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the-mother-of-lions 2 years
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It seems things have changed for you, Guinevere. Yes, I suppose they have. I'm glad.
If you don鈥檛 drag each other at every opportunity, are you really even siblings?
Day 3: Favorite Scene - Gwen and Elyan reunited in Season 3, Episode 7: The Castle of Fyrien
Created for @merlinladiesweek
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operafantomet 1 year
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Killian Donnelly, Lucy St Louis and Rhys Whitfield, from her official Instagram
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karoiseka 2 years
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And I couldn鈥檛 forget my other two pairings this Valentione鈥檚 Day either!!聽 My hubby鈥檚 character, Raclaw and of course, Karo with Raha. <3
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knixolatebar 2 years
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Irenes with Seadra! I finished this a few days ago, but I was putting it off for a bit... I鈥檓 super proud of this!! I鈥檓 gonna keep going! 45 pictures in a year, HERE I COME! (I also will probably reblog this for Mermay once it鈥檚 May)
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wondersmith-and-sons 18 days
tumblr is gonna make more money off blaze, checkmarks, crabs, and shoelaces than it has under verizon and yahoo combined all because the users here have a sense of humour incomprehensible to most of civilisation. this website would spit on you before it'll buy something from an ad but by GOD does it know how to spend money on bullshit
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deadmomjokes 4 months
PSA: tomatoes are not spicy. Tomatoes and tomato products should not be spicy. Pizza sauce isn't inherently spicy. Tomato-based pasta sauce is not spicy. Ketchup is NOT spicy.
If tomatoes are spicy, you have an allergy to tomatoes.
This announcement brought to you by my almost 29-year-old husband learning for the first time in his 2.8 decades of putting food products into his mouth that spaghetti and saucy pizza aren't spicy foods
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gatoiberico 1 month
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thinking about how reigen saying mob's actual name is rarer than rare steak
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factual-fantasy 1 month
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So in light of the partly disappointing Mario movie trailer, I felt the need to draw my favorite interpretation of the Mario brothers.
They鈥檙e 50% squishy, 50% anxiety, and 100%聽鈥淚 love my brother more than anything in the whole world and I would die for him in a heart beat鈥. With some聽鈥淚鈥檓 so stupid in love with this super tall lady and I have no idea what to do about it鈥 sprinkled on top. :}
Also Italian to English translation:
Luigi:聽鈥淢ario how do you talk to women鈥
Mario:聽鈥淚 have no idea鈥
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theellipelli 2 months
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My take on a separated AU because all the cool kids were doing it
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bookshelfdreams 18 days
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Crocheted Important Blue Internet Checkmark. Because why the fuck not.
(Pattern under the cut)
Please note that this hasn't been tested, and I have very little experience writing down patterns. If you have problems or questions I'll try my best to help!
Yarn: I'm using mercerized cotton from my stash. The lighter blue is Lana Grossa Cotone, the darker a tiny leftover with the tag long since lost, but similar. Whatever material/weight of yarn you have laying around is fine though.
Hook: 2.5mm for me, but again, whatever you have and works with your yarn.
Instructions (ch = chain, sc = single crochet, dc = double crochet, tr = treble crochet, sl = slip stitch, sl tog = slip stitches together (insert hook in stitch, pull loop through, insert hook in next stitch while leaving 1st loop on hook, pull loop through stitch & through the loop still on the hook)
co 3 in a magic loop (3)
2sc in every stitch (6)
2sc in every stitch (12)
(sc, 2sc) x 6 (18)
(sc, sc, 2sc) x 6 (24)
(sc, sc, sc, 2sc) x 6 (30)
((dc, tr) in same stitch, (tr, dc) in same stitch, sc) x 9, (dc, tr) in same stitch, (tr, dc) in same stitch, slip last stitch. Break yarn & pull through
Check (you can just embroider this on, however, I suck at embroidery):
ch13, turn
sc in every stitch, ch1, turn
sl 2, sl 3 tog, sl 3 tog, sl 4, break yarn
sew check onto the base
sl 3 tog: People seem to have trouble w this, which is on me for not explaining it well. Here's what I did w pictures:
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Start here
Insert hook in next stitch
Pull loop through, leave it on the hook
Insert hook in next stitch
Pull loop through, leave it on the hook. Hook now has 3 loops.
Pull the 3rd loop through the other 2
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This is the finished stitch; basically, decrease 2 stitches 2x to create an angle.
Back (optional):
Repeat steps 1-6 of the base
fiddle in a safety pin like so:
Tumblr media
3. sew it on the back of the base
4. Realize that despite your copious amount of Internet Clout, people still expect you to "pay taxes" and "make cars that don't explode". But at least you can ban the haters now!
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leonahateaccount 10 days
"omg they are so attractive馃槏馃槏"
The they in question:
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nionom84art 7 months
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Some super self indulgent stuff
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subpar-celestial 4 months
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鉁 fish鉁
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wingedshoes 1 year
my toxic trait is becoming more obsessed with something than the person who recommended it to me
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un-pearable 3 months
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he鈥檚 gonna make murder legal now!
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