meraarts · a day ago
God I love it when characters are both (1) canonically queer in a world where that’s completely normal and (2) a metaphor for queer identity and oppression
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wahgifs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
aren't i right? it's your duty anyway. as the garage owner's boyfriend. love in the air episode 6
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eosphoroz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ugh. Why are they so perfect?
(All credits to Sarabeth Pollock)
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captain-vulture · a day ago
On the topic of Piltover’s Finest being parents... unpopular opinion but I think Vi would be more the “strict” one when it comes to the law than Caitlyn would be. It seems counterintuitive and yeah it is, but I can explain.
Yeah Vi doesn’t give a shit about breaking laws and Officer Vi’s whole schtick is the “bad cop” to Caitlyn’s “good cop.” But it’s one thing that she’s the one doing it, and another one when it’s her kids. Cause Vi the “bad cop” has already been to prison once. She knows the horrors there and experienced it first hand. Nothing scares her (at superficial glance). But her kids? They theoretically have never experience prison, maybe not even struggles. They might not have it in them to take it. And that’s not including the tangible Adult Fear parents have when their kids are at risk for whatever reason. A good parent would take any evil if it means sparing their own children of it. They want things better for their kids than it was for them. Vi would be that way.
So if their kids get into big trouble that cops could be called? That’ll put the fear of the Law into her unlike anything she does. It’ll especially trigger her trauma over her initial arrest (and the events surrounding that including the lost of her brothers + trauma of her sister), especially if her child in question is around the same age. It’ll remind her exactly what went down in Stillwater, what she saw, her experience and what she did there to survive. Heck, I don’t even think she’d need to experience it to give her that fear. I could see Vi preemptively forbidding her kids from getting into any major mischief in Zaun especially if it means avoiding a potential disaster like That Day at the Cannery or Stillwater. If not banning them from Zaun outright.
Caitlyn, on the other hand, her whole deal is her childhood and number of young adult years were spent being overprotected and micromanaged by her parents. It wasn’t until she made that choice to pursue the case over the shimmer business and corruption in Zaun while breaking the law on her own that she was able to get her life into gear. Yeah it cause inconceivable waves of trauma (and indirectly, the loss of her mother) but it also 1) allowed her to do things and get to where she is 2) Caitlyn isn’t one to dwell on the emotional anyways and 3) if we must dwell, it got her Vi. And she’s the sheriff now. If there’s trouble, she’d be there to fix it.
As a parent then, Caitlyn would be the “less strict” one in the legal. Granted there is a good excuse for the mischief. Or not even then. I mean, Caitlyn never does arrest Jinx in League lore. I’m pretty sure if her kids got into some big mess in some bid for exploration/independence in Zaun (or Piltover or wherever she has jurisdiction) she’d facepalm, give them a firm talking to, and then throw the arrest warrant into the chimney fire and leave it at that. I could see her being stricter if there’s a very pertinent danger afoot in the area (something akin to Urgot showing up) or maybe sympathizing a bit with Vi’s point-of-view (even if not entirely agreeing with it). She isn’t gonna police (heh) them around like her parents did for her that’s for sure.
Less seriously though, I could see Caitlyn being a lot more strict in more “household” things. She might throw away the arrest warrant, but she will get on their case if these adventures are affecting their grades or something. Or over how someone (her hyperfixating about a case and not noticing, Vi, another one of the kids) tripped over a toy in the family room cause there was a mess there. Or getting upset over ruckus if it breaks something (especially if important). You know, not that major stuff.
Vi I could see being much more lax about stuff like that. Kid broke a super rare, super expensive vase chasing their sibling down the hall? No problem, just let cool!Mom Vi talk to angry!Mom Cait over that. Got a bad grade on the midterm? Aw man, at least you tried (and finished it! that’s good at least.) She’d be a lot more chill about those things.
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cyancherub · 2 days ago
dudes who keep making fun of u and teasing u to see u flustered as if they dont want to fuck ur brains out........sir i want to feel you in my windpipe!!!!
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love-leah · a day ago
Tumblr media
water will touch my skin
max/daniel • 5k • explicit
After the steady chant of their vows, when Daniel’d lifted the soft, barely sheer veil over Max’s head, it had felt like the first time seeing him. Max’s eyes were big and blue, his shirt the same creamy color as his skin, embroidered with flowers and laced up to his throat.
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faithinlouisfuture · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Louis’ reaction when 🎶 questions for the rich & the famous 🎶 to the tune of Lifestyles of the Rich & the Famous by Good Charlotte plays. And then a little later he proceeds to ask a question about someone’s go to McDonalds order. To say that I love this man is a major understatement.
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levok · 2 days ago
Have I lost it? Obviously...
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soundcrusher · 2 days ago
Let’s visit the market
Who's ready for part 3 from season 2 of my ongoing story set in the universe of the sentient sg/ll from @cuppajj ?
Today, our boys go shopping. Yay!
Trigger Warning: None
Phoenix was getting restless on their small ship. Rodimus could see it in the way the young spark would rummage through the piles of items left behind by his former crew, or when he looked through the things he brought from the Lost Light, or when he swung his, well, Drift’s sword carefully in the back of the ship. 
On the Lost Light, Phoenix always had something to do. Be it discovering new rooms, cleaning anything he could, finding the remains of the crew or talking to either him or Lightlost. There was always something to do, to take his mind away from the problems haunting him, but here? Rodimus knew that now, Phoenix could only either help him steer the small ship or try to distract himself with something he brought with him. 
Maybe that’s why he decided to land their ship on one of the neutral cybertronian colonies he remembered. Even when it was a hard fight to get Phoenix out of the ship and towards the next settlement. 
“I don’t want to go out there! Lightlost said that the ground of other planets can eat you up, or, or what about the rust plague! Or, OR, the mechs with pointy teeth!” Rodimus could hear the sheer and utter fear in Phoenix’s voice, as the youngling counted off every lie Lightlost told him to keep him with them. Granted, Rodimus won’t deny that some things were true, but they weren’t on every planet. At least, as far as he knew. Although, what concerned him the most was the way Phoenix’s optics would widen concerningly while his whole frame shook in terror, before mutttering quietly. “Wh-what… What about the Sparkeaters?”
“What about them?” Asked Rodimus, as he turned towards the entrance of the ship. Throwing his hands out to gesture wildly around himself. “If Sparkeaters were here, they would have attacked me right away, don’t you think?” Asked the prime, before putting both servos on his hips and giving Phoenix a rather cocky smirk. “Now, get out of there, or are you too much of a Robo-chicken?” This seemed to get Phoenix’s attention, because the young spark’s fearful demeanor turned from surprised to offended in a sparkbeat. 
“I am… I am NOT a Robo-chicken!” Yelled Phoenix. “I have never been a Robo-chicken!”
“Are you sure?” Asked Rodimus with an even wider smirk. “Because, right now, you’re very much acting like a frightened Robo-chicken.” Rodimus laughed, before letting out a surprised ‘Eep’ as he was being tackled to the ground by Phoenix. Who was, much to the prime's amusement, softly hitting his chestplate while exclaiming that he was, indeed, no Robo-chicken. 
However, Phoenix was quick to stop hitting his brother, as soon as he realized that he was no-longer inside the safety of their ship. In fact, he was some feets away from the ship and its door was closed. This revelation caused Phoenix to slowly get up and take a few more steps away from the ship. Staring at the blue sky above him, while his wings fluttered together with the light breeze blowing in the clearing. This was new. This was a new sensation for the young spark, who only knew Cybertron and the confinement of space crafts. 
The green stuff on the ground and underneath his pedes was new. The tall organic things growing towards the sky were new. And then there were the sounds of strange creatures calling each other in the distance. And, there was a strange animal with antlers looking at him, but when Phoenix took one step towards it, it ran away. Leaving the youngling awestruck.
“That was a Robo-deer. They’re a very shy type of cybertronian animal.” Explained Rodimus, after getting up and making his way over to Phoenix. Placing one servo on the youngling’s shoulder. “I guess the neutrals who moved here somehow managed to take some with them and they multiplied on this planet. Before the war, there were many of them on cybertron and some of us used to hunt them for their antlers, but now? They’re all gone. I guess they were the first victims…” Said Rodimus before grabbing Phoenix’s servo and leading him out of the clearing and towards the neutral settlement. 
And if the Robo-deer left Phoenix awestruck, the utter harmony the neutral Cybertronians lived together with the organic world around them filled the young spark with nothing more than pure amazement. His crew, or at least some of his crew, often talked about how annoying it was to work either with organic life or on organic planets and often said that it was impossible for Cybertronians to live on such planets. But here? All Phoenix saw here was mechs and femmes going about their usual business. Using big organic structures, Rodimus told him that they were called trees (at least the prime thought they were trees), as bases to build giant homes onto them. Rodimus told him that they were called ‘Treehouses’ by humans . And Phoenix could see why. Some were homes, some were stores, one very big tree was even holding something that looked like a hospital, and over all, those structures very much resembled the buildings Phoenix has seen on Cybertron. 
But while the treetops held the buildings, the ground held the market. Or, at least Rodimus told him this was a market. Phoenix himself couldn’t really understand how someone could call this a market. Every mech and femme, who wasn’t buying something, was either sitting on the ground by their wares or standing behind a woodent structure with a table underneath a shirm? Rodimus said those things were called stalls, but the youngling couldn’t associate the word with anything.
“Where are the shops?” Asked the confused youngling, to which Rodimus only replied. “There are none. At least, not in this settlement. All the Cybertronians selling their things either use stalls or simply place their stuff on the ground and sell it there.” This answer didn’t help Phoenix’s confusion, but he decided not to dwell on that any longer. The locals surely had their reasons to sell their wares like this.
So, while Rodimus was doing the shopping, Phoenix was allowed to wander a little bit around. As long as he could still see his brother, that is. And wander, he did. There were many new things after all, and Phoenix couldn’t help himself from exploring as much as he could. He even bought himself some paints and a few brushes with the Shanix Rodimus gave him. Phoenix was planning to decorate the insides of their ship a little bit, and he thought that painting something on the walls would be fun. He did paint a little bit on the walls of the Light lost too after all. Granted, some of those paintings did disappear, but others were still on the walls when he checked on them. Hopefully his paintings won't disappear this time. 
“Phoenix, I’m done with shopping. We should head back and… Phoenix?” Rodimus called, before realizing that he could no longer see his brother. Which sent the prime into a frenzy to find the missing youngling. What if someone kidnapped him? What if the Lost Light catched up to them? Or worse, what if Phoenix somehow got himself killed or kidnapped by a lunatic! Okay, some would also call Rodimus a lunatic, but that was different. There were some serious dangerous mechs and femmes out there, who were even worse than Rodimus himself. And that alone says a lot about them.
“Phoenix! Please, this isn’t funny!”
“I’m right here Roddy….” Answered the youngling, as he pushed past two taller Cybertronians blocking the path. “Stop shouting, everyone is already looking at us.”  
For a second, Rodimus thought that his spark had stopped. Is this how the Lost Light might have felt when they made their escape? They probably did, only… differently to how the prime felt, because even if he shortly lost Phoenix, he wouldn’t start locking him up or forbid the youngling to go and explore some other planets. 
Primus and Unicron both strike him down if he ever did something like that.
“Come Phoenix, let’s go back to our ship. I think we had enough adventure for one day.
Back at their ship, Rodimus put away his shopping items, while Phoenix started to paint one of the walls in the back of the ship. Making sure that Rodimus couldn’t see what he was painting everytime the prime would walk past him or try to get a look. After the tenth try, Rodimus decided to wait for the time Phoenix would show him what he was working on. Which was sooner than he had expected.
“Okay… I can recognize me and you… but who are the others?” Asked Rodimus with a light tilt of the head, as the youngling pointed at the painting of a tall femme with the same colouration than Phoenix. “ Yup, I painted my family. That’s my mother. Her name is Tankcrusher, but she prefers being called Big Bessie.” Explained the youngling, as his wings gave a small happy twitch. “And that’s Old Man. He was kinda like a grandfather to me. He was the one who always protected me from my crew. And the darker one is… is…… Lightlost…” Phoenix crew quiet after muttering the name. 
Rodimus only gave a small nod, before patting Phoenix’s shoulder. Some things are harder to let go than others. He knew that. 
“I think it’s wonderful, and… I’m honored that you see me as family.” Said the prime with a smile. 
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wraith-demjin · a day ago
I want someone that cares that I ate a really good muffin
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mariniacipher · a day ago
the old willow really is so ancient and eldritch and wonderful and i think it deserves a horror story and a monster romance novel and so much more
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halomoved · 2 days ago
Think I’m gonna go on a soft block spree so if you have intentions of interacting, like this post.
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genderoutlaws · a day ago
a project i want to focus on in the new year is re-subtitling City of Lost Souls — i just really need to connect with more german speakers (and actually work on my own again lol) but just from the comments and tags i’ve seen from some on my CoLS posts, the sometimes-present english subtitles are quite mechanical and don’t convey the emotion/expressiveness in many parts, and I want the english portions and sound effects/music actually captioned for Deaf and HoH friends. and ideally do both ger/eng subtitles while im at it
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seafleece · a day ago
Tumblr media
try try your whole life to be righteous and be good
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angee1011 · a day ago
Okay. So episode six.
I actually loved it?
I mean, yeah. We got Adrian!! But also like, it did an AMAZING job showcasing the dichotomy between Dimitri’s struggle to follow the rules and Rose’s blatant disregard for them. Which, if you’ve read the books, is the main source of their give and take. And the little line Dimitri said about not wanting to be like his father??? Loved that addition!!
There’s a lot more, but for me, regardless of how they’ve rearranged things, it’s the little nods to different things from the books that I’m really enjoying. It’s making it feel more fleshed out. And God do I hate show Tatiana just as much as I hated book Tatiana.
Ugh there’s so much more I could talk about, but I’ll leave it there. I am still wondering where this season is going, but with the way they keep showing that the Strigoi are working together and planning attacks, and also how Lissa is being targeted… makes me wonder if any royals are working with strigoi this time around to kill off the Dragomir line before she can come in power… we’ll have to see, I guess.
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navybrat817 · a day ago
Okay, lovelies! It's Friday Eve for me and that fall weather is here.
Who is bringing you what beverage or snack as a pick-me-up?
I think Bucky should bring me a nice hot chocolate and a pastry. Bonus if he gives me his jacket or sweater to keep me warm. ❤️
Tumblr media
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janitorbot · 2 days ago
who has committed the most crimes in idv?
The Manor's owner(s).
No matter what kind and how high the sin count the Survivors and Hunters have to whatever arbitrary moral compasses any one of us hold over them, they're all basically pawns to the Manor's Games.
They're also technically developing a drug ring for their own interests and hiring/inviting murderers left and right without giving a single fuuuu
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