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they look like fancy gay dads at their child’s parents evening
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Ok so I asked another mutual this but I wanted this for the boys too. Can I get head cannons for the boys giving their s/o a piece of their clothing and their s/o returns it after spraying their perfume/colonge on it to make it smell like them and the boys reactions to it? Thank you <3
Hc's for The Lost Boys giving their S/o their clothes
G/n!Reader x Poly!Lost Boys
TW: None
Thank you so much for this request! I loved it! I haven't really done head cannons before, so I hope this is good.
Tumblr media
The boys love seeing you wearing their clothes. It's kind of a way for them to "mark you" in a sense. It shows everyone that you are theirs and they are yours.
Dwayne's reaction.
You were all out on The Boardwalk one night, like usual, and Dwayne noticed that you were cold.
Dwayne being the gentleman that he is, he gave you his jacket without a second thought.
Seeing the bright smile take over your face after he slipped the jacket on you, it warmed his heart.
You walked around all night wearing his jacket. Even when you got back to the cave, you still kept it on. You slept in it that night.
The next night when you and the boys woke up, you made your way over to Dwayne to give him his jacket back.
Once Dwayne had taken it and put it back on, he immediately noticed that it smelled heavily of you. More specifically, it smelled of your perfume/cologne.
You gave him a sweet smile and told him that you sprayed some of your perfume/cologne on it so it would smell like you.
"Thank you baby, I love it."
He found it so sweet and loved that, now even when you weren't around, he would still be able to smell his mate all over him.
He was intoxicated by your scent, just like all the boys were. It was like a hug from his mate. Your scent filling his nose.
Now, whenever the scent of your perfume/cologne fades from his jacket, he goes to you and gives you his jacket so you can spray it again.
Paul's reaction.
You had been staying at the cave for the past few days and had finally ran out of clean shirts to wear.
Paul immediately jumped into action and went to his nest to find you one of his shirts to wear.
All but running back to you, he handed you a Motley Crue shirt with a big grin on his face. "Here, wear this sugar."
You put it straight on, right in front of them all. It's not like they have never seen you shirtless before.
Paul's grin widened even more at the sight of his mate wearing his clothes.
He spent the night telling you how good you looked in it, saying that you could wear his clothes anytime you wanted, with a flirty wink.
When you gave him his shirt back, after washing it and spraying some of your perfume/cologne on it, Paul all but rubbed it on his face.
He told you that this was now his favorite shirt because it smelled like you.
He loved that his shirt smelled like you now and he took it upon himself to bring you more articles of his clothing for you to spray and make them smell like you too.
Marko's reaction.
You and Marko were hanging out at your house, just laying around, watching movies and talking when he told you that he had to go feed but that he would be back asap to continue your night together.
When Marko got back, you saw that he had blood on his clothes.
You told him that you could wash them for him if he wanted. Which he agreed.
After washing his clothes, you went to your bathroom and sprayed some of your perfume/cologne onto his clothes and headed back to your bedroom where Marko was.
Handing them back to him, his senses were filled with your scent.
He quickly put his clothes back on and dug his face into his jacket, much like Paul with his shirt, and took a deep inhale.
He looked back at you with a big smile on his face. "My clothes smell just like you now babe."
Just like the others, Marko loved that he now smelled so heavily of his mate.
He thought it was so cute that you wanted him to smell like you.
Almost as if you were in a way, marking him.
"I'll have to get you to wash my clothes more often now, babe."
He, like Dwayne, would often come to you for a "re-fill" when the scent of your perfume/cologne started to fade.
He also may or may not have just full on stolen a bottle of your perfume/cologne that he now keeps in his nest.
He sprays it everywhere.
David's reaction.
Like what happened when Dwayne had given you his jacket, happened again. But this time with David.
You were all out on the beach one night, the boys having just fed on some unfortunate tourists.
You were sitting in the sand, just watching the boys as they cleaned up.
David noticed you shivering a bit and come over to you.
He pulled up back up onto your feet and laid his gloved hand on your cheek. "You cold sweetheart?" He asked and you nodded.
He pulled off his long coat and wrapped it around your shivering figure, smiling when you buried your face into it.
He felt a sense of pride seeing you in his coat. He, like the others, loved seeing you wearing their clothes.
When the boys were all done cleaning up, you all got back onto the bikes.
Paul, Marko and Dwayne giving you a kiss goodnight before leaving to head back to the cave, while David drove you home.
Once you were back home, you went to take David's coat off to give it back to him, but he just held up his hand stopping you, saying "Keep it for the night. You can give it back to me tomorrow night, sweetheart."
After you and David shared a goodnight kiss, he left to go join his boys back at the cave.
When you got inside, you decided that you would do David a favor and wash his coat. It reeked of cigarette smoke. Not that you minded the smell too much, seeing as it reminded you of him.
Once it was dried, you sprayed it with some of your perfume/cologne to make it smell like you.
The next night when you saw the boys, you gave David back his coat.
He could immediately smell your perfume/cologne that you had sprayed it with.
He gave you a smirk "Smells just like you now, sweetheart."
As David put his coat back on, he inhaled your scent. He loved that you did that for him.
He, just like that others, albeit a little more subtle/nonchalant, would ask you to spray his coat again.
He even started asking you to spray his leather jacket and his shirt too.
He just loved being covered in his mates scent.
David, Dwayne, Paul and Marko love you so much and when you do things like this, it just makes them love you even more. They can never get enough of you and now, on the nights that you're busy and not with them, they will still have your scent covering them. Also, I think it's safe to say that you will have to buy A LOT more perfume/cologne now. These boys are relentless when it comes to your scent and wanting it all over them all the time. They may also have started doing the same to all of your clothes.
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Some Alex winter anyone from my sketchbook?
He sleepy. Shhhhh
*kisses his forehead gently*
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Bill and Ted: What They Mean to the LGBT Community
Tumblr media
Hello! This is my first tumblr post! So before you read any further, here is a brief introduction!
    My name is Cameron! My pronouns are he/him, and I am a 16 year old transgender kid currently living in America. Given the state of most of the country I am living in today, it's safe to assume that I've seen a lot just simply growing up here. The topics of my posts will be mostly random, although each blog will have a point and a focus, as I intend to dedicate this account for organizing and explaining my ideas in a well thought out and cohesive way, often tying these thoughts into the media I consume. Some of these posts will be about my personal experiences, opinions, beliefs, and thoughts, all with a hard basis in reality. Some might be persuasive, argumentative, or informative, as I intend to let the world peek into my perspective of the world around me. I do not officially speak for any minorities or groups of peoples or organizations, as all of my blogs are my bias, and are rooted in the way I think, feel and act, as well as things I have simply observed. Any ignorance on my part is in no way intentional, so always feel free to correct me. With that being said, my name is Cameron, and welcome to my blog!
Tumblr media
 Research available to write a post solely on this subject was very limited, so I will try to articulate everything I write to the best of my ability, and excuse me for any absence of cohesion and structure.
    Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is a film released in 1989, distributed by Orion Pictures, a subsidiary of the better known Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Studios. This film was the first installment to what would soon be a franchise, spawning two sequels in 1991 (Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey) and 2020 (Bill and Ted Face The Music) respectively. A franchise that proved to be profitable, raking in millions in the box office and boasting a spin-off animated series (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures), a video game for the NES, and other novelties.
  The first film, and easily the most memorable, follows the story of two teenage boys, Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan. Two known slackers who are doomed to flunk out of school because of their grades in history. To prevent this from happening, the two of them must perform an oral report detailing different famous historical figures, and how they may view the world of their little Californian town of San Dimas in the year 1988. With this seemingly impossible task at hand to create this report overnight, all hope is lost until they are met with a time traveler from the future named Rufus, who presents them with a time traveling phone booth. Using this booth, Bill and Ted go back in time to gather different famous people from throughout the world's history, with the intent to bring them back to San Dimas to help them present in their oral report.   
Tumblr media
   This movie at it's core is very comedic and lighthearted, with the two main characters easily being the defining novelty of the film, with their wholesome friendship always on display throughout the course of the entire movie and franchise. Bill and Ted are simple characters at face value. Teenage boys, both seemingly naive, deemed as "lazy slackers", who speak with dated vocabulary and valley accents, only seeking to have a good time and gawk at girls their age.  Being a stereotype of the nerdy, stupid, metalheads of the era, Bill and Ted were definitely a mold for the underdogs of the audience to fit themselves into. 
   So, what does this have to do with the LGBT community as we know it? Assuming you have seen this movie and are familiar with our titular characters, Bill and Ted, all of what was previously mentioned is already known to you. If you have not seen this movie, I suggest you stop reading and go do so, the movie is available to rent on Prime Video or stream on Paramount Plus with a subscription. (Of course pirating is always an option, but please be safe on the internet, and only do so if the movie isn't currently readily available to you. I do not condone any kind of illegal or unlawful activity.)    
Spoiler warnings exclusively for the Bill and Ted film trilogy are in effect for the rest of this post. You have been warned.  
Tumblr media
  Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves)  are established as best of friends from the beginning of the movie as we are introduced to the exposition of the film by Rufus (George Carlin) as he refers to them as "the two Great Ones."   
   From the get-go, Bill and Ted are already seen as great friends, as they spend their time in Bill's garage, practicing guitar for their band Wyld Stallyns, as they laugh and have a good time together. They keep this act for the entire film, their friendship never letting up, and they stay together for the duration of the series, not just in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. They figure out different situations together, usually listening to one another and sharing ideas, one hardly ever being upset or angry at the other when things go wrong. In fact, the most angry we ever see either of them get at one another is when Bill irritably tells Ted to shut up when Ted would adoringly talk about Bill's stepmother, Missy, with Ted hardly being afflicted by this, only smiling at him in response.   
    Two best friends, who in their school life, are implied to not fit in among the crowd. They are called out in class, and laughed at by the other students when they can't answer the teachers' questions. In a deleted scene, Bill and Ted walk to school together, where before they get to class, they are picked on by a few jocks or seemingly popular kids in their school. Ted in particular has a strained relationship with his father. Ted's father, is shown to be a cold, demanding and hard hitting man, who weighs his high expectations onto his son. In the first few scenes of the film, one of these scenes is an interaction between him and Ted, where he tells Ted that if he fails history, Ted is to be sent to an Alaskan Military school.
Tumblr media
(Ted and his father)
 Bill and Ted are at their core, a spin on the underdog stereotype, where they against all odds, do the impossible and face a task together in spite of what their teacher, their parents, or their implied classmates might say. This underdog trope is one of many that members of the LGBT community, myself included, can reconcile with. Familial and societal pressure to fit in, and yet still being outcast because of who they are. Bill and Ted certainly do not fit in among their peers, although not as apparent in the movie we know it as, research into the production of this film speaks more on this implied trope. Bill and Ted are certainly not popular, and are known as nuisances to the school.
Tumblr media
(Courtesy of Wikipeda)
    Although once adapted for the big screen, Bill and Ted were modified to be older, seeming to be around the ages of 16-17, and less cookie-cutter characters, the original characterization of Bill and Ted remains. Even with the remnants of this vision remaining, Bill and Ted are highly relatable characters to their targeted audience. Many of those who struggle with their own identities might see themselves in these characters, feeling as if the weight of the world is pushing on them, and if not pushed to do what is asked of them can mean the ends of their lives as they know it. Still, Bill and Ted raise their heads high and adapt to their situation with gung-ho attitudes, which serve as inspiration to those who might be struggling in their own lives.
Tumblr media
(Bill and Ted in their classroom)
   The story of Bill and Ted's wacky time traveling adventure is universal, with the two main characters appealing to a wide audience, and not just those of the LGBT variety. Yet what makes this film particularly special to specific members of LGBT community is the very stuff that holds this movie together as a whole: Bill and Ted's friendship. Due to a severe lack of media representation, I and many other members of the LGBT community resort to seeing traits and ourselves in characters when they're not there or not intended to be there. Bill and Ted's unbreakable friendship is never established to be anything more than just a friendship, but looking through the lenses of a queer person, they can be interpreted as a couple, or at the very least, to be less than heterosexual, despite their on-screen relationships and romantic interests in the princesses they meet in Medieval England, Joanna and Elizabeth. Taking what is already there and building on it, shaping the movies canon to create something they can further relate to.
    Bill and Ted definitely care about each other, otherwise the interpretation of their relationship being less than platonic wouldn't hold much merit. Bill tends to show his concern for Ted more often in the first installment of the franchise. In a scene where Bill and Ted are in Medieval England, after fooling around in suits of armor, Ted falls over and falls down a flight of stairs.
(Content warning, a homophobic slur [f*g] is used at the timestamp 2:29)
   This scene is one of the most talked about clips when it comes to Bill and Ted and their sexualities. Bill, after witnessing Ted presumably die, he proceeds to mourn his friend. While witnessing the events unfold leading up to Ted's death, he shows clear concern for his friend by running after him down the flight of stairs. While mourning, Ted's attacker appears and Bill immediately gets up to fight in an attempt to avenge his friend, saying the iconic line "you killed Ted, you Medieval dickweed!" While anybody would mourn their friend if they were killed, not many would actively throw themselves at somebody to avenge them, showing that Bill would intentionally put himself in harms way to protect/save Ted, which can suggest a more-than-friendship between the two of them.
   To address the elephant in the room, Bill and Ted do use a homophobic slur after they hug each other in this scene. Back then, this was seen as socially acceptable and the word f*g was a word in the general lexicon. This movie was released not too long after the historical AIDS crisis in 1981, where many gay people were blamed and hatecrimed for the spread and outbreak of the sexually transmitted disease (AIDS) due to a spread of misinformation and hate rallying against members of the gay community at the time. All christian churches were condemning homosexuality, so gay people were seen as deviants, and treated like many other much more heinous and harmful deviants would be treated today (i.e p*dophiles and z**philes)
   The use of this slur doesn't just date the film to a degree that might taint it's overall lighthearted and wholesome image, but the use of the slur sometimes serves as a form of signaling to some members of the LGBT community. The word f*g has since been reclaimed by the community, and many gay people today use that word to describe themselves or others who are comfortable with it and use that word frequently as well. Bill and Ted call each other f*gs because they are insecure about their loving friendship for one another, and is in no way used maliciously, which is why many of us have looked at the two of them and decided that they could be interpreted as a gay couple.  
Tumblr media
(look at these two lovebirds, awhh aren't they adorable?)
    It's no doubt that Bill and Ted have been through a lot together, and since the beginning of the film, it can be assumed that they have been friends for a long time because of the way their personalities nearly mirror one another. While they're not completely the same (Bill seems to be just a bit more outspoken than Ted, usually being the voice of reason at times, while Ted is the 'ladies man', and is more observant, contributing to their shenanigans by helping to come up with ideas to weasel their way out trouble.) Their demeanor and behavior are damning evidence of their friendship having started long before their adventure through time was conceived.  As a queer person myself, I have certain close, long-lasting friendships where our dynamic is similar to that of Bill and Ted's, and if being queer has taught me anything, it's that falling in love with your best friend can certainly come easy if you let it.
    Another clip, although less serious than the clip I had previously attached to this blog, is also a talking point in "what is Bill and Ted's sexuality?" discussion.
(Apologies for the quality, this was the best clip I could find 😭 the f-slur is also used here, so proceed with caution.)
    Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey is the second installment in the Bill and Ted's franchise and is definitely less frequently talked about. The plot is somewhat convoluted, so explaining it here is a luxury I cannot afford, but to add context to the clip, Bill and Ted are being hung over a cliff by two evil robot clones of themselves, these evil robots having been tasked to kill the real Bill and Ted so the clones can take over their lives. In a desperate attempt to save themselves, Bill and Ted pretend to be in love with the robot clones to increase the possibility of the clones letting them walk free. This obviously doesn't work, and Bill and Ted are thrown off the cliff. While this scene is usually just there to be a joke, digging deeper, it can be seen that maybe Bill and Ted are inadvertently confessing their feelings for one another before death. And while Bill and Ted do not truly "die" (this movie takes the concept of death very lightly, and character death isn't an end-all for a character's development) it's still plausible to assume that this is how many people view Bill and Ted at this point.
    Many project themselves onto Bill and Ted. I mean, we are human, and projection is something that a lot of people do, whether that be intentional or unintentional. Seeing yourself in a character, whether that be explicitly or not, is something that means a lot to many people, which is why media representation is so important. One minor detail can go a long way. I have already mentioned that I am a transgender male. I struggle with my identity and those struggles have taken over many aspects of my life that many cis people hardly have to think twice about. The way I dress plays a big role in my self image, so any 'feminine' clothing, or any clothing that can be interpreted as 'feminine' was a no-go for me for the longest time.
Tumblr media
    Seeing Bill wear a crop top for most of the first movie was a detail that I and many other people have grown to appreciate. Fashion for men in the 80's was wildly different to what fashion for men is now, so then the crop top wouldn't have made any impact. As times have changed, the crop top has become a more 'feminine' article of clothing.
   Despite identifying as male, it was never clothing that gave me a problem with my identity, but rather the connotations attached to it. If I could be called a male while wearing a bikini at the beach, I would wear a bikini. Clothing ultimately has no gender, so when I see a piece of clothing I like, simply wearing it wouldn't tear apart my self image. Since society has insisted on putting people and inanimate objects into little defining boxes, wearing a skirt to school would mean I'd get a sleuth of 'she', 'her', 'ma'am', and 'girl' hurled at me, which is the root of the problem. Seeing Bill rock his crop top, not being shy to expose his midriff to most everyone who encounters him, is empowering. Because of Bill, I had grown to be more confident in wearing crop tops in public, despite what others might say or think. And damn, do I look good doing it.
Tumblr media
(Courtesy of pinknews.uk)
    And it's not just me who has noticed this either. Many people have gone out of their way to headcanon Bill himself as transgender FTM, and Alex Winter himself has spoken out in support of the headcanon.   
Tumblr media Tumblr media
   In addition, I have noticed many other fans headcanon Ted as non-binary along with Bill being transgender. There is clearly something in these characters that speak to the LGBT youth of today, the franchise having come a long way since the 80's and is still being enjoyed today. As a member of the community myself, this is something that I love exponentially, and I definitely feel less alone in this battle of being a queer kid in a big world that still hasn't grown to love me the way other queers love me as one of their own. There are some points in this essay that I didn't touch on, but I feel like my point has still been made. Bill and Ted are characters that have shown themselves to be universal in their love for each other and their friendship, and it has touched the lives of many, even today. Most importantly, they have touched my life, and the lives of my queer brethren around the world. May Bill and Ted continue to be excellent to each other!
(Edit: typo in title)
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last days of pride, just in time for Bill & Ted’s Most Genderous Adventure 🤘
(part two !) (+ please check out the comic that inspired this!)
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The Lost Boys (1987) dir. Joel Schumacher
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character emoji challenge: 🤣🤗😉😯🤪 asked by @comicbookvillain ➞ Bill & Ted in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)
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me when people are surprised to find out that Joel Schumacher was gay
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in case you’re feeling as shitty as i am right now; here’s your dose of the lost boys
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
my Pinterest stash🌌🦇
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halloweenqueen15 asked:
Hey! So I have a request for the Lost boys, I don't know if you've done something like this before so forgive me if you have. I wanted to see if you have any Poly headcannons with the lost boys and their mate has insomnia, and can you make it G/N please!
HC’s for Lost Boys & Mate with insomnia
G/nReader x Poly!Lost Boys
TW: Mentions of sex and smoking weedHey, thanks for the request.  I haven’t done one like this before, so it’s all good. I know it’s shorter than my other ones but I tried my best. I hope you like it. 🖤
Tumblr media
So first off, they would all be ready and more than willing to help you.
They’re awake all night anyway, so they are always able to help you out when you are having trouble sleeping.
However, if you have adopted their sleeping schedule, they are completely okay with you coming to them and waking them up if you are having a difficult time with your insomnia.
They would stay awake forever, if it meant that they would be helping you.
Dwayne would lay with you and rub soothing circles on your skin while he reads to you.
If and when you fall asleep like that, he won’t dare move a muscle.
He doesn’t want to wake you back up after you had just gotten to sleep. Such a sweetheart.
Paul would try and wear you out with, well, with sex. Only if you’re up for it though.
If you’re not in the mood, he will put on some music, lay down/sit with you and smoke some weed.
It makes him tired sometimes, so he’s hoping that it will do the same thing for you.
Maybe even get you to dance around with him to tire you out.
He really does try his best.
If you want to just talk, he will totally listen to whatever it is you want to talk about.
If you go to David, he will usually just take your hand and lead you out of the cave.
He will bring you to his bike and take you on a late night ride.
He will take you to the beach and the two of you would just sit together and lookout at the ocean, letting the sounds of the waves soothe you.
He will also just lay with you cuddled up to him and will tell you stories or his past, hoping that it will help lull you into sleep.
Marko would do similar things to Dwayne and David.
He will take you on rides to fields and the ocean and sit with you and just talk with you.
If you just wanted to stay at the cave, he would do that too.
The two of you would lay with each other either on the couch or in your bed.
He will play with your hair because he knows that you love it and it helps relax you.
All together, they will pile into your bed and basically curl themselves around you.
Dwayne reading to you, while Marko, Paul and David trace your skin and play with your hair.
They will do whatever they need to do to try and get you relaxed and hopefully, get you to fall asleep.
If you’re up for it, they will find some more physical ways to tire you out.
David might even use his mind powers on you to make you sleepy.
All in all, they love you and care about you so much.
They worry when you don’t get enough sleep and will do whatever they can to help you out.
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We've moved backwards in fashion. Bring 80s crop tops back. Guys it has happened before it can happen again. Be like this man. Learn from the master.
Tumblr media
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Happy anniversary to my vampire malewives fr💋
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bill and ted!
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i love him 💕💕
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