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ghostalope · a year ago
Tumblr media
This playlist is for Shuu, Dory, Bunny and the ALI playlists (all of them, lol)
I spoke this the other day but for context;
I’m kinda a Marina fan (kinda lol), and Marina probably has more unreleased songs than released songs, and they’re all amazing.
Some of her unreleased songs are my favourite songs of hers, and it’s a pain that I can’t add them to the Spotify playlists.
So to combat this, I made a YouTube playlist containing the songs I wish I could add.
Whilst this playlist is mostly Marina, there are other songs I wanted to add but aren’t available on Spotify. So there may be additions to this playlists with different artists in the future. Atm there’s only one, (it’s called Like The Wind, atm it’s a closer)
The playlist is divided into sections, as I don’t feel I should make like four tiny playlists for each one, so there’s one big one (this might change ofc).
Sections are:
Opener - ALI
Transitional song for Shuu to Dory
Transitional song for Dory to Bunny
Two ALI closers.
I’m going to talk abt each song/section now, so if u don’t wanna hear me ramble abt how much I love these songs, just go listen to the playlist lol.
Before you do go listen to it, here are the opening songs to each section:
Openers - SU-BARBIE-A & Lights/Electra Heart
Shuu - I’m not hungry anymore
Transitional 1 - Miss Y
Dory - Seventeen
Transitional 2 - Saviour
Bunny - Sinful
Closers - The Archetypes & Like The Wind.
Openers & Closers:
So as u know, I added some openers and closers bc here at toastyyghostie incorporated we like making our playlists ✨experiences✨.
The playlist opens with SU-BARBIE-A and Lights/Electra Heart, and ends with the Archetypes and a song by a different artist; Like The Wind.
The Marina songs here aren’t technically unreleased, they’re not even really songs. They’re just like…part of Electra Heart, if that makes sense?
I originally put SU-BARBIE-A and the Archetypes in Bunny’s section bc they do have a very Bunny vibe, but after consideration I decided to put them at the start and end bc I think they’re creepy enough to capture the vibe of Allan or the full fic rather than just Bunny. So these two are like, for the ALI playlist.
Please note: both SU-BARBIE-A and the Archetypes are quite creepy. I love them both but I understand if they might disturb some of you. Feel free to skip!
I feel that Electra Heart/Lights is just a good opener to this playlist, and I think it does kinda capture something abt all the characters involved.
Like The Wind is a song that reminds me heavily of Allan. If you know the context of the song, then I think it becomes clearer why.
Shuu’s Section:
Tumblr media
Okay, so…
I need to talk abt this one; I’m Not Hungry Anymore.
This song is honestly the only reason this playlist exists, bc it reminds me so much of Shuu.
This song has a special place in my heart. It’s wonderful.
I love it so much that I’m still considering naming the Shuu fic after it. (In my notes it’s literally called that, not the official title I’ve given the fic)
It’s just perfect. Even if you don’t listen to the playlist; listen to this song!
It’s so so gorgeous!
Ok, that’s me simping over INHA done. Next song is Jealousy!
I love Jealousy so much. It rly has that between Electra Heart and The Family Jewels feel for me. I chose version 2 bc the strings in the background are amazing.
I also love Marina’s vocals. She pronounces words with only one syllable in the verses, and it gives me a very sad feeling. In the chorus, I think you can also hear the desperation in her voice.
Jealousy was one of the first Marina songs I listened too and I’m still shook that it’s unreleased. She’s performed it live a few times too. I kinda wish she’d release it as a single, but that’s not gonna happen lol.
Yeah. I just love Jealousy!
Next is Candy. This is a cover, so Marina didn’t write this one. However she performs it beautifully and it fits Shuu, so yeah. It’s here!
Real quick; I put Buy The Stars in the Spotify playlist, but I’m aware it’s not available in some countries, so I added it here. This also goes for EVOL, Seventeen and the Family Jewels.
Dory’s Section:
Tumblr media
Dory’s section opens with Seventeen. I thought this would be a good one to put right after Shuu’s section ends for pretty obvious reasons (Dory is petty lol).
Again, Seventeen is available in some countries but not others. I was able to put it in the playlist but I can’t listen to it lol.
The Family Jewels is also only available in certain countries. This is probably one of my favourite Marina songs (tfj is my favourite album by her).
It has such a nice backing track (it sounds like there’s a wind of voices in the background), and I rly relate to this song.
Like Dory, I’ve never felt welcome in my own family but I feel pressured by societal norms to be with them. I feel as though this song really encapsulates those feelings.
I don’t rly have a lot to say about Please Don’t Call Me. It’s a good song. It’s fun. It reminds me of Dory.
Bunny’s Section:
Tumblr media
I feel like a lot of Bunny’s section focuses a lot on their attempts of romantic relationships, especially those with Kazuo and their first partner.
I’ll explore this in the story eventually, but for now, these are your clues as to how Bunny’s relationships go.
Bunny’s section opens with Sinful.
I love Sinful. It’s probably the newest unreleased I’ve found lately, so I’m obsessed.
I think Marina’s voice sounds amazing in this. Like seriously, she sounds full goddess.
I also love the techno-style mixed with it. It’s just…*chef’s kiss*
The next two are two I kinda have to speak about.
So Scab and Plaster - a classic unreleased.
I love this song. It’s sad. I’ve cried to it before. It’s very Marina.
Again, this one is abt Bunny’s relationships. Though with this one, I get kinda an Allan vibe from it tho.
This next one is one I worry about - Like the Other Girls. It has the same tune as Scab & Plaster (almost identical), so I assume it’s an early version of it.
I chose this song purely bc of its sound. Bunny is absolutely not an NLOG (they’re not even a girl), and honestly, I don’t feel as though this song is aggressively NLOG either when u examine it more. But that’s up to interpretation.
I think it as a really nice sound to it. Very Bunny.
I love the backing track and how raw it feels, but I chose it mainly bc of the like…siren sound Marina makes. Most of this song is Marina making siren-noises, which I highly associate with Bunny.
As I say, this song (and Candy) are rawer than the others. So it might be an acquired taste.
Last one in Bunny’s section is Nothing Wrong With You.
I considered putting this in Shuu’s, but it seems like something Bunny would sing.
This song (and PDCM) are from Love + Fear. I loved that album when it came out, but I probably listen to the unreleased more than the actual album lol.
Transitional Songs:
To explain this super quick. There are songs that I couldn’t decide where to put them, so I put them in between playlists.
Transitional song for Shuu and Dory is Miss Y.
Transitional song for Dory and Bunny is Saviour.
I considered making Porn Is Good For The Soul as Dory/Bunny transitional song but I couldn’t do that to y’all.
Miss Y is another fave of mine. It makes me feel sad. It has a very dramatic sound. I love it.
Saviour is a new one for me but I like it. It’s definitely Froot era, which is always good. It’s just a good song!
So um…
That’s it!
You can listen to it here! Even if you don’t listen to my playlists, check this one out for some good songs!
Thanks for reading besties!
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todayninafeels · a year ago
January 5, 2020
I’m sorry but Kidcore is not cute. not for me.  I had to edit that sentence a bit seeing as I wouldn’t want to say anything negative about anyone and honestly?  I do empathize with the whole idea of wanting to express yourself in a youthful, childlike manner (note: not childish).  Carefree and full of wonder.  A bit eccentric by nature.
Anyway I haven’t painted my nails yet and I really want to.  Maybe I’ll watch that documentary about the Chinese empress on YouTube that I’ve saved for later while I paint my nails.  You know, just me being a girl boss while learning about another girl boss.  As one does.
Also I just went and watched Technoblade’s highlights from weeks 2 and 3 (paired with iBallisticSquid and Chris (you know, from MrBeast), respectively) of Minecraft Mondays as well as Technoblade’s analysis of his PvP with Dream (the fight was really high stakes, sure, but I think the only real enjoyment I got out of watching them fight was because the stakes were high.  Like,,, Manhunts are so much more entertaining despite having fewer stakes because it’s so variable.  And that’s what I’ve enjoyed about watching Technoblade’s PvP in Minecraft Mondays... the situations are always varied.  Without that variation, the PvP was just sort of boring.  Like, they could’ve had the same fight with no armor and sticks, you know (though!  I will say that Techno’s explanation of why having the low ground is better in PvP was pretty cool)?), and while I thoroughly enjoyed both throwbacks, I do think that I gained a better understanding of this thing I learned about when it comes to fiction.  People will follow a character who is good at something.  Now, I know that Techno is a real person (sort of a character, but you get what I mean: his ability isn’t scripted), but his popularity and prestige comes from the fact that he’s incredibly good at Minecraft.  And Dream’s Manhunts are popular for the same reason.  And Beth Harmon wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting of a character if she wasn’t insanely good a chess.  And we were willing to follow Jack’s character in Lost because he was really good at leading and being a doctor.  Same with whatsherface Clarke in The 100.  Despite the fact that these characters had negative aspects, and despite the fact that Dream and Techno (and, you know, I could probably put Pewdiepie onto the list, as he’s simply a great entertainer) may exhibit toxic traits at times (I know Techno was the canter of attention in his Minecraft Mondays highlights videos, but it did kind of feel a bit irritating when he would constantly talk over his partner (though maybe that’s an ADHD thing idk)), we continue watching because they’re good at what they do.  This doesn’t mean that those people/characters can’t do something unforgivable.  We’re all well aware of how Shane Dawson’s career ended in a bang, not a whisper.  He was massively popular until all of this stuff came out about his manipulation, pedo stuff, racist stuff, and uh, other things.
Speaking of which,,,,,,,,,,, I literally cannot believe that I regularly watched Shane Dawson’s videos regularly right around the time when I started to get into YouTubers.  I likely found out about him through YouTubers React by the FineBros?  I accepted so much of what he would say as a joke.  Maybe I was laughing uncomfortably at the time?  Or maybe I was too young to really understand?  Or maybe I just wasn’t watching the videos where the sus stuff was happening?  I certainly wasn’t listening to the podcast.  I know a lot of the humor on YouTube at that time was super edgy, and I as a fifth grader ate that stuff up.  That probably made the digestion of Shane’s content super easy.  Idk.  A lot of his content I can’t remember (I do remember one video called something like The Hungry Games?  and there was also the Shanaynay stuff which totally cracked me up at the time), actually.  And like, I’d heard about the racist stuff and I’d heard mentions about the pedo stuff and I think I even remember someone mentioning how he treats and talks about his pets was gross, but I had never put all of those things together because they never came up all at once.  I stopped watching Shane well before his conspiracy videos (sometime before he broke up with Lisa, probably, like, back in middle school maybe?), so he wasn’t on my mind at all, you know?  Just another YouTuber I used to watch, but his stuff was always very gaudy.  idk man.  it’s wack.  I’d like to think that he couldn’t come back from something like this, but he’s powerful, and his fans, the new ones that hopped on board with the conspiracy videos, like my sister, are still young.  So he very well could make a return.  I don’t think it’s smart, but he could.  Pewdiepie did it, but, then again, Pewdiepie didn’t have years of stuff against him.  (Honestly I can’t explain to myself why I’d watch Pewdiepie after he said the n-word, and I certainly don’t want to be an apologist for that, so I’m not even going to say anything along those lines, actually.)
(shout out to D’Angelo Wallace for his incredibly well-researched video on Shane.  I never put together the fact that he had done a ton of terrible nonsense and appreciate the time and effort that went into that consolidation video.)
... I don’t know where I was going with that whole YouTuber thing, honestly.  It feels a bit rambly.  Ah well.  That’s just where my head is at right now.
Oh and you know what?  I’ve sort of been sleeping on daydreaming (pun... originally not intended but I actually don’t hate it).  Like sure, my little slow burn dating fantasy from the other night (that I never actually finished, by the way (but I felt so incredibly embarrassed anytime I’d bring it up in my head that I’ve just had to put it on hold now (yes, I know I’m a baby and that all of this is dumb))) was, like, the first time I’ve done something like that in years, but I think I might have to start myself another good old fashioned self-insert drama piece to help put me to bed at night?  Like I know I need to read more, but I can’t stay up reading all night and at some point I’m going to need to get under the covers and I mean you know why don’t I make it fun for myself and tell myself a bedtime story that includes me in it as the main protagonist having adventures and doing swordfights and acting coy around attractive men but pulling back from when they lean in to kiss me because our faces accidentally drew nearer than they’ve ever been to one another and he’s just realized that he might be in love with me but I’m too afraid of falling in love myself and prefer to keep everyone at an arm’s distance (also one of my weird hangups is that I just, like,,,,,,,, like I literally just,,,, like,, I don’t-- it’s just that the entire idea of kissing has weirded me out for a long time now and doesn’t seem to be even remotely enjoyable I mean you’re just exchanging spit and touching tongues and I don’t even like acknowledging that my own spit or tongue exist within my own mouth and I can’t imagine purposefully putting someone else’s mouth on mine on purpose so that we can taste each other’s spit on purpose????  Or do y’all just be out here turning off your taste buds or spit glands while making out and if that’s the case could someone please tell me where that plugin is located because I think I might’ve skipped that dlc during the puberty expansion pack.  So.  Yeah.  Unless I figure out the logistics of kissing (in my head, of course, because I’m not going to be the weirdo who googles how to kiss) that will not be happening in my nighttime bedtime stories.  At most we shall hold each other’s hands and gaze into one another’s eyes (I, of course, will turn away, but he’ll grab (bad word choice lol) gently pull my face back into place by my chin and I’ll think, yeah, maybe this isn’t so bad), you know, making use of the full extent of my sexuality (this... is only half joking... like I’m definitely not asexual (I thought I was for a while, but no, that was just me being cynical about romance and also trying to repress the fact that I found boys to be very attractive because I was also balancing some serious self-esteem issues (also I found out recently that ace folks apparently don’t even get that flustered, hot feeling that us non-aces do when we look at someone and find them to be attractive)), but I don’t particularly view myself as being a ~sexy~ person capable of exuding sex appeal or however you wanna say it, so holding hands and perhaps using someone as a blanket (or... laying on top of someone and being used as a blanket  (albeit a small one)?  ... hm.  Fantasy unlocked.  (sbvjksd hearing someone’s heartbeat while resting on top of them WOW that’s good content)) and other cute things like that is really the limit of what I can imagine myself getting up to in one of these bedtime stories (though, of course, that’s not the point!  The point is the adventure and action and political intrigue!!).)
Anyway I’ve gone on about daydreaming far too long and maybe I’m resorting to this because the pandemic has made me feel so alone and isolated that this is what I must do to simulate regular human interaction but uh, oh well.  Catch me on Pinterest tonight scrolling through my story prompts board so that I can get that perfect seedling for the bedtime story that will hopefully keep me entertained for the next few nights, at least.  I’ll let y’all know how it goes.  (It’s cute how I still say “y’all” even though I’m well aware that the only person reading this is me in the future (Hello, Future Nina!  Sorry about the chaos!  I’m desperately trying to get my life in order!).)
Alright so to finish off the post I’m watching one of Techno’s most recent streams (you know, the one where they interrogated Fundy till he was in tears to get the nether star) and I’ve got a few notes.  1. Tommy just said that L’Manberg was his unfinished symphony.  Where have we heard that before???  Hmmm??  WILBUR right before he literally blew it up.  This is, frankly, a bit concerning.  2. Techno’s language with Tommy feels very... Dream-esque.  Like, when he started talking about how Tubbo/L’Manberg was the source of all his problems to convince him to join him in its destruction.  You know, twisting Tommy’s situation to suit his own ends.  Talking about how Techno would be Tommy’s friend when literally Tommy is so desperate for friends right now and that is exactly what Dream did albeit for a seemingly more sinister purpose.  I don’t think Techno is being ingenuine, nor do I believe Techno would betray Tommy (ugh, I never thought I’d care so much about this dumb British kid, but here we are (also,, I think Tommy is a Marvel fan lolll I love it)), but I do think that Tommy would leave Techno’s side if/once he gets his discs back (I also wish I knew what the big deal was about all this disc stuff, but alas).  He’s already said that he doesn’t want to destroy L’Manberg.  Well.  You know all I really want is more Ghostbur content.  I’ve gotten 3.5 minutes total of Wilbur since his death and it’s really just the saddest thing.
Today I’m thankful that my winter class doesn’t seem so bad.  I’ve mapped out my assignments so I’ll be doing a bit every day, and it’s really quite manageable, assuming, of course, that I actually stick with my schedule.  I’m really trying to stop this whole procrastination thing.
Oh!  Oh!  Also!  I’ve done my makeup two days in a row and wow eyeliner is something else.  And I’m not that bad at it!  I thought I would be because I never went through that middle school phase where you just wear makeup badly but are practicing so by the senior year of high school you’re killer at it.  I’ve also washed my face in the morning, and I’ve gotten dressed in my Chaotic Vintage Time-Travelling Librarian Academia aesthetic as well!  And!  I’ve made my bed :)  All I need to do now is go for a walk before the week ends.
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