit. You should've known better.
You could've just told me it was for Chrissy. I could've handled that.
Maybe it was stupid believing his friends over your own inuition, but there was a part of you that wanted it to be true. You wanted your bestfriend to have made some stupid move to get you to notice him.
You didn't need the haircut to notice him. He was already so beautiful. So individual. Eddie Munson was his own person and didn't give a shit what anyone thought about him, lies, and it was the hottest thing about him.
From Jeff: ????
From Gareth: the fucks cunningham gotta do with anything?
From Jeff: What ^^ said.
Made sense they would cover for him and keep up the illusion. But you were tired and angry and heartbroken and wanted it all to be over.
I literally just walked in on them. So please. Cut the shit. I get why ur lying for him now but why tf would you lie earlier?
It hurt.
From Gareth: I sware on my life, he told us he was doing it to surprise you.
Nothing was making sense. He cut it for you, they said, but he all up on the cheerleader- who, as far as you knew, had never shown any interest in Eddie. Then again, she barely showed any interest in Jason and they'd been together for forever.
Weirder things had happened but still...
From Eddie: Im coming over. We need to talk.
If awkward silence could kill, you both would be dead. Eddie sat opposite of you, in a chair in your bedroom, while you sat on your bed and trying your best not to pick at your nails.
Guessing by the perceived tone of his text, this was the end of the friendship. Eddie was going to yell, mock, rub his new relationship with Queen of Hawkins High in you face and then leave. And you wished he would just get on with it.
Anything would be better than this silence-
Eddie cleared his throat, "What was it you wanted to talk about?"
It seemed pointless now. Even if Jeff and Gareth were telling the truth, the metalhead had found someone else to appreciate him.
But there was something gnawing at you and if you didn't ask, you were sure it might kill you.
"Why her?" You had nothing against Chrissy Cunningham. Hell, you liked the girl. She was probably the nicest person at Hawkins High, of her social caliber. She was nice to everyone.
But, until today, she and Eddie had never so much as looked at each other.
Eddie shifted uncomfortably, "She wanted to buy something."
"And is it customary to suck face with and dry hump your customers or was that just a special discount?"
Eddie rolled his eyes and scoffed, "What are you jealous or something?"
"Did the haircut mess with your brain because you've been acting stupid all day."
His eyes widened, "So you do hate it!"
"Oh my god! If you were gonna be seeking everyone's fucking approval over your hair then why the hell did you cut it?"
Eddie didn't answer.
"It looked fine before. Cutting your hair so you can mess around with Chrissy Cunningham is pathetic."
Still nothing.
It wasn't Eddie's day at all.
He stood to his feet and exhaled deeply. His wounded ego ready to explode. He needed to get out of there. It was clear to him that nothing productive would be happening today.
Not with you thinking he did it for-
Hooking up with Chrissy Cunningham was the last thing he expected to happen today. She had knocked on his door, looking for drugs. He invited her in, she asked why he looked sad. She then told him his hair looked pretty and kissed him.
When he told her what happened, granted it was in bits and pieces and kept your name out of it- choking back tears about how a girl he was trying to impress shot him down without even realizing she was doing it...
Chrissy touched his arm and told him, "Any girl that can't see how special you are doesn't deserve you."
And sure, she was coming on thick because he was selling to her and not charging what he usually would have, he didn't care.
So he kissed her. Things just kind of escalated from there, Eddie didn't even realize it.
And then you had to just come barreling through the door like you owned the place.
"I didn't do this for Chrissy Cunningham but if I did, at least I know she'd appreciate it and not make me feel like an idiot for trying."
He was out of there, knowing if he stayed one more second, he would burst into tears. The last thing he wanted to do was cry in front of you.
Eddie made it as far as inside the van before breaking down. Hands gripping the wheel as hot tears streamed down his face, accompanied by yelling and jerking the steering wheel.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
It was dark out by the time he finally settled down. After a couple more deep breaths, Eddie looked up and found you sitting outside your front door.
He watched you pull out your phone and tap a message away.
Can we talk?
He should leave. After all that bullshit, Eddie should just go home. What the could you possibly have to say to him? He didn't want to say anything else to you.
And then he made the mistake of looking at you again.
From Eddie: Get in.
Part 3 (coming soon)
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Little do You Know | OT7 | Sixty
Tumblr media
Pair: Bangtan (ot7) x f!reader 
Summary: In a world where idols and actors can’t date, whether it be because of contracts, lack of time, or the dangers that involve having your personal life leaked, the market opened up for a new work field. Playmate Agencies emerged to supply the entertainment world with highly trained companions for hire. Bangtan is looking for new playmates. And you just happen to be the one all of them choose. 
Genre: Fluff, angst, smut, playmate au, idol au. 
Chapter warnings: HERE WE ARE!!!! Our fave series is finally back on the road!!!! I hope you’ll enjoy this chapter and that you are excited about what’s to come! How do we feel about the change in banner? I love the old one, but I feel like season two needed a new one! 
WC: 3.4k
← Previous | Series Masterlist | Next →
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It took you two days to pack up your things and fill your car with everything you decided to bring back to Seoul with you. Most of your houseware, like pans and pots, bedding and decor pieces were still in boxes from your recent move back to Daegu, and your clothes easily fit three suitcases. A few of your old furniture were in a storage unit in Seoul and you’d take back whatever hadn't been sold yet once you figured out where you were going to live from now on. 
Your old apartment belonged to Nolichingu, so going back there was out of question, since you didn’t work there anymore. You also had enough savings to rent a nice place, but you still hoped to get a good deal on rent, since the prices in the capital tended to be very high, and you guessed you’d be spending half, if not more, of your time either at the dorm or at the boys’ places. 
The drive from Daegu to Seoul was a long one, you had to be on the road for hours, but your boyfriends had been texting you throughout the drive to make sure you were okay and tell you about their day. They were filming a new Samsung commercial and shooting some promotional pictures today, so they didn’t really know when they would be home. 
But they had given you clearance to be allowed into their dorm apartment complex, and the doorman and security guards knew who you were anyway, so you didn’t have any trouble parking at their guest spot in the garage. You picked up your bag and a smaller carry-on suitcase that would serve you for a few days, not wanting to clutter the dorm with your boxes and things, only to move them out again once you found your place. 
The elevator ride to the seventh floor was a nostalgic one. Everything had changed so much since the first time you stepped foot in those hallways and walked inside those doors. 
You had been so sure you would never be back here again. 
You were so overcome with emotion you could almost hear their voices inside the empty dorm. 
“If you’re not going to help, stay out of my way!” Seokjin’s voice was so real you had to do a double take. “Jungkookah, drop that!” 
“But it’s gonna look prettier here, hyung!” you could hear the pout on the maknae’s voice. 
The more you walked inside, the more you realized your brain wasn’t pulling tricks on you and the seven men were actually there, not where they told you they would be. Jin was in the kitchen finishing the icing on a cake, while Jungkook looked for a nice place to put a vase with your favorite flowers.
“This is stupid, you know it’s not her birthday, right?” you heard Yoongi speaking from the living room. 
He had purple and pink balloons all around himself as Tae and Jimin tied them together in pretty clusters. 
“You’re only salty because you don’t know how to tie them, hyung.” Hoseok mocked as he tried putting up a ‘welcome home’ bunting up on the wall and above the TV. 
You watched them from the hallway, with the biggest stupid smile on your face, until arms wrapped around your frame and pulled you back. A big hand covered your mouth to muffle your squeal and you relaxed as soon as you recognized the earthy and fresh smell of Namjoon. 
"You were supposed to text us when you arrived in Seoul, jagiya." Namjoon hushed, lightly pressing your back against the wall of the hallway. "Now everyone is going to be upset for not having time to finish your surprise." 
"But I'm surprised, Joonie." you pouted. 
Sure they had asked you to text them once you passed the 'Welcome to Seoul' sign, but you had chucked it off to them being over worried, and not so they could rush and finish your surprise. 
But Namjoon didn't seem to mind so much having you there early, if the way he was looking at your mouth was anything to go by. And you knew just what to do to entice him, licking your lips and batting your eyes at him.
Your bag dropped to the floor as your hands rested on the back of his neck. You hadn't kissed any of them yet, not since you had quit, so you were dying to taste Joon's lips right now. 
The man let you pull him down until your lips were pressed together in a sweet and innocent kiss. At least it was innocent as it started, before Namjoon licked between your lips for you to part then. Your tongue met his willingly, jaw relaxing as he chased your tongue with his and pressed your body between his and the wall behind you. 
"Maybe you should text the group chat now, saying it will take you another thirty minutes to arrive." his lips dragged over your jaw, kissing down your neck. And you were this close to agreeing with him too. 
"Nice try, Joon-ah." a second voice brought you out of your haze. Hoseok had just caught you. "Don't I get a hello kiss too, baby?"
Namjoon moved off of you, but you remained in your spot by the wall, nodding as the older man took his best friend's place. Hoseok leaned in and took your bottom lip between his teeth as you looked at the leader over his shoulder. 
"Don't mind him." Hoseok’s forefinger touched your chin, bringing your face and gaze back to him when he let your lip get back into place with a little wobble. "Joon likes to watch." 
You let out a deep breath as your hands clutched to Hobi's shirt, watching him lean in again, ever so slowly, until his parted lips met yours. His tongue swiped and pushed yours, deepening the kiss harder than Namjoon had before him, no doubt putting on a show for the younger man who was watching you. 
You should be ashamed of the way your legs parted slightly, just in case he wanted to slot his between them. So much for taking things slow in a new relationship. 
Hoseok’s hands squeezed your hips one time, two times, and he let go of you altogether. Leaving you breathless and a little hazy. 
"I thought I heard baby's voice." Jimin was the third one to catch you. "Good to know I'm not losing my mind just yet."
"Minie." you sighed, grabby hands and half lidded eyes pleading him to come closer.
His head tilted to the side, a teasing smirk on his full lips as he didn’t move. So you said fuck it and went to him instead, hand tangling in his shorter locks, as he allowed you to kiss into his mouth. 
Jimin kissed you back just as fiercely, despite his initial teasing, arms going around your waist to keep you closer to him. 
"Should we go tell the others you're here?" he asked and you nodded happily. "Or should we go make it up for lost time?" 
Your lips opened and closed as you tried to make a decision, both options sounding perfect to you right now. 
"Don't torture her, Jiminie. We'll have plenty of time." Namjoon said, and you suddenly remembered that he and Hobi were still there. 
"Let's go see the others." you said with as much self control as you could muster.
Once in the living room, the remaining four men stopped dead in their tracks. Taehyung yelled a 'surprise' for good measure, as Seokjin blinked with the piping bag still in his hand and the half finished cake proving they were late. 
"Tokki!" Jungkook was the first to reach you, body hitting yours with force, but not enough to hurt. 
"Have you been working out more?" you giggled as he lifted you in the air with ease, mimicking kdrama scenes. 
"Maybe." he said sheepishly as you squeezed his arms and shoulders. He was definitely training more. 
"Jungkookie might leave the band to become a professional boxer any of these days." Jin said as he rushed to finish the cake. 
It looked delicious as it was, and you almost regretted catching their surprise before it was done. Almost. 
You softly let go of Jungkook to say hello to your oldest boyfriend; face flushing with the thought that these were your boyfriends now. 
"How long have you been here?" Jin asked as you got closer, no doubt noticing your slightly swollen and red lips from kissing three of his members so recently. 
"Not long at all." you assured. "Do you need any help, oppa?" 
"Don't worry, sweetheart. Hope you'll like the cake." he smiled, gaze still stuck to your lips, so you puckered them as an invitation.
And of course Seokjin took it, placing a small peck there. 
You continued your rounds, hugging Taehyung so tightly he giggled, then sitting next to Yoongi on the couch.
"Did you have a nice drive, kitten?" the latter asked as you nodded mid yawn. "Tired?"
"I'm alright, just want to try to go to bed early tonight." you told him and the others who came to sit in the living room with you. "Could barely sleep last night."
"Too excited to see us?" Tae's beautiful face split into an even prettier smile. 
"Actually, yeah." you giggled.
Ever since you made the easy decision to go back to Seoul, and accepted Jungkook’s question of becoming the eight piece of their puzzle, you had been extremely excited to come see them at once. You could have stayed in Daegu a little longer, could have searched for a place of your own before making the drive, but you had stayed away for too long already. 
“I can sleep here tonight, right?” you checked. 
Yoongi nodded, since he was closest to you, but Jungkook answered: “You can stay forever if you want.”
You laughed, because of course he’d be the one to offer that. Once the cake was done, Seokjin joined the rest of you in the living room. 
You really loved his new, longer haircut, even if you had Mina, the former hairstylist, to thank for it. 
“Since we are on the subject.” Jin started, getting comfortable on the corner of the couch. “There’s a vacancy in my building right now, maybe you’d like to take a look at that apartment?” 
Hoseok scoffed: “She’s not gonna live in your building, hyung, but nice try.” 
Seokjin’s building was very nice, especially since all the apartments had a pretty green terrace. And it was only a two minute walk from the dorm, practically across the street, and relatively close to all of the other members who lived in that same neighborhood. Hobi was the only one who lived further away.
“I’m sure it would be very nice, oppa, but I can’t really afford rent in Hanam the Hill without burning through my savings.” you hoped you were letting him down easy. “And I’m back at school now, so I shouldn’t spend so much just on a living space.”
“I always wanted to date a college student.” Namjoon thought out loud, face going red when he realized he actually said it. 
“Ignoring that new fetish.” Jimin quipped, bringing your attention to him. “What if you didn’t have to pay rent?”
You hoped Jimin wasn’t about to ask you to move in with them, because that seemed too sudden, even if there was no way you could take things slow with them like you had initially thought. You also couldn’t accept any of them paying for your living arrangements, so you told them so. 
“That’s not what I mean, actually.” Jimin corrected with a sly smile. “What if there was a place near us that you lived in before, and that already had an owner who would let you live there for free?”
“I thought you said HYBE had sold the playmate apartment?” you were confused, if the apartment upstairs was what Jimin was hinting at. 
“They did, but I know who bought it.”  
That piece of information surprised even his members, who had no idea about any of that. Namjoon remembered seeing a couple realtors in and out of the building while he was doing his workout downstairs, believing them to have interested buyers in the only vacant apartment of the building. But he never really saw any of the possible new tenants. 
“Who?” Tae asked with a boyish curiosity. 
“Me.” Jimin admitted for the first time. 
He had been inside the playmate apartment when a realtor came over to show the place to a couple who was thinking of buying the home. And once the initial shock of getting caught there passed, Jimin realized he wasn’t ready to see the apartment belonging to anybody else. So he finalized the deal, paid for the apartment and signed the documents an hour later. 
The hyungs were always raving about how important it was to invest their money on things like land and real estates anyway, he didn’t think it would be such a bad idea. And it was even better now, since it meant Jimin could lease the apartment back to you, and you could stay closer to them than if you had to look for a new place in a cheaper district. 
“I can’t live there for free, Minie.” 
“You can pay me in other ways.” he shrugged. 
“Yah, don’t be disgusting.” Jin rolled his eyes and Jimin’s face heated up. It wasn’t quite usual to have the man blushing, unless you were complimenting him. 
“That’s not where I was getting at!” he defended himself. “If you want to do something about paying back, you can make a donation to a charity every month, because I won’t accept your money.” 
Tumblr media
So much for your plan of sleeping early! The more time you spent with the boys, the more you wanted to stay awake and enjoy their company. Especially since you knew they would be stuck with work for a little while now, even if you all promised to still make time for each other. 
It was midnight when you sneaked out of Yoongi’s bedroom, the man whose bed you were sharing tonight. You pitter pattered to the kitchen to steal yet another slice of the cake Seokjin had baked you. It would have been a successful mission if Taehyung’s bedroom wasn’t so close to the kitchen and if you hadn’t dropped a knife so carelessly into the sink. 
“Who do we have here, having a midnight snack?” you found Tae leaning against the counter, crossed arms and sleepy face. 
“Shit, did I wake you?” you cursed with your mouth full of cake. 
“Yeah, so now the least you could do is share.”
You swallowed the cake and offered your plate for him to get some, but the man had a different idea. His hands went to the sides of your face as your hands were too busy holding a spoon and the plate with the cake. Tilting your head to the left, Taehyung licked a bold stripe across your lips, collecting the frosting you had missed. Your eyes closed instantly and you chased his lips as he tried to pull away from you. 
And Tae wasn’t one to deny his baby, so he kissed you again, letting his tongue taste the cake, and you taste his minty toothpaste. With a little teasing bite to your lips, he pulled away. And your busy hands couldn’t stop him. 
“Goodnight, pup.” 
Taehyung wiped at his bottom lip and went back into his bedroom, leaving you hot and bothered and with a half eaten piece of cake, but you craved a different kind of snack now. 
“Someone looks frustrated.” Seokjin’s voice brought you out of your sulking. “Is the cake that bad?”
“Cake is perfect, oppa.” you shook your head. “Want to feed it to me?”
Jin chuckled, because you knew him too well. He had been standing there long enough to see Taehyung leaving you dry after a kiss that looked hot from where he was standing. And by your dilated pupils, his cake wasn't your main interest right now. 
"It's late, you should be in bed." he said instead, taking the cake and spoon from your hands.
"Want to kiss me goodnight, then?" 
There it was, Jin thought with a small laugh. At least that was less risky than feeding you. So as you stayed on the tip of your toes and reached for his face, he let you. And you kissed him, slow and steady, nails scratching his scalp as his full lips molded over yours. 
But as your hand traveled down his torso, Jin pulled away and kissed the top of your head. 
"Goodnight, sweetheart." 
Just as quickly as he showed up, Jin left. You huffed, cake completely forgotten. This had been happening all day, since you stepped foot into the apartment. The boys would tease you and then leave you wanting more. 
It wasn't fair, and now you had an ache between your legs that was caused by ten weeks of no relief, not even by your own hands or toys. 
At the start of the dark period you spent away from the boys, you didn't even think about pleasuring yourself. And after that, it felt weird to unpack your vibrators while in your father’s house, sharing a wall with your younger sister. 
You only realized you were opening the door to Jungkook’s bedroom when the man put his phone down to look at you with a pretty smile. His face was only illuminated by the phone light, but still enough to guide you towards him. 
"Missed me already, tokki?" it really wasn't the time for that damn cocky smile. "Does hyung know you escaped?" 
"I'll be back soon, just needed to see you." you said from the foot of his bed. 
"Is that all you need, baby?" 
It was dark in the room, but he could still see the way you rubbed your legs together underneath Yoongi hyung's shirt, so Jungkook sat on the bed. The sheet that covered him fell to his waist as you bit your lip as the small stud on his right nipple caught the light from the phone. From what you could see it was all healed up and ready to be played with. 
“No, that’s not all.” 
You climbed on his bed, straddling the man over the sheets, hands resting on his thick shoulders and lips clashing onto his. Jungkook’s hands were on your hips, trying to keep you steady, instead of allowing you to rock them. He was kissing you back, but other than that he wasn’t giving you much else. 
“Koo.” you whined. 
“I’m sorry, noona.” he said as his lips left yours. “I can’t.”
“Can’t or don’t want to?” you pouted as you sat back over his legs. 
“Can’t.” he shook his head, looking as pained as you felt. “It’s your punishment for leaving us.” 
Your brows furrowed for all of two seconds before you understood. So the boys had forgiven you, of course, but they still wanted to "punish" you for what you did. And apparently their punishment came in the form of ignoring your advances, of teasing you and leaving you bothered and wanting more. 
It was cruel. 
“But, Kookie…” you started, kissing down his neck, voice smooth and seductive. “Don’t you miss me? Don’t you want to fuck your girlfriend?” 
Jungkook was almost cracking, you could feel his dick hardening under the covers. His hands slid to your ass, squeezing the flesh. 
“Kitten.” Yoongi’s warning voice was stern and it sent a chill down your spine. “Come.” 
You grumbled under your breath, but left Jungkook’s lap to walk to the older man as you stared at your own feet. Yoongi took your hand and pulled you out of the maknae’s bedroom and into his own at the end of the hall. 
“Yoon.” you cried in frustration, arms going around his neck and lips to his jaw. “Why are you doing this to me?”
“You know why.” he said, but you felt his breath grow heavy as you made your way to his lips. 
“But I want you… I said I was sorry.” you insisted, hand pulling on his hair to make him groan. “You said you forgive me.” 
Yoongi looked at your lips and the tip of his tongue wet his bottom one. He never agreed with this stupid idea anyway. What was the point of depriving you of them, if they would be deprived of you by default? So he let you kiss into his mouth, let you suck on his tongue as his hands kept you close to him. 
Until he gathered enough self restraint to push you away gently. 
“This was Hoseok’s idea, just so you know.” and with that, he got back into his bed and turned away from you. 
Tumblr media
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starrgaziinggg · 2 days ago
FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS | lee minho -> part six (18+)
Tumblr media
You finally meet the man your friends Felix and Hyunjin have been blabbing about for the past couple months, and he's a royal pain in the ass.
*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
Lee Minho is a legacy at your university. He received an honorary award when he graduated, got a position as a dancer in a company a week after receiving his diploma...and was renowned as the schools famous ice-cold fuckboy.
After coming back from a three month tour, you're introduced to him through your uni friends...and your life does a 180. It's hard enough to pass classes whilst also trying to navigate your failing relationship...but the added tension that comes with the dance prodigy you seem to be spending more and more time with?
Some would say it's too much to handle.
|Non idol AU|university AU|friends to lovers|
Tumblr media
✧༺༻∞ part six ∞༺༻✧
After that second night you and Minho spent together, it was kind of mutually agreed the casual sexual relationship that was forming between yourselves was just that; casual, no strings attached. When he'd pulled his tshirt back on, hiding his gorgeous body from you, he had smirked at you, tilting his head.
"Don't go falling in love with me now, doll," he had said, eyeing you up from where you lay, undressed, watching him.
"Wouldn't dream of it," you'd replied without a second thought, because why on earth would you? Realistically, you knew next to nothing about him other than what the guys had told you. The only thing Minho had explicitly said about himself was that he owned three cats, and that was not enough to go on to start making your relationship deeper than what it already was. You kissed, you fucked, and you went your separate ways with some flirtatious banter wedged in between. And that was how it stayed for a week or two, just one of you texting the other to hook up or inevitably going home with each other after you'd been out with all the guys.
Hyunjin and Felix eventually figured it out, realising why you and Minho seemed different around each other these days and why you were suddenly unavailable much more often than usual. Though, when Hyunjin finally mentioned it to you whilst you were studying for your exams starting in just one month, it really wasn't the reaction you'd expected.
"Do you know where the mock exam answers are online?" Felix asked from beside you as you took a sip of your hot chocolate. You'd been studying for hours, trying to be proactive for the first time all semester to make sure you passed all your exams easily. Your group study sessions with Hyun and Felix last semester had been your saviour, since you'd never have been bothered to study if you were left to your own devices.
You hummed, placing your mug back onto the table and rubbed your hands together to warm them. Hyunjin, from across from you, took them into his own and repeated your action himself, quickly drawing warmth from how big his hands were. You gave him a small smile as he let them go. "They're under the 'links' heading, not the 'exams' heading," you explained, turning to face Felix as you did so.
"That's stupid," he shook his head, clicking around on his laptop to get the files. "And do you know when the first exam is?"
"I'm pretty sure it's, like, the 5th of December? I might be wrong though," you answered, turning your attention to your laptop in front of you.
"And have you been sleeping with Minho hyung?"
Your eyes slowly crept up to look at Hyunjin, abandoning your laptop screen to stare in awe at the blonde in front of you.
"Sorry," he said almost sheepishly, an aura surrounding him that you'd only seen a couple of times before. He was nervous. "It's been on my mind for a while."
You felt Felix's eyes shift towards you cautiously, his mouth frowning. You sighed, looking between your two friends. Cat's out the bag. "Kind of."
"I knew it!" Hyun almost shouts, until he remembers he's in a public place and lowers his voice. "Was he who you had sex with that one time?"
"No comment."
Hyunjin shakes his head with a knowing look, but Felix grins. "Kind of inevitable," the younger boys says with a smirk. "You and Minho are, like, the perfect pair."
You watch Hyunjin shoot Felix a look of annoyance, and judging by the way Felix yelped, he'd kicked him from under the table. "Don't do that. Don't give her false hope."
"There's no false hope to get," you interrupted their bickering, leaning back in your chair, deflated. "It's nothing serious. If anything, it's a post break up fling. Weren't you the one telling me I had to get over Doha and finally 'get some good dick'?"
You direct the question to Hyunjin, who makes a face as though he's mimicking you, before Felix butts in. "I really don't want to hear about Minho's dick, cheers."
You scoff, nudging his shoulder. "You know that's not what I meant."
"And I know you," Hyunjin says seriously, making you look at him. "And I know Minho. You're not the type who does random hook ups, and he isn't the type to do serious commitment."
You roll your eyes at him, muttering, "I could be the type to do random hook ups."
"Sweetheart, when we went out drinking at the bar the three of us last week, you turned your nose up at every guy in there," he pointed out, and you hate the fact that he's absolutely right. You were fully single, could have gotten with any of the countless good-looking men in that establishment, yet you couldn't help but think that none of them lived up to Minho.
"He's kind of right," Felix hums, giving you a shrug.
"Why is it that I'm always kind of right? I'm almost always right!" Hyunjin moans exasperatedly, throwing his hands in the air. You and Felix share a look.
"Your ego's big enough already," you answer cheekily, earning yourself a scowl. "Anyway, I'm seriously fine, guys. I know you're worried, and I know he's your friend, but nothing has to change, I promise. You two are still my best friends, and I appreciate your concern."
Hyunjin tilts his head as though he doesn't believe you, and you honestly didn't blame him. You realised how naïve you sounded. You'd spent a long time thinking about the situation you were getting yourself in, and all it came down to was that for the first time in a long time you were happy. You were surrounded by friends who you knew truly cared for you, and even if your thing with Minho was nothing more than friends with benefits, you were enjoying it. You hadn't felt this contempt in what felt like forever, and that was good enough for you.
"That's alright," Hyunjin seems to decide, his tone turning softer. "I'm glad you're getting over Doha, and I'm glad you've found someone that's making you happy, even if it is Minho hyung."
Him and Felix both make gagging sounds, which makes you chuckle at them sincerely. "Thanks, idiots."
You didn't see Minho again until the end of that week. You'd mostly spent the week studying, either at the university's cafe with Jeongin serving you free coffee when his manager wasn't looking, or with Seungmin at your dorm, chilling in either one of your rooms and getting through your work silently. You appreciated how you could spend hours with Seungmin, not talking to each other, just getting on with what you need to do in pleasant silence.
On Friday night you'd been left to your own devises, Seungmin at baseball practice and your other dormmates in their own rooms, studying their respective subjects alone. You'd been having an okay night, caught up with almost all the work you'd missed throughout the semester and made good progress with your revision.
The only thing that was irritating you was the headache dulling in the back of your skull, not exactly sore enough to hurt, but present enough to cause discomfort. That was, until you felt the cramps starting. You'd had your period for three days now, so you assumed this was your last day on it.
The only reason that this frustrated you was because you'd had plans to go out to a fancy dinner with the guys to celebrate Changbin's promotion, and you knew the end of your period was always the most intense, evident from the fact you were starting to feel dizzy and nauseous. Your periods didn't last a particularly long time, but they could get intense sometimes, namely tonight. So, when Seungmin got home from practice you told him you'd rather just stay at home for the night.
Obviously, Seungmin being Seungmin, he argued with you to no ends, until you pulled out the menstruation card and he shut right up. He even went as far as to grab a pack of aspirin from the kitchen and bring it through to your room for you before he left to go meet the guys. He reminded you that you'd be going out clubbing to further the celebrations tomorrow night, so you wouldn't be missing out on all the weekend's activities.
You were honestly quite contempt with staying in for the night, snuggled up into your comforter with a movie on your laptop and a hot chocolate to drink. Life seemed to have other plans, though, when your phone started ringing before you'd even had the chance to scour Netflix and ultimately end up rewatching something you'd watched a million times.
Reading that the display name was Minho, you answered the call with a tired voice. "Hello?"
"Hi," Minho rushed out quickly. It was weird, hearing his voice over the phone for the first time. He sounded stressed, panicked even, which was even weirder. "Are you at the dorm right now?"
"Yeah," you answered, nose scrunched. "Why? Are you not out with the guys?"
He ignores your question, practically cutting you off. "Dori's escaped, and she doesn't know the area well, and I've been looking everywhere for, like, half an hour and I'm freaking out."
The information he's trying to get across comes out as one messy splurge, so you do your best to put the pieces together. You assume Dori is one of his cat's, which makes you understand his stress. You soften the tone of your voice. "Hey, hey - it's okay, do you want me to come help you look?"
"Could you? I'd ask the guys but they're all at the restaurant already, and Seungmin said you weren't coming anymore -"
This time it's you who cuts him off, disrupting his rambling. "I'll be there in ten minutes."
He thanks you before hastily hanging up the call, and you automatically heave yourself out of the comfort of your bed to go to his aid. True to your word, it only takes you around ten minutes to walk to Minho's, but you'd be lying if you said you didn't speed walk. You found Minho a little bit away from his apartment, dressed in a suit and tie and holding a box of cat treats, hair parted in the middle, his face displaying the worry you had heard on the phone.
He didn't waste any time before pulling you in for a hug, his hand flying straight into your hair. It was unusual, since he'd never greeted you this way before, but you understood his emotions were heightened.
"Thank you," he says lowly into your hair, pulling away to look at you with scared eyes. "As you can probably tell, I'm panicking."
"We'll find her," is all you say, giving him a reassuring smile and squeezing his forearm. "How did you lose her?"
"Bratty little girl bolted out the door when I had my hands full of groceries," he explained, turning to start walking back towards his apartment, shaking the cat treats as he did so. "I assumed she'd just be roaming about the stairway of my apartment complex, but the main door had been left open for a delivery, and she was nowhere to be seen in the building so she must have gotten out."
"She sounds like a handful," you reply, attempting to de stress him slightly. It seems to work when he chuckles and shakes his head.
"Oh, you have no idea," he smiles at you, eyes darting around to catch a glimpse of his MIA cat.
"So, what does she look like?" you asked as you walked together, ultimately because you had no idea what the cat you were searching for looked like. Minho explained her appearance - a grey/ brown tabby cat, as you made your way back to the area his apartment was in. It was starting to get really dark, and the November air was cold.
"Why don't we split up?" you suggested before you got back to Minho's apartment. "It would give us double the coverage."
"Yeah, okay," he agreed, nodding his head. "But just be careful. It's a pretty safe neighbourhood, but if you have any trouble, I'm a phone call away."
You were kind of shocked at how caring he was being towards you, never overly showing this side of himself to you before now. You only nodded, waving your phone in your hand at him as a confirmation that you'd call him if you needed to. He nods once, flashing you a tired smile as you turn on your heel to walk up a different street.
You heard Minho shouting Dori's name in the distance, so you copied the action, looking in the meticulously well-kept greenery of Minho's estate, under cars - anywhere you felt a mischievous cat might find appealing. You really did try, but after over an hour of searching alone and no joyous phone call from Minho, your toes were starting to crystalise into ice and your nose was a beautiful shade of red. Disappointed, you called Minho, unaware of your current surroundings.
"Did you find her?" was the first thing you heard on the other side of the line, and your heart sank at how hopeful he sounded.
"Sorry," you replied in a small voice. "I looked everywhere, calling her name, but there was no sign."
Minho sighed. "It's okay, I know you would have tried your best. Do you know how to get back to my apartment?"
"Not really," you answered honestly.
"That's okay, I'll come get you and we can walk back together. Which street are you on?"
You told him the street name and he hung up the call, so you waited by the street sign feeling deflated. Of course, you felt awful for Minho and wanted to find his cat as much as he did, but you'd started to realise you also wanted to make a good impression on Minho, always. Everything you did, especially your dancing, you considered if Minho would be impressed, and as much as it spurred you on - it terrified you. The fact that this one man held so much power over you without even realising it.
Minho found you a couple minutes later, instantly taking in your appearance. "You look freezing, are you okay?"
You couldn't even help but chitter when you went to respond, giving him a sad lopsided smile. He shook his head fondly, pulling you up to him and rubbing your side as you walked together. Despite being stressed, worried, sad - all of the above, Minho still took your feelings into account.
"I know the nights kind of turned to shit, but do you want to come inside?" Minho asked as the two of you walked closer to his apartment. "There's no point in me going to see the guys now, I don't want to deflate their mood."
You hummed, understanding where he was coming from completely and honestly impressed that he'd take the guys' feelings into account before his own. "I'd love to, but unfortunately I'm currently surfing the crimson wave."
You thought he'd misunderstood when he turned to you with a confused expression, but you realised you were mistaken when he said, "I didn't say that expecting to have sex with you."
"Oh," you couldn't stop yourself from saying the words out loud, and his confusion turned into a strange sort of half smile. Was it so wrong for you to just naturally assume that's where the extent of your relationship lay? Sure, Minho had addressed you as his friend many times before, but now that you two were acting in a way that could not be deemed as friendship, you thought that line had been drawn. But clearly, he had other ideas. "Sure, then."
Minho chuckled and nodded, pulling you even closer into his side. Your head was spinning at this point, confused as to where the sudden kindness was stemming from. Minho didn't do relationships, this much had been made very apparent to you. Right now, though, you had no clue why, since the version of Minho you were seeing tonight was one that any person would be lucky to have as their boyfriend.
It was because of this messy mindset that you thought you'd imagined it at first - the very foggy outline of a shape sitting at the door to Minho's apartment building, but when you watched Minho do a double take you knew it wasn't a figment of your imagination. There Dori sat, staring up at you and Minho with happy eyes as she bounded towards Minho and wrapped herself around his legs.
"What the actual fuck?" Minho questioned, though his eyes held his true feelings. He genuinely looked as though he were about to cry, the glimmer in his eyes prominent as he picked Dori up like a baby and cooed at her. "Do you know how long we were looking for you, silly girl? You almost gave me a heart attack."
Dori purred, nuzzling into Minho, and you couldn't help but smile at the action, walking towards the two of them and letting Dori sniff your hand. She was cautious at first but settled after a couple seconds and nudged your hand with her head.
"Thats weird," Minho commented, moving Dori onto his shoulder to get his keys from his pocket. He opens the main door and steps aside so you can walk ahead of him. "Dori hates everyone except me and Jisung."
You raise an eyebrow. "Why?"
"Because we're the only two that feed her," he chuckles, walking into the elevator with Dori still clinging to his shoulder and you following behind. "Back when I lived with Ji, he took care of them when I was away."
You nodded at his explanation, watching him place Dori back onto the ground and lean against the side of the elevator. "Where will they go when you leave again? Now that you live alone."
Minho shrugs. "I'll probably get Jisung to housesit. Or they can stay with him and Changbin."
"They wouldn't go to your parents?" you ask, knowing it's verging on personal terriroty, which you haven't really touched on with Minho before. He blinks at you a couple times before shaking his head.
"No," he says shortly, picking Dori back up as the elevator dings. "They're too far away."
The way his tone changes makes you feel like you've overstepped, so you don't press the topic further. Instead, you follow Minho and Dori into Minho's apartment. He drops Dori gently to the ground and she runs off, presumably to tell her brothers about her amazing adventure outside. Minho dumps his keys on the hall table and turns to you as he kicks off his shoes.
"Do you want a tea? I bought some new stuff while I was at the shops, want to try it with me?" He asks. You copy his action of taking his shoes off and place them gently by the front door.
"Yeah, sure," you answer, intrigued.
"You can put a movie on in the living room if you want. The cats are probably through there, if you want to get acquainted."
You hummed, turning on your heel to head through to his living room. It hadn't changed much since the last time you were here for Minho's flat warming party, which seemed like ages ago to you now. It was funny to think about everything that had happened since then. You switched on his fake fireplace, holding your hands towards the heat.
True to his word, all three cats were curled up in different places in the room, the two ginger cats on the large L shape sofa and Dori snoozing on a cat bed by the large windows. Figures, she would be tired after her rendezvous. You made your way over to the couch once the feeling came back to your fingertips, surprised when one of the ginger cats instantly stood up, stretched, and plonked himself onto your lap. You welcomed him, petting him with your left hand whilst using Minho's tv remote to flick through Netflix.
Minho walked in at that point, holding two mugs with raised eyebrows. "What's going on here?"
"I think this one's got a new favourite," you commented, taking your left hand off of the cat to hold the mug Minho was giving you. You put on a background noise tv show, one that you'd seen Minho had been watching.
"That's Soonie, and he's my baby, so don't get any ideas," he shakes his head with a small smile. He holds his mug closer to his face, so you too place the mug by your lips and try the tea he'd made.
The taste was...interesting, and you felt bad when you almost gagged. You looked towards Minho with a scared face, to see him cough and splutter. You laughed at his reaction, his face still screwed up as he placed the tea onto the table in front of you both dramatically.
"Jesus christ, that's revolting," he leaned back into the sofa, shaking his whole body in an attempt to rid himself of the disgusting taste in his mouth. "Sorry for making you drink that."
"Don't use the lords name in vain," you scolded, tilting your head at him. "Trial and error. Cross that tea off the list of ones to try, though, because that was god awful."
"Don't use the lords name in vain," he mimicked, bending down towards your lap to scratch Soonie behind the ear. "She's annoying, isn't she Soonie?"
"I'm never helping you again if this is how I'm rewarded," you huff, gently nudging him on the shoulder.
"Yeah yeah," he rolls his eyes, nudging you straight back. "Thank you though, genuinely. It means a lot to me that you dropped whatever you were doing to help. I owe you one."
"All I was doing was feeling sorry for myself and watching tv, but sure, you owe me big time," you jeer with a smile.
"Do you get unwell when you're on your period?" Minho asks, not a hint of disgust in his tone. You blink at him a couple of times, surprised at the question.
"Yeah, a bit. Usually near the end of it is when I get cramps and all that good stuff," you chuckle. "Seungmin medicated me before he left today, though."
"Good of him," Minho nods. "If you ever need a proper doctor, you know where to find me."
You raise a skeptical eyebrow at the suggestion. "I wouldn't trust you to medicate me any day of the week."
He scoffs, as if it's the worst thing anyone has every said to him. "And you let Seungmin? You're deranged. Plus, I actually studied to be a doctor, so shut up."
"You did?" You say quickly, realising it was one of the first things he was straight up telling you about his life, really. It was odd, hearing Minho talk about himself.
He hums in response, scratching Soonie behind the ears again, watching with a smile as he curls up into the action. "Not for very long. I focused on the sciences in school and originally went to uni to study medicine, but I dropped out and went to your uni instead to peruse dance."
"Why a doctor?" You ask, taking the opportunity he's giving you to find out more about him. It's nice, having a conversation without the bickering or flirting. Just simple chat.
"I dunno. It's what my parents envisioned, so it's what I did. There's not much else to say, other than that I'm glad I chose dance over it."
You nod, appreciating his honest answer, until you feel a pain shoot up your stomach. It takes everything in you not to double over and crush poor Soonie. Minho notices your discomfort, though, moving to take Soonie off of your lap.
"You okay?" He asks, which you nod at. "C'mon, Soonie. You can't take up all her attention."
Once he moves Soonie to the other sofa, he leaves the living room. You feel your eyebrows scrunch in confusion at the action, wondering what he's doing and why he left without saying anything. You understand, though, when he returns with a hot water bottle, shaking it in front of you with a smile.
"Here," he motions for you to lie down, taking a seat on the sofa and moving you slowly so that your head is resting on his thighs. He places the hot water bottle on your stomach, and you instantly feel the warmth it provides. "That should help with the cramps."
"How do you know that?" You ask, your voice soft as the warmth starts to make you feel sleepy. "Do you have a sister?"
"No," he answers straight away, pulling out his phone as he watches your eyes flutter shut. "But my mum had really bad cramps on her period, and my dad was never around much so I helped her a lot."
It's sweet. Something you really didn't expect from Minho, especially considering the way he shut down your previous conversation about his parents looking after his cats. You couldn't quite understand their dynamic, but it ultimately wasn't your place to understand.
"Well, thank you. I appreciate it," you say sincerely, opening your eyes to catch his fleeting smile.
"I don't mind. Now we're even, so I don't owe you back for helping me find Dori," he smirks, pinching your cheek gently as he talks. You swat him away helplessly, sleep overcoming you and making you feel super drowsy. You wonder where the affection is coming from, since it's so unlike you two to act this way with one another. It was throwing you off balance.
Neither of you talk for a while, you just listening to the sounds of the tv as Minho scrolls on his phone, until he speaks up. "You can crash here tonight, if you want to."
"Are you sure that's alright?" You reply lazily, knowing there was no chance you'd be walking back home now.
"Course. You're always welcome here," you can hear the smile in his words, and you get the sense that he truly means it. "I'd never force you home this late. Plus, Seungmin is really drunk right now, and I don't want him to keep you up all night. He's crazy when he's been drinking heavily."
You can't help but to giggle softly, knowing just how funny Seungmin is when he's drunk. Minho's right though, you really didn't want to have to listen to him bashing about the dorm at god knows what hour.
You don't really remember much else of the night, your mind becoming unconscious as you surrender to sleep. You'd had an exhausting day, honestly, and there was something about coming into a warm apartment from the cold that sent you to sleep easily. That, and the fact that you oddly felt so safe with Minho. In just two months, the dynamic of your relationship with him had completely changed, and you couldn't say you were mad about it.
When you woke up the next morning, you didn't really know where you were. Instead of the sofa you expected to wake up on, you were under a duvet with heaps of room surrounding you. As your eyes adjusted to the light peeking through the curtains, you realised you must be in Minho's bedroom. You blinked a couple times, wondering why on earth he'd moved you through here when you were more than contempt to stay on the sofa, and how you hadn't woken up as he moved you.
You felt compelled to look at your appearance in the mirror of Minho's room, patting down your matted hair and adjusting your hoodie and leggings so that you didn't look completely dishevelled. After deciding there was really not much else you could do to save your appearance in front of your self-proclaimed, 'friends with benefits', you wandered through to his kitchen. There he was, looking as though he'd stepped out a magazine cover, sipping on a mug of coffee. He smiles as you stop in the doorframe, leaning against it.
"Morning, sleeping beauty," he says with a smirk. "Do you know what time it is?"
You roll your eyes at the nickname, heaving yourself off of the doorframe to slump down onto the chair beside his.
"No, and I don't care," you sigh, stretching your limbs. "You could have slept in your own bed, you know."
"That's not very gentlemanly," he tilts his head.
"You? A gentleman? Well, I'll be damned," you smile, and as he laughed you felt comfort in the fact you were back to your usual snarky selves. Minho's kindness did nothing but make your heart flutter and question the whole nature of your relationship, which was so not what you needed right now.
"Anyway," he changes the tone of the conversation, standing up. "Coffee?"
You nod and hum in response. "What time actually is it?"
Minho laughs, taking a mug out of his cupboard and putting it under his coffee machine. "It's 2:30pm."
You must have shown how confused you were, because Minho laughs at you as he hands you your coffee. "Yeah, exactly. How did you manage to sleep almost fifteen hours straight?"
"Look," you start, taking a drink of your coffee. It was like luxury to drink a coffee machine coffee, since you and your broke dorm mates could only afford instant. "When you live with three other people in a dorm with paper thin walls, you don't tend to get much sleep."
Minho puts his hands up, sitting back down in his chair. "I get it, I was the same until now, remember. Though, I think I got less sleep living with Jisung than I did my whole four years of University."
You chuckle. "Why's that?"
"Uh, have you met the man? He doesn't shut up."
You nod, knowing exactly what he means. "Do you miss living with him, though?"
Minho nods back at you instantly, not taking a second to think about his answer. "Yeah, I do. I miss the company. Maybe it's why I've become so clingy with you recently."
You take another sip of your coffee, mainly to avoid answering him. You admired that Minho just said exactly what he thought, when he thought it, but it sometimes put questions in your head you'd rather not have. Take now, for instance. He'd just admitted to being clingy with the girl he was casually fucking. What were you supposed to do with that?
"Are you coming clubbing tonight?" he changes the topic, sensing that you weren't going to respond.
"Yeah, are you?"
"Mhm," he answers. "Though, I really can't be fucked. Changbin's going to get wasted, which means he will be forcing drinks down everyone's throats, which means everyone will get wasted."
"Okay, grandpa," you poke fun at him, laughing when gives you annoyed look. "I should probably head back though, give myself time to look presentable."
"You need four hours to get presentable?" he questions, since you were going to Changbin and Jisung's for drinks at 6pm before you went out.
"Damn, you really are getting clingy," you can't help but say, which he rolls his eyes at as you stand up, bringing your mug to his sink. Half of you was tempted to wash it, but the other half was starting to feel way to domesticated in Minho's apartment and was just screaming at you to leave.
"I was about to offer you a lift back to your dorm, but-"
You whip round and the speed of light, putting your sweetest face on, watching as he shakes his head and chuckles.
"Get your shoes on, then."
So, you oblige, shoving on your shoes without undoing the laces and pulling on your jacket. The ride back to your dorm was quick and almost fully in silence, which you didn't mind. It was strange to you, spending time with Minho just the two of you without anything sexual happening, and you couldn't say you hated it, rather...it freaked you out. How you were so comfortable with him. It reminded you of how easy you and Doha used to get along, back when you were kids in high school, and that terrified you.
You pushed it to the back of your mind as you walked up the stairway to your dorm, using your key to open the door. Instantly, you were met with your tall, brown haired dorm mate who crossed his arms in front of you.
"The next time I call you and Minho picks up, I will throw up all over you bed."
You can't help but to laugh at him, especially because you notice his t-shirt is on back to front and he looks wrecked.
"Okay, dad," you tease, holding his shoulders to manoeuvre him out of your way so you can walk to your room. "Hungover, are we?"
"Shut up. Make fun of me and I'll punch you," he warns.
"You can't hit a girl," you shout through to him, opening your bedroom door and heading through. The last thing you hear is Seungmin shout, "watch me!", before you crashed on your bed, needing time to gather your thoughts before you started getting ready.
In almost no time at all you'd done a complete 180, dressed to the nines and in an Uber with Seungmin to Changbin and Jisung's apartment. Thankfully, you'd seen no sign of your period today, and your cramps had finally ceased, so you were in a much better mood than you were in last night.
You had to admit, you'd taken the liberty of choosing a pretty scandalous outfit (a dress that Jeongin may or may not have dropped his jaw at when he was raiding your wardrobe that one time), the shortest piece of clothing you owned. Paired with some killer heels, you were actually looking forward to the night, ready to forget all about exams.
Changbin too seemed ready to forget every coherent thought in his head, as when you arrived at his apartment he was downing shots in his hallway. He cracked a grin at you and Seungmin as you both walked through the door, and you caught on when he eyed you up.
"Don't you look good," he wolf whistles, bringing you into his side. You can't help but to smile at the compliment, but when you look to Seungmin after handing him your coat, he flashes you a look. You roll your eyes at him, knowing he's being overprotective as usual.
"Why thank you," you respond, gently leaving Changbin's embrace to follow Seungmin through to the kitchen to get a drink. "Congrats on the promotion! Sorry I couldn't be there last night."
"Thanks," he smirks, right behind the two of you. He pulls out a bottle from the fridge and two glasses from a cupboard to set up your drinks. "No worries, you had a valuable excuse, unlike someone."
You lift your head to see Minho walking into the kitchen, glass in hand, stopping as he notices you. You watch the corner of his lips tug upwards for a split second, eyes taking in your appearance, before putting his mask back on.
"Excuse you, I had a valuable excuse," Minho complains, taking the bottle after Changbin's finished and filling up his glass.
"Whatever," Changbin drawls, handing you and Seungmin your glasses. "At least you're here now, eh?"
You can't help but take Minho's appearance in, watching as he puts the lid back on the bottle and places it back into the fridge. He's wearing skintight black jeans and a black shirt tucked in, his hair pushed back, and damn he looks good. It seems like he knows it, too, when he catches you staring and smirks.
He hangs back when Changbin and Seungmin strike up a conversation and head towards the living room of the apartment, the two of you on their tails.
"Take a picture," he starts, his voice teasing. "It'll last longer."
You squint your eyes at him, nudging him into the hallway wall. He laughs at your reaction, turning you so that your facing him as Seungmin and Changbin enter the living room, leaving you both alone in the hallway. You realise the Minho of the night will be completely different to the one you saw yesterday.
"Take a joke, doll," he gloats, his hands going to your hips. "Feeling better?"
You try to play it cool, not paying attention to the butterflies in you stomach. "Much better. No more period."
He chuckles, pulling you closer to him and giving your hips a squeeze. "Excellent. You look fucking hot, by the way."
You have to force yourself to step out of his embrace, shaking your head with a smile and sending him a look of warning.
"Careful, don't start what you can't finish," you taunt, walking slowly towards the hustle and bustle. Minho follows.
"Who's to say I can't make you finish?" He whispers into your ear, before walking ahead of you, holding the door open so you can walk through. You have to mentally collect your thoughts, ignoring Minho's comment as Felix pulls you into his embrace.
"Hi, my favourite girl," he gleams, giving you a huge smile. You can tell he's already drunk, but that's Felix for you. You've learned to expect nothing less. As you hug him, you watch Minho walk towards the other guys, smirking. Figures.
"Hi Lix," you giggle, pulling apart from him. Before you even get a chance to have a proper conversation with him, Hyunjin comes to distract you, throwing an arm round your shoulder.
"You look less shit that normal," he states with a grin, the best compliment you'll get out of him.
"Can't say the same for you," you jeer back, smiling in a super fake way. He scoffs, pulling you closer into him.
"You're a little shit. How was your night with Minho last night?" He questions, raising an eyebrow towards you.
"How did you even know I was with Minho?"
"Ah ha!" He almost shouts, pulling away from your side to point a finger in your face. "I knew it, liar!"
"In my defence," you start, ready to defend your honour, but Hyunjin's already wandering off, tutting his finger at you with a gleam in his eyes. You roll your eyes, wandering over to Jeongin.
"I swear we always show up when everyone's already drunk," you complain, giving Jeongin a quick side hug. He tilts his head at you, moving up on the sofa to give you space to sit.
"That's because you and Seungmin are always late," he points out, which you can't argue with. "You joining the game?"
"What you playing?"
"It's this game Jisung made a couple years ago," Changbin explains, nudging Jisung beside him and giving you a smile. "You pull a card from the deck and either answer the question or take a shot."
Minho looks between Changbin and you, but you miss it as you look towards Jeongin.
"It's actually quite fun," Jeongin says, hinting that you should play with them. You shrug, looking towards the boys on the sofa opposite you.
"Okay, sure."
Risky business. Risky, risky business. It takes a while to get to your turn, seeing as Jeongin, Changbin, Jisung and Minho take their turn before you. The other boys opt out of the game, Hyunjin mentioning how it ended in disaster last time. You wished you'd taken him up on his warning.
You pick up your card, rolling your eyes as you read what's written on it.
"Kiss the person opposite you," you read allowed, looking up to see Changbin sitting directly in front of you, smirking. "What the hell, why would you make this an option when your parties only ever consist of you eight?"
"Are you really homies if you don't kiss every once in while?" Jisung slurs, and you don't know why you look to Minho but he's chuckling at his friend. His gaze goes straight to you though as he raises his eyebrow, as if he's challenging you.
You contemplate kissing Changbin for all of half a second before you down a shot of straight vodka, grimacing and shaking your head in disgust as you slam the glass back on the table. The boys playing all groan, throwing their heads back.
"Oh come on," Changbin huffs. "This is how you treat the man who just got promoted? That was an easy ass question."
"Hardly a question," you point out, almost gagging from the straight alcohol. "I'm using my only girl privileges - I'm not kissing any of you."
"Oh, really?" Hyunjin asks, coming up behind you to rest on the back of the sofa and shooting you a look. You actually fake gag in his face.
"As if she'd kiss you out of anyone," Changbin laughs openly, and you start to wonder whether he knows about Minho and you or not. It's not as if you were shouting about it, and Minho seemed like a private person, but you'd just naturally assumed word would spread. The way he assumed Hyun was talking about himself rather than Minho made you question if he knew anything at all.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Hyunjin stands back, hand on his hip, totally forgetting about teasing you as he stands off against Changbin. Jeongin leans into you, whispering.
"Ignore them. They're annoying when they're drunk, huh?"
You nod, taking a sip of your drink to get rid of the vodka taste lingering in your mouth. The game continued after Hyunjin and Changbin quit their bickering, and you had to make a conscious effort to avoid Minho's eyes. It was as if he was trying to make you on edge, staring at you.
Jeongin had to lick Hyunjin's toe, which you have no idea why he didn't just take a shot for. Hyunjin decided to play too, taking a shot instead of taking his shirt off, complaining that he'd never be able to recreate how good his outfit was now if he had to untuck his shirt. Seungmin, Chan and Felix came over too, still opting out the game but watching the drama unfold nonetheless.
When it got to Minho's turn, he rolled his eyes as he read what the card said.
"Who was the last person you fucked?" He says aloud, looking up at his friends but missing your eye-line. You hear Hyunjin try to hold his chuckle in from behind you, but you ignore it, cautiously waiting for Minho's answer. You don't get one, though, since he downs back a shot without a second thought.
Chan scoffs, throwing his head back. "Really? Where's this dignity come from?"
Minho raises an eyebrow. "I don't kiss and tell."
There's a collective laugh from the other guys, but you stay relatively quiet in anticipation.
"Oh come on," Changbin starts, and you can see Jeongin side eye you carefully. "Get real. Tell us, who were they?"
You really don't get why Minho doesn't just tell them. More than half the boys know already, it's evident that it's only Chan and Changbin that don't, so why not break the ice? It only starts playing with your mind, wondering if perhaps he was ashamed of the whole arrangement you had going on.
"That defeats the whole purpose of the game," Minho points out, not allowing the boys berating to break him. "Your go, Changbin."
And that was that. You only played for maybe an hour more before you left to go to the club, most of the boys already drunk. You couldn't stop thinking about that question, though. Would it have been so astronomically bad for him to just say the last person he fucked was you? Was it that embarrassing for him? You had no idea, but you let it dampen your night as much as you wished you didn't.
You were honestly shocked the boys made it into the club, Felix and Changbin practically too drunk to think at this point, but the bouncers let you all in, surprisingly. Unsurprisingly, Changbin and Felix headed straight to the bar, Jisung and Minho on their tails. You and Seungmin head through to the cloakroom to get rid of your coats for the night, taking some of the others coats as well.
He notices your mood, nudging your shoulder and giving you a look in true Seungmin fashion. You sigh.
"Is it so bad of me to question why he didn't say me?" You say, knowing he'll understand as you walk forward in the queue.
"No, not bad," he states. "Just...you said it wasn't going to be a big thing. You guys aren't together, it's not as if it should be common knowledge that you guys, you know..."
He trails off and you take another step forward, next in the queue to hand over the jackets. "I know, I know. But last night...it just seemed like we were normal friends, and now I just don't really know where I stand with him."
Seungmin nods, walking forward again and passing through the jackets, handing over a couple bills to pay and taking the tickets in return.
"I get it. It's hard to navigate shit like this after being in a relationship for so long, I've been there."
You turn to look at him, raising an eyebrow as you walk slowly back into the main part of the club. "You were in a long term relationship?" He nods. "How did I not know that?"
"It's not something I like to talk about often," he says, and you sense that he might not be entirely over it. "We went out all of high school and broke up just before college cause it was going to be long distance. It was weird, I felt like I had no sense of relationships anymore, cause I was so used to having a girlfriend. Took me a while to start seeing people again."
You nod. "Exactly. I just...I don't really know what I'm doing."
It sucks to admit, since you've been trying to ignore the fact you were so unsure about your friends with benefits situationship with Minho, but it also helps. It helps that Seungmin understands you, and always seems to be your voice of reason.
"Don't stress," he says, giving you a smile. "Just enjoy your night. We can talk more about it tomorrow if the situation doesn't clear itself up tonight."
"Okay," you answer, letting out a breath as you spot the other guys dancing, or watching Felix and Hyunjin dance like idiots and laughing at the two of them. "Thanks, Min."
"No sweat," he says, giving you another nudge as you walk up to the boys. Once Changbin spots you, he hands over a drink.
"You bought me a drink?" You ask, speaking loudly over the music and nodding towards the glass.
"Yeah, course," he answers with a grin, clinking his glass with yours. "You're not nearly drunk enough."
You roll your eyes at him. "I'm quite contempt with how tipsy I am, thanks. You, for one, are evidently way past your limit."
He scoffs, still smiling, and leans into you, his hand going to your waist. "I'm celebrating, hm? Let me live."
You instinctively move backwards slightly, but Changbin misses your action, too drunk to notice you moving away from him. You don't know why, but Seungmin's warning about Changbin flashes in your mind like a red siren. You look up, only to be met with Minho's eyes boring into your own. You look away immediately, not knowing why he's looking at you or why you feel guilty for talking to Changbin, when you've literally done nothing wrong.
"Oh, come on lazy lumps! Come dance," you hear Felix shouts into your ear, his hand finding yours to drag you away from your conversation with Changbin, which you honestly are a little thankful for. Minho's staring was putting you on edge, and you notice how his gaze doesn't leave yours as you get pulled away to the dance floor.
You forget all about it as you dance with Felix and Hyunjin as he joins you, enjoying spending time with your two best friends without worrying about whatever else was going on in your life. You must have spent over an hour dancing without a care in the world, until you couldn't put it off any longer and excused yourself to the bathroom.
You didn't get to join them again, though, since when you walked back out the bathroom, wiping your wet hands on your dress, you were met with Minho. He was leaning against the wall, and looked up at you when you stopped in front of him.
"You okay?" You said, not really asking, but just saying something for the sake of it.
He tilts his head at you, pulling himself off of the wall to stand closer to you.
"I will be when we can get the hell out of here," he answers, and you screw you face up at him. You notice how easily he says the word ‘we’. "Come on, like you want to stay?"
You think about it. "I would actually, yeah."
He scoffs, moving even closer to you. "What, so you can keep flirting with Changbin?"
Now you scoff, moving backwards and away from Minho. "Seriously? I wasn't flirting with him, Jesus. What would you even care?"
"What would I -" he cuts himself off, shaking his head. "You know exactly why I care."
Do you? Do you actually know exactly why he cares? Because he hasn't actually ever said if he cares about you, or why.
He sighs, his voice turning soft. "I'm going back to mine. I'm fed up of playing parent, everyone's fucked. Please come with me."
He sounds genuinely sincere, and you honestly don't think you've ever heard him plead you for something, which you strangely enjoy, and probably why you shrug and follow him when he turns on his heel.
"Seungmin's got my jacket ticket," you let him know when he heads towards the exit. He doesn't say anything, instead moves behind you, stopping you from walking so he can put his own jacket over you, since he hadn't put it in the cloakroom.
When you follow him outside, he hails a cab easily, just standing forward and waving his hand once. He holds the door open for you to go in first, and he climbs in after, telling the driver his address. It's silent for a while, you not really knowing what to say.
Minho speaks up, breathing out before he does so. "I couldn't stand watching Changbin talking to you," he admits quietly, turning to look at you properly. "I'm sorry for being a dick back there, I know you weren't flirting with him, and I know I have no right to be mad if you were."
You sit with the words for a couple minutes, taking them in. "Thanks," you reply, though it's a really stupid thing to say. You have no idea what you’re thanking him for. His apology? "Your much more honest about your feelings after a drink, you know."
He laughs at how easily you change the subject. "I could say the same for you. What was Changbin actually saying to you?"
Now you laugh, raising an eyebrow. "Really? I don't know how much I like clingy Minho," you say, letting him push your side gently at the comment.
"Shut up. I'm just curious."
"I'm curious about why you didn't tell the boys you were fucking me."
For a second you forget your in a taxi cab with a driver who can hear everything your saying, but you decide you don't really care. It's a conversation you we're bound to have, why not now?
"Would you really have wanted me to talk about our sexual history in front of the guys? That wouldn't be very gentlemanly of me," he answers with ease.
"Again, you and gentleman don't seem to mix. The first time I met you, you offered to fuck me."
He chuckles at the memory. "Yeah, well, look how that turned out."
You sigh at his cheeky comment, thanking the taxi driver as he stops outside Minho's apartment and Minho pays for the journey. The two of you head into his building and into the elevator.
"Anyway," Minho says once the doors closed, leaning against the elevator wall. You've noticed he leans against any surface he can. "I just didn't want to make you uncomfortable. It wasn't cause of anything else, so don't overthink."
He smirks at you then, and you want to wipe it off his face. "What?"
"Nothing," he says, though he can't help but to crack another smile. You raise your fist, pretending to punch him, which makes him laugh. "Okay, okay! Jesus! It's just interesting how much you wanted everyone to know we fucked."
The elevator dings as it opens, so the two of you walk out, Minho pulling his keys out. "Oh, I did not! It's not like that, I just -"
"Wanted everyone to know who was fucking you? Yeah, I get it," Minho cuts you off, using his keys to open his apartment door laughing, which you can't help but join in on. "I kinda regret not saying the last person I fucked was you. Maybe then Changbin would keep his fucking hands to himself."
He opens the door and you can't help but to raise an eyebrow. Minho notices your expression and turns to you.
"I don't care," he states, looking at you with a nonchalant expression. "I'll say it with chest. I don't like it when Changbin flirts with you, okay?"
Sooni makes an appearance then, meowing at her dad, who instantly drops his cool guy act and bends down to scratch behind his ears.
"Jealous, are you?" You say tauntingly, which makes him stop at turn, looking up at you. The expression on his face makes you totally weak to your knees.
"Why would I ever be jealous. It's not like he's the one that gets to have you," he says as if he's the hottest thing on planet earth, which annoys you but also turns you on. You scoff.
"And you are?" You coax, staring down at him. Sooni leaves as soon as Minho's attention is off him, wandering away. You watch as he stands up slowly, smirking that famous Minho smirk at you as he walks slowly towards you. He says nothing as he places his hands on your hips, gripping them lightly as he pulls you flush to him.
"Yeah," he says lowly. "I am."
And when he leans it to kiss you, you melt, your facade dropping because it's Minho and you literally cannot resist him. His kiss is hungry, wanting, and you reciprocate the same energy. You both being fuelled by the alcohol you'd drank tonight just makes you both hornier - not drunk enough to be careless but just tipsy enough to be bold.
Minho wastes no time in tearing his jacket from your shoulders, detaching his mouth from your lips just to reattach them to your neck, finding the spot he realises you like so much and attacking it with fervour. You moan, unable to help yourself, but you know Minho likes hearing you so you don't care. He proves this by groaning into your neck, pushing you up against the wall. Of course you two couldn't make it further into his apartment than the hallway.
"God, you look so hot tonight," he practically whines, hands still gripping your sides. "You drive me crazy."
You use your hands to move his head back to yours so you can kiss him again. He's right up against you, so you can feel how crazy you drive him, his hard length pushing against your hip. You bring your hands down to the waistband of his jeans, fumbling with the belt buckle until he stops you, his hands finding yours.
"No," he breaths, pulling away from the kiss. "Not yet."
You start to think somethings wrong when he simply pecks you on the lips, until he drops, knees to the floor and grips your thighs, looking up at you.
"This okay?" He says lowly, kissing your inner thigh. You want to scream yes, but you can't find the words, so you nod instead. He doesn't waste time pulling your underwear down, letting you kick them away as he pulls up your tight skirt, the veins in his arms popping noticeably.
You have to put all your weight against the wall behind you when he starts, using his fingers to tease your entrance as he attaches his tongue to your clit. Your hands go straight to his hair, pulling and tugging. He groans against your clit, sending vibrations against you which you cause you to whine, kicking your head back when he eases two of his fingers into you.
The silence of his apartment is easily filled from your incessant moaning, unable to help yourself. Minho doesn't even bother complaining about the fact he has neighbours, it's one o'clock in morning and you're almost screaming. He doesn't care, because you’re almost screaming for him. He's making you feel that good.
Minho's quick at learning, you realise, since he knows exactly how to get you to come and he's quick at it to. In no less than five minutes you’re creaming around his fingers, your grip tight in his hair. He uses his tongue to coax you through it, only pulling away when you're shaking.
"Fuck," he hisses, standing up again and putting his fingers in your mouth. You take them, knowing it's something he gets off to. "You're unreal."
"You're really calling me unreal," you pant once he removes his fingers, your hands going straight back to his belt buckle. "When you made me come that hard."
Minho chuckles against your lips. You undo his buckle and pull out his belt from their loops, chucking it on the ground with one hand and unzipping his jeans with the other. You pull them down with his boxers, his hard cock springs up against his stomach. When you go to move down, though, Minho takes your chin in his hand and pulls you back up.
"Do you think I need prepped right now, doll," he says with a small laugh, you both looking down and his rock hard cock. "Just let me fuck you, please, I need to feel you."
It's probably the hottest thing you've ever head someone say to you. You almost feel sorry for your past self, how much there was to sex that you were missing out on. You nod, smirking, proud of how easily you could make him crumble. He aligns himself with your entrance, using his hand to pull your leg up to give him better access, slowly pushing up into you. Although your dripping wet, you still feel the stretch of his cock, making you hiss.
"I know, you can take it though, yeah? I know you can," he breathes out, pushing more of himself into you. You nod against his shoulder, pulling your head back to look at him, eyes shut as he bottoms out. He opens them as you whine. "Good girl."
He takes a couple seconds to let you adjust before he starts moving, pulling almost all the way out of you before pushing himself back in, his dick hitting that spot inside of you. Neither of you speak for awhile, both of you enjoying the pleasure the moment brings you. Your head falls his shoulder, and you have to bite down lightly to stop yourself actually screaming the apartment down.
Every thrust sends you over the edge, especially when Minho starts going faster and faster, every single time pulling all the way out just to push himself back in again.
"You're mine," he groans after a while, his pace becoming faster and sloppy, which means you can tell he's close. "You know that? I'm fucking you, nobody else. And nobody else gets to fuck you, not Changbin, not anyone."
Even in your delirious sexual state, you don't respond. You whine, you groan, but you don't respond, because you don't know whether he's being genuinely serious or if it's just the horniness that's talking for him. You've never had that conversation with each other, the 'are you fucking anyone else' conversation. Honestly? Part of you didn't want to even know if he was having sex with anyone but you. All you knew was that he was clean, which you'd discussed the second time you'd slept together and you'd been letting him hit raw ever since, as you were on birth control.
The way he sounded so sure of himself must have meant something, though. He said it so assertively. You didn't get much time to deliberate it though, because he was painting you white a couple seconds later, his pace slowly. You pull your head off his shoulder, breathing in and out heavily. He opens his eyes, looking back and forth between yours, before he places his forehead on yours.
"Jesus," he breathes out shakily, pulling out of you and letting go of your leg. You wobble, your legs not having much strength you hold you up anymore, which makes Minho laugh. You pull your dress down as he quickly pulls up his boxers and jeans, zipping them up but not doing the button just so that they stay in place, before picking you up bridal style.
You can't help but giggle at his actions, wriggling in his grasp. "Hey, put me down!"
"As if you could walk by yourself, anyway," he points out, carrying you into the bathroom, putting down the toilet seat and dropping you gently on top, turning to put his shower on. You tilt your head at him as he turns back to smirk at you. "We stink of club. And sex. Round two? Then I promise I'll clean you up."
And how could you say no to that.
Okay sorry this took so long to be posted but 1. I have had the most ridiculous amount of assignments the past three weeks and 2. This ended up being over 10k words I’m so sorry ahahhahah I got carried away. Anyway hope you enjoy nonetheless!! Feedback is always appreciated <3333
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eddiethefreakkmunson · 2 days ago
Dirty Dreaming | Part 3
Part 1 | Part 2
Pairing: Eddie Munson x Reader
Summary: You and Eddie spend the evening reenacting your favourite dream
Word Count: 2.1K
Content Warnings: 18+ only, Smut, PIV (unprotected), Oral m receiving
Author's Note: I wasn't going to write a third part to this but I'm overwhelmed by the love received on the other two parts, thank you so much to everyone who reblogged or left kind words. This will be the final part to this series, I have tagged (or at least tried to tag) anyone who asked to be from parts 1 and 2, sorry if I accidentally missed anyone 💕 I am also running low on requests so if anyone has any ideas you would like to see they will be welcomed!
“Holy shit, holy fucking shit,” Eddie threw himself back on his mattress, hands raking through his messy mop of curls as he fought to catch his breath. 
You giggled and flopped down next to him, your hand placed on his sweaty heaving chest. 
“Holy shit,” you agreed, your naked body stretching out, still tingling from the second orgasm you just had at the hands of your best friend. 
Eddie dragged his palms down his face, unable to stop himself chuckling from the pure high he was riding out. He rolled over until he was on top of you, his arms bracing his weight on either side of your head as he leaned down and attacked your face with tiny kisses. You squealed and tried to capture his lips with your own, missing several times as he moved in a blur. He smiled at your frustration and caught your lower lip between his teeth giving it a playful tug. You melted into a mess of kisses and soft sighs, the ache in your limbs a pleasant reminder of the last couple of hours. 
First you had him explain in detail the dream he had been avoiding you because of, after which you had gotten on all fours while he railed you from behind, you both came for the second time that night with your back flush against his chest while you straddled his thighs, his eager cock thick and pulsating inside you. One hand grasped your breast to hold you in place while the other reached between your legs, calloused pad of his thumb rubbing tight steady circles on your swollen nub. 
And now you were here, crushed beneath his weight, drunk off the taste of his tongue. Your bliss was interrupted when he suddenly chuckled into your mouth. You pulled back and frowned up at him, questioning what was so funny. 
“Sorry,” he continued to laugh. “It’s just, like two hours ago I was jacking off to a photo of you and now you’re actually naked beneath me. You sure this is real?”
You pinched him in the ribs, laughing yourself when he yelped and jumped away from you. 
“Yep,” you confirmed. “Not dreaming.” 
“Just kinda hard to believe,” he rubbed the skin that still stung from your pinch. “I’ve fantasised about this for years, I just never thought I’d really have you.”
“Me too, I guess we’re both pretty stupid,” you crawled over him and snuggled into his chest, his arms wrapped around you as he pressed his lips to your temple. 
You lay there for a while as you let your bodies recover, tracing invisible patterns into each others skin. You felt his abdominal muscles clench when your nails scraped lightly across his hip bones. A low groan rumbled in his chest where your ear was pressed listening to his heartbeat, you turned your head up to face him and gasped to find him already meeting your lips in a butterfly kiss. 
“You ready for another round?” You purred, hand travelling lower to drag a line along his steadily hardening cock. 
He grunted as you touched him, still feeling sensitive. “Jesus Christ you’re fucking insatiable.”
“It’s my turn to pick a dream,” you straddled his waist and held your hands out to him, he reached out and intertwined his fingers with yours as your mind raced with the many dreams that had revolved around him. 
You would have plenty of time to reenact them all but for now you settled on a favourite. You smirked down at him, and he pursed his lips at the mischievous glint in your eye. You dropped his hands and slid off his bed. On trembling legs you stumbled slightly over to where his metal handcuffs were displayed proudly on his wall. Lifting them from their hook you let them dangle from your finger in front of you as you slink back over to him. He raises his brow in surprise, his stomach flipping with anticipation of having you cuffed to his bed, your body free to be used as he pleased. 
“I knew it,” he teased, kneeling up on his mattress to reach your height. “I see you eyeing these babies up every time you come over here. You wanna them on sweetheart?”
“Nope,” you smiled, popping the P as your palm pushed at the centre of his chest forcing him onto his back again. “I wanna try them on you.”
Eddie’s eyes went impossibly wide as you climbed back over him. You secured one of his wrists in the metal binds before forcing it above his head to wrap around his bed frame. 
“Fuck okay,” he whined, his voice cracking slightly as he willingly lifted his free arm to be locked in the other cuff. 
You wiggled your hips against his hard on, delighted when he instinctively pulled his arms down to grab you by the waist. His movements were stopped by the metal, he whined in frustration and writhed beneath you. 
“We haven’t even gotten started yet Eds,” you laughed at his neediness. “You know in my dream you were blindfolded as well, too much?” 
“Usually I’d say go for it,” he chuckled breathlessly. “But right now I really wanna look at you, is that okay?”
“Of course,” you melted at the adoring look in his big glassy eyes, you leaned down to peck his lips, pulling away far too quickly for his liking. 
Amused by his pouty face you mimicked him as you slid further down his body. You worshipped every inch of skin you could reach, sucking purple bruises into his creamy flesh as you went along. Stopping briefly at his nipple you caught the bud between your teeth before tugging gently. Eddie’s hips had started gradually moving of their own accord, bucking the air slowly as the sensation of your teeth and tongue drove him crazy. You reached his happy trail and placed open mouthed kisses along the hair to his pubic region. You placed your hands either side of him and scratched your nails from his ribs down towards his hips, he jolted and the carnal moan released from his throat had your pussy dripping. 
You situated yourself so you straddled one of his thighs, your bare cunt grinding against his leg as you took one of his balls into your mouth, with your hand wrapped firmly around his generous length you began to stroke him slowly. Eddie’s eyes rolled back into his skull as he thrusted up into your grip. You licked a long stripe up his shaft to the red and weeping head, lapping up the salty liquid already pooling at his tip. 
“Mmmm, you taste so so good Eddie,” you hummed, after a few more moments of teasing you wrapped your lips around him fully and proceeded to bob your head up and down his length, your hand at his base wrapping around what couldn’t fit in your mouth. 
Eddie tried again to free himself of the metal prison his wrists were locked in. He was dying to thread his fingers through your hair and guide you to his own pace so he didn’t blow his load too quickly but it was no use, he was bound tightly. He grunted and gritted his teeth and he began to feel your wet pussy rubbing against his thigh. 
“Please, please, please baby,” he begged pathetically. “I’m dying to fuck you, I need you please.” 
You released him from your lips, a string of your spit and his precum dribbling down your chin and onto your chest. Eddie’s jaw dropped, whimpering at the way his dick twitched at the sight of you. Your heart was racing at the way he was looking at you, you’d never felt sexier than you did in that moment. Your eyes flicked to the polaroid camera on his bedside dresser and you had an idea. 
“What are you doing?” He stuttered as he watched you reach over to pick up the camera. 
“Giving you a real picture to jerk off to,” you smirked as you raised the camera to face yourself. You stuck out your tongue letting another line of drool drip down your chin before snapping a photo of your lips and tits. 
“Jesus fucking Christ,” Eddie whined, he attempted to manoeuvre his hips so his cock was pressing against your entrance, unable to hide how desperate he was to be inside you. 
“So eager,” you mocked him, tutting as you placed the camera and developing photo back on the nightstand. “Don’t worry Eddie, I’m gonna take care of you.”
You reached between you to guide him to your entrance, you braced your palms on his chest as you ever so slowly sank yourself down his length, savouring the feeling of him filling you up. Your eyes slammed shut at the pleasant sting of being stretched, you winced as he reached the deepest part of you, still tender from the previous round. 
“You good?” Eddie groaned, his brain foggy and clouded with lust but not too far gone to notice your minor discomfort. 
“Just need a minute,” you sighed, forehead creased as you got adjusted to his size. “S’good, just a lot, a really good lot.” 
Eddie grinned at the ego boost, trying his hardest to hold still for you. He stared in awe at your face as you leaned back, your hips giving an experimental wiggle, a soft “oh” falling from your lips as his tip brushed your spongy spot. Eddie could feel every beat of his heart pulsing blood up through his erection. Your walls clenched deliciously around him, his hips bumping up without his permission. You shifted around until your jerky movements turned into a steady rhythm that felt good, your small ups and downs sending a shivering pleasure along his shaft. Your nails curled against the soft skin of his stomach, you kept sinking down on him, going for one little spot that made you twitch and clench as he brushed it. 
Your bottom lip disappeared between your teeth as you worked your hips over him. Eddie’s eyes wandered south and settled on where you were joined. The glorious sight of your arousal glistening at the base of his cock each time you rocked backwards sending him closer and closer to the edge. He whined as you brought your fingers to your clit, circling the bundle of nerves in time with his thrusts. 
He felt it when you started to come, the rush of wetness and the waves of clench and release locking the swollen head of his cock deep inside you. His muscles started to quake and he choked back a desperate sob as his aching arms struggled against the cuffs, desperate to touch any part of you he could get his hands on. 
“I gotta touch you,” he whimpered, you barely heard him through the haze of your own pleasure. “Please angel.”
You nodded and reached for the key, fumbling fingers freeing his wrists one at a time. He instantly grabbed your hips and flipped you onto your back, a surprised squeak leaving your lips as he surged down to capture your tongue with his own. His hips slammed against yours as he changed the friction from tiny movements to long mind-bending thrusts into nothing but heat, he’d been ready to explode for a while so it only took a handful of strokes to get him there. He buried his face in your neck and yelled as he came, his cock spurting so hard his body trembled all the way down to his toes. 
Your lips left small kisses against his temple as you held each other, feeling light and spinny, the urge to just laugh at how good you felt coursing through your veins once again. You ran your fingers up and down the damp skin of his back, goosebumps left behind by your touch. 
“We’re all sticky,” you complained. 
You wrinkled your nose and it was the most adorable thing he’d ever seen, he booped the end of it with the tip of his index finger and snickered. 
“Any dreams involving a shower?” He joked. 
“Not yet,” you laughed. “Not sure I can handle another round tonight anyway though.”
He smiled and kissed you one more time before he pulled his softening cock out of you, hissing at the sudden loss of contact. 
He picked up the fully developed photo you had taken and threw his head back with a hoarse whine. 
“I can throw all my Playboys away now,” he smirked. “Nothing in the world will ever top this photo.” 
You blushed at his compliment and beamed up at him. 
“Happy to be of assistance.”
He wrapped his arms around you and shuffled you to the bathroom on shaking legs. Climbing into the shower you let the hot water wash over your aching bodies as you relaxed contently in his embrace.
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milky-fixx · 2 days ago
thinking about being in a relationship with both scaramouche and tartaglia
tw/cw: 18+ only pls, possessive behavior, degradation, dirty talk, light bondage (not sfw content isn’t till the end though; mostly sfw)
both men are possessive. scaramouche doesn’t like to share his toys, tartaglia doesn’t like to lose, especially in love. but they—begrudgingly, after many arguments and fights—come to an agreement. they are two of the top-ranked fatui harbringers after all, skilled at negotation and conflict de-escalation: they would rather have you in some manner, than not at all.
they prefer dates spent individually. both tartaglia and scaramouche have a hard time with cohabitation and—quite frankly—being cordial with each other. but because both of them are busy individuals,  they have to settle for any time they can spend with you—and that often entails a shared date. on these dates, tartaglia likes to make quips about who’s stronger, a better lover, etc.  scaramouche understandably gets pissed. but when tartaglia gets a little too handsy with you, perhaps even trying to seat you in his lap, scaramouche is quick as lightning. he clamps a hand around your wrist, his gaze fierce, his insults harsher than the thunder plaguing inazuma. yikes.
tartaglia is the one with the silver tongue. he likes to shower you in compliments, praises; mostly because he likes seeing you flustered. but also, truthfully, because he finds it even more entertaining to rile up the balladeer. 
scaramouche stakes his claim in a more subtle manner: his hand on your thigh, as he hurls the snidest, most derogatory jabs at the youngest harbringer. (you’re his toy after all; he’s merely being a gracious god, sharing you with a foolhardy, overconfident human.)
(scaramouche does seem particularly affronted though, when after a date, a random passerby sees you and tartaglia hand-in-hand, and comments on what a cute couple the two of you make. meanwhile him? a farmer nearby mistakes him—and his short stature—as your younger brother. he spends the rest of the night fuming.) 
tartaglia though is much more stable in a romantic relationship. er, as stable as a harbringer comes. he knows his worth, he knows you like him enough. he does have a problem with jealousy, especially when he already has to share you. anyone who dares lay a hand on you or make a move on you is swiftly dealt with, and never head from again. you’re his, whether or not anyone recognizes it. 
but scaramouche? he hides it beneath his insults and anger, but deep-down he is afraid that you’ll leave him. that you’ll find some flaw in his design—just like his creator did. and one day he’ll wake up, and you’ll be gone. that, or you decide that you only want to be with tartaglia. that fear makes it hard for him to open up.
so when fights happen, scaramouche only knows how to escalate. he’ll say things he doesn’t mean—you mean nothing to me, you’re just a toy. were you really stupid enough to think i felt something for you? he pushes and pushes, and one day he thinks you might get tired enough of him to leave. if that’s the case, then so be it; it’s better that he cut things off first, before you had the chance to.
tartaglia surprisingly is the one who initiates reconciliation between you two. his easy manner, his way with people, the fact that he isn’t afraid to confront even his superiors. he is the one who encourages you two to make up. 
in the bedroom, they’re both intense, greedy lovers. scaramouche demands your utmost submission to him. he wants it all: your mind, your body, your devotion. he buys you a collar and leash, and has you wear it almost every time. yanking on your leash as you blow him.
tartaglia is more fluid. he’s much more a dom than a sub, but he does enjoy sitting back and watching the balladeer have his way with you. jerking his cock with one hand, he’ll add commentary now and then about how good you are with your mouth, about how he wishes it was his cock you were deep-throating right now; he bets you would choke on it, about how the balladeer looks like he’s about to blow his load all over your cute face.
(in terms of size, tartaglia is much bigger than the balladeer—in every sense. scaramouche is determined to be a better fuck though; he makes it a point to fuck you into oblivion every chance he gets. there are certain positions, after all, that are much easier for you to handle with his more reasonably-sized package. he’ll stare tartaglia down as he fucks into you, daring him to do it better. 
and of course, tartaglia always takes him up on that challenge.
the two of them end up spending hours competing in the bedroom, you as their unwitting victim. whoever fails to make you cum the most has to watch you get fucked by the other the next time around.
(it’s often tartaglia who fails, but in his defense, he gets turned on watching you get fucked by another man.)
needless to say, you’re grateful the fatui have the funds to buy such lavish and comfortable beds. because you spend the rest of the day after one of these sessions completely and utterly fucked out of it.
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jinkicake · 2 days ago
Will you write jealousy hcs for Connie, jean, Eren, and armin (either they’re jealous or reader is jealous?)
Armin, Connie, Eren, Jean, Reiner x Reader
A/N: Of course!!!! Let me know if you’d like me to write more for this!!! I love jealousy shit! I’m sorry but I also had to include Reiner like..... I just had to. This is also a good part of a zodiac ramble, sorry.
WC - 2.1k
Armin Arlert
Let’s get one thing clear, Armin is a scorpio (!!!A WATER SIGN!!!). He needs to have you all to himself like he has to be your priority……
Armin is highly sensitive when it comes to his emotions and will get jealous very easily. He won’t show how he is feeling or act on it right away since he does have a level head on his shoulders but, he’ll 100% be feeling it. 
He can get jealous of anyone and everyone, he hates the idea of anyone but him being close to you. In a normal way (and possessive fun way heheh), Armin is very protective and will always have a watchful eye on you. It doesn’t matter if he is in a conversation with someone else or he’s working on something important, if you’re near him then he will immediately be distracted. Little glances will be thrown your way while he writes in his notebook or he might just move to sit next to you entirely. 
In the heat of the moment (when he is feeling his jealousy at its worst), he’ll act calm and unbothered but that can’t be further from the truth!!! Deep down, he’s fucking furious ((not at you -obvi- but the person approaching you)). In almost little time at all, he’ll find a way to remove you from whatever situation you’re in. 
Armin would even get jealous of Mikasa or Eren, not in a romantic way but in a you’re spending way too much time with your friends and he needs your attention way! He gets jealous soooooo easily and will turn into a big pouty mess because of it. Like yeah, he’s so fucking pissed that he’ll also need tons of affection fron you to soothe the ache he’s feeling kekekeke
On the other handddddd,,, when you get jealous,, Armin gets really nervous…. and anxious?
Like he wants nothing more than to fix the reason why you are feeling jealous. He’d hate to know that he made you feel that way,,,,
If it’s someone giving him too much attention, he puts a proper amount of distance between him and them. If his work has taken too much time away from you, he’ll set distinct time slots where he will spend with you. 
Armin is very sweet, a gentle boyfriend so he’ll be sure to make it up to you whenever you get all green and filled with envy!!
But also,,,,, there’s a part inside of him that swells up with pride at how possessive you are over him heheheh Scorpios love loyal s/os!!!!
Connie Springer
Connie,,,, fav bald-headed dumbass, is a male Taurus (and coming from one taurus, a male taurus is the reddest of flags that there is). He’s very stubborn and very perceptive about how he is feeling as soon as he feels it. Connie might pretend to laugh something off or act as if he doesn’t care about it but, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 
He doesn’t allow himself to get jealous. It’s almost like in his own stubbornness, he will push his feelings down because then he thinks he won’t have to deal with them. That method never works and he’s usually left with his stupid frustrations and sometimes gives you the cold shoulder while trying to figure out what to do with them. 
It’s like.. Connie is very clingy (not in a negative way!), and he enjoys being around you and hanging out with you. The two of you are always doing chores together and enjoying each other’s company. However, there will be a point when you start to recognize his clinginess as a sign of his jealousy. This can be seen when he doesn’t part from you ever even when you two have two different things that you each need to be doing. The moment he pulls away from this clinginess is when you have a problem!
As soon as the clingiest ends then comes the ignoring!!! It can be extremely difficult to deal with a petty!Connie but, as long as you keep a clear head and calmly ask him what is wrong and get to the bottom of his hurt feelings then it ends quickly. 
It’s best to get this feeling of anger out of the way quickly because when taurus become hurt, they will always remember that pain! 
Okay…. But when you get jealous, Connie thinks it is the funniest thing in the world. Not because you are upset or uncomfortable but because he can’t understand why you are feeling jealous, like, does he not prove time and time again his unconditional love for you?
He always spends his free time with you and makes sure to keep your needs and desires first in his mind. Your jealousy truly comes as a shock to him and, he might just laugh when you let him know how you feel. 
Howeverrrrr, he will very quickly apologize and make you feel better when he finds out how hurt you’ve been feeling. Taurus are very attentive and when a male taurus cares, he will make sure that you feel you’re very best.
Despite being a red flag, Connie is the greenest red flag ive ever seen!
Eren Jaeger
Oh…. Eren….. He’s fucking crazy. This man is literally a male Aries like…… be careful. Despite being driven and courageous, he’s also extremely desperate and lashes out when pushed to the edge. It’s very easy to tell when he is jealous since it happens so often. 
His type of jealousy is one that needs to be matched with patience. You have such a strong hold over him, unmatchable power, that he can’t fight no matter how hard he tries. He can’t help but want to make sure he’s the only significant factor in your life and he will monopolize all your time to ensure this (what a possessive thing). 
Howeverrrrrr don’t worryyyy, it is a good thing that Eren gets jealous because that means he really loves youuuuu~ And his intentions are relatively pure, okay?
There are times when he can be nonchalant, when Eren can swallow his bitter jealousy and just ignore you until it goes away. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t go away. If you get upset with him over this petty conflict, he’ll quickly come to his senses and beg for your forgiveness and attention. It’s like he’s all tough until he realizes that he’s made you upset LOL
Eren can be very sweet and genuine, you’ll never have to guess with him since he can be so easy to read (as long as you know him well), and he’ll always fiercely protect you no matter what. It’ll be easy to rest knowing you’re his first priority. 
UGH, but the other way around though…. When you get jealous, it sends his pride and ego through the roof like he will get so cocky and hideous (so hot) about it. 
Yes, it makes him feel good knowing that you’re getting protective of him and he finds it hot. Eren is a relatively simple creature, what can I say?
He’ll make sure to ease your jealousy, after he’s gotten a proper amount of it, and he doesn’t half-ass this either!!! In his own way, he’ll tease you and poke you just enough that you get mad but nothing too extreme. The second he notices that you’re starting to feel uncomfortable, he stops and grabs you in his arms. 
Your jealousy made him feel good and now, in return, he’s going to kiss your ass (literally).
If you ever feel like shit from getting jealous, just know that feeling won’t last long because Eren will most definitely make it up to you. 
Jean Kirstein
Jean is much like Eren, given that they’re both Aries. He’s hardworking and extremely caring but, also short-tempered. Fighting with someone explosive and stubborn like Jean is like lighting a match in the middle of an oil spill,, everything will go to shit quickly. It’s not like he wants to lash out at you or fight with you (because really, it’s the last thing he wants) but jealousy is such a wretched feeling and Jean has a very hard time controlling it. 
Yes, he gets jealous very easily and it is also very easy to tell when he is jealous. Jean gets loud and expressive, making sure that his voice booms so that you can hear him. If your attention isn’t on him then he will very quickly make it so that it is. 
Jean naturally gets jealous of anything but, can you blame him? He’s dramatic, he wants to be the center of your world! He will not stand another person giving you attention, it just rubs him the wrong way. Still, most of the time, Jean can ignore his jealousy and subdue it just long enough to get himself away from whoever is pissing him off.
It’s very easy to combat his jealousy, just as easy as it is for him to get jealous. Just give the fire sign attention, that’s it. A little extra affection always does the trick hehe. 
If you just stroke his arm and play with his hair for half of a second, Jean is instantly recovered and puffing his chest in the air like he wasn’t even jealous before. He’s a sweet thing, really,,,,
Oh… when you get jealous, it’s kind of a problem. Aries men are creatures of habit, they can do one thing or another while you can’t do either of the things….
If you’re jealous about something, there’s a good chance that Jean (if he’s swept up in the attention enough) won’t notice. You’ll have to confront him with your feelings and even then, he might just brush you off. 
Only if he can really see the hurt on your face or just how insecure you are feeling (which he can do easily since he kisses the ground you walk on) then he will stop exactly what he is doing. 
Like if he’s surrounded by cadets all gushing over him, he’s going to have a hard time pushing them away BUT, if he knows you are feeling jealous then he will shove them away with ease.
At the end of the day, your happiness is most important to him!! Always!
Reiner Braun
Reiner…. My sweet psychopath…. Is a Leo male, do I need to say anything more about this? (no? I don’t think I do?)
His jealousy can be a bit tedious since he tries his hardest to submerge the feeling but ends up getting choked by it. He doesn’t mean to, but, he might take the frustrations from his jealousy out on you. Not in any harsh way but, he might just ignore you and push you away just to make you push him back and fight him to prove how much you care about him…. Reiner is difficult, we all know this. 
Given, not just his sign, but his entire history and background, it is no surprise that Reiner is so protective of you. He cherishes you and loves you incredibly hard. 
He might not be the easiest to read but when he gets jealous it’s kinda in your face... He’ll hover around you, mildly snooping, as he asks you questions about what you’re doing or who you’re going to be with. Oh! You’re on the phone? Who are you talking to? Why do you have to talk to Eren? Reiner does this in such a smooth way that it comes across as him being curious (which he is) but, you can also see the twitch in his fingers at someone else having your attention. 
Luckily, his open wounds are easy to fix. A little reassurance goes a long way and can prevent a really big explosion of emotions. Stroke his ego a bit (and other places if you’d like) and let him know how much you adore him and love him,,,, Reiner really needs it-
Unlike the rest of these fools, despite being a fire sign, I can’t see Reiner entertaining your jealousy. If this man knows you are feeling upset and insecure, he will fix this the second he realizes it. 
Any doubt that you have, any fear lingering in your mind, will be squashed by his love and affection. There’s literally nothing Reiner can’t talk you out of, he always makes you feel content in your relationships. 
His favorite thing is to just hold you. When his words don’t work, he will always rely on his touch to make you melt into his arms. He’s so sweet when he’s not trying to k!ll everyone, ugh-
You’ll rarely get jealous with Reiner because he doesn’t ever do anything to make you jealous. He’ll never test your feelings or get too close to another person because you’re the only one for him. 
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itsalola07 · 2 days ago
Also I think I do owe some LORE about Owen, he isn't really perfect. I feel like what SOME of what he does is somewhat justified / can be justified but in my eyes it makes him annoying?
-Snitched on Jer when he caught him cheating in an exam.
-Told Sally she is too loud during one of their "dates".
- Also told Sally she wears TOO much pink. (He feels it's too distracting and is "too much")
- isn't up to try new things in bed with Sally because he's "scared". (But really he just doesn't like doing things out of his comfort zone)
- tries to change Sally due to him being very nitpicky. (He /loves/ her or at least the idea of her. She's very pretty, smart and funny- he does want her, but he wants her based on his idea of her- he really can't handle her chaotic mean nature.)
He's not evil, and of course doesn't deserve the bad treatment or the bullying, but he's also not perfect. None of them are. I still stand by him not being villainous but they are obvious flaws. Like you can't deny it's a bit scummy. And in return Jeremiah bullies him because he's the perfect subject for it, and Sally finds it hilarious. So really none of them are perfect.
Sally and Jeremiah are the obvious bad guys in this situation. And Owen is just ignorant. Like he doesn't go out of his way to cause harm but, he never bullies people and is genuinely nice to others, but I don't really think of him as this poor innocent guy. 🙊
I dislike him for the sole reason of people being so entitled over him. I've got a person on Instagram who made several spam accounts and commented on half of my posts (Owen x Sally) and I blocked them for good. Or have people tell me that (They HATE my bully ocs and of course, other insults even tho that's the POINT) so like, basically all it did is for me to see anyone who mention him is basically trying to be condescending, about how morally good they are because they don't like having fictional Villains. So yeah, I do tend to get pretty annoyed. 😂
I don't want to hate my own oc but all this fictional little npc did was show me how stupid some people are. "We hate fictional bullies because it's bad so we are going to bully you, an actual person, over it) like, get the fuck out my face.
And one last note: I might be interested in fleshing Owen more, I am definitely not going to make him the bad guy, but I do truly think his inclusion is interesting, especially that I LOVE drama and gossip. And I know if I get over the hate, I might actually like this random oc of mine. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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pacifymebby · 2 days ago
I love your peaky blinder writings
I was wondering how would each of the guys react to their (younger but legal)girl walking in to their office (who they have been hiding and have been doing a good job at it too) and then one of their enemies also storming in by surprise. she’s trying to hide behind them (Alfie,Tommy,Arthur)and the enemy tries to get nasty with her
Eeek love this love this <3
(sorry in advance btw, these have taken me several days to write and i just don't think theyre that good... I think i might try to turn some of them into full length imagines at some point though so they can get a second chance then lol)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🌿Is annoyed to see you standing there in the doorway to his office. When Lizzie knocks and says "there's a little girl here to see you Mr Shelby" her voice is dripping with venom. She's jealous, she assumes you're there because you're his new fancy...
🌿 She scares you does Lizzie, she's stone cold, a real ice queen and you can feel her hate for you. Tommy steps aside to let you come in and once the doors swung shut behind you you suddenly feel nervous
🌿 he doesn't look happy to see you at all... "what the fuck do you think you're doing coming here y/n?" suddenly you feel like a fucking child, stupid for having come here - the one place he's always telling you not to come. You don't have an excuse either just a...
🌿 "Sorry Tommy I... I just really missed you..." you're not blushing because its romantic, you're blushing cause you feel so fucking stupid. You keep fiddling with your sleeves, glancing over your shoulder at the door expecting to see Lizzie through the glass laughing you...
🌿 "Lizzie scares you does she y/n?" he asks, he's still stern but he doesn't sound quite as angry anymore. You chew your lip, try not to give yourself away but Tommy doesn't need you to answer for him to know. "See if women like Lizzie scare you, then I know you shouldn't be here..." he has a whole speech to give you, to scare you into never being so stupid as to walk into his office like this ever again... but it turns out someone else wants to do that for him
🌿 When Inspector Cambell enters unannounced, his cold stare and arrogant cough, Tommy feels his fury flare all over again. Now he is angry, he's angry that you're here in his office just as that nasty bastard has stormed in, he's angry that Campbells even looking at you... You're in so much danger and theres nothing he can do about it but try to minimise the harm
🌿 "Sorry to interrupt you Thomas, hope you're not paying per hour there..." "pretty young thing you've got there, id be in half a mind to question the legality of her activities, not to mention her age Mr Shelby... See you understand don't you, that the rape of a young girl carries a pretty weighty sentence... And unless we can come to some kind of aggreement well it would certainly make my life easier if i could take you down for something so... Simple... "
🌿 Tommy trying to remain calm, trying to remain completely unphased. "Whatever business you have with me Mr Campbell is with me and no one else..."
🌿 He'd be doing so well to keep it all swallowed down, but when Mr Campbell approaches you, raising his kane to point it at you, "and you Miss, prostitution is, I'm sure you are aware, a crime... Just think of the things i could do to you eh?"
🌿When he looks at you like that even you aren't naive enough to not know what hes thinking.
🌿 "Yes Thomas... i think actually i might take her off your hands if you don't mind..."
🌿 By this point you're holding onto Tommys jacket, tucked away behind him, starring in horror at the old man woth that predatory look in his eyes. You can feel Tommys body tense too. You can tell he's trying really hard not to lose his temper.
🌿"You came here on business i assume Officer and we know how important your business must be... Kept you too busy to go to france afterall didn't it..."
🌿The main reason Tommy had been keeping you sperate from business was to keep you away from his enemies, the second reason however was to keep you from having to see the darker side of him... But now he has no choice but to reveal that... He can't let Officer Campbell hurt you.
🌿Youre a little taken back by the sudden chill in Tommys voice. You'd always known he was a dangerous man who delt with dangerous people but this is the first time you've ever witnessed him threatening someone...
🌿 "Now i suggest, officer, if you don't mind my being so bold as to make a suggestion... I suggest that you tell me what you came here for and make it quick because as you can see, before you interrupted us i was already engaged in a metting discussing business with Miss Carlton here..." you remain hidden behind Tommy so Campbell doesn't see your confusion, besides he's too busy backtracking having heard who you are...
🌿 Campbell is embarrassed, stuttering an apology to you though you don't understand why. You don't know who this "Miss Carlton" is but its certainly scared the old man...
🌿"Now i think you've probably offended Miss Carlton enough already, perhaps youd like to come back and discuss your business with me later Officer, perhaps youd like to book an appointment this time eh?"
🌿When Campbell has finally left you step away from Tommy, sure youre in trouble, and you are... But its not as bad as you think... Tommy is too relieved to have lied his way out of having any harm come to you, to be angry at you anymore.
🌿"Come sit love," he says patting his lap. He has you sit straddling his waist so that he can smooth his hands up your thighs as he talks to you, "So, youre scared of our Lizzie and I'm betting you were scared just not too weren't you?"
🌿You nod your head, open your mouth to apologise but he hushes you with his finger to your lips.
🌿"Men like Officer Campbell are the reason i keep you hidden y/n, to keep you safe eh? So why don't you promise me now that after tonight you will never come see me here again eh? Promise me that now..."
🌿And you do promise him that, but both of you know you'll break that promise soon enough.
🐻 When he sees you he groans, leans on his elbows on his desk, hands over his eyes, face sinking into his palms... He'd been managing to keep you secret for so long...
🐻 He'd been enjoying the privacy, none of the lads teasing him... But they would now if they realised who you were... Because you were so much younger than him... You were 18, youd been 11 years old at the end of the war... Alfie had been fighting in France when you were just a little girl... He couldn't bare to think what the lads would make of that...
🐻 And then there were his enemies to worry about... You werent just any 18 year old london lass... You were sweet, too good for the streets you walked, a real innocent in many ways... If his enemies found out hed gone soft for a girl like you, youd be kidnapped, raped, killed within a week... That much he was sure of.
🐻 So hed been keeping you hidden away, doing his best to keep you completely secret and he thought hed been doing a good job of it.
🐻 Now though, now, you were standing in the doorway of his office with two glasses of white bread in your hands, your sweet impish smile underserving of the crumpling of his own frown.
🐻 "well..." he sighs, "well i reckon thats down the fuckin pan now aint it," he says, "i dont know, you try to do a good thing, you try to keep a good girl safe from the evils of this here big bad fuckin cesspit... And this is how she repays you? White fucken bread?" he raises his brow at you but he can't be angry. Hes not at all angry
🐻Hes maybe a little despairing? He knows he should have known he couldn't keep you away... But hes also very entertained and a secretly pleased to see you
🐻So what if the men in the bakery work out what's going on between you, hes feeling pretty proud of himself to have pulled you afterall...
🐻 "Well come on in then poppet, youre here now arent you, close the door eh, dont want no drafts getting in...."
🐻 So you do, you pull up a stool beside him and lean back against his chest as you share the rum and waste a little time together... Alfie really should be getting on with his work but now that his little girl is here he can't ignore her...
🐻 And that's when Darby Sabini himself bursts through the door, Ollie running in seconds later, too late as always...
🐻You jump, startled by the sudden entrance, the door slamming up against the wall.
🐻 Sabini isnt calm either... He's got eyes full of hate and even though you don't dont much about the gangsters in the city, you know enough to recognise this man... You know enough to know that he's volatile at the best of times...
🐻 "You and I are supposed to have a fucking deal Solomons!" he hisses, edging closer to Alfies desk, his eyes searing with rage as he looks between you and Alfie... "or were you too busy with your fucking whore to remember that?" he snarls taking a pistol from his coat and waving it towards you.
🐻 You gasp, flinching away, shrinking back in your chair instinctively but Alfie just sits up, gives your knee a squeeze and reaches for his own drawer.
🐻"Usually mate, usually right when people want to disturb my peace right they make an appointment... And when they dont yeah, when they fail to follow usual etiquette, when they forget to book a little appointment with lovely Ollie here... The least they do is fuckin knock right?" he knocks on the desk for enphasis and cocks his head to one side.
🐻 You're in awe of how calm he is, though you know you shouldn't be surprised... Hes a fucking gangster after all and you know that... As if he'd be scared at the sight of guns.. He was in the war... Hes far more brave than anyone else you know... And yet you are still in awe
🐻 Youre scared, but its the way Alfie is remaining so calm, so laidback, even managing to chuckle in the face of this wild and raging man that is making you feel calm. Safe despite the gun in sabinis hand.
🐻 "Whatre you fuckin sayin to me Alfie you want me to go outside and fuckin knock? You want an appointment fine I'll make a fuckin appointment..."he shouts at Ollie, uses his gun to the poor lads head forcing him to get Alfies diary. Alfies just watching in quiet amusement... He knows he still has power here.
🐻 Sabini takes the diary crosses through everything written down and writes his initials before throwing the book down in front of you... "There, now we have a fucking appointment so fucking talk to me... We had a fucking deal Alfie..."
🐻 Youre watching this all, frozen in your seat beside Alfie, feeling terrified and also, feeling stupid for having brought yourself to this dangerous place. Alfie is calculating silently, he appears calm on the outside but inside hes thinking quick and fast because he knows the longer Sabini remains in his office the more at risk you are
🐻 And then Sabini turns his attention back to you, his eyes are sharp, cold, and to be frank, crazy. He starts spitting and ranting about how because of Alfies lack of loyalty, he's lost something very precious to him... And the more he talks about this the more angry he gets...
🐻 "So now I'm here, I'm fucking here and i see you with this fucking girl... And you know what im thinking Alfie. Im thinking maybe i, should take something precious from you?"
🐻 This whole time hes been waving that gun around like a mad man, waving it in your direction. And whilst he has Alfie has stood up, ushered you behind him quietly and calmly, as if it was all just routine.
🐻 He'd probably very calmly almost, friendly, tell him to put the gun down... "Dont like talking when theres guns been thrown around yeah? Makes it difficult to concentrate right, for all parties... Cause see if you keep pointing your gun at us, I'll have to get mine out won't i? And then there'll be no talkin at all, will there?"
🐻 When Sabini has put his gun away Alfie wpuld take up that condescending tone once more...
🐻 "Listen sweetheart, maybe we do have a deal yeah, fuckin hard to believe though innit when you come in here waving that thing around in me womans face right... Cause if i came round to your family home - not that i would yeah, dirty my shoes yeah, on filthy fuckin wop territory - but if i did right and i started threatening your women... I'm betting you wouldn't like that very much would you?"
🐻 "Now what I'm gonna do right, what im gonna do is this.. Im gonna count to 3 yeah and if youre not out of my sight by the time i get to three, I'm gonna shoot you both in the fuckin face..."
🐻 When he counts he gets to two, then he fires the first shot at Sabinis mans shoe...hitting him in the foot.
🐻 Sabini starts going crazy again, but Alfie just shrugs, "see i told you what i was gonna do when i got to three mate... Never said anything about what would happen when i got to two... Fuckin silly though isnt it, shooting yourself in the foot? Well thats what can happen when you start playing around with guns and things... Dangerous innit treacle..."
🐻 When the two men leave Alfie drops the sinister tone and softens for you immediately.
🐻 He would want to hold you and hug you, kiss your forehead, reassure you that everything was fine and he'd want to make sure you were okay.
🐻He wouldn't be annoyed with you for coming to see him but he would lecture you on why you shouldn't have come...
🐻 Still, he won't lecture you too much because now that sabini knows who you are, alfies decided it would actually be much safer for you to come and see him every day.
🍂 Arthur probably keeps you away from the office because as well as being concerned for your safety and because he doesnt want any of the other peaky boys getting any ideas about you... He is also a little worried about the fact that if the other lads knew he was dating someone as young as you they'd all start marcilessly teasing him
🍂 But you struggle to stay away from him for so long (several hours) the two of you are very much in love, in the honeymoon period if you will, and so even though he has told you not to visit him in the office, when you do he can’t even bring himself to grumble. 
🍂 Any protests he has are quickly silenced when you begin to remove your clothes for him. 
🍂 He'd pull the blind down on the office door, but, in his hurry to have his way with you, he’d forget to lock the door. So when the Changretta’s enter expecting to find him coked up and out of his mind... they instead find him fucking you on his desk, papers scattered over the floor, the room a mess. 
🍂 Before the door is opened shots are fired breaking the glass, and in a flash Arthur has grabbed you and thrown you on the floor behind the desk, covering you protectively with his body. 
🍂 When Arthur realises who it is thats interrupted you he would be angry, angry that he’s been interrupted, but more so that its by Luca Changretta. 
🍂He’d grab his gun and fire over the top of the desk, snatching at his shirt for you to cover up with, but not before the Changretta’s could enter, see you naked and begin sneering at Arthur as he’s pulling his trousers back up. 
🍂 “How much are you paying her eh? Baby why don’t you come here, I’ll make you want to work for free...” Luca’s eyes would be lingering on your body as you struggled to button up the shirt. 
🍂 You’d be too scared to speak, visibly shivering, you’d feel sick but you’d be trying to be brave for Arthur, you don’t want to disappoint him or have him think you’re weak. 
🍂 “She’s too pretty for you gypsy boy...” Luca would be trying provoke Arthur, he can see the man slowly turning red in the face, getting angrier and angrier, you can see it too and you know that any second now he’s going to crack. 
🍂 “Shut your fucking mouth you fucking wop...” Arthur’s fingers would be flexing against the trigger of his gun, he knows that if he fires a shot he’d set them off and they'd wipe the two of you out in seconds. He’d turn to you confident as a man who’s just pulled his trousers up at gun point possibly could be... “S’alright Darlin, you’re alright sweetheart, come here eh,” when you leant up close to him, his arms wrapping around you, pulling you into a tight hug, he’d whisper instructions in your ear, “when they let you go, you find my brothers,” 
🍂 You don’t want to leave but if you argue you’ll reveal Arthur’s plan and so when Arthur begins negotiating your exit you stand quietly, and, tactically, you allow the tears you’ve been holding back to streak your cheeks, you try your best to look as feeble as you can, hoping they’ll let you leave. 
🍂 “Fine your little whore can fuck off...” “I’m sure you’re a sensible girl aren’t you baby, you know this scum and his tiny cock aren’t worth dying for ain’t that right?” you only sob and run away in response, tearing through the office in search of someone who can find Tommy. Tommy would already be on his way however and when he arrived he’d charge Finn with finding you “some fucking clothes” 
🍂 “How much does he owe you?” sighs Finn rolling his eyes, his jaw hitting the floor when you insist you’re not a fucking prostitute. That you’re Arthur’s girlfriend and nobody owes you anything. 
🍂 By the time Tommy has come to his brothers aid and everything has been sorted out, you would have become fully acquainted with the rest of the Shelby family, Polly, Ada and Lizzie would have sat you down and interrogated you wanting to know all about Arthur’s secret girl. 
🍂 When Arthur gets to you he’d be awkward, seeing all of his family around you. He’s probably cough and say “y/n, I’m glad you’re alright, thats a relief, I’m relieved...” and Ada would laugh, Lizzie would choke on a laugh too and Tommy would roll his eyes and sigh dramatically. “Fuckin alright lets give them a minute alone eh, Jesus Christ...” 
🍂 When he has you alone Arthur would pull you into a hug, apologise for what had happened and tell you how proud he is of you for carrying out the plan. He'd tell you over and over how brave you were, and then he’d promise to take the Changretta’s eyes for looking at you. “You’re to shoot them Arthur, no theatrics Mr Shelby, not on my part..” “He can die without eyes..” you just roll your eyes knowing that in the end Arthur will do exactly as his brother tells him. 
🌼 For John dating a younger woman isn’t really a point for hiding, the only reason he’s hiding you is because Peaky business has started to get pretty serious recently. There's a lot of men getting ideas about killing the Shelby brothers and John doesn’t want his girl getting wrapped up in that. 
🌼 Because you’re younger than him he feels extremely protective over you, he is torn between having you near him at all times so that he can always look after you, or keeping you at a distance so that Peaky business can't touch you. 
🌼 The problem is, being younger than him, and having been kept away from his family, you’re naive and don’t really understand the dangers of John’s life. 
🌼 So you decide to go down to the betting shop one day on your way home from work. From the second you enter you stick out like a sore thumb in your pretty girl dress, your hair done sweetly. You hear the wolf whistles and cat calls as you make your way through the tightly packed room, yelping when a man squeezes your arse. 
🌼 John hears the commotion and, out of curiosity, leaves his desk to see what's going on. When he recognises you across the room his jaw hits the floor, he’s shocked but also panicking. He knows immediately it’s you he heard yelp, it’s you drawing all that attention to yourself. So he pushes through the room to get to you and when he does he’s met with your bright smile, “John, hi!” you don’t even seem all that phased by the commotion you’ve caused and why would you be, you’re that level of good and innocent that you would mostly miss the sleazy details of the betting shop. 
🌼 He’s a little relieved that you are smiling actually, that you’re sweet enough for everything to go over your head. He’d grab your hand and kiss your cheek quickly, “come here Darlin come with me,” he’d say quickly before turning to shout at the men in the room, “alright lads funs over, this is my girl alright, nobody fuckin talks to her, by order of the peaky blinders” he’d be joking - mostly - cracking a laugh as he pulled you through the crowd to his desk which he’d sit at and pull you down into his lap. 
🌼 He’d give you a half hearted talk, about how you shouldn’t come to places like this, “bad places like this aren’t for good girls like you sweetheart...” but you would just shrug and tell him you wanted to see him. 
🌼 And he wouldn’t really be bothered, sure people would know who you were and what you meant to him now, but for a second your beautiful smile would be enough to make him forget what he’d been hiding you from. 
🌼 That is until Billy Kimber himself clears the betting shop floor, intimidating all the Peaky’s customers into abandoning their bets. John would have to get up to deal with everything, he’d give you clear instructions to stay put and to not make a sound...
🌼 And you’d do exactly as you were told. Unfortunately however whilst John is dealing with Billy Kimber, Kimber’s men have swept the shop floor and found you hiding behind Johns desk. 
🌼 And they wouldn’t just cat call, they’d get mean, John and Billy would hear you scream and whimper when one of the men pulled your hair and groped you. And Billy would laugh, shout something like, “Well don’t keep her all to yourself lads bring her here, show us what you’ve found,” 
🌼 John would be livid, struggling to swallow his rage, and his heart would break for you when he saw his girl with tears in her eyes, being shoved to the centre of the room by Kimber’s men. 
🌼 “Well fuck me Shelby, she isn't one of yours is she... Nahh she's a real english rose ain't she... 'ere darlin whatre you doin here with these pikeys eh?"
🌼 As scared as you are of these men, and as timid as you usually are, you won't have a bad word said against your John so your face crumples to a bitter scowl. "Watch your fuckin mouth... Cunt..."
🌼 Honestly if John had heard you say that anywhere else he'd have laughed, the idea of you swearing so completely ridiculous to him that he almost cant believe what hes heard.
🌼 Naturally Billy Kimber is also taken back, pissed off too though and both you and John see the mans scowl before he raises his hand to you.
🌼 Thats when John cuts between the two of you, headbutting and then kicking Kimber till hes on the floor. Amid the commotion Arthur and Isaiah have arrived and before you have a chance to react or understand whats going on, the Kimber men are being dragged and thrown out of the betting shop by John, Arthur and Isaiah.
🌼 After John would return to you deeply concerned for your welfare, wanting to check youve not been hurt. Hed want you to tell him exactly what happened to you when the men found you, where they touched you. He'd be so serious "tell me the truth y/n alright no sugar coating"
🌼 He'd make you all kinds of promises, "listen to me eh nothing like that is ever gonna happen to you again alright, nothin..." but you'd surprise him and shake your head, "probably will John, if i stay with you... Which i do intend to do by the way..."
🌼 He'd be a little surprised, his sweet, innocent lass is accepting the violence of his life like its any other mundane fact. But its not and John is stubborn so despite the fact youve said it will happen again, and despite the fact he knows its true. He wont accept it.
🌼 He'll have peaky men watching you whenever he cant be with you from now on, but mostly hes going to use Billy Kimbers threats as an excuse to see more and more of you.
🍀 Bonnies been keeping you secret for many reasons - he doesnt want people to worry you'll distract him from his fighting, he doesn't want you mixing with the Shelbys or coming into the city because city folk dont treat your people fairly, and he doesnt want any of the work hes doing for the Shelbys to get back to you or to hurt you.
🍀He's been killing people between fights and so far he's kept it from you pretty easily. You havent even seen him fighting in the gym...
🍀 He doesnt realise how much thats been upsetting you, how you feel theres this whole part of him that hes keeping hidden fron you, that you feel distant, like youre being pushed out of his life, being left behind...
🍀So hes taken completely by surprise when you turn up at the boxing gym one day, it almost gets him knocked out by the lad hes fighting at the time. Obviously Bonnie pulls it back, hes not losing to a gorger and hes definitely not losing in front of his girl...
🍀When he jumps out the ring and comes to you hes got blood on his face but he isnt worried about that, hes worried about you asking all sorts of questions about what youre there for, how you got there, whether anything happened when you were walking through town.
🍀But youre fine and you tell him that, trying to explain that you wanted to see him fighting, that youre sick of him keeping secrets...
🍀 He kisses you and you dab the blood from his brow, the two of you concentrating on eachother too much to notice that the lad Bonnie just took out, is watching you, eyeing the pair of you maliciously.
🍀 "Oi gypsy boy!" he shouts disrespectfully, "no women allowed, specially not fuckin..." before he can finish his sentence Bonnie has swung back round, shoved the lad up against the outside of the ring and grabbed him by the straps of his vest.
🍀 "finish that fuckin sentence gorger, go on..." he threatens shaking the lad a little, knowing that if it comes to it he could take this bastard out with one punch.
🍀 Its only when their trainer returns, shouting and making threats demanding to know whats going on, that Bonnie drops the lad.
🍀And the boxing trainer, despite wanting to blame you and bonnie, knows he can't, has to tell the other lad not to be fucking stupid "the peaky blinders will have your fucking balls lad!"
🍀 Bonnie spits at the boy further provoking him so thst the lad takes a chance and tries to hit Bonnie. Of course Bonnie knew it would happen, was secretly itching to knock the prick who'd insult his girlfriend out. Which is what he does. One punch is all it takes to send the other boy limp amd out cold against the ring.
🍀 The boxing teacher would kick the two of you out, telling you fuck off, but you and bonnie would leave laughing, knowing that one word from Tommy will put bonnie back where he belongs in the ring.
🍀 When you were back out of the city, walking back to the settlement along the side of the canal, he'd probably try to stop you, try to talk seriously to you about you not doing that again. "Really dove i mean it, its dangerous for girls to be out round there on their own..." "Wasnt on me own i was with you..." "Aye once you got to us maybe...but what if somet happened to yous when you were walking eh? How can i protect you when im in the ring?"
🍀Poor bonnies concern would be genuine, thered be nothing you could do to convince him otherwise. He'd much rather you stayed out in the country with the families than tried to follow him into the city
🍀But after that fight hed be feeling particularly protective and possesive over you, he wouldnt be leaving you alone until he was dragged away from you...
🍀And obviously the story of what had happened would get back to Tommy and Bonnies father, and the teasing would be relentless, if somewhat quite brotherly/fatherly... Honestly no one would have expected the lad to have it in him...
🐀 Would be keeping you secret because you were a little younger than him and also because you were extremely pretty and extremely shy and he just knows that in front of a bunch of Peaky Boys you would Suffer.
🐀He also knows theres no way you could defend yourself if something happened to you, so he doesnt want to risk anything happening.
🐀And youre actually quite a good girl to him, you wouldnt have disobeyed him if it wasnt important... But it is important...
🐀When you burst into the Shelbys betting shop looking for your boyfriend it was because you were already in trouble! Some Italians had been harassing you when you were at the market, even when youd tried to leave they had followed you, theyd shouted something down the street after you "oi peaky girl" and youd known then that they knew your secret and they wouldnt stop following you until they caught you
🐀So youd ran. Faster than you could really run, your lungs burning, tears threatening your vision as you tore down the street to the Shelbys shop. You knew it was where Isaiah spent his days and you knew he was the only place you would feel safe now.
🐀When you burst in through the door you caused quite the commotion, so out of breath you could barely speak, your hair falling down, windswept and ragged, your chest rising and falling just as ragged as you tried to catch your breath.
🐀Someone, a woman tries to talk to you, demanding to know who you are but all you can say is "Isaiah, Isaiah get..." and as if your voice had summoned him he appears from out the back.. "Oh fuckin hell... Y/n what the fuck happened to..." he'd be at your side in seconds helping you to your feet, brushing your hair out of your face trying to see if youre injured.
🐀Its then that the Italians burst in after you, its obvious theyve chased you, that they are "whats happened,"
🐀He'd push you behind him, his hand moving slowly away from your side to reach for his gun. He'd be watching the Italians with rigid concentration, his adrenaline shooting about his blood.
🐀"Alright whats going on here eh? Which of you italian fucks thought it would be a good idea to chase some poor lass through the streets of small heath eh?"
🐀At this point Finn and Polly would both be watching, you would be tucked behind Isaiah still breathless and shaken. Polly would try to usher you away but youd refuse, not wanting to leave Isaiahs side, only feeling safe when he was in touching distance
🐀 John would have heard the disturbance and come out from the back, his own gun raised too.
🐀"Why dont you two cunts wipe those stupid fuckin smirks off your ugly faces and get the fuck of Peaky territory!" Isaiah would keep talking, keep threatening as if no one else was around. He'd reach for his cap as if to remind them what happens to men who fuck with the peaky blinders and then he'd shoot at the men, firing repeated shots into them. John would probably have to intervene when both men had slumped back against the wall and Isaiah was still firing.
🐀 "Jesus fuckin... That was fuckin brutal..." breathes Finn glancing at you and then Isaiah. John cuts in making a joke, smirking at Isaiah "she'd better be either your mother, your sister, your girlfriend or your daughter mate or Tommys gonna have your balls for this mess..." he says nodding to the blood and the two dead men.
🐀Youre stood behind him still, shivering, when he turns to you, arms wrapping around you, hand cupping your cheek. He only chuckles at Johns joke, too preoccupied with checking youre alright, asking you what they did.
🐀Youre apologetic "know you told me not to come round here saiah but they wouldn't leave me be and i got scared and i... I knew youd be here..." "shh love, you did the right thing yeah... You did the right thing..."
🐀From now on he'll remind you to come to him whenever youre in trouble, he'll ask you what youre gonna do if you get into any trouble every single time he says goodbye to you.
☘️ Michaels been keeping you secret because youre part of a much bigger secret... Your his love, but also his secret weapon against Tommy.
☘️ Because youre an heiress, from one of the wealthiest families in the country, and he knows that your family are a weapon to be yielded agakbst Tommy. But only if Tommy doesnt get to you first.
☘️ Michael thinks that if you get introduced to Tommy and the Shelbys, then Tommy will set his sights on you, he'll try to fuck his way into your good books and steal you right from under michaels nose
☘️ So michaels keeping you secret... Thats why youre never to come to Birmingham. Youre to wait for michaels visits when he comes down to london.
☘️ However its been far too long for your liking, several weeks since you last saw him... And even writing isnt enough, when you read his letters and he tells you he cant come to see you yet.. Hes busy... Tommy has work for him.. Well
☘️ You miss your man. But it also makes you want to visit this Tommy shelby and give him a piece of your mind.
☘️ So thats what you decide youre going to do... You travel to Birmigham and you head straight to the Shelby offices where you inform the secretary you have an important meeting with Mr Gray which cannot be delayed.
☘️ When michael sees you, hes in a state of shock, blinking at you in disbelief. Hes a little annoyed that youd break the rules like this, shaking his head as he stands warily. "No, fucking... No y/n you shouldnt be here what are you doing... Here?"
☘️ Youre a little irritated he isnt happy to see you and though youre about to snap back at him you don't... And you dont because you feel a chill behind you, someone else is in the doorway.
☘️ When you turn to see Tommy Shelby behind you, his hollow cheeks and sunken in eyes, you understand what people mean when they say he looks as cruel as the dead...
☘️ And so suddenly, all that hurt at Michaels apparent dissapointmen to see you, all that hurt is channelled into anger directed at Mr Shelby himself
☘️ You turn around and launch into a verbal attack, really giving him a pieve of your mind explaining just how awful you believe him to be for keeping your Michael busy.
☘️ Tommy just stands their, eyebrow raised, looking between you and michael a little perplexed.
☘️ He talks over you "Michael would you mind telling me who the fuck this girl is and what the fuck shes doing in my accounts office?"
☘️ "Don't you fuckin talk over me Tommy Shelby, I've heard all about you and i wont be intimidated by..."
☘️ Tommy would silence you by grabbing you by the face, your cheeks squished shut to stop your talking, his hand gripping your jaw tight.
☘️ "Alright sweetheart ive listened to your little speech eh, now you're going to listen to mine... Your michael is busy now yeah, hes got a meeting with me and ive important business to talk through with him, so why dont you fuck off back to finishing school now? Run along yeah..."
☘️ Youre glaring at Tommy but he has frightened you, hes an intimidating man especially when hes manhandling you the way he is just now.
☘️Theres a moment of silence before Michael cuts in, his voice stern. It might have taken him a second to find the voice to defend you but hes certain now.
☘️ "Tommy leave the girl alone..." when Tommy ignores him blatantly, he snaps "I said fucking let go of my girlfriend Tommy, fuckin listen to me when im talking, let her go..." he'd get right up in his cousins face, practically snatching you away from Tommy and putting an arm around you protectively.
☘️ He'd kiss your temple and tell you to wait outside but you wouldn't go, glaring at Tommy with tears in your eyes, real angry tears.
☘️ "Perhaps you ought to teach her some manners then Michael, or i might have to educate her myself..." you recognise the undertones in his voice and you feel rage and fear twist together inside you.
☘️Michaels nostrils flaring as he grips tommy by the collar, the two of them glaring, refusing to break eye contact with eachother.
☘️ When they finally do they shove eachother away from one another and Tommy leaves, slamming the door behind him, "shed better be fucking gone when i come back Michael... Fucking gone alright?"
☘️ Michaels definitely going to laugh at you a little "reckon no ones spoken to our tommy like that since he was three years old..." but hed also tell you to never tell do it again.
☘️ "hes unforgiving y/n... You need to promise me eh, never speak to him like that again..."
☘️ Youd end up being introduced to the whole family after that, with the hopes that a formal introduction would smooth things over. It would be icier than antarctica between you and tommy however. At least Michael would be safe in the knowledge of your loathing for Tommy... Youre not going to fall for his charms.
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bluebugjay · 17 hours ago
when byler start dating Mike starts to notice some of his clothes are going missing and not just the long-sleeved, cosy ones Will likes to steal borrow but also some in the short-sleeved, button-up, yellow shirt variety but he doesn't think much of it because they're probably lost in the wash or have fallen off the hanger in his wardrobe or something.
Until one day when he's at the Byers' house, impatiently waiting for Will to come back to his room with snacks, he spies yellow fabric balled up on the floor behind a stack of books. So he goes to snoop investigate, and finds every one of his missing yellow button-up shirts tossed in a hidden pile. Which is weird, not because Will has some of Mike's clothes stashed in his room, that's expected but because they're crumpled and creased and quite clearly have been thrown to the floor with very little care. Anytime Mike has asked for one of the stolen items of clothing back in the past they've always been returned neatly folded and smelling of the washing powder Joyce has been using for over a decade and that one time Will spilled almost an entire bowl of soup down one of Mike's favourite sweaters he said sorry so many times Mike had to tell him to stop.
So... what the hell? And it's just at that moment Will re-enters, a share bag of Reese's pieces in one hand, two bottles of Sprite in the other and a smile on his face that drops the second he sees Mike knelt incriminatingly beside the pile of yellow shirts. Awkward silence looms until Mike decides to break it,
"Care to explain?"
To which he's immediately answered with, "They're cursed!"
And that's when Mike learns about the yellow button-up curse, as Will calls it, and how during each of their big fights Mike was wearing one of the dreaded shirts. Mike finds the coincidence funny at first until he sees Will perfectly serious face in response. So Mike explains that him acting stupid wasn't the shirts fault, it was his and that he never wants to be such an idiot again and he promises he won't, curse or no curse. And Will looks touched for all of 10 seconds until he says,
"I still think we should burn them anyway. Just incase."
"We are not burning my shirts!"
"It's the only way to get rid of the curse!"
"There is no curse!"
But Will's already snatched up the evil yellow button-ups and is running out of the room giving Mike the only option but to chase after him in a race that turns into a tug-of-war that turns into a kiss littered with giggles.
"I am gonna burn your shirts."
"I would love to see you try."
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userhobis · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
but we were something, don’t you think so? roaring 20s, tossing pennies in the pool, and if my wishes came true, it would’ve been you.
Tumblr media
⇢ title the 1.
⇢ pairing kim taehyung x f!reader
⇢ genre exes!au, non-idol!au, angst, fluff 
⇢ word count approx. 7.4k
⇢ summary a return to your hometown also means reminiscing what has been — and even pondering what could have been. but in the middle of your trip down memory lane, who should turn up but the person behind every bittersweet memory?
⇢ warnings angst!!!, crying, swearing, lots of flashbacks, lots of nostalgia and bittersweet stuff, mentions of pregnancy (not reader!!), like a 0.2 second implication that oc is shorter than taehyung??, i cried writing this (but also i’m an emotional bitch so that might just be a me problem)
⇢ italics mean it’s a flashback.
⇢ reblogs, comments and asks mean the absolute world to me. likes are very much appreciated, but a reminder that they’re not as motivating to content creators!!
⇢ reposting this bc like 4 people asked for it and i’m a people pleaser. um. yeah! enjoy 🫡 PLS IGNORE THE BANNER IT’S HORRENDOUS AND HORRIBLE QUALITY bc i made it in 5 mins after deleting the other one and also tumblr hates me !! i am not a graphics person 😭
Tumblr media
THE SKY IS cracking open, leaking shades of gentle pink and hues of vivid orange when you step outside and onto your balcony. The soft twitter of a bird accompanies the gentle breeze that tugs at the locks of your hair as you take a small sip from the mug cradled between your hands, surveying the achingly familiar city around you.
It's been six years, but you're home.
Returning to your childhood city wasn't an easy choice, but when you'd arrived late last night, memories indwelling every corner your car took, somehow, you knew you'd made the right decision. Funnily enough, it was the fountain in the town centre that really cinched it. A glimpse of it had sent you careering backward into a time when your world was a boxy smile and a deep laugh.
Now, as the sun peeks over the horizon, and your drink is drained, you exhale. Content. You have your own place. You have a steady job, a job you love. You have friends.  You're happy. You're home.
Life is good.
Later, you're wandering the streets, in a nostalgic attempt to reacquaint yourself with the places you've left. Isn't it curious, how pieces of you seem to remain behind in places you've long abandoned?
The gazebo bench you chipped your tooth on when you were nine, wild, carefree, full of helpless laughter and happy cries. The park you frequented every day after school with your large group of friends, age thirteen, the beginnings of adolescence, the belief that not even high school could tear you apart. The cafe you studied in for hours after school with your two remaining friends, at sixteen, desperately driven by dreams and ache and longing to escape the confines of your suffocating town. The spot by the pond, where cherry blossoms bloomed — and something else bloomed, between you and a brown-haired boy.
"I've decided that I hate her," you say, flopping backward and squinting up at the sky, blinded by bright sunlight
"Baby, if you keep changing positions I can't draw you," he remonstrates lightly, his dark eyes fixed on the sketchbook in front of him, pencil flitting over it in long, light strokes while he looks between you and the paper.
"Oh. Sorry!" You sit back up, reassume your position leaning against the tree trunk, and watch him work quietly, interested in the easy movement of his pencil, the furrow of his brow, the soft bottom lip he chews on in concentration.
"Keep talking," he says, without looking up. "Who do we hate?"
He shrugs, surveying his drawing critically. "If you hate them, I hate them."
It's stupid, really, how warm that sentence makes you.
"Lindsey Green," you add after a second. "I am telling you, she's had it out for me since kindergarten!"
"You've known her since kindergarten?"
"Known and hated. Lifelong enemies, her and I," you say dramatically, because you know it makes him smile when you're like this.
"Oh? Do tell," he plays along, biting back a smile. 
"I don't know. I think she has a crush on you. And she has for a while, apparently. Which is, you know, fine, you can't really control your feelings, and fair enough, she fell for you first. But I don't want to her to flirt with you right in front of me!" You rattle off, and he humours you between pencil strokes, nodding and making approving noises in all the right places. You move on to other topics, complaining about school, about Mr Seo, about anything and everything, just because he asks you to keep talking. 
You ask him why, and he shrugs again, a simple "I like listening to you." falling from his lips.
You tell him it's dangerous to make girls' hearts flutter like that. He smiles, and tells you with a kiss on the nose, "You're my only girl."
"I hate this place too," you say, a few moments later, scanning the streets surrounding the park, the trees, the houses, everything the same as yesterday, everything the same as tomorrow. 
"I don't know. Everything is so boring," you say. "Everything is the same. Everyone knows each other. I don't like going to the supermarket and running into three of my teachers. I don't like that everything is so small and so cramped. It's suffocating here."
"Where would you want to go?"
"The city," you say dreamily. "Somewhere big and busy and bustling with people and places and somewhere where you feel alive. I want more than this. I want more than existing, I want to live."
He looks at you, a gentle smile on his face. "You deserve it, you know,” he says softly. “Everything you want.”
Funny, how life does that, because here you are, back in this very town, outside this very cafe, ordering the very same coffee you drank all those years ago. Yet somehow, you don't regret it. You don't find the town too small anymore. You don't find it suffocating. You've seen the world, and you've come home now.
The owner of the cafe is the same, only he's more wrinkled now, and salt and pepper sprinkles his hair. He doesn't recognise you, and you don't try to make him. This morning is not for catch-up and small talk and life updates — today is for you, one day solely to remember the traces of your youth, before you settle into dull reality of adulthood once more. 
You pass by someone else in the cafe, a teenage girl, cupping a hot chocolate in her hands — it's loaded with marshmallows and whipped cream, more sugar than anything, and the whiff of it sends you hurtling back to four years ago.
"That shit is like, a mug of pure sugar."
"And it's so-ooo-ooo good," he moans, licking whipped cream from the top, eyes meeting yours with a grin. "Your coffee is too bitter."
"Coward," you retort, sticking your tongue out. "Your hot chocolate is too sweet."
"I have a sweet tooth!" he defends. "I like sweet things." His dark eyes glint mischievously. "Like you!"
You try to brush off the heat that rises on your cheeks, blaming the flush on the steam from the coffee in your hands. But he catches it anyway, of course. "You're cute when you're flustered."
The memory has your mind reeling for a second, but after a weirded out look from the girl, you emerge from the cafe, second coffee of the day in hand, and decide to wander around town aimlessly. 
You pass a bookstore, the bookstore, and a smile turns up your lips as you remember you and your best friend, Sora, trawling the shelves for hours, desperate for words, words, words. The two of you had worn down the grumpy bookshop owner, Mr Hwang, to the point that sometimes he'd even smile at the two of you. Reluctant, small, but there. He'd always joked dryly that you two girls were the sole reason his bookshop stayed afloat; the number of books you bought were unhealthy.
But of course, there's no escape, because as you sort through your fond memories of the bookshop, you stumble across one that even now forces a wistful smile.
"You know we've been in here for an entire hour, right?" He appears next to you, one eyebrow raised, leaning on the bookshelf as you scan the first few pages of a sci-fi novel. When he doesn't receive a response, he glances down at the book too, and wrinkles his nose. "You don't even read sci-fi! You like contempany."
"Contemporary," you correct with a giggle. "Besides, I'm trying to broaden my horizons."  
His eyes soften at the sound of your laugh, and he twirls a strand of your hair on his finger. "My point stands, by the way. We've been in here forever. I'm hungryyyy," he drags out the last word, eyes widening beseechingly.
You pout. "But I haven't chosen yet!"
He gestures to the stack of six books beside you. "I thought you wanted those?"
You sigh. "Unfortunately, I'm not made of money. I can't buy six. I need to pick one or two, and I'll come back for the rest another time, I guess."
He makes a noise of disapproval. "Boring." And he sweeps them into his arms, plucking the sci-fi out of your hands too, before striding towards the cashier desk purposefully, plopping them down on the wood.
"Wha — wait!" You follow him helplessly, trying to grab books from the pile. "What are you doing?"
He glances at you like it's obvious, simultaneously handing his card to Mr Hwang, who ignores your protests. "Buying your books?"
"But — wh — you can't! Mr Hwang!" you splutter, pink-faced and struggling to form coherent sentences.
Mr Hwang remains unbothered. "Transaction's gone through," he tells the two of you, bored. "If you want to pay, I'll refund it."
"No thank you!" Your boyfriend tells him cheerfully, takes his card back, and taking the brown bag of books too. "Come on, baby. D'you feel like burgers? Or maybe pasta?" 
He turns when he realises you're not following him, just gazing at him, stunned, and he smiles, shakes his head, and grabs your hand to tug you with him out the door. 
"You shouldn't have done that," you scold, suddenly recovering your speech capabilities. But at the same time, you're holding back a delighted smile as your gaze fixes on the brown bag in his hand. "You didn't have to do that."
"I know I didn't," he says, an aggravating half-smile on his face. "Burgers or pasta?"
When you don't respond, he sighs. "Baby, don't. I wanted to, okay?" He steps closer, cups your cheek with his free hand, and smiles at you. "I like seeing you happy, alright?" 
He drops a gentle peck on your nose, and a sudden beam overtakes your lips. 
"Thank you thank you thank you!" you squeal, and fling your arms around his neck. He laughs, taken aback by the sudden change, but catches you in his arms anyway, tightening his hold.
Then you pull away, taking his free hand in yours, and give him a radiant smile. "Pasta!"
Tumblr media
"Pasta," Sora decides finally, snapping the menu shut, and you giggle at the full circle she's come. She'd said pasta, then debated a salad, and then sushi and then just a bowl of fries, before finally settling on pasta once more.
"Indecisive as ever," you tease lightly, reaching over to pinch her cheeks once the waiter melts away. You can't help yourself — it's been months since you've last seen her, and despite her claiming that nothing has changed, you can detect something is different. In a good way; she's glowing, and you tell her as much.
"I'm not a fucking lightbulb," is her sharp, characteristic retort, that has both of you descending into a bout of laughter — so akin to the whispered conversations at the back of Mr Seo's Physics classes that another wave of nostalgia hits you.
But of course, this is different. This is the here and the now, not the past duo, stressing about pimples and tests and giggling in hushed whispers at the back of the classroom. Those days are far over, and now what's left is two older (less-pimpled) successful women, but somehow, the two of you seem to have remained equally as immature.
"So...?" You drag out, waggling your eyebrows at her expectantly.
"So what?" she asks, and you scoff.
"Oh, come on, asshole, spit it out! There's something you're dying to tell me, I can see it on your face. What, is it Jimin? You guys finally set a date for the wedding?"
Her face creases into a pout. "I hate that you know me so well. No, no date yet, but we're thinking late spring, actually."
"So? What is it?"
"Alright, alright, fine!" she sighs dramatically. "You're the first person I'm telling this to, by the way. Other than Jimin."
"Oh?" You lean forward, intrigued. "Tell me more."
A wide grin splits her face open, and there's the glow again, washing her delicate features with radiance. "I'm pregnant."
You blink once, and then your mouth falls open. "Shut the fuck up," you say lowly, and then again, much louder. "Shut the fuck up! Oh my God!"
"Shhhh!" she hushes frantically, as half the restaurant turns towards you in confusion — but you, of course, pay no mind to them, hands flying to your mouth in shock.
"Sora!" you whisper-yell, tears springing to your eyes — you can't help the way your heart clenches with emotion, so full with pure, unadulterated happiness for your best friend of over a decade.
"I know!" Her face mirrors yours, and suddenly the glow makes sense.
"How far?"
"Just about three months. I'm starting to show."
"And you haven't told anyone? Your parents?"
She wrinkles her nose in distaste. "No, not yet."
You nod understandingly, mind briefly flashing back to the late night calls you'd get in high school, asking if she could stay over.
"Oh my God," you repeat, shaking your head. "Holy shit, Sora."
"I know," she repeats, a little smile on her face.
"And Jimin? When'd you tell him? How'd he take it? I need everything," you urge, suddenly desperate to know everything you've missed out on, suddenly desperate to wrap your arms around the achingly familiar girl in front of you. You know her inside out, and you have for over a decade, and now she's going to be a mother. Your Sora, your bold, beautiful best friend with a sharp brain and sharper tongue — you remember holding her after her first boyfriend broke up with her. You remember sleepovers painting each other's nails. Movie marathons and debating over which actor was hotter. You remember the day she met Park Jimin, the way she came home from their first date, all starry-eyed and dreamy sighs. You remember, you remember, you remember, and now she's sitting across from you, more beautiful than ever, and pregnant. 
The food comes, giving you a moment to collect yourself, as Sora regales you with the tale of how she told Jimin, how he cried almost straight away, and your lips turn upward at the thought of the soft-spoken man with a heart of gold.
But Sora wipes your smile off in a second when she reaches over tentatively to grab your hand. "Hey, me and Jimin talked, and we thought..." she trails off, looking at you unsurely.
"You thought?" 
"___, we want you to be the baby's godmother," she says softly. 
Tears spring to your eyes a second time, and a second time, your hands fly to your mouth, pressing against your lips with a sharp breath.
"Hey! I'm the pregnant one, I should be emotional!" Sora teases lightly, but softens her gaze when you speak again.
"Of course," she says simply. "Who else?"
"God, I don't — yes, yes of course!" you say quickly, and you shake your head, overwhelmed. "I — I know I haven't been the best, at being here, especially the past few years, but — "
"No." Her voice is calm, quiet, firm. "Don't be an idiot. You're my best friend, and nothing will change that, alright?"
You swipe the single tear that escaped your eye away, furious with yourself for letting emotions overwhelm you. 
"Alright?" Sora repeats herself, relentless.
"Alright," you say obediently, and force a watery smile on your face. 
"You're here now, and that's what matters," she says, with that signature, million-watt grin, the one Jimin claims let him know she was the one.
"I am," you agree quietly. "And I'm going to be the best damn godmother there ever was," you add resolutely, and Sora grins.  
Later, after the two of you have devoured into your pasta, and are wandering the streets again, you find something amusing on your phone. "Says here your baby's the size of a lime at twelve weeks," you inform Sora, showing her the website. As she takes the phone, you direct your voice to her stomach. "Hey, little lime."
"You are not calling my kid little lime," Sora says instantly, poking an elbow into your side.
"Ow! Why not? You don't know the gender yet, and the first time I met your baby, it was a lime."
"My baby is not a lime! They're the size of a lime!" Sora cries, throwing her hands up in exasperation, and you cackle deviously. 
"Little lime it is! Hey, are you having a gender reveal party?" Your mind takes a turn, picturing balloons and streamers already. "You could do one of those — "
As you begin to chatter about cakes, your mind strays to the street opposite, absently watching people climb onto a bus, but your breath catches and your voice sticks in your throat, your ramble dying out instantaneously.
Fluffy brown hair. Long coat. Tall, broad-shouldered.
Fucking breathe.
And then the man turns, and you catch a glimpse of his face, decidedly unfamiliar, completely and utterly not who you thought it was.
"___?" Sora's looking at you oddly, and you shake your head, coming out of your trance.
"I — yeah, sorry, I got — distracted." Your voice is suddenly quieter, because the sight of the Almost-Him has you drowning in thoughts.
If you see him, what will you do? 
Will you be able to take it? Will you cry? Will you smile, hug him, paint over the cracks in your heart to make a few minutes of small talk? 
"Okay," Sora says dubiously, looking between you, and the bus  pulling away, your gaze transfixed to it as you lose yourself in your thoughts. "Well, Jimin and I were thinking about doing something, but nothing too big, you know?"
"Yeah," you say, slowly returning back to the here and the now. You shake your head once more, snapping out of it. "Well, I don't know... I'd say little Lime deserves the best."
You grin cheekily as Sora lets out a pained groan, and suddenly things are back to normal.
Only for a time, because once you're home, in the late evening, curled up on the couch alone, your thoughts return.
You can't pretend to yourself that you haven't thought about him. Of course you have, countless times, endless minutes picturing him, his devastating smile, the curls of brown hair, the way his eyes sparkle. You've made up what he's doing; after a double major in business and photography, maybe he's started his own photography company. He travels a bit — not too much. He’s always loved this place. He doesn't date a lot, but maybe eventually a friend convinces him to try a dating app, and it works, and maybe now he has a beautiful girl with a heart of gold, and a great sense of humour, who treats him right. That would be sweet.
Of course, that's the writer in you. Creating a little story, patching up the loose ends, tying them together so everything's wrapped up nicely and topped with a bow.
If only life was that easy.
The next day brings the first day of your new job — journalism has been something you've had your sights on since high school, and by now, through years of studying and work and toil, you've made a small name for yourself in the media community. Leading you full circle, back home, back to a town bursting with memories . College had made you grateful for your vivid memory, but when you're turning a corner and thrown back to the time that Linsdey Green pushed you over by kindergarten playground, you wonder if it really is such a good thing.
Your first day passes smooth and uneventful, but after hours cooped up inside, you decide on a walk before returning home. The cobbled streets you know so well, the trees dancing in the winter breeze — the chill in the air makes you wonder if it's going to snow.
You don't have a particular destination in mind, but two streets down, you find yourself at a fountain. The fountain.
It's like your feet brought you there automatically, tracing past footsteps, walking a path you've walked many, many times before. Still, that doesn't brace you for the nostalgia that hits when you see the grimy cast stone, and the bubbling water, the pennies glinting in the pool.
It seems smaller, somehow. 
"It's a wishing fountain," he informs you proudly, and you shake your head at him.
"The whole town knows it's a wishing fountain, dork."
He sticks a tongue out at you, but slips his arm around your waist as he does, pulling you closer to him. The two of you watch a small girl, no more than five or six, clutching her mother's hand, throw a penny into the pool. You see the smile that spreads her lips wide at the splash, see her squeeze her eyes shut and mumble a little wish for herself, as her mother looks on, endeared.
"Cute," he mumbles, from above you, and you glance at him, an agreeing smile on your face. 
The girl and her mother leave, with the girl's small question of "Do you think my wish will come true?", and the mother's reply of "Of course, sweetie. That's what wishing fountains are for." 
And then a small, round piece of metal is pressed into your hand, the other hand being dragged toward the fountain. "Make a wish!" he instructs eagerly, bouncing on his heels
"Wish for what?" you laugh, peering at the fountain, and then back at his figure beside you.
"Anything in the world!" he declares, and he looks so glorious in the late afternoon light, eyes like dark honey, chestnut curls glinting in the sunlight, face alight with childish excitement.
You take a sharp breath in as you watch him squeeze his eyes shut and whisper a wish of his own, the words blurring together too fast for you to make out. And then you close your own eyes, clench your fist around the penny in your hand, because suddenly you know what to wish for.
A quiet, tiny voice, accompanied with a tug on your coat drags you out your reverie, and a small girl of maybe eight stands beside you, blonde hair in two dainty braids and eyes peering up at you.
"Are you okay?" she asks you importantly.
"Ye — yeah," you say, slightly perplexed. "Are you?"
"You're crying," she informs you, tiny finger pointing at your cheeks. 
And sure enough, when you bring your fingers up to brush against your skin, they come back wet.
Tumblr media
"You can't not have balloons at a baby shower!" you argue, balancing a too-big cardboard box in one hand and your phone in the other, struggling desperately up the stairs to your apartment.
"That's what I'm saying!" Sora agrees, from the other line, but Jimin fights back.
"It's going to be so much work to blow them all up," he argues. You can picture the two of them, Jimin leaning on the kitchen counter while Sora perches on it next to him, the phone on speaker between them
"Lame," you sing. "Just admit you're lazy as fuck, Park."
"I will revoke your godmother status right now," he warns, and you gasp dramatically.
"You wouldn't."
"I would."
"Sora, he's trying to take me away from little Lime!" you wail, as you finally get the front door of your apartment open and drop the box by the pile of shoes next to your front door. "Fuck, that box is so big."
"How are you still not done unpacking? You've been here two weeks." Sora's disapproving voice sounds, and you tilt your head back in a groan.
"Yeah, okay, mother, I'm sorry."
"Who's the lazy one now?" Jimin crows triumphantly, and you scowl. 
"I hate you both."
"You want to come over for pizza?" Sora asks.
You brighten. "I take it back, I've never said anything bad about you in my life. I'll be there in like, twenty minutes."
"I'm really craving Hawaiian," Sora muses.
"You hate pineapple!" Jimin says immediately, utterly bewildered.
"Pregnant woman," she reminds him, and he groans.
"I hate pineapple," he grumbles, and you giggle, hanging up and leaving it to Sora that let him know he's capable of ordering more than one type of pizza.
It's forty minutes later, you perched on Jimin and Sora's couch in sweats and a ratty old t-shirt, devouring a slice of pizza, when he arrives at the door.
Of course, when the bell rings, you don't know it's him. As Sora and Jimin exchange bemused glances ("Who's that gonna be? You didn't invite anyone?"), and Jimin gets up to check, you remain oblivious, totally unassuming.
Until Jimin opens the door, and the deep sound of a familiar baritone reaches the living room.
It's been four years since you've heard that voice, but you know it instantly, and everything in your freezes, some inexplicable dread growing from your stomach to your chest, trickling like you've been doused in cold water.
Not like this, is the first thought that comes to your dumbstruck mind. This isn't how it's supposed to be.
In reality, there isn't a way it's supposed to be. 
How could you forget that he and Jimin are just as close as you and Sora? 
Sora recovers from the shock faster than you, and claps a hand over your mouth. "Don't say anything, and he won't know you're here," she hisses, and in your haze of confusion and the rush of emotions tugging at your heart, you thank your lucky stars that she's much more quick-minded than you. 
Gradually, your ears strain to hear the conversation. 
"...-ting pizza? Without me?" His voice is light, filled with mock outrage, and something in your heart cracks when you imagine the teasing expression you know is on his face right now.
"Pregnancy cravings," Jimin says easily. "I'd ask you to come in, bro, but Sora's a little... y'know, emotional right now."
("Bitch, where?" Sora mutters darkly.)
"Ah," he says understandingly. "Pregnancy, I guess. Speaking of, I can't believe you kept it from me for so long!"
"Well," Jimin snorts, "I listen to what Sora tells me, and she wanted to tell _ — someone else before I got to tell anyone."
"Idiot," Sora curses her fiancé's slip up quietly, how he’d started to say your name. You’re struck by how absurd this whole thing is. You and Sora, deathly silent in your sweats in the living room, you wide-eyed and clutching a limp slice of pizza like it's an anchor, and Sora keeping her hand over your mouth, both of you listening intently to the conversation down the hall.
"Well, I'm jealous of whoever it is," he hums, apparently not noticing Jimin's mistake. And you wince, wondering if he'd still be jealous if he knew the truth. "Anyway, I just wanted to drop that off, so I'll go, leave you to Sora. See you, man."
And as the two men exchange their farewells, Jimin stepping outside to hug him goodbye, you and Sora let out a joint exhale of relief.
Then you look at each other, just once, and collapse into hysterical laughter.
"That was — the tensest five minutes of my entire life," Sora gasps out, "and I've sat on a toilet holding a pregnancy test!"
And the statement only has you collapsing further into laughter, tears pooling in your eyes — and that's how Jimin finds the two of you, gasping for air and holding your sides.
"Wh — you guys make no sense at all," he says, brows furrowed in bewilderment. "You know who that was, right?"
"Of course we do," Sora giggles out, and you nod.
"It's just — you should've seen us, we looked ridiculous," you say, through helpless laughter.
"___'s eyes were so wide," Sora agrees, bugging her own eyes out and sending you off into another fit of laughter.
"How are the two of you still as immature as high school?" Jimin asks, a smile quirking at his lips.
"Shut up, grandpa, let us have our fun," Sora says, and throws a chip at him — unfortunately, the effect is ruined when he catches it in his mouth easily, a smirk settling on his face.
"But in all seriousness, are you okay?" Sora turns to you.
You blink. "I — yeah, fine. Spectacular. This pizza's just as good as I remember, actually."
She fixes you with a look, and you sigh, relenting.
"I don't know," you admit truthfully. "I don't know how I feel right now. I'm just confused."
"Well, that's fine, right? You quite literally heard your ex's voice out of nowhere, after four years. It's normal to feel weird," Sora offers, a slight question in her tone, because she doesn't really know what she's saying.
"Yeah," you agree distractedly. It had been weird, knowing he was mere metres away from you, so close after so long, and you'd heard him talk.
"Does — does he know I'm back?" You turn to Jimin.
Jimin frowns, shrugs. "I actually... don't know. I didn't know whether to mention it to him." He hesitates. "He was... a mess, afterwards. Really. I don't think he meant to hurt you."
"I know," you say softly. "I know."
"I just didn't know if you wanted me to tell him or not," Jimin adds, and you wave him off.
"No, it's fine. I mean, we'll run into each other eventually, right? It's a small town, and with the baby too... and the wedding — we're both gonna be around. It's inevitable."
And it is inevitable. Maybe it always has been, maybe fate always wrote it this way. Maybe you and Taehyung are the moon and the sun. Destined to cross paths again and again and again in a blinding eclipse. Destined to meet over and over, but never to linger, never to stay. Maybe there was never a forever written in your stars.
Tumblr media
"D'you believe in fate?"
Your question is sudden, shattering the comfortable silence that had settled over your figures. The two of you are laying in the park — three in the morning, gazing at the stars, before rolling over to gaze at each other; when he'd shown up under your bedroom window, and you'd climbed out, a mixture of excitement and nervousness bubbling at your chest, you'd thought, 'Maybe this is living. Really, really living.'
He lets out a low whistle. "Whew. Just like that, huh?"
"Willy-nilly," you say with a smile in your voice. "It's the only way."
"Well." He sucks in a breath, his gaze growing distant in thought. "I don't know."
You wait, and when he doesn't say anything else, you groan and dig an finger into his ribs. "Ahh, come on. There's gotta be more than that."
A reluctant smile spreads on his cheeks. "Well," he begins, rolling onto his back to look at the sky again. "I never used to."
"I sense a but," you tell him, waiting for more.
"I have — " he rolls back to face you, a mischievous smile adorning his face " — a great butt. And you can sense it any time you'd like," he adds, winking at you exaggeratedly, and you muffle a laugh with your fist.
"No, seriously," you whine.
He mimics your pout. "Seriously?" And then reaches out to tug lightly on a strand of your hair with a gentle smile, as he drifts into a thought. You let him, content to just gaze at his face, strewn with thoughtfulness, and wait.
"I didn't used to,' he echoes slowly, still fiddling with your hair. His gaze drops to yours, and a fuller, brighter smile adorns his lips at the sight of you. "But I think something must have brought me to you."
"Yeah, Mrs Fui, remember?" you joke, trying to ignore the blush rising on your cheeks, the warmth stirring your chest.
He shakes his head at the mention of your Literature teacher. "I owe her so much," he says dramatically clutching his chest, and you giggle, which turns into a squeal when he suddenly tugs you closer, arms warm around you, tucking you under his chin.
"Better," he sighs, satisfied, and you try to wipe the ridiculous beam of your face.
A few moments of silence.
"I think fate brought me to you too," you whisper into his chest. The only sign that he's heard comes in the form of a lingering kiss on the top of your head, and the tightening of his arms.
A longer silence.
"D'you think —"  (a shuddering yawn) " —there's bugs in this grass?" you ask sleepily.
His body shakes with a bout of surprised laughter, and he presses his face into your hair as the deep chuckles fall out his throat and into the air. "God," he mumbles, so quietly that if you'd breathed wrong you wouldn't have heard it. "I fucking love you."
Tumblr media
The fountain becomes a haunt for you in the next week.
It isn't even purposeful, but almost each and every time you go for a walk, you end up there, staring thoughtfully at your reflection in the water. The air is getting colder and colder, and you're sure within a few weeks the water will freeze over, locking the pennies in a prison of ice until spring rolls around and wishes are made once more. 
Gazing at the fountain is a peculiar. It sends you tumbling into the past almost straight away, just because it holds so much of your life — it's wonderfully odd, how a glimpse or a whiff of a scent or a phrase can remind you of so many things, so many people, so many places.
Your first date ended up here. Your first kiss was here. He asked you to be his girlfriend here. This is where the two of you began.
It's also where the two of you ended.
"I don't understand why you're doing this," you whisper, voice cracking, arms curled around yourself tightly. It's late, it's cold, but that's the least of your concerns right now.
"Because I need to let you go," he answers, equally soft, his hands reaching out to cup your face. 
"No you don't!" The frustration that seeps into your voice doesn't make him recoil. 
"You're meant for bigger things, my love," he urges. "Bigger than us."
You don't understand, because what could be bigger than 'us'? What could be bigger than forever?
"That's not true," you beg through tears, hands coming up to cover his as they press into your cheeks. "You know that's not true, you have to know that."
His eyes squeeze shut for one long moment, and when they open again, they're glistening with unshed tears. "I'm not doing this because I want to, baby."
"Then don't do it!" It's so easy, it's so simple, you want to scream at him. You want to make him understand.
"It's not that easy," he responds to your unspoken thoughts. He's always been good at that.
"Why?" Who knew one word could hold so much pain?
"Because I love you," he says simply, but you don't miss the way his voice hitches slightly. 
"I love you too, you know that, you know I do," you babble, tears slipping fast down your face. There are no sobs, no ugly, shuddering breaths — not yet. Those come later, buried in Sora's arms.
"I know," he promises, with a saddened smile that doesn't reach his eyes. "But you want more, baby, and I'm holding you back. I won't do that to you."
Two years of high school. Two years of college — long-distance, packed with 5-hour long FaceTime calls and "I miss you"s and surprise weekend visits and over it all, the time limit.
"We were doing good," you insist, voice splintered. "We were doing so good."
And you were. You'd battled long-distance so well, fought off the cliches that had broken so many relationships, fought for each other so hard and for so long.
"We were," he agrees, and he twirls your hair with his finger, for the last time, this is the last time. "We were incredible. And now," he draws you closer, wipes away your tears, cups your cheeks with both hands and kisses your forehead once, long, lingering, sweet, painful. "Now, you're going to be even better."
"I can't," you weep, clinging to his hands, clinging to him. "Not without you."
"You can do anything," he says, so surely you want to believe him. "You're a miracle."
"I hate you," you whimper, finally leaning into his chest, wrapping your arms around him, and all the while remembering that this is the last time, the last time. "I hate you and I love you so much and I hate you."
"I love you," he says tenderly, and gathers you close.
He holds you for 78 seconds. You count.
And then he pulls back, and you finally see that he's crying too. "Promise me," he says, catching your jaw  in his hand, tilting it to look at him. "Promise me you'll look after yourself."
You gulp back a sob. "Only if you promise the same."
He lifts a pinky, a bittersweet smile gracing his lips as you lace your smallest finger with his (for the last time, the last time).
"I love you," you say simultaneously, and a strangle giggle escapes both your throats. And then he cuts it off with a kiss, soft, painful — and the feel of his lips lingers. It lingers for months. Years. Sweet, but bruising. 
Because even when shattering your heart into a thousand pieces, he is gentle.
You blink out your memory suddenly and without warning — but at first, you don't realise you’re back to reality, because he is standing in front of the fountain. And, idiotic as ever, you think you're still in the rut of your memories.
Until he says your name.
You don't cry, like you thought you might, but you don't smile either. There's no hug. No small talk. Just your eyes widening in realisation, in recognition, and your lips parting in shock, and your voice trapped in your throat.
For the first time in four years, you allow your lips to shape his name. 
He steps closer, and your eyes flit over his figure.
"You got taller," you say dumbly. 
An unexpected smile lights his face up. "A little," he concurs, inclining his head. And he grins down at you, that mischievous glimmer in his eye, so familiar that your heart throbs. "I see you didn't."
An equally unexpected laugh slips out your mouth. And, just like those many years ago, his eyes soften at the sound. You almost expect him to reach out and twirl your hair on his finger.
Judging by the way his hand twitches, he almost does.
"You're back," he states the obvious.
"I'm back," you confirm, unable to tear your gaze from his. It's been so long, so incredibly long, but somehow you can still read him, read every tilt of the head and shift of the body.
He looks good. Handsome as ever; tall, well-built — he's gained muscle — and fluffy-haired. Laughter lines. And the eyes, still as deep and intense as before, like looking into two molten honey pools. Thick eyelashes, familiar moles dotting his face. He's the same, but he's different. He's not your Tae anymore, but he was, he really was.
"Here for a visit?"
"I — no," you explain. "For good. Got a place, a job and everything."
His eyebrows rise a millimetre. "Oh? What about the big city and the more?"
He remembers.
"I think the more became a little too much for me," you contemplate slowly. "But I'm glad I did it."
"That's good," he says softly. "That's really good."
"You? How are you doing?" You're being genuine. Maybe seeing him provokes an ache in your heart, but you sincerely want to know how he's been.
"I'm good," he says, and the smile reaches his eyes. "I'm really good."
A smile tugs at your lips. "I'm glad, Tae."
"Do you want to —" he motions to the wall of the fountain, and briefly, your mind reels back to the pair of you, sharing sweets on that wall, teasing, laughing, kissing, loving.
"Yeah," you agree instantly, and once the two of you are settled, you can almost close your eyes and pretend the past six years didn't happen, and you're eighteen years old, with the world in front of you.
"I can fit the whole world in the palms of my hands!" Taehyung declares suddenly.
You look up from where you've been dabbling your hand in the cold fountain water. "That's impossible, you dork."
"Nope. Want me to show you?" He has That grin on his face, but you give in easily, as you always do with him.
"Show me."
And he reaches over and cups your face in his hands.
"I think congratulations are in order, Miss Godmother," he says, pulling you back to the present.
You blink. "How did you — "
"Jimin messed up," he tells you with a rueful grin. "When I came to his house that night?"
You gasp. "You knew?"
"You left your scarf on his coat rack, next to the door. And you're the only person I know who'd wear bright pink, fluffy slippers to someone's house at 7p.m.," he tells you, and you internally groan, remembering that you'd kicked them off right next to the front door.
"You say that like it's a bad thing," you retort teasingly, and he laughs.
"No," he promises, wide smiles. "It definitely isn't." His brows raise. "So, how loud did you scream when you found out she was pregnant?"
God, he knows you inside out. You know him inside out.
"We almost got kicked out the diner, I'm sure," you say, and both of you laugh together.
"Franny's?" he asks, and you roll your eyes at him.
"Duh. Only the best pasta in town."
"Remember when we — "
" — had to take a drunk Jimin there because he was starving and we had to pretend like he wasn't drunk and — "
"— we got kicked out when he puked on the waiter," he finishes, and you both burst into laughter at the memory.
"He ended up with bubblegum pink hair that night," you remember fondly, and then gasp. "Remember when you went blonde?"
He groans, tips his head back. "I can't believe you let me do that."
"I was not responsible for your big kid decisions!" you protest through giggles. "Besides, you looked good. Honestly, if you pulled off the bright red you had for Halloween in senior year, you could probably pull off anything."
"Mm, that was a pretty good costume if I do say so myself," he winks, and your mouth drops open in objection.
"Excuse me? Whose idea was it exactly?"
He pretends to think hard. "I don't really seem to remember...."
"Asshole," you say, but you're smiling.
A silence settles, but it isn't painfully awkward, as you might expect. It's easy, familiar. Maybe because you've done it so many times before, sat in this very spot, enjoying each other's presence.
"You were wrong, you know," you say suddenly, quietly, shattering the illusion of memory. "Back then. I didn't want more."
He sucks in a breath next to you, you feel it, but you continue anyway, turning to look him in the eye. You refuse to pretend the two of you didn't happen, refuse to pretend you're old high school friends or something.
"I didn't want more," you repeat. "I wanted you. You were enough. More than enough. I'm sorry you thought you weren't."
"I'm sorry," he says earnestly, and he opens his mouth to say more but you stop him. 
You smile, soft, tender. "I forgave you a long time ago. You don't need to do this."
"No," he shakes his head, and you remember his stubbornness so well it almost makes you smile. "I need to do this," he insists. "I need to tell you I'm sorry, because I am, I'm so sorry. I hurt you."
"You did," you agree quietly, voice slightly choked as you struggle with tears. How can this be real? How can he be here, next to you, the boy you loved and loved and lost? "I loved you," you tell him, gentle. 
You didn't think it would be like this, soft and raw and aching. You thought it would be sharp, stinging, angry, but it's not. You're not.
"I loved you," he returns, equally gentle. "I loved you with everything in me."
"We both did," you agree, a ghost of a smile tracing your lips. "We were something, don't you think so?"
"Yeah," he sighs wistfully, and you glance to the side, take him in, this painfully familiar boy beside you. The boy who will always spell out love when you say his name. First love, first loss. Picnics and bookstores and pasta and stargazing and wishing fountains and a forever that was always promised but never came. 
"We were something," he agrees.
Tentative, slow, his hand reaches over and takes yours. A gentle squeeze, hands warm, familiar. And then his touch is gone. Memory, alongside so many others.
Tumblr media
"You're really pretty."
The deep voice snaps you out of your book almost immediately, and you look up from the words to find a boy gazing at you, bright-eyed, hopeful smiles. You know who he is, by sight. The funny kid, charms the teachers, cracks the jokes at the back of class, devastatingly handsome. And way beyond your orbit.
"I — wh — thank you," you stammer out, utterly perplexed, horrifyingly embarrassed. 
"Assigned seats," he explains, gesturing to Mrs Fui at the front of the classroom as he slumps into the desk beside yours. "Whatcha reading?"
You hold up the cover, and his nose wrinkles. "Never heard of it."
"It's good," you tell him. "You should read it."
(He's not a reading guy, he wants to say, but he'll do it if you ask.)
"What's your name?"
"____," you respond, tucking your hair behind your ear prettily, and he wonders what it would be like to do that for you.
"Well, ____," he says, a dazzling smile on his face and a hand reaching out to to shake yours. "I'm Kim Taehyung, and I think we're going to be great."
"Great friends, you mean?" you ask, features scrunched in an adorable frown.
He shakes his head, repeats himself conclusively. "We're going to be great."
Tumblr media
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14dayswithyou · a day ago
Have you heard or played this game called "The Quarry"? If so what would Ren be like if he was in that game? I've been hyperfixating over both games and I cant get the crossover out of my mind lol
✦゜ANSWERED: I actually got to play the game with Mon (my (irl) bestie) a while back, and I've had Kaitlyn brainrot ever since uwu
This ask also got long because I have A LOT to say about The Quarry!AU Ren gksdgbjsdgk. Also!! There's going to be spoilers for the actual game! IK it's been out for a while now, but if you ever plan on playing it, maybe skip this ask and come back another time!! <3
Okay!! So! Ren probably told the other councillors that he went to Hackett's Quarry to gain more experience as a music tutor, when in reality, he only joined the stupid program so that he'd get to spend the summer with you.
Would constantly show up to your camp activities with the kids and ask if you needed any help. Mainly because he was free right now and had nothing better to do. (He had to clean the kitchens...)
They would be insanely overprotective of you even if there was no one else around, and it would only get worse if Ren ever gets bitten (read: infected!Nick).
Realistically speaking, the only way Ren could possibly get bitten is by protecting you. Because if he had the choice, this man would literally lock the both of you up in the security room (that he tooootally had no clue about), and would just wait out the night there instead of walking aimlessly around the camp and getting stalked by hunters and werewolves.
I doubt they'd do anything to help the other councillors, and would instead watch them meet their demise through the security cameras.
If you were to witness them meeting their gory demise though, then Ren might put up an act and pretend to care. Maybe press a few buttons and switches in hopes that it'd somehow help them — when in reality, he's just flicking the audio channels on and off.
If you didn't want to camp out in the security room for the entirety of the night, then Ren would be glued to your side and won't ever let you out of his sight.
He'd let you carry the shotgun if it made you feel safer, but wouldn't mind using it himself if you thought that was the better option. Though... he'd probably forget that it was a gun at first and would try to smack the werewolves with the recoil/stock end before realising that, wait, this isn't a sledgehammer? It doesn't work that way?
Ren has seen enough horror movies to be able to put all the (cliché) pieces together, and would probably figure out what was happening by the time you (Abi) push Leon (Nick) into the pool.
Ren would 100% be like, "Oh, they don't like water? Alright then. Cool. C'mon Angel, we're stealing a kayak and sleeping in the middle of the lake tonight ^^ We can look at the stars while we confess our feelings for each other—" "Oh wow MC, you look hot holding a shotgun." "Shut the FUCK up you buff ass RACCOON, I'm having my moment >:(" "Ren, don't be mean to Teo."
If Ren does get infected, then he's just going to be extra clingy and creepy compared to usual. He'd be sniffing you every chance he gets and would try to rub his scent all over you. They'd probably be extra horny because even without being a werewolf, Ren is still very much addicted to your scent.
The real/[REDACTED] side of him would slowly start to surface, and would constantly ask you questions like "who do you love?", "D'you like me?", "No one can protect you like I can.", "You smell s'good. Come closer.", "Need to taste you. Now.", "I want t'be inside you."
Once he fully turns, I'd really like to say that he wouldn't target you simply because his sheer devotion to you would outweigh his animalistic urges. Idk if that's canonically possible in the game, but I'm gonna pretend it is because I can hehe :)
Everyone else is fair game though, especially any of the councillors that got a bit too close to you at the beginning of the season. All the people who tried to be friendly with you? Those who tried to kiss you during that game of Truth or Dare? Yeah, they better start hiding because Ren will be seeking them out.
He probably won't try to interact with you while in his werewolf form because he's afraid of scaring/hurting you, but would instead stalk you around the camp and fend off any other threats that go near your vicinity.
By the time dawn comes, Ren will be seeking you out and ensuring that you're alright. If anyone dared to hurt you while he was occupied with hunting down the other councillors, they'd be dead meat. Especially since they have a shotgun in their possession now :)
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birdsong-warriors · 12 hours ago
I owe all of you an apology. You tried to warn me. You tried to tell me what was going on.
To those who are unaware, I was previously friends with someone under many aliases, but you might know them best under hollyleaf-hates-fantis, or toffee/toffeebun. I knew them as Bree.
They had posted some ideas that were founded primarily on a desperate and concerning desire to have trauma they could use to justify said ideas. They frequently told me they wished they had my trauma, and since then, they have literally stolen others' traumas, claiming them as their own, proven as lies in how many times their stories would change. Normally, I might dismiss it as a trauma response, but they specifically told me and my partner over and over and over again how much they wished they had trauma, only to suddenly have it.
As if these experiences haven't shattered our lives and identities and all that we are. As if it's just some bragging rights. As if it's not something to feel constant and debilitating shame over.
But I thought I had to be a good friend. Then they tried to get between myself and my partner, my best friend of fifteen years and someone I trust with my entire being. She began to try to convince me of gaslighting, manipulation, and abuse on my partner's half, and it has left lasting scars on us both, though our relationship is still as strong as ever.
Google defines gaslighting as "manipulating (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity." When I tried to take a step back in our friendship, they reacted violently, sending me over a dozen emails, messages, and highly targeted vent art disgracing and desecrating my relationship. They continued to stress to me that I didn't know what I was doing, that I was being manipulated, that I wasn't speaking my own mind and that my own views were invalid, that love kills people, threatening me with suicide if I did not come back. And somehow, they do not see this for the blatant and deeply disturbing manipulation tactics they are.
I can't understand how I never saw it. I just wanted to support someone who had helped me at times, despite disagreeing on many stances. I felt as though I owed them something, and they used that to twist the knife to drag me back in.
Not that there were no mistakes on my part during this process. I was stupid in my own responses, and they quickly twisted it against us as a heinous crime while ignoring all the crap they'd sent during the months after I cut off contact, SPECIFICALLY LEAVING THEM IN MY ONEDRIVE SO I WOULD SEE THEM.
Tumblr media
One of the major reasons I've been so inactive over the last few months is due to the anxiety and paranoia over them stalking my every move. I have blocked them everywhere I can, but I suspect they will persist. They have backed me into a corner, and it is long past time for me to do something about it. I need to stand up to them and warn others of their toxic behaviors. And most importantly, apologize for ignoring them in the past.
I won't lie that my own incapacity to set healthy boundaries similarly caused many issues in our friendship. But they also rarely gave me and my partner much option in hearing them invalidate our traumas to validate their own, as well as pushing story plots that were highly triggering and unnerving even after we asked them to stop.
You guys were right from the beginning, and my attempts to defend them are deplorable. I thought everyone was being too harsh on them.
And then their "mother" contacted me after watching my blog silently for four months, claiming Bree never meant their words romantically to try to break up my relationship when I have stuff like this that they shoved in my face for literal months.
Tumblr media
Even now, they continue to send me messages denying their actions and blaming myself and my partner for everything wrong that's happened, constantly pushing this villainizing narrative. I'm tired of it all.
I truly hope Bree's life and behaviors improve in the future and they can attain happiness. But as long as they weaponize friends against themselves and each other, others should be made aware of them and to be careful out there. I’m afraid I have to suggest not interacting with them; don’t send hate, it will just fuel their idea they are merely a victim in all this.
Just be wary.
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crabonfire · a day ago
unsure if it’s been done before, or if you’re comfortable with it, but mercs as parents ? :]
the way I gasped when I saw this bcs omg yes!!!! mercs as parents babeyyy B)
Mercs as parents!
characters: all mercs!!
warning: none!! some are a tiny bit sad but still hapy
NOTE!!! sorry this is very...long overdue. when exams came out I just got writers block, I had to focus on exams...thank god they are ending in a couple days GAHSHHDHDHFHF
also some are shorter than others...m very sorry bbg :(
• aw
• I don't know this is honestly really cute
• he has some... Doubts. Like any parents do, but seeing the happiness on your face and your child(ren) s face whenever you talk to him? that makes all the worry go away baby.
• such a good dad. he smothers them with love and affection, definitely pretends to be santa claus on Christmas (if you celebrate it) and teaches those kids to be tough.
• DEFINITELY takes them out to play baseball. your kids are baseball fans take it or leave it.
• I really don't have much to say other than the fact he'd be a great dad, I think this will teach him a lot about himself and make him a better person, I love dad scout.
• I feel like he'd be a bit too aggressive on the child(ren) at first, not understanding how fragile they can be until he really sees them.
• he's much more gentle and quiet around them, trying his best not to scare them.
• I think he has some gender role problems to deal with, so talk through it with him.
• but anyways, he's a great dad honestly. he cradles them and plays with them everyday, making sure that they are always happy.
• he may not understand much of a child's need or their limits, and you two may fight about that. But understand that he will definitely learn, give him time, he is trying his best.
• he's not good at comforting, but he's great at pep talks and hyping his kids up!!!
• he teaches them to be brave and strong, telling them stories from when he was in war. Its all fake, but who cares honestly.
• overall decent dad, just needs to change some of his habits.
• Super understanding parent.
• I feel like he went through a ton as a child, explaining why he acts childish sometimes, so I think he's be a very understanding parent when it comes to his kids.
• very patient, and fun!!
• I bet for a fact that the kids love him, spoils them a shit ton.
• he loves to draw with them, putting their drawings up in your shared bedroom so he can admire them when he wakes up.
• he's a bit doubtful of his ability to parent, he thinks he's a bit too unprepared. But as long as your here, he's not too worried.
gosh I love pyro
• this guy was SO PUMPED when you two decided to have kids
• but oh boy is he anxious.
• he will not drink ever around them.
• he's quite sweet to his kids, calling them lad or lassie, along with cute ass nicknames because he just loves them so much.
• loves to hug them and carry them whenever you go out, piggy back rides, princess carry, whatever it is, he loves it.
• he likes to mess around with them a lot, and probably the type of dad to go with their kids dumb ideas even though they might go horribly wrong or are just stupid.
• he loves his family. does he think he's a bad parent sometimes? Yeah, but every parent does. You just give him a hug and he'll forget all about it.
my man fr!
• i love misha :( my big mercenary man misha:((( I love him sm....
• gosh I'm smiling as I'm typing this ok
• he's the best dad ever.
• he's strict, of course he is. but you've seen this man in the comics, he knows when to let loose.
• he cooks for them everyday, making them school lunches, teaches them Russian, and teaches them to defend themselves if it needed to be done.
• he's also so sweet, and he tells you and his kids he loves them everyday. Heavy is not embarrassed, why should there be a need to be embarrassed? He loves you guys.
• he loves to read them stories before bed, and he loves to give them bear hugs and carry them.
• when the kid(s) saw him, he was scared that the kid(s) would be scared of him. But when they hugged him and gave him a bright smile, he melted into a puddle and chuckled, giving them a forehead kiss.
is the reason I love heavy because my dad left me for 7 years of my life and even as he came back he still didn't give me affection till this very day? maybe. but we'll never truly know.
• Hshdhdhjfjfjfj men. I LOVE. MEN.
• ueeuueue....ue...:(...ueue,,,uee!!! ;(((
• so...so sweet. MAN.
• calls them all sorts of nicknames.
• this man has never had any doubt in his life.
• he will kiss, hug, carry, cradle, comfort, just smother them with so so much love.
• makes inventions for them, and if any of them are ever interested in engineering his heart will explode due to happiness.
• he spoils those mfs so much you gotta tell him off sometimes. He's honestly so sweet it hurts.
• he will take so many pictures, and have them on both a physical album, and one he keeps in a camera he made himself. So that incase one is lost, he still has the other.
• I...I don't know man. He's the perfect dad. I genuinely don't know what else to write.
engie..kiss me challenge? UM...sir why do you as a man have cute lips? for me to kiss them? whore
• hell nah.
• he probably just wants one kid, he thinks more than one is a mistake LMAOOOO
• he's not very affectionate, not that he doesn't want to be, but he's scared to overwhelm the child.
• overall tho, he's actually quite sweet.
• he'll leave the affection up to you, but of course he will spend time with the kid...its his kid too after all 💀
• he likes to call them nicknames too, and likes to ruffle their hair a lot.
• probably will only bond with their kid over scientific stuff or whatever the kids into, he has to tone down the insanity a bit, but they are sweet together. The kids a bit messed up like he is to be honest, and he finds that endearing.
"Papa look!! I drew an anatomically accurate heart! Do you like it?"
"Oh mein gott, zhis is quite beautiful! The detail... Amazing work mein schatz :) ruffles their hair "
• he doesn't understand or relate to children much, but he tries, he really does. He will spend days trying to find a solution to make your child feel better if they were ever sad. He's a good dad, and he will try to be the best if he can.
aww he's so baby girl
• aw baby girl
• definitely has a lot of doubts, but he's happy.
• like medic, probably just wants one kid.
• if it was a girl he'd definitely call them "daddy's little girl"
• he's always smiling around them, they just make him so happy.
• he's honestly struggling every day, having to ask you for comfort or advice on if he's doing it right. Doing what right you ask? Parenting.
• but just be there with him through it all, he's a great dad just anxious.
• he talks to his kid about how to survive in the wild, showing them his collection of cool yet a bit weird stuff from his past work experiences. Some are a bit...too weird. Remind him to not show the kid the animal eyes he has in a jar from that one time he fought off a radioactive iguana.
• him and the kid get along pretty well, to be honest...he's starting to change his mind about only having one kid.
• sobs
• he doesn't want to...at first.
• well,,,he doesn't want to mess up like he did before. How he left scout, left his past behind, he doesn't want to do that to you because of his cowardness.
• but in the end, he loves you, and he loves the child, so he will try his best.
• he's a great father, have you seen him in that one Christmas comic?
• he will smother that child with love and gifts, and will train them to be kind at a young age.
• he's still extremely doubtful of his ability, but just comfort him. he's doing great, he just can't seem to understand that right now.
• but he's sweet, he loves them, and you, and isn't embarrassed to admit it (like misha!!!)
• he's a bit distant from the child at first, but as time goes by it'll all be fine. he doesn't want to hurt his child, not again.
sobs. Great dad, major issues.
YAY!! sorry I haven't written in months,,exams.
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